#1131 - Dave Rubin

The Joe Rogan Experience #1131 - Dave Rubin

June 13, 2018

Dave Rubin is a stand-up comedian, talk show host, and television personality. He is the creator and host of political comedy talk show “The Rubin Report” -- https://www.youtube.com/RubinReport

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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German how are you buddy what's up brother I haven't seen you well the last time we saw each other it was just now but before that was right before the election the day before the world changed squirrely to Rams squirrel does not literally it seems like a lifetime of a different life for me I think it's a different life for you think about how much is change for both of us but it seems like another planet like an alternate universe or the day before the election in a lot of ways right Selana

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craziness I hate to tell you Joe but you are a little piece of the finding of the footing because people are finding the footing and I'm on tour with Peterson right now I just got in this morning from Atlanta and it's like there is without being hyperbolic there is some kind of Awakening happening right now people are kinda getting their shit together they're kind of sorting out things there through long-form conversations like we're all having and all these people that we're not connected with there's something happening where people are going there's another way to make sense mmm me figure out what that is. I mean we have all the answers and I sure as hell no I don't and I don't think you think you do either but we're at least given him a little room to figure it out and it's pretty cool well the thing about Peterson it's ever been fasting these how many people misrepresent what he says to try to frame handle him in a way that makes him evil and makes their position seem more ethical or moral or better or more intellectual this so many articles being rented

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I am almost on a daily basis he didn't misrepresent what he's saying it's epic bullshit I mean that's all it is nice guys want clicks that's all they want I mean I have we done about 20 shows in the last 6 weeks or so bounced around from Nashville and Houston and Atlanta in Chicago and everywhere else the crowds have been incredible it's a price but you know first. They always go was angry white man that's an appointment at 4 so let's say it was all Angry white men there that in and of itself doesn't mean it's bad let's say there was like a really disaffected group of angry white men that really felt like by their masculinity had been compromised or they couldn't get jobs or they didn't feel good about their life like if it was someone talking to them that was helping them that would actually be good let's just put that aside right cuz they don't mean it in a positive way so now I can tell you about 60 40 male to female roughly at Jordan and it's

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I mean there will be guys that girls will come up to me after an hour ago you know he's a big fan of you guys or he loves you and he loves you or blah blah blah and I'm just here but then they all have a great time I mean I'm telling you this thing has been an insane lovefest I know you saw the video that Jordan posted last night it was his birthday last night we were at where the hell was I Atlanta Tabernacle in Atlanta you know almost 3,000 people singing happy birthday to him we brought out this freaking stuff Lobster in it and a piece of meat cuz he's on his crazy meat diet now and it's like it's an Endless Love Fest every street we walk down people high-fiving us and I we did a little meet and greet impromptu thing at the Lincoln Memorial and about a hundred people showed up just out of nowhere and it's like these people are just trying to figure shit out there not white supremacist they're not right they don't hate women it is literally nothing that they say because they want clicks and the way they get clicks and you know the way to get places they say the absolute reverse from the truth it's not

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why a little bit like a little eye I think nobody would even pick up on it we're all these little categories Reich homophobia transphobia sexism freaking night I asked me to be doing so I basically do like 15 minutes to stand up up top he doesn't hour and a half and then we do a Q&A together and we bring out all of these things and every night to clear it up and sometimes I have people bust out their phone and I'll be like one of you guys record this tonight let's get it out on Twitter where he takes down the all right because he hates the identity politics of the right as much as the identity politics of the left I mean I think the reason we are focused on the thing of the left is because it has encompassed culture and media and politics and what you're allowed to say in and universities and all that so it makes more sense to focus on that the little slow

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of it that's on the right it's shity it's horrible you should not look at your skin color as some great thing that makes you better or is that racist right now I think the left is far more racist than the right at this moment in racism you happen to be white I know nothing about you by the color of your skin I know about Joe Rogan because I watch the show I listen to the show we've done this several times and weekend for the hours that we're going to sit here and now we can dive as deep into any issue and that's the only way that I can sensibly judge you but the idea that you will look at people that you would look at a black person in my purse will be sitting there or Muslim person be sitting there a trans person sitting there and you go I have even an inkling of what you think because of that immutable characteristic that is actual racism that is prejudging right judging first before you know somebody so I have a much bigger issue with that because that hasn't

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acted everything in American society right now. What are they don't think the left is necessarily that way either I mean there's a real issue right with people that only identify with other women women that only identify with women and don't care about men there's a real issue with people that are only American they don't care about the rest of the world but I think we left it's doing this is the right is doing this I think it's just tribal it's just as weird thing that human beings tend to gravitate towards tribes for sure we can I talk about things usually from a little more of a political and then I think you do so down however you want two parts that tribalism right so yes

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or you're either basically you're basically for Freedom your for the individual to live freely however they see fit or you believe that the government should engineer things and that there should be Central planning so the people I think that's always shity thinking people that say that the government should engineer things they're just looking for a solution and then they think the government should handle it so yeah we're going to go to go to the government and what you going to do is going to fix it, it's filled with people like we don't have our own individual solution so we don't have a solution that is human just as human beings objective human beings looking at problem why would we ever think that elected officials these these people that are for the most part full of shit good just trying to say whatever they can say that's going to appease both the special interest groups and the lobbyists and the people that are helping them get into place people ignore

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for them and you know and then just sort of like skirt around all the other issues that are controversial to the point where they can get into office try and lose weight

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I don't know any of them I mean Johnson libertarian candidate you know libertarian candidate Rand Paul should be if he really had the balls to be what he is a takedown you could do two hours with him and he'd be a lot better in a lot of ways but he should be the guy but he doesn't have the balls to do it because he wants to maintain being a Republican senator in Kentucky and he's not going to do it if you have to leave the party but if but I've seen a major shift I think in Republicans or at least conservatives or generally people on the right whatever you want to call that thing there is a massive libertarian streak that is alive and then right now which is why most of the people that I like these days that I get along with that I think are are fair and decent and honest are pretty much libertarian

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return to libertarian libertarian classical liberal is what I get more than anything else cuz I say I'm a classical liberal which basically means you believe in the individual the sovereignty of the individual is the simple most important thing it is your life it is your duty to do what you see fit the government is supposed to do pretty much nothing other than protect your life so it's supposed to have an army and police and stuff like that and then really just lazy Faire economics and then the difference between classical liberal and libertarian is how far do you want to go with the government so I think there is some utility for the state but the more I do this the more I have these conversations and I talked to Aunt Captain Andrea Libertarians and all that

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I find it hard to defend the state at almost any level at this point but I do think that because I don't want to live in Mad Max Fury Road just yet although we may be heading there I still will defend the state at some level but I would take everything should be local we have an incredible experiment here with 50 states if your state taxes too high move go somewhere else as if your state doesn't have good education you can go somewhere else if you don't like the weather somewhere but the second we make everything Federal and this is what it's not just the left this is what people who were using lazy thinking that you referred to they think we should just have one law that we should all live exactly the same no matter where it where we are geographically no matter what our religion or would however we set our set of uses that is a nightmare that is a nightmare for a totalitarian state because if the federal government if one government controls everything guess what if you don't like it you got to leave the country you know go to Mexico go to Canada you probably won't like it they're really referring to like this in terms of states rights

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do care about you states rights over here but we live in California we are tax out the fucking was you I bought a house last year it's my first time at 41 years old that I own property in America I made it I own property I don't have to tell you about my property taxes they're insane there absurdly absurdly that's the price you pay for living I could move to Texas and the property taxes would be way low and maybe because they don't taxes much the schools aren't as good or series better things but that's the beauty of the foot boat you can go this is an experiment this thing in America who is against that anyone that wants to keep giving more power to the federal government which is pretty much everybody these days pretty much everybody in mainstream certainly all of the Democrats all of you know the mainstream set of Democrats and the Bernie and the progressive crew they would love for the federal government to control everything and that is an absolute nightmare

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control everything like how so they want to control all economics to Department of Education figure out all the environmental regulations all of those things I would kick back everything to the states let the states decide if you don't like it get going I mean that's it that's a beautiful thing if you if you really care about marijuana and you live in Alabama right now and it's not legal guess what go to Colorado go to California I mean that's that's how you influence things because you can move your family your value whatever you bring to your community in your life everything better right now it's in California just kept acting Higher and Higher and kept screwing up a lot of biscuit on that's going wrong in the state eventually Joe Rogan might be like you know I just built this freaking Kick-Ass new studio here I'm now paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes and all. You might want to try it somewhere else where they're going to tax you less but that's the beauty of the things you want to leave the country so that the federal government should pretty much do nothing it should make sure we're not warring with each other that the states are

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Waring that's about MN protective orders beyond that it doesn't have to do a lot leave it to the states let it look if you had a problem here you know your sewage leak right outside you want the federal government to deal with that or do you want the local municipality to deal with that you want everything to be as local as possible because that's how you influence thing and that's how you as an individual will be empowered and that's all I'm saying this clamoring for the government to take care of everything when you hear you heard a little bit of from Bernie but I just think again a lot of that is like it it's not doing it now so the idea is that the solution to be of the government takes over we take more rich people's taxes you know any deal spout off about income inequality and take that money and redistribute it and then somehow or another that's going to fix everything but it's not you just go to make government bigger you can have more jobs you can have more job in government

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I mean that's the thing it's like big block you want to get free college education about free stuff it's not free I mean that this should this is just stupid lazy thinking to say it is free it's not fair you got to pay the janitor and you got to pay the professors and every other day mean free for students and their the idea being that our taxes instead of going towards the military they would go towards education think it's free but it's not for you obviously have to pay for it but I think McDonald's said within 5 years it's all going to be iPads go to have to McDonald's and you know fast food places in airports now it's all iPad so if you the more you're going to the government which done do anything right or well or efficiently the more you're going to spend more on employees with an all these businesses are just going to figure out ways which they should do I mean that's Ingenuity right they will figure out ways to save cost save expenses and then less

► 00:22:01

people will be hired and then at the same time we're going to be subsidizing all these people to go to college wear off in college their learning nothing and gender studies and and all of these other crazy classes and we're just have to set of people who have no real skills and we're going to set up businesses that will never want to hire them because the government is going to tell them how much they pay I mean you have employees here you don't you pay them what you think is fair and if they don't want to do it they don't have to but imagine if the government came in and was like yo you can have to pay your guys this amount ridiculous would love to work for you for free I'm sure you get emails every day as I do I don't want to I don't want people to work for me for free but like beef and you should be able to do whatever with your business and your property that you want to close it I think we get real

► 00:22:54

there's a lot of cliche terms and one of them is like that people go to college or studying gender studies or lesbian dance Theory but how much of that is really happen if it's very small exist in some weird States like I'm sure you're aware that lady who's the professor from Fresno State who got in trouble recently so many of them which one was there is some big lady was talking about the shit it's just she said she could never get fired and they didn't fire just a lot of them a lot of really wacky professors out there that do have tenure. Some banana stuff here and she's not going to go anywhere there's universities all over the country they're constantly teaching kids I mean for the most part these are there it's a small percentage it's a small percentage but they have way over influence on the amount of people they have scared the majority into silence I mean I don't know how often you're doing colleges these days but I don't have it all I'm doing them all the time

► 00:23:56

what I find so I did this thing at University of New Hampshire WE Post saw it so look for stuff what they did what they were supposed to be about 300 people there so they at first because of the protesters the school said we can secure it protesting about Charlie Kirk from turning point Robbins. I don't even know that they all over there to protest me specifically but anyway that day was the day that Candice and Charlie ended up on TMZ with Kanye so they bailed on me and just left who have me for the wall they were on TMZ with Kanye just couple weeks ago Bay Kanye showed up at the TMZ offices with them so they just showed up with him and they blew off there there's good appearance what it was. It was me and University New Hampshire Kane and TMZ yeah but they had a schedule like they're supposed to be there and they just decided not to so the people like paid

► 00:24:55

to have you come right there and they were supposed to be paid to go to come to think of it I can get more money for this that is ridiculous the whole thing's ridiculous that they would just blow that off it's like it that's a gig no blow off the gig because Connie wants to go on the gossip show hide all this kid gets better for me right now on TV Guide his business a little shady. But but the whole thing behind it is you don't you don't cancel a gig because he got another gig that you think is better for you last minute that's terrible what's that phrase man the The Show Must Go On supposed to go on for sure so I saw you getting it was that the lady that

► 00:25:53

they were slamming on shit they were screaming it's so ridiculous like you would let them talk and they didn't have anything to say to me the best part of the heat that is so this is where you might say okay that the minority of students but think how they affect the majority that meant that the University of New Hampshire is a pretty solid School in the Live Free or state Live Free or Die State bright they could not secure because I'm showing up a room on their campus that's already a massive loss right whatever the hell that means Twitter chat or other night Candice and the other guy are gone it's just you the gay libertarian guy and they're like to dangerous dangerous crazy what it what is he going to say we're going to have to silence him well I flip the script on their heads I mean that that's what it comes down to like they don't know what the fuck to make to me because I don't play their game but I'm

► 00:26:56

just doing what I think is right I don't think I'm a freaking rocket scientist I don't think I'm some massive intellectual I think I'm someone that can communicate these ideas pretty well and I hope we will talk about it but I'm back and stand up now like I'm doing I'm just doing what I think is right on this planet while I'm here that's it and so when you do the speech is what do you do when you go to these colleges so so I get up there so they move it from this from the University 300C true they move it to a hockey rink of 7500 seats so think I would serve 300 people apparently they didn't apparently like another hundred supporters mine showed up but they didn't even let them and even though they were roughly 7100 empty seats why would they let him in I don't know what happened to every College thing like nobody knows who's in charge anymore you know just like this big klusterfuk anyway so they put up you know like a step-and-repeat with the Turning Point symbol behind me and I'm doing my thing

► 00:27:54

and I'm like what the hell am I doing like this is ridiculous is that conservative think tank things about the largest conservative College non-profit what country sponsored by them Charlie Charlie runs Turning Point seriously will watch for them to figure out why they did anyway 7000 empty seat I do my thing I talked for about a half hour and I knew they were busy those kids were there to listen and agree or disagree with a married guy who's Pro potties pro-euthanasia against the death penalty for reforming the prison system I'm pro-choice like I can go on and on about the Libra pray that you and I don't get anymore and there their they're reporting what are they what are they mad at you for what

► 00:28:53

they don't know they just want you to Bow forever they don't come to listen right they want to silence you that's it they just want to sign on to you about what is it that they oppose that you're saying literally every time I would they would scream or they start robotically you know they set timers and then they robotically chant the problem or just some other nine said no problem but I'd look at them right now and be like I'm standing right in front of you do you have a question for me there's something that I said that upset you any of that and they can't respond they I mean they just can't respond because they're not there to exchange ideas they believe they are oppressed and they both ate and I always go up there what do I say at every College thing I go

