#1152 - John Joseph

The Joe Rogan Experience #1152 - John Joseph

August 2, 2018

John Joseph is a musician, author and triathlete from New York City, most famous for his work as the lead singer of the Cro-Mags in the 1980s.

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he's a beast he's a bad motherfuker by John Joseph

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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I would like John Joseph said what's up brother how are you toxic energy between vegans and non-vegans even if we're just joking around people get so fucking angry and it's not necessary absolutely I mean where is the humor where's the comedy I mean the other thing is I don't sit around like I'm not defined by what the fuck I eat like like this dude said how come you don't call yourself a vegan I might cuz I do a lot more shit then just eat plant-based food is part of what I do but don't you call yourself a vegan we are vegan right I practice that lifestyle for sure but I don't call myself vegan I was interested I would say you know how do you say I don't like to put any type of material label on myself and if some

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he says you know to me and push the issue I'm like I'm more of a Hari Krishna bhakti yoga person than I am a vegan you know even though I don't wear animal products I don't use animal products I eat a plant-based diet a hundred percent but to call myself that just puts me in some you know some shelf all it's just another vegan or whatever the fuck you know it's just so you know it seems to me is I people always searching for an identity and if they have an identity that at no I'm not, carnivore I'm on the carnivore diet which is all the latest Trend right and then people get really a hopped up on that and that's all they want to do is talk carnivore diet to the difference between what's happening right now with this carnivore diet and vegans seems very similar to me in that they're very into the identity of their food not their food choices but certainly into the fact that this is how they identify the talk about it all the time but I just think this

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Falls in that there's like traps at people fall into where they lock their identity into a group absolutely this is what happens with vegans and happens a hunter's it happens with Republicans have the Democrats it just becomes a group thing and then you automatically opposed people the other group and you have like you have a conflict with them you have hate with them do we need more walls don't need more love and I'll tell you what really got it for me and I started doing this and 81 before anybody I came out of incarceration I came out of abusive foster homes my father was a professional fighter tried to murder my mom beat her continuously I didn't even find out you know that I was conceived that of a rape from him on my mom so getting locked up hitting the street and then meeting the Bad Brains in 1980 and seeing them and who they was surrounded by it was a lot of

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you know people who were into very metaphysical stuff so I got into the yoga and I know you been doing yoga now too so one of the first tenants of the yoga practice which slams all finished all this label shit is a hombre Mas me that I'm actually my identity is a spirit Soul beyond anything in the material world any label you want to put on yourself so that's really where I come from with the whole thing and I think the toxicity level that is existing now just because of what people fucking you know choose to eat I mean I have my issues with certain things that are being done because because of the condition of the planet and we're not being good custodians of this planet that we're in charge for kids and future Generations what's being done now there's industries that are destroying the planet like you know some of it is irreparable damage being done but

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I really try to keep it metaphysical with everything I do and who I help I mean I'm working on a documentary right now I hear 32 life with hardcore fucking ex-cons I just did 20 25 years 30 years if I go in there trying to preach some some vegan shit to them I'm coming out of my fucking like Yo dude this is where I've been I've been where you are people help me and I'm here to help you out we didn't start out you know we don't even say you know we we said you know we're going to put you on a plant-based diet what are you going to do tell them don't wear leather fucking shoes don't do this don't do you know the whole thing even when Jay-Z and Beyonce It's never enough okay they went and did you know they said vegan right okay we will practice in a vegan diet with doing the 30 day vegan so what are the vehicles to attack them all but he said we're and fucking leather and it it's you have to be able to Fan the spark

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so if you see some goodness in someone you have to be able to fan that spark not throw water on it and that's the problem that's being done is people are so judgemental because they've built this wall holes in the walls between them that it's just for finding and I was telling the guys I trained them this morning we're doing this 32 life with Kip Anderson and we're at The Amity Foundation where these guys got paroled and I said look there's two types of mentality in the world there's to be mentality that's looking for the sweet and the good in people and then there's the Flies and they're looking for the shit I said when you see shit on a sidewalk and a dog takes a shit or in New York if you know a human takes a shit within a matter of fucking 20 seconds this flies on that mother fucker so I try to roll with the PMA which I learned from Bad Brains positive mental attitude which Napoleon Hill HR

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Compton from the polian hill Think and Grow Rich and all those books on self out and it was like he told me no matter what circumstances you may be in and I was in the Navy at the time in Norfolk fucking smuggling fucking up catching cases came out of took took Navy over going back to jail and I was fucking up I didn't know what to do fuck out of my mind hanging out with Henry Rollins Andy McKee and all those guys in the DC hardcore scene in New York punk scene and you know hanging with John Belushi on fear that night we wouldn't want that wreck the set of Saturday Night Live and just so you know they're just doing crazy shit and he was just told me you're not whatever you may be going through in life if you keep a positive mental attitude you could get to anything so how am I going to criticize people just cuz you eat meat or do whatever it's like you know in some of these people hardcore Christians and it's like you're supposed to say hey what you know hate the sin not the sinner or whatever the fuck

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that whole philosophy deals with I mean my point is I'm I'm trying to knock down the Walls between people and unify people so think what you do good is you you're a very positive role model in terms of hard work in terms of your your your mental fortitude and how you approach things and I think people need that and I think one of the things is going on right now with social media and one of the reasons why people will attack Jay-Z 4 in leather shoes even though there was either the looking to stand out there looking to be virtuous they're looking to be the person that's more virtuous in the person pointing a finger at men fuck them and it's always a lot of black people who want this or fuck people who aren't that she never say fuck people cuz people are there just like you that human beings and everybody's on a different path tell me why you believe the way you believe tell me why you think the way you think and I'll tell you why I think the way I think I bet we'll find common ground and that's what you mean beings need to do more with each other the problem with social media is it gives us and them this unusual platform

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people to pay attention to their ideas and maybe their ideas aren't even that good or maybe their ideas are very obvious you don't like you going to point it someone hey man you know you shouldn't say this word hey man you shouldn't do this thing because that we've decided that's a bad thing but we've decided that say culturally unacceptable anymore and now everyone's going to attack for that very reason instead of describing how they feel what makes them feel when they say something what makes them feel when they do things where what's going on in their head so we can all relate on Common Ground people just want to attack and it's it's a big problem with what's going on social media is way too young it's a new thing and people are using it and he's really fucked-up ways they don't exactly know what they're doing while they're doing it that even aware of the effect of the printed word what's going to have that's why you have so many trolls and so many mean people too many people just trying to get a rise out of someone you're not even aware of the this process they're setting in motion they just know they could push a button watch something happen it just going this is a lot of what's going on today I mean

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some of this stuff is is destroying people's lives with your fucking do and they don't they don't realize that you know it it's it's a shame because like when I was growing up we didn't have social media there was no motherfucking internet there was no none of them that you know I remember I had the first pager it was fucking you know gigantic so like we didn't even have no internet everything was you know word of mouth and if you wanted to catch shows if you wanted to do this if you had a beef with somebody you didn't go I'm fucking social media and talk about your bull shit you fucking walked up to the person and you said hey here I am and what the fuck let's let's deal with this let's talk about it talk it out but now you got people buying followers and doing nothing it's just that it's you know it's just the most toxic environment in a lot of ways and it's a shame cuz it could be used and that's why I never post negative shit I try to use the

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you know make light of shit not have a stick up your ass is too many people that do even the plant-based vegan thing and everything so fucking serious I'm like you might reach more people if you like them you know like like Stripes lighten up Francis what you did write a book called me just for that came about and actually I got a tax I'm going to tell you something else you want to talk about destroying people I got attacked more by the vegan feminist for that book fucking tried to destroy me everybody cuz I wrote push the first of all and then she she went on a Blog and called me a misogynistic I said yeah I like massages Megan and fucking piece of shit and all this so I just had I just wrote hey any of you ladies that bought this book for the for the fellas and it helped them please fucking holler at this fucking woman and tell some they shut her fucking blog

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and then she called me a maniac and I said list called you maybe you should you send people on her the way she said people you know what the thing was I'm going to tell you how that book title came about cuz it was a woman actually Karen Rinaldi from harpercollins wave and what happened was I was training at crunch Aaron Drago's Winooski is my trainer and he's got me through all my fucking Iron Man 2 everything I was in fucking broken up person injuries all this shit so I'm where I was working at Crunch and training with him and then another person a friend of mine all the Five Points guys used to be there you would see them all they had a ring on the second floor so this guy was doing pad work and I'm telling him hey you know I'll listen man you got a fight coming up man get on the chlorophyll get on the week grass get on you don't eat as much recovery Foods as you can that's going to fight inflammation so some fucking mama

► 00:18:40

Fuquay fucking 1980s tiger stripe pants walking and then he's like people that don't leave me the fuck on pussies and I'm like yo you got like 50 pounds on me but if you want to put some head gear and and and get in the ring Alibis you he's like what I said I don't need me bro and then the funny shit with the whole book of title was it was going to be called The Grow Green Road to Health Fitness and tongue jevity and my business partner goes motherfucker who are you dr. Oz and then I said yeah this mother fucker was like you know the saying fucking people that don't eat me to put cheese on Mike motherfuking I do things probably ain't seen his dick and fucking 10 years he was overweight and all this shit I was like that mother fucker

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pussy and he's like oh you know what throw it back in her face and I was like I don't know man that's you know that's a pretty fucking post Amy said do it do it so good so right away to fucking emails in the Texas area that's how we started and then we agent Dan we got hooked up with this guy Dan from ICM he's like my business partner in the Hamptons he's like that book is fucking dog man I think we could get it to you within the week he had for office to you wrote it first yeah I wrote it first and we put out so it was the thought process behind a lot of shaking her head just want to get out but I park in that guys like my Guru for writing I I took I took the story Seminary twice he's fucking amazing I mean Brian Cox's portray over him and in fucking in adaptation fucking bitch

► 00:20:40

spot on so and you know I've I actually became friends with Mr Mackey I would he smokes like crazy yeah I smoke cigarettes but not during the class so when he had the brakes he would fucking do like two three cigarettes I said you know my friend as an organic green tea extract company and the polifenoles in that is going to counteract all you're fucking smoking shit that you doing so I gave him five bottles and then every time he would call he would have his people know you know that guy bring me some more of that green tea City quit smoking I don't know haven't seen him in a problem is it gives them a charge through some you know what a nootropic charge fires up your brain to smoke cools and in lock up and shit I cannot cuz that's what they give you in Spofford and then when I went Upstate it was cool so I can quit I quit cuz I started boxing in life

► 00:21:40

and they would have us run this fucking Hill called suicide help and I would be fucking puking and I was like I got to quit fucking smoking so I quit smoking before they used to do smoker fights in the lock-up so if you had a beef with somebody you went into the rec room was about smoker smoker fights means you just have a beef with somebody and you could just throw on the gloves and then go out in as long as it's like reasonably within 20 lb of weight did it's like you know about all those people much bigger people fighting much more people in some of them guys I mean I would I was not good I got I would fight the black dudes and they would just beat the shit out of me but I was just keep coming back man I was at and then you know I learn more of the the sweet science and you know when into the Navy and and quit smoking just for boxing

► 00:22:40

but when I was locked up I didn't quit or almost to the end because toward the end of your sentence they allow you to go home because they want to reintegrate you back with your family or whatever and I never grew up with my mom so they would send us home so we would take the carton of cigarettes and open it up very carefully open up the cellophane carefully Slide the cellophane down and put joints inside the cigarette pack slide it back up glue it close the carton of cigarettes and that's how we would get the weed back from the visits I wasn't smoking weed coming back out of nobody's ass that was nice thank you so that you know so that was the process and you know so that's why I that's why I quit but that's the book came I had a lot of shit a lot of demons inside of me from what happened to me me and my two brothers with you know if pretty severely abused in all kinds of ways in his foster home physically meant

► 00:23:40

he sexually abused by the older kids in the home it was fucked up and I never told anybody but that was always something no matter how much I lived as a month for two years of Harry Krishna monk nothing cured that fucking anger that was inside of me that I had to add these people for what they did to me and the secret of like yo it's fucked up to say I give lyrics to from the streets you had knife fights with Puerto Ricans I got shot with a 22 in Forest Park San Angel Dust I got stabbed and then to try to say yo this motherfucker molesting me is what day it took a lot out of me too and nobody knew it cuz I never talked about it and I took my keys class and that was the turning point because I went up to him and I was writing a script at the time based on what happened to me in the foster home the kids in the screenplay we based what what happened to me in my younger. Of my life and

► 00:24:40

I never told anybody what happened I would just avoid that but then when I wrote that I started writing the book and I was taking his class and between you know parts of his thing when you went on the break you could walk up to Robert McCann say ask him a question so I said Mr Mackey as far as a protagonist who was abused as a kid and he stopped me right there and he said listen stop right they said McGowan everybody uses it it's a cliche you know abusive children to develop empathy for characters we could otherwise not give a fuck about it's not what happens to somebody it's what they do as a result of it and that's the fucking light came on and I mean for years I would sit there and it took me seven years to write the evolution of a Cro-Magnon and I would get to that part of the story and I would lose my shit and break down crying like fucking uncontrollably because of what happened to me and my brothers

► 00:25:40

I just skipped over that part and I would never address it but then you know he gave me the strength in a lot of ways to be able to say hey man you got it he wrote in my book so I have his book and he wrote to me he goes John always right the truth and that's when I knew that that needed to come out in the book to cleanse myself I've been 2 years on crack 8888 290 crack pills you know doing whatever getting shot at with fucking AR-15 Robin deals I had TOS or not it was kose the time kill on sight I was I was a fucking Maniac because I just didn't care I actually kind of wish subconsciously that somebody would put a fucking bullet in me

► 00:26:31

where a lot of people get molested almost act out to the point where they want someone else to do it for them cuz they don't want to wait I was definitely in a lot of ways that's that's what I was doing but when I took his dad seminar help me so much cuz it's really like he's really like a fucking a guru in a teacher man the man is amazing if you ever get a chance to take the Robert McKee story seminar to 3-day seminar I took it twice any does workshops put the story seminar I just walked out of there after the third day is 10 hours a day and you're just like your fucking you like speeches like what the fuck did I just experienced it's incredible and and that gave me the power to to go and tell my story the right way and the amount of emails of people that I receive that would like yo that shit was done to me thank you for having the courage to tell the story and you know I just kept writing after that so

► 00:27:31

even the meat is for pussies book was you know if you read it it's tongue-in-cheek I'm not calling there's a lot of dudes that eat meat that could kick the shit out of me I'm not saying what I'm saying is if you continue to lead a sanitary lifestyle and you eat this fucked-up food that's out there that they're putting out there that then knowingly putting out there to fucking poison you because they're tied in with the pharmaceutical companies it's a rack it it's it it's not a conspiracy has been proven that this is what they do and you will become a pushy depending on the pharmaceutical companies to keep you alive if you if that's what you want then this book is not for you put it back so you got into the Hari krishnas and you got into this whole Consciousness trip from the Bad Brains which is crazy like think about that like people would assume like you think of the hardcore scene you think it had drugs and violence and tattoos and now and you were getting into that so tell me about that how'd you get in the Hari krishnas I'm going to tell you so initially my first and my phone

► 00:28:31

interaction with Rastafarians It Was 1980 so I went to my ship was going to Jamaica so when you go to when you called and they take you down on domestic and they show everyone you go here you go there they're like they show you these films so when we were getting ready to go to Jamaica there like if you're going to use and it seems like military films from like the sixties if you're going to use you know I have sex with a prostitute make sure you use a prophylactic and then the next photo was a fucking Rastafarian with smoke coming out of every fucking orifice and they're like and under no circumstances should you talk to these people they're just going to try to sell you drugs so who the fuck do you think was the first people I would when I got off the ship cuz I didn't hang out with like any of the dudes on my ship I got the fuck away from I was the only punk rocker I was wearing Sex Pistols destroy fucking t-shirts they looking at me like I was a ray

► 00:29:31

answer punk rock since the 70s so I get off the ship and I meet this like 20-something year-old fucking dread dread dude and he's like yeah I'm on what you need I said listen fucking smuggling some weed back cuz I want to I want to get take customers other sale at told me yo you go in there and you get them to take you to the carving shops and they carve out the fucking statue and they packed the Lambs bread in there and then she loved the statue and then I had to hook up with the two officer the guy who did the watch and counted so say every fifth person you got search so I was always avoiding that cuz I would hate to do it off with some weed or whatever the fuck was so when I went to Jamaica I asked this kid soon as I got off the boat. There was no hotels in Montego Bay nothing it was just you took the ship the ship anchored out in the bay and you took a boat in and landed at the dock and it was just like some fucking ancient

