#1106 - Colion Noir

The Joe Rogan Experience #1106 - Colion Noir

April 18, 2018

Colion Noir is a gun rights activist, lawyer, member of the National Rifle Association, and host of the NRA Freestyle web series NOIR.

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you can get the trailer it's available online and go check it out that's this weekend alright my guest today is what I would call a gun enthusiast he is also a lawyer a young man and intelligent young man and it's got a very highly visible high-profile YouTube channel we had a great talk I enjoy talking to get up for colion Noir

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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colion Noir cold out there okay I made this name up how to do that so quickly wizard what's the conspiracy about your new name is colion Noir what's the conspiracy about your name that I made it up to hide who I really was a timeshare like me like everybody gets to have like some members except for me when you talk about guns you don't get that statement did you have a different name so you did change your name but there's a conspiracy behind you changed your name but that's not real you just know you wanted a different name I got in the guns and I wanted to start watching gun videos and so I wanted to make a YouTube channel and I didn't want to use my real name cuz I thought that wasn't cool enough until I say African American

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Earthquake comedian man he's hilarious but a white dude can consult earthquake that good good but no wrestler Earthquake has different that's different so what's your original name what's your actual full original name of my first night I just don't make it easy for people to Sean Collins, no I just thought it'd be more fun, but the pseudonym for my YouTube channel I got in start my YouTube channel thinking start this Channel and I'm going to build this whole ordeal for fun friends called one of my friends he called me Killa kyleon

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birthday and I was like okay we'll just use going on and then I'm like I'm always in Black idea just one of those things to this day I still don't know why yeah there's nicknames man that just happens sometimes it's not there is a rapper in Houston by the name killer call you on Collins and forth and so on yeah so so how did you get wrapped up with the NRA so that we should kind of cover up a couple of things here so I can store yeah so you're kind of like a spokesperson for the NRA not official spokesperson. Official unofficial now I am a member of the NRA do they appreciate you because it work okay so

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the way it started. I mean so I had a friend of mine a good friend of mine who called me a fun day was like

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do you want to go shooting and I was like I was about 10 years ago I haven't ate a little bit cuz my background growing up like a guns in house no one in my family had a gun and for me. ID in the notion of being young black man with a gun it's always thought exactly through the lens of you know gang banger drug dealer so forth and so on so that's the mindset I had went with respect to Firearms, I didn't even realize it wasn't conscious of it until I started getting into the third heaven realize okay why I was thinking like that didn't realize it and so but at the same time I told myself

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why am I afraid of essentially what is an inanimate object right so I think to myself am I all right I really don't want to go I'm a little terrified but you know what I'm going to go ahead and do it and so I remember getting to the range we get to the range and walking through the door and then I hear the door for where the actual days are and hit up pop go off. My holy crap this is actually happening and so I kind of had this nervousness but I'm with my friend right and so I don't want my friend to feel like okay you're acting kind of like a bitch

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so I kind of kept it to myself we get to the counter we do all the paperwork that need a regular paperwork liability phones all that and he has is gone we get some ammo we go to our members of the very last Lane it was a name of the range was Top Gun in Houston and so we go to very last train to gives me kind of like a brief instructions about how to shoot the gun how to load it so forth and so on and so at that point I never picking up the gun terrified not knowing what to expect not knowing what was going to happen so I remember picking it up it was a little Taurus pt11 PT111 Millennium in 40 caliber and this was subcompact probably not the best first time shooting touch fucking done what the gun itself a small-caliber yeah exactly so my experience if anybody who watch that as a gun person would be like

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and shooting it and I remember just this the concussive force the explosion with the gun dancing in my hand and I was like holy crap that was terrifying

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shot it again

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I like this shit and the nerdy ass back to my brain kicked in Yorktown I'm watching it right several feet and it I just cuz it's the second shot allow me to realize what just happened I just contain an explosion in my hand right I'm like you'll find that amazing my pulse it's amazing the the the thing that people are bothered by is what comes with it and how people use it and um I think an analogy that's a fair analogy but people reject is driving cars and a lot of these fucking psychos that I've been running over people in the street and it just happen again or what somewhere somewhere Germany some guy ran a bunch of people over then blew his brains out it's it's an object right it's a thing that you use an iMac used car guide to same as well

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yeah I love cars I mean if someone said we have to ban cars because people start running people over the cars if you like okay I think we're dealing with a whole bunch of problems and there's there's a bunch of things I think we would probably agree on one of things we agree on is all these mass shootings are horrific absolutely terrifying it's it's an evil terrible thing that here's another thing no NRA members are doing that that's one of things it's really kind of fucked-up about people getting angry at the NRA new never had a mass shooting ever. That I can call that was done by noon right now I try to find one I can't find a mass shooting that was perpetrated by an hour and are a member and I think it's so it's probably a lot of Ghana versus Presley NRA members have is like the conversation is being had is

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pics of food coloring or actually forgetting the human element behind those three letters like the NRA isn't like this demigod it just sits in the cloud of Olympia and it is one big guy that just is orchestrating this entire thing yeah it's your talkin 5 million people like I'm a I'm a member I'm a gun owner right that that's who I am along with 5 million other people over that way and then or ton of other people who think they're good people I think there's quite a few good people the people that are perpetrator all these mass shootings

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are definitely not good people but what's wrong with them I'll tell you what's not wrong with them guns it's not guns that are wrong with them they use the guns to express what's wrong with them you know and everybody wants to look at the object which I get what's easier it is easier and it's it's step something that everyone's pointing to like why these are good questions why do you need these things why do I need that fucking samurai sword over there I don't know if you know it's like what do you need and I've said it before I think we are victim of our own success right I do think this is the greatest country in the world

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but the problem is that is is this country was built on an ideological Foundation that I think is AIDS in that our ability to be as great as we are but we live in a world now where people don't see the necessity for something that was never part that was never supposed to be seeing people into necessity in first place the Second Amendment doesn't give me a right to preserve something that already existed but what happens is we have a coach of people who don't want to look at the second lemon as a privilege not a right to look at is a privilege so that's why they say but why do you need that why do you need more than 10 rounds why do you need this why they need that and I'm like first of all roof framing the entire conversation under need one that's not what the second amendment is about it so bright that I've already had some natural right that I had the moment that I step foot on this Earth as a person the right to self-defense is universal you know when people say okay it's a right but obviously there's a problem so we have to do something about it so you can have to give up your guns

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is this is the common conversation and it's very flipping and it's not well thought-out and there's no no consideration whatsoever to mental health issues I think this is Marcus I think that's the primary problem I'd that's what I've been saying this from the get-go I think it's the primary problem I think it's a mental health issue and people say all that simplifying it I don't think it is I think it's the opposite I think it's it's ignored it's at there's something wrong when you have this many people on Mental Health medication and then when you look at the number of mass Shooters it's almost Universal almost every single one of them is on some sort of psychiatric medication but that's not a part of the narrative that's not a part of the conversation to conversations always get rid of guns now I don't want crazy people to have guns I don't think you do either now I don't so

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outside of taking away the rights to have guns from normal law-abiding people like yourself and myself I have guns what what do we do so first of all I think we need to frame a conversation in into specifics right or a lawyer right I am so you understand bills and amendments and laws and so I think one word lumping the entire conversation in one category right talk about school shootings let's talk about school shootings first thing I say is that's all I can say is well you guys just don't want any any gun laws and you say know everything but you have no solution true but they're saying let's take away the guns you saying we're not going to take away the guns you guys just don't want to get your guns taken like that yes you're right you're right no one wants

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kids to die and it's it's a fucking real sneaky conversation disingenuous and that's the way it's happening especially on social media right my Twitter account knows this

► 00:17:12

multiple occasions I tried to have a rational conversation with people who are on the opposite side of my spectrum of of this issue is there any of this online there's no I mean it's just on Twitter it's going back if you can't do anything rational response to me rationally cuz I'm always on the other side if I have the same about the same energy but they have towards me that's very good point and so I've started you know what let me know it's partly due because of my friends they're all assholes with a group of guys who when they were losing it logically

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then went to jokes right it took me a second to realize it cuz I was the one that lost go right I was the one that was going to law school pre-law all that stuff for everything I did was Focus idea of logic logic logic you're not making any sense and it was laughing and I realized that humor and so I took on some of those qualities in the way that I advocate for firearms you know because it can be a little disarming but the disarming aspect of it could be beneficial because it causes people to drop the garden little bit Bryant and then when you drop your guard you can take in information more objectively more so than waiting looking for confirmation bias or Inns instigating your cognitive dissonance because you just don't want to hear the thing that counts is contrary to what you already believe I just think you need a lot of character like as a person to be able to communicate reasonably on Twitter the end is a lot of people

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so it's almost like the ability to steal and no one's looking the ability to shit on someone with no I die contact no social repercussions no not feeling anything from that purse you say something rude to them they're not in front of you so don't feel terrible saying so please do sometimes it has its benefits where I think there's some really good conversation that we had on Twitter and I've had a really interesting moments on Twitter where I've learned a lot about things were people sent me links and I've retweeted them and I've learned a lot of things but it's it's hard sometimes man because there are so many people that are just unreasonable and they're not good at communicating and they're not happy your not happy people not just a lot of people just aren't happy man it's so you know I didn't realize it until I got to the notoriety that I am now

