#1135 - Ari Shaffir

The Joe Rogan Experience #1135 - Ari Shaffir

June 25, 2018

Ari Shaffir is a stand-up comedian and also hosts the podcasts Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank & Punch Drunk Sports. See Ari at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe from August 3-27.

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I'm going to Tucson on Friday in Boise on Saturday that is June 29th and 30th the correct yes with young Tony Hinchcliffe very excited to some tickets still available for Boise Tucson I think it's sold out I've never been in Tucson Jamie have you been

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first time in Tucson kids

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joerogan.com for all that stuff all the Toronto thing is also September 29th that's a that's one of the newer ones that was added in there still some tickets available for that too

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this episode of podcast is with one of my best friend's he's hilarious stand-up comedian and a fascinating person and one of the smartest people I know give it up for my brother Miss Ari shaffir

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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Ari shaffir speed wrapping in 5 4 3 2 1 go yeah it's that we were talking about how impressive Mac Lethal is but then are you okay yeah but you got to read the words otherwise you have no idea in that sense until he's gone too far he's like triple F tits you can't sing along with that comes with her fake boobs when she knows it's like the most unsexy thing ever it's like this hypersexuality gets more into this weird Distortion it's sexual version for your dad catch you smoking it looks like cigarettes

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kids do magic cards are Foster's fucking Bogut of course this is Harvey Show they just went with Foster's there's a giant can of Budweiser do you want any part of it so they couldn't get a bud tall boy by the way you don't nobody Australia text office or nobody really thinks about sneaky like our beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon is kind of fun cuz it's so white trash Yahoo out of can of pop trigger can of Pabst at the store sometimes when I talk to her

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I go in flip-flops on boxer shorts fuck it wife beater drinking a gigantic Pabst Blue Ribbon The Mad would do that kind of shit look while I'm shopping for other snacks yeah I love it over there in America or besides the United States would be Canada if there's another country I live in besides Canada it would be Australia for sure and Canada because it's right there too cold not Vancouver to cold as well she can handle it son I can handle it you're traveling man I skipped a fucking winter months

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6 yeah yeah it's there's there's some rugged days in those nice months to you know it looks like the 6th but there's three months they're super sketchy server schedule it snow in April we got snow in April this year that's annoying in April is it local time is more sensitive when you die if you died of the last of the 80s AIDS he died from fentanyl man they all died from that fence that stuff kills everybody they're testing drugs now at music festivals they should they did it in Australia when I was there they do it in UK and some

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places where you just come and eat a chip off the smallest amount and they text you if it's okay if your stuff is safe or not and then it's way safer to do it then just fucking pass around family regulation they just do they just need deregulation not saving anybody by making drugs illegal you're just making it difficult to get good drugs that's all you're doing you're not stopping people from doing drugs in fact when they legalize things often teen use goes down because it's it doesn't become so attractive anymore but people are stupid alright we wired fucked up and not tell us we can't do something that's the thing we want to do that's just how it is I will say to be fair I will say legalization of drugs would make more people do it I would have to think it would so I'll actually they say no when they normally do right there alright I'll get some I don't know about that man I think it normalizes after a while I think it starts off like that in the beginning but I think what that is is the residual effect of making appropriate hibited than the residual effect

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then once it becomes legal like alcohol if you don't walk by CVS and go black you just go buy it when I just go get some whiskey for people weigh more people drink then do drugs but they don't do it because it's like a new thing at the school so easy to get that it's just there some people that would never would have done I have to consider friends from high school that never will do it but it was on the same level. Con 20 years they look now I don't know if it's worse I really don't know you end up getting a lot less people like total numbers to do it I think things would normalize I really do I think we have a real is a responsibility that I think Society has to this fucked-up prohibition that we know is ridiculous we have too much information now we know too much about people to make things prohibited when you make other things are just as dangerous legal rights what's all fucking Farsi it doesn't make any sense

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what alcohol is legal in marijuana isn't or alcohol legal mushrooms aren't you're talking nonsense people drink themselves to death every day affects thousands of people every year die from alcohol poisoning do mushrooms that much you can't die from it you can't stopped working on my end of the week you'll be doing like a pound of mushrooms and that's fine we'll be crazy will Dennis McKenna who I had on last week is brother Terrance had that theory about human evolution and it's a very compelling Theory and butter mushrooms make you might have caused it but might have been one of several factors are several factors one of them is climate change like the monkey said I move down from the trees because there was no food left in the grasslands had taken over where the rainforest have been but that was the same. We're all these Anjali barred owl like creatures

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it all over the place the most mushrooms grow out these monkeys that were experimental the human monkey started eating these things and then started developing language skills more sophisticated hunting better visual because the visual perception specially low dose is it actually increases Acuity been proven and scientific double-blind Clippers controlled studies yeah yeah recognize when things are shifting like say if you have two lines and one of them slightly shift like maybe a half of 1% angle the people that were on mushroom could see it you're a c a clock and be able to see the minute hand move like get zoned in we can sort of see it move a couple times but when I was little but yeah that's what that kind of sucks now do when I look at the clock I look at like vague numbers like that. Clock right now I got to look at that little one right there yeah I look at those are vague number so you can see those so I can see him I know that's okay

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call the. So I can see everything but the surgery no it's not that it's it's close it's it's nearsightedness it's what happens when you get older it's just macular degeneration this is to near for you don't know the things that are near don't look as good that's that's like a good medium distance but farther things look exactly as I say about my friend Steve Graham opthamologist he's like there's not a goddamn thing to do about it. Yeah yeah he told me some great advice everyone we were talking about on my podcast or talk with him about the hours they put in and I was like if you put in a 10 hours you can't be as good at 4:30 if you wanted to know if there's you should never make a doctor appointment in the afternoon they're tired they're not giving the best work yeah he's like always making morning appointment actually act like just had a coffee like a rat start dude

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I had this guy dr. Matthew Walker on couple weeks ago is a sleep specialist Yakima how important sleep is and one thing in common with a lot of people that suffer from Alzheimer's is they were getting like 3 or 4 hours sleep at night they were those get up and go type people their brains wine up short now he's saying that really sleep is unbelievably important one of those podcast you listen to it and it literally would change your behavior patterns for change my behavior so cold out I told everybody man at all my friends that you know quote on quote made it became successful you went the full whole hog if you're like the one who never got caught me the trappings you got sniped you said fuck it I want to live in New York so I want to disappear in a gin for 3 months they tell you to do something with your TV show me like fuck you it's all over

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you're really doing what everybody wants to do I have one fuck you moment ever like that really is when I had a book deal and I gave him the money back I didn't like they were trying to get onto the sock with it too much I was like this is annoying as if I look around on level of oh yeah you got the most Freedom out of all my friends were talking about with Burt Reynolds they said they were like we're at I'm at work week and we have each other's lives you know their family life was my whatever life I know I like burgers or what do you think I envy about you are in my car cuz I fix my freedom and he was like I'm just much Freedom as you and I was like

► 00:15:45

what are you talking about it doesn't make any sense not call anybody just go from here whatever you got just go away yeah you can't do that if you didn't tell me you were going and you vanish a few months I would call the police you would yeah I would worry about you but once you tell me like I'm going to go to Asia my car I did I guess I'll talk to you when you get back. So worried like what happens if you get arrested going to do the time bro I don't know baby but you just vanished you kind of have a little bit of responsibility for people that care about you yeah you don't want to hurt their feelings and felt was it but they just have to deal with it then I like freak out like that happen are my parents was it a disappear on though that's good

► 00:16:45

get not tell me where you're going and I'll be able to reach him like it makes you feel better I'm not telling my mom how to reach me something to what you did though I think that's how I felt you felt like a little different to me when you came back really but yeah like you would just you know you had so many experiences and responsibility wise I'm reading this book The Talent Code you ever heard of it it's really interesting book with the analyze performers in different different venues like different things that they do different sports different and Jackson to do that and it makes you really realize how many sets you should be doing you should be doing a ton of long sets as many of the most time on stage you have the better it's very critical like the long way because it's an hour like

► 00:17:45

performance your headlining the most you can do those two better because you really there that's a different thing when you do a weekend don't you feel like you do Thursday Friday Saturday at a comedy club Saturday night late show you are fucking, and if I do like the third straight week of five show weekends you know if it's like by the end of cycle you guys are getting a wonderful show right now you just get smooth yeah either one of us wins I ever got was I did that Maxim tour with Charlie Murphy and have her on and do we did 22 dates in a month so weird. It just go on stage or like in the Zen State you just so you doing so much stand-up that's how come back remember oh yeah yeah you just 25 straight days of an hour night and then you're like you're just be up at week when you get home but like it's just like you're that you're just doing it over and over again all the way I think in the beginning of stand up when you're starting I think lots of sets of good cuz I need to learn how to win over a crowd a bunch of time so I can't read

► 00:18:45

the crowds better than 1 45 minutes but then yet once you're doing it longer it's like looking like for me or our but this one is getting to that town code book development of skills to talk about how many amazing Brazilian soccer players came out of this one area and they were trying to figure it out and then realize oh it was they have this other game that they play with a smaller heavier ball and it's harder so they do that game and it's like I'm close to the dude in like a room like a small room at this room. Play the soccer game and they get amazing footwork and movement because that because they're in such Close Quarters they did they're very fast so they take those skills and apply them to soccer football whatever they call it and it's fucking the amazing how much they Excel yeah that's what I'm talking to some of those roast battle guys guys and you know they're not like

► 00:19:35

as as as develops on stage as they are for the rose petals so then it's like what are you doing unified champ we figure it out like you just take those those roast artichokes and apply them to the guy next to you in traffic or whatever thank you for this is roasting any topic you know that comes up yeah he's got to leave that should have actually I think there's things like that with everything and I think with you what I was recognized I was like oh he's just sort of like data crunch all these cultures over four months like you came back with like you you had like less patience for stupidity and more like a more expanded. It's hard to gauge someone's understanding of the world but the way you talked about things is like a damn or expanded view of things you like what

► 00:20:35

does just America you know what you got your everybody who thinks that this is crazy this is just America we spend so much time in this bubble but when you were out there for like what you came back with you it was almost like you were like okay and I think as a human is this time I think this is one thing that happens bad to comedian to become successful which one the reason why they drop off to get really famous like really sucks because too many people like them when they go on stage and know that play your own crowded at all I was terrible but also play your own crowd is your fault here's what you should know if your stuff is good and you should be working on it should be listening to recordings you should listen to them and go is this something that I would want to pay to see. Let me fix it because like I'm in the stage right now with the right a new axe dates were Max terrible right now I still have the old material that I have to abandon when

► 00:21:35

summer comes around the special airs until then I'm just developing shittin the new stuff is like I've got 6 new minutes they're worth hearing and then a lot of stuff but if you don't do it if you don't scare yourself and if you don't experience new things you don't have you have to know whether your stuff's any good okay and if you if you're not looking at it not paying attention it happens to a lot of famous comedian specials as they get older get softer and there's just two innocent as always my favorite example because he's one of my all-time if not he's like prior and Kennison to that's my Mount Rushmore and on Lenny Bruce just for creating the whole thing but I forgot but when you watch early Kinison he was a fucking monster

► 00:22:35

he's hanging out with Bon Jovi and doing blow and Bangin strippers and being that guy that Rockstar comedian guy and he didn't write anymore you can tell he was getting by on songs and dances you know he just like to show me with the caricature of himself so he went crazy stuff your friends sit next to Mitzi when your friends on stage you laugh hard and admit to go along with you okay I watch I'm just going to believe that and I got lucky I had a great set and then put the Todd was probably the loudest voice in the room he was in the back laughing his ass off or whatever else anybody if you're doing if you were performing for Mitzi I had sit next to Mitzi I used to sit next to her for my present showcase just so these fucking cock blocks wouldn't come in and try to talk to her

► 00:23:35

true to the middle of sets Summer performing for their future 3 minutes and from the queen of comedy and these fucking cock blockers so so so so crazy busy with before he went crazy there was a thing he used to do where he would go to the bartenders and take like glasses off and then just as staring about and just Chuck it in the garbage just to let you know and then when he went crazy I mean literally crazy yeah he's sort of half remember doing that but different parts we just take them and kind of like throw them in the garbage but not kind of even know why I was doing it he was just like a of Apollo. Versions of pets how Kinison was not just yelling yeah it was it didn't make any sense there was no point it was just he was just trying to

► 00:24:35

form and ride the wave at the beginning he was angry so angry they have some how come you don't make fun of me as much to make fun of women he goes cuz a man is never boring make me drive my car into a tree at Woody's to play that song

► 00:25:00

yeah it was good well you believe that uses short fat ugly guy who was just screaming at the world for all of his paying you knew he was in pain and then he wasn't in pain anymore wasn't fun then he wasn't in pain anymore that he was like he was just the Superstar and it just didn't work as a super starts weird suicide a lot of these guys don't enter into a new experiences you have to have new challenges new experiences you have to be excited about the new thoughts and I think that much like these Brazilian soccer players from what is the name Daniel Coyle is who what's the author's name Dana coil when he talks about these Brazilian soccer players playing this type room the skills they developed in this really tight environment help them in the big game I think life is like what the training ground for stand-up is and if your life is the same boring shitt calling your agent but what we got for me got a script for me drunk you don't have any real world

► 00:26:00

talk about the Hollywood show is boring people don't relate to us some people who did Kathy Griffin that's all she talks about Gilbert not for me not for me and I don't want to relate to my show yourself. Just hard to catch the audience because you know there's you have to figure out why you're doing what you're doing to look at my doing what I'm doing just to get a laugh or am I doing what I'm doing because I would actually like it cuz I know it's working doesn't mean it's good that with traveling over whatever it's like half it was like let me get some new experiences drop them the other half is just let me just challenge myself in moments so I can practice overcoming things yeah yeah yeah it's crazy businessman to business on top of your own thoughts you got to be up on yourself

► 00:26:59

here College they didn't let you fail to report you know this is even more intense this is a high-pressure Corporation I got to take his homework if I call can I get that if you like I can I've got to go over my set and I can do later what you mean what I talked to try to explain it there is maybe a thousand of us on Earth artist know I had manners are there on Earth

► 00:27:38

is there a thousand we're not talking cruise ships or know someone who can get a special would watch or Netflix would wash your hands with the category of yeah. Yeah probably not a thousand so that's not a lot of people it's a small amount of people for an awesome job so we got to figure out why why why is it's a small amount of people cuz it's a bloody fucking catastrophe leading up to success no chance of money early on if you are on a fast-track is going to be 7 years if you want to jump off a bridge bombing at any one of those years jump off a bridge. It's cold I'm trying to explain to someone the cold sweats were and how it's like almost like out of it and you feel the sweat but it's bigger shivering at the same time

► 00:28:38

for me laying in bed at night after the show of everything went wrong Beyond embarrassment just ruthless destruction of your self-esteem. Fuc there's a lot of people that just won't go back after that why won't you why would you want Siri Siri hypothesis is my friend who's a researchers like when is development Rachel Simmons series books on it she said that women just I don't know if it's I forget what sociologically or physically be able to accept rejection early onset that doesn't go with it who they are and so they just like don't do those things that you have to push them if you have daughters had to push them to like try and fail try and fix failure makes you succeed

► 00:29:38

but early August and it's only failure yeah so if your gender is less into that was taking that like outside rejection or something like I don't do this to you now publicly I have to go on Twitter supporting gender stereotypes so not be able to accept rejection yes they can accept rejection perfect which proves that when men and women are equal what so what now what they've been socialized to buy a patriarchy to not accept that they said they going to the buyer or it's only failure and they go I don't want to do this I think if I had to guess I think stand-up is at least 20 to 25% harder for women this is why I think there's subjects that especially when you're starting out men don't want to hear from you in the audience men don't want to hear about politics you you have a bigger hurdle when it comes to point of view politics or a boy