► 00:30:31

like crazy shit like that you would see back in the 18 century port and then just do was eat in this carton a fucking shit and I'm like yo I'm like french fries and burgers at the time am I kill what the fuck are you eating what is that shit he's like yeah mine is callaloo and achey and he's like man you eat this shall live to be a hundred and fifty-two rice I was like really I said let me check that shit I took one for 4 and I just was like what was it it was Kyle green it's like one of the most nutritious are collard green it's like collard green it's like they have a damn greens down there that don't really go anywhere else so I think it's like a combination of kale and collard greens and anaki is like this fruit and it looks like it's yellow and looks like an egg on most but if you eat Aki when it's not right you'll die you get poison is this type of thing like

► 00:31:31

when the fruit opens up that it's like a red fruit if you eat it when it's not open you will die really akiaki will poison you and then and then he was eating seaweed and beans

► 00:31:44

anyway so I went up into the hills he took me and I don't know if you like reggae but I do I fucking love reggae so do you know where Peter Tosh wanted dread or Alive do you know where that came from know okay I'm going to tell you so back in I think it was 78 this cop they hate the Rastafarians in Jamaica by the way cuz it's a big Christian the Christians invaded at place and just fucking turned everybody into dogmatic fucking thinking people you know Judo you know what what the white man does every way across the planet you got to be my religion fuck everybody else this is what's up so they did that day at so what they call the Jamaicans what the rosters call the Jamaicans who don't grow knots they call them bald head this man you know like Bob Marley crazy Baldhead so what they did with these guys a cop tried to kill a Rastafarian in the Rastafarian killed

► 00:32:44

so they put a bounty on every single Rastafarian Wanted Dead or Alive you could kill a Rasta & Dragon to the precinct and collect a reward so all the rosters flared up into the hills and it was called The Green Bay killings they just started killing all these Rastafarian sits and it ended so this guy brought me up into the hills and I met these rosters and the nyabinghi the drummers and all that shit in the guy had the actual cuz it was only like 2 maybe 3 years prior to me going there in 1980 and I got to meet like these cats that survived that shit and they had the news clippings in all this shit so that was like my first experience with the whole roster thing and then I'm at the Bad Brains one night at 1st and MacArthur and all them cats came down with Tina's and Untouchables that was Henry's whole crew first I know Henry's been on here I'm pretty good friends with him next week tell him I said what's up with you fucking love him and he's a fucking great human being

► 00:33:44

Beast yeah he he like when I split the baby he let me stay at his house and I was eating his food and then after a week and him going to work and coming home is Foods gone he's like Alright Johnny got to get the fuck out not here but they played and then a week later I used to go during the middle of the day in my car in the Navy it and go to happy hour and I'm walking in in the owner comes out a check

► 00:34:17

you're fucking black man and they're incredible so I go upstairs and Bad Brains are sound check in and I'm just like what the fuck is this and if you haven't seen the Bad Brains I'll tell you the best video to watch 1982 cbgb's they got the whole set up there and if you want to have your ship blown away just watch that so that's what I actually sold their manager acid I was selling the time so they're manager I sold him acid but I got to talk with HR and he started telling me about this PMA Sheridan and I told him yeah man I fucking got out of jail and went into the Navy cuz I caught another case they offered me military here we go there's not right there yeah fucking amazing dude

► 00:35:07

let's get us taking off YouTube you think that's perfectly on the end of this one song at the movies and lands it perfectly I said Stevi B's in 82 wow I wasn't dead I was there Roadie I wasn't High School yes so I was actually living as a Hari Krishna monk at the time in Hawaii when the Howard Christensen I'm going to tell you so what happened was they had so I talk with HR I said yeah mine it was really funny cuz they were all from DC but they talked with patch while I asked yeah man jogging Arrangement were going to run into to each other again you know so I beat someone down on my shit pretty bad and I got quote for a drug case in Norfolk so I knew that they was trying to persecute me and you know send me the fucking prison and I was like really not going to have that

► 00:36:07

so my ship pulled out and we were going to like she'll back to South America and I had this day I was on the you know basically under arrest cuz the fight it was a civilian case for the drugs I sold to an undercover cop outside of a club called King's Head Inn in Norfolk on Hampton Boulevard it would stay at did punk shows so I sold him you know LSD and he was undercover cop so I got arrested for that and then that was pending me while I go on my shit we go out to see this one redneck kept fucking with me and he was like fuck you New York faget in like just I'm like dude chill like you don't know me like I'm not fucking with you just let it go man and he just wouldn't let it go so I trapped him in the in the paint lock up I was supposed to mate and I beat him with a fucking paint can in the in the soft tissues till he shoot his pants

► 00:37:06

they arrested me so they had they had me on the fucking ships arrest in all this shit and I got this bad infection they had to medivac me off the ship back to Roosevelt roads Puerto Rico and I forgot to say that you know I'm supposed to be handcuffed to the fucking bed and then they cut they didn't send those orders because this was pretty computer so the paperwork I fucked up they gave me my my ID and and then they sent me back to Norfolk and then I was just doing all my shit and she just didn't know that you're supposed to be incarcerated they didn't know that I'm supposed to be awaiting Court Papi court-martial whatever the fuck and then the civilian case too so then I was in them at all which is TPU transient Personnel Union waiting for my ship to come back and they were going to deal with it then so I was there for like I don't know like a month-and-a-half and and they were like yo you ship the $2

► 00:38:06

who would eat more Migos yo your ship is is fucking talking today and I was like fuck so I got to get the fuck out of here so I just packed up a couple things and I got on the bus that used to go to the base and then roll out Hampton Boulevard and it as I'm fucking day at already pulled in and as I'm pulling out the gate in the seat the fucking master-at-arms of my ship the police are right there walking across the street to fucking limits Hall to get me and I just shrunk a trunk down in the seat but if they would have looked up that was it I wouldn't be here telling you this story because my life would have taken a much different trajectory so what happened was I went up and I hitch hike with his band on dead from New York this punk band probably still will probably still was the original Misfits so they they play the 9:30 and they gave me a ride back to New York and I get out

► 00:39:06

right there on Avenue A 171 West motherfuking HR in the doorway where they recorded and lived he's like Rasta far I am like fuck and what happened was they were playing a show a couple days later and there's a big Puerto Rican gang that was right there that didn't want them hanging out so they went in there one night and that I mean Nick they kill people I'm not going to say the name of the pub the fucking game cuz for whatever you know I but I'm not trying to add him like that but they would had the largest heroin cocaine spot in America the feds busted in the busted them knock down a building the whole shit Alphabet City was at a fucking control so nobody to Beastie Boys were there that night nobody would fight these dudes back and I was on a fucking Quaalude which is a gorilla biscuit you think you got crazy strength and I said to JW who was the engineer that shit I was like yo

► 00:40:02

let's get these motherfuckers man and he's like dude they kill people don't fuck with them they will kill you and I was like y'all come on you fucking dude your punk rock you supposed to be fucking chocolate fucking at these guys so they call me down but when I got outside to do tried to stab me so I blocked the knife and I hit him with an elbow and Pop-Pop knock them down smashes head off the curb next thing I know for of his homies come charging at me o u white mother fucker trying to stab me and I used to wear a chain belt and you can ask Henry we all used to wear these chain belts with a quick release a bike chain to fight people cousin DC would be the Marines with Falcons or the Rednecks would beat up the punk rockers so I got in a chain fight with these motherfuckers and I ended up so I go to run back into 171 cuz I lost the chain and one of the Beastie Boys slams The tries to slam the door I mean to keep me out on the street these motherfuckers want to kill me I push my way in I got stabbed in the shoulder and then they put out a KOA

► 00:41:02

I saw me they would like we're going to kill that mother fucking nobody would hang out with me except for this once crazy Russian Street Fighter kid named James Caan sure that's the only dude so then I said I couldn't go down Alphabet City at all they will waiting there with fucking guns and bats and like we're going to kill that do but because the Bad Brains were black they kind of squash it over but I went up there to face them and they surrounded me like fucking dude was like ready to fucking off me and Doc & Darryl doxa guitar played as a base pay it came running out yo yo yo yo yo chill chill and they would like

► 00:41:42

you know he was just you know standing up like y'all came in there trying to stab everybody you would have done the same shit and the one dude's name was Crazy Eddie and he got I think he got murdered at now but he did mad time and he just looked at me and it was that moment of the standoff where I didn't know what the fuck it was going to do but you just goes out of all the white motherfukers over here you're the only one with her we ain't never going to fuck with y'all again just don't hang out outside storefront cuz there was gigs at 171a that's weird Bad Brains play Beastie Boys and then the Bad Brains let me move in and then they recorded that first album which MCA for the Bad Brains greatest hardcore punk album of all time the Roxicet the lightning bolt it's me I was there for the whole recording and then they got me a job and this is way too high Christian thing comes in I always always come full circle but this punk band named the dots poop

► 00:42:42

got the first Bad Brains single Jimmy quit was in the band and he put out a single called stay close to me and pay to come and Vinny work at this health food store so they started giving us food and that's when I started changing over to the diet cause Bad Brains were like HR would be like you don't eat the fuck are you don't eat the Babylon food you got to eat eye-to-eye Telus vital'o tile can be fatal took me to the hell does I tell I mean pure pure plant-based food no no oil no fucking salt it's like oil yeah dude it's the street it's like the 4th about avocado dip Coco No like if you take coconut and you and you fucking shred it down so fine at the oil comes out of it that's fine but they don't do processed oils that's a different thing when you process the oil if you have health problems I would they proved in Forks Over Knives then it becomes toxic oil to the body and if you have any kind of heart conditions and stuff like that you

► 00:43:42

really avoid so anyway what they did was they got me they were smart cuz they wanted me to give them free food the Bad Brains I got me in the health food store and the dude was like this hippie Yogi dude hooked up with sachidananda swamy it was called Prana foods and he's like what you're going to do Karma Yoga when you first come in here in other words you're not going to get any money you're going to you know you can eat and it's karma yoga is good for you, so then I told everybody in the mother fucking neighborhood I was like yo I'm working at this health food store come over and get some food so Bad Brains would come and load up groceries I worked at juice bars giving out fucking sandwiches to the entire neighborhood is due to sitting there watching me and after the end of the day goes excuse me did did any of those people pay for that food I go now man that's that, yoga shit you quit talking to me about he's like you're on salary as of tomorrow do not give him any more food and then I was like I worked there for a little while and Vinny took me to the house

► 00:44:42

Krishna Temple on 55th Street so I kept trying to defeat this dude philosophically I was like your butt and he knew the whole philosophy of The Vedas in the Bhagavad Gita is where all the yoga all the yoga sutras and all that comes out of the Bhagavad Gita and Pop I put out the Bhagavad Gita as it is Which Wich the original Bhagavad Gita from India and I kept trying to delete it do we talked about getting all the time every day I read Bhagavad Gita stream about of a time what do you think so much is soma what's the Soma summarize summarize that is a drink that they drink on the Heavenly planet to it's it's a beverage on the Heavenly planets that they get in toxic intoxicated the real question is like what's in it there was no one knows you know when people say you think he's waiting for an all the planets I'm like what are you fucking mamaluke of course this life on other you think you're the only fucking life in the universe come on man well that's one of the things in the back of Akitas

► 00:45:42

flying crafts and Somas one of them and so much it's some sort of a psychedelic concoction but nobody knows exactly it is they think it might be a combination of several things they think for sure silicide bands in it but they think it might also be hashish that has she's might be in it yeah I mean it is out of this elements in the in the upper planetary system that brahmaloka and all these different planets in this in the solar system Vedic astrology is much different than the Western astrology so they talk about planets way above Earth you know that what do they do when you to do teach you the Bhagavad Gita the word that describes home so I could have that was a beverage that drunk in the Heavenly planets it's not available on the Earth planet is is the demigods drinks omurice demigods on on other planets that's the only time people drink

► 00:46:42

smoke the ganja and stuff like that and I don't know if you know they put the Ashes to the crematorium on their bodies and stuff like that but you know there's the thing about this for principals in the Hari Krishna when you live as a Brahma try monk which I did and it's no intoxication at all no no eating of me fish eggs none of that no gambling and no illicit sex so I was actually 100% Brahma try celibate monk for how long for 2 years and I train martial arts in Hawaii in the hills with this one black dude who was fucking fears and he was a Brahma try to so we would train and completely celibate I was getting up to every single day in the morning I was in bed by 8 and training and working and just eating out trying to heal my my soul but that came because when I first was going to the temple I wrote I would write down my questions I know I'm going to get these motherfuckers tomorrow

► 00:47:42

cuz I was reading Gucci krishnamoorthi ROM. It's like I studied and I saw all those guys I went to see krishnamurti speak and meditate I was I was just eating it up like once that light came on metaphysically for the meditation in the yoga and everything I just went full fucking bore into it so it started from the health food store yeah because I work work on saying he still plays drums he was in the dots he was in Turbo hydramatic to bunch of bands in New York and he just started hitting me with questions what do you think this is what do you think I was like I don't know man and then after giving me this book he gave me this book called the science of self realization and I read it and I was like dude this yoga Master AC bhaktivedanta Swami prabhupada I was like I got to find out more where is this guy and he said oh you left the planet in 77 but you could go to the

► 00:48:42

Temple and see the whole process I was like you I want to go and I went and they had this ceremony and it's called greeting of the DVDs and then the song that gets played George Harrison plays bass on it and I was like yeah it was from the promise I'm heater and I was I just was attracted to it everything I know in my life was paying and violence and just fucking crazy I mean you know I thought it was a pathway to some sort of an escape from the the trappings of your past it was a pathway to Enlightenment it was halfway to peace absolutely but some of the most fierce Warriors and what I loved about Bhagavad Gita spoken on a battlefield between Krishna and Arjuna Arjuna was a touchy of Christians this line this this sampradaya comes from the warrior class and if you read any books on martial arts they're going to tell you the martial arts originated in India the original martial arts school all in India and at 1

► 00:49:42

Sanka charya chased all the Buddhists out of Indian they fled across the Himalayas in to China so this is actual history that you and you can see where the martial arts spread out across across the planet but you know a lot of it a lot of things that are around today originated in India so to me that really I was always in you know I was Street Fighter I messed around even you know which I'm going to martial arts schools always on the outskirts. I even went and trained with Ron Van clief when he had his school in New York but yeah but he would he would always be trained and police forces and I was the only white dude in the class and it was all blacks and Puerto Ricans and when it came time to spot a pic to share me I was getting fucking wreck by the by the black Belles Bible you know I was no lights born back then nobody would Spar Drive Victorville

► 00:50:42

Ron Van clief Ron tag and I see this dude doc this other dude named Rodan who ran in school University of streets they would run from into the dojo like 20 dudes and just all out fucking brawl like even Bryan Callen his teacher and all these guys they train on the master Choi and hit some them Choy and he encouraged you to fight you are training to fight like a married, it was a big part of it because you had to develop people that could actually perform and competition and one of the best ways to do that was that challenge matches so like what you talking about smokers they allow that in LA to real recently of the last 10 years or so they they banned smokers but used to be able to get your experience in actual fights a smoker and that was a little bit more prepared than the dojo storming days yeah but the dojo stormy days that's how a lot of people got good inside like you have the

► 00:51:42

girl fights you would go in there some guy would come from another school and you knew you were going to hit each other as hard as you could it wasn't it wasn't it wasn't really sparring I tell you a lot of that spun into gang Vines to because a lot of the work for that were the martial arts teacher this one dude Jr he's famous he was in the New York Times he was one of the biggest heroin traffic is on the Lower East Side he was one of the first guys to get busted on the RICO statute he did the full 25 and he trained all it a dude that sold for him and all his street soldiers wall trained in martial arts so a lot of these guys were doing shady shit behind the scenes because that's what Alphabet City in the Lower East Side and that's what New York was about I'm actually good friends with the time I talk I don't know shit is a Hari Krishna his name is Cosmo I met him in La like fucking 20 years ago it came to a shows like that the last dragon yeah well you know he won't

► 00:52:41

say names but he out if somebody that tried to do some shit to him in and they black ball them in Hollywood in the guy said you never going to make another mother fucking movie and he hasn't got fuck dude and he's such as the Hulk Hogan somebody try to fuck Hulk Hogan imagine oh brother made fun of Terry Crews goes out of his big stud of an athlete who cares if you grab your dick to swap that guy in the head but he say no this is a good this is system systemic problem when you have people that are in power and they control your destiny and that spends a lot of that a lot of them ruin you made up and they did a lot of people seem like the whole like you know the whole me to shh first of all my mother was raped twice so if some dude is pushing his

► 00:53:41

wait around on a on a female I think that shit's fucked up and then they're going to turn around and fucking fuck these people I say fucking get them the fuck out of there and I'm going to tell you story because Julia Phillips in Michael Phillips date you know they fucking produce one of my favorite movies of all time which was taxi driver and close encounters they did all those movies she wrote a book called you never do lunch in this town again in the 80s she had the cro-mags come and play in a movie at the Ritz they flew us off the Motorhead tour picked us up and then she wanted to shoot to be lip song I said not if you want the cro-mags it's a fucking real show and we're going to fucking lay it down we had like a thousand of our fans and Ankle tape everything crazy shit and two people broke their next door in the shooting so the movies called I just called to beat but the thing was she was one of the first people to put out and exposed

