#1181 - John Dudley

The Joe Rogan Experience #1181 - John Dudley

October 8, 2018

John Dudley is a pro archer and host of “Nock On TV.” Check out his podcast “Nock On” available on iTunes. Also check out https://freerangeamerican.us/ and #DoAwesomeShit

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my guess today I did Tupac test today it's one of those days my good pal John Dudley is in town he's a gentleman he is a professional archery coach coaches people all over the world professional bowhunter and he just got back from being at the UFC this weekend with me so we talked a little bit about that we talked a little bit about cooking wild game a little bit about archery all kinds of good shit I hope you enjoy it please welcome John Dudley

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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all day

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I'm going to have Johnny Benson who made that night because people always ask me about it it's awesome I could have used it on Saturday where you guys were in the crowd did anybody jump towards you that way no the crowd mainly started it was cuz we were we had I'm pretty sure we had Irish right in front of us and right in front of them was some of kabobs guys and the capiz guys were turn around just literally throwing the fingers right to the Irish guys the whole time so then once that happened it was like I was lucky though I had I had to Aubrey and Whitney right there they were they were in full throw down the road I was just I was one of the dumb people just kind of looking around like so mushrooms and everybody has there any immediate danger no I mean obviously

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way worse over on your side but I was more worried when they made us leave because the further up you got in the bleachers and once you got out of the concession area and in the bathrooms that's where stuff was going down like just people from the crowd you know guys with Irish flags all obviously were getting trash talk to them and there was a big brawl right next to me on the other side from where they were sitting right there was one just when I was looking I start throwing shit at them first but that's how the that's where the first ship was getting thrown down and some other people know that it was them I don't know he went and tried to do something good luck I don't you doing bud you know there's a price to be paid for all this shit like all the all the drama and the trash talking that makes it so fun

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it also you know it has the potential for blowing up in your face couple people got punched but it was in an event where a bunch of people got punched you know what I mean it's like way more than that it was awesome yeah but you don't I'm saying it's like we made it see it seemed like it was way worse than it really was because in any other situation it would be way worse than it really was like it was a rock concert and some dude just from you know I'll let you know if one band was the opening band and then there was another band that was in a brawl with them and they were they were the main event and then the fans of One band threw down with the fans the other band beat the shit out of each other that would for whatever reason be way worse than when it's out of fight cuz if it's not a fight it's just spiders I saw this insane clown this was going on this Insane Clown Posse guy tried to drop kick Fred Durst he wasn't even looking at them running head

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start and misses his like what and he just kept going I haven't seen ears off I mean that is maybe the worst public drop kick in the history of the world I think they meant he dropped when he tried to kick really try to do that was a classic classic pro wrestling dropped his problem is he's like a pro wrestler with where you don't really hit the guy and I'm just kind of touch them and if Fred was playing along it would have been awesome we need to slow mo Fred would have went flying

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fuck I think a lot of lot of the the thing that's going through people's minds to is when your in a fight like that there's a lot of people in the crowd that can throw down you know you go to a well if you go to a hard A Hard Rock concert of any kind clay Guida's going to be there somewhere obviously but it is long as you can avoid clay like your opportunity of finding a guy that can really throw cuffs is going to be way smaller than when you're at the UFC and you look around it's hard not to see cauliflower ear so I mean someone who's in the crowd that's just a shit talker he knows if I just turn around and talk shit I could get wrapped up and be dead quick yeah that's a very high number of people that can fuck you up and one of those events probably like 30% 30% of people in the audience actually know how to fight that's hi I think that I think it be hired at a UFC basic it's about 30

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I'd say about 30% I feel like if you just like Parsi audience out like how many how many guys have been punched somebody up how many guys actually trained how many guys know how to train and like to do it on a regular bases are in shape like it went down how many guys could actually throw down for a solid $0.30 yeah yeah that's that's that's where that's where I would shine I'm allowed to ride this out for 2 minutes and then these these draft elk legs are getting ready to freaking start dancing on some people out for a little while and then they're good people. You know when people are talking about like Connor and his conditioning for this fight iguana things and you know he needs to start running like Coco Ryan Tannehill's my daddy going to help it mean it would help some but the thing is when someone's wrestling you and they're on top of you fucking you up like that

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you just kidding you was getting drained it's like a vampire to sucking blood out of you yeah you're exhausted you caring all their weight and you're getting beat up and you're stressed and you know you trying to move and you can't breathe well because the person's weight is on top of you so you're not getting like real breasts and you're constantly resisting their weight and it's way easier for them that it is for you it's way easier to stay on top and just to be on the bottom it's a disaster well people that grew up wrestling you know you look at Miller Mendes Quita those guys have experience that forever like it's it's ingrained in them most wrestlers don't lose like a classic wrestling physique even as adults they still look like they're

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like they were guys that were real athletic at one time you know what I remember one of the first things my dad taught me piano when I was younger in school he's like I think it was after the first guy who wanted to fight me on the playground he's like you know if you don't know if the guys go to fight and don't worry about unless he's a wrestler he's like just if it's a wrestler try to back down cuz he's like you don't know what to do if smart then this weekend when I was watching that fight I'm like oh this is just a classic he's going to the start of those rounds and then it was just a mauling trainer will be here next he's going to be here at 11 and then I'll get a chance to talk to him and see what the fuck he thinks and what happened and it did the bottom line is that guy so much better than him as a grab bar so much better level

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Daniel Cormier Dan you call me it says that got schools world-class wrestlers in the gym just throws people around special talent he's been wrestling since he was a little kid man really has larious it's him wrestling a brown bear it's like a small brown bear like a Russian brown bear like our version of a grizzly in Russia and he supposed to bring like when the postal in insula bear book book

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what is that that's him when he's a little kid look at this

► 00:14:34

first of all who the fuck lets their kid wrestling bear and the bear the bear is biting biting his clothes bin at total cheater

► 00:14:45

which preparing for Connor this weekend is kind of do a lot of cheating okay if I would have saw this I should be making a bet he gave up position because of the bike that he was on top and get on top now he's on that sits over look at this but it's not there's a squirrel He-Man and bears have a really good guard at Sam as a little boy look at that 1997 see we can't do that stuff I know that's why we're going to lose imagine if Mendes got that I mean he's a little kid there man he looks like he's about 8 years old actually I think in the neighborhood I grew up with the Guida's they probably had one of these in the garage play and and and Jason they were both kind of nuts maybe they did Russell some bears what what state was that it was in Illinois so that was a long way Johnsburg

► 00:15:42

yeah bro this is awesome crazy you know what's interesting I've been back didn't get that train yet I don't do that X in the Bears really going to get into it look at it yet but his dad just let him ride it out he is obviously being nice they're having fun even though they're done they're not trying to hurt you look at that we just kind of fucked-up cuz the Bear Camp Circle for a very good guard I mean Russians are the fucking different breed man and as things are hard over there we try to make things softer and softer over here we're giving kids participation trophies we don't want bullying there one

► 00:16:42

today how old do you ain't no rest for Grizzly at what are you a pussy couple shots of vodka grizzly bear and a lot of very very tough guys come from that part of the world and their fighting in combat in this much as were talking about wrestling crack Highway he stood up enough to just say you know I'm going to sit here and take a few and I'm going to give a few but then he went to probably would just game plan was I would assume you have to stand for a little while because if you just shoot in who get caught with an A or caught with a punch Russian in but he I mean he has the bigger shot there was one big giant shot that was landed in that fighting it was my hand hit him with some pretty good front kicks to the body and some other things but didn't really get much off on the feet