► 00:30:38

Vice anything where a woman is like like a guy can get on stage and say listen guys you want to fucking get your life in order you got to stop lava button in the joke set up and then going but a woman would have a hard time giving advice. Meatheads right if I say this because I want to see young Comics let's not make a gender Christian Comics talking about politics was going to change apart of Migos like 26 Road Apartment shut the fuk up I don't know what the fuck you're talking about and I want to hear from chicks about politics let me guess you're fucking which Hillary won Jesus that's a shocker you know there's like this gender like biases that a lot of men have about a woman getting on stage talking controlling all the attention they don't like it but a lot of men have the MSA is right or wrong. But I'm just being honest about instincts there's an instinct to not like it

► 00:31:38

there's another reason to it's that Taylor's there which I like women on stage early on I'll just why it's harder for men just the first six months is up when women are used to people looking at them for men it's just weird new thing where it's like why you looking at me strange showing the first like right away at open mics like early on women have way more comfortable on stage of the man for the most part and then that it evens out for those first two months it's this thing of this is not a couple of things women so negative it better deal with that the whole lies don't like people are staring at them all the time I think we struggle with this idea of like like saying that I think it's harder for women I think it's harder for men cuz it's a general thing that's it that's only black and white it makes me fucking ruin all the arguments I know it's just like 10% to 15%. I think one of the reasons it is harder career-wise for

► 00:32:38

I'm in almost all women is because success too early can hurt you in the long run if you start thinking I'm good it's something you're terrible you don't work as hard as human nature thing because we're in such a category of needing women performers that we go earlier and earlier and development in order to pluck them up because I find need a good woman on TV you know and there's you know this develops women Silverman's that guy and doing that I don't want to segura's yeah sure okay so you have to get some of you have somebody at home your own the version of yourself and if viewers on you know if you have a lot of, but if I'm getting this as a single individual performer if I'm getting something 5 years ago and that's why I'm pretty fucking good I'm off to work this hard you know I start getting more and more things I work less and less heart to know the reason why the fucking celebrity Comics are as good as non celebrity comments but if you start

► 00:33:38

stuff you start like I don't need to work that hard to get it if you have to study for an hour to get an A you know I mean then why would you study for 7 hours and I will get you there yeah so if you start getting successes career-wise and monetarily you stop working this hard on the artistic part of it you can sort of doesn't exist service

► 00:34:05

she has an individual to get stuff but the same time you want to I mean as a former Booker has a Booker all you got to do is look harder to get qualified women go to Indianapolis by Miss Pat. Me they're out there but to drop somebody off who doesn't quite deserve it only hurts him in the long run the problem also is that you want to find a certain number like the comedy should be almost totally egalitarian yeah it should be just performance-based a club has a developmental project like Wendy does the Comedy Works in Denver that it might not be a bad idea to have all girl classes I bet that would give you a bump for anybody feels uncomfortable and want to learn how to do stand up with all that's one of those is hard efforts for checks early on is because their scrapes open mics are not weirded out what their clubs at clubs get out of here we don't want to hear any fucking freak that's there and man that is not an ox

► 00:35:05

the deal with the most right away early on fuck yeah yeah he's good and then also I got this fucking smelly guy fucking leering over me this hundred percent yeah hundred percent I mean it's nightclub creepiness + crazy people and then you have open mics just always a certain percentage of people that are insane should be getting off that mic on an open mic night in a store it's busy back in the day they didn't fix nothing with that mic off. Clean that I think was growing all kinds of shit on at least it didn't have a foam top like this to hold how to change his phone once it's smell like my breath smells like getting up in there was like

► 00:35:59

smell of a person on this thing we had a rid of my cat smells so bad it causes weekend that I mentioned to Simone and it was like both like he was taking us out of it like 30 minutes and usually get used to it she was holding a mic different regular metal white holding a different so we can get away from his notebook who is there before you I don't know

► 00:36:24

yeah these phone thanks for disgusting you know some people have those circles I had those circles for a while to spit Shield but it seems so pretend all those things where they seem pretentious pop filters filters they seem super pretentious they seem like what you doing stupid with that fucking hula hoop in front of your face so I had a couple ideas on acid this music festival when I want to run by you and that one

► 00:36:53

is Funtime by the way what music festival Firefly in Delaware nice bus from New York and then just go there camping at fucking good time and not just like laying down on my back trying to keep my eyes open so I can my friends went off to the bathroom like you'll be here and I'll be right here I'm not going anywhere right now that's okay my eyes are blue don't look at you like what's wrong with you you know it's just see a few stars and be out of it I drove out of it and everyone's I fucking love music festivals Matthew come out of it and some fucking guy dressed like a wooden him I never want to get in that fucked up I want to do one with you on Sam kinison's album listen to it like talk about it and I

► 00:37:53

John CD you can cause it was so homophobic that the people Warner Brothers they put it out on cassette but then they never released it on CD when CDs came on then like fuck that fat slob and wow really yeah I do. Let me tell you what she was around during the PC days of the 80s wear in a PC War right now seems like it's just a battlefield just going crazy like there's more bombs going off PC wise and never people are so invested in the idea of controlling behavior and telling people to do but back then it was happening to for a while yeah but that was a member of the wife ex-wife is trying to make it as far as things got real weird and language over and over again MTV band Dice Clay for life cuz he told some joke about girls on their period or something

► 00:38:53

anyway she walks around who makes videos walking around the supermarket talking about his haircut I got this new haircut what do you think they'll make another video this fucking haircut doesn't give a fuck like literally it's just doing whatever dice wants to do wandering through the world hanging out with his kids so like for him like getting banned from MTV is probably the greatest thing ever this is it

► 00:39:28

wow wow the bravado there

► 00:39:33

oh my God what the fuck is zebra

► 00:39:52

I'm a long wait what what is the is this playing on YouTube or is it not

► 00:40:08

I'm here to say I was born in Brooklyn Sheepshead Bay

► 00:40:19

you seem shaken yeah as soon as all bravado and then he's like shit I'm doing this

► 00:40:32

call bitch

► 00:40:37

that was the weirdest kind of Comedy that he could do it if they knew what you were going to say I wanted to hear it, the complete original complete original if you dislike people look at him like all brutish and disgusting thing in just a dirty jokes a misogynist all those things are true but you gotta realize that he Revolution I like he did something but he broke through a rockstar style also if you just look at it completely objectively forget about the artistic Merit so what he did he did something very different he figured out a way to do, that people legitimately laughed at even though they knew it was coming I hadn't been done before that haven't been done like that never no never no one yells out the punchline in front of my whole bitch you needed the money everybody wanted to hear the things that he had already said which never existed before tomorrow tour

► 00:41:37

original act right now and people be super satisfied say along with them nothing call me why is nothing to see a little bit but not much precious machine thing yeah but he forces that on people I saw it Gaffigan in that Moontower once I need to 45 minutes it's fine was great in whatever the old stuff yeah that it was like yeah my favorite forces on people and explain what I'm saying like heat that like that's his signature thing I don't mean it like in a negative way but I mean like he's he's scared to not do that guy wants to do that he wants them to know him as the machine you want to do that bit everywhere and it feels like they get upset if he doesn't do it so in his head like he's he's forcing it on them they're forcing on him and it's like he's developed as everybody knows the if you're a fan

► 00:42:37

Christ you know the bet it's fucking the other things that he says you want to see this but he's like do you want to see the news so worried about getting upset that he's not at all concerned with how they feel about him $10,000 in hospital not doing it at all just refusing to pay so I don't get it. I can't believe you brought that up

► 00:42:57

so the best Roosevelt all-time him on children's hospital I agree let's talk about that's a different thing a bit like a signature bet you do every time you go and say some people expect to hear it that's a different thing. Yes than the regular and I haven't seen it before I get excited because I don't know where you're going yeah and you taking me down the road then you just want to see him seeing this over and over in Boston Boston like all the headliners would do the same Mac forever I know that's why I fuck all them and that's why I fell apart that's why ya bunches I can't you haven't written the case up they had the opposite of an Internet age approach their age approach was you put together a 45 minutes and that's it and some of them literally

► 00:43:57

I only had 45 minutes they've been doing comedy for decades yeah cuz even with Daiso so you can pair that the music we're going to sing along with it musicians have new albums and then you expand that catalog of stuff you can sing along with hopefully up to a point I feel like whatever rancid Coney Island who is a Spotify catsup mm like you can if you want I'm still doing it grows didn't even like internalized a feeling they want you to react to it but that's there such a difference between feelings

► 00:44:57

and then forcing everyone around you to hear it and then forcing the artist to react to it there's such as the levels of douchebag ish Nest it takes to go levels fucking asshole crowded a perfect moment of silence you know which is naturally comes up it's that's audience member fucking Super Bowl when was Spike Lee playing the SuperSonics this is like way after his prime he's just travel now to get a couple extra bucks and try to look maybe one of the title and he went down the lane put up like a finger roll a capital Lane and just kind of went up an airball that went out of bounds with a whistle

► 00:45:49

only cuz I went out of bounds whatever thought was it a foul anything in the baskets go out of balance or just as silence my friends who are the worst of the worst when it comes to that shit it's like they feel like since they have a regular job and they paid a lot of money to come see you do that you better fucking do it good this pussy doesn't want to get off the bench your name of that sort out of town I want you sitting on the shity product god dammit these last couple years you're very excited though I love it almost like nothing else I've seen oh dude I love it I even have all my sports fans like fandom I am at most a Laker hater but damn it all

► 00:46:49

is that one of the worst franchise in basketball people look at you when you try to recruit them I go what the fuck you talking about they leave enjoy Showtime bitches it's been years since you were in the playoffs this year wow this is all yeah it's great I can understand that the Hall of Fame forget about it again call you Hypocrites fuck you bitches all of you like her suck and you got a deal with it this is outrageous it. Viral video first time in history Pelicans New Orleans Pelicans my chances they want a team called the Pelicans not me

► 00:47:41

wife of the guy who owns it he owns a good franchise is a fucking billionaire smart guy who makes wow I really would happen what happened what would you called if you were interested

► 00:48:04

it's a better fucking name in the Pelicans I had to be recharged all the time but like vicious Pelican Behavior so I can get behind a little bit since they are vicious Billy Ducks whole belly duct whole show I can watch that it's great I'm sure we're going to watch a pelican eats a duck but not that you think of like a cute thing that brings babies yeah yeah oh yeah oh yeah

► 00:48:39

wow look at all them that's crazy animal that's a seagull eating pigeons a seagull eats pigeons

► 00:49:03

oh Jesus oh wow that is crazy and all these people just have to watch all these little kids bicycle I did not know seagulls did that seagulls Mark pigeons and eat them this is fucking no words we almost got away with it this time you know it's usually owls to do that apparently attack bite bite their fucking heads off at her house and sell Hawks I'm sorry yeah Hawks do it though

► 00:49:51

did the bird get away that backed up I was fine hold on now he's fucked up shit fucked up

► 00:50:08

see he's swimming away. Things right after a man going anywhere that seagulls walking like Jesus on top of the water walk and use their wings and they can run on the water yeah yeah that pigeons fucked I would love to have flight

► 00:50:27

what would you give up what you give up hearing or eyesight

► 00:50:31

Eric Cantor flight without side effect we could be a bat because this one is fucking insane dude going to drive him off the other Ducks mad like

► 00:50:53

who did I just grab them to go with a creepy animal kicking inside of his body but for now thank you like it one pole pelican eats pigeon St James Park in London

► 00:51:13

that's dark I bet he does it every day but it looks like a monster he looks like a normal normal animals

► 00:51:24

have you ever seen a shoebill know that the creepiest bird ever there are there a bird that lives in the Congo in Africa to fucking prehistoric dinosaur bird and there's a video from the condo look at that thing there's some creepy head on pictures on it where you go what like that all my gosh the Pelicans logo dude well they should have made the shoebill bird man this video to these things it's just to get that back and forth but you look at its mouth its mouth is like a giant pair of scissors or something is creepy fucking and where they let the Congo Congo there 5 feet tall to two China's bird

► 00:52:14

set up Bobby Lee size bird wow that's a smaller one there there's a crazy video of One release Salisbury even like a bigger bird like a turkey I catch that fucking person their mother fucker was going to throw it just letting you know that it's in the bucket it's going to go for a walk man look creepy nightmare nothing legs thing that was in North America millions of years ago at least 1 million I think they were called Terror birds so creepy that thing is terrible they were enormous 7ft tall enormous birds and some of them were even bigger than that that were predatory the COO of flightless birds that live in North America huge bird that would probably eat people literally consume half your abdomen

► 00:53:14

freaky fucking animals man and there was a bigger one even before that like one that dwarf that too yeah there was a million years ago see me to find that fucking thing that's right everything they do time travel and then go back in the prehistoric times and it's office and talk everything here will kill me everything he has nowhere to go I saw Jurassic world yesterday it's fun there's doesn't make sense but that's you have to have those to make one of those movies I'm starting to appreciate movies I'm just dumb fun this is what I look like oh my gosh look at that fucking thing so that was running around I think was a North American animal to that looks like it was running after car looks is chasing after elk and shit but just look at go to the upper right hand drawing the upper right hand when it shows you how big they were they were fucking enormous Wowway barely ask you and then there was even bigger than that

► 00:54:14

machine gun

► 00:54:18

running yeah look how many of them there were different kinds of norms birds that giant ostriches and shit yeah the really big one that's in the foreground with that reddish beak what a fucking creepy thing that would be your walking through a field and you saw this 9-foot plus tall freaky ass bird staring at you it doesn't even fly it just said it's just a normal is eating machine I mean you can call it a bird but they can't fly they've been any Wings really they're weird they've giant Talons at what they are is a fucking dinosaur right there's some weird-ass dinosaur

► 00:54:58

that made it to 2018 you know that's like a big Theory but yeah I became birds like all over their body like when we look at a T-Rex I might be covered in feathers now that we've been cool we don't know they know some of them definitely were though they're finding some of them covered in feathers in the background check if you move some things over here? Yeah it's some of them or you can explain what are the ones that are like they literally pick up every sound the room

► 00:55:42

let's take a pic of pattern what not just at the preamp on this isn't up very loud. Wow that's not so yeah this this Mike needs a preamp because it has a very low nominal level if you don't know what that means at all I am in podcasting and I have no idea what you're talking about Jamie is dropping some audio knowledge time I just bought a bike to build do the thing where you talk like you're in a car driving by a line when you like more than one that's out that sucks I could do that right now actually with software you wouldn't be doing that with just the right mix I was just at my girlfriend that's the worst for you take your fucking getting a line and he's like yell something at them but then when you're in the wrong you realize all you hear is

► 00:56:28

yeah actually get your body out the window and yell otherwise in a weird way we are boxy pattern from a Dirty Work Dirty Work movie sorry buddy did you see the pictures of Artie

► 00:56:58

is that the same around his nose is all fucked up it's caved in well I guess he snorted something and he got an infection in his nose was huge was weird that's pretty big

► 00:57:15

yeah look at it right there oh yeah that one is it real that he's real good he's more than anybody like refuse to accept that he's famous so you just like walks around normal and then people start recognizing oh yeah they can like goes away but like he goes in a normal environment. He's a good dude really is really good guy he is not making 20/20 no desire to quit he's just he's riding it out did he quit for a while maybe I think every once in awhile I don't really know I think every once awhile to keep that he gets clean from rain but it's like a back a little sometimes he's never given one of the guys like I haven't touched the stuff in 5 years

► 00:58:10

don't exist and that he's enjoying himself before he died. They're trying to get him to clean up he's like I'm not doing shit I like it it's like me to quit smoking like I'm not Desiring quitting right now you guys are yeah that's a hard pill for people swallow that don't do it

