#1243 - Rafinha Bastos

The Joe Rogan Experience #1243 - Rafinha Bastos

February 11, 2019

Rafinha Bastos is a Brazilian comedian, actor, journalist and television personality.

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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boom good okay we have some technical dim the welcome people in here at you you're one of the pioneers of stand-up comedy in Brazil 16-17 years ago and nobody knew about stand-up it was something that I found out when I came here to leave and play basketball I had a scholarship to play basketball and I watched Jim Gaffigan and Brian Regan and I thought it was so weird because those guys were like that's why does he call is this name because he is actually Kim because we still have characters and impersonators so it was kind of weird but at the same time it was interesting because I'm not a guy who does

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and I do alterations and I ride it was a journalism degree in journalism so he was interesting for me to see those guys in, and I thought we could do the same like it's so crazy that it took that long for it to get to Brazil yeah you would think that because everything else mean you guys have movies and you know I mean city of God you have action movies you have so much that's so similar the fact that stand up comedy made it there is so unusual to I took a long time I don't know why but the image of a comedian speaking Life With Boys are actually connect them it was something that was something that I could we couldn't connect that much but when we when we saw there was a lot of people doing all their stuff and you that was like this

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huge role that we could actually explore that was when you become interesting for us so comedy in Brazil they would basically be like like say if I was a Brazilian comedian I would come up with a fake name and I would do a character a wig brush a wig I wear certain outfit outfit like that very over-the-top screaming and exists in Brazil this is like a popular I'm not saying that is for everyone not have my Netflix special week is becoming she huge because we have some other options right now with internet everything changed the game Chase completely so it have what is good has is all space right now is not only why the TV once you to watch it so the game changed a little far out for all of us so how did you start out did you start out by going to music clubs or he was I actually studying

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Sam Club sadomasochist really and vaginas and we had that show and he was you wasn't good but it was an experience for all of us to go on stage and try to to our opinions and we got chances to go to TV and everything else but at first it was difficult because people could not understand is he character is he playing a Bard so that's why I had such a nice to have a lot of problems with the law because I can get a rape joke

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small something but you was like does he does this guy wants people to be raped because all those jokes was taken out of context and put it on newspapers and it was like journalists journalist in the audience waiting for me to say some shit out of context and then guide like that fucking like billions of clicks on their website so they knew they and them so they would come to see it and then what wood were they criticizing it before this huge everybody loved her first

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and TV shows and we kind of ran away out at midnight 3 360 theater at midnight in Brazil that was my thing I underground it's on following the middle of nowhere but then I was on TV doing the same thing so that the country was not that prepare for what I want I was doing at the time what kind of laws do you have in Brazil in terms of like the language you're allowed to use on television you know I'm not saying there's like a government censorship about what you can say what you cannot say but sponsors in and Ethan TV stations and the media is very sensitive about everything because stupid poor country so we are

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you're like we have a lot of people that don't understand that all this is, do you want us, so it was my duty to explain a little bit to stand up in Conifer open a rolled for all of us that's how I felt so you and you said three other it was like three or four guys is so who are these other guys doing this to hear what are the names Marcelo Mansfield then you losing chili was Garfield you it was a small group of guys that we start building in Brazilian Portuguese such a beautiful I love it I love it so I can song it's like it seems so it's like to me that sounds like it's such a cool sound does a president stay in in Jersey City or something that they used to repeating that you know I mean you know

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but sometimes sometimes you say it like damn that's like the word shit like shit could be like you could look what song goes bad or you could even see a girl with a beautiful body yeah but that's what I was I wasn't you know I was thinking about it a black people has to stop using the n-word in rap songs because he becomes a trap formula karaoke

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I was singing karaoke at the end of the so this guy came up to me was like don't drop the anime man but he wasn't the song so what should I do not seem to be so that the light language is something that is against you like learning there's it's difficult is very tricky I mean it's obviously in America there's this sort of acknowledgement that black people were slaves for so long they allowed to do more things in particular has no other word like in terms of like a like a bad word about an ethnicity know that people use for them so I like a Puerto Rican person would never call himself a spic in like a good like what's up spec like to another Puerto Rican women the n-word is a very unique word like there's no word really

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I like this guy called that guy a Niger I can say that but even saying that people some people wouldn't do that I'm not I would never call someone that but I will use it if I if I'm quoting someone or if I'm explaining the word itself looks so yeah that's Chris Rock had one of the greatest bits of all time with him that there are black people and then are niggers this was his joke but even for me to say that that was a joke in to say it that way is dangerous but it's one of the greatest comedy routines in the history of stand-up yeah but you can't do the joke like if you try to do it a joke to your friend like you doesn't look around the whole joke on a podcast

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adjust you say the word the n-word too many times people get mad at you that's crazy you know racism is crazy the fact that there still racism that's what's crazy the word is just sort of like a it's a it's emblematic it's like there's a there's anything there that connects it to the healing of racism even if you're not using it in a racist context for me I'm a I'm a foreigner so I was never so aware of races like I am now leaving this country of Brazil racism is very very different types of racism I cannot say that that is not racism of course that is what he is like when there's election day even say how the white vote and how the black folder that's kind of weird because it for me that's racism your urine

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north of the worlds because the black community doesn't feel like they're represented and they felt like they were represented finally when Obama became president because I'm finally we had a black brother but other than that you know there's a real distinction like up with Obama it was like almost Universal he was going to get air quotes the black vote you know but with Trump I mean it's over with anybody else it's it's very tricky it's varied it's very different thing they want to make sure that their Community is being represented and that their needs are being represented completely understand and I agree that there's an analogy they're not being honest live there just do using it as a tool to divide people or to force their agenda through or you know again the real problem is not the words the real

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album is not the real problem is actual real racism that's the real problem still exists it exists ago and far less than it did 200 years ago and a hundred years from now it'll probably be almost non-existent but it's a real problem people are tribal they differentiate by Town people differentiate by what part of the country or from they certainly differentiate by nation and they differentiate by the origin of your ancestors it's it's really stupid is what it is you're just celebrating the differences and how interesting you know is different food and different music in different culture and literature the actual real racism the fact that it's still exist in 2019 is crazy I got a mile. I was there like interracial relationships are much more common a black guy with a white woman

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I think so this parts of this country where it's it's a real problem there's parts of this country where there's real race is Ghana on a black man with a white woman is in danger now they have to be careful to go to the wrong bar they have to be careful they're going to the wrong place it's fucking Grey's that's crazy that's crazy

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it's not it's not a hundred percent of time that I feel comfortable here there's a lot of situations that I'm happy I feel that I can say the wrong thing because I don't understand and you have when did you learn English I play basketball here oh so you learn to solve it was 1999 I play basketball here and I learn English and that's when I got the first time I saw stand on them I was like it's 1999 so when you brought it over to Brazil when you brought over stand up did you guys get together and say hey let's try to do this over here where can we do it we friends that knew about it is a cult a secret Cult of people who knew about stand up and we are like let's try it but the only the only Mage that we have

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was sign for the end of every episode I still remember that the first video they were like talking about what we are doing we were like this is stand up every episode of Seinfeld the end and it took some time cuz we started in 2000 and 2003 and YouTube just came on 2005

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but when you two came that was like a lot of people posting stand up and little like 30 minutes Comedy Central specials and then to see and that he was difficult at first because of everything that was riding I could see people doing on TV my jokes he was hard for me to explain my joke like someone stole your joke stealing because they did not know how can I explain this is what I wrote I'm not going to do this is Lee it it's mine it's funny because you know I don't know if everybody say yeah yeah yeah okay we have stand-up where people ride their old stuff better have an adult's sure and that's what we have like little books

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yeah there's stand-up comedy and then there's jokes like that people tell we call the street jokes tree joke so yeah like two Jews walk into a bar but he was ever written one of those jokes but if you think about it there's a good time eats something that every time that I see like one of those good joke good Street your girls like fat guys I want me to pray that say yeah but it's it's interesting cuz there's so many of them and no one knows anyone who wrote them that is so that was one guy in Brazil that was doing those two jokes and he created like 10% of what he'd interesting before he was like this is what I created 90% that I didn't create it's kind of in the same chunk I don't know when Seinfeld aires in Brazil I assume that it's translated to Portuguese. It's dubbed and when it's Doug does it does it make sense

► 00:23:29

did the jokes translate like my Netflix special have subtitles here in America so subtitles for English for 8 months like all the clubs in Bean broth and what I do on stage now is something that I wrote leaving here like 80% and 20% of translator for my acting Portuguese on some of those jokes and it's always a surprise is the culture so different like what people think is funny what they find ironic but just a joke is a joke

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I'm able to do it the sink base that I do in Portuguese I feel comfortable doing in English so I feel the same thing and it's easier for me because I actually write jokes I have some friends that just like have some crowd work and interact with yard is and there's a lot of physical comedy in it so to translate that to English is difficult I ride jokes so if I translate in a right way if you if people understand the context and people understand what I'm talking about like pregnancy off my wife at marriage and I don't know being single and everything or maybe you can work now when you what was it like the first time you did stand up in America the first time in English I actually have a clip on YouTube that the Laugh Factory.

