#1115 - Mike Baker

The Joe Rogan Experience #1115 - Mike Baker

May 9, 2018

Mike Baker is a former CIA covert operations officer. Currently he is the president of Diligence LLC, a global intelligence and security firm.

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boom my guess today is my friend Mike Baker formerly of the CIA and a very interesting guy with some deep insight and how the world really works behind the scenes so please give it up for Mike Baker

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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and relax ladies and gentleman it's going on buddy and that's it that's all we got was just listening to a podcast for these guys were talking about wolves and about how they were hiking and they found four dead mature bull elk inside of like a couple Mile Stretch that have been torn apart by wolves and it started to freak out

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what are two things we got this time of year we got a lot of wolves and we got a lot of rattlesnakes rattlesnakes to start a pop-up make them. Yeah yeah you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a rattlesnake I've never been I'm going June 30th to Boise I just announced it take it today and it's fantastic I'm excited to be there but it won't be a problem but everybody goes home to their jobs well if you just have a look at the top of the state the governor Butch otter great guy Brad little lieutenant governor terrific guy they're both ranchers right so full time

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basically and they they look at it from a different problem perspective here in California we have a people problem amazing I suppose they look at it differently right I get to working issue that you got it you got to sort a particular if your ranch or are you really living off the land whatever so but I go crazy when they find out that you're coming up because you got it's a huge fan base they love you up there it's all people stopped me want to talk about right I keep thinking I'm sorry for interrupting and I think maybe something about North Korea errands or something and

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Korea you fucking kids today you don't even care you didn't know your biggest supporter your biggest fan probably in the entire UK is a young fellow named Jack Burton have noticed family forever I've known this kid since he was a baby basically I didn't go to school with my my my daughter and he is an enormous fan and highly respect what you do he's getting his Master's in physics and I promised him I'd give him a shout out the Great Space by the way thank you yeah I haven't been here since you you move give me the full tour I didn't give you the gym side

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it's a great how big is ivy looks like about 200,000 square feet is 14 and 14000 high roller blades out then go to flaps or something I don't know so we got a lot of shit to talk about what's going on in the world what are you scared about what should I be scared about how many people are losing their minds right now over the past 24 hours because of a rock I have no idea what you're hearing is your hearing a lot of it the the critics of the current president and apparently there are some that are saying on Houston Houston tickets closer to a military conflict with Ron the same brainiacs it said he was in his closer to war with North Korea and I was completely wrong on that I'm not saying the truth and the others in the Iranian regime might not be no decide to become more bellicose but I think they're I think they're looking at it wrong I mean that this idea that was just a couple of parts

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I said they're saying I'll look it was implying that it's either this or it's a military conflict and that's kind of wish it was all about we look at this deal that we're having a military conflict that's a false premise in the other thing when they talk about it over the past 24 hours anyways is that well look at this is going to make it harder to get a deal with with North Korea well I look at a different way I think that Kim jong-un's going to look at this and think okay then I'm going to put up with an inadequate deal right so he's going to look at it because there are any of deal they want to talk about they want to talk about how lucky lines are complying with it

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what is Ronnie's are complying with what they agreed to allow in the deal which is none of their military sites the number of times inspector to have actually gotten on inspected a military site including Parts in the most important military facility in a Ron since that deal was signed in 2015 was Zero haven't been there because he didn't agree to allow any of those sites in this deal so that's always put their bodies in the basement was suspect that's the case that's on right now is consuming so much of the oxygen for four people out there so people thinking that the reason why were backing out of the deal is because the presents being unreasonable and wherefores and you're just saying it's up shit deal.

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stay in it because it's better than the alternative alternative you know being is is not framing it properly I don't know that that doesn't make any sense but I think that the fact that the UK that the French the Germans have all agreed publicly that it needs to be strong financial incentives for continuing to do business in a rod in China so I know what is it now work 16 or 17 months in the Trump Administration so it's not like he got into the White House in the next day he can the deal he's been talkin but no you listen to everything I'm not I'm not a supporter of trump necessarily and I want the government to work so it's not that I'm supporting Trump I support that I want the government to work I said the previous administration I was in support of a bottle but hey I wanted to work I want to try new things to happen and and also he eat

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call Darren and there was some talk about look let's see if we can find some way to get rid of the sunset Clause some way to rain in there ballistic missile something way although it's not going to rain in all the shenanigans and that didn't happen so I think he did he took a step that is not as God awful as his critics would like us to believe was that isn't that that's a real problem and it your phone's going off over there little fella

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oh damn it to check your watch to what a world we live in and now we're going to eat it. It's waterproof I think that's what it's it for health reasons if I'm out running and working out as you said you should have something like that to do what I could talk on my phone I could answer it rings I have no clue at the shop but honestly to the time to check my heart rate

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get directions on my watch I mean it's a little bit overwhelming so I'm going to go back to a normal watch I thinking and if my heart keeps out of town does all kinds of shit never use it once I use the time part is a compass and all kinds of which band always been a long time and if this is this is how old I'm getting I guess but not really training we spent a long time working maps and compass and figuring out where you're at and kind of bit to nasmyth call azmyth yeah it's at that is a very good question and not one that I asked when I was in there every outfit

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along so well I never questioned anything which is an interesting point I don't want to I don't want to roam all over this place but today was a confirmation hearings for Gina haspel and I talked about this by saying I'm a big supporter of hers I think she's an outstanding choice for that she's the new director designate for the CIA and so today she went up on Capitol Hill I had to open and then subsequently closed or obsession with the Senators and some of the senators were asking her and Sue focused on saying well you know how but with this rendition program their rendition interrogation program how did you feel about it what we morally what you want any quandary we know that you you you you

► 00:18:34

program all those years ago and lots of subsequently changed but at the time they didn't want to talk about that cuz I don't think they wanted to highlight the fact that the deal was able to be done so much that they focused on how did you feel and I guess it was because I was in the outfit I'm not a deep thinker right so I never sit around and thought to myself how do I feel about this on any given moment I am no matter what we were doing it never occurred to me to sit there and then question it you know as long as it we knew what we were doing was proper and legal and was pursuit of a note asking from from National Security concern then yeah and I don't think you want you are military or Intel service I don't think you want anybody out there at the point of the spear to do things based on how I feel about it in the moment and it just seem like a strange line of questioning

► 00:19:33

who was responsible for that reading and to understand what was so what they did then was different than what is legal today is that the case yes exactly 911 Miss so much here in the wake of 9/11 you think about the context most people young people don't even know what it feels like right I mean I do know that other people have forgotten or they just tired of it all and I don't want to think about it but in the wake of 9/11 there was a there was a feeling that was a sense right that we was going to happen again and it certainly was evidence and there was it was a very large effort here to try to mention that we protected American lives

► 00:20:24

so the doj was issuing a very clear guidance on what could and could not be done for the addition and interrogation program and that guidance was in you know provided to the general counsel of the agency that was in the of disseminated to Personnel on the field and tell people to understand the south in the operations director at Southern to the agency is made up of essentially it's they change the name sometimes but for the record it so you have operations you have intelligence which is all the smart people ever reported officers are dead artists are the analysts of science and technology which is where they develop all the amazing gear that that comes out of the agency have a lot of which then ends up in the commercial sector so if anybody's walking around with a defibrillator that Battery Technology came out of S&T research drones satellite technology YouTube stealth program for you to you know plane was was developed out of in and run out of the Apes

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incredible things that come out of there I'm in admin but I was in the operations directorate and worked on everything from Counter Narcotics operations to counterinsurgency operations in Denver and then obviously counterterrorism operation so explain it but the point that I think I've been pondering which is it listening to the hearing today and listen to the way that the Senators the Democratic senators who were looking to kind of make this the key issue

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there's there's a sense of we're not putting it in context of the time and the end of the national mood and that's a dangerous thing because the laws were different than they are now and they were different and what that means is that because of in the wake of 9/11

► 00:22:18

I want to say that that values change but I think that they do in the sense of what people are willing to to do and what they're talking about okay we're going to have a reduction interrogation program in the wake of 9/11 now we're not of course and

► 00:22:35

so I I think it's anyway I think there's a danger to that line of questioning where they kept talking about how how did it how do you feel about it and it's not you you're your there they're mixing this I'm not eloquent enough to explain it but I found it fascinating that that was a question they wanted to focus on I think is a real danger to people or for people that don't have any experience in actual war in or really understand Kombat or really understand what can happen and what can go wrong in talking about it with the same sort of things that you would use to describe office politics yes yes how do you feel about this we don't want a bad work environment should be torture no we want to save lives but we don't want this guy to feel bad we don't feel bad

► 00:23:30

a to the Senators you know as you're going through this confirmation process about what about this to talk about her right in about about his cancer just wanted to reflect on your the whole from his perspective he still locked up yeah yeah yeah God forbid you should rot in jail but you know I think it's that's kind of where we miss or where we've come too and I think in part again because there's distance right there to you and so anyway by Usher. Again she should be confirmed the the whole rendition Turkish program was reviewed at nauseam thousands of pages written and interesting enough a lot of people up there on the hill right now in this confirmation process the Senators who are saying that they need to know more for the same ones who was there before so theoretically either they didn't read all the material that was given to them about this when they forgot

► 00:24:37

net worth you know this at one reality this is more about Trump into this about her which I don't want to be shocking anyone by saying that perhaps his political grandstanding going on but maybe somewhere else not here I will management positions and I guess at the end of the day it comes down to I would rather have somebody

► 00:25:07

who's gone through that experience she played a small world she was not at senior person by the way John Brennan was former singer in the organization at the time of that program being Ron and he was confirmed is President Obama's direct I'm so maybe the sender's have a different standard for a female candidate I don't know but maybe more time since 9/11 you know obviously Obama came into office it was not that long after 9/11 there was still you know 7 years later still thoughts in people's mind about it well enough of that was in 2013 when he was confirmed but 2009 he was they wanted to confirm how they wanted to bring him up as the appointee for the director of the CIA again it would been prison Obama's first term but they decided not to because they for the reason that they thought well maybe it's too close to after the and they didn't go through that the heartburn of having this process so it's that they brought him into the White House he became assistant to the president and Deputy National Security dude for a counterterrorism and then four years later they brought him in

► 00:26:08

confirmed him as the director for the CIA so I guess and he has now come out in support of Gina haspel the new director doesn't it so I think she will get there as she should the focus should be going forward she's been very clear about we are not revisiting you the old days of rendition interrogations not going to happen and she's been very clear about that and including today during the hurricane so hopefully hopefully it'll it'll it'll get done because it's you'll be nice to think of senators would do their job and choose somebody who is appropriate for the job but it's strange who gets to choose and who doesn't get to choose who runs an organization like the CIA and whether or not they have

► 00:26:51

an actual understanding what goes on behind the scenes yeah that's a really good point because some of the questions today from some of the Senators made you believe that perhaps they don't realize they all sit on the committee State theoretically are are privy to all this information there is a very well Worn Path that goes from Langley where the agency headquarters is based up to Capitol Hill from briefers going back and forth and back and forth and then discussing programs in that another classified material with these people gang of eight people that are the minority Majority Leader said to head to the committee's the Intel committees are there all previous information and they were all pretty to the information about the rendition program in the interrogation program and they all knew about it they were no objections race at that time 2002-2003 so these people all knew about it so maybe those senators are you asking her how she feels about it now it should turn around look in the mirror and ask themselves how they feel about it but then I going to do that so anyway enough said I qualified should happen

