#1217 - Nimesh Patel

The Joe Rogan Experience #1217 - Nimesh Patel

December 19, 2018

Nimesh Patel is a stand up comedian and writer. In 2017, he became the first Indian American writer on SNL.

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no more ads we did it my guests today ladies and gentlemen is the match Patel he's a stand-up comedian in New York New York City he is a writer for live and he is part of recent controversy that was a viral news story where he got kicked off stage for telling a not very offencive joke at all at Columbia University and became this crazy story that's actually helping his career which is very ironic nimesh Patel

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set a reminder

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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today blocking kids today fucking kids today just it is what it is right every new group comes up they try to

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reestablish themselves are smarter than all this is the new group coming out there going to change the rules what's so wrong with how we turned out and I mean like a generation is better than the next in terms of how like this in the best times ever been for most people stop saying from like how we handle things perspective things seem like a fine human being you seem like a fine he like most human beings are fine and we were raised quite how do you say differently but a little better in my perspective than like what's happening now like what what is being corrected is is strange to me to people that don't know the story let's fill them in on your story of how we got together. So you're doing a gig you're at Columbia so a few months ago I got this group called Asian American Alliance x 11 University hit me up saying hey you know

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big fans of your work I was the first Indian ever write for SNL men so they would like that was a story in the Asian American Indian committed and so they hit me up in like May or June like a come we have a show in November it's called culture shock it's a big like fashion culture kind of event and I've done like tons of these before you know it cuz my sister and I we both went and how you but my sister to help put on these kinds of shows so I would pretend them and like I've seen them ever since high school cuz I went to the high school in Parsippany New Jersey which is like hyper diverse kind of place at least would like Asians and Indian people and Ike I went to a few in high school I got laid after one of them when I was in high school so they have like it was like they hold a special place in my heart inside like I went think this is going to be fun and they know who they're getting in that you know the email said we were fans of your work like we want you to come to the show it's about like representation and identities and all that

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and that's I get there at like 7:30 and I walk in and I'm like okay I know all these kids I mean they like 20 or something but like I know that I grew up with these kids really Abigail's and prateek so we're like I know these guys and immediately my, cat turns on like okay the show itself the energies dope but the show like acoustically I'm looking okay as a high-ceiling the lighting shit it's not set up for like a Combivent but I still think okay this is going to go well

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8:30 8:45 I get on stage and I'm like I do some Columbia stuff cuz I went to Columbia for the summer program at start making fun of the kids a bit and I say do I have to give a bigger one almost like joking like to have to give a trigger warning cuz I know you know that's a thing and I say like be careful to some of his might be sexist some of this might be racist you know just buckle up and one girl booze and the boots cuz this is the real world or whatever and then I go into material and about and it's going well this is one story I want to dispel like it I will fully owned a bomb bomb and I know I'm buying and I will tell you that bombed before a billion times I'm doing fine 60 70% of the set

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17 minutes in I tell the joke where I say I effectively you know I don't think being gay is a choice which is I don't think it is at all but this is how you know because there's gay black people and no one's going to choose to be gay if they're already black right now is doubling down on hardship thank you know what does black shirt too easy I'mma put on a Madonna halter top and some Jordans and tell an Indian do that a live is life that's not a choice that's you born that way and that pops like this silence complete sinus and then I say you're exactly the only person that you was also what was imprinted is at the the offense apart to me what I think is the next part where I say the only person that uses whether or not to be gay in the databases is Mike Pence right we can

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homosexuals that much if he himself is not a homosexual he chooses not to be gay every day in that get some laughs in a closet and I'm like okay cool and then I get back into it I'm rolling for about another two or three minutes I start talking to some I do a joke about how my dad landed in Newark when heat immigrate to America some girls from Newark she interrupts I stop talking for like 2 minutes and that goes terribly it's just like I'm trying to I'm going fishing with her just trying to see if I can get back into it she interrupting if you look at someone wrong that hit you with a brick right fine kind of throwaway line just got out. That's not true, but like I know where she's what she's trying to do I'm just trying to talk to her and I'm going trying to talk about like try to get back into material

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and that's a minute 20 or something and then

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out of my car my left eye I see the three girls that invited me to do the show initially May or June like gather and like that's kind of strange I still talk to his girls like another 30 seconds and then as I'm concluding my talking to her cuz I did realize that's not going to go anywhere they come on stage with microphones in like 1 trench coat just like I feel like it's time for the same thinking a mess is going to change and program you know we've received from comments from members and you know we think that's enough, at this point and it was just one joke that did it so there's it so I go I'm like I'm not even mad at the lights off 45 minutes left to do an hour and like and they say yeah it is when comments like people are upset or offended

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and then I'm like why do I got to go and when a girl's goes the tech has to leave and if I do and I go they better be leaving so I can see I can see the tech people I'm look at him like you got to detect cast the show I understand why she lied because she trying to say face in that like a track is not to embarrass me or whatever but I'm like I'm not going to believe that shit the doll through you came out to be like that and then I go is it because it has to leave or because I'm saying some things that make people uncomfortable

► 00:15:56

I'm one of the other girls goes we think there's a distinction between being uncomfortable and being disrespectful but but in my brain like what what you talking about like I don't think I've been disrespectful at all there's some people like what the fuck is going on with your if you like what the fuck is going on and but like there's a pocket of the crowd where the three Asian American Alliance leaders and like the rest of the sort of crew was like waiting and I think some of them she does a distinction between disrespect from being on top of bum like disrespectful and the slightest what are you talking about you're not entitled to be making some of the jokes are making

► 00:16:44

I'm like my sugar was entitled you know I got a ticket and at this point I'm like I'm too almost in shock deer-in-headlights kind of to like even process anger I'm just like now I'm just trying to assess what they're specifically say more specifically and I like to think that gay and black joke is practically offencive or whatever and I'm like and then at this point I'm like instead of explaining that the joke is quite Progressive I'm like I literally got that joke from an audience member at stand up New York and like 2011 like I remember the conversation distinctly because it was such a quantity soda oshit that's a good bit moment right and I tell them that and they will like you and I used to live in Hell's Kitchen in New York and I'm in like the there's like a gay black constituency that would always like make fun of me when I was like leaving my apartment but like like you know what I mean

► 00:17:44

can't talk about that on stage of state of New York are doing like a check spot or whatever and I'm talking to the crowd and then there's a gay black guy that like heck with me and I'll start talking to him and then at some point I'm like this is how you know being gay can't be a choice right and I was dying and we have like a good report on Michael perfect this is a great bit I just go and so I tell them that you have to go and I'm like if I like you're wrong for what doing what you're doing right now I'm I'm I'm a generational then you guys I know, he better than anybody in this room that's for goddamn sure and I no disrespect and I've been through a lot of shit like I know that what I'm saying right now hasn't been defensive in the slightest and I said you can

► 00:18:33

isolate yourself from the real world like this what you going to do when some real bad shit happens in the world like if someone actually does something that's a fence about you can't handle things this way if you found someone that's not that's not progress

► 00:18:47

and then ask me about closing remarks well with a bit you know and if I can buy and I just I'm like so talking and then they cut my mic and I'm a thank you but the mic down and I bounced and then they try to then they won't even let me talk to them backstage like 1 one members like we got escort you out in like six foot one Indian dude like I don't need a score from view tiny person like I'll be fine I'm not here to fight anybody you know I was this is just that the movie where are the escorting you are because they want to kick you out or they worried about your safety like know they want to ask me out because they want to take me out and so I go to where I have a camera crew there because I'm trying to fill

► 00:19:46

every hour that I do

► 00:19:49

and I go to them and I'm like what the fuc what does if you watch YouTube clip I'm like I talk to me like ever so sorry that that happened like you know that's not all of us are we don't know what just happened and I'm in my head I'm like thinking so much for the alliance part of this whole thing right like I thought we're the same people I'm quite sure if we are and we come from the same place so there's no other jokes they found the fence if that was the only one that's what they said like two or three things that said like articles which I made a mistake was reading everything like don't ever do that with I'll never do that have fucking I read everything and I like this two or three articles that say the guy was badgering people in the crowd and there's like one girl who like maybe 2 or 3 minutes and like I talk to her for crowd work like I asked what she found what she doing with him and that she got she gets out to the crowd I make fun of her for a little bit and then