► 00:54:41

fucking scumbags for doing that shit to two people in Hollywood and expose a lot of that in a book but you never do lunch in this town again and when the book came out she was on the set for interview with a vampire and they came and pulled it off the set and she was fucking blackballed from fucking Hollywood she never made any more fucking movies and then I'll pre-internet just fucking put up the middle finger to all of them like fuck you she she passed away of cancer but she was like a real fucking punk rock a man she fucking took on the system the boys club in Hollywood and you know even the shit I don't know how legit to Corey Feldman in a stuff is either I know him and whatever but like she sings problem that you don't know yet it's like one of those things where I don't know what to do here it seems you know some Shenanigans the list is a mile

► 00:55:41

everybody that comes forth is a million people that are sitting back on I don't want to say anything cuz I don't want to take that shame on you but that's all. You go even all of that stuff like and then the person that I was with at the time I said you know your story is going to help a lot of people eat by you coming forward and and say what happened to you and how you're dealing with it now and that's what that's what I even did I got this new book 2 PMA effect coming out and the whole shit is about healing people and help I mean I've helped thousands of people kick drugs kick suicidal thoughts and and you know it's not that I'm like I'm turning him into a vegan it's like dude I'm going to show you the system that work for me that's all I can do is tell you I'm like the fucking mailman you know I'm just delivering the fucking mail to you I didn't come up with it but I'm showing you the yoga

► 00:56:41

plant based diet the meditation the training constant fucking training will through all the things you're doing you're committed and you're you're disciplined and that's attracted to people right people look to for people that are doing things that they wish they were doing so they see someone I mean that's the whole Cult of Personality right they see you they see you you got this powerful personality and you're positive you doing things and people gravitate to that and they want to be a part of that I mean that's that's what happens when people first thing that I saw and I said it cuz fights did a whole 18 Minutes special on me if you if you just Google fucking vegan Iron Man if it comes up they did a 18-minute documentary and one of the things I said first office don't say you can't do it you could do any fucking thing you apply yourself to you just haven't tried you could do what I'm doing and I'm going to tell you I go to the races these Iron Man's all over the fucking world in these guys show me pictures one guy

► 00:57:41

just fucking he lost a hundred fucking pounds dude he was so depressed he was on meds for depression so everything that I'm doing is coming out of service it's it's service to help people it's not I come at them right from the same fucking platform I'm like and even The Vedas what is it say to not a piece in hno3 elevation Houston on Monday. Mine are y'all can. He has to die hurry you should think of yourself lower than the store down the street more taller than a tree always ready to offer respect to others in that state of mind one can constantly chant the holy names of Hari Krishna so that's the philosophy so where does the false ego in thinking I'm better than you cuz I eat a motherfuking vegetable and you eat a fucking piece of meat or whatever it is it's not about that it's about trying to help people and have compassion to people and that's something that's really getting lost in this world is compassion everybody wants to kick people when they're down and and I just don't understand where this fucking sickness came

► 00:58:41

it and I think a lot of it has to do with reality TV in this whole microwave instafame fucking culture that exists now it's like what you said they think that if if they put down somebody that's going to make they're going to gain power from it it's like it's it's just crazy I don't come from that I come from like yo man let's help one another to make this world a better place how we going to save the oceans how we going to save you know and you know it my thing is this look they just said that the fucking commercial meat and dairy Industries are now the most toxic there the most toxic of companies on the fucking planet they just surpassed fossil fuel with the destruction are doing to the planet so I'm like eat a little less music coming from I just I just it's it's it was just all on where did I read it was on one of the main sites like that so was a spy from meth

► 00:59:41

and gas is a from fossil fuels run off look so before that Gulf oil spill ever happened there was a fucking dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico the size of New Jersey why all the fucking run off of the farm k-phos and the Farms with the fucking toxic pesticides the fucking all the shit that these guys are spraying Roundup and everything else and and the nitrogen that's in the fucking shit when these lagoons that have a hundred thousand fucking gallons of pigshit you know it all was draining into the into the Mississippi and then draining into the Gulf so if you look at what's going on in North Carolina right now cuz I was there mother fuckers can't even swim in the fucking Rivers anymore and it's happening in Europe to date just had to cancel the swim on the Ironman in in Hamburg because of the green algae and all this shit that's happening now because of all the runoff that's happening with the farms and everything is just

► 01:00:41

making this planet a fucking toxic Wasteland and what was done with farms and it's gotten we we we develop cities with giant groups of people that are growing anything and then we giving people incentive to make as much profit as possible and when they try to make as much profit as possible without ethics or morals and consideration or or the impact on the environment they set up a process in motion that we are many many decades into right now so to try to correct it now we're just seen your fax and then on top of that there's always a gag clause and a gag Clause of devastating because when you see one of the reasons I became a hunter is because I was watching these films of factory farming and I was like I'm not I'm not participating in this I have to figure out what I'm going to do I'm either going to become a vegetarian or me to become a hunter I decide to become a hunter and that's how I get my meat but when you see those videos those are the videos that expose people to the realities in the horrors of factory farming and those are

► 01:01:41

legal in most places you go to prison now it's a present for showing horrible immoral acts that are done to these animals and the way they treated in the way that contained and we were talking yesterday about this video of a pig farm that there's a there's a pig farm where these pigs are smashed into this place so they can't move it all they're all these cameras and then it's there's a runoff from where they shit and piss and there's a giant Lake outside of pigshit and pig pissed and no one who lives anywhere near that could avoid that smell you drive anywhere near that area too horrific toxic smell so it's already gotten to this almost like in correctable position like that that that business is a toxic business but it's not a regular like a Joel salatin Farm you know that guy has not heard him he runs his farm called polyface farms and what would he does is he has all these animals live like normal animals like the pigs they're not in these cages he has them roam 3 and they sets

► 01:02:41

they set up these enormous portable fences so they take the pig they roam in this one area like pigs naturally do and then they move the fence to a different area and they transport that they did so you know I move the pigs over with the picture never contain the chickens Run free and then they go back into the chicken house at night and then they try not to have mono crops like when you have when you have a thousand acres of soybeans a yes or no plans are supposed to be and then you have to throw pesticides on them and then when you rolling them up you have to grind everything up with these gigantic machines and everything gets caught up in their mice and rabbits and everything that might be in the neighborhood while these migraines are rolling over all of that is unnatural It's Not a Human Being supposed to grow food it's not food it's supposed to be none of these plants or animals are supposed to be interacting with the environment what we're doing with these things is making an incredible amount of profit and these people are addicted to this Prophet these corporations are Dixie's profit they have this constant growth mentality

► 01:03:41

every year every quarter has to have more this is a never-ending road sign they make the laws that the only one right now that you have massive amounts of money so they bribed politicians and they use all of these these lobbyists and what they do is they get these laws passed where it's illegal to film them doing immoral shit and so then you don't see this you just go to the store and you buy a cheeseburger you go to Jack In The Box you go wherever you go when you buy these things you get corn you know where you get corn syrup in your soda you don't think twice about what what has to happen for that corn to become syrup and how much environmental damage has to take place in this is the world we live in and right now is just waking up to what has been in motion for many many decking right I think what's really important now is that we're honest about health and they were honest about the consequences of our actions in terms of like our purchasing power what we're doing with food

► 01:04:41

we got to be honest about all of it in one of the problems that happens with hunters or carnivores or even vegans are vegetarians is people only want to look at things that support their position right and with vegans there's a lot of people out there that only want to look at things that support vegan position to terms of health and this becomes a real problem cuz they start they start using studies that are very shaky they start adding things to to documentaries that aren't necessarily true approving and it becomes propaganda and it becomes propaganda both ways I see what is carnivore diet now there's a lot of people do with this carnivore diet soda like this is the only way to go you know just eat all mean I'm like man I don't know about all that I don't see any blood work I see blood work only I talk to Sean what is his last name Sean the doctor God damn it

► 01:05:33

the fuck is the the main carnivore guy how can I not remember his name what does house that slip in my my Shawn Baker yeah but it works. Good testosterones Lowe's also all sorts of issues let's just look at it this way who are the hospitals filled with that are having procedures for bypass who are the procedures being done for people removing their limbs for diabetes it's not the people that it's the people that are eating this toxic diet that Americans the standard American diet and what people have become accustom to eating rolling up and even these carnival at people let let's just take that for instance if you do all meet sure your body let that motherfuking might have been on a Dorito diet we don't know what the fuck you're eating prior prior to that so then you put the body's a perfect machine so

► 01:06:33

it's at the beginning of when you're doing all meet the body's becoming accustomed to that but you know the analogy that I use is that's like getting off heroin and getting on method on because the method yo I kicked out but I'm on fucking mess now because the method on down the road is going to take even a long at all and I've seen people that are doing Methadone for 20-30 years and that's why I love the announce you because the long-term studies of those diets do not exist right now so there's no long-term studies for the carnival if you look at the blue zones around the planet of the people who were the most centurions in the people that live the longest they have three things in common okay and is this blue zones in Japan Costa Rica Greece United States what are the top 5 with the most and then and then California and it's the event is the Seventh-day Adventist so the three things that they have motion, with the people that lived

► 01:07:33

longest number one they have a meditation spiritual practice they do something everyday for PMA for positive mental attitude whatever their higher power is they do that everyday number to remove dead bodies there working they work in the farm there exercising number 3 they eat primarily a plant-based diet they may have a piece of fish in Japan or whatever or a piece of meat once in awhile but primarily the Seventh Day Adventist study was actually the best one because it was all from different people with different ethnic backgrounds in the one thing that they had in common to 7 Day Adventist don't eat meat and that's my point with the whole thing and you know when it comes down to diet is I just see what work for me and I try to relay that to people and not not be like my ways the only way and it's a nap because people people doing other

► 01:08:33

people doing other things in their way there's raw food is just all these different people and the problem is with the false ego in the human being everybody wants to think that I don't try to tell me shit I know it all there's an issue with centurions centurions how do you say I sent you this one thing we have to take into consideration you're talking about people that lived all ready to be a hundred years so when they were 50 was 50 years ago alright we talked about 1967 nobody knew shit about died back then there's the fact right okay so the people that did live that long and it would living this it's almost an accident in some ways or inconsequential like what what is going on today with people's diet and how long will people have to do this far more information terms of like nutrition and what you should do and shouldn't do for your body so what I'm concerned with is like what optimizes p

► 01:09:33

today I want to see blood work I want to see like what is going on with your blood lipid absolute is going on with your nutrient levels what is going on with that and in the in that case we don't have we have just a few studies from a few people or fewer tests for a few people have done this carnivore diet we have some people that have done the vegan diet haven't had real heart problems with that. Let me just say one thing cuz to throw the word vegan on something that does not make it a healthy diet I know group instead of talking a hundred pounds overweight they eat nothing but I told him Pizza in organic Whole Food plant-based diet that's what I wrote I don't I don't fucking say I could mean anything but when you say Whole Food Foods in the original Source organic no pesticides Whole Food plant-based diet that's what I wrote that's why I don't drink mineral dance in a long time when you get from a lot of plants specially like Rich Greenlee

► 01:10:33

he plans right get a lot of minerals absolutely and end in the more importantly if these things are raised in an organic environment you're getting soil that's not depleted and this is a big problem with model model from the article that just came out today that 40 years ago and orange was ten times more more nutritious I think it was I think it might have been seeing in online or something they posted an article that said the fruits and vegetables from 40 years ago were 10 times more nutritious than this then the way they're being grown today because like you said rows and rows and rows accents how do they extract the nutrients properly from the soil sample well you know they have to actually you add nutrients to the soil most of time to just adding nitrogen a few other different minerals but there's mineral depletion what they do is to get how did they get rid of that pigshit

► 01:11:33

you know you're supposed to rotate crops you plant next to each other that are extra but I have a friend that is an organic farmer and his name his name is Keith and he Farms up up in like New Hampshire and he knows all about crop rotation at Keith we on for today if you have a farm do you can do it that's what he does he had a small farm small farms or legit like you can have a small farm in be in symbiosis like you could be in harmony with the land but man you start your growing you know fucking a thousand acres of corn for cattle feed there's you might as well be making oil me you're you're you're doing something it's kind of crazy today environment it's not natural and listen you know I saw Ted Nugent play with fucking ACDC and Black Sabbath and 76 at at Madison Square Garden I went to all them shows

► 01:12:33

you know when he came on in the shit that he was talking I was just like the fucking GMO crops okay 80% of the GMO crops being fed the animals for fucking Slaughter what he called the stupid vegans are not the ones that are eating that shit that most of the crops that are genetically modified because you have these corporations McDonald's every one of these corporations they want every fucking piece of meat to taste the same they want every fucking french fry potato to be the same so the only way they can control it is the control of the genetic markers so that's why they're using all of the majority of the genetically modified grain and Monsanto you know who just got bought out by bear and they changing the name cuz my side that I such a big rap rap rap if you don't know it bear just bought them do you know the area of bear

► 01:13:33

carbon prior to that they made the Cyclone gas that went into the Nazi. Chambers well that's you know what's funny that that night cycle on gas was created by Fritz Harbor Freights Harbor is also the guy who created the process of extracting nitrogen from the air so he's the guy the reason why we can grow the kind of crops that we have today is because a frittata they say the fifty percent of nitrogen in the nitrogen in most people's DNA comes from the harbor method he also created zyklon a zyklon a is Ahsoka has a smell to it so you could smell this toxic gas so you would know it when it was coming so you can get out of the way the Nazis switched it to zyklon-b Fritz Harbor was actually a Jew and they took his invention and cut out the smell portion of it so that they could gas choose when it's dark shed

► 01:14:33

Viber message is saved a lot of people and killed a lot of people while he was winning the Nobel Prize for science at the same time as he was one of the first people that implemented a gassing program with a used at the gas the Allied troops in World War one that was Harbor water was a big part of that I didn't I did not know that yeah it's crazy shit so that is how we get nitrogen get nitrogen from the harbor method when they're pouring nitrogen into the plant into the soil so they can grow plants that's a big part of it when you say genetically modified to the big part of that is like we want to think about all the like labs and Science and all that jazz but almost everything we eat is genetically modified including all of our grains like especially over fruits and vegetables we were saying about tomatoes or orange be different than it was 10 years ago fucking everything's different cuz they want these things to be durable so they could throw in a bus or a truck rather travel plaza

► 01:15:33

DNA of a flounder and injected in a tomato so I can resist the floor that's real so if you eat a tomato does it have flounder in it maybe you're not eating vegan food you could be eating the fish tomato plants absorb the key they found salmon DNA in some plants because plants absorb this the fish that people use for fertilizing you know so you're getting some of that animal but it's a natural cycle that you're getting it through I mean animals eat animals plants and animals animals even eat plants me this fucking crazy plants in South America that eat rats are we seen those they look like like like Venus fly traps like a bulb it looks like it looks like a like a vahz and these rats they get attracted to sweet smell around the edges and it's slick and they fall

► 01:16:33

when do the hole in the plant closes and I'm going to swallow them and eat them now but well you know the other thing is this you have chemical companies making your food there a job is not to feed the world is not enough to keep you healthy are job is to sell fucking pesticides let's let's be straight up about it so yeah they created what was the other across genetic disease vegetable I think it was brought up was a cauliflower broccoli they Dade mix two things and came out with it's a different process what would they do in now and really what they do when they can take Roundup and pesticides and put it in the fucking seed Bryant is what they're doing now and so the pant plant from the growth cycle is resistant to these brakes I don't know if you listen you know I know you had Rich Roll on twice he's my fucking boy he's a home

► 01:17:33

great dude dude he's fucking everyone asked me like what's that motherfucker life and what she like in real life I'm like that's the most genuine fucking dude you know you ever have anything going on he just wrote the forward to my new book The PMA effect I mean such a fucking he's a solid cat very sad but Zach Bush come on who's the doctor this is clinical research this is not speculation this is not fucking vegan propaganda this is fucking science and you prove that glyphosate and what's happening now with the gut health of it got held is such a huge issue everything the bad fucking disease it starts in the gut and the glyphosate is eating through the stomach wall in causing leaky gut and all these other physical diseases from happening now the other thing is you have to realize what these pesticides off their neurotoxins and then

► 01:18:33

the ones that they're putting inside the seed when the bug eats the leaf it fucking dies so you're eating these fruits and vegetables that are completely fucking toxic here's what happens when they created it one of the things the one of the reasons why they were able to implement that they said it doesn't kill people that kills plants in the kills bacteria so everybody's fine no problem it only kills plants and bacteria that's totally safe know your body is filled with bacteria in your gut has more e-coli then there's ever been a human being on the planet ever this more ecoli in your stomach and any humans that I ever live more numbers and you need them I need to look the bacterial Flora gets destroyed by glyphosate you know I mean that podcast that he did that episode with dr. Zach Bush his fucking it's fucking unbelievable and it and I'm surprised like you no more focused and try to take tattooed out at this point it's there making so much money and people aren't listening and it's so much