► 00:58:30

yeah you know like I just quit you should just quit do you see those gacked out people on the sidewalk in New York you know just talk into standing up you know those down or something like that or just like nodding off in there on whatever take daytime you like wild hair fucked up but now that I've done enough drugs you you realize like they're loving it right now they are having the best time that peeking it looks pretty but that picky when it comes to wish in their pants and nowhere to go if that ain't the best but right after the Superbowl in the Sky with Diamonds

► 00:59:13

feels so good

► 00:59:19

just tripping oh forgot to tell you this so when I was I was having some pretty good thoughts on this ass at Washington different paths The Killers by the way

► 00:59:33

soft you see stuff in like when you're out there on psychedelics a truth, universal truth will you just be like yes that is real that is right under percent and it's hard to bring that shit back into this realm you know to understand and love you too thank you can't express it and run it will come back when they're around you they say something or like what they like they realize I get frustrated not saying it right and it's slowly going away so when I was there in that place

► 01:00:10

sometimes I try to remember like when you get back say this to this person

► 01:00:15

so that's State told me to tell you that Eminem is one of the realest MCS I'm not going to argue with it I don't know what I want

► 01:00:32

but it was like that could be a funny bit dude there's a funny bit in there like about how like some things are just in the moment they seem so profound and then what the fuck is wrong with me Eminem is one of the realest MCS well I would agree with that is very very real seems fairly real

► 01:00:53

yeah yeah I heard it I was like that's going to sound dumb in the real world but I know some people like that something like that could take the anti Trump thing

► 01:01:11

I told it was but he was he was angry and he had all of his friends around them they're all just hang around these cars like in a circle is what they're all waiting on Eminem raps she's got like all these turns over but where's the other ones the videos of the other guys to the award show a lot and I would have taken the put up their own guys it's called keeping it Street

► 01:02:11

oopsies I already knew he keeps it street but that thing was it was interesting it's like when people you know when you create this big explosion this attack on someone from someplace that's always fascinating to me to watch that go down like what someone doing here like what What's Happening Here what so what are you going to do for the resort take on it

► 01:02:33

it wasn't his best work right right you know I mean I think he's an amazing rapper like some of this shit from the past is fucking incredible freestyle well first of all I'm not feeling that gold chain

► 01:02:46

Jamie's like for that anymore oh yeah I told you it's all practiced man I like the Cadillac in the back I'll tell you that I got a boner for that a right on the right yeah that looks like what is that like a 70-something Cadillac that thing's fucking beautiful I love those things I don't give a fuck about this route but that Cadillac is the shit I Got a Boner for old cars dude I'm one of those old dudes that likes old music an old cars juicy on that that wrap was like a forgot who it was but it was like saying from the white point of view about what the front of black people and then from the black one of your what's wrong with white people be like lip syncing pretty well so my redneck dude

► 01:03:37

so I blocked it won't complain about this and this and then it goes back at who does young something but the problem with black people and white people is that people say black people and white people are just people just people I was watching this video it's annoying video of this lady calling the cops and the Soul 8 year old black girl who selling water I've seen it. She's calling the fucking police just saying selling water without a permit in her mom videotapes her and puts it up and makes it viral and that's one of those videos where it's everything's in the right place the white lady is overweight she's just angry little overweight white lady the little black girl is as cute as a button the mom is the mom is talking to her in a way that's like not too aggressive she was she out here calling the police on a little girl trying to sell water we see you boo like she's not being horrible and everything just fell into

► 01:04:37

is this like perfect example of like what's happening here like is this racism or is this someone who's just just complains about everything that's why I hear the arguing a lot of like you wouldn't do this to lose a man you won't get this was a woman you want to do this is black but it's like you not pay a set of but it's just like one example for each one example of Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce and whenever if somebody wanted new seeding like next sidewalk seating and just get through but all it would take is one housewife from the area they're going to stick up their ass about the rules no no no it'll be done by 8 p.m. I won't be any hurt on the on the people around us will clean up and if she goes no then it's like 24 more Hoops to jump you know I just because he's Housewives have nothing to do better than to enforce rules so could be that could be fuck is black kids I don't I don't I don't have any idea she was on an interview talk

► 01:05:37

about which is a terrible idea by the way who was the wino lady and she put all this makeup on everything which is also a terrible but the whole thing was she was saying that she was working and that she had the window open the little girl was shouting and screaming she's trying to make it look bad as possible if she was a victim and she said she apologized to both the little girl in the mall but they won't accept her apology was like okay well you know is nothing wrong with accepting some of the potty clearly she should have done that will 8 year olds not sell water in a hot day who gives a fuck like that doesn't make eggs sausage is going dead so she had a window roll down the kid was screaming but apparently she didn't talk to them she didn't talk to the kid and she didn't talk to the moms just call the police went out to see that's a promise for you're so antisocial it was go straight to like someone to deal with it instead of just like hey

► 01:06:37

when you get a note in your apartment or saying something like just or the front door unlocked just come to my apartment knock Humanity once and then go to the other stuff so they compared her with this white chick that Hitler called on Chicago on the barbecue the same person not really but yes it's just going for you look so similar man like in the way the shape of their body there's definitely nothing to do with these like sexually ambiguous forms

► 01:07:23

like you know that that's a woman but you know both of them they're they're overweight and it's just weird it's weird they're like to go out on a limb I don't think most I will say most people that are shaped like that don't feel good I don't feel good I don't feel good right there Durham set stuff ever have somebody screaming about something I can meet them with like

► 01:07:47

what happened to you I can't breathe that Michael Brown

► 01:08:01

are there carnivals near Corona a business and like I sell the tax sell cigarettes and some undercutting me with no permits right outside that really hurts my business okay sure I'll give you that do you think the punishment for that should be choking someone maybe till I can't breathe and he's oh no that's too much of a problem with the official version of that is that he didn't have any cigarettes on them they did not know it nothing he had nothing before that but he was clean so all that cigarettes I'm leaving the fuck alone is like y'all hoes out here fuck with me just leave me the fuck alone it started I wanted a fresh coming it was for no reason it's like just give me the ticket there yes they shouldn't touch him I mean and he wasn't a violet guy wasn't like like the threatening them in some sort of way in and then he tried to say that it wasn't a Chokehold my bitch let me put you in that

► 01:09:01

two cops that I wanted to one was sick right after that in New York look there's not a Chokehold and I want I want to stop it actually I'm friends with an expert on the subject that he does say that I will choke you to death with that how does vocals and he's got his hands grip that is like the same but it's a backwards version of what you call a guy Marcelo Garcia Guillotine which means like there's certain guys are really good at getting a blade of the Forum across your esophagus it's very painful and like some of like a ball Easton taught me to do this in shout out to Boulder Colorado Mall Easton is a Jiu-Jitsu Coach and he's got a fantastic Guillotine and one of the things about his Guillotine as he knows how to get that blade of that phone right in your esophagus it's horrific it feels terrible and they do it like with a high elbows he can't escape it it's headed it's an immediate feeling that guy has his forearm right across that guy's throat you there is no doubt about if I'm holding that like that and I'm clamp

► 01:10:01

Sam's class together give me a little bigger so I can see it looks like the guy was choking them the way he's doing that you could choke a guy like that with one arm you don't even have to have that right arm and play if he's got that left on the back of the head or shoulder rather the traps you if you would like from San Jose getting Jake do anybody Like That Tito Ortiz did that in the UFC before I choke somebody out with one arm Guillotine Luke rockhold it to Michael Bisping you got him in a mounted one-armed getting I mean peers the problem why don't the other cops are we go ahead tell me that's enough yeah you listen man that's a goddamn Chokehold I know chokeholds, Tatum on for a fucking living.

► 01:11:01

so cold and if you don't think it's a show called let me put you in it let me put you in it and see how long you last what's it's fucking show called the guys were called you out have you talked about it if it's no fighter Colby and I also know very well one of Kobe's really good friends my friend can't hang it you really got to choose to be heal our hero and I would always go he'll he's all heal it so much for a Fungo heel is Chael sonnen's mad that I talked about what he does that I told you I talked about Kobe does I go he's having fun I go he's playing up the role of the villain and he selling paper

► 01:12:00

is my talking about me giving up the secret to the business it's the dumbest shit of all time I can't tell if it's a work I can't tell if what he is doing chill he's doing if he's fake upset there was a point where was the best trash talker in sports thunder when Addison Silver Fox in it sounds like a mouse pissing on Cotton I've never lost a fight I never lost one second I wouldn't fight if I left I loved it it's beautiful he's a smart guy but he's also getting us to talk about it and talk about a show till I get my plug right now cuz I'm sure it's great use of Ariel helwani and Chael Sonnen have a new show called Ariel in the bad guy and that's why you got to get that ESPN show the back.

► 01:13:00

he's great at it is great I just ranted and raved about us for like 10 minutes then then then Brenda responded and he came back with another 20 minutes you don't ever talk about the business Prince of all I have to cuz my job is to call what I see my job is not necessary even when I'm promoting things if I'm promoting things I'm calling what I see if I say Francis in Ghana's most terrifying heavyweight Contender ever I say that because that's what I see I see him put Alistair Overeem in a fucking or beside of it so you just talked with the fighting part listen here's the deal Trailblazer promoting and let intelligence at least you're out of your class fucking deal with it. Educate your high school dropout and you know it you're going to trash talk and that's it with your life

► 01:14:00

Chael Sonnen yeah I just talked to him

► 01:14:09

what are the points with what points do you get when you got a real issue still not fully retarded for you I liked you I like we done I have to talk about the fact that someone's talking shit to build up but it doesn't stop someone from talking shit it also makes it more fun to watch I know what the fuck it is and I like it he's not going to like it it makes it more interesting it makes it look how I feel dos anjos went into that octagon with the weight of not just fighting Colby with his considerable skill set beat him from fucking lunch around five most rounds were controlled by Kobe's pressure killer he had some very good moments in the first round but overwhelmed there's no doubt about that

► 01:15:09

skill on top of that but part of what was interesting about it was hot Fielder son just came into their with the weight of all the shit that call they been talkin LOL message from Dan. Do it like a red vest on the anger he had to just wanted to smash, and Connor slid out of the way and Drake right away what are you doing dropped a left turn on his chin it was it was my most artistic expressions of shit talking manifest working outside the box Behavior you know loss of a composer he lost his composure a really good it was crazy aggressive a perfectly-placed left hand but Anderson and chill had that too I mean she know you frustrated Anderson so what he was doing he talked crazy mad shit to people people appreciate Chael as a fighter what I say

► 01:16:09

you seen some really good fights in his evenings had some recent wins in a very good we beat Rampage that's a big win but if you go back watching fight Nate Marquardt does Nate Marquardt was in his prime come over from Strikeforce he was that time when he hit a blizzy just leaving strike First Strike Force and became their light with the welterweight champion because they're 170 over there with you beat Tyron Woodley in this crazy fucking Te'o sequence we blast with an elbow and hitsman uppercut it's one of the greatest KO sequences of all the time was one of the best if not the best mixed martial arts fighter in this country has come to pass and he never know he never found that the UFC during his his right mind right outside the UFC by the time you got here and I think he was probably a little compromise by the time you got here just fine it's like that yeah

► 01:17:09

he's the youngest ever UFC heavyweight champ well I'm a moron he beat a brandy Kotor for the title Josh was a beast man was a fucking beast who really was but so is Nate Marquardt in chail fought Nate Marquardt would make more or Mark was very close to his prime they went to war man they went to fucking war and chill dominated the real because you seem so silly when he says I've never lost that second of any around in any fight this is this is the k o c courts with Nate Marquardt and Tyron do Nate Marquardt was a fucking assassin at 1 points I know guys to train with him to say dude I never saw the natives of fucking round he just it just never came together perfectly in the UFC but watch this KO sequences and by the way

► 01:18:09

what's this elbow Here Comes

► 01:18:13

I was not The Secret Sisters the sequence towards the end

► 01:18:18

are you fire Jamie it was the KO

► 01:18:24

Jimmy just get right to the k o thought I had it right and then started it over by the way very different I should say to this is pre Duke roufus this is Tyrone when he was just coming off a resting here it is so you heard him with that right hand

► 01:18:41

and he comes in and he catches them with a with a big elbow

► 01:18:46

it's been way better if it was just chewed up to the KO isn't just the KO sequence

► 01:18:52

cuz I know I've seen it like just as a clip on YouTube just go to head a little bit right there is great for a while first video game shit that's video game shed again I'm on the way to that shit is insane that's an insane cow so tell dominated that to him when he was in this era tell me what year was this fight and what year was Child's fight against them in the UFC so tell had some serious skill to the trash-talking was why he became famous it wasn't just that it what you thought I was

► 01:19:52

was like nothing I've ever seen for that little bastard was like I'm going to take him down and beat him so the Tyron Woodley fight was in 2012 and when did he fight Chael Sonnen was before that see that's how good Chael Sonnen he beat that two years before before he went over to Strike Force became the welterweight champion so you he fought him in his absolute prime and dominated them people this is this is Nate Marquardt. Everybody list her silver Jimmy horned how can I test for not remembering my on Chael Sonnen Anderson no ground and pound him I think honestly I feel like Nate at 170 was at his best yay TKO to me ground-and-pound of them believe

► 01:20:52

170 was at its best I can you see me the time will be fine because he was big but he wasn't too big he wasn't too bulky and he was he was a very powerful guy for that week last week and kept it that way class families lost a lot he lost a lot of flights yeah that's the problem I think he's retiring now but it doesn't take away from the scale of the guy when you talk about talking it's fun it's a fun aspect of what it is that you have to talk about and he's not making money off it is preposterous that's a ridiculous are you saying that I was doing it for pay-per-view sales and he's like he doesn't get a penny those pay-per-view sale that's a ridiculous things stupidly like into something but like he's not educated on almost any subject

► 01:21:45

but he's a smart guy. I disagree I talk to him I feel like he's very intelligent that won Nobel Peace Prize Nobel science project whatever it is for science won by more European Jews then I think any other race is not true. It sounds right something any other race any other I think any other like obvious classification it's never Sicilians Italians are the words out what is that about

► 01:22:25

what's up Jimmy the Greek was talking about but like in a positive way just for just our brains or just weave in her pocket or bread for that we don't have any outside jeans so like you have some dogs are super like loyal why is it racist to say why is it racist to say work smarter not but

► 01:22:56

baby so I can maybe the Chinese got you beef with Asians and University enrollment at particular in Harvard discriminate against Asians reply to someone you're kicking ass like real talk about how this is crazy because Asian people for by this is a generalization and I'll try not to be racist but generally speaking Asian students are known as working very hard and they're very dedicated and they're very successful and the representation is overwhelming in terms of their numbers in the population and stutter The Killing and because of that and they're their mindset it's just work really hard it's not to protest things and not to shut things down it's just a weather in the library during all those protest there he's in the library of the Indians

► 01:23:56

happening I'm not saying that they're not socially conscious but why this is all happening they're not protesting it the way maybe other groups that felt marginalized weather is people of color or trans people are gay people whatever it is don't feel represented or discriminate against they would be shutting down do you know conferences and speakers and shouting out in the hallway but the Asians the whole reason why they kick ass is because they don't spend any time on petty bullshit like get done at Harvard Harvard is saying hey we're going to be racist against you cuz we know you're not going to complain look at that Sports pull this up pull this up Jamie I want you to pull up Asian students harder to get into Harvard law suit that's crazy it's crazy and it's not a small amount that discriminating by they're making their grades considerably higher in order to gain acceptance really yes