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he was very surprising it was very surprised you because some jokes that I didn't think was that funny worked and the ones that I was actually pretty sure they will work did it work and I'll could so frustrating completely lost man I was like this is this is going to be a huge world for me this is what this is why I'm here instead of an English now what now stand up since it's been in a said 16 years or sad 60 16 years and in Brazil is it accepted now to the normal part of the cultural have they have comedy clubs open up yet where is it is in some Paulo. Please just like the Improv is a great place I have in Brazil and there's enough local cop comedy

► 00:26:22

I have three pack chose the midnight promise if you need to be living so far that's so quit trying to organize shows like Jade was trying to get people to come to Brazil to stand up and I was like a good luck with that

► 00:26:54

that just seems like this dude doesn't seem like there's enough people jade open for me in Portuguese in Brazil and she helped me a little bit of the beginning here putting some clubs in the French and for her it was a little difficult in Portuguese how to translate English to Portuguese

► 00:27:14

first because what you guys there's a culture that there's a stand-up culture here if you're freaky and a little crazy and he pee that's something that does not translate to another country where I had sexual jokes and if you mess up award in Portuguese

► 00:27:43

it's in English if you mess up working English it's kind of funny but you don't speak Portuguese Casino I got a read something the other day like if you see someone and they speak broken English don't make fun of them that means they speak two languages do most of us don't know to Spanish so people who speaks Portuguese speak Spanish so I kind of fits between languages so that's that's that's a lie because he's so fluent in Spanish that you know when he was over there fighting know they they were like holy shit this guy speaks perfect Spanish

► 00:28:43

in the city is close to Tualatin Tina doing stand-up and you started to get in some trouble for Ferb it's a lot of trouble a lot of how much travel a lot of money I spend a lot of money I lost a lot of lawsuits because of jokes so people know they would sue you add they can they can sue you and they can get money out of really put me in trouble it was because of a singer it was she was a singer and that kind of my career

► 00:29:43

yeah I got him a huge lawsuit and he looks dumb when you explain is just a single but he became is all this talk about freedom of speech and what comedians can say and what they cannot say are you allowed to see wolf and then and now there's like law school stocks about the lawsuit that I had law school discussion discussion of Alcantara case he was a shity joke

► 00:30:17

I want to be super if you wanted the greatest comedians Avril if they called mother's Doctor Dolittle

► 00:30:39

dragon on TV and she was like doing a story on TV and I was the host of this huge TV show like The Daily Show like The Daily Show meeting the view it was something like that and the end in the middle of the things she was shows that in my friend asked know she's pregnant and do you think she is still hot and I said she's so hot that I would fuck her in her baby and she was like right on time if there was no problem but next week it was this huge thing because she was like her husband was very influential and her husband was managing real now. Which was one of the biggest soccer player ever so that was this whole thing the TV show Lost sponsors and they want to suspend me from the TV show because of a job that I did she didn't tell him that they didn't tell me to apologize

► 00:31:38

Pat's florist but he suspended me so I quit the shop didn't know so you just apologize and I decided not to apologize because I felt that after like ten years do extended or 12 years doing stand-up you was important for me to life put my feet on the ground is he know if we stop back right now what am I what am I going to do in like 2 years and for all of us is important for the comedy so I lost lawsuit Alice movies are in the lawsuit like what was the ruling highest honor or an honor to walk to lose a lawsuit is that's the problem I lost like

► 00:32:31

$150,000 or $350,000 I sold if you're a lawyer and get $10,000 a month you get to make money so I lost a lot of money but nothing has got me a huge headache and he was he was abused bad it was bad just from that one just for that one but you lost yeah I'll also because of Duty like a rape joke and I got like this women movement like trying to break break into my bar and break my the daughter of my comedy club and I was like Melissa for the discussion was more important than the problem itself the discussion about freedom of speech and that was that was he what is freedom of speech like in Brazil is it the same brake mean obviously we have the First Amendment United States do you have something that we don't have that

► 00:33:31

I can about you know his story yeah he made a joke about a joke about this guy still being alive and can you get his money back cuz like cuz they donated money it's just fucked up jokes but it supposed to be a fucked-up Jokers doing it in a nightclub situation where people are drinking you say things that are inappropriate and that's the art form he got sued and he's still in the process of it right now there's another case in Vancouver where these women were heckling they were yelling things out during the show and then the comedian went on stage and berated the women and then the women sued and won cuz they were lesbians and he made some lesbian jokes about them at their own expense and so then they took him to court and they want they want what they want some judgment or he had to pay them to me how much was it I want to say is somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000

► 00:34:28

30000 wooden forend for this gentleman this comedian I think that was a lot of money I don't $42,000 and that's a lot of fucking money for opening comedian famous guy so you know that might be two years work for him who knows you know yeah that's why I feel what I do, to hear and I feel that's people get uncomfortable about a joke or two that's when I get stressed as like you have the yes like I have this job that I say it is about the N word as well I meant maybe I have to change my enemy you don't use the n-word or people going to kick her ass but they never told me what the n-word was so for the best

► 00:35:27

NBA game of the music smells like maybe cuz when I first did he was like a fucking thing everybody but now I sat up as a misunderstanding because I'm a foreigner and now I'm free to do everything so I kind of can I see a lot of people here I saw the other guy this guy this guy didn't come through with you and he did this show in a college and he did a joke and people took him out of the hospital that's crazy because you build the freedom to do that and now you're discussing

► 00:36:27

children today and I'm going to call them children they do not understand the danger in suppressing free speech and so they think they're doing is by suppressing free speech and changing the way people communicate what they're doing is making the world a better place they think they're they're signaling The Virtue and making the world a better place at the same time but it's just ignorance I just don't understand that you can't you can't you can't control people and to think that by just getting upset and silencing someone and removing them from the stated that ends the conversation it doesn't it reinforces their position it says okay look I was right about you fucking snowflakes and either you little babies like you you can't even understand that what when things are uncomfortable that it doesn't necessarily mean it's negative like your ex try to put yourself in someone's position see what he saying and in the message this case it's actually kind of fight first of all he's very open-minded guy very Progressive he's not

► 00:37:27

in any way of racist and his joke was that people say that being gay is a choice and he said I know it's not a choice cuz I have a friend who's black and gay but there's no way he would choose both of those things being funny funny joke that's funny I'm in the end it's also coming from an Indian man who I'm sure is experienced racism so that the whole thing is it's very fascinating to see young kids who are growing up in this PC culture bubble and you don't sometimes people say on this podcast we talked about it too much and maybe they're correct maybe sometimes it's annoying if you're listening you cubicle and you hear me talking too much about this but it's because it's an issue that's very dear to my heart cuz I understand the dangers of not being able to communicate freely and I also understand what happens when if you suppress free communication to pee

► 00:38:27

that you're suppressing they're going to get more and more angry and radical and it just makes their position that they feel more justified in Aberdeen perhaps even people who are racist perhaps be more racist or people who are angry about gay people will become more angry about if you suppress their building Express himself in the Deep Web discussion when is for beating I think he's you can forgive them I think so and I think this is something that we understand now you know I have I've had a few conversations about this recently with the head of Twitter and with an independent journalist in pool last week and I think what people are just starting to kind of understand even though everyone uncomfortable about this is we're still trying to figure this out social media is only 10 plus years old this is an incredibly new experience for us and I don't think everybody knows exactly how to proceed and this idea that you could just be

► 00:39:27

and people and I just ban people for life if they say something that makes people uncomfortable if they say an opinion that you don't agree with ban them for life and we're we're experiencing that right now and we're trying to figure out what to do and how to how to fix this and how to mitigate it without endorsing people harassing people in the door so people you know threatening people and giving out their address and a phone number and things are no sweat so it's it's a process that we're all going through right now is for a little bit is that I leave in another country and I see how things are difficult in the how much time I spend explaining people what I was doing and for you guys like I was having the same problems that Lenny Bruce was have like a long time ago and you guys built that to have that discussion it's like it is important because that's the way the world award