► 00:27:50

we got big issues we got Rob got North Korea we got the dealings with China in the South and South Pacific we got issues with Russia with you we had a lot of things I don't know what I really wanted to ask you about who been discussing this and I don't really understand it it was about Huawei that Chinese company electronics company they make these kick ass phones and the state department of said please do not buy them yes along with ZTE another quote if you start from the premise that

► 00:28:24

the China is the number one perpetrator of economic Espionage and theft of intellectual property and also by the way the number one perpetrator out there cyber and shenanigans and all activity in cyberspace because they so bad with that stuff so probably they have fake Apple Stores over in China with all fake Apple stuff yes fake Apple laptops fake Apple phones everything fake the labels look identical none of it is actually Apple product as well I would say that it's astounding and so the reason why they're they're raising a line with Huawei and and ZTE she is because of the voracious appetite of the Chinese government and their commercial sector for information

► 00:29:22

and it's a little bit like shutting the door after the horse is headed down the hill because we're late to the game they've been doing this for years and years and years they've been enough of a whole lot of our military gear have Parts in a manufactured in China and so you know if we should have been raising the concern about this and talking with trying and trying to come to terms with this issue years ago but we get ready or trying to have that conversation with them now and up on Capitol Hill and Congress is trying to enact legislation kind of like this quality think they're doing it in the clumsy fashion but the overriding principle is correct in that China made some decisions years ago that they were going to become a major power in the world in a certain time frame in to do that by definition you got to compress your research and development time and that's one way to do that

► 00:30:21

steal information to acquire information if I want to be diplomatic about it and that's what they've done Japan came out of World War II and their idea what we're going to become a major power through manufacturing so they did they built their manufacturing base and created this this this amazing result trying to decide if I'm going to skip the R&D for the most part and all that entails it cost and time involved and they're very Adept at it they they throw an enormous amount of resources out there and to who bring up everything I just from us but from everybody and using that to advance their goals they have no firewall between their Intel service the pla Military Intelligence in others and their commercial sector so not only did they are to protect National Security they're there to promote the commercial side of of China and that's why it's so important so that's why they talking about the way because of the potential for them to use their there

► 00:31:23

reach the further their desire for information whatever it maybe they'll Hoover it up and then decide whether it's useful or not but they have the resources to do that it's supposed to know what smaller country that maybe doesn't have the resources and it's much more targeted focused on their Intel collection or their efforts to gather information so that's that's the explanation and it's it when I read a bunch of tech articles where people were questioning whether or not it's even possible for Huawei to be using those phones to spy on people but then there was some other articles where Huawei was being charged with what was it again they were using the receipt they were selling illegal technology to Iran

► 00:32:06

it was something they were yeah they were they were so they were they were selling things to Iran and this was a big part of it that they were with the tech people are saying they were in Craigslist here Huawei under is that you again you son of a bitch Jesus Christ I turn this thing off too I don't understand why he keeps going I got to get your phones out of your phone be so ridiculous like once that's never going to happen

► 00:32:58

you got your password on Christ take off the password comes on immediately right now people to take it really like ever and then this happens so we're talking about whether or not we should be worried about Huawei and you came figure out how to use your phone as a compass isn't even when we started developing new technology and Care quite frankly if you got to go out do anything the first thing you do is throw everything away that's going to battery and yeah so we weren't necessarily dumb it down because you assume something's going to go wrong and then usually have does and usually it's based on on kit on gear and so

► 00:34:00

yeah I never really became very Adept at it we got a quick at 8

► 00:34:03

I got you those three little boys scooters logo on mugs again and I got hilarious names what the hell Xbox or Playstation Xbox and Xbox and I can't do what he does it's normal so we got this I'll sit there with him and try to play like NBA 2K or something it just doesn't work it's not into it if it's nothing it's intuitive about its know how to find angle shit and press the right buttons and Lace take a funny way that are skeptical

► 00:35:04

you're saying is that if Huawei really did have something in their phone that allow them to spy on people you'd be able to find it and the tech guys would find it do you buy that

► 00:35:15

here's what I would say about that is that I'm sure they had is obviously a lot of very smart Tech Guys and it was in diligence for all your information security needs we have some very smart tech people but when you're talking about the Chinese State and the resources and capabilities that that entails yes if you're if you're saying that NSA could possibly to Texas but if you're talking about just dispersing in your kid out into the marketplace and the way that things get spread disseminated and inserted into companies and and then potentially allows points of access into these businesses and it doesn't matter it's not like they just have to go after IBM a Raytheon if they're going after everything because it's potentially is all of interest to them so they steal as much technology in as much intellectual properties they can and recreate it over in China

► 00:36:11

proving themselves and normally adapted doing this and they did not that others don't write right she does the same thing up Friday Mother's Day today a lot of everybody if they have the resources and the motivation and they consider it an issue related National Security whatever it might be there willing to do it they're willing to try so it is it is interesting but yeah... Anything in the ZTE I guess I think the the roll out of that car a concern in there the rollout of sort of trying to provide guidance has been a little clumsy so so one thing that was speculation was that people didn't have to worry about the phones but what essentially they're trying to do is cripple the company financially and not allow them to get a foothold in America because they're the third largest cellphone manufacturer in the world number one apple number to Samsung their number 3 button in America no one knows who they are and so the idea is what they're trying to do is make sure that the Chinese government doesn't get a foot

► 00:37:18

this company in this country where those companies are or Huawei the company Huawei becomes up a popular brand for people to buy and that would allow them even if they didn't have any spy device on this phone it would allow them to get other devices into people's homes that could potentially spy on them and then more importantly get into companies and spine the companies in this is one of the pieces of speculation of the right about was the dead certain servers that were sending an exorbitant amount of information out and they they were trying to figure out what was going on with them and then there was like an excessive amount of information that was leaked data that was leaving the servers versus coming in and then like this really seems like some fucked up shit it's going on that is right they manufacture a lot of things besides phones and so they've already got up a pretty big footprint in this country that end with our allies as well so

► 00:38:14

I think it's smart to consider the the nature of a particular regime or government you know when you're talking about the potential for their products to enter into the commercial sector where they may have access because if if they've shown a pattern of activity for acquiring intellectual property which is it going to very delicate way to put it then I don't think it's a stretch to say we should be concerned by their efforts to put Communications care even if it seems pedestrian at the outset into the marketplace so I am not sure that I'm buying the idea that it's some nefarious plan to shut out why waste the day that we don't get a foothold in this own business and I say that because

► 00:39:09

I've been found 30 years I've been dealing with the Chinese in terms of their efforts to acquire information posting the government and Commercial side of things so I come out of a very cynical point of feel much like I did with you Ronnie an issue and and the likelihood that they have not been living up to you know they're they're part of the bargain and people will say well I go back to the same thing expecting and they've been complying with this limited amount of inspection that we have to their civilians sites and it's not a secret you know that at this point it shouldn't be a secret that I can't we have no access to the military facility so I tend to look at things and that you and I and I'd if I see a pattern of activity I'm very reluctant to think of some house going to stop at that and of activity for whatever reason so Syrian chemical weapon probably all that I realize I'm kind of jumping around I just

► 00:40:09

huawei's over here but he is the verification issue it's always that the week Lincoln any type of agreement related to a containing a weapons program is verification and we know that we do it is something we should know anybody that we keep weed seem to keep forgetting it so unless we can lock that down with the North Koreans then you know a deal with them or deal with Iranians are deal with the syrians over their chemical weapons efforts and it's it's it's not worth anything so that's that's where you the focus has to be and for whatever reason the previous administration was Keen to get this deal done and they were willing to set aside this issue of all the military sites set aside the issue of ballistic missiles and by the way that deal that present is just scuttled did nothing to impact or affect or Tamp down or moderate their behavior

► 00:41:05

related to the countries in the Middle East against our interest are than they have been in in in decades so that that all by itself should tell us what I'm not saying that they're using all the money we gave them to support you no actions against the richest by Hezbollah or by revolutionary guard or others but they are and so you know I guess I don't have a lot of angst over the idea that we we step away from the deal for. Of time maybe we can come up with something better and we should we should we keep them out of the pharmacy open at least have a Channel of communication that's the important keep doing that but the pragmatic and realistic about what you got and right now we don't we don't have that much and don't buy Huawei phones and don't worry I would literally said Gina haspel about Huawei

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► 00:42:11

and the way they were going with it but then the devolved into just trying to get us all those send the confirmation questions do it just comes out of the center say when I just want a yes or no answer you don't act like what why don't you want some detail what you buy Huawei no no I wouldn't buy alcohol that's a weird thing to ask someone yes or no it seems like a pretty complex situation yeah I'll take care of it yes or no becomes a bit of a sideshow and it's a format as well any confirmation hearing is you know 5 minutes for each Senator and yeah he can't spend 3 minutes making a statement of their constituents maybe they got a question in and it and it kind of goes from there so it's you don't really learn much which is fine you know they they learn a lot in the closed door sessions and we rely on

► 00:43:12

Senators to make decisions when it's classified information on behalf of the people that represent so that's how it's supposed to work what do I know

► 00:43:19

can I call you can I guess when we get out of here well I know it is what it is

► 00:43:35

if you look at all the international stuff that's going on

► 00:43:47

that's really good question

► 00:43:50

is there one thing that you don't think people are looking at

► 00:43:54

engaged then sometimes it takes me to get some credit for Melissa conversations I have with people want to talk about something other than Joe Rogan I get the impression that they're paying attention to what's happening out there around it is it a big deal well it is a big deal but it's the regional issue and I think there is a way we're going to get some success year I think it actually is going to work out to our benefit I'm not buying the doomsayers you say it's it's all heading to conflict so I am not looking at that one is nothing really stands out I guess if you said what's what's the biggest concern from a security perspective to that the country it would be the same thing it's been last year and the year before and for a number of years which is the Frailty of our infrastructure and its susceptibility to either Cyber attack or physical attack and that's power grid

► 00:44:59

banking system water Russian submarines camped out over the Internet lines in the ocean never thought there was a peace dividend from the end of the Cold War and we have to them as well right oh I don't know about that but I would say about that is everybody speaks more experience people have their own perspective perspective is based on what I've seen a lot of places around this planet we better hope we do it and we better hope we do it well because it's a very aggressive world out there and so when people kind of rolled her eyes and go out well we do it as well

► 00:46:00

like this missing. I guess my point is I get what you're saying and I should have been madly in our election I'm just saying that's the way it is you better hope we do it very very well that's my argument for people that are super Progressive and really liberal when it when it comes to these conversations always say all right if the world is the way it's described if China really is constantly meddling if Russia is really actively trying to sabotage our elections if Iran is really doing what they what should we do you don't think that we should be involved in modeling you don't think it should be involved in manipulating or monitoring or making sure that are interest or save it we're not going to get attacked the idea that would never going to get a taxi or no one's going to get attacked that doesn't even