► 00:20:49

other girl the one at the Newark chick that is like we got personal because she reveals that your father is not in her life with the conversation just gets awkward it's not sure if her father is not in her life she was I'm talking about I'm talking about like what did your parents do whatever seems like I don't know what my dad doesn't like what you mean you know I don't know him like I owe you but you don't it's not in your life or whatever he doesn't ensure that I can sense that she's uncomfortable now to the point where I asked you uncomfortable and she said no I'm like okay cool and I'm like but I won't you seem like a nice person that's when they came out but

► 00:21:30

but people are apologizing to me and I'm like I'm now I'm mad now I'm like once I leave the stage I'm now I'm livid but I'm I know myself well enough to be like I did not going to talk to anybody from angry because I'll just say some while she like I don't I thought I could have Bill Byrd Philadelphia the whole thing you know I mean just as went off on all these people for like 10 minutes but I just went I was like I got to go like I'm out at took my crew and we just we just walk straight out of this fucking giant Hall and

► 00:22:02

and then like I'm waiting for my car and people from the show or like like apologizing not like just audience members not yet we're so sorry we know that was fucked out that should have happened you were doing great whatever and then like I get my Uber to the my next after this I have to do another hour at another show in Lower East Side from from Columbia to Authority 40-minute ride and hop in the car and like I might first my text my agent cuz I'm about to just fucking Instagram sounds like that's a real Agent Man and I'm just like in my head like mad listening to like Drake just like I got a lot of enemies that everything that I think is wrong

► 00:23:02

we hear as I got a narrative would like kids are soft all this kind of shit is plant and that's what it is like and I'm thankful that my crew was there because I'm done venting to them because if they were on some other shit but as I'm checking my Instagram cuz I'm like this is definitely going to be a fucking story on Instagram at the very least I'm like people at the enemy from the show I guess we're so sorry that that happened to so fucked up emailing me the same shit I might just have been there in the first place I want of the organisers DMV and just yelled at me basically I just I've ever I wrote to her thank you for your support just like

► 00:23:48

she said she was I check it in the morning and I delete it and I'll check it tonight and I delete it again real I just fucking hate when I was at SNL working update and so like I was consoling on my phone or on Twitter on his room just checking news reading shit in like

► 00:24:18

if I annoyed the shit out of me I hate the news long behold I am the news now for a bit but like I fucking I ate the news it's all bulshit and like being in this cycle confirmed my belief that it's all fucking nonsense but she effectively says I hope you learned your lesson of respecting what you were hired to do and respecting strong young women check your fucking you go I'll just say I took all the things that I can I can do this right somebody in the Instagram DM and so I didn't understand it to herbicides thank you for the support and but I'm at all these people messaging me like y'all were so sorry that fucking happen in like I'm like all right I'm not totally fucked with all these kids

► 00:25:10

and I go to the show UCB East and like I'm taping the out an hour so I can't even process what just happened cuz my instincts just talked about this immediately but I can't because I have to take this hour and so I get off stage as well as I'm leaving UCB East three kids that were at the show at Columbia had come down from Columbia and followed me to use to bees and they came up to me apologize in person. We're so sorry that happened like we love your sad like we know what the fuck is going on and that took me decking like a beat to be like all right you know like maybe maybe everyone isn't this way may this is a people that have the fucking bullhorn that get to just say where the fuck they want and silence people that are like the minority but they like the the vocal minority was like all these people that are like actually on my squad are not as vocal as a candy that more like quiet and apologize in person

► 00:26:10

and so the next day I don't think anything about it but like the Columbian newspaper hits me up like I got off I leave Columbia at 9:30 the Columbian newspaper his me up at 10:05 p.m. like I do have any comment like comment because I'm hungry. How's that for a comment like I don't want to talk to you right now let me fucking process what's going on the next day I've still thinking about it but I'm going down to open for Aziz in Atlantic City and open for him I'm telling the story and he's he immediately hits on the fact that it's crazy that these kids came up to you and apologize and I'm like I don't even think about how insane that is because I'm still mad but I'm thinking I'm talking these kids like I'm talking to these and just like that is kind of crazy because it's so easy to buy into the shit that everyone's a fucking soft motherfuker

► 00:27:04

and then I think about it some more and I think about like all the games I've done collegewise before like in the past year I've been lucky to know I did like Texas I did a school in Alaska Ideal school in Ohio to school Maryland and I said much more offense of shit like anti-trump shit in the fucking redness of States and it's all been fine you know like I've never been kicked off stage before and it's so to me like this Columbia incident even the students there seemed like the exception rather than the rule of like everyone's a soft person and I mean does that make sense what I think is young kids in particular better in a position of power right than wanting something they have this idea of how people should behave that they want in their fit that that mold then they just decide to be outraged that's what the contacts we said first of all you're a comedian

► 00:28:04

right you're obviously a guy jokes about shit right so that's not you're not saying anything negative about black people more admitting that it's a hardship mean we all agree that black people experience racism and gay people experience homophobia it's it's it's stupid what they're doing is stupid but that's normal man on forever is a long time ago like the early 2000s I did a college in Florida and I think at least they don't know enough like this is not fun I the only reason why I would do this is for money cuz colleges pay a lot of money but they don't know what I mean they are 18 year old kids does an eighteen-year-old limit other thirteen-year-olds people with life I don't want to I don't want to

► 00:29:04

form at the whim of children and that's what these are these are children who are engaging and recreational outrage deciding to be outraged with them particularly it felt like like I grew up fine writing I grew up rich but my parents had some money for a bit before things went North like the average middle-class people like to me it's like I've been through some life and so I know when people who haven't been through life get upset about you it's always like the thing with Texas and Ohio and in Alaska is like these are like the kids are blue collar people for people who have been through some shit what a life experience where they know that things aren't just like words can hurt but for the most part they're fine it's like when like your fucking dad loses his job what's also that is the intent of what you're trying to do

► 00:30:04

jokes and turning at last to take the context of a comedian is a job that like I'm like it's not who I am as a human being necessary I will go over funny first funny over everything you're a fucking New York City comedian it's so it's so crazy what people I think I don't know if kids have changed or whatever in my twenties I did a college in Connecticut and right after I was talking to the kids I would do I would do my set and then I would like open up for Q&A

► 00:30:54

but it was I was probably 24 25 maybe maybe 25 at the oldest so just a couple years older than that it was fun for me to talk to them about what life is like when you actually have to pay your own bills and you're out you're out free and some guy goes like I was doing the question thing some guy goes I go you know I left saint of eagles tell a joke I go tell a joke and I go to Jews walk into a bar they buy it just it's an old 2nd Street so afterwards I would hang around say hi to people and there was no picture taking back then she had to have an actual camera was a long time ago 90

► 00:31:55

91 92 somewhere on there so this one guy comes up to me goes the joke you said about you was people's first time so he was very nervous and shit and life has a hard time looking me in the eye with the jokes as it's about Jewish people being really good at business walk into a bar that decide to buy it it's such a fence about it at all it's like people now and maybe forever I've always heard shit and they immediately think this means if I'm thinking something bad about this that mean that someone is saying something about it the subject even if a joke about interracial relationships the best time to say it if you just do a joke about that there are people that are going to put red flags up instantly and look to misinterpret

► 00:32:55

you say on purpose because they don't want they don't want that thought in their head they don't want the thought of you know like this guy's looking for anti-Semitism and I choke to just walk into a bar they buy there's nothing there you can look all day long it's a joke about Jewish folks buying stuff that's not there free from the control the parents and I find that you dealing with that more in like rich or upper middle class families don't because I think they're more Hands-On with their kids and more controlling and those kids get free they want to exert their own freedom and when they give free their parents they want to establish their different and that they have their own mind their intended

► 00:33:54

part of the new generation of the new generation is not tolerate racism is hetero activity and they just decide that they're going to fucking put their foot down but it's a pattern that repeats itself over and over and over again it's just today they have social media yes is the difference the difference is they feel empowered and other morons that are the same age as them confirm with them could just confirm any belief that you want like that's another lesson I've gotten from this is just like confirmation bias is like the wildest shitt ever you can anti-gay and anti-black another hilarious I'm like in there, this is the solution here I've looked at this heart for a long time now we need safe spaces for comedians contact solution because you're dealing with immature people in terms of life

