#1249 - Donnell Rawlings

The Joe Rogan Experience #1249 - Donnell Rawlings

February 19, 2019

Donnell Rawlings is a stand up comedian, actor, and podcaster. He's known best for his roles on Chappelle's Show and The Wire.

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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I already whoops sorry cheers sir thank you my pleasure my pleasure

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thought we were talking about the different kinds of comedians that there really are like me and comedians they're they're comedians they have a special skill set it's a different thing my closest friends bearded he's like I would say she was a stand-up comic he would probably be be in my top five in terms of creativity in terms of talking about things in the moment and just all out funny you know the skillset percent of energy used to be used to be on the way you proved yourself as a person with any type of comedic Integrity what was on state standing flat-footed in front of an audience that you probably don't want you to be funny but no head I have no idea to be funny but these mean these many people Photoshop especially cuz I was tension is so quick and so drawn to social media Peabody enough people are as excited about stand up as I used to be and now is success

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news about what's going to be the newest thing what's going to be the what's the me to hide this photo to photoshop must be the hottest image easiest to get right it's easier to get it on your phone when you get those images those photo shops in the memes that are funny that hit you immediately but right now I mean especially when you go to the store don't you think there's like more people interested in stand up now than ever but it's the people are so they're more critical stand up now more than ever ever used to be a time when you can just say what you wanted and people say that that person was outspoken outrageous but they were themselves but now you tell one joke

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one blogger one trailer guy sexual joke and print your jokes don't do the setup don't get a call back don't do the tag and next thing you know you offended too much but I think with a Live Events a happy day happy now, he's going to start taking a shift back to people on his voice I think so too I think there's a direct backlashed till like political correct thinking and the the type of policing that you're saying you seem a bit please untie understand police and stuff in the Catholic Church beliefs of stuff in a regular church but you go to a comedy club to police you in the wrong place and nine times out of ten people that go to a comedy show the walk out in protest their mindset was to protest before they even went there they just waiting for the trigger word Justin Blackwell I never knew you it's a way to get a lot of attention

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you know being outrageous it's something special if you kind of have a point but did you get that you could articulate that point it's a great way to get attention what do you know about give you think of Alexa if you are, can you are famous, can your outspoken you know and it is someone could take your bit and then take it apart like they've done with Chappelle in X owns it so much I was just with him I've never seen a guy that flips our sets over like he just write another 5-minute bit that's weird right with thing is now I've watched some of his new stuff and things you doing now he's going to lead the charge for chameleons having a voice I did a show with him at the store recently and he said he is now more than ever you need to grab your balls because it's our job to talk about things are bad in his world we are the best people for what's the last line of free speech is the last reel line of free speech because you don't have a real

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boss like when you go on stage it's snowing snowing gives you a single word of Direction you know that's that's a very unusual place to be in in terms of entertainment and it's something that reaches especially with someone like Dave millions and millions and millions of people every time he doesn't Netflix special every time somebody does anything that's films going to hit millions of people have no one telling you what to do no one no one giving you any employer tell you what to do you do what you want to do he's a real comic he's a real four years I'm always in the cut and I've seen you do some material like how the fuck does he get away with that because he always liking other things it's obvious that I don't really believe it I'm saying cuz I think it's funny. I'm coming as much as I think for chameleons is therapeutic for us to

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this 100% vaginal situation you have an argument with your wife or somebody and you can't go on stage at night just to talk about pissed off major people get stuff out of us you come to a show we getting out out out psychiatric exam right on spot you're also like you could complain about some shit right you can complain about someone saying something or something out or you could turn it into a bit and you can get hundreds of people just dying laughing I've had some guy had some conflicts online one of them with a bunch of vegans they there so you in a saint summer

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do you like I don't got time for that I'm not going to take it every once while you just want to read the comments that the problem is that occasionally read the comments like holy shit like people just want you dead because I had that old thing in my ACT about chasing down the #vegan cat it to me this hashtag vegan what the fuck is that I went there in this whole community of people feeding their cats vegetables and but but in doing this in like tracking this down and check and it makes you quite a bit about this they can just get mad get mad being mean to me or turn this shit in the fuel or you could just go fuck a just destroyed a whole vegan Community it's got to be something wrong with vegan sources the broadest same shit is every other group

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Neal Brennan he's a vegan he's an asshole what are you talking about he's so funny because I should people with glasses cuz they weren't they have like a million different frames that's when you have the next level of being an ass or you switch your glasses up but Neal Brennan is a vegan he's one of them should be allowed to go to a barbecue and complain they upset if you can cooking meat on a grill that was designed to cook that animals that's what they got and I get upset so obvious answers I'm sorry.

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is it because because when I make that they made their transition they can't just become vegans they got they just got to let you know I'm vegan now I can't wait till you say dinner is it vegan options is vegan vegan they just can't do it I got to make an announcement in the world that always gets colds yo whenever a stillbirth a conference

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rosea causes of house that big alive call you fucking who have an ass motherfuker Edwards you look tired I take pictures of me and just sit there and watch some elk meat some of the cook him some elk meat we're going to wish it film it there probably like bounce around like super person like he's been eating nothing but lentils for the last 20 years go to even shoot an elk Utah Colorado has a lot of them how do you

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transport is there a loft can you transport your Killah you have to break it down whenever wherever you killed it you are you have to have first of all you have a tag and then when you when you have a tag you're allowed to get a certain kind of animals to see if it's like a you have a a buck deer tag that means you can kill a male deer and then once you kill it then you break it down and you either bring it to a butcher shop and they turn into cuts for you or you could do it yourself and wrap it up but you have to have a tag you have to register that you killed that animal and have to keep that that was that with you that paperwork with you so he transferred the the meat across state lines and some game warden pulled you over and to give a deer in your car and you yes I do sir he's got to see that you have the paperwork for it I want to send

► 00:15:19

braces at all but I don't know a black person act tell that story futuristic

► 00:15:27

butchering up in transporting a dead end that's what you have to do that's how you do it you got to put them on Ice obligation to have an animal it's down you want to get it into like a football package form is quick as possible going to break it down sometimes. Sometimes people hang things to so you wouldn't mention we're hanging all I think about Jessie summer

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what's the people back in one interview crazy story such a mess because his story is it was like good and bad of it the good of it was when people thought that he was violated and he was a victim of a hate crime it wasn't just gay people that was rushing to support him it was like thug dudes you know I'm saying there was like some real motherfukers that was like I may also exhibit make a comment it was a community of people away from the LBG Community to thought it was really fucked-up

► 00:16:42

and that's that was the beauty of the incident because it kind of put people together and what the fuck thing about it was just a lie and it's so fucking unfortunate soul unfortunate somebody with play on people's emotions get on 4th

► 00:17:01

or to benefit themselves it's it's awful well there's a certain narcissism that exists in Show Business. I think you and I both know very well you know what we've all seen it and thankfully the people that seem to be the best for whatever reason of the was some of the best handles on it like Dave doesn't show any of that but there's some people to do and that narcissism was weird that that wanted it to be all about them do sneaky shit like fake an attack like that's that's a symptom of that same kind of thinking it just it just got desperate and went in some crazy way because he first went down yet people that normally people that you look at okay that's my friend or whoever you started having side eyes and that's just it's just it's so messed up and if they also is messed up as much as people rolled for him when they thought that there was an adjusted everything nobody's really talk about it nobody is addressed me like you know what this is all moving these are things that we would try to progressed but this was a

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incident in just say how awful it was yeah the beautiful thing is that people weigh more tolerant than they ever have been before to take one more atrocious thing that people have done to another person for no reason that's good and it's also good that you get to see where that kind of stuff heads we are always looking to be a victim to the point where you realize there's like some sort of currency in being a victim so people fake being a victim so we can get all this fucking attention it's good for us it's good for us to see cuz you see that no next time a story comes around it's just a little bit she is like the boy who cried wolf and that's what's important about it because every time someone says that they were a victim of such heinous crime I got you want to believe them you want to believe them and they said yeah this cuz it makes you start second-guessing thing and that's another thing was awful about the whole thing with all the smoke he's getting right now cuz I've been tearing his ass up on Instagram on everything

► 00:19:01

he deserves everything he knows he deserves it everybody knows he deserves it. He punished his daughter by making her sit in the backyard by a tree and then he went out there an hour later and she was gone and the suspect that coyotes got her and I remember thinking that story going man I just dissed not sound real that does not sound real just seems weird it's got a baby in the backyard and coyotes got it like real kid died and he stuffed it in some drainage ditch somewhere so this I don't remember how the kid died and what was the reason for it but it was one of those stories we hear the story like Jesus doesn't sound real sometimes stories don't sound real everything I hope not but I thought it was a situation where Lee Daniels

► 00:20:01

and Jesse set down in the writers room and Lee Daniels lady buddy got any ideas for any new episodes I'm going to go to Subway to get a 12-inch footlong delete games like I believe that

► 00:20:22

I believe that part I just went through the whole story and Lead NSAIDs of nobody's going to believe it just got upset and told them totally then we'll see I'm going to shoot myself and he walked to self into that the whole scenario and it's just

► 00:20:37

that's entirely possible that's what it sounds like sound like that you going to say it was a fan of Empire which I know a lot of people just listening were being very sarcastic when I say that they going to be like second-guess the storyline of so many don't show the storylines of everybody who ever said they were done wrong everything that's awful thing about this is now people going to be ready a quick to just second-guess everything that you say it's that's a fact until we can read each other's minds till I can find out for sure that's going to change the whole game

► 00:21:11

going to live in a lot of street fights most of them I made you talk about your senses are going to be one hundred percent I do I like a man in the mall in I like having secrets too but I like going all-in I think all in it what do you say that we described it so that will take over sort of I think I'm going to have built in Wi-Fi internet systems are we connected to each other's heads or you can just shoot me with the brain shit I think eventually it's going to be shooting with the branch at first you got to get it on a clinical trial.