► 00:17:42

left jobs at just break people down on the ground he just got involved and it's one of those things where you see that guy in the beginning guys fight them off a little bit and then as if I where is on he just gets more and more dominant they get more more exhausted really this fight just makes a like what to look like a god I mean that's the most impressive thing about it I like win to win five rounds with him stood toe-to-toe with him and you know I gave him at least a struggle at least gave him a bit of adversity to survive better than Connor did she get back up to his feet Mansions stop a bunch takedowns and on the feet was a real threat you know I mean obviously could be didn't prepare for a like once I prepared for Connor but Al iaquinta didn't prepare for 5 rounds only prepared for 3 so there was so much to that fight

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what do you think will happen with Connor now and then go look everybody yeah the guy who Russian the cage and punch Connor in the face that guy. I should be in the most trouble cuz I just fought for people whose lot of silly non-experts out there saying that that wasn't show choir that wasn't a neck crank they don't know what the fuck they're talking about that that is absolutely a neck cramp when someone gets their arm around your head like that and then what they do is they grab it like this and they pinch the elbow they put the forearm on his back so is the armors across the neck and then they grip it like this in the forearm goes into the back and that's terrible neck

► 00:19:37

the call Dean Lister actually has a video on it it's he calls it the fulcrum choke and it's a nasty joke so you know I thought he was going under the next day you can see it here Dean Lister was world champion Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and that's my friend Hans Hans molenkamp behind him and see how he's he's grabbing a hold of it and what he's going to do is going to clap his hands see how his hands and face tingle of your face fucking cheekbones it doesn't matter it doesn't even have to go under the chin if it goes under the chin that's awesome but you see what's going on with his forearm see how he's put push pull this is probably the best way to do it but as your elbow perfect example

► 00:20:37

he's pulling on it with his his right arm and then his left arm is pushing down with his forearm on Conner shoulder it is a nasty nasty neck crank and your head is getting popped off and first of all that guy can squeeze the shit out of you all you have to do there's a bunch of guys who could put you to sleep like that Marcelo Garcia's one he puts guys to sleep without even getting under the chin he just gets your head just get your head in there and squeeze it Eddie Bravo can do that too if you get your head in there you don't even have to it doesn't even have to be under the chin he just really put you to sleep with your phone fucking head just wraps it around your head and squeezes it's so tight that no blood is getting to your brain

► 00:21:21

yeah so there's a lot of armchair quarterbacks out there saying that was a neck crank your Incorrect and Dean Lister do that shit to you and you will know that it is still you don't want that now what were you rolling with choco that is a terrible idea why I don't know you were just trying to learn right yeah I was trying to learn and I know he said well who wants to roll and I just said me and he just he kind of just looked at me like I try to do something Altoona Iowa so thanks to you and Betty for hooking me up with Damien would shout out what shut up damn it was super important is drilling that's the most important thing in the beginning it's sort of like

► 00:22:18

are there is very this parallels in archery for sure because archery it's what's really important is your Technique your Technique is almost everything like doing everything correctly that's the same thing with Jujitsu same thing with more tie taekwondo anything it's just technique and doing it over and over again correctly until it's ingrained in your system information overload for sure that's one of the hardest parts for me is I'm so new at it that I feel like my cognitive functioning is not at a level 2 to take in the I mean it's there's so much going on and he has several people have told me they're like they're there comes a point where all sudden it just it is something clicks and you start to comprehend everything but until that moment happens it's a struggle to remember what you talked about last time or how to do it exactly right but eventually they're there comes a time when it when it clear

► 00:23:18

and it starts to you know you do start to soak in stuff and I'm definitely not to that point yet I mean just even some of the basic drills the one thing I do understand that they were impressed by is just leverage on joints you know because they were talking about some of the different arm bars and stuff you know they were like well if the elbows like this like this remember Damon look to me like how do you know that I'm like you know how many arms I've dissected off animals L quarter to pack it out if you don't know where the joint is and how to how to bend it in and hit it just right to crack that off that's good point and hips shoulders even taking the head off I mean you know too but also your understanding of like the proper positioning of your shoulders in your elbow and everything in archery yeah I think just an understanding of the human body alone I think

► 00:24:18

miss you tremendously it's one of the reasons why people that are really good at gymnastics Xcel at Jujitsu people really get a break lot of yoga people really good at yoga they can Excel Jiu-Jitsu to it's just you you have a just an understanding of what what the way your body moves connection like being able to to really have a mind muscle connection some people don't understand that you tell him to do a pull-up me like you really want to use lats and they're like What's that they have no idea some people when they when they pull a bow for the first time even big guys they struggle because they're not there techniques poor so there you know there can you just lift up and go straight just certain muscles of the back and when they see it there like how do you do that and it's just

► 00:25:18

understanding of Leverage in muscle and then it once they understand that flow it gets really easy but until that it looks like they're trying to literally do a Mac Wrap it's that too but it's also you probably have done it a million times so you're at your arms are so conditioned to do that it's such a natural movement possible I would say even if they have a strong left arm and shoulder you left and then I bring you to a heavy bag and I say throw a left hook

► 00:25:59

most people's left hooks are fucking dogshit just straight-up baseball left handed it just looks terrible I think cuz the concept of throwing seems normal but the concept of turning your body into a hook and then if you do it and you just do it slowly and hit a bag how are you doing and just like you just get used to it for the Striking all the time my left bicep was quite a bit larger than my right one my left arm was actually stronger than my right because you always jamming it was Gerald he was jabbing and less right hands and you are left hands and so my left side was bigger like my left arm I had a bit like I could see it like if I flex the two of them together my left bicep look larger and it's a normal thing with boxers that there

► 00:26:59

if you if you're not a person who switches stances and you keep yourself in an orthodox stance with your left leg forward you will you have a stronger left hand like I would be able to open things better with my left hand my right hand that weird well I mean yeah you're in your you're turning so much to so I mean I guess when your snap and back your kind of supinating the when you come back right it's just the use just the sheer number like the if you looked at like a really good boxer left hand versus right hand you might throw 221 maybe 32131 left and they're not doing it right you know you're supposed to be jabbing more than you are just throwing Haymakers one of my one of the highlights of the fight there were several

► 00:27:43

Ferguson's match was amazing Ferguson's incredible incredible knee surgery like his knee was so blown out they were there not sure if she's going to be able to fight again they're like I don't know what's going to happen here because he hit a ripped his tendon completely off the bone the scar on his leg is enormous his scars like 12 in the it's fucking massive scar so they had to open him up like a fish and then they have to get in there and they have to bolt down that ligament to the to the Bone were they able to use the same one yeah hit me he had surgery almost immediately after the injury he didn't have to have a cadaver anything like that yeah and the way they do it I don't honestly don't know exactly what was involved but look at that name but cut the fucking me man that's incredible

► 00:28:38

that's I mean that is incredible and then 6 months later he's not just healed up he's got Anthony Pettis kick in that leg very concerned in the beginning of the fight it look like he got hurt on that leg cuz Pettis hit that like twice really hard and it looks like he was wobbly a little bit on that leg Yeah I was going to say you know where to find a catastrophic flurry yeah I mean yeah he came back big time cuz it didn't look good there were several Fighters that Doug really deep that were in trouble and came back for some awesome comeback about Derrick Lewis he's the best shortstop my balls was not I love that

► 00:29:41

I was in the crowd of Mike I looked at Sharon a ghost was hard to hear it straight from his version of yeah it was muffled pretty pretty hard core bits and and what a fucking Punch or holy shit holy shit cuz he was down as down as you can get me in 30 seconds to go

► 00:30:20

we were saying that we were saying it in the commentary they still have the kind of power for one shot to win the fight freeway Isaac that's what's hard about being live at the fight you or you don't really get the commentary in your guyses commentary so good when you're watching a pay-per-view it's dissecting so many things that you aren't me unless you're a very seasoned at watching MMA you don't appreciate a lot of that stuff and when you're watching with no one's opinion your kind of just watching waiting for something like that to happen where there's a lot of times you guys are calling that you're seeing some of that stuff that needs to happen or should happen and things used to have this thing you could get I don't think they have it anymore it was like a little FM radio did you see it at though no I don't think they have it anymore but he used to be a little thing that you would you would buy at the gift shop so I can