► 00:40:27

evolved but at the same time he feels old if it was because you understand the history of it having this conversation when you feel free to say whatever you want now there's people trying to hold you back it's crazy it's not really effective see there's there's people that are angry about it mean there is on social media there certainly people that are being effective with it but in stand-up comedies there's blow back and push back but it's not very effective like for the top guys for guys like Dave Chappelle and in a Bill Burr it's actually makes their stand up better cuz people are so tired of all this shit they're so tired of PC culture they're so tired of being told what they should and shouldn't think it's funny and what is acceptable not acceptable and yeah there's a there's a lot of weird shit going on right now

► 00:41:27

no problem with that someone ever leave your show because of a joke I mean people just get angry they get angry and you're allowed to it's fine it's a bilities in the problem one of the problems with stand up comedy is if you go to Club to see music you know what kind of music going to go see you want to go see salsa they have a salsa club you want to go see Jazz want to see rock and roll or you want to go to a rap show you know what you're you're going to see if you going to see comedy you could see fucking Barry Manilow followed by Guns and Roses Fall by Run DMC I mean it's it's it's unless you were going to see a specific comedian what you're going to see Jim Gaffigan you don't necessarily know what the fuck you're going to see you go to The Comedy Store on Sunset you going to see if you get there at 9 then stay till 2

► 00:42:27

talk in the morning to see 10:15 different fucking Comedians and they're all different and you know some of them are men some of them are women and some of them are gay and some different points of view and some of them you're going to think of the best and some of them you think when is this guy getting off stage I mean that's just that's just part of it but for us what's really important part about that is that when I work there I E I know that it's not my crowd there everyone's proud see if I go to do a show if I do a show somewhere and San Diego say and I advertise at the people to come they bought a ticket to see me soar Chromecast but if I go to The Comedy Store they might be there to see Neal Brennan or Chris D'Elia are or whoever this to your crowd Joe some of them at The Comedy Store

► 00:43:15

maybe the middle Utah they are not going to know like I'll do us great surprise Wiseguys Comedy Club shout out to Salt Lake City. That's what I was just crazy because I had a chance to meet the American people like hanging around with black guys because it was my people that we were minorities in Nebraska to get out did you walk I got injured

► 00:44:15

I broke my joy my cheekbone no way I fight playing basketball on the court I don't like to fight but I never knew how to do it which is crazy cuz your Brazilian and you know it's Vale tudo started its where Brazilian jiu-jitsu started the one that I lost I broke my cheekbone and my jaw and I have to do surgery here and the surgery went bad or no because that's specific but they don't have a doctor who does mouth and bones at the same time they have a neck and mouth doctor and they have a dentist they don't have the one who does both this is dumb doctor that that time that place rent so the surgery went wrong I had to go back to Brazil and had to do surgery again I don't know

► 00:45:15

and I decided not to come back so this is how this is why this moment for me is very important I never thought that I had my dream was play basketball that's what I was dedicating my life before and I never thought that I would have a second chance in the America and this is that's it that's the my second chance and I can mess this up so what made you come from Brazil to America for stand up comedy was it all the lawsuits

► 00:45:49

if you want to play basketball do you want to play in the NBA if you want to play soccer you want to go to Barcelona Spain that's the place that you got to be and we never had a Brazilian stand up comedian in in in here just like Jada the ones were born here but not the ones who actually was like doing stand-up in Brazil that I think was important for me for all my colleagues and all my all the comedians in Brazil as well to start something here is he has been a very good experience but a lot of a lot of fun is what the hell are you working over here did you save up money and you live it off your money cuz as well but I'm saying you not working here in the mail so early I notice like going and doing stand-up I'm focusing on stand-up I have my agents and I have manager and everything is happening at

► 00:46:49

last year I did Jay FL I'm having lunch. I'm headline you some clubs right now because in those places that has like they were huge visiting Community okay I'm doing in English but I'm a little Portuguese in there with them I did everything that I wanted to do it I did it I did it my own series I directed the movie the regular season of us like I'm 42 it's time for me to try something new and that's why I came here and I miss my son stressed about the bad part but yeah we're talking about that before that is a that's a crazy situation you have time that I was leaving and he was like you find the most important in your life why are you searching for something so far away and I thought you and I told him this is important this is very important for me but

► 00:47:49

be selfish it's just something that I wanted to do and in for my career was important because I didn't I don't I lost a lot in my country as well with the Los Angeles TV shows I lost a lot of money I thought we could talk about the death threat and he was because one of them are lawsuits I cannot be that is specific because it wasn't open so if I say exactly because you know I'll be sending someone's order because I but I knew what happened and I fell I didn't feel safe there for a little bit I'm not saying that I'll run away but I would seem smart come over here and spend some time and build something

► 00:48:49

and maybe be here you will see what's hard for me that I could get hurt because of the nature of my job now when you're over here and you trying to do stand-up t r u do you structure your act out do you have like how do you do a do you write it out on paper on a computer you put it up on a listing of where you put on your phone and then I keep rehearsing and I go on stage and I have to say it that's what I do I memorize everything that I'm going to say Egypt's natural it's the way you do it I just memorized everything that I'm going to ride because if I mess up a word or two I can kill a joke and I want everything to work flawlessly so that's why I memorized it looks natural but I memorized everything but he said hi for me to interact with the audience because every time there's someone I had called me all drunk all joke

► 00:49:49

show me some Portuguese translate very frustrating this guy just give you suck it was like a bachelor barschall and what I say to order when it when I am stressed out I just mess up words and now always happen if you want to fuck myself.

► 00:50:16

We're going to be like right on the computer or notebook screen fight then Yeah Yeahs 15 inch screen and I can't type without looking at my fingers okay and so want to have ideas I can get them out really quick and I don't have to say them okay if I just look at it on the screen and then I'll write many versions of it and then I go over it on and then start editing I know I have a framework and I know where there's some punchlines and then I write it out on paper so they want to write it out on paper I can see it better in my head I remember it better bring it to the stage

► 00:51:16

but I don't have a rigid structure I guy movie loose with it because I want to be able to feel it in the moment whether or not this is good perfect and also when I go onstage I was like say if I'm doing a joke about coffee. Whatever I'll go you know I drink too much coffee I got a real problem because I know I have a problem and then I'll go into it and then I'll start talked about all the different areas and then I'll listen to the recording and I got all that part sucks I got to fix this part in this part stupid in this part is a sloppy but that bar got a laugh okay but you know what it'd be even funnier if I said it clear like maybe I need to say this way and then I'll just a minute this constant process of writing writing it out going onstage list recording all sets listening to the recording and then writing again do you when you listen to those sites do you keep the funny ones or is there some time that you do like a funny joke but you don't like it

► 00:52:15

does that happen sometimes it's still ship cheap cheap it's not good. Sure you're absolutely are you going to be careful that you don't you don't want to be a hack you know that's what that's what I had a hack is someone who tells like obvious stupid jokes that only make dumb people laugh or someone who does tired beaten down material like a butt jokes that you know that other people have done already you know that would know based on your okay like here's a perfect example of Stephen Fry you know Stephen Fry as yes is a famous Canadian Riesling he said something about I would I would love to come back to life as a drug-sniffing dog you know could you imagine being a drug-sniffing dog at the airport just smelling everything he was saying about how that is such an obvious

► 00:53:15

stupid joke and so many people have done that and that's a joke where

► 00:53:20

man I bet probably hundreds of comedians with no joke about that it's obvious promise and you know like you were saying earlier that sometimes people would say jokes that you've said and that you your you have a hard time explaining that to my joke and suydam it's just an anecdote or then if it's just something funny that they heard sometimes people go on stage and their act consists of really obvious premises that they are probably already heard someone cover before that's a heck yeah that's why it's difficult there's a huge challenge for me because I have been doing for 17 years but in another country you guys you guys there's a huge role that you guys already followed so if you hear something about that's old maybe for me it's not right and I don't want to be that guy in what I realized that people don't point that out to you

► 00:54:20

can you get asked OK and they'll tell you yeah yeah that's why I like the other day just guy was doing a joke and I kind of thought about it when she caught him comfortable me like to tell me what about this and we all have a man I was liking a group of guys one was like ex and I was like I have a friend's you got to be like all you got a Jeep and it got to fucking go at the bottom to search for something good and I understand this process but at the same time do I really have to go through all that actually has a bit about that I don't want to do is be

► 00:55:20

what is basically a bit about how good is childhood was and how close he is with his family and everybody thinks he have to have a fucked-up childhood to be a comedian

► 00:55:29

you just have to be funny for different reasons some people funny because they always enjoy stand up I mean if you if you grow up enjoying stand-up comedy and then become a stand-up comedian there's nothing wrong with that you don't have to be at I got it right and I'm not going to be because I tried and I stayed hide for a 14 days did you eat it for 14 days