► 00:22:11

is close to no brain cells of shit that's when we tried on a movie that was a movie where a dude got shot and they put some chip in his back upgrade upgrade and it did that to him it turn to be like access to all the information he knew martial arts and everything was happening like that it was it a bit like a supercomputer inside of a person that you do everything for special teligence is right down the line if you're talking about this shit shooting it in your brain we're going to share a network we're going to be on in networks carry a lot of white people because black people with needles bro

► 00:22:49

Alexis how how many how many athletes on steroids average black male in Brownsville or how many people are going to try that look who's going to be the earliest a doctor again in a shot in your neck that lets you read everybody's mind then what are you going to do with it because like half of what we do is say shocking shit that people know it's kind of true but you can't believe you're saying that all went to the subway Joe coming up. W. Ultimate package okay to ride two guys walk into bar

► 00:23:49

you wouldn't would you want to be the first comedian to have it almost want to be a fool who doesn't have it if you want to be a comedian if I can take over like finances like instantly there. As soon as different level people that you hang out with cuz I don't like half the fun is not knowing if somebody likes you you don't know what what's going to happen is going to work out is that movie with Mel Gibson in the billboard that's hilarious I had a conversation with Mel Gibson

► 00:24:49

I'm just happy to know I have friends that can say that so you have a lot of stitches is my friends so you got to trigger what time is like I'm on the phone with Mel Gibson the other day I was so bad to talk to Mel Gibson it's just it's like okay but he's a super nice guy he did a podcast to talk about the stem cell doctor that helped his dad he came on for dr. Neil Riordan Jesus guy in Dallas that treats people down in Panama stem cell therapy that you can't get in America and it fixed Mel Gibson's dad and he was in a wheelchair and now he's

► 00:25:49

100 he's walking around like he's fishing with stem cell situation in in America's I don't hear Too Much the last time and I'm not probably as knowledge as you are but wasn't Christopher Reeve trying to promote more stem cell research I'm sure he watch I have that spinal cord injury from a horse accident he was doing those horse jumps South Park number I don't remember South Park episode episode are they don't give a fuck are the best Shelton in the ridiculous Preposterous comedy that's completely offencive but brilliant that's one of the things that when we were doing the Chappelle show the one of things I appreciate more than anything about that show was how it brought people of all Races

► 00:26:49

tell backgrounds together to do the thing that we all have in common and that's the lap and also to not push the button with touch on Rachel stuff without having a angry undertow and I suppose so fucked up about American now whenever you talk about race it feels like one side somebody has to attend Beach it's like I know things are intense but we have to be able to laugh first once you get people laughed you can talk about whatever you want and then even if a person is not in agreement or have the same thoughts at the end of the day you should be able to respect that person and I think those same people should be able to share laugh yeah and there was a fun silly non-aggressive quality to the way you guys put together sketches that got the point across and everybody laughed because of course you would think I'm going to draw certain things because I'm

► 00:27:49

you know what I am and I do but it's where I can go to places it is straight up like Dave called the motherfukers you don't say it like the money book motherfuker. John Deere right to talk to me that you know do John Deere is know all that shit they probably call her right now and say no so I think you got that wrong you got to cut the heart from left to right and then I have but it just Pinterest when you can look out and you have all of American it was the best sketch comedy show in the history of Television I think I think In Living Color is very very very overlooked people forget how goddamn groundbreaking groundbreaking both of them like where do I go people always they always bring it up as a big part of my career but I was like

► 00:28:50

the artist want something different border down you know you didn't see a lot of black stand-ups on TV but they had these underground Cirque that was bubbling that was bubbling and it was never the right time when I pulled out the right time and Living Color comes around it's the right time the Richard Pryor Show even though that only lasted three or four episode it was the right time and it caught on it the right time is it in terms of like groundbreaking sketch comedy shows though like that that the KKK bit where you had the the blind nobody has permitted schedule and came off so hardcore the first night is horseshoe picture

► 00:29:45

when when we ask why

► 00:29:50

why after all these years would you sell something because

► 00:29:55

she's a Niger lover was like I was like that was one of them up like wake up everybody I know from that moment that this show was going to be on the next level of your where was he was free to do I was a warm up comedian for Chappelle Show so whenever you saw the Chappelle show episode if you noticed that whenever I came on and stream and I'm not being cocky people to go nuts the ocean in the reason was because I was a guy that wanted the orders before David came out so I knew if I go get the room out at the beginning people don't need nobody knew I wasn't there if I rip that at the beginning doing it see me on the screen as can be like it's going to be big

► 00:30:51

you know and that show man it was just like it was just a lot of things happen that show people like Rick James sketch the day we played Captain wrap-arounds banish it hit so hard I was like dish did not like that sketch comedy central Charlie Murphy

► 00:31:26

I watched that ships just to let you know the direction people think I wasn't should six times and every time every time user Dave's like I'm Rick James bitch it was gut son it was gut son yo what did the five fingers say to the face

► 00:31:47

what is lights are you the sketch was getting kids to spend it in school right right to go to the fucking time out run is one of the most iconic sketches of all time how wrong with Comedy Central I mean not just a little wrong almost like suicidal looks like but then it goes to show and it goes to show you know how

► 00:32:15

you have a vision with something you said yeah I mean I see it that's the problem is working with Executives to write their vision problems with them wanted them to change language it so they could get more sponsors I think I think that

► 00:32:35

that wasn't an issue and to be quite honest I don't know exactly what happened everything is speculation you never talk to him about it because the reason why I never talk to him about it cuz I didn't need to talk to him about it that show was great for me there's a great Freight platform for me and then out it was more important my friendship and how he felt away from that was more important then so why'd you leave where'd you go as long as you're okay, son just goes to another country don't hear from him you know but when I first saw him after that like I was excited and I was just like you know whatever it was we had a moment we made history and people go on people going to do other things and just keep it moving well that show was really people always say Daniel if it wasn't for the Chappelle show this and that

► 00:33:33

Chappelle Show gave me a platform for people to see what I've been doing for years and you know you see channel to the club now you see how my foot is goodish it go to shit but when I get the right platform for the world to get upset if that's kind of separate you see one person go from one level to the next level who has the right platform to Showcase a talent show did that for me and with that said I gave that show everything every time I had a second on camera every time like if you look at two and a half years on that show if you had an editor breakdown how many times I spoke it would probably be a total of 4 minutes I'll get a word here I get a phrase here but I told myself whenever they turn that mother for the camera I'm going for it like even if I'm not talkin I'm going to make my body so expressive that your eyeball drawers to with no milk tell me what time he said cuz I always I always get them cuz I'll come up with a line

► 00:34:33

I'm throwing I might say something you're not going to say anything I was like fuck so I told myself when he smacks does motherfuker cuz if you look at that scene when he smacks I said what the fuck I was like a like a Washington Square Park mine

► 00:35:06

give me a bike but I said what the fuck with my face and I always as people always ask somebody showing that the young taxes and stuff like that you talk to me when you need anything the best thing to do is figure out a way to get on set you get on a set you do background you learn you get opportunities you got to be around it you got to get a skill SEC but when it's time to show up you got to show up

► 00:35:37

you have to show up by bugs talk a lot of shopping to do something and then when they say I'm saying ready to show up and every time I put this a action a situation you guys show up well you have a great ability to express yourself on stage and on a TV some people feel uncomfortable they just like to be cool while they're telling the jokes. Style like your style is Big you know that I appreciate you know Jim Breuer I saw Jim Breuer like the first time I saw him we're really going to tell him I said what's up nothing but if I first saw Brewery sole physical and I remember I remember thinking

► 00:36:20

Jim Breuer like Boston Comedy Club days are dad Jim Breuer today and he still real energetic when I tell you I used to I saw him in his super-prime he was a murderer he was void she's drawing like shut the light like who's going to do anything after that fall on him once one of the worst bombings in my entire career was really pop in the middle came on and Sham just rip the place that was scared but had a blown out at the time and was wearing Cavalry cheese I was wearing like a hook sexy

► 00:37:27

stupid pants of people wore in the 80s man I like they would tighten the top and they flared out a little on the legs like a little bit they're pathetic but they were in style and I have like that that's what I have that done tonight. I think mine were probably jeans are the jeans are left in the blue are there a terrible dress up shirt on and I just ate plates of shit my whole lot cuz it was such a humiliating bombing and I cuz I knew that they'd the audience was right I wasn't being funny I was nervous and scared those are the moments that make you a hundred percent right now as I see a comedy like I go to some Club but folks trying to do the lineup kind of soft like well we can't put that person in front of that person because they want me to follow your blah blah blah

► 00:38:27

but it should be a point like without when I start like the baddest motherfukers in the game day went onstage you was a new job coming up how are you going to have a defining Moment In Comedy to go behind somebody everybody's doing good but put that shit behind where you got a motherfuking like a Bill Burr comes in the room it just goes we did I did a tour with him bill and it's so interesting cuz I know they have Wellness podcast with the famous have you ever had to come behind at the story I forget the podcast it doesn't but Crystal if you ever had to come behind a story of coming by and someone to just the pill show how to set you suppose you're really making a lot of money on special for the show still had been proven you know how you got if you got a contract

► 00:39:27

just so happen to Cotton the show blew up before the contract was over but I don't mean nobody's going to renegotiate so we have is popular and making money then I came of the idea to do that or call the Richmond store and at the time at the time Charlie was check

► 00:39:46

like 10 where to go at the time Bill Burr was on a headliner probably at the time and be Rome's you know that and has no disrespect to but he was going to come up but we just saw Bill you know this my phone's going to be next you know you was going he was going to pop it but we still doesn't get no cash Charlie and never told jokes and I've never been so I used to bully him you know you're tough as my father rest in peace but I was like yeah you so tough up but not with a microphone your hand and I believe them so much that he finally went on stage and Charlie with the tour was Charlie with MC and all we needed him to do with 10 or 15 minutes and stop being Charlie outside of day with Tupac people on the show Bill Burr had a couple sketches for Bill Burton pop off the show and I was like but if we going to do this let's have a fire show me don't weaken the middle as let's give him a show that they want

► 00:40:46

never forget and Charlie used to come out to 10 or 15 minutes and I tell people that I was like who's the toughest person to follow but Charlie to go do 10-15 minutes and Bill Burr go, I'll do 20 to 25 and then I came behind bill that one night for a year and Bill Burr the type of acting you have no days off you have no or any of that little inkling of being off use were here yeah I like to show but the white dude was funny as a mother and he announced you can tell that time that Bill Burr was going to be a a start weather would have been movies or television but as a stand-up you know he was one of the pound-for-pound one that opens to do it and that's what we know. And yeah we had a blast ya bills brilliant I got to work with Charlie for a we did this Maxim to what we did like 22 dates me and him and John Heffron we traveled all over the place

► 00:41:46

starting to do it was he kind of soap to use in his people understand how tough it is to start as a comedian as a famous person as a comedian that your base are you open my car just saw it out all across the country are creating your own identity you know I'm saying like I could not imagine like the heat by the Yeah but he need any Murphy Eddie Murphy and that's one of the things that when Charley path that really appreciate about what Chappelle show different because when he passed away nobody said Eddie Murphy's brother. Everybody's like Charlie Murphy's best way so he had to Identity and I was Charlie Murphy and that was one of his bits you know that you know is it has a piss you off of people kiaochow call me Eddie Murphy's brother anymore

► 00:42:46

no. I was like that time that was what that was a joke and interested and yes and he found his self he got better he got better and then he called his phone when he called his ID card was only I was with Maurice Smith used to be the UFC heavyweight champion and Ivan salaverry was going to fall in the middleweight division UFC and a couple other professional fighters at a table with Charlie Murphy and Charlie's explain how none of these motherfuckers know how to do at Chicago Ridge hands-only Murphy's holding Court standing up Charlie Murphy's talking about new martial arts but he was big into a years of jobs to be right at the height of her stuff but Charlie was like martial arts

► 00:43:46

everything that he said it was the truth you know me you and you didn't feel like all this dude is lying everything said it was in one of the most genuine people you want to meet ya his karate lineage like he has some sort of a connection to some of my friends and I have to ask them to but he was like legit martial artist was I don't know what I don't know I always tell us a yo you not the 14U out right I don't know how he I don't know if it was a way to whatever it was and I was like yo that was a fucking kid you just not that he was Gil anybody in the ringer fucking get it cuz he was he was like dancing with them know he never wanted me to talk about it until being around him did he legitimately knew how to fight

► 00:44:46

around like not knowing him at all and then traveled with him for 22 days we had so much fun that stores all just laughing and silly and super friendly all you wanted to do is man just have a have a good time and laugh that's all you wanted was so happy to be able to do stand-up that was a big thing for him he could do stand-up and Jen travel round