► 01:19:33

signal there's so many noises going on it's hard word that everyone loves to use the two words conspiracy theorist but here's the once you can prove something in this is Dad and evidence to back it up it's no longer a theory it's a fucking fact so there's no conspiracy and by the way they probably did think that they could get away with it I think it would be fine they really probably didn't know as much as we know today about got by alright that's all new shitt it's all within the last couple of decades miss that I was already. You can cheese fucking him drink a lot of a lot of yeah I drink a lot of Kombucha eat a lot of kimchi that's where I get it from primarily yeah that's good stuff I mean I almost gigantic you know to the point where people make memes joking around on me saying gut biome cuz I said I say it so much

► 01:20:33

station will go cuz I have respect for you as a martial artist like I said I know Brian since the 80s and you know he always talks about you but Rich Roll wrote you and said that I was up at his house in heard that I was coming on the podcast and you responded to him in a text message and said yeah it's so fucking toxic what's going on like I just want to know if sit down with him and some other form of identity politics you know when did people look there's a lot of people dumb friends with that of All Sorts a did they agree with things that I don't agree with they have ideas that I don't agree with me and you're allowed to have varying opinion that's what human beings are all about we're supposed to be able to communicate or ideas but you're not my enemy if you eat plants that's crazy and that the promise I eat plants to I ate a shitload of them like this idea that you know that vegans and meat-eaters are supposed to be enemies I mean I hang a strange man I'm going to tell you straight up I hang out with dudes Dad fucking eat McDonald's like I have friends like I don't look like I said

► 01:21:33

I'm not the fly looking for the shit you know I try to look to the positivity of every human being and some of them eat meat my brother fucking my brother eats me I'm supposed to hate my brother cuz my brother eats eats fucking meet you know it it's it's just like it it's a it like you said it's identity politics and I don't roll with that because if in my line of work and what I'm doing which is getting people out of some really dark fucking shit in their life like this documentary I'm doing now call 32 life the shit that these fucking inmates have been through and you know I'm I met one guy you did 50 fucking years man and he's 90 years old and his story is he's in Amity foundation and its goes out now he's in this he just got paroled after 50 years years old is put off a little fucking phone before you judge a mother fucker cuz they got locked up he served in World War II

► 01:22:33

in the Army he served in Korea in the Army he had his friends fucking blown up in front of him fucking he's seen shit we can't even imagine into war Korea you know what that motherfukers meant to go over there with the cold and fucking and couldn't even bury the bodies bro they had the fucking stack them with you know it just insane it and any came back in and went on to the streets with PTSD don't even know what the fuc PTSD was back then when he was going through it and some shit happen which I did not he got double life so obviously something really bad happened and I don't know the circumstances but he's 90 fucking years old right now and he survived the the riots in Folsom he survived insane fucking shit and I'm like yo and he's out now show me the picture of what is it what is it like when you're out after fucking

► 01:23:33

nearest prison he's the most humble genuine fucking dude all of these guys like like I just got what we're training to do a 5K in Rich Roll is leading the run and I just got Nike to fucking give them all Air Pegasus new fucking sneakers in tears man they like nobody gave a fuck when we first went in there and met these brother is one of the biggest toughest scariest motherfukers broke down in fucking tears and was I Gill nobody gave a fuck about me man the fact that you guys are coming in here and doing this for us you don't you don't know how much this means to me and I mean he had to leave the room he was crying and I'm going to show you the picture this cat I mean that's why I do it this is him right here read that text

► 01:24:25

wow look at them there man that's crazy he's trying to hit on all the female cat disappeared on me

► 01:24:41

wow yeah he served in both was honorably PTSD and I think you know he said people fuck with him on the streets so what is he what is he doing with his life now he's in this program so they get parole to this program call a me foundation and they serve out their sentencing try to reintegrate them

► 01:25:04

so what I did was

► 01:25:08

when I picture and it skipped who did what the health in in cowspiracy and whatever and I I I hooked up with Paul De gelder I don't know if you know him he's the Australian Navy SEAL guy lost his arm and leg to the bull shark the carbon fiber hand should now I just went crazy seeing him walk around with that fake arm if they can like his he was totally normal gave me a fucking like I was sitting in the chair and it came up was like I heard like like the hand ripped my fucking shoulder out and strong he's like yeah he is. That's so crazy mad dude hit a bull shark took his arm and leg and now he's on the Discovery Channel Shark Week and he fights for ocean conservation because if you kill the lead prayer

► 01:26:08

in the oceans in the culling that's going on so I contacted him and I go Paul I'm going to tell you right now the whole vegan shit is becoming this shit for Rich for people and the people that really need it are the ones they can't afford $25 to go to a veg Fest in all this shit isn't coming this pompous fucking shit and the food and you need to go to try to have a fucking me on it's like fucking 50 bucks and Justin fucking appetizer and the people that really need it or not getting access to this and I saw 13th the documentary about the prison industrial complex in America you know so you know what's going on in carcerated and do a crime that you can be put to work and not get paid if you get a dollar and all this other shit is fucking crazy

► 01:27:08

one of my ass and I said Paul I said all this a lot of these documents you so they can you know I eat vegan and I got big muscles and fucking whatever the fuck I'm like what about the motherfuckers that really need it what did I go through I've been through fucking hell is a kid I was on the streets in New York I went to I was in the same place Mike Tyson was prophet in the Bronx only white dude in the whole fucking place fucking went Upstate did all this shit I'm like what change me man it was this process I said the people that need this shit than not getting access to it I said let's come up with something and fucking help these people let's go fucking help these dudes will coming out of prison and then we contacted kippy's like I wanted to wrecked it made me and Paul wrote up the whole treatment and and then they contacted we were going to try to put them in the air you know these dudes in the house and then we found the producer

► 01:28:04

found Elizabeth who's the producer African-American chick these girls are fucking their money man they're fucking great Dawn and they found this place called Amity foundation and they like they're already doing this they have them in here to do a meditation drum circles American Indian chants so much chaos you found the Hari krishnas you found this discipline and becoming a monk and sticking to this plant-based whole Treats. But you had a few it became your ideology be in your life if you came like a path in this with a lot of people need they learned a path that gives him a feeling of purposed it gives him a and identity made to feel like they matter and that's what sign are strawberries motherfuckers that they don't matter and they even punish you after you do your time that's why they're trying to do date they trying to sign this legislation that's

► 01:29:04

the way with the box I don't know if you heard about that in California you have to check off a box that you've been convicted of a crime so they trying to do away with that because you know you did your time you served your fucking you should give you your time you you know you should have your debt to society why should you continue to be fucking punished and they can't even get a job working anywhere because no one will fucking hire them so it's a whole so what we're doing is I have Dante Ross coming in he's you know been in the hip hop game forever one of the dude wants to be a rapper another dude wants to play guitar I just hooked up with Yamaha they're going to give him a guitar and all this shit Tyrone and who owns Crossroads restaurant wish I heard you talk about you I listen to your pocket so you talking about you were talking about that's Travis Barker

► 01:30:04

I want to do. Fukitol said tell him to come in so I can have a fucking didn't they do fucking everything man crazy food it he's like he's Oprah's Chef dude and he cooked for the Dali Lama he's like was looking kind of thick yeah I don't know what she who knows who knows but it was about giving these guys facility to change their lives and that's what this documentary 32 life it is cuz like they told me go on the store for 30 days you going to change your mother fucking life and that's what I did and I stuck with it and you know the training and everything that I do for Iron Man you know what just I'm on my fucking 11 to Iron Man I'm on the road constantly with the cro-mags touring I'm in the gym everyday I'm not trying to be a fucking you know 90 lb so I can

► 01:31:04

man dude I still hit the weights hit the bags do whatever I'm all about recovery now my friend erringer. Drago's Drago's of ski runs recovery New York City I'm all about the cvac Pod and the new, which provides in 30 minutes you get 3 hours of restorative sleep his whole what is that went up there I'm like he's fucking guinea pigs like all the shit that he's learning massage school fucking trigger point therapy everything that he's been learning and he's a bad mother fucker he fought in the Golden Gloves he has black belt she's a hawk what do all tatted up and you know I just been on this Anna and I went into crunch cuz they were offering a special day and he was he he he led the boxing any talk kickboxing and work with all the Five Points guys would all be in that you know Five Points Muay Thai Shirley are before that they were all up in crunch you know train and then they open up the school but he

► 01:32:04

is there and I said y'all I want to do desire me started you know training me from day one to do my first race I started with him and in 2010 I did my first race 2012 New York New York Iron Man so then his whole journey now they open up this place recovery is right up the block from henzo Gracie C's on 30th Street so they have the cvac pod which takes you to Elevation increases your VO2 max by like 5.8% and I think doping doing the EPO and everything only gives you 3% and and then he does the new cam so now I tried to test the shit and I'm like alright Newcomb it fucking works with the wiring in your brain so you put this these fucking you put blinders on and you sit there with these fucking headphones and he has electrodes he pushed his gel by the way I have his card and he said you come to New York next time I want to try what's up

► 01:33:04

tried to fight it and be like no I'm fucking not going to pay I'm not going to go out and just the vibrations that they design that the the the sound vibration that's coming through these headphones like I'm I'm not just trying to fight passing out and I just fucking went out and then they woke me up and they like yo how long do you think you meant you were out I said 15 minutes they were like you out for an hour and 20 I'm like what and it's just it's fucking bizarre like they're learning so much about recovery and now all there's all kinds of pro athletes are coming into recovery in New York at the studio over there on 30th Street all hands on those guys Enzo's nephew who just won

► 01:33:49

what did he just what was that the MMA tournament he just won something

► 01:33:55

fuck if he had some fighting he wanted a lot of those guys are coming in and a lot of pro athletes there's a lot of endurance athletes that sat at that are going into psych do you have a TENS machine you know what they are talking Pad HD squares and then he puts it behind on your gel here here and then the headphones and the blinders but it's sending a pulse into your body and the sound vibrations it attached to a big machine it says it's a fucking little machine like this so it's something that we get out of here I'm telling you man you will bug the fuck out that sounds create an expert in it like the guy who manages the whole shit he's an expert in the new comp stuff so like you know he's okay by the way to shout out when you put this on is it on a timer like I know where it's at

► 01:34:55

wake up when it's over no they had to wake me up the pads they woke me to fuck up I thought I was out for like 30 minutes to micro-current stimulation Step2 for new cam is to is a to use a sub sensory microcurrent to catalyze the effectiveness of the new comp supplementation so you take pills with it to the combination of supplementation the microcurrent works on the midbrain to interrupt the body's natural sleep stretch natural stress response research shows is Michael current helps balance of brains neurochemistry by reestablished Optical neurotransmitter levels you won't feel too well to work today in Swahili is the way your brain works as well like the only ones in New York that are doing a new, they're the only ones in the east coast that have a fucking cvac pod one of the universities out here got one in Orange County

► 01:35:55

call was you Snapchat for a while I see said they got great benefit out of it the world record time trial I believe she was doing cvac the pot it's just it's fucking insane you going this thing and it's like you go you have to work up cuz you can't just go to level 5 in and your fucking shit will just bug the fuck out so I worked all the way up to level five but how long it take you to work up to it took me like a couple weeks you know but like what I really noticed was with my running cuz I I mark my threshold and everything so every run when I was training for the last race I just did Chattanooga a half Ironman so every run I was doing it's going into cvac and then going to do the new, and then I do the normatec boots like they have everything at this place recover so like they just using and then they have this other fucking magnetic blanket

► 01:36:55

that fucking you sit on it and then is isolation pad on top and it sends these frequencies through your body. Done that wasn't what is that called I'm fucking I'm spacing on it they have that at the crown place that I go to come in now and and it and it just flushed like I've noticed that I can go fucking hard as hell I mean I would have to bike a hundred and twenty Mile and do a break and get off the bike and go run 13 Mile and I'm like fucking breaking threshold fucking records cuz I I started taking up any athlete you serious about even Enzo's I think it was his nephew was something that just had that fight the coach was like you know what the fuck are you doing and he's coming into this she back twice three times a day and he's like dude he's he hit his gas tank he's just doesn't run out he's just he's fucking grappling he's you know doing everything and he's never fucking tired

► 01:37:55

I've never seen him perform at this level so that the success is there even this woman she broke the world record I think it was 40 tee time trial or track or a road or something this woman cyclist did cvac and shoot and they accused of a fucking doping that's at the Beamer or physical jackets have done that it does something cuz I've been you know you're always getting her you know that too I'm always dealing with a fucking nagging fucking injury or you got something now or got a little groin issue so you know I'm the I've never had a race I've got my I got my nose broken Cobble Iron Man I'm swimming out and shark infested waters fucking legal but like even from boxing I knew don't blow your nose cuz your eyes are going to swell shut so I had to do all mouth way I've my first Iron Man I ever did was New York City and chromax the drama Maki book the fucking show this is Hardcore the night

► 01:38:55

before so we play till I get 3000 mother fuck is going off you know that whole Masha and shit fucking lay it down and I fucking I have my brother come down he drove me back to New York City I had a stress fracture in my foot I took a shower and I went to the swim start and I did an Ironman in August 12th 2012 in fucking 95° New York City humidity but I was not going to be I mean it was just stress fracture in your foot stress fracture in my fucking foot anything is right where the cleat is that's where I press that's where my stress fracture the second metatarsal and it was just and I didn't take aspirin I didn't take nothing I'm just like, fuck my pain you know it took me 13 hours and how long does it take you to get over the stress that it took months

► 01:39:55

Hulk is now I've been with hook up to Hoka Hoka these shoes

► 01:40:00

and there's other big pads giant that's like A2 inch pad what is the deal with that it's not actually but it's this scientifically designed foam that absorbs shock from the from the road so a lot of the top Heather Jackson runs in them she just fucking it's been raining like crazy she goes to self look better cushion cushion and when you get you know I'm 56 so it's like I'm not a fucking dude that's recovering so quick as I used to in my twenties or whatever so I don't fuk with barefoot running shoes I can't manage there's no just no cushioning I just can't do it you run it you do a lot of your son on submit yeah sometimes I live in New York City I might run the trail the Bridle trail in Central Park if I can or run around the reservoir but mostly my shit is all in the city and the hokas just fucking like

► 01:41:00

I'll be the next day people say to me you know you must be fucked up for a week after race I was like I did Kona World Championships two years in a row and the first year I did it 2016 I fucking went snorkeling with my girl the next day for like 3 hours so like the information is not there I'm getting really dialed in on the equipment aspect getting fitted for the bike getting the right shoes to run in and it it Citra literally took me you know six years to get dialed in on uneven the nutrition aspect in doing them racist cuz like you don't want to get a belly full of fucking jails and all this other shit right but right now so anyway it's but the recovery aspect of what I do like I just watched Coggins was on the Rich Roll podcast and he was talking about how much yoga and stretching that he's doing now two three four hours

► 01:42:00

fucking you know it's true and I know you're into yoga love it yeah it's fucking great and that's what I need to start getting back into my girl Erica is always pushing me she's like fucking bought me a kiosk thing for fucking integral yoga and I mean she bought that shift next year I still what you resist like if you read have you read the war of art by Stephen Sher assistance and love it before I love how to give them out to my gas to take the things that are keeping the war of art work we talked about resistance and the main thing about resistance is usually wear the most resistant to things we need the most yes downstairs deep shit that book I I was grateful every morning I sit down to write my screenplay on my next book I read his shit you know cuz it's just sand and The Four Agreements on big

► 01:43:00

to to wish I went to actually somebody got me tickets to see Miguel speak Don Miguel and it was a life-changing encounter for me The Four Agreements don't take things personal always do your best be impeccable with your word and don't make assumptions which I always V created Wars in my fucking mind and then they like dude I wasn't even thinking that what the fuck fucking do that crazy man everybody just slow down and read some literature on some of these teachers that you know you mad at you could do so so much better I'm pressfield great man and then what it what he does say about resistance is so poor so powerful because they're there is something that keeps you from doing things that you know you're supposed to do and when you do them you feel so much better is like why didn't I just do it like why did it what was all this procrastination and bullshit that was involved in me like putting this off

► 01:44:00

and then when you finally do it every time I walk out of yoga class Mike I got to do that again tomorrow I got to keep this ball rolling racing running and everything and then it ended when you're on stage everything is Candy Crush Crush Crush Crush stretches in your your car gets activated and everything gets lengthened it's just the smart way to maintain your body in a healthy way you know cuz I'll do my trigger point and I do on my trigger point myofascial release all that and then the last 15 minutes my girls like that shit don't count when something is better than nothing but I remember how I used to feel when I will come out of those yoga classes in 81 and I would feel like I could jump over a fucking building and I need I need I need to get back to that but even in the resistance aspect