► 00:34:54

open of their frontal lobe they're not fully formed yet how much do you think of it like I put it in my head that I wrote but it's like I was thinking about like how much of it now is a function of the fact that like weed immediately get whatever we want in our hands who I mean like does instant gratification so I was like instant kind of thought process where there's no real thinking that occurs it's more just like this comes in my brain I hear gay black but has to be this is wrong it's coming out for sure I mean if you say gay black on stage today in a really liberal very Progressive environment get this thing you but you have to say something like Pro super pro gay and super pro black and it doesn't even have to be a joke like you're better off just going for that Applause break comedian I mean we still want roast comedians to be their leaders

► 00:35:50

that's what that's what it feels like it's next group of of Comedy don't because the comedians that are going to be their leaders aren't even going to be funny they going to fucking die to starve to death you get what you get out in the real world it's like if I went up there and I said Asians other shit and fuck yd motherfuker but like that's the thing I think like people like a hero me I'm not I'm just trying to be heard you know, I really believe that this just a symptom of growing up and you just giving these people the power to express themselves where there's there's no mature wiser person that's around them this is hold on let's look at the context of

► 00:36:50

he's doing examine what he's doing and you're going to apologize to him this is clearly a fucking joke you hired a guy to tell jokes but I'm tells jokes and you say not. You specifically because there was like I was like he did not respect what the event was unlike a it's not a pep rally. I'm here to tell jokes and hired to do a speech about this event right I understand how long it takes to said that's another conversation that I like comedy is fucking the hard water

► 00:37:50

how I can make this gay black joke better everyone knows

► 00:38:01

gay black people going to start cheering for a black dog a black friend a hashtag challenge which I hope no one picks up as good as challenge wear if I'm on stage summer just come on stage and bring the my cat and my dog tries to say I really don't think this is a big deal I just think this is us a reason why all these different completely disagree with them he said the reason why comedians don't do colleges it's nothing to do with political correctness has to do with the money that is not true he says that because his act is really good and really clean but essentially do his act anywhere it's an excellent act I mean and but there's other guys like that like Brian Regan he's got an excellent as he can do colleges anywhere anywhere

► 00:39:01

the reason why they don't do colleges because the kids are too fucking sensitive that's 100% the reason you think that they don't make money at colleges you don't understand how much college is paid to pay a lot of money so I think through a lot of comics is not worth the hassle it's not where it's no like it if I did the two and a half weeks out of spent like reading the news and getting back of answering emails going back into the ship just like they like the flipside this is probably one of the best things that ever happened you as a stand-up comedy

► 00:40:01

right now it's still Ron fresh and you're still angry, so just comedians like talking shit about my friend post on Facebook I mean who Among Us hasn't wanted to snatch them I got a new message is hey chords the bomb heard round the world might agree with so wholeheartedly he said I'm almost a comedian before I'm an American yeah dude how many of us are there in the whole country is there even a thousand like real legitimate working once I don't know man how many Headliners is there 500 like legit

► 00:41:01

would you pay to see is it a hundred that's a good question in the country maybe in the world let me be honest I'm outside of the country for international acts fine lovely people also liked what he said about you see a comment from Chris and Jerry do I have a moment where they're talking about going to a party and seeing each other and Chris comes up to Jerry and just as a comic

► 00:42:01

what we just talked about guys giving me shit that's the best part is he special in that way we're going to mean cuz it's cold that's what it is like to start and I started bawling Boston New York LA but I've been I've been I mean if you want to look at it on paper although I always consider myself a Boston comic more of an hour away, than anything I've been out here since 94030 your guy Life as a human in 1990 I was four

► 00:43:01

is a long-ass time in the crazy thing is dude you still keep learning still keep learning still have a weird set and flip this around in a fuck the whole joke up Mike why did I say Rescue first I should have said that later goddamn you forget how fucking much time you got to invest I got two new babies right now not real babies out of real kids but I have two new comedy babies a better right now like I got to give him some I got to make sure I did it yesterday for the first time I've been working on for a couple weeks are some life to India

► 00:43:55

I have over the last three or four years for years since actually five since I did my Comedy Central special in 2014 I decided to change my process right before that because I decided that I need to do more specials cuz I went from 2009 that I really liked that I didn't Wanted 2012 that I have asked and then I said okay because I wasn't doing I wasn't at the store anymore and I wasn't doing weekly sets so then I realized there's a there's a very distinct processing terms of deal with the work that you have to do first of all you have to go up a lot but you have to go up at least three or four times a week excuse me three or four days a week and I would like to go multiple times a night and I like to go to different environments not just the store are they like to do the Improv I like to do the Ice House I like to do different environment then I have to write write like sit in front of a computer and write and I like to do it high and I like to do

► 00:44:55

sober I still both ways got it and George Carlin had an interesting method that I think I'm starting to adopt cuz I've been doing it a lot lately even though it's subconscious where I write Out Concepts sober and then like fire up going to spark up a joint and then I go over it again when I'm high but the structures already there and then I'll start putting the funny then after the writing part there's like a lot of going over it and think about it I try to give it a little life before bring it to the stage then went to bring to the stage I write it out on paper I have to write it out on pay-per-view as hell remember where my bullet points are then recording always and then review of the recording then rewriting after the review the recording this process is like this is my process when I do it that way I feel better I feel excited like last night I came home I wrote till 2:30 in the morning I came home at 12:30 real for 2 hours and by the time I'm like falling

► 00:45:55

find my laptop I shot the laptop and now I'm done but I feel good yeah I'm getting it in I know it's happening like this is all life shit working out I go to bed I feel good after I go to bed I'm like yes like this is a live this bitch is Alive new wake up and it's the first thing you think about my call yeah I got this fuck out the rest of the Improvement this motherfukers Ally what was a bit about old people getting STDs in nursing homes

► 00:46:27

what's forecast that is a phenomenon so but then this is other than that I'm working on his well that's a little bit older about the the dude from the missionary that got shot up by the Arrows by the uncontacted tribe of course my people today but if the point being that the process for me it's the most important thing I think I don't know all the stuff was really about is about focus and attention focusing attention thinking about that but the work in terms of breaking it down there's a there's a bunch of things that I think comedians don't do that they really should do in the number one thing is writing

► 00:47:27

actual writing writing like sitting in front of a computer or notebook and writing most comedians like to just have a bid and they working on a stage and they know how it works and they improve it the next set especially if you're doing like the New York City trip or you doing like the cellar and then you do understand that you doing all these different sets all around town and you're doing a little short 10 minute sets here and they're like it's easy to just kind of keep working on just keep working on it. I think it's critical to actually sit alone with the material and just look at it look at it and try to make this quicker What's a sneak your way to do this or what else is in this that I'm missing and I think they're right now like I just started doing it like I was up until about a year ago maybe eight months ago I was of the brain while there I'll write a note or right at a bullet bullet point whatever and I'll try to work it out and then I'll write something that I think is interesting as a joke

► 00:48:23

but I got some crazies are working with a sound like working with people like that are like crushing it there process is like fuck it they're Maniacs when it's like you were just like yes I have a codified process this is exactly I'm going to do it this is with work for like 10-15 years of our long of a doing it and once I saw like that price is unlike all these motherfuckers I work hard but these guys work fucking crazy heart attack sort of emulate that process of like I got to set aside at least 20-30 minutes a day where i'm like literally right even if it's the same thing over and over as it's like okay how can I fix this world doesn't need to be there like and then I'll say it in my apartment to myself like and I'll try to do like how I would do it onstage cuz it's like Mike, try to be conversational always make it seem conversational so it's like how can I seem relaxed while doing this but still emphasize the right word for that's the punchline or whatever it is and now that process like and it's all repetition now

► 00:49:23

we got to repeat the process to make it a problem arises the thing you did want it so now that's that's what I'm starting to do now just physically fucking getting up and he's like okay this I got to write this bit out you in a bit I've done a billion times like this something in there that got figure out another thing to do that really works well to try to get it in your head is a cork board have a big old bulletin board and put index cards on that are the titles of your bits and then I will put like index cards underneath it that are like the bullet points of that fit like a storybook like a movie kind of shitzu and then try to see if they like me maybe I should flip it around maybe I should do the bit about the guy getting bit by the dog before I do the bit about the monkey is better to introduce this distrust of animals because of in this way or you know who knows it's it's about attention now that's the things attention and focus

