JRE MMA Show #44 with John Kavanagh & George Lockhart

The Joe Rogan Experience JRE MMA Show #44 with John Kavanagh & George Lockhart

October 8, 2018

Joe is joined by MMA coach & Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, John Kavanagh, and performance nutrition specialist George Lockhart.

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so my guests today are John Kavanagh who is Conor McGregor's MMA coach and George Lockhart who is one of the biggest names in nutrition and in. He's one of the best coaches in in terms of like helping Fighters make weight and and sheds a lot of light on what is a very confusing and often misunderstood subject we had a great conversation and I hope you enjoy it please welcome John Kavanagh and George Lockhart

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Joe Rogan podcast

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Flume Gorge Lockhart John Kavanagh how white folks so Saturday night what do you thoughts now that we were sitting here it's Monday morning the other could be McGregor fight went down Saturday night obviously he was disappointed with how grateful I am looking forward to watching the back many times all the counters fight to always pull a load of essence a way that I can pass on to their the next generation of guys but yeah overall devastated that we didn't get there how much time did you have to prepare for this fight is always and we teleport

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even sent the 80 flight I kind of knew or at least I tossed his next MMA fight will be have even just just kind of made sense if it wasn't going to be at the ass but then as time went on. That's the lesson is likely in Habib of us he was doing great you know kept on winning so it was it was going to collide

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the right hand in the second round was the cracker was beautiful overhand right I mean it's it's a staple of wrestlers over handwriting close but that was a great shot

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this style of takedowns everything was kind of what we expected and we we spent a lot of time and preparing for that

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yeah just you know kind of expected round one for sure going to go to take down so the goal of round one was to get out of it but still having energy or didn't want to but you do not do that Ford into trying to get back with me and Juan it seem to have many times and it is at her phone on and they had to go back to the stool we all really tired so around 1 making best on the way in fight as hard as we can but if you do end up down which is against the fence figured it would be there except it will be attending around

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around 2 again same same plan to do as much damage as we can but if we end up on their back

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don't bother you tomorrow afternoon trying to get up he's at Absolute master I reground and people that turned out to be a 10 8-round you know you got some good shots and I will see you landed the great at right now and I was a bit more than we I hope for Roundtree things started going to turn in a little bit in our favor and we did a lot better I keep you in the middle of defending the takedowns to the plan was to slow down a little would watch him slow down a little bit in the third fourth and fifth or hubby takes over from to Long Lake Forest the Wind Theater drowned is probably a bit of a surprise to people but and you know it you know. I quit the fight he look at that for my own Freon he wasn't able to hit any takedowns and I'm so hope that's what we have a go around tree we could defend takedowns a lot easier and start lining in her shots and then. Did happen for a Roundtree not as well as a as we find those well as we hoped

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and then Brown for you know we had another great takedown made it mistake giving up You Off The Hook expose their back and that was all she wrote yeah he has such a unique ability to tie both legs up with his legs Yeah couple times but he was able to cut it continues to get Alexa free so I knocked on till the last 30 seconds or so around 1 he didn't really tied them up and get them flattens back for the majority of thought he was against the fence you know what uses hands to keep up right for the land of the shots and George you you dealt with Connors wait, deal with his overall nutrition as well pull that microphone cost you like we talked about that you can move it up if you want to stay where you were

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do you work with him on his way cut look what was his weight before he started Camp exactly the same way it was when we we actually started to cut you want to make sure that his way was little higher than you obviously with the boxing with we were Floyd Real Speed is everything and kind of slowly drop that way down with this one as big as possible and then and I'll cut all that weight and so we can what was his weight is about 171 when he got back into that cage so so what was his way when you try to start a camp about the same thing it was all about 15 ish pounds what's the most you've ever had someone caught on record with Jude over he showed up at 185 on Tuesday at 1:55 by Friday so that's the biggest one

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big swan record he's a big fella I've always looked at Drew Dober and going to fuck is that guy make 155 at right though every time I see him I'm like you know yeah yeah yeah well it seems like it's probably not the healthiest thing in the world for him to do either no I mean I'll never I'll never be like him we couldn't is the best thing in the world but I will say that because the amount of muscle mass people look at somebody like him and he doesn't have like to lose but he's not allowed to cut muscle is about 7 muscle tissue is about 79% water some more muscle you have the more water you can cut your dog's if you do it properly so you have these or this or that kind that's why he's able to do that you learn how to do this I want to see me I'm like I could be like when I got this degree and I got this to people and actual weight cutting your eyes are at the Marine Corps and

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welterweight and wow so well it's kind of the opposite of Anthony Rumble Johnson it wasn't it didn't work out well for me I was better at cutting the weights and I was actually at fighting but going through this process okay this this this works like this and this works like this missing you so many studies they're out there is none like you would fit in a CA you would get all these other things I woke up with these two together and actually see in terms of actual weight cutting it it's it's rough because nobody's ever asked you to do a study with the level of dehydration these guys are doing this this how you rehydrate it's never it's never going to happen so you know luckily we know

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cuz we work with over 200 UFC fighters and just doesn't work give me a call when you say you work with them if you work with 200 Fighters how Hands-On are you with 200 different Fighters it changes based on how much they need us you know a lot of guys we literally don't show up until the week of the fight you know some of that Connor you know I'm out there 6 to 8 weeks I'm out there monitoring everything I doubt you know the people that we are out there for for for 8 weeks it makes life a lot easier you know how do you have anything to do with his meal planning as well like during the camp guard yeah I'm going to send you a hundred percent so from the moment you guys start in Camp what about outside of Camp is he taking instructions

► 00:16:07

you know that guy in terms of like workout that's a big one for him he should be taken and then you know I'm basically stays on a regiment and I like to live life a little bit you know I'm saying when you lose your soul regiment like okay I got to I got to count this car but I got to count this I got it's it's ridiculous you know I'm saying so you know the fact that he actually is like okay I just I just need to monitor what I'm taking pre post workout makes life easy for me

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did you go to school for nutrition or out your in the Marine Corps combat conditioning specialist I was at actually instructor trainer so like we go there's this place called martial arts center of excellence hand-picked Marines

► 00:17:08

try to bend you know like in here on certain situations in the military Brian stann was was actually a part of that and then they actually started something called the combat conditioning program and I was actually the the guy that they actually had to teach all that so they they sent me everywhere like I got you to work with the people from the Olympic Training Center. Got to work with the p I and II Florida you don't like but it jumps from wake of the nearest actually not as like there's not a course like you know if your dietician or whatever that's great but

► 00:17:51

that doesn't have to insert awake can you go somebody's like hey man I got to lose 30 pounds in 3 days what do I do you know it's a very specific kind of disappointed so it's something that you kind of have to learn along the way and no one can teach you in school hundred percent but you do have a back some sort of background or nutrition do you very your diets based on the way guys train or is it like pretty standard or does it vary depending on how much weight they have to lose to know that every day is different like I mean people like themselves. Twice the same person so like if you wake up at 6 in the morning verses 8 in the morning you have to have it I told your friend that you don't like we we feed people from the wake up to the mall to go to bed up at 8 would it be in what time they have to train that would that be the very best one variable you don't

► 00:18:51

eBay something off type type timing portion size a homeowner responses of foods you know I'm saying like nowadays they actually ate baby can I stick to one aspect like the Atkins diet you don't stick to the types of food do you know like Zone Diet is the portion size we we actually stick to all of them tight tiny portion size formal response to because you don't

► 00:19:19

if you look at old diets that they all work all day that's what work you know what I keep your if you consistent to every single dad if you do the same thing every single day you said you're going to see results but are you going to get to a specific weight and is your performance going to be increased over if I can't you know that that's when nutrition becomes you know

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Ace True Value what would be the difference between someone getting up at 6 and someone going to be up at 8 in the morning as soon as they wake up Ashley basic rule you give give people what they need when they needed to show you know if your robic write your body's primary source of fuel can be more fats your brains primary source of fuel is going to be carbohydrates or glucose right so we we give them like a lot of fruits write the glucose feed brain a lot of fat so you know we make sure that we you know we get a good measurement of Omega-3 still made a 6in I'm basically a better about a 2 to 1 ratio so throughout the day you know if there if there will be throughout the day we give them you know