► 01:44:59

what not doing what you resist it and it could be something like I made an agreement with myself to fucking straighten out the papers on my desk and go through all this shit and if I don't do it it puts me in the worst fucking move sure cuz that's what resistance when you came in and you give into resistance man it's like and it could be the smallest little little thing like you know anything yeah and it just it just irks the fuck out of you I'm I'm like yo so I try to that's a good philosophy to live by and you noted to have something that's been fucking with you some things you put on whether it's getting back into yoga or cleaning up your daughter to quit and smoke and whatever it is that they having that thing over your head we know you haven't taken care of it makes you think less of yourself make yourself less yeah and the van and that's one of the things I tell these everybody I work with cuz I mean literally today and I'm not bullshiting on sure I don't try to be like you know I don't even say I'm some kind of teacher

► 01:45:59

I just passed the info to these motherfuckers at today I had fucking for people come up to me on the street yo heard you want to reach while fucking so you won't buy stupid love what you doing man you fucking help me I got into Triathlon now I quit fucking drugs just got told me that today and he's like oh I quit drugs I fucking stop drinking that's what it's all about that is what it's all about going to give a fucking be like Zone in on something and find fault with what the fuck is doing I was like yo man props to you dude fucking you know you could do anything you know you apply yourself too and that's really you know my whole thing in life is to just you know and that's what probably did Papa came to America in his seventies aboard the job to do to cross two oceans had two heart attacks almost passed away but his teacher in India said to go to America

► 01:46:52

at 70 years old with $7 in a case of body of a times and he came to America to the Lower East Side to the Bowery with a bag of a Tom 2 by the time she my body what time is what's known as the Spotless piranha it's the back of a time she my body what time is in ancient literature in India is called it's part of the Piranhas it's called the Spotless piranha so they brought to the books he didn't even have the he bought the original texts that have been passed down from one teacher to the next to the next to the next in India and they said his teacher bhaktisiddhanta said you need to write these books in English for the world to help the world so he didn't tell all the people in India would like swamp itchy you know you are you are at the end of your life why are you going to go to America to very dangerous plane I know you to go to America he went to fucking New York to the Bowery they rob them he slept on the floor he fed people he cooked me Allen Ginsberg

► 01:47:49

Carmen's first storefront over there, matches kids and they saw the humility of this person probably pod and what he did for people how he has so much love he would cook the meal will serve everybody clean up before you would even eat a green rice you had no possessions none he slept on the floor on a mat and they saw the humility of him and he just and when I learned story there's a great documentary on him called you're ever well Wisher on YouTube and it's about his life and how he came in and you know acharya means one of the leads by example it's not worth it and I'd learn this just by these big mouse that are out there that talk so much shit it ain't what the fuck you say it's what you do it's about your actions and your words and how you interact with other people and how you see other people even these fucking so-called celebrities it's when the cameras ain't on how do you treat people weren't you know what the fuck is the real core of your existence what are you here to do

► 01:48:49

and when I saw a plow Parton and and you know read all this stuff on them and then started taking up the process I was like you know it just changed changed my life so that you know for the better yet oh well by you saying that and it give it was very enticing for people right like the girl I want to do what he's doing I want to I want to feel better like he's feeling better that's what's amazing about having someone who's up a great role model meaning like me you might not even think of yourself as a role model but by living your life by example by doing things that you should do by being healthy by being active and enthusiastic but you got passion about what you doing about your music of a pushing yourself about your books about other the exercise when you do that people that don't have purpose in the life they see that they go that's what I'm missing I'm missing cuz we're missing so many things in this life one of things that people missing his role models the missing someone who they can look up to and go off

► 01:49:49

hi this is the way to do it and if and when you emulate their lifestyle and start thinking the way they thinking using their lessons in applying them to your own life you start seeing benefits and then that passes down the other people who see you advance like a candle one candle could light up like HR was that for me like a child could have been telling me to worship fucking Cheetos in and I would have done it thankfully he was into the right shape but I would see him go on stage and I will see his humility he wouldn't he would always say Josh is the ability of anything that I have you would always give praises to the most high to Jah Rastafari humble is fucking hell and the best musicians to ever those for motherfukers I'll praise by every single fucking musician today if you talk doc Darryl Earl and Gary doctor know every mother fucking musician out there it will be like those dudes with a fucking times cuz they study music they were into jazz and

► 01:50:49

you were into fucking Return to Forever and John McLaughlin mahavishnu talking and in 81 was like they called me squids cuz they met me in an eight-year-old squids I want to take you to the Palladium Return to Forever musically squid cuz I was at they met me in the Navy so squids squids squids John Joseph I didn't use my last name cuz I was fucking in future it for 15 years all that's funny the thing was Lenny white Stanley Clarke and who I'm missing Chikorita fucking do you ever listen to this shit down a rabbit hole with how fucking amazing these fucking musicians or weather report for any of these but you know mahavishnu a birds of fire like they started turning me

► 01:51:49

Boucher squids this is how we learn to play with the fuk we play and nobody could touch the Bad Brains musically energy on stage nothing and I will see these dudes are be like what the fuck are you into and then the role models that like you said there's a you know we need good Role Models yes there's you know there's so many fucked up people that these kids want to emulate today you know and I see cuz I came up in New York I worked in all the underground hip hop clubs I work for the popo pot I used to deliver pot to all the rap star's I delivered pot my friend just to Matt work for TriStar you can hike your meet me at the Boston Comedy Club this is black comedian there and he's going to be fucking huge and I would show up on my bike and you know who you know who the fuck it was Dave Chappelle Dave Chappelle Dave Chappelle and when he did Half Baked did you notice that he put the weed delivery guy in all bike here where the fuck you think you got that from

► 01:52:49

regular show up I never carried a bag I showed up with a $4,000 carbon free book carbon fiber frame and I had a black water bottle and all the weed bags was in the to water bottle so just look like I was a cyclist out on a motherfuking out on a ride on Dave Chappelle yeah and then Dave Dave Chappelle he blew up so fast that high was the guy's name he was probably just ate at TriStar pictures and then I delivered to him in the Boston comedy club and we didn't like months he was living in some police show fucking spot on like 2nd Avenue and 15th and then and I might go how to fuck did you get from there to here you just know but yeah it's like you know just thankfully the dudes show me the right path in life in I've been I've been trying to stick with it and in Pay It Forward that's my whole thing is paying it forward paying the knowledge forward paying you go out of my way to fucking help you

► 01:53:49

I feed the homeless in New York I sponsor a soup kitchen I've done benefits that have been on MTV cuz you know I grew up being stalled man in the foster home like this bitch fat she would take Oreos and she didn't like the feeling so she would scrape off the feeling and spit it in a bowl and put it on green molded bread that was a meal for the day so we had to learn to scam as kids they fed us rotten food we were never allowed in the house they beat the shit out of us they were so cheap they made us clean the carpets with toilet bowl brushes new to all of us because they didn't want to run electricity all seven kids had to take a bath in the same fucking bathtub water one after the other so how did we get around that we went to the fucking gas station and we were fucking Phase 2 pocket showers in the everything was about survival it was all survival survival even even on the streets I was a heroin mule that's how I survived I left Shane

► 01:54:49

that's how I got into punk rock you know the Ramones rock rock rock Rockaway Beach St John's Home For Boys Rockaway Beach 1976 I might go somewhere and I started getting into Iggy Pop and all that and then you know it was and then I'm seeing the Ramones hanging out at 116th Street at the Circle and and when I split from the boys home I moved in with these junkies in his Bungalow in there like yo go down Alphabet City you live in you're going to carry all the heroin back for us so that was my dick and then he said the guy up and Rob them in all this crazy shit then I was making fake acid and going to the garden and it just said fucking street urchin and then I got into the angel dust selling it Forest Park at the Dome Frank grillo's father knew who I you know Frank Grillo the actor you guys friends of town very good friends he's another great human being man Frank I know from crunch I met him at crunch

► 01:55:48

really like there was a lot of cool people that were in his father he goes yeah I just read this guy's book like you hung out his father was like supposed to be homeless and far as you remember this kid that used to hang out with this calling all these and Bobby Byrd and all these guys and sell just like yo what the fuck did you hear those names like it's this guy John and do you know John Joseph he was a fucking kid back then and let you know what was on the streets over there at fucking selling selling dust at the Dome and so just you know all that crazy like I've been around all those negative people and try to like you know I have people just want got Junior nuts and Dougie host and they both got married but they would be like take that pipe and go smash that guy in the fucking face with it and I would do it because I was 14 years old I'm on the fucking streets

► 01:56:38

and you know you try to impress crazy motherfuckers by being crazy and I did a lot of fucked-up stupid shit in my life then I'm still trying to write the karmic scales for so my work will never be done until the last breath I take in it and it's Lifetime and I'm trying to help trying to help people and you know what it would buy whatever method I can't you know that's that's a beautiful path man I mean you've turned a terrible situation a terrible terrible circumstances into a way that you've created now where you're inspiring people all the time that's very positive I mean just did the impact that you have I think one of the things we were talking about earlier about all the negativity that people have online I think part of the problem with that is I don't think people totally understand communication I think what were handed is these tools to distribute our thoughts and our

► 01:57:38

formation and we're trying to get rudimentary reactions and we not understanding that these reactions don't just stop with the purse that were interacting with they affect our cells cuz they affect how we feel about ourselves if you write some petty shit about someone you don't really respect yourself you fit if you write some nasty snarky petty shit about someone and you're insulting for no reason you know you're insulting for no reason and you feel it yourself you don't have great self respect for yourself of that and then on top of that that person that you hurt their feelings they might perhaps interact with other people negatively because of that as well as they might get they might become the first to attack next because they've been attacked before 2 so they start acting that way and what it is is a lack of understanding that a lot of us have all of us I've been guilty of it too of the impact that are that our communication has cuz we're not thinking about it in a comprehensive wide-scale look with thinking about intern

► 01:58:38

that is annoying to me so I'm going to fuck that guy's World up by saying shity things about him and his fat stupid face and whatever you want to say about him an insult them and this is too and and I see it all the time we're losing the art of even having a conversation between human beings because this is what everybody does you know when you see them going down the street and your New York is still motherfuking dangerous and now all these motherfucking texting zombies that you can come over the game fucking crazy you know but the thing is is like this right now we have a little I go out with my friend Jake from rocks off in New York City he does all the rock soft or was it does all this stuff he has a rule when he goes out to dinner everyone has to hand them motherfuckers cell phone in to the fucking maitre d and no cell phones so that you sit there and talk with you

► 01:59:38

tell you the conversation and it's what is you know I saw this whole special and it was it was on CNN and it was Anderson Cooper and it was the guy that was teaching mindfulness I forget he's been teaching meditation I wrote about him in my book so the whole rule was they had to be mindful the entire time that they were at this thing at the no cell phone no TV no nothing and it had to be mindful when they ate mindful when they took a shower my for when they walk down the street remaining mindful during conversations respecting other people and like it was heads of the heads to see your fucking Google and all these big companies were there and what they learned at this Retreat for the 10 days or whatever that they were there all week it was so powerful that they took that and implemented that in their companies and now Google they make everybody sit down and it fucking Auditorium before they

► 02:00:38

start their day up there in Silicon Valley or whatever the fuck they are and they have to just sit there for 10 minutes and be mindful and meditate and be mindful and that's something that's becoming a lost part of humanity because it did you know the internet and all it is but it's like people lose in touch with themselves and end with each other you don't validate me I don't got it you know what I do with them people when they even knew I was coming on here and they was talkin shit I fucking deleted it I didn't even read them off on comments at once I saw a few toxic words on my fuck you delete block see you fucking later to me it's out of sight out of mind I just don't have time

► 02:01:25

4 people capable that yeah because you know I still have the tendency to do to for disagreements I do take things personal I will make assumptions I'm a work-in-progress I'm not healed just like I say I'm always going to be in attic there's always that possibility that I'm going to fucking I have to have my coat of armor which I say my sword of fucking PMA and my coat of armor which is everything I do every day but I'm not Beyond to shit I'm trying to so you know why the fuck do I want to go hang out with very negative people or listen to you know somebody starts talking shit about somebody else you know what I say to them now you're my man did you tell someone so that why the fuk you telling me I don't I don't want to hear it and I forget which philosopher said it but it goes

► 02:02:19

the only true examination about like when we find fault in others it's really what we're seeing in ourselves we're pointing out the bad shit and I'll sells pressure finding

► 02:02:34

you know with other people and it comes back to that fly mentality man I just you know it and try to set the good example and that's when other thing Pop I said examples better than precept and right now you just have a motherfuking bunch of people talking shit instead of trying to be the example and try to live it and do it there are a ton of people out there that's crushing it and staying positive and doing you know getting off drugs getting off alcohol like even the people in this program and you don't even know the shit that these guys have been to it's it's fucking insane can you imagine spending 20 years in a fucking jail cell will go in at Pelican Bay or go to Pelican Bay and being in the shoe like what the fuck that does to human beings like the strength that that takes and I'm going to tell you and the other reason I got involved is because my uncle back in the day worked at Chino prison

► 02:03:32

in the 70s and 80s he was like the assistant Warden or something and she know now she know if you know the prison system what they call that here in California is Gladiator school but there's a documentary about this guy and he's a former Navy SEAL and he went in there in the documentary is called Salvage lives and he went in there and talk to you guys he put them through like a little bud staying squirted with holes train and fucking hard as hell told him every aspect of commercial diving and when they got released he got them jobs on oil rigs and all this stuff making six figures and the guys who were working for these oil companies they said these are the most skilled fucking people that we've ever had come to work for these companies so between trying to be the set a good example and seeing the people before me that's done it and wanting to reach out and help people and seeing and my uncle telling me about this guy and then seeing the documentary when it came on I was just like

► 02:04:32

I got to try to do something to to turn the tide and having a platform like Netflix or whoever's going to pick up this documentary it's like

► 02:04:41

you know it says it could show people listen stop incarcerating motherfuckers it's about education not incarceration these are not animals do you say human beings it's a broken system it is sure it's not helping anybody it's just making people harder criminals and it's just punishing him by keeping them locked in a cage and they never get any better and the ideas they were removing the dangerous elements of society in protecting the rest of us yeah I get that but this idea Rehabilitation it's non-existent now that was part of the exercise equipment in the 40s right yeah you know it's basically like

► 02:05:22

warehousing bodies man and they violate them one who got violated for smoking a cigarette in the facility and they sent them back to serve the rest of his fucking sent instead it's crazy and especially out here in California like California and Texas and Florida man is fucking crazy you know and look I look back to the whole situation that went down in the 80s cuz I really try to do research and the whole thing that went down you had Nancy fucking Reagan saying just say no and you know what George Bush Senior was doing the fun. Operations in South America you know about that selling crack fucking selling mother fucking crack in the vice president was bringing the cocaine Landing in Freeway Ricky on in Arkansas right book of Clinton and Trina are the cocaine and then the Tom Cruise movie what is it called made America America

► 02:06:22

yeah yeah ding was and then they passed they pass these Draconian fucking drug laws like I think you could get caught I forget what the exact amount of grams were of minut part portion of crack cocaine and there was dudes getting busted with quarter pounds of coke fucking Coke but that's good and they would get fucking a slap-on-the-wrist these dudes would go away for 10 News Today Play put the Coke in the neighborhoods they funded all their operations in South America and then they passed your Coney and drug laws and it's was the clintons hello I was with Michael Ruppert Michael roopers got exposed all that remember they had those Town Hall meetings with the d e n e CIA and the Michael Ruppert who is he was a homicide detective for the Los Angeles Police Department you know what I did I did I did I think I forget was he he he went in front of this big me

► 02:07:22

King on CNN and explained it ever was C-SPAN or CNN I don't remember but is on television and he explained that he busted the CIA selling drugs in the inner city and that he has documents I can prove is a detailed history of them selling drugs than using those profits overseas it was a documentary about it that came out and it was these big the fucking big drug dudes in La said you had these guys were going to show up with fucking van loads of fucking Coke in Jersey that video of him talking from those people see if you find that video cuz it's fucking crazy eye-opening video but there's they're having this town hall meeting. Is right here

► 02:08:06

this country

► 02:08:09

fuck yeah man

► 02:08:11

hell yeah who look what she's been crazy

► 02:08:20

allegations of CIA involvement in drug trafficking

► 02:08:30

I refer can you please I refrigerate

► 02:08:37

Bike America

► 02:08:43

it was a salad sit out there like what the fuc the CIA selling drugs just told everybody that do you know that they Declassified those papers to fucking those you can read all those papers now online update fucking did that shit invested in the fucking prisons the most evil thing that you can make money in there for you incentivize to make draw drug laws more strict so you can get more people in prison so you generate more income 13th man if you ain't seen that fucking documentary when I saw that I knew what my calling was to do cuz you know Noah Levine you wrote this book Dharma punx and he's been a Buddhist he was a heroin addict he used to do Buddhists Ministry in the prisons in and change these people's lives and you know they came out in this magazine called Sasha and I read this article so Sasha in

