#1163 - Banachek

The Joe Rogan Experience #1163 - Banachek

August 28, 2018

Banachek is a mentalist, professional magician, and "thought reader." He performs as an entertainer and tours internationally. http://www.banachek.com/

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ladies and gentlemen how are you

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Toronto up said this before but I got to keep saying it because it's a big deal we're moving the venue Toronto on September 29th I was supposed to be at the Ricoh Coliseum

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there's a strike there cuz union strike were not going to cross the picket line instead we're moving the show to the Scotiabank Arena used to be the Air Canada Centre it's also a union venue I think it's the same Union we're not we're not breaking any Union agreements or crossing a picket line we just moving to a new venue the good thing is more tickets will be available now because this is a bigger place it's bigger by I think 1200 seats so the old place is sold out but the new place 1200 seats will be available but they won't be available until everybody who had tickets for the original show make sure the or they have to make sure that you get your tickets for this place so going to sort everything out everything's good still coming to Toronto

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and that's September 29th the other thing that I have available is September 14th a damn young Jamie that shit's close that's only 2 weeks and that is Schottenstein Schottenstein Dam

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how do I keep getting it wrong every time this change it Schottenstein Arena which is September 14th very excited about that and there's not many tickets left for that so that's September 14th in Columbus motherfukin Ohio oh okay okay I'm very excited about those shows that we're going to have a good time and then that's it once those are done that's basically just a little bit before my Netflix special comes out I don't think they've announced that I don't know if I'm even supposed to be saying it but one that comes out that's it. I'm not on my turn for a while after I knew jokes

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right knee which end duck all the people that are mad at me

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my friends my guess today is a mentalist he's I don't think he calls himself a magician but he definitely knows how to do that stuff to his name is Banacek I met him years ago Duncan Trussell and I met him on that television show that I did for sci-fi Joe Rogan questions everything and the dude is a fucking wizard with forks that comes at the end and unfortunately you're going to watch if you going to listen to this and you don't watch it you're not going to be able to see what he does

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twisting up these Force it's a mind fuck these things are in front of me right now I mean kind of spoiler alert for you cuz it's the beginning of the podcast Banacek really is he's he's really interesting because he could he can fuck you up right and he could lie to you and tell you that he's got some amazing powers and you probably believe it because he's so good at it but instead he's pretty adamant about being very honest about what he's doing or how the fact that he's using techniques and that the doesn't have any magical psychic abilities and yeah we got it this whole history and how he got started into the stuff and really really really interesting and intense guy so please give it up for Banacek

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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and I will not answer I am wonderful wonderful chat Bob still no idea I wouldn't want to do that too yeah yeah so listen to random eye eye candy but I told him I turn around I contact in eye candy yeah I know we talked about doing the podcast back then even yeah I'm glad we finally got together and did you did that TV show that I did a long time ago Joe Rogan questions everything and you blew me away. You and me and Duncan and you showed us all the tricks that people use you showed us that they were true

► 00:11:42

but you didn't show us how to do the trick I broke one thing down for you but that was about it it was a psychological thing cuz I hear it's better to know that you can be fooled rather than tell you how you can before walking into this about with scientist and I fold them a little bit but people always tell me why don't you just teach parapsychologist the tricks and the problem is is for every single trick that I have I probably have about seven or eight methods if I teach you one message somebody else will come along and maybe it could have been the key don't do it a completely different convincing way and you'll be looking for that one method and you may say because you don't have the experience you may say

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this has to be real I know how the tricks done they're not doing that they are actually doing something completely different this has to be real so it's better to get an expert let me ask you this one because my friend said he was at Venice Beach and this guy was doing he had like some save the rainforest thing and he said if I tell you your birthday will will you listen to me in and donate some money or something like right and he goes okay and didn't know you just goes May 15th right there that there could have been out the circumstances I could have been something over her or they could be something he seen he may have been in the store when the guy took his driver's license and there's a million things that could have happened that your friend Eddie was not aware of the for that guy even walked up to him so I can't I really can't answer that because of circumstantial and here's the other thing doesn't really remember everything exactly the way that it was

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you left something out in that story because he's told it so many times and usually is a thing right when people want to convince you of something they embellish and the mall times I tell that story that embellishment becomes their reality they basically create a whole new reality for themselves that they forget that maybe they wrote it down they forget that maybe they said something they forget the person might ask specific questions you might have said yeah I get the feeling that you're probably not born in the beginning of the year and maybe later in the year maybe in the fall or something like that person says no but I am bought land in the United States the winter time so now you get within a few months right there so there's they're always within mentalism which is what I am a mentalist and we'll explain what that is and then it but they're always to do those things and there's many ways to do those type of things so without being there I can't tell you exactly what your friend Eddie experience to him it was very very real you don't believe in any psychic power I just had to say

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okay it's fair to say but if you just say it that way it sounds very cold it kind of sounds like an asshole I'm a dick I'm not I can't because I am very open-minded about these things and whenever I investigate a new phenomena I open I step back I put everything that I see I think that hey it's not real I put that aside and go this could be the one I'm going to give you the chance but I'm going to look at it I am going to be a little bit skeptical I am going to do you know double blind test I am going to step back and look at it from a scientific point of view I'm not going to be stupid about this and I'm not going to let them get away with something I also know they may be self-deceived and I've seen so much of this type of phenomena that I usually know what's going on when I do see it so

► 00:15:06

I can honestly say that I've seen so much phenomena and I've looked at so much of it and I seen the best people out there and I tested some of the best people out there that I have not seen anything indicative at psychic phenomena is genuine have you ever heard of anyone who is reasonably believable that is seen anything that counts as sucks when you see a John Edward on TV or you hear these these antidotes and stuff like that and it's just like you telling me about any so you telling me that sounds like oh wow that person could be really psychic but I know that there's probably more killing on when that person that does make a lot of sense that the reason people do forget how the story actually went to the human memory is very far is that is why we can change a person's memory you know there's been plenty of experience of Donald

► 00:16:06

you on stage who I work with numbers I work with names of use a lot of mnemonics for these things really hard time for calling names and books and stuff like that I just ate but it takes awhile for those things I thought that it could switch things out what it is is I got so disappointed with numbers when I was young I love them but I do love the fact that everything in the world is numbers I love the idea of numbers of what what they do I think when I was young I would get so frustrated even in high school and middle school I would do math problems but I would figure out a way that work for me to do the math problem and then the teacher would come out they said like show your work and I would put it down and they say no that's wrong I feel but I got the right answer yeah but that's not the way we do it you need to do it this way and the normal way of doing things was extremely difficult

► 00:17:06

why so wait for me I'll use words that have the wrong words like I could be talking to you during this podcast and then I'll listen to the podcast and I go oh my God why did I use that word then I had a thing where I'll give you an example of the type of things that happened to me I have a line when I say I'm in some of my shows where I say I read thoughts not mine it's what I mean by that house my wife singing a park bench pretty girl goes jogging by husband in the face we know what the hell she was thinking we know what the wife was thinking right we haven't read their minds but we do know what their thoughts are sort of that body language thing I remember one time I was on wife singing a park bench pretty girl walks by husband slaps the wife in the face so I said exactly the opposite of the way and then just thought it was a joke like they thought I was being stupid

► 00:18:06

I do that kind of stuff consistently and I have a really hot like if you say sir I don't like I do it I do it consistently and I hear you talk about things and you'll use words that I actually know what the word means but if I wanted ever call that word and use it cannot remember at the what's the mechanism like what is happening in your mind where it switches things around yeah I don't know I don't know if I can pick him up with a better word for that right I mean it's terrible more than really hard for dyslexia if it's an ass in there it's like why why you don't why I'm so so you is there anybody that like I mean there's the James Randi challenge right by Amos Lee where which

► 00:19:06

who was in charge of the million dollars and I tested many psychics but I guess I'll talk about a couple of personal things in the very beginning so I was born in 1960 so I'm 58 years old and you know so yeah and I left there and came to the United States my mom divorced my dad in that year went back to the to England and I'm giving you this so you understand where I'm coming from and how I got on this journey she had two kids we have migrated South Africa in 1969 she abandoned me in South Africa that time with my two brothers a year and 3 is all we had a stepfather was an alcoholic we saw a lady on Sundays maybe if I drop them in from the car in the house we would see him then so I was changing diapers I was taking care of my brothers and so forth wow and I was there until I was 15 years old now it was during that time that I heard a guy but I'm yelling was a famous psychic and he's the first one to claim it again

► 00:20:06

Ben objects with his mind like silverware I become really famous for the he was supposedly they did research with him at standard Stanford Stanford Stanford Research Institute using ask what is an endorsement to say that he was genuine and one of the things that Kayla did was he said if you bring metalogix to the radio you can get them to bend as well so let me think about my order radio on the radio there was no TV there at the time they had spring they didn't have the actual station but they will putting it up and they had TVs in the store at the time but they were playing Popeye VHS movies back then did you know I'll know whether they played it back then but no TV station so that was the thing everybody there listen to the radio and he's like if you bring it to the radio you can do it really unleash Powers your mind you can get metal bed so I went around the house like a little pain in my mom's old sewing shit is a kid and I held it up and I looked at it and I stare at it I concentrated on it and it bent well

► 00:21:06

on a micro-level at least I thought it been so I convinced myself that event minutely years later but in my mind I had got that to happen from there I went to Australia to go be with my biological dad and from there to Colorado and it was while I was in Colorado that I picked up a book by James the amazing Randi and that blocks at the truth about your account affect the book was change the name of changes later to the truth about you the truth of yore in Gallup from the magic of URI Geller and that book basically said that Curry was a magician posing as a psychic and no I don't and never told me that before all the adults I did not know they believe in early so I believe in is why I let it valuable lesson just because people in a position of authority because they're adults and older than you doesn't make everything they say correct which was really socially inept that because I was always taking care of my brother so I had no free time so I wasn't hanging out with other kids I wasn't doing those things I have a great life don't get me wrong

► 00:22:06

Africa I did stupid stuff by jumping off Bridges and two trains that so we can get apples who have apples to eat at home and stuff like that jump off the train take it home so those are great thanks those are great times actually really even though it sounds like it's really sad it's not so anyway I read this book and in the book Dimensions alludes to a method for bending a nail and so I take digoxin Nails I started creating my own ways I'm sort of a problem solver I can you give me something you want to do and I can go ahead and figure out a way to do it so I work for people like Criss Angel and you know David Blaine open the second TV special with one of my fax and I'm the first person be buried alive 6 feet on the ground Shane and handcuffed in a coffin and dig my way to the surface which I've done twice and almost died twice doing that but it might get back on track