► 01:24:56

can't slow one down. Just less productive graduates doesn't make any sense it's a crazy way of thinking but it's all in this idea of diversity but instead of treating people as individuals instead of just saying human being you have to have each class represented by a certain amount of people that's mrs. But it's not like it's not a racist idea to want everybody to be treated as one it's just it can be done with an eye on avoiding all possible racism it can be done. People truly is individual here's the worst way that can ever be done the worst way tell the most successful people work that they have to work harder you are getting fucked by your genes you the people in your past and your group your little gene pool too good you doing too good in school swirl make it harder than it is for my kids that's not literally what people are doing there too because if they didn't Harper to be like all Asians Asians and be dominating

► 01:25:56

and it's a very reason why they think they can get away with this lawsuit accuses Harvard of discriminate against Asian-American applicants in personal ratings personal writings I don't know what it is meant they're making it more difficult it says students for fair admissions has accused Harvard of intentionally discriminating against Asian-American applicants by limiting their admissions numbers so they're limiting the numbers that go 20 agents by the way that's super hard for like let's say like Vietnamese or not the Chinese or Japanese crate you know you know just to be really clear is a lawsuit we don't know if this is true but this is the argument and it's the argument of many many many people have made now I haven't really personally research this but I know a lot of like legitimate intellectuals and brought this up and debates and conversations this is an issue this is essentially this is sanctioned racism against one group because they're too effective so you're living the number you're saying we're we're we're trying to get more

► 01:26:56

Amazon extracurricular Shimmer get in or out based on being Asian or based on being European that's crazy you should get in or out by you having Merit and you being a worthy student in difficult schools like Harvard or supposed to be difficult and if the cream-of-the-crop all comes from Asia shouldn't we look at what the fuck were doing here that we can compete with them and what is it

► 01:27:20

Asian students compete with them too much are they were requiring too much of your life to be successful with their their school work your normal life too if you're going to college and everything you're doing all day studying and I'm literally you might have some fucking shity part-time job somewhere to make some money for food and then you're studying more right maybe you have a part-time job lot of people don't so if you think about all that I want for my kids some of the things are just for 4 years some of the things it's not that anything really interested in but you have to get it on yet you have to but you know you have to have a fully balance education to have to take classes you're not even remotely interested in what you have to do it and it's this one way in this is how we can assure that you have enough knowledge that we can give you a piece of paper that says you have a degree

► 01:28:14

I mean an Asians rkr mailing it they are the only work 20 hours a night my friend junks it I think I've told you about him before he was the u.s. national Taekwondo team member who's going to be a doctor going through his residency and training for the national team and he was running stairs running stairs in the school in between studying studying and then run the stairs do you couldn't hold it back he slept 4 hours a night that if that's true that the same shit is like who's always tired yeah he's always hard cuz they were exhausted and kick ass while he wasn't physically talented either this guy made it to the to the Nationals and he became a national champion and he wasn't even like really really physically talented it wasn't like some freak athlete

► 01:29:14

just move super fast can you just fucking unbelievably smart unbelievably hard worker but I saw the way that guy was living as he was I was a couple years younger than him and he was going through his residency in training and doing I was crazy shit at the same time and I was I was like I'm exhausted just watching you like I can't see how this could be worth it to do all those things to do one of those things maybe that's what I want to do I want to do one of those things you're doing to those things you use doing what I was doing and then on top of that anymore and way more way more he's doing school work that was delivering newspapers and shit if that's happening at they're just saying like it's the same thing as like making it so why people get ahead it's crazy it's like how does loitering laws now you're rested if you don't have a job you're you're you're being racist against the minority I think it's okay because they kicked so much ass

► 01:30:09

cuz there a Powerball do you like we can meet we can take them down so literally racist because I'm here saying you can only have a certain number of these people in there it's crazy that's racist it's got to be too tough to say no we're trying to keep a diverse population population yeah but I guess they probably judge you based on many things right you know they try that for the old Daily Show with Jon Stewart just take the names off the applicator we want to see your names just you're ready sample that's smart. Smart well here's what happened though

► 01:30:47

The Hired only white males and then Jon Stewart was like okay I guess we're going in blind is not enough I guess we talked up he didn't even say like well that just shows it's not our fault that's just fucking randomly we had 8 people and they have to be white dudes here's the thing though if you had movers okay and you wanted to move furniture and you tested people for moving furniture is it okay to hire all men it's okay why because you're physically stronger now is it okay to hire someone who you think is going to be the best at the job or do you have to have a certain amount of women she wouldn't expect it from something physical for something like a creative well it's different because no one except the client is appreciating the movers so it's just like if I'm high I'm the only one who have to deal with it

► 01:31:47

show like a woman show a woman's comedy show me where am I now

► 01:31:54

are my woman and you want you are a female executive producer and you wanted to have like a female voice to it see what it is higher in some really funny chicks what is going to I know obviously the it happens way way way way more often the opposite way where women get discriminated against but what guy is going to say no fuck that I want a part of this right now I should have a job here you should draw a troll a troll Wanda represented male versus female cuz that's what a lot of people feel like when it comes to men and women like someone was telling bird on his podcast that The Comedy Store should be if she has no idea what american comedies all about La yeah yeah she's speaking it on for me away the weather channel does a lot I mean it's ridiculous she's just not that smart you don't get tell that whatever but this one was the same Michelle when she was like uninformed it just going full-bore and she wasn't going to promote anything she was just doing it because she thought it was right

► 01:32:54

Stan how this works

► 01:32:56

did the process that there is like I told block ones that we need more women in in like hiring positions that's like you mean the head of the comments or the head of the fucking Comedy Cellar head of New York comedy club at The Colbert like there's plenty of female Booker's like you don't really know so you tell them that it's been it's okay I am realize that will the certain things that people love to say when they've done almost no research on what it actually has yeah yeah so that lady that lady had no clue she just goes I'm not getting in here I'm a big comic I'm not getting in here it must be it's just not causation causation. They must have because of this I've had my agent called my work for Mitzi when agents and managers call Sam I get my client and she go fuck off things here about the wage Gap they really believe that men and women work right next to each other doing the same job and the woman is only making $0.75 to the guys dog you should know what that is

► 01:33:56

otherwise you just talking shit like a which we all do sometimes but you got to be willing to say so I believe this versus whatever luckily we're not in charge of making decision people love love to put these studies out he like to tweet them out without haven't even looked at him at all yeah it's some of these are there so there's like so you're telling me I can get the same time a smart businessman who's made a bunch of money and I can get the same level of talent out of this one better at will let you say equal but 75% sorry ma'am sorry you're probably better person to 95 cents on the dollar and I'm a smart businessman and I'm not going to go with the lower-cost equal Talent OR better Talent that's that's how can I run a successful business making that kind of decision how can you

► 01:34:56

hired at For Hire rates you or you can look the bride and be like I was just like total jobs or whatever it is so can I raise studies but I just listened to people who have I think you're right I think there's something to do if they're really could hire the same people for the same job and get a woman who's just as good at it for $0.75 that's horseshit though they would all the people don't know what we're talking about it's all based on what job you choose it's like it's not the men don't make more money because they do the same job and make more money at that job in the woman does they do different jobs that's where the wage Gap is the wage Gap is in the number of hours that men work the different jobs they choose what they sell in its it has nothing to do with like two people that are both you know in the same line assembly line or some of that were the same amount of time in and they both make the same amount of money yea or rather the mail makes a dollar from $0.75 that's not how the wage Gap works it's just different jobs

► 01:35:56

I first heard it I was like you can either go fuck you you're just trying to fucking shit on women or you can go huh well let me know I never thought of that let me look into that a little bit and then I'll get back to you instead of fuck off well people get mad like that's not what it is I guess it is what it is or why you keep arguing with me because you don't even know what it is this is a dumb conversation now I can't argue with you when I know that you haven't read any of the stuff that points to these numbers like the thing is no one should be it like whatever you do what whatever it is whether it is you make incredible sculptures or you build cars or european or whatever the fuck it is that you do no one should be able to say that you doing this definitely should make as much money as doing that now things are worth with their what exactly we are glutes bowler I think top 15 in the world

► 01:36:55

I just sport which is the equivalent of like trying even think he would be Carmelo Anthony and this guy Tommy Lee Lewis and his sport made 38 Grand I fucking pain and Carmelo makes you know 20 million cancelled after yeah I could see how you would want more money yeah I get that but like there's certain people that their joints harder do that job and the reason why they do it is because they know that it's more valuable so they work hard getting its job and being a fucking CEO of a corporation how I would want much pressure would be on you all the time

► 01:37:43

being fucking Tim Cook over at Apple and that's why I don't get paid as much as him exactly that the same philosophy is the reason why women approach and I say some women I should say cuz there a site Super Hyper aggressive career-oriented women that work as hard or harder than mandate even harder to prove that there is half as many but they would take the approach that you and I would take that life I am not doing that where is statistically more males push themselves by working longer and harder hours on purpose cuz it's just a natural thing they're trying to win a game there's a competition of is putting some points on the board by the way I think you're wasting your life yeah for what 4 digit number it's it's you're not doing anything with yourself the problem is man they get stuck in this Loop of obligation they get stuck in a loop of children and

► 01:38:43

mortgage and and then once you have a car and a nice house and you know you maybe want to get a boat do if you get stuck and you have all these payments and obligations and you're not going well because you have a family but maybe you always wanted to be a rock and roll singer never fucking got a chance to get out of the blocks and you're living your life in this angry State unfulfilled angry state so the advice is for the young advices for young people devices for people that look at their parents and all these other people to tell them what they have to do are they right or the other or is there a fucking pop out there if you just figure out what you really like to do and just only go that way cuz if you go this way and I'm going to take a couple years off and go that way for a while and then I'm going to like I'm going to go back to school and get my degree just so I have something to fall back on you just sent you don't you didn't get any further down the road here in the same spot you would have been if you didn't do shit you got it you got to go forward but if you something for you

► 01:39:43

getting experience doing something you're finding out what it takes to succeed in the decision on purpose, to get something you think is right I don't know what it's like I think more people are saying no to that's all we are doing it anymore be like I want to be outdoors I value friendship overcash you know things like that experience is over fucking money and they're starting to go the other way but it started to ask for like when they get their jobs like okay I'll take this job I want 6 weeks off and I'll take less money but I want more freedom before going for that they are and they should there's no True Value there's no time there's no time. You got to do what you like. You enjoy and I was like this seems like it's me less and less doable you know to pick up and move it certain age range is I know it's not but it just seems like that and so it's like go I can do something that you want to do it going

► 01:40:37

I want you to exercise more dude now yeah for sure I want you to your smart guy yeah and your you know your in your forties forties it's it's super important to keep your body healthy cuz he's going to start deteriorating apartment starts and stuff starts working shity and they have freaks me out let's do it come on. It for the afternoon was fucking podcast let's get one in son I left already I'm just over here 2 hours just like your joints swell around yeah but like fast that's why I like running some outside doing something running around for something to it I'm running around I see things moving when you're on a machine you just fucking unless you're listening to a good book on tape or you're watching a party television show or something like that it's boring when you're running and you got to look about where you're stupid you're hot

► 01:41:37

watch and listen Cartoon Network shirt and running you could go forever could you really can't yeah music helps you go forever like there's something about having like a badass song that you don't you don't hear your own breast images on

► 01:41:54

can you get a nice Rhythm that doesn't freak you out like it freaks me out sometimes when I hear a rhythm of me really pushing hard cardio cuz I know God damn I'm going pretty hard now that your back off the one you're listening music you don't think about it just keep going a little meditative trick the occupy your mind some weird way it lets you to put like just a little extra effort in pretty fun plus you got it off your phone can't really be on that why you doing that can't be on your phone so it like yeah but clear for a little bit you can't answer calls here in the background pictures that move it to do that movies but I got lucky and they just like to talk normally they did that and they do nightclubs very wrong he had his desk right here when he first started losing weight he's gone through a few different versions of like dieting and changing his diet

► 01:42:54

no I really had a hard time when he was filming a special he film two shows was supposed to come to shows filmed one and in between shows how to fucking heart attack and just there was like you're having a massive heart attack would take you to the hospital and he had the kind of heart attack to 80% of the people to get it done yeah it was a big one total blockage yeah total blockage in arteries to put a stent in them you got to hold you and he's lost like a shitload of a shitload where was this recently when I first met him he was at first he's a sweetheart of a guy do you know him well I barely know him I've never met him or talk to him online a couple times that's real quick nothing super smart like deceptively Smiley that his speeches in Mesa, Connor fucking glorious he's amazing he's an amazing guy and he's a real real like a genuine sweetheart someone up when I first met him he had a sugar thing he just loves sugar he's eating a lot of cash

► 01:43:54

I just love to eat candy and then when I met him SEC time I ran into him he decided to go on like a bunch of juice cleanses and should have just drinking a lot of juice and eating healthy food in lockup go to wait and that's when you have the treadmill thing with a laptop on this platform so he would walk in and do his work, stay till now tiny little face will beautiful tiny face

► 01:44:29

the cover of something yeah do something to it for sure you know it's just people getting runts man you know you get in trouble with your food you getting rats with your behavior but the food was a big one you know that kind of food is just fucking terrible for your body you just constantly consuming sugar you putting your body into State of Shock processing the stuff it's never supposed to be in that form to Patrice would like Chunky candy bars and pass out his body which I process it but like and like What's Going On by Fun about you going to New York as you brought more New York insults style to our conversations and our hangings out his La style is like way less insulting but you like like our group text messages that we had with Bert and top 5 favorite things I get back but the insults to each other

► 01:45:29

serious now there's so it's such New York style like insult comedy numbers are down before you can they're screwed you you've made everybody Morton salty thing is it's fun man I love insulting each other it's fucking fun it's silly fun man and when someone gets you the good ones you know who had a great Point Wanda Wanda Sykes said that that was Patrice Patrice elevated that level and she goes to see of that, Niecy I don't like you are right as possible and he started the hugs and hugs the guy who died in the car accident

► 01:46:29

Josh Joshua Tamara's friend his name though I didn't know him that but he brought hugs back you like to go to spread out the open mic seem to sort of hugs for hello it's going to take me to where it's not weird anymore I didn't know of him and I independently was hugging for hellos so I regret that notion okay I think it's great that everybody was like oh yeah I didn't know

► 01:46:55

I don't even think I ever songs about I don't think I never even saw him do stand-up I think maybe see him at the clubs great guy full of good joke right or no one says a bad thing I think I so Patrice would do stuff for he was like The Roaster walk at and he would you start making fun of the Roses lack of shoulders like you're stuck at the Rose I can't wear backpacks have a hard time with his father oh my God I was on the phone calling and Opie and Anthony wants and I'm talking about Anthony's gun collection because I'm strapped everywhere I go all throughout your house everywhere you go you strap you was yes absolutely I might do you ever think that like maybe you're like manifesting this that like bye bye consoling having guns hey where you at you're at your manifesting potential gun violence and cheese goes

► 01:47:50

Shake is he put his magic haha oh my God he was so good at like jumping on silly shit you were saying you had to pick out like what you are seriously so hard hard hard I just got to accept it at the joke will get mad I'm Diaz's mechanics I had a notebook the fuck out of here with a notebook

► 01:48:43

he will love it again see things clearer like that yeah Taylor I just theory that I love you anytime you're somebody say they're going to start writing or they going to start working out who's that someone who's telling you they are not working out or not writing right like what do you mean you can tell me I've been working out that's a whole separate thing I hear a lot when people say they are about to start doing something that people are doing so I started using this program for my last special and I want to tell you about Dexter Scribner where can I stop in a totally different way it's nice to have like a little column to the left where I put all subject matter and into the right each one of those of click and I'll show you all the shit you've written on that subject. That sucks so it's you could move it around like you know you could put your your set in order

