#1262 - Pat McNamara

The Joe Rogan Experience #1262 - Pat McNamara

March 12, 2019

Pat McNamara spent 22 years in the United States Army in many special operations units. He is currently training people in tactical marksmanship and combat strength.

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barcode Joe to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain that's it my guess today is one of my favorite personalities on the internet he's a former spec ops guy who now teaches people teaches people a lot of things teach people how to get motivated he teaches people tactical instruction and fitness and he's got a badass Instagram page that Instagram Pages T-Mac s s i n c t m acs-inc his name is Pat McNamara and he's cool motherfuker and I really enjoy talking to him so please give it up for Pat McNamara

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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and we're Lots at all right sir president of the University of badassery I'm more like the vice president CJ Ortiz CCR by he's the president of the University of badassery Marriott co-hosted of a little podcast we do not fucking love your Instagram page if there's a guy is the fan might be you rock and roll baby I'm better for you brother I also like guys who are my age or older the still get after in the gym and your fucking Pages filled with you getting after it but we can we can full of full segment on that alone and the secret the big secret behind it which job there's not much of a secret that you know I mean it. You're not everybody is cut out for it people just don't enjoy it if they try to find a lot of excuses why they don't get after it

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one of the big excuses his age I wanted to guys all the time during my full-time training Gabe Brown training guys on a range who was say you know 38 or 40 or whatever and I'm getting old and my bro let me tell you something this is this is something somebody told me when I was 30 and I've got affirmation this entire life of a man's age is around like 44 45 that's when you could be on the top of your game Ultra Runners yet the strongest the fastest the fittest the smartest you know when it comes to knowing your body and how much you can do and how much you could take after that

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then you got to start being a lot smarter you know you died out how you work out how often you know I'm super tentative now not to overwork yeah me too because I've been told her there's no such thing as over work but there is a such thing as under-recovery I err on the side of caution lot more now and I started to this system combat strength training when I retired from the military because I retired from military time for reconstructive surgery Start Broken Bones and any Ground Pounder who's you know special ops guy who did 20-plus years that's a lot of freaking mileage on that combat chassis would you get reconstructive first one was

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this bicep I was a towed jumper doesn't have to make sense what does it mean it's related to static line jumping static line jump through security and static line at the end of the static line deploy the parachute so it's like you know it's like rookie jumping jumping around my reserved around my arm and pulled me with the plane and pulled my bicep into my forearm broke ribs that's okay to show the concussion and this is when I'm fucking 18 years old and already got jacked up next one was

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diskectomy L5 S1 just kind of an amalgamation of Hilo crashes and vehicle crashes and stuff like that other people don't know what that means means you discs the trim a little piece of it so it doesn't go against your nerve and it was it was a massive herniation so they were able to take the big chunk out and then do that trim up as well which is X easy surgery ever had knee reconstruction sucked I mean I was a fool freaking year six months of you know getting back on your feet and then another year before I was like 100% And I think I was still in my twenties did you get ACL reconstruction patellar tendon did that once called tarde that's a hard one I did the other one with the allograft

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damn that's a big chunk of the other thing is it sometimes people's bodies reject those I'll grab right with me I got lucky but I do know if some people and also it feels like it's healed before it's really healed what happens is they take that graft and they put it in there and then instead of that being your new your body has to replace that with tissue has to read proliferate that tendon with its own cells and so it takes a long time so it feels stable you like all my niece back my my my legs feel strong and then you go to Pivot to throw a punch or something with them pop pop it just pops like a wet piece of toilet paper yeah yeah you know some people may say some people feel the pain in others are not but man I needed that one done to people not being a co-dependent me to stabilize and ligament your knee and then the last one was show up

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shoulder and they were able to do that not if they're basically you know I'm the realest coping with four different places and they created

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should I get this right they created a bigger injury to promote more healing yeah so they did like bone scrapes and stuff like that and when we were able to do without cutting the shoulder open a bunch of Terror Monday and I used to drive my dirt bike to work 8 miles of forest and a T-bone to dear.

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and frankly I could have been riding schools like even the Garrison Motocross school so I was up high so I fully like Superman I didn't get all that I mean I sailed for 23 yards down flat and then slid and hit a tree so I knew the shoulders jacket but I had all kind of neat injury smelling like I had this one thing called a.m. and heejin so

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I went I was able to make it to work and they checked on my shoulder so yeah you're jacked up and put you if you get your MRI tomorrow how much, that night I go home and I wake up to go take a piss and I realized I got this massive like bubble on my side Mass but I thought man I might have internal bleeding just it was gigantic right on top of my pelvis so I guess I set my alarm clock for like every 10 minutes just to see if still alive and I went in the next couple thousand bloody byproduct skin separating from the phone so I think that's what they call it an adhesion also bunch of blood fills the Gap that I was all lights orange. Crap I've had some weird

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the other then I can tell you know you do a lot of crazy working out with like I seen a lot of shit you do it like cinder blocks at what you've make do with what's around you while bat at so my work template top the charts last year and the year before I travel to a different state every week and most of them were Jetson

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so lugging all my shit to the airport every week all my guns and this is for tactical training so is this it is this for private individuals most of my courses are open enrollment so I have all walks of life I mean the demographic is extremely wide and so is the skills that disparity of these guys have come you're not a 14 guys to sign up for Mobic Ops 3 military the rest of the aliens and in that civilian group I mean you know you got computer programmer GI surgeons got a lawyer's you got strip club the demographic is pretty eclectic it's pretty wide and when I go to these places and stiff I used to

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I go to Allah Fitness or something you know like an LA Fitness after work but I got tired of that you know just walking through trying to navigate my way through an endless Maze of bench presses watching guys do concentration curls with me in the mirror so I started range workouts a planet during the day and it became a thing we're like fit guys in the class are watching me like oh hey bro what's the workout after after training so can we do with you what time the guys in the course will say hey can I do the work out with you after after training, so you just find whatever is laying around to cinder block you know if I could do a lot with that it's a it's a 5-6 footwall there's a lot you could do with that lot you can do with your satri some cinder blocks you know and then everyone smile guys will bring like a 90 pound

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right right back. So we want to do a Pap Mac workout after range day and he'll kudos to those guys because that shit that's hard you know when you're on the Range all day working your ass off and especially in a blazing hot sun and guys hang out to do a work out with me my photos to your bro the people find other people that want to push themselves and they find inspiration for guys like you and you know dozens of guys like you online that are like fun to follow and I got a fucking get off my ass and go do it cuz sometimes people just needed example someone to look at and go there's any glitterally can change the way you live your life no doubt fucking cancel all times getting after it with his beard

► 00:18:23

hex probably 3 years ago what's the smoke is that exhaust fume or gunshots how do you make a nice yeah yeah but those are adults those are hard workouts man those swings in between the legs like that that's that's how you build the real core strength your back can you know your your whole that the whole spinal column yeah keep it tight and strong you know it's it's it's funny you get even today I read that I'm reading some comments about whatever it is

► 00:19:03

there's a lot of stupid people out there when it comes to like not understanding the right way to work out right and I want to tell these guys hanging man to think one is if you do if you do what you've always done you're going to get what you've always gotten number to I didn't go home last night and smoke a bunch of crack and finish it out I mean there's a lot of freaking research a lot of there's a lot of time and effort into this and

