#1255 - Alex Jones Returns!

The Joe Rogan Experience #1255 - Alex Jones Returns!

February 27, 2019

Alex Jones is a radio show host, filmmaker, and writer. Eddie Bravo is a jiujitsu black belt, music producer, and author.

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hello ladies in gentleman, support for this podcast comes from DDP Yoga now if you don't know DDP is Diamond Dallas Page pro wrestling Legend and awesome dude has been on the podcast before well what are you doing with the DDP Yoga program and helping people change their lives is pretty spectacular who's on the show a few months ago and it was one of the most inspiring shows that we've ever done by far he had this one video of this gentleman who could barely walk when he was on crutches and yet all these physical issues and threw a long program of DDP yoga at the end of the video this guy is running this guy's doing yoga he's doing all those positions that that Dallas does it was really credible stuff

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and use a promo code Rogan don't wait get hydrated today and my guess today my guess today is one of the most controversial people in the United States of America I have been friends with this gentleman on and off we're back on again for

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at least 20 years I've known him and this was a fun podcast if you like God damn it I'm not listening Sky give it a chance if you're drunk or stoned definitely give it a chance you're going to love it I hope if not

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is a lot of other podcast listen to ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Alex Jones

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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all day

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yes Alex Jones alive

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wow it's good to be back for the second visit it's good to be here man good to see you we've got to Trump meeting with Kim jong-nam and got the culling hearings in Congress one of the energy going on planets are aligned we should tell everybody that you and I had will first will get a long conversation on the phone which led to just a lot of talk to you drop them as if you would and then we decide to do another podcast and we cleared the air on the phone we decide to clear the air more in a podcast there's a lot of things going on I told you a long time ago that I would have you back on and in the interest of being completely honest there's I was hesitant to do it not because I didn't want to talk to you but because of

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just the amount of bullshit that I get from people to get angry that you and I are friends you know that why give that guy a platform that's the big ones I give that guy a platform that's the big one and I want it but you and I've always had a good time together was up we've always had fun together are only problems you've always been when we're not like if you're talking about me or if I'm talking about you not if we're talking to each other it's the distance is been the promise to tell if a lack of communication the lack of communication has been the problem the thing that people are upset about you the things we wanted to talk about like quick to get it over with or not quick but just to get it truck up front that's the best yes is the Sandy Hooks guess so

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your take on it just give me your take on it

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the first off because it's always misrepresented I believe mass shootings happen and they're real tragedies and I believe Parkland happened

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and you believe Sandy Hook app absolutely and now just last year the media can onset Alex Jones has Parkland didn't happen and he's sending people to Parkland parents houses and there was no video no audio wasn't true I think I said I believe Parkland happened so I'm not going to be the mass shootings and I'll guy I have been branded as the Sandy Hook timing imagine a Final Cut Pro video editing timeline you go back almost seven years ago I guess more than seven years now and the internet didn't believe some of the things about Sandy Hook covering it weeks after my first things are all this we use for gun control and I bet the guys on Prozac and a mental patient what she was Corbin about my listeners

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and other start sending me all these anomalies some things and later turn decimals down with one actor it and then I just moved on from it okay that I didn't kill those kids but what I'm on the streets now people don't know Adam Lanza is the guy that killed those kids take tickets meet they say I can't believe you're not in prison if I don't think that's I think the majority of them are angry because the narrative has been that you're sending people to the Sandy Hook families hulson homes for these people getting harassed because you said on your radio show that it wasn't real yes there is video and audio of me saying I can see how people don't think it happened and I can see how people think it's synthetic is what stage of its before

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that didn't get edited put together Cobble together but I never said go to people's houses I never said to investigate you ever say that you think it's not real yes I did but now you do think it's real because I learned some of the anomalies were not accurate that's a problem with all this conspiracy shit right cuz the conspiracy theory stuff the people that want to believe they believe in conspiracies with everything and I think there's a certain percentage we talked about this just a few minutes ago a couple years until I should know I think it happened

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then people that I had an interview and thanks for the state he's involved he's one of them because you are now saying that it happened they thought that you'd been compromised this is how people with schizophrenic exactly and then they just think everything's okay this is a thing about conspiracies it's very attractive to people that are schizophrenic schizophrenic people think everything's a fucking conspiracy from top to bottom of every single interaction the people have is some sort of a staged event is trying to take them down or control this or mind control that that's a big factor in a lot of this conspiracy theory shit is mental illness when I started a people come to the office saying that I'm Beau Bridges or that I'm Jeff Bridges or the Bill Hicks and people in restaurant screaming that's you Bill we know it's you it's kind of like Dan Rather the guy threatening that what's the signal down with the signal what I experienced now the quote Fame of being super famous me the conspiracy guy

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questioning things because of Gulf of Tonkin Northwoods things are really having babies that weren't trying incubators against the Iraq War but I kind of realize a few years ago that I kind of had my own mild psychosis when you've been lied you to the media and the culture so much over and over again everything then starts becoming automatically you're sure it's fake and everything is she fits into that there's about five years ago I began to realize because I was on the receiving end of people pulling up and white pants with guns at my office Chang I know you put a microchip in my head I'm going to kill you and so it was kind of like once I got super famous it was like whoa

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there's a certain percentage of people that are way off on the Spectrum where they believe everything is fake and there's people that believe everything I hear is true I mean you should you should be questioning you should have the right to do it but but it's somewhere in the middle and so this one only questioned it when people brought up anomaly shy then had to Bates about it on both sides the internet push me to keep covering it I'll probably cover 20 x in the first few years it happened and then as soon as I questioned it not being staged I got a text so much that I said screw it mass shootings happen I believe it happened but then media would call me or interview me and say okay but tell us the anomalies why you question they were getting me to say it again

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bother them the right to question it but they they thought will Alex Jones vs dead kid Alex Jones and I and I will shelter a sick family this is a perfect way to get this guy who's so popular getting people to question and get people think I think I'm smart not to figure out what's going on so when Hillary few months before the election gets his huge peaches Alex Jones has a dark heart he knows Sandy Hook kids died but he says they didn't and he sends people their houses he's the worst kind of world so I came out and said listen I never see anybody the houses but I apologize was taken out of context you have a right to question but I am sorry for the families of your heart and I get it and I've experienced crazy people now big time just like you have please stop saying that I'm saying it didn't happen please stop saying I'm sending it was outside when they put it on

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every major TV channel local TV channels radio has been showing Shane so huge because it supposed to be the first Domino the ones I'm taking down then all the dominoes fall well it's also clickbait there's also a Thing If you say Alex Jones Sandy Hook and you put in a title a certain amount of people just going to click on it Alex Jones is still pushing a Sandy Hook conspiracy theories one that I saw just two days ago exactly

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here's the key they didn't I say more people are showing up in in Connecticut more people are coming their houses which they are because the media is all over the news saying there's a big conspiracy here Alex Jones says it doesn't happen and so people can hear it and they think I owe you know it's like looking for the Mothman or something they're all running up there in the media saying and in my name and I'm saying no I believe it happened years ago and so then I'm getting the blame in the attacks on the demonization of the threats for what the corporate media is saying over and over again that I'm saying that it didn't happen and the families are getting the threats and the family is it going to be in tax and the families are getting called crisis actors

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oh my God in hindsight is absolutely but I can't I legitimately didn't take my show is as powerful as it was so that I wasn't rent respectively. Looking everything I was doing as much as I should nobody's perfect as you get older you growing you aren't things but I just began to realize about three years ago that they're making my identity not being a nationalist not being a populist not being a free market guy they're making my whole identity Sandy Hook and I know they're going to sue me that was just because that's what gets clicks yes but it's not my daddy I barely ever covered it stop rubbing your scent that's not what they do. Try to make it but they're not trying to make your identity they're not trying to Define you or do some sort of a documentary biography on your life you just finding something that people want to pay attention to this is one of the problems with with news coverage today is that they find things that people want to pay attention to and they focus on

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them out of proportionate to say that I'm making money off Sandy Hook when when the newspapers in the publishing houses are using me as a way to put out that it's in your very hurtful thing well I guess also be hurtful I didn't mean to be a I was legitimately and then don't do it and they go know we're going to commit this hurtful thing that's for chill Free Speech but it's hurtful in your freaking name and that message on the victim here I'm saying stop it because everything I do I shall have my huge audience radio stations in your infowars.com and newswars.com but reaching do people's very hard and then now that I've been silenced the mainstream media can say whatever they want show about you about me and I can't respond to you go to YouTube and type in Alex Jones will this is where you and I had this just happened

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Alex Jones says kill the families of Parkland parents have to you can pull up the same as Prilosec I forgot all the mean stuff put up on top like the 7th 8th link this is Alex Jones a white supremacy what to do about it and he said it's Alex Jones in a white supremacist are saying go to the people's houses at Parkland and kill the parents and we have taken off the air because just kill the parents there's no free speech for killing parents and I'm like dude do not say that I'm going to get killed I mean I have never said nobody got it parked when I sure as hell it should kill their parents let's let's chill now can we take a step by step making anything you can imagine up about me and and it it's like insane

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that's all I'm saying is is that at a certain point it's like Jesus again let's let's take the step-by-step I'm sorry I want to give you an opportunity to communicate and clear the air and talk and some of the shit that you and I talked about earlier there's a bunch of things going on one there's it's a story that attract people's attention

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write a story of a guy who sang that people didn't get killed when they did get killed and it's horrific for people to look at its riffic two people to think about that their own children will not only get murdered but then someone would accuse them of being crisis actor so then they start pushing that story and that story becomes something that they make money off of which is really in in some way it's kind of ironic they keep the story in the news and they keep getting clicks off of you and misrepresenting some of the things that you said you wish you hadn't said that's all so real but let's be clear I'm not even defending myself people learn stuff as you get older hindsight your life but why did I do that I used it whatever was the big hot thing on the internet

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I would just debated cuz it was interesting over this what I wanted to get to you you were doing the show and in the show you're on the air hours and hours a day and you're ranting about all these various things is it is it fair to say that you weren't really a hundred percent of where what kind of influence you were having and if you did know you would have phrase things differently and done things differently you know they teach even beyond that I was just younger and and I was covering what other people were saying I was not the first 10th the hundredth of 10,000 you're reading about it on the internet stay on all over the news that people are denying it and I've got producers going hey look at this video but it's nothing wrong with every single National tragedy any time something happens there's a certain amount of people that think that there's a conspiracy even when it's just a plane crash even when it's just let it fill in the blanks any sort of national trash like that at all I'm saying

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Sandy Hooks not the hell I'm dying on I I support people's right to question and I understand because there's been so much lying and corporate media by governments and and staged events that are admitted Declassified that wants people see that one thing was staged then everything else must be staged and then I have been on the receiving end of thousands of made-up conspiracies what's your laugh at until people in a truck with gun show up I understand

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part of this is the complex world we live in all the information we have more than ever and a lot of it is all the drugs people are on Alicia a lot of his skitzofrenix this is a big problem between me and we were talking about the certain percentage of the human beings it affects your judgement this is toxoplasmosis rats brains makes them sexually attracted to spawn trap recites yes is a bunch of them to some of the probably haven't even been identified or the whole crazy cat lady saying come from yes that's exactly what it is it's one of the reasons why they tell women when they're pregnant to stay the fuck away from cat litter don't touch cat litter Dunkin Alesia when are cats yes you can mean it's kicking be actually fatal for babies but I'm sure there's a lot of factors

► 00:21:24

possessed by that cat and really it's a damn brain worm but it's probably also why they told you not to eat pork

► 00:21:33

yeah teams have the highest level of brain worm infestation well it's this a disproportionate amount of people that live in countries where the high toxoplasmosis infection was it successful soccer team doing some study that was done on that where we had a Doctor Robert sapolsky women that had motorcycle victims that test positive for toxoplasmosis this is where the Robert sapolsky out of Stanford University was telling us removed to get a brain worm that program to go top of the tree so birds eat it yeah and then and then it scrapped out in the snails eat that and then go and it's a food psych yes yes she don't tell me in classic Evolution and I'm also Within Temptation by five right-wingers in the Bible that's not what it says there's a big quick jumps but we know what's going on but the idea that just there's worms and there's all these different

► 00:22:33

grasshopper The Aquatic worm gets inside of a grasshoppers body and gets a grasshopper to commit suicide gets a grasshopper to jump into water and drown and then it comes out of its body and that's where it lives it lives in the water so it literally gets its host to commit suicide and it does something a supercomputer couldn't do any programs around itself will this is a matter of complex biology it means I think it's insanely complex and it's something that scientists are studying on a daily basis trying to get me all day

► 00:23:10

I appreciate you having on her to do it and I and I know I don't have a talking point I don't have a PR firm you leave a top-four went on air about what am I going to do what do you want to say today so you can help me get out I don't know I'm all I want to say a bunch of things I'm only learning how this works being in the process of it and it's going to be a much bigger of you that I do 23 years ago when I first got on here because I've experienced what other people have said these bad things I did experience I did it from a good heart I believe question was okay I was covering other people questioning but then there's a weird sick irony in the media says that

► 00:23:48

I'm the one that put generated Sandy Hook didn't happen when I wasn't true that in my name popularize it to a level of like they put out more shallow breathing problems before you change your country has been going on for years every day the news the friend no one died at Sandy Hook Alex Jones says it goes on and on and on and would you were thinking this because it's about you so because it's about you it becomes a primary point of focus because it's affecting your life and something you're concentrating on massive because it's something that generates interest this is part of the problem with the way we do news today anything that generates interest I mean if they honestly if the media really care they probably would have never talked about it

► 00:24:39

they probably never brought it up that we had a real terror attacks in the sixties and seventies that weren't staged to go back and look at them like the weatherman all that stuff in it and the government immediate didn't cover it months is a long time if you cover terrorist I do it more that's true of mass Shooters in the newspaper cuz they don't want people to get attention for that mean something different countries at the hospital and I realized it once I saw a bunch of be classified staged event like North Woods or like gladio or Lionel the Tonkin Gulf of Tonkin or or jussie Smollett probably show me the day after it happened I said the guy's got a noose around his neck at 2 a.m. in in Chicago and a noose in Chicago who's walking around with a news who even knows how to write who knows how to

► 00:25:39

make a news like who's in the cop show up

► 00:25:43

40-something minutes later he's at the door with a noose around its neck in the Subway sandwich because if you if you're a little kid is having read more about psychology try to understand the stuff if you're a little kid and somebody was red hair beat you and tortured man with red hair so it's kind of like or as a kid has been on this light right and she all these fake hoaxes and you're the face of about Kavanaugh on the pics of other Covington kid and in the face of a small it she that's now the public actually a huge backlash and smell it

► 00:26:31

it's not it's not a man who's giving you back last book in the public are like hey the Covington kids are fake blasey Ford and most women said it was all fake so why are you saying Sandy Hook's real everything's fake it's like no dude everything's not fake that's what I'm saying is the differentials gone and there's a bunch of fake stuff and we had a right to question but now now now the general public my fans believe everything she said it but let me stop you there I'm ranting I just it's okay I want you to rent this but this is this is the nature of the Beast this is what you're selling to a lot of these people this is why they're tuning into you they want to hear you uncovered conspiracies and some of them aren't as bright as others and some of them can't see logic they don't see they don't understand why I don't just think I know you don't listen I think of you never talked about Sandy Hook you to have no problems I really do believe that I believe they would be problems I've been

► 00:27:31

people would look down on you and call you a right-wing lunatic and all sorts of other things which they don't even know when I knew you when I first knew you you were getting arrested for going after George Bush I member when George you are not a right-wing talking about you hear what you were asking him a pertinent question of the CFR in his dad's drugged yes exactly exactly and this is the guy that was running for president as a Republican and you you were getting arrested for? Contra the CFR point is you weren't you weren't a tie to a party you were trying to find the truth and I always pray hands when I align with Trump that's when all hell broke loose yeah yeah that was part of it I think that was definitely match she looked at my whole bio and said Sandy Hook hit him on that right now you still communicate with Trump

► 00:28:21

not in a while and I wish I could come as a big issue and I obviously communicate with surrogate should be able to talk to Trump I mean. Junior was on Tucker Carlson last night were talking about me and saying what happened is wrong and use me as a way to start the cactus society and then and then and then I imagine you're never supposed to block somebody from banking if they have a good record here's a little story I had an a-plus-plus rating with my shopping cart and bank accounts that I had for 22 years and Banks looking into said we've quite frankly never seen anybody with a credit rating this High because you never even to charge batch with our shopping cart people do that was I mean chargebacks

► 00:29:05

AA group out of Boston which I'm not going to mention if you're showing things that we're preparing litigation against who does the ratings to secret rating system for like Taliban Al-Qaeda the Mafia That's the tea of the bank Executives 2 days before PayPal Bandits they put a hate designation of a Southern Poverty Law Center Shane I'm basically a terrorist so when they call you a hate person now that means that are person Interpol show all over the Western world

► 00:29:32

I am listed and we would send documents out of England and I would have you asked that we were sent to spy my little thing people are freaked out we make contact lawyer texted I can't believe it they have designated me as an international terrorist and that's how they took five of my sick bank account and got me down to one bank account with perfect credit Shang you cannot take money on your shopping cart and foursquare.com your product t-shirt books whatever you you are a lot of Ben Converse because you are a terrorist and what do they use to Define terrorist it's classified symbol so we got some of the document just hate I just hate and then just let me just decide arbitrarily that you're a hateful person that you promote hate no judge no jury at the global Chinese social score that's what they're all testing for here this is what we're talking about this very important this is actually dangerous this is actually dangerous to give people the bility to Define people without any strick rigid qualifications without anything you can point to on paper

► 00:30:32

I got out of prison cert online store and sell t-shirts but if I was Charlie Manson specials on on on CBS on 60 Minutes and I don't think you saw to get paid for those though I think that was part of the thing cuz of he's involved in more so you can hear what Hitler has to say even though we know he's a bad guy well why can't you read Alex Jones has to say because they have found what I talked about as effective against people thinking and they want it shut down because we we were launched populism Imports has done this but I can test 1776 worldwide

► 00:31:15

populism anti globalism anti-communism anti-china in the big tech companies Google and apple and all of them have publicly move to China and they publicly agreed to censor I control the populations in the nose and that's why she got so mad at me and I made a huge issue to Trump and I sent reports the present I know he got and that's what happened on that Sunday night when they said that's it we're done Papa John's we have to take him down because I got investigations going at the National Security level sending big reports the president through law firms of Reuters and AP and then the Articles which he wasn't getting where China is given of the code keys by Applebee's last year and is moving their database they're all the cookies have been given to the Chinese government and a Bible says I just part of being there and Google's building dragonfly project help since the entire population with a social credit score China they're going to bring it here and everything you do in life will be controlled and

► 00:32:15

air lines down that are putting cameras in that watch you while you're on the airplane. Sandy Hook as an excuse to get you off the air and a sensor you going to take away your ability to make income not because of that but using that as an excuse because of the other things you do like targeting things like Google and talking about things that you talking about where it was there in China in China is allowed they're allowing time to censor the population don't go help China do this stuff don't be evil but I only tell you something cuz I knew I knew someone who worked at Google I know someone who used to work at Google I should say their thought process was that Google is going if they don't bring Google to China in the center form they're going to copy Google this is the real the real worried because China copies everything I mean there is intellectual copyright law over there

► 00:33:15

better now true but if this is what they're saying about that job explain something from the point of view of Google as a business and I don't necessarily not saying I agree with this cuz I don't get some apple juice in your system fella they were thinking this is what I was talking to a woman who was a very high-level executive and she was saying that they're going to steal it if we don't work with them they're just going to steal Google and and take the code and make their own version of it so them as a business or like this is inevitable they're going to do it anyway we're just going to give in to their censorship damn it I don't agree with it I don't think it's a good idea but I don't know what I would do if I was Google I'll tell him

► 00:33:55

you'll tell what I'll tell you what should I do for China you're dead on what that person told you when I had the globalist 15 years ago 20 years ago try to buy me often the year you know whatever by the way cheers when they did all that

► 00:34:14

what I did all that what were they trying to do who's turn the volume up where I can't get into your private meetings and it's it's journalist on the inside if you don't join this help save the planet and do all these big things my dad got the same speech when he was in high school rtut it planned to tell you about that later but if you don't join us then the bad guys are in the system are going to win that's how they kill off because that's how those people you're talking about a pretty good person that person to Google they've had hundreds of their top Engineers quit over this because you're not here

► 00:34:52

China in 1949 was Nationalist and and capitalists in our own CIA Declassified left us the Ford Foundation that's what's about the CIA helped put the chai comes in power it took him decades to get running water in toilets they have no environmental standards no rules that had all of our investment they've been built up because the Chinese, she'll do whatever the globalist want when you go and you are in China they make you become skate run to get 0% tax corporate 0% corporate tax look it up now and you become state-sponsored state-run show they're claiming

► 00:35:35

show the China doesn't rapist of our technology we're going to go over there and spread our legs to him even more so it's not a rape we're willing and we're going to take you along with us so the idea that well if we don't give it to him they're just going to rip it off so let us go really give him all the big secrets and and have Google ask your till the Pentagon we're not going to help you with a Thomas drones but Google gave them all the way to a i