► 00:56:09

I wasn't I right well will sometimes that does happen and I know a story about a guy who is a straight guy who took some marijuana edible so that he could get to sleep and he had a real problem like she got suicidal and and freaked out and became or just irrationally anxious crippling anxiety and some time for some time for weeks and he's a confident guy and a very handsome big muscular guy like a just like you would never imagine Sky having an anxiety I think some people are just the chemistry of different individuals who wasn't bar for that and that's what the doctor told you to Psychiatry I swear to God I'm down week

► 00:57:09

any she looked at me and she gave me some some cycle because what he told me something that I didn't know that he can be a trigger if your luck has something is his of schizophrenia and a psychopath or it's not my case and you stole this is very rare but you can't happen because that is crazy so I decided to record what I'm thinking I remember they started to record and I said now I'm going to record everything that I'm thinking and when I look at the cell phone that was 45 minutes

► 00:58:09

I'm going to record now and there was 45 minutes and when I listen like for 15 days after that I was like I'm so crazy I'm so crazy ask my son stalking who's my son talking to me right now one hit of a vaporizer more than 250 people that that's one of the big problems with people in the first try they try too much

► 00:58:50

someone just says take a little bit just leave it alone that's crazy man if that's still so many people selling weeds and stuff in there this is not even cool anymore

► 00:59:18

I've been smoking a long time it's pretty easy. Just kills me that makes me and actually makes me nicer makes me like a more calm person that makes more sensitive to other people's feelings loser like stressed out and is meeting or something I'm stressed out that's that's my best for alleviating that marijuana is good for me for thanking for contemplating and going over things and it's not it's not good for me for stress like for what if I feel like tense tension I work out that's that's what gets it out of me I always wanted to ask you one thing

► 01:00:14

it's completely different service can I ask when you're doing interviews at the end of fights did you know once I'm no no no no one thing that I hope the fighters realize is that what I'm trying to do is only get them to express themselves I want them to shine I really genuinely want them they won this big fight I want I want them to express themselves I want them to maybe maximize their marketing the marketability and dislike tell the world how they feel incredibly unusual experience to win a big fight in the cage on pay-per-view in front of millions of people on my goal is only to try to get them to communicate better and let them know that I'm there to support them that's all I'm ever trying to do you know ya before it before we started talking to I have a lot of friends in anime

► 01:01:14

this guy said what they do for a living I pray so crazy Danielle last time I talked to him she got some we got some I don't know if it was because of the fighting and I cannot say that but you speech it's a little slow it is already hard to understand even Shogun they have this when they called the one they which is the way of speaking they come from one of the states which is very hard to understand what they saying from Curitiba people waiting for him sometimes too fast you'll understand that much but I think he got some some injuries and surgeries and I think he had surgery on his was fine at Soccer kicking and he was one of the best

► 01:02:14

she was like getting knocked out with slaps that's the scariest things when you see their chin go when their ability to take she amazing he I will sleep very good friends with one of his coaches and after the fight at Henderson the first one which was like a crayon remembered that was a chaos and I was talking to him and he was like you don't even imagine how talented this guy is but he got to focus if he was. He will kick his ass and lock fucking 2 minutes so he just that's the way they do it and shoot your box they like to fight they want to see him and Cyborg and 100%

► 01:03:14

young but showed them just like learning you can see that he's like improving stealing Peruvian like I think it was like $36 for his last fight you look Sensational I mean you look like a fucking kill her to take a shot again now it's weird so I mean he got knocked out by a few different guys and he's lost some fights some tough fights but his last fight he looked as good as it looked in years it's it's sad for me when I see like I don't know why he's always at Bresina's but when I see like an old fighter getting his ass speak to quick yeah what he got caught again he got caught on to get a chance just ask the guy frame for like 6 months and that's how I remember when Roy C went back to fly with huge down yeah well Matthews was in his prime then you know and he was so strong and hoist just wasn't he wasn't physically capable he didn't look the same you know I just didn't look like

► 01:04:14

he was physically capable the same way in and you know Matt hughes's fucking town that you're unbelievably talented it when he when he got on top of wasting was smashing I most like oh yeah sorry to watch yeah but that's the life you know there's a life they chose you don't want Chuck Liddell just got knocked out by Tito Ortiz if that was hard to watch cuz you can tell I just can't take a punch and I wasn't watching the USC what's bad was it was it wasn't moving right now the thing about when Fighters take a lot of knockout loss as one of things it's very becomes a parent is their balance looks off and their movement doesn't look the same like their neurology there they don't nobody doesn't move his other side can look the same but I lost the stylebender I think stop and it would have been a tough fight for him at any point is career cuz stylebender is just fantastic super technical but Anderson look like he was a step behind

► 01:05:14

Anderson of old like the Anderson that knocked out Vitor the Anderson that you know you go back to the early days Anderson that knocked out Chael Sonnen and that Anderson was a fucking he was just an assassin he was so good he just knew what to do and when to do it and when the stylebender fight just looked like he was a little off but he's also 4643 4000 this show on Netflix called ultimate Beastmaster which is as Aaliyah Netflix is here as well Terry Crews did an American we do we do like all holes from different countries and we met and it's like American Ninja Warrior for Netflix and they have like hoes from different countries and we have the Brazilians than the Italians and the French guys in there and I didn't show it and he's a sweet guy he's great.

► 01:06:14

I mean he's one of the all-time greats I mean I had the honor of calling a lot of his fights and it's crazy because yeah and it's crazy it's like to chew Too Faced after he actually retired and I asking why you keep doing it

► 01:06:35

but you don't have to prove anything to know what and what he said to me I think was so fair he was like I fought when this thing wasn't giving me any money so just let me lose the fighter to get somebody because I was fighting in Japan getting I don't know $5,000 and now that the game it's like bringing you so much when I'm going to retire let me just do a couple more while Minotaur not Not only was he a Pioneer and one of the great MMA heavyweights of all time but he's so important for MMA because he showed that heavy weights can fight off their back and then heavy ways to win by triangle Lake Winnie triangle Mark Holman and was tapping guys with armbars when he beat Bob Sapp The Bob Sapp on his fucking crazy of what does one of the greatest MMA fights in the history of the sport

► 01:07:35

375ml Bob Sapp minotauro only if I weigh 230 anyone of tapping with an arm bar in after get spiked on his head which still apparently fux with him to his day his neck was fucked up, because of that I didn't know about 275 lb guy who doesn't even look like a human he looks like a like a comic book hero smash is among his head and minotauro recovered and I mean he was one of the toughest guys of all together but he's one of the most important figures in the history of the sport and then I think Fabricio took it to another level cuz Fabricio Werdum probably has the best guard in the history of the sport is fishing the heavyweight division mean when you caught fade or when he had a minute to try and go and have them locked up like that you don't get away with that guy I give you might get out of some people's guard not Fabricio that motherfucker lock people up

► 01:08:35

hang out again I got to thank him I'm here just because of yeah well I respect for him you know when he reached out to me was like okay I'll get your friend on I am that's what I want. That's why I asked you is it you got a few threatened because when people get there and when you go over there to talk when you can see a wrong thing at the wrong I don't know maybe I'll meet you can make mistakes you're sure but my my intention is always to just to make them look good. That's all I'm trying to do I'm trying to do is just get them to express themselves and nnn also put some emotion to how great their performance was perfect but it's a weird job you know to also be a comedian and I know it's a strange combination today go watch you sometimes sometimes

► 01:09:35

so you're getting up in Los Angeles and a traveling anywhere I have a I did the Gotham Comedy Club last less than two weeks ago I had line the client so it's time to get a lot of Brazilian to come to see you there so they want you to speak Portuguese and some of them don't speak English always like two or three

► 01:10:06

so good to see you but I think that it is going to take some time to do a podcast you should definitely definitely has an Instagram page but with every comedian also should have a podcast very simple to do Pioneer for stand up YouTube something huge in Brazil that's a great way to start because with all you need is a webcam and you can start your podcast just on YouTube my my channel YouTube. Like 2 million subscribers really dumb people following

► 01:11:06

I was interested only got like 1.5 million people people people are very active in social media to connect with people and he was like an alternative for the traditional media what is this the most likely story New York Times near Times magazine person on Twitter that's the most influential what were you what were you doing that was influencing people I have no idea I was surprised that was the most influential profile to turn in second place the dolly llama

► 01:12:06

what is the first month of these did you like a huge story about how he wants something huge what is the difference between Brazil and America is there a difference no Fort for me I just use Twitter for jokes that's what I did for quite some time it was Twitter lost a lot of strength in Brazil because people like to connect you have your family over there you have you have everything people but you still talking to you for just like Twitter feels like you're screaming and someone is going to listen I don't like on Facebook that people who follows you and then he still likes you your post is going to be like in the in the top of this page. It's just something that is there so I lost a lot of power in Brazil but one thing that is happening