► 00:19:30

Bill said hey man you're going to throw your back out doing that stuff no motherfuker that's that's building your back you're working that transfers playing is what guys neglect a lot to hear here we go I'm going to get on this freaking soapbox I swear to God environment you know three planes of motion frontal sagittal transverse

► 00:20:02

out of the three planes of motion I would say that transverse is most important additionally when we work out I would also argue with confidence that is the plan motion that is most neglected that transfers play

► 00:20:19

I like to tell guys that and the transverse plane lives life-saving an ass-kicking there for reasons why we should why we should exercise

► 00:20:30

is Max pinion okay one self-preservation longevity good for your health stronger longer motion is lotion number to the ability to save your own life having that confidence knowing yep I could pull myself out of that burning coal or over that wall whatever number three more importantly to me is being Batman the ability to save somebody else's life so that's three reasons the last one kicking somebody's fucking ass so when I look at work out I look at those four things right they're not like Cosmetics or anything Cosmetics is a coup by products do you workout right you're going to look better you look better you feel better than more confident you're more confident you perform better cuz conference performance Sport and an sure so there's no freaking magic Elixir to it you know that

► 00:21:23

talking and it's and it's hard if people like to see if you do bench press you see your chest pop up need to see those results I was some people just one exercise I would recommend like people who do Jiu Jitsu Turkish get-up rice at least we met last week of workouts nobody wants those Goddamn Thing by one person doing Turkish get up you will have someone someone somewhere is doing bench press and someone's doing curls and lat pulldown machine doll that normal shit it's it's

► 00:22:01

it's like an anachronism you know they're working in a world like a muscle and fitness world still and that's fine working in isolation if that's your job there's three people who three types of people who should work out concentration like doing a curl or something you know concentration of professional bodybuilder you recovering from surgery and atrophy so it's Physical Therapy number 3 piano fucking idea what you doing you're a model right so they try to look pretty it's just not what you really need to ask what size is something that's going to mimic what you would actually do in real life picking up things moving them around like a farmer walks glamorous carry a heavy ass kettlebell in one hand and just walk around for like a half

► 00:23:00

let me your fucking for on the be dying your legs be killing you your core is going to be shaking so amazing and I like the way you put it. I'm wants to know what's that one-sided and they try to do with two arms but with two arms it bounces out and then it's really just a grip and exercise and traps but really what you want to do is elberon one hand carry that bitch everything's just kind of balance it out and then turn around and put on the left-hand yeah it's great we do and my gym a lot of that where we load one side of the time one of the things I love to hear is a guy is a man I never see you doing the same thing yeah my club pretty much don't know because I don't want to fall into a rather complacent adaptation you know so even

► 00:23:55

got to take you to do like only let's see yeah of course every once in awhile I'll probably do a deadlift a standard deadlift once every 2 months but I'm doing variations of that like a shovel deadlift or suitcase deadlift I suck and like you said are not glamorous I'll throw those in a bunch but

► 00:24:20

here's how I knocked out cardio is a I have a formula with this have a program, strength training I had to ebook and website and all the associate programs of the people that sign up for calm

► 00:24:42

and the formula is work in working anaerobic chunks and circuit 2 near metabolic special to me and rub it go and then like 30-35 minutes so what that doesn't include warm up you know so you could whatever it is for me it's like bag work or something for warm up just to make sure everything's loosey-goosey the older you are the more you have to warm up man yo I'm don't jack yourself up it's called Fitness not Brokenness yeah people that's another thing that people don't like do because it's not glamorous in because these people get lazy they don't want to do that work out where that the Pre-Workout they don't want to do all the Skip and roll pin all the just switching stances and jumping jacks all that stuff but you really need to break a sweat a real sweater before you actually start lifting weights and then even if you lift weights or do anything like save going to do get kettlebells I'll start off a 35lb I'll do everything nice and light at first I don't start off have

► 00:25:42

nope yep that's a that's a

► 00:25:46

that's all it's a wisdom yes you know that's right it's time you learned that you know it's okay to put my big fat ego aside I still have to get jacked up because I want to smoke these guys and in order to do that I can't be so I can have tweaks in my neck and run a bunch of guys who do these they do these workout competitions called train to hunt and but it's mostly for Bowhunters where they have all these physical challenges like you do a bunch of stuff with sandbags and the ideas to jack your heart rate up and then when you have to ask you to be shot you got to be in enough physical condition so you can bring your heart rate down pretty rapidly and it's all timed and they're competing I love that kind of stuff with tactical

► 00:26:46

YouTube channel dedicated to that so

► 00:26:52

yeah they're all very very tough like shots rifle pistol and prior to that I'm pushing a truck pulling a climbing a fast-rope running with a sandbag like I caught shot impossible almost you know what at heart rate is slamming in your throat and now you got to go into respiratory pause and take these 50/50 AR pistol shots and I'm doing pistol at 50 yards and thing thing thing thing but yeah I love that stuff and that's where animal train really comes into play. Check control that heart rate the learning how to breed the right way man that's it that's it is badass a big fan of all that I really want to take some lessons up like I saw Keanu Reeves doing it for John Wick nose like that looks fun when I'm shot my guns at the range before and stuff like that I've hunted with rifles but with pistols

► 00:27:52

I'd like to go to some sort of an Oaky cuz I keep them just one of your things are a lot of rope that's 100 feet of fat ass hemp rope with a 270-pound cmp's at the end of it and I forget what I do here but yeah I got my run up now so that the forms and everything I just smoked plus music that'll get us kicked out there's a couple fifties YouTube videos at

► 00:28:44

I got one Wareham

► 00:28:46

I fell in love with the idea

► 00:28:49

I thought you could I do this at the gym when I grab a kettlebell and a balance it out and do that with kettlebell why walk out of balance beam with him and stuff like that so I thought I'd do a 55 lb cattle panel to stay on and shoot strong hand and then balancing and shoot sport have 50 yard so I got I found on a balance on YouTube so I got out there and I got all my stuff ready got my bed of my truck got my gun laid out

► 00:29:36

I threw that kettlebell up left hand first and pulled a pistol up and I'm looking at the Target and I am shaking like a dog shittin sandspurs this was a bad idea

► 00:29:50

and try to clean try to clean the first time and then I have to cuz I I do this this like a West Stroud type of filming you know what Stroud the survival Manson West Route yeah so where I go and talk to the camera afterwards I was so happy when it rang again when it rang so I had this massive smile on my face I dropped the Kettlebell I had to erase it come over to the camera guy

► 00:30:21

upside-down kettlebells are great for shoulder stability once again something that people don't work out in the gym stabilization about stabilization proprioception kinesthetic awareness cuz it cuz it ain't sexy and they're not building Peaks on biceps and you know cutting their abs so we do a lot of like rubber band work holding it isometric you know and watch everything freaking Shake just shake when you put together these drills and you put together these programs do you need to sit down and map it all out in your head you think like okay how am I going to emulate the kind of stress in a gunfight your heart rate jacked you might have to physically do something that the run from someone or climb over something is that how you do your talkin about like the YouTube stuff or I do the physical thing with the shoe