► 01:49:36

what's up Mike that that is you know I try to tell you that for this I'm doing this and I'm trying to do all juice stuff yeah I do the 4th but yeah but then I have to be real conscious of like how many like stories about two holidays my giving how many like Customs my giving how much my showing that I have expertise on this like I'm thinking reiterating it might be like 15 minutes or so like show something they like no you should believe me cuz I'm pretty back and not do a story about me and you shiver and his I also have the deepest you fucking went to Israel and you were studying how many hours a day 14 maybe yeah you were that literally the Asian equivalent to studying

► 01:50:36

I mean anybody that I know I'll be leaving my know some stuff any lawn does a little bit but like yeah I was so deep in that I might can I stop friends are at the event that we like talk about sometimes and yeah When My Friends Ask me like what's what's what's this I see it as a fresh point of view for the first time in 20 years I like oh it's just because it represents that has stopped what happened like oh yeah yeah like just all the stories on the store so like I'm start like there's a story of Purim were Esther

► 01:51:10

backflip so far back at all these but one of the first feminist in the Tom Wood in the Torah itself was the story of Purim where vashti that the queen of the king not Jewish was called to say hey come in front of my court and show your naked body but you refused she said no I'm not doing that was one of the first feminist character Spa she said no and she was banished and then look for another princess and it was the Jewish lady that was in hiding about Judaism forever it was weird anyways vashti we always do hers is great feminist leader you know who can stand up first and then recently I started to his friend who is deep in there too he point other than that she had herpes herpes outbreak she wants your body Djinn just suddenly that we haven't even know that cuz he did more research on it I need to read all the commentary the Rashi and all that stuff on there and they break it down like legitimately just some stuff even really think about that other stuff you like oh there was a story of a rabbi who

► 01:52:10

hi students were I've been killed by a dragon and I read this and I'm like it's not supposed to be metaphor nothing in this was to be metaphor it's also to mean something else act as metaphor but also be real tell Mike what dragon are you talk about killing student I showed my Rabbi this he was like this is one metaphor it's jerking off its masturbation they were dying off at night and the rabbi to kill the dragon, to kill a dragon head under one of the students beds until the dragon attack if that's to me in a normal way the only metaphor has to do with that that's so insane so now I'm starting to look at all that shit from adult remove point of view it with an Insider's knowledge of it right when you can make a crowd who doesn't know anything about Judaism understand it and fucking laugh at it yeah I'm really having fun now that's awesome

► 01:53:10

that sounds exciting I want to see you're going up tonight. I will be back July

► 01:53:19

in July I think I'm running a preview show you're talking about cuz we talked about that like years and years ago like you shall talk about them I wasn't good enough I wasn't good enough to cover all the subject to it so it's like it's not it's weird because I'm not just like building an hour and also I'll get inspired by something else a homeless guy was feeding Rats on my fucking building and building

► 01:53:44

anyway so it's like that I want to do but like this won't go in the hours it's so fucking heartbreak

► 01:54:02

pains all over the city

► 01:54:04

trash cans we need to work together to get rid of rats it's impossible you can lower their numbers part of that City it's insane this documentary is insane you watch that documentary you have a whole new understanding what you're dealing with there's like a little tiny Army of creatures that live amongst the New Yorkers that outnumber the New Yorkers and they're smart and they showed how hard it is to kill them because they said dumb young ones out and to eat the poison first and they die and then they avoid it I'm just getting a cat in my backyard this is it dude and Falls exterminators can help a lot by the piss all over your urine smell funky but they will kill a lot of these fuckers but the thing is maybe not going to kill them all you just not

► 01:55:04

walking down the middle of the street the middle of 12th Avenue 12th Street that was in one of them they all had parasites tells the story you were walking down the middle of the street. On the sidewalk to the Middle Street out to the seller late night like 2:33 in the morning and this cop pulled up behind me and move on the sidewalk trash out to the small space starts to move and Russell and it's a fucking rat or more and they just darted in front of you what hit my foot was wondering why is my foot I don't text and walk anymore I thought you came out of her all the time so I'm walking the street and I fucking yelled Blitz level so I get into it when I talk about self buy y'all to this level

► 01:55:48

that's alright I just want to let me go in the middle of street

► 01:55:54

ivy vine by the store. Ball arrest and creepy ass Vine that I put aside I do sometimes but the rest but I got to cover this hour I could cover all the D2 can't leave anything out can't leave anything out so it's like yeah that's it sounds perfect for like how much to build in we always talked about that stuff but it's cool now that you got my little guy I'm a little better the comic 10 years later how to write things and put them in order you know how to move stuff around and how to set it up when you talk about something that's at crazy what do you think of it now like now that you know so much about it and you've been at whatever you would consider yourself agnostic and atheist for someone what do you think it originally was teaching so what do you what do you think

► 01:56:54

teach people like to tour the Talmadge out of the way and then you make laws on how to live inside your group so it's just a section of laws really going to be agreed that this was super high is really interesting because they take this out of ever told you this the Baha'i faith they take a similarity between all religions like do not kill is almost all of them so they go. Must be a truth straight from God and leave the church is sort of disseminated mean I'm weird yeah the church is what like you think most of those towards your own like population till like Christians the fucking front of some of the weakest ones so they can't eat meat the whole length and I got what we don't like that they got all right for a while and it's fucking weak-ass non-religious people that's too how about I just give up something at the church is like why they were going to lose you or will give in

► 01:57:50

some of them there's no GIF there's like this is a real holidays control your own population with laws to help him don't kill that helps you live at the society so you might be okay with each other guy takes a similar to all of them and like don't kill the story of the flood that's a real similar thing a lot of religion so that must be a real thing to happen Anna.. Don't eat pig is like not that's just a Jew thing don't worry about that I think that's a trichinosis thing

► 01:58:22

let's not but yeah I think that's what is the origin of the word also the shellfish thing because a red tide because they didn't know when to accurately predicted certain times of the year shellfish are absolutely toxic a really like clams and mussels from certain beaches During certain times of the year you can't cuz it's talk so that's why I put a starter for sure because God said they probably ate it and probably try to eat it raw and people got deathly ill and children died bro that's why whenever I don't have to or nothing many generations I don't see why it took our God you know his son red tide is a phenomenon caused by algae blooms during which LG become so numerous it discolor by baba baba release toxins that may cause illnesses in humans or other animals huh so this is

► 01:59:22

for whatever it is it Google red tide shellfish I'm just trying to figure out why you not is it

► 01:59:29

red tide shellfish are I think they might be talking about slightly different thing notes the same stuff so consumption of shellfish that are contaminated by the toxins can cause neurotoxic shellfish poisoning NSP symptoms usually appear when a couple of hours of eating contaminated shellfish and they last for a few days so that is red tide so most likely something like that I could say that that was your reason why they told him to not eat shellfish and trichinosis is really common pigs cuz they eat everything they need wrapped pigs eat everything they can the ground nesting Birds Becca for sure see that's why that's why I started up that then obviously like that don't fucking his wife that's why I moved to stop fucking everybody yeah yeah there's just some of them that are real universals right think they travel from every every religion it's like people figured out rules that you should operate by to have a harmonious exist

► 02:00:28

switch your name but then other ones are just ridiculous now that I'm step back and not someone asked me about a time I was and how it looks from the outside we talked about the one that's in the Old Testament where God sends a bunch of bears down to kill kids cuz they're making fun of Sky be involved what really don't even know that's a crazy thing is one of the best ones ever this guy is these kids are taunting this guy and calling him bald and so God sends these Bears schedule in God's work got to text people. Send some fucking chibears to eat these kids

► 02:01:10

dude it's the crazy you pull it up so I can hear it is in the 2 Bears make that a little bigger for my shity on profits yeah this is the way it's describe is hilarious

► 02:01:23

where is it love you Baldhead go ahead and go up you Baldhead or him when he look behind him and saw them he curse them in the name of the Lord all caps then to FEMA came out of the woods and tore up 42 Lads of their number anywhere that is fucking insane some shit was happening maybe maybe a different time maybe not fake and then fucking Bears killed a bunch of these people that happened yeah I'm sure to read into why the for sure definitely people got killed by bears but inside a whale and they didn't say they just said the following you because they're like the Pelican what the fuck out how things work

► 02:02:13

yeah I go to make Star Wars and fucking what's the name of shooting that that router and it was open to space didn't know yet that like how it I'll just kill you the space you need like a barrier there yeah that would be like 250 degrees below zero. Crazyshit at a whale like if you're in space someone breaks the window cuz you know that the Bullet Hole and dragged out every better but what's his face Bezos is going to offer flights to space do you know that right like I'm out 2019 stupid question I saw an article about it like 2 days ago how much would you be willing to pay would you be willing to pay 10 grand

► 02:03:13

yeah it's going to be get up and go back now you're right what if it's fucking lame you got to take 10 10 Number One Flat Earth conspiracy St should be the first one to go for sure and you got to tell everybody that you got to be willing to come by what you say tell everybody the ball it's a ball. It's been proven we live in a hologram

► 02:03:37

hey what questions you want to ask me about Anthony Bourdain but I wanted to talk to you about Suicidal Thoughts cuz you are out of the people that didn't kill themselves as well as with the one who knows the most about it and you've experienced depression I wasn't close with Anthony Bourdain but I really like them a lot yeah when I hung out with him I really enjoyed it I did it show we did an episode of a show in Montana we went camping together or not real I got fucked up I can't fire you I was great we had a great great all-time what was really fun but I was stunned when that happened and I mean I don't I just wanted to know like when you were at your worst when you were having like really shity feelings like what could have been

► 02:04:28

anything that someone could have done that could have helped you oh yeah I think about this too I lost a friend of suicide and was like

► 02:04:37

see how you want to stop look like what what what could you have done right yeah I mean sometimes I couldn't afford and I told you this before I probably on here that was like a physical thing to do but it's getting me to go to accept like that maybe it'll work I knew when I was talking to you that is a hard thing for you to talk about so if you're bringing it up it's a real real issue yeah yeah it says your stoic yeah you're not you don't complain about that stuff so what's the matter like there's something going on I sent it right you just seem like just unhappy or and so once we got you know that psychiatrist in and do you popped out of that thing like a fucking spring and tell me what repels running like anybody thinks the pills are all bad I don't think anything's all anything I know it black and white problem where there people like to talk to Benji want seems like they don't prescribe pills

► 02:05:37

well I probably didn't like there no just because you think the overprescribing doesn't mean they should never prescribed stuff that works and sometimes it works enough for you to just change your way of looking at the world and change your reality and then you eventually wean yourself off of them which is really interesting but it's a sprain of the brain muscle that's what's happened

► 02:06:01

I don't it's not like a physical like people like that but that's really what it is just a sprained so like until you get off at to get on a cast of some way it's going to be real hard for it to heal you know this is so far this metaphor Works pills cast and then at some point you're healed and you don't need them anymore but the problem is the only way to really know is if you just got off and run on it and then you back off talk I'm still hurt and doing that and get off and run on a time is when you're Suicidal Thoughts shoot up if they were going to so when they do when you off there like you need to keep up with me like any sense. You got you need to call me immediately and right back. Like what was interesting with you is you are weaning off coincided with huge success in your career

► 02:06:57

yeah I got off um I know where I got off I'm with my second apartment New York so this was three and a half years ago 4 years ago maybe around there this is not happening on Comedy Central things are going great everything's great and then you get You released my first hour and then my second hour yeah and you were legit success everything I could. Was getting you aren't Billboards importantly was I was working comic I was like how I can make a real looking at this now for the first time so that was like the best part yeah then. Had me going on very long will it was a hot it's fucking the people don't owe people don't know it's crazy struggle the struggle from open my car to successful working comedian and everybody's different Airways get their own weirdness that they have have to overcome but it's a long-ass bloody struggle by the way that's why I hate

► 02:07:57

what's wrong you talk to guys were all up against the most monuments odds so you write safe to shave show jokes and this guy breaks dick jokes whatever that position but like it's hard for all in the same boat anyway yeah I agree that it didn't seem very rarely been the case in the history of Comedy that everybody kind of got along just accepted the fact that I buy does think differently not make not don't make a big deal out of it inside of our little shop at the Black Knight it's fine to have everything I want a defensive everyone wants to hold their ground and stand up for their position on things it's like okay you going to be fine. The best time of your best time ever really just kick ass to say I'm driving just go out there and do it yeah and then it got better but a lot of that was it the focus I was able to get cuz of these it was bread

► 02:08:57

no no

► 02:09:00

attribute I try Wellbutrin Department some of these pills like the side effects are not worth it so what I tell people like someone had a problem once a bucking xiety Yusuf I don't care whether it's negative and he's right now planning on bombing us and it was afraid it would make him like a zombie and if it does just go back off it so you don't have to commit forever but then I may just see what the effects are so on I think Wellbutrin couldn't come it was fresh and I wouldn't even say anything cuz I didn't know about that as a side effect until I was happening with my girlfriend the time and was like I was like three times in a row that I couldn't come and then she was like well maybe it's those pills I'm like what am I looking for all yeah

► 02:09:50

fucking annoying annoying thing that's super annoying there was this one called Remeron the gets in there and fix his desk when I came to take that away down thank you edit your own computer my God it's almost like you edit your own op remember when did Target do shit yeah to the side effect on everybody the same and what you're looking to fill in isn't it all the same so don't just get with somebody else gets you got to talk to a therapist but like Remeron gave me hyperphagia which is the inability to be feel full so they said expect to gain 15% of your body weight and I could dude I got high I could eat like eight plates of spaghetti I mean I would eat out my whole apartment holy shit everything it got to the point where I was like well I got one big lots of peanut butter and some

► 02:10:50

bit of Cheerios in Pocket let's do this glorious but that doesn't help me I was a problem because I was thin then I could have dealt with at least 15 pounds overweight instead of 10 Pounds underweight but like it didn't help me mentally so they talk and then I finally got no one to support me and that was like then it worked as a kaboom on out I got it right now little bit but low blood pressure so fun. I stayed up I got a hold on it something and like it's not fucking faint but barely ever happens totally worth it and I saw happens now when I get high like dizzy light-headed when I stand up or early or something like that if I'm getting sick that will happen in high school too I think it's hard and if you're not happen if your brain is lying to you or just giving you a version of real

► 02:11:50

are you at Psych

► 02:11:53

I mean I saw this last night coming home from the airport for Burbank Airport and some lady picks up in an Uber pick up a guy in the wrong side of the fence and you sorry it's my first time here but like it's one of those little fences you can just step over almost you know and he's like why you're cranky from flying I know what that is until your version of this reality is this is a way worse than it really is never gets upset when it's over yeah it's the same thing to talk to Fitzsimmons like you just not punch somebody and then forget about it but you know if you're if you're thinking that angrily oh then it's really affect you and this shit makes you think the worst of everything wow it's like

► 02:12:43

yeah no matter what it is it's a little worse than it should be

► 02:12:48

that's an interesting way of looking at it. It just gets tiring after a while and the Suicidal Thoughts start happening when you're like I can't do this anymore

► 02:13:00

it always it it's at for mental effort to just like just keeps that you got a rock on you you're pulling up pushing off you at all times and you just need the game to be over usually asleep

► 02:13:14

Giovanni's have a bit about it probably going to special or something by now but it was like you want that deep sleep that deep sleep that's what it is or you just want to sleep forever you just weighed down by the time I used to like get people to get false Confessions by just keeping him awake for like 30 straight hours until eventually they don't know how to say no and stop anywhere near it to me let me sleep it's just a version of that you know where you just like

► 02:13:46

it's just so sick of it after a while I will tell you that they have read about it and they say the people who talk about suicide or sort of death in the people who are thinking about it quietly quietly is way way more often to commit it I think they saved people talking about is a way to seek help so what can you do the questions what could you do to help people is there anything that anybody could have done no used to make me mad when you told me just got out of bed to some exercise I was like I was like you don't get it you don't get it I definitely don't get it yeah Sandra understood it once she was like