► 00:36:02

and I'll get them or so she gets up in the moment gave them all the sophisticated Ai and now China announces they've got all these AI drones are autonomous and all these AI weapon systems the director aircraft show telling you is China has no rules 20 years ago they had cows that produce human milk 20 years ago they had spiders that British body armor spider does okay they have human-animal hybrids 30 years ago they've got giant human tissue Farms you know you hear all your your Achilles is torn we've got a grown a lab attendance not a freaking 10 and growing a lab it's a freaking that deal humanoid these are humans the way to get around it is a measurement win-win-win listen I love you to death but you say so many dollars comes to real I believe they are but you say so many different things without stopping its hardest people to absorb

► 00:37:00

play Jojo quarterly 25 years ago that they had human animal embryos but they killed him in the embryonic level I believe I believe that. Humanoid I believe this I've been able to use crispr to enhance children it was done HIV if something about HIV immune to HIV no yes

► 00:37:35

bubbles want to play God I hope they call a breakaway civilization

► 00:37:41

what's up with somebody bring me to a sexual assault. Sandy Hook which I get I appreciate you let me cover and I'm sorry I never have and I believe that happened I'm sorry for people's pain and then I asked the families and I asked to do the lawyers and ask them all shopping my name sing on the wolf at the door Shane go after these families and stop running around to the news everywhere saying Alex Jones says Sandy Hook didn't happen because the media State media is the most unpopular the world was 7% approval rating in Gallup so when they say that I say it's fake that sends people to Connecticut because people think the media lies so they're saying it must have happened and now they're trying to create a violent event. The family but I think some of the people involved know that if they make a big enough hype about it they're going to have a big event up there in Connecticut you understand they're going to blame it on me no no no I believe it happened stop saying I said it didn't happen and stop saying that I'm saying no kids died cuz I want to talk about human-animal hybrids and humanoid

► 00:38:41

it's a joke why is it bad to be a humanoid why because if you make it a few percentage points another animal or another creature it's a gray area there is no human rights you have an animal rights movement you have a human rights movement there is no alien movement they're creating human-animal hybrids that are a new creature never here on Earth it's alien show the aliens are already here AI is alien the chimeras are Alien aliens are already here so you're saying they're making these human-animal hybrid so they can what Harvest tissue from them

► 00:39:17

that's just level one with level 2 what's up late because a lot. I'll tell you a lot for the best of my knowledge a lot of people think oh it's it's it's human harvesting a falun Gong are these boots really healthy that's big that's going on because they still have a better non rejection right but with the chimeras I remember 22 years ago reading a BBC article that was kind of testing the waters that case when we tested and then go oh yeah about 15 years ago the first animal human Chimera for Maiden test if they're not brought to term but sometimes when I'm playing some in your house because I'm such a bigger Universe you rub a bigger humanoid and get more tissue and so then I went by there go research that so I went to UT library that time could use some of the internet like 1996 and I actually pulled up all these MIT report took them to my dad other people who is dr. Yeah that's really crazy and it was all about how

► 00:40:14

we got to prepare the public for this because we're going to be able to download their memories and then put it in a new body this is before Blade Runner Associates jog this is the world's not imitating Blade Runner Blade Runner is a preparation for what's coming and they're telling you more human than human this is going to be more advanced this is going to be better but like everything like a cell phone for like a vaccine it's got a trojan horse it's got a backdoor it's already been tested it's already been perfected it's being rolled out you're not giving a real technology you're not giving the real life extension you're giving the crap Joe and the Earth is seen is like an egg yolk to give the propulsion power in this new thing that's going to be born and whether you believe that or not just like when the new thing me artificial intelligence beyond that it's an option of artificial intelligence and a whole shift assistant new life-forms

► 00:41:02

and so that's the big giant race when he want to watch Game of the told you that she goes he's doing her functions he has a concert so he's freaked out and then go these delete or functions I don't just know this I've talked to people and I was in Wired Magazine 20 something years ago why the future doesn't even smell Joy a billionaire co-owner Sun Microsystems he goes to a billionaire meeting with 200 guys and the consensus was play video games and party all day we're going to set up a world government or in a slowly titrate the dos and poison the public. Mime down put electromagnetic radiation out with 5G the scrambles rdna lowers your IQ we're in a car smash mental illness and a controlled societal collapse that will then be organized and control in the mop-up crew by robots controlled by the globalist programmers who believed with the offworld and if he's there in communication with that they're going to be given the operation to upload and be in that larger kind of Borg Cube system okay hit they said they sell the country you got to hit the brakes I'm so baffled what's the matter

► 00:42:02

MIT MIT technology review estimated about 20 pregnancies of pig human or sheep human chimeras have been established during the last 12 months in the US 500% believe it look I think that especially the 1985 I'm sure I believe I believe I believe that they will take all sorts of Liberty's in Gray areas when it comes to scientific research I definitely believe there's a lot of different things moms trying to ignite the atmosphere operation starfish Prime day actually texted a nuclear bomb the doctor did not detonate a nuclear bomb in the upper arm

► 00:43:02

everything I know about all this and you got mad at me so we can communicate

► 00:43:10

are you sure it's not going to call him now it's not that I can't handle it it's there's two factors one I don't have an anytime I don't have enough time to go into it as much as you do a fucking subject you know all about it I don't know all about this bullshit you know exactly what you're going to think you're a bad guy you're trying to survive you and your family and do good okay but just don't make the Breakaway civilization the deal's been made it's not it's not the third dimension they made freaking deals with inter-dimensional aliens and noticed this is true I do not know this and this is still okay I do not know this human pig hybrid Jamie just pull this out I believe it's true

► 00:44:10

my identity it's not that I get it they admit 5G all the studies LA Times causes massive mutation and cancer wait a minute away with this is the new Internet Protocol change tell you you're on fire, okay you know about pigs and rats were most closely related to a bunch of pansies that's why I like the organs of the rejected you know about that yes or very close to human pig organs in people with steps

► 00:45:02

it's true but you don't know everything I know that's what no no I don't listen when I tell you that

► 00:45:16

oh yeah we had human-animal hybrid this is like freaking 39 years ago now 23 years ago I'm really in the BBC about it and go confirm attack okay and they're just floating there was an article in 1999 in the Baltimore Sun Country baggage who is his dad was a US senator he's he like he should have known these are the guys that got all the money Americans you spell his last name is good friend of mine can I get the point is so what does he do he was telling me all these years ago he goes Alex isn't chemicals in the food water that's Channel SMU its electrochemical

► 00:46:02

but I'm reading in the Baltimore Sun after I just had him on until he was crazy as give me all these patents for mind control using Wave links in microwave and I'm sitting there looking at it and I'm reading it and I'm pushing it and the Baltimore Sun says the CIA is testing on cell towers wave links to calm the public during crises I just had baggage on with patents talking about that what that is it's not that the microwave I've somehow interface with the brain we already interface with a space wins all these other magnetic fields everything else so they're all just testing this stuff into everything they deployed it got all these other Technologies my dad was Beauty and 65 when was in high school starting at CD-ROMs computers everything but it's absolutely that's what I'm telling you it's a breakaway civilization dude we don't know what they got we don't know we don't know who we don't know the whole thing that's what I'm telling you is this is hiding in plain view and that's why it's so crazy imagine if you knew all

► 00:47:02

you're trying to tell people and they go oh God he's doing that find one thing he did a chance me and make that his whole world that's what I'm telling you is it in the newspaper that the cell towers are being used for mind control that sounds like a schizophrenic use a cell towers from falling around town and thinks their dog is watching them and we're actually aliens you've got someone over here someone over here to believe everything they see on Fox News yes okay what street is good science is good trying to figure out what's real and all of us get freaked out but make sure the world no one knows what the universe is we don't have all the answers that question especially low IQ shows they have to differentiate and create a model that allows them to put it in boxes so they can make it make sense because they can't handle it

► 00:48:01

top astronaut spacewalk for the first time and they're out in the universe and the whole planets under them and what are they going to do they can eat it it's mind-blowing will imagine once you realize we don't know everything we don't understand English and there's all this crazy crap people donut and as humans learn more more as we become more advanced it was this metamorphosis it's going to create a giant suicidal crisis or most of people already going to get killed the globalist understand that in the birth of this planet dismiss PCS and so they decided to take control make a scientific stun everyone in downtown so they can scientifically try to order leak air this operation I'm going to go wait a minute you're detonating over a hundred hotter than bombs the upper atmosphere to see if you could ignite the atmosphere destroy the Earth was in his sixties I know but what I'm telling you is the same professors train people's crap at those people are dead the people that detonated those hydrogen bombs in the 60s they're dead Now does not we're not dealing with the same human beings I'm with you on most

► 00:49:02

I agree with you in some ways that everything evolves and things get better this is one of my argument about operation Northwoods that if they were able to push operation Northwoods to get it signed by The Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962 was it 62 table to do that and no one went to jail and no one got arrested for proposing that they were going to arm Cuban Friendly's and have them bomb Guantanamo Bay and blow up a Cuban jetliner and shoot people to be there right yes yes that seems evolve things evolve and if unchecked and obviously that was unchecked no one went to jail for that and we got in trouble for that PBS covered it like I never even knew this let's read this one here the significance of the research explain is that although the cell phone power is low electromagnetic radiation can nevertheless have an effect on mental behavior when transmitting at the proper frequency what is this article Jamie side of America in Scientific American it's titled mind control by cell phone so it really does have an effect added a whole study on

► 00:50:02

no further it doesn't so there is so would you think that they're making this cop that she qualified last year they were putting up shell towers that look like trees already testing at neighborhoods okay did you know that that that is one way but beyond that it's a microwave relay relay system they can manipulate and then the powers even more powerful so this is a device given by the gods okay given us by the technology that that the Breakaway government NASA has developed that you don't just think they made up themselves what do you mean who do you think made it up but when you're ready to get to it I want to listen to understand something about how to spot us to join the meat is not

► 00:51:01

the meat of the real research that I have heard that that I have talked to Army generals commanding generals major generals General General CIA everybody and they're all 100% And I thought it was a sign up before and then I'm researching I talked to hundreds of people that are not on there but I'mma make a film on this who taking Ayahuasca and DMT I'm not taking it and obvious reasons and

► 00:51:33

and it's unbelievable because I needed a hundred percent in San Francisco is the main project site literally have an alien base and they are literally communicating I did not like astronaut level people taking super hardcore levels of drugs and going into meetings with these things and making Intergalactic deals this is a magician you say the government it's a broad stroke you painting using a broad brush and what you mean by the government Rogue Intelligence Agency of drugs to communicate with inter-dimensional beings all right everyone who's done a high dose of psychedelic drugs has had this experience so everyone is listening to you right now who's done DMT or done 5 grams of psilocybin they know that this is a you have some kind of communication with something else the question is

► 00:52:33

is that something else inside your psyche or is that something else a chemical heart or Shay is there a chemical doorway Inside the Mind that opens up in the belief is that when you die and this is what the afterlife is that when you die your brain produces these chemicals these chemicals open up this doorway and this is the portal to the next Dimension so you're saying you're saying that the government is aware this name must be aware of this it hurt enough people talk about it they must have done experiments on it really hoping things and people that have the courage to experiment with these things and try them themselves realize that this is such a profound experience that it is it's so alien that if an alien landed right now in our parking lot and a little gray man with big black eyes got it would be nothing compared to what I've seen on psychedelic trips

► 00:53:28

maybe getting into this show is just because some people need to understand that I know about this for a long time and I just don't think people are ready for it but a lot of folks

► 00:53:41

low oxygen and and heavy and I hope reins well well who have your sleep apnea of a Big Macs big heads to like you and me have a 62% oxygen that's another time that the brain releases DMT show my whole life since I was about my first memories were every night was a DMT trip so I basically

► 00:54:08

I don't want this to sound arrogant it's not I've seen everything well I believe that when you're dreaming it's most likely the same chemicals that are being released opens the gate which side is it proven your brain is working the 4th 5th 6th Dimension and if you don't work into those images you can see beyond it so it's what I'm trying to tell you is this here's what's happening

► 00:54:35

I'm not saying you're bad I never said you were the CIA I say the CIA is on record with Timothy Leary and everybody promoting hallucinogens in the sixties they admitted it was a plan to try to see what it would do in public to make the more suggestible

► 00:54:50

but there's a larger program and then I kind of backed off because it kind of got out of control and actually created some some some people are actually fighting so so it didn't have the effect they want it so the name moved on the Ayahuasca and the DMT they promoted which good strong people have got Compass don't have problems with the weak-minded stupid people and others Pierce example this guy smart Erich Mancow Muller show Generator house I don't like him just to just lost me walking around everybody's everybody's on this Quest

► 00:55:31

I told you a hundred people affected more as long as we're going to do in these these DMT and Ayahuasca trips outside Austin to get them all over the place yes and

► 00:55:41

I want to show you some of the same story everybody tells you live in Peru or being young Costa Rica when did two trips down there

► 00:55:49

and he said yeah we're sitting there and we take the I lost it and then all these basically elves aliens come out of the woods and we're all saying the same aliens we're all hearing the same thing and it's like 43 of us or whatever she and he goes but it was the drugs affecting our brains no no a drug everyone see something different when you open a gate and now inter-dimensionally your brains already filtering out most stuff because you can't handle your eyes are already seeing like a cat looks like seeing something in her dog will you know when they first identified there certain certain components to Ayahuasca and one of them is harming and when they first identified it they tried to call it telepathy mean that's a reason why they call it telepathy and because when they were taking Ayahuasca do Havanese group experiences that were undeniable they were experiencing like very vividly the same things and

► 00:56:49

prompt that that term the government he talked about the post office is a shity turn however they are okay but that that term the problem with that term is it lumps you in as I know that Mel Gibson movie Conspiracy Theory was wackadoodles driving a cab and believed in fucking tinfoil Hat type yes exactly compartmentalize yes but but that kind of stuff when you say the government is doing it like who is doing this who's working on these experience

► 00:57:23

we don't have the same name spelled with a broad brush and the big question is who they when everybody says they don't want you to know I remember that fucking guy who is ripping people off like weight loss secrets that they don't want you to know Kevin Kevin Trudeau they put him in jail for that he's in jail right now he won't give up the money cuz you got a pile of cash somewhere and he said he would do that they would I think they said they would give him a right to say Healthcare cures the computers I don't know about there are some other point is they don't look I have some love in my heart for Kevin Trudeau because he started International pool tour was he's putting a lot of money in the professional pool Oxycontin company the documents came out that we're going to totally a dick people and then we're going to sell him drugs to get off of it.

► 00:58:23

I know about him and it was like he was 100% about him and 1wayfrank straight well I didn't get that experience with them with me and I him just talked about pool I was doing some stuff with him when he was first starting the pool to where I came to a couple of his events but he that they this thing there is like you always have a good way of asking questions instead of saying who runs it all right you wait till I do the cliche and you correct me what I'm doing is Playing devil's advocate and I'm also looking at it from the perspective not yet you want me to come at 2 instead of 1. I'm having a good time with you I just want you to know that I can't say all of this on there okay okay and I'm going to leave it at that but I'm on record 20 years ago before anybody else was talking about The Clockwork elves and now the glove was think they're in touch with his empty some things only

► 00:59:23

I don't want to get I'm not the CIA the CIA is bigger than Coca-Cola Chan basic there than Walmart I never been in intelligence agency I've ever been a part of any other stuff

► 00:59:35

but I have family that was in advanced DARPA research projects that I don't know all the details about and I was a kid my dad told me about some of it not talk show host Larry the light when the deputy director the CIA show Carol I can't tell you all about it but it's a classified program in Maryland and underground base and they won't give me all the channels what's double the money I'm making now this is for National Security but I think I think it's basically yeah we're going to we're building cyborgs and we've got Special Forces of the volunteer we can infiltrate the Russians and get to codes and systems and I believe it's implanting but messages in their teeth and I didn't and I also think as I do implants I think it's a brain surgery program for micro chest and and so I'm here and I'm sick of these people and you've already done so much for the apartment and look what they've already done to you and I'm at my my

► 01:00:35

whether you're not going to be in you know that I want you out of this so this is like you know seven eight years old and I learned about the about the cyborgs okay okay show show that's the kind of stuff that tiger of shape and you know all let's go get your uncle he's come out and see 130 you know Army thing army uniform from Guatemala machine guns I mean I don't know okay and I need to know okay the point is just that's what I grew up know the type of stuff I shot

► 01:01:05


► 01:01:07

my dad never told me about all this stuff when I was older till it was like 12 years ago and I was finishing in game blueprint for Global enslavement it's free still online and it's all about the world government and how their cell phones watching you and everything you didn't come for it was already truth and the plan for one world government and don't have kids and all that attack on the family and we were going to ballet recital for like my three-year-old daughter she's 14 hour and they should have like an hour and watch the end of the film 3 Hour film and my mom goes Cape attached not true

► 01:01:41

Hells yes it's all true when I was in junior and I still have recruited me another program there and they brought us and I said the Nazis were wrong because they're only charge a certain groups everybody in the planetary break away and World governments blah blah blah does a nuclear reactor under UT and also stops but the point is that special my dad was like for like the sixth smartest in Texas and I got a group of less than 10 kids and they brought them in as juniors in high school and said we're going to do all this cuz I want to be an ass as soon as he gets in here because Daddy has a big secret group it's the other side of the break by government there's the CIA break like I'm at 1947 and there's Kennedy setting up NASA 1961 solar two different competing Breakaway governments and those are the real garbage in the USA by Breakaway governments what do you mean Breakaway governments Breakaway civilizations it's the real groups that are like the cult

► 01:02:41

who are they are scientist called who were based on your psychic ability and on your IQ and then on your commitment to the program answer the program starts with will you go and check black people Shuffle us for a greater cause or will you do research programs on babies where we tell poor women that your baby died while they were born Rodeo keep the baby alive and sometimes kill him sometimes Harvest some experiments on that's why I don't know your baby. That's why the governor said it was actually warm and Hardesty Dr he knows we keep the babies and love every little blonde and have a discussion they are getting caught now cuz we be compartmentalize what I'm confused what you're saying what are you saying about babies like what are they doing with babies you you saw the governor of Virginia Shea we keep baby's light after their born chilling right

► 01:03:41

I didn't see that I am very very concerned with late-term abortions get weed in 7 and 1/2 pound baby they keep alive for two weeks then Mama doesn't know so they can register the organs and get bitters play me your nation makes 500000 what are you saying that the baby they kill on the spot only get 50 Grand in there that they take the baby from the mother in the mother doesn't know the baby's alive yeah you know how they are tomatoes the last on the Shelf yes

► 01:04:20

you can pull all this up California's past it. Should be Virginia Virginia is about to pass a New York trying to pass a California trying to pass it to other states trying to pass it to keep babies alive and allow noticed the governor goes we don't want we don't want the government involved the doctors and the mothers drugged up and say that I'm going to decide about the future and maybe she keep Baby Alive a week maybe she's trying to get rid of baby wait a minute is this a viable baby there's nothing wrong with this baby on Monday

► 01:04:57

to not pass a bill for post-birth abortion should not kill him a little post birds as a viable babies already born can be killed if the by weather for I bet you ten millions pull that up Jamie we got to figure out what do you say Snopes Huffington Post is that Snopes at the mostly false go to YouTube and type in

► 01:05:35

governor of Virginia talks about post-birth abortion I see the left so compartment on the singer the left mainstream media whenever we're so censored now they're making their move right now who's today want to learn the secrets of University Leone singing so what you're saying is a lot of the censorship a lot of this is about. Hahaha I'm not kidding I will give $1000000 to your charity of choice

► 01:06:17

I've got to listen to me I will give you 1 million dollars if you can prove that I'm making up at the governor said we keep babies alive after they're born we keep them comfortable and then turns out he's an organ harvesting thing and that's what they're doing so they keep babies alive don't go to snow don't you the governor go to the governor of Virginia

► 01:06:43

that's why they went ahead and Bernie for the black face they're using the blackmailing they are as soon as he should be there as soon as Trump and we all covered as soon as he tweeted he said yes we're getting rid of babies after they're already born you don't want to do that no I already figured out with George Soros putting it right

► 01:07:02

no I'm going to oversimplify that to me get to find out if I know what time does tuna loose anagen category so it causes more schizophrenia I think he does I said that she was going to court. I think it does I think it does look certain people I've simplified tax return yeah that was funny the only time I feel weird fucking George Bush and George Bush senior master dance around the capitol spawn times does the song that you wrote a song about it Jamie Jamie this is a joke I will give $1000000 you don't have to give any money but I believe you I just want to live and I have skin in the game I believe you I mean he's going to find it

► 01:08:02

you don't have to wear listening to you and then he uses these arguments he uses his argument he does well sometimes baby sometimes the baby is is the phone no they want the organs and so who should baby week with partial birth they keep the baby alive they take it in the back and then they have a fan pull up that takes it to a Chinese government run facility in the US and they got to suck this listen to this day video on third trimester abortions as well as other restrictions now in place and she was pressed by Republican delegate about whether her bill would permit an abortion even is a woman is sexually dilating ready to give birth

► 01:09:02

and she answered that it would prevent an abortion at that stage of Labor do you support her measure and it explained her answer call Julie and I certainly can't speak for delegate Tran but I will tell you one first thing I would say this is why decisions such as this should be made by providers are Physicians and are the mothers and fathers that are involved involved there are you know it when we talked about third trimester abortions these are done with the consent to Abba see that the mother with the consent of the Physicians more than one position by the way and it's done in cases where there may be severe to form