► 00:20:40

fruits vegetables omega-6 omega-3 and then once once I start working out then get on the workout then that's we start giving like more starches and stuff like that so basically just sort of like breakfast of fruits and things on those lines to get everything moving and then after your first workout like what's a typical post workout meal basically the mat is the amount of oxygen in your body uses and that that's going to determine basically amount of calories that your body so what's a strength and conditioning workout what if they're going to do weights and spread some things along those lines so what will do is everything is actually like a formula Everything is Everything is breaking broken down mathematically so we'll take their meds and will we're going to scale of 1-10 and we multiply that by the actual amount of weight that that individual has like the kilogram so it will say the intensity is a 10 list of them hard work

► 00:21:40

digital channel most by that by the matter kilograms. That individual has I believe and then look at the form 200 multiply that by the duration actual workout now gives the amount of actual calories that they didn't fish was actually using for that work out to everyone is going to be different like I was with the weather look for like training in terms of Life guard passing stuff like that if you be like if it didn't respond right actually baby feed themselves the same way if there if you're doing form and verses actually training exploring you don't get to do the same thing you have to actually feed the body differently every single are everything work out right so we'll take that formula we find out okay this amount of calories that this individual Burns during this period of time and we actually

► 00:22:40

take it down even more because if you jog and you burn a thousand calories right and if you lift and burn a thousand calories if you draw your devices lot more fat if your if your lifting if I should buy more carbohydrates again goes to give me the body what it needs one of these it so we'll look at him with okay well if it's level 10 and then we'll go to eat when you have the form this word so I can review the 80-20 so you find out the amount of calories is in the fridge was burning in the 80/20 meaning 80% carbohydrates proteins and carbohydrates mostly Funko Pop show your body has some cold receptors in the body right people think that like why you don't fight if I if I need carbohydrates my body's just going to ingest them and it doesn't work like that your body can process about 1 gram of carbohydrate per minute right but if you are

► 00:23:40

able to actually access more actually use more than one transporter there at a time you can actually go to about to throw a 2.3 G per minute and yeah if you have a blue one who to who three or four and then get screwed one is going to each one of these has a different thing that actually activate some writing I can ask you to is is a sewing dependent transporter right if you if you use a short independent transporter and blue 4S is an insulin-dependent transporter blue one is a I believe is a fructose right so if you use more than one of these Transporters at a time you activate the you able to actually synthesize carbohydrates

► 00:24:32

twice as fast so you're doing different types of carbohydrates and mixing them together since example of a group one so you got to make sure you got to add sodium right before is insulin-dependent what was going to help insulin be just for you you need something that's high glycemic so something that's dextrose so much but what is like a food that's a good one

► 00:25:01

salt break down south and then glued 5 or 5 would be a fructose which me fruit right so we you don't want to break down shoot form I'm in dextrose is basically like in Tampa sugar that you have you know I mean so

► 00:25:21

that's basically between corporate sugar fructose and salt you put those together. Funny thing is is when you incorporate caffeine it's been shown that caffeine post-workout you will see for x amount of glycogen in the muscle post workout if you take the the caffeine caffeine pills or do you take coffee Incorporated with the post workout if you don't like coffee Shake Ya Ass Like That it's a stronger type sometimes I'll see you like okay if he's if he's obviously going to bed later and it'll be more about green tea caffeine but yeah I mean and post-workout four times the amount of carbohydrates are in a muscle

► 00:26:12

I have yet to find out why is it that I talk to you and Andy going to get you the room for like an hour just talk to you but I was like I asked him and he said, I don't know either but you know the thing is I don't know why but the one thing I do know with our sport it's so important because you got guys that are working out to 3 times a day you know they need to be rehydrated they need their their glycogen storage is the new be up actually learn how to wake up by cutting weight yourself

► 00:27:03

hydrating lots and lots of studying studying you know when I look back at what I did for rehydration actually my only holy crap it's a relatively recent thing right me think about it with wrestling I mean so didn't do such a good job of rehydrating on and they were basically competing the day of the week cut and still do that they're trying to be a little bit better about that with the way they allow people with hydration test and colleges and you know it still still rough but at least with them there's no head trauma

► 00:27:51

that's it that's the big thing about MMA is rehydrating with head trauma how much more difficult is your job now with you sod in place for the king use IVs I love not really why you know if you look at every study out there like or we actually organic nutrients

► 00:28:20

that was Jim a needle into a freaking body and let's shove 9000 mg of sodium chloride in their freaking Vance and that's got to be good you know if if if they were fighting the same day but they have over 30 hours to rehydrate the body need to know the body can do that on its own and it's going to be a lot and a lot more natural in terms of absorbing nutrients and give me what it needs there's nothing

► 00:28:48

winner of these guys cut I break it down like this is the amount exact amount of sodium that your body needs a lot of a lot of people they were taken in like two bags of IV right one bag is 9000 mg of sodium chloride they would take in two bags of sodium chloride and they wouldn't take your body is it is a is going to have a balance information stop information needs potassium good luck when you look at a muscle pump you like

► 00:29:40

sodium goes into a muscle potassium comes out well how does potassium get back in these magnesium magnesium if you don't have magnesium you have to have this this balance and it's funny because he's guys with you and then and then what they have they had soup in there George what I owe do I text your phone so they're getting more sophisticated with it he retired because of you saw it and they could they wouldn't let him use the iveys anymore he said it made a big difference with him a lot of people that are in this job doing what I do I talk to him

► 00:30:32

call you are there out there I know there's Dolce yeah and there's who else nutrition and I've talked to a couple people you don't like all that you don't always tell people I'm going to go out to my wife just so you know what game is right and I'm like is actually giving a fuck you know I'm saying like there's a lot of people that want to help you out but then they realized that's what it was cuz they actually give a fuck

► 00:31:19

a great Jacksonville it was steel is used iPhones and there's a fight or whatever and I'm a b c and d c c if you with us like how is he doing with that rehydration like he's using rehydration nutritionist want to talk to him and and I was like how much fucking salt do you give an eye music

► 00:32:05

and I was going to sit down and get my fucking whole lecture on nutrition but like how fun Body Works or anything like that but I was like I just I went to Jonny bones and I said bro fucking starting bugasalt glad you liked guns on his brother because the muscle contraction that D like you have a lot of that depends on the amount of sodium that your body has muscle contraction neurons in the body is all dependent on a lot of guys are in this in this game because he want their name and then fucking highlights of feel like it's real bizarre that this is such a gigantic sport I mean is it a normal sport but in terms of even the way people train its I mean no one really there's not a consensus on what's the with the correct way to do it and then when it comes to nutrition is not a concern

► 00:33:05

and then there's the rehydration and dehydration factor that doesn't exist in any other sport other than boxing me this is the only in it and I think it's more extreme in MMA than it is even in boxing for the most part right it's just it's such a crazy thing that you've got these super high level athletes that are dealing with Jim Bros when there's a lot of bro like real high level athletes and I'll talk to their trainers in my what did you just say like your Gym Bro how'd you get with this guy that's got the fucking world class fighter and he's got some small from fucking Gold's Gym no offense Gold's Gym but you know what I mean some fucking guys going to publish it with them is like going to take 3 days or four of those cuz I read about it in the Weider you know me they don't really have a stroke protocol and it's not really based on science and blood work and a real science

► 00:34:02

at the end of the day like black guys jacked you the strength and conditioning coach Ryan this is it alike in terms of NFL like we work with Demi Lovato and she is everybody does it sorry brother it's alright by Voices that people I could have subtitles on this year's Eve in Anderson Silva got popped and then people start circulating photos of Anderson's trainer he's 70 years old built like a brick shithouse I mean is got veins coming out of his fucking muscles or just a garden hoses I've ever seen him it's hilarious when we found out that Anderson got popped for steroids and they said they saw a picture of a trainer Mike well I wonder where he got them from

► 00:35:02

the photo guy is a picture of him taking a selfie at the gym that's not the guy this guy he's fucking Jack he's a darker gentleman and he's built like a brick shithouse who is Margo bodybuilding does strength and conditioning coach you got it