► 00:23:06

I look back now I go I am really like I mean even when I was a kid I was crawling down just doesn't do it I look at the top story window and I'd go I think I can find on that drainpipe I think I can do it upside down climb upside down using my feet to keep myself up then mine down the drain pipe it take to get down so I did a lot of dumb dumb dumb stuff so I was in high school and I work so much so that all the kids there went to Plastics outing that's why she went to Plastics away cuz all the kids in there will bring it all their silverware to me so we're getting along so we're in trouble bending the silverware with your mind I was making it look like I was using tricks to make it look like I was spending it with my mom today I was trying I was basically doing what I was doing only the difference was is I didn't realize it but until I saw Gala I was I never seen y'all at work I just heard about him on the radio and I heard you're supposed to see the metal band so in my mind the effects that I created

► 00:24:06

Bend metal you actually saw the forks and spoons and that bending and if you see any magician working today more than likely they're using a couple of my techniques to make metal look like it's actually bending way to make a school bell go off so we get out of school early I got suspended for that why would you do that because I could and I was able to figure out how to exactly how to get that short to works at the Bell would go off and we got out of school at it was just connecting the two and it's like that you can connect Uconnect and it goes off so I was like okay this is great on the wall if you look at the clock I realize that has the clock and goes around all the way around it looks like it's slowing down when it comes back up it's not it's just an optical illusion from one side so I would make kids think that I was making a clock slow down and I forgot to weigh on an all-time at Timex watch that I used to get away that if I pull the stem out and slowly turned it backwards and pushed it in the second hand with

► 00:25:06

movie for about 35 seconds and then it would just start like don't click click click and then it would stop so I can put my watch in somebody's hand so I come up with all these different methods for accomplishing all these different Fates I started learning how to do a thing called muscle reading which we can talk about in a little bit muscle reading that nobody uses I was really surprised that people would not using but it was really really popular back in the island late 1800s if you if I take your wrist and it's based on the idiom out a response if I take your wrist and I tell you look at my other hand I don't want you to imagine it actually touching an object think of it one of these objects five objects on the table taking my hand actually touching it and I move my left hand like what you're not holding you actually I'm holding with you with my right hand by moving your hand in sync with it with your thinking go to the left to the left to the left I can actually feel the resistance when I go to the right in your arm so you give off this

► 00:26:06

it's this thing that lets me know exactly where to go and you keep asking did it with his check you would hide the check and and for that pulgar did it with his check and I've done it with my check when I do shows in the past where they can hide your check anywhere in the theater you take somebody's had and you tell him think of my other hand they have to know where the objects hidden and think about going there and touching it and you can actually find the objects are doing a lot of muscle reading back in those were some Stone Cold psychopath see me do things with my mind I want you to try to do something with your mind will this hand to actually touch that object and they don't realize it subtly they're pushing and pulling you in the right direction and you can even say no don't put me in the direction let me pull you but you'll still pulling and pushing with them and you can find the actual object as I wrote a book on a physiological thought reading psychophysiological theological

► 00:27:06

sandwiches made for treating at the right name for the books written books that teach people and video I have they all start with a P size series you know if it's yes it's all talk to I've talked to Penn about magic and about Illusions and in he's you know funny about it and he laughs and says it's all lies and bullshit and you know he makes it seem fun but the way you described it became a little bit more compelling because you're used to your seemingly obsessed with it like obviously to get as good as you got at becoming a mentalist like you you had to be like even though whether you rattle off things there's something very little paws to you you stop and start and I talk too fast. Tell everybody say you talk way too fast fast you just talk

► 00:28:06

yeah I mean I can hear you it's very clear but that's also what I noticed when you were doing the reading when we did in front of the the crowd of people and you were able to pick out certain things and as best as I make the air because I didn't fit the format of the show that I'm one of the things in the show where I ask people just to think of things and then I start getting initials and then I get names and then I get you're actually thinking about your grandmother and how you went on a bike ride with her through certain forest and went to Lake Wallenpaupack and your birth date is there some birthday there also overwhelmed by the fact you never stop talking but you just it just ready to go it just keeps coming on and off how do you know that don't worry about that will get that to the minute it comes back in my early days

► 00:29:06

to get to that to where I work the place is cuz that sort of comes from working the comedy clubs and some really shity shity places and having to grab people's attention so from Randy a letter just out of the blue because I was getting a little cocky I guess that young yeah that age cuz I was getting away with all this stuff and Rio Grandy let us and look if you ever need a kid to try to convince scientists of the stuff is real I would be happy to so long as I come out and say it's a hoax at the very end I had a couple of hypothesis and one of them was at sign Cancer lamented for years there's no evidence of the ESP on the proper scientific control center back in the eighties because I lack of funding it was my contention had nothing to do with funding you have to do with a scientist I'm going with a pro biased opinion and they would document in their own beliefs rather than using prophesized first of all to find out if it was even genuine so they were not using the proper scientific method they were basically just said I believe this is real I'm going to get it on tape or I'm going to get it to where I can document it so the rest of the world

► 00:30:06

where they biased towards believing that it was real or fake because you don't think there's something that right who were those ghost shows drugs you fucking crazy yeah they do it because I know I've actually I've actually been call to work on a couple them behind the scenes that I was told him no I can't do it and I have some friends that have worked on them behind the scenes to try to make some of the investigators freak and they're using magic tricks to get the investigators freaking the great thing about those kind of shows is the only need to do one little thing to something falling off a shelf because that's all you need right I mean yeah there's a ghost it fell off the shelf or something like that there's nothing Dumber on television

► 00:31:06

The only days I worked with him on almost all of his that that shows I've been over 100 episodes of television with Chris and we every year we would do one episode that was a sound episode that type of thing and we brought a group of researchers in in the moment they got off the bus we had all this stuff set up and everything else it's it to mass of them the moment I got off the bus I told my guy said when not using any that we just going to use pure psychology with these people and that's what happened because I could tell they wish they was such believes anything I suggest to them they're going to go for so let's say we have 6 rooms and I need this one rum to be the room that is haunted because it's a story that goes on the grind it was something else it's already been said and position or it's got a match up with a bunch of celebrities who feel something in the room as well all I got to do is once we going out to eat or you feel anything so yeah I feel a little haunting I feel this and that you know this room I really want you to take time with that's all I have to say

► 00:32:06

and it's like the psychics getting headaches and I just may go crazy because I've already put it in their head at that point so the stuff they come up with is going to be much more believable than any of the little tricks that we had like hidden recordings and stuff like that the stuff they come up with is going to be much more believable and much more of hit are there any real like Supernatural investigators that actually believe in ghosts or they all con people nowadays people investigators I believe in that yeah absolutely love those shows paranormal state was one of them you know and I think it's some of them a little abusive to me because I work with a little kid sometimes and they talk the kids into believing these things and and and it's just it's ask some of my little eyes look repeat what they do to them and you know they usually don't have a psychologist taken care of the people after what I still walk them through it and it's just it's all the psychologist they do is also a parent

► 00:33:06

investigator the movie in these kind of things and it's going to, at a very slanted angle so I've not seen a single one of these shows that I don't look it and go bullshittin just end up turning it off so yeah get to date but is there anybody who like legitimately be like anybody who's a reasonable person who legitimately believes in ghosts and legitimately believe like in every movie every haunted horror movie is always like this one reel researcher you know that I know it is never too much as far as I know he does not have these people you want me to talk to them and if you show them respect they going to show you rich ever want to like reason with them and sort of explain why what they're doing is faulty or would we have come we have we have conversations

► 00:34:06

certain things certain type of testing and O and end and how we met how ridiculous some of these things are quite knock out a way back then washing University in 1979 James S McDonnell all right and that was shortly after I drop Randy that let him and Donald he was MacDonald aircraft you know the banshee and all those if I bury all named after Spirits by the way tell me if you do your research at you'll find all these things so he really truly believe in the afterlife and his thinking was if they can find something that's even psychic that might be indicative that maybe there's an afterlife you know what Lisa's indicative that something Supernatural paranormal they were things we don't can understand so we gave half Mandela's washing University to format a laboratory called at Mcdonough McDonough laboratory for research short we call it

► 00:35:06

a Peter Phillips there had an interesting parapsychology but really didn't want to get involved but they University said look we want this money we want this lab you believe in this kind of stuff you know you're in in Santa stuff he was a physicist so they put him in charge they had over 300 and some applicants and out of all the I sent them a letter out of all the applicants they had it was only two that were accepted I mean I did some research with other people with their to that they really accepted it was myself and another kid that I didn't know at the time by the name of Michael Edwards and Michael turned out to be a magician as well and he also spoke to Randy so I get a call I said that they said there's an Associated Press article that came out and that's when I wrote them and they said it would like to I would like you to come visit I get a call from Randy he says you know there's this guy at washing university has been given half million dollars to study psychic phenomenon like that can you just think it was initials for me and said his happy and happy is that how did you

► 00:36:06

I said I've already been accepted I was going to let you know and he started tell me about Mike that Mike had already been there might have been to key in their hands they were completely convinced that this was real psychic phenomena but at that point my wasn't quite sure where to take it any new Randy was the expert at the bunker in the field because Randy added the dip on skeleton of a psychic phenomena so he wrote that he spoke with Randy on the phone and I never go to Randy as well and they had some conversations and I said her and I said can I trust Mikey says I don't know enough about him to trust him and Mike at the same concerns about me because Brandy had mention me to him and said you should mention you know what my real name is Steven Shaw so it's Steven Shaw back then Banacek came use later because people couldn't remember Steven Shaw remember which is good that you say back so I did a gig one day I was corporate gig and the guy got up there any so I can eat it I was really insecure which we already talked about so I had my introduction is my introduction

► 00:37:06

and I want to do my own introduction you know about you I've seen you do different things and that's when he gets up there and he says seen on The Today Show CNN live snap please welcome Steven what was the last name again so I get up I do my gig I can have a corporate gig that week I get upset Alaska I forgot my name please remember my name is Steven I got it no problem he's what was the last name again holy crap it happened to me or third time and so I started thinking about why is this happening and how can I fix this well one way to fix it probably I think back now it's just say hey my thing don't even memorized name and Shaw is such a real hard syllables in except maybe the T in the B little bit not really soft syllable so it kind of passes right through the brain so they're thinking so much about everything else they want to say I was CNN Live

► 00:38:06

Today Show that's not like seeing their story that they want to tell him think so by the time they get to my name they haven't really thought about my name on memorize my name so I wanted a name that had at least two hot something that would stick in the brain and I wanted a one word name not a two-word name a one word name for the rapper yeah this is before dating myself George Peppard that's it right there yet I'm not mistaken Jamie I don't know if you look that up or not but I think it was asleep season regular season 1 yea yea yea yea yea very charismatic in that show but the way he sold it was almost like a magic trick it was like they put the statue on the truck the truck arrives and it goes all the way across the United States

► 00:39:06

no statute what did it go it turns out that what they actually put on the truck they thought it was a statue because it was, but it was in his crate that was a block of ice so by the time it got there at it already been switched out by the time it got their head melt it so it's a little magic in its own way as well so it was sort of Kindred Spirits in a way to that and I love the name Banacek and I was like you know what if I use Banacek the way it's spelled there they can say bad a sec