► 00:20:10

in space that I'm in well you're in a weird space because you're in the space of Defending guns you know and I'm black yeah well they disregard that well they should probably pay attention because I have I'm doing I'm advocating also with certain three letters behind me that they automatically assume is the devil for how does the NRA feel about you do you know I mean do you have conversations with them are they saying good job or the other please or much of a symbiotic relationship it's a weird one right now because it's like this what I hear from the NRA I hear colion and then I hear Ted Nugent but I do know where it's coming from but then again I didn't grow up listening to Ted Nugent

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a Democrat but at the same time Ted Nugent is still an individual people fail to understand that like we like we may be monolithic on that only issue Firearms we're not monolithic in the way we go about expressing it well he's right about things. You know just because someone's outrageous doesn't mean they're not right like if you ever seen his the debate that you had in a gun store with the Piers Morgan things for you lose your fucking Marvel's Ted lives on a fucking Ranch in Texas wears off fence then he's just shooting all animals he hunts every day he's a psycho and I don't respect them a big fan of Stranglehold

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depend entirely upon what you doing with the meat and I know he gives it to Hunters for the hungry I know he gives it to neighbors and friends and there's nothing wrong with that he actually has he has an obligation to be the steward of his land because he has a lot of Exotics and stuff in it I'm just totally joking around when you wait like you listen to his conversation with Piers Morgan which Piers Morgan takes That Flippin left-wing knee-jerk reaction re you know when he's on with Ted Ted just knew everything about the actual facts when you start running around with statistics of gun violence is like do you know how many of those people were bad guys were shot by cops do you know how those people are people that was shot when they're breaking the people's homes do you know how many is people were people that were killed in self-defense there's a lot it's not

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recent so here's what happened so when I started getting really deep into the attic see component of it everyone was screaming 30,000 people died died from gun violence 30,000 people a day that's what they were running with us Mom oh my God I forgot to do something like I jumped into the pool and I I just like something doesn't seem right about that figure right now I'm not saying I was wrong about it it seemed inflated

► 00:23:43

it seems like I don't know what it was on some conscious level and for maybe or maybe was me looking for confirmation biased but I'll be honest and say that and so I realized over 65% of that 30000 is suicides 65%. Real Jesus Christ had a shoot themselves man something crazy like that when you said the top of the show that's a fucking crazy number though man that's why I Kevin Hart concert she pretty much all together goodnight everybody that's really what it is 18000 people. That's fucking incredible how many lives would be actually say if we took the same energy we apply to just making guns evil and trying to ban guns to type that energy and put it towards understanding

► 00:24:43

what it is why as a society we have a society that is so eager to really not want to be here anymore expand that a little bit more because we have all the guns in here pay here in America right compared to any other country but yet are suicide rates should be seeding Lee higher than all the other countries that don't have as many guns but it's not the case right fielder DK you look at your pants up and has double or suicide rate does it really feel yah double what I said I fucked up earlier had a 30000 what I said $30,000 a year doesn't sound that bad just 300 million people

► 00:25:38

doesn't make any sense why would I think that they call it right but in reality you break those numbers down including times when cops shoot someone in self-defense and it's Justified right and can't stop the pain shooting so forth and Sunday count times when cops really shouldn't have shot somebody but did and got away with it pretty sure they do I'm pretty sure they do but even then that number would be exceedingly marginal comparative Lee Bright road and you have the remaining number which are and then you have like three to five 15% of Justified 3 to 5% are accidents

► 00:26:36

pretty 5% a lot 900 people year right so and I tweeted this I said again

► 00:26:45

if we focused on firearm safety education

► 00:26:51

we could that number would drop in half in might know you're not going to fix the intelligence level the humans the other fucking around with God that's where you underestimate the fact there's me type of people dying after accidentally okay because there are a lot of people who don't understand basic gun safety right within that 900 is a lot of them when you see some of the accident that happens when fire on their Easley mitigated by just simply knowing the four rules of firearm ownership and when you get into the gun Community like I the whole menu fall at Robinson like we are we're crazy about gun safety you you you put your finger on the trigger in a picture or slaughtering you not literally but you don't know what you're saying LMFAO hold your account as my friend Justin gun nut and and Greg are there

► 00:27:47

toilet 2321 when I was real young then I definitely shot one in Camp when I was like I guess I'll probably 12. But it didn't count that as my first handgun when I first came to California and I might have been really yeah what's ironic is it's way easier to get a gun here that is New York I lived in New York to fucking are get a handgun New York almost impossible year was easy legal you mean yeah it legal to legally now I mean it was 1994. Just made 93-94 I bought a gun I bought a 38 special about a wall

► 00:28:52

ptk and I bought a Glock 9 mm girls crazy shit about drive-by shootings of gang violence I just thought it was just going to be a fucking war zone out here I'm even know the funny thing about it is it's your natural disposition was I need something to protect myself stop Prosser to this deal where it's like something has to be wrong with you if you have that mentality that money out there's a lot of people that have an experience real violence you know and if you experience real violence and you seen what happens when you have a terrible person around people that aren't terrible their stats of reality that people don't like the face and they don't like to look at the other side of the coin like whenever there's an instance where there is an a shooter and that the shooter gets taken out by someone who's a trained a person trained with firearms and a nose tackle

► 00:29:52

nobody wants to talk about that. Just gets brushed off they don't they don't it's there's not a balance conversation to be had there isn't nothing is like it I have a group of a group chat when stuff like that does happen they write it off as just rather than Amelie that's exactly what it's supposed to be used for what again like I said confirmation bias and talk to you but when you add in the component of fear for a lot of people they don't necessarily hate guns being shot or some of those people never put themselves in a position of being the shooter they always put themselves in a position of being the victim of shooting so that's why you get well why do you need that because they don't see it as a big this allows me to better defend myself they look at it from the perspective of well if you're able to have that than you might use that against me

► 00:30:48

there's that and you know there's also the the looming Specter of the mass shooter it's just so fucking common these days he's not every 3 or 4 months there's a new instance how many times that happened perception is a bitch so the reality is that the absolute reality is they have happened that are horrific and there's more of them here than anywhere else in the world

► 00:31:12

that's reality but here's that when you say that you're talking about the developing World correct undeveloped world is people don't just go into a fucking mall and shoot me blood with Richard sing it out it's very very rare the where the people took more than people realize how many people died in Chicago in a weekend over weekend it doesn't do report that's true but that is true that is true but it's a different kind of violence because it's people that are actively trying to get people that are actively trying to get them it's gang violence where is school shootings are completely innocent school shootings have the worst right because it's a child and some fucking psycho decides to make the most noise possible by going into school and shooting it up that's the scariest in the worst for most people when you think about gang violence you say well that violence it's terrible two people got shot but it's people that are trying to shoot each other

► 00:32:16

alright so then when I tell you that the remaining homicides in this country right when I die at 30000 number that I gave you manually over 80% of that is gang violence that's crazy to believe I believe you are but it's when you see Sandy Hook when you see Parkland when you see any that's the shooting in Colorado Aurora in the movie theater when you see these mass shootings these are would terrify people people are not necessarily terrified of the gang violence in Chicago I'm going to Chicago in a couple of months and not one fucking person is brought up Humana Place Chicago deep dish pizza I know I'm not going to Southside Automotive did you wear a vest

► 00:33:05

we walk around really strict gun laws and that they don't work at all I was driving down the road where there were like 6 7 8 dudes who jumped in front of the car won't drive that cuz we didn't look like we belong there positive every single one of them had a gun they jumped in front of the car Weldon Locker visors for the car but you know you should probably something they are driving down side streets they try to stop you I didn't try to stop and look at it so it's not one of those things but GoPros on the car so you going to have that so we all agree that gun violence especially in terms of mass shootings is one of the biggest problems that we have in terms of like a horrific public in

► 00:34:16

problem right it's it's it's something that you see in the end everybody but I say Public Image I should what I should I should be praised that but I mean as like public perception problem like you you see it and it's just death and violence and children and innocence and we as as people I think consider the death of Innocence to be one of the most egregious and horrific deaths so that's a hundred percent across the board I think with a decent person these mass shootings are horrific I think in my opinion the number one aspect of the argument that's not being discussed is the mental health aspect of it are you opposed to more screening of people to get guns Yes or No Yes or No Deal World if we can Minority Report it and figure it out who's I mean Minority Report I mean just like check to see if they're on Mental Health

► 00:35:16

we'll see if so what what constitutes am I being on Mental Health medication is prohibitive what if I do with anxiety if I'm on xan's prescribed to him was that prevent you from owning a firearm in California for the longest time they were trying to make it if he had a medical marijuana card you could not fire up I think it would do not federally I think about those Federal thing and it if you had a legal medical marijuana card that they were trying to prevent people to be on since it's intellectually dishonest if I can if I can go to the store with a gun on me and buy alcohol right but let's be honest about it like alcohol weed I mean I don't think utilizing that as a prohibitive means to own a firearm I think it's I think that is true but if you were

► 00:36:15

Under the Influence some of the shit I got in this studio why not none of the you be super paranoid and then undo a gun under the influence but I'm saying that is an issue if you're under the influence and you have a gun but I'm allowed to but I have to go to my house right now