► 00:45:21

you could tell and I've been around him and I've been around his family and you can tell he was growing up he was the guy that always had to send them attention that was a hard one man when he when he passed was like if I didn't know he was sick I had no idea to say that because

► 00:45:47

I had to continue to do so during the interview. Headed thing that people kept saying was he was so young he was so young and he was young but I don't believe that with all going to live to be 80 90 100 you know only thing we all get into a reborn we have are born date we have the dash in the middle and then we have the end and it comes down to what the fuk can you do with your dash how hard did you live what did you go for what the spotted you what motivates what did you do with that dead who the fuck give a fuck about living to a hundred and you don't have a passport you haven't been outside of your block you haven't been out you have never been on the airplane what do you do with your life and I know Charlie from the point of being in the Navy to being with his brother said his brother reach certain height of success interesting about interested in the business

► 00:46:47

but you don't cut it in there but never really major Mark and then you get a platform that you become and get your identity and shit that's the dopest shit it's at one of the best kind of success stories cuz it doesn't happen automatically step Frank Sinatra I did it my way. I remember when I'm I think the movie Eddie did call Norbit right and it came from a joke Charlie hat

► 00:47:20

the start of that movie and I kept talking whatever and then you know how the hell that could be about the movie which way do you say I'm about to go lock myself in a hotel for 30 days and write this motherfucker movie you already gave me the money

► 00:47:41

you know I'm saying I'm talking about I'm not talking about somebody I've been writing this movie for six months or whatever it's like I'm about to go block everything off and write this shit and no matter what anybody want to say about how good the movie was what the critics say anybody in this business if you can do something with it goes from a thought

► 00:48:04

and it goes to the paper you can executor how many motherfukers can do that they don't do that people talk shit all the motherfuking time but didn't you say how many you got me can you give me a scripture on hold on hold on I'm almost 30 pages in you. I was just wishing spell show was popping and Ludacris gave me a lesson out of nowhere I saw many airport and I was on Ashley Larry for I was convinced pitchman so I'd like to send rappers like we're leaving right so ludicrous, the temp outside right you just ask a muhfucka to get the movie it was so cold he looked me right in my face looking for people with ideas and I look

► 00:49:04

well I have not drunk so

► 00:49:08

I guess this is the conversation

► 00:49:11

I'm telling you it was a lesson how the fuck you want to ask somebody for something that you don't got shit to give them

► 00:49:19

beginning think that's how you do it

► 00:49:29

I think I could do that shit motherfuckers thought that there was like a hotline from anybody from the streets you ever thought about being in love getting rejected just call this number and we'll put you on the wire know what gets me about acting those when someone has never acted before it goes Nick killed it

► 00:49:50

you don't like people who are like the athletes in particular Like Rappers have done it like a lot of people have done it but yeah I think some people have natural talents that person like you have a person strength you have people to just or natural think about it it's playing make-believe so please display my please play better isn't person that is it a person that for 12 years they've been studying and it went to the school or is it my fucking they got that one store that one character they can now or is it a case of there's some people that will do some stand-up comedy for 30 years and then never going to be that funny or Dave to do it for a year and and kill you by Chappelle

► 00:50:48

your great comment

► 00:50:50

semester grade Common I consider you great, I appreciate it and what that's like out we do have Eagles like as much people talk about somebody you like I'm great to motherfuker butt and I was like I was watching Dave on stage and I'm like what makes this motherfucking great and I think the Maya. Maisel Greg is like it's not too often we have opportunity to have a Muhammad Ali moment and when I say that made a moment where you got to throw everything on the table is for integrity your moral beliefs what do I want to stand on what do I want to stand for and that's how some people get attached of course Muhammad Ali was the greatest but it wasn't just in the box and we were made him great as what he stood for and I think when I look at this pain look at the stand up and I look at his career and I say what made him great and it's a person that Stanley belief is going to give you their unfilled the truth

► 00:51:50

they own it and don't compromise and don't back down to everything understands what's important about stand-up especially the type of stand-up that he does I heard you say shit on stage of like that why put Muskan fight

► 00:52:13

ammo for the death of a suplex what's up like you don't like a certain part of your neck and you know but Tony Hinchcliffe joke about card motherfuker motherfuker another one was other pedophiles Kevin Spacey for me I'm about to throw up

► 00:53:01

yes he wants. And I told him it was just like I said I don't know if it's a movement but I feel like I was recruiting district I was just talked about the brand of Comedy that you have to get up said like state state state state to the truth and they going to be rewarded for that shit because he has a comedian and you know you don't even know if you think it's funny while you're doing it on stage you're trying to make it funny that was a lot of stuff that people here maybe they only here once was funny funny just don't know where the funny is sometimes because I don't know what it's like

► 00:54:01

I have conversation with friends all day it's topical stuff and it's like you know the people since he was like you see the funny side of the Jesse Smiley Hill Cosby Smollett whatever the fuck whatever it is is usually something that comes in a casual conversation and it's also a moment to talk somebody like oh that's funny music that's why I start my writing if something connect me like that I just go and and and believing and just for stash it to work yeah once you get on that stage with that idea and you're you're in that moment and you have just like them but yell at everybody understands the first time you tried a new bit that's one of the weirdest moments ever that's one thing I say about you two times I've watched you that I called a pussy, so you know my phone is just do a set like yo I'm a fuck somebody I Trish it

► 00:55:01

good set good set do you got the muffins like no that was last week I got some moisture to talk about I got some more shit to and you and you push those push-ups to do that shit he have to it's part of the business robot motherfuker son sleep if you wake up and your mother fucker oh no here comes my clothes are closer and we'll see how much they got scared and then they got better they got an act and then they got scared again never got rid of that act

► 00:56:01

guess I'm I'm a flip a whole new set of your mother answer maybe I'll just build some shit from this one motherfuker right here your pants so tight but pull something from him and just turns into a whole shift hard drive starts coming cuz you know we got music jokes that we never use they just get stored on hard drives they like this people I just met your first time when you come of that 15 years ago was now and that's what I'ma tell you I've been doing it for 25 years

► 00:56:41

and after 25 years I can honestly say say I feel like I get better every year me to epirus yeah yeah me too and I think that in spite mean good set Sinbad sets when you working on new stuff but I think overall when I'm done after 2 years each two years is better than the two years before when I'm ready to film I think that's what it's all about tonight if you're not out there if you're not out there and take me to tell you where it's like I'm going to do another special who you doing it for

► 00:57:14

here's the tricky part I'm not on

► 00:57:18

might be on Netflix radar but I don't have a deal with them but

► 00:57:24

I'm going to nap by myself but

► 00:57:28

Dave Chappelle has gave me

► 00:57:32

a verbal commitment that he's going to produce my next special so

► 00:57:39

with that said

► 00:57:43

I don't have a home

► 00:57:45

but I'm pretty sure

► 00:57:48

the leaven operating from a standard you know when you ready you know I'm saying it's like I just know it bro I just don't think that I'll bring to a special right now and then she would bring to producer for me it would just fucking blowout in this is not something like I'm not calling Dave up everyday like we got them a special every time I work with him he was like you got to let me do your special on my let's go motherfukers so I feel good about that I don't I don't know I'm not saying that I'm in this place and that place first thing I want to do is drop a put an hour of material that when he plays that can change my life I've been seen you at the store man you locked in you can tell you tell you doing a lot of sex

► 00:58:48

nla I did and I was so proud of myself I got six sets in in a night at La and I was so fucking happy cuz that's a normal night in New York but in La you got a plan that shit you got to you got to hit Sunset it's I'm out but you feel like you feel like you just do whatever you want cuz you know if you starting up with something new on that first one you got four more but time of night is over you got that mother fucker when you doing reps the same night to when you hit that third set it sounds like you're in this wierd Flow State where there's no resistance between you and the ideas the material just comes out so loose I didn't know that then you got to do is it is one thing to have a joke if I can joke and that's why you see someone you can you just tell her that you're a good writer

► 00:59:48

or wasn't just like funny riding he would get physically and if that was the premier showcase had the longest legs and also Tortoise and the Hare yeah but this spot and it was tell Jim Breuer it was on John Brown Boy Johnny Johnny and round by round yeah but I forget the name that was a time with common was on fire with the Molly she was one of those

► 01:00:48

Bob's like what did that seat probably a hundred 2530 but it was like it was old comedy club by brick wall tightness red Johnny and the round guy right that it beautiful no no no more pathetic you know who I used to follow at The Comedy Store that that also changed my life Martin Lawrence in the 90s dude I used to be the guy who had to go on after am it seems to always stick me on aftermarket and it was kind of maybe

► 01:01:37

interesting, I was in DC I was laying up in the bed with this chick and I HBO HBO show YouTube have pop-up book with all this energy and this muhfucka open. He said give it up for

► 01:02:07

a brother making money the right way he say when you making money the right way you can tell your ladyship like shut the fuk up

► 01:02:17

who is this and shut up to

► 01:02:32

she said she'll be like you so crazy like who has come on son the first sentence you like like yeah it was everything but a good time he was going on stage with leather jumpsuits on and I was going on after him it was devastating you know you already going to make it or made it if you going on with leather jumpsuits and you didn't, because it was just people are getting up and drove by the time I would go on stage everybody just wanted out of the building and this is why I say Daddy for that was that was when that would that's one specials were really special right there was that many of them HBO is it like you never can plan stuff like that but I want to have it

► 01:03:32

this is going to change my life but you so crazy you can just feel it. You know like a Bernie Mac with ice skating motherfuker behind it it was as comic from DC and a Butch Burns but Brian was a DC Legend right he was a senior guy fall of us and DC Tony Woods and no Joe Recca you just sing you got So Def Jam nobody really knew it was going to be it was just a new show so Butch Burns have set and he didn't do well he bombed like chicken bones I'm not saying it's cuz it's black what is I'm just saying they was throwing bottles on the stage they boo the shit out of this dude Martin couldn't contain an audience Martin couldn't do anything it was

► 01:04:32

one of these you haven't seen around is so fucked up that can't anybody do anything only thing you're saying is I'm okay just let me go on so Butch Burns career was dead he's leaving going up backstage can you talk to Bernie Mac Bernie Mac said listen hold your head up he said the sun's not shining on you today but it shine on you again just hold your head up you'll be alright next one Deck with Bernie Mac with the audience that was uncontrollable Martin can do anything it was just like this right I ain't scared of you motherfukers came from that wasn't in his set it was a real motherfukin comic figure out what he's going to do in this moment

► 01:05:17

and eat your headed headed Kim hear this give me some vile

► 01:05:23

no GIF get in the beginning

► 01:05:31

Oktoberfest you you motherfukers a Bernie Mac before that he was dressed like a Steve Harvey suit on so he won the pill to you for a little more that's why you got to go see anything and he's backstage it's over this is a real committed the first line out the motherfuking box

► 01:06:03

I scared of you motherfukers

► 01:06:06

the motherfuking breath

► 01:06:09

I'm coming from the food and New York look good

► 01:06:26

oh yeah we got two other we're getting kicked off YouTube if we keep playing it

► 01:06:38


► 01:06:40

call Beth

► 01:06:44

CD motion of it it was like the guarantee the energy he wanted to have to rip was there but the story The Back Store in that moment going to be prepared for an excuse for everything go to motherfuker room and how's the crowd motherfucker fucked how are you