► 00:29:38

think about it do you think you have it worse than your grandparents I want everyone in this room to think about your grandparents right now and 99.9% of people in America right now have it better than their grandparents at it I'm sure you have a better than your grandparents had that I better than my grandparents had it all of these kids are at University of New Hampshire studying whatever the hell they want to study they have it better than their Grandma's put up the power of thinking that you were oppressed the power of thinking that the world is Warped against you is it's a drug it is truly a drug I want anything on that so it turns out that you see the exchange I got in with the Trans woman yes so it turns so this trans want me to tell him to go fuck myself and whatever she saying and screaming along with everyone upset about what cuz I mention the Jordan Peterson pronoun thing and I said I want trans people to be treated equally under the law I want to be respected I hope you find I literally said they're looking right at her I hope I hope you find someone that loves you and your life I mean all I want you to be as equal and happy as anybody else on this planet that is what I want for you she's still

► 00:30:39

tell me to go fuck myself it turns out I didn't know this whole week later I found this out about a week ago she's a professor of gender studies at University of New Hampshire that is part of the protesters and she's like tweeting the thing about alright Dave Rubin I mean so that's where when when people think it's this little thing it's yeah it's this little thing that's that's metastasizing it's spreading like a cancer and I truly believe that identity politics that this thing I think he's the biggest threat to to the Westin to Freedom that exists did you communicate with her at all I can hear her from with my mic did she exchange say what she has a problem so she can get some water I saw it and I just was like all poor Dan was he dealing with

► 00:31:31

I realize that there's one so there's one moment and I never lost my cool cuz it's like the 20 kids and they just kept going and going so I sarcastically said it I was like guys shut the fuck up and it got a big laugh and then I repeated it a couple times but then I realized that when the school newspaper wrote about it they said and then Dave Rubin told him to shut the fuck up that it's like how you print shut the fuk up it's very different than shut the fuk up my want my 1 lesson in there she didn't want anything from you she want to be bad for doing that because if you are doing that you're you're disrupting a performance you mean I'm sure you would have a Q&A with those people ready to be happy to do that dude after half hour I opened it up for you in a slice of the rest the last hour to get to that with her

► 00:32:36

I said to her I know I did it several people I'm pretty sure she was to do you have a question for me I think her last name was your your I hate you or something to that effect this is a professor issue but she should be disqualified for teaching she's in a logical thinker this is not what you want raising your children but essentially that's what they are there still children you got this fucking dummy who can't focus enough to have a coherent argument there yelling out in the middle of your performance yeah by the way for the record the authorities are the police or the campus safety whatever it was did at one point try to have some people sit down and be quiet and I was like guys don't worry about it cuz it's like yeah I guess we could escalate it to that point where I'm at the way I don't even want this video to be released when they video tape is I did not want it to be released cuz I don't want to add fuel to the fire I'm trying to fix some of these products part of the problem but is it this become something that they know they can get a video of if they go to your next performance in interrupt you but you know what I don't think they want one person

► 00:33:39

go to their site I don't think one screaming lunatic who who did not come to respect me even though I was there to respect them I don't think they want anybody I think I actually want a lot of people to my side and I think I mean I know it cuz I've received any emails about it I know what you're saying but I don't think it's about winning to your side I think it's about other lunatics that realize there's an opportunity to get attention if they go to your show and yell things out that's why we ended up putting the video up because a couple of them would put up his little clip to very selectively edited that made it seem like I was doing things that I wasn't like I was silencing them or just some other nonsense so then finally I was like all right if this is the way the internet is and it just is and we'll just put up the whole thing I needed it even though I had 10 minutes before I said guys don't even record this I said don't even record this because because Charlie and Candice and showed up and I was like it's ridiculous I got seven thousand empty seats by me but then once people start playing that game you can either just be the bitch which I refuse to be or you can fight back yeah it's a weird place to be because

► 00:34:39

know what they're doing in their essentially just trying to rile you up and if they're not willing to have a real dialogue with you there just yelling fuck Dave Rubin that really should disqualify you for being a teacher and that's that's the worst way to communicate you're demonstrating that you're thinking sucks and that you want to teach about gender studies but yet you know you you're you're interrupting or, if you're trying to claim transphobia or whatever the fuck he she is trying to claim she to sheet right she's a trans woman but you was a man complete respect like that's the thing date they truly they want you they want to put their foot on your neck and had to stay there forever and that's why every time now that somebody mainstream write something about you half the time they're calling you a conservative because they don't know what the fuck to do with this guy who's talking about drugs and all the crazy shit you're talking about all the time but also

► 00:35:38

woke enough to actually identify there is a problem here with what's happening in the mainstream so they they can't categorize Us in any sensible way especially because me and you also because of the nature of what we do we sit from people that are a little scary you know what I mean like you've had Jones on iPad molyneux on I can ride cernovich I'm at the at the beginning and I'm sure you had plenty of other controversial people and it's like so they there's a hard way that they want to look at the two of us more than other people because we buy the nature of our jobs by the nature of how we exist that's a threat if you want to control the way everybody thinks yeah you're not supposed to give people a platform that's what I keep hearing that people kept hitting me on it's like you don't want any gatekeeping you'll talk to anybody never said I won't talk to anybody but I'm a general believer that you let ideas out there what is wrong with talking to me

► 00:36:39

it's always been with people have done there always been interviews with controversial people that's what happens when you stop talking to people but there's a lot of people I mean I look a lot of people were pissed you smoke pot with jumps right you smoke without a seriously Twisted crazyshit there is no doubt about it the Sandy Hook stuff and I didn't know about the Sandy Hook stop by the way before we did the podcast I do believe the bunch of stupid conspiracy but I didn't know that he was saying that those kids never died or that it was a little change the equation for you and I would have talked about it right away I would have been like the fuck are you talking about those kids are dead like there's a guy that was a it was a terrible story about a guy who is a conspiracy theorist before Sandy Hook that is kid died at Sandy Hook and a bunch of people were threatening him and calling him a crisis actor and saying his kid never died and then he realize how insane

► 00:37:39

it really ask people looking for conspiracy everywhere that I keep hearing about Anthony Bourdain that Bourdain was going to expose some child pedophile ring and that's why they suicided damn it's fucking stupid man without going down fully on that road there is one odd thing about the same thing which is just a few weeks to Hillary Clinton like machine or something and he was talking about the same people that Harvey Weinstein used wood that were is really wasn't Black Cube or some shit Siri find the Tweet because he was basically saying that Donald Trump's people use the same people that Harvey Weinstein used Sarah Israeli intelligence group to another something that Harvey done to his victims where he was trying to sign on some by scaring them

► 00:38:39

what these these Israeli mercenary type folks had some crazy thing with his girlfriend Weasley fully invested in her battle with Harvey Weinstein do you know what about Ronan Farrow what about all the people that wrote the story what about all the people that are accusing him of rape fucked he's going to jail it's the walls are caving in don't even have anymore I mean this is fucking stupid thinking it's not it's not that it's impossible for someone who will want to hire someone to kill someone I don't think that's what happened I think he killed himself and I think it's a terrible terrible tragedy and I think it's really disrespectful to have all these

► 00:39:39

dumb speculative ideas because their sport in conspiracies it's a sport it's gained is a hobby that people have it looking to fuck it I'm looking for the truth bro I'm going to fucking close the gaps distances it it's just what it is manati Illuminati II you think you got it that means you had his right here okay here it is hold on really quick I've been on the receiving end of her operatives wrath and it ain't fun right that's my bad on my way goes operatives okay I don't know but like he was the thing is Hillary Clinton was before the track before the Scandal happened there's a lot of photos of Hillary Clinton hanging out with Weinstein Meryl Streep for sure

► 00:40:38

another Stone so after everything you just said in a little bit would you have him on again the first thing we talked about you know I've been friends since 1998 I've known for a long time I don't think he's a bad guy but I think he's very wrong about a lot of things he's very misguided about a lot of things and I think he loves conspiracies there is a bunch of people in this country that love to make the glove to connect the dots and find conspiracies in fucking everything everything that there is and sometimes the right and Alex has been right definitely it's been right about a bunch of things he was right about the World Trade Organization particular about when they were using agent provocateurs to disrupt protests and make them violent protests by Smashing windows and he documented all of it all these people were none of them were arrested they were all but they all went to one safe house and then negotiate with the police in the release download military

► 00:41:38

reissue Footwear like he's got all these these documents from people that worked inside either police or law enforcement that say that there is a standard practice this is existed for a long time and when you have peaceful protest and you can't do anything about it the best way to do something about it to take that peaceful protest and turn it in on peaceful day going to pretend I want the protesters to start smashing Windows flipping over cars and then you move the cops and then it shut the protest down so you essentially shut the peaceful protesters down by introducing non-peaceful and these are military operative Caesar people there working for the government or working for whoever the fuck decides to pull the trigger on this and this is real this is happened when there's a lot of people saying that's happening with Tommy Robinson protests in the UK right now I don't know enough about that story other than the fact that a bunch of people are mad at me on Twitter but not talking about

► 00:42:35

something about he was he was filming outside of a trial of Muslim pedophiles that were there use grooming gangs grooming gang I don't want to do this as if I'm the freaking lawyer of the whole thing but in effect he was filming outside of the the trial for these this group of men that are raped and they're raping like 12 and 13 year old girls basically there on trial he had already been on probation or something for something else and you're not allowed to film outside of court house so technically I suppose he is in jail now for the right reason but there's a lot of people think he's not going to survive being a Jedi like I had the guy on my show if I didn't know anything about this thing I know I know shit to do have kids I just don't know I don't know what's going on why people go out

► 00:43:36

fuck I know I love you I love that would you sit outside on Twitter for 6 hours and people start screaming at you like you're about to I'm just now in case you think I am I'm not giving you shit for doing I'm just curious because I think part of the article that that Barry Weiss Road in the times about us she was talking about that and there's a line in there where she said you know if you talk to these people meaning Jones and crnkovich and Molly that you're either cynical or stupid and effect that was that was a shot at me and you wasn't shot anybody else because they don't have to talk to other people you know what I mean like I love Eric and Bret Weinstein they don't sell no more sweet we can probably find one but I think it was you have to be cynical or stupid I would argue that are you against that because I don't think you have to be to be a person talking to someone

► 00:44:35

giving someone apply for my Garmin have Ted Nugent on the podcast right. Everything he's ever said the Candace Owens I don't agree with everything can to someone says I don't have it a lot and this is nothing wrong with having a conversation like that in fact it's Illuminating here at the Times peace okay it says it seems to me that if you're willing to sit across from an Alex Jones or Mike cernovich and take him seriously there's a high probability that your reason for shorting the IDW is he an ability of certain members to see this is a fatal error Sans about me but I have a list right

► 00:45:29

if you saying I'm taking him seriously I got Alex high and drunk and he started talking about interdimensional child molesters like if anything it showed people who he really is like I've known the guy for ever I party with that dude I've had him come to my comedy shows we've got fucked up and ran around the town and went to bars to get it back before everybody knew who he was too. We could go places he's a fun. I don't believe everything he believes I think he's silly in a lot of ways but I like a lot of people that I don't agree with I don't have to agree with them I didn't know about his Sandy Hook tonight if I did it would have been the first thing I pressed him on when I talk to him I want to do it with my crazy friend Eddie Bravo cuz he believes every fucking conspiracy theories together and it was the klusterfuk that I hoped it would be a good thing about it is it showed people who else really is that showed a side of him that you just don't get from his infowar show you get to see him

► 00:46:30

I am laughing and drunk and pounded whiskey and fucking around and people like oh I can see why you like that car I can see why he's fun we had a good time together things in the idea that this is only red or white that it is 1 or 0 to Binary that's ridiculous your position I think I think she's doing a smart thing because she's a writer for the New York Times I do have a lot of ridiculous people on and you have had ridiculous people on here but she left at ABIA if you take them Susie I do not take Alex Jones is opinion on interdimensional child molester seriously I don't soros's giving the marijuana fucking dosage recommendation that I don't know what to do with her now

► 00:47:30

she apologized upset George Soros was a Nazi or something he was captured by the Nazis

► 00:47:39

well anyway this is this game. This gatekeeping thing I'd I just think it's interesting because if we're going to do what we do well at whatever level we do it it's like we're going to have to talk to people that people don't like listen CNN Primetime you know the OJ Simpson lawyers on on Monday he could have a Castro Seinfeld on Tuesday he could have a magician on Wednesday could have Lucille Ball if she was still alive on Thursday and then you know George the Secretary of State or something so no one thought he endorsed all of those ideas were friends with all those people but I think somehow now because because this feels like your home mine is actually in my home the way we are we're different we're friendlier we're not sitting here with no cards and with I have bees and and and all that

► 00:48:38

even though I think we both you a hell of a fucking professional show that I think we're both really proud of I think because of that they think now you're seeing the real them or soda or something like that like it really sucks is why I decided to a podcast in the first place cuz I wanted to be able to do whatever I wanted along the line it became something different and along the line I became not just talking my friends became talking to people that are famous or interesting people are professors or riders or whatever it is I'm going to do whatever the fuck I want and that's why I'm doing this I'm going to do whatever the fuck I want if I want to talk to if you don't like who I'm talking to it's super simple you just don't listen to that episode and go all right people you think your balance out because you have Abby Martin on once a year I just think I talk to people you know I talk to a lot of people there's I like talking to people I like talking to people I agree with

► 00:49:38

and I can usually talk to people I disagree with I get something out of that too yeah where are you the thing that you just said there that like you did exactly what you set out to do I don't know that you fully set out to do it this way but you did it like this thing that you have created is so it is so what you wanted to do whether you unfairly got it or not but like you created it it's it's awesome like I'm I'm doing it out of I think a lower level than you are but I'm very aware of that that like I somehow I hated what the system was offering and I was like I got to do something that feels right for me and I bought some cuz I didn't come out for a place like I need a gig I came out from a place like to be fun the other settings professional commentator for the UFC to this wasn't like when I came I mean I did it for years for zero money for years because I just did it for fun like literally for fat dude once a week have fun sit down have some Comics over smoke some

► 00:50:38

talk some shit have a couple of laughs and then next thing you know I've got Graham Hancock on and now you know next thing you know I've got Bourdain on and I've got you know that this professor in this author and then got weirder and weirder but it just to me it's just what's interesting times people that and I've never looked at it like like like there's anything I have to do I've never looked at it like that I'm driving just deal with like Melissa be cool all that guy sounds cool let me get him have this guy might be interesting I like to talk to that dude I want to find out about sleep I want to find out about exercise I want to find out about dying I want to find out about his finances really where I want talk to Peter Schiff tell me how this works out what do you do in Puerto Rico to pick the brain uninterrupted with no distractions to sit down and talk