► 00:31:20

edible does an FM radio so if you used it like it we would still work somewhere else is the radio when you keep it on a certain frequency broadcast the commentary and you can keep it in your ear while the fight was going on yeah that is one of the things that's missing just a little bit it's just something about being in the building especially that one there was just electricity like shit radiating from person to person the crowd it was electric yeah that was probably the biggest UFC of all time made it has to be one of them you know they don't know why would they won't know for another day or so but I think it's the most important fight of all time because Connor being such a huge Superstar and then being out of MMA for 2 solid years and then to be just being so dominant 26 and oh and then there's also like the controversy

► 00:32:20

live like how we won the title you know who won the title last minute you supposed to be fighting Tony Ferguson Tony gets injured Al iaquinta steps up and it's for the title and everybody's like what how's that for the title the whole thing was just very very weird if there's not a a rematch which you would think numbers-wise there has to be don't think so though I would think it's not for a long time what's awesome is if there isn't and kind of the counter politics are out of that weight class now some of the fights we get to see you like I'd love to see him in Ferguson would be a hundred percent also overcame that big shot I don't want to see McGregor vs khabib again I don't know it's going to be there so many more that would just be awesome I would like to see it in the future would have to do something to show

► 00:33:20

he first of all there is absolutely a factor in that he had not been fighting for 2 years won boxing match in two years is just not good enough for MMA especially with wrestling just not good enough and then I think he would have to like really really concentrate on his wrestling

► 00:33:43

and even that even mad at me how much better can you get do you think she was wrestling kid I mean so much better rethink this make a beat might just have his number for life you know that's what call me I said he's never going to never he's never going to beat him how come you don't think you could ever get to the point where he get his takedown defense up and now he's like it'll never happen he's never going to get there too far away in one shot that just ends it that would be it yeah I mean I Stay

► 00:34:27

I guess I stay home but I'm not like razor sharp in my field just like target archery we have you in a compete yet people all the time. Why don't you why don't you can I shoot better than most people at this point yeah I can answer that without question can I shoot at a at a work like could I have beat myself when I was shooting on the team's no way like that was a different person and when I stepped away for for 2 or 3 years even though I contemplated coming back I'm like this commitment is going to take a year 2 years of really fine tuning cuz I mean at those levels people don't miss you know so missing one or two still means it's a burnt weekend it's still a burnt tournament like you have to be Flawless and if you're not Flawless then all you're doing is donating money

► 00:35:27

there's several different formats anywhere from ATM which you were shooting at something the size of a dime and most of those you know I can 600 round you would need to be then I was shooting like you know upper 590's at something the size of the plane so like a dime is a 10 so you would have to literally out of 60 Euros in in in tournament play you would have to hit that dime in a 57 time and then you know when we went out to the longer distances up to 90 m i mean you have to be shooting something a little bit larger than the end of that coffee cup you know you'd have to you have to be deadly accurate with that thing I mean you're going to have to be in in the high 90 percentile of being able to hit that and you also get used to the competition you get sharp

► 00:36:27

because you're mines in that place they're all because that's the hardest part even if you're on the game which there's been times like this past summer Cabela's experience were some of the Cabela's black Signature Card members can I guess Bonham experience and I did some training at the Easton center with them and then we went and shot the total archery challenge in in Utah and we talked I talked through the technicalities of what you would do on each shops tournament or more of the fun event where they set it's in Snowbird and they set archery targets like in real hunting situations but with very very technical shots extreme angles longer distances he got Crosswinds in Canyons Ski course

► 00:37:23

axanthic and yeah it's just very technical because you're the footings poor yeah this is so it's really interesting because it's in the summertime but it's at a ski place range what would cause it's literally a resort ski lifts up to where these things are and these targets are all set up there all these deer and foam sheep and all these different game animals and their at extreme distances and angles the tram all the way to the top of the mountain and then you literally shoot down I think it was about 6 miles for us to get down I think our total walk one day was about 6 miles but I shot it with this group

► 00:38:23

and told him the technicalities of it and because of that I really wanted to be prepared I knew that there's going to be people there watching I knew that because I stepped into an actual event where they were mm archers are I knew that they were going to be a lot of people watching me cuz I haven't gone out into like that realm in awhile it would be no different than a false and you know you are out of MMA for a while and then went in there I know there's going to be eyes on you so I just wanted to be on my game or as best as I could be so I set a goal what it was I think I set a goal of like I think it was around 10,000 arrows I wanted to shoot prior to that so course of

► 00:39:09

just a few months yeah I mean I think the one that I shop around 500 a day but I think at time lapse one of those I don't know if you remember that once you go there even if you're totally on your game if you have to shoot with other guys that are Elite level athletes there still a lot that goes into it I mean that and specially for shooting for school for your shooting for money those pressure factors if you're not a plummeted to him those aren't things that you can just step back into when I was my best as a competitor

► 00:39:45

Ayo I'm like my practice was almost at tournaments every weekend it was I mean 40-something events a year you know every 3 days you're added tournament In the Heat of the Moment with the best five or six people in the world and then you go home for a few days you repack you retune and then you're right back in the grind again somebody got stripped of a title because they tested positive for THC and beta blocker yeah oh yeah yeah yeah you depending on what level you're at there was because I shot with the the US team certain tournaments didn't have doping and then but when you shot anything that was on a World level you did so I was always in a doping pool so you know there's no different than like when I was I was with Chad Mendes a turkey hunting in the testing pool so

► 00:40:45

urine will it test either one yeah and you would be on call you have to let him try to do it supposed to Fox adrenalynn write the ability for your brain to dump adrenaline so yeah that the number one thing in archery or any type of finesse sport is Neo low heart rate keeping your heart rate down because that's obviously keep you keep in your mind in the game instability very minimal movements so yeah there's remember I had a coach long time ago he talked about alcohol and how alcohol could help shooter cuz we were talking about a guy that it done well at tournament several times and I said yeah he always does gives me said yeah he's always he's always drunk and I'm like what do you mean and he said well he goes if you play alcohol the right way and you're like not slap

► 00:41:45

be drunk but your because he knows he just like stays in his own and he just kind of sitting there drinking the whole time and that was but like prior to where they were testing for alcohol so he actually made us he said alright well let's see how you how you do if you shoot when you have a buzz going so you know we we drank and shot and you know don't try this at home kids it wasn't an archery range where they have to buy insurance or whatever but that was part of it because at the time this was in the mid-90s another Archer that have won a bunch of titles also tested positive for beta blockers and had some title stripped but then for the longest time that was one of my complaints was once I was shooting at 11 with with the teams and we we had to go through testing or be like if for example at an event when I met old

► 00:42:44

you're in the top three immediately get tested I mean so that's how it is so you know everyone there is level they're all level but then you go to other events like for example some of the biggest money events where's the 3D shoots and that was a big reason why I left those sheets because at those tournaments there was no testing there is no testing there is clearly guys there that we're shooting that we're kind of just out of it is there could be $50,000 on the line and there was just no not a sweat cracked because I know some of that stuff obviously it is a performance enhancer because of the fact they're not having to deal with adrenaline spikes and accelerated heart rate for people don't know they have those realistic-looking targets so foam Elks or phone bear they have are you supposed to hit the other thing was I didn't like

► 00:43:44

fax it at that time when you scored it was just based off if there's four guys in the group whatever the majority voted that's how it scored when there's a lot of money timeline so like say you shot Nice Shot Jamie shop in Sharon shot we'd walk up and you know it's their phone ring so that you could look like it's Anna can look like it's out but it's not a clear line and we would just me you and Jamie said that's out then even if Sharon's was close to be out so I was in some groups where things got a little shady people were wanting to make money and it got a parent that it wasn't the other wasn't a judge they're calling every score which on a World level

► 00:44:28

there's judges there so if you guys were competing against each other you would call for each other I've seen groups where they did yeah yeah yeah I've seen every tribe are beta blocker I want to know what that's like I'd like to do something nerve-racking try a beta blocker and then do something fucking really nerve-racking to me and any throw you out of plane

► 00:44:53

please I think you would like it whether I like it or not it's not happening well not interested it doesn't get much sketch you in that RollerCoaster we are on yesterday the roller coaster at New York-New York.