► 00:46:56

will you look at human history that is completely Preposterous somehow or another stop because you eat vegan right that's fucking crazy and that's that's a crazy way to look at the world and that leaves you incredibly vulnerable to attack but that is well that's great because nobody else is going to write Every Other Nation action its own best interest and we're the ones who seem to always apologize for it but we did I hope that we do because it is a chaotic mess out there and you may want to be different but it's not and it's kind of like that that questioning today in the CIA designate confirmation hearing how do you feel about it but the end of the day it doesn't matter how you feel about it what are the laws on the books follows laws that protect American interests and in National Security and if you don't feel good about it then leave and go do something else but this idea that you know somehow we're all good

► 00:47:56

combat gate out there and have him decide what I really feel good about this particular action back that's not how the world works so we all could be bad at people's light again we're talking to you know this is coming from a person that has nice. We're talking about a bunch of people that really don't understand and really haven't seen things you seen or seen the things that the military seen and they're talking about the world in this sort of idealized Rose Colored Glasses view of things that's not accurate in and so they're their version of what America should do is based on Space. Ignorance in this idea that we don't need intelligence we don't need a military we don't need a presence in all these other countries I just don't I don't buy that I don't think that makes sense when you look at all the different conflicts that are going on in the world

► 00:48:54

I think that there is a man out there that if we just take a run as an example and I have spoken with people who who honestly seem to believe that it in part because the previous administration at me now former secretary Kerry's out there publicly in the bed President Obama's out there somehow that they Ronnie is have been cheating on the missile saying she even agreed in it at the end of 2014 that in October Boston and 3 months later

► 00:49:41

the day it happens no matter what you may want to think it is it is it is a messy place I thought I would love it to be different I would love everybody to get along in the budget and we can walk to be one happy Abby will be wonderful but flowers everywhere oh my God and unicorn today it's right I could probably have one pop out of my watch if I knew how to work a number was about to do that here while I was putting in my passcode anyway what people are always going to have an idealized version the world especially especially the only experienced it themselves but I think that for the most part when people think of intelligence community so think about the CIA or the FBI generally for whatever reason in America you get a negative response people don't think about it in terms of something

► 00:50:43

necessary and beneficial and really a Cornerstone of the protection of the people in this country they don't think of it that way you can go back to World War II the end of World War II the founding organization that then became later on the CIA amazing people involved in Nos and basically they they did what they did was the head of OSS so imagine always dedicated people dropping in Behind Enemy Lines Japanese theater Activity 4 for the years that I've talked to win that war

► 00:51:31

and we got out of the war finished and I am assuming most people let me know how that ended and Truman literally just kind of write a little note to Bill Donovan I've seen enough and it says still bill you know a great job thanks so much wrapping it up you know all the best good luck in the future and they shut down OSS they don't need it anymore they didn't need the Intel service because we won the war and things are going to be looking pretty good well about a year later you know they they got the band back together because what was happening in the Soviets were running you know all over the place and and they was the Cold War and the Soviets had no intention of being benign and living in a community of Nations and so suddenly they got the band back and said let's Okay so that's when the CIA was created 1947 the end of the Cold War history now there were a lot of serious people in Washington DC at the window Wall fell

► 00:52:31

basically said let's wrap up Yates we don't need to see I anymore so there's this pattern of little people want and that's good and people want to think the best night that's a good thing I mean Americans tend to be cooler. Word naive or or just optimistic whatever it is that's a good thing right but it's up against the reality of how the world actually works well because in America things are pretty good

► 00:52:55

I mean yeah they're about as good as it gets in the world when you wander around America for a is a large nation is asses things are pretty goddamn good for the most part yeah and I think that's part of the problem these people they're not traveling C's Warzone so not experiencing talk to so many people that have been overseas and been to these places of conflict and they come out with a dark view of what is possible if you're in the wrong place on the planet what people could do to each other but I think

► 00:53:33

is it that would be value if somehow we could have knocked some program where everybody had to spend a couple of years in service I'm trying to see what military service or overseas service I know we had to Peace Corps and all that but you know I'm in the high school kids and I built a house for a week that's so I got my voice very well that's better than nothing but and but you're right I mean you go to some of these places fourth and fifth world country since I need to realize and I'm a young people roll their eyes but this is the best country in the world and I say that repeatedly and I believe it firmly we make mistakes is no doubt about it but we tend to course correct we try sometimes it takes a little bit longer we no matter what administration's there we try to do the right thing and so when people talk about you know I was just stepping off and and and not worrying about our place in the world

► 00:54:30

someone's going to try to take that position on the ladder and it's not going to be as benign as is we tend to be not always watch little bit but still we eat we do a pretty damn good job we try to be the moral authority of the world or the moral compass at least that mean that's the thought process behind it for the most right that's the thought process and you know sometimes I can't get to human endeavor so it's not going to work all the time or more open to this idea that it's necessary now because of the other Russian situation and because of understanding the power of the Putin wheels in the way he has just really ultimate control over that part of the world and he really does drawn on all you want about Democratic elections but we all know that's horseshit I mean he fucking killed anybody over there that's it legitimate threat kills anybody over there that's a journalist

► 00:55:26

damage but put some shit on a doorknob yeah they touched with their hands I know that did them in and put them in the hospital and who knows if they're even going to recover from that but he's doing a little bit better but let me think about what that entails as an operation right now that killed what's-his-name Trotsky in Mexico right but they killed him with the polonium of years ago so they go out there and what time does surveil Sergei they got to get out you know cuz you always have to do it just operation like this you gotta know what you're getting into we got to figure out how you're going to do it so there's a lot of operation game plans going to be in the UK sizes to teach other people don't don't you know what the trash and so

► 00:56:30

how to make they put this on the doorknob didn't care who was touch that now it wasn't like they could bake a guarantee that they were Houseman in a variety of visitors were going to come through the door so they really they really don't care yeah he is he is definitely he's he's an old-school KGB very easy cat understand you know I was always a kind of acted like you know we don't get it or somehow he's going to change his stripes he's never going to change his stripes and he's going to always acting what he believes to be the best interest of what he would like to believe is still the former Soviet Union was talking about him and you know he's a vocal critic of Putin and he was saying that if you look into all the different companies that they've confiscated and Acquired and you know this what they do like if they have an enemy they essentially just take over the company and charge him with some sort of a crime and thrown in jail that is to billionaires

► 00:57:25

his mistake when he started getting political aspirations and so the deal was always been with Putin that's why she all I got was concerned you keep your nose in business right you focus on your business you know it's going to be a cat going towards the government and you're good because it furthers my agenda right at your building up these businesses and yeah we're making some money on the side but as soon as any of them start to Veer off that path and maybe get some political aspiration then it's done and that's and that's when he turns on them so I just been very effective at doing it mean terrifyingly so it doesn't open public would we look at it from a different perspective would we look at it like I look over China she has spent the past few years walking that down building up the security apparatus

► 00:58:26

he's now built back up this this this Cult of Personality that we haven't seen since then she'll paying or certainly mouth and he's there for good and so that gives them a try because they can look at problems in the Long Haul where is here we're looking at an election cycle so when we got a major issue to deal with with China she's not looking at him thinking I got sort this out in the next short. Of time he still kind of thinking Trump's got maybe two years left maybe maybe he gets reelected maybe he doesn't you know no idea but that's how he's always processing this and it's going to be a transitionary time in between the two candidates are the two presidents were things get the real sloppy and they might be able to slip into something really play the long game don't tell put an asset here in the country to go to school and they all their only job is to get excellent great and then I'll go to grad school

► 00:59:31

excellent great and then they'll go get a job somewhere and it doesn't really matter with Nest Philly where they get a job but don't get a job and then I'll get another job and eventually they are working at Raytheon are they working at Corning or they're working at some company that's got some relevance from their perspective in terms of what they do and that's a 25 30 year commitment they do that all the time and you know we tend to look at things in the shorter time frame from an Intel service on the ground if it's that sort of deployment of that sort of tour and it's not that 30 of your commitment because if I'm the officer I'm getting promoted based on how many recruitments I got promoted based on how well I handle a sensitive already been promoted and that was the plot of that young ameriwood the Americans show write the show about Russian

► 01:00:29

pretended to be just normal American citizens moved in did the whole thing talk with a normal accent that's right that came out of individuals would just basically there to exist right there whole point of a being was just to see whether they bump into somebody of interest and they wouldn't be responsible for them to Bella thing that potential Target that would be somebody else's responsibility responsibility felt that targets it wouldn't be their responsibility to ask them and make some sort of Light patch that would be somebody else's responsibility so there's people up that food chain that take on more responsibilities a font happen to find a Target Ventura stats and that's just the resources devoted to the one part of the country of cautious well-thought-out long-term plans and it's directions to the second shotgun approach Rydell pitch everybody and see what happens right there they're not quite as as patient as long term as a Chinese or Chinese spies doing this as well

► 01:01:31

yeah we just bagged one who is working on behalf of the Chinese government against interest of the of the agency how long has been bubbling away for awhile what's this dude's name but American and obviously part of the attraction for bring that person into the agency was there Chinese language well part of the attraction from the Chinese Intel perspective is the Chinese ethnic background first generation 2nd generation 3rd Generation doesn't matter they tend to play off that very well so anyway this individual work for the agency for a period of time then left and then set up shop overseas and then his actions became suspect and so that's that's when we invented

► 01:02:31

getting him but that that that that happens when you catch somebody who's been engaged in that first thought is you don't think that we caught them and the second is I have someone have someone do you know I say that again not to be self-righteous because we're always out there looking for Target so you know I'm to recruit to turn on their country so you know if we could find ourselves in Iranian scientist it's not like we would be cool and say wow we don't want to put them in under that stress of recruiting them a question we go for New Horizon Security address but I mean it from a psychological perspective you yet you think about that right there doing stuff for bat which is very convenient that we think that way but right right but I guess you're absolutely right hand and you know I understand there's people out there who see all of you can't make that equivalent I don't I don't know but I either had a problem I never had any problem determining the good people from the bad people you know and that's like today one of the senators in the car

► 01:03:31

I hate to keep going back to the CIA director designate confirmation hearings up on the hill but one of the Senators it almost seemed like he was trying to make some moral equivalency between terrorist and the officers who work doing what they were allowed to do underneath the laws of that time and the doj Department of Justice regulations and legal readings and and it was well if you waterboard somebody well then what happens if one of your people got picked up by terrorists and they were waterboarded would you think of that was justified and I'm thinking it's a very odd constructora 404 requested you know I mean frankly if prices are out or boka Haram picked up one of our people and all they did was that would be a happy day right because you know they don't operate under any questions very well and kind of shut it down but this idea that sometimes you'll bump into that wear if you

► 01:04:31

I don't want to do this I apologize I didn't know they wanted to act as if we're the bad guys and anyway instead of trying to understand the situation objectively instead of really asking someone who was there asking a bunch of people who are there getting a sense of what was the climate what was going on what actually happened instead to turn a frame it and it wouldn't be justified if someone got hold of one of our troops and did that to them will not be justified they scoring brownie points so much worse right now with it with the current administration of President Trump seems like nobody

► 01:05:25

I'm trying to get up and go in the middle crown and so nobody's having those conversations like you said why they even make a lame attempt to try to understand what the other perspective in particular