► 00:51:38

someone for hours at a time you learned a lot about yourself you learn, Sam much better much better at talking to people being sensitive and open-minded and being a considerate and and listening and that's a big thing listening and communicating with people not just waiting for my time to talk but communicating with people it's like I feel like conversation is a lost art with a lot of folks and I've gotten way way better at it over the whatever many years 9 years 9 years of doing the show at the beginning but I just am doing what I think is right when I see you like the garage I hate that I'll get online for this or that or just you know it's the same thing it's just these people that just Angeles you want to hate on everything and all that she was like if you're spending all day long hating on me like I'm doing what I'm doing is the real problem. Everything I said for the first 10 minutes

► 00:52:35

like even if it really is am I really the biggest problem here that people all day long to vote in Twitter account people that make accounts all day long like what are you doing cycling all the time if that I shouldn't know that that's happening that's the part of the problem is your you sort of indulging it be paying attention to it it's just too many can't pay attention at all dude I was in a sensory deprivation tank just to 3 days ago thanks to you I've been doing it more I was just in one of these infrared saunas I'm doing I know I'm doing all my August off the great I did it last August just literally nothing I locked my phone in a safe really locked my phone in the safe for 30 days call Lily TV no nothing Off the Grid August we had some Ruben something rubenesque something Riley off your dog it sound like that but I'm going to do it for now on I'm doing that every August really yeah I am completely shutting down I'm working on this book that I started laugh

► 00:53:38

August and I get so crazy but I have to pick it up again in August I've been writing and now I'm on the road what's up

► 00:53:44

I mean I do want to go too far and put it in a fact it's when I get that prageru video about why I left the left that's sort of the Genesis of it of a sort of giving people a little bit of a road map what is a prageru video on our way to spray a conservative on economic and foreign policy yet so I did one year and a half ago February of last year I had actually never said the phrase why I left the left but I just talked about my frustrations with the left and why I believe in freedom and liberty they titled it why I left the left and actually the first the first half hour when it dropped I was pissed because I was like man did they just like blowing my gig like I really felt at that time I feel a little differently now that I was trying to fix the left from within or at least have conversations as someone that was one of

► 00:54:46

these people like that's why I was focusing on the lip all these liberals from where my people this is the thing that I grew up in that I always believed in so the fact that they did that first half hour I was like fuck like did the did I just get booted out and then quickly I realize that video went went so viral if their number one viewed video on YouTube that I was like you know what I have to just kind of embrace this and then again it goes back to the label thing it doesn't really matter whether you left the last three whether you're a Libertarian or classical liberal the rest of it but I have the book of like just how do you escape this sort of Monolithic totalitarian thinking and how do you just be whoever you are and how does that how does being an individual basically lead you to being happy because I think that's actually the only way that you can be happy I think that that's it you have to eat oats most cliche thing ever it's what Peterson's telling these people every night that thousands and thousands and thousands of people are showing up every night and he talks about the individual he talks about Stan

► 00:55:46

substrate you know clean your room like these things will sound silly at some level and the more that I'm with the guy it's like he is giving these people saying that has just been so lost like so absolutely lost people think you can just be pathetic blame the system everything else is somebody else's fault you should be giving you shit all of this stuff and it's like that every movie any movie whatever your 10 favorite movies are is it about a guy who just was like off the world sucks and what the fuck am I going to do on somebody's somebody else's fault know every great movie whatever you guys got a problem and guess what he does how's the problem and that's what you're supposed to do this is an adventure this this life the individual like being an individual's the only way to be happy what do you mean by that that well first off that we should only be judged as individual that's it so remove all the immutable characteristics I'm gay big damn weapon you got any specific questions for me on that like

► 00:56:41

right but like you not like that just saying that means nothing other than you can figure out who I sleep right okay that's it as individuals and you have to just figure out what is right for you so for all the people that I disagree with that are sort of like big government Lefty's in my life I get why that you need maybe need a little more of that if you live in a big city where you might need more noise regulations that if you lived in the freaking if you live in the middle of Idaho on a farm or whatever it's like if that's the life that you want to live in fight for that but what we're doing now is this collected this craziness is causing people to be unable to think clearly so like Huffington Post yesterday wrote a thing about how you have to choose between being for gay people or is that I think it was for the queer people or for Chick-fil-A not happen because of Jack is Jack in trouble

► 00:57:37

Dad O'Brien was like you tweeted that on gay pride month I don't like this Chick Fil A receipt not allowed to like it yeah you better not like Chick-fil-A cuz that means Chick-fil-A Chick-fil-A there and weeded out the bank and it's like I like chicken sandwiches every time I've gone into a Chick-fil-A the people are going to find you one fast food restaurant is that too bad so that's what he did that's one of our sponsors you 10% boots at Chick-fil-A was applied they were charged 2843 Chick-fil-A gay pride hero boost and then attack Chick-fil-A Soledad O'Brien showed who showed him who's boss

► 00:58:41

and and you know you do this so you're evil it it's ruining the fabric of society it really is eat chicken if you like chicken don't eat it if you don't like it but that's what individualism it's about if you want to make the choice if you think that whatever Chick-fil-A is doing to gay people wear their secretly doing a gave you if you think that's illegal even though by the way during the Pulse Nightclub shooting at the gay club in Florida when 51 people were killed they gave free food to everybody but if you think they hate gay people that much then don't shop there but you don't have to bring everybody else into doing everything that you want them to do that's actually the reverse of Freedom could see people if they're saying that Chick-fil-A is a homophobic institution that you shouldn't doors Chick-fil-A particularly if your game is not that I know of

► 00:59:38

okay so it's not that I don't know either but he clearly is an influencer and I think that the cash app if I had to guess we just a sponsor this podcast they're very active in sponsoring podcast they probably have some sort of an endorsement deal with him got his why you did that so it was a financial thing for the cash app that shows so we don't know about that specifically but if they were bringing him to do what I mean that's for him to that's that's for him as an individual to decide I am going to accept his mother is damn and I'm here with you hello voice exactly to where we started with this going there is this loud group of people and most of them have some sort of odd influencing media they're all of these blue check BuzzFeed 4000 Twitter follower people that reads

► 01:00:39

all of the Articles of the people like them at Salon in boxing BuzzFeed in the middle and they make it seem like all hysterical crazy people and I simply don't believe that I believe that most people I would say the vast majority of people probably I mean I think it's something crazy like 80% of people I think are good decent people who just want people to live they want you can fuck who you want to fuck you can smoke what you want to smoke you can't do it on my property you can't take what's mine you can't force me to bake a cake or do any of those things but you can go out allow people to live as they see fit I think that's what most people are and that's why they're such a pushback that the answer to the Peterson think Peterson said I'm not going to use pronouns that the government forces me to use that's all that's what put them on the map it's also there's so many of them they got so silly with that made sense that someone was pushing back to 78 different gender pronouns and you're obviously dealing with people that are being silly

► 01:01:33

the nearest message and where was it at what year was at the kid show is the field cash app to

► 01:01:52

I just think that that's a tricky one that's the that's different he's a guy promoting something on one of the things that he owns in a pride Mouse ears

► 01:02:15

really like it just so what so what is it that they so I guess I one point they were against gay marriage and maybe they still are now who knows what every video dead I think the CEO that was like super his wishes though and keep it close on Sunday still

► 01:02:36

so somebody should be opening a chicken sandwich. Drew gay in solidarity on a sandwich every time I've gone into Chick-fil-A when you got a chick late are they nice or not yes or no in there twice and are they nice okay yeah yeah I don't know man I just don't think that I don't think there's that much outrage I think there's a business an outrage though and they're certainly a business a lot of people that write these articles and did the the Jordan Peterson thing has been very Illuminating to me because I watch them misrepresent his positions on so many different things and call him so many horrible names transphobic racist all right all these different things and in do so with you know with no justification of rationalization will you look at the actual article and they don't they don't post to what he actually said it's like that woman in the

► 01:03:40

debates what was it called oh yeah I think that you know that he doesn't want her to where he doesn't think she should be able to wear makeup at work he's like I never said that she said that I can Google it about yeah that's that's upsetting to me that you know that bothers me more than anything that is dishonest it's a hundred percent dishonest she knew he did not say that they were he was having an intellectual exercise an interviewer and it's just gotten him in trouble is his openness to discuss things with question which is bad I don't? I don't know I don't know if we can work together we've only been doing it for 40 years I don't know why do women wear makeup in the workplace why do women wear short skirts and high heeled why do they I don't think he's saying you can

► 01:04:41

do that you shouldn't be able to do that he's saying why he saying that there's obvious realities when you turn on CNN why is it that Jake Tapper Anderson Cooper Wolf Blitzer and the rest of the men are all in suit they dress exactly the same Anderson for a little more tailored but yeah everybody know where every single woman dresses they all wear dresses with cut-off sleeves that right there a spray tan they all have Gorgeous Hair lipstick blah blah blah why isn't walking in there with that we're going to have to cut off I didn't look like Netflix special I have a whole bit about it about women on Fox News versus men on Foxon watching with the sound off smoking pot and act like it's some sort of a wildlife show differently women put on lipstick to look attractive why do you work out Joe Rogan cuz I don't kill people I don't want to be angry

► 01:05:37

feel good you want to be in a body that is work well as all the time and to think that's because of your not that I agree that it isn't loud minority but what I what I think maybe we're having a little different is that I think this thing has spread in a way it is so easy to believe this nonsense this object dribble that it is in it is infecting young people at an alarming rate but by the way there's a lot of hopeful size on this cuz now they're doing all these studies that the generation right after Millennials so the kids that are like you know like 15 now that they're actually more conservative now because they see all this is absolute hysteria so I think there is we are getting like a little bit of a rubber band effect on this thing and I think things are shifting into normal see you that's why people are listening to your show and listening to Sam's podcast and everything else I think there's an issue with people commenting on things that other people were saying and just sort of jumping in

► 01:06:40

not having the other person there to discuss these subjects with it particularly like why do women wear makeup at work why do women dress the way they dressed I think if you sat if you were sitting down with Jordan talking about it he's willing to engage in these subjects with a very very broad canvas and he's willing to look at all the various aspects of them because as a legitimate intellectual that's what he's doing it's an intellectual exercise in discussion of cultural norms like why do women wear the shoes where you can see their toes in the in the workplace words of a guy showed up with flip flops on you like Mike the fuck were at work here get out of here with this bullshit outfit women wear very little clothes in comparison to the way men do on these shows and I don't think there's anything wrong with the discussion the problem is framing it as if he saying you shouldn't be able to

► 01:07:40

if someone got on TV and said you shouldn't be able to wear makeup at work you shouldn't be able to dress like that that would be a problem so think about what these guys are doing in effect so right so you're saying that Jordan's taking basically a decent but potentially confusing position but it's but it's basically right decision and let's have a conversation so when they write all these hippies and then why do they do it because you know they just did the release this study about journalist and they're basically all paid like 45 Grand a year and they're alcoholics you know just broadly speaking and they just want all these sick they want their jobs and they realize that these websites that are faking as journalists speaking of places of Journalism that they're just trying to hold on to their jobs as long as they can but if you're one of these people what's a great way to keep your job there's a guy out here who sold over a million copies of his book on tour selling at Beacon Theater in blah blah blah all over the world peace on cuz guess what that's a hell of a lot more traffic than writing something something honest so that's part of the game and you

► 01:08:40

I discussed this many times including on stage with him why does he keep retweeting the Articles his belief is Mom still here I'm still here I have expose them and I'm still here and if anything I'm bigger because now it was a guy who's his friend yeah I know he's pissed about that one that was a weird one because the guys argument was shit it was like I was like why I think Jordan Peterson is dangerous dangerous you didn't explain why the chances like that if you write something like that it doesn't make any sense now I'm going to discredit your opinion then I got to think about I'm not going to let me listen to this intelligent person's perspective I'm going to go this is that silly fuck that I'm that dumb idea about Jordan Peterson I feel like it was just it was some sort of a rationalization for him getting attention to Virtue signal over what Peterson Assange didn't make any sense I don't think I actually read that that full one but I know that your eyes

► 01:09:38

if I'm if it made any sense to me. Nothing you got nothing in that what you just did

► 01:09:45

kids are accurately that's the problem when people don't represent the opinions accurately set up a straw man and that attacked the straw man and then have his quick baby title look all you just need a hug you need to tell me what it is yet but I'm telling you man tour

► 01:10:03

it has been a freaking love Fest every night when I go up there and I'm warming up the crowd and I'm doing silly lobster jokes and you know some of his other Buzz words are all talk about me a couple jokes about Kathy new man or like some other silly things so sore like I do like a butter roll on those like 5 different hero or Sam or whatever people go crazy and what's what I'm realizing about it is all of these people think about all the people that however many hundreds of thousands of people are watching this or listening to this right now and how many millions will you know in the next two weeks or whatever most of them are doing it alone right there watching on their phone or they listening on their iPad whatever it is or your maybe watching with your boyfriend or girlfriend the most people experience in the in the world and what we do now imagine it's like when you do stand up now 3,000 people piled into this place and you can look around and go

► 01:11:01

there's some other people like me and they're not bad people and actually what I found is that these people look good they dress right like I'm not to make it all that material stuff but like they look like people who are trying to get their shit together and I think I said it to you right before we sat down but at this moment I truly feel like like the best that I've ever been I really do and it's partly because of that because you cannot be around that constantly I'm not saying everything he says is right and I'm still not with them on some of the religious stuff and I have say I'm doing my show when I leave here to go with Sam Harris in there that you know they're really at loggerheads on some of the train stop a moderator I swear to God said this too I swear to God if I was there with the two of them I could have worked it out when that whole truth is an hour on the meaning of Truth ice wish I was there and we talked about doing some live event together we never got around to Sam's doing a lot of Live Events as well

► 01:11:58

I would have been thrilled if it was like I love Brett me something about Brett Twilight or whatever powerhouses so it's like if there's any like each other each other you let guys like them discuss them they just it was very unfortunate that at least their first person. The second one I think was much better but the first one was just a clusterfest I called Sam up afterwards I was like this is like right this is a non conversation you guys had he's like yeah I just got Beno stock in the country in the world

► 01:12:49

they're debating over the nature of Truth and millions of people care what's going on on CNN on a real problem with mainstream news in the first of all there's a problem in that it's a readings driven thing it's like everything they're doing the trying to get ratings anytime there's a big store in the news is just like what to put on there's no consideration like this interesting to us is this what we want to discuss it's it's a news program but it's not a news program because it's also an entertainment program and then they have commercials every 15 minutes did they're yelling at Trump during the Korea thing as crazy that's crazy that a journalist would insert himself into that sort of a situation and interrupt and yell things out and people don't have a problem with that we are truly watching the implosion of the media and that's why I meant before it's like if they would just lie a little bit you just lie a little bit on the margins