► 01:10:02

is there may be a defeatist that's 9 Bible so in this particular example if a mother is in labor I can tell you exactly what would happen if the infant would be delivered the infant would be kept comfortable infant would be resuscitated if if that's what the mother in the family desired and then a discussion would ensue between the Physicians and the mother so I think this was really blown out of proportion but again we want the government not to be involved in these types of decisions we want the decision to be made by the the mothers and their providers in and this is why Julie that legislators most of whom are men by the way shouldn't be telling a woman what she should and shouldn't be doing with her body as is currently required she's trying to live that requirement well I think it's always good to get a second opinion and 4/4 at least two providers to be involved in that decision because these decisions shouldn't be taking

► 01:11:02

lightly and so that you know I would I would certainly support more than one provider that's a weird thing that you just kind of let him say weird is that she was told they were talking about resuscitating the baby that they would keep the baby alive than the decision will be made isn't that that's like euthanasia like you kidding me right you're Grammys like 80 years old you can't you can't just kill her. They said that's one explain now you've got it did you hear that legal H turns out when I saw that clip a month ago cuz they had a debate about the bill and I will kill babies after they're born and how far I'll go

► 01:11:57

but it's jurisprudence there's law you can't do that so this is taking over the government not involve this is the medical system you sharpen if they can kill a baby after it's born cuz sometimes a deformed sometimes it the phone here's the key

► 01:12:13

notice he said we were suscitate they don't consider you alive till the bioethics board shares that you're a vile human and under the bioethics in Europe and are the UN now which is all knots above the EU was set up by the Nazis Volkswagen I might as well so I can sell that that that was literally drawn the first was taken by Hitler Dowdy the Olympic symbol and Hitler was a really bad dude but he literally everything

► 01:12:40

they had a system where they first killed babies they thought were deformed that was 1934

► 01:12:47

and the final solution having like six seven years later and so he sang cuz I got a big problem I got Undercover videos are keeping babies alive want to pull those up I might be asking for doesn't so they've got to start getting it going now with Governor Physicians and people to go to the nurses are freaking out and they're saying we're keeping babies alive when they can put the van and drive away what's going on are you comfortable show the babies worth $500,000 who's in the chain of delivery just on time delivery organs worth a lot of money and go but but if you kill him right on the spot they're like why are we wasting this 7 lb of meat so she if they can keep them alive and how they built these new Wings they don't do ants have wings where they go oh we consider the baby dead the mother decided it didn't live if she decides we were suscitate the lives but it gif

► 01:13:47

resuscitate its flesh it's illegal aliens it's passed into a special Ward with doctors and make a few million a year and a little lash ball is kept alive and comfortable until all the orders come in the planes land and they take the organs and they take the the the blood and they take the skin Joe you see how it work now you know why my dad do organ Harvesters in Dallas and he said don't sign your organ donor card they've got corrupt hospitals where if you get her totally viable they take your organs of cheese and then and then my dad to the hospital to Adele's then when I was Jack a decade later at my grandparents house where Grandpa died watching 60 minutes

► 01:14:47

people that were viable to take her organs tonight they 60 Minutes Expose and it was a freaking hospital my dad told me about you at the kitchen table when you're right here in about cyborgs T. Why I know about this my dad never got fully into it he decided to get out of it

► 01:15:08

exercise to get out of it he was legitimately freaking me the fuck out Joe I will I will let you know the problem is some of it makes sense because people figure out a way to rationalize a lot of things if you see a guy's mangle the car accidents but he still alive and you know you could sell the Arkansas I mean the book but the thing is how many people would have to be involved for that to be real show you

► 01:15:39

songs that you write 15 videos of Planned Parenthood workers laughing saying I made a million bucks yesterday last year it's incredible when you just keep him alive longer will get 10 times the money when I get to 50 grand for baby cuz we got to kill them before they leave the building the mother. No there. They talked her into it home and all the baby might have a problem I have a heart murmur oh yeah and then they get the your finger to get to this is true but only a few hours and they got to get planes coming in and vans and they don't get the full price cuz they can't put on the auction page. Digital corporate auctions look us up for Oregon's bring something up to you I had this guy on yesterday El narcos name is you on Grillo and he's he's an investigative journalist to visit Mexico and he studies the cartel organs and put this one of the things he was saying was that they they get these people used to killing and they were getting these kids

► 01:16:39

how many kids killed at a young age and dismembered people and they were doing it to get the fear of the body so this one guy who was that they had a nickname for him Tyson he would he was a cop but he was also in charge of hiring these little kids and training these little kids to be assassins and he would teach them how to dismember people and who's going into it and all the things they didn't all the bad things that they did it was saying that they try to get the in certain certain groups of people when they have this organization they try to get them used to horrific acts of blood and that's a short-term healthiest Ash is that the SS is your Hitler had about seven eight years for lunch the war so he got like 12 year olds Ready for War and they would get them like having fun swimming working out at boxing and then they would like more like 15 going to super hot hooker and they give them drugs LSU to get discovered switch to Hitler was put them on DMT everything

► 01:17:39

they would then have these religious experiences and that you're Invincible your Superman this is Albany classify butts and more esoteric riding

► 01:17:47

and so they would get them all wound up and then to graduate as an SS officer after you'd had a dog like 5 years you had to strangle your German Shepherd yeah that was my friend re his dad was in the Israeli Special Forces or one of those 1 Brantwood you know what branch was one branch of the Israeli military and they had to kill a kitten get a raise kitten and killing Jews are just like anybody else there cuz I got so screwed by the Nazis and want to stick anyway just kind of copy a lot of it and by the way I'm not even my point is just that the Nazis got evil down so much like we brought 34,000 in the Run NASA there on the University's Operation Paperclip buddy wanted Nazis they were like they were going on in the lottery because they were all happened was first I gave him a power that they would really pressroom had to go through things

► 01:18:46

and then they would basically you're just condition them to do whatever they were told they call the cement of blood because then she likes to kill your dog when I'm there when I was going to Rockwall Texas I really like a 6-unit call avocados grow as a senior in high school superhot I'm in I'm in I'm in the I'm in 9th grade and like she's picking me up in a Mercedes and I take me some Mansion the secular is incredible and I'm walking out of the house cuz I was like I was about sixteen when I was 13 R2 shows you join us we love Lucifer you get all that you want boy we want you but but really oh yeah but that's about all this but the point is is that

► 01:19:39

turn the Satanist. I really got to say this and I said what I said what what do you want cuz I don't want to lose you kill your dog the point is is that now all these years later kill a loving thing that serves cares about you this interface dogs are very psychic or psychic by her dogs are able to interface with you and they want you to take something that's where you to die for you and they want you to kill that that's like killing child a dog is very spiritual very holy and very good at. We'll take on its Masters or a and evil but job is to know about all this and this is what's going on this is what's happening and show so they want to submit a blood is that get people in a group and they get a new horrible evil things during per pressure and then they create the synthesis get to know the darker elements of the criminal networks there inside our government are actually running Mexico as a Laboratory test

► 01:20:39

I'm part native American model x 6% Comanche and you know Texas and just that little bit makes me wild so they can get them cuz they're powerful their smart meter cool but genetically that go into groupthink really really fast and so Native Americans you can mind control really fast

► 01:21:04

well it's like Vietnam me you know the depth of the Bering land straight and they say Tessa genetics of mesoamerica spacely Chinese or whites and Vikings won the area but like they don't like the fact that they're conscious control people but when they get into a fight they all stink up in a robot that no fear we know about psychotic killers are fighting and so Asians are about the most Fearless killers that are the Mongols with the history of the Mongols conquer this from their Heritage of war that there's a long look like if you think about Japan Japan has a long history of being a noble Warrior culture with a Samurai's and flight status for the marshalship something there

► 01:22:04

it's the genetics revolutionary so much martial arts came from Kendo sword fighting karate above a bunch of different branches of karate Judo Jiu-Jitsu Japan all that stuff came from Japan I mean that that that is a group of people that were obsessed with combat mean they they figured out a ruling class was well not just that the soldiers and even the civilian the ruling class was the Shogun and when you think about what a small place Japan is and how stunning it is that's so much Innovation especially in terms of like what am I to work martial arts black people that are smart as any white person and then you got like a little way better at sports Whenever there are genetic differences when I spit in the you got the head of your former It's Cold Springs Harbor watching him down to the blacks aren't human all that BS

► 01:23:04

Rochester racist crap to the government but it's true that Northern some groups are Northern Europeans and then the Japanese on average per capita of the ice and so are there Japanese and then there are some Northern Europeans that had the highest IQs but then you can get in the lights a juice have very high IQs whenever it gets a bunch of others not just one type of intelligence for sure yeah well there's there's there's test that you can run in terms of mathematics but there's no real test you can run terms of social connectivity they proved that DNA is a transceiver and show my skill is that's why I'm usually coming almost artistic is I'm just being like everything's going on what's it about you focus on I can like figure out the exact enemy operation that's why they're really pissed

► 01:23:59

gay people that are Jewish that are German there Chinese or Japanese or Italian or Mexican people that either through fear or whatever get into Dark Side Light Side get into don't give people the knowledge control the people down them down dominate them because they're only rocket fuel for you to go to the next level you know what's interesting about this not that you're right or wrong what's interesting is how many people resist the idea that it's possible for someone to try to control everybody and if you just go back in history just you know go back to World War II and how Hitler control Germany and then fantastic one because it was a culture that came out of a bad time right out of World War I and this and this guy offered them pride in being German he offered this this idea of a master race at the master

► 01:24:59

race is a crazy idea because if you look at the black Israelites are you look at it or met you or you look at some of the right-wing Jewish groups every the Chinese every groups of the master of yeah sure let me know how many have tried to engineer the way Hitler did that's what's really crazy it is amazing that there is a guy who has this idea of a master race and if you were but people rejected it worldwide was one of most evil aspects of who you was that's really interesting to me the people rejected because they knew it was like an improper calculation in the calculation was the only way to get people to get the you want to go to masturbate you have to have Master genetics but it didn't take into account was compassionate didn't take into account what's necessary to have a real healthy community that was a

► 01:25:59

slow fuck a quick flash Community because everybody was like hyper focused on the nation to have a real long-term Community you have to have compassion you have to have camaraderie and there's going to be a future car in the master race when they support China and helping arrest falun gong and sell their organs that we're Google I'm stoked to me you're right you're right the left has giant flaws that's giant flaws and it's ridiculous ideas know it's against War I am too and so now you seen actual studies show this Gallup poll Democrats now support War more than Republicans

► 01:26:45

what this is about what this is about pulling out of Syria Japan and North Korea and the real problem is a real problem people not being able to say that ain't in the Trump does his good Trump got rid

► 01:27:11

of the he's getting rid of the minimum sentences I mean Hillary Clinton but I was watching through the top Democrat was they were on CNN to put the trash out I didn't do it and they and they go they go they go President Trump thinks blacks the clip was CNN CNN says Trump thinks blacks are stupid and it was a sheer panel going Trump says blacks are super Predators who have to be brought to heel and Joe that's Hillary Clinton 1994 up she passed the primack that's her quote so they're inverting reality knowing our talking point if she did that we have the video. But Hillary says blacks super Predators he didn't do that okay let's get back to what we're trying to say was that if you if he does anything good no one can accept it cuz he's on the wrong team that's part of the problem with what's going on it's part of the problem with people willing to accept ridiculous should on the left

► 01:28:11

and people bullying except ridiculous it on the right is that we get on a team and that the people that are on the left they can't admit if the economy is going well they can't admit if think they will Bill Maher said what's crash it, I don't know I lied listen I've been on a show before and I talked to him once we did a show together once with the Craig Titus he said I want abortion I said he's a comic I'm telling you man the ship that he's saying he's only saying cuz he thinks it'll work and I don't mean it but I don't know man you have to talk to him but what I'm saying is he's doing a bit he's doing what you thought was funny in that that's all it is I'll give you if you could talk to him about his legitimate opinions he's capable of having a conversation about legitimate

► 01:29:11

the red States want to be the blue States the demographic show the opposite of joke a really do I don't think even means it I mean if he doesn't mean that I disagree with them by the bucket touch up let me have a basis to emancipate singer on everything I've learned is right there just mixtures everything yes

► 01:29:29

anatomical the next Friday free black spot but the point is just that is that what we're saying was that he was doing a joke about the red States wishing that they were the blue States and you were saying that that's wrong and I was saying he's just fucking around he's like Prodigy that's it that's it

► 01:29:46

mainstream news is dead as very low ratings going down almost nothing in the whole ratings are up in the Trump era like a dead cat bounce it's like 10% of what I used to be so we're looking at that

► 01:30:00

this is the future This is Love This is Love This is where the people are real things not scripted no teleprompter there's no tell temperature this is real

► 01:30:08

and so they get up on television

► 01:30:13

remember what we were talking about Jesus Christ one problem I am literally I literally tell you what's in my brain is like my trip has been a perfect means I'm telling you I really thought

► 01:30:31

no one's watching mainstream music no one's watching mainstream is the nightly comic shows and Comedy Central shows The Daily Show Trevor Noah Stephen Colbert all those guys cuz they want some relief but it's it's not but they want relief does Sean Hannity do really well isn't it show when I'm not doing

► 01:31:04

Thomas and articulate as well all of the so-called comic shows into fake comic posing as fake news people putting up political commentary which people take is real and Believe on the street and so that's where all the propaganda is it so you say Bill Maher's just joking around Bill Maher's just over here Bill Maher just know he's doing it's all unified message they have Stephen Colbert KKK member and make jokes and you know what people shot at me on the street well that's unfortunate but what would I will say about what they're trying to do do not trying to deliver information they're not to the trying to crack jokes I guarantee you there's a whole writing staff I don't know them are shows take the Democrats I don't know if that's true but if it is a true and they do listen that's not good and that's unfortunately there's Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla

► 01:32:04

everyday from Chucky shemer lost Jimmy Fallon went from being funny to being totally weaponized so you think it was NBC's idea do you think it was someone in the government of contacts NBC in to tell Jenny very well-known UFC fighter that you know okay that shows was okay and I got a call about a month ago and they're like wow this is incredible don't say my name even talk about it later an offer this new big lucrative shell what they said you're going to come out to the Ounce Alex Jones on the show or not going to the show and he said no show hell yeah man

► 01:32:52

huh you got to denounce him on the show

► 01:32:55

well they need that from you yeah but it why would they need that from him I need him to denounce you on the shelf that gives you even more attention but that's their dilute I want to watch everybody else sensor why did Hitler sensor part of the Russian Center you like you think most of the time it works but that's a weird one man someone saying they're not going to give you a gig unless you specifically denounce Alex Jones is it

► 01:33:24

the cooking show Jo JoJo lyrics down for you okay

► 01:33:29

I swear on my kids if I was you I'd believe you I believe you but I'm saying it just seems so crazy that they would ask him to not to denounce you on the television show I'm not saying it's impossible that's what everybody who's not independent is told because there's a whole other people you're a rarity I'm are the only people that's not behold in any other network of people who else has a mega popular show that's multimedia that isn't controlled by a parent company

► 01:33:59

I'm Kerala most podcast that most podcast something you should know for a fact that you run your own show yep

► 01:34:17

that's a fact. You know she ran and all I want to say is this I want to find one point that you had about that that was really good you were saying that if you censor yourself you just like I just sent to myself a little bit just a little bit to make sure you made it in the back and it's right you we were talking and we were first of all we gave it to the big hug we talked it out we're both happy that we're not angry at each other and then we start talking you made a really good point you said the thing is if you sent herself just 1% do you say out to Center myself 1% how did they want them to make them happy and then they just going to keep moving it just going to keep moving it forward moving Gulfport move the goalposts and providing you with more money and giving you more things but keep moving in a certain direction and if you keep giving into it

► 01:35:05

they're going to have a hold of you and they can control you and that's how the network television got started if you really think about what network network television is the reason why they don't swear and they don't have explicit content isn't because people wouldn't want to see the reason is because the the advertisers won't let them there's a whole Commerce aspect to it it's not it's not just hey you're the CSI guys or hey there's a Media Matters a couple million people that call and threaten an attack anybody and then noticed show once you're done with me now it's Joe you better not have this person on or you better have that person on and so what is your soul what is your destiny worth and I always thought I was smart and so any more than I was and that's what I'm getting at is

► 01:35:57

the biggest Liars without going to know the truth I don't come up with some cold-blooded calculation about what I think should I Advance my personal life I really care about people and a process I've seen things wrong a grown-up hurt people I apologize listen that's true that's true but you're just saying about you and this is one of these little boys try to explain to people if people get mad at me for knowing you like I have a great time with that guy every time I see him you and I have had a great time in Austin we had a great time with the UFC we've hung out at numerous comedy shows that have done in Austin I've done you show me I had to go had a lot of fun together and so went when people get mad at you about Sandy Hook or about anything I just go even when he's somebody even when you are mad at me I wasn't mad at you I was like I just got to talk to him it's one of those I Eddie Bravo got the two of us to talk to him once we talk just be honest with each other will be fine

► 01:36:50

because when I was going big guns on you just so you know it's like to be a judge

► 01:36:55

I I thought the show was not an attempt to get back on your Listen to I knew that if I'd gotten to the point where your dad upset that I must have made mistakes to I'm not I'm not that person that sees things and always points in the other direction I pointed my saint my fucking ruthless self critic ruthless I'm terrible like so I beat myself up about every thousand up flood one word on stage and I'll sleep when I'm next to you

► 01:37:25

and it again self that's a good thing that she's not going to be a narcissist and crazy I got offered at the time like $5 for the Bitcoin because he was like 38 million dollars for the time I got there I refused it and I got told like eight years ago I got told by two different people are very well known British people they said I told Charles likes you want to work with you and Alexander Soros and just need to stop talking and and by the way I want you to pump Bitcoin which I believe in cryptocurrencies I believe it's the future we had a private Federal Reserve it's all Fiat I'm not judging anybody I'm just so can't be careful

► 01:38:02

and I was so dumb back then don't even say so dumb I was not in the corrupt mindset the way the world worked like I knew how politics work and I knew how science work and I knew how crypto type of government in CIA stuff worked but I was like never trying to get a deal for myself I had my own thing so that I look back in retrospect

► 01:38:23

where where that was going on so when I saw you was my Breaking Point go hey Alex Jones is full of crap George Soros was a victim of the Nazis and Holocaust just want to say I didn't see your full crap I said that he wasn't a Nazi I go the story that I watch the interview and I don't know what he did I don't know I don't know him I don't know I've know very little about him but what I remember from the story was that he was saying that when the Nazis occupied he was with his I believe it was his uncle is Godfather and took him around as a Christian and pretended he was a Christian why they were stealing from these Jews when they would take take there and he just thought it was normal because he was 13 years old but he was talking about it he was shielded by this person so I would be willing to take his explanation Swamp Thing

► 01:39:13

but but but but but here's the difference even before that happened with you I got approached by Major Hollywood actor the by Nature been associated with and they said listen George Soros told me to tell you that you have been killed if you didn't to do that and that and that and that he did what he had to do run and I said you tell George if somebody put a gun to my head and said we're going to kill you if you don't help round up Joe Rogan's kids and put them in a concentration camp I'd say oh yeah I agree with you. It was just taking property

► 01:39:50

now they were 26 it was you or not you should take your property and you don't go away I don't know I mean I don't know what happened in Romania and Hungary but Joey doesn't mean he was saying so you're saying you think that it was more no no he did it in PR interview I'm not trying to go indict George Soros okay well here's where I fucked up cuz I shouldn't even said anything about it cuz I don't know much about it think the real actual dinosaur protection I've seen I've seen a couple a child interaction so when I'm 14 and I in retrospect if somebody said we're going to run out of your community or going to kill you I would have tried to kill people that were trying to kill me I get it. Everybody's like me I might not know the type of guy I think I've proven I'll go up against people I get your 14 you're scared and you helped the Nazis she was so arrogant about it he set it on MP

► 01:40:50

are you set on 60 minutes and then I learned your being sued cuz you did this is why he's financing I'm not going to stop saying it because of that I get he was in a bad situation the problem was if you play the clip he said it was the best time of my life it was happy making it was it was invigorating to be there with all this evil going on but I was with my father and I had faith in him and shall we were able to do this and then I went to the logs and the records of Kim he was like one of her and Frank's man and getting their money and he got the money and run of a white flag shorts or us

► 01:41:30

George Soros over through all these different government trying to crash the pound George Soros is that is the archetype of James Bond villains and the fact that his money so unnerving a kid when I was like eight years old my mom always have color TV in the kitchen if she could bring those stop you can I stop you like crashing economies and when I was a kid watching PBS maybe they were lying and he's great George Soros was the international currency Speculator who overthrew government overthrow governments with what are you doing I'd literally know nothing about her

► 01:42:16

which I born in George soros's View

► 01:42:20

after World War II she got hired brought the US he work for the CIA OSS before that in his view from his perspective okay George Soros is the guy willing to take the money and divvy it out and he's a very bold guy because she's really want to hang your head in the wall

► 01:42:46

cuz I went after it but the point is it doesn't matter George Soros ran the breakup of the Soviet Union George I've had the former head of a Chevy got Jamie type and George Soros tried to crash the pound