► 01:05:44

it's exhausting in the sense that not everything that this Administration again and the copy update I didn't vote for Trump vote for Clinton you know we got 320 million people in this country you think we could come up with two other candidates who did you vote for you know what I did I did sounds really lame but I just sat it out I couldn't get myself to go vote for I just thought I was going to vote for Ronald Reagan's ashes or something but I do know that that figured I'd be the one person so I didn't vote I couldn't I couldn't figure out how we got to that point you should really be pissed off with Bernie Sanders work it's so adorable

► 01:06:34

it's adorable how people just make it like that's not a big deal but the deleting of 30,000 emails not a big deal the collusion with the DNC to rig the primary is not a big deal and he knows that Hillary Clinton is essentially done that's interesting long they try to bring her back in 2020 people go fucking crazy well I'm sure she has probably got a vitamin IV drip right now and giving her hormone replacement therapy and I just had to do yoga I just don't see her being resurrected but maybe I'll try maybe so I doubt it I do think Joe Biden is coming in I think so yeah I think he's viewing this I think is very upset with himself

► 01:07:33

at this stage of the game times are definitely tough with me regarding his family but I think he probably regret not going in the last time and I think we're going to see him to his hat in the ring because he's going to look around Harrison butker and you know where we play each other jokes Joe Biden people don't remember this but in the 1980s he got busted plagiarizing Kennedy speeches of people forgot about that he ran for president in 88 everybody loves you got it sitting on the bench right so there are a lot of Democrats I think after the fact so it just run but he's run a couple of times hasn't worked out. It would have been true so anyway it's it's the politics of it all are fascinating but it's

► 01:08:33

is a crazy Joe Biden so that he could beat me up beat me up and then he would go down fast and hard

► 01:08:42

gone with that I think I should have said some sort of celebrity match that's what I was saying I was saying let me be the commentator can you see what that both of them will die yeah I know they did get in the cage and it'll be all over I'm thinking 5 minutes of hair pulling me they have left the boots we got to get this going anyway to see Trump tweeting that he would beat up Joe Biden if they ever find out who the fuck are you ever fought ever hearing throwing a punch this is the world we live in

► 01:09:29

you think you think about the things we should be talking about on a daily basis right right and yet because of the self-inflicted wounds that they constantly have coming out of that white house because of his tweeting for the most part people are focusing on you. We should all be able to agree Democrats and Republicans they just released the three North Korean prisoner American citizen prisoners who were held in North Korea so secretary Pompeii was flying back right now from Pyongyang and he's bringing back that's a good thing that's a very good thing but we can't but it's the way they are. They're the freaks people out but I am saying is nuclear buttons bigger than the other guys and

► 01:10:18

it's like but I got to tell you I was really happy watching the video of Kim Jong own shaking hands with the president of South Korea and a meeting at the DMZ I was happy that he was like wow like that made me think this might they're both smiling I know Kim Jong un's a fucking murder and kill his own uncle and his nephews and my goal against him but seeing him shake hands with the president of South Korea made me think like wow they might settle this day day day very first time his granddad cameo song and then his dad died Kim Jong you'll never step foot on the southern side of that do you have Siri on this other side of you spell it never happened so that in itself you're absolutely right was that's that's a major development I'll maybe nothing comes of it right it's a low percentage do I have to agree to so many moving parts so maybe nothing comes of it and then

► 01:11:18

ministration is is making that case I want to have to be realistic but yeah this is a good thing that it's moving in that it's something right it's something in fact young guy who actually likes Dennis Rodman I mean Jesus Christ me some sort of a spokesman talking to Korea it's weird you remember Robin is a player man manic I could be if you talk to people that know him that we're partying with him that guy would be up all night drinking and partying and then show up and play fucking phenomenal the next day on zero sleep another title Good Billy Corgan was friends with Rodman and Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins on the podcast was talking about how they were mad at him because Rodman

► 01:12:18

was taking Billy Corgan partying and then showing up the next day with zero sleep and playing and they were blaming Billy corgis like mother fucker I went to sleep he's like that guy was still out at the Boise everybody thinks I'm talking to the Wall Street Journal fastest growing state in the nation I don't like to fart in 10 minutes outside of fantastic fishings great we got more River mileage than any other state except for Alaska fishing supposed to be incredible fly fishing trout and if you like fly fishing if you like if he can feel like trout this is two bits a place to be

► 01:13:18

Estates Montana some others but it shouldn't be up there in is where the hell are they there in some small town some ski resort area real high-end ski place but Montana no no no no you just up there another ski area and it's not like I'm like Sun Valley Ketchum doesn't have a big summertime no traction traction like a massive leg but our place it's on Payette Lake and it's got a great volzke place nearby but there are a lot of areas like that but catch him catching the great time great little community

► 01:14:18

you know the skiing at Sun Valley's is really good it's not like a spinner or you know it's not exactly rich people to it's like it's their overrun with like high end stores and like I love some Valley I think it's gorgeous. Sun Valley on Deer Valley Utah it's fucking gorgeous up there but man it's just all like wealthy skiing places it's crazy that's where I go but if you want like a normal burger and a beer and I'll catch him imma call up there in Idaho this is it true that you don't get great reception up I can't wait to go there just to check it out I decided to give up their disassembly

► 01:15:08

well I know him people who actually know in real life but I've only talked to him on lawn but he's got a pet coyote he actually took a coyote as a cub and we've talked about on the podcast many times I'm going to meet his pet coyote I recently got a pet Badger he found a fucking baby badger this dude yeah man that's what you want honey badger well apparently you could raise a bat his his Instagram is Seth Simpson and we tell you what it is cuz it will pull pull up the video Jamie because it's pretty fucking hilarious

► 01:15:54

Ryan Callahan my friend just tweeted me or just texted me he's my friend and catch him but this dude

► 01:16:01

has Seth Simpson 208

► 01:16:09

show me so they're shooting squirrels and then look he's got his little this is a new pet coyote that he has this is a new one and this little coyote puppy is chewing on the squirrel but or I'm sorry not squirrel for shooting pigeons that's gross but he's go down and see the badger see the badger up there and right hand corner is a badger baby so it says someone shooting ground squirrels is sore Badger caring what they thought was a squirrel they shot it it was actually carrying a baby so they took this baby badger and now they're raising it and he's raising his baby badger and he says that you can give him the option to fight or flight to go off in 5 but if they're bottle-fed handled constantly an extremely well socialized they can be kept in captivity for for easily or easily and make fun pets how crazy is that cuz you got a pet Badger don't piss that thing off now

► 01:17:09

send me a clip of police officers in stopped traffic on both sides could a groundhog was trying to come across the street and so he was trying to trying to help this animal get all this by cars

► 01:17:36

and if he keeps trying not working groundhog won't leave and eventually groundhog I get some snaps in his mind that he decided to go after this police officer right now

► 01:17:51

this is insane so the cop is standing he didn't shoot it he did he got on his knees and shot the fucking groundhog I like how they blur it out the groundhog

► 01:18:12

so it's moving around so yes but once again

► 01:18:21

well that seems inappropriate traffic was fatally shot Sunday Maryland oh boy

► 01:18:37

he realized it was not responding as it as expected for an animal that was not being cornered or trapped believing the groundhog to be either sick or injured he shot it. This response I'm sure the officer did the best thing in this situation it's not for me to judge yeah if you can't kick a groundhogs ass you shouldn't be a cop that's what I have to say that groundhogs come after you sidestep bitch I was trying to take me to the fastest animals so it was not in the full Sprint towards his officer I just put ourselves in that officer shoes no fear of mammals none of us have been in in combat against a small animal Woodland creature yeah what it mean

► 01:19:34

get out of the way

► 01:19:39

you have to shoot a groundhog drive around looking to shoot some after why I like I'm sure you know that expression if you only have a hammer everything seems like a man out exactly top up probably to stop traffic that sounds like a dumb ground by a dumb ground squirrel

► 01:20:37

ground squirrel it had enough like crazy person that rushes a cop cuz he wants to die we get that drive by itself as it gets super confused during September October November during the rut in particular like when they get horny there's a video hilarious video this dear that's so fucked up from the roots this guy walks up to in Taps it on the head with an arrow on the deers work every Deer Hunter the country

► 01:21:15

Sonic is most of the time of year even catches on fire I got to access deer are there in this deer is just amazing dated from running paralyzed and confused with his own hormones and this guy walks up to it and just Taps it this is crazy I just think it's just so baffled hey buddy I mean that is crazy you're high when they make it run it up like when they're like that never seen anything like this before but sometimes it just blow a fuse

► 01:22:03

this just happened to Antlers hey fella it's just too much to process for that dear but it doesn't seem like it it understands life anymore he won't be spotted in the man it's men fast the kidney stone from Russian you know those gals it take a kidney wake up in a bathtub full of ice and your wallet yes I'm a boy someday again screwed up and hand you. Next thing you know he wakes up he's missing a kidney area

► 01:22:58

the girls probably aren't and all the more reason to always know where your pants are that's a good move to tell my dad my daughter's phone off. You know how I keep bashing China and their intellectual property at my daughter's now in China no not now she's just thank you and she's a great kid but she always says that I could you just you just not maybe Bascom is often as you do if I'm flying back over there to do you have to work

► 01:23:55

about the about National Security issues and then I got off on the subject of the chemical properties have to buy a lot of different country and it's the large conference and so I'm talking about the Chinese in their their tendency to do this and I looked at it was with one of the companies that brought me in for the speech and any kind of like motions over there and then like the third row of this this this area is this contingent of Chinese business folks and talking about how how powerful they can be sometime soon this will all go good I praise them because they're good at it and I can't walk that back and also look it is what it is I don't want me to talk about it don't don't do it

► 01:24:58

dear so far we get that way sometimes the world here Mike Baker Force Base to meet them as they come in and mail but it will be easier for Kim Jong on to do right and what were they over there in prison for one of them was a businessman and he was serving 10 years hard labor imagine hard labor camp in North Korea for supposedly for Espionage music business guy and they don't care but they've done this numerous times in the past it really doesn't matter if you show up in your business the other two were also interesting they were academics they were at the pyeongchang University for Science and Technology both of them are teaching their which is where I got my degree and

► 01:26:01

Pyongyang University I went to for the sports and missiles at deer in that that the video show those to work words against the same thing supposedly engaged in Espionage and so they got chucked in so we'll see you know whether whether we're able to get anything from this who knows but that's a good sign the fact that he met with as you pointed out president Moon from South Korea very good sign of the Chinese have they sent a foreign minister over to John Yang couple weeks ago first time for ministers been over there and maybe 11 years 12 years so they understand the importance of this and I think everybody's

► 01:27:03

the dynamic has shifted because I think you know we've Kick the Can down the road for so long that they're basically at the point where their programs are all you don't close to being fully developed and I think you know the Chinese understand that that means that all those other options perhaps of kicking the can down the road aren't on the decision tree anymore and so you know they don't want Chaos on the peninsula they don't want military conflict Nobody Until I think the Chinese for basically the first time I've been aggressively assisting with the sanctions are put in place that had a very quick response on Kim Jong on he's not suicidal he just wants to survive in position of leadership so he's looking at it thinking okay that calculus has changed so I got to do something different and it doesn't work but at least we're trying and I think that's a good thing the unquestionably it's a good thing and also the video that North Korean Soldier