► 00:35:26

the guy with the white shirt on yeah that's him but that's not the photo I want

► 00:35:33

Darius and he's a little something going on there

► 00:35:47

peace out of the Boron supplements but the point is that even like the best of the best world class Fighters they don't necessarily have a background in nutrition or Kinesiology or exercise physiology don't necessarily know exactly the way to the right way to approach things I mean shit for years Fighters would even drink water in between rounds and they saltwater major cramp and there's a lot of like crazyshit involved in this sport still to this day you don't know what you don't know anything I tell you are goes by the end of next year going to work with every single fighter in the UFC we have over 200 fighters in UFC right now every single fuck everybody everybody what are they doing wrong what's with the other guys doing wrong

► 00:36:47

all of them and I have people fucking freaking do like all the trinkets eat I like they're drinking salt water on the fucking then we going to fight and got some ATT like a Paige Wyatt why the fuck would I have people fucking be like all we want to cut carbs out because we want you to like it takes a specific amount of time to rehydrate carbs do you know this thing and it takes like 4 fucking days but when you actually do it properly like this is this is all scientific shit like it literally takes like two stores if you fucking take their water right so every brand of glycogen hold on a 3 grams of water ride and we can literally find out based on the amount of muscle tissue that individual hold exactly how much glycogen the body holds and how much water that is attached that glycogen the fuck

► 00:37:47

185 lb man you'll like I don't have a way to make you wait cuz I'm taking my order either a be there to be like witches he's not going to make it and I cut that shit I cut it I've got coaches that are you being a pussy I'm like dude is going to die is fucking cut .2 pound last 30 minutes he got 10 pounds ago he ain't going to make it he's a pussy

► 00:38:38

Phoenix Wright in Australia he showed up at 198 and he missed by two and a half ounce right with us he showed up 217 - 5.2 in or reason that he fucking miss by that point to secure the fucking athletic commission out of the Commission in New York prom off came in there like cool down take your time in 45 minutes to like fun just chill we put them in the bath that did the commercial came in there in like how you feeling is that I feel good to go and never like you know the guy you literally said he said no I'm forcing that's what all hero say but of course they all heroes are dead and I'm like first off that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard my life like there's a lot of fucking heroes are still alive he was on quote and sound like guys and I'm sitting here like what the fuck you talking about you know what I'm saying friend but they're like you know he was be downstairs

► 00:39:38

he was still sweating on the fucking scale Joe and inspect Point fucking threw that ain't shitt here's my thing he showed up through 17 we got them .2 / has 185 190 7 and I stand next to him I'm like how in the fuck is that 185 lb man he is a straight-up Silverback that dude is so jacked you want to talk about genetics I mean what kind of fucking genetics is that dude first night we fucking we're doing the cover of time he'd never done he never did a bath I know he never did that because he went in backwards like literally like we're like head goes over here he got out he expected but ass naked man

► 00:40:38

emojis in my man card tonight but you're a fucking

► 00:40:44

I'm not going to fucking he is if you know I'm saying and I've all the dudes we just like you look at me go what are the odds that someone turns out like that you know of all that all the guys who like like a regular looking guys like an Evan Dunham regular looking guy and then you got a yoel Romero like the world's not fair it's not fair what would date is redemption okay yeah so Dad is him back in the day when you had a cut actual weight for the Wayans that's before the break if you look at them with the new ones where he gets to rehydrate such a freak man in the fact that he's in his forties like what in the fuc and a test that

► 00:41:44

that they don't even if I do are you still down we had that we were working with Robert Whittaker and then decided to not use us the last week so we called I use you the last week bro so I say fighting in particular is so it's so dangerous it's so personal it's so there's so much involved that I feel like loyalty should be at a premium and it should be one of the most emphasized things like your team as long as you have a good team like your team is critical I mean it's it's

► 00:42:44

it's everything for the emotional stability of the fighter but also for not feeling like you're a piece of shit you know and I think there's something to that these guys that just dumped their trainers and it dumped her coaches and then hot from Camp to camp and don't get a better result from it I think there's part of them that realizes I came in this guy brought you to the dance and you abandoned them somewhere along the way because you know you saw a greener grass of the other side of the fence and it didn't turn out to be greener and that you if you don't feel like a champion you know you feel like kind of a weasel right and there's a lot of guys like that but then there's guys who are there in a situation like TJ Dillashaw right where he was in a situation where he was like to this decision seem right like you did I don't like the way this Camp is going and then Duane Ludwig comes along as I am fucking learning and growing with this guy and he's like the guy got to go guys I'll still train with you I love you but I got to think about my future and then

► 00:43:44

you fucking weasel you left us but look he's right you look at the results clearly he was right I mean TJ right now is he defended his title beat Cody twice one of the best in the world you look at his Improvement his overall growth in this is improving inside the Octagon like he was right you know it's it's a it's a it's a weird balance like when do you pull the Chute when do you bail when you get out of there oh wow I love that you know I was just now

► 00:44:44

look at it Brian you're so God damn good. My wife would not appreciate you you don't text me on this phone fast enough

► 00:45:02

I hate hanging out with you bro you make me feel like I'm a horrible person just another day it's always on you don't need to just a good mother but you know she feel like a God damn T-Rex you know big head fucking short arms you know what I'm saying and you know i w c u r c wasn't working out for you need to go to 185 is it you know you help me out to shut the fuck yeah that's what I was doing my job so you drop of the Marine Corps was helping guys get down our way so that the performance would have better in combat right you you have to ask you have you have weight standards and he have performance so how would you dial that in based on body fat based on just how much Master kit to carry around

► 00:46:02

old is what time they wake up with him to go to sleep this is what you know if that's all right front so they don't have an aerobic workout throughout the day not like a ketogenic diet is perfect for them you know I'm saying like they don't need those carbs they don't they don't like this guy because give body what it needs one of these it when you're a troll bead your body's primary source of fuel was fat your body's promise was a few ways it is going to be that fat so what do we do we feed at the fucking fat if you are a robot and your your training throughout the day that we actually Incorporated

► 00:47:02

the people you just not like religion if you fucking don't agree with somebody like that my phone is like I did this guy I've had some conversations on the podcast recently about that the more moisture what was the most Civil War 1 was between Lane Bryant and Dominic D Agostino where they were they were talking about ketogenic diet versus carbohydrate diets do you know Layne Layne Norton the super super smart guy but more emphasizes carbohydrates where is Dom D'Agostino was a scientist like legit scientist he emphasizes ketogenic diet and it's it's very it's a very interesting conversation because Lane really never was on a ketogenic diet for a long period of time where is Dom

► 00:48:02

emphasizes that when you get a fat adapted over longer periods of time for 6 months it you your body there's some legitimate benefits with cognitive function and even since benefits as time goes on but certainly is this in terms of your energy level your ability to perform without systemic no matter what are some like Connor on the ketogenic diet fucked I mean he's power output quick fast in a hurry you know your muscles used at glycogen

► 00:48:37

strong that that part of the muscle whatever they're using right there and then whereas because he's explosive I'm not. You're all safe out there if you want he says you know the true knowledge of the individual not better by the answer the questions they ask you don't like a lot of people like peanut butter good for me to talk to you some questions about is when is good for you and what are you doing what is your activity level kind of peanut butter is in a cup of sugar or butter to like what I eat healthy I'm like what the fuck is healthy you're putting oil in your gas tank and put gas in the oil pan you know I'm saying everything that you do your respiratory quotient you back you break down your body your body

► 00:49:37

if you want a different ratio based on the activity that you have and it's like well if you're giving your body carbohydrates but your body is using fats why the fuck is that healthy you know I'm sorry it's not it's not it's so it's so simple but can we restart that people follow this program bro and and they're like holy shit I feel I never hungry I have energy this because you're giving body what it means what it was what time do you limit any foods that allow people to eat pasta or bread you cut anything out of the diet so they can have whatever they want at the right fucking time you don't like if you look at the at the medical equipment right and for somebody like yourself and say you going you fucking bus if I can work that out you can burn 800 calories do you know you don't work out no problem right so if you burn 800 calories and carbohydrates