► 01:43:01

the pound anyways I told you they got human pig you people are like it yeah I told you they're keeping babies alive you saw the Governor George Soros is highest level deep State he he is the manager or was the manager are you sure you're sick of all these things you're saying I have to know but how do you know if you've never here and the cuz I'm at the auction open years ago he ran the

► 01:43:30

Marshall we got here did George Soros break the bank of England make a little bigger please

► 01:43:36

in Britain black Wednesday September 16th is the day the speculators broke the pound it didn't actually break it but they force the British government to pull it from the European exchange rate mechanism joining the ER and was part of the first grown up please all that stood apart from the European currencies the British pound blah blah blah compounding the underlying problems inherent in the pounds inclusion the ERM I'm not seeing this where's the park with George Soros tells us jeans attract people to the pound but speculate is George Soros among them began heavily shorting the currency the British government gave in and withdrew its ER at the ERM as it became clear that it was losing billions try to Bowie its currency artificially although it was a bitter bitter pill to swallow the pound came back stronger because the excess interest in high inflation show

► 01:44:36

notice you go to m investor Expedia like it's the boss, there's films about the Soros Soros pocketed 1 billion dollars on the deal and cemented his reputation as the premier currency speculators in the world now if you're a currency speculators now what you do though I don't know what a currency speculators does it I don't want to do this works for people that run our government and he's a guy willing to do it all and he's been very successful OK my point is two plus two equals four in my in my equation you don't fight the Nazis because you're 13 14 You Think You Can't you join them and he says he'll talk to me about the investment I if I wouldn't have done it someone else would have done it that's a quote it was happy to do it if you help Round Up Jews and take your property don't say what happened that you don't talk about it show my point is him saying or you you think the way he describes it even has a problem it's problematic

► 01:45:36

disturbs you the ways describing there was happy making that it was not a big deal if I didn't do what other people to done it that's a problem what I'm telling you is that I need to get off at Soros is that if you

► 01:45:48

like 5 minutes over there on James computer he's a good job team Desiree job I'm going to say it. He's a goddamn Google wizard look at them has been beat me a quick to it's very frustrating I can pull up Soros I can pull up BBC reports Soros crashes the British pound of trying about 10 years ago was digging through stuff for basically a garage sale was a garage sale going to give it away to Charities and you all these clothes I couldn't wear cuz I do want to get hurt anymore and I can't remember got into a a group of things and it was a Japanese bayonet there was a German officers dagger them up like two hundred bucks. It's worth like $2,000 still have it wow and and and and and all the rest of it and there was a British medal in the Nazi medal and this person in my family cuz it's like a power that goes oh my God you're a Nazi so I walk in to the garage

► 01:46:48

turn on the box and I go I bought this at a gun show like a decade ago I guess I think a freaking / 200 metal thing though is if you own this is a thing if you'd like see that helmet that you were 12 German Helmet that a French artists dug up with all these Mass Graves and you're not a freaking Nazi that's a piece of History think that's a US Soldier under the last German Helmet

► 01:47:20

doesn't matter France has banned owning German war memorabilia helmet with a bullet hole at the smithsonian's not Nazi and a bunch of other War bayonet well it's a helmet in a bayonet what is the gentleman's name that makes that Shane Martin. He also made me a fucking super dope skull he's got a really big team the German helmets have a Nazi helmet 20 or look about Hogan's Heroes Hogan's Heroes is goddamn sitcom about Nazis the sitcom about Nazis and prisoners of War when that was that I literally had a family member I'm really upset about what I found

► 01:48:20

answer machine right yeah is that his name in the garage. It's like British medals u.s. medals a couple of course I wanted the Japanese thing

► 01:48:32

it's not as cool as world war against the machine on Instagram special stage he made me another sculpture to that I bought from a metal skull I'm not saying you're a Nazi. Defense family think because I had one Nazi party member metal yeah it'll be losing it is from a battlefield dead people puke it couldn't be any more interesting Darkness and Light comes out of it you make evil become good love you talk to the artist thought of doing this guy's stuff look at that eagle go back to that a bird with a fucking cylinders with the car so is that what it is first or the band

► 01:49:30

the table shows on a car cylinder that's a car cylinder yeah that's a Polish Town Car cylinder and then bayonets for the artist bad he's a great artist brought this up because I walked in there and I said God is dope that is amazing and and you took you told the story like they dig up that these battlefields in France stop people get this stuff that's a rotting German Helmet then you put light in and it makes it beautiful and it takes the evil of Hitler and makes you beautiful yeah. Hitler humanity and makes it beautiful yeah it's but but it is interesting that you can't own like you could never owned a Nazi flag or any like you could both my grandfathers. Brian about family but you never Tom Landry my grandfather was UT football won state championships and track all of my mom's dad

► 01:50:26

honey won the Army Air corps with Tom Landry never been over there on Sunday before you play the Dallas Cowboys like time I ever call me pay for 5 minutes both my grandfathers about Jerry Jones and n n n m m m i l s my mother's father Mr Hammond almost died in a crash landing and another deal I almost died I don't almost exist because my family America fought Hitler and then now I'm a Nazi because I believe the Second Amendment and I believe in America that's not fare well that's not what they're saying they're saying because you had a Nazi piece of memorabilia but it still doesn't make any sense doesn't make any sense if I saw some cool Nazi thing at some place where I could buy it I might buy it and frame it cuz it's just a piece of History just like I would buy up a ganga's Khan dagger or a helmet home I got any Bravo's here

► 01:51:19

Jesus Christ

► 01:51:22

we're having a great time talking about interdimensional beings and I don't know bro listen to high school research of each other out that's a good thing if he can't do it you know you think I'm afraid of this was no I definitely don't think you're afraid of this which is why I don't want to do it just tell me

► 01:51:57

you know what to tell you story together come sit down please grab each other and you fall down hit your head back when I was a blue belt 1995 I worked in strip club in and there was this girl I was dating she was never a t she was a bartender she was seriously 4 foot 10 and she weigh bartenders and waitresses always I don't know who she was and she was 92 lb

► 01:52:49

Bartender the smallest girl and I showed her how to do a rear naked her shoes name is Kimmy and the strip club manager was your side like you used to be bought but yeah but used to be Punk until used to be football player type manager strip clubs looking big dude and he had a Corvette and he didn't believe when you get so tall and she said he said she could choke me out with one of them Jiu-Jitsu moves I'll give her the keys to my Corvette

► 01:53:26

so she had to deliver the guy on a bar stool and she was standing on a bar so I had to go around them and she would like that and then he win it's out he dropped like a sack of potatoes to be hit his head on the fucking floor impact the impact of his head hitting the floor and then he pops back up

► 01:53:52

they need to know what the fuk happened it's just sitting here going to tell you what

► 01:53:58

I thought that's what I'm getting at that people usually don't get the ground pop back up usually they hit the ground they're done and they need an ambulance right but he pop right back up like bitch you need to give her your Corvette

► 01:54:32

what are you doing let's go to school will you fucking give you don't even know you can just saw Bill Hicks life I've known Alex since there's a bunch of old pictures and I lifted weights people don't do to be bigger be to work at 3 hours I was addicted and then I got on radio on TV and lights for the drinking and just stop it didn't work out for like 10 years be like a hundred pounds

► 01:55:32

let's get you on something will we actually like put it online and did talk about what you're doing if you commit to something online like that you'll do it all you have to do is like set a realistic goal at 40 pull up like 2:40 in a row like CrossFit type of oil for use your whole body and everything or yes amazing amazing but the problem was I used to go to all you can eat buffets that's amazing to Chinese and I don't believe in order I don't know I don't want the to do you think about this what do you think about a self-improvement thing that you do online will you do it online I need to do the promise every time I try to work out the phone's ringing inside horseshit let's listen you just get up earlier get up an hour and a half earlier once you get your bicep torn you're probably going to be a little bit of action but that's only six months so you know what Nowitzki had it done it's fucking amazing that my bicep done to the shoulder to the bicep

► 01:56:32

go back to the album bicep to the shoulder different don't know you have to do it

► 01:56:41

no no no no no no no no no no no no there's no need to choke you out to check him out here if you hate that shit James on point is always Curious George Soros past that we just talked about

► 01:57:22

you were talking about the strip club the guy truck in the garage the girl truck in the guy out of the guy falling hitting his head and it won't happen after that any ideas Jamie know whenever it's stupid for that one of us got choked out I never watch all the babies I don't know what it was it was cool I don't think I've ever been so completely out maybe for a second. Check and I was like 13 tied up and she live down the street don't know if she goes like 12 and she goes I'll have sex with you is a true story I'll have sex with you if you like to put makeup on you so I'm going to guess everything I have sex with her and she's super hot and she goes

► 01:58:10

Facebook relationship went really well until like 30 year old boyfriend caught me at our place once cuz your mom is working O Mine trying to kill me in the parking lot so I can put makeup on you are some of the things I have

► 01:58:40

not conspiracies but real world program developing a breakaway civilization what is a breakaway civilization you understand that it's the key to everything standardized total surveillance control grit the power supplies power control human-animal hybrids that match farming of humanoid tissue transshipment and games we covered the multi-layered binary weapon Delivery Systems that's what we have in that what's that well the thing is 5G behavioral modifications we hit that Trojan Horse delivery system cell phones vaccines GMOs have been tested designed to hurt you again vaccines are real you can give somebody something to give them the cured but they're jacking it like a cell phone with vaccines okay tell me what you've always use this cuz everyone's heard of it everyone heard about 1947 to 1983

► 01:59:37

it only came public because the program is exposed in Peru and promote disposal West Virginia put the media picked up his with white on black not all the white people have to uncover black or white injecting over a million people with live syphilis in the name of vaccines you know about Tuskegee they do know about that but if you only know about Alabama and over 40 something years only injecting blacks

► 02:00:03

but it happened all the world search engine Hillary Clinton apologizes for syphilis experiments in Tuskegee what was the Tuskegee was the the conventional story that they had syphilis but they weren't really cheering them that's a cover but is that what they say okay I understand what you're saying but was the the the conventional explanation of what happened was that they knew that they had it and they allowed them know that we have you heard about the u.s. apologizes for Guatemala STD experiments that a little do goats grow up so I can read it US Government medical researchers intentionally infected hundreds of people in Guatemala including institutionalized mental patients with gonorrhea

► 02:01:03

and syphilis without their knowledge or permission more than sixty years ago Jesus Christ show again when you've read is what I do is Jesus Christ so many of those infected were encouraged to pass the infection that you just as part of the study where does it say what is it strange to have syphilis but you've never had sex before 1948

► 02:01:41

God damn that. 4648

► 02:01:48

then imagine show

► 02:01:50

here's what's happened we had a real liberal media in this country they weren't left us that's that's when I said don't look up information after I proved all the forest was and she had one in 1999 and prove it they all said Alex Jones is right it's incredible that's the WTO tape that I always cite that type that we show the agent provocateurs went into a peaceful protest and start smashing windows and show imagine used to the the Press would get a lot of stuff right but they would get demoted or whatever happened once Trump got in which I don't think Trump's bad and I got little things good but I almost think like it's more sophisticated they put him in on it piss everybody off to get the liberals who traditionally been the real watch dogs for free speech and its human experimentation and suddenly they're like in Gallup polls

► 02:02:50

wheel of experimentation we love everything I get chills right now and so imagine Joe I've been on here for 23 years and I'm a newshound I spend for 5 hours every 2 minutes, probably have NBC news that our government gay people notice I said Peru because that was a big document to can't you just found Guatemala I still going on so imagine imagine I have literally by the time Sandy Hook happens I've literally seen 10,000 articles and documents are more where they're admitting in 1962 The Joint Chiefs of Staff under llm answer came to President Kennedy this on PBS and said we're going to blow up buildings shoot up schools and movie theaters and bombed army bases in Marine bases we're going to have people with their kids with name change their CIA get on a jumbo jet that takes off it gets blown up over the Caribbean

► 02:03:50

blame Cuba but that plane really lands and there's another plane that's a drone we blow up and then Kennedy says no but his brother says no I'll do it while they killed Kennedy Bobby said he would but then he got pissed when they killed his brother so the class and he wanted to bomb the Honduran Embassy and blow up stuff and go to war with Moscow Bobby was bad. Pull up Bobby Kennedy wanted to bomb the US Embassy in Honduras this is Declassified and so imagine you see hundreds of these and then a Sandy Hook happen in your lister's don't buy it and then it's a psychosis where then

► 02:04:31

well because every every man I knew about this hypothetical about that was great every man I knew when I was a kid backhanded me and beat the crap out of me so men are bad for a woman has been raped the other states like The psychosis and I'm not going to put myself down like I'm a victim I'm being honest represent actively that I got to wear when I learned that so much stuff was false then later I experienced where I had to guess I did the thing I knew it was true and then people made up a whole story because they don't believe anything anymore show and that's all I'm trying to say do you need a part of it is that the even though the stuff does exist it's almost like there's too many things happening for one person to pay attention to all of them and if you're only focusing on it can be incredibly overwhelming cuz you start thinking that's the whole world that the whole world sees conspiracies cuz he's the things you're concentrating on primarily but this this what I'm saying

► 02:05:31

operation Northwoods now that is some that's about as you look at operations North would you look at that shit that is about as gangster in Sinister evil as you went over just a little while ago we were going to Italy before you got here is if you believe that no other conspiracy theory weather or the right or wrong the government conspiracy should be ridiculed you shouldn't there's no that should be all right like you you're right you should instead of looking at him with ridicule you should look in a move jective Lee exactly and the only the only people that have a right to ridicule conspiracy theories are people that don't believe in any conspiracy theories any of them yes I understand why you're really killing it

► 02:06:31

the other ones you don't believe them I think you should be more I don't believe in that shit but I understand why people do almost almost almost in Ford trial in Texas and and and Connecticut cuz I want to the lawyers already agreed it I'm going to sit there and I'm going to show them history and all these things to say

► 02:06:55

like I'm out I watch the is already out for like a year or two but I watch the minions three or four and it's like of the sixties and they break on the set of Hollywood in the moon landings makes text now astronauts died doing that so I'll try back is up for their family but I believe they have those are not stay organized with a minute. Which ones I want to talk about Apollo 100 followers are they were practicing address to get to this next and I respect you and I want you guys to yell at each other for 3 minutes while I go pee I gotta pee yourself just hold will do I go first okay anyways you know what I'm saying this in your bad questioning I get it no you do get it but you know why because you know of course

► 02:07:54

of course Alex you you are someone that I could talk to about the Flat Earth conspiracy and you believed in so many crazy things about the government you don't you don't you don't believe in Flat Earth but you can kind of understand where I'm coming from right GPS is real airline pilots that fly from California to new places like Australia and they got another Wing over to Hong Kong and then they go to Moscow and you can fly anywhere in the world if it was you could go from east to west just like you could on a ball you just don't understand what I like a the pizza as you can just go anywhere like if you're on a flat earther give me two cities book point of two cities in cash we got so much I get when you question

► 02:08:54

what is my Play Take You got to do got to find it on your fucking phone there's no way you're going to be convinced and do some deep-sea but I'm telling you and I will pay for you three months time that might be a way out prison to me that it might not a big deal is that we can do cool things with it what how much money can you rice or in orbit man

► 02:09:54

I will get you to do this do this with my iPhone yes yes we're going to send someone else

► 02:10:40

I want to be the one to go to YouTube you really think do you really think there's people out there campaigning for late-term abortions you think that's it's real it's real life campaign does the craziest

► 02:11:25

what's the conspiracy theory donkey basketball

► 02:11:44


► 02:11:49

let me believe that things might explain to you what let me explain to you we went into a long conversation like that game we played

► 02:12:13

it's so crazy that always thought I was so tough

► 02:12:22

the point is is that dude

► 02:12:25

reality show crazy why are we debating with the Earth is flat do they're keeping they have human-animal hybrids there's there's a freaking I have been there when people that work for the pentagon shape that date we go to the laboratory and we meet with the Ambassador we have to take higher and higher doses to meet with them they're giving us technology in the technology work is going on dude she want to listen relax mentions man I said to do you think there's actually people out there that believe that are campaigning campaigning for late-term abortions of course there are but I'm making it seem like I don't believe they are being the ultimate skeptic

► 02:13:25

what time he's just fucking around by nobody cares

► 02:13:36

that's what I'm saying I'm being honest lyrics I'm not like certifiably crazy but I deal with this all day long I get like Joe trash out why people go crazy don't know why I never saw that clip of that guy saying that they would resuscitate the babies and then they would make a decision about that New York a bill that they're trying to pass I mean it's a goddamn fucking organ harvesting doctors control outside of love you heard that piece of shit fucking

► 02:14:11

it's incredible KKK blackface they elected if they had that shit and when he messed up and said we should be allowed to get their fucking organs they use that to be activated

► 02:14:32

she said fraternities have you screw sheep and all this and you'll give God blowjob that's why I joined them because they want to come over

► 02:14:42

fraternities I'm so happy as I do this podcast I'm so happy I got you I got some nice how many JRE Clips they're going to make it as yet do they going to make it to put YouTube music we should put you to so yeah we did we did listen I'm with you this many just kind of freaked me out about several subjects no no no bulshit that article says that there was no written data on that it's that came from three interviews they had so

► 02:15:42

course they tried it why would they try it if you were if you were the leader of the Free World like didn't wasn't there some goddamn it was it the Nazis that were they were trying to theorize how to combine humans with animals to make a stronger human pressure right like in for sure they they they they definitely I mean I think all governments definitely give their soldiers steroids they definitely give them in feta means they get from definitely give them chemicals to make them crazy should I would are you kidding that's why they started doing this fucking Army rather than the kamikazes read that a hundred percent. On YouTube

► 02:16:34

yeah that that was one of the ways they would get them not just like nationalism Pride for the country they would do with Jack them up on crystal meth and that's why they fly that plane right after that fucking boat that is a Nutty thing to do man you got to be you got to be in a weird state of mind and you got to have such a horrible life that I fuck it let me just crash into this fucking boat right for the Jaguar like happy about that I can't wait to escape this shit insane Choice it's the only PC has is when he's in that plane killing people but I fucking crazy choice that you going to do that for you Alex welcome back we're talkin about kamikazes kamikazes wear that was did they gave him crystal meth right was not a part of the program warfare's always drugs and I've ever seen.