► 00:50:23

Coincidence of those guys are killing it. There's something to it is also the recognition when you do start killing it like oh shit this is rare think I'm going to wear spot I'm feeling it these gigantic places people coming out to see me I'm doing Netflix specials you got to work harder now yeah you got to keep it up keep it up and you got to realize that you are is really dead on the money he said I know what it's like to be disappointed by someone that you go to see like you go to see a band because I'm never going to see a band when I was a kid and a half acid and you like to feel fucked over it goes I don't want to do that to my fans yeah yeah that's it like realize that you used to be a fan and I think of your fans as like what how you would experience you they don't want someone phoning it in

► 00:51:23

massive Network to get those tickets a lot of people doing jobs at fucking hate and cutting back on those things to have enough money to go out and have a few drinks responsibilities to a lot of people to try to skirt that responsibility because of the pressure that responsibility kind of overwhelming you think about it makes me nervous and you just start to fuck off and you half-ass it but I'll be fine that day but that's like college right it's like cramming for test a lot of people that study all year long and there's a lot of people that half-ass it up until the last minute and then they just try to shove it all in all at once it's a weird kind of confidence that you need or delusional delusional, this is the bit I got to do I got to make sure I hit it there by Moses bring the notebook on stage and spec okay I got to make sure this just goes away I wanted to go Express in how you do anything is how you do everything

► 00:52:23

how you do everything is how you do anything and that's there's something to that to does it does something to like not allowing yourself to think of yourself as someone who's a fuk up yeah cuz as soon as you think it's time does the fuk up you get that in your head man and didn't I set the default setting almost was like that's easy to do it's the human beings are like I think people are hardwired to work but it's also very easy to just not do that and I believe that. It'll be fine or or 5:00 this up like that's a pressure alleviate pressure involved in meeting those expectations and one of the best pressure relievers is just fucking up so you lower your own personal expectations people drinking doing all that kind of shifts, tossing your life is a lot of people that will sabotage their life they start getting some success and then the Panic overwhelms them and they'll just start taking pills or go go fucking crazy mama Lu's this imma

► 00:53:23

yeah I know that man tells really normal that goes on when you're attempting to do anything whether it stand up comedy or I guess it would probably the same with almost any art form your especially open-ended art form when you don't have a boss was telling you I hate you know the mess you got to get this fucking project in at 3 yeah and I don't like if that's it that's the crazy thing is like you forget I ordered like but people don't know is that, teasing most entrepreneurial Endeavor there is you fucking could do it because there's no capital investment if I could all just mental investment and hard work and do it funny at the office heard say

► 00:54:22

good luck man you know cuz some people I'm like I know they have the work ethic to do whatever the fuck that if like if my friends were at super successful and most other endeavors like that they do like financier doctors or whatever applied the same work ethic to Comedy they might be successful if if they're funny but a lot of people think they're funny and then just forget that fucking the work part where is a psych go fuck this is slave ship there's no one within you. No one no one but yourself it's just go get the fucking work done it's also you're the writer the producer and year the actor you're the person who does the whole thing marketing expert you got to know it's a weird and you have to be around till 3 in the afternoon and then you go eat a sub and have a cup of coffee and then leave a my sets in 2 hours I think I'm going to take a nap

► 00:55:22

give me feel like you did something cuz you wrote some shit in your Moleskine but right before you went outside it's it's a there's not there's no fucking structure to it either in terms of like there's no education that you can get other than self-education you can't go to if you want to learn how to play the cello you can take lessons teach you how mean you either is a real clear process between you know being a symphony violinist in like going to school getting an educational music company Symphony violinist is auditioning at something about an ethnicity it must be bad I mean there's no real clear process to becoming a stand-up comedian for a just everybody's like what you do Open Mic figured out you're on your own everybody

► 00:56:22

tell me how you go from doing comedy two becoming a writer for SNL is there a shortcut my number until you tell him one joke and if he laughs then you're in there's no way to teach someone how to be a comic either you do jokes is different than the way that Jamie would do jokes or different than the way you know I'm fucking Judah friedlander would do jokes everybody's different and there's no one no one is right win over to Judy Freeland is acting what now you doing it all wrong you just saying a bunch of shit that's not true it is very fucking good serious man diesel areas but his

► 00:57:22

is only about two so well yeah me is that everyone thinks they could do in the sense that like a lot of people can tell a joke my mom can tell a joke that everyone can tell a joke cuz it is written in shape but it's so hard to cultivate who you are because that's your also doing that you're like trying to figure out what I got a bunch of fucking insane shit in my brain and this is how I think it I got to figure out how I'm going to say it that's not necessarily how everything else would say it but this is how I feel about it and I'm going to say it that way then you have to take into account the economy of words you want to sneak it up on people you want to get the idea into their head before they figure it out on their own but that's right you got to eat it's like a little race like you have to figure out a way to introduce it in a way that's unique and captivating and entertaining but also quick enough

► 00:58:22

you get in their brain for the figure out where you're going when you see guy on stage and then he gets there so long I was there yesterday. I saw it coming from the moment unless they can say it and you see it coming it still hits you cuz it's so good so sing in the good delivery in a good idea it's also on the other hand we were talking about it's also the most fun shit of all time when it works when you had a have a new bed and you have that pause right before you deliver in like I told him it's not real and that never goes bad

► 00:59:08

I got to hear the beginning of the song

► 00:59:13

punchlines and the whole audience laughs and Roars and having a good time and it's one of the greatest feelings in life that's because because you do you know but you don't know until it comes out of your mouth when you're like making people feel good and you looking out into the audience all these people are having a great time they're laughing and having so much fun I got I got all your I got feeling I know what you just said know why you're laughing at this I know why you're not laughing at something I know who you are but a little aspect of who you are because you're laughing at this bit what you've been through a good feeling you giving them a good thing it's a good exchange like they came to see you like they sat down there let the willing to let you talk in front of a microphone raised above them on a stage

► 01:00:12

very unique arrangement in human beings that this person like please welcome Jamie Vernon goes up on the stage gets up the ham ready and it's an exchange or so you need contract where you're like okay I'm going to give this person who has a microphone 10 minutes of my time my precious time and in that 10 minutes you got to make me feel better about my life that's not that's nothing or Escape my life or whatever it is people see you making him feel like when I go to see a comic and they they kill Xavier Dave Attell goes on stage and I'm feeling better because of his laughs if it cuz of his jokes what do you say he's cracking jokes about things and it gets in your body like they're giving you a little drug or drug dealers if you could go to the 7-Eleven and was an over-the-counter Thing by Abby said I wasn't joking

► 01:01:12

convenience store that is 24 I'll go back to Boston but if you could buy something over the counter and it was a little after drug would just take a pill and everything would be hilarious and funny. Everybody would take that are really funny and nothing happens to you there's no negative side effects to an episode of your girl might be mad at you if you laugh at something that's upset a guy is laughing cuz you could you could see the couple's and you tell it I told Joe and I can see what girl is looking at what guy vs. what guys like laughing it up but I have a fiance now but we got engaged like three or four weeks ago and I do this bit about it while I'm just like on

► 01:02:09

the one that she got mad at me cuz I closed the door too loud cuz out she was sleeping and I was drunk and I came home I just accidentally closed the door and I was like that's how you like the bit is I say you know the two ways to close the door as a man does a regular just close it like you've been taught your whole life and then there's another way before you live with your girlfriend come home when she's sleeping you got to turn the doorknob push it into the frame and then release it so it doesn't make a noise or relationship my end and you see guys ask girls going that's how you got to do and just like that to me is like the best I know everything that these motherfuckers are going through in this fucking moment and I are going to go home and talk about that's my favorite part of doing any bad words like you could see you a couple just reacted some shit I feel sorry for people that don't have a job where they can be creative I really do whatever you're

► 01:03:09

whatever it is if you were a person who enjoys creating things as one of the most rewarding feelings of building something that wasn't there before and you made it this it's very hard to like completing an act like if you have you started set have you recorded anything yet like I was special or July of last year he came upstairs and I hang out with it come hang out with us the show itself was great you know the process with with the other Booker there is like very simple cuz I like big fans of, TX that is obviously a Fanta, but the lady that books the show is also a big fan of Comedy so I was a bit nervous just come because of my first time going on in front of millions of people whatever for 11 people watch that then I was like I got to make

► 01:04:09

my writing and my jokes come off as fucking strong as possible and it went great you know this obviously some people trolls like talking shit on YouTube but for the most part it's fucking it's so tough not to its sub it's so tough nice if anyone hit me up for a gig or some shit but otherwise I'm just like I fucking hate all of it that's what I do I just don't I mean you just develop Habits Like but the problem is it's a itchy thing like you start you get itchy when you get itchy you want to look at your phone like who said this someone set it someone said it really recently