► 01:13:06

who is our new president that we have a new president is a right-wing guy was just elected and he got stabbed he was like when do you get snap it was like 2 months ago of the election holyshit I stabbing him in the gut I didn't hear what they do we treat her with Trump did well he's doing in here like run instead of going to press conferences and then everything just going through it and see what he wants is a unique in the way people just use it to insult people in so angry it's so angry like if you just only if you didn't know anything about people and you just looked on Twitter and just like it's so how you like when people must be fighting in the streets I must be just a bloodbath out there if you really thought that people interacted in the real world the way they do on Twitter you would think that everywhere is just wet

► 01:14:06

and clubs British it running people over with cars and wishing everyone dies but I think then there's a difference and I think we have to know that there's a difference between your behavior I've been outside of the washer and sometimes you don't realize that the distorted lens that you could see humans through it's not how people really are and it's also it's not a healthy way to communicate because you don't worry about what the person thinks about what you're saying you're saying things that you don't necessarily even really mean cuz you're trying to be inflammatory you know if the cats screaming screaming for attention insulting people and then you look at people's Pages that's the most disturbing thing to me someone say something shity to me I'll go to their page and I see they're just saying shity things all day long like kind of life is this man

► 01:15:06

so fucking terrible life what I'm doing right now I have the series that had one instagram where I just I get like the guy cursing me or sing some shit about me and I just show his face and it's enough and it's funny because it's it's funny because his face though it's enough for you to see how you don't have to take things too serious because if you take a look up their lives it's you can see why they are so mad yeah there's there's a lot of that a lot of anger and most of them have private accounts like you can't look at their pictures to hiding the hiding who they are they just talk shit in the comments should have checked it it's a shot

► 01:16:06

to be free at the same time reporting crimes reporting corruption it's critical is a way to do it and don't suppose yourself yeah but at the same time he creates that but it's It's The Sign of the new era bro thing that we all have to navigate so just a new thing and this way we were talking about earlier with social media being so recent in human history there's never been anything where you could just talk to the whole world and do it from your phone while you're sitting at a red light you can say something there's a story about this woman was named Justine Sacco without the woman's name I'm going to Africa hope I don't get AIDS just kidding I'm white LOL so she was fucked up on Ambien and she was or Xanax or Ambien I forget what it was she was she was on some sort of Psych medication and something

► 01:17:06

affects your brain and drank too she had a couple of drinks just thought she was being funny and then wakes up 16 hours later in Africa and her life is over

► 01:17:17

and it was just one of those days where there's like a slow news cycle and people just jumped on that tweet and I think about it too is that they don't want you to recover from something like that they want that's that's you that rest of your life that's what I felt that's what I felt I'm the baby fucker

► 01:17:40

I was like what time ever where you will go back to Brazil now I do I do go back to running go back to do stand-up the living room

► 01:18:00

I don't see that man the challenges here in the freedom that I think I have here and maybe I don't maybe I will face this this this whole thing the same thing when I get famous or when when I get no no easier here from what you're explaining to me you know I mean it's a he got caught up in the wave of the me-too movement to where is if this same exact instance happened in the past is not the same thing I'd like Daniel Tosh to the rape joke and that was God that was over in like like that and did you know it would happen it was a joke with the audience here's a deal he was at the Laugh Factory wasn't supposed to be there Dom Irrera who is his friend said hey want to go up and do some standard

► 01:19:00

just sit they'll be happy to see you guys okay so it goes on stage because I don't have any material so what do you guys want to talk about some guy yells out ripe and he goes what's funny about making fun of a guy when we talk about rape and some woman yells out actually there's nothing funny about rape so he goes one of you find Five Guys are great there so he's just being Daniel Tosh so it probably would have been just one of those moments in a live crowd filled with drunk people but she wrote A Blog about you or she was the victim should wear the shoes blog about him calling for her to get raped which is not exactly what he did is it's in the context of being heckled you understand what it is and he kind of had to have some sort of an apology for but then all these other people jumped in and then it became a moment where people could show that they don't support rape and where they don't support what we called rape culture

► 01:20:00

yes yes that's what happened and that's what happened with me as well as context any more exactly and we are very we are available with abs comedians we are talkin we are ourselves we are not playing a character so if you pay if I take your jokes Joe out of, but I think people understand the process yes but what I felt was the beginning of that especially in your country where you don't have a long history so that's why I lost money and that's why I lost a lot of money for the motherfuking money Brewster Brazil tomorrow give me the bad credit in a future now you want to be America

► 01:20:55

only that but that's what what what people say to me and what I felt was that that I was a lot of people said I was using this freedom of speech argument to offend people write will you hear that in America too and we've she was not the case but then he is a matter of freedom of speech because we had a lot in Brazil a long time ago where people are like trying to regulate comments on the web ask someone to delete that sold the Gulf of the government was trying to regulate that in the end the law was approved but when it becomes at the end the government was like when it was was getting the time of the voting the government was like okay what about if I take some tweets as well that offend me so the government try

► 01:21:55

how to get into the weight of thing so it is a matter of which one this is going to end if he comes with the joke but maybe can and with the government shutting you up I have a friend in Venezuela a comedian friend right now because he goes back to Venezuela right now the government's going to post Malone J or maybe kill him I don't know what was his jokes about the government but then like one year after that can make some jokes about people with Down syndrome and then the government felt that he he has to go to jail because of the dalcy there was still using that thing to take him out of the streets so it's dangerous out there it's not that easy to do, the outside of America you built that freedom

► 01:22:55

hear about it all the time people in other countries that the say jokes and there they get in trouble or something in Thailand there was something someone made a joke about the king and they locked him in jail it's it's very date has a lot of countries where it's very dangerous very dangerous to speak out against the government yeah we're we're really really Fortune here so look for you when you see Americans complaining about freedom of speech over here not not being able to say whatever you want it's kind of a joke right that's exactly what I feel it's just like if you want to be an asshole just deal with it so that's what has two and you know it don't take it personal that's what I feel that it is difficult to do comedy out there in here you have this

► 01:23:55

freedom of doing it and I think is is beautiful it's beautiful something that you guys built do you think that it's going to change in Brazil and then maybe the the stand up comedy could actually see things that happened in America's at Lenny Bruce because he didn't just tell jokes he actually talked about social issues on stage it actually expanded people's ideas of what the social issues are and how critical it change culture in a lot of ways jokes one of the things about stand-up comedy that does help to change cultures say if you have an opinion and I have an opinion your opinion is different than mine you say something I'm like why I don't agree with that I think this but if you say something and you make me laugh even if I don't agree with it it sneaks in my head like you have a point if your point is so good that it makes me laugh even if I don't agree with it like God damn it he got he got in there so you get you can propagate ideas inside someone's Consciousness you can eat

► 01:24:55

sneaker men we have a few people doing it in Brazil some in the I used to have this TV show called CQC and we used to do comedy in Congress refused to go in interview congressman and make fun of them and that was kicked out of the Congress people brought brought us back to the Congress buddy when it's about money and if the end if someone is not willing to put money in your product you don't do it and money is connected to politics and politics and Brands and the TV station for you to have a TV station in Brazilian authorization by the government

► 01:25:37

so you're not that completely free to do what you want to do it but I have some people doing it then, and he's getting is getting big stand-up is getting huge and Brazilians connected to YouTube I have a lot of big, does Noah like huge deer today so don't like 5,000 CT actors in Brazil so it's it's becoming it's becoming an option wow 5,000 see why you started out doing like a sadomasochist club and then you go to a 5000c theater that's pretty amazing that's what I built with some friends and I feel proud of that this this this discussion and just chance because I have a lot of people doing it right now getting money out of it my comedy club welcome unions every time they go on stage

► 01:26:37

make sure they got like them but sometimes but it's either that as a business that's that's serious in this is awesome. Cooley started that I mean that's got to be really a good feeling to know that all these people that are doing it now that are professional comedians like you took the first steps that was a lot of people that I probably have all of them watching this right now I don't know anyone who has ever done it in one language and then made it over in America afterwards I'm trying to think I can't think of any I don't think anybody in English

► 01:27:17

I don't I can't think of anybody that started out in another country and then made in America what is the name of the Russian guy that always do the chi still doing that, just thought that used to say she I think she is Russian yes he's Russian but I think he's been over here most of his life I don't think he's started in Russia I think his whole idea International they say it's like a carrot and he definitely is from Russia but he plays it up to and he has his own theater in what is that place where those old folks live Branson Branson Missouri yeah it's like one of those weird like super religious places to strange area strange like like you talk to people about in Branson Missouri if you can go your like it's it's not a place like Dave Chappelle ghost app