► 02:17:34

Japanese like their foot in World War One to just go ahead and give him a message but she tells your brain everything is super toxic and so yeah monosodium glutamate like the stuff from Chinese food is that we would give them

► 02:18:00

all the Germans were big on steroids and methamphetamine just saying that oh the secrets what are the positions not to be yes this is the real thing okay you know them who's telling you this stuff. Classify today Beyond class 530 no I mean in Dallas

► 02:18:32

any work for a the inventor of indoor air conditioning was a billionaire in the what's the rich area Dallas were the Republicans all live now it's not our lieutenants it's the thing right there in the middle of Dallas on it like he lived up there and it was just from him

► 02:19:01

you know I guess I'm not going to get into it. The point is is that Hitler was on the cover of Time Magazine and and he wants true unless that's a Photoshop that I saw the cover of Time Magazine too but not really wasn't just my grandfather was his other people my grandfather said it was really confusing for him because he he work for this guy that was in refrigeration air conditioning when he was in high school and his dad owned the car dealerships Dallas stuff they live there for Jerry Dallas and when did they tell you well through one reason he wanted in the butt by the temperature started to drop out of UT and you know all that and go join the Army Air corps teaches you tell me all this time I'm going to your grandfather is a little eccentric now like my relative burner von Braun

► 02:20:01

your grandpa knew Warner Von Braun born Hutchinson was eventually but if I get it now

► 02:20:21

and so the hot yeah that's what that is Uber mention so they only would talk people that were in the club and show you high IQ the whole nine yards show he was working with this German guy and it was just go over there after school or claim is apprentice and my grandfather watch them get more more depressed and warmer Crazy by the end of the thirties and the guy who buys it and he said he said to climb with her grandmother Sammy said yeah the Nazis have my family in Germany they're going to kill them all about I'm having to give me everything I got all my money and I'm having to sell the patents and work like that for like 20 hours a day giving everything he had because of Achilles family in Nazi Germany he was German and so my grandfather wouldn't listen them here because she had that experience he was so mad I was a kid was like when I was a kid in Dallas wbap had Hitler speeches on cuz Germans are big part of the us and it was the bun if I was supposed to join it and

► 02:21:21

Hitler was good and we never really bought into it and then I found out this a mentor of mine so that's what the Nazis would would do was extort and control so I kind of heard about that like a week during the summer and I was like eight-years-old orbital spacecraft with Landon Scrabble Texaco and he was a military base all these goddamn Nazis and you know one time I didn't want to do it but that guy smarted off about how big that bore better shooting airplanes down so I went ahead and just ran his head right to the wall and I never knew what happened after that so you just got to kill Nazis and his son of a bitch

► 02:22:21

10000 of those assholes and I'm like listen to this I'm like I'm going to read about Nazis but how about can I start buying books on my cop like reading Hitler's my struggle no I'm not an option Michael both my grandfathers told me how bad Nazis were both almost died fighting Nazis so I wanted to know about Nazis it was this whole ethos and so that's just the whole story of understanding that and that my dad's angle my grandfather's angle also their Operation Paperclip you can call it paperclip he was several waves there was $34,000 in there was a lot of Nazi scientists brought over on YouTube it says the Operation Paperclip was anywhere from like 1200 to 1500 PSI nitrogen the total number of admitted Congressional hearings

► 02:23:14

1970s long as I see the numbers 34200 something but it up is a fascinating they brought those people over here and that's where the the Space Program came from just came from not to or they already have the CIA

► 02:23:38

the cia's OSS record okay I don't know what that means that was before the CIA let me see I came out he was in auxiliary the Navy combat the office of

► 02:24:11

Chrissy the OSS was British intelligence are the most powerful British dog most powerful dog stays here they set up Brighthouse in 22 after World War II to anglicize see you at the British talent is not a British intelligence take over our marriage dissolved meant to be dumb down mean to turn you off will you go to the real academic stuff we don't lose our Frontline stuff was true later have a document so it's all real that bought the Embassy in Honduras Nazis Nazis six Moon missions was a Nazi and he was broadcast over over smoke weed and 1/2 guys did and why

► 02:25:11

Define Wernher von Braun that's fine that they hadn't developed as soon as you see Red Skull Marvel comic they got a big bomb in Love New York wasn't a bomber it was a space point and it was about half the size it looks just like this

► 02:25:34

and the Germans actually some of their size with the Russians who were the Russians tried to build their space shuttles have a size that was actually German plant

► 02:25:42

show you look it up because the Russians took a lot of Germans as well

► 02:25:49

reason I'm wearing this is explained this is a gate with all of it so you have British intelligence that it won World War II Germany had way more advanced technology

► 02:25:59

they then take over British intelligence basically merges with the US and then the Germans and other say we've got to go way ahead and Technology was all theoretical and lab but they couldn't match the point they didn't have enough machine shops and systems to build it and US Special Forces went on a suicide mission to blow up the underground Mountain how about the Nazis were the first to build flying saucers that's crazy British mason jars British intelligence flying saucers

► 02:26:34

so now the Nazis are over here they don't listen you don't want them running everything and they go to Eisenhower and they say we want to launch a off-base breakaway civilization you compartmentalize things forget Empires can you have a new ruling class technological a leech and then the elites are all in charge the Public's watching TV and we'll give him widgets and Foundation series type things to the barbasol the documents

► 02:27:01

and let them have an Empire will build a whole new Empire and so Eisenhower gives a speech worried about is it just an alternative, she says the technological Elite watch the full 40 women of speech is farewell address in 62 he says 61 he says you need to watch out about the scientist because because he said no to the NASA plan when he found out what it was it's a breakaway civilization where you don't try to run the whole planet you siphon off resources and build a whole new Advanced system and then you play body up against each other and collapse it what is NASA and we can take NASA back over it's bigger than the CIA it's the real government the spaceship should have stuff that's all PR NASA is the real government

► 02:27:49

bassador to Breakaway governments to Shadow government

► 02:27:58

and so you had one that was British run

► 02:28:01

and the Germans came to our own u.s. Allegiance said hey you always need a couple plants they said we've got all this on the drawing board to eat you a plan to poison the food and water to get rid of dumb people applying for off-world bases we've got by the way we're taking hardcore drugs or in contact with aliens how is it going to snow tonight was the Germans first got in touch with how they do it never really want to call French really into the temperature in Sebastian around him at all times on Jeep PhD level history books okay is the German Breakaway government just always the Germans the Brits fighting for dominance so what you're saying is when Operation Paperclip acquired all those Nazi scientist they essentially start running now so so NASA became like almost like an offshoot of the German government this offshoot government yeah the Germans had pal all the wealth away

► 02:29:01

they had everything so they make them really make sense though that in 2019 that's still going on at the British the British Empire was just bankrupt itself World War 1 it said will give you the Keys of the Kingdom Churchill wrote three books the history of the English-speaking peoples he was half American and this is officially in books we merge with a British Empire in like 1930 covertly okay that's what is British intelligence intelligence

► 02:29:36

okay so you got you got a butt German intelligence chain to Eisenhower and said listen you don't need to do all that she's we haven't given them a real technology

► 02:29:48

we're in contact with aliens and then tell us the whole planet where are you getting this from you stating so confidently

► 02:29:55

it's in the literature man Hitler like would go in literature Main Line historical books about sharks and give the technology so they are you surprised

► 02:30:27

know if demons are real definitely think they've been inside the Nazis but what I'm telling you is no media is going to attack us I'm giving you want to know where I can read it read that those statements that they were in contact with the aliens Grill Society VR IL Society get a check since I choose the right up there with them like doing rituals cool yeah I'd like to listen I think that they are absolutely obsessed with the occult that's been pretty well-documented next form of nuclear fuel heavy water and we had to send in Special Forces on suicide missions that was really special forces to blow it up and I'm telling you the Germans had all

► 02:31:27

fortunate that shit they just couldn't ever keep the plants from getting blown up because they were a few years behind

► 02:31:36

Churchill wrote about this in his Memoirs and said the Germans were way ahead it wasn't that the Germans were bad that is not too bad but it wasn't that they wasn't the Germans that first bomb Cecilia Targets in 1941 the Brits were losing the war Hitler was bombing there for their medical facilities military facilities and so they went and bombed German towns and German cities like I was the famous German City Dresden what was the designated safe for kids people died one night to trick Hitler to turn his bombers on the general population that I tricked him psychologically to do it but but but but Churchill

► 02:32:18

this is been Declassified HHH and esoteric books it submitted so Hitler was set up what Hitler was bad because what happened Albert Speer was she is Chief armaments and Architects measured at British travel agent Rudolf Hess was the deputy fuhrer they got Hitler totally love you never hear about him since 1941 cuz they had a peace treaty with Edward the 8th who was the king of anyone who was a Nazi and it was German first family and they had a deal to Stage the attack the French stood down Vici French didn't fight they put they put Nazi occupiers in that the Dunkirk operation was allowed to evacuate Edwards the eighth was supposed to then sue for peace through Neville Chamberlain

► 02:33:02

but it's come out that he was all set up by Churchill and others how they ran Hitler. They weren't bad they're pretty good but date Master manipulated him and never Chamberlain all of them and battle the British people in America to come in that deals with a with Roosevelt to didn't bring us into the war and that was the whole master plan you guys should go to the history and see all that that's what's so incredible Joe when you when you at when you have all this info and so Rudolf Hess

► 02:33:31

and I see 4142 he flies a one-man bomber he was a World War 1 fighter Ace by the number 302

► 02:33:46

the castle the King was in at the time and likes Northern England for the name of it Kiki parachutes in with the peace treaty signed by the king of England they lock him up in the tower for the rest of his life

► 02:34:01

a London

► 02:34:03

andeavor the eight had to Advocate type in Edward the 8th Hitler and you'll see him in videos or films and photos he was in Spain World War II start it where do you think the contact with the aliens came from when did that start the most important thing we're not aliens like that I get that motherfuking vodka loose steak I need to hear about the aliens are you know what's crazy about aliens is it YouTube made a big announcement that they're going to go after a 911 videos anything I don't know this is true I don't know but is it true that there demonetizing any videos that have truth or Liberty in them

► 02:35:03

it's crazy how they're going after 9/11 miracle cures know how to get a blowing up alien videos is wonderful and she's sweet montage videos out there that's best ways that the top top of the line sponsors that's like the number one hits me like one of them everyone drives on YouTube it's like 8 I'm saying I'm a lien videos get monetized did not offencive people get drawn into a government cover-up

► 02:36:03

how did the connection with alien start you said this is the most important thing to discuss in the podcast I love you to death you're awesome that's why I asked you to be here if you want to do it. I still love you I don't care

► 02:36:18

I don't care about that. This is not what I believe I love you for who you are I'm trying to tell you something listen

► 02:36:27

imitation okay I'm not making this stuff up I believe you believe it no man the stuff I told you earlier about my dad to the table being offered a half million dollars in 1987 wasn't here for that part he came in later but tell me how the connection with aliens got started

► 02:36:46

with who connection aliens do nachos on when people started becoming obsessed with contact with the aliens who sang the 1947 you know they Flood YouTube and make sure media like I always thought it was safe and out of the private seller deserve that he will do whatever I want some big show as long as they make the aliens in with it and you know what that's right I remember when I was balls deep in Aliens I believed all that should I believe it used to be that you'd be a conspiracy theorist if you believe in aliens how many more you believe in aliens do this is real friends. Let's tell me how the connection between aliens and the Nazis took place when did all the start running again

► 02:37:34

this is really killing each other so surreal Neal I believe you this is you ask me where they it's people who are psychically genetically available to interface in the shack readily diverse Universe with all these Dimensions above and below in all around us with consciousnesses and the truth is no energy that were destroyed all continues on the truth is our bodies is a fact or a communal Hive organism of all of our ancestors and all of their race memories but not in just some compressed epigenetic system it's beyond that it's an electrochemical antenna they proved in this that connects the higher and lower Dimensions show our bodysuit Zara cuz our our our our predecessors what what is the position without giving us a body Chute to this damn our families are loving us they're holding us they're wrapped all around us their strength or will there bad they're good their sins the good things they did the battles they won the bet

► 02:38:34

I lost the woman I love. The man they love it's all in us all these people taller able to look into so many things and have so many different experiences and show all the shaman all the ancient religions everybody says there are the good ones that are the bad ones and then people are interfacing so you say where does it begin from the Tibetans to the mesoamericans the Egyptians to The Druids to every ancient Society described the same thing there are bad things look like elves that have horns when they show you who they really are and there are good things but they don't contact you unless you contact him and then they are almost not even concerned with what you're doing I never bought into this one's going to think about what I hear when I was a kid what did I see what was coming out there in the documents what was being admitted when I read all these books about World War II in the Nazis and Hitler obsessed with the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan sand what they were able to do without drugs interface with this and all the rituals they would do and how they were believed that be on the Aether like a skull and bones is a German Death cult

► 02:39:34

take drugs to talk to the goddesses were there just appearing as real sexy beautiful women it's whatever you want as the Spirit guides because lower entities will come in and violate your free will God and His angels Witcher below him will not get involved in your everyday life they will not manipulate your free will unless you ask them in the devil masquerades as an angel life on this planet the third dimension which is a Launchpad all the other dimensions blowing above the third dimension on that it shows years is the Primal sea of where all this happen to the Earth so I can an egg and we got all this potentiality and God will send out a transmission for a larger plan but evils willing to come in or does it say demoralize get rid of children don't have kids he wants her bad will be will be better once you're all done and it's because it's their operational mission for whatever reason it will understand later what's going on so the Nazis we get the Deepwater term

► 02:40:31

they believe they were basically say on seeing and and and it being possessed by entities that I mean it was before the Nazis were whatever reason was the Germans that this happened to and the switch like they discovered LSD the thirties these these people were running a psychology departments they were interfacing with the occult they were involved at all this crazy stuff and it was all about their power and I'm right there and being that the Germans were seduced and they were seduced because they have high IQs with more than that they were psychically connected to each other and would work like robots this Chinese and the do you want robots replace is a followers and the Chinese are very conscious when a contract is also very robotic but the Germans are just as robotics so this entity system pick Germans as a temp in World War 1 World War II and it was middle in the Brits as well and offering them Technologies but two different patch when was social control also the stuff for the Brits the other was high-tech weapons

► 02:41:31

systems interdimensional with the Germans and so whoever these players are you can dial into it was very dangerous they're manipulating the British armed versus the German armed and then I got the Chinese are that's almost seems like a robot army and and and an insult you study at the globalist go to these events and they take bigger and bigger doses of drugs that do electroshock you know what the owners of Time Life books didn't work just in the twenties and thirties and LSD in that other hallucinogens and Apothecary they work to get an electroshock they were they were they were a people turn their heart off to like try to communicate with these things to try to be dominant and get that so you go back. Oz's years but Merlin is the archetype Allure or or these magicians or these these Wizards are taking drugs in these temples and interfacing with these pelletier's is crystal balls with chocolate crystal balls star psychic focus of international connection while they're on drugs looking into glass to den be able to see the future

► 02:42:31

sure I understand what's happening to give them temporal power over this planet but like the Bible tells you any pharmacy or any of that always leads to destruction cuz only evil is going to come through that way so we're basically have his light sockets we can't check into the higher let's start Free Will and that takes time we jack in to the evil so you can jack into evil you can't jack into good right way was quicker it's easier like Yoda says about Darth Vader quicker easier more seductive and so then I remember being a kid and and and my parents will get mad about this is whatever they know they were here at the time but they had friends they know what u t learn all the research projects and then and then they were and what about research projects in San Francisco UTSA some MIT has a lot

► 02:43:18

tummy time you want but this was in like the sixties they had virtual reality gloves where you put them on and put goggles on and you go into stuff it look like the Holiday Star Trek Twitter for exhausted and they were doing surgeries and all this and they would do empathy loads were they say we need the public because we're so weak just the West is so strong people haven't had trauma, let me know tomorrow if you're not getting any gravity so your heart still going to get there about organizing all this was a special class of people that are organizing all this shit is what for what purpose social status Jack Parsons was here a propulsion laboratory Aleister Crowley devil worship

► 02:44:18

have you heard this before no I just can't believe I didn't want to have Alex on the podcast

► 02:44:29

I'm telling you this stuff I don't believe in this okay. Right there

► 02:44:36

the patented 1957 svr machine sound color motion widevision and 3D three-dimensional they wore a mask in the 60s and 70s that was already like you she like paper thin TV screens and it was already I thought they said there's no way this was human technology she's seen these foldable phones yeah yeah I think the aliens taking over Samsung Huawei Samsung something to do with Samsung obviously that's what I'm telling you is that the Pentagon isn't worried about is on this Jamie Patton

► 02:45:36

my dad didn't tell me this

► 02:45:42

so he saw a guy and he said no son we had virtual reality goggles and we had CD-ROM and we had thanks and then something else happened and I'm not at Liberty to get into it but I was shown three years ago what the University of Washington was doing under Bill Gates and this is in the 90s what were they doing

► 02:46:04

what are used to date that they don't know what they're being given its intervenience so you think it's some sort of alien intervention type shut dude they they

► 02:46:14

take to get even deeper they turn your heart off for 5 minutes and they pump oxygen in your blood

► 02:46:21

and you're in the meetings I'll talk to you later lollipop scientist and you're in the meetings with freaking aliens else is a Man Group but they're little by shutting your heart off it makes you have that psychedelic experience by keeping blood in your oxygen is keeps you alive what will the village explained this lucky I don't either or Ayahuasca 200 times but not like most plant those are robots now it's all mine War so these dudes are like it stops working once you taking it hundreds of times so then they start taking her most psychic people who are able to do this they turn their heart off and then they put them into these these events and then it's like the things they aliens tell him they come out and they tell sinus and it works so we're going to shed

► 02:47:16

they didn't want me off here just when I finally figured this out the whole thing already just want this lady would come over that at my parents and security and was involved but she talked about yeah we call it the Psychedelic research and should have everything was that's really a CIA deal and you know we just can't let me look at hand what they're going in the Hills want this and the elf want us to basically reduce population and agreed to be certain plans and it didn't always see you in the station and they called me off. Yeah and then my parents are like seven years old like they don't think you're listening talking about now this is what the hell's want this is what they're going to do anything special you go out to San Francisco

► 02:48:05

get that solder is dude it's a cult man you know these guys you never San Francisco did you look at the look at the head of Google or YouTube or refreshing Apple he's on TV Tim Cook in his eyes were this big underlights man these guys are on stuff that like nobody even knows what do you think they're on

► 02:48:24

something been given I mean I know people UT they won't tell me specifically but I was trying to do two wrongs YouTube who's that guy what's his name girl you sexist pig alphabet alpha-best parent company who is Caesar he's the CEO of you to he's a CEO of Google Google sorry and he's literally on TV going we never fix the result we don't spy on anybody there is no surveillance TV. All these old white man not say that white men to be trendy it's all a bunch of old dumbass white man and a couple of dumbass old Mexican black ladies they're all done but I will call they are going so you don't control it mean while their own perspectives to their shareholders how they control at all. They're going to deliver maximum profit and send ours like

► 02:49:22

yes you can screw we have never control the search results and it's just I'm just listening to paralyze meanwhile this guy is only the front guy of Eric Schmidt and God knows what they're into their I mean it has it been proven that Google does something to to alter search results

► 02:49:45

I'm asking cuz I don't know not asking to fuck with you. What did they do Google it's shellfish about if you pay them they put results the top just like Facebook okay but let's definitely altering search results so what he said was not true if they if you can patch

► 02:50:02

I know you know all this stuff no no no I don't know that I don't know that don't listen I'm honest about what I don't know I know some things but I did a lot of fucking holes in my knowledge base that's a fact will you know that they try to block my name and direct or negative stuff

► 02:50:20

I'm sure they do you manipulate all they do is lie about me go to the Top If you lose your soul by Simon. I miss my flight

► 02:50:51

what is the m game

► 02:50:54

I am yours example earlier we already talked about human-animal hybrids Mass farming of humanoid tissue transhuman in game and we only talked about aliens and you looked it up and it's all right there and stuff like that do you think graser like a like a robot I think I've heard that theory that it's not a real problem did the ideas at a certain point time you can interface with that robot so that you could see it in real time through its eyes biological Android hold on a second one day in the future they figure out a way to take a thing that looks like a humanoid and transported through a spaceship on to another planet

► 02:51:46

and you could look through its eyes because you're somehow or another connected to it the same way they're connected to the shop lights

► 02:51:58

1950 diagram of the VR goggles famous photo of you don't believe in any aliens Eddie I don't believe they come from up there I think they're from the same place with me up I think we're in this vast plain and there's a lot of shit hole where they got us enclosed in this little thing to do you learn how to learn what the plan is by the attack they don't want us having kids they watched immortalized they want to break us down they don't want to think we expand and they don't want us to believe that their space and I'm not trying to attack you but they don't want third-dimensional resource expansion

► 02:52:33

I don't even know what that ass what they don't want I shut the hell up that's a 1950s diagram for somebody else and then I found out other stuff let's just say this I'm not in the CIA me neither me neither but they've been tracking me my whole life you think I give you this information sometimes your social for sure it was basically the CIA

► 02:53:19

who got me to like a two weeks ago Alex you're not saying Sandy Hook staged you need to go say Sandy Hook staged because all we have the people were there and just because he was famous MIT scientist and stuff I went with that

► 02:53:34

so you can ask anybody if I mean you probably I'll speculate looking way out to set me I mean I don't know I'm sure there's people setting everybody up if you think I told you about this I don't know if I told you about told people to listen to podcast with this woman Renee diresta and she had a podcast with Sam Harris where they went into detail about the operation that people used to troll Facebook pages and Instagram pages and create these that where the Russians and craziest robots in these meme Pages for the hundreds of thousands of hilarious when he's doing what the thing that was fascinating was she was saying that they organized a Muslim event across the street from a pro taxes event set everybody up with everybody. Blue lives matter is a lot of moisture Morrison at Film School here in California trained on by the CIA trained on

► 02:54:34

said said this before and I've said that's crazy I got to piss so bad I'm not I'm not going to work the Cleveland Browns will talk about fucking Baker Mayfield for like 10 minutes they got that new guy from Kansas City to The Only Way is infowars.com and newswars.com you have to let me we had 26 million subscribers within my 3 shows on iTunes all they were doing was looking to my feet may be listed that and it killed us and I was always like oh god oh I don't care let me delete off YouTube or Facebook God don't figure out the iTunes don't don't do it that was like devastating just people I can visualize let's do they don't anymore but I want to be a hunter fishing clear you have to go to infowars.com you have to go to newswars.com if you want to ask you what I would say it's like I'm not telling you guys with the play

► 02:55:32

Joe I'm not mad at you but he heard me say that Jimmy Savelle wood

► 02:55:40

go have sex with dead kids and also cut out their pituitary that has adrenochrome in it and eat it

► 02:55:47

and I know that sounds completely insane he was a famous child molester gets admitted and jojos like all that scrap that's crazy Alice is going schizophrenic well yeah I probably go crazy but the adrenochrome things real so you go to video that I really think people should see it doesn't defame anybody that doesn't name names it doesn't do any of that stuff if you go to infowars.com adrenochrome OC Register

► 02:56:16

what's adrenochrome call man dude it's just you've heard about all these rich start up companies that like will the parents agree the kid has a right away that it was 10 year olds and blows blood

► 02:56:27

what what why is rich people taking kids blood right yeah that seems like a teen blood is

► 02:56:36

works well for people in their elderly years is this true absolute outdoor camper is I'm just being vampires are real it means that attitude I don't know if we can find us a 3-minute video on my reporters did adrenochrome you sent to me right you okay this is totally 3 minutes and I'm telling you this is real play it will give you two just released a bunch of total new guidelines where you play anybody's content to get a strike against to your pulled for 90 days you can't stream can't do shit upload well I don't know who the fuck's going to do with the who but after this podcast I think I'll bet he'll be on our own content

► 02:57:32

YouTube is really a demonetizing any videos that have truth and Liberty this big Diversified media worldwide said hey it's a great system so for 10 years we built it up so that the web was 90% decentralized And centralized and watch the big Tech goddess all centralized they went oh yeah just like when your cash those will take revenge on the way if you don't support us boom you're all gone so now we have to fight back against that