► 01:07:15

I thought it was a crowd wave know you were laying bro it ain't that job is our mother fucking job. I'm just saying it's no excuses not feel like the things you say about no excuses yet it's easy to make it it's cute but in the end of day it's an excuse have an explanation for failure with no excuse what do you mean we can talk about how you failed you failed don't have an excuse because I fucked up I came out I was flat I didn't concentrate. Yeah I know it was a fucked up and don't use it like I said this crowd so that's the wrong way to look at it at all because guess what we don't know what's going to happen bro we don't know that mother fucker in the front row is thinking about a funeral

► 01:08:15

you know kind of going back to the earlier and since we do we read people's Mind through their body you can tell you can watch so you can like she was so upset because I said that you can just look at my do you know you know the posture you know everything and then we feed off of that but who is going to be flattened so many of these motherfuckers I'm not going off but yeah yeah it's just frustrating when you see my phone is out here making excuses well it's not good for everybody that's around them that's also part of the problem see you when a guy like you is around me for you know a guy like Tony Hinchcliffe for people who are just going for who live in the comedy lights like you're writing it was right new material that's empowering I want to be around you I want to talk yeah yeah yeah

► 01:09:11

you know Mama's got a load that you do I did my Bob set and then waiting to just one joke don't work like and then a slide into their bomb as shit they bomb set don't have no bomb material to fuck right material Department Tomatoes I got the old tomato bit my Uncle Drew Tomatoes back that's why it's a ridiculous idea to have a set that you do in the audience is shity actually right is going to go that way it's like I'm a person that just loves doing it

► 01:10:04

love getting better I tell people all the time if you like any of the things that I've done weather was HBO's The Wire Chappelle Show on other stuff if you come see me do stand-up you'll become a complete fan like you said that's the one thing that we control we don't have we don't have the motherfuking get tested for it you don't sound like I have to fucking we don't have to pitch it and you know it's a good thing and they say fuck you anyway you can fuck with us with that just like the executive producer to producer with the line producer we everything and you can't do it it's us and a motherfuking Mike and at the end of the day no matter what success I feel so we get with this whatever level I mean your big ass shit you you hit it you know where this TV or or or or or or movies

► 01:11:03

nothing is going to ever be able to take away from you being a flat mother flat-footed motherfuker that can standing orders and you built your stand-up name enough with Troubles by the rest of your life you'll be the greater good living off of your name off of doing stand-up to but if you respect what it is that you have a relationship with those people you have to write to them if to work on your stuff you have to be diligent you have to beat you have to have an ethic about it but you don't want anybody off if you want them to see a picture of 500 people

► 01:11:48

498 motherfukers album destroy it is two months is not feeling me I need to get their undivided it's like I don't even hear the laughter of like you don't fucking like me don't let's talk about it it was the worst that Nick depalo rest of the audience is dying it's someone's giving in the stink eyes like what you have fucking problem you can't you just like that and it's like and you and you won't stop until that person doesn't have a problem with it or they leave yeah that's a weird thing that none of us got undivided attention you get committed to wanting everybody to love you became impossible to look at them their arms crossed cuz they need attention to that the same people that protest shit or it doesn't really necessarily make sense to spend so much time and effort thinking about these things

► 01:12:48

just because

► 01:12:54

last couple years, has been interested there's a lot of people that are fans of downtown. People that aren't fans of Donald Trump and I think it's heavy for you to be upset with anybody cuz they chose to vote for whoever they chose to vote for I think it's stupid shit but I will say this past election interested in the sense that a lot of people are upset black people upset last election when were upset gay people upset but white people were really upset

► 01:13:27

get white people brother Andrea

► 01:13:30

are white people did not protest they voted black people's like black lives matter white people say we'll see about that in the morning and whenever you hear someone says we'll see about in the morning it's going to be some change

► 01:13:45

it's going to be some change comedy

► 01:13:50

although, should be a place where people exercise anger or be angry

► 01:13:58

how so in what way

► 01:14:00


► 01:14:02

like being mad like when Donald Trump first got elected you know personally like it was very interesting and I seen a lot of comments they could just go up there black Trump and just you know you can find a way to say Fuck Donald Trump or anybody but it doesn't have to be filled with you don't say it doesn't have to be like fuck you like to do you say that people should be about how do you feel about

► 01:14:41

when politics make people angry it's pot it's contrary to what you're saying is great about Chappelle Show

► 01:14:50

set the comedy came without being angry but it made great points but even anybody on both sides could laugh at it yeah yeah the thing about Trump that's it's interesting it's like

► 01:15:03

the job shouldn't exist the job of President yes shouldn't exist it's a ridiculous idea to have 300 million people under the guidance of one that's insane and that one's that one wins in a popularity contest that's insane it's fucking saying it doesn't make sense it was it was great idea back when they were pilgrims who was a small colony and they just came over on a boat forget it forget about the rest so when you let a guy like that like try to be present don't hate you not to be happy not going to be happy but you could be happy if anybody went it's it's it's untenable look at them, Obama age like how many hours in 8 years

► 01:15:51

the first time you saw Ted Danson I'm not talk about you is it something about Trump before that that people enjoyed it was a lot of rap lyrics to he was like the old people would probably still be if he was a rapper or a different song popular people out the bottom they like that lifestyle but the thing was just the thing was because you thought

► 01:16:25

you knew a person you thought you knew him even when he got elected I think a lot of people thought they knew him they thought they knew him. A Playboy GIF ever put you thought you knew but then when you got to know him you started thinking maybe I didn't know when you got to see him as president even is an even as much as even out we got to let the people upset about it but I think a lot of people Somebody Loves You know what maybe

► 01:16:59

all that shit was just to get elected maybe that energy was get elected and if that was the case that he mastered it he mask how to connect with his base keep messing remastered how to get not everybody to fuk with you but just the right amount of people it was a popularity contest but is also do like this dude that got hit any figure that out what did I do I get some point Joe people would like

► 01:17:31


► 01:17:33

where is over now let's see who you really are and I think it's so many examples of when you felt like

► 01:17:41

he could have showed people example example that he's for everybody supposed you was just as base I think that's what good people make people frustrated he gives the impression that you know I only care about these people that elected me you one right but you have responsibilities to everybody and it just don't have that feeling even on my social media I don't go hard I keep it kind of neutral but I said something and somebody said well the last time I checked on him the economy was doing well and I said you can't confuse the economy with humanity and that's the thing and that's what that's what people don't feel good about you can't out all the numbers you can talk all the numbers you want black unemployment numbers all the numbers but how do people feel you know I'm saying then that represent that don't feel don't they don't feel represented don't they don't feel like I can

► 01:18:41

either way bro democrat-republican I make enough money where a lot of the views of Republicans by Joe that's right up my ass and I'm saying how you got that right eye twitches before but it's same time and it may not sound right to block people but it's the human factor of it you know I'm saying like you want to feel good you want if you want so many people don't know the economy is doing well cuz they don't feel good and I'm saying you want to celebrate you want to chill you want to feel good about it and I don't think anything

► 01:19:23

I believe

► 01:19:25

when Obama ran by his campaign was changed Donald Trump make America great again either one of them could have Randolph each other's campaign slogan do you know after Bush Obama could have said make America great again and it was electrified the bass the same as change true they said the same fucking thing that would be the one thing that count

► 01:19:53

insulting or get people upset is like you keep pushing in there to make America great again make America great again you keep pushing it as if America was so fucked up before you took office and that's not the case like when Obama took it from Bush

► 01:20:14

he was making America great again you talk about a shitshow

► 01:20:18

anything that people live where have you took it respected or not it was never nothing Lacewood and it was never it wasn't no yo you see this mess bush left me it was never like this motherfucker it was never no mention to see a new movie about Bush descent I didn't see that what's it called Jimmy is it out

► 01:20:40

invite the one with ice Vice Dick Cheney and George Bush did the thing about Bush and Cheney is like that movie kind of makes it seem like Cheney with the guy pulling the strings and Bush was like simple happy-go-lucky guy who just roped into being president because he was the son of a president I think about you I think about Halliburton I think about all the the rebuilding of the places that we blew up because

► 01:21:31

if I had I know it may sound crazy if I had to have a pic of who I would have wanted to be the Republican candidate it was on the Republican side was on I like Jeb Bush I didn't really get to know him at all that's it there was something that

► 01:21:49

I don't know I don't know too much but I just

► 01:21:52

I just thought that

► 01:21:54

that leaves like a kind of like mama's boy I think he probably out of all the kids are probably think that he probably was the one that thought a little outside of what their normal has a successful businessman Latino check if I'm not mistaken

► 01:22:16

I was just nicknames to let you wander lay down yeah yeah yeah lion lion cage

► 01:22:35

yeah rap artist ya know it was a smart thing you did it no one's ever done before a lot of things and even like when Obama got elected Obama elected was fucking on Facebook and $5 contributions $5 donations he was if you were he was when when when when an Obama's running that he was the first person to use Facebook the way you did really have so many every goddamn day it was Obama asked but he wouldn't ask for like Millions he would just like like a dude in the hood let me hold 5

► 01:23:13

like I would get an email hey this is Barack Obama yo let me hold $10 right and I got and I was like yeah go to the dollar store and then a week later he asked for fucking $20 and then you ask for 10 again and then it got so bad that Michelle was send me an email but he just he nickeled and dimed America and that's what support his campaign and the fact that he was right at the top of a of a of a form of media that you could use to your advantage he was the Facebook guy he Reach people to Facebook Donald Trump do the same thing to Twitter can reach people eat so much why does he treat so much everyday cuz he knows motherfukers would rather pick up a phone and Retreat to read a newspaper headlines way more people reading tweets versus newspapers right I'll be stunned I give you can get to see the exact engagement and a good article in the New York Times

► 01:24:13

front page versus one of Donald Trump's tweets Kanye West could just say grapefruit juice and fuck up all the media the next day or what's the temperature out there like a lot of people people have mixed feelings about it little stressed out right now because of his Trump thing but she know what I don't know how much of the attitude is two things one Obama called a jackass and then Obama

► 01:25:13

I'll let him talk with that said like when I do white clothes black clubs whatever all type of Club but the thing is

► 01:25:28

first of Kanye West has a voice

► 01:25:32

not too many as much as black people or Tylenol we don't have too many voices that everybody is waiting to hear whether whatever comes out he has a voice I believe they Kanye West is trying to say something I just don't know what the fuck is trying to say because I'm not fluent in easy

► 01:25:51

I barely know Swahili I can do Swahili are Yeezy and I think he's trying to say something but if there was some type of interpreter it like this will be a dope ever Chappelle Show is right now that would be hilarious videos of you know what I think and this is only talked to him once the phone but but I think from studying them to pay attention cuz we're supposed to eventually do a podcast one day is I think he's thinks he does he connects. Different and that's one of the reasons why he's so prolific with music that's what I don't know how to get it out it's like this speaker hello but I've been thinking about the surround

► 01:26:47

fuck you can sell them all you want but what you said you liked my father it didn't like it was sent back like could you please explain that so we think this was funny to me. Speaking to me like when I was younger I thought you three hit me with a riffic in the shootout a drive-by and this was fuck me up bro he said yeah when I was younger my parents

► 01:27:29

separated at a young age first off you have parents you already winning mother fuc up none of my niggas have Parents separate

► 01:27:53

you up to for you to get too and they separated in mom move down the street you still got to see your fucking father

► 01:28:03

so that was a little troubling but the whole thing is I'm pretty sure at some point