► 00:50:38

there's more calories for every one gram of carbohydrates for you to fuck replenish what you need you need 200 grams of carbohydrates just replenish what you just did for a carbohydrate post-workout none so what kind of like save someone wanted to do like something like a crossfit workout or something like that why kettlebells fox jumps shit like that what kind of carbohydrates should you have them refill with post-workout fructose dextrose caffeine and salt that is because that's going to activate all the attractive. You just add it to us in terms of Transporters and that is one that is activated. That's cool. One is a solar salt how much salt would you add and what kind of like and what they want how much weight

► 00:51:38

so if I did a hard workout I lose 7 pounds but so what if I beat the shit out of the bag and run around the block do Hill Sprints I come back 5 pounds lighter or whatever just give me a number so basically with sweat and I was getting a lot of fucking other math every pound is basically 500 mg of sodium found that you use for salt you lose about 500 mg of sodium a 7-pound you would need basically 3500 mg of sodium a lot of other fucking things I'm telling you but

► 00:52:18

I think that's a lot a lot of Sciences you look at in this from fucking Average Joe Average Joe's year was 7-0 I lost half a pound I was on the elliptical right now it's something that's 250 so how do you have them take the sodium in what form it's all going to be like I actually want them to take carbohydrates during and post-workout and and in the dextrose is going to be a specific type of sugar they drink it and what happens is when you increase insulin that actually decreases cortisol right what are those lot of fucking bad thing it's a Google corticoid that actually helps get rid of inflammation problems like people would like nowadays like the fucking stress hormone show your body

► 00:53:18

not create something that is bad for you this is bad for you at the wrong times and then the wrong dose is excessive having an excessive amount so do you have no no no I actually don't like can I find out what guys like

► 00:53:48

consistency on a diet is the most important fucking thing. $75,000 in the hot one. You're going to fucking see results consistency I always tell people I'm like I'd rather you be a hundred percent so I think they like

► 00:54:18

I have guys that are they they have sugar to someone fuck me in one God damn need some fucking Twisters post-workout your buys going to fuck music your body is going to use it you know I'm saying I heard that before people that recommend candy paint post workout is it the best now you don't like I know I know you have Rhonda Patrick talk about the ATP trapping shit like that but you know like when you're at when you're done working out y'all your body needs those garbage I just kicked ass in that I activate doze doze Transporters and your body's going to use them is it the best hunter said no but it's it's

► 00:54:52

keeping your sanity in this consistency is if somebody worse their ass off and like I know if I work my ass off I get some fucking Twizzlers you know the results so what would you recommend though so if someone is doesn't have a sweet tooth but you just they say hey what should I use to replenish my glycogen no Odyssey like you like a fruit toast Route 206 from fruits by Sugar Sugar you know like you got a tomorrow so I cried so you and you can find that in just about any kind if I can show you like cane sugar or anything about my chocolate milk and a lot of guys are doing nothing stupid to think that was a big thing for the thing about studies and she like them I like it was like this is the best thing for fucking post workout right same

► 00:55:53

well if you don't like being absent of fucking let you know population is lactose intolerance 93% of the African American population is lactose intolerant and fucking I was like 90% of the fucking a Asian American populations like this. It's a stupid ass ass. You know like a scene protein like again it's easy if if somebody's like it if you take it you don't want chocolate milk post workout buddy like Joe what do you what do you use when you work out what it what is your body using when you workout is using cars that use a protein if your body is using protein source of fuel you're fucking doing something fucked up man I'm saying like literally about to go to Google neo genesis you're like fucking butyl it'll it'll turn protein into fucking carbohydrates but that ain't the way it's supposed to be right so you would never recommend someone doing like that carnivore diet

► 00:56:53

I got to see I'm coming never never never guy I like I'm never going to say never you know I'm saying because depending on your lifestyle you know if you were sanitary and and you don't you don't do anything that's and Roebuck I'm going to come out to eat the ketogenic diet for somebody that's the thing about that Carnival in detail and she thinks what's going on for the most part where people are seeing results is basically calorie restriction cuz you're not just you just not eating that many calories in eating only steak you know and in terms of like how much you're using throughout the day but a lot of people reading like one two meals a day and they're losing massive amounts of weight they're down to the way they were when they were 21 and they feel fantastic all the gut problems go away all the different in our issues you have with autoimmune diseases go away and she's like this is all mimic Baikal restriction diet she's like this is most likely what you're experiencing and there's a bunch of other nutrition Experts of the sort of examining that because it's because

► 00:57:53

quite a movement is carnivore diet calories in calories out you don't like 40% of calories from protein or calories of protein what is a mother fuckers are used to actually break down the protein and then just a thermogenic effect as your body is hot as fuck you I'm saying that's one of things they actually recommend you to get the right things actually recommend if you're cold like if you get drenched if you like you you're you know you and your to rewarm like this is things that they do rewarming drills in the military and they recommend you eating eating is a big part of trying to heat up because your body starts generating heat try to break down the food that you're taking in the summer

► 00:58:53

the fighters getting ready for the fight we actually take a look at that like do you want your body of breaking food down while you're fighting and stuff like that actually is it all right laughing afternoon through the body fucking you stop. Justin but it doesn't doesn't mean that shit's not still in your fucking gut front with that with that being said like in terms of the mean she like that you have a large percentage of that is actually used to break down Foods in Psycho

► 00:59:33

we talked about glucagon like it's so many fucking people that are like that's not how the body works. You know like I I get that's not how the body for your body system how many times have you eaten a fucking high pancake fucking breakfast and you like let's go fucking kick today's ass back to bed yeah you have a big ass alone let you know that you like to suck today's dick and you know it in essence like when you're taking a specific things that specific time you going to promote the usage of of of carbohydrates more lies so those pancakes wouldn't be a bad thing after work after workout snack wrap that up fruits but what other kind of his sugars you recommend a guy take post workout hard workout

► 01:00:33

I mean I wish we give my to work with so many guys like you like this do sponsored by this supplement company is basically just a simple keep it near you just keep an area that's all you do

► 01:01:04

that's what I'm trying to say like grab the arm reach grab the arm goes bad

► 01:01:15

and before a fight what what do you have like when I say if Connor's going to fight it 9 p.m. to Main Event when do you have a meet and what is what are you having so we have to bring it down to you mad at me I was right so what we do is you basically find out the amount of muscle tissue that individual has to be up there like it's not that sure you're like

► 01:01:43

your weight but it's your lean muscle tissue so you have your lean body mass right so if I ever say you're right and you say you're 10% body fat that means that you're 180%. How much lean muscle tissue do you hold all right how do you find that out to do or have them submerged in water lily like we've had the the hydrostatic testing we've done the

► 01:02:27

the fuck Vegas kind of them thank you I appreciate that but something is real anabolic and catabolic the same fucking time so if you're like I got some so many people like it's a boss will your body cannot be anabolic and catabolic the same fucking time right well we went with that machine last you a fucking Carter right and it showed him gain muscle and lose an actual fact it's impossible impossible over a long period of time

► 01:03:27

obviously some people do gain muscle and they do lose fat like save someone's on a site like so it for Senate go down right now right to say like I was like okay I gain 5 lb of muscle and I only gained like a half a pound of fat my my body fat percentage is going to go down cuz your body weight got heavy the hundred percent but then I lose fat no I did not lose fat if you look at like okay somebody has make sense so how does one lose body fat but you got to be the catabolic State you got to be at a deficit and when you are at a deficit you're not going to gain muscle in fact if anybody says otherwise there and they're on infomercial and if you buy today for next week so that's just how the body works the Body Works in that if you're gaining much

► 01:04:27

so you might have less percentage of fat but that is because your body is getting heavier you can lean out like your body fat percentage can go down to scan it's going to be like okay you have to say yes 50 lb of fat is not going to be like it shouldn't be like oh now you have 40 pounds of fat and more muscle right so you calculate how much lean muscle mass he has only muscle tissues me and then you coordinate his meals accordingly this time or she's going to fight this time this the amount of meals that they're going to have did it on them out of after rehydration so on so forth this month this amount of carbohydrates if they actually have to have that's funny because men and women different Friday man you still work with cyborg I don't work with cyborg that was an extreme weight cut though right