► 00:36:35

yeah baby but if you're under the influence right but I can't I can't carry a firearm in my trunk right you can't you shouldn't be drunk with a gun you shouldn't be high as fuck with a gun neither one of those are good ideas and nor should you be driving right now driving so should you be on Xanax with a gun that's the question I don't know the answer too because I've never had Xanax and get me neither I don't know what it's like but I do know that there's been people that have killed people when they're on Xanax and the shooter in Vegas that guy was on and anti-anxiety medication time etiquette anti-anxiety medication to kill himself look it's got a profound effect on some individuals and it's not it's not uniform affect Jamie differential is a different but I know I know tons of people who are on as well and I also drink while they're on it but you're not supposed

► 00:37:37

yeah and that that's not good either you got to be careful because what had been does it becomes a de-facto way of preventing people to own firearms arbitrarily right so it's like you have anxiety or somebody who's maybe dealing with PTSD hundred percent right about to kill people so with the screening component if I say yes or no right if you can find a way if you can find a way to establish this mental screening because there's a dessert does a due process aspect to it as well right so you can prevent me from owning and you can prevent me from exercising right if I haven't done something cuz all myself being able to do that legally right okay so what if they come to your house and you've got let's say you've got like a cork board up and you got all these pictures of school

► 00:38:37

and fucking arrows pointing to the emergency exits and plans of how to block things off and then pictures of Jodie Foster pictures of serial killers and you're on anti-anxiety medication the cops squirrel is how to commit a crime even though you don't do it that's attempted did you hear about the kid that got kicked out of school what was the score today Jackie Chan died his hair blond started collecting a semi-automatic rifle his friends they called the cop cop came to visit them you bought another rifle and I believe they deported a big order them for reasons not having to do with the fire on deported them for reasons that he wasn't actually going to slash more of a green card

► 00:39:34

cuz they deported because they wanted this fucking psycho out of the country and they think that they might have prevented crime they probably did but I didn't go to class I mean. That's something you've done I've done I mean everybody's but then again he wasn't citizen requirement for Ride by way of the right right right but he really had guns and was acting crazy and that's why the kids that were friends with him called and that's why they acted and they just found that loophole so what do you do with someone like that other than that mean discussion we had something but if it's still going to school pretty bad yeah but then again we still we still have our laws for a reason right we have we have our inherent rights for a reason we have due process for a reason because

► 00:40:36

if we didn't have those right anyone could just come up and say man you know what I saw some point on the war on Instagram the other day you post a picture of a gun then he was like cursing people out because they're making fun of in the water when he was drinking and so you know what's going to check on him and make sure he's okay he's going to take his guns away from him it's unfortunate in that some people may slip through the cracks

► 00:41:06

but I can't arrest someone for something that they haven't done yet just you just can't stand so that's where we are right now to the complexities what do we do how do we put something in place to catch the people who do happen to fall between the cracks so then you go okay well I'm sorry yeah the complexities yeah it's it's a very complex issue which is why would not largely not having it we're having it here because no one wants to have this conversation on the national scene because it's hard and it doesn't make the great sound bite and it doesn't make a good TV

► 00:41:47

I hate doing cable news it's because I have 2 minutes to 2 basically two deuce and a complex issue that we've been debating for decades centuries it's the worst and it's also people talking over each other and there's one another have two boxes one guy here one guy they are usually the worst ways to communicate which is why I try to establish my platform with my show Noir I try to have it as a platform that's open the people to come on you want to come out and discuss this issue by all means come do it that's that's like really strict anti-gun on I think it was two seasons ago we brought on a young lady and a guy from New Zealand but he came on the show they were anti of my show and we bring up a specific topic

► 00:42:48

and we discuss it and so they've been basically like two against one essentially until they would talk to me about what their thoughts on on what we talked about in the show or a particular gun control issue and we had that conversation had an individual I sit down with her as well and we talked about it and then took her to the shooting range to shoot for the first time you know but that's going to be overlooked and where are they cuz I wasn't aware of it because it makes me come across as if like I feel some type of way cuz he didn't answer me but it's not really that it just speaks volumes to what I've been pointing at the longest they ignore rational discourse John Oliver did a 20-minute monologue on my TV about nratv 20 minutes

► 00:43:39

hey miss my shot at 3 shows on Android TV 3 shows and I have to take longer longest running show on tonight TV you didn't mention me want the level of detail that they went into within that model log let me know they watched everything on that platform they watched it all why do you think you left you out because we're also cuz he is a progressive guy with glasses who's white and you really shouldn't really shouldn't say anything negative about black people house out you got that white though I don't know what the fuck I'm not what the fuck is the street you are

► 00:44:36

in the old days I wasn't my grandparents

► 00:44:41

what you think it was Trevor Noah I know about Trevor

► 00:44:58

Englishmen it's not like I'm not negative against John had this perspective up until this point so I'm going to shut off I'm going to shut off my belief system I listen to you and listen to what you're about to say because I haven't thought about this cuz I thought he wasn't like this entire time so so yeah it's not hard as fuck it mean it might not even though he might have found the worst examples and maybe you were too reasonable and it doesn't fit The Narrative of being funny and his show although his show has points and he makes these very clear conclusions and you know but it's funny the funny show

► 00:45:49

well I'm sure they could but I don't think that's the kind of thing you're trying to make fun of like individual personalities that say stupid shit I think what they're trying to do is point out the disingenuous narrative from the NRA while ignoring the disingenuous narrative from the anti-gun advocates

► 00:46:17


► 00:46:18

I could possibly see that I'm trying to I'm trying to be fair and reasonable because my mind wants to go now he saw that he he realized that by mentioning me right it's going to it's going to pick Harry osity with the audience so you think that you are too reasonable into logical and that since you're not like this redneck Hee Haw type character that like to talk about you it doesn't fit their narrative social nor him yeah that's true that's true is pretty easy to find like pro-gun dummies you can find quite a few of them are pretty easy to find Amazon other side is about to do a short but you wouldn't be looking if you were on that side right if you're on the anti-gun side you're looking for pro Gum Dum pro-gun dummies dummies are easy to find they are right there's plenty of them right now you go so I can find them on Instagram and Twitter and there's there's dummies all over the world

► 00:47:20

the thing about what John Oliver does the Nintendo store think it's the kind of disingenuous nature of satire Billy Cartwright okay so you can make a joke about something and then say I will have no influence cuz it's just a joke it's not the same symptoms of Wheels but he's pretty things but he can he can always swipe plausible deniability Garden safe I wasn't making actual political statement for decades about an organization that fights for the 2nd Amendment the same the same the same narrative that's being pushed by group of people say the only thing standing in their way of more gun control is the you know right so what are you doing so where is he going to get his power from because they think the talk out of both sides of the mouth Sorry by the membership

► 00:48:21

so what are you do you should you do your best to stay for that membership you make it seem as unattractive as possible and then you also with your audience is already largely unaffected ocated on the issue is perceived notion that the NRA is just a bunch of racist white rednecks right so then what then what do you do to further that narrative you talk about their platform and you pull out all those things that further drive that narrative while ignoring them over the most popular figure on the platform which is which is me and that's so happens to be black so what does that say it tells me that this is that it was deliberate and I really do want agree with you and inside you know what he's white he didn't want to be seen as attacking the black guy so forth and so on but I think there's also he's doing the show. Let me let me explain how show Works he's got a team of writers there's a ton of people back there they are just trying to be funny they're trying to make points for sure but they're trying to find stupid shit that they can mock

► 00:49:20

why would they concentrate on the guy who makes sense if they're looking for stupid shit thick mocking try to make a balanced reasonable argument like maybe we would do right here right now polish television show that rent has been dissected and gone over by a team of writers and they have video that corresponds to it and photographs that they shoot go to and and they have clips that they shown in a mock the clip it's a it's a comedy show they do have a point but it's a comedy show Absolutely so that's why they didn't go after is because maybe you're a lawyer maybe your articulate maybe is because you're black and they just don't feel like it's a smart thing to do

► 00:50:00

but it's because they're making a show me tell you why my panties on because I understand the influence of that show John Oliver show I think if I had to guess how many people were watching that show or left-wing leaning democratic-leaning liberal-leaning I would say it's a giant percentage the number of people who come to me and say I don't I don't deal with the NRA because they're racist and their bunch of white rednecks the world what is a just assume based green with you but we can't undermine how influential that show is at crafting people's thoughts about particular issues and ideologies within this country and so I stand back and I'm like man

► 00:51:00

dangerous because to meet the second minute is incredibly important I'll give him because he said that you give me some consistency I'll let you drop the ball a couple times here and there since don't get enough credit I'm not sure you even a real comedian I mean there's a big difference for the thought of ever having a guy like him on I'll get in front of a million people and talk all day long but the thought of stand up see I get to close some of my humor and seriousness

► 00:52:00

easier right I can do one stuck here and there like I said before you walked into that shooting range in those guns are going off. Holy shit it's really happening now think about how you feel now where you walking to the range like especially when I was rifle hunting I would go to the range at least once a month Jeff and you know I got used to it you go to hear the bang bang bang put your fucking headphones on he just walk up and say hi to everybody that she there all the time everybody super polite at the range that's one thing that people are polite as fuck at the rain because everybody around you has a bility to kill you there just not everybody around you especially when I mean I was in the rifle section I got a 300 Win Mag I'll pull a fucking hole inside or Outdoors Outdoors