► 01:04:59

oh God I want to I want to fuck it up somebody said this in a tweet I want to say it was

► 01:05:09

Ted Alexandro know Mark Normand was Mark Normand after I did it I did it I did talk about Columbia at one night at the cellar and you went up after me and you need to go buy the right and you mashup now he's been farming for you piece of shit he did a joke about how a checking Twitter is like opening up an empty refrigerator and hoping the something new in there than ever as he just let me check again this instantaneous gratification thing you're getting off of some weird dopamine hit by by touching that device in and getting information to pop up but it's not satisfying to snow

► 01:06:09

Safari Safari Safari supplies expensive and I don't mean to sound as open-air Jeeps up until like April April I was just like Matt addicted to my phone but like using it too much more less but in Botswana where we went. Obviously there's no service anything I'm just like fuck this shit in like the week even though just a week of not like being on this thing I was just I feel so much better you you can think like the whole time you're you're in open-air car and just like out and just like the last time you drove for like an hour and there was nothing but like noise but we're like animals and shit you know I mean there's nothing but this like you were the air just like hanging out with just thinking shift yeah

► 01:07:09

I hunt in every year I do three or four trips like for a week basically lost in the woods just connected the best it's the fucking what's interesting even in the hunting World lot of people like instagramming while they're hunting and they're doing insta stories weather out there in the forest it's good when there's no connection when there's no service and no connection it's good because just leave this shit away I broke my phone when I was in Hawaii and I was there I was on Lanai which is a kind of a remote Islands hard to get things there and so I just kept dropping my iPhone I drop that drop that shit like 10 times and I dropped it and it's just started making phone calls I got hold it up and just open up my contacts go watch this and I was showing my wife and she starts calling people hang up and starts call another person right now I just broke it was just Jack and so I had to order a new one and then it got to a point where would let me

► 01:08:08

and put my my code and it wouldn't recognize my face it was like he was dead he was just pried it took three days to get one so for three days I had no phone it was great it was great I felt better I feel better was walking around but then I feel good without it around people you love the people you need to reach mycocide what we do not miss anything from not missing anything but you feel like you are to a point where it's like it feels like cigarettes in the 50s where it's like no one here it is Mark Harmon social media is like looking the fridge over and over you know there's nothing good but you check it so many times that eventually start consuming things you don't even like even better that we go

► 01:09:08

it's it's my real fear is it this is one stage of a complete connection to electronics into each other that's unhealthy and unproductive and unavoidable because I don't think they were going to end with social media like Twitter and Instagram or it's like you just press a button get it it's going to be completely connected to your brain yeah we're going to have that fairly soon as I feel like within the next 10 years that's going to be a normal thing that you could just pull up information instantaneously on the phone the other the watch thing feels almost like something they make such cool digital watches now a lot of them look like that they look cool now yeah but it's bad I think the next step is like I can do this I don't know what's it's like you can't reach in your pocket to check your watch

► 01:10:08

I watch and I wore it twice the phone is enough that means the only thing is good for is your heart rate monitors your heart rate when you run is good for that are the roasting logs the amount of time and Miles that you put in in your your heart rate variability and all that stuff this is some good aspects to it turns with Fitness tracker but other than that it's like what are you doing how to run so what did for me was on the podcast he was talking to me about his neural link thing that he's going to be coming out what he said back then and this was what was that three months ago

► 01:10:55

September ya somewhere around three months ago he said that they were going to be coming out with it within four to six months so that's any day now so I don't know what the fuck this is what he said essentially it's going to it's going to open up the bandwidth between you and information that's going to radically change the way human beings information the way we human beings access information is like a penguin tell me tell me what's a normal link you know we were on air when he was saying it but he trusts him to be a phenomenal but I'd net positive for the universe like other time like a negative Force reason why it's society's gone the way it has like cuz you can confirm what I was like but he'll on them like that you don't need any gasoline for why not

► 01:11:55

I think he's a net positive force 100% convinced is an A+ I think he's illegitimate genius and I don't think so I think there's a big difference yeah and went Zuckerberg quote that I read recently that what's good for the world is not necessarily good for Facebook and like that's it shut it down pull out what the fuck did you say how much money do you have how much more do you need bitch you sitting over here talking about what's good for Facebook ad for the lifetimes Jesus Christ he said that Zack a bird joke I was at we were at update and this is when Zuckerberg is being grilled

► 01:12:55

Congress and Chris Rock comes by and he goes on by Congress when there's no Stakes nothing happens to Mark Zuckerberg if even if it goes worse for him away when nothing happens to him if if even a Facebook blows up here's what could happen if Facebook intentionally colluded if there was some sort of proof that they received some financial compensation to lean one way or the other is that the right now nobody could be this is what they were searching for when they're searching for is what they were trying to find out how is it that these Russian Bots are able to disseminate propaganda so readily and so easily and sore

► 01:13:55

efficiently what are you doing stop that how is all the stuff propagated like what where's is coming from and the people that were asking where Tekno ignorant and that was part of the problem, Google

► 01:14:23

when you can get Congress to laugh like everybody's laughing you are questions terrifying exactly from like you know seen that you need people from you need fucking techno guys people men and women who really understand technology should be thrown those questions around Asians and people with Autism you need people that really truly understand the complications are the ramifications are and what they could have done to prevent these things I think that would happen with Facebook and what's happening with Twitter and a lot of these other things as no one anticipated the impact culturally they were going to have talked about this the other day about with Sanjay like maybe a few months ago about like how it's the democratization of information and how easy it is to pretend like you know what you're talking about that's like

► 01:15:23

worried about my Facebook Twitter all the shit because it used to be all you needed infrastructure to spread news about fucking truck Neo Factory now you don't even need pants you could just just got to pull like a weird fucking Eagle on your website and it's like it this is the fucking News Now go to Twitter account in there's a quite a few people that I follow that I don't follow what that means is I bookmark their page so they don't even know that I follow them diems and I'll go and read their stuff and they are on there all day all day they're doing battle against the good and the bad the dark Forces in the light that is fucking going after I didn't date they develop these sort of news portal pages and you don't even know who the fuck these people are you don't know anything about them but their page or it's all bad

► 01:16:23

and I know I follow people that are like hardcore right-wing people that it is battling the leather hilarious. It's not seen everyone's all right or alright for it and it doesn't matter if you support every fucking single liberal principal there is it about this this whole Columbia shirt is at I was featured on Breitbart

► 01:16:52

glad they finally like a brown dude I'm like I cannot be like I got emails from people at Fox News to come on the show I'm back fucking I hate that guy

► 01:17:07

I've got to say something bad I can't stand that motherfucker Brown guy that made it through Bobby Jindal like the kind of turned me into this mother fucking TV show so you can use me as your people need to shut the fuk up. I mean like everyone has a podcast that deserve to speak a lot of time first of all I don't think I don't think you can't anymore I think over the last few years it's gotten so saturated it's almost impossible to break through on top of that I don't want to I don't need everyone's opinion about it in the developed an opinion about some things

► 01:18:07

she definitely should have a good opinion like it should be something well thought-out because everything's got to be black and white it's like she was a lot younger generation was like if something is not black and white it goes Fucking a ride for them cuz if someone is something and they did they do this reduction of thing with a boil it down to one thing you know he went on stage and said anti-gay and tie black jokes at Columbia this guy's a piece of shit all right fucking doorway Visa portal Indian portal to the alt right that's who you think I am a Magic Carpet to the alt right

► 01:18:57

I wish I could I wish I could just be offended all the time to hurt my feelings, it's a surprise, it's easy to hurt their feelings and a fucking suck I suck that I have to it's fucking but what I'm saying is like with this alt-right shit is like everyone wants to put somebody in their own agenda this reduction is should have just like this is how I feel about it and look at the points that make me seem smart and correct about this online in front of everybody instead of internal examination of their actual feelings and how they really think about things whether or not they make sense or whether or not its objective instead of that they're broadcasting this and this sort of weird way that's at least partially intentionally deceptive like the acknowledgement that there's some did it there is Nuance if there is life is fucking complicated and ideas are complicated especially ideas and turn