► 01:28:11

Kanye West will be able to speak a language that everybody can understand until then it's only a handful of people to speak and understand it and also right but here's my problem with all this and I've been thinking about this a lot they want to medicate him right look how effective he is

► 01:28:33

stop to stop and think about culturally effective and turns of the music that he makes a people love is an invoice clothes okay he's married his wife how long to his wife makes hundreds of millions of dollars they're insanely wealthy insanely successful if you want to talk about overall success there together they have children's they're super wealthy he produces incredible art that's loved worldwide and they want to medicate them to stop and think about how effective but I want to meditate what they want to medicate him to operate at what level does zactly think about how effective he is and yet they want us to occasionally off

► 01:29:13

what is off medication he said himself he's his most creative stop and think about how creative he's been how successful is how well-received happy and all these other elements in his life

► 01:29:26

but yet they want him to act the way they want him to act and if he wanted to take the head off

► 01:29:37

he wasn't mad cuz he would have had it was bad cuz it wasn't a fitted for a new era if that was a new era they would have been more accepting of it it's red and white now that that's a problem anything was red with white letters show me will punch you know I'm telling you it's like when I see is so funny that whenever I see a red like I mean but I didn't show up state New York came up to me at the show and he didn't have what look like I make America great again hat she had a make America great again it and it look like he had the original you know how

► 01:30:13

you are you going to Boston fare to you are you only going to say this month I had to had on this ship and the show he was one of the dudes that was continued to laugh in the most you know and I went up to him and I get a picture with you and I took the picture was a video I was like yeah motherfuker y'all see his hat he started laughing and we had a good moment

► 01:30:46

it wasn't no I wasn't angry him I'm not going to let

► 01:30:52


► 01:30:54

It's hard to get away from it but I think what Kanye with the hat he likes idea of how it gets people flustered

► 01:31:05

is it going to be in a lot of pain specialist when a guy had that the hat on and I was talking to I heard and decided like this all he's triggered then I wasn't I wasn't trying about it but I was trick is how you make me feel with that hot.. You know you can come at me with the hat on with some fucked-up energy and I can feel it but the energy gave me was like I know this may sound crazy was like yo you'll funny motherfuker with the hat on your leg okay I didn't give a fuck cuz I couldn't let him

► 01:31:51

I couldn't let him make me feel like if that's what is the tip was he's going to be fun, so I couldn't do it seemed like he was trying to make you feel that's what it was but if I could laugh like a motherfuker

► 01:32:09

so at a comedy club that's all you can ask for it so you can want since all you want yeah that's all you can want I love it man it's like at the end of the day you got good people and you got bad people and it's cool

► 01:32:29

do you choose to be out of the best and if we all could get along if my phone is just remove the hate we can get along the three of us in this room have no problems so when we people expand out what goes wrong I quit something goes wrong when you get to like three million what is it and most people to be fine together most people the vast majority it's when you get two large numbers it gets fucked up and gets fucked up it's almost like people are supposed to live in small towns in it with a bunch of cool small towns bunch of assholes would suck how about if we lived in a small town with all comedians

► 01:33:29

I meant I would be a grandfather is EXO 100% what do you do in small towns you. I can give him a small town of community filled with comedians will be a lot of murders actually kill each other man I can't even like I can't even sits on your knees I can be around at one time cuz didn't start getting you know what is Mufflers Jackin for the best joke but there's something lay back in her laughers in the substance is a good sniper games sniper they got their breathing pattern right they know when you pull a trigger supposed to shock you every opposed to cite you every time they don't throw any loose bombs yeah that's a good way to as a very sweet but no.

► 01:34:27

we really are we in in 4 years and I was kind of girl came to gateshead some big titties and I decided that I needed to pull her out but I was the worst fucking cock and I had to get out of military cuz I used to hear this phrase all the time has your blatant disregard for establish military policy shows a lack of military bearing and integrity Air Force for years. Station in kunsan Korea

► 01:35:06

Station bowling and u i c o r c o new not so well for years military 3 years 2 years in in Korea 2 years of Bon Air Force Base not got out and just randomly went to a comedy club became a heckler

► 01:35:27

I was asshole how do you spell discount Club every Wednesday the fuck with the comedian's where was it, connection the Greenbelt it was like the black comedy club in DC this was a time of when Martin Lawrence is on 5 Def Jam things popping in and they had on black, cuz it'll be it'll be a pizza shop they'll just turn okay now and it's a comedy club Monique had a club that she made turn from the restaurant to a comedy club just because she got more business on the weekend as a kind of Cooking restaurant and it took it out and I used to go Heckler comedian and I was such a good Heckler that people used to come to the show to hear me Uncle tell me to do it like it was a tassel do going to be here tonight and I was made the club owner Debbie to go downstairs cuz they want to shut me up. I was so cocky after 4 weeks of heckling I tried to make a deal with the club on increase business by 30%

► 01:36:27

we didn't start working on the door. He looking at what the fuck are you talk about anybody asked me to go on stage and I went onstage and the first time I went on the ship and I knew that I was going to be doing anything else with my life for doing it I just knew it it was just like how did feel if a great team member I remember these pictures in your mind I remember because I talk so much shit to this point and think about it but it was about people that came they saw me they would like think like when you can call it you should know they were like you should try this is the first time I went out people are excited about it didn't know what to expect and I wrote all his children when I got I got 30 minutes open mic is like 30 people and I would be like 10 on the list and it will keep bumping mean I thought they were just

► 01:37:27

Tennessee me to headline a spot but happy pup came to see me so they will stay there and at first time I went on and all these jokes and playing I was going to do and what all states are you a complete blank I don't remember shit and then I went with a new best I start fuck when somebody orders I got a laugh and then I get my material and I don't know what the light was they gave me the light and I was like I got to go just make that your last joke and I got off of Broadway and Berwyn. Seuss when he doesn't know his new was his first time he don't know what they like me he'll be like you'll be back and I was there almost every Wednesday for 8 months and then I moved to New York at 6 months why would you go first

► 01:38:22

Club has four live either one Brooklyn Brooklyn from DC to like mainstream white clothes I was doing still to get over this shit and lot of times I couldn't get spot so I would go to a I will go to the Poetry open mics cuz that she has to be so dull

► 01:38:47

the water was Shifting The Wave waved and I would like to buy one brake for the ship right and then I will go to Chuck's when I couldn't do, cuz I will do that so I started making a name for myself and never looked back he was dumped me I cancel a great place to get your chops up what year do you enter New York it had to be probably like 95 by like 9:30 moved I've gone I left a 94 to come to La when you get out of here I got out here like seven years ago maybe eight years ago and it was because my message was different because I wasn't getting a lot of road work and I was I will fuck them niggas our road work I might as well try to get more film and television stuff to move out to LA and then when I moved out here I am started getting more personal. So basically I moved to LA and became a role comic

► 01:39:43

and I wasn't mad at it because after you doing it for a while you just want to wear the fucking I can make money doing this shit you don't say that miss the road is the road you're not mean if it's Hollywood in Hollywood but who was going to pay me some money and it was a rolling until now like I do 40 weekends a year but with me having a a young kid now I'm trying to focus more film and television and get some more stable chair cuz I'm getting a little you know it's getting burnt hate to say this to many times should have a podcast

► 01:40:18

I've heard that I started a thousand podcast I need to start yours and I miss I used to do radio I did ready I did Hot 97 but I would love to do a punch your natural you could have the number one podcast and Country no bulshit 100% this will be easy you just need someone to make you an account just up because shit you get uploaded literally from your iPhone or whatever phone you use see you put a little microphone in the bottom of it

► 01:40:53

the reason why because I always want to talk I'm sure I get it but you know those people for me for sure how does one of the early adopters I'd say early adopter but is already established Madame Curie had one I think he's that he invent the name podcast and then Adam Carolla went from Radio to podcast and that's when I was like a radio personality age of The Man Show and I think he did radio during the same time did Loveline yeah during the same time and then after that he had a big-time syndicated morning radio show and then when he left his radio show on went to podcasts he got this professional studio built and everything I went to visit him and I said and I never walked around the place

► 01:41:53

another word from here from London what are the people that

► 01:42:08

what is a profession Taxidermy but that's only when they put like the fake when they shared over the fake eyeballs and shows that you are that's an actual real skull that's what they call a European mount when they just have the the skull in the antlers that's where I get my food from cooking elk roast tonight when I get out of here in this from him but I'm not that I ate that one single song

► 01:42:42

Elkton like you change that I think you gave sad he try to do the fucking 5 Dollar footlongs with Smollett ever know because he think he's going to was he how does he feed himself because he's still

► 01:43:16

going to have a base

► 01:43:19

the base is going to have is like

► 01:43:22

motherfukers be like to talk about it did the same thing that's not a good group of people you said it's not the might not be a good group of people the way you said it before him it's a group of people right it's going to be still some people that want to hear his side of the story everybody's not everybody's not like just met some of them with some people that just going to do you know like I refuse to believe it but will he still denying it he's saying they're lying I don't know maybe I'll know it doesn't look good I don't know don't do this was in the dollar now and I think something else was going on bro I think something for something else could be. Just thank you guys

► 01:44:22

it's just it's so fucked up bro because

► 01:44:25

you have

► 01:44:27

like it's so fucked live up my older brother is gay

► 01:44:32

and like with that situation it kind of run home to me cuz that when it first was put out by this I wish the fuck somebody would try to violate my brother a disrespect my brother I know how it all ends I'll be ready to go so I had that that's what's so funny about that so many people there was riding for him for different reasons man and it's like really selfish for you to not give a fuck about how you going to hurt people and I didn't realize how bad it we go wrong maybe not mad at you trying to do trying to trigger motherfuker

► 01:45:18

he said that I ain't no Killa but don't push me revenge is like the sweetest Joy next to getting what he didn't say the pussy that's hilarious he said that he was that sort of sport back

► 01:45:33

I'm the K2 but he already had his hashtag pipe what the white website

► 01:45:38

Trace that I don't know. I don't want to stop this podcast but I got to pee so bad I did to podcasts in a row so talk to Jamie for Just 2 minutes. I'll be right back I'm mad at you son

► 01:45:56

I'll text you later it there

► 01:46:02

so just know you when you know your La is such as is this an indica or sativa there is an extra spicy next to there's a little extra I like I think it's called butter wax what yeah it's a little bit if you can't really tell it to be honest with you

► 01:46:19

that's not white boys set you up

► 01:46:27

how many people still come up to you about the wire I know they obviously Chappelle show butt instant intellects a song as I get cocky like I knew you once upon a couple other things but you know I really love from the one that was a dope experience did you ever watch HBO's the corner I started I started think I got I feel like I was six episodes and I watched you were offended why you definitely feeling the corner because I'm so many of the actors came back to get the water content like that so I went back and try to watch it but I just actually enjoyed watching The Wire more I like the show and I was supposed to my character was supposed to build up more but

► 01:47:21

the Baltimore tourism board was upset that every time someone goes to the Baltimore he depicted as it a drug-infested pretty much what it is so that's why he went from the if you noticed the shift in the writing I went from the towers to the docks like how to fry them get your stuff that's cuz they didn't just want to be in the hood like that but David Simon he was he was like you I like to you know what you did so they brought me back for the last 4 the last season I tried to get Joe to watch it but it's it's like this 10 years old now so it's right back into an old show it's so good-looking short shpo the writers get vindictively do nasty shit to the characters like the last season of Oz it was dudes getting raped on odds of winning on a house there was like dude I want Nickelodeon I'm just trying to get to