► 00:52:54

buddy can kill everybody and everybody's like hey man how you doing what's up how's my super friendly I've been shaking hands as a mutual respect there's a but it's interesting that's an interest in me that's a weird statement about a lot of times that oh well armed Society is a polite Society there are two times in my life where I felt vehement Lee insecure

► 00:53:21

the first time I carried a gun out of my house and my first MMA class that makes sense but when you go to the gun range a bunch of times that it becomes normal comes life that's what stand-up is same thing me and you still can eat place a Dick's on stage on occasion to go south and it's terrible so the worst feeling good about Texas

► 00:53:45

fucking dead on and hilarious guess it's true in Texas do not understand that is the America of America no love like these fucking crazy people with guns have jacked up trucks and driving too fast the girls have big tits the guys are fucking crazy that's what we think of that's taxes like this. As a whole it's Texas the most exaggerated form of it Texas houses the most exaggerated

► 00:54:40

let all named California and Texas is more tigers in captivity in Texas than there are in all of the wild of the world more tigers in private collections that's fucking truth when I read that I was like oh my God I have to figure out a way to make this funny crazy beautiful the beauty of it running I don't think you're allowed to like just feed them animals allowed to let loose and have the cheetah attack

► 00:55:45

have to feed them meat without like like already in the process of the Wild Kingdom shit go down in your yard so I don't know what 23 years without ever shooting gun touching a gun it and when I got into it I started the first thing I wanted to do was shoot competition and so you should competition you know John Wick style you go to bang bang bang bang pops up my shotgun and handgun

► 00:56:34

Saturday's competition work so basically just said it's basically said it varies courses where you have to utilize one of those three platform some of the courses use Lysol 3 and so it's just it's just been a year set to a timer you got to clear the course is bass possible in the clearing the chorus is are you is there like walls that you have to look behind that I Was preparing for John Wick 2 but I was there one day when he was training so I met him after the fact how is he different

► 00:57:14

Spacey Spacey yeah interesting but not in a bad way so very very calm energy you know why that's how he handles being that famous gotcha shut up I picked up on it immediately that wasn't it wasn't bad it was a good thing the Matrix guy that's some over-the-top Fame he hit that Johnny Depp Tom Cruise level of Fame and then just became the super chill mellow guy that can just like go through crowds that goes sits on the subway by himself no like spring and also obvious outward displays of wealth from him he's an insanely wealthy when you see him he's dressed like me he's got like a regular watch on sneakers he's normal as fuck me it's real weird like he's he's figured out a way to avoid like there is right there on the fucking Subway just chilling you know any looks like a totally normal dude

► 00:58:22

yeah well and people freak out there like is that now can't be like people ignore it because he's figured out a way to just sort of just landed in and then even if you talk to him he's just normal like everybody that I know that's met him and said two dudes like totally did you let this chick sit down you know you said you want to sit down go ahead boom I need to stand up look at it mean no bodyguards about his demeanor and how would like he doesn't have the sense of entitlement and I'll bring it back bring it back to the gun thing a little bit

► 00:58:55

first time carry gun told you those two times I felt more insecure was my first day in the MMA and 10 gun for the first time I made me realize oh shit I'm not the only one

► 00:59:09

so it actually humbled me in from the standpoint that knowing that you don't know who you're dealing with and when you carry a firearm on you you have the ability to go from 0 to 100 like that

► 00:59:22

and so you develop a respect for that also you started about the respect for life as well because you understand how fragile fragile it is and so for me I actually became more docile but I don't get road rage

► 00:59:37

because I understand because I live in Texas we don't do that. But I also know that there's so much responsibility that comes with carrying a firearm it's unreal in Sulphur people who go out of the means to learn to do it and be able to do it like there's a certain level of respect you have to have for it because it comes with a lot different places you can go certain things you can't do things you have to be cognizant up like so I started I actually started staying away from certain places because I knew I had a gun on me and I never want to have to be put in the situation that you have to go for it all the time if I can do it legally I am what is the idea behind that is like it's better to have it not to need it than to need it not to have it it's literally got the part of my routine watch watch Keys phone wallet gun or no

► 01:00:32

starting safeties it's just I care in the holster so if you carrying a holster it shouldn't be an issue wow that's interesting I think it's the thing that's that that's Progressive but I wasn't always like that I started off not caring One in the Chamber what when did you start putting One in the Chamber when I started understanding and Trust in the mechanical room because when I started caring I knew about guns I didn't trust the mechanics Brian right so you did that extra step you don't feel like it's necessary I would like to know what I mean it turns out like I am I understand that I understand so I started doing training Right and started training with the guns and self-defense and stuff like that and I started realizing you know so the gun isn't isn't the end all be all right it's just a tool that I carry with me that could possibly save my life

► 01:01:31

I can still die with a gun on me for sure right but I'd started weighing the disadvantages and advantages of having One in the Chamber right I might find myself in a situation where you know what I have time to go, Brian here and I have time to racquet and do what I need to do there may be other times where I want but if I would have round in the chamber those times where I will have the time and now I have the time won't make a difference because it's already 1 inch angle ready to go yeah so from that perspective as I got more comfortable with the gun and realize holy crap the gun ever just went off on its own because I wasn't hearing fear that right it's like you don't want to go off while it's in your pants holsters it's form-fitted gear and Subs on constantly switching which is a gift and a curse because you know I never perfect any platform but I can you put any pretty much any gun to my head I can use right now when things happen

► 01:02:31

whenever there's a mass shooting or something immediately people want to blame gun owners or people that want to protect on orders and specifically NRA members this comes down on you sometime it's always the problem because I mean people don't want regulations and don't want you no additional screening because we got think about it though like the figure has when you when you start talking about Wayne and it's up there people go out to them clearly right but then also you have the other personalities of the brand which is me Dana and Dana last rites she's an official spokesperson right what tends to happen is I get it a lot via social because that's how I built my friend through social and so most people will when they can't descend like I don't think Wayne

► 01:03:31

Twitter page Instagram account I believe you will you will you are as an interesting version of the NRA like oh this is the NRA to I dare anyone to go to the NRA annual meetings and then if you can I don't know how secluded is go to the board meeting will be surprised no different sexualities you name it I believe you look I was in the NRA forever I just might let my membership lapse like a year-and-a-half ago I was in the ira because I just felt like I know people that are just like we've got to get rid of guns I'm like man I don't think that's going to do it and I don't think that's going to stop anything

► 01:04:26

I put big red button in the middle table if you push this button all the guns on the planet disappear would you do it

► 01:04:37

and it'll give us answers but I wouldn't do it and we were like why like why would you not be the end of violence might not real it's also the end of Defense exactly especially talking about military I mean if you can't if you don't have gun fight with swords and bows and arrows and shed and then in an inverse when I say the Second Amendment is actually not about hunting it's about defending ourselves from a tyrannical government domestic or foreign or like oh you think you will stupid guns are going to have to defend against the against the government I'm like well then why don't you give me the guns of the government has in

► 01:05:17

and then make it quiet

► 01:05:19

because I realize the Constitution what they're stating the government when you say the government like protect us against the guy we are the government the other governments filled with people that like the cops are us the problem is this the separation of us if you gave me a red button said would I could I end all senseless Violence by hitting that but I would say yes and then when people say it's a guns promise to do you know that London Pass New York City for the first time since 1800 in homicide and they did it with fucking knives with knives to the point where that goofball mayor of London that dork on his Twitter page said there's no reason to carry a knife if you get caught carrying a knife you'll be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law offices of fucking night I've got a knife I have a knife on me all the time same country that the shining example of murders in London from knives

► 01:06:17

Kevin up taking acid attacks sorry I think that is dark that is some in human shit but it's also it comes down to like what makes a fully developed person instead of looking at what's available to a fully developed person and what would allow fully develop person to commit horrific crime what turns a person into that we should be looking at from the route for the fully grown like what is the process that allow someone to become a mass shooter how was the process that allows him to throw a sand in someone's face for me like I said before if I ever had to put my gun to shoot someone to take a life I'm going to I'm going to need therapy

► 01:07:14

because I value life that much I value it tonight but your children let me tell you something man if you had a kid and some guy was trying to hurt your daughter and shot him I think it's sleep like a baby that's interesting you say that because when I talk to women about firearm ownership right I know the girls no girls ever been in a relationship with the word like program but over time you know dealing with me when you walk into my house and it's 5 rifles on the table you kind of have to get acclimated but in dealing with women who start up initially is anti a lot of them talk about not wanting guns because they can't see themselves taking a lot Mama to ask them where they take a lie to protect a child

► 01:07:55

oh yeah I'm blowing that sucker way and it's interesting how that works how we feel like I agree with you I'd be the same way you know that whatever it is that turns a child into some monster that can shoot up a school I think that's what needs to be examined I mean in this is not a part of the narrative it's not a part of the discussion no one's bring it up all people bring up is the event themselves the gun violence and we need to keep keep the tools away from people I just think the tools are one part of the problem I definitely think that you should if there is a way we should figure out a way to keep Psycho-Pass from owning guns but how do you determine whether or not someone just like about some Psychopathic they took all the guns there's 18 people in Australia as big as the United States there's less people not to mention I don't want to talk about and in your right