► 02:09:43

Sanskrit means the motive goodness so that's what this magazine was calling I read this article about these inmates that he was working with him one of them said he was never getting out you know life without the possibility and he said if I had access to the information of what I've learned through this program I wouldn't be where I'm at so then that planted the seed in me and then just seeing what the whole shift turned into how the people that really need does the food deserts and everything that's going on in this country in the research I've done and everything I've been talkin about in fighting for change by taking action against the fucked-up shit and then 13th, now and just lit another fire under me I'm like man you know let's fucking like help these people man and and

► 02:10:31

but yeah the whole I knew about all that coke shit back in the fucking day and at first I was like yo cuz Converse wouldn't cut a check to him to do his dirty fucking shit down in South America we got our hands and Wars all over this fucking trying to take down governments all over this fucking planet man it's it's insane what you're that Barry seal stores fantastic to that's the guy who did Tom Cruise played in that movie I mean it's a fucked-up version of in the movie I'm sure it's not totally accurate but that guy was selling drugs and he was going to South America and bring him over and dropping them off in Arkansas I woke up Clinton was the governor any part in them. You let him go yeah that really did happen and then you get you know Hillary Clinton I'm for black people in this prison laws in the sentencing laws on drugs

► 02:11:31

where did those two three strikes we should fucking husband she's a fascinating character because people want to think of her as being a super Progressive person because she's a woman in because she's a Democrat she didn't believe in gay marriage till 2013 talk shit I got I got a fucking I saw videos of a talking shit against gay marriage and and and and like you know me of a man

► 02:11:56

top political stance and say this is who the fuck I am the matter what group I'm talking in front of that's who I look too and have respect I don't change my stance on shit remember when Bernie Sanders is trying to get a release the transcripts those speeches that she gave in front of the bankers come on tell us what you say gone like no chance you're not going to release those that would be some dark shit but she's not making sure that you're going to make more money you got me an office I'm going to make sure you keep making money we're here to make you make more money I've seen your comments on Trump to some what do you think about homeboy this I think no one should be president and I think the idea of having a popularity contest I like that ridiculous it's ridiculous what we should have is a council of wise people and they should have school yeah but it should be a group of the most wise economist

► 02:12:56

but it mean you should you your your work should be judged like it shouldn't be partisan it shouldn't be you're trying to appeal to social justice Warriors a radical progressives or radical conservatives are you know right wing christian fundamentalist it should be you're making sense because you understand law and fairness and ethics and morals and values and you understand like with an objective sense in an educated sense of how to establish a quality community of human beings a civilization in which people can prosper in which laws are fair and it which we eat we were established what are what what do we find necessary what do we find in Port and what's imperative education Community all these different values and enforce those in it it's summer another figure out a way to make this world a better place than what it is now engineer a better place that's not what we get what you get is some person who says

► 02:13:56

is it going to do all kinds of shit until they get in there and they very rarely do you see the ABC hit that they just put up for all the fucking Trump like the shity promise on the campaign and how it is doing the same shit did the same shit mean to forget this until now and I'll do the same shit doesn't decide who the fuck gets into the Electoral College is what the fuck is a great idea when you had to get on a fucking whore and take your ass to Washington or to place your vote you have to do that anymore you can vote instantaneously people should be able to vote on issues with their phone okay your phone's in your pocket all the time you should be able to have some sort of understanding what you're voting on you should have to pass some sort of test did you say look do you want to vote about it or do you want to vote on spending do you want to vote on health care how much

► 02:14:56

understand about health care but let's take a test and the people that can pass the test understanding what the consequences are why they're doing this then you should be able to vote but this this should be something that you have some skin in the game there should be some understanding of what the system is instead you know what I'm not a giant support of any mainstream media whether it's right-wing or left-wing but there's something fucked up but these people from CNN go to these Trump rallies and you got hundreds of people giving him the finger fuck you you're fake news fucking American Flag t-shirts on this nonsense almost pro wrestling aspect all this has become it but he's profiting off this Trump is this is for his is his Advantage she set this up here because they've he found a broken system instead of just fucking wreck the system I know how to get people to like me I've been doing this for ever I'm a cocky arrogant billionaire that's my

► 02:15:56

dick I'm going to walk up there with my $5,000 suit on I'm going to while the shit out of these dummies and I'm going to have them cheering for me until you guys are fake news you sit down you're fake news everybody goes crazy how did you see that somebody just his video was I think it was might have been seeing in that posted and it was like the toxic level of it was his group and they were just yelling at Jim Acosta I'm talking about I'm talking about unions and they built fucking Trump burned a lot of fucking people and got rid of fucking skilled labor and skilled fucking Union people and burned Union people and hiring illegals to do to fucking work in his fucking bill all the shit this guy says he's you know everybody says what they have to say in order to get

► 02:16:56

the votes and did you have a good reputation amongst control so many lawsuits against Trump University if you gave that motherfucker your money but you know what that doesn't mean that Hillary would have been a good choice either she was a terrible Choice she's a corrupt politician one of those unlikable people that's ever run for office she in so many ways crazy and they were trying to get it they were trying to get people to be supporting her just because she's a woman there was a lot of that is like this is going to be our history women ladies do I stand with her so there's all these women of this blind Allegiance towards his career politician that's completely full of shit she's been full of shit forever if you watch the conversation between James Comey James Comey testify about what he did and what they found with the Hillary Clinton emails and then her version of it she's just a straight liar Shield deleted 33,000

► 02:17:56

do you do that and then and then even worse than that when they rigged the DNC the rig the primary so that Bernie Sanders is going to lose that mean date she had her people young to the DNC way in advance that Donna brazile book about it is mine but he was packing fucking Stadium. She couldn't even feel the fucking high school gymnasium was pulling all the strings jet all the favors and she was pulling in and she had a shit ton of money behind her and they were completely arrogant and all the liberal Elite in the media thought there was no chance she was going to lose she's 95% shoo-in to win the presidency and she walks around like she was not even ready so I can but you had the Benghazi shit what the fuck was up with that exactly what's going on with the dirt that's on I hope you know whatever Bill Clinton I know you even sometime so

► 02:18:56

what went went went when I substitute rotten them out when she get away with that like what like all the women that it came out and accused him shoot attack those women go after them and that you know it means Bourdain talked about that recently before he killed himself. There was nothing about what she had done to attack the women who were victims of Bill and especially earlier career things that she did earlier in her career she got them off you know there is a video tape that a Dave Smith was definitely obvious they don't wear huh yeah yeah she is she's a long time lifelong politician and a lawyer and that's what she is

► 02:19:56

all the shit that went down in Arkansas this shit that the hold they were all accused of back in the day what was that the Whitewater so I wore a string of people that have been wack to Charles Vince Foster is a great book I read a long time ago called The Strange death of Vince Foster it's like wait a minute what they found the gun in his hand which you never do when you kill yourself when you shoot yourself when you shoot yourself people that check of blam everything goes the gun goes flying you don't hold on to its recoiling nose and you blow your brains out you're not holding your gun anymore goes flying and he was he had the gun in his hand and the blood that was missing from his body was not on the scene of the crime so the researchers think that they moved his body he was tired as hell up case closed but what was he testified he was going to fucking he knew he had information about Whitewater what he was going to say and who knows they kill them you never find out what the guy that

► 02:20:56

I was one of the whistleblowers for Enron shot himself in the head twice I mean I guess you could kind of Grey's your head if you pussy out like you could do it is possible but it's more likely somebody kill them kill people it's part of the thing when you're involved with Billion Dollar Deals giant corporations and they also tied into the military industrial complex who by the way kill innocence all the time to write it off like this shit that happened with drones what's the number it's like in the high 80 or 90% innocent people killed by drones they don't worry about that worry about some guys going to sink Monsanto or sink and man or sink the clintons or sink anybody send the boys yet

► 02:21:56

wonderful he is Monsanto with some new glyphosate going to fix your corn you'll never have to fucking picker you do have glyphosate that's being put out there is by people on their fucking own homes like what they do they spray Roundup it's I have a friend who had bone cancer and he lived near golf course and they put so many pesticides in the golf course they got into the groundwater I said all these people in his neighborhood got cancer he has a fake femur bone like one of his femur bone some metal it's a metal bone they got bone cancer they haven't caught is bone out and they replaced it with a metal pipe well my you know that the history of them to was agent orange and all this other shit and my uncle was force Recon in the Marines and he got fucking like everyone in his units that got Dino there behind fucking Enemy Lines and Eric got Ma

► 02:22:56

they was spraying that shit on our own fucking troops yeah well they figured look this but this is the way we got to get with you to the promise they're hiding in the jungle we got to get rid of the Jungle just kill the jungle with poison it is crazy thinking they just sprayed chemicals all over the jungle to kill the fucking for so they could see what the enemy riding like and then they had to choose walking through those chemicals it's fucking nuts it is in history will not judge them kindly when they step back and think about what they actually did mean it's in the 1960s where our parents generation and with the way we look at it it's almost like it's unfortunate thing that happened but I almost think we're too close to it to recognize how horrific it is that the soldiers who were putting their lives on the line in their thought to defend our freedom over in America we're getting poisoned by by their own government did Iraq would it would they put knowledge or pleated uranium exactly from the Gulf War

► 02:23:56

everything else with dumping all the fucking depleted uranium over and over there's a Dumping Ground for us they get in front of dumping they're using his rounds using it as anti-tank round and they will weaponizing and and then all the fucking troops are coming back having fucking kids with deformities and getting cancer and all that shit turn down for the benefits they denied it was even fucking what the fuck is that I don't care that it's it's all about money for them they're there are there distantly removed from it the same way someone's distantly removed from factory farming if they buy a burger at a restaurant or a burger at a fast food joint then I thinking about a pig that's in that can that makes that McRib they're not thinking about that and the people that has connect yeah the people that are thinking about the numbers on the paper look date their number crunchers they go to save the government some money deny them deny them make them fight it make them fights there's no gate War syndrome Detachment speaking of

► 02:24:56

military industrial complex did you see the latest movie that came out with Woody Harrelson shock and awe why have you seen that. It's about how to cover the whole fucking thing about how the fucking weapons of mass destruction was just a complete lie every news media Outlet except for one

► 02:25:14

lied and backed up the government's claim in the whole shit the X all X ended up apologizing like we got it wrong so you go in there you fucking send troops in their you fucking kill how many millions of fucking innocent people over there and and it what to sell to sell fucking weapons in and push another in there in the missing justification after the applique was a good thing to get Saddam Hussein they're out of there anyway he was a bad guy what the fuck is like you know that was just some Yeehaw shit cock-sucking homeboy you know well was it was they took advantage of an opportunity we got attacked you know September 11th two planes get hit by the car the towers get hit by the planes everybody wanted an action in this is an opportunity for them to take advantage of this call for action and even though we're going against someone that had nothing to do with the

► 02:26:14

tax on September 11th people felt like something was happening the head guy from from from

► 02:26:21

Department of Defense was like what do you mean there for you got to see this movie it's all fact-based to it's like what do you mean we're going to be alright then have anything to do it it would be going into Iraq you know and then they tried to say he let Osama Bin Laden Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein face-to-face he would tell him to go fuck himself that's how different ideologies those two had some a Bin Laden was religious he's written but what's great about the movie is it shows how they just started force-feeding the information out there to create this fucking feverish chill gel kill fucking mentality that the Americans the same thing you're seeing with his people screaming at Jim Acosta manipulate dummies mindsets and this is what they do I mean this it's an easy way to pull this

► 02:27:21

rings of the most easily let you got to think who is going to these rallies in the first place most of these people that are going to be like Trump rallies or something like that they're morons that's why they're going to these things they don't have shit to do you have your Trump supporter if you're an intelligent Trump supporter which I do believe it's possible your purse is not going to go to a rally you have to have a job you're doing something then he's a firefighter New York he's fucking got three kids a lot of the New York City fire fire department police department sporty Trump trump rallies I mean he's like you do you know he's a fucking really smart cat and in in those people or lost people and they found their hero and this the problem with a guy like Trump is he's like he's an asshole but like he's an asshole

► 02:28:13

on purpose like this is part of what his stick is you attack me I'll text you back you know and he starts making fun of Rosie O'Donnell or making fun of this person or that person

► 02:28:24

did you see is how shit that they put in the 13th in like you know he was talking to the black people that were in the fucking ugly new Black Ops 2 how to deal with these guys back back in the day punch him in the face, and then they were he's inciting a lot of this shit they can keep the people fighting each other over stupid shit then you're not going to take the time to sit back I compare those people you know what's really going on I use the analogy of a magician they're trying to tell you look what's in the left hand but what the real shit is in the right hand so by doing all this shit and causing all these problems you're not going to go back and look at the shit that he's pushing through his agendas he just cut taxes to the fucking richest people that were the billionaires and incorporates what you said he wasn't going to do he's gone back on

► 02:29:24

everything so if he could just get people fuck you and fuck you in getting people to hate each other and keep this country it's the United States of America when the fuck how did we become United as a country like I think a lot of these countries right now who may pose a threat or whatever they're seeing what the fuck's going on and they like yo this country's never been more fucking divided it is divided States of America not the United States of America what what he's doing with these these rallies is he's getting people excited about being part of a team in a team that's winning you know I like where the team is kicking ass and this is Team fake news over there you tell him to go fuck himself and nobody gets yeah yeah yeah he's consolidating his support he doesn't have to make sense and especially doesn't have to make sense with the people that are going to these rallies cuz they're not smart people in the first place that people that are easily LED but that's the same thing when people that would go to the rallies for Hillary Clinton or people that go to the Roush rhombus always be

► 02:30:24

a giant chunk of them are just there just Lemmings I don't know what to do I do have to end hit and that was when I was losing and the faces of the crying people who like fucking losing their shit when Trump won I was like I'm sorry but like fucking dude if that's that the fucking truth of your existence that you put every fucking ounce of your shit into this fucking corrupt as politician whether it's fucking Hillary Clinton or fucking Bernie Sanders or any of them I feel fucking sorry for you I was laughing at those people when she lost and they were losing that shit on TV like they would just fucking stun their bikes cuz you don't realize I travel through America and people maybe Progressive on the outskirts but go into the middle of this motherfucker and see what you got

► 02:31:24

yeah well it was also people realize that she was corrupt mean you did a good job of calling her corrupt Hillary in and he just kept in the Mantra was going he loves mantras and he pushes those fucking but they just have corrupt Hillary and Bernie crazy he's at he's a good manipulator in that sense but she know she didn't do any service but there was also like a lot of the women that were really upset were like this guy was in that video saying you take girls and grab them by the pussy inside they felt like this was going to give man a license to be sexually abusive and I think that a lot of ways is what like started the ball rolling with the me-too movement it wasn't just exposing of monsters like Bill Cosby but it was also the fact that you're dealing with this guy who gets in the white house that's clearly not what you want you want

► 02:32:24

if it's a man you want a man who respects women he was a Statesman who's a person who has work their life to get to that position not a person who did it as an afterthought once they were already Fame right she like the difference in a guy like Obama like Obama is probably he's probably measured his words ever since he was in college cuz he was hoping one day he would be president or is it got like Donald Trump's just been banging hose and fucking fly around the jet with his name on it since the 80s I mean this is what the guy did so then once he's in office people I know how good is it happen this is a good pussy Grabber he's not supposed to be in there and I get their pain I understand it is also funny but it's something like the women on her knees with the glasses your Snapchat with an anticodon screaming she's she's a mean

► 02:33:24

Arrangement syndrome now because people are literally they're so angry that he is in power and there's nothing to do about it but the problem is that anger and that's that going to range that empowers the people that support him didn't understand when you're on your knees screaming the people on the other side of a trump supporter the fucking Red Hats on they think that's hilarious this is the liberal-left unhinged detached from reality mean while we're making America great again and black unemployment at an all-time low and you know it's it's weird time for the truth because there's so many people that don't want to go any further past the surface the truth is this guy figured out a way to win a rigged system he did he figure out a way of winter break system by pretending to be a republican guy was a Democrat as whole Democratic supporters whole life figured out a way easier to scam weasel

► 02:34:24

this way in figure out a way to help make America great again yeah rock all people bunch of stupid shit campaign like a motherfuker take diet pills keep that energy hi just travel all across the country doing these rallies and one in Owen want a system that really shouldn't be there to win and I think that we need a better way to run our government and ideas for alpha male or alpha female that one person the one of the top of the peak run 300 million people in sand and stain your 300 people one person running share going to have disagreements you can have people that are upset that this one person gets to dictate the next four to eight years the path of everyone in this group and your financial future your health care your you all these how much taxes you pay all depending on what dipshit when's the popularity contest that's outrageous it's an archaic way of handling things it's just not necessary but

► 02:35:24

problem with letting everybody vote as a people are really easily manipulated and they're really under educated people that they don't have any incentive to pay attention to the real issues and what's at stake and what the consequences of each vote are they just vote with whatever feels good and they're busy and people are tired cuz they're eating shity food and then out exercise in there working all day in a job that sucks they come home their wives bitching at him in the Run antidepressants and pills and the kids are all fucked up and we don't have the time then all the time and they don't have the the incentive to be enlightened they don't have incentive to have an objective enlightened approach to how you handle the future of our society and what are children going to be left with no that's why it's the genius of these commercials if I mean it's I I can't even watch TV when it's election time because it's just like one dude after the next shiting on each other this person saying something about that we should mock them for you say it's like