► 02:58:07

there's something to that you know there's there's something to this idea that one giant Corporation can decide especially based on their own personal ideology what gets put on and what doesn't get put on because everybody is there a legal just talks about Google searches for adrenochrome gets the Geddes, please just talk about old people is it people are putting young people's blood into old people's bodies is that what it is it's that you were not know what your questions you have a psychotic Damon Damon person

► 02:59:04

thank you and like I have roaches Alex says it's some BBC broadcaster would go have sex with dead kids bodies in the morgue I need to bring that song that said what I said I didn't believe Bill Maher was a pedophile that's all I said that his things that I don't think you know what we're talking about him from the perspective of a stand-up comedian we say a lot of shit that we don't entirely mean because we think it's funny Eddie and I do it all the time that's why Eddie said that to you earlier you really think that someone's going to they're going to legislate to harvest baby Lisa's doing at the fuk with you know style of Comedy but like he said he's been doing that start, since I met him like he loves to do that to us to pretend and fuck with you and then get you ass at least like I'm joking you show your nursing that drink was supposed slamming okay if my friend I can have one of them whiskeys over there

► 02:59:59

yeah we got another beverage Bravos about to turn lotion just a little busy but

► 03:00:12

do you want to zevian it can you imagine if we had no time everything everything I appreciate you

► 03:00:34

I have literally been trying to find out what's going on and as you get older you figure out more stuff I'm not the one saying there's all these aliens the entire government and all these Advanced groups that's why they've given up on space is our all about interdimensional so I didn't finish up about I want to get any steak then I'll get into your take okay is that I've got a pretty good understanding by interviewing a bunch of people involved

► 03:01:02

about what the master plan is and exactly who we're dealing with cuz it's not just one group of aliens

► 03:01:09

what would two different groups and what what are you basing this on like what when you say it you're saying it like really like you're really sure what do you baste in sewing

► 03:01:19

you know about General stubblebine right now don't get what he was a major general

► 03:01:25

what are the three star general he was ahead of all class the clandestine operations for US government for like 15 years

► 03:01:32

and he said on my shovel for he died like 98 or whatever but also private discussions and this is like six seven years ago and I was everything like 15 years ago and this is the guy that ran the whole show you don't matter start goes yes

► 03:01:47

that's a joke about that it kind of white washes along

► 03:01:51

but they broke through and got contact and they had volunteers really serious people who who were taking huge doses of drugs do this then our NASA was doing it and that's what I got to the point if we try to go to other places at third Dimensions just as the empty Wasteland above it and below it is all this incredibly complex stuff but our brains too and all of that we can handle it okay that's what like young people for they hit puberty or not to be psychic cuz whatever reason they're able to see through the veil and all religions are based about things of the veil well that's with intense meditation does for you right at the holotropic breathing a lot of that Kundalini stop what they're doing is allowing your brain to relax its boundaries and interface with all the other dimensions that are around us all the time exactly if you psychedelic drugs but dark Forces start for generally are the ones that are willing good forces are not willing to get involved in Free Will so

► 03:02:51

I think that they are actual entities that are in these Dimensions that you're in contact with there are under discover new ones all the time of parasites bacteria worms that control life-forms whoever they want zombie ants yes what is Army watch The Wasp yeah yeah there's so many of them they did keep finding this particular in the insect World which is really interesting so the lowest level is able to infect you with something that controls your brain Zach activities have you personally had any experience with inter-dimensional beings

► 03:03:34

well because it's all taboo and and people let me tell you I have

► 03:03:40

100% about doing DMT 100% communicated with something the question is whether that something was actually in my imagination or in my mind or that something was something that takes place in another dimension I don't know I can't be sure there's no way to put it on a scale there's no way there through it's rather attached but what I do know is that it's the same experience okay Eric Mahler who you know about Mancow Muller because he's the one guy willing to let me tell a story I've literally talk to I see a hundred people and she's probably more than that cuz I've known for a long time

► 03:04:15

he is a Christian but he heard about all this so he went down to a couple places in Central South America did it twice

► 03:04:23

both times with 30 to 40 people in the group and he's like well Alex I just don't believe in demons but I did see basically aliens come to the edge of the forest and we were all saying it until I would all say the same thing but he was a chemical reaction you don't have it if you everybody gets drunk we all think about what happened to us in high school or college or what's good what's bad we all have different experiences when you're taking a hallucinogen and suddenly you're all saying the same thing it just means it clicked off the part of your brain is a filters you go crazy yeah it's a lot of people just see more and then they see everything it doesn't mean you're right it just means that the filter is off what I wish I did give her a run your hand over an insect the can't see if no idea where they're like certain insects it just don't see anything other than a centipede or whatever and I didn't know how do we know what they see what you don't know you're right by dissecting dead ones we have an understanding what sensors they possess and we can we think of the FBI or a fly sees like in a bunch of little like I told you that

► 03:05:23

go fuck out that they have a bunch of yeah they've got robbed 35 years ago they had remote control rash with microchips they can send 500 yards in a bombed-out building it with a camera on the top eight thirty years they've got some heads on their head the run around the difference is dangerous

► 03:05:57

is it once you open that gate it's all bad they has it all bad why why can't you experience that interdimensional being and learn something from it and be a better person because of whatever reason at first it's all beautiful and so you're an Aztec base catnapping all the local tribes and in killing whoever's the tallest of the smartest every time it gets control it starts murder and everybody it always starts beautiful and always starts crate so you talking about ancient civilizations were the ritualize Psychedelic drugs and they wind up killing everybody let every cash and every case the priest say we have to throw babies are the fires with a cut their hearts out we have to buy continue true or false supposedly the mushrooms were used by the Aztecs so that they wouldn't resist the get them all out and mushrooms they don't resist mushrooms

► 03:06:57

I'm sedated until you get make sense I think the temple I forget how you say it to a con Tela con but in this one Temple I think they killed some insane amount of people after it was constructed ass after the tens of thousands they sacrificed tens of thousands of people that the ones that were actually working to build the temple once they died that killed everybody real real University Edge and they said yeah blood yeah they didn't take it internally through the mouth they would take enemas of dozens of hallucinogens and alcohol

► 03:07:41

and so the priest would take a couple of drugs and then the priests were to communicate with the aliens and the aliens want it brought and they also showed Jamie says it says they between between 10040 and 80400 persons were sacrificed in the ceremony in 1487 the Aztecs completed the temple and how do you say the temple name pull up to the top of the how do you say I'm sorry how do you say the temple name

► 03:08:20

odenza that's con a couple of days bananas

► 03:08:36

and you're walking around in the woods and the Mayan God goes the bones and they pick up and you're like it's not graveled its petrified bones are everywhere

► 03:08:48

the priesthood were meat sellers this happened in Europe as well they would hang people up and of the stores the market is below the temples and so you would eat the meat and the most valuable meat was Warriors like when you won the ball throwing game that went on for days they would kill you that killed you the ones who won were murdered this is the thing they used to think that they sacrificed a losing team now they realize the sacrifice the winning team had a bit about for a while or else I must been a long as fucking game ever they wanted to fight they believe their way word for the idea what it is I quit Scott LuPone on the flying serpent Quetzalcoatl Quetzalcoatl are you look at their paintings it's all like spaceships and dials and they have perfect in the Spanish Museum Fortuna two years old Spanish

► 03:09:48

do you know shit hey hey hey it's about it like a footlong it's a looks like a jumbo jet with the windows and the engines

► 03:09:58

true or false the Mayans smoke penis blood they did at that say truck they took long lines of leather Jaguar leather

► 03:10:14

and had it had it had John Nails on it and it in order to head like a spiky things are glass and they would put it in their genitals the most skilled the high priest Living Sacrifice in people for our sake and Lucinda Jensen wood would like not try to cut his testicles off but only the most skilled would sit there and throw them through the day they would smoke the blood Joe Louis boxer ancestor the lower the lower priests within put chocolate an ancestor

► 03:10:47

and they were smoke the general Blythe yep of the high priest and then they will talk to their ancestors have you believe the other than to watch the next yeah how about that the treasure next time to the point where if they take those things off your head will fall off people are willing to do all kinds of crazy things their body I am not surprised they big smokes Eunice blood the Bible says the Old Testament new testament which is pretty powerful I know people misinterpret is all but the ancient texts if you were there like like you read Ezekiel like three burning Wheels land there's a blue furmanovich at it gives me something to take I take it I mean the full data of the plan that that that that they genetics has been infested and God Must Destroy everyone that's an alien story that's what we always talk about there was talk about that this was one of the primary stories when they will talk about the Bible ezekiel's Vision wheel within a wheel that there was some of your record

► 03:11:47

floating comes to think with a crystal fuhrmann over its head

► 03:11:52

and then the face of Shifting different creatures it's like a video screen well if you think about how long it would take for an alien to get here it really only makes sense that unless they have a constant Dave is or if they'd if it came by themselves they came by themselves a long fucking time ago like if they were able to make Interstellar travel like three thousand years ago which is not that big of a leap if you think about us three thousand years from now we'll probably can do something like that right so if they were doing that 3000 years ago and they found human beings and these are the stories that we have these stories like Ezekiel and Laika there's a bunch of different ancient stories about contact with the skies you know the the ancient Hindu text everyone can see the same time it's a hologram and you've got these digital systems and you'll go along with you can't by herself yeah that's not real but it's manifesting and then go to Thousand Years in the future they have advanced technology

► 03:12:52

people anymore now leasing aliens would you go back to the old days it was actually some sort of humanoid or a large thing like all the zecharia sitchin shit to cover send someone a text to make sense at all those guys are telling you like Avatar James Cameron tell me. Then it's like don't work there Jack they're jacking in well it makes sense that if there was a visitor to this planet five ten fifteen thousand years ago if there was maybe more maybe there was a visitor hundreds of thousands of years ago that actually did genetic experiments on Lower hominids if that was really the case it makes sense that their technology would have increased far more rapid let's go past that obvious plant things garters like a plan things and but the show that's exactly what the globalist believe is that maybe they're just aware of what the fuck is going on there is powerless as we are if they're real are aliens they only put soulless people in charge who are compartmentalize nobody else know

► 03:13:52

schoolcare the shop we're able because we're Advanced look at this because let's just get out of my stash of Cox you just said it

► 03:14:02

instead of some weird dumb preacher you know in it in Alabama bashing Alabama same stuff you get mad at this don't look a lot so demon eyes look at Wyatt's demonized think about that I think about how its shares

► 03:14:16

but there's no reality and God creates a whole new virtual reality gives life does all of it and then his genetic experiment by Rogue elements gets involved it's all right there don't you actually look at it you expand on it and you're like oh my God this suck meana science fiction book and so that it's the obvious think that's why they keep telling us all look piltdown man I was fixed up no Joe they didn't accelerated mutagenic they're doing to us now something new they didn't accelerated immunogenic program on this planet and Humanity what what is the Bible start with the chats we are made in the image of God

► 03:14:56

what's that mean we don't have God's knowledge without God's advancement we are the image will what is an image it's a scan its numbers it's a genetics it's the potential so we are the aliens Joe and everybody already knows this we are the aliens do you think that we are a product of alien intervention they took these lower hominids and accelerate their evolution by applying their genetics do you know we don't they say we're 97% chimpanzee but then actually getting the deeper genetics were closer to pigs are rats so I think that this was an environment built for us where the master genetic program and they're all subsets sauvage just for a backstory and that's what the glove was think do you think that the aliens created us like this is like one of the primary

► 03:15:46

the elves are biological Androids the grace and then there's other systems going on and no one knows his old Warfare psychological stuff no one knows the truth cuz it's it's virtual reality once you get to that level so no one knows we just don't work pants but we are an accessory rifle powerful the globalist are obsessed the elytra obsessed because she reportedly obviously he was a pretty freaking cool we've got some big giant Mission and maybe that's a program I don't know that we're like pretty super Advanced but you can't put something out at the Spartans were there kids were several I throwing up two years of the Woods

► 03:16:23

you can't just put something I like like like like liberals you can give her very everything they're little assholes show this is like boot camp and training and they cancel that the testis and do all this and basically this planet is what the people say it's a big testing ground for other things that are going to come and we are at we are God and I don't mean I'm God I'm already God I'm a chief God of it cuz you can see that potential yourself and in the end the end the lower-level elves will tell you that cuz they already know you're badass but if they can trick a tadpole to grow into Godzilla to go kill itself they're winning so you sound so that you can watch the elves are a test on us to attack Us in NC the survival of fittest but there nothing there like that by the time we were Chief conscious or look back though we're not going to look at that because I think when you jump Next Level there's even bigger war going on what's the biggest war

► 03:17:16

consciousness of the universe is inter-dimensional space craft beyond that it looks like a comet from my research and it it it it has it has a tad has its coron a Consciousness Consciousness who carries evil in the tale has a Consciousness as a location

► 03:17:35

now there is this giant Consciousness is God okay swimming in a giant system of survival of fittest that God has created a test. Self okay looks like a comet so you. God's conscience and all the good things that knowledge going forward but God knows everybody has to be tested so the tail goes out and at the end of the tale is basically evil that's why I cry says Get Behind Me Satan it's always trying to test God and infiltrate up into it to sabotage

► 03:18:04


► 03:18:06

did you pull the plug in this podcast is a good way to end this motherfucker and something at the fucking governments come in the show they love you cuz your ass no no no no you're talking about aliens so much dude biggest YouTube videos of all time to talk about aliens aliens they love children program will maybe they are going to describe what you saw you have these experiences with the thoughts become patterns they become like geometric patterns they're moving through space and they change and shift but they letting you know that they know all your bullshit they see right through you and they want the watch

► 03:19:06

there's a lot of that there's a lot of thought his creation yes the only not of this world not of our average think I would listen I would think it was aliens if it woke me up in the middle of the night and took me aboard a ship and that's what I experienced I would be 100% convinced that I went to an alien spaceship and I talked to these things the difference is how it was like to smoke it and then lay back and then experience that is like I expected that progression of of events but if I woke up in the middle of the night I was going to take a leak and a light Shone down to the bathroom and they suck me through the window took me aboard a spaceship and I saw the exact same thing that I saw Wells High on DMT I'll be one hundred percent convinced those in contact with aliens the different the only difference is how I got there like I got there through a drug I got there through smoking something that's produced by the human brain that I knew was pretty safe no one's ever died of

► 03:20:06

am I going to see what happens if I go back to when I'm at 2 in Mash groups taking Ayahuasca they have group events and see the same things are the same guess you could argue or one person's a psychic leader they projected everybody else might who's projecting that into them so that's the only way it's out this this is why the Pentagon employee might not be someone projecting anything in your mind it might be your newfound ability to perceive things that you could the way I look at it like this is a bad example does a bad example but it's not a bad one if you fart and you didn't have a nose no one would know if we didn't have a sense of smell when you have a sense of smell we can still get along in this life it was a way to visually see if food is Ryan what I'm saying is it's entirely possible that there's a multiple dimensions are multiple things that we can't proceed

► 03:21:06

that we haven't we don't have the census for there around us all the time to research and vision is okay thanks crystallized epiphany

► 03:21:22

good to talk about 12 Dimensions LOL ever known 1218 on the presents we don't say it actually exists

► 03:21:30

to say that is arrogance I won't say that but I have had dreams my whole life that come true and the weirdest thing like a lady drops a thing of pickles store for 5 years I have the dream that one day I'm there and it's the one in the pickles break or or I want to know is this

► 03:21:51

can I was a kid it was more intense that is fucking crazy so you for five years of the same June and one day it happened was it exactly how you dropped a fuck for about six months I had a dream of a guy in a purple and green striped shirt and like why am I want because it's not like normal dreams just like your been taking over yours get vomit who said like a lucid dream was a dream building

► 03:22:16

and also there's some doing a purple and green striped shirt he attacks me and six months later

► 03:22:23

it happens and I mean it happens exactly so what do you think is going on if you don't mean all thoughts of yourself aside just just look at it objectively what do you think that is you could say that it's human programming and basic programming in the brain you think you're tapping into a timeline that maybe you can access all the time and and when you spew out information the way you do which is it very impressive the way you can talk about things 3 hours straight get excited to spend the majority of your programs entirely by yourself no teleprompter doing something unusual to understand that right but that's how you communicate that's like in the beginning of the thing we were talking about Sandy Hook I kept trying to slow you down I was like I'm not following you down this River you just hit this one rock want to talk about this rock I want to talk about the next Rock but you just keep go

► 03:23:23

the way you think about things is your your chaining one thing to the next thing to the next thing to the next thing and for people who are not thinking the way you're thinking it could be exhausting but you trying to file sure what you're saying right about all I'm only seeing that like the code but I'm wondering because of the fact you telling me that you had these dreams that came true exactly the way you drop them I know you're not full of shit you're not a liar I've known you for a long time if that really did happen to you if this is your real life experience I want to know what the fuck that is you are you are you on the periphery did you have your finger on a membrane that may be other people can't totally touch or occasionally just occasionally get a little peek through and you get to see the other side if it's only once or twice in your life who's to say that what you're experiencing by being able to see these things that manifest themselves realistically in the future that this isn't what human beings will have five years from now or a hundred years from now

► 03:24:23

magic Archer we think we're all the same that's the thing we think we're all the same we're not all the same we're not all the same and our ability to talk you can talk for a lot longer but a lot of the things that I do Eddie Bravo can talk about what you do to better than both of us he needs a musician you and I both suck at music right so there's a certain things that people can do that you can try to describe it and and I'll use it against you no say don't touch it cuz it's her whole religion McGann cannot talk about it by the time I was like three years old I would have this dream that God has cuz God knows everything is a super intelligent omnipresent unlimited Dimensions but God doesn't work. Came from so just like we're trying to find out where we came from God is like a virtual reality simulation as well and God is constantly running every program every operation turning evil loose could lose everything show I would have these drinks

► 03:25:19

but the earliest memories like 2-3 years old or I would fly out to the edge of infinity and

► 03:25:29

it was it was good to your message find out where we came from find out what it is and it would just be this big giant spinning black Vortex like a black hole and then I would have to go into that trying to figure out what was going on and ever and I was the same thing and socials incredible frustration show then growing up and dealing with things and questioning politics and questioning all these other areas and then having dreams that come true exactly and like knowing what's going to happen before it happens and then questioning it and then it never been wrong you like weird not brightly crazy stuff man like I just so much stuff works becomes like you came and yellow you like dial it out and then

► 03:26:10

you just reach that point where

► 03:26:14

you don't even know what's real anymore because it's so crazy but then you she like the mathematics of the whole system and you know how it works it's not like you're so schizophrenic you talk about it you deal with it and actually works like now and you fight the system you automatically know what to do when you talk about some of the president word for Worton repeats me Trump that's what freaked him out word for word whole speech is like whole thing slipped out about the CIA and everywhere else and they're like well Jones just I connected to Trump and Donald Trump such an idiot savant what does that have to do with the speech explained that Trump speech

► 03:26:48

I'm trying to follow you don't even know I don't even have something it's hard to follow you sometimes because we were talking about God Church of God

► 03:27:03

God knows everything except where God came from

► 03:27:08

that's a good sound bite right there do you think that God is just like every other system that we see like think of this there's no

► 03:27:18

what is the most of the Snows 1/3 there's no one Bird that's running all the birds is no one person that's running all the people is it it's all chaos even if we elect someone that they have the fuck of people hate everybody's in chaos is condo try constant power struggle are you still on a centralized do you think of the idea of God is decentralized that maybe God is a real thing but got that one person God is literally Australian organisms God is Not Just free will God is consciousness it's all the organisms it's every fucking technological innovation you know my cup but wherever hard time saying that I know this I could say God might be decentralized I can say God might just be just like every other organism on the planet it's just something that's moving in a certain direction

► 03:28:18

I'm trying to protect itself and try to procreate and try to advance trying to innovate and try to be better than it was yesterday he said everything is doing every fucking animal that start out as a single celled organism is trying to survive themselves well it's unnecessarily that it didn't create itself with something created it slowly but surely this is the podcast but the point is we should not give up let's don't worry about the point is

► 03:28:46

there is a pro-human future and a pro Free Will future and the globalist are the anti-human anti-free will future so all I know is the swim towards the light this isn't in this is one of the reasons why I wanted to discuss this with you and is one of the things that I talked about with Tim pool recently and one things that when we have a revised podcast which is coming up very soon with Jack from Twitter we we all need to talk about open communication that this is it's very bad for all people involved to shut people down from communicating as long as they're not doing anything to actively try to harm somebody that needs to be set for people that make peaceful action illegal and violence and having a lot of a paraphrase it but that's a perfect quote people don't like being left on the outside and that's what I came one of the things about you and I having this conversation that we had our blow-up is can come and understand that you felt

► 03:29:46

you were left on the outside and me as a person who is constantly busy and wasn't paying attention that it was selfish of me to not pay attention to how you must have felt to be stuck on the outside but you did what we will you wish you didn't do or didn't do what I like about you is what we saw today I mean one of the best things about this podcast to be I got the show people what I really love about Alex Jones your fucking fun this is hilarious and you say a lot of shit that turns out to be real and turns out to be a real concern and you make some really good points about all the shit that has happened I hear you I don't want to be right about them killing babies that is Ed Warren I know you don't want me when I leave out of you and you don't have to be mean to doesn't matter what you want is right here? What's your longest podcast we're going Kevin Smith

► 03:30:46

okay 31

► 03:30:57

Got a retarded

► 03:30:59

is that

► 03:31:02

no no no that's could be a sound bite they going to put that to mariachi music no