► 00:39:33

so I put banachek at least he was a thing right so the old times back then CEOs of the company the president of the company if they remember the TV show they make fun of me at first but they're going to remember the name at the end of the show they now associated with me cuz I fall on their minds if they don't know what they've got to come up to me and say how do you pronounce that so they're thinking about my name never had a problem since so they see old TV show Banacek with the way I spell it it was a greyhound there was a dog there was a band called Mana check and there was construction company now the construction company owned by the battleship only know the website but I didn't do anything with it so in this is back before you could do the automatic payments like but it just goes every year automatically for you so I would sit there every year

► 00:40:33

everyday you know on flute I knew it was going to go up and I finally got it like I get after 3 years of it just sitting there I finally was able to get it but so that's my name that's how I got my name to this Michael Edwards staying so my cat was so we so many different stories in so many different directions hang out with Mike and then you'll find that out in my life there is so much psychology applied to everyday life of me like the name why did I choose my name that was a reason for it they say it's not just had has it and stuff like that sometimes it's just a joke so here I am with Brandy telling me about them and I and I said yep I've already been accepted

► 00:41:26

Mike and I are supposed to show up and by the way somebody recently bought my Barry sonnenfeld had bought my right light and life rights with because of this whole thing which is called project out for that I'm telling you the story about now and I had bought it and White Bear Avenue Sorkin to write it but this is Aaron was busy so we couldn't do it and then when he wasn't busy berri got busy in my life rights that what they had for basically you know ran out so I've taken it now and I'm working with another production company do a serious on what we're talking about right now so but anyways so here I am I would Mike Edwards we show up at the airport in St Louis first time going to meet we meet each other we hit it off right away I don't have my driver's license I had some fun in for my ID I don't want to pull my idea I had some of the for my ID and Mike he had his and he could drive you just got here sometime so I use my password

► 00:42:26

this whole thing you do this this fast talking thing this is part of the shuck and Jive though this is a little bit of part of the same me because I asked but it was very effective that's what a shuck and Jive artist does they talk very fast and they never paused so you never get a chance to interject yeah and they're constantly going so if they're reading Euro or saying something you have to keep up with them and part of the keeping up with them as you get a little bewildered bewildered you forget what you said or they have said and you know you're trying to sort of keep Pace with them and you can and next thing you know that all my God I can't believe you know that how to figure that out but we'll get to that later and then you keep going and you think that's part of what I'm doing right now right right. See you always analyze it with fighting which is great abilities in the human mind and one of them is that you talk and think

► 00:43:26

faster than most people so most people when you're talkin they don't have it like what you just did right there like you want to get him a jacket that's one of the things that you do to people whether you realize it or not you do it because you've done it that way for a long time probably right become a pattern Latin for me being able to think and not forget things that I think I'm like because like as you so effective that you said that there is another thing that popped in my I go to like all day long I have songs in my head it doesn't stop like I I do this with my teeth all the time playing the song in my head like constantly, hey you know I've got this thing with my teeth I'm tapping my teeth I'm wearing him down you know what's going on but I do that all the time

► 00:44:26

so if you look at my hand look my hand right up how bad my hair I get like it's really hard to freaking read right it's not that bad somebody just wrote me a letter the other day and read the letter I sent me something you wrote me a letter and I read his letter was like what what the fuck is that cuz it's just scribble that's me that's the thing what you just said you might hear you're trying to keep up with your thoughts yeah and that's one of the things about bad handwriting they say that you're trying to keep up with what you're thinking is always go a mile a minute 2000 different ways and I think it's part of my problem solving is like when people give me ideas that they went okay this is what I'd like to do with the magic that fact how do I do it I'm able to Rattle off like 10 15 different ways that pattern of talking is so bewildering people that they just

► 00:45:26

what's always it is that even in my stage show I don't have to come and stay till sometime the Mini version of it when I come out before I don't even introduce myself what are you doing what they want to see you I was just at Planet Hollywood Film Festival Rochester New York me up from college and go to my website mannatech.com and look up the dates but the Rochester is going to be out on the 13th 7 p.m. 14th 5 p.m. then I'm on the 20th at 9 p.m. the 22nd at 3 p.m. I know you would like you to help yourself I'm in Vegas a lot I don't know that much busy now really until beginning of November I'm going to be like different places Centauri on the road during different places in some of its corporate Summit

► 00:46:26

College you know it's a mixture of a mismatch of different different things to this whole James Randi URI Geller so here I am with my kid went to the airport and we're hitting it off and everything beautiful it shows up at he's the professor that I mentioned the minute ago he's going to be doing the investigating it was any houses wristband on and I'm always ask me questions what's this what's that things and he said it was The Wristband that he got from a witch doctor in Africa that helps protect him I'm starting to think this might be a little easier than I thought it was going to be based going and I was like I didn't know these guys skeptical the garage one-way mirrors are they going to be trying to trick those couches I had no clue

► 00:47:08

so we get into week we had beautiful it's his car because Mike was too young to drive around Peter Phillips as a rental lease in front of a swift following him and this is this is how it all starts really I'm sitting there and just kind of like me talking all the time I'm looking around always doing something always noticing something I look in the back seat and I know this is a briefcase I reach in the back and I kind of pull it under the dash it's locked into me like somebody locked something it means I don't want you inside there of course right but why does anyone is in there or briefcase easily can just open the lock so I pick a lock to open it up inside there's a whole bunch to Subway I said either this guy's a kleptomaniac or of this is a silver he's going to be using for the experiment so I stop bending it all up lock the briefcase put in the back sit there for about 2 more minutes

► 00:47:55

open up the glove compartment this an extra keys and things in the glove compartment I stop getting those up this fucking keys I have Wall I'm a psychic it happens like his house yeah but I needed him to be convinced I was genuine alright so I end up looking over the car keys are hanging out the keys are hanging out on the car key out of the ignition is off to reach over to get them I might just looks at me and says I think you've done enough stop and also but there's this really interesting phenomena right we knew that in the laboratory everything we did at that point was going to be on a micro-level is to be very small because it had to be because we couldn't make it look like it's a trick we did it have to look like minut I'm not just that we didn't know if they were going to be watching his like I said through one-way mirrors and things like that so this interesting phenomena of the tire that is called spontaneous PK and that is stuff that just happened to Pete psychokinesis

► 00:48:55

so there's these things just supposedly happened around the psychics that can bend metal stuff move stuff brakes that so those things were the things that would convince him and keep him holding on even if we did a Big Bend out of the laboratory but not on camera that's the thing that would keep him going I want to get that on film I definitely want to get that on film I'm going to document that someday that's going to happen in the laboratory when we ended up getting to the laboratory all the students at the University of extremely skeptical very very skeptical but they had heard about the spontaneous PK so they hit things underneath the video recorders and it was a separate room and they hit all kinds of things everywhere around I noticed there was stuff hidden I mean why is there a quart of his none of that VCR and you know why is there a fork in behind that, did you know it doesn't belong there so I started getting up all those things on lunch time that convinced all the students that we were genuine as well

► 00:49:55

so this this I mean this this this whole thing went on and on. It's a simple as so what happened was immediately Randy sent them a list of 13 cabinets of things that we that they shouldn't do and it was Common Sense stuff right it was stuff like don't let the subjects work at the same time because I could distract you don't let them work with more than one object at a time because I could confuse you with those objects as to which ones you bending whole list of different things they show the list to me and Mike and had a good laugh about it and said this would make you guys so uncomfortable we want you to be comfortable where in reality they should have followed that list because one of the things Randy said was Mark everything went to Mike of micro and macro level so they the subjects can see the Mac Pro Mark but won't realize it's a micro mark on there as well which would have helped because their idea of doing a macro Mark was on every 4th they took the fork or spoon they measured it at both ends like the height from the tabe

► 00:50:55

and they measured the middle of the four from the height for the table then they put a label on it on a little string with the number on it and that was their idea of keeping track of if something had been to or not because they would measure it after we concentrated on it and they would then read measure it again afterwards and they would say oh okay this is this is been to millimeter or two so we would do things like we would say this time is my way can I take it off yeah you can take it off we put it down concentrate on it didn't do anything but it down on the table pick up another fork or a spoon so you mind if I remove this tag take it off put it down concentrate on it nothing happens switch the tags around on the one that was on the first one to the second one the second one of the first one and then put the two forks off to the side and then wait 2-3 hours later pick up one of those Forks obviously not doing anything with it concentrating on it say why don't you measure and they would measure it and the measurements have now changed not realizing because I never measured the other one again because I rematch

► 00:51:55

everything consistently later on and put new tires on everything else I'm not realizing we just simply switch Forks or as we reached across the table we would lean on one of the forks and then hours again later we would pretend like we actually been that for so this went on I mean it went on 480 hours over 4 years I mean we mess with these people bad we did probably some things at the time too but probably it illegal is what I want

► 00:52:19

like leaving the window unlocked at the laboratory going off to the club across the state line coming back like about 4:05 in the morning breaking into the building and bending up every single piece of metal that was in the laboratory they had a fucking scientists were really don't know I went into this thinking these people were going to be the end of me it was me against them. These are just really really nice nice people but a very naive when it comes to what psychic phenomena is right well if you're a scientist most likely you're not studying a whole lot of liars and Mentalist magician psychic phenomenon and you really are probably trying to find out whether it's real and maybe you believe a little bit too much LOL enough yet

► 00:53:19

phenomena absolutely but you was already doing that other psychics already doing it in other countries and they will be invalidated is a genuine think and other countries that yeah we know like these are out over in France in England do you know there was a lot of research going on in England at the time on this type of phenomenal as well it was a really big thing back then it was just people hosing people it was little kids so over in England there were like what the guys name is now that was a scientist over there a parapsychologist who was working with little kids in his thinking is that kids don't lie little kids don't lie that's all they do is lie they get to that point where they learn how to lie to get anything and everything she doesn't have someone without kids at least kids only got caught the only reason they got caught was by accident because they were the video cameras were left on and send it to be parapsychologist left her and the kids will taking forks and spoons and actually bending them underneath their feet and then putting them back up on the on the table so I thought I would come in at least a little early scientist when

► 00:54:19

what's the premise that children don't lie that is one of the dumbest fucking things I've ever heard in my life don't disagree with you but this is how badly people wanted to believe in this phenomenon Powers I think it's white people want to believe in most things right I mean what we want to fight we want to believe there's something more than just us like that for most people not enough and I don't know if it's because we get so bored without lies we get depressed without lies we get you know what we were in this everyday thing of going to work coming home and it's is this all there is is this that you know is there something else that could that's a superpower that I could I could actually have is there something I can discover this bigger than me better than me you know it is a universe much bigger than just this planet right here I mean if you ask me I would think that if you ever UFOs were coming here if they were coming here let's say I don't believe they were but if they were coming here you don't believe they were I think if they were I just don't think we would really