► 01:13:51

they probably always have done I don't think we'd be in this position because people wouldn't be able to so clearly see how messed up the whole thing is but because they've become so hysterical writing articles that are completely the reverse of the truth because they're acting like petulant children all the time and half the time it's like they pretend they're nonpartisan but if you just look at any of these journals Twitter feeds it's like pretty obvious what you all are all of you in the mainstream media they've created an opening so that now if people want some sense of Truth turn into Joe Rogan and returning to all of these other shows I think it's very difficult to get employment if you're not on one side of the fence of the other side of the fence in your a journalist it's not it's not a simple world that the world of podcasting will you truly can be independent a lot of ways it's like Hollywood and I've always describe Hollywood is one of the main problems with it as you get a bunch of people that come here seeking attention right that's the reason why they're here in the first place they want fame

► 01:14:50

exorbitant amount of attention and then on top of that you are entered into the system where you have to be chosen for each part it's not like you can like you have a Sprint and if the guy who's the fastest is the one who went out it's not like that it's someone's I smell Dave want you read these lines like I might like you Dave how do you feel about Hillary Clinton cuz I'm Pro Clinton Clinton win Dave and I like oh my God that I'm a huge supporter I think she's amazing and I've seen that's because it's this weird environment where you want these people to like you so you are terrified of saying anything even remotely controversial that doesn't stick to the script of this left-wing discourse it is all these people that are just just just faking it there bullshiting what you think I might not even have real opinion but they've adopted is predetermined pattern of opinions that they think that is going to help them get through the door with these producers and these Studio exec you

► 01:15:51

that's Hollywood when someone breaks free and you know that someone becomes right-wing and over the fuck there with Chuck Woolery or Dennis Miller or though I don't be mad broke from the pack and I'll look at it with his name the fuk an actor. The older guy John not John expose got in trouble with Dave cross's wife he said it like David cross's wife said that he tried to hit on her when she was 16 James Woods he's really means but it's probably like 75 years old whenever he is probably I don't give a fuck anymore I mean I'm pretty sure he's got fuck you money like I don't matter

► 01:16:45

exactly why doing this was the right thing to do because I'm very well right now it's like I got a lot of good ship going on I'm getting offers and also it's a different things and I'm like I'm on my own boss I'm not going to fire me I'm not going to accidentally tweet something one day and then go that dumb I fired a broom in like you know like my fans fun most of what we do and it's like I need to grow it like we definitely need to grow because there's Bridges my guys are just doing too much but I'm also very aware that the more we start growing that all the problems that you just laid out will start becoming more and more real so I like being as slim and trim as possible at least for now because I don't want to be down the road where we've had we got too many people there's too many just different competing interest in business interest and political interest and everything else so it's like that's why I mean you what you're doing here amazing man it's amazing it's nice to be able to do it for sure it's nice to be able to just

► 01:17:48

have opinions on things and also just know that you're a nice person yeah and that you're not trying to like I'm not trying to do any evil like I'm at work I'll look up like who I am like I'm a nice guy that's okay alright but what am I picking up why can't I talk to this guy can I have what can have discussions in these subjects you know like there's a lot of people that feel like if you're not in a certain group you shouldn't have discussions on certain things out if you're a straight man you shouldn't talk about gay rights if you're a man you shouldn't talk about women's issues you shouldn't talk about me too unless you're a hundred percent supportive you should discuss the subtle nuances of human interaction what did Martin Luther King he wanted us to be judged by those things right and he said if you're only this color you can talk about that if I'm also you know there was an article right after that IDW thinking on the times that was calling you a conservative and I think I I think I emailed it to you so I was like man

► 01:18:46

pro-gay-rights Pro women's rights pro-choice pro-marijuana Pro Universal Health Care Pro Universal basic income like what else do I have to do other things in my pro-second Amendment must be right when you're off and range have to be in the pattern I don't just don't understand why someone's willing to be dishonest like that like a cursory examination of people's thoughts and positions on things would lead someone to realize I'm definitely not a right-wing person but the thing is that they have for so long as the dates and I think we're starting to win and I don't mean it when like we're going to destroy these people I mean I think the narrative has started to shift a little bit where the enthusiasm behind the conversations that we're all having

► 01:19:49

whoever it is in this thing is so great and there is no counter where are all the versions of us on the other side of this right like other people that really are selling identity politics at a really great way at a comedy level who have a huge podcast in like where is the Hooters that intellectual set of people wear the same hours of the other side of this or that have real followings they don't exist and that's partly why the hysteria has been ramped up they can't believe that out of nowhere just because of our own all of our just wherewithal and desire to do what we think is right or what makes us happy or whatever the hell you want to call it they can't believe we all freaking created something why they hate creation where the boy band

► 01:20:38

your studio manager Shapiro were joking around about it but like what like the Super Friends like what is this really like what I do is show or he does my really enjoy that guy I like him before my show see that like they're like everybody else is wearing a nice shirt that I might listen man I told the guy I was on my way to The Comedy Store you want to take a photo of me I'll be there you're not in the bush in the brush I should be in a bush succulent up my ass I'm wearing my fucking Chuck's wearing Converse into some sort of a flannel shirt I bought that jacket Alaska

► 01:21:36

actress that's how I was where I just what I was wearing at The Comedy Store so they wanted to meet a man that's what I'm wearing no Greenery Around The Comedy Store have to go up to Sunset North I just don't I don't give a fuck that's what I look at it that's who I am I'm not interested in portraying an image just it is what it is you know it's like this this intellectual dark web like it's fucking Eric he's crazy and he's he gets mad when I called crazy he loves it he's trying to get me to Whatsapp busy just two or three messages of a group text conversations with comedians were talking shit about things. I have time for this I'm busy man alright well then you can't come to the club trying to make a yoga class time

► 01:22:32

is it like in common I think we have respect for our audience and intellectual curiosity curiosity for sure and I think that's where that's where a guy like me and Shapiro although we have very different opinions on many different things you know I think we both are intellectually curious I've had been on many times my friend we broke bread together although it's kosher which makes it what do you have to eat whatever they want you to kosher restaurant I did eat a kosher restaurant with him once but then it was all these Orthodox Jews there and then they treat him like Jesus and I was like dude I'm not do photographers to take all these pictures as I got it I'm not doing that again. It's funny he's not inherently for gay marriage right I've had my studios in my house where are you

► 01:23:34

which is the government shouldn't be involved but I don't know that but I see a lot of conservative doing that where they should have all like this is where Rand Paul MN him before he should have been years ago screaming that he's for gay marriage cuz if you're truly a Libertarian the government doesn't tell me what to smoke with sleep with Ben but Libertarians could have taken a really awesome powerful principal position and said this is about religion it's not just one of the things that I shove in the face of people that were Hillary Clinton support as my team know that she didn't support gay marriage will 2013 now God damn crazy it is I supported it when I was 13th this fucking grown up old lady with grandchildren is telling people that she's not for gay marriage until it became convenient politically conservative option compared to Barack Obama he was basically like everyone's forward and then Obama had to come out

► 01:24:36

Chief Keef all of this stuff that were talking about keeps winning if it all keeps winning what will happen in 50 years they will literally look back at video of Barack Obama campaigning the first time around saying that he's for traditional marriage and then they will call Barack Obama a homophobe and they will eventually want them they will want the Barack Obama Library that's being built now in Chicago they will want that being taken down because that will be the statues of our day so that that's why I don't know where you're at on the monument stuff but I would not take any of them down you can put up account or plaque or something right next to it to say Robert E Lee did this or that but the idea of removing the shit I think is absolutely terrible yeah I think they should there's a problem with having them in town squares and celebrating them but there's also a problem that they were all most of them the ones that you are talking about in the South they were resurrected during the Civil Rights Movement sir to counteract the Civil Rights Movement so like these these are really this is not like a celebration of these people

► 01:25:36

back in the day when they were viable this is during the Civil Rights Movement they erected these fairly cheap and they put them up quickly and they did it in response to black people wanting more rights and I would still I can still get it I would still be not for taking them down you put up something next to it you put up you should I come around I'm for take it out with something else and putting them somewhere else like if you want to have a Civil War Museum so I thought that would be the confirmation are you can get me not saying should melt them but it's there's something to there's something to the argument that they're racist statues and especially if you understand the motivation behind creating than the first place the problem though is that you know I mean I know you know this never ends where it's supposed to help people go out to George Washington and Trump said they did Trump said that if people were ridiculing him and then almost immediately afterwards someone wanted to take down the statue of George Washington I was in Old Town Alexandria

► 01:26:36

George Washington's church was and it's actually the same church that Robert E Lee went through so they had a plaque for both of them and because they took down the Robert E Lee one they also took down the George Washington one at the church that George Washington went to if you follow that logic and this is what you have to do when you're when you're doing these sort of historical tracking's they will come for everything so think about it Thomas Jefferson's my favorite founder Thomas Jefferson you can go to his house in Monticello and they do if you go on the tour it's incredible they are incredibly honest about his relationship to slavery that he own slaves his whole life he was having an affair with at least one slave and most likely had children with that Slave at the same time he was writing the laws that freed the slaves so without this man these things don't move forward so we all live with these odd in consistencies George Washington George Washington our after the After the Revolution like he did the most incredible thing and I gave up our as the commander of the army After the Revolution the most incredible thing that a leader of a country could do he own

► 01:27:37

is entire life when he died and did this they do this at his house and it's outside DC I'm blanking on it for a second but you can go on the tour there and he had his slaves his entire life when he died his half of the slaves got free but Martha Washington's have didn't want to accept the start of the best bitch

► 01:27:55

so it's like all of these things it's like so I think from her parents or something like that it was it now of course we can objectively look at it and go slavery was wrong and you shouldn't of course but they all were doing things in their time that you'd the world doesn't magically become what you wanted to be just because you exist and think something and and the more that we start thinking that the more will eventually come after Obama for running against gay marriage first time and and all of these things there is something that we think you love me you love elk and all this other stuff guess what one day if this craziness keep going they will look back when your grandfather and they'll be like to eat meat because we're at that point we'll be eating you know artificially produced whatever and they'll literally watch videos of you chomping on do know some ribs and see what happened she was so that's why you have to just be aware of what your time is your time in this world

► 01:28:56

I know exactly did you ever see the video of Obama talking about illegal immigration incredible it's it's really amazing it's like he's stricter than and then truck yes I mean it's a fascinating thing because no one brings that up and no one called him racist but I guess we're dealing with a long time ago in 2011 something like that number one so it's like they're not going to call him racist creates a thing where they can compute what does that actually mean he was saying the things that people wanted to hear he also wanted to be elected 2005

► 01:29:52

the border and to punish employers who choose to hire illegal immigrants in a we are a generous and welcoming people here in the United States but those who enter the country illegally and those who employ them just respect the rule of law and they are showing disregard for those who are following the law we simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected undocumented unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country so that's why we need to start by giving agencies charge with border security new technology new facilities and more people to stop process and Deport illegal immigrants

► 01:30:46

having said that securing the borders alone does not solve immigration management we're going to have to better manage legal immigration in order to end illegal immigration Senators mechanic Kennedy point us in the right direction on that point right now we've got millions of illegal immigrants who live and work here without knowing their Identity or background that's part of the reason that we need a guest-worker program to replace the flood of illegals with a regulated stream of legals who enter the United States after checks and we have access to labor rights part of the reason that you legal immigration is so damaging is that it ends up a creating a pool of workers with depressed wages and no rights and that's not something that we find acceptable it's crazy also need to take responsibility I mean I just scribble down like I was doing homework in 7th grade

► 01:31:44

so Security Board in case you if you hire you hire illegal workers if you if you enter illegal you're showing disregard for our laws allow illegals to you can't let them go ahead of lawful people who would you like to enter the country we need better border security more more process and deportation with a better manage legal immigration and then he talked about the millions that are here now which effect is a pathway to citizenship which by the way Trump is basically for at some level so it's like so what are we really talking about every time we scream that everybody is racist did he just make a wild what so I assume he's talking about Latino people so is Barack Obama racist against Latino people

► 01:32:30

well this is when he was a Senator looks like he was elected in 2008 and so he was probably gearing up to run when he was in 2005 the things he was saying he was letting people know who he is and that he's out there and just starting the ball rolling

► 01:32:46

you know this a different time to 2005 was just a different world and it seems like it shouldn't because I was only 13 years ago but God damn is a different so what does that say that what what is that actually say about the way things to have changed or the cult of personality around Trump or just sort of the general derangement of the media that they can't view these things such as the media I think it's also people's access to communication the fact that anyone can voice their opinion whether it's on Facebook or YouTube or what-have-you you know it's it's a different world Twitter you just you just tweet instantaneously this is fucking bullshit in your people should be able to do whatever they want or whatever you know whatever you want to say and then a bunch of people can agree or disagree or retweeted or do you know IR or screen grab it cuz they think that it's damaging to you and I can't believe you support this piece of shit and you can wake up on any given morning find someone you've never heard of who said something you slightly disagree with and you can help get them fired

► 01:33:45

it's really interesting that people want to get people fired for opinion so does that doesn't make a lot of sense to me but really it's like well what did we just hear that is different than what Trump is trying to do right now just Trump you sloppy language yes does Trump lie yes but they all like Obama if you like your doctor you can keep your Doctor Li Siri Redline why those are pretty big lies that he did that is Trump lie about everything constantly yes but what he has a way of doing is getting these odd big picture things correct and then it causes this so like Beyonce you okay you know just in the last couple days with North Korea that Trump said I've been traveling a lot so like getting the exact quote will be tough but it'll be something like

► 01:34:33

what are Trump's head to the North Korean dictator that the Earth that they're good friends now or something like that like he's already giving him respect Obama Obama Obama ran he said he would sit down with Ahmed in a job and he would sit down with the leaders of North Korea and the rest of those things now Trump is doing it so it's like do you want him to sit down with him and tell him to go fuck himself at the same time like I'm not even saying these things good or bad I have no freaking clue nobody has a clue but everyone has every opinion on everything what people want him to fail to just fascinating to me cuz I didn't see the Bill Maher side so he's hoping for because that's how we'll get rid of trump not like we talk a little bit about Bill before this thing but like all my god I've been a huge influence of mine I like him I used to want to be on the show I've kind of move past that at this point but think about it and it will probably worth a hundred million bucks or something I have no idea but like he can afford living through a recession but when people talk about the liberal Elite that they hate it's that type of person is this person on

► 01:35:35

post was like yeah have her session so we can get rid of trump I hope he does amazingly well I hope Trump does Amazing World Turns the country and I hope he involves his ideas as a human being I hope he does mushrooms I hope it grows to love people for failure failure for the whole country and is sending people into a recession which is going to cause suicides and turmoil and crisis and people going to go into Panic thinking and panic voting which is not what you want I mean literally that's what started Hitler I mean that that that's what started Nazi Germany right there in the middle of a horrible receptionist guy came along that proposed the solution you're not going to get a better version of the future by people living in fear and poverty and sadness like as