► 01:28:17

do you go to this place now I do not know I do not it's only so many places I go I don't have any time to I don't want you know I'm not trying to run uphill that's all right I'll go to Chicago right I'm not breaking any new ground all I'm trying to do is write good stuff right good material do good work and I'm just trying to make people happy I'm trying to make them laugh that's all I'm trying to do I just try to when they go and they get a babysitter and they come to a, I want to do my best that's all I want to do so that's all I think about do you still have a lot of like movie offers and rocking anymore I tried a little bit it's not my thing it just takes time it's not necessary and all my friends that do it you know I got my friend Brian just call me from a movie set the other day goes because you're so right fuck this

► 01:29:17

sit in my trailer for 16 hours is like a fucking hate this shitt I don't want to do this I just got another offer for another movie that's not that good and I don't want to do that either you could do a movie and put so much effort and time to do it no no see it like maybe it'll be opposite some fucking big Avengers movie nobody goes to see a movie and it's out of the movie theater in a week to see my movies to this interesting is there so many of them it's not like you're ever going to see all the movies there's so many movies and every week There's new movies you really stop and think about how fucking and saying that is there must be thousands and thousands and thousands of movies you can't possibly see the mall like if you just want to be entertained but you can see movies to the end of time you can just sit in front of your fucking Netflix and do your eyes fall out of your head watching movies has no need to make more movies we're good

► 01:30:17

do something that takes you out of your house yet yeah go to the movie to watch Adam Sandler anymore we want fucking shoes the people do need comedies like Kevin Hart movies they still sell really well like people still want to see something funny you know that's people still need it's one of things about stand up and wanted things about funny movies to two people need a break from the grind of life life is a horrible grind as fucking hard man it's hard to pay your bills get up every morning to a job you don't want to get up too and maybe not even into being married anymore and you got a fucking trudge through that cuz maybe have a children and decide that it's better to stay for your children fucking living in the how your neighbors are Contin the dog won't stop barking and and then you just need something just something to give me something give me something funny my friend that's why I'm so optimistic in life

► 01:31:17

what a chance I have of pursuing my dreams and doing comedy making people laugh and having fun and don't have to sit in a fucking fucking share and be happy being an accountant but he wasn't man enough for me to know it was never for me either or any comedian that I know everyone that I know was like doing something and living in hell until they decided to be a comedian or the thought of doing something else but you know that's that's the path of life right the path of life is for some people will we do would be hell and for some people that are introverts or that they don't like attention and they don't like public speaking and they don't they're not necessarily funny will we do as hell if you want a funny person that you don't know how to make people laugh and you have to go on stage and make people laugh every night that's your job and you have to try hard or the

► 01:32:17

some sort of pain involved fuck that be he'll see that was that was some beat the last few shows that I didn't buy resume I fell I fell heavy like everyone's watching you I felt the energy I had asked you have a very loyal all this and I'm fine they love me and I love them we still have that connection but I felt exposed exposed and that's when you have the baby fuck Topia that's her laugh a lot but I was out of context you put it in the newspaper even me

► 01:33:02

BB guns for killing it was something like I was watching TV and I don't I'm not proud of that okay but I was watching TV this woman and she was saying that she was raped and it was bad it was a very bad experience you she was crying but the camera wasn't showing her face it was just showing her mouth and she has a huge mustache like a huge mistake like a lot of hair and I made a joke about this guy this was a gift because you wouldn't have another chance I was just testing the joke I would always doing at 1 at night and my comedy club it was like 20 people in the audience so you just fucking around

► 01:34:02

so they were waiting for you to do something like that and it was like this journal this was was was there and he was doing a story for the Rolling Stone and I was doing it was right about me and then the cover and it wasn't in the car but the picture on the home stone was me dresses Jesus like bleeding with a crown in my head and that was the end of the text was this rape joke who was Rachel about what I didn't arrive if it was just like fucking with y'all but when that was taken out of context you was hard for me to explain to them this is what's me fucking around with like 20 people but people couldn't see the difference between me doing something that I'm proud of what is just ship comes up and I was testing boundaries as well I think it was my duty to test some stuff things that you say where you're not thinking them out because you're a dilemma

► 01:35:02

in the moment they come out even you disagree with them as you're saying that but this is part of the process of creating material especially if it's 20 people in the crowd it's late at night like what you do things just to see you go down doors you open doors or he don't know what's in there and sometimes you'll say something and then you'll have the fucking perfect line and it comes out of nowhere and the only way you find out is if you take a chance yeah that's why I think it's so fair and I was having a discussion with you big comedians about the lowest set that he did like that and I think you already talked about this but the guy was fasting stuff so how can you judge if the work is not done it's not even close to done in probably maybe I did it once before if that you know he has to address what happened when him

► 01:36:02

what is he has the special that's when she frame the thing that's my work but it's just nasty stuff you cannot judge by that the problem is now everybody wants everything he does they want to find him and watch him and so now he has to Institute this cell phone policy and all the comedy clubs you works out we have to take your phone and put it in a bag so that no one can get ahold of it it's just it's a real problem he's got a real problem and it's also a real problem for creating comedy because of people don't understand that this is what comedies about the comedy is about improvisation and then boiling it down to what's good and then figuring out what's the best way to express an idea cuz sometimes you have an idea I need to know there's something there but you don't know how to say it so you just check take a chance on one way and then you go offencive that's disgusting but it's got to be a way to do it only fit find a better way of course at this many bits that I did like not my last special but the special before where when

► 01:37:02

first started them they were not doing well at all then we're not doing well at all I had to figure out a way to make them funny white deceased on them cuz I knew there was something there was there was something there I don't like this one bit on women and inventions and that women don't have a lot of things and I took a long time for me to figure out how to do that in the best way to do that was to talk about all the great things about women first so I just had it I had a talk about you like the concept that women are supposed to work that we should do that women are supposed to work as well as raise children which is fucking crazy busy raising children are not say that every woman should raise children and they shouldn't have a queer but if you and you think that it's easy to raise children you're out of your fucking mind it's one of the most difficult things in the world they just have the patience to deal with as little people have to teach them things if the if you give them love and constant attention and it's very very time-consuming it's difficult and these

► 01:38:02

women are making people in their fucking bodies it's the most incredible thing that anyone's ever created humans make make humans in your body mean that's insane and I would go through this whole thing and then I'd say so ladies I love you I think you're amazing but let's be honest you don't have been a lot of shit and make it took awhile to figure out how to do it where the women thought it was funny when I gave them honest legitimate credit and said funny things about them that are positive first so then they feel free to laugh I could have made a new one I'm not a dick I just have a point that women don't have a lot of shit Ross how to say I don't have anything that I had to get really clear about that goes pee clear us I go look I'm a fucking moron under vintage it and I'm guessing you're probably pretty dumb to which is why you are here

► 01:39:02

listening to me talk and so I was trying to remove people from the tribal male versus female Dynamic just to talk about the fact that in history there have not been like relatively a lot of women inventors got it and so did then they felt that is the same thing with this song did you like that translated from Portuguese to English and I didn't have any problem doing this in Portuguese because you don't have that much to talk about race and stuff you was not that one the n-word but he was a joke that I used to do that I was like I saw this guy with a t-shirt or eating at 100% black in the palm of his hand and said 99%

► 01:40:02

yeah yeah this is a case of the black people the people that sit around the black eyed people they didn't steal that they were entitled to laugh around you set up as you talk about race too much and we don't have that in Brazil so sometimes there's some misunderstanding I don't put myself in that position that I'm just just a mistake that's what I

► 01:41:02

that's a really interesting angle to the really only someone from another country can pursue that this angle that like you have the Americas a different culture than you're used to it was probably so many differences oh yeah he does a lot of differences screen Kardashian's I don't know how you best watch that shit is just like for his life for chicks fucking hanging around and we are like that you'll actually there's nothing to it the celebrity thing that's amazing do you have Instagram celebrities and YouTube celebrities in Brazil like that same kind of thing we do have a lot of them and people playing video games and kids my kid watch people play video games like parents tell their kids don't be a loser play video games

► 01:41:55

what are you talkin about these kids are making millions of dollars in what is a loser you don't work all fucking here for fifty Grand and this guy is making $500,000 a week planned YouTube playing fucking videos on Twitter and YouTube gives give you much more money than he does in Brazil but we have the same speech of like I have much is YouTube channel, did you buy the bars in Brazil and we are having a lot of problems with we are getting not monetizing our videos as the same thing to the same problems advertisers are very worried about certain content and so they have these deals of these advertisers and so they're trying to suppress content because they don't want to minimize they don't want to lose Revenue so what they're trying to do is make advertisers happy but then the content creators feel like they're being censored but they have to understand what's happening here like this this all the stuff cost money do you get some of your