► 01:05:23

yeah we'll go with that yeah yeah I mean yeah yeah so I should walk around that I will add you know I don't remember but I think she got all the way down to 140 would you have that will make any fucking sense I went to when they were making her do that I was like why you making her do that when you don't even have a goddamn weight class for it I was like did you make it to do that to show that she's close to 1:35 but I don't think there's a 1:45 you can 5 or fight at 1:45 non enough 140 like what there's no 140 weight class just exist it's so weird that was so weird with her and I would see her like the videos of her fucking crying and needed them trying to get her down to that weight of like that's insane

► 01:06:23

every wake up man it's fucking coffee on life of Chris like me and her. We got closer than we got rid of it too close you know that's one thing I have to keep Brian I see what you're saying he can't get hardcore fucking horrible things are you crying right yeah who's the hardest that you've ever had to lose weight fucking thick got a God damn sweetie you know

► 01:07:23

but you get to Oreos to do when she walk around the actual performance do you think that Henderson trucking business from sucking reality reality hit that point it done much better 155 looks better to let me know I'll never forget my first time to UIC and they were like he needs to be 145 in in 21 days if I can do it man you don't like him and fucking actually right you know you look like the point of a fight Camp is not to make light the point of I campus to increase your skill increase your ability like it should be

► 01:08:23

motherfuckers that like yeah you like this guy you work with Calvin watch together you don't like when he was an ass when I see things like a lot of guys will work with us when they have to make like this rent guys like Frankie Edgar fight invest in himself he knows it shows up almost all the way but he said it's all about the format she knows it what 125 cuz people talk about him funny a 135 you saying you can get them to fight flyweight is a mother is whooping ass at 1:45 and 1:55 like when they were talking about call you if he's a champion

► 01:09:23

cuz you do you think so have you talked to ask if I will never sit down if Frankie's like George when I get to 125 Mike thank God thank goodness but he's never asked me laugh work with TJ I don't need him a good friends and this is been with me Joe like I work with fucking everybody so like in terms of politics like I'm like I'm dirty little slut that goes from one room to the next you don't even more so with you because it's a wake-up thing it's not like you're not teaching it's always you work with TJ and you go all I know TJ's Tendencies and they can work with another guy I'm not I'm not training you to a specific individual you training

► 01:10:23

because I'm making you the best you that I can be a business that's interesting that's that's a rear section of the sport where you can do that I never sent you have to like me but that's one thing I have to tell him because they get so fucking you're like when you're with that with the Fighter 4 super close I never get to a point where you're rude and we talked shit about the other soccer team who does he work with now I have no idea and he's had some real struggles but wait what was he doing wrong

► 01:11:21

it's funny because I think that it's theirs there's like a language barrier and the things that you're looking at like okay common sense if I drink water I want to fucking be happier right so fuck drinking water but you don't realize if you got your renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system activated if you cut back water early I realize that I'm saying so what they do to make everything everything is you your hot right when your hot was you buy this fucking sweat then what happens well oh shit like my body is dehydrated blood pressure got a strong feel like that infection from sweating so

► 01:12:16

they don't look at that but they look at is like I drink water but wait on we're going to start drinking water early how long you been working with Connor so it's been quite a long time and how much of a difference is it made John

► 01:12:37

it's this huge because until then I was ringing you know what it did to wake putting part of the sport is cloaks and daggers and you're trying to get your overhearing conversations and you're Googling so you know I was it was pretty much guess working on my end you know I got them to 145 and nearly 20 * on my own but we brought Georgia and it was productive there was no shots or soreness or you know where is George and that that was a lot of each session was a lot more effective so it wasn't just about making the way it was making the training camp where he was improving the hallway Choice he got down to 145 a couple times and he looks like like a monster look like a zombie it was terrifying

► 01:13:37

how to play a big part in your decision to no longer have them fight it that way. I mean I was going to let God thank God you know this is the sooner the better because me join you was a sort of a scrawny 16 17 year old but any start becoming a man so getting down there was getting scarier and scarier and then his last fight outside UFC I thought you looked fantastic was a handy way course I just looked at the stage look like a tank now the offer came in a couple of weeks later Sean email me and said that we're offering you 1:45 and in April and of course I tell Connor he's screaming and running around we didn't care what weight class if you have a sec 125 we would have we would have done this John specifically wants is at 1:45 and then we will start it when we went back to be no back to that light away Classen was almost accidental and then soon as we got the opportunity he went back over

► 01:14:37

yeah you look very sick of the way he looks heavier ones bigger that's a part of the life cycle of an athlete if you're with the same guy for over a decade you're going to see changes it was Turkey now he's not 18 anymore it's it there is these different things going on in his life so you know what that's the benefit I think of working with someone for a long period of time rather than you know what kind of Jim hopping that you you'll know what they kind of come through and he does a lot of unconventional training right in terms of like physical conditioning like I know is he still doing that all that stuff with you. Portal goes in in in European chance drop-in darling we have a great relationship I don't you play around with that most of her time is going to be spent on the fundamentals of MMA and it's a great thing with either way is easier especially in Training Camp Hill come in and near the end where you're just tired of doing seem to like defense of your tired of doing pad work and he comes in he does all these fun game so

► 01:15:37

still working at we're still use firing his brain and different ways he's where he's working on coordination and balance for me is that you know that it's a nice break you know I'm sure John John Wayne Perry heard say that you know when your flight come in if you know how many miles you going to ruin you know many kicks you're going to throw everything and you want to come in on Monday so long back at jumping in the air spitting out of his office at breaks them and not me cuz it's all the martial arts you're almost never going to get forward because you can always do something different but it's still there still repetitiveness to us that's nice to break with something unusual how much does training change when you're dealing with a specialist like a guy like khabib who is just a grappling Phenom how much do you ship the emphasis of the training to takedown defense working on grappling and do you work mostly takedown defense or do you just work over all wrestling so takedown defense

► 01:16:37

becomes part of that as well

► 01:16:39

all of that that's very specific types of takedowns depending where he is what hurts shooting on the low single and in the middle and then on the fence I you know long before I love watching them on my Ares defense I just love the right from the Randy Couture days how to use the fans on and if he feels up to it you know what new level and you know when to take down to get in, like she's doing it was nice that we can I got to see that it's a high crotch and I see a bit of DC and I like watching and tripping the fire leg and I think I blocked it once but they catching with us and I'm sorry I was very specific and I'm definitely this train accomplice the most specific that we went

► 01:17:32

and then I remember about a week out or or whenever was he did an interview and he said well if he doesn't I'll fight Tony I don't care who it is and I was going to need you to go to the Future when you when you when you think about the future now after the khabib fight how Woody what are you thinking are you thinking about just rest let the dust settle and then look at the landscape like how do you how do you approach it but he doesn't see what is D screenshot for the rematch for 10 minutes it's hard to push for that logic of that you know Tony's kind of errands and stuff but I also understand this is a business and

► 01:18:25

it would be a huge fight you know the rematch will be a huge fight to the difficult to sell because of how dominant to be was not fight I didn't Roundtree showed promise like I said I would like to change things up a little bit specifically you buy more offense of mindset I thought defensively we did quite well but offensively be working really where we usually are on and you know right when the fights over is taking you know what I was kind of going into this like not to lose to win you know how it is shots wording is Crispus to normally are he had opportunities to hit him especially in the third round they just seem to be the range of thought something was off how to do with the fact that he hadn't fought a Man 2 years absolute you know of course as close as we brought in guys that he didn't know

► 01:19:25

I would say just fight day and he let you know he would do with George exactly what's going to invite them we have a referee and so it took to get the fight for you but it's in the gym you know where everything has to be a gigantic superfight and is that Nest is that a problem in that you know what I thought after the fight after it was all over I was like you know what a good fight would be would be him vs Pettis like that would be a really good fight and it would be a really interesting fight in terms of stylistic match up and it would be a great fight I think for Connor to sort of his get a wild 3 round AR magazine probably the main event will be five rounds but wild fight so probably favor him I mean it was kind of come together. The toughest guy in the world