► 00:31:22

the first thing I do is I put it on my calendar just so I know that I'm going to make one and then I'll start thinking about it what haven't I done cuz I have to think also

► 00:31:35

I have to think about the audience the audience that follows me on YouTube a lot of my gun guys so they want they want to know about the gun that I'm using have to think about that and then I have to thank all right what challenge can cuz I want guys to replicate I want them like those little notes and Beauty I did this in my time was a minute and 30 or whatever so I want to be able to replicate him as well

► 00:32:03

and I want to make them with some real world application in mind you're so front loading a sandbag or getting in on something in and out of a car doing that it with a bunch of reputations hear you when you do a dead weight in and out of a car in 150 lb pulling it in pushing it out pulling it back and pushing it out

► 00:32:31

that'll smoke every freaking out to being handed a crush your spirit and now it's crazy right at me through it full grown woman to pick her up and put her in the car easy especially if there's no you know you got to think dead weight capacity they helping you everywhere and it is a pain in the dick yeah you're way better off with a hundred 50 lb barbell oh yeah yeah so but I have to keep those things mine the other thing I want to do is I want to make him kind of want to make a hard enough to not everybody can do it

► 00:33:20

because I want to do something that my like industry competitors are not doing and I-5 turn this I've started

► 00:33:31

a kind of a fat about 10 years ago or more guys are doing this now they're putting like shoots up on in a webs you know what some physical activity prior to ordering which yeah good but I'm pretty sure I am

► 00:33:48

you know

► 00:33:50

hi I made it cool well the more people doing it the better write like you're more competition to be such a smart thing to think of if your if you really want to train the way you trained really want to think about you know I like tactical situations in the real world application I mean such a great way to go about doing it and is he looks exciting and fun of me and have done it but I'm sure it's fine it's good I talk a lot during my horses I don't do this stuff you know I'm not cuz I have I'll have 60 year old women in it while have guys with Parkinson's even man come to Microsoft how do you stabilize a guy when they have Parkinson's which is that's good that's what I showed this guy trick his name see if I can remember the map but you 77 years old and he said well I can either come to your course and training or lay on my couch and die or something to that effect cuz he likes to show

► 00:34:50

how to spell anytime but I have to modify the course to him now because he created related pronoun French girl right right right I would sit him on and then I used all you know furring strips are they hold up a target one by twos you know about 5 foot long I had them crisscross nose and hold them to be no child put his rifle in that v-notch cuz he could sit up pretty good and shoot but sitting good and you know when when guys like that a concentrating more you see that shitt go away to pay that's something we do at my gym to we train Parkinson's box parking spaces really it's a it's a it's a national program called Rock Steady boxing they come in three times a week

► 00:35:50

North Carolina what's it called so people can go there spartek Sparta Sparta like smaller than TC is it open to it it's it's very fight Centric it's an MMA gym so everything we do is very like fight Centric with the with the physical work can lifting and all that and then we have programs like there's beer. We got some really good I mean they're like legit so we got really good fighters who do you know one on one coaching everything from Greco with a BJJ to tie box to kickboxing to stand boxing it's it's a it's a neat place it's it's small it's Warehouse it's very Spartan you know it's not sexy at all

► 00:36:50

yeah my favorite kind of slime freaking it's bad ass so the Rock Steady boxing folks they have a program they come in a couple times a week and they put him through a series of exercises you know a lot of it just walking a straight line holding this and want you to loading one side and then I went there all warmed up Belk it up and ECT guys rapping and everything you know if they're so excited to get there and they put the wraps on and and then they haven't they were a series of op back drills you know a 1/2 lateral move the next bag is hooks you don't let the right Hooks and there's an uppercut bag and there's a you know the double-end bag and they're not moving you know they're not moving much but they're moving and they get there and they love coming there

► 00:37:46

and some of them work at the sweat you know it's it's pretty it's pretty amazing seeing them get off their asses and get to the gym and I look I remember you put something out and I paying you like a year ago it was all on a podcast and you were you were getting pretty emotional about somebody not wanting to work out and I paying you and I said

► 00:38:11

I think I mentioned that we got fucking Parkinson's people coming to my gym now it's just when people make those excuses just drives me crazy cuz I've seen examples of I've been very fortunate that I have good health but I've seen many examples and I've also been very fortunate I never got out of shape I just kept working out my whole life but I've seen people that are fat as fuck 350lb just barely can get a getaway around and then they decide I'm going to take control my fucking hell and then niggars just do it they just do it and even if you just got to walk around the block a few people walk up flights of stairs even if you just do up push-up even if you do us it up just do something bad do some body weight squats do something it can be done

► 00:39:00

in my community who decide who would say yeah man I thought your stuff I'm so out of shape and I don't have the time to snatch which is another excuse does no such thing is I don't have the time to get up an hour earlier world together our workout I'll fuck you up in an hour you come work out with me for one hour I will have you crying by the end of an hour that's plenty of time from warm up to cool down 1 hour done if your if your DVD it's it's available that digital download though that I can't even do 40 minutes of this motherfukers workout with a 145 lb kettlebell 40 minutes in my legs are shaking my arms are shaking I'm walking like a like I blew both my fucking ankles out for the next couple of days it's ruthless you can get a lot done in 40 minutes

► 00:40:00

there is this is a sad right now. Yeah yeah that guy's not sure that all he just brings their cattle bells on the beach and just fucking get Safra and you just follow along with him it's a great workout to because you're you're doing what he's doing so you know it's possible he's doing it right in front of your face right you know when it comes to I'll tell guys come to my gym once just once cuz all I need do is bait the hook yeah yeah yeah and I are you going to smoke us a note

► 00:40:42

weather shooting or physical stuff I run I caught the formaspace train did you know I got to recognize that we all perform differently performance is measured by doing what we can with what we have brought so it gives him permission to work within their capability level not mine so you don't need to replicate what I'm doing bro I'm we're going to do the same movements but I'm going to I'm going to scale this to you to your needs to know and I'll write capacitated I don't want you to work out so hard that that you're not able to move for the next three days I have another ruled is that you can work out as hard as you want in the gym but when you walk out that door that says Exit you got to be ready to kick somebody's ass I don't like to work out to the point of being incapacitated so there's a balance I figured it out

► 00:41:42

too many times I am for a whole weekend going home my God yeah my freaking ass much buys my you do for Recovery do you walk around cryotherapy or saunas or nothing do nothing really know nothing I don't know cuz I haven't really like needed it you just get a sauna get us all in your gym just that alone get a sauna and a fucking ice bath beer I drink beer for Recovery nightly ritual I will not be able to function if I don't how much it is for NASCAR soda by the case barley pops but but good quality

► 00:42:38

IPA Stout borders near that kind of thing you just live for it I love it so I can go hand-in-hand a lot of people's eyes I know it's hard to feel like I have a policy and I have a policy every night Saturday night but every morning is Monday morning I like it so we go out almost every night we go out just because if I'm at home I'm at work I'm going to work until I fall asleep so you know that clock it's six 7 that night I got right let me go meet my wife she's getting off of work we're going to go have a couple Pirates have a big old bourbon or something like that and yeah I smoke cigars dip how did the keto diet