► 01:42:55

all the time and all the time they get demonetized they get demonetized if we talked about the Pacific subjects I'll subject jacks just subjects and we've talked about them and we would complain about a little but basically me Jamie we kind of take this attitude was nothing we could do would just kind of Keep On Truckin you can just get out of yeah because your beauty much more than that money's not the way it's something it's money you know that they don't monetize but that's not how I I don't think about it that way I think about it like what's important what's important is just say what's on your mind and whatever, I'm not going to change just get more YouTube add money it said that would ruin whatever I'm doing so I think they're going to work it out in a better way eventually but there's also a thing called YouTube Red

► 01:43:55

and with YouTube Red even if things get demonetized the people that are paying for YouTube see you pay for you to read so you never get any advertisements and the do you still like it if you got a certain amount of people that are I think 50% of our Revenue comes from YouTube red and that someone ever a lot of people are saying look I'd rather pay x amount of dollars per month and don't don't put any ads on so I think we're moving towards that that sort of that model is France and they're paying the bills so you know what Google is not so I'm free isn't afraid it's all all of it is expensive and they're trying to make money to it's like the only reason for them to allow someone like you are I tried to put a video up as they want to be able to profit from it send me into the night to providing a service just because they're they're good people trying to make money yeah but the thing which is easier for us

► 01:44:55

is that a revenue comes from shows and we can do a lot of different stuff actually get their money from YouTube yes that's the one that are getting hard in the United States the real issue is conservative speakers cuz all these tech companies whether it's YouTube or Facebook or what have you had they all lie and left they're all very left-wing so right wing people feel like they get sensor off of all these platforms before other ones maybe less on Facebook right because Facebook they they actually make money off of people paying attention to shit so the more people argue about stuff probably the more more eyes they get there with the money did they give the most of their money is people paying you ping your Facebook to promote your company and Facebook doesn't you don't make money off of Facebook right is there anybody make money off of Facebook blog posts or

► 01:45:55

but that's where like there's a lot of lot of people like to comment on things and argue about things and so if you have something controversial on Facebook this probably value in that because going to get more eyeballs right there's a lot of value in controversy it's just like what kind of controversy so for YouTube the big thing is they like if you have like what was specifically Twitter Twitter has been they've had big issues with it an Instagram not so much with conservative people right you don't hear that is much more of a Twitter Youtube thing and it's conservatives feel like they're being pushed out because almost overwhelmingly all the tech companies are liberal they're all very left-wing and very pro-gay-rights trans rights like is it there's an example this one woman who's a feminist who said that a woman is not a man or a man is not a woman

► 01:46:55

Electra trans woman I've ever met who used to be a man and turn into a woman her take is a man is never a woman this is just in so they told her you got to remove this she removed it and apparently took a screenshot of it and posted it up again she's like okay I'll delete that instead of screenshotting it posted in the fuck you okay and so then they banned for life and now she's suing that woman Megan what is her name

► 01:47:21

yeah I got it right here cuz someone just sent me something to Sam Harris and send me something about it today her name is Megan Murphy

► 01:47:31

so she's a feminist and she's just like look you can't just become a woman fuck off and so they're like you're banned for life and then everybody's like what your crazy can't Banner was just an opinion how come she can have that opinion like if that that's a biological opinion and they might be controversial it might be rude might be insensitive but it's the same process Joe is the same thing that I lived in Brazil is my a sponsor doesn't want you to say that this is Twitter cuz I don't think that's a sponsor should I think this is a left-wing Corporation was decided that they've decided to censor certain type of speech at they think is offencive and she was apparently saying it to the person who was a trans person like a man is never a woman and by saying that to the trans person they're saying it was like targeted harassment but don't you think that the end of it is about money because you would think Twitter care of that much I saw the other the trigger guy here for me about speech side of things

► 01:48:31

because there are companies have to pay their bills and they have to bring sponsors and even brains are more left side of tearing this country so you can get boycotted dude I think there's definitely something to what you're saying that but I think also but yeah if you're it is CEO of a major corporation like Twitter or something like that you're responsible to stockholders irresponsible to all the people that work on the board that your truck your if you want to stay CEO you got to continue to make more and more money every year you to bring more people to the platform to platform more popular and make more money and in their eyes the way to do that to maximize that is to limit harassment limit thinks this these are our social decisions but they're also business strategies in two different things together at the same time so it's it's fucking complex this is Uncharted Territory though there's never been a thing like Twitter before Uncharted Territory in 2019 but it's amazing

► 01:49:31

amazing to see people like you and me creating our own channels that are only free that's when creativity comes up that's when people want to start to be creative that's when new stuff that's so becomes a threat as well when when you stop and think about the sheer impact like what was the number that are Channel got in terms of minutes watched what was that number for last year was 16.1 billion minutes watched

► 01:50:12

that's more than every human on the planet watching a minute think of that way more that's more than double every human on the planet watching for a minute yeah I guess we'll have some fans to put this not even that it's just that's the the impact the impact of that is insane but you know negative and positive Pro and all of it the whole thing is like deep the amount of content that gets put out there and the amount of interactions and the amount of debate that comes from that content it's just it doesn't make any sense in from me the only thing I can do is just walk away I don't know what the fuck is going to throw it out there to get the fuck away from us who don't read that if they said I couldn't you can get caught up in all of it or maybe even worse caught up in the positive people kiss your ass to start believing it I saw I just put I'd try to be humble and if there's an overwhelming negative reaction I hear about it and I try to adjust and address

► 01:51:12

set in and respect that I'm in this unique position why do have this weird sort of platform formed to do the the sweetheart yeah that's why I brought in pool in because Tim's journalist in a real honorable guy and honest and intelligent and well-informed so I know he was the perfect guy and we're going to do some other things he and I we got something that's going to blow people away when when that happened. I can't talk about it right now but we got something cooking that might have changed things I wish I could do something at school right now with all this happens weather in school and then, I sleep so I have it down to a science

► 01:52:12

so what it is is they go to school I get up with them to AAA the right taken the score my wife takes from school and then I go either work out either I do yoga or Lyft way to get to whatever in the morning then I come here I'm done in the afternoon then I hang out with them until it's time to eat and then after dinner they go to bed I don't do a house after that and then you know I can go there my wife is so happy to get rid of me so it works I got a life that I wanted fortunately my wife left while you were talking about that you want to talk about that I don't get it cuz it's kind of a crazy story o really yeah yeah yeah my wife left before a cult she joined a cult

► 01:53:06

crazy but it's like one of those self-help called it's very dangerous when one person starts telling another person how you must live your life these are the principal this is what you have to do you have to leave your family you have to quit your job you have to change the way you dress if the change the way you talk if to do this do that when someone tells you that and they get a mass group of people to do things like that it becomes very dangerous sometimes is not that directs right sometimes it's just like okay where was difficult is that cult was teaching her that you got to love everybody the same which is awesome if you think about it Jesus did that I think was the only one who did that

► 01:53:57

what it was like I don't care I'm going to have kids and for my alarm that you when you're the one that you have to love everybody the same why are you going to focus is just one man in a marriage and you have to go home and you kind of live your life to yourself or maybe she didn't love me anymore and I'm fucking blame me to come some people are very easily influenced you know that that is a real the real issue and I worry about that sometimes when I talk to people cuz like some people say hey man but they say Hey you changed my life for my glisten motherfuker I didn't change it you change your life like I don't even know yet I did not change your life don't listen to me all I'm doing is talking to a bunch of people all these people have something to offer everyone has something to offer but it's not me, antenna okay

► 01:54:57

something that resonates with you and it helps you I'm very happy but it don't listen to me like I know everything is awesome that you would do that but you and how you could actually influence influence in their lives would you have been very careful of people that do tell you that they have the answers and they're the one and they're the Smart Ones I need to listen to them because that those people are fucking dangerous because they can get you to do things that are irreversible they can get you to leave your family then get you to do you know to join this fucking communism give up all your worldly belongings and you realize years later they're fucking crazy like that wild wild country documentary that we were talking about Hollywood fucking executive producers millionaires know people that look like on paper they have their life in order and they want to go and where the red clothes and the beads and and and be a part of this fucking movement people need a reason to leave people needs it explanation for things that they cannot

► 01:55:57

bring up and when there's someone that have no thinks that I know the answers they can they can lie because it's true or not it's also the danger of a platform and that's a dangerous something like even this podcast a danger of any platform anytime we have one person that's talking in front of a microphone and everyone else is listening it's a it's a weird position to being and you hear this person through your earphones or through your computer screen and you start thinking that that they are making sense that they're right because there's no one to counter what they're saying in front of them there's no one with opposing opinions there's no one in you you can get written they can get wrapped up in this position of being a leader as well people get Intoxicated by being a leader in a being that I mean I've seen it with people that just teach martial arts a lot of martial arts classes turn into like very cult-like places I noticed that ass