► 02:14:25

talking about that she was like he didn't understand you can't even go to your fridge

► 02:14:30

like exercise is not even if it's just so far from no way I couldn't even get out of bed what do you think was you were also taking Propecia then it had anything to do with it cuz it's one of the side of a knife for sure might offend mean it was right around then and I think I'm trying to think if I was quitting right then on it and switching to this the fucking spread I'm on stem cell research or what but I think it was on it or or or getting off it for sure for sure got something to do with that yeah I think so too it was also a living I mean there was so many things right around that to all it takes is a sprained so like here's a thought you lost your job and it said you would have depression it's not that it's not related something a lot of times it will be related something a mom dies or dad dies but let's say the job situation because you can change this your dad dies you'll never get them back

► 02:15:30

you know it feels bad and feel like it should feel bad you lose your job you wanted depression but now you get a better job you know I mean not that you will but just say you did the depression Remains the cause of depression is necessarily gone you're doing better than the thing that major depressed but you're so depressed because that brain is friend so you need a way to fight it and pills don't work for everybody so it's fucking disheartening and getting the right I had a therapist say I was like this just wanted to tell you and I was like any of my head I was just like all work up the courage eventually and that'll be the end of it I was like what I want to fight you want it I don't want to fight this the first place not going to work but she was the worst what was it like to get pulled out of the clouds

► 02:16:18

like when the pills that you could start working working

► 02:16:22

May 1st

► 02:16:24

it's like you don't trust it it's gone it's like right when the hiccups leave you still feel like you have the hiccups you know but like a way longer version of that and then what happens weird is you start to miss it who cuz it became so much of your reality and who you were

► 02:16:45

that like it's this thing that's been pulled away from your part of you is gone so it's weird that you like missed is horrible way of being because you had to figure out a way to like

► 02:16:58

make a deposit with this new see this a lot in like PC culture we start bragging about your victimization of things have happened to you but like its way to stand out and be a special so you end up dropping the the the negative up instead of it says I get our city

► 02:17:17

you know these are numbers like bragging about it so you start feeling like well at least I'm different so that can prop you up a little least I'm unique in this thing of like doesn't seem like anyone else is having suicidal thoughts you know

► 02:17:34

Thomas like if you only want to do ab and I feel better than if everyone else into that same band band is the album is the album but you like it more because you're the only one I made it was that I'm not really sure but when I was out of it that was missing it a little bit and then followed by a fear that is going to come back because regular terrible word depression because it also means I'm depressed today clinical depression is different but overlaps you know it doesn't just go away I'm depressed cuz I'm cranky I got to tell myself don't be cranky say five things you're thankful for you should be out of it some sunshine your phone this is like deeper so like then when you do get depressed like let's just say I've been outside all day from Brandy for two straight days you know he just a little blue you like oh fuck is it back

► 02:18:24

you know and then it's gone today like

► 02:18:28

but when it's like 2 days I fuck fuck fuck don't come back

► 02:18:33

well yeah but that's so bad like a bad weather day could set it off a little bit everybody gets feeling blue you get on stage and 4 days I feel a little blue if I if I don't know if I can get my underwear out all day so I can't live in Vancouver yeah outside Seattle don't get outside while they get outside with a get rained on so it's just like just feeling down filming something up there we're doing that big fat butt and we were talking this guy was a cop was like the security guy for the set and he was like dude fucking where is on you he was at the end of like the rainy season it was just starting to get warm again it wasn't so much middle of March 1st of April already I put in the 3-4 months

► 02:19:33

so the question is would want though the things you can do what you want you could leave earlier I went skiing a lot of like it's sunny sunny great great it's cold out but it's it's sunny I give you have to pick warm and cloudy all the time or cold and sunny I take cold and sunny all day long yeah for sure all day long sunny sunny yeah but look how pretty the sky is blue blue sky and fluffy clouds does you know Anthony Bourdain was depressed I heard with him a little it was a mixture of mixing drugs make some pills and alcohol or a boat I believe he was on some sort of malaria medication which is dangerous get some people

► 02:20:33

Bollywood drinking and I don't hold the guy back from attacking the order or what I was worried about him attacking a report on how is a friend of mine is very kind friend of mine who would ever in a normal life attack person physically and seem like it was he had to go to Africa visit somewhere in Africa and he had to take these pills and some of them have violent reactions to people you not supposed to drink on a person while he was drinking yeah and if that's what he was doing and if he's mixing out with alcohol who fucking know so that could have happened with board and where it might not have been a long-term depression but I know they stare studies on people who got a concussion in football practice and then hung himself oh yeah no history of it but right then everything I mean where does new reality is real feels real

► 02:21:32

so at the question is is there something you could have done I don't know I don't know what the rat thought about I don't know what the right thing is cuz you you push away people's help rent

► 02:21:42

I saw somebody post on Facebook once where was like one of the worst thing about depression is everybody going to be I've been through that too it sucks now I'm not even unique

► 02:21:54

give me my props for my individual subject I've been through this but it's like night and helping them but like

► 02:22:02

tell who the fuck knows what they're feeling right that's the other thing about a person's feelings what they're feeling it's very personal I wasn't able to describe I had moderate depression that's what I propose. What you saw was moderate depression Jesus I don't know what severe depression looks like she is so I don't know man I don't know I lost somebody to and I don't know if I could have said something or I like you know what Anthony likes to drink drank a lot and watching him over the last 4 years like you could say he seemed like he had been living a hard life you know acute it looked like it on television to you been living a hard life me and he was out there hitting it traveling from country to Country constantly drinking constantly alcohol is a depressant and stares if you drink alcohol the time you're not going to come out of it with a sunny disposition is the present it is a depressant I mean you can def

► 02:23:02

we do it and pull it off and we do and you know we occasionally you have a couple of drinks and then the next day you won't but if you're doing that all the time if you doing it every day spent 5 days ago a lot of people use that cuz the short-term relief from depression long-term to present to a lot of people use alcohol is in the cover up with depression and when they get clean suddenly all the shit they're supposed to have been dealing with is now still there and not being covered up alcohol yeah yeah just like a fun that comes with a couple of drinks the there's a fuck fuck it let's stop worrying I wish I could go right back to a pack so do you do you

► 02:23:41

do you think like fuck what could I have done no cuz I wasn't close enough and I wasn't there if I was there I would be tortured by it if I was there and I was hanging out with them and it happened in Barstow. See you tomorrow and then I would have been tortured by that would done with anybody you know

► 02:24:03

it's just such a crazy decision to make the decision to stop living when so many people love you and you have this crazy life that it's the Braves leave the bravest thing to me I can't imagine somebody it's it's that's the only thing help me back it's just the lack of courage to be like just do it and you said it's like you were you successful and happy happy you're having a great fucking time having a great time that I have the architect of my own happiness and it is fucking I'm doing it well do it but you're you know you've been doing it like this for several years now and if you I guess it really doesn't matter in the end but if you end your own life you did never experience all this true if you have to go back out again it's such that you were at like a Tipping Point Montgomery this look weird Tipping Point and then you just went that way and you're free

► 02:24:59

just took a while ago but you you were free I find one talking the comics of the comics it's now I feel a little guilty enough for Success around around people that are also quite funny who don't have it and what I found is that it's you got this frustrating point right around 8 9 10 12 years of Comedy where like your skills have gotten better and your monetary career has not gotten better to Artistic careers booming and then you're just not even making a living and it's the most frustrating cuz like I'm finally good at Open Mic level like her make a good joke that's a win on some yeah I made a good joke tonight this week or one time this month you know but like there it's like I'm doing so well in stage I'm killing why am I why am I still working his day job why am I not even ever on TV why am I you know it's real frustrating might been around that time too I was getting frustrated with like you know I was less hockey but also just not succeeding

► 02:25:56

I said interesting how the internet changed everything or forever because of poor people so much easier before was like you had the man show you could hire a writer and that's it that's the only help you could do for someone you know take a couple people on the road with you yeah you know something he's doing I want people to go see him but yeah it's good for me I want him to do good because I like listening to him I like watching them so I'm not want them to make more, dee oh yeah then you went cuz I guess he gets to stay in it and also with Tom when you tell people about someone who's really funny whether it's you or whoever it is then they

► 02:26:56

trust you or I want to see that guy he's a fucking hilarious like they know that you're telling the truth like if I tell him hey Joey Diaz the funniest cards ever lived and you go see him at the ice house one night and come out of it you're bleeding internal bruising that laughing I look guaranteeing people on Twitter or whatever it's like you don't. I guarantee you will have a great night because someone is an awesome comic just just know like what my friend it's like just bail be great yeah there's people you can do that with but it was not you know before I was like yeah on The Tonight Show you know you did but you gotta build up places in a travel to places all the time so those people to come back every time you came back you better have some new shit to him really going to think about it that's like when you start seeing that the pressure people like what can what can I do if anybody do is there anything anybody could do it's like just a little bit like being there for you sometimes is like

► 02:27:54

helpful just be like hey man you're just your good friend I know you don't do something but just know that I like you I just like a little bit and don't require anything I've done but I guess everybody be different too but like

► 02:28:06

I don't know I don't know everybody's on a different trip that's the thing it's like no one knows what anyone is feeling is not the way to do it help

► 02:28:18

tough love thing is like that doesn't work that works for fucking nothing I don't know what it was for but not that he works for lazy people think that gets people to move sometimes but it doesn't change the way they think about what they're doing they just get forced into do you want him to act until they act because of force of your your will right right but I know you're looking at it this way but this is why this is going to hurt you by approaching this way you're going to do the same thing but instead of a protein do we are approaching it stopped and just for a shift in perspective think about in a positive way like you could do that to people and sometimes you can actually shift they look at something cuz a lot of times it's the way your approach yet nothing is pissing you off about it and the way to get through sometimes two people is not to tell them this is the way you should do it but just to paint the picture and let them make their own decision

► 02:29:18

yeah the Black Ops you're happy when you run yeah okay is it is it warm out though it is okay I don't need your laptop and you don't run well

► 02:29:28

was like it said about you got to get up there and run you know I have kids and what it wasn't it's one of the things that I learned that works really good as any time they do anything I tell him I fucked up way worse than you I don't use words like I said whatever you done I've messed up way more like everybody else is. Don't worry about it this is a part of being a kid and I'm super proud of you for admitting that you made a mistake or that you did this this is great because this is how you learn you're not supposed to know everything you're 8 years older your 10 years old you're done that you were supposed to be learn learning about life and those people are supposed to be talking about various things you encounter you know supposed to already know everything your little kid this is great so we learn something that we don't want to do anymore this is great this is an awesome opportunity and no but I wish somebody talk to me like that and I'll tell him that too I go because I get called stupid and yelled at or whatever whatever the fuck it was when I did something that's how people talk to kids back then they didn't you know it's not even anybody's fault someone does something dumb you know in the 1962 somebody that they

► 02:30:28

who sings at them you know like my my parents are tell me about things flying across the room at them. They just fucking that little kids were animals back then two different yeah yeah so I might be that like something to help me I don't know if people listening to going through it whatever but like some things that help that I was able to take was had one therapist said one good thing was like imagine the good things out of the depression yeah but said of looking at his only negative what's it helped you with and then I was like I'll try that and I was like I'm looking at my stand up of two or more realistically darker and that's actually helpful on stage he's like it might just help you like it's not all bad adjust the way you approach yeah I know the thing was say five things and just in the shower whenever you do shower say five things out loud that you're thankful for

► 02:31:25

the nothing Monumental stuff just like it's 75 today that's good I got a new bar soap that's cool my friend John whatever like him that's cool I'm glad I have that my life just by things to say it out loud and then after a while some of the dead end up affecting my mood you know when set up cuz that was the plan was the focus I know if I ever told you that was a negative things like a 75-degree day does the example he was 75 degrees and sunny fucking everyday and I lie you know

► 02:31:59

and I would be like I said I'm going like this fucking Brad it's February 12th and I'm fucking in shorts this is great instead of focusing on that I would focus on my car has no gas I got to go get gas I hate having to fucking get gas you got to pull over and said I'm only focusing on his fucking one minute chore but I have to do instead of on all the good stuff that's okay it just makes you focus on this negative it's just like Campbell I don't do anything you can do to like shift the focus to the positive

► 02:32:31

that is helpful do you know Tony V is Santa, to buy

► 02:32:41

sets on me once about he was driving from New York to Boston back and forth like multiple times in a week then yeah that's long that's a long-ass drive and he goes yeah but I just goes then I just tell myself this is what I'm doing right now right I just do it yeah and but I thought about that like oh yeah why don't you just do that to say this is what I'm doing right now instead of like going to fuck Templar drive this thing so fucking long what if I fall asleep how do you make yourself think about a positive way fucking hard somebody when I told all my norcor people about like stardom commercials and then like how does it work and we can meet up Asian Contempra sent like he doesn't take any of 10% and you probably got this to people and you like no I'm thinking like that it's like I wouldn't get the auditions without him yeah that's nothing compared to what he does you want a bunch of people this people don't stand so it's like don't Focus not taking a shit like I wasn't a great way of approaching

► 02:33:41

yeah this is what I'm doing right now so this is what I'm doing you're going to emulate those people it's hard to believe it's already like them that it's like to help you move the needle a little bit you know so maybe that one day you like fuck it is the boulders too hard today maybe still got like one nicer things me like I can withstand an about was a day you would have commit suicide Mabel just like last year through a culture of but attacking trying to destroy people today that didn't exist before I can affect your mood yeah I think we're seeing that with people on the news when people do that like the thing about that lady and the little kid little 8 year olds call the cops on them out the most that they didn't accept her apology that's for sure but we want people to just suffer forever like the pain that lady must have felt from all those thousands of emails and hate tweets she got from rotting out that little kid that bitch

► 02:34:41

the pylon she got it she got it and this is good for everybody that's good for everybody but you know what else to get fairy buddy forgiveness forgiveness as we forgive you it's a look at it yourself to it I appreciate you know you were wrong so no big deal I didn't know she fucked up and she probably was hormonal and she's probably not you know not thinking so good and happy belated like you said you said you're sorry it's all bad she should have never done that and who knows if she would have known she said it to the people a one-on-one I'm sorry

► 02:35:17

yeah you people eat I gotta let people learn and grow and I don't accept your apology also it's like nothing happened to the daughter I shouldn't get arrested is it creepy experience for the fuck you're not accept your apology fucking pro wrestling size white lady and a little lady after the after the court trials you punch out of the lady in the face so yeah yeah yeah rub it in right now say sorry

► 02:35:53

man just people aren't here for that long has Ronda Rousey with garbage too and that lady was like I am so I could fight just like fuck off get out of a white trash well she's a super winner of those super winners is it down a notch I heard if you lose a game or if Michael Jordan lose a game of pool to you we wouldn't talk to you for like 2 weeks really crazy if you heard that you've heard she like that right I heard that he wears crazy giant pants just in case someone ever wants to play one-on-one he can pull this fucking pants off here and go yeah we was giant ass pants he's ready to fuck you so competitive Houston bed with the rest of them was bad going to come out first we got like a hundred bucks or thousand bucks and then pay the fucking latest repay the people at the airport like they would my back comes you need to let it come out first

► 02:36:53

yeah he was a degenerate Gambler or still is with a hundreds of millions of dollars which is a crazy combination of the killed his father

► 02:37:01

that was a rumor right lot of people say that that's so scary fast true yeah that is stealing from him they just killed him that is so scary series is Christ yeah did they ever catch the guy who killed his dad don't believe they did

► 02:37:19

they dated their contacting me about this from jail in jail about this dream of your Hitman or you think it was a dude have you watch Wild Wild Country the best holyshit how much of you thinks one of these thousand thousand peace and happiness and it's a great dude I was totally cool I was talking to my friend Todd and he was like to die I want to live like that

