#1113 - Brian Redban

The Joe Rogan Experience #1113 - Brian Redban

May 8, 2018

Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network.

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Jamie as you're done time to do the podcast ladies and gentleman this guy I started doing this podcast with him many many moons ago is done many many episodes runs death-squad podcast Network give it up for my friend Brian Redban

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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hey what's going on not much how are you I'm good how are you I'm great wonderful the other day and it is it's not a lot it's a lot of water in the way the big earthquake happen actually after the plane took off so we were in the air when the big one hit it's apparently a big one like a 5-9 I think that was it 6 alright they had a big one and then they had a fucking really big one five nights big I think the way it works sure someone will correct me here I think the way it works is a 5-6 is like really powerful but a57 is twice as powerful than a 5/8 is twice as powerful as that so when you get up to 7

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like that some world-changing shit man did you see the I put it up it's so funny dude you put up anything that's from CNN and people want to put it up for a verifiable Swartz not CNN CNN bullshit do you a fucking asshole it's a video of lava eating a car at Mustang CNN fake tit stupid dude people are so goofy

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you're so goofy with this fake new shit it's lava at 8 car and happened to see the video let that cards for ever going to be in rocks 11 we all died in like the Future II people can like find this card is broken down his the bear elements at this point I'm assuming it just got completely melted and wonder they say that stuff is 2000 degrees and it's so hot but it's molten rock so like if it didn't burn through your feet or I give you if you weren't flammable at all for some strange reason you could actually walk on it

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yeah I like what I thought you just sink in it but no and apparently it's cooling like right out of after gets out of surface this is so crazy this is like a monster so we're watching this lava flow on Hawaii's Big Island I like how Jamie went with CBS News powerful Brandon Clement but this guy whoever he is a bad mother fucker cuz look what he was next to he was filming this I mean he was near this thing oh my God like imagine being on that street and stain what kind of a crazy fuck you have to be to be on that street and stay and then a 6.9 hits during all this that's so big that's such a crazy earthquake but they live on a volcano in mean it's one of the reasons why a lot of people don't want to live on the big island so shit like this yeah that splatter ones crazy that there's a fissure in

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this neighborhood there's a subdivision out there and something Estates I forget what it is but they're fucking neighborhood do the the the ground opened up in their neighborhood I mean if you lived you know thousand of years ago this would be an Angry God coming to attack your village gymagic normal days you're in Hawaii you're in one of the most beautiful places on the planet you're just chilling in the sun is perfect and seen the ocean you hear the seagulls and you see dolphins and shit and then the ground opens up in Hell starts pouring out

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eat your house eat your Mustang

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fuck and they were talking about it today in the news like there's nothing we can do is nothing but you can't pour water at nope can't do shit and I got stop it stupid they apparently stopped it from doing something in like Iceland and they had to use billions and billions of gallons of water to Halt the progress of the lava that Big Bloomers in the air and you couldn't fly anywhere I believe so and that is also that plume being in the air which restricted flying is all tied into the death of that journalist Michael Hastings do you know that all that crazy conspiracy theory one of the weird ones man it's one of the weird ones this guy Michael Hastings was a sort of renegade journalist type character and he went to Iraq or Afghanistan

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I want to see a rack but it might have been Afghanistan he went there with the troops and he got stuck there because of that volcano so because you stuck there everybody got comfortable with him being around they start saying crazyshit to start joking around about Obama stuff like that and he put all this in the article and we put all this an article that General had to resign he was like one of the most popular most powerful Generals in the army

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then shortly thereafter homeboy decided to go a hundred twenty miles an hour down Sunset slam into a tree in his car exploded and everybody is like a fucking assassination guys they were coming out there saying listen you absolutely can hack a car and change the direction change the the what what the car does take control of the car you absolutely can do that and they were like ABS absolutely absolutely absolutely do you have we know these people these videos of people falling asleep in a Tesla's write the car just drives you there yet on the highway to drive to we know that's real it turns little turtle make turns for you to park their cars the park you don't think that they can but they figured out a long time ago say would it be cool if we could just tap it in that make this motherfucker drive into a tree kill didn't they would be so incompetent that I don't want to hear any conspiracy theories

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ever again because of the government didn't look at that stuff the government like this Assassin's didn't look at that if the head of Isis is in a car it's a Mercedes we can get that car and make that mother fucker drive off a cliff we can do that okay will do that