► 00:55:19

Gabrielle evidence sound of a said evidence of it by now but he was a thing right wouldn't make much sense even like for us okay let's say we start going looking at other planets that we going to send all the humans out there are we going to go ahead and send robots or something like that they can last much Bryant this advancement where they don't have to send themselves out they will send something to represent them right what the real hardcore Believers believe those grades are the big black eyes they think there's some sort of a Android or something could be but I don't believe I don't believe we've had him I believe the lot more before I start doing that television show right the television show cured me a Bigfoot me a psychic scared me of aliens cured me of like almost everything but this is a thing with me right when I was a young kid I believe in that stuff you know when I was young kid I spoke in tongues you know what thought I did you realize yeah I had to hold

► 00:56:19

experience I mean it was like you know what chemicals running through my body and me just don't bother going to be doing the whole damn today and I realized what was going on but at the time I was looking for answers I was looking for answers to let you out a very disturbed life and it really looking for some sort of security I got shut down every single time I would ask questions I was called a troublemaker and evil oh well how come the Bible is covered in Black to shut up don't ask questions and innocent questions like okay well how could I feel talk about Darkness being in on evil and you let you know it's all Associated why is this Bible cover the black you know what I just wanted answers I'm looking for answers to questions and I do that first knowledge I love knowledge out you know I read all the time it's just I'm always looking to try to understand things I won't always retain all that information but it'll be in the back of

► 00:57:19

head somewhere where it will pop out at some point when I do need it so but it's it is fascinating this desire to believe especially desired don't necessarily make sense ghosts or UFO's or did you ever watch the show Finding Bigfoot I have in the past it's not it's not something I sit down and talk every week nothing happens at some Hunter they manage to keep you glued to your seat I think you watch that people watch it because I think this is going to be the show this is going to be the one because they tease it like that but he has a thing right if it was why we would have already heard about it before it got too are the key is night vision once you have night vision you seem legit looking for things the woods Friday of night vision or thermal vision so exciting all technology the find it now you can set them off just by hitting a walkie-talkie

► 00:58:19

things go freaking crazy you know paranormal research is there like a moment where you know like do you know that in seti search for extraterrestrial intelligence there's there's this one phenomena that happened I think they call it the blip or something like that yeah I don't think that's at night I know and I know exactly talking about did I say that cuz there's this one is one loud noise is coming from space they don't know what it is not sure what that was so that's what I'm doing there was something there's a an organic noise that was underwater was in the signal that's the called the bloop whatever it was anything like that tears us anything like that too but I'm confuse the two events that there was something that happened where they recorded an organic sound underwater from some sort of an animal that they don't know what it was but they think it could be a whale or something you know it's just you know something

► 00:59:19

Supreme we haven't discovered a lot of stuff on there that we don't know about I'm sure they have a place for me and this is one of the reasons why being a mentalist works or being one of these psychic hoaxers works is because people have this overwhelming desire to believe or something more out there and not not just the power that you and I possess the normal senses of seeing and hearing and touching it smelling and get the but there's more some people have more some people know when the phone's going to ring some people know things have an intuition and I can sense R Us some people know that hold on let me look in your eyes I know things I know things you don't know it's like the creepy how you look at me right now to see where they sing at me like that if it was a purpose of Brian believe that there wasn't something wrong when I perform I don't just read minds I I do things like I touch their hand I say you look at me see this right there

► 01:00:19

I do certain things because it's at thing of like I've got to show a process and if I'm showing a process why would I be showing a process if it wasn't real. He is also overwhelming them with things to think about that's what point do touching them and moving them are looking at them is always variable to have to take a new account now that they're on their map of things that they're processing that's now some new territory yeah I ate it all so we talked about this earlier and we got to come pick up some of these stories all over the place we stopped at that. Try to come back to some of them but it's back in my comedy club days I work the worst and the best clubs I mean that there was at the comedy Workshop in Houston Texas on a few remember them on Shore Paul Minnesota chair and Jerry and they had me come and do a Christmas jokes and wanted to clean show for Christmas and I came in and I like all right you're going to go out in the rodeo headlining like straight off headlight like no middling no-nos opening act like that would straighten headlining which lot of comedians hated me for that because it working so hard again it's like there's no place for me

► 01:01:19

Comedy Club at the comedy club I was going out I was doing these comedy clubs but I was doing like the best and I was also doing the worst like I was doing comedy clubs were literally it's a kicker bar in a little town and there's mesh like in blue brothers you know across the front spindle throw beer bottles at the bank and everything else and I'm falling behind that with a little gate that they have to come in for me to perform with these people with a big pole in the middle of makes people kicker dance around that are the laws actually around the corner they have to try to get people in there so I performed at the Boris and the best places I perform in situations where people are just not there to see the performer are there you know what colleges and where it's a day show and they are mad they shows of the worst in college it's the worst if I've done them like you come in it's like sitting in the cafeteria performing the cafeteria they're trying to study for a test they're not there for you so I got to grab their attention so my first thing is to come out and say if I was to ask if I want to think of a playing card you might think a space or queen of hearts

► 01:02:19

get one get one get one get one stand up and it's like Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam holy crap we need to pay attention to this guy so that's where I came in from those harsh days really just trying to grab the same thing with comedians

► 01:02:44

they have an aquarium there's another psychic there that supposedly gets ghost to come in and the ghost will write things in these coffee grounds in this inverted aquarium with a padlock on it this bar is it go over it Mike Edwards the other kid that's with me looks underneath and realizes that the even though it's locked on top the post that it's locked to those nuts and bolts HSN box it looks it up we write stuff in the coffee grounds we both get back up and you know so it's like always things and everything we go to bed about 5 in the morning and that Peter Phillips calls he calls at about 7 in the morning this is how you doing is how I didn't sleep well last night I had a dream that we were in the laboratory you know trying to work and everything just bent and we went crazy as it will go back to sleep I'll talk to you in a few hours he calls me back in about another hours yes you did it you did it you did it I go or what if we do he goes you know it's just your psychic powers when he was sleeping then everything in the laboratory so it was just we play

► 01:03:44

these games we did this guy still alive and at one point because we did a conference and is a kid by the name of the muscle Waukee keota alright from Japan Masa walkie could speak English she had a band that he was in as well as we sing English songs and everything and I'm rooming with him and I said I must walk eq2 cuz he's playing it up for real like you know what I say is there any time when you can't do your psychic powers you use a trick and says I can't speak English. Speak English all the sudden he couldn't speak English so at this guy was at the best thing as well and the reason I mention lots of Waukee is because there was a TV producer from England that came over he said to Randy said Randy what would convince you that the stuff is genuine Randy gave him the same 11 caveat said he gave the scientist the same 11 cabinets and the guy followed them he said

► 01:04:44

he sat with Mike he sat with muscle lucky kill the monster Waukee Iowa from twisting a spoon and basically had a thing to shoot we would go down when nobody was looking for it in there but because this guy follow the 11, it's nothing happened that day absolutely nothing happened until cameras went off the moment but cameras went off Masa Waukee Twisted a spoon start getting its West the producer had a complete mental breakdown. To this point I'm just thinking this is tricks right it's not it's not that big of a deal he starts screaming yelling Randy's evil should never have listened to Randy would have got this on tape if it wasn't for Randy and he looks down and he's got a wet spot on the front of his pants and he looks down and says I just had a demonic ejaculation like literally and he's having his mental breakdown I go and I have to spend the night which was not a bad thing she was quite Pleasant to look at his his assistant

► 01:05:44

the night with her in her room because Randy was calling her I'm not Randy I mean Tony heads of the calling of the producer was calling her consistently screaming and yelling about ready in the skin fuck up you can just gloss over the fact the guy just nutted in his pants and he was yelling you just meant that that's more president bending a spoon that's my psychic ability so he tell me he says it's a demonic ejaculation me straight up says I had a lot of jaculation so sorry for themselves well you fucking crazy huh you someday

► 01:06:44

get out of there and think I would start dating at demon demon so he who sing that Randy was evil yes cuz if it wasn't for Randy's rules would not he would have got this on tape that is so silly I give this is a person that supposed to be discovering or at least investigating psychic phenomena and he doesn't understand there might be some problems and she want to do documentary on Psychic phenomena has an interest in it he already believes in it so he's not he's not as bad as the the psychologist who are supposed to be using proper science cuz I'm off tonight

► 01:07:44

is it right is it ethical that you. I noticed the name of science right so this becomes his whole big question like a we will be unethical to do that and my ass is the fuck ask you that question a lot of scientists say that it's like a guy who's a thief to break in your house and then he breaks in your house in a method that with a method that you didn't anticipate is that an ethical that's no different than what you're doing you're a mentalist your ear a person who is trying to trick them they have all these rules set up to make sure that you don't trick them so they know for a fact that what you're doing is psychic energy but if you don't really have psychic powers and you absolutely don't of course you're going to fucking trick to write the idea that you would trick them and that would somehow the unethical know you just played the game better than them all this was this with the point right it was his thing of like a my thing was should you be taking money to investigate this phenomenon under false pretense

► 01:08:44

because you're not using proper science if you're using proper signs I won't get away with any of this had you a follow Brandy's rules we would not have got away with any of this and then we had very strict ethical rules if you ask a magician's we have to say yes if you ask is if it working for the amazing Randi with him you have to say yes you know so we has like all these rules old TV shows where it like if someone's an undercover cop cop have to tell you that's what that don't really have that they don't know that's only of promise that really shows if you ask a cop you a cop and they go no and then you buy the heroin off them still go to jail wow I remember that damn I wish I was there for that story but the nut in the pants and blame it on demon I really do wish I was there I really wish I was there to that guy like to be in the room

► 01:09:44

I'll just going to get put on the back burner again how it is to be like hold on let me get my smartphone out I got to take a picture of this photo on Instagram and why you showing me you're just so fancy and how much do you have to come in your pants were chosen the outside I mean Jesus Christ we were scared though like not sure what about 1981 1982 that means I'm 21 22 somewhere in that all there and I was also I mean on the kid in the back of the class when every code on the middle when's that the first time I got it ever came in his pants and then pointed to it in front of me. You can never say never had that happen ever again ever

► 01:10:40

or you have an excuse now if it ever happens to you well now like problem is millions of people have heard this until they all just scan me

► 01:10:50

so I'm about to run into people break their shirt

► 01:11:03

Nails ma'am I did I brought my awesome I got some good. Maybe we might get some of that stuff I have it I have stuff here in case you felt bad that you took this dummy Mike and I really like we were scared because we realize the kind of things on hinged not that we realize the kind of power we had over these people at that point it was about and against them but the whole thing go psychological thing going on here and if they want to believe so badly really messing with people's heads right I mean really and what's going to happen we come out and say this is all a fraud and face it we sat there and we said we want to come out and do you know we want to end it now there is like you know what we got TV show we're going to be coming up in a couple of months let's just wait and expose it then it's not going to make any difference so we we hung out until that time you know scientists and then there was one guy with Aunt Bertha which sports