► 00:43:38

ridiculous predominantly what I meal prep it's collard greens spinach bell pepper chicken that's it and it's spice it up with Chino salt pepper and garlic prep for the week you make like I don't have a pot big enough to prep for the week so I prep for like 2 or 3 days or the lack and just shout out what's a secret and diet food shop at the periphery of a grocery store you go into the guts all you're going in there is for toffee olive oil salt that's it that's a good for the meat and vegetables are serious Siri

► 00:44:38

because your body can't process that crap so diet for me to get up in the morning it's habitual full cord water so they wake up for 4 p.m. first powerslam and then I'm getting it in me no waste in time if it's there for a reason I want I could you wake up dehydrated I just want a powerslam that and get it all into me

► 00:45:14

and then you know what clean IA to clean breakfast like a cup of boiled eggs and some bacon and then throughout the day and people say wow is there a certain amount of people follow too many like Diet switch good for that. Kudos like meal times and how many times a day I eat when I'm hungry and I don't know I'm full

► 00:45:38

it's pretty freaking simple you don't eat till your phone back off a portion of that is taken well what if I got a Sprint 400 yards you know or what if I got to kick somebody's ass right now right now and if I'm 100%, it's going to be shooting out of both that right so freaking huge fan huge but it allows me to drink those beers at night and it allows me to do stuff like that and then make sure I'm hitting it every day that you know the gym you haven't day I usually don't have time for 7 days

► 00:46:26

and even if I did I probably wouldn't. Probably take at least one day off maybe two but you know as well as I do that you are more in tuned when you get older to what your body is telling your brain your body when you get older says fuck off today you don't need to do and I'll listen to that man I do listen at 2 that's so important listen to that there's those days where I feel a little off today and Mike am I being a pussy I don't think so I'll start off a little bit rate versus if I just go run the Hills real people say sweat it out that is unless you getting in a steam room or sauna sweat shit you're twisting your body up and you're probably going to make your immune system even weaker

► 00:47:26

when you were talking about those Parkinson's folks when they come into gym and they do that today experienced any benefit in terms of their function does it doesn't help them apps absolutely and some more than others depends I think it depends on how you know what would stage there and how long they been there but absolutely we've got one guy who used to be a bow hunter and he can't anymore so we got a replicating that motion with rubber bands and you know we can barely do a small one initially he gave it up because he thought you know what

► 00:48:06

it's not working for me so we kind of gave up but once we started work in the rubber bands he started seeing you know results is a 70 year old man with Parkinson's he's the only man I'm going to be able to drop my butt because I'm doing these exercises you know and yeah absolutely with a lot of guys especially with their their balance lateral movement that's one that I see a lot you know what they're making a big improvements with lateral movement to what helps with weight training help them with what I think it's it's

► 00:48:42

just didn't get that body moving you know and then with the with the boxing is at hand and eye coordination to you know do you know to the spot that you're supposed to hit on that bag every time so it's a combination of the year is the weight of very very minimal you know we don't want these guys get jacked up and then the gal who runs it floors pretty she's pretty cognizant of that you know about not wanting him to get jacked up so there any kind of weight training was wondering because it is a neurological disorder you know what they benefit from it because they're getting out of the fucking house out of the hospital to Jim motivated you know they're fired up to be there and they're not it's obvious they had Parkinson's you're not running around the ring

► 00:49:42

Roy Jones spreader but they're they're fired up to be there and it's giving him

► 00:49:49

her purpose yeah yeah people need purpose you know yes we can do that when you retire from the military was this some did you envision yourself doing something along these lines like teaching tactical style for I went through some rough patches has most guys do right yeah man I'm morphed into I am only like past six or seven years I retired No 5 I got hired before even retired by a corporation to do training stuff

► 00:50:24


► 00:50:26

I kind of felt I was almost falling into that role of accepting mediocrity

► 00:50:33

what I didn't know is that depression I didn't know that I've no idea, especially in like the spec ops world guys are tired because you've been there in in in units with guys with the same guys for a long long time and you

► 00:50:58

there's a level of intimacy there that can't be replicated with another human being and then when you retired you miss that comradery that connection so I had working for a corporation I was at a really bad relationship I was living in the bonus room of my garage I lived there for five years cuz I had asked you a job

► 00:51:24

I chemistry you know prescription meds go big farm and some of the neural receptors were freaking gone I mean delusional and and it was it was real bad

► 00:51:37

and then I start a bosom with depression and that dude you got a fucking problem and didn't even occur I guess which is common with a lot of guys but I had an epiphany a lot of things happened at one time my local cops save my life I said bro you need to get the fuck out of there and a bunch of things happened all at once this is in 2013

► 00:52:06

I didn't want to leave because I love kids so I didn't want to I was I was going to stay there and and just wither wither away almost a picture of Darkness but I got up with her before I went to sleep one night my kid is sleeping with me and I'm hammered and it's like 8 at night and I had an epiphany I sent you know what I can't I can't do this and I will not

► 00:52:37

I remember saying it's myself I will I will not be defeated I will not be defeated and I put my running shoes by the side of my bed and some shorts set my alarm clock got up early next morning and what for what a lot of Forrest Gump in a pound of paper for about ten or twelve miles and I'm not a runner you know I like to run I like to spread and when I came back from the Run worked out my driver's for about an hour and my local cops came in the same time and they came and I said hey bro get the fuck out kids be all right do you need to do this and that and

► 00:53:19

then I started kind of figure it out

► 00:53:27

free of re-evaluating my path in life go back up a step I got also got laid off from his Corporation and you know where the guy in the military if you don't you don't ever think about job security when I retire working for a corporation that was mostly made up of retired military guys so you get laid I feel like I do now what does that even mean getting laid up what am I going to do all that should happen the same time as I kept it was like a this massive spiral of bad events and

► 00:54:02

man I was able to I was able to rekindle my own my own my own fire cuz I recognize all right bro you still got to Amber you still got this all you need to do is just nurture that Amber turn it into a flame turn that into a flame and then just start adding wood admin would add wood until becomes just a perpetual

► 00:54:26

Blaze and it which led me to this thing that I tell people now you know what it is that you got to keep the blaze alive I've got that on t-shirts even because I like I like to kick people in the ass who are willing to sustain their own fire once they get that ass kicking

► 00:54:48

if they can't if they can't keep the fire going then it's not worth it it's not worth it for me you know what they do to keep kicking him in the ass

► 00:55:00

but off

► 00:55:02

yeah so ever since that

► 00:55:07

point-in-time ain't no getting laid off a depression the booze and I was able to ReDiscover me Andre Brandon and pretty much start from scratch I mean I had to start life all over again when I was 48 years old wow at the whole thing from scratch and I discovered like social media and all this stuff cuz I met a gal and I'm married to her now and she's probably the best one of the best human beings I've ever met you know all around human being so she was able to help me with that said hey you need to do that she need to get this social media platform of that one and so it's it's it's detonated pretty well considering I've been on a short amount of time but apparently the message is resonating so that's why I picked up on all right.