► 01:20:25

you know all the time in natural progression of an athlete that don't care who you are but the wild fights that he can have at 155 lb whether it's James Vick or Justin gaethje or Pettis or there's good fights for him yesterday. Necessarily could be there in a silly Tony Ferguson but there a good fight to get that timing back get everything locked in it up 100%. You have to factor in this personality and he's only fighting now for flights that are really interesting to him he's not that interesting anybody I'm not that I've heard paper yeah yeah right so you know on the rematch you know I getting everything dialed in so that way

► 01:21:25

he does have a rematch with khabib he is samurai sword sharp as opposed to having two years off one one boxing fight in between them and then such a grappling heavy contest I don't disagree that would be a trainer at Nino for me as a trainer that would be the ideal reviews T-Mobile it's obvious it was going to be. You know me and it was going to be those to anybody could tell the UFC what time it is it's Connor every time I mean if anybody is the guy that can say hey this is what I want I want a fucking tune-up fight I want to I want to talk I absolutely could absolutely wouldn't advise yeah she was screaming and shouting match at 170

► 01:22:25

he's a terrifying that individual he was not letting that go later you fucked it the exact same guy where he is right now that's all I'm that's all I'm hearing from you especially with the fucking chaos after the fight you know just keep doing dance at home he's grounded from it from a strategy point of view of my number one thing would be to be more to think more offensively. We definitely had opportunity Salon shots on when Connor line shots you know you know what's the 85 back again if it doesn't take a whole lot of shots. He really misses you know even if you look at strikes that you didn't land those strikes prefer a reason they were to see what way he holds the signs he feels like

► 01:23:25

Silverback in the van and I thought they would do you know they were similar kind of approach and landing and in my own one of the fact that we did spend most of their time with a defensive line set and ended up fighting that's a mistake but don't you think that a big part of it also was that he had to be tired because could be basol such a smaller visibility Orlando shots I'm sure that the atom that was part of the strategy for 1 and 2 if you know but if we did end up in her box was not to put a massive amount of effort into getting up just play guard and then stay safe because you know the next round starts on the feet and then tried to do damage there but it still hiring and I'll let you know when I get the hard time about as bad as cardio all the time but who is to be face the things look like that after two rounds I was super impressed with Al iaquinta in that fight it is specially considering he came to that fight looking for a third row 3 round

► 01:24:25

that was what he was trained for he was trying for a 3 round fight and it changes up and all the sudden he's in a five-round fight for the title fucking crazy crazy set of circumstances but it almost makes you wonder and this is me you could speak to this better than anybody how much how much is too much and in regard to training for a fight like this I may be training for a 3 round fight is the way to go when you have to fight a 5 round fight so you're not so fucking beat up by the time you get to the fight if you already know how to fight 5 rounds you've already done it if your guy like Connor is just got so much experience in the game it might be that it's like there's a point of diminishing returns in terms of your strength and conditioning and that guy's just go too far push too hard and just don't have it when it comes to me how many times have you seen a fighter be over train when they fight

► 01:25:20

very often definitely you know that they giving their best rounds in the gym and it's very difficult well in those last two weeks because anxiety is starting to grow so you want to train harder you want to get one more spot you want to see how come in for an exam and fighting we got it we got to do the off so we don't have it we don't have a solid taper off. And that is hard when you're dealing with a 20 something year old man I mean he's dealing with what's what's coming around the corner so but you know that's a that's the train a job in how much did you taper off for this fight even after. You know where we were working very hard for this fight in the limit somewhat limited. Of time and I'm so we did didn't take her out quite the way we normally do but roughly two weeks

► 01:26:20

if you want to do a rematch in the UFC did Granary within this is obviously depending upon how the Nevada State athletic commission handles the legal ramifications of him jumping out of the cage attacking Dillon danis the subsequent brawl the chaos ensued visas I mean you are a lot of legal shit they help both guys purse is correct and I will be held you know when I hope the reaction I can stretch my cell phone guys reactions

► 01:27:20

it was wearing red who punch Connor I'm not sure I think that's a fox and goat but I'm guessing you work where you go who is he

► 01:27:38

shoot the hair does is worship manager. I didn't think it was because I didn't see what the fuck I didn't think it Justified. Leather Wisconsin maybe through or something else in Toledo if you know

► 01:28:38

like I said it wasn't that big a deal to me there's two ways of looking at it in terms of like the trash talking and one way is that man does that sell a fight I mean it sells a fight me Connors one of the best ever at if not the best ever at talking shit to opponents getting them riled up and me it is the reason why I chose a Aldo lost his composure and came charging face first at Conner I mean you got to think emotions played a big part of that it it wraps up your stress and ramps up the fighters and anxiety anticipation in the ramps up the pressure on them to win and to end this emotion that they're fighting with fucks up their judgment it just does and it's a major tool that honor that car uses and but on the other hand

► 01:29:28

people say well I'd like one Fighters a respectful and this is one of the things that could be saying this is this sport should be about respect you should be talking about someone's family shouldn't be talking about someone's religion you shouldn't be talking about someone's country but you know the other hand

► 01:29:45

that's one of the reasons why Connor so fucking huge it's not just his results it's all the other things that come along with it is the excitement that he generates a shit talking the who the fuck is that guy like that kind of shit that's a big part of who he is it's a part of who he is is this cultural icon it mean it's one of the reasons why people love them I mean they did they don't just love his ability inside the Octagon which is quite substantial that they love the Swagger they love when he comes in with rubber arms and and struts around when is too far and that is the question when is too far, some people will love in some people hate it when people's opinions on things I'm just interested in what is and what is that sells lights does a reason is the highest paid guy

► 01:30:45

when you sparring like best friends and every single and it's just part of the game for him it's party enjoys it it's been a phone this one was darker you know as as as Dana said it definitely was but it's just part of who he is I got myself I tried to stay outside of that and then just focus on the task and house Chop Suey in my personality again I don't find my own opinions on things very interesting interested in what is no way that there's a fact that he got the results he has okay well I guess that's what he does know who I am

► 01:31:39

right when you look at the two biggest names in Combat Sports Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor they both do it and if there was a man and a barely said anything on the purest if you want to say love them but he was also fighting the two extremes of Gunnar Nelson who you never hear yourself but I look at there is there you know the followings on their sponsorship deals on and a fight purses and stuff and it's always which one of those is doing better you know if the object the martial arts and he was very different for the object of prize fighting and don't ever lose sight of that as soon as I hear her saying this for some reason I'll try to make him retire as quick as possible because nothing smart you know you're you're taking damage

► 01:32:39

for money and keep keep that in mind no matter what your choices are do you have guys in the gym that you see that sort of mimic Connor of course of course you're dealing with teenagers and 20s and that's impressionable. Of your life you're all you're looking in a week so you can and almost

► 01:33:03

try out different personalities you make such a strong personality did you know definitely I can I can spot the 18 year old walking in with the man bun on the zoo telling me he's going to be the next year will be the same again months and years of conversations you know not telling about the conversation start to find your own voice and find your own way and if that's who you are you enjoying outside of Rome it is very quick as well when he doing something and I'm doing it as as as an act we're not big into like if you bring this guy and a six weeks to go we're going to know if it's not the approach

► 01:34:03

you got like here we are it's October if they say we're looking at July of 2019 substantial amount of time from now playing time to train and also it's a gigantic card the 4th of July weekend let's let's let's target a rematch for them who what would you do differently and we'll who would you bring it in terms of like wrestling so when you when you're dealing with somebody for this long you also know what this personalities you know and it's one of the reasons why George worked so well he kind of fit into the

► 01:34:37

how to team structured so you might bring in someone who's and I get so many great offers from guys were there for you know really good credentials for what is the use of data if him and Connor are going so actually even almost more important it is is that they can connect them that they have a good working relationship but let me let me stay very clearly as well surgery is a fantastic rest until generations of the real slick on a Russian style wrestling you know it's not just about got a power doubles he's very very slick and we have some very very slick wrestlers in the in the gym so I think we're good there and guys coming in passing true and we got hella hella female Olympic gold medalist you say she was the first American female to get a gold medal