► 03:31:10

I might have to use Elon Musk flamethrower to light the next Detroit

► 03:31:16

let me know when it comes to regular live regular tobacco with no marijuana at all would you like some yes

► 03:31:25

I know he's proud of my guts never wrong that's a great Point snow doesn't believe more than he believes body is controlled opposition nobody that's in flatoril I love you the point is is that I'm asking you a real question here

► 03:32:15


► 03:32:17

give me the biggest documentary history it only cost like a million dollars okay with staying at 50000 ton big ship and to have it circumnavigate the planet and you will be there with GPS not going to be there I don't know we're going to get someone to represent me there okay

► 03:32:38

discovery of Flat Earth Project will that Rocket Man do dirty shooting himself in his face isn't he like when they supposedly make those missions to the ISS when they shoot up just have that one of the astronauts it's going to go to the ISS just have a GoPro camera on it and just go uncut no cuts no cut from the time you get in on that ship to the time you dock and I want you to talk in the car. I felt like that and friend first and then and then I don't want to be combative here but if that happens in competitive deceived each other if that did happened would you want us to Bacco Alex Jones

► 03:33:38

iStation there's no footage you just appears there. It's really hot water, if you know there's a there's a debate let me finish to let me just there's a debate out there whether you believe we went to the moon or not you how everyone needs to acknowledge if there is a debate there's people to hold on hold on there's people that believe we went to the moon and there's people believe that we fight. You have to understand bo3 save the people that don't believe we went to the moon when they also say that they can other spaceship to you have to kind of understand where they're coming from

► 03:34:38

weather maybe we don't you should understand it they have no trust for any of that other ship how many times you got a fake going to the Moon before you go okay with that bullshit I was watching minions 3 or 4 where they go to a u.s. and they run through the Minions going to run through Hollywood their dinner station the moon landing do that when people die a bunch of test pilots. We fly on jumbo Jets around the country are cell phones work do you hear we definitely went to the moon absolute hundred percent absolutely shares is that they say I say didn't happen the truth says that we have been Landing I've denied it a bunch of times they say Alex Jones says that there are

► 03:35:38

you and I were human slaves on Mars never said it but I know the real people and

► 03:35:48

Wernher von Braun the guy who directed all six Moon missions was a Nazi correct yes he hung out with Walt Disney correct

► 03:35:57

yeah yeah yeah who in the fifties just made up space they never know and whenever I went to space collarspace why I told you have a 12 inch telescope 12 inch diameter opening after we talked about this. You can have a space is fake conversation

► 03:36:31

well I don't know what they are the way I described this is the same way I talk about Jiu-Jitsu you it you should never talk about how effective martial arts are just some of them have to train it off for Camp Courant Sons 93 Million Miles Away there's not much you got to believe it we don't even exist you don't exist Joe doesn't exist and nobody exists so because of all that was I don't want to have a space discussion either but my point is that if there's people out there that believe we faked going to the Moon 6 time you have to understand their skepticism

► 03:37:31

you seen so many different things that turned out to be both relation is real yes or no

► 03:37:53

what like what like fight Wars and shut like what like electricity that's awesome Tesla right love it course it's the same science that allows people to understand the distance between Earth and Mars that's the same size rotors by the way, you're really smart guy and it's healthy to be where you're at questioning everything versus buying everything all I'm telling you is is the stuff we have now a hundred years ago would be considered magic and we agree with that on the main line in the videos running Nazareth where were there any RCA cameras we take the photos because the radiation belt in it they'd all them up but we wouldn't have done that

► 03:38:53

know what happened that makes way more sense to me and it's one of the things that Jamie there and I've actually discussed we talked about the Gemini 15 photo the famous photo of Michael Collins that turns out to be just a reverse of a photo of him on a training Mission or he's in a harness in the whole thing they used to be overzealous bre

► 03:39:14

when was Raymond take the Atlantic talk about this rain was there running this freaking here and the lasers on the moon here and the deals he said it was weird is that another group of ships, you know if I just shouldn't do it another group of ships will they have another but basically he wouldn't have said this is not drama I was going to meet with him I met with him at the former NORAD command base that's the Hilton outside Austin and he wouldn't tell me in like a week later is hard blow but he was ready to tell me should know it's real but there's more advanced and in head like presidential letters as how she looking at me like a man guy like run the cameras like number 3 and NASA for engineers freaking she was in Vietnam rent black cops in Cambodia

► 03:40:04

and he said he said well we lost a lot of people with those were clandestine operations I wasn't part of my soul compartmentalize appreciate your right there were a bunch of missions beforehand cuz he was the one that killed 50 people to do that just to see if they can get someone to help no one else will do it was trying to work and that's what pisses me off about Gus Grissom in those the original blood will be incredibly tragic if is it is if they actually did go to the moon but they fake the footage because of the radiation so they release is bullshit physics nobody ever believes you know but you know how horrific that would be if you were a guy like Neil Armstrong and you knew that the footage is bullshit but you actually had gone to the moon be like fuck and this whole thing was like people starting a little why these was over there on wires and there's that other on trampolines like

► 03:41:04

1000 Chestnut trace or something before you watch your own out night why is that already dude no no no solar radiation from 2 to see level on average is 10 feet of water about 6 in of stone there's dirt but why is the Sun so big on the on the

► 03:41:40

imagine that they have a Shores Alliance okay so when you why do you think the Sun or the Moon looks so much bigger on the horizon

► 03:41:48

why is that everytime I always thought it was just a fraction of the earth cuz it's on the

► 03:41:59

why is it red the atmosphere you're looking at all that show is it is looks like a strong me on the plane flights creation Workshop. Radio show whatever it is you get a bunch of chest x-rays right when you fly during the day because the sun solar radiation because you're above everybody knows you're in the mountains you're the worst sunburn why is there less oxygen less dropping the movie showing you're at 35000 feet that's a yeah you you are up there and there's no there's there's an average of 35000 for this is NASA to test products of water

► 03:42:57

and 6 in of stone if you can dance to 35,000 ft of dust the filter how to turn the other color but if she'll take about think about the atmosphere while you're looking straight at the moon's fucking white

► 03:43:18

look at this angle it's yellow and it's big and orange on it's like damn that's big it's not just words coming up that's part of it what is a pair of glasses on the edge so you looking through all that atmosphere you look at through pollution you look through dirt everything

► 03:43:38

yeah my dad told me all that that's fucking amazing

► 03:43:45

that's why moons are red

► 03:43:49

the red with a rise in there white when I go to top so the shit we're looking at it through

► 03:43:56

yeah we've got a weird situation huh a big ass 1/4 size Planet just floating floating above us we stare at it but it's a full moon tonight that is fucking weird there's a planet it's right there I fell asleep last night missed your call and I will come like 3:30 and I got to get up I looked out and it looks fake news so beautiful and I was looking out the hotel like a $500 from there and I'm looking at beautiful that is just like hey it's okay to say it's made out of cheese it's probably isn't did you ever see that movie Dark City yeah I Love You movie Kiefer Sutherland in great movie Sometimes I feel sometimes like reality like it like that movie was so strange because it was like this weird scripted reality these people works out

► 03:44:56

marionettes real yes your Consciousness is real a real life real yes you're real to you've been put it all of us and put in a simulation to basically tests and that's the big thing I'm trying to get across to people

► 03:45:21

what's rapid motherfuker out

► 03:45:29

you can helicopter and it South Africa or wherever I can you imagine the film searching Flat Earth that still like you should be on the show. Sounds represented I'm so tired of these satellites even though all I already Japan's here buddy and go down around India around Africa usual and knew you could do it if it's a flat-plane that's like you're just not thinking right you could do either go anywhere you want to go anywhere you want people think I got to do. You to ride me today

► 03:46:28

not this morning yesterday the longest one you said you said basically the newest best way to prove any of this prove any of what what are you doing about this what's this reality space you're generalizing I'm not going to chase you just said that I said something and I don't even know what you mean. People think the Earth is flat and people think in space is fake what you think that's coming from I'll tell you all my God, nor life exists is this all elucidation because they've been lied to so much for so long and it was true and then over here you got people to just believe whatever they see on CNN

► 03:47:26

and me I'm just trying to look at everything going well a lot a lot but sometimes it's not that thought I was in confidence what's real and so I don't blame it and it's like way over here or other people that are like way over here cuz they're trying to find some Solace of Believers word Universe the truth is there's not order in the universe there's people trying to bring order the universe and that's why they staged event so they can try to bring order within that event that's on what you talkin about no Northwoods are gone and so how do we get convince

► 03:48:02

to say well know I asked questions and I'll be shut down as long as I'm with you intimately asking questions it is going to judge that I have that right so that's where we're all going just what is the system on it rid of free speech right to self-defense the family defend those things and ask yourselves what are we about discover came and I believe in that

► 03:48:24

you can say that should have got was it right to bear arms Free Speech what was the third one family family we say that again

► 03:48:39

mystery is what can be I think mystery switch to my life is not Sandy Hook I'm so glad that you tell me what you were telling me earlier that you were actually even before all this happened you were planning your exit strategy like you get weary of this

► 03:49:03

yeah it's not like I'm afraid of the fight but I'm 45 and I've had a long adventurous life so I probably like 60 and

► 03:49:13

I was already like I wasn't sure about Trump or whatever has really bad feeling when he got elected nothing was bad just like all the words that start and then I was already planning a kind of face tanks out just cuz I don't like that when I'm 55 a heart attack and the fact they attacked me so much makes me happy battle and fight and never give up and and and and so it's not like that you wore me down before they ever they kept me in the game on explain that they kept me in the game attacking me and lying about me because now I'm at wall out I'm now becoming I was worried about now I dream about the stuff that was what you were worried about initially yeah because I realize about 45 years ago this obsessive that was already totally obsessed and you were you were telling me that it Fox with your head that this certain amount of it after awhile it just fux with your head yeah the negativity yeah and I like to have dreams I like dreams are like 20 years long like you have a damn tell you where I'm a farmer and like it said it was like 500 years ago I was like

► 03:50:13

planning things eaten food in like putting my kids to sleep in like you know cutting trees down in like walking around like normal and just being a normal person and so I didn't like the global sick like that but all these shows Homeland Ally shows on this big demon I didn't like calculate what I was going to do and then I was already not ready to give up I was ready to move on and innovate and now it's almost like it's God doing it has like no no it's not that easy you're going to be pending against the wall by your enemies that you're going to fight to the death and then nobody got to say this but I realize it's God's plan I'm not going to be turned loose I wasn't just going to do a couple tours in this fight Pete be turned loose and so it shows you it's been it's been framed to realize that this is all big stage and God wants to see some people pants but I tell you the globalist think they're like running me out I think they've got me it's the difference it's like it's it's it's it's the op

► 03:51:13

now that turn me into this Maniac well there's a there's definitely some sort of a struggle going on right now and there's a it's a seems to be like a universal struggle for figuring out what people are and how we should behave and who gets to decide that and there's certain Universal truths are ignored and there's certain ones their emphasis overemphasized in the certain ones that you know that are in the Goldilocks spot and we were working it out I think that's part of what's going on with human beings but we have to be really really careful of is that by silencing some people never given them any path to retribution we create Eternal enemies in this is this is what he easily could be happening right now with when someone doesn't have the ability to express themselves because an evil Force Ones conflict and what you say it's not really know if it's an evil force but it's there listening to all those around them and there's a hive

► 03:52:13

hivemind sort of thinking to a lot of this is not a lot of debate about so let's just say this Joe and and 210 play nobody else you didn't give in to the pressuring of the threat it was more than a game like a siren like a bitching woman are you at swimming and she lets why you didn't have me on but then you realize I was just a symbol of you just trying to live the life and put out good ideas and talk to people but folks are going to make you choose a shot and that's what's happening in this quicker I don't want you to say that's why Ryan Seacrest got a nail nobody's coming to Ryan Seacrest for like political advice he's got a nailed it host a bunch of shows a real nice guys got a great smile he figured it out but she understands you other than that sweet spot man I looking at you going oh my God

► 03:53:13

entropy is stagnant water so it's still nothing's going on it's all clear what's a live ocean big crashing waves Jersey I've seen Beyond everybody else but I've I've seen wait Beyond guys you want to be in the conflict you want to be in the fight you want to take all your you not successful Joe cuz you play along the system you're successful because you did it organically in a real dumb it's perfect that mean it's bad it was real that's why your success and then they come in you think you're bad I'm the same way all these people are telling me how great I am I play ball with him because I've got you have this thing but they want you because they're soulless and so all I'm saying is you made the right decision and I just think how many on cuz I'm not perfect is deciding no America still America the world still the world we're allowed to talk about real things and hear all things because they want to shut other voices down so they can live

► 03:54:13

does Weis has any idea that fears exposure or fears debate is a failed idea well you know I have a unique perspective my perspective is less and less inclined to pursue it in the idea that it's a fight and more to be able to pursue reason and to have everybody communicate with each other cuz I think part of what the fuck is wrong with all of us today is it people are so willing to take sizes so will you join teams and so willing to fight about shit that they really don't have to fight about

► 03:54:47

I don't dislike Donald Trump and I think he's done some good things I'm trying to do a piece and try to get jobs back to America but I hate Donald Trump

► 03:54:56

because I got behind him ahead of Hillary was bad and then he became my identity he's not a bad guy but the truth is I hate it more than Hillary Clinton because he's who I am now I want to talk to him but I get in a fight like this that's so dumb down that then no matter what I do they take my radicalness my weirdness to hurt Trump puts it all it is is like radioactively attack me on I don't know how to describe it but it's like it's like Trump is breaking my legs everyday and it's not like I'm not willing to go to the paint except he says I don't agree with and he's not my identity Sandy Hook shot Maya Angelou this is just to confirm your own personal perspective and I appreciate that but he's not your I don't know how many people actually think that he's your identity but I think that what we're getting that that's important is

► 03:55:56

we don't know whether they're going to Trump I'm sure I'm sure there's a lot of them by the shooting at Joe Donald Trump I understand that from you but what I'm talking about is just the human race in general if we could just do one thing be reasonable just be reasonable and understanding emotions Cloud judgement and that when people start screaming and yelling at each other and you take one side or the left in this guy takes another side and he's the right you're going back and forth just it's nonsense and you don't ever get anything solved and you didn't ever get to understand how that other person thinks and feels and we're currently trying to mock people and what you were talking about about the Bill Maher thing about him cracking a joke and I dismissed it as a joke cuz it was a joke we talkin about how the red States wish there was a blue States and all that shit that's that's exactly the type of thing we're talking about though that that that that US versus them that Miiverse it like you're generalizing for entire swaths of the country as if they're one United Bank

► 03:56:56

is lost this is a beautiful steak a lot of great people just say something put a lot of people here a lot of them are fucking lost that's a fact you know there's like who knows how many men has like thirty something million. It's crazy cuz a giant country in awhile by collection of the California it's fucking giant that's too many people to that you just don't wake you say Californians do this this fucking California is it a Rancher's Grill million have population of the world in Texas though so I'm going to go pee so bad about your boy Buzz Aldrin

► 03:57:46

you know I'll tell you about those already told me I know he's clevelandbrowns.com I'm going to live with Jamie Eddie how you doing I'm doing good so what do you what do you think about the wide receiver of the Browns I don't think we can turn the talk to Brown track right now no unfortunately is there any conspiracy theory that you kind of are suspicious of there's got to be at least one I definitely like 911 911 you think you know what are you familiar with our 7 almost every story even though the stuff we talked about before in the past I don't believe the the official and quote okay so you know the tower 7 was the third tower that went down here where that right

► 03:58:46

when that comes up all of the surrounding information about what it was in the building's not the not the actual event I know the event happened I'm not I'm not so curious about that the video of tower 7 disk oh wait a minute I would say this more suspicious that a third building fell it wasn't exactly a plane it went down free fall speed and it's caught on video the five different angles right no one saying that it's fake footage Tower 747 story skyscraper fucking phone at freefall speak some people are saying that got hit with a direct energy weapon some people are saying that it was brought down like a control demo in like in Vegas

► 03:59:46

one of those buildings you know but regardless of how it was brought down you got to look at that video for them to go wait a minute and why is a shortage like 50 stations in 2001 and I'm sitting there

► 04:00:12

tell us about 70% of her saying that it was an inside job how to make the fireman blow it up I'm watching

► 04:00:18

Fox News CNN at my studio and then I go get a pizza at 4

► 04:00:24

was CBS Radio back then and they go Solomon Brothers Building 7 is going to be brought down to controlled demolition to save other buildings so I disable the buildings and 455 years or Windows I'm crazy then CNN and all of them archive it on the internet Everyone's Watching Building 7

► 04:00:48

BBC ABC let me ask you what do you think happened with Tower 7

► 04:00:54

CNN ABC and CBS told me the government blowing up the government blue shirt old get back on the countdown interview should come so I can explain it to me explain to me do you think that they had detonation set up already in the building when I used to always like try to follow down what it means I don't know I've learned to go hey I've got five different News cash when it happened at before it's saying they blow it up I don't know what happened is it possible that it collapsed because of those gigantic diesel fires right and then they had a fire they said it was an inferno and they said it cooked through the entire that what happened was

► 04:01:54

this is whoever the fuck explained it that when I was making his YouTube video that the fire had burned through the internal structure of the building at such a high temperature that all of these floors collapsed a pancake and then it came but it never would argue every point in Sandy what happened OK The Alex Jones 2019 is on us while I'm glad you were going out to say

► 04:02:26

blow it up and nobody can describe it I don't know Joe what happened when you look at it the way it falls at Falls exactly like an controlled demolition exactly so it falls from the top down but if you actually watch full speed right but if you watch the full video the center of it collapses like there's a full video where you looking at the top of the building in the center of it collapses far before the outside does that's how they take me to take out the Elevator Shaft light up just a little bit in advance so they knew that 9/11 was going to come and Tuesday I don't know what they do is they take like some puppy from 20 years ago right two years ago going here CBS News and they don't show it. Even though operation Northwoods happened in Gulf of Tonkin was a conspiracy is it possible that the internal fires in that building were so unbelievably hot that it fucked up every floor

► 04:03:26

I really did pancake on top of each other and then the exterior structure just collapsed is that possible because I'm not an engineer that they announce it fell on its own footprint 27 minutes before it did on the live channels Dam BBC world that's real PBC CNN CNN and CBS Joe hockey foot it was for I've been on air since that morning on syndicated radio I drove down a little pizza place at 4. My pizza was eating it in the car I heard CBS Radio driving home and they said little things to controlled demolition Solomon Brothers building building 7 by like we have these clips now

► 04:04:19

but no one archived stuff that's why I go on there I go yeah they just blow up a building everybody started freaking out but here's the thing that I blew it up how long does it take to set up explosives to the part we could paint ignore that was the next story

► 04:04:35

but then I interviewed

► 04:04:37

I had an emergency management for New York

► 04:04:41

yeah and solutions people got him on

► 04:04:46

and he says no I was there they had bombs to see cuz you know what's Basin Building 7 right

► 04:04:52

the CIA the FBI or NSA as well he's going to know it's bullshit man

► 04:05:12

anybody with a diesel tank and pre-rigged explosives in case she didn't believe I wasn't mad.