► 01:19:57

and what when it when you talk about this cultural sort of battle that's going on right now between I mean they're attacking people who are like clearly very left-wing but for not being left-wing enough and they're running out of targets bother me and someone hit me up saying you haven't spoke out against the white supremacist and people that are harassing this group and these this blogger that's going off like what it want I'm like like of course I didn't do not support any white supremacist anybody fucking going after these kids for whatever reason

► 01:20:38

what sites are they talking about the Asian American Alliance update the Asian American Lions posted something on Facebook and like all these fucking crazy people have apparently been like talking shit to them and I'm like I don't condemn that action but second of all does my mere existence not

► 01:20:55

testify to the fact that I'm not I'm not pro is my name Nicholas Patterson at like like I'm going to call up someone at the KKK by hey hey guys. Thank you you've decided that you haven't acted enough sometimes it be a story on line and I'll get a tweet with someone say your silence about this story is deafening pay attention have the should I can't but I cannot like someone had to tell me that that was happening before I was like okay that's fucking whack out I'll respond some way also I want to think about things before I respond yeah you know when the Louis CK thing went down I got a lot of angry tweets into one of them from a fucking journalist would have done stories with the interviews this guy

► 01:21:55

and he was talking shit about comedians that have not denounce Louis CK just like you don't know what really happened I don't know the whole story I know what he said and I know what she said and the whole thing seems to me like a big old klusterfuk even okay let's just put it this way like you can denounce his actions if he said he did all this shit that he is yes that's gross I think what he did was incorrect and wrong

► 01:22:27

but the fact that you should announce that you should not be working again I'm like you forget I'm also a, can be murderers make parole dog like there's some things that you should be way more upset about how about a hastur the guy who's The Speaker of the House who went to jail for fucking kids and he molested a bunch of kids and he only got 15 months that's why I didn't know that that's crazy and there's some real whores in the world and it to choose to concentrate on a comedian who asked women can I jerk off in front of you they said yes and he did it hold anybody in a room against their will or force them to watch him or is just what he did was just gross

► 01:23:22

how do you stop doing it like more than 10 years ago right it's not good but just the fact that someone would think that I need to make a statement about a white bitch I need to make a statement about anyway I don't need to talk about anything I don't want to talk about it so quick we automatically not when I say we I mean people at large so to assume the worst about a person immediately I think it's also the social-media thing yes I don't think it's that they really assume that I think they just have this opportunity to express themselves in a way that's going to get a reaction out of you is that like I said we've been harping on this younger generation but I've said some shit at like Cellar and Vu by very anti Trump shirt and people have been like like one night at Vu sellers one of their other clubs I said forget what I said about Trump basically fat shaming because I think he's a fat piece of shit but like I said that and more articulate in the joke for me

► 01:24:22

and some guy got up and was like fuck this and just bounced and I'm like that's what you're mad about you not mad about the fact that he is that that your present is a billionaire that doesn't use his money is just to hire personal trainer once in awhile like an adderal McDonald's diet is not the way you want your fucking president to be living his life more or less and this person just got up and down some because he did not talk to my phone so I quit when you mad about it so I think it's just what did he say he was like I don't like the words that you were using his very crude Florida

► 01:24:57

what's a site using at The Comedy Cellar that's why I'm saying I feel like today is fixes like this have a safe space for Comics were like where there's a sign at the selling I was a swim at your own risk you coming down like weird you're here to see us I'm not here to fucking song sing a dance for you guys you guys are here this is an exchange this is an agreement that is not laugh or laugh the people that are going down to see that stuff that like it expect you to do that kind of Comedy they expect you to go hard right that's what it's about if I go there and everybody's pulling back all the sudden I'm at The Tonight Show house and then I'm at a Jimmy Fallon monologue like well well well that's what I came here for a couple of drinks

► 01:25:57

I don't want to hear this stupid shit people that can't handle some offense of stuff that you shouldn't be at a comedy club this is where people go to say offense of stuff it's like dirt in your hands Garden stupid what management expectations and their teams probably Republican of court in Florida

► 01:26:31

politically like people are are are so like that's part of the personality almost like having done a lot of political comedy you know and to me it's like when you do that you're almost talking to them as as if their politics are there person bike bike and that's the kind of crazy thing like I don't my politics are not necessarily who I am as a human being like I can I'm pretty liberal when it comes to social issues but my daily conservative when it comes to financial issues and physical issues I'm just like don't take what who I voted for it to be who I am as a human being like this no one has that Nuance anymore about anything yeah it's an identity issue that people find whatever team it is whether it's Progressive or conservative and they just decide this is my identity and they close themselves in it and then they defend it and some some of that some like yourself is saying jokes that are

► 01:27:31

contrary to that about their quarterback you know what I do everyday it's like you still there huh never last two weeks I've never liked wanted more like Trump to say something while just so people to stop fucking just odd stops in emails and fucking new Google Arts. Nimesh Patel whatever just like well you shouldn't be all that it was crazy my mom I didn't tell my parents that that should happen if my dad works at a liquor store and someone came in with a copy of the post and then on the second page is me

► 01:28:31

parking PCB kids is still dead because everyone is sort of like it's more just like pushing the narrative that everyone's kind of soft Thursday morning like 4 day 5 days after it happened I got to take some Lenny Marcus at like 8 in the morning saying I'm number one on Yahoo News Thursday morning and I'm like what happened at Columbia I said I didn't get in that was the only thing I say and then she calls me and she's like telling me like what did you do is your career okay I'm like I'm fine is kids they didn't like the joke I said and I didn't realize until it's sold that even for them to get stand-up has been such an uphill battle of parents what are you doing

► 01:29:31

living at home and going to the city every night cuz my from Jersey so I'll go to City every night to do stand-up they're like what the fuck is what are you doing with your life even up until I can come see me until like seven seven years in that's good that's good you get your legs under you that brought him to the seller was dope you know but you can't do that are not going to work so when my mom saw that she called me and she's like what happened on my careers can be if I don't worry about any of that kind of thing that happens if I'm going through some shit now just from like fucking my own voices by my own petard situation like reading the news and I was kind of ship but this would be a positive thing and I got an expecting to Sonic and Cody

► 01:30:31

they got it in that I was like that's the end of those are the facts of what happened when you got some things on your side you've got sick like tangible success. It's going to be hard to stop that train with anything other than a real catastrophe they also know that I haven't apparent in every article that was like printed or whatever that most people are on my side so to speak and I'm a hundred percent confident I did nothing wrong from as a human being or a comic you know like maybe reading the room would have been a thing I did but I was like I was like I know these people these are my fucking Brethren like I took calculus with you people Asian friends my Indian friends of talk when we were fucking school like this might work and so so maybe that but even think about that

► 01:31:31

going awry you know what I mean but I was it it was crazy of overall without an opportunity to make fun of these kids which I think they need they need to realize that the world thinks there. And I really believe that all I've read several articles on your case your situation rather Chase comedy me to do you know all the articles that I read we're all essentially positive and there were all these fucking little children I want I want to say for the record that ice on the record I still think that it was at the still think of that group for sure you know like it's just that they happen to it like as a majority of those kids will I can't unlike had a good time and

► 01:32:31

you can stand up and then the majority doesn't do anything about the Escalade Dash it hurt my feelings now they're a little fucking babies and they need to hear it they need to hear the little baby cuz that's how you grow up you know you do something ridiculous that people criticize you and then you realize I owe I'm kind of ridiculous yeah I was just check myself to hurt your feelings and you fight it off for a little bit and try to pretend you battle it but overall over the course of time you going to absorb that information and hopefully those kids are going to grow and mature I mean I have friends that were like completely Progressive weirdo crazy off the charts like activists 10 years ago and now they like Wade play mellow and they've just like what was wrong with me how is virtue signaling I was trying too hard and they realize like the lot of what they were doing was just wasting

► 01:33:31

just a lot of angst in a lot of just tryna tryna of but affect change in order to make themselves feel better trying to push buttons in order to validate their existence that's what a lot of that that that specific and so felt like I was like it was either like a note we have an opportunity to assert our sort of righteousness however wrong it is here and practices were going to take a stand and this is who we unlike but this is the world we live in and I think there's a big part of that accentuated by the fact that we have a maniac for president yo yeah that's because we didn't before and we let this guy get into office and now here he is and the Mueller probe and all the fucking craziness and when Obama was President ship felt a lot cooler