► 01:27:56

fleeing and getting shot shot at as he escapes North Korea I mean that had to get to North Korea too and they realize like Jesus Christ the second guy and how many months that was playing like that and got away in their final parasites in their body and extreme malnourishment and this is a soldier so you got to thank everybody over there is probably in a in Dire Straits right about this amount attrition issue I think also I think they realize that there's only so much they can do going forward to lock the place down and Technology at some point even though it's North Korea and there's not a lot there there's enough and I think there's a sense that they can you how long can they can control the population the way they have so again he's not the Kim is not suicidal

► 01:28:57

wants to maintain power when you think about every country accents on best interest every leader acts in their own best interest that's his thought process and and how do I do that well okay you know maybe it could happen we could get something really good out of this we'll see

► 01:29:12

it up but they were on either watching it and no strings are watching what we did over there on I disagree that's that whole notion that North Korea is going to look at it and go out that means we can't trust them when they're mad with that that deal that you made with your audience will it take it to the Senate write an agreement and executive order basically so you know they're not looking I don't even know what crazy looking at this and going Trump is going back on his word I think I look at it going Trump's be okay he means he's not going to put up with that a bad deal and it wasn't that good a deal so I think that's the way that they would process it and we'll see but you know who knows where he's going to go with what they're doing right now I'm tired of listening to that seems to be something you're really concerned about what I think only because if it's if it's not handled properly and it's a lot of moving Parts meeting our allies meeting the wild card at

► 01:30:13

Ronnie and the regime is going to tell if I don't make no mistake that somehow there this wasn't a moderate Iranian regime in the Lebanon and Yemen in a proxy war with with the Saudis another in Iraq and Syria in in the work they're doing and all the soldiers are US soldiers weapons a training that they gave to to the Rockies that were fighting against us we make some decisions that the Iranians work yet somehow moderate because they're dead they're not that rasheem isn't you know the people themselves I think we keep hoping one day I'll go all the way back to the default of the shop and you know the people helping people will rise up and overthrow the clerics do you think it's the same attitude that causes people to be apologist like the same attitude is causing people to ask

► 01:31:10

how do you feel about those people being tortured is it the same sort of mentality that allows people to want those Iranians to be the want the people that are in power to be moderate I think so I think it's what I think it is okay an element of that I think it's it's

► 01:31:26

it's a desire to

► 01:31:29

against our thinkwell FEI. That part of it I don't really understand again cuz you would think that you would base that on people's performance and we got to do is look at past performance of the clerics in the regime there in around the Run stinks and I don't know how you come away from thinking while you're there being actually pretty pretty moderate they're being pretty conciliatory now and that's what we got the previous administration did they just stretch themselves then trying to sell this deal I mean they did everything they could to try to get out of the race to it make sure it was going to happen they set things aside and you know we caught the Iranians in the past cheating and that this this business with Netanyahu when he came out with this information that they pulled out of this Warehouse where is being stored yes that was in historical covered the. 1999 to 2003 an operation that they engaged in there was a warehouse Enterprise on where the Iranian regime rather than destroy all their research and all the work they were doing on New

► 01:32:32

the weapons up until that time during that time they store it and so they put it in the warehouse facility massage and some others liaison Services found out that that of the location and then they mounted in operation which is very labor-intensive to try to do a lot of surveillance you got a recruit assets who can provide you with gnocchi information about this and then eventually they wiped out a bunch of these documents a thing of 50,000 pages of documents and almost 200 CD's and

► 01:33:07

that information covers 1999 to 2003 and one of the things that it shows definitively is that one of the things your writings were doing were they were designing and looking to build a minimum of 5 nuclear warheads for their ballistic missiles that they're also developing a building which puts a nail in that whole idea there was nothing but a peaceful program but people looking at it there apologist history it's old news doesn't tell us anything new well it tells us and confirm to us what we've been saying all along which is a you know if they were lying about it they were lying about their the extent of their centrifuge operations the extent of the stored material stay at and so

► 01:33:51

yeah I know I just know how you make that leap to then say okay now they're fine you know now. Now we can believe them why because why I don't get I don't get that part so I'm not willing to see it until they going to give us on apps and access to other sites and once they come on and look at Parton come on and look at the military facilities that we used to be where were used for weapons development in the past right now you got something and now I'll back off and say okay you know maybe that's a good deal actually give us access to all those sites and let us go in and look around the iaea which is the International Organization for inspection of of these nuclear sites

► 01:34:28

they spent 12 years trying to figure out what the hell is going on at parking which is at military site near Tara on and never never was able to get the access they needed never able to solve the you know they're the question and they went on and on with the investigation will guess what as a result of the drive by the administration to get a deal signed part of the the conditions from the Iranian regime was that they stop is investigation stroehlein Andre answers they just said the military site. By the way this was two years of service is former secretary Kerry would like to say diplomatic negotiation

► 01:35:24

you know we worked at reportedly in concert with the Brits in the French and the Germans and the Russians in the Chinese although it's mostly you know from our side and

► 01:35:38

you know it is what it is so are they complying with what they've got in in in the terms of the agreement yeah fine

► 01:35:44

but I'd like I said I just think and it kind of goes to that point about the truth is always kind of in the middle right I'm going to do this somewhere there it's not like it's not it's not me throwing after the Democrats saying and I'm glad that we've been able to inspect those sites that have been available that's a good thing but don't how to do something that's not and if the Brits in the French and the Germans are now willing to say it's an adequate deal but we had to tell people something and then yeah but that's not where we're at we're at everybody stands around screaming at the sky because you're upset about one side of the other and they have the crap doesn't get done how much time do you spend thinking about this cuz your urine civilian life now in civilian life

► 01:36:42

and thank God for that because it's a Young Person's game but I probably spend more time I don't have a lot of friends but all I wanted to do was talk about it Ron fucking boring guys are you my daughter she loves International first loves International be no relations in in what's going on in the world travels a lot and I think that's good right so maybe some of that rubbed off and I'll be banging on about it and I thought every now and then I think I'm being boring but maybe they picked up on something and sometimes my kids will will say something you know like like the scooter the oldest one is on me it's only 10 years old

► 01:37:44

the governor came in for a governor candidate can mix with meet up an election cycle the governor candidate came in and go guy nice guy and he came in to talk to hit dance class right 5th grade class and raise his hand during the question. And I said so what would you do differently because Idaho is ranked 43rd and education and I know he said that's because the guy they called me for the wife of the world's greatest person is in politics and focused and you know the strategy campaign problems and also to think so she talks about as well so maybe the kids absorb something like that and maybe if you talk about these things at home I just not rocket science right but maybe talk about these things at home maybe the kids to pick up on some of it or they they start to imagine that there's something else other than just you know what happens on the schoolyard

► 01:38:44

what's up I guess there's an upside to it I know where I'm going with that she was like oh my God this is certainly an upside to talk about things the more kids know now the better it is to teach Civics write the workings of government how the government is supposed to work the most people get out of high school and it barely understand was a difference in the Congress and the Senate which is people reading crap on Twitter and thinking that it's it's it's always true or that's how they formed their opinion or it's all this or it's all that the well is not that exist somewhere that in the middle ground but we don't sweat it I don't think we're going to work work work failing our kids by a desire to make life easier for the maybe I don't know I think there's definitely some truth to that I mean I think there's a shocking lack of adversary or adversity rather than a lot of people have to go through in this life

► 01:39:45

and then you should go through too much soft living you start to develop these lazy habits in this distorted perception of reality and a lack of understanding of what what really hard work is and how difficult it is to get by in this life if you don't live in this cushy place that we live in. Did you work when you were a kid to do work summer jobs modern construction jobs gasoline it's money yet you're talking about at the end of the day you're exhausted but I tell my kids it's time for so he's talking about

► 01:40:34

yeah I know it seems early I don't have a lawnmower job when I was 11 that seems early so I felt like I have a life term involved in sports flat shovel snow during the winter six year olds

► 01:41:07

he's going to be management I think that's what he's going to do he's going to be

► 01:41:16

every generation right like my parents wanted to be easier for me and my brothers and their parents I'm sure wanted to be easier for the damn I ain't nobody so you do that but eventually you get to diminishing returns tonight because if he comes so easy and the kids forget what it was like to actually have to work for something to complain but I saw some story that I told him that social media but there was a story that popped up the some Community they had a cheer squad and one of the girls didn't make it on cheer squad I didn't know what your score is a cheerleader and the mom was upset and so she wouldn't complain and so the school decision was that everybody who tried out gets to be on the squat yeah you got to teach kids the opposite that if you didn't do good enough you need to figure out what you did wrong

► 01:42:23

and go back and improve and work on it and then if you do get it next year you'll get an amazing feeling of accomplishment rather than an amazing feeling of entitlement you belong and everything you try out for yeah that's going to be a big fat wake up call when you go out to compete in the workforce right now the idea that you know you got my two little boys are at Mike's now talking about your kids all the time I got to the point now where the sports think they play and if they don't play well face it because earlier than that you know everybody plays right where to stay on that all the rest of it so basically at least for the teams at work we were associated with if you don't play that well then

► 01:43:23

maybe don't make the team if you want to take my kids not getting any playing time I don't think I'm okay what's the next part of that thought process that you need to work your way through if you're not getting enough playing time it's because you're not what playing as well as you should be compared to the other kids there for what do you need to do we have to walk them through this process and that's okay because all this stuff and so you teach him that it but you don't teach them that while you're right you're right we at least talk to the coach about your worse they're making it too difficult for the children and they're not having a good time and it should be about companionship and it shouldn't be about competition well you're setting your kid up for failure because it can be about both and give me about companionship but also about competition and I see the worlds competition filled with it if you're not come

► 01:44:23

cheating if you're if you just decide you don't want to have anything to do with competition that's your choice but if you engage in something that does require competition you want special access right right right if you if you don't if you got that nature if you want that competitive side of you and that you don't get special dispensation to because you're not a competitive person that does it yet so I agree with the participation trophies all the nonsense it's going on today why was I was able to turn off the Apple lacrosse field not too long ago and he said how do I do

► 01:45:03

and I said well you could have done better you could have played hard he just ate it wasn't into it right it was tired or whatever so he kind of looked at me and I didn't realize I was walking there some parents are millionaires were walking across the field and so he can look at me. And I was thinking that's not right and it's not. Afterwards it a couple of parents were upset about the fact that I would say that but he knew exactly what I meant he said I should be honest and fair Mugsy the youngest one got called in for Who Shall Not Be Named we're on the playground not too long ago

► 01:45:55

and they were sitting down there playing some game items recess in all the kids all the different grades are out there running around and everybody knows my little kid like the mayor of the time he's a jolly happy guys guys cuz he's going to be the guy that takes 10 years ago at a college guy and so he is too little buddy just playing some game where they got to count with their fingers so at one point Jack has the number one that puts up a finger like it starts laughing and cuz he's got nobody can see all six year olds yelling cuz I think it's the funniest so I have to find out about that's right so now they notify the parents

► 01:46:46

he said we were just means I don't need to know and I can't wait and so I said I don't even know what it is just don't do it again whatever you do don't do it again and it is to other boys scooters that goes like and what does it mean