► 01:11:55

I didn't want to do anything with him because he kind of came into the scene at the end of walking the Mac lab but he kept pushing and pushing and pushing and he lived in in New Jersey so finally I went out there and this guy kind of believe in everything and it was a whole book called the turning the porter Geiss containing the Poltergeist it was for the psycho psycho Sunday make something like something of dentristy and medicine but it was an actual medical journal and it was all about his stuff that he had done with me but this guy believe in everything like he handed me a camera one time the video camera and he said look I do a lady that could take pictures of sky and when I get that the film and you know I get it developed and I look at it and I play it you can see UFOs in the sky that you couldn't see with the naked eye can you do that no I was one of these kids that I was just like I was saying

► 01:12:55

do anything and everything even though I would say I could do anything and so he hands me the camera I start taking pictures of the parking lot in the sky and everything and I hand it back to him so he gets it develop kneecaps develop this is vacation footage and then there's him handing me the camera

► 01:13:12

you see all of a sudden this weird kind of blob and in the blob you see a woman's torso and thighs you see a woman giving birth to a baby you see Jesus Christ you see all these images and he he he he would have bought pointed them out to me I can see them as well we actually sold like a Rorschach test yes because it's a psychologist walleye add simply done was I I didn't know what to do I was just making stuff up as I went along so I spat on the front of the camera and that blob as it changed and as it dry almost like looking at Cloud you could see all these different shapes and so he believed that this was psychic phenomena this was something that was happening now I got to give the Mac life credit because when Peter Phillips said so I'd he said yeah it looks like a blob of water and a butt breath all said and he said yeah but it's what in the blob that's important as what you see inside it that's important he called me up one day I live in Pennsylvania

► 01:14:12

call me up one day and said you did it you did it what should I do he said well this is John there was this one jar that he would have silverware and things inside and they were all sealed and he would have it sitting up on the shelf and 7 every night I was supposed to concentrate and never did but I was supposed to concentrate from Pennsylvania and get this try to get the stuff to been long distance and he calls me I know that you are you said you did it damn I'm good I don't know what the hell happened here he said well you actually messed up if you hit the radiator and it's leaking all over the floor so he believed every that's how much this guy believe in all the stuff and gave me credit when you read it using interesting thing right and I'm a stock Electro is on my head he did all kinds of psychological tests in the psychological test turned out that if I wasn't psych I would be crazy

► 01:15:02

salt a cyst in psychological test make sure that if I wasn't like psychic I would be crazy but I was asking and answering the questions like a psychic like a psychic but sober thoughts Sports was another and at the very end when we came out and said this is all a fraud it was all a fake birth old was the one that said amongst a couple other people but he was a primary one that said look they say they were lying then how do we know they're not lying now which is an interesting question right but that my answer it because I can show you how I did those things even the Mac lab in the time-life building in New York but we can clean we said it was all a hoax we got up there and if you can never find footage of this online it's great because Brandy introduces us and it's time like buddy everybody's there I mean you know it discover magazine you know Psychology today the New York to everybody everybody from all over the world is found to psychics of a genuine and we get up there and we demonstrates off and then

► 01:16:02

ask a question you know how do you do it and Randy looks at us you said you want to answer Mike so Mike Edwards walks over he says yep he said it's a hoax it's a trick and then I say yeah for the last 4 years we've been fooling the scientist and that's when we came and you see that Mouse open like that when I got it and I was like you said it's just it's great great footage when you can see it because it's that moment the scientist would not answer the phone until we spoke to them and I have the recording so that I have to have the recording with where I end up calling them back and I'm recording the conversation

► 01:16:35

and I he says before this rumor that you guys are working with Randy and that you're not real and I say what do you think and he says to me that can't be true it has to be real and I go well unfortunately it is true and he starts asking well how did you do this when I tell him how did you do that and I tell him and he's constantly asking about this and that trying to find one thing one thing that you can hold on to this ruin that was some little things because a lot of times when you have real information and you know you going to be to do something you take chances and sometimes those haters well so you can explain that that's just the odds right now

► 01:17:18

so he wanted desperately to believe and the thought was that maybe you had psychic powers but you didn't want people to know you had psychic power so that you trick them and then you were lying afterwards to conceal your power Friday also mention that Randy may have paid us off to lie for him too so yeah well he was probably devastated as a scientist only guy that I knew in Washington Pennsylvania where I lived and I think I still lives there now but it have a name of Joe news him and Joe was an escape artist and I knew Joe now keep in mind when I was doing all this I really didn't know any magicians in fact even when I started out I didn't know there was an area of of magical mentalism which is doing good I'll take me to 5 no sense of to create the illusion of a succession of psychic you're using tricks using psychology verbal non-verbal communication but mostly magic to create these tricks alright I knew that I didn't know that I just knew there was people have gone people with tricks to make them think they was psychic that's all that I know that time but I'm

► 01:18:18

a few magicians in one of them is Geo News him sober thoughts Schwartz caught up Joey said why would why would Steve do this why would my check through this and Joe said I don't know but I could open locks with my mind which I thought was really ass whole thing to do Joe proceeded to work with him for years until birth or die Tabitha believe that showed has psychic powers and I called you up what time is it why you doing that says God's been through enough you know we've already exposed as fraud is a fake you know why are you doing this to that guy and rather than answer the question he pretended that he was his brother that had answer the phone but I know Joe I knew Joe and I are just fucking with people that's sport probably yeah probably but I think

► 01:19:18

I mean that's probably what he was doing sometimes a mouse like sat right and the cats have I guess if you want to talk so plausible right where they think it's okay to have fun to play with a cat right turns their sexual reward system sideways where the cat when the cat urinates the smell of cat urine gets excited and actually makes the the mouse aroused and it removes all fear of of the cat because the only way the toxoplasmosis Gondii which is the parasite can reproduce is inside the cats got so the cat that has to eat the mouse or the rat in order for this parasite to reproduce while and then the reproduction that the thing is it doesn't affect the cat's Behavior

► 01:20:18

she's very strange but it does affect people it does affect people and does affect rats and mice do you think that's why we have cat ladies you said it doesn't affect me what what do you think it might affect cats. There's a bunch of weird correlations is a recent study that show that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial behavior is often connected with toxoplasmosis infection while that people are more risk there were there were there more inclined to take risks and take chances it's also there's a disproportionate number of motorcycle victims of crashes that have toxoplasmosis infection really just came from Robert sapolsky work he's a professor at Stanford we had a chance to interview him fasting and got a lot of his his work he's done on toxoplasmosis

► 01:21:18

a lot of other things like that we don't realize it affect human behavior there could very well be me there's a bunch of different parasites of people got and you know there was another guy, what's his name Hortense out of University of Houston Peter Horton damn it anyway he's a infectious disease expert who specialize in same television show that I work with you I met him and he said that people that live in Jungle climates literally 100% percent of them 100% are infected with parasites well various parasites some documented some undocumented many of them control Behavior like worms that talks a grasshopper in the drowning so that it can give birth so it is literally gets into the Grasshoppers brain rewires its brain tells the grasshopper to jumper the water so he can come out of its body

► 01:22:18

and exist in the water it's amazing out when you think about that right how those things have developed to be able to do exactly specifically what they do certain things need them to do so that is something else can benefit from someone's name is cuz I want to get benefit pretty sure pretty sure

► 01:22:45

anyway so yeah I mean your friend, just like fuck when people and you probably feel like this guy's a dummy just going to keep fucking with these dummies have you ever thought I was doing the right thing and I didn't realize that these people going to become my friends I'm eating with them every day they have to come out right it can be devastating for my purpose of doing it yes I get it but that is what he is no no I agree and that's why I'm saying isn't much bigger picture I would do the same thing again today I would just protect myself emotionally I think

► 01:23:32

more than I did that so you won't become friends with that I would not become close friends with right I wouldn't share a lot of my life for them I wouldn't want to learn about their life I don't want to keep it much more is that so you were you dragging on for so long you know I like maybe if you just did it over a couple of days and you showed no way to do that mean we would have days where we would do nothing like we literally sat in a lab and nothing would happen if an entire list fucking commitment man I do that shit over 4 years it's a bit misleading this is 180 hours total that means it's coming out on holidays what coming on on weekends were coming out alright but you're extending this project over a long period of time making money at it you know there was a pretty in that paid for out food for thought about it you're just doing it for the garage that I lost money because I have to take time off work yeah it's it I think it's the way you did a good thing yeah I can stalk you until yeah cuz you show that even signed his can be tricked if they're not really following the scientific method

► 01:24:32

and that was way to do it because you're there was even some parakkat psychologist who said look if you think you could infiltrate a laboratory go ahead and do it so we were doing things in accordance what with what some of the pair of psychological psychologist why she said we should do yeah for sure that's the whole game I mean that game is your supposed to be there supposed to try to find out if you're tricking them so they should be assuming you're so they're not assuming you're tricking them they're tricking themselves and that is part of the problem with psychics like I had a friend of mine went to a psychic and then like oh my God I knew all about my grandma I go don't you know about your grandma I got this motherfucker really knows psychic is really knows it's like he has psychic power the until you some shit you don't know right telling you things about your life you already know I don't need anybody to tell me about my life now that's a good things are exactly right right that's all they're doing is waiting to get that info from you without you realizing what I was saying this to my friend he did not want to listen to me I wanted to believe so strong and he definitely didn't want to believe they got tricked this is

► 01:25:32

are the problem with scammers have you ever seen some of those scammers those Nigerian scammers and get these poor Lonely Mountain to think that women are waiting for them in Europe terrible television show me so sad this one guy flew to Europe twice to be with this woman and every time you flew there she had something come up in a while it was devastating she couldn't meet him and he kept going back and his daughter was saying I can't convince him that this is a scam he really believes This Woman's waiting for him he's never heard this woman's voice she said she can't talk on the phone but she eats she sends pictures and he really believes strongly give me one of the biggest compliments probably that I've ever had actually at one point he see me working and his wife and see me working late see me work and Emily came and she said Yap and said that if

► 01:26:32

we didn't know you would not psychic from that demonstration from watching a show you are the most convincing psychic we've ever seen on television like that is the crazy shit if you weren't so adamant that what you were doing was a trick right and Duncan attempts to you know he has a thirst for the Fantastic so for him just nice that you can play Mike Myers and show up for that exact reason the show I'm doing in Rochester is called telepathy and the first half usually it's going to be I don't actually have to Aspen only I do know when it's a two-hour show but I've had to cut it down to an out show in the first half was always me coming out talkin about to let the waters telepathy what did Einstein he believed it was radio waves Marie Curie