► 01:36:26

I didn't vote for Trump but he's the president I wanted to do great I don't agree with him I'm a lot of shit he lies about a lot of shit still wanted to do great you know why because he is the guy that's running the country these are in the country I want the country to do well no matter who's running it like that my my thought was like this this is almost what it's like it's like I don't like this doctor so when he fixes my knee I hope he fucks it it's really all he's the God damn horrible crime which I still I've gone over all those Russian stuff I still am not convinced that he didn't even horrible I don't see it seems like the Democrats it more horrible things release date for payment caught on something Anders alone should be a devastating Blow To The credibility of DNC it's really should and the fact that it's not it's just

► 01:37:24

it's just blind Allegiance in that he can say I hope for recession maybe said that without thinking you know maybe it was just too flipping remark or you no pain wax I'm pretty sure it was a it was a package that I never hope for a recession no matter what I hope the guy does fantastic even if you hated across-the-board I hope he doesn't amazing job and I hope the economy sores and I hope people have more jobs more I hope there's a method to his Madness I really do why would anybody hope differently I don't understand why I agree with that and basically it again I voted for Gary Johnson it look if I had my choice I'm pretty sure you know me well enough like I would much rather have like a really bright intellectual person I'd rather have a Libertarian who basically is kicking everything back to the regulation and doing a lot of states rights of the economy is doing really well do you have any sense that we're going to get into some intractable war in the Middle East to nation-builder I don't think under his watch there may be some level of some peace now in the North Korean plane in Peninsula so it's like

► 01:38:23

what else would have done what he did with North Korea to that guy short you know I like it was very funny he gets to have a meeting with the guy and the guy agrees to a meeting with that I think that baffled by him they don't know what to do with him when North Korea and South Korea win the presidents of the two countries met and then DMZ and shook hands like that was in historic moment yeah commuting get past all this fucking bullshit it's been going on for ever and if part of that was helped in some way by Trump being crazy like maybe it's good to have someone that fox things up a little bit mixes it up but doesn't mean he's a perfect person doesn't mean it's not a liar right-wing conservative warmonger neocon and he has Madison's the Secretary of Defense warmonger neocon maybe what he was doing he was scaring people for me are going I'm going to bring it all these people who are really scary

► 01:39:25

don't talk about peace that often who don't who talk about exercising our power and all of that stuff so that Kim Jong grillin is going to go maybe this time they're actually being big might actually depose me and by the way this is where I would say never doing anything about a box in which case you can make a strong argument that you're constantly involved in in your enemies all the time because if they know you never want to do anything then it's not a great argument to get Bad actors to stop doing things but I think that's a great place to have a good conversation and supported a lot of the stuff at the same time yeah I can understand the logic around wanting someone else to take over in 2 years or 3 years when the new elections take place but but don't you think things are basically going pretty well right now like if you are

► 01:40:22

serious stuff like this he said she said like in terms of what's happening in the country right now black and Latino unemployment All Time Low economies chugging along like the basic things that matter for a society are working that's pretty good right now would be good I don't know enough about this but what I understood what I would spend explain to me is that a lot of this is the momentum of what Obama did when he was in office and that the economy he's riding the work of Obama this riding the wave of the previous administrations policies so I kind of both sides of the most don't agree with that but I've had probably more libertarian-leaning Economist if they are in all the time has been very good at that I think it's something like at one point it was like forever E63 for everyone regulations pasty cut something like 63 regulation so if you're a Libertarian at The Economist

► 01:41:24

one on the right economically you want the government out of all of that stuff so they're very happy at the at the economic level right now just cuz of Obama stuff well it's working like we got a guy that maybe it's just picked up the ball and he's a lucky guy and maybe he's going to get it to the next thing but what I'm actually more enthused by is that I think after all this craziness that we're in right now I actually think people are so starved for sanity and like a reset to decency I actually think things are going to get much better I think again this is where I think the conversation that we're all having or are affecting things in a big way and I think that even politically it's going to start bubbling up when I was in DC the other day I was at a small dinner with a pretty influential Senator Wyden want me to say his name is a moment and he got it

► 01:42:21

and that's what I'm saying like I'm not sitting here like oh my God it's so amazing what we're doing but there's something there is something happening and I think it will reach the political level 2 that people will not want this Terry anymore and that eventually Trump will because of his own craziness become unnecessary you won't always need the ice breaker we needed the ice breaker to Tim get all the shit out now it's all out everyone's reevaluating everything and then I would have that is going to grow I mean look maybe a grow something horrible right like maybe the Hitler comes I don't obviously hope it doesn't happen but what I think is that something decent going to come. That's just something I think there is there's a lot of decent that's coming right now but I think there's some people there always going to resist that of course ideologically-driven and it can be shipping from Lakeview they can't be shipped from that position they just they're hard laughter they're hard ride or whatever they are they they have this rigid idea in their head of what reality is and anything it's contrary to that

► 01:43:24

they're going to post and I think Jordan has been one of my favorite lightning rods for observation for watching this disingenuous articles about him deceptive talking about his positions in the any extremely inaccurate ways and labeling him as some sort of a prejudiced terrible person what those have done is solidified this idea that there is a campaign of people that just are completely ideologically-driven and they don't mind being deceptive and that strengthens the positive it helps people like us to just talk about stuff and don't mind talking about being incorrect or ignorant or not worried I'm worried about our stance you just we're going about most conversations from a place of objectivity if it is much as we possibly can most people subjective at least to a certain extent is much objectivity as we can as much honesty as we can just talking about that

► 01:44:24

and this is this is something that's not happening in these little clickbaity articles or in people that they rub your shows and Shake fucking jars and nickels or whatever they're doing this so is that all that stuff strengthens this position that were in that we're in this weird time of intellectual dishonesty and turmoil and I think a lot of it is because there's a lot of people that were just extremely upset that Trump got in the office and anything that seems to represent that position of that side must be opposed violently so I think underneath everything you're saying right there you're very hopeful right yeah I actually sent that you're really hopeful and I am too and it's like how could we ever do this if we weren't right like I would say that if I had to like what sort of Whittle it down what I am at the core of the world weary Optimist like I'm an optimist by nature but I believe that the world the world is rough and tumble and all the things that Jordan would say about existence I believe but I'm still an optimist

► 01:45:24

despite that and what you just said right there basically is showing that the Trump thing was necessary because imagine if Hillary was President right now in the same machine bullshittin yeah and all that stuff kept turning along think how much worse it would be for these conversations right now we would so be on the wrong you know the wrong side of things so to speak and the forces that don't want us to do anything good and have conversation would have been sewing Bolden Trump just came and took a freaking bat to the whole thing not as I discuss with Eric Weinstein it's like Trump was the bull in the china shop I think most of us would have preferred a panther like we kind of wanted something to walk through knock a few things off truck just blew up the whole thing you don't the Praises Bull in China shop not a panther in a china shop so that's what you get for every reason you just said there is going to be a return to sanity believer that it will go that way that there is enough of us out there now trying to reset things

► 01:46:24

cuz I don't think people are evil I don't think people want to be talked down to I don't think people are dumb and even the people who are dumb I don't think they want to be dumb and because of all of that I think this was the necessary thing to happen right now I'm with you that I think I hope that he continues to do basically good things and that if that means that he gets in for another 4 years and continues to do good things then so be it but yes what I prefer that it's sort of more of a small government, person who could tell you how many branches of government there are and like all of that shit at all of the stuff from that flag that's right behind you yeah I've got a freaking Declaration of Independence in our control room in a constitution in a big American flag like what I rather someone who knew what the Federalist Papers are and all of those things be in the Oval Office yes

► 01:47:11

you don't get everything you want in life so you just kind of work with what comes and I think we could we have a little broom to work right now I think also as more people open themselves up to the ideas that Jordan is this pausing or you are I am or more people are genuinely objective about these ideas to start discussing them the more frantic the people on the radical left in the what was it called the regressive left the more ridiculous they're going to get the more obvious is going to get that they're out of control it's just what happened because the initial message doesn't work tell him to go back and revamp the message and making more logical that there's no logical message there I think about that so when that's exactly what they're doing with Trump to you keep screaming Trump's Hitler write it keeps screaming Trump's Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler killed millions and millions of people have many more Millions were killed because of Hitler that he didn't directly kill now if you keep doing that with Trump and then someone plays that Barack Obama

► 01:48:12

and you go with Hitler here's Obama saying something that actually sounds possibly even more extreme if you believe this is an extreme position to take so now he is Obama Hitler and what they're doing is there creating situation where they're going to cause a rebound so that people will be like oh these guys aren't all nuts but if they do if they destroyed all of our ability to have this conversation then when the real Hitler comes in we won't even be able to recognize it cuz they would have cried wolf to the point that someone's going to come in there and have a big smile it won't be a trump when it when Hitler Hitler type and I hate using Hitler is there is a metaphor cuz it's so overplayed but like when did Hitler type comes

► 01:48:52

it ain't come in as the angry guy like Trump is it's going to come with a smile on his face right that's that socialist t-shirt like you know socialism smiley face that's how it will come because it will be masked and identity politics movie mask in all of this nonsense that will rip us apart that will literally have is killing each other on the street what do you think would cause a scenario do you foresee that could be possibly if the extreme the ideas of what I consider the The Fringe left which are pretty much mainstream Democrat ideas already if the Democrats keep going more towards the Bernie Elizabeth Warren Keith Ellison real hard left Progressive stuff he's rooted in identity politics which you know we've done already but like it is rooted in something that separates us it is rooted that you should be eaten today did you see this that Harvard I just tweeted that when I was on the way here Harvard release this statement of defending the fact that they are okay with basically having quotas that work against Asian students because they want to have more

► 01:49:53

other minorities basically meaning black or his Hispanic minorities so think about it why would you discriminate if you are hiring right now so you're hiring today right you're hiring for your studio you can hire you guys most qualified person you going to try to figure out every little identity thing to figure out who you should hire diversity bro I'm all about diversity exactly it's racist against Asians did you haven't been very vocal about it cuz they tend to just put their fucking nose to the grindstone and keep kicking ass and why do they why did Asian Americans were Indian Americans are a great example that they have succeeded at every level that we measure success. I think the highest socioeconomic average salary over a hundred grand education if you now say wait a minute these people play by the rules they came here as in most you like like all of our ancestors virtually came here pretty much with nothing people in small business is busted their ass worked in home

► 01:50:53

you had to do it if you do all of those things and then you focus on education and on family and all of those things and now the system is going to say well work for a while but we're going to play at the bottom of the thing now and you guess what you're not going to get into Harvard because you're Asian that is racism so I've been called out for at least 2 years that the next move by this identity politics this evil oppression Olympics machine is that they will come after Asian people and it's starting to happen now so I see all these minorities by the way so Candice I watch the show and I know you guys definitely have disagreements on stuff at as do I do when it comes to politics but tactics sometimes and stuff but I really do like her you know she look she's causing a massive Rift in the black community and you can see it in the number is blackmail support for Trump for Trump doubled was at 11% and now it's 22 bullets Kanye Kanye West disses much bigger I've really believe that in terms of high because I think she

► 01:51:53

be at direct line to all of the political parts of this if she decides to go that route because I think she could I think you could run for Senate or yeah I'm not high today I'm only smoking maybe once a week on Sundays and now it now much worse I'm not really at all but I have you reconsider what you just said City watch the podcast I did with her maybe I'll be at least an hour and a half of it or so why what I don't know why you saying it that way I'm not saying she's a young girl with some interesting ideas and she got a lot of passion and even then Kanye when it comes to just everything going on politically and socially

► 01:52:45

bigger wave and then perhaps either one of us understand but my but forgetting Candice pacifically my point my point was nice person party groups re-evaluating what's going on here if you're in the black community clearly there is at the moment re-evaluation of do we have to be Democratic if you're that is an issue it so it's a race issue awesome that you if you're black you must be a Democrat if you're not you're some sort of an Uncle Tom black conservatives sure you are allowed to think however you want despite your skin color right so I think the black community is Ben Carson I mean I think the black community starting to split I think the gay community starting to split because the left his sort of had this odd embracement of Islam which is bad for gays so I think the gays are starting to split I think that Latinos or even started to split a little bit differently because I think for all the people that came

► 01:53:53

illegally they're actually not as thrilled with illegal immigration is the medium a implied that they are so I think there's just massive ships happening all over the place and the way we look at voting whatever election what's the name John Kinkos on CNN and shows you the map and it was a white working-class people here voted this way in the black inner-city people but I think all of that is about to explode and they don't know what to do because they haven't been listening but I think some other is having the student is real room this country for a third party I mean I think for sure someone could take a position that's outside those two boxes and and makes a real valid points and have a little bit of ideas from each side but the real concern this country seems to be throwing your vote away right that's the thing that people are always worried about well if you go that way you're throwing your vote away and you're essentially giving it to the person that is on the other side by into that right

► 01:54:49

country hated Hillary half a country hated Trump at at the highest level that you can hate a candid it right so if there was ever a time for just a decent guy right like a decent guy if he was here like he probably want to spark up if you want a memory problem couldn't lay out his basic principle simply you he wanted as a Libertarian he wanted the baker to bake the cake that has a crazy position to hold as a Libertarian makes no it's completely against what would be your line of thinking as a Libertarian you would never want the government to force someone to do a specific you talking about the gay couple that wanted wedding cake made there's two issues one issue is that this date apparently went to places they thought would deny them so they can make a story out of it it wasn't as simple as a loving couple went to some place they want

► 01:55:53

the cake made in the people said no and they were like what the fuck now they want a story in the so they they sought out places that they thought we're going to deny them and then they made a giant National event out of it I don't think people should discriminate to the point where they not going to make someone a cake and I think they're so you think that you think the government should you should let people know publicly that these These are people that they discriminate against gay people and so if you want your dollars to represent your opinions and your feelings on things maybe shouldn't buy Cake from these folks don't want to make her a cake for gay people but the idea of the government's going to step in

► 01:56:36

seems crazy to me but then as soon as I say that I go okay well what if they would make a cake for black people should the government step in then so okay so there's a couple I ain't right so there's a couple things there so first off if you was about the specifics of the cake I know this guy had a lot of people are going to get into the nitty-gritty of every legal part of this thing but it was about a specific he wasn't going to sell them a cake that was on the Shelf but I just want to make them to make them a cake for this wedding now that's asking him to do something that's artistic or that's not unless it was the variables like they do you want to men which I apparently so apparently the conversation actually never got to that point cuz he denied them before that because he knew what it was going to be so it never got to like oh are you making a cake for gay wedding right now look but they could have bought a cake that was there so like sand interracial wedding would you ever more of an issue with that so so here's the deal so it's like we have the Civil Rights Act of

► 01:57:37

1864 you have to serve people based on race and all of the minority status is that there are I'm not very litigating that but but there aren't there is a Libertarian argument that basically would say we don't need those laws anymore because the the Civil Rights Act was in response to Jim Crow laws were states in the South had discriminatory laws so we have the federal government come in and clean that up for everybody so you have to serve everyone equally you can't deny black couple to come into your restaurant or you have to watch the kids but it was a specific thing it was a specific this way if you had a if there was a Jewish artist who took missions for painting would you force that person to bake to paint Neo-Nazi signs of course not you would never have the government come in and say that they are forced to paint something it's against their conscience so I would say that your original position is the right one which is it kind of sucks right it kind of seems like I wish