► 02:36:24

can you get at when I should goes on one is those political commercials into was all the commercials for the Pharmaceuticals but that's crazy getting every fucking night just two countries on Earth Zealand New Zealand to Meredith how to direct talking to customers to patients the fuck is that race is that crazy love the commercials now with a dude figure it out fast about Warfarin and now I know how are you going to be happy people walk down the street and you see cartoon flowers around them and butterflies and antidepressants is not working okay if I go to the side effects include suicide of the side effects of crazy it's it's fucking insane Hill Abilify an antipsychotic it's a number one prescribed medication the country

► 02:37:21

about Abilify really number one prescribed medication the country an anti-psychotic yeah I know you like what but make sure it's true somebody talked about that on the podcast who was it do you remember

► 02:37:37

Arkham 2015 saying it is the America's top-selling drug

► 02:37:41

play psychotic yo biggest selling prescription drug in the US where is their top seller a drug has to be expensive and also widely used Holley Abilify is both expensive and Wilder uses the 14th most prescribed brand-name medication and it retails for $30 a pill so it's the biggest selling prescription drug in the US so it's a biggest selling it turned who is Satan

► 02:38:16

Satan Pharmaceuticals Abilify terrifying

► 02:38:27

I see when I said she'll make it are the worst did you ever did you ever read otsuka there probably they probably changed names keep switching up their names name on all these ingredients that are in food to like what is the additive the sweetener that Donald Ross pertain aspartame they change their name to aminosweet now because dorable patent on fucking on aspartame didn't Donald I mean tell Rumsfeld phones that we had something to do with passing it yeah he had something to do with ignoring evidence but someone told me that the amount of

► 02:39:24

chemicals that they had to give two Rats the amount of aspartame that'll give the rats to kill him or to give them cancer was very high and Mike okay that's good but there's a great book about the corruption of the pharmaceutical companies and it's a can you Google this title real quick it's called confessions Gwen Olsen wrote a book called confessions of an RX drug Pusher and I think it was her niece died of a drug interaction that they knew about and she exposed the whole corruption in the pharmaceutical industry she was a top pharmaceutical rep and they said they know how does a drug get approved by the FDA and then they turn around and fucking they pull it and people are dying and they settle for pennies on the dollar that's the fucking game they know there's going to buy suits and they like okay we just made 3 billion dollars off this drug and we settle that lawsuits for 200. So that's that

► 02:40:24

what's the game but her book is amazing it's called confessions of an RX drug Pusher and that's what she was and she would buy out the doctors have two people that they put on these medications all they have to say is change your fucking life style dude what is what it what is the father of modern medicine Epocrates what did he say let thy food be thy medicine in my medicine be thy food there's also a naira Vedic I don't know if you know about the ayurvedic system of medicine and it says when when when when you know if there's a whole quote about diet and and and and and and seeing a doctor and stuff like that and it's all comes back to one thing man dying in lifestyle like you don't fuck are you doing tell people and and that's what's great about a movie like for children Ives where is anecdotal evidence that says y'all if you stop do you see the change right there that the fucking diabetes goes away the fucking heart disease all at all it is stuff

► 02:41:24

is is cured by the fact that these people get their asses moving and they stopped eating all this shity food City food is the number one problem it's the number one problem sugar refined carbohydrates your body processing massive amounts of stuff it's not supposed to use an amateur vegetable oil cooking things in all the stuff is all fucking and people think all you know even to a certain FDA actually banned aspartame based on his findings only to have cereal chairman Donald Rumsfeld currently Secretary of Defense at the time they wrote this article how to call in his markers to get it approved on January 21st 1981 the day after Ronald Reagan's inauguration cereal I guess that's s t a r l e reapply to the FDA for approval to use aspartame and food sweetener and reggae

► 02:42:24

new FDA commissioner Arthur Hayes Hall Jr appointed a 5-person scientific commission to review the board of inquiry decision you can't clear the panel would uphold the band by 32222 decision but then hole then install the six-member on the commission and the vote became deadlocked he didn't personally broke the tie and aspartame favor what a piece of shit but this is this put State they found evidence this shit makes holes in the brain and might induce the the evidence Granger might induce brain tumors well and the thing is now everyone got hip to aspartame now you have to read because that's why the process food is so fucking you know any of that share that fake sweeteners and now they call it aminosweet is the new name that they changed it to so it's like all you eat or drink Zevia your drink Zevia soda soda sweetened with stevia

► 02:43:24

delicious it tastes good but I do Carter's dad you know Stevia in it and stuff clean machine has protein powder that's lentine and of the water lentils they call him it's real real clean CR Onnit hemp Force protein we were using Stevia for that I called Stevia nuts W but that doesn't taste the same but it's so potent the problem is like if people have a cup of coffee I would have Stevie out and people put it in there but you put too much and you can't put it in like sugar weigh more potent you just need a tiny Dash demon back in the day I remember my mom being like all your nude

► 02:44:15

sweet and nice and I put all these other like cane sugar is better for you than these fucking fake sweeteners is what can sugar still terrible for you please text Sarah before you you're not supposed to get a sugar well but she be able to get like a Gatorade sky like fucking 80 grams of sugar and I like that it's terrible for you all that stuff terrible for you so dumb they got all the pros pushing it like these kids you go to these basketball camps for football cancel whatever what high schools in what are they drinking they're all drinking drinking the Kool-Aid well you know what if you're exerting yourself likes very strenuously you could use some of that glucose and it's okay but for the average person that goes to a fucking 7-Eleven gets a Big Gulp and is Downing you know 64 oz of Coca-Cola that is a crazy

► 02:45:15

amount of sugar for your body to get in one serving your body is know what to do with that shit what stores it is fat how many tablespoons of sugar is in one of them big do they did a thing where they showed all the various sizes of soda next to a picture of the sugar and you see the actual the actual flossing sugar it's crazy this is our number one problem in one of the things that I do when I cut sugar out of my diet there it is there's the the image my truck so much sugar your body doesn't know what the fuck's going on when you take that much sugar as everybody's freaking out and they put him on Ritalin because Johnny got too much energy and then on top of that one of the problems with people cancer

► 02:46:15

that kind of stuff and then on top of it saturated fat like a year considered see their studies now they're showing that cholesterol and saturated fat are healthy for your diet and healthy for your body unless you consume in carbohydrates and refined sugars because when you're doing that then your body's not burning fat so your body is just storing fat and on top of that you're pouring massive amounts of sugar in there so you getting hardening of the arteries and clogging of the arteries and people think that this is their conflating and confusing all this and thinking well well this is because you're eating cholesterol saturated fat nope it's not it's cuz you're eating cholesterol and saturated fat a long with simple carbohydrates refined carbohydrates and sugars is it chemical reaction that your body has been when you're eating these two things together becomes toxic it's very dangerous for you as well when you could ask the average American

► 02:47:15

body that then causes you no problems for you health-wise and your immune system and gut health and everything else yeah there's a there's a ton of problems with people's bodies and you could trace it back to host of different things you can you can trace it back to pesticides you could trace it back to a lack of minerals you can trace it back to excess sugar you can trace it back to process vegetable oils you can trace it back to sedentary lifestyle this is all so many different things that are a factor in people's health issues but the one of the problems with ideologies whether it's his carnivore diet ideology or vegan diet ideology is people want to look at one thing is one thing that's wrong and you fix this thing if you just do this one thing you're going to be healthy that's not necessarily the case and there's a lot of people up there on both sides that are spreading misinformation because it supports their view it support their position

► 02:48:15

companies that are making money off of selling foods that are high in saturated fats or cholesterol and fat transfer so you always have to look between the fucking line where the truth lies because the milk Industries what was the other the other documentary that came out

► 02:48:40

fuck it was about it started with the cigarettes and the and the chemicals that they were using in Furniture day there was this document you too and I always blank on it and it's fucking old man brain that I have it was a documentary about how they pay these people to put out false information over talking about merchants of death amazing documentary the same people that are doubting climate change Ross to death cigarettes being addicted the same human beings have been using it to push the chemicals and put they had motherfukers sprained DDT on their fucking clothes hanging in there closet to stop more can you fucking believe that shit to stay Adam spring fucking dick cancer-causing fucking chemicals on this shit just when you see those guys have the same guys that were trying to say that cigarettes or not they're not at

► 02:49:40

active and the same people that are there there were dismissing climate change you like what you be so obvious you don't even use new people they date they did that thing with the guy from Monsanto and around the because I would drink from the ground up if you guys are ready I'm going to go get you fuck is that DDT wallpaper oh my God look at that contain e d d t as the active insecticide genuine cedar wood made into wallpaper so these people made DDT closet wallpaper with fucking with genuine Cedarwood how to remove cuz it's Carmen the fucking children do you know that drugs and and Furniture actually will release chemicals into the air in your house protect your children against disease-carrying insects

► 02:50:40

DDT children's room wallpaper how many kids got cancer from batshit crazy fucking that is so insane kills insects mosquitoes flies and ants and you you know one of the biggest one of them one of the biggest ways that toxins enter the body is not by walking around the streets of LA or New York and breathing in the pollution it's the fucking home the amount of chemicals that are in the fucking home and they talk about that in merchants of doubt the chemicals in the furniture the chemicals in the clothes the chemicals in the fucking diapers the chemicals in everything in the plastic kits chemicals chemicals chemicals chemicals your bombarding your fucking child with fucking dozens and dozens of chemicals every fucking day and while it's immune to all that child's immune system is developing and then you feeding it pesticide you feeding it this fucking animal that's been tortured its whole life in fed fucking steroid

► 02:51:40

in home at and you wondering why these kids are coming out and they're so fucked because it's when they're getting into that teams it's because all that shit's taken a toll not just physically but psychologically it's fucking it's you know then you know there's so much other shit they're doing to to the to the food put in put in

► 02:52:03

there's an appetite you know that they put in the corn in the soil now and it's fucking it was done by this company in LA and and they will go down in California somewhere Apple site e p i c y t e and it fucks with the sexual reproduction organs of a fetus's and children and all kinds of shit they are conducting like fucking mad science on human beings right now what the fuck is going on just for profit evening even in Hawaiian I got to tell you I have friends that are out there and they did origami for organic farming do you know that all the world seed banks right now for GMO fucking grown in Hawaii why because of its a closed ecosystem closed off from everywhere else so there's no other fact is so they go and they spray motherfuking Chemtrails in the air that come down onto the fucking ground and they can for instance and I wait a minute what do they do they're spraying the aerosol spray

► 02:53:02

the crops so the aerosol spray him with some sort of pesticide and they do aluminum barium strontium now I'm going to tell you I have I have friends that actually doing this they were organic farmers and had to give up their phone and what they do is they make this it to the they making the soil so acidic the pH that nothing will grow except for genetically modified seeds that have been genetically modified to resist aluminum in resist all this other stuff so now they spraying aluminum it makes the soil very acidic it changes the pH I think aluminum has the greatest change to the soil and what's the benefit of them doing that because they make 7 troll the food supply because if you don't buy the GMO seeds do organic farmers are going out of business in Hawaii and this ain't no wait a minute so you saying that they're spraying things out of the sky that poison the ground

► 02:54:02

it only organic farmers so that only GMO farmers can grow crops there right as a proven that that's what's going on and what sounds crazy though that sounds so here's the thing and I'm not saying they're going like some of these other chemtrail people 35,000 is spraying all the cities I'm spraying I'm saying it coming in and spraying chemicals on the ground but they're not doing it as a pesticide you're saying they're doing it as a grand conspiracy to make the ground in Fertile for anything other than GMO crops on toes did you ever see the world according to Monsanto okay so what do they say we want to control the world's food supply from seed to mother fucking to farm to table all the way through we want to control the so how did they do that how do they actually make that happen

► 02:54:54

and I see it happening to Farmers in Hawaii and friends of mine are a guy just did Iron Man Thomas have had to all go either give up their form or go to switch to GMO papaya because none of their shit is growing it's because that because of depletion of the soil but they say that the fucking bitch spraying the fucking chemicals on the soil but you know how much they have to spray on the soil to make it in Fertile I mean it seems to me it's much more likely candidate the same issues that we're having in this country with mono crops that they're just depleting your soil because they're constantly growing on it because I was doing the television show on them and one of the things that I found this this is a lot of malarkey in this shit they find is there like all they're spraying aluminum and then what

► 02:55:54

why do samples of the water they find aluminum in the water know they're doing samples of sludge this do samples of water with dirt do you know with one of the most common Metals you'll ever find on Earth is aluminum aluminum most Dirt has aluminum in it so when they're testing this water tested positive for aluminum what they're doing is intestine dirt dirt tested positive for being dirt that's what it is 20 find aluminum is it oh my God they're spraying aluminum there's no benefit to spraying aluminum on anything it's never been proven that there's some evil government cabal that wants a spray aluminum on everything and that's the reason why pies don't grow right it's way more likely that these papayas are growing in a place they've been growing papayas for a long time and they've depleted the soil specially dealing with soil that's really coming out of a volcano in the first place I mean I understand that aspect of it but it's the combination of other chemicals that they're using and here's the thing before the seed banks showed up over there then

► 02:56:54

I had this problem before large-scale agriculture made its way to Hawaii as well right so they probably had years and years and years of doing this and getting away with it to the soil started getting depleted just like we have evidence to be getting depleted all over the world India they have issues with this with mono cross with anywhere in the world where they grow crops in the same area in these massive scale you're going to deplete the ground of of minerals and nutrients and it's just a part of the the problem and when they offer up that solution like hey are genetically modified crops are better and are genetically you know modified crops are you know that they can survive in these harsh climates and you can also add all of our nitrogen in our fertilizer is all our nasty shit to the to the soil around it will die when we spray except for our crops because we've been genetically engineered to resist we been genetically engineered to resist

► 02:57:54

it is any anything that kills everything but what you what you wanted to is like what like what to do in to what you wanted to what would happen to the food it did what is that stuff out of that food by the time you eat it I don't think so I don't think so either I mean when she got rid of traces of internet and it comes with a try to break down why we'd all the sudden became a huge problem in the American diet where is in the early nineteen-hundreds it was nothing and it was a slow genetic modification where they they started changing the weed itself and breeding it to make higher yields so it's got more complex glutens in it but then on top of that it's the glad to say the glyphosate breaks down your gut barrier and it really people get leaky Garden in the rest of the sports it kills the bacteria I mean this is what they're trying to do the trying to kill bacteria but they don't realize your body's bacteria bacteria in your body is an ecosystem of bacteria

► 02:58:54

the problem with the whole government is evil thing is they're just greedy Monsanto and this is revolving door policy how they come out of masonic Monsanto or even what would he was doing Rumsfeld when he was the CEO of cereal and then so they get into the government they passed legislation and they go back to the corporation's to reap the benefits of the laws that they passed you have a lot of that going on so I think you know whether or not she could really be what the fuck mother fucker is the saying it is and why you're anywhere else possibly come out eventually or maybe not but me personally I tend to try to stick to locally grown organic like I go to the farmers market in New York upstate

► 02:59:54

come up they come into the city I mean you know I'm not going to bullshit I I'll go to fucking health food store and eat shit pets out of season cuz I like my fucking broccoli and kale or whatever the fuck and then some food or whatever but you know how do they grow that stuff does it shipped in from Cali in Florida I mean you know it's not the best but hey when you take into equation fact that I've eliminated this this the other foods that use the highest amount of fossil fuels to it to grow the crops in and everything else that's involved with producing the you you know these forms that are that are these animal agriculture system than the amount of fossil fuels I mean I have my phone is writing me you take a fucking playing to go on tour for you like you know that's the thing we were talking about earlier every fucking thing that you know but but

► 03:01:00

so yeah you know

► 03:01:03

I'll try I'll take the hit man I'm world we live in and it's it's a real problem I mean it's one of the things they found after September 11th with the lack of plane fights live change the Earth's temperature means kind of fucking nuts man wow that's crazy he also the cloud cover this created by contrails like that at that cools the Earth down a little bit it's it's very interested in even made it to the government as actually admitted to a program to try to spray and shit to try to cool the Earth's well they've admitted to experimenting with weather manipulation into to having strategies for dealing with it whether it is for dealing with hostile foreign governments were trying to starve them out or trying to put rain mean if you see the fucking that it's made on Space it's on YouTube

► 03:02:03

Don Trump's spacers for us it's fucking it it's like trying to repair is trying to patch a shotgun with a Band-Aid like let's reduce the fossil fuel if you want to fucking cool to Earth and everything and save the fucking oceans and all the rest of this shit it's why don't we check how the fuck we live our lives but everybody wants to pass the buck and say oh well why should I do it you know that the next motherfuker do it but you know you by what you put in your car and how you live your life and you have fucking how many people in America 200 how many 300 is passing the buck along you not getting anywhere and shine is how many billion in Indian it's like that fucking they're not going to stop fucking doing what they doing no no they're not and it's again it's like what we were talking about with all the other aspects of gigantic culture there's some