► 00:45:08

sketch City nothing felt like it was tied together with bubble gum to leave how it feels so uncomfortable with this is just way it's old it's outside everything is outside your flying around the the casino itself like the whole thing just feels like it shouldn't be there yeah I think there's several things there that are little outdated yeah yeah I was in the I was I was one row behind you guys and I was next to this kid never ridden a roller-coaster and he was terrified like he was terrified and I thought have I just not been on one of these long for that long to wear this feels like it could possibly shake off and we could launch on the flashlight on a roller coaster did break loose

► 00:46:03

there's something last year I believe that happened something happened last year

► 00:46:08

don't show him

► 00:46:10

you win those carnivals roll into town yeah that's on you couple years back I took a picture of it for Instagram because there was this one of those were really win things roller coaster derails to Riders fall 30 feet to the ground of Daytona Beach don't show me this afterwards oh that's it hanging Jesus Christ

► 00:46:40

Daytona Beach but that's Florida see anything that's fucked up could happen in Florida I can guarantee the guy was fixing that's on oxycontin probably got a python in his pocket

► 00:46:52

fucking assholes they need one of those in a Buc-ee's they have a roller coaster in a Buc-ee's yet now they don't need one for roller coasters the little wise does not

► 00:47:06

I bet you could wrestle grizzly bears in Texas though like if someone wanted to train you can probably shoot them to go do whatever you want we can do a brown deer wrestling training as long as it's an exotic that's the whole thing about taxes like if thing if it's isn't an exotic animal meaning it's not indigenous you can kind of do whatever the fuck you want to it

► 00:47:31

it is crazy Texas a fascinating place it's one of the weird states that almost all the land is private that's why it's a rare thing like a public land systems country with you know the Bureau of Land Management and all the different national parks is like none of that in Texas you know Texas is mostly just private ranches it's very weird I've been down where you're just driving and for miles and miles and miles is nothing but high fence it's like people's private ranches just like gated in it's strange because they have these Ranch is that they seem like wilderness

► 00:48:16

because the rain should be like 10,000 acres right but it's if it's 10,000 acres it's fenced-in and party goes well hey man the whole country to get to the ocean and can't go any further it's kind of like an excuse but the glaciers

► 00:48:39

but there's something about. Kind of experience like that's one of the weird things about Texas is that they have these in normous fenced-in properties where they have all these African animals running around islands and animals running around in Texas than they do in the wild of their countries like oryx lycorex there like they're threatened in other parts of the world right black box of stuff lots of stuff access the same way so how do you feel about that like if you if it the place is like this is like a philosophical argument right if its 10000 acres and it's fenced-in that's far greater than their natural range right yeah normally wouldn't wander any further than that it's an ongoing debate I mean it is

► 00:49:39

squirrely right it's squirrely yeah there's because even with like animals that they know where they wanted score and then put into like record books you need to tend to keep track of scores so you know there's certain score scoring clubs that don't recognize anything with a high fence but then the same time there's like members within those organizations are like we'll wait a minute you know if a ranch is 15000 Acres that's you know they kind of have the same argument and I said well is that and it's like well yeah I mean if if there is and as a hunter it's one of the things that there's kind of a continual debate some Hunters absolutely refuse to hunt anything that has any sort of containment other people have their kind of there they have their own threshold of well if it's

► 00:50:33

5000 more than I'm kind of okay with it it's hard mean it's no different then do you know some people in The Hunting Community some people only want to hunt animals that are on public land and then some people like the hunt areas where it's me oh it's managed properties it's privately owned properties that have really good management and you know that you're shooting certain age limit your kind of calling out you know the older animals maybe that aren't breeding anymore so yeah there's there there's continual differences of what people feel like they want to accept some people want to be able to some people just like hunting like Nugent he just loves on his ranch right I mean he hunts at thing and I think it be he also has it he's got a problem moving around while he doesn't mean he can't really go elk hunting like where it goes hiking into the mountain

► 00:51:33

810 hours a day but can't legitimately loves hunting Texas ranches but he has two bad knees like really bad like Izzy's Got artificial knees is it some serious surgeries exotic ranches look if you're a meat eater and you want to get me from free-range cattle ranch you know you only want grass-fed grass-finished beef that's that's free range that roams around I just a lot of people to feel that way what is why you hunting are you hunting because you and you want me are you hunting because you want to kill your own me are you hunting because you want to eat wild game or you hunting because it's fun or you honey for all the reason all the above and if it's if it's an all the above

► 00:52:33

some people feel like the only kind of hunting they want to do is backpacking public land go into the Wilderness and they don't want to have anything to do with raising those animals helping those am straight-up wild you know and they feel like that is the most ethical way this a lot of weird debates about public land to here's one that really gets me is a lot of people that are really in a public land and they were public lands super important to them they want the only want to hunt public land they have secret spots on public land they don't want anybody know about him and if you tell someone about their spot on public land they'll get mad at you like if you take someone to a spot I've heard you talk about this on the shelf and she's a big public land guy but he'll talk on his show about what a betrayal it is if you tell person about a spot they tell someone else about that

► 00:53:33

are they go to that spot without you but the fuck are you talking about this is public land or is it not but if it's not if it is public land if you are telling someone about a spot you're telling me that this public land spot you don't want them going to without you mostly find it on their own that is fucking ridiculous right that's ridiculous private spot you have a private spot on public land so you're a public land guy until it infringes on your own privacy like you figured out a way to have a private spot on public land if you share this private spot with someone else they're not allowed to go there without you fuck you that's crazy someone takes your parents not yet but if someone takes you to a sweet little spot where they just rip lips constantly on on a lake and then next thing you know they go out there and all weekend and you're sitting there in your boat with a bunch of buddies

► 00:54:33

that's stupid this is just going to get mad that stupid you think they should not go there I think there's do you think they own that spot it's no child they don't own it okay don't own it a little Reef yeah everything's chilling out tell me about that spot and then you go back there 6 months later and I'm at that spot if I went back near the whole bunch of guys are to be like dude should have save the spot for fits ridiculous it's a fucking

► 00:55:16

public play not taking in any my Spas better not see this is the thing that these people that say they want everything to be public that's not public it's not public if you don't want other people going back there I see the argument though cuz he put in the work to find a good place that took work with in public land yeah if you find it you got to just you got to just keep it quiet that's so corny that's so ridiculous like you do you want that spot yourself you want that spot to be private you're making a private area and public land will could you imagine if you say you were going elk hunting you left Camp an hour and a half before daylight and you pack all the way out there and there's someone sitting on your glassing rock in that basement it's not yours but you would still say I should never touch this

► 00:56:16

guy that it was here Clans all right someone got their first no one's ever has been the same way for a hundreds of thousands of years but someone found it put in the work to find it this is so small-minded thinking about this is some small-minded thinking sorry but this is a common way of thinking