► 01:58:37

in my heart of hearts I gay again like I wish that every Baker would treat everyone equally and every person would treat everyone equally they're not allowed he wasn't allowed to deny them something that was in the store already because you can't deny based on those protected categories so he wouldn't have by the Civil Rights Act that he wouldn't have been allowed to deny interracial couple of cake that existed there already could have denied them one that he would have had to draw a black woman and a white woman if he was a real racist I think the answer is that he could have denied them at and that would have been very shity and he would be a racist and a really awful person but if the answer is that the government should then come in and tell this man what to do I would not before that this way to deal with this related to Freedom it's it's kind of shity like freedom is Messi the player formerly shity yeah it's shity and what the government can't protect you from shity

► 01:59:36

yeah don't I mean obviously that's why the KKK still exist and what the alternative I mean what the alternate we would all of the KKK to go away we would all of their two-beat not all this but most sane people don't want racism to exist but should we not let people meet should be bugging people should we force people to do something they don't want to do I mean I just don't I just fundamentally do not believe in that I don't want people to be racist I don't want people to be homophobic or transphobic but the idea that the government can use its authority to make people do all these things I just think is absolutely crazy so whether they decided to intentionally inflame this or not by finding people that that weren't going to do it

► 02:00:16

if you really if you're listening to this right now and you're getting married you know you're getting gay married or untraditionally married is make all that you're doing that you live in Alabama and there's only one Baker there and he doesn't want to bake a cake it sucks it does suck but what you might want to do is what I said about an hour ago which is maybe leave that town like maybe take your skills whatever it was ever worth you bring to a community and move to a bigger town where there's probably some of the do it or order a cake online I mean the technological part that you just mentioned that you can now tweet about stuff and go don't go don't go like we have power is people and the idea that we Outsource all the decision-making to the government is extremely dangerous I mean every every horror in human history is a government doing things basically you know as long as governments are pretty much existed not fans of nice individual people that disagree on some stuff murdering piano I wish there was a clean answer there's no clean out

► 02:01:15

yeah yeah I mean even the freedom to be a piece of shit and be racist and to be sexist or homophobic or whatever it is you and you know we we have to Define what that is in the first place right by whose definition is something homophobic her by whose definite mean is it homophobic or is it religious freedom like if someone is deeply religious and that a religion discriminates against gay people are they discriminatory or they released you have to give me an example of what they were actually do like you're allowed to hate gay people you are I hope that you do not and I actually think this is somewhere where the conservatives have moved I really do think they have food there is virtually no mainstream conservative that screaming about gay marriage anymore even Mike Huckabee was sort of a relevant or like that that the Christian conservative side and then they pretty much of Ted Cruz what does he say about gay marriage anymore but that's again why Rand Paul should have led or the Real the true conservatives that believe in limited government

► 02:02:17

who led the charge on this so this is where the progressives did do something right Quality quality means you should be able to marry whoever you want they were going for extra rights for anyone now they're going for extra right because we all have equality doesn't mean we all have equal everything but we have to equality under the law that's all the government can provide you and then once you have that some of us are going to be born into more money right like your kids are going to be more money then you did right fact should they be punished for that a lot of people would say yes it was a lot of people don't believe you should be able to give your kids money when you die I hope that I'll be able to make enough money in my life that that will be a problem but it will be a problem for you for sure Jordan you gone bust on everything you're doing which I'm assuming is not going to happen do you think at the end of your life that you pay taxes your whole life you pay payroll taxes cuz you have employees you've done all of these things you've done everything

► 02:03:16

is Citizens you think at the end of the day the government to be able to come in and take something like 55% of your money at that point no that's creepy it's creepy that they're able to do that to take money from taxed money. So the money is already been taxed your whole life and that money and then they're going to tax it on top of that but that's a mainstream Democratic it's one of those things where they're dealing with the redistribution of wealth that conversation the redistribution of wealth is super slippery because like who's going to read this tributed and to who and like when do you decide if someone has too much money or what what's the standard what's the metric and what what what occupation are we going to go after the bankers we can go after Artist as well someone's the successful artist do we going to take all the money I will get to remove incentive for Success there's a certain line you're going to cross where you shouldn't be more successful because they're going to tax you harder

► 02:04:16

people in some some some sort of an artificially constructed glass ceiling to avoid being taxed like it's a real weird I hate to tell you but everything you just said there is completely against what Democrats basically are bored they are for the estate tax I mean the stat little by what's the argument for this pretty much sums it up it never lead to good all week okay let's just more money to this thing that waste money on everything at that has no accountability this giant money turning monster yeah that's really sure right at this thing doesn't have accountability and that it does waste shitload of money if the government was slim and trim and effective and you know we were all tax right it was transparent and effective and functional 30 no reason to be a Libertarian I be sitting here going on for government operated in a slim way but what the government don't do anything good name one problem you could possibly have in your

► 02:05:17

I feel Rogan that you be like give me get the government to sell this do they do the post office well know what like what do they do well to do the post I was pretty good actually I guess what the post office closed tomorrow you'll be alright you still get mail on your pic no it wouldn't Amazon would pick that up it wouldn't though competition would start kicking in and between UPS and FedEx and Amazon and drones blah blah blah DHL fate all start to price according to that but if you drop that why is the government in that business anymore I type three chickens I've really done The Joe Rogan lifestyle here over the last couple years they were born in August on a Monday in Cleveland they hatch that day but I threw them in a box with a little hole USPS and they showed up at my door in LA on Tuesday the USPS has been doing that for about it's the only way you can do it by the way

► 02:06:17

can't order chickens through any other method the US Postal Service, I'm pretty sure though that if the USPS stop didn't exist anywhere you'd still get chickens delivered and Amazon I could probably do it even more effectively that's my point it's like I'm not saying these things have to be eliminated tomorrow night even really calling for them to be eliminated but just generally what problem would you everything you're building here right now right you want the government to tell you how to do all these things and all the regulation that you got to have your electric thing this far from this and like one of the regulations like that for construction are important to make sure that people don't do stupid shit but I'm going to show them a power lines near a water line there's a lot of but I would put most of that on the builders though they want to build things that are good and I get high all that's not true Listen People

► 02:07:12

message are people going to get fucked they cut regulate they cut Corners when there are regulations anyway they do they would cut a lot more if there were that's why schools collapse on kids in foreign country sometimes I sound argument that competition would force people to do better work like if your plumber you have a vested interest in doing the best plumbing job you can so that people will rate you on Yelp so that you will get more work you don't have a vested interest in cutting Corners that you might right you're going to push it as much as you can to save as much time and energy and money as you can but once you go over that at jet you don't want to be known as the guy that the you tighten something too much that you flooded the house or when you're building a he was thinking logically though people fuck things up and short things and do things terribly thinking logically but I don't think I don't think it's the government that

► 02:08:16

like the government gave me this regulation so that's why I'm going to do it right and I didn't have any regulations should be no incentive whatsoever to do it right no one is going to check their stuff and make sure that their stuff is up to code this is my whole life regulations these guys a lot of people that are in construction they'll do whatever the fuck they can to make money and it's not good for the people that have the house because they might have that house for 5 10 years before that problem manifest itself the the people who are establishing these codes are license Builders or people that have been involved in construction for a long fucking time and they know what's safe and what's not safe that's why those codes exist exist to protect consumers you can't just protecting consumers through the marketplace because don't take long time for these problems to become a real issue and these problems could potentially damage everybody in the neighborhood

► 02:09:16

Josh is going to affect a person that's one lot of a fire starts to burn all the houses in the neighborhood or a flood happen and it floods every went downhill it's it's a real problem I think I get it and my dad wasn't in construction so I'm not privy to like all of that the little stuff but I genuinely believe that is a general level people have a vested interest in especially now because of phones and apps and yelping all the good work because that's how you will get more work out of the people who will do Shadi shity malicious shit but you can keep them at Bay with regulation and have some regulation educated people who what's going on and you know make sure that someone doesn't do something stupid with a power line or someone do something stupid with the way they constructed main beams where they they're just subject to collapse and that's important as most people buying a house on the what the fuck

► 02:10:16

looking for most people getting a house built they have no idea about construction methods and they need someone to inspect things and make sure that's up to code that's why I coat exist it's very important yeah I saw I'm not I'm not totally with you on that like I do think mode I think most of it probably 90% of it would be who has the most vested interest to build a good house it's the Builder because he wants more work he doesn't want the house to collapse because then he'll be at work to tell you I got your charger, you know what you just I think there's a lot of idealistic Notions about deregulation and I think there's some consumer protection has to be put in place because people don't have the time to spend all this time researching construction methods and making sure everything is done correctly and be there and make sure that the joists are certain with and they have asked

► 02:11:17

what amount of support all that stuff has to be done by people understand code assuming that the government Regulators understand code correctly and I are just on the take or just Trot you know you know just basically just taking money and sign it off on things I mean I know when I got my house inspected have you ever had a construction project done yet well I got my house last year and we had to go through all the inspections and had several guys come back and there's a big difference code inspectors are very different when you're having a house built and I've had construction projects where I had to explain to people and go through it with with Builders there they're making sure that the house isn't fucking fall on you that the other power lines you know what are done correctly that the all the electricity is done correctly the pipes are laid in correctly your septic system in your sewage system if done correctly do you think that could be privatized then

► 02:12:08

secret again I'm not I'm just I just needed to ask you how would you have companies that would that their job would be to make up yeah and you wouldn't have did it wouldn't have the threat of law to it to enforce these things like if someone is is if someone is building something and then I have to go they lose their license and they can't build right if you privatized what's the incentive for them to follow the guidelines so this is this is where I'm not telling you that I'm calling for all this I just think intellectually it's just an interesting space to to argue something cuz I think that there's more the more that you can give to people too freely do what they think is right I think generally they will like I can I get it there's going to be some real shitty construction people out there you know you should have gone to talk about this and I think people of loop you in before is yaron Brook from from Iran Institute he's cuz he's asleep again

► 02:13:02

thinking a little bit on the people are fucking harsh they like ideas man

► 02:13:13

they're not the most fun people on the planet but I generally I generally like them cuz they just want their kind of Live and Let Live but that's really it but that's like the Crux of it pretty much is that really the Crux of it is like sort of a cruelty aspect do it in philosophy in rational self-interest which if you say self it makes people think you're evil but I but we all basically operating rational self-interest all the time but it's pausing it the rest of the things like proclaiming it is a thing that people go off essentially setting up the idea that Gordon Gekko idea greed-is-good yeah I'm kind of by into that idea is good yeah basically agreed to destroy the world but if you do you Joe do what is good for you and I extension read well that's exactly right so so without get to the definition of grievers ambition it's like you do it

► 02:14:16

good for you but but but it doesn't mean you're just running this life rampaging program to destroy the world in the name of Joe Rogan you're riding with good for you because you actually like your audience and you want them to learn you do you want to have money so that your family can live in a house that you can afford that you can send your kids to good schools and all of those think that's all rational self-interest at the same time you were running a nuclear power plant and you were mr. Burns and you were dumping in the river well no that's actually no longer rational self-interest because now you're polluting the berry environment that you live in so rational comes in so those guys I don't want to speak for the get you in trouble if you and your opinion if you if you were this deregulation guy the river station I just was saying that I like this generally I like this line of thinking there has to be some regulation I agree you can't but what I would say that's where the regulation comes after this week

► 02:15:13

I've had some interesting people on conservatives who are do you doing environmental stuff from a conservative perspective that they actually in green stuff in green product for an ad in the movies but he's making noise like a lot of money a lot of money in green corporations what is like what's the solution if someone pollutes if you're not going to have regulation what is the solution of someone does something that's illegal well if you're not going to be regulation it wouldn't be illegal but your question is is it illegal to dump things into the river right I mean it's just a little that's not a matter of Regulation willful poisoning of rivers I'm sure he's actually.

► 02:16:04

they're going to start putting the river immediately that these business man whatever they're in a weather whatever they would have an industry that there in that they were immediately going to be like on the regulations gone start polluting the water we live in a time now where everyone's walking around with an iPhone where maybe 50 years ago you could have got away with a lot of bad shit right coal miners that were breathing all kinds of horrible shit that nobody was ever going to find out about where now everybody is walking around with Snapchat and Instagram and blah blah blah so a lot of this stuff would be exposed more so that all of the things that we've been talking about for the last couple hours about about people getting involved a lot of the things I think would start self-regulating but again and then I won't say it again I'm not for just deregulating everything I just think there's probably better ways to do it than just having the government come in and say this is what you got to do and I'll figure it out cuz the government isn't that good at most things yeah I know what you're saying there but I do think that obviously there has to

► 02:17:16

laws in place specifically laws in place to protect people from someone doing something that's going to damage all the other people in the community life in your property I mean that's a very simple libertarian thing you know what I mean like so that there's a good argument there for why you could have some level of regulate polluting Rivers I don't think it's good enough to Snapchat about it I think people should be locked up and go to jail if they find out that someone is dumping toxic waste into the river because it's too expensive to process it and get it removed and and put in some place where it's it's you know save that that's a crime I don't know that I'm colockum up off the streets take the money give it to Bernie's kids

► 02:18:10

just wanted more interesting things that happened in this Administration is when Kim Kardashian got that lady friends on rated or whatever he did got a released you that's kind of crazy she showed up and she presented this case about some woman who's been in jail for she's essentially jail for life for non-violent drug offense for non-violent drug offenders on doing something with your own body well that's where we companies can sell drugs but people can't sell drugs that they can they're responsible for the unknown untenable imaginable number of people that have died from opiate withdrawal for opiate overdoses fentanyl I mean fentanyl just last year we lost Tom Petty we lost Prince couple other people too I can't remember this

► 02:19:15

some of the famous people that died from fentanyl Patton oswalt's wife she's not a fentanyl this it's like it's a horrible horrible horrible drug and no one's clamoring for these people to go to jail. To all day long you can watch cable news all day long what are they selling all day long prescription drugs with a zillion side effects that are seemingly far worse including thoughts of suicide and depression about allowed in the original thing they're trying to treat front so look right now for marijuana how many people are in jail for cocaine how many in jail people are in jail for psychedelics and MDMA mean there's no comparison to the amount of damage done per capita I completely real with nothing happened with Roseanne and then she blamed ambien or she at least said she was on Ambien you know the Ambien the parent company whatever it was they tweeted out something like there are a lot of side effects but it doesn't make you racist but then help

► 02:20:15

and ridiculous that was yes no one is saying that Ambien makes you racist but Ambien does have a Litany of I don't know 50 side effects of sleepwalking saying crazy things eating at you don't look literally just unable to control what you are doing while you're on Ambien being in this zombie-like state so is it possible that even though she is also said that she didn't realize that Valerie Jarrett was black which I actually kind of do believe that I don't know I sent it to me yeah I don't know her a little bit she didn't look she said dumb shit in the past is Susan Rice things much more courageous the one when she said that Susan Wright rice was a man that's wearing 8-balls no sense at all I'm saying is that Ambien maker sends out this clip tweet like we don't make people racist but guess what you have people doing all kinds of crazy stuff that they having conversations