► 01:48:21

bathroom man but they was right sorry I didn't get back the last season and it was fun

► 01:48:26

I got it I know I got to settle down and then choose it for a run yeah I just got to watch it cuz it's so good his character comes up at that like the best time and his daughter spoiler alert it but like the follow the money starts with him and that's about as far as that goes you know that would have been like if they didn't switch to tone if they would have kept it in the tower my ship was because I was the connection between two streets and politics I know I could have blown a Carrot Top and when I first got busted when I was in the room I was trying to rob the Mansion it will take you to dinner she said what's your name my name is Dede my name is David but they mostly call me Damien right and then he said my name is Daniel if he mostly called me lieutenant and it's not that I'd already said hello Rob the whole trip cuz I thought he was driving with me and that parents should have been off by then but

► 01:49:26

it was a good opportunity there's another cool platform it was two shows got to go down and television history the wire I believe you about the wire I mean everybody says it I just had never settle down and watched it but for sure the Chappelle show is the greatest catch, it's it's what number one and number two who is like that It In Living Color and you can pick your spot to put in the pain when you grew up and what it meant to you cuz for a lot of people In Living Color to cuz it was on Fox you didn't have to have cable to get it

► 01:50:01

it was on Foxon have to have cable to Justin. Fox no box dancers dancers still suspended drivers Jennifer Lopez had that fucking Vision man he had that Vision who's like I got season 3 comedian hope that they work every year they will come around said they looking for new people live in color and every city was like just busting doors down and try to get audition

► 01:50:47

I remember watching for the first time I was in a pool hall in like Yonkers New York and I looked up at the screen me and a buddy my my friend John Tobin we're playing pool and we're watching a show I was like what in the fuck are they and what do with no lips and Fire Marshall Bill came out was gonna start laughing clown video hilarious it was groundbreaking it was Wanda

► 01:51:29

wow this is my date did you do anything that we talked about it before he's got that weird he's got that weird ability to do anything like when Mike Tyson was talking about Jamie playing him you know he was apparently is a good guy anytime I've ran into each time I talk to him he's always been a really cool to a good dude man is very friendly last time I was at a gas station he's got some crazy fucking truck some weird thing is like what is that I never saw it before I don't know what it is

► 01:52:29

custom made weird fucking truck looks like something from the future

► 01:52:41

she never has more stand up again I heard he's doing more stand up but you know how do you clean to do to probably to get that level as an international Superstar to still have the passion to do stand-up you got to want it you don't want to do it for some strange reason years and you know I still got a motherfuker you know who did who did you see that thing it was about maybe a year or so ago right with Bill Cosby was In the Heat of Oz trouble where Eddie Murphy did some stand-up on a dais like in front of a platform at the Kennedy Center it was some type of cultural show I can't remember exactly name of it but I remember I think they was a part of that to that was a big deal but the wood got me was how good he was like God damn he's good even though he's not using the

► 01:53:41

platform know he sits around

► 01:53:45

or is like oh shit that would be fun of course you know I mean he had this whole routine about them taking Bill Cosby's doctorate degree away from them here this whole bit about it when I'm doing a Bill Cosby impression why to admit I'm telling me that it just timing was that wasn't so good to see him. That's what I'm thinking his is it was so powerful I was like God damn we missed out on Year's Eve this year that you like what we talked about his like probably close to being a grandpa keep playing little bit me a little bit

► 01:54:22

okay skin a bunch of music that are ghosts

► 01:54:26

bill has one of these he says they don't make Bill give his Bat

► 01:54:32

you know your dude I'm telling you when you watch him do this this routine you go oh my God he's still got it it's like a motherfuking Murphy I know but he hasn't done any stand-up in forever and it was like he's been doing it every day

► 01:54:53

I like certain people just Naturals bro but it's so sad that he hasn't been doing it man when you stop and think go from bra you know Delirious too raw to nothing for all these years and he might be if he's not nothing I wouldn't say nothing international movie star you know but not you ain't for sure I'm going for his terms of his stand-up movie star but he could have been one of the greatest of all time if he isn't already how many is already gives you have a top-10 you got to kind of put Eddie Murphy in there so you could be number one yeah. We just kept doing it but he's he made his money it would just be interested but he made his Mark nobody was fucking doing it like we got big names and stuff now but Eddie Murphy was just like everybody was talking about him like you're supposed to drop the next day everybody was quoting lines coming I was watching my friend Jimmy and with a bunch of his friends

► 01:55:53

and we were probably like 18 or something like that like maybe Delirious sitting back of the couch going that was incredible a couple of them and then whoever that person was you you knew you were going to see them on TV or somewhere for the next two years easy dude I found out about Kennison from a girl that work the front desk at a health club that worked at work at this Nautilus Plus I worked in this Nautilus Plus in Revere was a Revere Massachusetts like this fitness place now that was not a response that was that was a fucking God damn Boston Athletic Club in South Boston that's what it was but anyway this girl work the front desk has comedian last night

► 01:56:53

comedian he did this joke about gay people fucking dead people about gay people fucking sorts of the weekend is sunset in a shoe store Mountain Way. Got it on VHS after that to watch it but she was lying on her stomach in the parking lot to pretend to be a dead body because what happened was he's homosexual neck he's homosexual necrophiliacs we're paying money did it have a little bit of time undisturbed the freshest male corpse so kinison's last time on stage and he's going imagine that disturbs you can imagine he's always lying down on stage he's like I can't believe this I guess I'm going to go to heaven now and be with Jesus and

► 01:57:53

what is this feels like so much fun. Your dad would never end

► 01:58:03

some watching this girl was like this volleyball players big girl dresses and she's got her body down on the ground and she's yelling out even after your dad and never end and I was laughing so hard at what she was saying I went out and got the VHS tape did it be just that did you did you did you like it is a different kind of compound is really loud but then he was loud but he was saying she just like that bit you know how your brain has a bit even thinking that shit he shared something with Roseanne Barr brain injury personality change in brain injury both of them same thing I mean don't hit your kid with a card hope they turn out to be a comedian

► 01:59:03

for nine months you know and would Kinison they said there was an Abrupt change between who he was until it became he got hit by that car and then from then on he was a wild Reckless don't give a fuck guy in renting raging preacher but it turned out the house I showed on her spin-off is doing good I don't think it's doing that good I think it's dropping off Roseanne is in my opinion like having a person with a broken leg and expecting them to keep up on a hike she's got a break she got brain issues she's heavily medicated and you know adderal and marijuana and all these different things there's a lot of shit that's fucking with her head you know and they the kind of knew that when they're making that show I really think they did I really think they knew that

► 01:59:57

but they roll the dice but it's also one of those things were like there's lovable Parts about that show because of the fact that she's kind of loony you know and she's self-admittedly Looney and self-admittedly dedicated the most interesting person is a train wreck you think you could probably do better or smarter than I would like one successful people have a giant major flaw like a brain injury with me some ramble about shit shit like injecting for Kinison like Kinison was at he was a groundbreaking comedian like when I remember seeing him and obviously I was only like 18 or 19 is a time but I've never seen him being like I didn't even know that this was comedy I didn't know you could do that was a totally give a shit

► 02:00:57

I would call up you have a phone and me to ask some guy in the audience if your heart was over broken by a girl and the guy just like god dammit Jimmy this pictures number

► 02:01:20

it would scream at the saying they had her over speakers like what what the fuck man I would love to see that man I saw that working I was working as a security guard at Great Woods Center for the Performing Arts I got to see it while it would I pay for it there once then I got to see him live three times all my God thing about him the Beret in the fucking child molester

► 02:02:20

then after that he he opened up a door for something that people loved the loved there's something about him that was like you knew that he was like genetically fucked you know it wasn't it wasn't a good specimen of manhood but he was angry and smart and confident and fucking for roaches and we talked about all that you making I was a part of the fact that it was physically vulnerable was part of the what would what made him funny if you would just

► 02:02:49

off the chain with the five things about he had some hilarious bit about being married about the devil coming up to when you're married or even married he's a very scary for you twice you can't even try what is Jose about doing his voice now you can't I and you kind of do Shyne Po Boys even your little bit like all right calm down Sam Kinison exactly

► 02:03:31

that was just that he had some he had some groundbreaking shit where you you watch it you it wasn't like you were on a ride like all the sudden there was this new thing going on what's this Saturday Night Live no I don't think so he would have they banned him from a lot of things by the time you got to a certain stage in his comedy career it was certain subjects and it was ruthless

► 02:04:08

and there was certain bits like that with people like cot it would be like County police everywhere I mean so much of his bits were Punchy down it was an argument that I got in with a guy who wrote a book on Comedy and he was telling me that, he always has to punch up I said no it doesn't that's crazy I go Sam Kinison who are the greatest hits of all time to the greatest hits of all-time one was a dude who's getting fucked in the ass after he was nominated in Maine that one of all times and then the other one was the bit about watching someone or this one burnt a loss of Asher

► 02:05:02

and the other one was a bit about us watching a commercial at 2 will you please donate money to feed the starving children in Africa and he sang it just occurred to us you know like that wouldn't be world hunger if you people would move or not so good an observation and he's like he goes like we got deserts in America to do is send your kids just want to take you with us funny you were crying it was the most ruthless and wrong thing that anybody could ever say you're talking

► 02:06:02

Starving Children and it was you can make it all work and then I probably killed it at the end with a bun it was unbelievably funny and it was one of the most punchdown things you could ever do he's making fun of starving babies I think it could be you can make fun of anything I just know that we have to know two things one is not really happening the way you're saying it cuz you just joking and it's comedy new song and I don't think it's a joke could be too soon but it never could be too soon for funny observation

► 02:06:45

the observation that we say we can go we can go to a fucking funeral

► 02:06:51

being a mother phone inside laughing like crazy I'll see you in heaven when you go to heaven assuming that everybody can go to heaven when the when the best lines when the best one-liners I ever heard was from Dave Foley I was on news radio with Dave Foley and after Phil Hartman the got murdered by his wife and then commit suicide he was up for an Emmy and so we all went to know and we all put on suits and Chin went to the Emmys and he did with the with the dude from Frasier one and day for returns to look at us to goes what the fuck's you have to do to win

► 02:07:37

things in the moment are murdered friend just lost if it had me what the fuck does he have to do to win and me and Steven Rood were falling down in our chairs will I know you didn't just fucking funny his know there's no too soon this is not funny not always it's going to be too late because that's exactly exactly I think about it that's when he has to go down I just want to have this bit about that dude who is a visiting that uncontacted tribe and trying to convert mm to Jesus and they shot him up with arrows I made fun of it that day

► 02:08:37

anybody have a good visit uncontacted tribe Bibles y'all time feel that I feel that way sometimes man is like fucking I'm going for it sometimes you just have to jump on something man if it doesn't make my stomach Rumble a little bit a little uncomfortable it's like it's funny but it's not like you know it's not your gut funny I want my gut to be happy you don't want one thing that I think we should really say is we should really thank all the real Comedy Club fans that are still coming out and one of them's it would not getting what guys like you and me perform wild people wishing for more for the, can a lot of pushback man we're getting a lot of good crowds man it is love is craft and they want to do was break route they want to hear that fucking voice mail want to hear that crazy shit