► 01:08:56

like people get contacts to people in Australia what do you know about this one town in Georgia were firearm ownership is mandatory I do remember and they made it mandatory and violent crime and everything drop radically dropped everybody has to have a gun and what is most likely to engage in crime right if we just love the violence right most of them just kind of opportunity so good looking for victims easy targets if you know you're going to deal with someone who possibly is going to kill you I don't want to die which is why you seen a lot of these videos with with these home invasions where you watch when the actual homeowner has a Firearms what's a shot start to pull start flying

► 01:09:48

no I do not like the chances of you ever needing it and using it at the stupid if I ever told you I wouldn't talk to you you haven't been shot so the chances are 100%. You didn't need it right but that doesn't mean you won't need it in the future I really think the conversation should be about what makes person capable of doing that I mean if the conversation is what makes a persons in such a fucking not that they have so many guns that they don't know what to do with that mean you have so many guns you know how many I have is that bad I don't know you seem like a reasonable guy I'm not worried about you but I can only use one of the ideas I would have someone breaks in your house and steals your guns I'm sure you have been to say but so many breaks in your house and steals your guns like what what does to break the law on break into my house now you're giving access it but your lips

► 01:10:53

and pick up formula goes back to the idea that people want to undervalue this is a constitutional right right and so what we end up we find ourselves doing is finding ways to limit that right because of the few bad people in our country you know and I think that's the wrong way to go about it because we're basically evolving ourselves down to a point where we're not going to have any rice left because there were a couple of bad people who might do something bad with the right that you have I think it's wrong way to go about it too but if you if we had no violence in this country or something happened human beings evolved apart are switch changed and there's no more violence would you still want to have guns

► 01:11:38

yes you want to have them for recreation cuz you enjoy them that's something people don't want to hear you like I always tell people if you've never shot a gun if you ever gone to a gun range you should probably should cuz it's actually fun it's fun now if you do that activity and you're not thinking about hurting someone and all you think about is focusing on the target trigger control

► 01:12:03

is that bad we do what we do is think of my show call athletic shooting right so my background before I got in the guns was Sports I was in the basketball football I ran cross-country track you name it so when I got in the gun so my dream was to go to the NBA when I was younger right clearly that didn't happen in going to but you know there was at that athleticism still in me so what we did on the show and we talkin about coming up with a different shooting competition was how do I incorporate I thought it was a shooting right which is essentially buy a large lot of running and just shooting a different position so forth and so on and so when we're doing that thinking about shooting a person that's not the type of shooting up doing doing target shooting target shooting with them athleticism involved in it and so and people under value that like it's kind of like how can you not see that these are other ways that Firearms are you

► 01:13:05

which is why I started my brand the pew pew life right give you life is predicated around doing cash tags QQ the the in Recreation involved in playing cops and robbers as a kid but then also understanding the very definitive and distinction between the good guys and the bad guys run people who live this lifestyle good people they enjoy guns for recreation they also understand that we live in a world that everybody is good right so we also own guns prom self-defense and so it just combination of this lifestyle that comes together and we appreciate guns in the way that some people think is perverse but it but but how is it any less. How is it any different than me obsessing over to Aston Martin DBS for the last 20 years

► 01:14:04

that is a perverse it's still it's still a mechanical item

► 01:14:08

that's good point it means it is a very good point and no one's trying to outlaw trucks but it's

► 01:14:22

this thing that we have in this country where we have more guns and we have human beings and that's that that's start people because they inherently vilify the fire on right which is why I have another fast tags still waiting still waiting for what still waiting for my going to jump up on his own and kill somebody if it is relatively tongue-in-cheek but at the same time what it does is it transfers to focus and then did I say when a drunk driver gets. Gets behind the wheel and kill someone we don't blame a vehicle for it you blame the driver so when somebody goes out and commit violence firearm why don't we focusing on the people who were doing instead of focusing on a firearm I think we should certainly be focusing on the people as we said we should certainly be focusing on focusing on what happens to a person that makes develop into the type of person that can go into a movie theater and shoot it out but there were Colorado talks about the low because we don't have honestly and I don't have the answers

► 01:15:23

I can think of several things you know the easy answer for me to say is it's our culture right we maybe have a culture that facilitates this or you know we have a situation where there people who do flip between the cracks pays attention to him some of that I do think there is a lack of you can't but my mother overcompensated when raising it because she understood the limitations of her being a woman raising the young man right so she was unnecessarily hard on me my mom has zero tolerance for my emotions

► 01:15:59

absolutely zero so what you taught me growing up with how to deal with adversity

► 01:16:05

taught me how to deal with failure how to get past those things taught me how to be selfish shirt and so what I think we're lacking to a degree in this country is other people not having a coping mechanisms to deal with failure or the deal with rejection you know I'm so I'm getting worse than others I agree it was definitely done is that other people that feel like they're Outsiders and they want to flip the board over there losing the game and they just want to flip the board over and that seems like that Parkland kid mean there were kids were worried about him before this ever happened and that his whole thing was that his life was shit and he wanted other people to experience. It's like the hard thing about it too is not a realizing it just came to my mind I think sometimes I don't even want to talk about the mental health aspect of it in this particular case of the park and shoot cuz I just want to really get him to evil right because it pisses me off like you you taking Innocent Lies because you feel bad

► 01:17:03

going to Corner shoot yourself if that's the case isn't romanticized version of that to where people just want to take everybody out take all the people out that you saw that were doing well while you were struggling. The man with the world always flips man but if you're mentally ill and your life has been just tormented and abused if mental health issues you're all fucked up its I don't know what the answer is I mean you know what the answer is but I do know that the the problem lies in the individuals are capable of committing that and how they become that she could just shoot him down but we do know it's gross if any one of these things like you have to be fucked up to do that like ass and how many people are running around that are like the

► 01:18:04

acordes fucked up I only need a few bad things to go wrong and relatively speaking when you think about the fact that there's 300 + million people in this country these are relatively relatively few people that they're capable in that actually act on such a horrific back but what do you think can be done to stop this stuff have you thought about it but I think about it all the time it's it's it's a hard question for me to ask them to come up with ways of why we don't need gun control you know because that's that's you know it's hard especially when I know you guys don't you guys don't want to move on and she was like yeah because we've been moving an inch for the last 20-30 years for the problem is it's a it's a fucked-up argument because the people that are holding the guns are not necessarily the people that are doing these things you're trying to attack the the vast majority of gun owners are not committing crimes with guns or not so when I think about what

► 01:19:04

you do to stop different types of shooting friend says let's talk let's start with the letter start with with the type of shootings that happen the most gang violence right so

► 01:19:14

if you look at the statistics you think oh my gosh make it worse on right side is gang violence problem we have a gang problem in this country we have social economic problem in very specific areas in this country right because I just came from South Side Chicago where I started in Hyde Park about Lisa live and enjoy a few minutes into an area that looks like a bomb went off

► 01:19:44

they don't have violence in Hyde Park that they had in that area why

► 01:19:48

that same access to Legal guns they don't have the same problem because there's a difference in economics

► 01:19:55

and no one wants to die when they want to address that Brian I'm a kid growing up in that neighborhood and I'm going to a school that shity right I don't give a damn about me good schools I went to school for my teachers care I went to school with teachers push me when I was slacking off you know I have the ability to take out loans to go to a good law school you know I had those abilities Obama kid growing up in this environment and I can't find refuge in my school I can't find Refuge at home because my mom's working 3 or 4 or 5 jobs

► 01:20:30

so she's never there where am I going to go find underwear am I going to find it on to influence on the streets so now I'm on the streets being led by people who grew up in exact condition that I grew up in and so now I'm like okay well I have to make money what am I going to do for money while then there's an Arco economy very conveniently right there for me right so drugs so now I'm so now I'm sitting on the corner selling drugs I gotta protect my product if I don't smoke and take it from me so I do I get a gun I carry a gun

► 01:21:00

now I'm stuck in a situation now I'm just stuck in this violent Loop right that these on itself and so now I'm stuck defending myself against the guy who shooting at me trying to take my stuff and I'm shooting back and him maybe not because I'm trying to take your stuff because he's going to take mine right that's what you get that violence that comes from that from those particular areas that we would sat back and said okay

► 01:21:22

we have hyper concentrated areas in this country this is a widespread type of concentrated communities in this country that are dealing with that are also the result of the bass majority of our gun violence we sat back and thought about from social economic standpoint how do we fix this what we do how do we prevent opportunity to just hand out stuff but I fixed it from the standpoint of improving our schools. 5 minutes One Direction and have a school that has everything you can name and then driving in the driving the opposite direction to school as can barely have textbooks to get to the kids think about that so why why we both kissing our energy on building that up verses talking about all we need to get the guns off the street you did that Chicago Chicago Chicago still look the way that it does that it does right if we provide

► 01:22:18

can you give people something lose or the live for they don't throw away lie so easily

► 01:22:24

plain and simple so it might still show economic status is in the dirt

► 01:22:30

no problem looking at another kid down the street shooting at him taking his life