► 00:56:07

you figured you should out I love that that's my favorite thing when everybody is prone to mistakes and prone to depression and people are prone to hitting rock bottom GIF your life can go down a series of bad roads and you find yourself in a bad relationship or a bad job a bad situation life and it's very very difficult at that moment to have faith and confidence that you can readjust reconsider and and re-engage and that's what you did that's awesome I love that I love those kind of stories I love when people get the shit together and I think that that helps me help other people and I don't know I don't sit down with them and they brought you know I was there too or anything like that I don't even share with them but I empathize and that's sometimes that's all it takes any empathize and and you just give him

► 00:57:07

just just just that just a little bit of the right advice just a little bit you know not too much just need momentum they need one good day you need one that's why I said that I want. Just come to the gym one day showing one good day we eat clean you drink a lot of water and you like you did you got that day you woke up you put your shoes on you went for a run you worked out your driveway you got a good day and that sometimes all you need to do and decide this is what I do for now and I have good days tomorrow's going to be another good day and I'm going to force myself into another good day and the next thing you know I've got some momentum you got some momentum we could change everything I felt it many times in my life I felt like I could slip the wrong way and I just I see it I see the dark hole when I go fuck that I just go the other to go the other way the problem is people fall into that dark hole they think that that defines them but it doesn't break it doesn't Define you it's just you right now you could be totally different tomorrow

► 00:58:04

you're a human being again thank you can adjust and there's so much Inspirations one of the beautiful things about your Instagram page and many many other Instagram pages is that you can take if you curate your feed correctly and you don't follow a bunch of Knuckleheads you can go to your Instagram or to whatever social media platform you like and you can go and check out a lot of cool shit you feel good about to get fired up and you want to do good with your life I love being inspired by other guys at that follow on social media I'm a motivator but I like to be motivated to me too so I love

► 00:58:46

I've met a lot of really cool people on those platforms you know that I'm sitting across from you for example and it's not a bit because too many guys especially like my HR afraid of it you know their friend you know you don't have to go crazy on it but you should at least check this out check that out you don't have to file thousands of things people see emojis responsorial post

► 00:59:23

we are we are human beings and we are allowed to are is a matter of fact in most cases it is a biological requirement for us to projection up yeah I thought what we do all we needed to make sure that it doesn't become a recurring theme that we learn from the past prepare for the future perform and live in the present we've been blessed with a very very short existence on on on this planet that amazes me that there should sustain freaking life in a solar system back and do the same I like to feel insignificant and small like looking up at the stars through telescope it's like damn nothing nothing nothing nothing Galaxy telescope and that's the closest one that we can see if there's billions of stars in that guy

► 01:00:23

I guess what there are billions of galaxies just like that. I'm so freaking significant to let me make the best of this of this time that I have on this on this planet with these other several billion people just the fact that I am a human being, you know that are strands of DNA wrapped in protein to throw it in with some you know which amino acids and it's mind-blowing that that you know that I feel the same way all the time

► 01:01:11

weird little dumb things and if there's only little dumb things in your life to those dumb things become huge when you have big things in your life it's easy to look at those dumb things and brush him off when you're really working hard at something and you have a lot of positive positive things going on in your life then then it's easier like what's one of the good things about really hard exercises it's very difficult to do so when you go to a very difficult real or real difficult physical struggle the other little bulshit seems like nothing it just a really see it gets exposed for what it really is what it really is it just it seems like a big deal in the moment in the time but that's just a trap cuz your body need something to think about your body's always worried your brain is always focusing on danger you're worried about threats and predators and has no Predators then it's fucking microaggressions then it's likely that it's this guy looked at me funny at the office or so I got this bitch is always Park in the spot I want you know I can leave people get weird

► 01:02:11

you get you started focusing on nonsense kind of my new shift but I think that's one of the primary benefits of physical exercise is not just that it blows out all that excess energy but I think your body stores up and I was the way I was described is that a person's body is almost like a battery that's leaking energy like you got a purge it get a purge of that excess energy cuz it has certain physical requirements then on top of that the physical difficulty of Ino running a hard to 3 mi in the mountains or wherever you're at are doing like crazy crossfit workout or whatever the fuck you like to do taking a Jiu-Jitsu class that shit is so hard that all that other nonsense in your life gets it puts into perspective then from there then look up then look up with the whole stars and go menu just lucky to be experiencing this great to be able to think about this to be this person it's living in the most amazing time ever for human beings to be spinning around on his ball flying through Infinity

► 01:03:11

it's nothing but gravy it provides you with with great like you said something that you know we talked about that people focusing on the my new show

► 01:03:34

you were saying how interested it's a sticking point with me is all is how you know we human beings Primal are Primal thought we were worried about that but man it's amazing how many people nowadays have relinquished their their their Primal defense mechanism awareness said Mobility complacent. Just walk around a 45° syndrome I'm on that bus today going to go to the rental car place from LAX and everybody's on the phone but you know there's times you could be in the white but I look around I go well it's like I want security right now

► 01:04:34

phone all day long and not paying attention to their surroundings at all it's not that you need to all the time most the time you don't but the time when you do but I could change your life or the life you loved ones walking around the streets is not the time to do it you know there's a time to be in the white and you know what that it when you know I tell me what the white like Cooper's color code white to black white is like zombie mode that's you know me and my house in my Ranger panties watching TV or whatever that's the time when you song to be an opiate where black is you know you're fighting for your life but at least in the yellow you know just have your wits about you a little bit so let me take you back to when you decided to get your shit together and get your shit together again

► 01:05:34

begin the process and then how did you get to where you're at now William didn't laid off as scary as hell but sometimes you know when you're in crisis mode like that you've you think most efficiently there's a there's a there's a there's a series of things that happened want is you know you get scared of that laid off so I think that was the first was scared and then angry as this is over a couple days and then focus when I got focused I built my company T-Maxx I mean I just thought of everything you know just had an epiphany off to do I ask what am I going to call you know how to get to make up an acronym that sounds cool and it cover all the bases training Marksmanship Adventure concept security and I covered everything TMax and then

► 01:06:23

and then I was so freaking Fortune cash it fell into place for me I had guys who were who I trained for this Corporation call the corporation and say hey we want you know patmac to come train it again make sure he's no longer here but we can have somebody else do it they're like no we don't want somebody else to know we don't care what it's called or what your branding it we want this guy doing it so they were able to get in contact with me was a big contract and then another one came up and another one on the same year it was all so that year was complete

► 01:07:08

and then I had a bunch of different piano lessons learned like government contracts shit like sequestration the rat 2013 with sequestration so Government Contracting and stuff like that it all went away so there was a time and 13 where I didn't work for 6 months and it's scary when you working on your when you're doing everything for and by yourself all your own admin and everything like that

► 01:07:37

it could be it's very exciting but scary shit yeah yeah it's like damn man I don't care how much stuff I have in the pipe on my keep jamming more should the once so I had those government contracts been

► 01:07:56

I just I just built momentum and I started learning all right let's get rid of this let's do more than just let's not do that focus on that let's focus on this and it grew into a

► 01:08:12

into a very select self-fulfilling machine know it's a it's it's it's it's running running very well right now but it was not easy getting there I mean there was a lot of bumps and obstacles in the road but I tell guys at all time and you're probably going to have obstacles in it there's going to be Temptation like shortcuts you know note stay on that road bro stand that road go through those potholes go over those freaking bulbs this road it's going to suck but after awhile it up smooth out and sure enough you know if my road smooth out and the bumps are few and far between right now so yeah