► 02:09:37

like with me like I was just weird because I got to do show I'll do like an improv saying and clearing some shit it did not have a sold-out show and I'm still a little Theatre unless I'm with a group of people, how many people follow me on social media and it's like a 500lb like for people and I'm my wildest fucked up but the thing is the show is still sold out you know so it's not followers I really believe I have real fans you know like people that whether it's Instagram doesn't have to be to put a notice do they want to see him and also the best should the crowd it comes out to see you for sure 100% go up like at a night at The Comedy Store when you know it's going to be a million, casinos will be rain in stage you know you got it and it's another thing

► 02:10:33

can you perform me but it's another thing knowing when the people that are there are there just to see you it is it is it is a great responsibility to write yeah but you married to it when it's when it's like your only option for the most part that's all I do now you know so it's good yeah but it's control your own destiny man I just think the only thing you're missing is the podcast I think you'll be a podcast with gigantic I think I'm going to do it I will be talking to him but I said where you going to be doing Joe Rogan's podcast on when you go to yours you need to do one like you're so good at this

► 02:11:19

let's set it up Jamie I like it I like it that's it that's the name lock it up someone by two. Com don't be a dick don't be a dick and give it to donelle PayPal account Uncle PayPal. You can't say they will

► 02:11:56

you can't say PayPal you're not catch up but I said it just like send Uncle Joe's coming over guys now PayPal account yeah but is that the cruise ship cash out the cool thing to do that this year you should do it tomorrow you should literally do it tomorrow you're really mad at me for real you're really good at it be great I'll be honored to help I want to do it let's do it I want everybody to do one of the podcast but I got lucky I got in early but I love podcast. I would love to listen to yours

► 02:12:56

is in one hundred percent be gigantic I guarantee your podcast to be like number one in iTunes within a couple of months 100%. How can I get rid of you tell me when you doing it I'll put it on Instagram for you Jamie help you find a way to set it up just get you either with a microphone in a friend or you know another comedian whatever engage with other people or can you do it or we should fear does some of the best shit he ever does on his own already has he's like long introductions heel of a podcast is 2 hours what is Introduction as an hour and it's just already talking shit and some of my favorite stuff that he does by himself to buy themselves

► 02:13:56

I mean if you could probably be just as funny by yourself but you're really you're a funny dude interact with you no like I think you and another person would be great

► 02:14:05

and you know you could just have a friend that's also a comedian the to you to start you don't have to have guests you can just be talking shit about things that are going on the news or talking shit about life or talking shit about you know any pick a subject you could have qu in age from the crowd they could ask you questions through email and you can round up those questions let me help you all right you can wear in each other thank you I don't know what I don't even know what to say about that but it does look like a little light skin me that's hilarious I got way more Neanderthal 50 / 7% more Neanderthal in the average person the fucker that's not as hard as it seems it was a rifle

► 02:14:58

but you still got to focus you got a phone. For rifle do but for bow and arrow that's when you really have to focus but it's just wooden bats but it's on its way to get me to know I think like it's not what you know what the heck does an honest way to earn your jokes is on his way to do stand-up is on his way to get meat I don't think everybody should do it you shouldn't have to should not see a lot of people wouldn't if you tell the average person all right you want chicken

► 02:15:32

and just show him like six hens alive and was like you and chicken there you go

► 02:15:43

do whatever I do too but that's just how we're being raised it's a denial issue it's not a reality issue cuz they're the realities are still eating animals like crazy the denial is no one's killing them is like a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny so because someone doing your dirty work you don't think it's dirty but everybody is cold out there this conversation will turn them over to accept veganism is because there's a lot of really good points with a Billick the biggest point is less animal cruelty you don't see animals suffer I don't want to see animals suffer

► 02:16:30

push that side of it as much as the

► 02:16:37

dietary habits of it is Chariton this but you don't hear about know it's more about the animals you know what it really is his two things it's it really is all about the animals for a lot of them and they're really right that it's better than the standard American diet that eating vegan food and healthy vegetable food all the time as long as you do it correctly is way better than standard American diet it's also like fish is good for you just a piece of salmon good for you wild salmon that shit's really good for each other is good for you it is good for you as I do that's not good for you is kind of crazy like meat is good for you the real problem is sugar and bullshit and you guys got that that's all they just get overzealous and then when people have an idea of something that they're doing that they think everybody should do then they start telling everybody they should do it

► 02:17:37

do when I was a little kid

► 02:17:41

straws in a turtle ship oh yeah yeah it was like one motherfucker turtle

► 02:17:52

I understand it reaching out but now you can't fuck with plastic straws there was someone I retweeted there post I wish I could remember who the fuck said it but they were laughing about how you can't buy straws but it's Starbucks I still have those plastic Lids but somebody started it and motherfukers a fucking running with what you know they can make hemp plastic that's biodegradable they don't have to use the same stupid plastic that's made out of oil how to shut the lamp most likely it's really really natural cannabis but it's like you know now business people always handing us but it was like it was like just little Nubs of each Strand and then it had word from

► 02:18:52

the comic store and then the first time I saw something that made you look by okay this is the direction like everybody's going to be involved is over here brought me a war case that war chest over there with that championship belt on the top of it that war chest at the bottom that's all Weed Man Jesus Christ LEDs

► 02:19:32

I got this box from Mike Tyson Jose walking over to the Box

► 02:19:45

no microphone

► 02:19:51

sorry folks. I don't want to leave you hanging lazy jamming but

► 02:20:00

I think today's the birth of a new podcast seminar, beautiful beautiful PayPal them like regular white people

► 02:20:14

how do I use the cash app I'll sign up tomorrow I use the code word Rogan I get V bucks

► 02:20:23

that's hilarious just grabs it whatever you want man that's the whole deal with that box that's the box of Doom

► 02:20:34

shout out to Gino from LA Speed Weed for hooking that up

► 02:20:38

if you're in the middle of nowhere or you're in one of those States is still clinging to Prohibition you don't understand and I know you have it off

► 02:20:53

yo get you a bag if you want you want a bag

► 02:21:01

this place is that we get arrested for all this and here in California drops the future of California is 100% legal and illegal these other states their future they need to catch up you need to pass some laws we're living in the future we're living in the legal weed future

► 02:21:25

are you a snob when you go back to the West Coast I mean when you go back to people like I got weed and you'll be like this what Strand and they're like the fuck you mean was dragged out some loud I got some fire I got some gas

► 02:21:44

but this is dope yeah it sucks but you can't underestimate weed in some places one-time Arie and Joey Diaz and I we got cocky we were doing a show in Philly and they gave us some weed like it's Philly weed man I was going to be like it like low grade weed because it's in Philadelphia but the guy got a hold of some OG Kush strains from like 2001 and brought it back to Philly we were crippled we would have to find the best shit you know we can be that good I would have backed off this is going to be the next Gangstaz State Oregon

► 02:22:36

don't get the right ring you know Oregon know it's got to be like silly something that you can say really quick

► 02:22:45

yeah it sucks but this it's hard to find bad weed today weeds everywhere now give you bad yeah I just know this, club Downing and she said yes some shit we but here you go and I said what are you giving it to me for she was like you wanted to leave I was like why would I want some shit weed she got mad at me as if I was ungrateful

► 02:23:23

I want to say bitching you smokes why would I want to smoke some weed that you just told me was garbage just to say thank you fuck that you can keep that

► 02:23:39

it makes sense to keep it right yes damages child-proof I look like a crackhead smoking some of those hard to get off and I swear they're not stuff does this three different ones to different colors find what you liked this weekend to go grab one of those few of them three or four of them to regulate it there good once you figure out what it is what it is

► 02:24:28

no it's just a USB to USB port screws into the bottom of the base of the battery do I got to get a shot that's a weird thing USB thing that thing right there does it work with that check sometimes you press

► 02:25:03

turn off Ellie's. This looks so cool man

► 02:25:10

yeah it is cool yeah but in La we get it delivered folks so used to all these people out there Aspire aspire to inspire keep moving in California can you mail weed no but you can fly with it they will let you fly when you're third person or third person say how easy it is that's what the problem was somebody in Boston told me that shitt yeah you win in Delaware that put you in a hole

► 02:25:52

Jordan what the fuck did it's like you can't do it now it's still stupid in like a bunch of States it's only legal in what nine states now

► 02:26:00

I think it's legal in nine states and maybe a few more medically how many all tolls legality rest recreational but it's Nevada to so it's Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada California Oregon Washington Colorado that's 5 PC yep I think make check on that I think we were there but they might not have their stores open yet to see what Massachusetts has I want a pretty sure Massachusetts recreational come on man we're grown adults 20s pouch

► 02:26:58

loud loud Channel too loud loud and clear I love those little things yeah they give you a you know that's a good dose before you go onstage just a little just a little pick-me-up

► 02:27:15

yep what is your pre-show ritual do you have one

► 02:27:19

no no I I like to have like like you said two Puffs of weed to pass little bit of house or deep trying to let you know Dave got me back on Blunt's first place where I first walked out by JoJo slow down man we get it

► 02:27:42

that's how we used most of time now Charlie Murphy got me on the first time and then I was like this is an interesting experience to be high and then nicotine High the same time the two what two two of them together are unique so different feeling and then I didn't do it again for a long time until I smoked with Dave and John Mayer. What we're both of smoking that stuff he's a very nice guy

► 02:28:14

these Vapor shit that look like squirt off squirt out a smells smells and shit I like aromatherapy

► 02:28:25

you can tell when you got is aromatherapy thing isn't like you just do it like this right and then he'll just come by your place so how's everything right give me what are the motherfuking given my wand like it was like Labrador something

► 02:28:46

it was a crazy colored crazy what he was like just come to the door like this what's that smell that you got to be careful what you really equals hippies it doesn't matter is it a patchouli oil it's like a type of oil that like people wearing a lot of hipsters were wearing right isn't is it a hipster thing or a hippie just a stinky oil people put on especially around cuz I'll be here in here Magical elements this pretty good match the elements John Mayer trying to do with this aromatherapy wand is waving around every word she has to be considerate you know what he was when he has and he's like a different person

► 02:29:41

I mean it's like he flight like is powerful and he brings about people have been drinking so then you got to mix the smell of fucking rum his goddamn lavender machine and he only has one machine so once he gets you addicted to it you got to chase him and he's a little too handsome I don't care about that part I just don't want him to ask him for smells the last two times I've seen I was like John man what's up with the fucking on Vapor think he was like you like that don't you like he's got like a pimp he wants to hold it back from you and I who makes the number to get my own you should get your home maybe I can get them to sponsor my new podcast I bet they would do it

► 02:30:24

too soon too soon I like it it's broke born right here

► 02:30:29

yep it's inevitable

► 02:30:33

I like it the perfect how often do what I have to do it anytime you want you can take time off for like three months three months are sphere vanished off the face of the Earth disconnected from social media from his phone from his email everything bought a burner phone with Asia just traveled around for months and months and months and months and months and you just didn't do anything they would talk and came back after 3-4 months and it's pick right up where we left off before and now he's doing one a week

► 02:31:08

how to do it it's easy you could do it do it do it from your phone I got to do it and it's like I think people want people want me to do it I want you to do it I'm doing this is that it does supplement so simple I don't gotta dance I make power moves will help you out it's super easy to do a bitch you can't fuck with me the space of desus these is red bottoms these is bloody shoes does your opening music Jesus gutter Jesus Butter Jesus Brooklyn shoes