► 01:47:38

motherfucker that's what they were yelling on the playground and I started last minute to buy the boys walk away disgusted that I was laughing and that's the end of my story so they're great kids so how do you take that Gene you put it back in the bottle to say don't use it you don't touch screen with mother fucker and I'll take me out thanks I can't get out you quit jackass and around and now they got okay I probably shouldn't say that you know but I end up but that's fine I can't get you know my dad was the greatest guy I've ever known in my life and he swore I die. It didn't scare me I don't have a problem with it's part of what I do for a living but when I was when I wear skiing with my youngest daughter who is 3

► 01:48:42

and I were packing up the stuff and she forgot the Packer helmet and her helmet wasn't packed anything and she looks down at her luggage looks down to how much you a shit adorable she was three of the time about a three-year-old saying that I forgot my motherfucking house completely sentenced up something really cute about kids wearing just it's just adorable we try to tell him you know don't don't we try to teach him the basics don't swear I think the problem is it seems so attractive do it when no one's around like you know what I heard I found a new word starts with a C

► 01:49:35

older brother's right or some friends without all the brothers I don't think I've really rolled out douchebag cuz I was probably 12 maybe 13 but we were talking yesterday about access to the internet or kids see so much more in here so much more today like that especially like violent images and their access to terrible things and there's just so much that if you leave a kid alone with a computer or a phone that's online all you there just going to find out everything about the world weigh before their little brains are ready. You can't do it you got it you got to be you got to lock it down right now it's a good thing I got to learn the technology unlike what I apparently apparently my watch her for you since I don't have issues it going to let them get online

► 01:50:37

yeah it does the middle one lost basketball I love basketball so he can look up you know Steph Curry videos he likes if you let them have free reign as it's a freak someone out there they'll find it just says all the crap it's out there on the internet at that at that early age it's not fair it's not right and it you can't tell me that there's not some correlation between accents did all that Imaging and violent images everything else and some of the problems we have in the world today and we asked her out of the house and shoot up the place how does that happen and I can't I don't know I mean I would have to get I'm not a psychiatrist so people don't listen to me and take that it says medical advice but I know you're saying the world we live in

► 01:51:42

these these images

► 01:51:45

you're not going to stop talking to change the world we live in by limiting the access these kids have to these things but it is strange how much access we have to disturb me Gammage is violence violence videos and this just sent your brain knows that that's out there and there's just so many more examples of it to watch that if you were around maybe you found out where your dad's store the Playboys I mean I saw a few altercations in my neighborhood when I was growing up but like like a real violent encounter that the Xbox I talked about it's all sports games you can't tell the whole Gears of War in Call of Duty and all the rest of it

► 01:52:43

we'll go out to his friends house exploded

► 01:52:53

so you know what are you doing you can't you right you can't protect him but you got it you got to do your best but the world is changing but it's changing faster than we realize the impact of them were aware of in regard to the impact it has on kids I just think it's changing for the people that are adults like wow the world is changing yeah it's changing for that 4 year old that's growing up in that world right now and they're going to have the moment they get online they're going to it's going to go from I'm just a little kid live my little kid that's a mommy that's my daddy to Big World all in one big Smash and I don't think anybody's little I don't think an adult's brain is designed to handle most that shit that we have access to online now I forget about a growing mind and what would influence that has on society is really yet to be determined for that

► 01:53:50

it is a good thing that way because you can study this is a case study what my daughter went through growing up and accessed information which was uniquely different than now even though you know she started there was really no internet or anything but then it exploded what's the difference between you and I grew up with nothing right no internet and then it became the internet when we were fully as an adult and then you got a chance to see it and even then screwed it up and made mistakes and online within got viruses on your computer and saw some stuff you really didn't want to see I got dial tone. And when you give it gas

► 01:54:47

did you get for a cell phone I got a cell phone in the 80s 9 I think I have a cell phone I had a cell phone in my car it was like permanently bolted down to my car so I could get the thing about it was I can get gigs with it so I can get a hold of Bill blumenreich who is the owner of the Wilbur Theater in Boston was owner of the comedy connection back then always joked around about it was like you got a lot of work because you were the

► 01:55:35

comedian with a cell phone like so he can call me up and say Hey you know this guy just got a flat tire on his way to New Hampshire can you do the gig in like fuck yeah I'm in how much do you have to pay for that phone I don't remember it's I could have ordered no I couldn't afford I remember not being able to pay for it after a while yeah I was just I was a dummy I always spent more money than I had I mean it's never been good with finances I've never been Frugal but he's one of those things were I realized I could get it so I got it bad that that phone in your car you have to drive around looking for public Payphone oh yeah or you had to have a calling card number those things I'll get fake cards to he could buy them off people they were like like counterfeit cars and they were good for a couple days and then go under and you could buy other ones and then there's other things you could do you could take us sound

► 01:56:35

Vice and put it up to the phone and you could get a get a call with that like you would put up this thing to the voice box air in it would make noise yeah yeah I knew it would somehow or another it in before the cell phone technology these few are in a urban setting do you spend half your time looking for operating payphones right you are some 34th wheel country you're trying to find a payphone and I see what she's going to make some sort of Vino call related to whatever operation you're engaged and you know the kids the kids the kids today in the agency don't understand that great technology yeah the old days at what it did to me didn't work that way

► 01:57:26

no I exactly like they did say it like about fights that's like a common expression these two could have fight in a phone-booth to cut a fuck fuck I can't even say it in a phone booth but today you safe on the phone some people go want to say they're going to fall on a fucking you know something else that doesn't exist anymore a wine barrel phone booth what are they now but it wasn't you go outside any 7-Eleven or whatever they were dip Bank of payphones I actually stopped and took a picture I was out at the gas station getting gas and I looked over the side and it was a payphone

► 01:58:21

to make calls on these things this is how it worked I remember when there was no answering machines remember that the deal That's So Posh and I remember we got a answering machine where you could call it and then when the dial tone went on you add punching like a code and you could listen to your messages and you weren't even home you can retrieve it was crazy because we believe the car to start out by saying there's a funny story there's a story that when Lyndon Johnson was was President I take that back he was in the Senate Dirksen with a famous Senator and so Johnson was one day was he was driving and gets his call I think I got there it's a call

► 01:59:29

Johnson and they're talking and Johnson say why I got to talk to you about this thing you said hold on hold on call me. It goes I got a phone in my car and it hangs up and meet us at I got to get one so I pulled some strings and got somebody to put a phone in his car so that he calls Johnson he says just calling your phone for my car and I got a call coming in on the other line what year did they invent car phones

► 02:00:20

1946 what what wait a minute 1946 major what kind of pimp you had to be in 1969 to pull up in like a 69 Corvette with a fucking phone in your car Lincoln Town Car is a mobile phone device specifically designed automobile service originated with a bell system and was first used in St Louis June 17th 1946 and 45

► 02:01:07

score of the St Louis if that's the site of the first car phone wow it was a radio into the annoying habit of coffee in the foam on a car and it would somehow or another connect to a regular phone line

► 02:01:31

what Johnson had Wendy's in the sentence 15 years after this happened after the event it in st. Louis but but yeah I remember when they you know that there's a mobile phone that was that big tasty literature around and set it out on your car and then it started I got a big box at home full of all the old phone that I've had over the years and it's like a tight if if I could ever get myself organized I would turn it into some sort of wall art installation cuz it's cell phones through the years at least covering the past three decades and then receive messages

► 02:02:27

wow yeah I think that would be a great idea to show kids today. That Old Brick phone from Wall Street at a staff member was it called a star text artak those are we still using one of those the other day yeah the low flipping out still a little flip phone with the blue star tack that was a sweet phone I had one of those I was like all baby beside you. If you would like to know that battery fit so well in your suit coat for 4 minutes Patrick technology was terrible back that has an excellent battery battery

► 02:03:32

but a sweet sweet signal that you get Battle long while it does that it is true it is true also it's a white goods to me like a washers and dryers and refrigerators and yeah can I get to my kitchen now on my fridge is watching but I don't have a I don't have a wife rich I got to move out I have no idea what I have I have no idea what I've got about ready to start a and this is what actually what the dealers are the fjords the listeners I've been waiting for is is to hear about my kitchen renovation what you going to do I wish that was the only thing I was actually concerned about with this kitchen renovation I have no clue

► 02:04:30

yeah and so we could we do this thing and I don't know if they came over the other day and my wife who's my coverage she is a lot smarter than I am and much more organized and efficient but she wasn't there so the guys with the plans whatever they call them the Planters they came over to show me the drawings as if I care or is if I could actually read these drawings right there the blueprints for what they're going to do to get a page through them and Melo notation on what I actually really did I just have no idea what would I be engaged in at this point but it's going to take about 3 months and we're going to have yourself one hell of a kitchen so I won't be done by the time you show up but then you'll be eating off of one of those fucking

► 02:05:38

we have kitchen renovated in awhile but appreciate the kitchen go up we got snow place little cabin up in the up in that great time to call would schedule to hang out for the summer Chevy man's dreams have a cabin somewhere just to get away and somewhere where I can just go towards the cat you could be sitting in traffic for 2 hours I'm going to happen it's a beautiful life

► 02:06:37

some Coeur d'Alene they took me they took a picture and there in a boat and you could see the ground like 80 foot deep with a photograph of the you can see the bottom of the lake it's crazy it's like how is that possible that water is clear then that's like Fiji Water full of Fiji Water you should go

► 02:07:00

Idaho you don't got nobody to burn up there crazy though it was so beautiful people up there and look at the right place up there I bet I got one of everything so ugly and what they want as much of that pictures are amazing that might be one of the most beautiful spots in the country

► 02:07:43

it's a hell of a drive to go up there from Boise but you can fly to Spokane Washington break down and it's only about a 30-minute drive from Spokane yeah well she going to be a one-and-done special I'm just going to do a bunch of gigs get ready to put together another hour okay I'll so long does that take takes a while I might have to do some illegal substances don't tell don't tell anybody now it's my idea though I won't say hold on a second I want to say anything to anybody including o'hea before I forget and I probably should have told you this offline but Newt Gingrich thinks it would be excellent to sit down and talk to you

► 02:08:47

Newt Gingrich Gingrich tell you how I know that's how do you know that the person who runs his admin and operations is Media stuff in the things that he does he does a lot and she's a great person and she told me you know that's what he likes to Big it's time to quit Jamie we got to move to Coeur d'Alene Go-Go pike fishing they got some awesome pike fishing out there I do houses on a

► 02:09:26

that's a precarious situation that's the situation as well. Can you find it on time today is travelogue tte yeah right how many people out there 17 white nationalist say I've never met one but they wouldn't keep that from me

► 02:10:20

I'm getting anxiety I want to push your boat out there and start fishing I can see the water like the count flat it is I could see like them the trout breaking the service and and during the summer he just go out there and you know where the ice is needed when you're not Fishing Float around your pillow while skiing if you want to but mostly just kind of hang out that looks and 10 minutes from Mesquite Play-Doh Iron Man I think I'm done with skin every time I ski this what I'm doing don't get hurt don't get hurt don't get hurt don't get hurt didn't get hurt by her ACL I know three friends of blew out their ACL in a year in a year once you have that thought I'm doing the same thing to her myself I didn't get hurt I was snowboarding