► 01:22:34

I don't have anything I have nothing to lose but if we were to focus our attention and fixing that same one we talked about the mental health issue with respect of mass shootings in school shootings we would have to worry about the guns because we don't have people wanting to do those things will have the capability to do with me right so then that deals with that bass majority of the violence that we have their folks thing that energy in fixing those communities talked about this many times in the show that I think that if you wanted to make America better place one of the best way to do it is to make it easier for someone to succeed make it easier in the end stop pretending that it's a Level Playing Field because I didn't grow up in a Level Playing Field I got lucky. Lucky a lot of people did and if you go to somewhere like the South Side Chicago and you don't realize that you got lucky you're blind if there's if you want them what's the best way to make America stronger less losers less people who lose their how did how is that will give them more of a chance

► 01:23:35

give them more of an opportunity and give them guidance ship community centers clean up the streets fixed buildings but that's a lot of fucking money that we spend right now in Afghanistan and Iraq building missiles and all kinds of crazy shit that we're not putting any money into that we hold accountable weeks of regular do we like we talked about the ages now

► 01:24:00

the local leadership is democratic repetition of money there the problem is there's no money for me look at Chicago the areas where people are wealthy and that's what they're reporting you're not supporting these impoverished areas and you're absolutely right

► 01:24:18

so if that's the case and we all understand that and you know that stop someone is bullshit about gun control that fence in when it comes to gun violence it's very complex when it comes to gang violence complex and I agree with you that they need there's no other way to stop. Then to fix the inner cities where people are just in that cycle of constant poverty and crime and it's all they see around them so that it becomes normalized absolutely so now let's talk about shooting mass shootings so

► 01:24:56

get rid of gun-free zones

► 01:24:59

don't want to hear that get rid of gun-free zone if you're not going to establish a perimeter outside of a building where I can go don't tell me I can't bring my gun in there a sign on the window is not stopping somebody from coming into the building we've seen it time and time and time and time again if the guns were the problems we would have mass shooting at every gun show every single day but we don't why the same reason you pointed out why that one that one place in Georgia when they said everybody had to have a gun crime went down people don't want to hear that though they don't want to hear that the answer to gun violence is everyone has a. Not since I could be a guy like you so many guns you can count but he looks like at the alternative is a problem

► 01:25:49

right so why are we entertaining the fact that maybe that is the case you think that like school shootings for example do you think that these teachers being armed would be the answer right so or do you think they should be armed security on the campus I say it should be multi-layered right because if you think you really want to put things in perspective and pissed off but it's the truth wherever whatever School the president's kids go to they are guarded by guns front that school was protected by guns friend write anything we hold valuable in this country is protective with guns no one is more anti-gun than Hollywood when you hear about any sort of crime or gun violence the left-wing people in Hollywood are the most vocal the most virtue signaling the quickest to jump on their pedestal meanwhile what percentage they're fucking

► 01:26:49

movies involve gun violence and if you look at the Academy Awards did you see the security the Academy Award he see all these left leaning liberal actors being protected by people of flak jackets on carrying guns with fingers outside the triggers I mean dogs it's crazy it's a lost touch with reality mother also insulated and protected what does this that's part of it because in her mind their minds that goes like this

► 01:27:18

well I have security guards I mean Kim Kardashian's biggest she's a dumb dumb of course but she's she also influences ton of people right that's unfortunate but Steve Harvey on Family Feud they were on Family Feud that Kardashian's the weather talk about fucking stupid Kim was crazy I mean absolutely cannot I don't fault her for that money Boo Boo Butt but at the end of the day she still has accessed scores of young influential bride that's unfortunate but she's a dumb dumb pretty much yeah

► 01:28:17

it's not terrible person is lean towards people in the world I just don't drive her to talk I just don't think she's really interested in expanding your mind I just don't think that's something that's not beneficial but his if they were talking about the mindset though is there people who we pay them to carry guns right I don't need to carry them there for you don't either so what you're saying about her is that she is anti guns talks about being anti-gun yet she's constantly surrounded by people of guns that's a fact absolute fact so you guys know you don't need a firearm at 7 foot tall dudes strap to the fucking kills all around you and it's frustrating because it's like I get it I would love to have a dude standing out here with AR-15 sling over their shoulders ready to protect metal given noticed

► 01:29:16

because I still carry gun on me because I can't always be exactly where I am but I mean how much does it affect me the gun on my hip and go out and do the exact same thing I would do if I did not leave you don't think about it so in a sense you feel like you're not paranoid it's not there. No I think about it it's like it's like I don't walk around there could be levels of preparedness do you start to hit diminishing returns where so I can be like it's supposed to take away from your quality of life but me put in the gun on my hip and just going about my business that doesn't interfere with my life enough to say you know what you know it's funny that the way you said about like humility that you like more calm and relaxed since you've been involved with guns the same thing happens with jiu-jitsu in the martial arts training

► 01:30:18

take it but you did too in particular because he gets strangled so much it hurts right now cuz I was rolling with a guy before I came up like last week and it does and it's such a beautiful for it it's beautiful but it also lets you know like your place in the food chain special when you first start out and you start to realize you really honestly can't call out an elite human until it's too late what do you mean so when I started before I started really kind of getting into you know like in May so forth and so on I thought I could spot out the guy you don't want to mess with you know what I mean yeah and then I went to class and then he knew my coach. Apparently with different people and I'm like holy crap like if I was seeing this dude just walking outside while and now I'm rolled up in a pretzel is not to my face nerd assassins assassins out there

► 01:31:11

things around your neck and choke you to sleep but you can't even stop it from happening this crazy nothing then and then I always get stuck in a man's Jujitsu I would say if you going to learn Jujitsu learn from a small guy yeah cuz you learn from a small guy they've never been able to cheat meaning they never have a muscle that way I throw things I've always had to have perfect technique techniques everything when it comes to Jet so it's literally for sure and strength perfect technique is where it's at and you get that from like little guys like baret Yoshida Eddie Bravo royler Gracie of the smaller guys are the ones that you want to learn from because they've never been the big guy the big guys like top game guys to smash pass those guys were just relying on horsepower and leg strength and shit those that's not the way to learn on the way to learn is to go around things God show and you know the funny thing about that is you know why I started doing it

► 01:32:18

some of the words that take your gun away bro no one said that I said it to myself. I used to I used to but I'm in this weird space would like my jeans are kind of sore little too tight and not like it's kind of like after a certain point I have too much stuff going on I got the answer for you my friend are you go called fanny pack, go buy one right now

► 01:32:57

this is what I consider that's a little big but I'm the guy who runs around with MacBook iPad you know cuz I have pretty much if I call you back cuz I'm kind of working riding working yet would you like what kind of stuff you've pretty much 89% of my show videos I do I write them do you write them in and put them on a teleprompter do you practice it sometimes it straight off the top sometimes and teleprompter just depends what we feel is going to give the communicate the best to work on a chief the truth work out there for sure that's mean I don't want to buy all I do is work work out and so is this these videos is just retired life now for the most part yeah I don't like your occupation as a lawyer I do a little bit I still have things with a small firm in Houston and then so other than that

► 01:34:17

going on about it so do you able to make a living off of these videos

► 01:34:22

there was a time when you could do it on YouTube write a long time ago like I'm talking about we went from like

► 01:34:37

I like half yeah and then now it's like 70% so in that that happened like a couple years ago and how does that work detergent like do they pick certain videos that are just not eligible for monetization is that what it up before it was just a drop in organic reach it just started like it wasn't it wasn't anything formal so they noticed that's why I picked up on me I wasn't living off the YouTube stuff but I was like this is like I just got my income cut in half

► 01:35:12

weird yeah well there's there's been some people that have investigated this and there's been some inside sources that I've told people that they actively Target conservatives gun owners Twitter the dude a lot of lot of different place I don't doubt it guy that did those undercover investigative reports he sent a bunch of people into like bars and talk to Twitter engineers

► 01:35:43

you know I'm talking about yeah I will say this though there are so like there are certain people in these places that are actually they may not even agree with my stance but I talked to him and he'll help me out the best that they can you know some people on Facebook some people YouTube Zoey 101 cuz they're all those individuals you know that account, go support is in a sense because you know they can't beat or explicit about their you know you're not going to have this a complete uniform left-wing ideology to any of these organizations or where it is and they can't speak out the mic isn't this country this country was founded on the idea of having having this project Veritas undercover footage of Twitter employees and employees Engineers an employee's admitting that Twitter employee review everything you post on their service including private sex messages and dick pics of what

► 01:36:44

admit that Twitter analyzes information to create a virtual profile of you which they sell to advertisers James O'Keefe has completed the book of the series entitled American Privada my fight for the truth narrow fake news yeah so this guy is sent a bunch of people to talk to like engineers and that I've seen the video explaining how they how they make it so that these people don't even know the people can't see their their tweets or give it all come people take Timmy to me all the times I guess you know for some reason I thought if I told you but then I'm not following you and don't lie times I was reaching millions of people would just a post but then that got cut in half but largely that was due to monetization that was on before Facebook was monetizing itself so they wanted to come now.

► 01:37:46

how to pay to get access to your audience but it isn't like some deep secret kind of like oh I want to stifle running out of your reach because you believe in is now there may be some of that going on right so I had for instance like I buy ads for my like merchandise I sell on Facebook right cuz if I just post a picture of it my entire artist doesn't see it right and so somebody went through my Facebook and just delete it all of our ads I spend some money on that and they just delete disapprove them out of nowhere and so then I called the contact person to happen and then go back and put back up sometimes it's even individualized individual who disagrees with everything you stand for the power to do it Trump disabled is Twitter there's definitely people that have that kind of power and they abuser I mean you see that everywhere.