► 00:56:42

I would say I'd say there's people that don't think that way but they're certainly people that are I would have to side with with her now on that really so you think so let me ask you this so if you if someone takes you to a place and it's this really good meal deer spot and you got to your hike in 7 miles and this is beautiful Basin and you go there and just always dear there you don't go there without that person for me I would tell I would say are you going to be there and if you said no and I'd say can I go I wouldn't take any way that would be code Deadly Code man Forest land can I go to public land can I go to the spot that you don't fucking own even a little bit out of respect for that guy that found it he walks on the banister at reducers Mortuary this is crazy that's crazy

► 00:57:42

take it to a point but crazy I still think it's code is a weird code the other argument is just from a hunting situation and Concepts me but I'm trying to compare it to something else like if it was at the Cobb basketball hoop I found somewhere else don't tell someone to go that playground because it's my hope and I show up and people are there playing at Publix by another who play on it seems it seems ridiculous onxmaps in the use Google Earth and knew you could find these beautiful spots and you just go out to him like if you find a beautiful spot on Google Earth you go out and you're a man this is Sparta found don't go there much but just my spot on public land

► 00:58:38

yeah it does it does but I think there's a legitimate code to it it seems ridiculous but it seems understandable that someone be upset if they're looking forward to going to a place and they told you about a year ago and they go to that place they high can take some nine miles of the Year there she got there earlier you procrastinating motherfucker

► 00:59:07

I'm taking you with me when we're going to someone spot I'll let you know when is a line I mean I see your argument hundred percent and I know it some point it take her to see ya mean if any time you showed me some cool if you're like a I got this cool thing is what I do you know it's kind of private take my family there whatever I'd be like yeah I respect that but it's not private that's what's weird yeah which we write the whole Waters not either but fisherman would be the same right it is is that it's supposed to be everyone's

► 00:59:58

so if you find a really good area in public land that's supposed to be available for everyone but that's not what everybody wants

► 01:00:08

what everybody want that's one of those things about people not wanting new people to get in the hunting like I've heard this argument before cuz you shouldn't be telling people to get in a hunting cuz it's already tough tough enough out there on public land Missouri so many people hunting on public land more people get in the hunting is going to be more pressure but I'm definitely looking to get more people in for sure right because you're thinking then out dinner nobody spots

► 01:00:36

I'll find a new spot as good as one of the questions I guess arguments to is I don't understand when people they don't have any tolerance for like hunting private land so to speak or they don't have tolerance for no I don't mind people that that hunt like exotic that's just not that's like not what I personally like but I also understand that people do but I also don't like it when people are like super negative to that but yet though have like

► 01:01:14

a bull in a pan or they'll have chickens in a cage Bordeaux have a goat in there like raisins and they're raising to go to slaughter I don't know is it yet is because it showed us a different scale because it shows that there's a different thing in the pursuit of a wild animal there's different thing to that but but here's the thing say if you there's a ranch in the ranch is 5000 Acres which is big but not the biggest and on that 5000 acre ranch someone shoots a giant Buck like a huge 240 240 inch mule deer like deer people like while but it's a private Ranch and you kind of know that there wasn't a lot of pressure there so they probably knew where this deer was and people that work in this Ranch told people about this deer and the kind of kept their eye on it and he knew where to go to find them versus you getting your truck driving 4 hours outside of Reno in Nevada

► 01:02:14

heading out to the mountains by yourself you like setting up camp by yourself spending three or four days just scouting just finding your style is out there spots but it's more difficult is the point so if you have someone accomplishes that

► 01:02:32

you look at it differently yeah then someone is shot something in a high Ranch in Texas it's just a different thing but what I don't what I'm saying is like Hunters versus non-hunters people that are non hunting that really look down on like what we're talking about but yet they'll raise a goat to slaughter can't see the thing about the hunting thing is you're looking at it like it's a difficult Pursuit like you're out there trying to outwit this animal if you're in a 400 acre fenced in property with a bunch of Exotics running around you're sitting in a tree stand is a pile of corn down there any waiting for an animal to walk over to that corn and you walk it that is very different then say what you did this year in Alberta when you were telling me that you were hiking hundreds of Camino how many days did you guys go drink

► 01:03:32

92.1 so you hide a hundred miles in the wilderness for 9 days never got one is very different soap real hunting in comparison to someone who's sitting over pile of corn fenced-in Ranch did that anybody would compare what you did to that and then there's like the intermediary which is like a really nice Ranch that's not high fence but it's a private Ranch like the place we went to in Utah that is it's private not everybody can go there but those are just wild animals roaming around and opportunities High more opportunity but no nothing's fenced-in nothing's keeping the animals there and they don't animals have been there for thousands of years that's just what they do you just have the opportunity to hunt

► 01:04:32

wild animal on a piece of property where there's not going to be a lot of people there it's my preference I like doing I really like the balance of having really tough fonts especially because I knew my you know my Utah hunt wouldn't quite be the same that was kind of a very different experience for me I have never had an opportunity like that so that was quite a quite a difference for me where is between the other states that I hunted I think I did I think I was right it at just over 200 miles before before we got our first Bowl in between there and then hunting some some private land but also some public land in Montana before finally getting that first Alec can you talk about what happened with Montana with the the bear

► 01:05:25

yeah I mean I can't talk about it they actually text me back and ruled back that it was not a Grizzly yeah they say it's a colored black bear you think that's true yeah it's possible I was going to pull up the pictures yeah we actually are our mutual friend Andy Stumpf she had a bowl on 9/11 which was which was pretty pretty cool for him to have an experience like that and it took us forget how far out we were several several miles from camp and we had took us two trips to pack this bowl out and the first pack out that we did I think we finally got back to Camp somewhere around midnight or something so the next morning we went back at first light took us awhile to pack back in there and when we got there half

► 01:06:25

the carcass I had already pulled everything apart we had everything game bags everything strong upon trees but the actual cavity was half-buried and as we are approaching I seen something kind of running off in by the coloration on the hide I really thought for sure it was a Griz because I've seen lots of them and we got up there and sure enough it was it was buried so we kind of took a lot of precaution as we were trying to tell people that means so they will bury something that they find and I think they do it for a couple reasons one of the reasons is

► 01:07:04

they want they don't want like prey birds like crows and stuff to be able to see it cuz they'll start talking and then other predators in the area listen for those birds and then being kind of a magnet starts to draw so they like to conceal it so the literally kind of pivot on a circle around that kill and actually claw the ground in and bury them and it's pretty like I've seen we're Grizzlies bharrya full moose and it's ridiculous the type of dirt they can move I'm talking to looks like a skid loader came in there and bury these things and they can do they can do that kind of work fairly quick but they'll pile up everything around it and then they kind of normally will create one small little hole at the end of that mound where the hell kind of crawl in there and they literally like eat from one side to the other side you know and and it's it's normal he

► 01:08:04

the backend first so yeah I felt like we had just got there when this bear had just discovered the carcass and had just started the burial process cuz you know he hadn't pulled anything out of the trees he only started to cover the the carcass which normally don't cover that seal first then the clean up the scraps around and then they go to their pile and kind of consumed that last but I was certain that we had seen one we ended up seeing a wildlife biologist later on and I told him I thought I saw a Grizz and he told me he said well it's pretty important if you did because there hasn't been one naturally on this hill and I think you said a hundred years so he's like you know would you be willing to go back in there to put a camera up which is not smart if it was if it was a Grizzly it's I mean obviously

► 01:09:04

we're going to be depending on their demeanor they can be very protective of that but we did end up going back in there just to put the camera off and then after the cameras ear few weeks he sent the picture and said you were close to being right it's just a perfectly colored black bear that looks like like it would be a Grizzly but it doesn't know for sure