► 02:21:14

in their cars in the wrong side of the highway people have done all kinds of crazy shit on and is it possible that made her impaired enough to tap a stupid thought and then whether or not they're responsible for the side effects is where it gets into the realm of personal responsibility like if you take Ambien and you do something are you responsible for it no yes what do I say if you drink and you go commit a violent crime are you responsible for we all agree yes so it gets real strange it it gets real strange I mean that that's one of the weird things when it comes to gender and responsibility because there's been so many issues of men and women particular it's almost always men and women you never hear about these from gay couples but men and women or I haven't heard about it at least men and women getting drunk and having sex and then the man gets accused of sexual assault and this is gotten so weird that a guy preemptively guy and a girl got had sex and the guy called the police

► 02:22:15

and wanted her charged with sexual assault because he was drunk and he did it as a preemptive measure because he was worried that she was going to come out to him and so the university took action against the girl and I'm like Jesus Christ we playing little stupid games and pretended girls rape guys and they're drunk or that it's really devastating for the guy like what the fuck are we do it we are going to criminalize everything we're going to criminalize everyday I think of all of the stupid things you've done in your life whether on drugs or not or whether we when you were in college or Not by now add social media to that add the amount of pictures that people send to each other and everything else will if we don't stop this out of control monster we are all just going to destroy each other but there's a gray area because we know that some people do take advantage of people that are drunk what are some if someone was like pouring drunk drinks down someone's face and they were sober and they were doing it with the intention of raping them once they were intoxicated they couldn't consent anymore that's one thing but if two people getting together and drinking and then having sex in the woman has regret in the morning when she sobers up

► 02:23:15

does she decides it was raped because she and he were both drunk that's preposterous but we don't have this ability to rationally process each an individual each individual case up by the way here's something to Trump did that was really good he got rid of those ridiculous Title Nine laws that Obama and stated where they were basically having these clown courts in colleges that you could go to them and instead of having to process which is perhaps the most important piece of of a functioning Western free Society where you are innocent until proven guilty they were suspending male students just by accusations and then it was leaking I had Laura Kipnis on who's your professor that they were she was fighting against Idol accidentally brought up Title Nine charges against her I mean there is and there's many many other stories on this that's something that Obama brought in that Trump actually got rid of the evil what's her name is evil Betsy DeVos got rid of so it's like

► 02:24:07

we just gotten to the point where we politicized everything we put aside our own capacity to be free and make decisions for ourselves if you get drunk and are fooling around with somebody some of that Saint you might regret it the next week every single one of us wasn't even has had sex with someone or done drugs with someone or something woke up the next morning and like I shouldn't have done that. Jamie

► 02:24:32

James clean driving if you driving your drunk no one says you're exonerated because you're drunk right now man you are drunk that fucked up and you did something drunk you responsible for your actions but if you have sex drunk all sudden for some strange reason you're not responsible for your actions that's preposterous it's not it doesn't they don't match shop it's not doesn't make any sense this is where the identity politics of all this ruins everything is complete throw away ridiculous shows you how fucking stupid university is it they let that fly got laid Yeah good for you to your penis did you orgasm shut the fuk up then get out of here what are you doing

► 02:25:31

far more ridiculous tell when a guy is accusing and let's just be honest about this it's far more ridiculous when a guy is accusing a girl of rape in those circumstances and I don't want to hear all your Progressive nonsense screaming and yelling and no it's not we're all equal fuck you it's not the same if a guy does that to a girl if a guy purposely gets a girl drunk and does it because he knows that she wouldn't consent any other way and then get to the point because I barely conscious and fucks her in my opinion that's right if a couple gets together and they have a few drinks now laughing at flirting and they make out then they go back to her place or his place and have sex it's not rape that was not right so let's split the difference it's a sorority party in college the girls decide they're going to drop roofies in a couple of the guys things late at night girls were just so you know it's just I don't know what the girls look like they drug these guys I mean

► 02:26:33

sure this has happened this is definitely happen ever heard of it if you're a guy who's been in college really sure what's going on she seriously we went all night and then I was like you know what I've had just about enough of this stuff you really got roofie by a girl I was roofied once in college at like just like a keg party would you like who did I don't know who did it I don't have much of a recollection of it other than I remember I had like half a beer I could not really think and I remember I couldn't stand did you realize something was wrong to try to get out of there I knew something was wrong but your mind doesn't operate correctly and I remember I was kind of remember my friends were there but we were all like Stoners of the time so I don't even know that I was like thinking clearly like something you don't realize fully you don't hear you know something's not right but you're like at least what happened to me was I just couldn't like put all the pieces together to get tested to find out

► 02:27:33

now I I mean I somehow I remember I remember at one point just sitting on the couch in the corner I remember very bright lamp light above me that I have no recollection of how I got home or like any of that but it was what makes something a roofing all like why why wouldn't you think it's how do you say Rohypnol what is it or something like that K whole body kind of couldn't move your little or I kind of stuff bright light and like I kind of couldn't think straight but that's what I was I wasn't hallucinating and anyway but just playing that went out for a second if a girl did that to a guy managed to get him hard

► 02:28:28

I think you think it's the same thing I said walk it off walk up pussy forward played yeah it's not good it's definitely not good for anybody to take advantage of someone's body in the particular give them a drug that where they can't have no control and then raped them that's the same thing if a girl does to a guy it is the same thing she roofies the guy and have sex and specially what if the guy has a girlfriend he doesn't want to have sex with her or you don't fill in the blank he's not attracted to her or he's gay and you do that to him and he's supposed to buy it yeah that's right yeah but you know where the realm of Bill Cosby write the Bill Cosby situation is fucking break right hundred percent no doubt there's a big difference that in a couple to get together and has a couple of drinks have you ever heard it from a gay perspective like two gay guys getting drunk and and having sex in one of the guys accusing the other one on sexual assault because he was drunk by Beverly heard of the first part

► 02:29:29

two gay guys getting drunk enough to yes I haven't heard of that I've heard so many stories about a woman and this one story about a man claiming that he was sexually assaulted because they were drunk I've never heard about two gay guys I actually do know one story of a guy that was given something that get that was given something but not two guys not willingly got drunk and so I've been given sure thing that people would willing to do that. Cause we think shook me to my fucking poor the idea that this guy who is America's sweetheart America's dad was possibly the greatest Russian side greatest but one of the worst serial rapist of all time if not the worst way the first time I came and we talked about Cosmic he's the reason I got into comedy at 4 years old I think it was 1981 or 9

► 02:30:30

lady2maid I was five I wish I saw Bill Cosby himself on HBO I remember sitting in the in my family room buckled over and laughing to the point you know when you just your whole body you cannot pain in my stomach and I remember thinking I want to be funny and now my comedy hero if it is basically records hanging up in my house even 2 3 years ago and eventually at the story started leaking out and I want to know what is great record at first I was just going to leave it up like it doesn't change my feelings about going to be over there you should do just take it and then put bars over it like how could you how could it be that guy how could it be the guy who's so funny and everybody loves them and also be the guy that the drugs people and rapes them it's like a dark dark dark secret I mean I think Jordan would

► 02:31:29

a lot to say on this technique that we use in consistencies that we live with that often drive us and that you know why do we find out that that you know these people preaching about morals or all the time or the same people that are doing all this weird shit or or that we've all done things that we're not proud of or whatever it is and it's like it's part of Being Human it's just fucking sixties he was doing this but he gets it becomes an addiction like anything else like you are you're mine I'm sure I'm sure people do studies on this about what happens to the actual brain chemistry when you're doing these things I would guess it has something to do with the dopamine levels that are released at the same time when when you know somebody snorting coke and doing whatever they're doing whatever it is I don't know what it is but it's just so stunning to me yeah yeah I mean there's a aunt again this is this goes back to Los cuz there's a need to protect people but there's also a need to go hey college boy who got drunk and had sex

► 02:32:29

the girl who was also drunk fuck off it's it's really disrespectful to people that actually been raped her because I think there was at the story part of the store was something about she had done it to one of his friends she had said that to one of his friends so he's preemptively doing it cuz he thought that she was going to come out to him next little part of it is that it's gross that all public right like everything is become so public and I think that that's part of the problem all the time like bang who in college the idea that the sting get interviewed on all these things like that is kind of dangerous and that's why I try all the time and I think we usually talk about ideas not people cuz it's the underlying philosophical ideas that matter pics of this kid I mean you didn't pull up the picture of the kid and mention the girl's name and hers are Twitter and all that

► 02:33:26

we exposing everybody why are we talking in destroying everybody and all that but that's much more interesting to me then just the specifics of the people or you know all the people that I'm so sick of all these blue check writers and BuzzFeed people like I never called him out specifically like that guy hate that guy mean we we can decide to these people our enemy but like we're in some ways photos in the Battle V you know I just did a very perverse way in a very perverse way and I just think it's just like their job is to write about things and when were involved in a story they find an angle and they go after just like I do with jokes that if I crack a joke about somebody asked I do a bit about someone else hate them like I had a whole bit about Bruce Jenner and the Kardashians would lead Bruce to become a woman cuz I hated him because it was

► 02:34:29

it was funny I thought is if there's an angle there it's a story it's a big thing that's on people's minds and so it became a target for me the same way it is when a lot of these folks write articles and you know a lot of them are in their 20s and you know their idealistic or they're young and evolving their thoughts and maybe they wouldn't write that article 5 years from now or 10 years from now whatever and you think we have to take that into consideration as well these people are embarking on a career in journalism in you know for a lot of them shiting on Jordan Peterson gets them social brownie points you know you want to shift topics for sure can we do a little mid-shift there sure we can do it on that ship so I was talking to Jordan about something that I think it's kind of interesting that I haven't talked about publicly before I thought for me to come on Joe Rogan let me see if I can bust out something kind of personal so you know Jordan was having all these autoimmune problems and that's kind of what led him to to doing this crazy diet where we eat in effect is on the carnivore diet

► 02:35:29

she like me that's it like that because I feel doing that great he looks so much better even even then probably last time he was here maybe what for 5 months ago he's skin looks good he look he's got some color back in his face he's definitely lost some weight slim down a little bit but it but in a good way his energy is back just his hair looks better like he just looks better like I don't know all the science behind the carnivore diet of whether you can do it forever and not eat vegetables and truly survive I don't know where you're getting the rest of the nutrition that you need in the rest of the vitamins and all that good but when I've gone out to dinner with him over these things the biggest steak you can imagine it every place chopped it up eats meat that's it we were talking the other day in the green room before the show

► 02:36:13

that is interesting that he had this health problem as his success was growing and it's like you don't really think about that in life because we all like to think like as we're growing and getting better and doing what we're supposed to do that are healthiest kind of in line with that so I've actually never talked about this before but about two and a half years ago right when my show is really taking off I think probably about the first time we we did our first sit down so not the one last year but doing about two and a half years ago as I was for also first getting hate online at the same time I started losing tons of chunks of hair to an hour yea and tons of hair would be everywhere after I showered care in my towels everything and lost like huge patches back of my head up top like all over the place so I had to have I guess I take me so how did alopecia areata where they it's an autoimmune thing they don't know why your white blood cells start attacking your hair follicles so I went about 2 years ago and this is just a

► 02:37:14

I'm like starting to really succeed like I'm really just like breaking through for the first time and I went on this like crazy experimental drugs so usually when you have this they just shoot cortisone in two corticosteroids into your head and I hope that that basically reverses a door stops or whatever when I found this doctor he's doing this really experimental thing we're in effect they're putting something like poison ivy on your head so that your white blood cells will attack of that instead of attacking your hair follicles in the hope is if you do just the slight amount it's necessary that you won't have like crazy reactions and you'll be in your hair back to go back anyway I did it for about a year and for stuff when I was on camera I mean they were Point swear like I was like oh my God like I don't I can't be on camera I was doing like not spray her with like powdered shittin like my hair to like hide so that way later I can show you like I still actually do have some spots

► 02:38:14

anyway I went under this experimental stuff and literally for 2 years virtually my entire body was broken out like red itchy gross disgusting my head was like like it's ripping yeah for like a year bad and then you're not as bad but like like losing my head would like as if you had poison ivy I was literally basically putting poison ivy on my head and like I was extremely sensitive to heat and light and like it was it was a truly miss her I like a real toilet I gained weight because of it like screws up your like my my neck actually look thicker like I look at videos where I did not look good for a year like I look kind of bloated because my body was basically having like an allergic reaction at all times I was putting something on my head to cause my body to have an allergic reaction like that for whatever reason I was just very sensitive to it but anyway I bring this all up 8 cuz I've never talked about it and I thought you would might just be something to like throw out there

► 02:39:14

but be what I discuss with Jordan is just this interesting idea of sort of as you're succeeding and as you're doing what you're supposed to be doing that life just throws you weird things and I'm pretty much over it now I'll show you later like I definitely have some stuff still that now just taking the injections and we'll see what happens every couple weeks now I'm definitely trying. That's why I did the month off Jordan was not famous his whole life and then in his 50s became famous not it's not a normal state that people are accustomed to The Clinical Psychology how many stories do we have to read about people who go famous lose it fucking marbles. It's not an easy Road it's not it's not easy to handle people ask him about that went so when we do the Q&A at the end there's an app that people send me questions and then I just kind of moderate it so I pick

► 02:40:14

funny ones that I picked some serious ones but a lot of the questions are asked him directly about that about what what pressure do you feel now that you're famous what is the shape you screw up what if a lot you know they also asked him a question and I don't want to paraphrases answer cuz I won't do it justice but they asked him you know you talk about religion and archetypes and all that are you a profit they will ask him. Not because they're saying he's a profit but like if you believe in all of this stuff if you believe that project and he goes out of his way to the best life for themself he's laying out for them but watching him go through all this it's just been it's been truly fascinating like it really it's like and then I think I said it before but it's like the whole thing is I love that it's not what they want it to be it's not Tuesday the people that are writing all these pieces and I invite a lot of the writers sometimes that right things I'll be like you want to come to the show tonight and any of them are welcome to come as my guest

► 02:41:14

they can sit right up front I'll do the exact same thing Jordan of the exact you know what's good about those people what's good about is the same thing that I try to do with all my material I look at and I learned this from Doug Stanhope Doug Stanhope actually set it to me and I realize I kind of do it but from him saying it I did it more he said you should write your bits as if your defense attorney but you're defending your bit like right your bit like as if you in so I I think that one of the things about having haters out there or critics out there is it there examining your material finding holes in it and I think if you go over all of your material and all of your ideas from the perspective of someone is watching them right now trying to find fault in everything that you do you'll find just be undeniable just be undeniable find find those holes patch him up and you know there's going to be disagreements it's not like you're always going to be able to State your point and it's going to be undeniable