► 01:38:46

message boards you see that with you know every time people have more power than you and I go I don't like this fucking guy this guy talking about his guns fuck his ass up and they just yank of the weird thing is though like I don't complain about it on my platform at all because no one cares because I remember the first time YouTube started taking off taking like demonetizing my videos for ads I mentioned it and realize it essentially what they're doing is there there censoring you buy diminishing amount of money that you can make you know you could do you could say it's not real censorship but it is censorship is pretty much what I'm dealing with right now so for instance my videos don't come out of consistently at it like I do, because I'm known for my gun reviews right and I like I'm used to be very cinematic voice over

► 01:39:46

I write scripts out for my videos but the problem is to now for where I could afford to hire someone to edit them I can't write and I need that now more than ever because now on the political front of the things I'm running around I'm traveling this while I was at my Mac with with me I have to try to find places where I can try to edit a little bit and get things done but then the same people who like why don't you making videos as much as you used to what I want yeah well I don't have the money to pay someone to edit the videos in order to keep pumping them out the way I was doing it before and I'm not going to give you some some quality crap out there is this too much noise you can't listen to all those people that are complaining and and asking for things but I could but I really I really do think that Twitter or YouTube rather is fucking up because they're opening up the door to a competitor that is really invested in free speech

► 01:40:38

I disagree really how so it's the advertisers they are at the they are at the mercy of the appetizers they are but I know people over at YouTube they are deciding what they want said and not said in this is how I know I brought up Jordan Peterson this woman at work that you don't and she said he's a troublemaker and I said how is your trouble maker shed no answer so radical left-wing but not thoughtful not not thoughtful like she did she just have a good argument this when you did when you push back she's used to being the boss at work she's used to just dismissing you and when I was pushing back with her I like why why is that why why is he a troublemaker like you tell me what the problematic but what he says no answer to that but yet able to dismissively say someone to Troublemaker when they're a very highly respected intellectual amazing points about a lot of different things that resonates with a lot of very very smart people have been using each of our time he's a very bright Guyana in a really good human when you meet him he's a really good person

► 01:41:39

so for someone to say he's a troublemaker like okay no cuz he doesn't agree with you and and he's causing trouble with your organization cuz you're censoring people's views and viewpoints and Jerry it's so convenient to the label someone alright or you know I mean this is this is what we're dealing with today there's these hated it drives me insane walk to it too because it's intellectually easier very soon it's very so you can sit there and then you just regurgitate all of the talking points that you have I don't do well on cable news hits because what ends up happening is like on this issue I intellectualize it why you like to come see it won't happen now I can I get the benefit I love this because we could sit here Friday we need to think about something you know what that's a good point yeah I know let me think about that for like on the table for me cuz conversations never interrupted

► 01:42:39

you never stop for ads and no one can tell Santa what I'm about to ask go to bathroom in about you go ahead and you can wrap this up soon but I wanted to I really wanted to get to other than not having gun free zones do I mean not having everyone armed to the teeth and make them real gun countries don't just put a sticker on the window and then say you can't bring your gun in here and then not have physical measures in place to prevent it because otherwise I'm going to prevent it if you have like some pan movie theater so if you have a metal detector goes off you're still fucking guns in the room arm guards to keep people from so then so then don't make it a gun-free zone right okay but even if you don't they say if you have a gun-free zone and you have a movie theater and you put the metal detectors on guns

► 01:43:39

yeah but you know I'm saying bye so if you want to say if you want to hire if you want to hire armed guard to stand there right when I metal detectors that doesn't mean the metal detectors are only as good as the person being able to force it right we need we need Executive right so that would be an armed guard right so think about it though it yes we do it at certain night clubs when I go this way I am by the strip club I get tired of town but I mean I don't besides the people they let in who shouldn't have them anyway to there's always going to be cracked right right but at least if you're going to make it a gun-free zone put up a physical preventive measures to reinforce that you can just reply people just don't sticker on the window and say this is a gun-free zone the only people who are going to obey that are the people you're not even worried about anyway let's think about movie theaters

► 01:44:35

there's some like some more crime since like in Dallas right where I live there are some movie theaters where I can bring my gun in no problem there are the movie theaters that have these signs that say you're not allowed to carry a gun in here right and so it is state-to-state some states they just require you to put up a sign like it's business-to-business to absolutely is so from that perspective it's like leaving the courthouse right when I go to the courthouse courthouse is a gun-free zone minus the fact of your cop but what do you have to do when you go to court house you go through metal detectors there are people there with guns do you do about schools

► 01:45:16

same thing but it's like these guys that are showing up there not even there not even students oh that's cool like with a plan

► 01:45:24

this is where the argument gets really disingenuous because it's like all we want to save our kids lives in schools right so the other cities have more violence than we can think of right under shootings that go on outside of the schools in your city last time you go to mass shooting at Inner City Texas

► 01:45:52

what's the one thing that Parkland didn't have metal detectors what's the one thing that allow these Suburban schools like a child don't have metal detectors it's a very strange sort of situation but when you deal with places that have a lot of violence when he deal with places that have gun violence and crime what you don't have in those places is the random mass shootings you have one-on-one crime one on put the the tangible reality of actual gun violence for whatever reason sort of eliminates these mass shootings the mass shootings tend to occur in places where people think they're safe yeah right like schools movie theaters I think it's just how does a different Dynamic involve you know what I mean it's it's going to become more of an inama cuz if you compare the bonds in the Inner City to the Von's in the suburbs which present themselves and by way of mash

► 01:46:54

would you compare the mass shootings account for statistic for about 1 to 2% of all gun violence right and so but does exceeding higher number of percentage of gun violence in the inner cities and they all really goes back down to us and forth by the economics so you have a situation in the suburb urban areas where economically speaking their cut right so there's not really any incentive to disengage and random violence you know the reason of Norco economy there that pees on itself that requires you to engage in a certain level of violence in order to survive where is on the other hand in the in the cities you do have that Dynamic so from that perspective what ends up happening though even though there is an act that money isn't everything right money doesn't matter all so you're still going to have instances of people who slip through the cracks because money doesn't care if you think until when it does happen to manifest itself in these random acts of mass shootings

► 01:47:47

Frank's where is here

► 01:47:49

there isn't if I know I'm going to school and I'm going to have to deal with I'm going to have to end up early deal with the violence outside of school anyway it almost spit it almost makes it unnecessary to engage in random acts of mass shooting someone's it's almost kind of like this perverted distraction from it from winning the match shoot the place up when you have to do with violence on an ongoing basis but every single day of your life you know what I mean I think that's what the point was the point was that when violence is real and it's around you all the time there it's it doesn't become this attractive blow up the game option

► 01:48:24

young James going to show his collection of guns while you're gone carries one in his pants at all times strapped right next to his dick you think you'd ever carry gun like what if like what if someone came in here and got us license for concealed carry and said young Jamie you need to be strapped all I have to do is fill out this paperwork and how to make it happen man I just don't personally feel and I feel like it's also naivety or whatever that I don't feel the need to do it well most the time you wouldn't have the need to do it right the think the question is if you were at a place like you know fill in the blank whenever one of these things is gone down a nightclub let's say that gay nightclub in Orlando maybe you're curious and you're walking around about that man yeah how about the Batman one there was a mass shooting in desert

► 01:49:26

no I think was an Amy Schumer move in one of her moods because she became like this big anti-gun Advocate afterwards what do you think that you would ever find yourself in a situation where you'd want a gun and I just I was going to movies and pictured it happening right you just think about what you would do and I don't know that pulling out a gun and firing back is even in that my conscious thoughts it's definitely in the card if the guy has a gun and he's in the room and you see one guy shooting people and you're there and he's not shot you yet it's definitely in the option I supposed to be I mean depends on how long you're in there too it's also whether not you can keep your shit together what someone shooting you know I mean they keeping your shit together while while guns are going off in but that is that is not a normal thing for you in the amount of adrenaline they'll be pumping through your body for talking about if you were in a situation where mass shooting was going out if you have two people that think they could just pull out the gun and shoot that person you might

► 01:50:26

hit random people you might hit the wall you might hit the ceiling like here's the thing about I'll tell you I have a lot of experience in archery and I want to things that happens with people when they're shooting a live animals they Panic a big fucking moose walks in and you might hit that moves in the dick you might not even the same as big as a building and you might miss it totally made it happens all the time 20 yards away people miss the entire animal it is and that's something that's not even going to fight back for the end of Vegas shooting thing I got any any witness reports anything or so hard I feel like anything even video reports there is such a chaotic situation Sunday night everybody's wasted wasted what are you going to do you have no idea what's also one of those things to where is a real problem with the conspiracy theories because one of things that happened out of the Vegas situation was people show up at all these different casinos and say someone's shooting