► 01:27:32

believe that it was all a dream state is it mean the word was coined in I think it was 1842 by Frederik Meijer and he believes certain things about telepathy so there was all these different things Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who wrote Sherlock Holmes in the most rational character in an electrician he believed all prognostication all these things going to do I got to do is spiritualism so there's all these people I mean the US government you know about Stargate they gave what 20 million dollars in the 70s going on into the 90s to study and find out if this stuff had any practical military applications on these type of things so remote viewing tell yeah well that's where I remote viewing came out that was another thing Stargate match

► 01:28:32

did that with the with DJ Grothe on there better just faking it than the guy that's right for remote viewing and interviewed him as well what is his name yeah you say is mad don't know it he was in the sky fuck with me and he was explaining how you work for the US government how they found Osama Bin Laden or somewhere fun guy tell me about hot Russian girlfriends like alright

► 01:29:25

tell me more about that let's go that direction can I remove you I can you put it in my head right now give me the jaculation with an earpiece in yeah I found the Appice oh you found those me yeah yeah so Randy was writing an article that was Hustler magazine it was one of those maggots good place to hide something with one of the building I read it and it may not have been hot sauce I don't want you to call. But I could be wrong way boys one of the ones that people actually read cuz the girls never take their panties off so if you get bored or just looking at them while they don't know they were

► 01:30:25

fashion show amazing wheel power steering went to like bikinis or underwear they stopped taking their clothes off but then sales inexplicably text so strange those articles at all the different Playboy interview is over the years I was like well they have some good stuff not sure, so I went there and it's about 10,000 was downtown big old huge Auditorium you know all these people sitting around and pop off comes out on stage starts saying he's getting the word of God he's telling people their names information know that doctors are with their elements are Eddie's he starts killing people of cancer he starts healing people live blindness

► 01:31:25

people walking again and it was really really emotional but I had to do when you see a little kid crying and running down the aisle you want to get angry but at the same time it's like it's just so emotional it's just that you get caught up in this whole thing is just do so he asked people to collect money he just asking random people come up grab a bucket go collect money I got down there I mean that's like the 15th but can I cut my bucket I walk around and get checks I got brought it up I don't know how much time Grant when he I don't know if you know what I mean money first will get money then you got to go back out and collect checks and how we going out getting checks in the bucket then if I go out get sealed offering two people drop an envelope and that would like watches rings and stuff like that as I come back I can the bucket up to pop off and I look up and I noticed that he's got a piece of plastic in his ear

► 01:32:23

I go back to Randy and I say Randy I said look either this man of God God doesn't like him enough to heal him and he's got a hearing aid or something else is going on I don't know what but something else is going on and I think that's how we getting information already was like no he's using mnemonic mnemonic so basically memory systems alright how you I have to use a lot of mnemonics to memorize things because otherwise I have major issues and I know a lot about demonic you either memorize a lot of bad things about a few things or you memorize a few things about a lot of things but you don't memorize a lot of things about a lot of things and he was memorizing a lot of things about a lot of things if that was the case of the I don't think so so they went out to the next Peppa Popoff congregation think she was in San Francisco got a friend from Amazon Electronics engineering and electronics he brought this little scanner security guard hanging out in the back and he was scared to death

► 01:33:23

security outfit any scans all the frequencies ahead of time and it blocks out every one of those frequencies other known frequencies the moment pop off hits the stage a brand new frequency pops up and turns out I think it was 37 point I can tell you in just a second here it was it was that the frequency that he was on was yep I thought it was idea 39.7 megahertz that's what God broadcast on and it sounds an awful lot like Peter popoff's wife so what we did was we take all this and went to the Johnny Carson show so how long ago that was not on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and keep in mind that every single one of the shows and so the edited real time you put them on television monthly budget I think it was like $550,000 every single month you know it yet.....

► 01:34:23

is a working budget that that's not the money that we actually make it so God knows how much this that's how much they were spend that's how much it was so dirty it's people like that I would make a great evangelist if I wasn't ethical there are times I got for you know but I just couldn't do it I couldn't do it tonight show they play they play the footage that they have from his TV show they play all that and then they play on this was a one-time that Johnny always want to know everything that was going to happen if they didn't want any surprises but instead of sit know you want to be surprised by this trust us so sure enough they play that footage and then they play the footage with Paul Paul's wife and she's saying things like a pedia for Success PD nod your head if you can hear me because if you don't we're going to have trouble tonight he nods his head is he stalking and I'll do any solar panels jellicle thing and then she starts saying there's a live one up in the back she's got cancer and breast milk

► 01:35:23

down the aisle shake those breasts and I just always like really and there's a lot of nasty stuff some of that stuff we could play on this night show but we showed enough and so just to add to stay in a mocking of these people she actually had breast cancer and she's selling it so yeah just nasty nasty stuff put away the stuff we show on The Tonight Show Johnny said Sarah and he never even didn't like to edit it shows either but he had to edit this because I'm only that came on Johnny's like oh shit and you can say show me back then it's so we had to edit that out of that point and he says like do they know about this and like nope they do now and at first pop off try to say that we we we we hired actors to be his wife then then when it was obvious that we didn't he then came out so I thought everybody knew that I use that to enhance the word of God

► 01:36:23

everything about this right when I was there he's doing stuff like telling people to throw them medications up on stage you don't need them God's going to take care of you. Imagine somebody throws up some digitalis pills or something they really truly need you think God's going to heal him some people do die from these things and he was using a lot of other tricks like I'm part of the way he was getting information so people fill out for a car to head of time and they put them in these boxes in the back of the room when nobody's really paying attention the boxes get switched out so all those prayer cards with all this information goes back states are the wife and she's able to send that information to him another thing she would come out on steps you would come out people come these things hours and I was ahead of time like liquor and I leave the hospital on cards and everything else and she would walk down to the hi mrs. pop off and I hope my husband gets to you tonight you know where you from all that's nice why what's wrong with your own self well I'll pray for you if she gets all this information again she go back to YouTube type recorder in a press and she would write that information down another one was what I called like the Captain Cold

► 01:37:23

and Capricorn with an evangelist Way Way Back you had all these great great little likes can trick things and what they do is they wait for somebody to come walking in with the King and I can walk but not well they walk up to the wheelchair so they get pushed off in the wheelchair guy pushing along the side where you from would your doctor you know what's wrong with it getting all this information go back out right information down and give it to Misses pop up so it will just sitting there

► 01:37:57

Reverend comes out at some point he can look at that person and he said so name and he says we never talked before we never met before have we because I haven't it was the show that was pushing down to God that he felt he says you know. So she can be healed my God said that I'm getting from God that you can't walk is that right like I said this is a man of God right so I'm not confident in him and he must mean everything to walk properly again that's what he say you saying that my doctor says I cannot walk properly again Sweet doesn't contradict him he says I say you can God said you can stand up the man stands up well that's your first miracle because everybody else their perception is this guy's in that wheelchair cannot walk you should take a few steps that take a few steps you got that beat as well right so now you got the emotions don't even more cuz his Amanda couldn't even walk he's so now he walked

► 01:38:47

pop off then goes and gets in the wheelchair and Simpson it he says walk to the back of the wheelchair and the guy almost to the rec and wheelchair he says push me and a guy pushes him real Miracle right but think about that wheelchair is now acting like a freaking Walker and then the great climax of the whole piece of this track is he takes a wheelchair put it back where it is and he says them that that's your wheelchair mini feel like if you got up right now walked across the room extra chair you'd say yes yes doesn't mean it just means it's where you sitting in that sits down and you seen this poll Miracles he's got all these tricks like that the old trick of one leg is longer than the other and you make them both the same sauce. I think that's enough that's a lot of things but I don't think so in this case I think this is more of a religious thing that people truly believe

► 01:39:47

you know I've got all the stuff when I got all the central enough money for my really blue you get caught up and it's like when I was watching it you know I'm getting cold out I'm having all this reaction my body despite the fact I know it's all bullshit I'm still having this this entire reaction you it's it's no medium sized to me the worst come out there right now or the medium sit and then why'd I say that because they're taking advantage of a person and want a woman in my life for that woman gain they're also doing it for money and a lot of people say well then make them feel good you know what I can give track to a junkie doesn't mean it's good for him write the grieving process is a natural part of the state that you have to go through to stay with the living we had a very good friend whose son died of cancer 10 years old died of cancer she understand he has a huge gaping hole right huge gaping hole with she just feeling sad she's upset she needs to fill it with something normally you turn to your family for those things but she mad she mad at a medium who convinced that she could talk to her dad son

► 01:40:47

she stopped talking to a to living. Is she stopped talking to her husband she started talking to the meeting and talking to her dead son almost ended up with a divorce almost lost her entire life as a result and this happens all the time and it is so so sad people very dirty people that Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo stuff to make it look even better I don't give a fuck just trying to make money just trying to make money that they don't care about it you're not a part of the scam committing fraud they aren't I agree that they perpetrating the fraud with the network is not involved with what is a production company the production companies bring it to the network but the network should know the process and don't know what's going on but it's like you know what I was going to get us some sort of ratings it's going to do this let's promote it let's push it you know that show us you had saw on Syfy network didn't want me just debunking everything

► 01:41:47

how to tell them I said the problem is everything is bullshit it's not that I'm trying to debunk everything which is really looking at it everything's bullshit wait why in my show like that show telepathy when I talk about telepathy him what it is and everything else but as I'm doing it I'm performing and there's a part in that show where I feel really really dirty and I feel really really bad but I feel like I have to do it and I actually talked some people's dead relatives in that show and it's like the most despicable horrible thing and it makes me want to cry everytime I do it but it's because in the second half of the show I go what is telepathy well I think I know what it is I think it's a subset of magic I think it's a form of entertainment and Ed very cruel format time and I know I played with emotions if you going to be here this evening but how else can I convince you on an emotional level

► 01:42:38

chronological level is bullshit because they've had this one experience that's an emotional experience meeting a psychic in this I keep telling them did you tell them I will I got to spend Banacek they could do that same thing for you he's going to be yeah but this is you know if I do then now you say it's bullshit now they'll think a little bit ago well you know what I had that same emotional experience I had that same feeling maybe maybe I'll look at it my job I feel is never to break down a person's belief systems you know you can believe whatever you want you know that's fine as long as you're not hurting anybody else I'm kind of soil okay with it but the big thing is the problem that I have is with the people that have taken advantage of those people's beliefs is always wolves in sheep's clothing that is little houses that are psychic houses with people live in them

► 01:43:38

beautiful yeah they look like these people must be making money like huge money somehow unless that laundry money or something on the side as well enough people that believe in the unfortunately they're good at it they just hustle people and yeah it's a weird legal scam I mean in order to like the government's constantly shutting down Colts and all sorts of things that are not legit that they find to be dangerous right but they somehow another allow people like someone we got arrested recently for scamming someone out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and it was the same thing she was a psychic and she was saying that she needed all this money for right for some fucking me about Ralph Raines right know so he was like he I think he like he was like a multi I like millions and millions of dollars and there's a long scan that went on for a long time I think it was it was and I think I have it down there somewhere I don't know where but anyway