► 01:34:31

bunker down at least to think that you understood National policy foreign policy you understood defense you understood exactly what's going on with the economy basic English she's just trying to make money when you love to be a fly on the wall when we getting all the crazy is him when he knows cameras are on them oh yeah I would love to see what he's like alone like what is I would love to see him like watch Fox News I like the likes it in the original nerving and that's what I think like what a lot of what we're seeing on especially with this particular thing is the thing was like you you don't have control and any other facet of your life

► 01:35:31

so you're going to try to exert it in a way that you think is positive when it in fact you're doing the opposite of what you you're you're liberal sensibilities are yea and I think it's also a and I think that political correctness and they comes in waves and they would it existed it was pretty pretty strong in the 80s you know it protocol correctness was washing over people in the 80s destroy wrap and ship it's coming back people get sick of it and it'd be ridiculous and people will repel against political correctness it but I think overall the culture is trying to adjust its trying to self-adjust we're trying to the actual culture that as a whole is trying to eliminate racism and eliminate sexism and eliminate bias which are good Noble goal is polar extremes of people that are doing it wrong for execution terrible execution

► 01:36:31

it's all so strange to me it's like Utopia are you trying to create by silencing stuff because it goes away and you can't say sexist it doesn't mean it's a that's more like you're treating the symptom and not the disease ribbon in their defense jogging my very specific platform right this is a stage if you actually said something actually racist do it then it would make sense that hey we don't want anybody telling racist joke percent right but they just take a minute take a second to relax once I get it is that what you told you have you read about this ever been real bad in high school called Brave New World Lord of the Flies 1984 Animal Farm like The Giver was reading fucking middle school that's all our Utopia but this fuck to the fucking killing babies and you know what

► 01:37:31

all the fucking false Utopia kind of situation there is hate speech in the world you know you don't want it on your platform but you got to decide what is hate speech when is it really hate speech and when is it just ignorant Sometimes the best way to combat bad speech is to let that speech play out and let good speech overwhelm it with logic and reason and a better argument and rice that's that's really what freedom of speech is supposed to be all about that we work all this out as soon as you start censoring voices and telling people that you're not going to allow them to talk you start you create this atmosphere where you can start to choose what you're going to allow through and when you're not going to allow through and then you going to start censoring things that are far more subtle you going to start censoring things that that you know they don't seem reasonable but you decided that it's already okay to censor so you censor this person not going to censor the next worse thing until just people that disagree with you

► 01:38:31

and then you like that won't my world is perfect now in fact it's actually just a bunch of people that are talking shit about you just don't happen to know about it are you familiar with Woods what's going on with patreon with no it's just for podcast but people do use it for podcast be used for many things but there's this guy his name is Carl Benjamin and he goes by the name of Sargon of akkad and he considers himself a what do you call a classic British liberal which is more leans more conservative than our idea what a liberal is but essentially it's more of like a Libertarian toward would how would you how would you describe a classic British liberal what will it be that the definitely Google that was the name of the Carl Benjamin Sargon of akkad is his his screen name and he has a YouTube

► 01:39:31

and he said something on a podcast not even his own he was a guest on another Channel and he said something about white supremacists he was talking about these white supremacist that are acting up and doing all these horrible things and he said in this is It's a poorly formed thought but what he says essentially said was you guys are being niggars niggars this is his word gzz this when he sang you're acting like a bunch of Niger is just so you know you act like white niggars I'm sorry if you heard that word and spending you right now is Jim I'm just reading it exactly how you described black people acting is the impression I get dealing with the alt right I'm really I'm just not in the mood to deal with this kind of disrespect so that's a very very it's a very poorly thought-out way of expressing himself huh

► 01:40:28

that's what I'm thinking I'm reading this and I think also sometimes people like using that word to shock yeah and they think they can get away with it and you know when you're using it what's this what's this incontinence a context of this I can you carry on but you don't expect me to have a debate with one of your faggets like why would I bother okay now that is more egregious right because that is I mean and if you're you're just dealing with censoring words there's not he's not using that saying you are acting like the way you call gay people you know he's not saying that he's like calling someone a gay slur yeah saying it again and again so this was just what they had decided to use no I don't agree with any of these things he said this is what I'm reading this and like this is

► 01:41:18

these are poorly thought-out arguments this is a poorly thought-out sentence it's not well just stops growing every second put that back up it's not it's not well thought-out not good so they've dead but this has

► 01:41:34

nothing to do with his patreon page isn't even have to do with his his channel this is something made this comment is a part of a longer wide-ranging interview with a YouTuber named Michelle Caitlin Chapman and you can watch the full interview on this it says chatting with Sargon of akkad about the liberalist community so you know it was free-flowing many he said a bunch of really stupid things that but what he was trying to say is that these people are behaving exactly the way they do when they try to say racist things about black people essentially they are behaving exactly the way they're describing race in a racist way blacks

► 01:42:34

that's that's what I'm getting from this Patron decided to remove him because of that and there's many people that feel like that's not exactly why they did it that they were looking for an excuse It's really because his anti-liberal bias so

► 01:42:52

the lot of people are disgusted by the idea that patreon is now censoring voices and the deciding who should or should not be able to receive donations from their fans based on their own personal political biases so this is the argument now and it's it's an interesting thing is popped up because people like Sam Harris who is very left mean he gets accused of being alright was kind of hilarious but he's very Progressive and you know he's a public intellectual and he's decided that this is a moment where he is going to pull his patreon account down because he doesn't like the way they are choosing to censor people and D platform People based entirely on something that has nothing to do with anything he's done on their platform and it's something to do with something that was out there on it on another Channel

► 01:43:51

so it's one of those weird little Battleground situation but do you think like the patient's a private Enterprise right so they can do whatever they want. They can and did so then people can decide that they don't want to deal with a child because Patriot doesn't support Free Speech Free Speech the argument would go that free speech is not just supporting speech that you agree with rubber a true free speech is letting people Express themselves right now the way he expressed himself they're not very good clumsy understatement that are your thoughts on this year you've never seen this before I mean it's such a choice of words is such a way to just

► 01:44:38

if I'm if I'm person reading that I'm like my immediate my eye goes you said what you can't like it's such an offense of word where you going to even go there immediately distracts from the point that you're trying to make that's a good way of putting it it's it's such I got it just needs you need like I don't think that guy I know if he's racist or not but like I don't think he is but your immediate reaction like this guy you can't do that then you have fundamentally destroyed whatever Point you're trying to make because of your choice it's like you could be trying to save I can't think of the analogy but like it's it's such a distracting choice of words in formal ideas of paintings on the fly so are you that was what he was doing on the Fly I don't think there's anything you prepared so I think

► 01:45:37

that wasn't just got over that with a fucking highlighter to use the key points once I hit on the last year that changed things on the terms of service that kind of what you do broadly yes affects what you do on anyone's account the guy who's the CEO of Patron actually went on Dave Reubens show the Rubin report and said that they're only concerned with things that happened on patreon is that that's what they focus on then they change that after this because here's a problem like I see their point with this this particular thing that this guy said I see how they find that offencive and if that becomes a thing that he does more than once and becomes a thing that he uses that all the time and yes that kind of

► 01:46:36

did that kind of language in that context a lot it's like this is not it's clunky it's not it's not a wise choice of words instead it's it's sloppy and it's it's kind of a lazy right and also it's kind of racist but it's why is it racist what's racist because what he's doing is attacking people who are racist by saying any could have done it this way right he could have said you people rally on about black people and call them this and you say they're doing that this is what you do you are exactly what you're doing is missing is that you don't have the right pigment to to receive your own hate your own self hate that you will choose that you in a racist way to use black people doing

► 01:47:29

it's stupid. But it's the way to combat that I don't when you start censoring people and taking away their ability to make a living by expressing themselves I just don't think that's the way to go because you just going to receive backlash and that's that's the thing is one of those that's that's one of those days where it's like you said the word that is what you just said is the way he should have said what he wanted to crawl here's a time machine or I go back right before you said that and say it again what are stance on it as a website they don't host anything to say that it's something that's happening

► 01:48:29

eating as a Creator anywhere almost right this isn't an alarm in him as a creative though this was him a guest on someone else's show so this is not something that's his own content that he put out their stances that he collaborates with other creators in this this would be considered a collaboration I do not think that it's a wise thing to sense of him though do you