► 02:11:26

completely lost it crack some ribs couldn't catch my breath when I was laying on my back and it was like a good idea and sorry I'm laying down there and it was nobody else out in Twilight and I'm looking up at the sky like 19 maybe they come

► 02:11:53

screeching to a stop and I'm looking up and I'm trying to catch my breath and I can't really move and so all I can see is when their faces come into the frame above my head and they both look down on me dude and then I can say cuz I didn't say I just a small Windows 8 help and then you cried and I was hoping we were out of the country well tree well and around the tree the base of the tree will get these thieves a little caves almost like it did there's nothing around the bottom of the tree so the 10 C is for the snow will if you get too close to the tree while you're collapse into it and I am

► 02:12:54

beautiful snow on the backside of this mountain and fell in the sink and that's the time when I thought to myself after about 35 minutes. Trying to haul my ass out of there I thought I could actually die here but the snow was falling lightly you know no still over the sun coming through it was a beautiful thing I literally thought I had to lay down for a minute to catch my breath they got to give it another try

► 02:13:26

it's worth places to die if you got to go back out and get out of here and maybe I won't get my skis on I'll try to just step out of here and get it but it just saw it's like being in is a good analogy yeah and so it's just that you can't get a good grip on anything can't get ahold of anything and you try to pull yourself back up and even if you do get a little ways out your on your on powder at the beautiful will you sink into it to your thighs and and Beyond and so when you doing that thing about that you're trying to your try to get to you because you're about it you're about done by the time you get out of a tree while and now you trying to get your skis back on and your urine powder and you're trying to do that it's real gold

► 02:14:25

not that I was going to lay down and die but I thought if you had to If you happen to go get some here I was worried it was going to come by and my phones in Africa were a toddler got stolen by a leopard I I put it on my Twitter cheese I put that stuff on my Twitter all the time people go why do you put this up why do you post this cuz I want people to know I want to do you got a delusional sense of wildlife you fux you dummies out there taking selfies with bears in Connecticut just a couple days ago so that I know cuz you said a while back before

► 02:15:20

stay people don't realize that and she's chasing the cat trying to save her dog that dog is done right whatever they found a mountain lion in Connecticut a few years back on the highway I think and they found out it is sort of humor mountain lion that was edited traveled from ifilm want to see North Dakota made its way all the way across the country that's fantastic it's like if we just have Kyle's come across our front yard in Connecticut

► 02:16:20

no that's not good that ain't good

► 02:16:31

wow you're the noise it's making like a few

► 02:16:37


► 02:16:40

don't know how it got there

► 02:16:43

oh Jesus Christ

► 02:16:46

I say what the noise is this thing is making I think it's a person taking the video Don't You Know

► 02:16:55

I guess so

► 02:16:59

I would punch that thing to another dimension no fucking question I like right now and I'm going to choose that's it was crazy

► 02:17:14

I think that is the lady know

► 02:17:32

that's the cat

► 02:17:38

that's so noisy

► 02:17:40

that's the cat you right

► 02:17:44

fuck you cat that thing it's there something wrong with that cat that cat holy smokes will thank you for bringing that out about what Wildlife is fine and it's just a different if you live in New York City you got this perspective about about it and it's all that's why I'm happy the coyotes in New York City going to start snatching dog and people going to go hey they're not our friends tonight let's do not like what I coyote we should we just need it we need understand why they're upset I'm sure it's my favorite to Hunter's elk and you get hundreds of pounds of meat I love that it's delicious the only thing that's as delicious as

► 02:18:46

axis deer Axis deer is pretty damn Delicious the thing about access to your to is

► 02:18:51

it's one of the most ethical trips because you have to kill them because they don't have any natural Predators at all and it's twenty thousand of them on Lanai alone then they're stale or are they have them on Maui and there's no Predators so they literally have a responsibility to kill them otherwise they're going to face starvation and disease and overpopulation decimation of a plant life we need to see everything in sight do you have to get a separate license for each island or how do you get a hold of them 12s how many they have which is crazy for deer yeah I mean the most you ever hear is like two bucks in some states and in other. They really have a lot of deers what do you end up with once you dress it I would say each one you're getting around 50 plus pounds of meat there about 200 pounds on the hook okay

► 02:19:48

not really big and they're fast as fuk TuneIn yeah when they run they mean they run like a it's like it's much faster than a regular deer because it's like that we took off at the bar to set this was like a light bulb on dammit this what happened to get older I know sad Miley smokes to go pee but you're you're out in this island this is as gorgeous Island on the Pacific Ocean with just beautiful views mean it's just unbelievable stunning and it's filled with these deer mean they are everywhere on that island that's the best thing about it when it comes down to it it's just being out there

► 02:20:51

sometimes you have to remember you have to stop and I mean like you won't fly fishing sometimes you get fucking love fish I've done fishing a few times recently with my kids but it's ocean fishing where you're out there trolling you know you're in a boat and you're pulling lawn it's not as fun casting like on a lake is the best topwater bait or something like that yeah that's great I've started taking I've been lucky enough to be a part of a Alaskan fishing trip that happens every year you guys go for a halibut salmon and I bet you a picture of a couple of the Halibut at my boy cuz now he's old enough I can bring them with me and and and so we go every year when it says a group of guys says maybe a 20 guys hold up to his first time going

► 02:21:48

snapped it right he was an expensive at all and then you get out of the water and it's and it's his massive halibut and he just couldn't even put two words together and then you have to tell him it's got to go back in the water cuz it's it's not big enough right so we'll see how it was going to be below or above a certain size to the middle range is the maximum for breeding them too big to have to let him go right if you get if you get them not I mean in a big enough while I'm talking I called bring this photo if I don't know why my phone said nevermind

► 02:22:30

really technology failed me again what the prime space in between I forget what the cut off is I think they have to be over eighty eighty-something inches I'm sure somebody can dial in and tell me and if it's not not over that and it's it's it's a little bit over that then you got to talk back aches or still in Prime fucking time and yeah I've heard that the really big ones are a buddy and they cut the line on the you look at him and you think that's got to be big enough but it's not his halibut

► 02:23:16

I know I didn't know what he had electricity we do that's all the lights are on different this but if an 80 pounds that's a beautiful one wow bigger than they probably have to let him go I mean if you get a fish like what you reading that thing for me if you can I don't know smaller than that then you got a tossed back in so the point you look at something and if it's not over that someone threshold you got Chuck it back in but when you talk about a fish it's that big but you do what is 80 in Ft what

► 02:24:19

six and a half feet on the bottom and you bring it up but a door to a castle talk about when you let you know your freezer just one this one trip wow it's pretty it's pretty tasty and you get to do it in Alaska which is my favorite places to go to Alaska it's just crazy that we stole that from the Russians like 15 bucks how much do we get it for cheaper than Manhattan I think I think it was Alaska and Yellowstone to places I tell people all the time you got to go

► 02:25:11

like 2 million dollars but Manhattan was like 15 bucks right how much did they give the Native Americans and then people people getting crazy right now they stole that we pay the Russians pretty well but we still at least $24 for the last 7 years before it is so big right Jefferson getting that from Napoleon and it is crazy K 15 million

► 02:26:10

approximately $0.04 an acre in October of 1803 double the size United States and open up the continent to its Westward Expansion down holy shit first thing they did was encouraged people move out there in Montana for the first time on the Missouri was you would saw these homesteads where people try to make it out there and they realize you can't grow anything out there to see you know that mud is just yeah it's and it's not you can't tell it you're not going to grow anything in it whatever is growing there is what grows there and you're not going to do anything extra you can't have a farm there and people tried forever because they just let me just find some ground and all you do is live there for a old broken down houses from now the 1800 1700 whenever people

► 02:27:10

out there you can still go there and touch the wood it's really weird they can still see ya is it in Idaho and then across that's why when people going to go see photos of people from those days they look hard to see how they would they were living a hard life and then making the way across the country and sometimes you imagine they just thinking I fuck it this is as far as I can go they just put up steaks there right this is fine we'll just build here and maybe it was good land maybe it wasn't but you imagine when you get to that point we get you send me staring at the Rockies and using really I got to cross this and those days The Westward Movement of people there was a series called

► 02:28:03

misogynistic but it's called The Men Who Built America by are the men who the Frontiersman or something men think they cheers man at once it's the one I'm thinking of is I think it's like I don't five or six episodes to it I think it's on Netflix but it talks about it because it covers the whole thing but it comes Davy Crockett Daniel Boone all the characters that you remembered but it goes in the real historical detail about it and it's it's fascinating when you're at you when you look at how this place was Cobble together and quickly quickly if things didn't change that much at all not exactly is a remarkable story but yeah it's kind of how we how we might have treated the Native Americans

► 02:29:02

yeah yeah my seven-year-old came home the other day with a pale look in her face and I go what's going on just like I learned about the Donner party today Johnny party she's like where they die mountains they try to make it across the during the winter and they didn't make it and she was like like they hate each other like they hate each other like they're teaching my fucking the people eat people

► 02:29:29

Oregon Trail back then which is at the video game the video game violence is something about learning that that could happen and did just a couple hundred years ago in terms of natives didn't know what was going on I had a call when time from a production company want to know whether I wanted to take partner in the window a serious but it was on the Donner party I'm going to recreate that whole Expedition right and driving right down to the last thing everything is supposed to be historically accurate and everything and I listen to what they were doing. Thank you very much I just couldn't get myself excited about it I guess you know I thought it would be interesting if I probably only understand the first couple of days and then you're thinking why am I

► 02:30:30

and why am I here for the sake of a show but you know I think they pulled it together I said I'd probably fake the bunch of shit anymore oh yeah yeah yeah it is always right there a direct response to Survivorman refusing to fake things cuz he did on the same network Les Stroud's a friend of mine he was telling me what happened they were trying to get him to fix things and he was like no I'm going to go by myself would just cameras and I'm going to fill myself actually surviving and if you watch less he'll do a show where you know he's out there for 5 Days by the end of five days his cheeks are sunken and he looks like shit he's barely sleeping he's just eating anything you can find sometimes not eating for days

► 02:31:26

bottled water is on pissy I survive off of roots military trying to remember I don't think it was supposed to say I thought it was I thought it was if you're doing it for real and you think about the amount of calories you burn and what you need to replace your and then you realized that's what it was all about people spent everyday I'm Waking hour collecting food and water keep themselves going until you know whenever if you had to just hunt for survival a hunting trip you could eat

► 02:32:27

your 5 6 days and not even seeing animal if you're in the wrong spot you got to try to find them mean there's many days will you go you don't see anything like what if you're hungry that day but don't talk shit oh shit and those people did that with muskets and bows and arrows and try to make it across the country without any idea what the fuck was in front of them a listen Clark grind or Powell going down to Colorado the amount of food they needed to consume as an expedition was astounded during that you keep everybody fat and was quite they ran out of food at a certain point they were eating their their leftover candles basically handle yeah that's all they had a hungry have to be to get a candle wick

► 02:33:20

text Julie delicious using the fill your stomach I'm sure yeah but it's anyway West you're surrounded by this whole time you think about it right this time for some reason I have no idea whether it's it's I'm never moving again it's it it's obviously a gorgeous place where you live I get it fuck Connecticut from Connecticut to their one of the places that I would never live to one of the places that I would definitely live in a world where the country's worst manage States you know that it just inquired with that New Jersey obviously underfunded pensions are unfunded pension send a shitload of Lyme disease to