► 03:03:03

removing pieces it's so it's so difficult because we were talking about these pieces that have been in place for decades and so to try to make Corrections now yeah you know and some people are they are going to organic farms they are going to raising their own food and having it you know what having everything be local that's definitely better leave the real problem it seems to me is overpopulation and where the real problem is when you jam you know Los Angeles is a perfect example there's 200 million people just here in 20 million people just here and then there's Orange County which has more people San Diego has more people as you get North she's more people in San Francisco people in California distance and just in LA to more people in Los Angeles and there is an all of Australia just out just want to handle it and saying so there's so many people and no one's grow

► 03:04:03

anything other than we just weeds being grown here and that's it so all the food is being shipped in from everywhere else and so you've got the fossil fuels being used and then it's also a lot of water pay more in Hawaii for a fucking Pineapple then you do on the mainland That's crazy dude it's fucking insane never been there how expensive were willing to take that hat we we we live in a place that humans like yourself and myself and in and people that are alive today we are stuck in a system that was created many many decades ago it was put into place many decades ago and it wasn't put into place with our interest in mine was put into place with the interest in minor prophet and it was also to deal with the to accommodate millions and millions of people that are all jammed in one place where no one's growing any food is a very unnatural way to live no they started like coming down on all the people fucking growing a shit on their front Lawns and

► 03:05:03

because Urban organic farming to let you know I'm in touch with a lot of those people as a matter fact this morning in New York City I ride from New York City out till like Long Island Jones Beach and all that and I pass in Far Rockaway there's a guy that he's doing it like a big Urban formed the in this thing and you know in this crap a land and you know it's it's the urban farming is becoming a big thing because if I it is a food desert is and there was one guy on ABC and he walked home from work every night and it was 5 miles African American guy he's trying to lose weight and get healthy well guess what every mother fucking night all he pass was KFC this that the other thing 7-Eleven he could not buy a fucking piece of fruit or a fucking Apple in any of those fucking places none so then they said well how the fuck are we going to get food and we ain't got no car and we can go 710 miles out of town to the supermarket so now

► 03:06:03

Urban organic farm it's becoming a big thing where they're showing these people and now they're starting to crack down the cities are trying to crack down on these people that are growing fucking food that's crazy I had Ron Finley on his podcast and he's got a similar program in South Central and he helps his kids and people that live there I use vacant Lots use a medians use all these are Detroit to regrow it growing in patches I mean what would be ideal is it every Community instead of just having a house gym next to a house gym next to the house every Community have one Community lot and that Community lot we all grow our food in closet showing how to do like they just had this they had a shipping container in New York and it was a demonstration and they put it on Lafayette and Lafayette Street and Houston and it was a shipping container

► 03:07:03

and they did all and when you walked in there it was a fucking farm and then and I forget how many thousand pounds of fucking organic produce that that fucking Farm inside that shipping container was able to grow but it's an insane like that's with artificial light but you could do that with real life in the real streets that you you see everywhere you go what where concrete is it could be dirt and then yeah it is is possible that we could coordinate off a small section of every community and have a community garden it would also be a good it would be good for the community in terms of people like interacting with each other and feeling like they're a part of something and taking responsibility for your help taking care of something yeah it's it's very like that's one of the programs that we we did in this documentary we had two guys going to organic farms and getting their hands in the dirt and seeing you know people just doesn't

► 03:08:03

disconnect between like you know Farmers man I got it you know it's like that so fucking hard ass fucking job so I can hard hard man we don't show the appreciate it and I think who was the the one black activist used to run the marathon and shit he forget his name in the sixties and we talked about you know growing your own fucking food and then dick Gregory's a guy who brought the Zapruder film to television the Zapruder film of Kennedy being assassinated looks like he's being shot from the front what yes did Gregory brought that to the Geraldo Rivera show years after the assassination it might have been more more than eight might have been more you take a lot of shit yeah it might have been 10 years after this after something crazy but it didn't people didn't see Kennedy get assassinated until many many many years after

► 03:09:03

this guy Zapruder who is there on the spot was filming they took his is film and he sold it to Time Life magazine that use stills of it and then you didn't show it was 12 years 12 years later 75 wow so on 75 in the world to Rivera show they they premiered the Zapruder film footage of the assassination of President Kennedy from like fucking 20 yards away he was right there any sea County's head go back into the left it's if you see the spray of blood you like what I wasn't did they show that it was more than one who can tell for sure and there's a lot of speculation because there's so many Emmys black and white and it was shaky back down there since use computers to stabilize the image but what it looks like to the untrained eye is it he shot more than once and probably shot from multiple different angles and the reason why they came up with the magic bullet theory because they had to account for another bullet that didn't hit the

► 03:10:03

they had to account for a bullet that hit it ricocheted under an underpass hit a guy so you have the bullet had to go through to people and it had to leave traces of the bullet behind that weren't missing for the board from the book and it had a shattered bone and not distort which doesn't happen if you know anything about bullets if you shoot anything it bullets get Jack to get they tear up they been they get the distorted ridiculous speed that single bullet theory was also created by Arlen Specter and those fucking guys in the Warren Commission report bunch of evil assholes is a great Book on a cold best evidence by David lifton David lifton was an accountant who went over the Warren Commission report step by step every step of the way and found all these contradictions in in the reporting's like this is a bullshit document when they're trying to do was just wrap this bitch up nice and tight they weren't trying to solve the

► 03:11:03

they were trying to wrap this thing up tight in the most ridiculous aspect of it is the magic bullet theory but before anybody saw the Zapruder film it didn't look that ridiculous right you we heard what we were told Kennedy got shot by Oswald and then Jack Ruby shot Oswald very convenient but it's very likely that there was quite a few people involved and not just Lee Harvey Oswald and he's probably you know that he passed a resolution he was fucking with the Federal Reserve don't ya what was the one one one it was a will there's a lot of problems get rid of the Federal Reserve you wanted to get rid of CIA currency backed by that he want to go back to the to the gold silver standard he started printing up notes fucking if you can find those notes from when he was in silver certificates and he said why

► 03:12:03

private Banks controlling on money the Federal Reserve it wasn't I think one of the acts that George Bush jr. passed before you left orders executive order 11110 money back to the fucking take it away from the Federal Reserve they whacked him just a couple months later and that they're going to kill you for this his father told him that you fuck with them Bankers Man true it's you know it was comes back to you no power it's not about a conspiracy it's about yo it's about they want the ultimate greed it's the ultimate greed we control everything will specially back then and then the amount of accountability the politicians had back then you can get away with a lot there is a lot of wiggle room and you know it's most likely that somebody other than just Lee Harvey Oswald and he probably had something to do with it too

► 03:13:03

yeah I mean he was probably a Manchurian Candidate who knows who knows who knows yeah I know a lot of these fucking

► 03:13:19

motherfukers that's trying to fucking shoe bombers in this fucking clown in this you know there's so much shit going on like I even the shoe bomb like who how the fuck did he get on a plane with no passport psychics so much shit to just go home will you remember that guy that they busted in Dallas he was a guy that they set up they set him up to be an Islamic terrorist they trained him they gave him the weapon and then as you trying to detonate the weapon there rest of them it's like you guys talked him into doing this you gave him the bombs and then your rest of them like what would you have done if you guys weren't even there we've done anything that they they thought that this guy was a person who was suspicious so they literally set up an entrapped him entrapment it's kind of like we don't even know this shit that's going on Behind the Walls in the in the fucking it in the office

► 03:14:19

man it would fucking scared of fucking bejesus out of you if you knew you know what the fuck was just so you know what these people's minds have what you know but you get a custom to Macon rationalizations that will cost people their lives and I think anybody that can send a drone shoot down an apartment building because of metadata you know you found a metadata that seems to indicate that the cell phone of a certain criminal is on the 14th floor let the fucking Hellfire missiles fly baby Antoinette's decisions that they make it the highest levels of government controller fucking like you know disconnected from everything if you talk to someone from the CIA they tell you it's all lawyers make those decisions to lawyers do all the calculations and they go oh yeah you can do it

► 03:15:08

crazy crazy man we just did 3 hours is lying lips are moving hey I got a good lawyer let me tell you it's got to be good lawyer there is good people. I love you so you come and fight this weekend I was invited I was like hopefully we get along and have a fucking throat punch we got a lot you know that whole school down there was a I wanted to tell the story about mine cuz he's hilarious I used to take Tony Artis is one of the senior student Samantha Choice another guy won't will call him Chuck but he's with the government now he's a fucking bad motherfuker so they always used to go around and and and want to

► 03:16:08

bright bounces in all this shit that was what they did they would fucking fight the biggest scariest looking motherfukers and just destroyed them so blue worked I said his name sorry but my friend worked with chrome accents that we took him out security with us in case we have problems or whatever so it was like everything always went smooth so one time I used to work at all the underground hip hop clubs in New York so my friend was doing a party and it was all fucking deep Brooklyn heads fucking like homeboys and shit like the real deal this hip hop club and I take Brian another dude from the school and Tony and we go over there and Brian is in the middle of the fucking dance floor doing the funky fucking white boy nerd dance and all these fuck and the floor just opens up in these fucking black fucking hip hop crazy fucking home boy to like you look at this motherfucking white boy like this bucket and he don't give a

► 03:17:08

Lucky's you seriously like a fucking pissing of to roll with it so then I might go I got to go but listen man I know what y'all motherfuckers do don't start no shit please it's my friend's Club so I get home go to sleep wake up the next day I get a fuck phone call Joe like he didn't know that they were with me so it was destroyed fucking karate experts in the club last night they beat up all my fucking bouncers dude it was fucking crazy like and one bounce of walked up and start some shit with Tony was trying to talk to a girl whatever and then I can tell this guy is all on the Jews rips off his shirt like a fucking Tony throws a kick the guys fucking kneecap and then the melee Justin Suit and it was just constant these fucking huge bouncers coming at him and Brian

► 03:18:08

I can fight is you know he's he's he's a comedian but he could throw down and then he Brian just told me this because I didn't hear the other party cuz yeah then all of a sudden I'm fucking whacking these dudes and us fighting these guys and then this fucking gigantic motherfucker like I was just like a little fucking baby in his arms Lift Me Up and Carries me out the fucking door and throws me across this car and I look and I turn around and I'm ready to go and then Brian says and I look and it's this fucking crazy white dude with a fucking scar from one end of his face down his throat he points at Brian and goes don't even think about it I was like you but my friend called me up the next days like these motherfuckers and I called him up and I might Bryant the fuck did you do man I told you guys the fucking key

► 03:19:08

Chuy's like you all these bouncers were assholes and you know it was said he's he's he's a character like I said I was at his first comedy show ever he lived wildlife in his young days yeah I met him after all that stuff I met him when he was more calm I met him in the 90s all about getting out there and it fucking contact was a lot of martial arts coaches instructors that wanted you to get in street fights as you would practice cuz it like street fights would show you how things would work in the real world that the more you did it the more I understood urgency closing the distance you know delivering the first strike all that kind of shit like people are hesitant cousin sparring you always hold back so like you know I'd I knew many Martial Arts Taekwondo background started because Brian told me that about you you go see what I got kicks like a fucking horse and shit and I quit cuz I would see you on Fear Factor

► 03:20:09

we want something before that to his radio. Sorry you no respect for that you know he fights fights going to be awesome too sick Card Saturday night at the Staple Center UFC since day one and when I first came around it was the Gracie's that put a fucking they took out an ad in Accra and in karate magazines and they said we will pay anybody $100,000 if they can beat us that's I saw UFC with Remco pardoel and yeah dude I've been watching that shit since day one and we'll live one I went to who to Douglas Crosby

► 03:21:09

was very well worked with the cro-mags took me to some fights and stuff and in Jersey actually I did go to a live one from rocks off took me to the UFC when it was in Newark and there was fucking fights breaking out living was this this is probably like 4 or 5 years ago Hoka in Newark down in UFC in Newark and and I went to that and there was a fight on the main floor that was the best fight of the night he still fucking guys started you know and then when you left everyone

► 03:21:47

every fucking mama got to school and a flyer the super fights fucking Muhammad Ali and Ken Norton and fucking what was the great one Hagler Hearns I'm trying to get on the podcast he's like the only guy that retired clean he's like I'm good it's over lost to Sugar Ray Leonard lost a decision a lot of people thought he should have one yeah my Tommy the Hitman Hearns boxing used to be like you know I just posted a picture of Mike Tyson Jake LaMotta and and fucking graciana on my on my Instagram I like those three cuz my father box that Grandma see Jim which was run by Custom Auto wish they knocked it down it was right near the Palladium and all that so yeah Julian's Billiards which I do a walk

► 03:22:47

Troy New York is coming out I know I've seen that before I read our tour right Sunday Today Show two times fucking it's like the best underground fucking walk into a crime music and history on the Lower East Side and for Playdium I was where the Clash September 21st the cover of the Clash London Calling was shot their Paul Simon on smashing his base you had Julian's Billiards right there all the fucking pool hall Hustler and and and before the Palladium it was called The Academy of Music Dizzy Gillespie everybody played there and then up the street from that was custom Manos Jim called The Gramercy Jim everybody Floyd Patterson Ford out of there if you pull up pictures of Gramercy gym you can see there's a picture and Floyd Patterson's work in the speed bag

► 03:23:47

and when that close then cut my I was just walking by one day when I was with my mom she goes your father because PC Richards took over the space and they put a plaque and it said this is where Custom Auto Jimmy train was it Jose Torres the world champions in all these weight classes and my mother just goes all your father box they I said what weather there it is look how they spell Grandma c2g at gra they spelled it wrong grandma see Grandma see that's crazy

► 03:24:23

I think it is it looks yeah I think it is for you wow old school and then we go by Irving Plaza with John Belushi sounds like a lot of fun listen I had these for old Israeli ladies come right and I'm like and in all the toys meeting this area there like for the toys that I think you would want the food to over there they like they show me the tickets they're like they like in the 60s from Israel there like for the crime tour and show in New York and Steve Lacy just text me so I'll tell you what the fuck it is hold on here you do this on a regular basis crappy week when I'm in New York I week

► 03:25:23

babies every Sunday so Steve Lacy just text me later fuck is it when you need it how do you have the time to do all these things I get to bed early out here it is so if you're in New York City August 25th 6:30 on Fox it's called me when New York rocked Rock soft rock and roll history walking tours the Press is underneath it in the next week or two everywhere we go to fucking the five points and I've had more press this is actually old is fair in love and do it for us every week and I'll tell you every week you run into these motherfuckers on the street from the old days and I don't usually spots it's just something about it I'll fucking do the tour like we ran into dudes Mick Jones from The Clash or who else do we run it and nobody nobody

► 03:26:24

come on you know I was like listen I was one of the ones riding in 81 when you played bonds if you go to the the video Clash on Broadway I was there rioting cuz they oversold the club and mayor Koch ordered the promoter in the class that do enough shows it's called The Clash on Broadway on YouTube and they ordered the class to do enough shows and the promoter sold something like I think it was I don't know something like 20,000 tickets for a venue that held 2500 so you are close to 20,000 punk rocker show up in Time Square the fire department closes the fucking club down and there's a ride in Times Square the time I'm smashing mother fucking Windows running on cabs lockhill and then I start seeing people getting arrested on my

► 03:27:24

John Belushi John Belushi used to come to all the punk rock show so we go to all the venues and the famous murder spots and like I lived in the building with the East Village butcher danu raccoon with she chopped up his girlfriend made soup out of her and feta to the homeless people who own Second Avenue Deli like and Finch famous movies then we go to the smuggling tunnels of prohibition a lot of shit you saw on Boardwalk Empire so this is pretty fascinating tour and I always like the first time I did it and I'll just leave you taste it was really funny cuz it had like 40 people and some of them were from Germany so I'm going down and fucking we go down and Avenue B and I'm I'm I get it was a big fucking drugs by here so this huge black dude I know he just got out of prison is like fucking 6

► 03:28:23

I've keloid scar across his face he's like yo sup man fuck you doing man what's up I ain't seen you in a minute I was like oh I do this chore you know these are all Taurus so I'm taking him around to all the drug spots and let them know about the crime that he's at work so he gets up on the curb he's like huge dude you know prison built like you say let me tell you something right now y'all better listen to this man cuz none of y'all motherfuckers want to come down your back in the day I would have fucking rob all you got your everything

► 03:28:59

and they would like and then he's like Joe peace my man I'll see you around blood clot so all my God that's why I was fucking crazy so you receive authentic you can't make the shit up I got to wrap this up I got to get out of here John Joseph thank you very much brother thank you very very much by this weekend to buy everybody I'll be back tomorrow cool alright we did it hopefully we brought some vegans and meet at together on that one to see if we can all get along see

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