► 02:38:02

what the fuck I would have red I wear red at the first episode of Sons of Anarchy they are happy they're having a good old time the duplass brothers made that

► 02:38:20

those guys are badass that's an amazing documentary hits fukkit write this story is so insane while I'm watching them like how the fuck did I not know about this about it it was so good that I thought it was a work for a while I was like I think they might be faking this

► 02:38:37

so obviously Tom Brokaw talking about it you like alright I guess guess it's really happened I got a friend of mine and his girlfriend's parents were in that group really yeah and they still they still fall that guy's teachings they still believe in him a Mogwai Osho is that his name which was the name that I put up on my Instagram page of him holding this white guys head and it's guys like coming in his pants I was 122 bucking Rolls Royce I'm right here on the girl he's like transmitting through them Ruth an orgasm sleeping music

► 02:39:31

oh my God I believed in it man have you seen it I think it turned it on and fell asleep and dude it's fucking amazing man I'm I'm on episode for now and I don't want to give anything away and in terms of like how it goes down but it literally keeps ramping up and getting more more fucking insane like what I said I can't believe I didn't hear about this how do we know about Jonestown everybody knows don't drink the Kool-Aid or was it this is an Oregon outside of Antelope Oregon

► 02:40:08

dude I don't want to I can't give too much away but these people bought a town they bought the whole town they got a police force do they have their own police force what are the odds that something like that is going on now it's super low it's super low because what this is is they would the government stepped in and realize there's some Shenanigans going on and they were essentially there's no separation of church and state because the church was the state right they had a government and police force it was run by the church they called it to piece for us and the whole cult basically ran the town except for a few Die Hard 2 didn't want to give their houses up so there was some folks who have been living in Antelope their whole life they didn't give their houses up and they're telling the story that did not care for it is fucking amazing man so jealous of you having not seen over there yet it's called and there's another one right at the actress that got

► 02:41:08

I don't know I don't know if that's the same thing I don't have many people I don't know much about the sex cult thing with that actress videos I can lock it in the whole store and they were branding people but she was she was a part of it she was recruiting people into allegedly this is what they're charging her with more the stories I can tell I don't know man but it's weird that people are so susceptible to Carlton that we protect people from called but don't protect people from religions the same shit the only difference is this one guy is banging all these people and we got to stop that goes on to that a lot of times it was like teen trafficking and there was there was there was illegal things that were done in this particular one from what I've read I don't know too much about it but then when you go to the Osho guy and it seemed except for church and state see the thing is the church started running the police force member and they have these guys walking around with fucking

► 02:42:09

semi-automatic rifles and high-powered machine guns and shit was very different is like okay you've got a military force that's guarding this religiously is so they have these police people at the compound in the hallways with machine guns these guys are playing assassin and maybe they are the police force and then our private exactly where everything your boyfriend or whatever this is talk about it so fun I think an independent version of that is in little blips what goes on with Burning Man like this independent little blip of a scape of norms of regular Society in these people get there they were fucking gas masks and fuck each other and go crazy and do cartwheels in the dirt and they hang out together for the game tonight on having a great time and they realize that people can at least in small bursts

► 02:43:09

can establish these communities set up all this temporary art have a great time and everybody's like you know really like like-minded in a lot of ways Place well that's if people want that the only difference between that and like a full-time Community is that you would have to figure out a way

► 02:43:30

to get everybody to get along forever kids together get your food together by the food how about other jobs you have similar to that do that today that would stop you or at least it would become a realtor she looks safe you decided you and Doc and got together and you two decided by 700 acres in Oregon and you found some place you could all for you did a Kickstarter and you guys set up a community out there you grow your own food you had your own well and everything if nobody can be married need fuck anybody you want just how we live in it's how we live in and then you just you just written you like real Loosely based rules hey when you eat something clean up your mess giant mess Halls filled with people these houses all over this fucking Ranch and you basically established the village well you got kids can't go too far yeah but getting money from them then I start worrying when someone breaks the law is a raper murder you have to be like now we need to call them

► 02:44:30

way to keep it on want to do that you have to keep it legit. Still be under the jurisdiction you have to make friends with the local sheriff's better than welcome to call you but otherwise we're not going to meet each other, just I think your son fucking America if I pay taxes so my my my best buddies wife can I have my ball on ass fucking him I think you would run into problems people decide that you shouldn't be living like that so I'm not going to push it

► 02:45:19

yeah but it's always like one dude right that's running things and I want to know is yes it's compounds and the only way to do it honestly to do a burning man style this is my point is at Burning Man style would be no leader no leader yeah no leader so like-minded people no leader and you have to fix the problem is charismatic people could Co-op that it have these meetings one person takes over but we need to hear some organization that she know he's the king yeah that's how people do monkeys have leaders yeah yeah we have to somehow or another find a way to not manipulate the way pretty sure they're not but they are like everyone has a job while working for nobody makes money or Vitamix 20 bucks a week whatever it is you know room and board is paid for

► 02:46:14

that makes people feel really good yeah you left your also an equal part 1 got to be running the accounting for the thing one guy can be do you know taking eggs you know one person takes care of the nursery of the kids but like everyone joins that do you ever see that Werner Herzog movie Life in the taiga it's called I think it's either called happiness happiness or happy happiness is a tan salons movie bridegroom life in the taiga and it's about these people that live in Siberia there like Trappers and shit happy people there they would look the happiest people on our van and this is just how they live all the time and all they do is go fishing and hunting and trapping but they all get together and drink and then in these Villages they have fucking dog sleds that are pulling them

► 02:47:14

on the road and they're driving around on jet skis and this is how they live like they live in the fucking Tundra dude it's madness out there they raise these dogs right there so there's a lesson in there. I went to a cave or Egret fucked Johnson update you anymore because I got to be a thing to do you want to get arrested for something that's thing to do you like hey I'm a fan I read the books know where I'm supposed to come

► 02:47:54

you just get OSHA to touch your head that you noticed in the bathroom we think it know what is that gave us some waterfalls besides walk over there to shop

► 02:48:10

how did you guys feel when I was going through all that like what it was effect on you guys I was very nervous I was very nervous about you cuz I don't

► 02:48:23

I didn't know what to do and I knew I could do I knew I could help you financially I knew I could do that so I did that immediately but I didn't know what to do I don't I didn't I didn't know what it feels like and I didn't know what would be the path to take but when you offered that you were having problems with your psychiatrist in the medication and I said okay well let me let me get a hold of Matt who I know will know the right people that think I'm going to tell me anything you're such a non complainer that I knew you when we're playing pool and Aries women on the table and your leg man let me see your fucking leg and he pulls his pants up like a dude you got to go to the hospital right now of a very bad staph infection in this could fucking kill you like we're going to the hospital

► 02:49:23

so bad but the fact that you're so stoic you will you never complained once while you just gigantic pus filled Sac on your knee feel those horrible man he was like to do you know that's there any like bugging you not me so when you were when you were telling me that you were doing bad in a day wasn't you weren't feeling good and you were you were telling me you were suicidal I was like okay stop we got to now this is going to figure this out you know I don't know what to do.

► 02:50:00

maybe nervous cuz I was nervous that I was going to be there when you needed me to be there and

► 02:50:07

you know and you I would just get the call just get the call I mean as a friend that's the last thing you want to do is have some situation when you feel like maybe you could have called them and you could have made them feel better and you they would have just gotten over that hump and then they would have been okay like you became okay man I mean you are my most depressed friends and now you probably one of my happiest even after I start seeing that guy still took months before finding the right pill in the right dosage and then he would talk to me every like 30 days or whatever it was

► 02:50:42

yeah maybe describing the process and one things that was disconcerting to me was how random it seem to be which pills they chose and not really that it's like they're guessing that's what seems insane to me I felt like if you would like to save you know then you had an infection they know which antibiotic works best on an infection boom that give it to you but this one wasn't that cut and dry it was they were just trying stuff out on you think it'll take it down but they know generally yeah I know this is like they're from what I gather those two things could be wrong with you you rather have too much dopamine too little dopamine too much something else or too little something else and so each of these pills and then into two categories of four categories and they they are the effects of dopamine affect the other thing either limited or push more in the other so they don't know which ones doing it to you first

► 02:51:36

and then what they never that down if they got to decide if it's like you're too much of her two little if your bipolar two separate things are just guessing and then while you take this shit you've added the horrible feeling and then added some thoughtful side effect and it's like

► 02:51:56

this is one of the things that I really wanted to point out when the one bro Roseanne was going to come on I wanted to really talk about medication and how short were asking this really you know she's an elderly woman who's taking an incredible amount of medication stay on a lot of shit she takes Ambien every night she's drinking she's smoking pot and she's on a host the meds and these things are all doing battle in her head and you know she barely knows what the fuck she's saying some of the time she saying it she's in Ambien Hayes's in and out of it she's open about it you know she's like I need to get them to adjust my meds but everybody's is attacking her like she can never recover or she still write us but it's where we going to put it on like homosexuals into mainstream media she didn't give a shit and tell me it's like not talk on my joke she wasn't joking like for sure she was joking you think she's

► 02:52:56

use those words and by the way that. Late does look fucking do shit she was talking about and I like to say it's not a joke let me just explain to everybody as a professional comedian as an expert in this when someone says this person looks like a mixture of this and this that is joke form that's not it that's a pure joke that's what that is you see that over and over again you see this person looks like this mix with this this guy has a work ethic of this works with the it's like that's a joke for that's clearly a joke yeah you're being ridiculous

► 02:53:30

yeah it's it's obviously a joke it just you can't say that joke that's what was that yeah it's like it's not a joke cuz you can't say that joke yeah but if she was Black Sheep easy like if Miss Pat said that joke instead of Roseanne everybody like the Nutty Squirrel shit she just is and she said she likes to go on Twitter and talk crazy stuff and she had apologized week 200 times a day George Soros for calling him and not see and look at it so much and still continues to tweet she's tweeting like crazy it's all insane man you got you got if you doing that work thing they got to take out your friends got to take away your Twitter face all that shit like I use can use this you just can't we have not set they are all them actually going to switch over to they're going to call Tim new show now or at the Connors and by the way I don't think they were that yeah I don't think they should have fired her I really don't have I think you got a letter apologizing

► 02:54:30

no she explains herself and you realized who she is and she's not terrible person it's not so easy to put somebody's one action this is something I read a biography of her conversations on songs to keep me and Martha are there was like house arrest for 20 years cheated Nobel Peace Prize prize for writing and she was talking about the Burmese Army torture her had that killed arrested forever a lot of her like colleagues and it was like look they're not all bad you can't make someone into one of their actions so just because even if you committed murder one of the worst things you can do that is not who you are you're just someone who has committed murder she does not there's a certain point we've done so much more that you now are really holy a murderer but that's very rare was much more, to someone who has killed somebody there now no longer that person 20 years later of someone who kills

► 02:55:30

get out of to make somebody to one of their actions is his dehumanizing to all of us it is and it's also there's targets or people see someone who like as a Roseanne was like some sort of cultural icon and they like to shift it on them and attacked them they like to go after them once um there's been some transgression it done something which he did do if you know it upset people so they want to attack in Agra really unbalanced way I want to end it all for her there's no way you can ever a bounce back from that they wanted pylon going to kick people when they're down cuz I was my chance to kick you it's a terrible lack of compassion to come from two things I think one comes from a jealousy there's a natural jealousy that we all have for super successful people when they fail to go haha yeah I knew it I knew it I knew it and now I have court

► 02:56:25

I think there's a little bit of that and I think there's also

► 02:56:29

when people feel like shit they want other people to feel like shit to you know and I think this is what I think these attacks on people these rabbit attacks it's not coming from you. Coming from me we're not screaming for the death of Roseanne any of the people that are really that's fucking bullshit what you did and then the network here is all these people say that's bullshit you know I think it's just a symptom of where human beings are today I think there's so many human beings that are hurting and so when something comes up and gives them a legitimate reason to be upset they just attack at full force but what disturbs me is the lack of an overwhelming voice for compassion for the lack of an overwhelming voice of people saying hey look real real racism is awful but this lady who probably did commit real racism by calling the cops on that 8 year old girl she's just a fucked-up person that sang the song

► 02:57:29

better to just forgive her what happened to like yours I think of some mistakes that the left and the right makes when trying to like when does Annie mob you know it's they seek to punish or educate they're not looking for to make the person change their opinion that you're ignorant and then they leave it at that so probably the thing I got the most flag for in my life was the Amazing Racist videos just wonder why yeah I mean over and over again do people find it to fuck you you racist I have maybe gotten three text message I mean I've gotten hundreds and hundreds of death threats I've gotten mm mm angry fuck use racist for 6. Whatever maybe only three total I can really look up to of people going hey just so you know this is why that hurts me because I was an immigrant here and then when I see stuff like this it reinforces the feeling that I might maybe that's it of the thousands and thousands of the other way of fuck you so you're not really trying to educate you want to change their opinion you really just trying to like

► 02:58:29

watch out yeah so what is that why do we all like that because we weren't happy and you find a Target and you got a free shot you'll see a guy go down in the ghetto never see a fight where guy goes down together whenever he runs in and take some and had to see any of those there's a gang of those on a street fight videos is a bunch of street fight videos in the some of the craziest ones are in bad neighborhoods where someone gets knocked out and then a bunch of people take free shots on am always down and out there for sure there's a bunch of videos like that as a person who understands brain trauma it's a severely disturbing but I've talked to some of these neuroscientist about the MLA call these blunt-force impacts on the brand you seen a guy was totally unconscious and they want walk by and soccer kick him in the head always totally unconscious just take turns hitting on full blast in the face and a bunch of people do what they stomp them they kick them I mean he's out cold his pants down there kicking him in the head

► 02:59:24

I don't think people realize yes

► 02:59:27

the effects

► 02:59:29

that one of those e-rages can have on your psyche and I think them people they see something like the lion guy with a dude who fucking caught the foul ball and Cubs game or fucking you know Metzger or anything like that or they say this lady with the girl comes at you from everything everywhere I like the Zeitgeist moves on and move on and they're still getting hundreds of stuff a day saying fuck you fuck you fuck it still happening and so you all move on like something happened but everyone who's shit on them a little bit has added to their this this overwhelming but just think you can check it out I still think that's was flailing off that shit off you still trying to find himself all these fucking attackers from Talking 5 years ago like it's 3 years ago but like you don't just come clean of that all the people acting like hey fuck you for coming out lying like you added to their fucking

► 03:00:22

break in Psychology yeah it's not an easy thing to get over and you don't see it all but it's so much I mean Rannazzisi start I called him and his wife might get offline right now Ralphie to and that she was having to him it was like you need to give this to someone else cuz it won't do any of the interview no you're wrong I apologize to all of us 6 years earlier I'm sorry I lied that was over he don't need other people going to fuck you you like you don't care though they just want to get the lichtsinn yeah they are the cultural equivalent to this bar fight knocked out by Indian Express The Rage at you one following you

► 03:01:22

right yeah it's it's a it's a nutty time we live at yeah it is a nutty time and it's a time of outrage if there's there's outrage sport out there to be had and this you know there's a legitimate outrage is a story like both things are pulled over on the side of the road maybe Sunset Boulevard type thing but not

► 03:01:51

the business like that but it's busy like this a three nights at three lines there so he's two kids walking home in 10 year old and eight year old it's on their own just walking lady pulled over there who are you where's your parents and I like I don't know I think they're probably home and I'm sure you're sick of where you going so we're going home and then where you coming from the liquid coming from the playground and she was like no no you can't be on your own and she called the cops and they got it all picked him up and got him to where they lived and the parents were there in like what's all this and like we saw your kids walking alone and like yeah what for the park right and they're like yeah but we taught them with Walkerton from the pocket of times that we had our kids enough to where we trust that they can come home for the parking lot we taught them how to do that we trust them with it