► 01:51:26

so they would say that they were the security we go there's an active shooter at Circus Circus is an active shooter saw the conspiracy theories were like look there Shooters everywhere that we should have done right now there's people everywhere they were freaking out because this fucking guy was just gunning people down from a hotel room when they got in there in about being a lawyer I wouldn't testimony is not reliable tell me about situation but I was there I was there I might do that is not what fucking happened and I don't think it does happen it happens if it's very disingenuous to deny it happens if there's a lot of stories out there where it's happening people don't know about it because they're not they're not going to push it so you think the elimination of gun-free zones would be the way to protect people I say if you're going to have a gun-free zone have physical

► 01:52:26

United measures in order to win $0.24 if you're not going to do that eliminate them first and foremost this is be the first thing that we should do there should be some sort of a public hearing on the use of SSRI antidepressants psych medications and their corresponding instances like that they did the amount of instances where these shooters are on these things I don't think people are aware I'll say this much so it's a big bag of what you're saying if I was diagnosed with a mental disorder first thing I would do is I would cuddle bookstore or go online and figure out every possible way that I can self help my way through it because I won't touch the stuff one of things it's just as effective if not more effective I think Google this car do I think exercising running is a more effective to treat depression than ssris I am almost certain that's at that that's the case

► 01:53:26

I think are you think so many people to take to the marathon oh believe me there's something to it man I get high when I run for sure is there anything new for the official site that says it's not a real thing. All they want to say no get pilled up but they're it there are studies that have been done that show cuz I know Rhonda Patrick was discussing it I hate taking medicine like I have to be on the floor the father depression prescribing exercise before medication activity is shown to be effective treatment for many forms of depression so why are so many people still on antidepressants will he is one reason in this is not to dismiss the people that are depressed cuz I know people that are there are such a horrible thing and I know people that have been helped by antidepressants I know people that have my good friend all right he was suicidal he died

► 01:54:26

put on anti-depressants he's happy as fuck now he's off of them and helped him and my friend Brian was the same thing not the brand that we know another Brian he was a jiu jitsu got her eyes turn his life around found a good woman relationship off of them now he's happy just fine what we had a podcast with a guy wrote a book on it I got Johann Hari who wrote a book on depression ssris for depression heart failure patients not so fast to study should put the rest the practice of starting ssris and depressed patients with heart failure in the temp to affect cvd outcomes with a cvd but it's also depression people with depression and heart failure yeah fucking exercise I think it is not as it's a requirement of the human body I really do like

► 01:55:26

something in my darkest times so I'm never at my Amor I'm never more at my best then actually when I'm down when I'm going through things to them because my my response to it is act with his to tighten up exactly one of those things that I do is like I've been to the gym everyday for the last 2 weeks it forces me to one of those things that have the money thing that happens is I start working out more because of the clarity of mind I get after the fact right and in the sense of accomplishment and then it it kind of starts me off in a way where it's okay now what's next so I can change them chasing the next thing to conquer but I agree with you wholeheartedly I think I think focusing on

► 01:56:14

single means outside of just describing pills I don't like taking pills I don't like things that alter my mind I don't I don't like it maybe because I'm a control freak in that sense 100 guns to control freak

► 01:56:30

I have some say about my ex was just thinking about I had thought while I was using you super toilet crazy one of my guns but then I realize you can't even on in here I can't know what can I own what do you have that I can own what's the oldest the first gun I ever the first could have done so this one just so happens to be one that you can tell it's you have a company that makes him his owner. Yeah I have a signature series handguns it's not allowed in California what's what's wrong with it you y'all have a list of guns that you're allowed to own that it's not on and then like you would have to business micro stamping that's required for any gun is not on the list and it's so prohibitive yeah it's weird so what is the difficult kind of guns are they what is it all the wetness far as their brand that I can't have how I can have them pull it up

► 01:57:31

what's about it like what is this spec state-to-state I don't really know exactly the caliber semi-automatic capabilities to go over some automatic guns on the list that you're allowed to own there are other what kind of guy is that

► 01:57:53

four-tiered of t y r e d e f e n s e c r defense.com

► 01:58:02

here we go yeah there's some weird shit me we got Jerry Brown's are fucking government of goofball

► 01:58:11

I am Lucy Firearms transfers work order form Gallery contact t y r e t y r a

► 01:58:26

there we go

► 01:58:29

you haven't really I don't have to type this is been going on pressure actually no you see where it says The Advocate that's it to it already. The Russians broke a c problems problems I don't know if we just killed it for dinner to later 20 seconds

► 01:59:19

I didn't like erased to your defense though

► 01:59:28

Here We Go song click on the top can't wait till that website images kill that where are they do normal handgun so what the fuck is wrong with it why can't I have it but what are they saying is wrong with it like was specifically why they make the decisions they make in California to be honest with me what is the specs of this gun what it is a 9 millimeter handgun semi-automatic is it because it's semi-automatic or no

► 02:00:04

no I don't think so no just I don't I don't think that's the basis like I don't know I don't know the the complete basis and reasons for why certain guns are allowed handgun Wines in California another pretty sure they're going to eat on the people who tell me this cuz I have a huge audience of California please text my one of my biggest audience some her know the rare thing is the birthplace today AR-15 with in California that people just to demonize is not the most powerful gun it's not the scary is gone but I Dukes military but they don't even use it in the military they don't use it in the military with you if they did I'd want that gun

► 02:00:49

why because it's the most effective means to protect myself like I don't I don't understand this idea of neutering guns to the point where out to neutering in support of irrelevant as guns that have this idea in this is this is where we're at now I think one of things and I'm getting out of this conversation with you is that there's not really a clean answer is not a clean answer and if there was people to figured it out it's almost like Society has to continue to evolve and one of the way Society of Olives is having these conversations you and I having this conversation with a few million people are going to listen to it and then millions of people out there have a nice conversations and people looking at the reality and that's in that way I think what you're doing is important and what a lot of people doing is important for the talking about the actual numbers the actual statistics and that's letting us get a look at it and that's the one thing that I try to convey with my videos

► 02:01:48

I don't care where you stand on the issue I just will have a shit ton of more more respect for your position if it's from the position of Education Brian if you actually have some knowledge I'm not saying you have to be a Jedi master Firearms just understand the very basic the fundamentals we have politicians pushing policy based on things that make no sense like it actually exposed the fact that they don't know anything about Firearms it's always like you going to push policy on something that you don't know anything about and so it is disingenuous an inherently dishonest so that's the biggest frustration I have I might look it up I'm going to educate you and give you the information that you need so that you can make an informed opinion about it if at the end of the day I take you shooting I tell you the stats I tell you about how compunction and how they work if you still are anti-gun I can respect that. That doesn't mean you get to didn't push your anti-gun agenda on to me and limit my rights because of it but I can respect that at least we can walk away

► 02:02:49

watching wrong I appreciate that I think we're also faced with the reality of this the sheer number of guns we have in this country it's a staggering number and you're not going to just take those away and that's just another some people were like well we can divide the number overtime right you we can just put these walls and making it bad for a little bit and would you be interested in sitting down like maybe on this show if I had an anti-gun Advocate not to say something reasonable I'm not trying to get it. And all that stuff I've done it to death right

► 02:03:34

but I do want to have the conversation you know and I've done it on my shoulder only problem is is it's too easy to ignore because of the platform that so you know you had someone on your show that made reasonable points like if somebody wanted to watch you with in some sort of a debate with an anti-gun person is there a show that you can recommend that people go watch right now on your show will see the thing go so

► 02:04:00

what are the biggest flaws of the people that were on the show that would I had that conversation with is you could instantly see it was more of an education process because you could tell they didn't know much so what happens if they make a point about why they believe this then I would give them information and it'll be like old is educated and is anti-gun what will have someone find them I have the I have a publicist will have him love Matt's tags on it please let me know cuz I would be all for it yeah I really would probably someone out there that's reasonable that has good points and has a well-thought-out sound argument will be interesting to listen to you talk to that person but I think we could take away from this is that this is a

► 02:04:51

it's a messy situation it's not clean it's not like Hey we're putting poison in the water stop putting poison in the water clean up the water is not that simple super complicated it deals with mental health it deals with freedom and it deals with law abiding people aren't doing anything wrong or people are trying to take away their rights their enthusiasm. They love guns and I don't think does it look like here's a perfect example you are sitting here with a gun on your shirt what kind of gun is that AR-15 I can walk anywhere with that would feel threatened to kill the fuck out of you with this bow right but no one would feel threatened but if you are around with that people will you know that look like one of those are you doing you're a good guy I used telling people you have that on you is that what you're saying

► 02:05:45

girls in the Boy Scouts we shop bows at the bar with that got anywhere but I don't think you can we talked about it so it's a conversation that needs to eat so here's what happens things happen in our in our reality that forces Pacific focus on the part of the conversation Brian and Soul 2 hours for how long now in this country for a lot of people especially people who follow me they wanted me to come on your show not because you and I were going to come to an answer

► 02:06:33

potassium cake well also to have what we have on the shows of what I try to have in the show just discussions to talk to you I was actually and let people talk let people Express themselves and I think you definitely did that today express yourself you're very reasonable guy anybody looks at you and says it's your maniacal gun nut and that's when you pull that out of your own head you know but I would love to do that and we'll try to find somebody will try to find something if you're open to that that's what we're trying to find somebody that could could argue the point but nice brother was actually very shortly around 2 today with Sam Harris and maajid Nawaz see you soon

► 02:07:12

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