► 01:56:57

Ashley before the UFC came around because everyone really legitimately believe that their martial arts instructor could kill everyone on the planet everyone really believe that and then like the 80s and the 90s rice teaching them that it was not true. Lee did he change the whole world and it changed our perception of what martial arts are and what's effective what's not but before that mean I grew up in a Taekwondo school which is very disciplined and everything everyone was Sir like you would call everyone mr. Smith or you know mr. O'Malley everyone Mr Kim yes sir if someone said something to me I would always say yes sir yes sir it was always borrowing it was a very strict and very disciplined and I came from a very good school but I was around a lot of schools that weren't good I saw a lot of very cult-like Behavior there was a lot of men who would take advantage sexually of their students and they would you know they would do weird shit to their students and they would

► 01:57:57

almost like running a little sex cult you're going to jail I knew I knew guys that went to jail then went to jail for rape and they there was people that like they were in these positions of power where their students look at them like a guy and they took advantage of it and this is this is the same thing it's the same thing as what we're talking about here when one person has too much power and influence in a platform that one of the beautiful things about you Jitsu is its informality like when you like mine start to John Jacque Machado he is of the friendliest nicest guy he's a world champion and he's super respected by all but when you beat him so I can know why you told hugs and clap and he doesn't ever pretend to be any rolls with everybody trains with everyone so it's like the informality

► 01:58:57

and the brother ship and camaraderie in the family environment that is fostered by Brazilian jiu-jitsu the very unique and martial arts and that I think it's very important because the respect comes from their their ability and from leading by example it doesn't come from some fake position of being some master of the death touch in some all-knowing person who is at the top of the mountain we all thought our instructor could kill everyone on the planet who really did when are UFC came along for a lot of people that was a just a bucket of cold water thrown your face like a big giant Peapod what the fuck man so I'm doing that for a long time and going to houses that are going to Jim's and just kicking people's faces yabby look they changed what martial arts are they really did they boiled down to what's most effective and they they took ground fighting and they turned it into this perfect

► 01:59:57

sort of blend of Leverage and technique and knowledge and repetition and training in and they just they revolutionized joint manipulation and strangling people they revolutionized it they changed it into it it's a totally different thing there was always submissions in Judo it was always catch wrestling which it a lot of great submissions that are still to this day but to put it all together like like Aaliyah Jay and Carlos and all the Gracie Clan Brazil did for martial arts is probably one of the single most significant things that's happened in the thousands of years of people fighting each other pretty amazing an article that I read recently were Wanderlei was talking about

► 02:00:48

the he always having difficulty now cuz you know he's had so many wars he fought for so many years that he went to some sort of a conference on concussions and CTE and he have 13 of the 15 symptoms yeah and you talk about any forgets things is he's impulsive all these different symptoms and then the very next thing you said but I want to fight Vitor Belfort

► 02:01:18

bonded lace crazy he went my dog show in he's crazy before he goes his right-wing now he was just so he tried to go here you become a politician

► 02:01:40

what about one of our most famous Congressman that was a big brother one of the most watched shows in Brazil also who was one of the big she was a big staff in the white house and it's not a bad one She's accused me of being drunk she was like cuz I was asking a question like that doesn't make sense with JoJo drunk drunk drunk

► 02:02:40

no she was on something else first before The Apprentice famous for being on The Apprentice she was like the second season maybe another show first and then The Apprentice I remember that the crazy thing is she went from the White House to Big Brother

► 02:03:16

so she was on Celebrity Fear Factor we we had a must have been on Fear Factor 2005 but it was just chilling out drunk I was like but she wasn't elected right she was. She was appointed by Trump but Trump gave so here's what's fucked up here's what's really I was reading an article about what the problems with what she did when she was in the situation room and these secured White House room chair fucking phone recording so she's sitting there recording shit in the middle of these these Like Totally Secure rooms she's recorded like Trump is talking she's got a phone them interesting and she's recording everything on your fucking phone hours of footage of record recordings rather not supposed to do it's like you can literally Russians in China

► 02:04:16

the Iranians and all the anybody that wants to TuneIn could hack into her fucking phone turn the microphone on it is absolutely proven technology and they're using that to listen in the middle of a situation room so if there's some sort of top-secret shit that's going on some foreign entity could be listening in through her phone while she's recording I don't think they ignorant ask what happens when you mean he's he allowed her I don't know if she's unstable but she seems a little table that's such a very dangerous thing to do you know you're supposed to bring your fucking phone in those rooms and two for her to be recording recording everything is okay this is so crazy I was so selfish to look if you are acting the best you're in a position when you working for the White House you working for Donald Trump he's the president of the United States the biggest superpower in the fucking world and you were

► 02:05:16

just recording things God I know that you want to serve yourself I know you want to help yourself out but that seems so crazy I mean if you were Trump and you hired her and you found out she was recording everything in the Situation Room you must be like

► 02:05:32

I came conferences with like they're talking about important policy and she's got a phone recording and anybody could be listening to think about it it's crazy for her to give her some some credibility yeah because she wasn't

► 02:05:55

you liked her very articulate she's good-looking woman she knows how to speak well she's got a lot of confidence and power probably figured she'd be a great politician perfect, great politician is probably on the fucking president I'll make her she doesn't she's going to be my left hand lady or right hand lady was running for a congressman options and you get like 1% of the voting already elected or like a governor you can shine a little because you're famous person to see a little bit more than America with Cynthia Nixon she was on Sex in the City and then she ran for what you ran for governor in New York right now

► 02:06:55

so this there's a few of that few that are starting to Branch off into politics now it's before Ronald Reagan to see who's the first guy introduced the option where his his cabinet was the first date big got the people that his his team got the people from the religious right involved religion was not really a big part of voting before Ronald Reagan did Ronald Reagan in though that sort of kind of Republican they got all these evengelical Christians in the hotel and then what is going on with Brazil now with your president is there's a huge connection between politics and the church right now

► 02:07:54

country bride I don't know if you ever watch that you were watching in the middle of the night if you turn on your TV and there's this guy talkin that he was like oh there's a demon that is running over my soul when there is a show called stop suffering is more like for those churches everywhere so we in America right now he's a big-time evengelical Christian he sells out these giant Arenas like 50,000 it's huge and Brazil and they have like I don't know 40% of the people he's Evangelical in Brazil I don't have the numbers right now but the religious something huge over there so you was something that's why we didn't evolve in a lot of different discussions like talking about Brazil

► 02:08:54

I was just at your raped just if you were raped or if your kid has like a deformity for Monday then you can have an abortion in a woman's life is threatened by the bird that's the only cases that discussion was never never happen because everybody's religious like how do you say when you go public you ask something to the people like as you have this year it's just like you have a test we have this in Brazil I don't know how do you say this in English you against abortion or whole pulpo if you do a poll in Brazil people against abortion abortion and not get his drugs morning after pill

► 02:09:54

you can take that you can get them, okay I don't know I don't know I don't know I bought some guy in Pharmacy so it's okay I think though I don't know I don't know but you make it to the church are ex-president he's in jail right now he's in jail and he was like our hope cuz he was a poor guy so he was a government that actually help the poor in Brazil what happened with him was he was involved with heat she has connections with different companies in different Industries was giving him money and they have this thing called Kasia boys is when you're doing it

► 02:10:54

you need to say how much money are getting from all those different brands and everything so this thing called Cazadores which is you get money we spend the money and there's never went on any banks or anything like that so it's kind of far you hide that money now I had that happens a lot in Brazil I don't know how to say this in English but it's something that you hide the money that you're getting for a company but if you get elected you kind of forgive them favors to help them that was what happening in Brazil that he's in jail now and then he elected a woman in Brazil when she was impeached and now we have does right-wing guy called bolsonaro he's our new president and a very right-wing and connect it to the Army and connected to the church so there's a lot of discussions and

► 02:11:54

abortion and drugs and everything that we are not going to have to see popular is he popular and also like hated by a lot of people left hey the guy did those things that he said he was like he was kind of crazy but you know how long has he been the president is going to be for 40 years, just one we don't know whether this is going to meet us at the same time because of speech and everything else was left was running the country now we got this guy and he is more liberal and even talking about that the way he's going to run the car through the economy and politics and speech and everything else so there's a little help in that area as well so it's kind of tricky because it's danger in one area and it's kind of a home in another one I wish I was single

► 02:12:54

Portuguese would be so much easier if you don't even imagine my friend anytime improv comedy store I'll help you on one of those cool want to say thank you for everything and I don't

► 02:13:25

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is it thank you much love Popeye