► 01:35:36

izipizi Jam I'm always getting Fighters coming true we're always stealing techniques I tell my guys to be technique vampires get what you can out of everybody that comes true you never going to have a mindset of I don't need to learn like I don't know something you don't know right but for a structured okay let's pray that this guy for 3 months and we're going to eat that's a rehab skill is is passed on as far as I can tell from my experience of a good spot to work personality-wise and like I said I was saying we start doing Jiu-Jitsu tournaments he found it so strange that they would warm up for each other or that you're afraid to see his deep half guard move because of wrestling is going to do is just going to come down to who can hit it on the day and you guys he was going to be competing with

► 01:36:36

secret move to Connor can learn that would suddenly Rivera salon on hit me up I thought we did quite well it almost took him down at the stars you know we were ready for that that little single sliding down for a moment he didn't drive and we should talk to you on the hook there and then went to Jitsu most are possible and said he would ruin and could be did a great job he falls and back up in the same thing I got to finish so I don't think it's necessarily about trying to bring in a four-time gold medalist or or over there and make a big wrestling program that doesn't quite fit in what we do you know do you think it would help him to bring in high-level wrestlers to have like in ten sparring sessions with him so he could feel that kind of pressure that could be put on them because the level of grappling is that guy brings of the octagon it's very difficult to match bring into

► 01:37:36

as close as we can we have some big 180 you know Russian guys if you're actually pregnant because she is undefeated this was a great training party's over 200 lb and yes it comes to wrestling before you get to somebody so you know so you feel like there's enough room for improvement that if you could go back to the drawing board and give yourself a few months that you could get him to a point we can have more success

► 01:38:23

the day I don't think that would I would quit being so I'm completely and I absolutely think that we could get another shot out of sync after the fight was over like what did he say first a lot right now and you know that that was very disappointed you got caught with a shot like that but it's actually funny I was just thinking about this you know that right how horrible take care of a few things I care about its effectiveness

► 01:39:23

the Hendersons are you can go in and swing crazy and it has to be always worry about the guy coming on Anita's underneath the shots so yeah we we we made the comparison between Kevin Randleman when he fought Mirko Cro Cop that Cro Cop was so worried about the takedown random and come to the big punch and Knox Mount is a similar to recover very very quickly boy of course got to his chin strong because he's 15 years sparring almost daily you know if you was at work

► 01:40:23

how hard does a spar

► 01:40:26

it will it's a little bit founded on on on who were against if I brought in as far as it's like a fight you know it's going to be like he's looking to finish if it's a training partner team we're probably doing that at I don't know where Lavell and someone don't take it personal this is how she lives but I too it's going to be a fight to protect yourself be ready and I'll be quick to two-step in what we have to do this we have to get a level of training that's going to match the intensity of the contest all the time now that's froze it once every Four Winds RV 8 days of kind of depending on how to spar with another body is the more of that we can do to better because it more directly correlates to what we're actually going to do

► 01:41:25

but then then he's going to be matched against will do the gym because you're taking too many shots did in range and I'm so long so you can spare all the time you know it's like I think that might be down until you hit the top dog in the gym so we can start all day long as he's never accept an image of the gym all the time he looks fine this week of an atom is always into the eye when it's what's the date sparring here we go do you have a set schedule or do you sew ins in cycles for hand but it's roughly on 1/8 and 8 day cycle. To do in him and

► 01:42:26

they wanted they for old people be sparing again a little bit weird way it is and how the last hour winds and heavy feeling but if I can get that out of them that's that's what it in for now when you train for the Mayweather fight what first of all how much time did you have to prepare for that final weeks to the day that doesn't seem like a lot that was a calculated on Floyd part very smart because it seems like most of his fights are plan way in advance but was it August 7th if I took place and so I remember hearing about it until August that's fucking really close right there 6 months or something along those lines but I would feel like for Floyd is as great as he has and probably the best ever in terms of boxing technique and not being hit Mac

► 01:43:26

so elusive still really wouldn't want a guy like Connor preparing for a long period of time I'm really getting acclimated ready in November the year before I remember shortly after that we were at a function then I gotta pull them aside night I'm sure cuz Hannah said you're doing all the best enjoy the rest of your life he was kind of shocked that was handed some bud so what else you going to do you grind this is meat grinder with no damage you you're in a very small percentage and you've made plenty money off to enjoy yourself

► 01:44:13

I could I could understand this because there was Brian kids were going to be financially secure so it made sense because I was a big payday then we make sense for any other reason this inside of it that's a competition I don't care what it is he's going to let you know it's going to be damaging boxing is a horrendous for to prepare for and to compete in cuz we're just looking at one thing really punches to the add peanut butter of course but it it's it's so damaging the only justification I Can See For That was

► 01:45:03

you know your grandkids are financially set Mendez tremendous hide behind a tremendous amount of money did you think you could win

► 01:45:12

of course, I'm always going to think that way you know that that's my mind-set that's that's prepares that's because options here what is the time we brought in a recognized on IG insists most of the sparring was him dominating

► 01:45:53

that's not what I saw you know where we eat when he came back from the spa he went away at all bro cuz he had a picture got leaked and then he probably did a lot of interviews he was on the East Coast at work in the show so when you come back you can buy it was coming back of a fight I was actually was a weird night in the gym because that the different universes come in Dana command is a few celebrities come in you know in the end and the address the referee with their Joker day is a great guy and I did 12 hard rounds and something being released on Netflix soon it a documentary based around a fight I don't have all the have all around so I guess it's just going to be on Netflix soon and ask for people to get to make up their own minds about if I just come back to the fight so what did you think about the sparring

► 01:46:53

I know what he was going to happen how much is back home and some pros into the boxing world I just ended up where you follow it any school in a world champion level so that night when he went in to get tools and then we can go see it so I got my confidence is growing the confidence is growing terrible he's missing whatever you saw it and is being made look silly the saying that was ridiculous it was a waste of money it was it was

► 01:47:53

entertaining fight on it's going to be one of those things that I'll be at an older man that I am now and I'll be talking about the time we we went into the boxing for health and fall flights out of all the boxes I always preferred was employed than anyone else because him and Tony at those treats of God gives his whole career wins defensive plays every took two shots never never was damaged and there was damage in fights but yeah working in the corner and what the hell is Connor doing fight in Flagstaff

► 01:48:53

meaning of the ceremonial the compliment you know is that a hell of a shot and he's tough as nails with it was a great experience I wouldn't do any difference the Paulie malignaggi sparring session which she said was like a fight if it was scored as a fight you think Connor would have won the fight

► 01:49:19

yeah of course everybody was there and all of those guys were going okay we have a fine around here this is going to be this is going to be interesting contest so they were released which of course you still like to go 12 rounds because after background for is gone he's not going to continue because you're breathing very heavy and hard and gets shot down once but it wasn't for sure if you guys can make up your own mind and we shot some thinking he's going to be over here by 6 so we had another sparring partner

► 01:50:19

the great concert and contest it wasn't a great night and I was already enjoy it as late kind of Connor nade Batman and the Joker like she will probably was campaigning for a fight get Connor to the Box them it's not out of the realm of possibilities is all sorts of crazy rumors going around the management team and the fight team and what might happen next week will be boxing a good one thing that happened in the fight that was undeniable II start to fade and we've talked about this that the endurance issue like what what do you think is that issue well it certainly in

► 01:51:19

and that fight you could see

► 01:51:22

how about I learn to about it was just brilliant to watch Floyd how he manages energy maybe not much more around 2 or just so amazing strategy and then and then switching from the usual style too kind of designs up I'm walking in and and Connor did unload a lot on his forearm very inefficient which is the opposite of what I would describe Connors fighting saw these efficient very few shots maximum return this was a lot of fun just one of the few bits of advice I gave him in the corner that was of any use because of the boxing guy was that speaker size is a reason why he's not telling me it's almost like the three parts to a fight is 1242 12th and fly to work. Beautiful and it be something. We would definitely do a lot more if we were to ever get it and go to boxing fight was recognized that there's 12 rounds pace yourself he was he's kind of in the MMA