► 01:44:38

fruit trees and replant a trees and sultry is everything made millions millions office so there was this lady you got scammed 5.5 million Oz Over the over a course of a long period of time but they don't start it out with he met this lady in a psychic bookstore

► 01:44:55

she gave me a bit of a reading and through the reading she found out that his dad wasn't well and she said that she had taken care of her dad through hospice and everything that she had actually done it herself she ended up moving in with him she ended up getting him because she was doing readings convince him he would she was psychic she ended up getting him buying like a $950,000 home what you're all these Investments she ended up taking over all of his finances of she moved in with him romantically she didn't cheat with rude in as the caretaker for the for the father but in the process of all this she's getting she's now taking over his finances she's convincing him that they're going bankrupt they got to pay the taxes that tax money is getting funneled through her gets deeper than this one day he's at the bus station this blonde hair beautiful girl with an English accent that comes on over and she starts giving him a reading

► 01:45:48

and he ends up marrying or thinks he actually marries us go at some point turns out this girl is the daughter of The Other Woman her name is Porsha and what do they call their kid they called their kid Giorgio Armani now he has to think right he thought he had a kid with her turns out the kid was a cousin's baby that she brought in the house and acted like she had the baby she didn't know you can look it up online. Child everything else at the only way they got caught is because the boyfriend if I think the mother I think it was went out in the same day and bought these these cars for like another box almost close to that you know that you just went out and spent the money so the US government study come and say what's going on here how's this going down and it all came to light up night but if you want to believe

► 01:46:48

yeah they just want to believe and it's a strange thing I wonder what that is do you think that that's some sort of there's some sort of an evolutionary aspect of thought we're like to find things that are hidden or secret it is a part of our thirst for Innovation or a thirst to to invent things or two to figure out problems not be deceived I think it's not a survival right you for that next Evolution what what we could read minds that would run it would say was a lot of pain if I know that she's really cheating on me or she's lying to me or he's lying to me or but it'll be just a psychic ghosts and all the other stuff too almost Evolution self-deception think we always strive to better ourselves to get that kind of knowledge and if there's a possibility there's an afterlife why what does that really mean for me as a human being

► 01:47:48

what are the evolutionary scale now and thinking about things that I do and I'm very different manner I just also like this that weird desire the people have to know things that are hidden fees yeah right I mean it's like hey I wonder what's behind that cave right there oh I want to watch over the top of that my are there any animals over there that I can hunt in that field you know what's over there where is a better place to fish fry where's the better place to hunt and it's all about survival I think I think really on some level it's a really screwed-up thing that's in our head hotter that helps us so to survive you know you talk about people wanting to believe things you know there was a guy does a Russian psychic me frankly I think his name was never mentioned this to you so you are conduct on a train right and you're going down some tracks with you training see a guy in a white suit just looking at the side looking down towards you coming down the tracks puts down a briefcase steps right in front of the train stairs at the train puts his hand off and so it was stop mold

► 01:48:48

but you can't stop seeing him the inoculum you kill the guys in a million pieces of whatever happened to him an actual real guy they open up the briefcase and inside there's a lot of that says I stop a bicycle I stop the car I stopped at a street car and now I'm going to do the ultimate thing I'm going to stop at train this was a psychic who believed he had powers now my thinking unless I'm going first thing I'm going to say probably stepped in front of a bicycle and of course it's top prices put the brakes on and he said in front of a car and it also stopped of course the streetcar I just got lucky with the train was a huge mistake they can't stop in time this guy really truly believe that he had these abilities and then I get really really sick when I start thinking so I think about my ex-wife and something crazy stuff and I go I go yeah maybe that's why I put a wife who said to him hey you know I bet you can stop a bicycle tire some guy next door to take a bike you know and stop like that I bet you can stop a car

► 01:49:48

same guy in the car I get to stop Slams on the brakes you know the street called driver as well you know so he stops and everything else you really have these Powers you should step in front of a train and try to stop that. Just me being cynical so yeah well it's a good way to think especially when you pulled off what you pulled off and seeing what you've seen ya know you should have a show where you bust these mediums we have a show right now but it's not really using it it's like you said right networks don't want it to Bunkie show because that killed all their other show yeah we had a show years ago where we came out and said it was all an illusion but they call it magical miracle and yellow is on that show and they had tape blowing killer out of the water basically the gala saying stuff that he did not he said later on but they had the type of a negative shown that but they wanted to keep that thing of magic or Miracle and I was a fraud alert Rick people or how you say this because he loves to sue people

► 01:50:48

okay but he started to steal people right now that he's the world's greatest magician but he's got to be careful with that because he's stupid people who said that he was a magician everything else it is my opinion from everything that I've seen and the times that I've watched him that he is cheating and he is using tricks and I know for a fact that I know for a fact he uses some of my methods now but I also know when I was working on the show phenomenon supposed to my told the story ever so I went on a TV show coming out phenomena it was finding the next year yellow Criss Angel was on that show as well and they were the judges on the show and Geller calls me out of the blue which was really unexpected cuz I've always been on the other side of the fence with Randy in the skeptical moving in that and he calls me up and he says hey how you doing I'm doing good he says well you know a guy that creates the stuff you know every metal us working today

► 01:51:48

getting a couple you are a fact that you've created and he says you know I only have like four five powers that I've had through the years and if anybody could come up with a new psychic ability for me it would be you and I went wow wow balls he is that right he's calling sort of like one of his toys hoping that you're full of shit I can create a new trick for him that he can tell the wall what is psychic right but he's also must be hoping that you're not going to expose them what is the great thing right like eating right now and I'm saying this this is when you hang up you know I don't why would he do that I thought why we shut the phone call between me and him he knows I wasn't expecting it so I'm not recording him it's my word against his word

► 01:52:31

he can say that I misunderstood that maybe he wanted me to take me to come up with an idea of something for him to use a psychic. So there's many ways you could spend it when we work with Criss Angel Criss episodes on there and Chris put a spoon on the table and he said you know can you can you been. And he said no he said well why not he said well my abilities aren't working right now so if you bent it right now would be a trick right and I can't bend it right now he says well if you did then it would be a trick right and yellow says well yeah if I bent it right now would be a trick you know and when he walked away I said you don't have any you said well what do you mean you just said it was a trick I said no he never said it was a trick he said if you have to do it in that moment it would be a trick because his psychic abilities weren't working ever since he knows how to do it it's a trick you say it would have to be a trick sure enough I walked up to go later on he says you know I didn't say that I use tricks right I don't I know you know he said he's clever I slept very very clever very very slow

► 01:53:31

xon I got you know you think he's hard science and took it back and it was one of these things I did it I think why we had to do what we have to do at the time because science was going in this very weird pseudoscience Direction I mean that was back in the days when you had pyramids that would they say you put a razor blade supposedly in it with sharpness you got all the. Manpower in the pyramids to sharpen them yeah yeah I didn't didn't work they would just say yes it's awesome to science but it was all this young people wearing tin-foil hats and send the whole thing went on and on and on and on it was a list of just said hole in the wall

► 01:54:11

Papa you can find him on every night. The difference is this right so he was one of the first ones to send out you probably seen them but he would send out these letters it look like it was hand-written it's obvious now we look at me now it's not hand-written you know the back then you'd be aware that it looks like it's written in personal to you and I would get because I just signed up when I was there that day I would get an outline of a foot wear this in your shoe and you know wrap it up with $20 $50 or $100 whatever you put in your get tenfold back you know you got this little piece of water and it came from Bethlehem and you know where that around your neck and then wrap it up with money and send that send that back so he was making most of his money not at the events he was making it on the mailings that's where they were making really making all that money

► 01:55:05

took a few years for him to disappear like about 3-4 years to him disappear and not after The Tonight Show yeah yeah and then he came back but the difference is now he's not using any of those tricks it's more thing that he's on the air and he's going somebody out there has a headache right now and I'm going to help kill you if your migraines and you don't have to do anything right Center Point there's a heart attack right now in Jesus going to stop at I just stopped at heart attack That's Right leader Pepsi the apps can I find is terrifying is the tax exempt and obviously a fraud the government so lacks in that not for profit organizations right I mean

► 01:56:05

most of them I just brought their face as far as I think you should have to prove that a certain percentage is actually going to the cause give me the recipe of employees restaurant quality of employees and get paid a lot of money and then a non-profit are you lose your nonprofit status cuz your self sufficient at that point you know I agree with you totally it's just very disturbing to me that I mean look Scientology sued and won the end they became nonprofit mean they are or rather they became religious tax exempt because they're what I had so much money they had a religion every members money was pulled to be able to sue anybody to the point to where you couldn't win right well they were suing so many people that the IRS just gave in I mean it's really fascinating how they did that I think they actually fought the IRS in one they got that money

► 01:57:05

the people that damn job incredible story really it is just it's incredible that it's so obvious I mean when you got a there's there's religions that we don't know the origin of me and we really don't know who was the original writer of this scroll on YouTube video if you don't they know the guy the guy saying hey if you want to make a lot of money start a religious out of religion in South metals like what the fuck well then let's let's see how far to be manipulated cuz you've been studying this your whole life and you and you you know in a form of it you do a show what I really genuinely appreciate is the way you and the way pain really go out of

► 01:58:05

the way to say that this is a trick this is bullshit we're bullshiting you I'm not showing you spooky power I got in a lot of trouble for that in the early days have been performing say Deepika to me I think when you come out and you tell people it's not real and you can still do it and they want to tell you that has to be real right that means something right that's that's impressive to me I think that's really impressive there a lot of performance who are not good performance they start out not as good performance and they need the people to believe in them in order to get away with the trickery Bryant and they never lose that they always want people to believe it's Ricky I want you when I saw you coming out and I started saying hey it's magic is horrible it's nonverbal communication is all the stuff mixed together create a show I'm not a psychic there is absolutely nothing so I can get about what I do they were quite a few Mentalist in the middle of the field in back in there wasn't as many as they are now who watch that with me Duncan said if you are a psychic man the best way to hide this say you're not a side right right

► 01:59:04

no that would be true except it's not the case what's up with the Nails 2 hours in here what's up with these nails now okay alright so you're going to have to describe what's happening okay so this is one of the very first things I started doing so is this like the nail it was regular mail at this is incredible here been as you can see the nails actually slowly slowly bending out rating I like it shaking your hand to showing your powers about that take a look at its not right now nothing like that I mean everything I use from silverware to Forks to anything that we do is actually do that. Right there like that I don't I can't I can't do that so he hold on

► 01:59:57

another one maybe I'll take that want to take it out right so so you for the people we talked about people actually Benny subway ride can I have that one then said something about this I know you doing give me that for work

► 02:00:30

sure let's take you for

► 02:00:34

still trying to get this for you not watching yeah I suppose you're for incredible