► 01:09:00

I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life probably right now

► 01:09:05

54 years old and it's like I've grown up if your person who's thinking and trying to do better with your life you should be at your best right now should be at your best of the how you perceive things how you decide to approach things you look at things so when you're doing these these tactical courses in your you're traveling so much. That's very hard on your body that's why one of the hardest things on your body right all that travel especially so you know I got tried with two big cases cuz I have a gun case and a gear case and you become a travel Pro but it still sucks to get up early driving out to the airport wait an hour to get your plane take that plane to this place and then you know another planes this place getting a rental car. Hotel check-in to travel to guns to write

► 01:10:05

every airport in Alaska like that different in every airport so there's no consistency even though I know what the web page says I know what it says and I don't like some people I go yeah tubo what are you doing I bow hunt to go take care of it that's fine other people I don't think you can travel with this I definitely can Jesus Christ and you don't give myself an extra hour just in case it like that have got it and I do that I definitely I buy gift that I plan for that extra hour just in case I got to piss and moan French but a dick

► 01:11:04

but I also North Carolina right to different animal to bring something like yeah but it's not as horrible as some other state with the word York New York Jets takes like that. Cheese's freaky and I don't know I don't know so do you what do you enjoy the most do you enjoy doing the Social Media stuff do you enjoy doing the Tactical training like what do you enjoy doing the most I like doing I like doing the workout stuff more than anything because I think with that I reach and help more people

► 01:12:02

even if they could be it's amazing it's it's like you don't have somebody I don't know how this happened but I bet I've morphed into this guy who people rely on to motivate them and they tell me bro you're you're motivating the hell out of me which fires me up is my buddy CJ says what motivates a motivator tell him you motivate your so so I love doing that stuff because it touches a lot of people regardless of their age or their physical ability and a lot of guys maybe you're bedridden with an illness or something like that and it'll fire them up so I like doing that stuff

► 01:12:44

I think next would be the shooting thing I mean love

► 01:12:51

I love her and of course is a meeting new people I meet a dozen new people every week and from all walks of life and a guy and you know don't ask me during the classes that they say probably stay motivated to do these almost every week and I said cuz I get to meet guys like you bro I mean just simple as that you have to find it helps a lot so you know I like to fire people. But I like to get it in return do you find a lot of guys that are also retiring from the military they didn't want to talk to you about this cuz they're trying to figure out their path a couple of them have hit me up and I am man Open Arms let me show you whatever you want to know cuz I figure this out so yep I'm your huckleberry it's not many of them but there are bad Dobby you know half dozen a year who who will pick me hey I want to get into it raining in this

► 01:13:51

Brian but plenty of room for it every guy that I know that's either been Spec Ops seal whatever they've been when they retire it's one of the hardest moment of their life it's so hard for them to find some purpose and there's it's hard for them to find routes to just the really feel like they belong again because that life is so intense cuz you have you know you have meaning yeah and it's and it's selfless you're doing something bigger than yourself and

► 01:14:24

so yeah I did because you want once again if you're just in a few just find a let's say a job where you're working and maybe even working for the man there's no there's no meaning there you're not a part of something bigger than yourself

► 01:14:42

so I always tell guys hey win whenever you get out when you be separate especially if you've got you know 20 plus years that's a long time

► 01:14:51

you are going to be adversely affected no matter how badass you are upstairs you're going to be some degree you know it could be a little depressed it could be a lot

► 01:15:03

but if you find something and it could be working for a charity you know whatever if you find something that where you could with impunity go to sleep and look forward to the next day tomorrow going to be freaking awesome I can't wait because I got this project pending and I'm going to help so many people be better people then if you could do that I mean find that instead of just you know it's stuck in a rut you know instead of accepting mediocrity but I cuz that meaning purposefulness and and selfless be doing something selfless and being a part of something bigger than yourself is freaking huge they prepare you at all when you getting ready to retire this a good luck sayonara they just figure you're a badass we'll figure it out wow

► 01:16:03

I could have stayed standing there was a moment I'd do some soul-searching it was all I had 22 years in I lost a couple buds at that moment

► 01:16:28

and I had two little kitties at all so I had to do some soul-searching and I thought well will there be will there be will there be any regrets whatsoever and I've not talked pretty much got done at all you know as far as like special-ops goes I I am not going to have any regrets cuz I did that was a big thing and it will I regret this and I said to myself no I won't so you know why I decided to retire with 22in and it was all special I was very fortunate my whole career special ops the whole thing

► 01:17:02

Tom Brady draft picture every year that passed they got worse and worse as like man just wants got to be so hard even for not just for you but for nachos for the soldiers before the wives yeah like to know that the husband is constantly in these crazy situations overseas constantly in these very very dangerous environments both sides and usually usually spouses have a pretty good support mechanism so yeah usually pretty eyes are pretty tough they get used to it becomes a way of life it becomes a normal

► 01:18:00

are you still miss it I'm sure but everyone I talk to does uno have you ever read a Sebastian Junger is book tribe oh yeah I just just recently I didn't listen to it yeah freaking badass I love it yeah he's great reading it to its it's an excellent book yet and it does it explain in your eyes I thought he did a pretty good job with that whole thing absolutely I thought it was pretty much spot-on I was North and South in my head as I was driving down I-95 listen to that book

► 01:18:40

so it's safe to say that you went through this. Post military where you just were really just trying to find yourself again but then you caught it and then you caught it and went to hell yeah like I said I really enjoy your page man alright it's really likes you and you're also kind of you're a badass but your fun with it I love doing I love to you both of you doing it the YouTube channel and p m i g i put some thought into it and your wife helped you with this stuff to help me set stuff up so we got married

► 01:19:25

we met 13 like fall of 13 and then the first social media platform I have his face because someone is posing as me order to report them I needed to get an account on Facebook and then once I did was he doing it I figured it out get some detective work but he was posing as me because he wanted to bash somebody else in the gun industry and pose as somebody credible so this guy that he was bashing contacted me and said hey why are you saying this and I don't talk shit and that I should just call me up and we had a chit-chat he goes oh man I got some bad news for you do have a Facebook account and everything

► 01:20:25

but so I started that one I already had a couple YouTube

► 01:20:31

videos up but then I just went full-bore with it you know what kind of batshit and then the Jeep is fine man when Rebecca my wife showed me that I would probably I think her up I think 5 I'm 5 years into that and I figured it out you know what my audience wants you know if I pay attention to

► 01:20:54

you know that the Analytics

► 01:21:04

yeah because I want to yeah because I want to give them what they want versus me when you get out of the group the time of day you know those kind of thing but also the amount of views and what's the other word do you use but the reach yet so you know what's the

► 01:21:29

it's the Davidians you the best and if they're short like I do a lot of around the air combat strength training so I supplement my ebook quick little workout Snippets hey this is another example of a power thing from a bus I put information in there as well and I jot down info so make sure you work in the transverse plane how much, you know rate of force production no speed no power blah blah blah and supplemented with a resistance band instead of a wait so I pay attention to that stuff because that's what people want that's where I get the most speed back that's what I'm broke thank you so much for putting the sound like alright man so I'm healthy and I know for a fact that I'm helping people or if I put a maybe a course of fire out or talk about specific way to clean a pin break down a 1911 you know whatever is what I put out information it resonates batter