► 01:48:54

tell me the fuck up your coach. But here's the thing what he does is he's

► 01:49:11

is is commentator he sees life and he talks about it and I've listened to a lot of his stuff and very good he's a he's a smart man a lot of his very good this is not very good so the right way when it comes to these things is let the people who contribute to his Patron decide that they don't like what he's doing so there are no longer going to subscribe that's the correct use of the platform for a platform exist because people were fans are at able to contribute that I say the magic I really like what you do I'm going to send you $100 every month if someone wants to do that they can do that and there's a lot of people that do do that when you say something that makes them offended that makes him realize you're sloppy with your words that makes him feel like you're a fool they go you know what I'm not sending that fucking guy money in the marketplace talk about sent back if you lost 30% of his Market because of that and then a bunch of blogs written about how stupid what he said was

► 01:50:11

that's the correct response but I think I don't think the problem with pulling out his then guys like Sam Harris are pulling out and have lost somewhere around 20% of all their patreon accounts because of this oh she has just been a backlog and by the way a backlash that's primarily coming for people who don't agree with what that guy said but do agree that it's a very slippery slope to start censoring people that's a good moral stance to take it's a kind of like I forget which political figure said it like I do not agree with what you're saying but I'd world I defend fighter jet is through discussion as soon as you no longer have that discussion now to YouTube's credit he still up on YouTube okay cuz this was a talk that he had that's available on YouTube you can listen to it on YouTube he still has his YouTube

► 01:51:11

count and he still able to someone of things that were saying with deplatforming is it sort of a cascading effect so Domino's Twitter takes you down and then Facebook takes you down and was a guy not Limbaugh but some other right-winger that got like sets of shit and then that's that end with him at even what was he like I hate speech inciting violence and whatever incite violence in that he wanted these proud boys to fight against and Tifa and he felt like the antifa people are Thugs and that they showed up a conservative events and they threatened violence and then he won the proud boys to fight them I actually had him on my podcast long before any of this shit went down when I don't even know what the fuck the proud boys was I was asking him I knew him as the co-founder of vice and I know

► 01:52:11

him as what I would basically say is he he was essentially

► 01:52:18

who's a shit talker is a provocateur he was a clever provocateur and it's kind of a funny guy like you came last time we came to the show he was dressed like Michael Douglas from falling down get the fucken briefcase and everything in the crazy tie and yeah I mean he's doing but he did it on purpose he said he dressing like Michael Douglas from falling down it he's he's a guy who would trick people into coming in and talking with him on his YouTube channel and they thought that he was liberal or Progressive and then he would you know he would basically talked him into a corner and I like someone at the Baron Cohen Borat shit or I'll throw it away yeah he was doing a lot of that and there was some of those very clever I was doing on his YouTube channel this whole proud boys thing and there's a video you can watch the bazaar origins of The Proud boys from a podcast that I did with Anthony cumia from Opie and Anthony and he explains how the proud boys initially were just a joke

► 01:53:16

it's it's a it was literally a joke and they did it to make fun of a guy that was one of them was one of the interns yeah it's kind of a crazy took a real life of its own and now they're fucking Junior take a cake exact date they all the sudden it got away from them and they became an organization where you could just join so all these people join and then they act as a proud boy they are beating people up and all this other crazy shit if you don't listen to him once he got out he quit he denounced his position to bring you realize like his life is falling apart as being labeled as you know they falsely claimed the FBI label them as a hate crime they didn't put the Southern Poverty Law Center did label them as a hate crime and several several other organizations as well but the Southern Poverty Law Center they've didn't have some pretty crazy shit that they've said is well there is a serious liberal Progressive organization that occasionally overstepped the boundaries of logic and reason

► 01:54:16

but he what he did was start an organization and I had a joke about about vegans my joke about vegans was the problem of vegans is a problem with any other group if you get a group of a hundred people what are the odds that one of them is going to be a fucking idiot that's a hundred percent right for being like really charitable 1 out of hundreds of fucking moron so if you get a group like vegans where just anyone can join and you have there's three hundred million people in this country that means there's three million fucking idiots that's generous and a lot of them were vegan and this was a joke was that the problem is not the actual people with good ethics and morals don't want animals to suffer the problem is you let a bunch of people with no identity join your gang gang does the same thing with the proud boys I think some of them probably went into it thinking it was a goof

► 01:55:16

we're going to go there and they thought these and Tifa assholes these 90 lb dog swinging by clocks at people and calling everybody a Nazi and fascist and trying to shut down every single conservative speech that was at an ENT for the University of these people are Preposterous they work on Ben Shapiro and Knotts he's a fucking Jewish man wears a yamaka I mean it's crazy, Nazis completely insane the alt right and ALT left almost right idea was to have something that would be there to balance out the alt left and it got control and so he denounced it and he stepped away from a pool with but it's too late cuz he's now what you said see you don't know him but you said he's the hate speech guy you said he's not guys that that's how it was going to see him so if you found out your sister was dating anybody. You didn't hate speech guy like that's who he is a big No-No No-No it's not that it's like it got away from it just

► 01:56:16

name the state wasn't him anymore with all these people to join that we're actual racist too late doesn't matter too late there's no room for that in this world about the game all these other groups at once he started getting deplatformed these other groups got pressure 2D platformer him because they're said hey you keep the hate speech guy you told me that hate speech guys on YouTube and go to go to take them off and so that this domino effect does seem to take place so what did Sargon of akkad thing though it doesn't seem to be taking place with him because people are examining what he said nursing will this is a sloppy use of these words it's not wise what he did but I do not think he's a racist but I don't think he was promoting racism what he was doing was he was using words poorly

► 01:57:16

to realize I like oh I don't hate gays and blacks like the best that's the point that the whole that whole thing is going to lesson in patience and that's a good to hear that like this guy is being afforded some patients about blood in their defense he's already been kicked off Twitter he been kicked off of Twitter before I don't know what for though do you know what he got kicked off of Twitter for he got kicked off of Twitter previously so he already had that Scarlett Mark you know there was already people are already looking at him he's been inarticulate on Twitter but I don't know what he had done they determined that he had harass somebody what's at 13000 he must have to start a new account

► 01:58:16

Anderson April 2017 so it's pretty old

► 01:58:21

the funny April 2017 is millions of years ago now the new cycle so fast it's too fast it's weird rights it's dude I'm telling you when I was at the shows like a story would be hot Monday morning and then Tuesday morning. What happened I don't know what gives a shit. That's one of the more interesting things about this story without especially the Mueller probe is that there's been so many of those quick stories that have just piled up like remember that family where the son died in Iraq and he's into sorry he was he said something had mocked somehow another mock the family and people like this guy and he in a lot of people thought that was going to be the end of them and it's just like these things hurt a pile of the Pakistani American Indians

► 01:59:21

they are starting to pile it's just a little too much is little drops that are coming and he's been able to sort of roll with the punches and just going to slide them all kind of but after this Mula think what I would really like about the Mueller thing is that it's been a real slow build and you get little lint of what's going on but it's been like the in a way to talk about this at the show while I was there as it's like I don't fucking they build a case and they got all the time in the world those build and when they come they don't come like it's not like a big, heavy that's the the knocking on doors that come in a hundred deep and that's what's going to be the 02 600 like yeah like that that's going to be interesting to see what happened especially Mueller you look at their guys I calculated assassin

► 02:00:21

Trump he doesn't take shit in that the beauty with it Mueller's at Hugh know he's an independent guy from nobody really considering firing him yeah whatever is like someone is like a menu you cannot do that you cannot do that that that's what I realized I like this guy could just do that and you just fire the head of the FBI testing you just going to do this can I get rid of the Attorney General that I think was supposed to be on my side but session but he finds out all know Jeff is also as racist as he is a man of minorities but I've respected the law of it

► 02:01:21

Baked Alaska and then the next day he was gone with no real explanation of why the guy is a meme guy but now he's essentially become this like really right-wing sort of

► 02:01:44

he's he's kind of in the Infowars Camp as well right

► 02:01:50

the baked Alaska is come up with some fucking hilarious memes know some of these memes are hilarious had one with Alex Jones I've been out the game before that like the meme game that's all of it like I'm so I feel old enough

► 02:02:15

I'm going to name is an i in team a kind of name is the mash proud to wrap this bitch up I gotta get the fuck out of here but I think overall man I think you handle this really well and I'm not this is definitely a positive for your career and get a funny dude you just continue to keep on moving on thank you may appreciate you brother my pleasure thank you in a Twitter and then I'll be I'll be at the punchline in Philly December 27th through December 29th

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