► 02:00:40

trying to get this one of our kind of friend

► 02:00:45

what kind of techniques are you using sir it's swipe and that's as much as I can tell you I'll do it again so I can watch some more time you want to watch one more

► 02:01:05

I was hoping I'd like a bullshit fake for this one ready here we go to shake it like that right

► 02:01:27

you know what let's do it this way can you is there a way I can I move this like this and I'm just going to want you to hold that in and hold that in for you want me to do all this end as well. Then I'm going to hold it right in the right there okay

► 02:01:44

you're rubbing it why are you hating it up like My toe... The forces Air Force it yeah because it's a different kind of metal are you using some sort of fake at what metal

► 02:02:00

now it's hard again right because you heating it up right is that what it is I'm going to actually get this winter break but I'm can't look now

► 02:02:12

wow right because it's some bullshit as metal promise you it's not

► 02:02:17

I have DVDs out that teach magicians how to do this question to be magician no way to get it and it uses any Fork anywhere anytime

► 02:02:27

promise you but I got my new bed now

► 02:02:31

good luck finding it

► 02:02:35

safest way if they were made out of special metal I would never let you keep it cuz I would be too expensive but this one's going to twist all the way around and that that one's not made a special metal as regular metal

► 02:02:46

I got to concentrate you for real what kind of Wizardry is that sir

► 02:02:52

he spun this around and turn into a knot the thing is he's not going to tell you how he does it that's the real problem now you tell me that it's bullshit but you won't tell me how you're doing this bullshit it's very important okay 13 okay and that would be a common number for a lot of people to choose sure you know there are specific words if I said to you think of a number seven letters or less go ahead. Cont

► 02:03:31

supports multiple lines in a dog or cat a really good inside his wallet I put it in C I was driving while I was driving around and someone cut you off and you know what do is do you know this inside to hear you open it up tell me what's on there so you know I want to touch it

► 02:04:13

was it's a hard to read my handwriting and doodling to say 13 in concert

► 02:04:26

well it's such bad handwriting that I gotta think that you wrote that underneath the table 13 right and then yeah I wrote under the table while we're doing could you shove it in there what's that one

► 02:04:45

alright we'll try this I can't promise I'm going to be able to do you know what I got both of your 13 contract on the piece of paper should wash your hands Closer by the cause of action I'm going to find the car till I want you to think of it he called you see any courtesy season 4 you get a red card yes good since you got a red card and you do the same with your across the table I want you to think of a call to get a black card okay

► 02:05:31

do you want I'm going to ask one question cuz I have to ask question sometimes try to figure out exactly what it is you're thinking okay either one of you choose a high card yes

► 02:05:42

no you can't hike are too hard for me to get but I will try alright let me see how to write card to say your card is pretty hearts

► 02:05:55

your card over there then it's black

► 02:05:59

probably Spades

► 02:06:04

mailed it to us weights

► 02:06:09

Hearts Kingdom Hearts

► 02:06:12

well let me see that deck of cards I have three choices, yeah why did you do that cuz I thought you thought I was going to go buy silver spoon it's on that shouldn't I did that I definitely want you to come we go to Magic Castle tonight by the way or what time you working there rather come and see you so I'm not working you're not going to go hang out my scrubs on Crossing Jordan stuff like that he's got an interesting story about his life and something psychological thing as well which I'm always fascinated with of where he was reporting magic for ears constantly performing magic and um he would it be

► 02:07:12

turn the magic was kind of a side thing for him but it started getting away and go on interviews and stuff and I say you know that guy that does kid shows that we should I do a party for you and so forth and you could never get the part we started denying that he was Magic Johnson everything it was until years later they could go back and be a performance and it's a really interesting story but he does it with magic and teaching and things and yeah, and Magic Club Hermosa no I never have that's interesting cuz he makes his Comedy and Magic together

► 02:08:02

it's a good night's do you ever teach the stuff I teach 2 of The Magician's I have some have to be like my videos step by books so I definitely do teach but I don't teach one of them I just don't have time I'm always so busy working and travel cheats like this stuff I tell you do these things they are not trick Forks those are not right now is not Rick Forks AR yeah well just the fact that you could spin a regular Fork right this doing that man

► 02:08:37

it's what I became the holy grail for me when I can tell you how that came about for me there was muscle lucky code I told you that he could actually put it under a chair and he would put it in something and twist it and I was doing an article for the National Enquirer I don't think I could do that in a guy shows up and the guy shows up shows up for me and I told him you know when I go okay alright I'm going to been something so I take one and I go like this and next thing you know it's bending up like that and then I do another band for him because it's going to take awhile ago but yeah he knows it's just been a cheating exactly what I was doing crazy crazy and next thing you know I had a Twist and I remember exactly how I got that twist so I called Randy up on the phone because it was some of the Holy Grail things looking for a way to actually do it and I went in there at one of those telephones at the long cord you know all the way to the

► 02:09:37

when I call Randy Orton with spring Jose I just been a fall in love with my hands you know it's put it twisted and he goes yeah so what I don't know know know and I explained exactly how to do it now all the Mentalist use the technique yeah so this was a regular for yes and you twisted that right in front of my face with one hand

► 02:09:58

I don't have the fuck you did it you know supposed to know he's supposed to enjoy the mystery job alright well I'm trying out what are you can before it's very confusing but I can be. Easily cuz this is a real Fork I know that there's certain Forks at they make out of shity metal and then I couldn't even heat it up and it becomes like super bendy something that's not something I use a would use in the end that was just a little weird I was going to turn off work but I'm trying to get a jaculation that may or may not do it the thing about was weird is that how easy that for bent when I bend it when you had it it was very strange the one that bent really easy when I bend it and he said they are you doing it on your own it was so easy to bend right like why would it why was it so easy to bend Can't Tell You Why that moment

► 02:10:49

that if you look now that's at Fork right there and take a look at it and see if it's easy to bed now you'll see that it's not you don't like eating this for her up I'm going to make it easy to bet it's because of that moment that's the one that I was going to break I wanted to break that was very confusing it's a job because you let people actually touch the things and someone like me who knows that you're doing a trick cuz you told me that you're doing it yet I still can't figure out how the fuck you doing see me work and see I throw everything across the stage and a lot of stuff I just leave people afterwards I want them to interact with those things I want them to take them home and rest of the forks after while you know

► 02:11:29

that's just just sat I mean you just sit and look at this Fork Outdoors you like okay I don't think I could do that I mean if I just gave you a regular for Jamie you think you could do that spend that I don't think I could twist that thing like that remember we talked about the TV show me talk about the TV show while they're there is I have a pitch it's out right now for the series switched it looks like it may be going somewhere so I don't say too much about it but it's bringing back the million dollar Challenge and he's going out to James Smith all exposing methods I will demonstrate my abilities supposedly to do the exact same thing under certain conditions as well and it's what makes me the expert to go out and try to find these things and see what's really growing on it sort of brain games meets meets the bunking me to psychic phenomena but not every single one's going to be the bomb can either it's going to be really the monkey when somebody is purposely going

► 02:12:29

trying to pull ship somebody in trying to fool people will take advantage of people it's very baffling stuff but that means does the stuff about talking to people and ask them questions and reading their cues that kind of makes sense but this doesn't make sense at all the fork stuff just does not make sense that's really weird because of what you wouldn't because you don't need your phone this type of stuff we go okay does that fit sort of in the repertoire of my abilities do I have X-ray vision you know I drive cause blindfolded you know is it in there they put tape over that we see me do something along those lines on your shelf and it says thing of like you pick your abilities and this doesn't seem to fit with anything except that you're a yellow did do this and also said that he could duplicate pictures and read minds once in awhile as well I didn't do too much of the mind reading but did a little bit of it somebody would draw a picture and He will draw a picture and they would match so which is a standard meant wasn't mad

► 02:13:29

Rick anyways but his methods will a little bit more bold a little bit more direct

► 02:13:36

I'm still baffled stop being baffled maybe someday I'll teach you how to do all this I'll tell everybody know that I want that I want to tell you I can tell everybody that's why I didn't really bring a whole lot of time I just wanted to talk to more than anything else I mean what you've done is very impressive I can do one thing for you okay I don't know

► 02:14:12

alright so

► 02:14:14

she needs you know what they are right no it's basically I took University actually not Stanford Duke University other pretty by call Xena Circle shapes the square does a star wavy lines Plus in the circle I write these of that the Santa shapes right there I'm going to try to get you to choose a specific one now psychologically if I ask you to choose one which is which would you say like I mean LOL alright so I'm going to go with

► 02:14:54

yeah I'm going to go with a star I think Sarah is a circle is a square the Plus in the wavy lines around you don't know which is which myself to make sure I know exactly where that is

► 02:15:07

alright we do this is the gambling thing or not but I don't like to do that

► 02:15:13

rip people off strong I got that in the right place okay good so this is what we going to do I'm going to take cause I'm going to ask you do you think the star is that card you all you have to do it's not choose a star star you won't know why you choose to Star but you will choose the star right you okay since you won't have it as well be something I do something I say or something it's going to be something that I'm going to try this may or may not work all right to say no that's not the start some point because you looked at your idea is not to pick the store I will run to not pick the phone or anyone so if you think that's the star all right I will okay so you just going to say do you understand alright so let's do it again whenever you're ready to flip them around makes my hand movements

► 02:16:13

just makes me sad that you spend so much time learning how to move your hands like that so I'm going to keep it simple because I make it very big job is to not choose a star bracket not use a Star Ultra ready alright so I guess I'll just ask you do you want this card right side that you don't want that don't want that one

► 02:16:41

do you want that card

► 02:16:44

don't choose a star

► 02:16:47

yes I want that one you sure that's the one you want I want

► 02:16:52

don't look okay I'll look to like I don't trust you if I didn't you say that the lines or the square he chose a star

► 02:17:07

sounds of batch of hand right okay

► 02:17:23

I hate doing this stuff like this because the amount of people to listen to this podcast. What happens if you're wrong somehow or another I think you're not going to be wrong I could be so once again I'm going to try to make you choose a star okay you want that card yes

► 02:17:52

that's the one you want that's the one I want to keep in mind you did that the first time yeah right don't look look

► 02:18:01

square circle plus wavy lines they look

► 02:18:06

damn it

► 02:18:08

starting now do you realize that I'm impulsive and then I have no patience until I go for the star immediately the first time so you thought that by doing it again that I would not think that you would do it a second time is that what you did that's how you just sort of kind of not what I did

► 02:18:28

that's not going to tell us it was getting frustrated right now anytime and thanks for being so will you. You've cleverly navigated the waters being so honest about it being tricks without revealing the tricks and then even doing them in front of me which is it incredibly impressive this for thing I don't know what to say I don't know what to tell you other than this was fun I enjoyed it. Thank you for everything by the way and everything you do and your website and jack.com banachek and people to find out all your tour dates and you'll find someone who hates everything

► 02:19:17

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