► 04:05:27

bird CBS say they blow it up and even though and I could really go Joseph firefighters blow it up cuz the government sent that point you made a good point though I don't mean my grandpa was the Army if it really did pancake from the from the fire what a shit design what a terrible is I be so mad when was the blueprints what you're saying because seven was built well as looked at by lawsuits they were soon I wanted to though they were built with like bubblegum in like Band-Aids really I love those pills cleaning oh no big mob scam or no expectations gas that was in like 5 years one building with claps fall fuck

► 04:06:20

oh my god there goes your argument it's New York these buildings are built for shit and that's when you as you get older you know

► 04:06:30

some of our bill for shit right for sure right especially back then when do you know dr. Judy wood is

► 04:06:48

why do know she's she's got dr. Judy wood is wrote a book called where did the towers go be a part of her story her theory is this is just this is just some lady scientist lady and the pictures that she has of where the towers collapse. She's saying that there was no trouble the book the name of the book is called where did the towers go she said that Direct Energy weapon some kind of direct energy weapons Justified the buildings turn the buildings to dusk because there was no rubble a dude gave me a book on that he's using La he told me he was Tesla technology was like what and giving his books

► 04:07:48

style diet does it matter has buildings in my opinion is ShopRunner

► 04:07:54

World Trade Centers I've been accused of covering up I don't like that

► 04:08:00

eBay what he's been accused of covering things up of being a bullshiter

► 04:08:06

like I'm covering up

► 04:08:12

a lot of people think you're a Zionist shill you know that that's the biggest one that's

► 04:08:19

biggest what about Alex jump what's the biggest what know you you are honestly making it a mission in your life to search for the truth to your All About Liberty you're for real you want the best for people you're looking out for the people's best country it doesn't matter your nose help your back it's hard for me to to think you're like some sinus showing I know this wasn't man people make up rumors about all kinds of people they did come up with ideas that they want to push they decide to accuse someone of doing something really stupid like being a part of something that they're not

► 04:09:19

Michelle they think I'm a sign is now because she wasn't talking to people that make you distrust conspiracies I told you that's the that's the evolution of you between you now and you 18 years ago show me try to answer any questions your questions to ask mom as well and the two go together

► 04:09:48

I grew up in Dallas Texas in the eighties and nineties when it was like the murder capital of the country I live in a middle-class area but it was still a lie and you know I got two rednecks I gotta fight with with racist Mexicans there were racist white people attack Mexicans but I I mean I had to a big black guys attacking me like one three grades in school and my back for the same and you're so cool you're not racist even though you know my cousin is 18 or if you're like for teens attacked you and you know that was all just part of a development people do take it it doesn't care what color their skin is or where they came from there's good black people are fat black people there's good white people that bad why people has good Mexicans as bad as nice as good as yours or bad I just this good North Koreans are federal grants and I'm standing really simple stuff everybody knows but I'll go to a restaurant if they've got good food I don't care if it's Ethiopian Orbitz Mexican or was chairman of the food's good the people are nice I love it like a women like I was black

► 04:10:48

Hispanic woman I love them all like a good woman school I got a bunch of black women there bitch ass black women are cool what about Swedish bitches what mall is what I hear what I'm getting at here though I don't like Swedish the racism thing oh it's not about I don't say something so similar but he's like yeah he's coming grass is green Martin Luther King like it doesn't matter what color or someone is it matters what they stand for what they do I go to restaurants that can be owned by Koreans or black people or white people whatever you're the food's good music I love you man the food sucks that I hate it but it's not because they're white or because there is panicked of course I said next to a Mexican for 3 hours

► 04:11:45

100% believe in you totally love Mexicans

► 04:11:51

Mexican food or something something like that I think you guys talked enough aliens to fucking really boost your search engine results on YouTube but I wonder about that yeah well I don't think anyone's going to say that but people probably will say some things but I think also you know the idea that like

► 04:12:37

anybody should be able to tell you that you can't talk anymore ever you said one thing that people don't like or if you do talk it has to be only on your side and you have to be trapped out of all of the different platforms for social media slippery slippery slope you know and I know you're not a hateful person you may have said things that are angry in the past about certain people or been angry but a certain event in the news peanut a hurtful angry person if there's things that you say that they can say hey this violates some sort of a pattern of behavior you're attacking someone you're giving out someone's address that kind of shit they should be able to take it down and she kills it should be a clear like set of rules and you can look at these rules of a lawyer would look at him and say is this in violation is my client arrested will know York

► 04:13:37

I didn't have anything illegal on him and we did a search we found no drugs we found no illegal weapon so but we suspected that he was up to something and I don't like the way you was talkin is it closing to say this at the end of the day Infowars went from really successful on huge sound like Zeitgeist insane and it's like take any responsibility for any of that you think that maybe he made it easy for some of the people that were going to attack you and I've been guilty this myself by providing fuel tank stupid shit it's it's it's Global us-funded big Corporation that's what I'm saying closing its come out when released as soon as the thing is it's all left-wing that's where it's weird but there's a bra on it's a problem because you have one ideology that's overwhelmingly controltech and I agree with them a lot of things undone social programs in the lot of it on welfare in Universal basic income and

► 04:14:37

civil rights and women's rights I agree with him on a lot of stuff but it's an ideology look any ideology two weeks ago but I got documents I'll come back if you want but you just under the left for doing it at their the instrumental group that's carrying it out he would think we'll defend if your right-wing fascist who you get to go out for PlayStation hoodie at the left in the left wing and shutting down free speech I'll have to confirm so Jesus Christ have confirmed goddamn conundrum Life of the Party not that the average you know Tea Party People the Republican party is Blue Blood it thinks it runs Democrats

► 04:15:26

and it

► 04:15:28

and what was happening that come across Shelby want to know seriously I'm going to be a Cap City comedy club in Austin, sure coming home come on

► 04:15:53

I'm sworn to the list of stand-up comedian my problem is why do stand-up sure you can Crush know I'm not trying to lie to you and tell you the truth I'm good I'm not trying to like bullshit I got my else I'm telling you man I promise that show real like every time I use it on you being a comic you've never being able to silence people and push their leftist ideology or the Republicans manipulating the Democrats so I love you and you were kind of like couldn't handle anymore which I'll actually want to be like that so then you kind of dogs out so I was aggressive you should look at it I have looked at all this stuff and I have seen with their own perspectives

► 04:16:53

and their own plans are and they go to Congress and they lie about all of it they're not liberal than I conservative it's big corporations lining up with China as you said earlier to unify the propaganda quote in no do they get all the technology we use our open Society to totally take over and so that's what I'm trying to get through to you is that

► 04:17:13

is that they're coming after everybody like you said earlier that you walk in the office I was here for you to go I want to talk about the thing you said about you know the censorship and that once they get us a broken but you said was that it was a slippery slope that if you given 1% evil 20% I still have this other other 99% and then start moving the boundaries they start moving in closer and closer to make sense people exist in these these control patterns it's really, he's giving the okay what what does that mean what does it what is give out mean you stop talking so people enjoy watching this wizard work it's weird if people enjoy watching you talk and other people don't why can't the people don't just not watch you talk

► 04:18:05

what is goes he's he's promoting truth he is promoted truth but I think what they've done is they found these little pockets of things simply said well that too but things have said that maybe you should have said Jack Dorsey this Villa Olivia pool as true they had millions of people harassing the stock and attacking and lying on his currently attacking children he's trying to attack children at their houses and so it wasn't the fact that I got to see in a guy's face in a company owner Honda Fit exactly what I just can't understand why he had millions of people attacking the shareholders yes did you hear about there's a chef that makes pastries she's worked for 10 years at trumps

► 04:19:05

hotel in Florida and BuzzFeed found out who she was and doctor and said she's a cult member fire

► 04:19:15

what does that even mean like why would anybody harass a pastry chef that's a very good question people feel like there a war you know that's part of the problem with all this shit that's why I was saying be reasonable people feel like they're at War the right vs left instead of just being a bunch of people talking about ideas trying to figure it out at least take on Hillary or Bill Clinton or Donald Trump what's the 22nd pastry chef yeah that's crazy BuzzFeed pastry chef at all let me ask you this way too much any closing here at the end of the transmission we should talk about

► 04:19:58

a lot of things one knows I ever wanted people see is why I like Howard Jones like why I enjoy hanging out with you I wanted people to be able to see it cuz I have had to defend that because of this narrative they just told me evil guy never show me to let the leftist like make you bad if I was Charlie Manson Nashville come on the show I want you to call my show me to give the devil would you want to stay a certain distance away from the Devil the devil is very sexually seductive Bella. We just please just go to an open mind

► 04:20:58

devil is pure sexual said I know the Joe how sexy is Adele say sexy I don't think I can get it up in front of a demon demon this is Lucifer all the big one Chad you know you never know until you kiss me I guess you could be the next Sam Kinison now but it's the thing line member Sam Kinison screaming and yelling about the baby station is this

► 04:21:33

when I was a little kid and I was at one of these Visions I was asleep I had seen Conan the Destroyer yet or turn on the bar and turn this big fucking Goblin that's her body when I was a kid that was sitting there on a site like this and then a few hours later I saw Conan the Destroyer and like that's the thing from the dream did Gandalf goes to the castle in Soarin has not made his body yet right and he looks looks like that is like that fire I've seen exactly that so you want to talk about what's that real colors of the Grays are it looks like sorry I have you ever had a significant head injury what happened to

► 04:22:33

they're going to NPR Peach going on next week that I apologize I mean I've never did that what happened what happened to your head hot bench autograph use somebody pile drive to you what happened

► 04:22:44

how old are you about 1313 more to sleep I'll drive you and you had to change your personality I got up and punch you in the throat wow

► 04:22:55

so was it a friend of yours State Wrestling Champion Middle Light and his cousin or something in the Dallas is like this like you know got me down I haven't ever start in 5 million people victim of racial attacks I'm out like Jeffrey or jussie Smollett is at fault rednecks and I got my leg broken be no by so this that pile drive you on your head when your 13

► 04:23:19

yeah then what did it do to your personality that I had to fight his whole family about his family was a bad injector to the champ but do you have any significant change from that head injury sometimes I buy manager he's especially it seems like you just got better

► 04:23:41

it's like do we got to get to the root of this practice and it's crazy but accurate is depression that little looks like planets

► 04:23:59

any given time if somebody is a regular guy that I would never try to fight the kick my ass like the average hundred fifty pound got a bunch of people are going to have to me it's like Darth Vader and I was a kid and when the kid dropped you on your head what effect did it have on you physically it was by the field house cuz this doesn't attack me and I beat him up and so the State wrestling champ look at Senior comes and goes oh yeah it's like he got up when I'm a head was bleeding like he'd want and I'll punch you in the neck and broke his head and he couldn't he just slamming the ground I had somebody to all these stitches right here and then he couldn't believe when I got up and said what you die he couldn't understand like the energetic

► 04:24:59

equivalent still couldn't stand being the nail you don't understand being the hammer pnrc on that and then they took me to jail will they let me go my some tough guy getting killed and and so Dallas was so what happened your head after that

► 04:25:14

I mean

► 04:25:17

I never even got knocked out that one they do slam I had the ground and her like a remind me the joke is the concrete cracked coach it was like only has been concrete how much split my head weigh over this is restoring just getting that was like slow motion around the neck and the ambulance is the police game that was that story didn't you did you go to the hospital

► 04:25:43

no they sent me to jail for that but tonight let me go they didn't check your head do you telling me that pile driving. They sold it up they sewed it up in the in the jail they didn't like check to see if you had a severe concussion duration of Derma limit on oh wow go ahead Joseph Bennett you think that he's a conspiracy theorist cuz he got dropped on his head I think that I think there's something does something to people that have had head trauma that it become brilliant at speaking things the Black Sam Kinison is Emma Square shrink the only reason he one was he was better or power for the main issue is that like fucking he had six packs of the Arnold Schwarzenegger waited and loaded while blow is going on with you broke the concrete with your head that's big

► 04:26:43

the concrete didn't actually break did it myself with other people for fun I've never been knocked out okay so I don't think what time I got here on their got dropped old are they said. I don't think so too bad he tapped his head he would have been knocked out maybe not it doesn't matter like you sometimes people get knocked out through severe head injury sometimes they don't sometimes their head other actually shave my dad I never hold on sometimes they never lose Consciousness you can't think they always lose Consciousness sometimes when it is cracked out I would she like numbers like I was a robot

► 04:27:43

when you realize that you like your central nervous system is like 30% functional it like it was referring to the Hollywood stars cuz they seen the Stars like each Stars I can hold databank and I remember like something choking me like that is like Sunday like pulling a knife out and she that knife point out here like you are see everything wrong with those minutes but everything's clear emotions

► 04:28:20

but the wars in the attacks of submarines of the spacecraft in like it's like when you dial into that it's like Total War when your friends would choke you out of these long dreams we do this during lunch and we go back like someone press on their arteries like you hit your head at me like one time like this one time they choke me out and also the Black Knight with a sword attacks me on this horse and then like do it and then I was like in England thousands of years ago I had this wife and kids and was a whole lifetime like taking care of them am I growing food in like a kid starve to death died it was like

► 04:29:15

just those moments like whole life dead kids everything cuz I'm saying like you down and all those ancestors and it was like my kids and kids starving to death like people attacking us and see you think all that information from your ancestors somehow or another encoded somewhere nearby

► 04:29:37

that makes sense if you think about what reincarnation must feel like you know when people have that feeling that you have this feeling that they lived before

► 04:29:52

before note they all that before. Also explain certain fears if people just have his children like children have a fear of animals like sea animal with big teeth children have their answer cuz you got killed by they probably got attacked by some bear somewhere and you know and somehow or another they got through and they survive in Atlanta it's it makes sense how animals learn things me animals just know things my dog and fly a hawk over they all ran scared of they fly triangle nobody makes all the chickens run it's why if you have a puppy and you take it for walks even when it's like 6 weeks old it'll never be around another dog again it knows exactly to do knows how to sniff things and piss on trees knows a check for other dogs piss

► 04:30:51

does what to do they know what to do with a there's a there's a certain date did know what animals Chase they see a squirrel they want to go ask really sure what I've lined up is with him when you know is it looks like our species is super old how old I don't know cuz I can't even interpret the stuff I've seen I mean I saw like you seem like I was that stupid Tom Cruise movie were stupid Tom Cruise movie how dare you how dare you tell that Jack Reacher movie The Outsiders and he doesn't even know he's working for the system and so that's what I'm telling you is it literally whatever it is is like a joke like whatever created us is like super badass but is it possible that there's not a thing that created us but that we are just like every other organism and every other system in this planet with this constantly evolving thing that doesn't really have a leader and it's trying to

► 04:31:51

better constantly at everything it does stops

► 04:31:57

360 Joe you're right but there wasn't a worm learned that across the ass in a grasshopper drive to program and I knew that there was some prime Essence that was put into things that did that the send Free Will and where the top of the food chain or was it thousands and thousands of generations of failures thousands of generations of bugs that got into this grasshopper just was just killed it and then wind up suffocating to death inside of it even though they were parasite they never figure out a way to get following figure it out and finally one of them through some sort of weird mutation figured out a way to interact with the brain of the grasshopper and actually got it to the lake get it to jump in the water and drowned and said it would burst from its body than swim away from things if things learned from things and they keep getting better over thousands and thousands Generations but the same things keep procreating wouldn't it eventually get to some state where figures out how to do something if it is still a parasite and he gets inside

► 04:32:57

body what are the figures out of I just like grow these things off the top my head and connect to the brand is dumb little mother fucker and get him to drown her 601 thorn in all all the sounds go up getting by birds shut down smart more animals eat at that's the number of creatures that are being born and dying and new ones are being born and dying I think our puny little brains can't really calculate the exact amount of cycles that it takes a single-celled organism 100%. What is it the whole thing I did all the left is eat those that were an electrically free well the problem is the leftist ethos is also the idea of inclusiveness and kindness and caring are the ideas that they're promoting all the kindness to Pomona, but what I'm saying is kindness unless you're a right-wing person now if you think on the right then they wanted

► 04:33:57

pacu then they want to do want to demonize you in if they could shut you down in silence you and find some sort of a bullshit excuse to do so and a lot of cases it seems like some folks lean in that direction and this is where it gets dangerous because you can't it's like if someone says hey if I knew how to fight I'd run in front of pizza I just fuck everybody at Walt you'd be dead in a year cuz eventually people going to kick your ass and kill you you can just beat people up to the 101 beat somebody but it's childish mentality I'll just knock this person out nothing else will happen if that's not near your setting whole thing in motion will you silence someone you're setting a whole thing in motion and this is something that we're all learning this is what we have to come to grips with social media is only been around for a really short amount of time it's only been around in this kind of form for 10 plus years and we're figuring it out and these people that think that they can just silence people and shut people down without it having a bad effect on all of us

► 04:34:57

it's not right it's all right well I appreciate you should be a packed when I got free space is good Eddie what do you think should be done about the denial of the reign of terror of censorship Jamila going on

► 04:35:12

I don't know shit you know all I know is that it seems that the right is being censored a lot and when you look at the left and how they've been acting I mean they're acting like Psychopaths like pick you know putting signs up for late-term abortions and all that shit they're pushing that there's people pushing ALC so there it's it's like someone is trying to get fired you know when you have a job when you want to get fired to do stuff on the floor while he said what do you think Alex it's like they want to lose what's the siop I don't know how that's it seems like they're trying to it's so bad so bad much of that is influenced by people that are trying to fuck with the whole system imagine if this is like Stage 5 Russian influence just get people to support later like figure out a way to get people to support super late term abortion

► 04:36:12

figure out a way to get people to support trans women competing as women with no hormone replacement in high school some twenty-five-year-old all the titles I got guys haven't you know it's hilarious it's it is a scholarship and she had to compete against some six-foot-five man who identified as a woman who wanted to play basketball if you've committed a crime if you're a felon you can chop your dick off your dude wants you want out of it literally I'm a Libertarian don't act like I was going to surprise you but the Japanese said hey you don't get the transition nation was Chopper Johnson & the wabos off hands like hey you get taxpayers will pay for you get that vagina Bill and you sit there and do it leave I think there's a lot of people that would legitimately trance I sent the problem the problem is didn't wanted to compete as women Martina Nava

► 04:37:12

Bulova just caught a rash it cuz she was talking about it in her the famous tennis star she's talking about that women are breaking all these records and right after she said that these kids will never one and two were transgender that won the girls high school track meet and it's just you know at a certain point City because they think there are other sex but I'm trying like I watch light bike races at running races and soccer and it high jumping it's a dude like it sounds like it is you're bigger than me is 6.4 miles a growler like there's some nonsense going on there's some people that are legit and then there's some people that have just legitimately crazy when they wake up with everything in life is people that are legitimately trans and there's people that have real Dracula Cheyenne wants to see himself as a woman watching that shows a candle that happens that's the issue whatever

► 04:38:12

vice versa but like I'm going to watch NFL and like we're supposed to like you don't like love that a women's NFL and Nike it's all guys and they say their women last year when the guy comes in with tattoos a big beard and was in the police report the guy I'd like a footlong cock and he goes do a cervix exam what kind of police report is this and the nurse said sure I don't see a vagina

► 04:38:41

and was it a report the man had a footlong dick so she's supposed to mental yoga okay well let me check all this and decide that you got all this I mean it's just like it's been well this man that I hate somebody that feels like there a woman or a man or whatever I say that's a lie. All you need to accept this or you hate imagine fall this ridiculous propaganda really was like the very very highest level Russian meme Farm propaganda and this is why the people that could totally be a seeing this the most preposterously leftist and achieving things like these babies being resuscitated and then killed like the people in freak out when they heard a guy talk about that kind of shit imagine this is all just designed to make everybody go fucking crazy since the governor saying it and I've been doing it and there's just one point where in the transmission what is the in-game what is the endgame Alex Jones were told as Humanities bad things but the

► 04:39:41

very environmentalist groups they're doing this are all like weird transhuman is anti-human I'm all Transformer to see if I really get life extension but it's all I owe you dye your machine you say anything you see the big corporate media promoting they don't know what they're doing I've been around them I've talked to him they don't know I don't think I know I don't think Joe knows I don't think Daddy knows but I think in the spectrum of like one to a hundred we're in the 95th percentile of really being woke and we care about like I don't like shitt well black one will drive around the capital that Military Trail going and she saw him and ran the shower and I'm not ashamed about money but like a million dollars came in like a week and it was all black people saying we thought you were against black people but when you suck cared about that

► 04:40:41

being shot by the by the police checkpoint DC we knew you were good no one knew who she was sold a letter I did was that figures in a black woman is it a white woman is it Hispanic woman I was thinking that report she went through a checkpoint got scared and then the police shot her I'm not against the police either running away it's like there's got to be a better what you can't catch a bro military drill for fatty liver was that a military drill

► 04:41:22

in DC where most roads are shut down what was the story Jamie can you find it the woman gets shot on her way shot someone handle pressure line from the White House doesn't know what to do just makes the wrong decision shoot somebody about half hour more suicides but the rest half is like people can't handle it and there's like four or five years ago cuz here it is right near Capitol Hill United States carry dental hygienist from Stamford Connecticut attempted to drive through the White House security checkpoint in her black Infiniti G37 coupe she struck a US state that's the main roads and I'll try but she was trying to drive through a security checkpoint I could be still possible that they had all the road

► 04:42:22

shut down in the Hudson

► 04:42:31

they shot her and she had her daughter in the car huh that's a horrible story I want to end with that but the my point was black people cuz that was really big story the time when I

► 04:42:46

came out cuz I seen the footage I was watching live and so I'm taking a video for the giant lady I said it's a black lady what the hell is one was like they were like oh my God he cares about black people yeah man I care about whatever they call they are ours thought you stood up for a black woman I'm like dude half of the black people in cepted in this country reported you

► 04:43:19

does Planned Parenthood sell real number yeah like 60% sure they were hired it was all set up Margaret Sanger said we're targeting black people and you know what you look like a sheep in population of white people black people always be I get like there's too many people in some areas are our I can get that you're going to like Target black people and then tell him that you care about him when you were the KKK Democrats and you've got Margaret Sanger shut up and you're doing all this and I walk out of them all I want them all to years ago and used the same black Israelite group that was yelling at

► 04:43:58

yelling at each other at the Covington Catholic head singer all Nazis when they attacked in the same one that can be there like black people black people are God and white people to do and we're going to kill the white people and so I'm sitting there walking out of the mall after Trump election Houston I remember is I was her my wife she would like a Burberry coat or something cuz your family and these black guys go we're going to kill you and I didn't hate them because they were black guys they were literally Nazis I remember sitting there in that parking lot walking across Asia with a few such big men now and it wasn't going to kill you if I want to end the show on a positive note I'm going to play again

► 04:44:58

Airline website way way back in the day I was hanging out with the same interpretation of the Bible one the other guy would like for people to George Washington with some of it everything is packed but it was that I wasn't his take on a unified front I don't think all black Israelites across the country have the exact same ideas I think.

► 04:45:36

we going to end this it's almost five friends Eddie Bravo things come in man keeping this thing light and newswars.com if you have an Instagram page. You do have an inscribed upon as we should agree with free speech and say no to this and not have some sell out to China where it was just to go to try to get away while you're right here here Alex Jones. Soon they'll visit Rock tomorrow

► 04:46:32

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and that's it ladies and gentlemen that's the podcast I hope you enjoyed it

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yeah crazy right

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see you soon bye