► 02:42:13

to someone who completely disagrees you know but ideologically with your stance on whatever the fuck it is but no as long as you it's undeniable to you irrationally made your Casey of objectively stated the facts you've this is your position this is why you back it up just too much sloppy work going on what people think they can and you see this a lot there's a lot on the Progressive left or the regressive left we want to call it where they just expect that other people are just going to agree with her stance on things so they think they have this sort of this very rigid ideology that they're they're trying to get their morally right so then you don't have to do this it's a lot harder to take a position that says you should be who you are and you have to fit that into society rather than saying this is what the moral imperative is this is why we need those laws and if you deviate from that you're the bad guy so unfortunately they've just Embrace that I think too much

► 02:43:14

so it's like it's like one of those things like when I go to these colleges and I'm usually invited by Libertarians and it's like taxes and limited government and live how you want to live right that's the basics of it but they lost and say you know I talk about low taxes in the college class and people say I'm racist and it's like how does race get into that but what they will say is that what they say is what wait a minute if you want low taxes that means you don't want money going to people who need it more and often it is people of color who need it more so you inherently are racist you have to think on how to make the counter argument to that. I think it's a very valid counter-argument that I buy it too but it's very easy to just take somebody who thinks the reverse of you and go you're racist your race is such a lazy yeah I so lazy the only thing I have Jordan's been saying lately is this idea of enforcement of me being the solution to end sells these involuntary celibates yeah

► 02:44:13

so what do you think I become men but what do you think his definition of enforce monogamy is just to be culturally Forest monogamy where people you know that the culture encourages and supports the idea of monogamy me up all the Bible females because no one's getting married and it just is no room for these in cells know they are not attractive to women with other than not physically attractive you tell me Harvey Weinstein physically attractive disgusting Pig forget about what he did to those women other the rapes are the sexual assault how did that happen it happened to success it happened through success and confidence and whatever the fuck out she's got you know I don't know what his mind like these these in cells they have to become

► 02:45:14

men okay and there's a lot to talk about that I mean I just don't think that enforce monogamy has any Factor whatsoever in that so he had his lawyer but I think he used the phrase all he meant was marriage that generally societies that more people are married that's just makes married and buy her he would use a different phrase for not going to help in cells these guys that are involuntary celibates so they have to be but they think they have to do difficult thing yeah that's what they have to do they have to do they have to get your shit together and a martial arts I think it's one of the best ways to do that I've seen so many men that were like so insecure and dorky and do it become fucking nerd assassin's martial arts and I think it's a great team Lac

► 02:46:13

of adversity it like physical adversity a lot of people's lives and overcoming physical adversities what leads to a lot of confidence in man I just think that there's a lot of men that are just have no idea what they can or can't do anything difficult than they have massive insecurities because of it I think you would agree with you everywhere think you would too everywhere that you just said they're not going to fix it they have to become men that mean they had to have sex with you and you will find more women than that the next step the next natural progression in life is that you will find someone that you want to be partnered with them that that Ben has the best value for a society I but I don't want to completely status case

► 02:47:03

yes he is helping men but men get their shit together I need framework for sure people need this this thing about disciplining you know if you're aware of Jocko right yes that discipline equals freedom is like one of the best catchphrases it's so accurate it's so empowering get your shit together and then the time that you have for recreation you appreciate it so much more you don't appreciate rest when you're fucking off all day you're preciate rest when you've worked hard that's when it means something to you when you accomplish goals that's when this celebration is is something that you get a good feeling from it do you want to fart in your life that you feel like is lacking in that department and what department it just like getting your shit together like not slacking on so that's what I do I do a lot of shit that the only way I could ever do as many different things I do if I just get after it after it pretty fucking good

► 02:48:12

I'm not insecure in that I mean whether it's true martial arts or any kind of exercise or work I just I take pride and getting things done I take pride and working yeah you know it specially working towards things that are important to me whether it's working all my sad working on my stand up with her it's working on a podcast with her it's working on my martial arts or my fitness or yogurt whatever I get after it man just got two for me it's not a matter of whether or not it's an option it's like brushing my teeth I don't decide one day I don't want to brush my teeth today I just fucking brush my teeth and when there's days where I'm doing fasted cardio when that alarm goes off it's not a matter of whether or not I shut the alarm off that's not an option you get up you put your fucking shoes on you get the dog and you go running cuz that's what you do and if you just decide that's what you do then you get things done and then a month later you like oh

► 02:49:13

we did this all month and then 6 months later it's like oh I did this a half a year and then if you're doing Jiu-Jitsu you like oh shit look I got a blue belt oh shit now I'm a purple belt and that's how you become a black belt you just you know and I got mine is the good type of grass it cuz it gets progressively easier to like fuck easier for you now then right when you started

► 02:49:41

I don't know man you know the reward of it you know that that rewards there forcement enforcement in the success that I've had in in completing these tasks but every fucking time I go to yoga class when I got Jesus 90 minutes + 104 degree temperature with these all these women that go to humiliate me they can definitely do things that you can do there's a lot of these older ladies that are fucking top you know they just got it out I just one lady that goes there she was like 60 years old she doesn't even bring water and this ladies in their 490 fucking minutes sweat it out she's there every time I go she's not bringing what are you sure she's 60 should be like 20 and just dehydrated you know you know that there now it's never easy to do you know gets a little bit easier when you get better at it but then you just try harder and makes it more difficult if you're always giving 100% effort it's always going to be hard you know you take some

► 02:50:43

pride in the fact that now I can go to Miles through the hills and you know and reach the point of exhaustion or before was one or whatever whatever you little little progress markers are you get some satisfaction that but it's always difficult to get going... Hardest step is the first step is not the 30th stabbed with a hundred step it's a fucking first one it's getting on the trail getting going it's the hardest thing the hardest way to lift is the first one cuz once you get going like okay I'm a half hour in my workout I'm writing things down I'm supposed to be doing now I got you know 20 chin-ups and then did burpees and all that you have to do it I have to do it and so many people have a hard time doing it. When you started sensory deprivation Zephyr at the float stuff every time I've gone into the place when I just talked to the girl when she's like setting it up or something I'll be like oh Joe Rogan got me into this and they're always I called everybody into this like you really like

► 02:51:42

created boat places all I went to Nashville like the stuff and all that like I would have Bizarre Adventure you know what I mean like you probably would have never thought of that. The only reason why it happened because I had no intention of doing it looks like I'm going to blow them what to do I just say what I do and I do it by example like obviously I do all these things mean that Jim's not there for looks yeah I fucking do all these things it is I think this is this is just a natural thing that happen but the float things the most bizarre one because I can't believe I'm the one to tell everybody but doesn't everybody already know they do now more people know now what how the fuck didn't they know when I first got my tank in 2002

► 02:52:33

and I have been talking about it for a couple years before because I've done one where you know you go to a place and you rented for an hour that's how we regular people fucking Me by Doug funny burn it as much as I can and it's right there it's nice sometimes even after the comic store you know, you're weird times I'll come in here during the day but the whole idea is that this is something that somehow or another was created in the sixties by John Lilly and nobody talked about it it was like kind of a suit weirdo popular thing with hippies for a while and then it fucking went away but they were barely around and then I start talking about it and now they're everywhere all over the planet and that is the strangest thing to me it's one of the strangest things about my entire career is that the float tank businesses her to start it up because of me everywhere in the world now

► 02:53:34

does hundreds of them everywhere and every country and they didn't exist before you knowing that somehow or another you could directly connect them a lot of them to me that's very strange so what does that say about ideas I mean what does that say about the saying what you think and yeah planing you what your life is to people that's what they want I mean I think when I when I'm with Jordan but then I realize more than anything else is he's giving them a little room to be who they are he said he can some of the bullets you know the hit pieces and all that stuff that we talked about he takes a little bit of that to take these positions that are not wrong but are just Politically Incorrect or someone popular controversial and by taking those positions he gives other people just a little bit of a forcefield to think a little bit so I'm so for you in this it's like you started doing that gave you a little piece of mind a little something that made you feel good and feel healthy and clean and mentally sound and all that and then you started talking about it and then holy shit somebody in Nebraska was like I'm going to try that and the next

► 02:54:34

Yoshi open the clinic for it and is doing it you know what I mean and then that that's person so if that's the beauty of saying what you think but also works the same reason why does podcast work so I got promoted this podcast I just did it in through word-of-mouth it got bigger and bigger the thing about float tanks is I'm telling you how amazing is you try it and it doesn't suck you know it's not like all these people wouldn't try to lie to me God damn it feels loose and relax this is crazy it's like there's a real positive benefit I'm telling the truth how quick can you snap into to the zone that you want to get into and you're in there cuz that's when I was just did it a couple days ago I've done it a couple times now and I've usually been it takes me about 20 minutes to kind of clear the Clutter but you know sometimes it's more sometimes it's best this last time just cuz I think we've been traveling so much I've been playing every day and everything else

► 02:55:33

you know that's what happens like the last 5 minutes I finally got to that place where I was kind of disconnected for that when you get in there done it so many times that my body knows what it's doing yeah I lay in the tank my body is just sink in but yeah thank time you know and then I've been in there on mushrooms and weed and you know weed edibles specially that's the weird one this is marijuana edibles or the one on some of the most underrated psychedelics in terms of like introspective thinking a self-examination it's like it's one of those things that just forces you to really go over every single aspect of your subconscious is trying to hide from you got it you got a good strain of Indica that's not going to completely destroy me like my weed situation at this point and I used to be a big pot at my weed thing is like end of the night Puff

► 02:56:34

my vape and like watch the same Simpsons episode that I love the 1989 like that's good enough for me like I don't need stores in my brain if anything I tighten a couple of hinges you know what I mean. I don't need to go the other way again like for me it's much more about relaxation just take a little hit and then try it out just don't the whole thing is just don't go too deep like people try three four five hits in the never smoked pot before and then there in a k-hole the corner crying and screaming and it's like to do with all that THC relax find out what the fuc the effect is don't just keep hitting it you know I've seen people that don't smoke pot or I'll try I'll try

► 02:57:28

and then an hour later Mike are you going to die you think you're going to die like back in the day like how did mushrooms and maybe 20 times in my life something that something around there and then I haven't done it in about 15 years and then about 6 months ago so mushrooms appeared doesn't matter how they were in my house and I was like alright here's over and my friends over and David is there and we're like I brought you going to take one cat we're not going to like how to get fucking pussies

► 02:58:03

going to take one cat okay see what I got to do a game so we're playing like NBA Jam kind of thing you were playing and playing playing playing and I'm going guys guys my controller is not working my controller is not working I can't control this nothing's working

► 02:58:30

David looks at me he's like you're not holding a controller I was playing on my leg I was actually I had the controller on my way I had no controller I was actually I thought I would so I'm telling you one capsule you mock me for one can do the trick that's the story so you need to go to a doctor and find out what's wrong with your brakes one-cap to make you like this PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 with a little bit of two or three caps you put the fucking video games down just lay down and think about your life 8-bit run one way I want to run I don't want

► 02:59:30

post some stuff up for a few minutes murder of family and rape people and steel chronograph going to take those fucking sound bites needs a hug I think I'm blessed combative with every year less defiant and combative with every year with the stuff I'm more shrugging the never monkey just try to be nice person try to be nice try to be nice to each other do you do your best at whatever you're doing keep moving and when things pop up and people right things ask oh okay what am I going to do yeah you think that could be a connection though it eventually killing the drive to want to keep doing things like to want to keep being funny to want to come out there

► 03:00:26

my drive is because I know there's a bunch of people to get babysitters and they there their they're bought tickets in advance and then like next Friday Joe's coming to town and I'm I'm working hard for that I don't want them to have a bad experience I want to do the best fucking show I can do I'm dead serious about that that's very important to me I understand is a massive responsibility and I'm doing the Chicago Theatre like I did last weekend two shows 3700 people show that's a lot of people I don't want anybody to be disappointed I want to do my best job the best I can do and that's where my drive is my drive is dude I'm dissecting material I'm rewriting and I'm practicing I'm glad I went up 3 times last night I'll probably go up I'm going to be at least 2 times tonight I'm doing the Improv and I'm doing The Comedy Store I do that all the time and I do that all the time and my drive is too there's a great reward in making people laugh and there's a great reward in in Weebly Main Exchange you know are they came to see me

► 03:01:31

I made them laugh everybody's happy little we had a deal now that's the deal and I work it it's not an easy deal it's like you got to work hard to to fill your end of the bargain but if you do work hard and you do work at it and you do examine if you do put in the hours on stage you do go over the rewrites and listen to the recordings and it do your best it's rewarding I can say that those people have a good time like when I put a video up on Instagram of a bunch of people cheering after the show my feeling is what this is like we share this time you guys had a good time I had a good time I'm super happy there's nothing like that I'm just getting back in so I just booked my last couple hours so on the nights off that rhyme with Peterson so we sold out the DC and pretzel. Tempe Improv sold out Irvine Improv here if Irvine Improv and yeah I feel that now cuz it's weird because you don't know me from Comedy so it's like I did it I lived all those New York City years as a comic

► 03:02:30

never hit into I was good, but I never hit into two TV in that way and that's why I started doing all these other things that led me to this but it's like they can put my name up and now it sells out right so now it's like I feel this extra pressure of like wow these people like they're really coming for me it is any pressure I mean it's like I'm getting back to this thing that people don't know me from and it's like I'm good I I sent you the hour I haven't send it to anybody I'm not putting up publicly but I wanted you to see it cuz even if you could only watch a minute because I wanted you to know that I'm a real, you know what I mean likes because otherwise it's like we can all sit here but I guess I'm kind of blah blah blah but it's incredibly powerful like when you're in that room with those people and you make it real for that and I know my style like I'm never going to be the best joke right around the planet it's not where my passions why but I like in that room with these people doing what we did here and and getting everybody playing

► 03:03:30

being in the moment and I get people kind of yelling at each other and screaming and announcing their political differences and like all this crazy shit and I don't know anyone that's doing it the way that I'm doing it and it's not like I'm doing a set the way Seinfeld with layout you know every word you know for the hour but I love it again anyway you want to take it you do it your way which did 3 hours shit man now I got Sam Harris I got to run home I came here from the airport after when you're ready I got Harris at 4 I think I got to get the hell out of here now I'm getting you a Fishel you put to Shapiro before me just happened I was I was free that day will do you show all right back brother thank you thanks everybody for tuna to the podcast and thank you to Birdwell britches to get 10% off your first Birdwell britches purchase with life

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$20 off your purchase the black tux premium rental suits and tuxedos delivered thank you thanks everybody for tuna to the podcast I had a lot of fun this week I hope you guys did too and next week got some very good shows Kyle Kingsbury going to be here for rasa hobby very excited to talk to frost the great Dennis McKenna will be here and one more guest as well thank you love you appreciate you bye bye