► 01:22:27

and it seems that it's more palatable with the with the with the mass of the people who follow me cuz I get a lot and I answer I was freaking comments can you do that I spend how many followers do you have an IG hard 60k possibly answer all those a lot of hitting the like and that means a lot to people you don't have guys screenshot liked my comment you know but it's a couple hours I'll spend two hours a day should I do so shouldn't like email that I could get to work you know what the fuck with that anymore but you it's usually about that much will you take a tactical course they go to my website t-mac's Inc. Com

► 01:23:27

the only reason it's not the gun thing cuz I'm getting travel-weary Man 3 hour time zone Smokey go to Australia know I've been invited to do courses there but there's a whole nother thing with training overseas and see no it's at the state department and all that to pay the deck I'm sure so I just want to hear it is take a live CST court so he had to see if they didn't

► 01:24:03

didn't sell it feel weird because people would I think they thought that it was going to be a Beatdown thought you were going to go and kick their asses but it's it's very inflexible lot information and want to feel and stuff out so what is it what is a CST course with what does that mean well it's replicating what I've have in that ebook and people say it's 35 Pages man's not cost for Doctor get over me just download it and print it out would you oh my god Misty course would replicate what I have that book within a day's. So it's a good supplement for those who have the book because I do all the classroom of the Whiteboard stuff you know you break the work week down powered a strength hypertrophy skills and then talk about eccentric concentric isometric transfers

► 01:25:03

what channel is the nasm

► 01:25:07

International Academy of sports medicine

► 01:25:13

yeah it's pretty piece of paper to me six months to get but I wanted to I wanted to have a piece of paper to write and that was the closest thing that I found I was putting out and it was pretty spot-on only by the way cooler you know it's not like the lame Health Club versus got it right so the class would basically just in compass what's in the book in one day. And now it's more like tangible because he people are touching a feeling and seeing it you know these certain exercises person seeing a picture of it but there's a lot of good information in that in that book and then I supplement both my YouTube channel and I G U with all these other little Snippets I put out a lot of information I mean a lot so

► 01:26:14

people get bored cuz I don't want people to get bored with the workout you don't I want to teach you how to cook and it showing him ingredients and I'll go cook your own meal you know here's some other recipes smoothies through these ingredients into your into your pot so that's what I do with the social media platform has a supplement that with you know whatever I'll come up with some dumb-ass name for some movement that I'm doing but they're good functional safe

► 01:26:45

Lou and packed movements that encouraged uxcell preservation longevity Fitness and not Brokenness

► 01:26:56

too many home I got too many guys especially older guys do it hurt turkey stuffing and getting hurt in the gym especially when they take a long time off and then forget that their bodies 56 Russian not 26 super, when you go to your visit is a combat strength training. Com it was called for the CST but that's not my courses that's my tactical stuff is t-mac's Inc from there that's who I am so T-Maxx tank and then from there there's a very handsome bastard yep and it's got all the courses and it's got a badass store to man that's a booty on that store so I'll tools get you some so when you are when you put in all

► 01:27:56

these different workouts together how much how much do they change when you if someone goes to your website and wants to follow your course right the physical stuff The Core workout doesn't change that much the movements do so I break the work week down into a pot like Monday princess power day then strength day speed and quickness hypertrophy skills and then there's a couple cuz people don't have five days you could lump for instance speed power strength hypertrophy

► 01:28:37

ti so that the gist stays the same power day work in anaerobic chunks in circuits in your metabolic do I show it to me tomorrow to go pick e52 Tower exercises make sure that two of them are transverse plane and if they got the books they be able to stay in for just with that for let's say I don't know whatever months without getting bored but they definitely want to go to like some of the stuff on that I put on the interwebs to help sustain and keep the ideas fresh cuz we don't want to fall into that once again that right of complacent adaptation you know we're doing the same shit over and over and over day by day and too many guys do that it's

► 01:29:27

it's not healthy I noticed you incorporate a lot of martial arts stuff to like you were doing some armdrag the other day what do you do if you just do this for like practical applications and street fight scenario or yes so yeah I got a big fan of different different fight and you doing all the stuff you do it with shoes on cuz this is how you going to be in real life because it's in there it's nice so you know when we will work even work bags barefooted but usually there's a lot cuz I'm working out in these would would have gone on to it's just kinda scary under my teeth keep it unloaded or not cuz it impedes removing a little bit just make sure that it doesn't impede my butt just need to know where it's at right okay so there's a place we can keep it where you can move with just as well that you working with

► 01:30:27

the wrestler good man brand is good and what is he working with you on you just working on this was not the sharpest right here cuz this was after a power workout where they were smoking all years of control just stand up for control you know and I used to be a good wrestler but my game is off and I was decades and decades ago so Randy is training for a competition and Jitsu competition wrestling Jiu-Jitsu competition I think he's doing the wrestling I'm pretty sure so I said hey bro let's let's start mixing it up I want to get back into you know rolling some more it cuz I'm bigger than he would it be good for him cuz I'm bigger and stronger than he is so

► 01:31:25

and then it'll be good for me too I'm stopping at least do a lot of fight training especially a boxing kickboxing little tentative on getting punched in the face anymore I have degenerative spine what's wrong with your neck degenerative spine so degenerative disc disease right you know a lot of people say that it's a disease out that I talked to a physiologist they say will what it is is pressure on your desk because you lifting a lot of weights or you're involved in something that presses down on you and then you dissed to generate it sound like a disease is caused with this to go away that disease are quotes almost always happens and people that are involved with very strenuous physical exercise GIF until there's different ways you can kind of mitigate some of that stuff you ever do spinal decompression note I have no I haven't done that one you could buy on Amazon

► 01:32:25

39 bucks hang from a door so I can sometimes just that alone give you a lot of relief but I do have an inversion table and that's freaking great I have one of those two yeah those are great and then there's another machine called a reverse hyper that's fantastic for your lower back I'll show it to you outside right now we have one of the other in the gym area but Dad also actively decompresses and it strengthens all those muscles around your back as well but that these the stuff with the neck to there's another there's a bunch of different things you could do I mean I know if you do any neck exercises do you fuck with anything at least at least once a week and I've got to be up I was told you guys have to know you you said that it's dis to generation so you don't want to get choked is that what it is you don't want to get your neck manipulated because like my distal phalanges there's numbness there

► 01:33:25

okay you know like sleeping I have to sleep like a corpse there's no rolling or anything just straight corpse so the numbness is indicates is something pressing on your right yeah that'll is that decompression device will help you a lot that's right it's cheap to let me see it's like 30 bucks or 39 bucks some like that but that's that's soccer man I get in that thing click click click it's like I'm hanging in a little bit just it feels good just alleviates tension if you could do that everyday for a few minutes you know that the inversion table all those things you can keep all that stuff he'll think it feels good

► 01:34:03

I just want to get punched in the face in you going to face a lot I'm not into it either it's just the brain is not designed to get her it was one of the things that I do like about you get some more than anything is that you can go hard and you not know it. Hitting each other that's just it there's a big difference you can get a full hundred percent exertion exercise workout in without you know risk of hurting each other especially if you go with a good guy yeah I'd like the guys I work with are pro so I've been doing fight stuff for a long long time and I've been fortunate that there's always there's always somebody better-looking out and say let's work boots or work that you know just tweaking just making those tweaks yeah that's was going to ask you do you do you do any ground training do you do energy to laugh about that.