► 03:02:38

and the people I know I guess so and there was a split in the story most people read it 90% of the people reticle guess parents should be allowed to trust when their kids are trained enough to do things like driving at 16 that's a parent's decision you know 10% of people will let you know I wouldn't do that with my kids thats phucked them and those people reached out on Twitter on Facebook and said fuck you shut the kids taken away from you and that 10% to 90% said yeah apparently build a teacher kids whatever that 10% means thousands of people coming at you saying you're a horrible teacher you're a horrible father imagine that a thousand people say fuck you you're a bad father to your kids and it kept happening it affects you and they didn't do anything wrong and you're still getting all this negativity when nobody ever took a shet nobody ever is prepared for that no one agents agency should have to be on the ready to help their client fucking deal with it when it happens it'll happen almost everybody don't have something to look at blown Outta proportion

► 03:03:38

yeah we got to do what you got to get off line immediately

► 03:03:42

well do you think that some of it comes from people have this feeling that anybody who is

► 03:03:50

in that sort of a situation with a clearly wrong yes just an open Target or South Park broken up and now you like it up for you for making fun of Scientology now Christianity Brave to be funny yeah, I had a great job. I got a great story goes how much is a funny one you made up yeah yeah yeah you'll need a true story I forget what were you saying Jamie you forget to goddamnit fucking marijuana it's got its side effects does have a side effect

► 03:04:43

you were talking about you rage yeah that's Crazy Ray's was pretty rough people hasn't gotten out of that yet yeah people fuck you I just feel like we're stalled out in our cultural evolution in a way that I feel like we're in these movements of change and I think I see a lot of positive things but I don't see nearly enough like friendliness and compassion I think we really need more of that as human beings this is not lasting you're not going to last no one's lasting you know you're going to die we're all going to die we're here for a certain amount of times not permanent and while you're here we can make everything better for everybody just being nicer to each other can be done I mean it's not going to be done so I think but it can be done a little drippy I think what you do is going to affect your own life and I can't change of everybody but what I can do is every time every one of these blogs make me angry just go I probably don't have the whole story on this cuz it's happened 2010

► 03:05:43

it's already out for sure then it's like I'm not getting mad you know I am going to I'm sure people taking care of this what I'm going to do is go outside and enjoy some freedoms I have like a fucking Park yeah I actually enjoy your life still letting people fucking take you down this horrible Road. Just leave

► 03:06:06


► 03:06:09

it's just a strange time for you know just for expressing anger like you you're wrong fuck you fuck yeah we never had like more of an open forum for debating ideas but people never been more dogmatic and aggressive about their penis too and the left gets violent now this is a weird thing that didn't used to happen before a son Nick depalo get punched in the face by some woman at a show so self-righteous that you feel like it had a punch him in the face and a giant black eye and said you can't be filing to get someone and they used to go we'll look who you're but say it was like a dice type act and then some of those people like hardcore KKK pepper of people like look for your families as well if you want that logic some of the people following you guys are pretty fucking shity some of the hypocrite but like it ain't your fault but like they are some of them are getting fucking violin now yeah it's crazy

► 03:07:08

idea Wars you want to become zydia Wars they get this anything necessary by any means necessary mentality and they think it's sometimes justify the means professors out there been quoted as saying that they believe in violence when there is no other solution supporting and Tifa antifa is disruptive violence in to take away oppressors and freeze this is a big one this is one that has been coming up lately more more often even the ACLU changes stance on free speech and they paid their deeming free speech is something that's not hurtful to someone else but that's not what Free Speech it's like what is the most recent reading about Free Speech there's something about the ACLU stance on free speech so you can't in French my belief is you can't friend John as long as you don't spend in the right to someone else so that you can burn the flag if you want but you can't burn a flag in my apartment I don't think I think there'd shifting what do the same concern what harm is a physical harm or not we talked about like a slight mental

► 03:08:08

well if it's racism it's clearly emotional harm mental harm your damaging someone psyche if you are dismissing them in a racist way or you're insulting them in a racist way I think that we have to Indianapolis or not going to white people here's the problem with saying okay so he's heard this theory that like what if making fun of white people and yes missing wifey I took a cute white guy you don't put me into a category I mean I know you don't like when people do that to you so I don't know why using those methods now doesn't make sense to me why what's the tide coming in and out right there the whites owned slaves for so long it was so fucking oppressive that now is it shifted back is still economic Despair and all black neighborhoods because of racist laws and things haven't bounced out yet so your leveluk why people until it goes this way and then this way and then he even said I don't care for them especially like we're sitting on them now is like

► 03:09:08

all they're doing is trying to worship their God you guys are shiting on them and leave them alone for a minute if you want to put it there on the shit out of Catholic yeah unless they're fucking kits yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I transfer people go Freight's all over the place that was the pope pope did that organized got your talks to God that's what I told him to somebody who went on to rape a hundred Depp kids

► 03:09:45

yeah yeah hundred

► 03:09:49

yeah what the fuck man do you have to look into that guy's background ratzinger and look into it let me know several cases that there's so many there's documentaries on it I think speak no evil Swan the documentaries of different priest that we're just molesting two scores of kids there monsters it's so crazy man they were just at what they did that's what everybody to do them that's what they did and they got away with it forever we once in awhile to Myrtle Point out some like Jewish rabbi that like has raped a kid or something like that and spicy happened to Judaism to

► 03:10:25

what is this ACL use long-standing commitment to defending speech we hate is this recent good that's what I should be doing is in response to somebody public someone's criticism in the Wall Street Journal is different from those challenges to our worker critiques is predicted all predicated on a fundamental misrepresentation she falsely accused of the ACLU of having secretly changes policy and regarding free speech and of launching an investigation to determine who leaked the secret are quote quotes leaked and then quote secret document that she claims revealed this asserted change in policy in fact the ACLU remains fully committed to defending Free Speech as a document she cites Presley the forms Express here if I have to fake news so somebody put out the fake news according to the good I heard somebody say it's hard to tell you should not be able to do something and say once there was violence committed because of your organization you can no longer

► 03:11:25

so you're not a terrorist organization or you can no longer say you have the right to protest when it causes violence and then this is on NPR actually I'm in the coast was like okay so just so you know though other than there are liberal group not crazy but like liberal just so you know them don't play that same thing to a black lives matter is like what you mean like what that guy to kill two cops because the black lives matter if you're going to say the followers decide whether or not it's then we have to Outlaw Bikers matter and there's no no no no no no we can't do that you can't say I don't have a right to say go home Tikes you're taking our jobs

► 03:12:00

they can say it sucks they can say it all of it that's your right you don't stop them from talking because then it keeps going to the point where rap is getting fucking boycotted in America you can't put your shit out it goes it will always go to a point where to be super super impressive well if one person who is not doing anything wrong can't speak you've done something wrong yeah you could easily compromise our group 2 and turn into a terrorist organization we buy infiltrating it having someone cause violence and then I was saying that they would run into undercover agents and undercover cops all day though they guys they knew were undercover and then like what the fuck so they're just like being overwhelmed by people wear

► 03:13:00

find them in for the government keep the peace like this they're like secret covert agents hanging around he's occupied kids you know venture capitalist but Banker genius guy I have ever seen Peter Schiff podcast super wealthy successful business, and he went down to Occupy Wall Street and he said I don't know how do you set up I'm a multi-millionaire explain to me what I've done wrong or something along those lines are at his actual that's funny that you put a tall was a great role because he's a financial genius I have an enormous business I make tremendous amount of capital why should you make the same, is me and she tortures these people cuz he speaks and it just shows you how

► 03:14:00

going to these things with these idealistic ideas of what they think they're standing for when they don't even have like a framework of what they're against the policies in the banking in the corporations and capitalism in general this so many people that do the most people don't know for the ride is the man so he gets out there among them to fucking beautiful $5,000 suit on probably cost more than that it's my angry and right now and you watch these videos on YouTube they're hilarious that's great early I want to talk to him cuz he set up shop in Puerto Rico right before the Hurricanes came and shut all the power off he was living in Puerto Rico apparently a lot of people move to Puerto Rico model rich people does fuck that because of taxes they're just like stupid low my friend is lives there

► 03:14:58

the power like really in the last month or two just came back on and it's being held on by a Band-Aid and hurricanes and is starting soon hurricane season it's like it's just going to happen again so how long was the power out for months and months oh my God I got it back in a few places and then it kept going another place people died because of lack of power we ain't doing shit is in the eyes of regular people like most Americans are busy with the regular lives in Puerto Rico's not a part of us even though it is yeah I love you idiot Trump Puerto Rico isn't part of America is part of America and I'm over here like are you ready I just found this out right now well I knew it was nice to have a joke about Alaska being a frozen Puerto Rico not even attached like how is that ours and how is Hawaii and Alaska we keep helping them right would we look at a different stop

► 03:15:58

narrow it down to one possible thing and it's like an ant one possible thing it's you have to give it up for all of it you know Perhaps Perhaps is soap mixed in with that as you're not a full state which I knew enough about finances to ask the question is it possible that the reason why these corporations and he's Rich dude wants a moot want to move there and and get to Tupelo tax rate that they have to pay is also why they didn't have the money to recover from this infrastructure being down and that's so that these two might somehow or another be correlated or is it just that the hurricane was so fucking overwhelmingly devastating but it just took forever to fix which one is it because anybody who thinks you don't need government will we have to sit down and talk about how we're going to fix things we're going to have to sit down and talk about infrastructure really silly snow today in Puerto Rico 9 months after Hurricane Maria

► 03:16:58

2696 2669 customer still do not have power in many cases these homes were more than one or where more than one person lives maybe another month before they get it we're going to Tweet about this until the last customer has power and this is David Ben God b e n b e g and big nod sorry about it David his name David begnaud that's fucking crazy 2 days ago through 9 months after the hurricane on her looks like I'm going to get that coming

► 03:17:43

didn't know which dude Branson didn't he buy an island that goes got completely decimated I think so I think the whole island got wiped off the face of the map I think there's two for the first time like 300 years no human beings live on an island dude living in a place with Sky becomes an angry monster and just rips houses apart is just seen some of these fucking torrential rains in my East Timor chat like that where it's like it's going like dropped drop cap to cover now and if you don't get the cover in a minute your underwear soaked it is through you all your stuff is ruined too and then it passes in like 30 minutes

► 03:18:26

do you remember when we were in Miami will you with me when we when Eddie Bravo was doing a seminar we drove down from West Palm Beach to Miami and we had to stop on the highway much it was so much rain all car stopped on the highway whose fucking crazy and all I can think of is I hope no ass will try to drive through this it was insane we will stay put and there's a wall of water around us everywhere we looked fuck man

► 03:19:00

that was insane

► 03:19:03

damn damn that's a crazy thing about this world is that you go to different places in chest by the universe. You're at earthquakes in some places hurricanes and others know it was hundreds and hundreds of houses in the volcano volcano realize how that car thing that I thought it was just a one-time thing could go on for months if they have projectiles flying to the air that it looks like a fucking several hundred pound Rock loud hurling through the air landing on shit lighting things on fire what is left and right they can't stop it they came and slow it down. You just have to get out of there so they just have to evacuate this toxic fumes in the air is all are all around where the volcanoes are look at it which which island from space Oh my God

► 03:19:52

that sounds like John fucking space bitch what is the main island the big one it's a fucking real problem yeah look it up we'll go to scroll back up to the last one that one right there look at that shit we're looking at this beautiful images on Forbes it's a beautiful image of how green and Lush the Big Island looks beautiful for 90% of that picture amazing but this lava shooting out of it and it's quite a people live with his house is that where house is down there so I don't want think of it that's that's all that stuff to the left that little brown shit that's like a little village walk out of this house it was weird just watch it consume it like that said you're so much you're so amazing that people would that's how you get an island

► 03:20:52

I bet Iceland is all Buckhead of rock and then just started going over the top of it and just suck grew out of it that is literally how the big island was formed and it's being formed right now you freaking out he's going to be bigger than you got to put some tarp while you're fucking building they have this shit there they call vogg it's like volcanic smog yeah man it really fucked with my daughters had she gets there she was sneezing and coughing and I was like what's the matter and they said for some people they have allergies to certain allergies you can get this vogg this weird fucking fog that comes in that's mixed with volcanic volcanic either admissions or there's a lot of a lot of stuff that these people are in danger of us not just a volcano itself but the toxic gas and so that some of the gases that leak from the volcano get in the fog and some people are particularly susceptible to it remember that European one where everybody was

► 03:21:52

all the crops are ruined do you know that's what that was that was that was responsible for that Michael Hastings guy to know Michael Hastings he's at journalist that the loss of his career he was over there doing a story on a general for Rolling Stone and they had the volcano happen and he couldn't fly home for a long time so he's over there in bed with the soldiers for a long period of time it during that time they got a little loose with them and started being themselves and you know some general said some stupid shit about Obama you know insulting him in some way and they got this and they were the Icelandic General US general because this guy was doing a story overseas and that's who's doing the story overseas he got stranded there because of the bad story about this General and then comes back and you know the general gets fired he loses his job he's like a beetle of general and sell Michael Hastings then whines up driving is fun

► 03:22:52

car into a tree going a hundred twenty miles an hour on Sunset and the the fear was that someone had marked him it was dead done is that hired someone to take over his car cuz he's got one of modern Mercedes where his hack into it but you can force those things to drive himself you could literally get into the computer and turn shift the wheel Hastings found himself on a bus from Paris to Berlin with a crystalline is Entourage the visit which was supposed to take place in 2 days turn into a month during which time Hastings had considerable access to the general so that the big conspiracy theory was that he was murdered while I was a big conspiracy because his car the engine flu from the car I mean it was like it exploded like that is some sort of explosion in there and then it was also the talks call exam toxicology examination I'm pretty sure revealed we look for the week revealed that he was on some sort of amphetamine but all writers are on Adderall

► 03:23:52

not all of them but a shitload of them right Mike Lawrence over in COD the cowboy festival and we're smoking pot chili pot Mexican pot and I was like why don't you like to go see I'm trying to go riding jobs and I want to get tested at Mike Hollywood doesn't test for drugs so you can wait there all on coke that's hilarious testing writing jobs imagine how shity the movies or become call so horrible chest and already forwarded it would be awful

► 03:24:31

it's 3:30 ladies and gentleman we're going to bring this bad boy to a close I want to thank you all for tuning in for lunch, but I'm doing this hour in Edinboro that's kind of what I get for the last year-and-a-half the bucket unveil in Edinboro so I watch them for two times now I was out there and it's kind of got influence by seminar style of Comedy I think the only problem is that give up we've talked about his age of the jokes for the sake of a point or the theme so I'm very careful not to do that to make all this shit work on its own and clubs in America I like how you confidently pronounce the name of Edinboro is what a lot of Americans go wherever I go I'm broke so I'll be there August 2nd Thru the 26th to check out Ari shaffir Jew 6 p.m. everyday at The Hive one more time with the dates August 2nd Thru the 26th that's the saying son is 24 days of Ari shaffir that's like Christmas bitch yeah come out enjoy it

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I would like to point out that I offered Ari a free fanny pack he would not take it I said he will not tell absolutely no help me traveling you put your keys in your wallet in there and you don't have to hold them like fuck you I'm free on a lot of stuff that's why I'm rolling okay we'll be back tomorrow we're going tomorrow Joe Rogan Hamilton Morris from Vice of would you want to redo we did one many many many years ago and we got so high we couldn't talk the drug guy from Vice we're going deep we went so deep we went so deep I didn't even know if I was there or not I wasn't even sure what I was hearing my voice if it was mine Hamilton Morris Duncan Trussell going to hear we got a lot of people come and see you soon bye bye

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