► 02:34:12

interior I'm Larry I just got to sit with you and feel like absolute shit it feels like a bad flu and so I would go and I talked to a couple of doctors here in Connecticut and they were like so then we go out we're out in Idaho we had moved out there yet but we went skiing and and we were in catch him and I go into a clinic so I said just not feeling any better just get it as soon as it's lingering so I go to a clinic there and I talked to the guy and and it's young doctor not too long a time at school and he says so where and what do you live I said Connecticut

► 02:35:08

well yeah I mean Idaho in diagnosing Lyme disease turns out he want this medical school in the Yale and 43rd and education but we are tops and Healthcare and in parts of it not not all over there creepy little animals were hurt about the lone star tick the lone star tick that turns people there's a certain derivative of one of those diseases that comes with this lone star tick that attack something called alpha-gal which is short for something else but essentially makes you allergic to red meat no yes yeah there's a tick that if it bites you if they give you a disease it will make you a

► 02:36:10

allergic to red meat and it's spreading all throughout Texas Texas has a great bunch of cases of it there it is text me the size of a poppy seed can you spot all 5 tickets in this photo I don't need a muffin muffin so you won't get texts

► 02:36:38

yeah we can't wait 2 weeks we got a big old English golden retrievers or away during this time of year was born takes off and come inside and sit down next to know when scrolling off of my yeah where'd you get you so you got lime in Connecticut right now I'm in big pond out there and then we'll stream on it was very picturesque but it was also just covered text it what can I do about that nothing right yeah right. The fuck is the spray kill me besides the tech exactly the same types they certainly don't have this red meat tick I never heard that's a new one that's that's it that's a Creepshow right there it's been discovered it wouldn't Last 5 Years

► 02:37:44

yeah I wouldn't be good I mean I've given up a lot of red meat but now I'm not going to give up I try to come back to some degree why you don't just for a little bit older and I'm trying to watch I got a family history of heart disease massive problem with heart disease my parents went I both have that way at one of my brothers has a defibrillator another's got a cymbal stands the others on heart medication I mean it's just like it's part so it's a family thing but I'm not giving it up are you kidding me really don't believe the red meat has any effect on that I think it's processed carbohydrates and sugar I think that's what it's all about and this comes from conversations with real scientist nutritionist and people understand the actual studies data there is an issue combining carbohydrates and simple refined carbohydrates with

► 02:38:45

saturated fats by themselves not an issue saturated fats with high level of carbohydrates definition why I just a direction to dr. Rhonda Patrick talked about it I could get ahold of her and try to get her to do it again and explain it to me but it's the interaction between saturated fats and and carbohydrates it's not saturated fats on them self on the end their own saturated fat like red meat and and organ meat in particular extremely healthy for you very good for you but we're so it's so you people so used to consuming sugar and simple carbohydrates and processed foods for fuel that your your body just gets accustomed to it when you add saturated fat to process carbohydrates and sugar that's me become it just me get issues that's why I like studies that show that you know red meat increases heart disease if people eat red meat over for five times

► 02:39:45

have higher incidence of heart disease but they're not asking what are they eating with the red meat eating it with fries and Shakes and because that's different than eating a grass-fed steak with avocado and maybe a salad that's not bad for you at all it's a look if cancer if red meat really gave people heart disease and cancer and all these things that people say they be no people okay because people been eating red meat from the beginning of time and literally 97% of the population needs me but he's a process of stuff differently exactly so it's processing except all the different preservatives that people put on in red meat and processed foods that's fucking people up that and refined sugars and carbohydrates do pay attention to cholesterol issues at me like this had something. Dietary cholesterol but neither does American Heart Association you know they didn't even Weight Watchers now says the dietary cholesterol has no impact on

► 02:40:44

or actual like Joshua blood cholesterol did Weight Watchers let you eat as many eggs as you want eggs have a zero point system in Weight Watchers now eggs of 0.4 times I've been doing an egg white thing everybody the whole lot they both have protein this is nonsense but the cholesterol is in the end from the beginning of time when he comes to the first of all there's a lack of understanding and then there's also the studies that come out that are fucking funded by the sugar industry you know about that the sugar industry paid scientist to take the blame off of sugar in and put it onto saturated fat it was a whole New York Times article about it the sugar industry bribe scientists to lie about the dangers of sugar

► 02:41:44

is a what's the difference between refined sugar and beet sugar is there a difference in there's different sugars have a different effect on I gave a lower glycemic index and it really usually is depend upon whether or not they're connected fiber like sugar in the form of fruit is not bad for you like if you eat an apple it's connected to fiber does it you know you're eating the whole fruit that's what it's supposed to be like that's how it's nice to be consumed the real issue comes when you take that Sugar out of that fruit you know what weather is high fructose corn syrup or whatever the fuck you all else you're getting sugar from and then consume that Sugar because then it's sugar free of all the natural things that contain it fiber and in the vegetable you know that the tissue did the you know the actual fruit itself though the tissue of the fruit was processed food

► 02:42:40

things were supposed to do but it is interesting that sensitive you know from an economic standpoint right eating healthy advantaged if your you know middle-class or upper-class right if your if you don't have the financial wherewithal I think that's I don't know maybe I'm just blowing smoke but I think there is something to be said for that I mean cuz if you're going to just think I'm going to eat organic I'm going to eat all these expenses expensive in the nutrition side of things because they end up defaulting to the processed food fast food but I'm happy to hear about the steak whenever I want and then I get bit by the stick

► 02:43:34

that's just one of the best things you can eat wild salmon some basic guy vegetables that kids like fish they really like fish in the box and they want a burger now okay fine but yeah yeah because you catch a lot of fish so yeah it's really good it really addicted to hamburgers and sandwiches and things with carbs it's it's about carbs with kids and you know you need a certain amount of carbs for sure but we way too much and that is most likely was responsible for heart disease most likely was responsible for the overweight epidemic in America it's carbs

► 02:44:40

yeah I can believe that I do think that the people people react differently so I should get two people we got the same diet I'm going to process it one way and I'm going to end up with very high cholesterol that's a problem but yeah so anyway but the bottom line is you know you get to a certain point you start taking a nap a little more tension so that's why I am and what I do for you know I can I send you some podcasts to listen to give you a real understanding of the the actual science behind food versus the misconceptions versus the misinformation cuz there's so much of it out there and then there's so much you know we've talked about this before is probably a good thing to talk about this now and it I need to know what's true and what's not true remember we talked about how the guy who started the Atkins diet. I knew was 258 lb in all the well apparently when he fell and hit his head he had he had serious problems in the hospital and gained

► 02:45:41

somewhere around 50 pounds while he was in the hospital even more than 50 lb I believe he is 195 lb of saying when he's checked into the hospital and his heart disease had nothing to do with his diet it was a viral illness that causes his heart to to fail and this is all related to organ failure he had massive organ failure and massive water retention what because of his body was falling apart while he was in the hospital so what's it what's the most people think he died how well most people think you died falling and hitting his head which is true but the vegan propaganda was that he actually died of a heart attack and that he had a heated was 258 pounds when he died to his his diet didn't work and but they're saying that no one was checked into the hospital after he hit his head he was only a hundred ninety-five pounds is weight gain to his diet that they're being disingenuous in untruthful

► 02:46:41

at 4 how do you do when you check it out the hospital to get a check yourself out as quickly as possible you know he wasn't a good scene and he was an older gentleman when it happened I believe he was in his 70s okay and he died and he sent me something yesterday about it so that whatever is heart disease was it was not from like hardening of the arteries from cholesterol from eating all that food it's so hard to understand what's right what's wrong too because people get so out of your logical about it right especially vegans you know and even some meat eaters get Body Logic about it they just people aren't looking at the real relationship between food and health I got a few people in my family who are vegan

► 02:47:35

this it's it's a little bit of a religious thing for them like you logical beginning they got sick and they had bad blood work and Sam Harris is one of them for a little while I try to for quite a while I did it the right way and he just got it all from it I'm a big fan of moderation moderation everything right I mean that seems to be a reasonable attitude I think in terms of when it comes to your diet and I try not to overthink anything in life and we just you know where in that point Society where maybe because his things are easy and we have made it easy because of technology and everything else that we were able to just analyze everything going fairly well right so I'm just thinking maybe it's not that complicated you know just just you know you work out your burn more you take you and you know you try to eat healthy you stick to the Bay

► 02:48:41

69 grains and fruits and vegetables are not good for you or bullshit you just it's just carbohydrates I not since 8. About nuts vegetables vegetables high in calories to look good calories healthy fats are we still just have to be hold up for whatever reason and it was like nothing in there were times when I would eat oatmeal that was all I would eat cuz that's all that was available I need eat oatmeal for like 3 weeks in a row I'll just yell because you were waiting to get on the road and move and he had access to other Foods here thinking wow that's a lot of oatmeal or something

► 02:49:36

they got to eat something and so at for a long time I didn't really put much stock in it is greater its you know it's it's really good at it we just more you know I got to consume something to keep moving and it hasn't been it's been recent when I really gotta get focused on it you know what do you have to do to fix a little kids you know it's like you want to stick around so recent podcast app do you cook idea why I got enough I like to cook. I don't know what I can do that and if I find it actually a lot of fun you know it's you prepare yourself Garden which we do if my wife has great little vegetable garden and so we do that we have a few fruit trees and that's the last night

► 02:50:36

will you cook and you got a big mess all around you or your cooking you clean up as your cooking right now I'm at the rest of ya and my kids are actually the two older boys said they taking part in the now they like the grill and I'm what's grilling is grilling bad for your good for is good okay tell me you shouldn't I like grilling yeah okay good basically there's nothing was said when you pull a fish out whether it's the ocean or the river you know and then that's what you're eating at night on fire like if you get it right by the bring a skillet and cook a trout right there on the beach try for breakfast it's amazing out legs you know how to make me hungry

► 02:51:39

but that there's something about it in the morning that sounds odd but you're out there early you know the sun's coming up you catch caliphate Yankee what you eat in the morning yeah but you just like what you should always have cereal in the morning but I mean if you want to have a steak in the morning is nothing wrong with that I know what I was doing I was a kid that was that was back in the days when you know box cereals you know you're super super sugar crisp box in in one morning before you went out and played baseball is going to be I-70 of cracked up on sugar that run around through your eyes bugging out your pupils dilated

► 02:52:35

that's why your phone's dead I'll see you on the Boise man that sounds good brother thank you

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Hartley's gentleman and everybody else we did it yay I appreciate you folks hope you had a good time we got a bunch of fucking groovy podcast coming up I'm very excited next week we got Kevin Smith's going to be in the house so happy he's alive Kevin Smith's going to talk to us about a fucking heart attack in subsequent massive weight loss you look great big John McCarthy's going to be here Steven Tyler from Aerosmith oshit Tim Kennedy's going to be here that's right we can have a good time that's next week love you all much love to everybody and I appreciate the fuck out of you people I'd I know I say that to the point where it sounds of plastic but I really do nothing but love and appreciation alright thank you bye