► 01:52:22

big shots and like the guy off but so it's best in the world and nothing little do you think it's a pacing issue and not endurance issue or think it's both

► 01:52:34

the specific for the boxing yeah it was it was pacing an insurance in a new field no claims work at all we had a few of those kind of funny clinch techniques were going to try out of the back of the head it was decided that we could find it kind of almost look like you're even going towards the back and holding the hip and everyone I will set that were against that but but we were pulled on the straight away so we got to rest and his own used to clinch we didn't get that it was it was a media brakes now that they know what that's the sport of boxing that but that's just how it is

► 01:53:30

they would have to be all those all those type of the adjustments of the more fascinating rumors was it there was going to be some sort of a striking match in the Octagon. What's MMA go out I was being talked about was being talked about you ain't heard about this I heard of it who is talking to you about it you don't speak the site on Stine so you know what it's like straight on so you can only leg kicks no head kicks Cottonwood fuck him up hundred percent 100%

► 01:54:30

apps that you don't want to do that he wants to fight UFC Rules or boxing Rules season 0 0 interested in the high kicks alone he would fuck Floyd Mayweather go to jail like it's just a few inside just one of those it would be a very good boxing history and I'm very good athletes and we will come down for Spar and you know it's all day long and thick and such a pain that you've never felt before you know like I said it just it changes everything very very quickly

► 01:55:30

masato in Japan Vince Phillips is at the top of his game when he was you know of a real elite boxer was just starting to slide and he went over and fought masato in Tijuana masato touches his legs are the only one that I remember that went over there and actually Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Briggs bought Tom Erickson and Tom are a couple of leg kicks she actually talked about it on the podcast he's like champ he can't be with a couple of leg kicks I was ready to quit champ he's like it hurts so bad because but I pretended it goes opportunity nothing he goes on it's just a different pain it's just a stomach all day long and most Fighters only recognize. But the right you know you had that labor or

► 01:56:30

Britain true it's not it's stunning for people that have never been kissed before it's stunning to watch this happens all the time free match or Muay Thai it's just crazy how often they get kicked and they just learn how to absorb it they learn how to check it and eat it and you know just but that would that would be if you could somehow another talk Conor and Floyd into a boxing match with leg kicks did Floyd actually say that that would be something I want to talk in the corner of Regular Show stuff at me that I'm just like what the hell you talkin cuz I'm always have a conversation he shot it down straight away your phone about your fight

► 01:57:30

I don't even think you would do the Let It kick I don't need some water with one guy and eat one of those kicks and you would just be like a fuck this condition is shins mean it's like the whole thing would be different but they have talked about some sort of a rematch and boxing it's like I said it's just one of those things out there and give it a movie role in your this and this world I just have so many people want to pull him in so many different ways but obvious Hollywood type traps Ronda Rousey gets sucked into all of them TV shows and movies before she lost a Holly Holm

► 01:58:30

skin stretch then like this can't this can't be good you know I was worried about Amanda Nunez Amanda Nunez was the one that I thought would had Rhonda's number I'm like that girl punches so fucking hard and she's a ground specialist would be a picnic on the ground and Rhonda you know takes girls to the ground submits them and remember seeing her and all these other things television shows in these media you give you some money to give you something when you walk the red carpet you look wonderful smile Rhonda look over here smile, but they steal things from you they steal your ability to actually fight they steal your ability to head to have all of your resources in Connors done an amazing job of avoiding that for the most part of mini dinos property

► 01:59:30

the movie the ones that really fucking rob you the large movie Prisoner most beautiful you can see in the lead-up to this he didn't want to do much much needed and pricing to come to the green that will be doing I think would be the fight in every UFC every Saturday night because I deal just and then have a fun night Sunday and then get ready for the next site but what else are you doing

► 02:00:30

definition be one that's that's the bar if you had to guess what's next what would you think all the empowered on date they do all of that and you don't Define some other officials decide who gets neck shot I only do a little you know what's going to be put in front of me I think will be the very much that's I think it will do that and no I'll be getting torn apart and it'll be you know I don't really know but that's what I see and talk about so that's how my mind is what do you think of me different in terms of the way he approaches it in terms of like trash talking and all that other stuff

► 02:01:18

he's never going to try this first right I was just one of those cars never knock them to do that that's that's how to quick reply in from the moment I remember that just happened top of that you know what the details are for didn't stop walking like he was at all if you went in the same kind of mine said he would go into that fight

► 02:02:18

maybe one hundred percent sure on his mind is going to destroy him in around because that's how we always think if there's another fight that would sell and they would be huge it would be that it would be DS3 especially if Diaz gets passport even if he doesn't I mean just that fight alone I mean they're still at the history between those two guys and that would be it's so appealing stylistically as well the fight you know anybody can see punch Hitting Zone in the head and then falling down. Design somebody that's going to bring the best of a corner you'd want some of that you know can the hip I can take a picture

► 02:03:18

yeah the thing about Diaz when they first thought was that he didn't give a fuck about trash talk it didn't bother him at all it was normal it was it was it was it was what everybody wanted to see at the time because Connor was so good at talking shit and people get so flustered but then Diaz didn't give a fuck and you can tell I didn't give a fuck it was just so normal for him and it was like Wow trash talk doesn't work on DS really doesn't work he's dragging his brother as far as I knew every is fine it's because it's so easy talking to the guy that always your weather it's close friend like Arthur more whether it's someone we brought in that he doesn't know it's not going to change them you know

► 02:04:18

me and I'm trying to shut up so what time line do you think we're looking at in terms of his return if you had to guess it was funny I was looking at March 16th and you know how do you say is March 17th that's a Sunday March 16th is a Saturday, June Lake MSG on the Saturday night before how do you say oh my God it's not booked until November to do two at MSG in a year I think you could do Connor in there every week and then what's going to be the Garden in Boston to Vegas

► 02:05:18

I saw that they put on you don't like you said that is just the big summer card as well as you have to fight week does July 8th and July card you know we have to LBCC what what what punishment if you get signal this could be terrible but Monday morning I'm going to happen really couple people got punched in a place where people get punched you doesn't mean it's like I have a big politicians all the time I just exacting that they're arguing with me or you know what I'm going to wear in a suit on a Wednesday meeting with him in Super Sport I'm not so I'm not going great that's what's going to be brought up at my next meeting when I'm trying to get

► 02:06:18

governing body a status for for my for my life's work might start my Sport and I'm trying to tell for six-year-olds that this is legitimate and they're showing me this in your you know so I forgot it was terrible you noticed there's no way around it and pulling who cares your mind coming up and hit and it was absolutely dangerous you know he's a trained fighter bare Knuckles and he's hitting a guy who's tired. And you know what you paid the rent for the illegal show you know the reason why you're not loaded the stem of the brand are there has to be something that there has to be on vacation for that I can be just like each other and you can allow that to happen again people in in the height of it go wait a second then it's not just stopping to read something

► 02:07:18

substantial happens if you do something Criminal by me what the salt literally is and I really worried about him in terms of him having a Visa and being able to obtain a Visa and fighting American I believe he was supposed to be fighting next month do we find out who that guy was you did right

► 02:07:45

okay let me read it

► 02:07:47

yeah that's the guy that's the guy and he was actually bragging about it on social media how do you say Zhu Zhu Bay Area took a lot of consonants and Islam makhachev face UFC access Conor McGregor ring attackers reveal yeah I'm sorry I think he's the one that was wearing red that jump the cage in and punch Connor bare-knuckle Islamic at you he's the one that hopped over there it did that happened right in front of me yeah and then I hit him from behind but I'm not sure you know I hope well I hope it all gets worked out

► 02:08:39

well thank you gentleman thanks thanks for being here George thank you for Illuminating the very elusive art weight cutting and said it was an excellent conversation you're all dipped out now huh by by 300% increase is your cognitive ability by 200% Wireless driver so stupid

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truck drivers listen right now fuck you should I thank you John really really appreciate you coming in here probably was a lot of fun and hopefully we'll do it again on brighter times it's just for it is and I appreciate that thank everybody

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