► 01:35:03

she's a really good but I don't do enough of it I do but I don't have I don't have a good reason and I just said that to him I just say hey guys I got to be more ground stuff and like right off yeah yeah get in there and it's humbling so we'd like to avoid it you know I do it but not but not enough I'm very comfortable at my feet my my my level of confidence you know being able to punch somebody's mouth loose without them even knowing what happen if it's pretty I got I'm pretty confident their you-know-what with with you know the likelihood of who I'm going to tussle with that's the thing that right

► 01:36:03

foxy you know I got a lot of attitude and that goes a long way you know what happened that that could Sparta attitude sometimes it is equally important to have that I have a thing in my head that says I could be anybody anything doesn't have to be true but that's what I hear in my head the problem with that is when it's obviously that's not true then you like fuck now what then experience experience shortly after you need it it's it's it's interesting that you combine those things though that you have this gym with his all this martial art stuff and then the Tactical stuff what do you do to chill out because it seems like everything is fucking Coco Coco Coco everything is lifting weights shooting and pulling Road shooting an armed robbery and shooting what do you do to calm yourself and I'll be heavy Hobby Lobby

► 01:37:03

side draw a bird watch cook

► 01:37:19

brassiere I got so many freaking Hobbies it's ridiculous but the good thing about most Ms I could go to and and it doesn't take me a lot of time or energy to invest in fishing on Big Time fisherman Outdoorsman Woodsman type of thing I love that stuff I get into the Rocky Mountains at least once a year and do probation training you were just at my house when you do that you just camp out there and live off the land try try try to sustain you know with what I have and what's available to me and it also wants a year and it also includes a orienteering so you know one of 24000 scale topographical map and so orienteering and it needs our Wilderness areas not like national parks or forests

► 01:38:15

then I'll try to hunt a killer eat it no longer Way Cary I carry enough food so that I can be miserable not 45 anymore so I pack in whatever whatever I need and you're packing your truck is it's a real artwork man sure forever and you just never ever get that down to a perfect science right supposed to be a wait cuz I can't wait you're going to rain you got you know the situation may dictate to strip this and add the fact that were you going to put it to bring satellite phone or anything we do it or you do I bring

► 01:39:15

I don't like the Bob Marshall so that's most highest concentration of grizzly or 48 usually pretty good unless you run into a female so I write for a ballistic magazine and carbohydrates and I just wrote an article about that went ballistic about what should be in your personal survival kit you know let's say you go on a day fishing trip in Alaska what should what do you have in that thing in the event that you need to go in a contingency planning all of that shit hits the fan and you got to have something on you instead of just your orders fly rod in a couple be dad's Hunters is should you bring bear spray or should you bring a pistol special

► 01:40:15

Bear Country bring both I got them both on and I've talked to a lot of Grace hunters and I put that in that article you know I've done some research here but yeah so I'll bring my bring both have you had encounters when you're almost every year the closest 150 yards ma'am. That was the first time ever up there too and I'm smoked I'm at the end this is what I was doing I started doing these when we were when I was active so bringing up unit guys and this one was 95 miles long from

► 01:40:56

that little spot on the map Columbia Falls South of Columbia Falls Montana to Lincoln, Ted Kaczynski the Unabomber so yeah yeah 95 miles right north to south and you got across like three different mountain passes smoker

► 01:41:16

so that it was it was the fifth day we had one more hour away and one more rest overnight and I'm a v a i had a we would walk like Lion to drift and stuff like that you know and whenever I couldn't see 25 yards up ahead I would you know clap my hands make some racket coming through that kind of thing because Chris want nothing to do with you getting between the young their food source or you startled that's when you run into trouble so I did not want to stay in here I am I'm and I've got six guys with me but they're lagging behind and I am coming through and I look up ahead and this gigantic male stands up

► 01:42:03

the only thing that I can smoke only reaction was I mean I was just blowing in 15 yards is less distance than you flew when you cry and fly in the air wow yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah a lot that's a lot of animal I tell you what you standing like in the woods in the wild 50 yards 50 and wear that thing stood up that's all I could stuff I mean I had a gun and bear spray on me. Was where's my camera ohgeesy well that's Nature's clean up crew right there anything that's why there's a thousand pounds

► 01:43:03

Maddie needs to keep it it's a it's a majestic animals when they want to get rid of a moose they send one of these motherfuckers in there these things these trips for you by yourself I usually go by myself I usually have straphangers and a different every year it's in it and it's a lot of times just like that seen a couple guys talk it's a table and I like to do that with you send me an email and I'll send you the dates oh wow because what is Securities and numbers especially in Kris country plus I like teaching stuff so I'll have guys who I could teach like orienteering and you know fieldcraft you don't make it a fire with sticks kind of that kind of thing and the right way to

► 01:44:03

maybe do prep and cook a trout you know so you bring a ride with you Albert to vibrate telescoping tenkara and a a four-piece like a 5-way Orvis for me that's sustenance but I'm not taking a lot of food plus I want fish I want to be time off and I want to chill I don't want to just work my ass off when I'm on he's so I'm out there ripping lips but I'm eating in the morning to at night and then the enchilada it's a lot of fun I've been doing these things down since 98 I think it's a great way to decompress to the places I go to lose Selco cell phone coverage in an hour before I have to end of the dirt road

► 01:45:02

yep so and then you stopped to call you at the end of the road now you're you know you're already in you're just at the edge of the Wilderness Area deep into a national forest and then Into the Wilderness for you know however many days miles run another function you're out there the best you know I love walking like on the 95 mile one and see nobody nobody but you up. These places I remote the Frank church and yeah Idaho walked with river and Wyoming de up the Frank church I walk from the pound of salmon to McCall that one smoked me how far is not that far I think it's 60 miles or something but it's straight up straight shot down the most horrific and

► 01:45:59

I just terrifying to rain I mean especially if you're you know if your objective is to move from point A to point B and not just an Outback let me see how far I can go there when you got somebody picking you up at point B and you have to be there man was living up there for a long time and he says it's amazing up there but yet it's so close to the things it's not it's not that far but there's a serious like I don't know let's say it first by national parks and stuff and National Park still have dirt roads in a little scatterings of population here and there but those will

► 01:46:59

there's nothing in those just animals and it's such a complete ecosystem to me I have everything from wolves to get to mule deer the elk it's all living up in its kid they are cool I mean I love doing those two because you have to think there isn't there is an element of danger here that that can kill me and it's not just a big hungry

► 01:47:25

you could cut you out there because you are probably busy servicing you know grandma broke her leg trying to take a picture of a bison in this National Park

► 01:47:44

coming into that nasty that Wilderness Area you know there's no hlz there it's not like that I love that that element of danger especially since I retired I want to be cool with tired hungry and maybe a little scared and I want that several times a year cuz she knows Primal and I think most guys need that guy you know I think so too do you live in a fun life man appreciate you coming on man I really do do so tell people one more time your website's my website is t-mac's Inc., T-Mac Inc., and the other one is Combat Sports training. Calm drink trading Inc

► 01:48:44

my YouTube channels it's just Pat Mac YouTube lot of information

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