► 02:32:02

say little bitch you can't fuck with you if you wanted to these expensive Jesus but has these is Brooklyn shoes please welcome to soon hit the store both bitch how God shoes and some don't get comfortable

► 02:32:25

that sensor no bleach is perfect. I want to do it no bleeps ever do. He wants all fuck ups and let it roll

► 02:32:39

yeah man I want to do it just do it

► 02:32:43

I'm going to do it a hundred percent of my friends like everybody was like geeked out you doing Joe's podcast you doing Joe's podcast that's awesome that's awesome that's awesome like I can't wait but my friend keeps telling me he says Donnell fuck that do your own you should do your own he's right friend loves you quite obvious it's making a lot of sense I like the fact that no more fucking to get whoops

► 02:33:10


► 02:33:12

that's a wolf outside right what's the net worth of London

► 02:33:17

I don't know how to feel it feels very you can you know the thing about your podcast to is with the technology today you could literally do all of it on a phone like you don't need if you don't feel like you should feel like fucking around for a little bit get your feet wet you can do everything from your phone do you stream from your phone to record from your phone you do everything what about could I do song

► 02:33:42

just about for corded and maybe a nap but I recorded like my voice memo just was important to have my voice so I have to be on a certain like

► 02:33:53

platformer oh yeah well the voice recorder like on a phone or on an iPhone the voice notes I have made up at least a dozen podcast sucks ass with. That's been a dozen podcast lot of them on planes like me and Tony Hinchcliffe would be on plane I just have the phone between us we just start talking shit and drinking cocktails and laugh and it doesn't it doesn't matter mean this as long as you do your bit like right now we have a real professional set-up we have a desk with microphones Jamie's are real audio engineering those exact sounds amazing but as long as you put the effort to give people good solid product occasionally you can have one we just talking on the phone like I was they won't be upset it'll actually kind of cool people know a plane because the stewardess comes over with. It's not normal but but you could totally do that to the thing is like if you just started doing that people

► 02:34:53

love it and then let it just sort of figure it's on feet not as easy as it gets bigger figures on path but you don't you don't need a big investment to start you just need one of them little Zoom recorders I got a microphone to my garage just do it and you can stay with me while I was probably someone has everybody got a goddamn pocket yes but but the but if you're with the right network of people and you're with the right network of people people recognize if you're in the network of people with we're talking about you did see how to show you do my show you do Joey Diaz a show have you done Joey show yet I haven't okay and that's all in the same group of the end everybody gets a bump everybody gets a bump everyone see if it's as long as everybody is succeeding and everybody's doing well and is more and more podcast and if I say hey

► 02:35:53

you should see this guy's podcast you see. Could you please take a note of what Joe just said for last minute

► 02:36:05

networking got a network all the family is everything and more importantly everybody gets a bump everybody gets a bomb occluding me including me everybody who's even the people that are making more money than make sure everything's better for everybody and it feels better it feels better when everybody's doing great

► 02:36:25

man I'm telling I'm with you 100% on that and that's like I'm with you 100% on that it is not it's really simple yeah it's it's hard when you're struggling cuz you're struggling you feel isolated and you feel lonely feel like it's you vs everybody else but it's really not and want two things about comedians as we've we've had this conversation many times will try to figure out what the number is I don't know what the number is but it might be less than a thousand on the whole planet on the whole planet Earth at 7 billion people that might be a thousand legit Comedians and I'm probably being real generous when I say that if I run into a dude like you or a you know any other real legit comedian desert that is a rare human being is not a whole lot of us if we don't stick together who the fuck will do you go to sleep yet

► 02:37:19

known as if we just that alarm went off and I woke up to pee I was dreaming I really believe that I really do believe that I believe but I believe that about all that shit it's it's all it's good for everybody good for all of them and I was like black folks that are listening right now listen to the strategy and listen to what he just said listen what he just said it has nothing to do with anything other than Community all the other shit that's in your head in terms of competitiveness is in your own head when you have that stage that's your stage you're there for 15 minutes or 20 minutes whatever you said is that's yours what everybody else does should be fuel it should inspire you and you should say we should support each other because there's not many of what I'm telling you bro and that's the one hundred percent but that is

► 02:38:19

one of the troubling factors in a lot of communities like to support goes away motherfukers talk they talk everybody talk but you know why but I really believe it is it goes away salmon everybody had this feeling for the longest time with there's not enough for everybody and I think that's a crazy way to think his thinks there's more than enough for everybody this 300 million people how many fucking people do you need in your audience like you should be less of you if you really enjoy doing stand-up you'd want these people to become fans of stand-up comedians tell me about Joey Diaz tell him I just don't want to they don't want to tell motherfukers be just on this on their self and themselves so much that I don't want to help they don't want to reach out and it's like you don't seem like the conversation

► 02:39:19

heaven with me right now it's simple for you because you know those are the type of friends in those type of people you deal with something but you know I look at it like people hang with Chappelle in these other guys like we are like I might Brown some powerful motherfukers but with friends first and foremost but everybody don't think like that yeah. One it is a tough one but it's just a matter of a shift in the way you view things just look at it just tried don't don't let go of your beliefs just try to look at it in another way try to look at another way so on your what you way better off if your a team you way better off of this camaraderie like when you do we do a show with someone is a murderer murderer and they go on in front of you you're way better off if you're laughing stage you way better off his your loose like you just had a good time last but if you're tense like I told you I bomb with Jim Breuer freaking out I was like God damn I got to file this

► 02:40:19

am I going to see you with whatever your first experience is going to be your first experience it happened. But that the thing is like Jim and I've always been friends and I've been friends with a lot of people that made me eat shit going on after him it didn't matter that the the thing about it is that like an even after all these years I feel genuinely genuinely honored to be a part of this group of people cuz we do something that is my favorite thing to watch this if that's a group of people but like you said it's like a limited circle of life has no other way to say it but real motherfukers yes small circle

► 02:41:16

what you like they say you think somebody think somebody named you like it's okay okay but they got to stay United I'll tell you what was going on with Dave and he said more than decent comedians is time to grab our balls cuz now more than ever we are the only people that we we have to talk about was fucked up in the world yes we have to we can't keep it to yourself it's too confusing right now because it's too dangerous to have any controversial ideas people getting in trouble for lunch

► 02:42:00

you own it yeah you turn machine that shit I'm telling you if you have a

► 02:42:09

like a good talk people know your character if you own it they know what you meant to say they know exactly like Charlie Sheen ever got me too. What you going to do to the baby

► 02:42:34

nobody me too cuz I didn't want him to have another show collectively there was a. Of time where Hollywood lost a fucking mind and they were giving out these deals where you got a certain amount of episodes they signed you up for a hundred episodes and that's what happened with anger management Charlie Sheen show Charlie Sheen made more money off. Show that he didn't even off three and a half men with people don't know that people don't know that he know that he's only one Denise and he's used to sign shows TVs 200 billion dollar Charlie Sheen experiment they used to sign the shows and they would sign these shows in the anticipation of the biblical huge success so they did that with him and they did it with George Lopez noticed they give you a certain percentage you know I don't know how it's structured but apparently the point is they sign up for a giant number shows not in 13

► 02:43:34

me to pay sign you up for a giant number shows and by doing that somehow or another they do you know right after Charlie Sheen had his whole Scandal leave in Two and a Half Men he went on to have the Wake make way more money than ever before that's crazy he's got he's got a crazy career man legit movie star gigantic TV star also talks about smoking smoking a lot of crack it was a cracker talk about a Coke was you saying doing ya doing drugs people would you like to help me last night was real weird

► 02:44:17

you can say you got to be Beardsley glass of yui tattoo many crack rocks come on then there's a certain Darkness given is that glass dick once you start going down that road do you know you've already you've made a choice

► 02:44:30

you don't there's no critical thinking involved are the debauchery that's a lot of crack

► 02:44:39

back in New York was weird with who'd have to drink like 40 oz of of a malt liquor to try to calm down cuz he be just so jacked up from the crack I give so many opportunities just to be cool and he crackhead he gave me a card that experience was like no your crack habit don't crack head. You don't say go outside of our community but I don't do that bro

► 02:45:14

you're my friend was brilliant to brilliant brilliant guy but he had just like mental problems and they just need to get high all the time he had didn't never wanted to visit he never wanted to be alone with his thoughts

► 02:45:25

that's a tough one for a lot of people it was a real one before him because he was brilliant but is also homeless half the time I knew you know it was a lot going on that with a lot going on but he was not too stubborn just vanished and disappear into drugs for a few days then come back and he could do math in his head like you could say to him 99 * 54 * 6 - 5/3 anybody was so yeah anyway just banging out please tell you what it is you'd be there with a calculator like you motherfucker was crazy but he couldn't couldn't manage his own brain to the point we could stay away from hard drugs and eventually died of an overdose that's easier like that to me

► 02:46:25

come back from that they don't come back from the needle know it'll come back from the internet's it's hard it is possible we need some help that's one of the reasons why that twelve-step shit works we really given their God or the higher power it's like you're going to have to somehow or another thing to something more important than what you're doing otherwise you're never going to stop this shit

► 02:46:52

I want to fuck everything. Call me if an answer they don't give a fuk give me the address to call me whenever it is no joke that's so fucking funny so true that I know they had a situation A Mufflers on coffee hardship they don't ever get rid of those Tendencies they just try to figure out a way to put it somewhere else for a positive way except Marathon running a some shit

► 02:47:25

those dula gym motherfukers I think we Bertha a new podcast today you know what I just did and I know there's a reason why I'm here is we don't have bumped into in the show and we see each other in passing we've been talking about this for a long time. What's up I know you Joe Rogan yada yada but I was like

► 02:47:54

you know you do your shit I like but when I see I mean like that at work I'm glad we had this conversation I just did birds cooking show that was like yo just might be my week and getting show said they was like yo you still cooking show right eye with the birth shitbrick was like this I think I just gave my shoulder down there all right let's do a show we can do it right here like you have to do it and like I said you start off easy just put a microphone on your iPhone it's nothing it's easy to do I got all of them to do it

► 02:48:30

yes hey there's a lot of fun to write thank you very much congratulations on all your success and however many years you been doing it when I first introduced I do like Fear Factory you know I didn't even know that you just stand up until I came out here wow I didn't know that

► 02:48:55

I don't believe Inside Out by nothing TV bigger right there right there right and then when I saw you do your show I was like here go hard motherfuker said I appreciate your your your work ethics and everything you do thank you brother I appreciate you two man I appreciate your your your perspective on Comedy your approach to ethics the whole deal man I appreciate you I appreciate you being around The Comedy Store to Justice

► 02:49:30

thank you everyone for tuning in to the show and thank you to our sponsors thank you to the so right it is a awesome simple easy to use device for releasing hard-to-reach muscles easily go to PSO - are ite.com I use this thing all the time and I bought it long before it was a sponsor I heard about it from several different podcast gas including Michael Chandler and David Goggins it's the shit p s o r i t e.com thank you also to four sigmatic mushroom coffee that's right 50% less caffeine but it feels awesome half the fucking caffeine but it's really good for you

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► 02:51:49

he's too funny you know he's one of those dudes what you like goddamn but you need to do a podcast so we'll try to help him with that that's it see you soon much love to you all