► 01:09:29

you can tell by they don't have you thought was Bruce Lee when you saw the photo they don't have a very I thought it was a younger one but they don't have a very distinct hump on their back and then the claw marks see he went in you can tell a lot by the claws so when you go in and you look at the tracks that's also a really easy way cuz like like that beer that was wrestling to be you could see the claws like Grizzlies have very very distinct Clause so that was just looking here so I can't really

► 01:10:06

pull up the Pick 4 ever check it out

► 01:10:13

yeah I could see that that's in bed and then running head is going to be narrower and it took several pictures some of the pictures that looked more like a Griz just cuz the coloration some of the pictures that didn't so you know and keep in mind any amount and Grizzlies look a little bit different than like a coastal there or if you know of anyone Grizzly but either way it was it was a bear that came in and you know covered the whole carcass and went to eat it you went back to that place that you were talking about on the first podcast we ever did where you had that encounter we shot that outfit was just outside of that Wolf Den and I will try to claim the elk shoot your way out of there is a fucking crazy story was it like to be back there again

► 01:11:07

it was what was strange about it is while we were there

► 01:11:12

I actually found that they were back in that area there was some fresh tracks and then we heard one how like during that thing so it was almost like it was a little bit weird because you guys bring extra bullets this time we only had my bow this time I'm sending this Jamie but the thing that was that's always kind of creeped me out a little bit was just it was I felt like I had like kind of a personal connection with that alpha male because the weight when he came in at the very end cuz he wanted to know what the heck is taken out three of his pack if he wanted like it's almost like he's like I know we're getting out of here but I want to see this for myself cuz they were close enough but I don't think they could totally see his shadow so is that was going away

► 01:12:11

on the nose of the face is more narrow so yeah and the cost to yep yep yeah which like on the right foot the claw looks more like a black bear on the left foot there is some grass there that made it a little bit strange but when that alpha male came in to Canada I think you just want to know okay what's caused all this this stuff so you know I looked at I looked him in the face and just pretty much said I'm going to shoot you in the face I always every time I go back in that area I'm like you know if this old suckers walking around he knows my smell and feel like there's that remembers you personally they are smart I could picture him remembering it and sand

► 01:13:04

okay this I owe this dude hi ho the his dude to make him into a hairy turd on the side of it I sent you that that wolf that had porcupine quills out I put that on Instagram it's funny how many people were like that is not porcupine quills it's like listen people I'm in the outdoors 200 days probably a year and if there's porcupine quills coming out of the pile of shit I'm pretty sure I know what it is it's hard to tell from a photo of a pile of shit with porcupine quills in it you have to be to be eating porcupine quills swallow it's like a bear look at me Bears just I'll just go head-first into Pyle ant like a fire ant bed or a or a wasp nests like yellow jacket is a little bigger please

► 01:14:04

Autumn you can see some nice quills in their correct those are also Wells Will blood drops up there I need some prep age their Beast that is their intelligence level is is super high I think a lot of you know the more you're in the outdoors and you experience things demeanors and

► 01:14:38

there their ability to survive you know you look at one of the you looking an old Grizzly that's been in those woods for 20 years think of the experience level that thing has surviving every single day I mean every day just

► 01:14:55

maybe making a slight mistake slipping up a little bit almost getting jacked by another Grizzly and then you're like oh I know not to do this I know not to do that I mean their intelligence level in their ability to function is extremely high and in wolves are I mean arguably wolves probably get shot last than probably any of the other animals I mean they're they are incredibly smart so yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't doubt it you know it was in there they they were very after that they were very content for people to put up some pretty big bounties on the wolves and they really went after him in and not those herds down quite a bit because there was very few mule deer very female deer. Hardly see a doe and fawn need to cut the number tags way down

► 01:15:50

elk as soon as wolves alike howl at night if the pack moves into an area and they howl like calling out cuz just non-existent they just everything just like don't say cuz the other here relevant and since then which was quite a while ago the numbers of like elk and moose like this past year I saw way more moves than I've seen I think they're really hard on moose Fons and yeah I mean moose muley's whitetails I saw way more animals this year than in the past up there and I think it's just because that moose number wolf number was just much lower but there was like I said there was still sign that there was some in the area just nothing like several years ago when I was there it was me out it was

► 01:16:49

even I would say as much as I appreciate balance in nature it was excessive and it's getting that way now like even in Wisconsin I remember I was talking to a friend of mine I'm up in the area I used to live up by kind of in the lacrosse Erie actually lived a little Northeast lacrosse buy a small town called Cataract and there was a few times where they were some wolf spottings there's a big military base are called Fort McCoy and I lived up on the Northern side of the base what was called the impact area if they kind of shot test rounds over and they kind of went off there or whatever but there was an incredible number of like deer and things that were in there so we have kind of the room or was it that introduced wolves into their Timberwolves to let too kind of sin down some of those numbers will now it's to the point where the amount of people I know in Wisconsin at SeaWolves is just rapidly increasing and obviously when that happens you know that

► 01:17:49

eat stuff for mean wolves don't mess around they take stuff down and sometimes it's just strange don't understand the balance of of why there's an introduction to something that you know has the possibility to just take over you know it's it's strange well it is but it's also there needs to be some sort of balance you don't want the animals overpopulating in some sort of a balance between predator and prey but the real problem becomes when people don't want to manage the Predators right they only want they want nature to sort itself out yeah people need to understand like if you do like dear and you like moose and you like all these other animals you can't have too many wolves you create too many too many Grizzlies because if you do you're going to have very few of those other animals you're not going to see them they're going to get wiped out and in some places like

► 01:18:49

set up the point of Extinction like what that was it was that Caribou herd that's in North America on the Caribou herd that familiar with it cuz I've never really been a caribou person from a hunting aspect but there an animal that's like severely targeted by Wolves yeah oh yeah yeah I could see it anything was a very predictable migration is going to be very prone to Neo to any type of prey creature you look at you look at any of the migrations of like wildebeest and stuff like that in Africa where they're having to migrate it's like those Crocs or just like oh yeah here we go is the reason why they have antlers is to fend off wolves

► 01:19:39

I didn't know that yeah female caribou have antlers at one of the only deer species with a females have antlers wolves but all Caribou antlers

► 01:20:01

how good was

► 01:20:03

how good was that elk from cooking camp fantastic is that true usually right

► 01:20:13

people disagree I'd say 810 times is a few times where I say things I want to go where the fuck are you saying you know what you're saying I don't know any laugh about it yeah no I'm no expert I'm an expert very very few things

► 01:20:32

but I think you have very intelligent levels High it says that males are tend to be a little bit bigger of it to fend off walls I think that's theoretical actually I guess that's the part where I was pretty sure I saw that in a documentary that the females have to fend off wolves that was speculated speculation 360 cool looking there are I would like to supposed to be delicious and is a shitload of them like God that's the crazy thing about Alaska that areas of Alaska like they'll have hundreds and hundreds of them and the streams you know you don't mourn that migration yeah sure but

► 01:21:24

not stream to know whatever path full and there's one with no antlers Musta lost them do they lose their antlers look like that yeah we see that little one yeah not not a big broken one but we saw one that I almost shot that it only had one antler you like that. That one why tell Mike he's broke and I one side you're like I want a gangster me a secondary up number one I want the meat and I want them amateur animal but two doesn't bother me if their things snapped off means they're just going to war yeah I know I was I was really comped for that camp specifically because I had several good friends there and I really yeah I'm just kicked out right now about cooking

► 01:22:24

can stop doing stuff different that you made exactly my God I have to figure out you got to give me that recipe and I got to figure out how to do that that was Sensational man that was so good that would roast 51 people will there's a lot of camera people there there was guides there was I think people that maybe worked there but yeah I made a a massive it took the one half of the Elk Neck and did a forward Cedar so we talked about reverse year that our buddy Chad Ward taught us that this was a I called a 40 or maybe I'm wrong but just to see her yeah so I see you're at the beginning

► 01:23:06

in a big cast iron pot with a massive cast iron pot barely didn't even fit in the Traeger in so we seared that whole neck and then season it really well I season it with like a Traeger prime rib rub and then a coffee rub and then I put some of the Black Rifle knocked and loaded coffee in there and then put in about it was the pot was so massive but I put in about 6 cups of bone broth and then covered it with the cast iron lid I wrapped it all up in foil and then cooked it at 2:25 I think for about 18 hours because of how big it was and then we knew it was about ready to be done so we grilled some peppers and is that all we put in there a bunch of peppers and stuff he has like bell peppers Peppers normally do some jalapenos

► 01:24:06

yeah well there is there is onions we did Grill some onions until they were carmelize but then open that up and more or less just took two forks and it just fell apart I mean just fell apart and kind of did it all it looks like it looks like a pulled pork butt is what it looks like and then we went ahead and put in all the the grilled peppers and stuff in there put a little bit of sauce in there some Texas Spice in a little bit of sriracha and covered it back up and just let it we actually took it out and set it in the yeti and then let it just kind of sit in that Yeti for about what we went out on the evening hunt and then we came back and then we dated for dinner so it just sat in that you can just kind of maintain temperature and just let all the juices and everything redistribute back through that shredded meat after we shredded it and then people just went crazy

► 01:25:06

amount of people that were coming up to me saying what was that and I'm like neck and they they couldn't believe it they couldn't believe that a giant bowl with this snack that practically dull knives trying to cut through was just that awesome but it really is like low and slow is the name of the game on some of that stuff and well those Traeger grills any sort of pellet grill such a great way to cook something like that too because you can maintain the exact temperature for long periods of time and think about if you've never used a pellet grill folks that use these pallets that are made out of wood so like this table if you can make this table they would use a saw to make the table then to take the actual sawdust and compress it and the natural sugars in the would make this a compressed pellet so they don't have any chemicals or anything it's just wood and then they have this

► 01:26:00

element that heats it up and then they have this little worm drive that feeds pellets down into the heated up area so that heated up area turns into the alley going to have fam the heated up area I turn to the fire and the you got this little fire going on in this Hopper with Dish Hopper fees down into this cup rather for the fires in the cop and it keeps dropping pellets in there so it's a natural fire it's just fire and wood and it gives us great flavor to the food that you're cooking whatever we cooking vegetables or anything you're cooking meat and those things maintain temperature so well so you can keep it on a hundred 90 degrees and just keep it at 194 a fucking day and they're so efficient that you never have to add pallets but you could do the entire 16 18 hours worth of cooking just on one hopper full of pellets

► 01:27:00

yeah so this is what we cooked in Camp John made that is what's called the backstrap which is would be a density of Tomahawk cut that's a full section of Tomahawk steaks those are all elk so it's basically the rib and where the rib goes up to the top of the back and the back. Meet that goes along the top of the spine is what most people like best out of elk that picture of the Chilean Coast it like that with with the bones attached just for novelty but it was super delicious people like cabinet handle to Chow Down On It was super delicious and the fact that we were doing it in Camp from an elf that you shot literally the day before it was as fresh as it gets in the mountains The View out there and just incredible I was happy to

► 01:28:00

tag out early just because of the fact that was it. You know I had a lot of good friends there and we are able to to grill out and chill out and and I think we probably ate about a third of that thing over there a lot of deer early in your hunt did you guys eat the almost the entire deer what time do they are on 9/11 we still had I think 5 days left of hunting so we ate elk three meals a day

► 01:28:41

one of the things I always do is I'll always take the trigger with me or or you know honestly sounds weird but it said investment to even if it's one of the portable one just to get one there that new one that they have is awesome the ranger small one is perfect it's perfect for camping trying to think I don't know what the wait is but yeah it's perfect for camping and you can just plug it in like I have a ram truck and you can actually just plug in right inside I've normally just have an extension cord run through the rear window

► 01:29:19

and just plug and go I mean I took one with me and Sharon went down to Oklahoma hunting and actually does the saying I don't know it's not super late cuz I mean they there they are heavy they are heavy duty 41lb that's crazy I mean it's it's awesome in the new ranger ones actually little better than that one it's got a digital it's got a digital scale for the thermostat for sale or is wits this one cancelled out when sold out there was the new ones called the Ranger

► 01:30:01

but yeah they're Dynamite you can just plug it in and you don't

► 01:30:07

when we were talking the other it is right there 399 yeah that's the thing you know if you lived in the city like I've got to bring them up a lot just cuz I think what he does it's cool but I've got a buddy that lives in New York and I found them on Instagram working out in Central Park all the time and one time I was in I was close to Central Park in the morning and I knew you always worked out early so I text him at like 5 in the morning and said hey dude said are you up and you text back and said yeah as name is Joseph and I said I want to do one of these Central Park workouts with you and he just carry some supplies and a big back back near UPS in and then he literally just like has certain rocks and stuff and he has if he got there and you were on his Rock when you get mad

► 01:30:54

no he would be happy to see you got to learn a lesson here by Joseph yeah exactly so I did a workout with him but you know he was telling me he's like if you ever get any of that elk meat or anything I'd love I'd love to try it and he's big into I think keto but he was telling me how much she pays for store-bought meat in New York and I'm like oh my goodness that is astronomical and he's like I don't really know where it comes from for someone that's that in tune with his body he was kind of disappointed that that's what is options were but then I start thinking like we'll do you have do you have the ability for like a grill living in Iowa or living where you know you are we got some some big grills we have the space for it but you know some people are thinking back to myself when I was in my twenties live in an apartment and I wouldn't have the space for that right there is a great great option

► 01:31:54

how much bigger in a couple briefcases put on your patio on your patio and cooking for two it would be perfect for more than two on that thing in the cleanup is the most important thing with any pellet grill if anyone's ever going to get one of the two things I can tell you are most important is one just recognize that you know it runs off of wooden pallets 03 pellet light treat the pellets like you would campfire would you know if your if you leave Camp firewood out where it's getting rained on all the time it's going to be a pain to start it or it's not going to burn that great so if you keep those dry always put my pellets after I poured the bag in whatever is left I actually put in one of my Yeti buckets and put that you know that kind of it's I don't know it's like a sealable lid that I pushed down trailer makes buckets they make me the buckets are good but keeping your palate in a high humidity place like Florida

► 01:32:54

don't keep your pallets outside know if they're in the grill in your using a girl that's one thing but don't keep the the bags of them out there all the time and then as you use there's the little it's called a I think they called a burning pot essential your pellets are burning in a small pot think of that just the same as you would a camp fire pit as you're burning wood all the time there's going to be ass left and if that fought fills up with Ash there's not going to be the ability for as much pellets to go in there so it's not going to burn as hot so you know if you get to the point where you're not able to get to your higher temperatures it's probably because you have too much as you got too much Ash in your pot so clean it out and then it'll

► 01:33:41

pretty much from there be easy is flipping it to on and turn it to the to the temperature that you want it's done cooking on a regular grill propane grill the other day and it just sucked it was flaring office in a fire and smoke because the fat was dripping down to the fire to the shity way of cooking they do have a really cool Grill though that cooks from above I've seen one of those pretty bad ass like you you you can raise or lower the heat and it and bring it closer to the meat or lifted above and so you don't get any flare-ups just Cooks from above well it's definitely a better way to do it if you're using propane is that I remember I remember once I bought some some Ribeyes and this is back when I didn't have the money to buy good steaks but I had some people over I thought I'm going to buy some good steaks went out you know spit quite a bit getting some good rib eyes and everything and because they're so much marveling I remember I came inside I had those on the grill

► 01:34:41

I didn't even have them that high for temperature I came inside and started working on vegetables or pouring drinks rich people in Austin I look out and they're just smoke rolling out of my Weber and I go out there and lifted up every supplies all that marveling just it was just a big burning mess it looks like I took a flamethrower 2 1/2 my rib eyes that's so bummed out it's hard doing it right that's there's an art to cook it there is one of the things that I really learning from getting into hunting and getting into cook my own food is learning how to do a correctly it's fun there's a real part to it you know like like that neck roast that you made it or like some of the more interesting things do you ever do Shanks yeah I did I did too last week I shopped at Whitetail in South Dakota and I took both of the front quarters and then did slow cooked with those and they're they're awesome you know that the Keef

► 01:35:41

any of that stuff that normally has a lot of tendons and stuff that's a tougher section of the meet a lot of people try to cook them too fast and you don't break down that Cartledge you know you need that cartilage to really cook slow to the point where it like gels and it breaks down and it almost turns into marveling it then it'll turn into flavoring which is kind of what happened with that with the neck you know once it cook slow enough even all those harder tendons that are in there they just slowly start decomposing they become like more of a marbling that's mixed in and it's really really good I mean it's it's awesome and I'm I'm a big Advocate on the simpler you keep things cooking wise for me the better the flavors are that I get I'm a very simple cook and when people ask me to do you can people see pictures I post cooking there like Walt you need to do a cookbook no I'm not my cookbook would be boring because it would be

► 01:36:41

olive oil probably you know I would have coffee for rub and have like a prime rib rub you know probably a decent like rock salt but other than that like grass-fed Butters olive oil for a couple basic rubs that's all I use. And a bone broth if I do like a if I cook something slow to break down but I just literally stay with those staple things in from there you know I'll cook according to the directions one of the things I learned to do was was rest my meat so I won't take me to off and just cut right into it and you rested in a cooler yeah I rest in the yeti all the time all the time cover it with aluminum foil paper internal temperature like 130 you get it till like 1:20 and then put in the core and then let it rise till like 1:30 while it's in there cuz it keeps cooking right it's going to rise some it will rain

► 01:37:41

at some point before you rested too if you going to do it in a cooler right normally I did depends how long you're going to rest it normally I plan on about six degrees it will go up but you can add your resting it in the cooler you can still check it you know you can let it sit for 10 or 15 minutes and then check it normally for me five degrees is a really good number like if I'll stop 5° less where I want to eat it because when I put it in there and wrap it up most vegetables for me take 20 minutes like as soon as I pull that off my Traeger I'll turn it up to high and then take vegetables I just like tossed in olive oil and I'll season with a basic rub put them in there but anything like broccoli asparagus Peppers cauliflower or anything like that that I cook on there is going to take 20 minutes roughly on high and the meat is just resting at that point and then I can literally pull the meat off if I want to do reverse sear I can do it just long enough to where they

► 01:38:41

temperature hits the exact number if it hadn't reached out yet otherwise I can just slice it and according to the author of the color throughout that I'll serve it out to everybody according to whether they want something a little more done you get one of the in pieces if people want less than you giving the peace in the middle but typically if I'm going to let it rest for 20 minutes I'll pull it about you know hundred 29° cuz I like mine at like 1:35 or so you like yours a little less you like yours a little better than me I think you like yours it more like 130 finish don't you besides keeping any of the basics for seasoning is those thermal pants right I mean if you have a probe that's the one thing I learned from our buddy Chad Ward is being when he travels he travels with a good knife and he travels with a probe and mines from thermoworks is one I got as a gift someone gave me and I can tell you that that was one

► 01:39:40

the best things to get but yeah I have a regular internal thermometer that says it's really cool because I can keep it in the kitchen and it's got 1 probe and then it registers to a second unit which you can keep like as a remote you keep it up far far away from the grill and tells you what's going on and it's like Bluetooth or something or Wireless yep Steve rinella actually is a really good cook book that just came out she say that I was going to have it in here today he sent it to my house and it's at my house right now but it literally just came out on ninja Ninja level if you want to take things to the next level I mean he is he's he's he's one of those rare guys that has a television show a haunting television show where most of the episodes is cooking something that's it right now mediator fishing game cookbook okay it's available November 20th it's not available to fux yet I already have it

► 01:40:40

sorry folks but it's really good though it's an excellent he sent me a you know Publishers version that had like just black and white photos but I just got the full version a couple of days ago and it's it's really excellent and but he's got really really cool recipes and interesting stopping and if you don't have any wild game you could always buy bison from Supermarket some supermarkets have that and you could cook that out and cooking in the same word in a bus to bison winter giant bison coat better get an air conditioner in this sucker dude I love bison it's delicious is awesome awesome buddy Andy stomper going to go

► 01:41:31

for sure me and Andy both of our bison are going to be for that meat is going to have a purpose Andy and I kind of I don't know through just talked to the hunting camp can a started this thing that we call free-range American right and it's it's literally brand that's not really about us it's just about all these we have we have all these friends that just do crazy stuff and and he's arguably one of the craziest friends I got a crazy ass holds the world record for the farthest distance traveled when I was flying squirrel suit he is the craziest but you know we just one time we were just talking about just awesome shit people do and he's like you know we need to just we just need to motivate people and and just talk people into attacking us when they do awesome shit and so then he had a shirt so did you guys start this company together

► 01:42:31

it's more than just that but yeah. The entire brand or you know like the Social Media stuff is all just it's it's based around people that you know just a guess with the hashtag do awesome she didn't they show us what they're doing is free-ranging Americans and you know it's anything it's not just what Andy and I like I mean some guys are being a fireman that just do crazy stuff there's people that have some few others Benson motor some MX guys that just post some crazy ass pictures like Shane Dorian some of the Waves he's on that's just crazy shit that he's what you going to do with the meat from the Bisons we're going to Andy's got a big a big fifth wheel cause of to do awesome shitmobile and we're going to pull that from going to start on the west coast this spring

► 01:43:26

we're going to start where Andy went through Buds and we're going to hit a base for one of each of the military branches were going to try to end at Fort Bragg where I was born but we're going to start with the Navy we're going to end with with the Army and we're going to go to basis and we're just going to cook wild game out on the do do do awesome she might be able to got traeger's Chad Lord's going to be following close behind with some giant rolling traeger's and we're going to we're going to get these Bisons ground up to do some some cool bison burgers and stuff like that and just going to hit a bunch of military bases you going to need a lot of we're going to take some buffaloes down and then we're going to Morgan also have some really cool Brands supporting us but just trying to support the troops promote we have clean eating doing awesome shit and it's going to be fun so you're still working out the details but that's going to be coming and

► 01:44:27

super thankful all my all my friends that are that are military base or have you know serve for us and and just another way that I can do one of the few things I'm good at and I can show people how to shoot archery or I can cook for him that's that's kind of my forte and yeah I'm looking forward to it I think it's going to be think it's going to be a a mobile party that sounds fun give it away down all I'll let people know I'll put it on social media and we'll talk about it here and let my folks know John Kavanagh should be here any second now if he's not already here I don't know if they're here yet are they hit someone they're here okay so we can talk to Conor McGregor's coach and George Lockhart who's Connors weight-cutting coach and I think he does his nutrition as well look. I'll talk to him while he's getting fucked up here pretty good. It's alright sport I'll tell you one thing though he is it would have been nice

► 01:45:27

need to talk to him afterwards cuz I think he would have been gracious in defeat I really do you know he said it was a good cry LOL maybe maybe we'll get a rematch can you talk to tremendous amount of shit and it's it's just hard for people to recover from that but part of it. All right on TV you can catch him on Instagram and you could and I'll see if you're interested in archery that's the man to follow the lord Reigns American. Us

► 01:46:11

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