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those people all day I try to figure out a way to kill bad guys don't think they would think that they would so that's a scary thought mine because of the pressure which is entirely possible you always have to like look at everything you got to look at all sides you really do it's so it's so easy to just pick a side on any story or conspiracy theory or anything even a political opinion so easy but they definitely found amphetamines in his system they said and that's not uncommon for writers writers love adderal the fucking love it apparently I'm a friend's a drone says everybody who's a journalist is on at all obviously is exaggerating the one guys out there

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but who was it that was a doctor oh my friend dr. Roddy McGee

► 00:13:16

hello the stem cell doctor from Vegas he was telling me about people that were taking adderal like when he was in college and he was like holy shit is my breath smell throws me just Listerine breath strips okay dude I'll fucking take one

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but he was saying that when he was in college is like a market change in everybody's performance when they start doing the adderal I believe it Jamie gave it to me he gave me a little tiny piece allegedly Maybe not maybe I just made that up I don't know what that was I don't know what the fuck that was I'm taking it away I'm scared of it I'm scared I take it and go yet

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might like the same same result by scared of coke I've never fuck with Coke I like coffee too much I like it I tried to but I'm not even tired I'll just look for a cup of coffee like I might have a cup of coffee be nice right now I feel like a crackhead like cracky when I'm on a turtle Legos I can get it because I like the whole time I make you talk too much like three times but I remember try to do it and go on stage and it was awful I felt like I was on killing my timing was all like g32 Jitter to hurt when you got to take into account like there's the way you feel before you go on stage and it is the way you feel on stage via be there in a mix-in modafinil wants to go on stage and it was a weird little Balancing Act that's that provigil stuff right

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was weird was like wow this is weird you know you better off sober you just but the thing about those pills apparently is he get used to it and then you get used to that juice you know you're used to just fucking have the energy to get shit done

► 00:14:59

everybody gets a super super fired up but you can get a lot of shit done that way so that's something with journalists apparently according to my friend it's like dude everybody's on it they're all on it and they write like maniacs found the keys but it makes sense take your pills documentary on Netflix that's what they talk about to I need to see that take to get through it's a performance-enhancing drug so here's the question

► 00:15:34

is it worse than drinking I bet it isn't and we don't have any problem with all those kids drinking the question is are they going to get addicted to it more easily than they would get addicted to drinking cuz you don't have this I mean I don't know but I'm assuming you don't have nearly the same kind of hang out with right but it's hot how does that affect your liver in comparison to like alcohol cuz I think at all in that kind of shit fuck might be worse in that aspect I think you'd see a lot of bodies if it were I think it'd be a lot of dead people I really do this is what I think I think it's one of those where's the bodies thing where the bodies are the bodies you know where are they

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who was like there was a fucking stupid article that I was reading about the keto diet it was so dumb and so poorly written and uninformed because they were talking about a study they did with a tip people and they put him on a keto diet for 4 days and their athletic performance decreased and then they even included the caveat this could possibly be because of the keto flu

► 00:16:48

which is something that sometimes people get when their body goes in before your body goes into ketosis takes a long time to switch your body off from a lifetime of burning carbs to bring fat the real health benefits athletic performance if any all happen after your body gets through this transition area. So they did a study about 4 days of the diet like who gives a shit why would you do that how it works it takes weeks before your body even totally transitions over and then even then the benefits and crew included increase rather over months Miss play a science on the stuff but the people on the podcast of talked about it like Dom D'Agostino and all the studies that he's done on it Peter a d I was on the other end of the day is like real scientist the date is out there you can look at it doesn't work for everybody in terms of like the benefits of it but you don't do it over 4 days a white and so the saying it's dangerous potentially dangerous. It's fucking food it's not dangerous

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you know what's really dangerous eating the same way most people eat every day you know what I was watching a video with this guy from you know the company called flavor God

► 00:17:57

it's a spice company makes I really delicious spices and he had this video we went to a store and he just picked out a garlic salt like okay let's try this one right here and he picks it up and it says sugar Sugar's the third ingredient in sucking garlic salt so I go home after I watch this video I pick up the girls I might that looks like the shit that I have in my house I pick it up under garlic salt sugar it's like the 3rd or 4th ingredient is sugar I'm like you got to be kidding me they put sugar and garlic salt these monsters that's insane that's that's not right

► 00:18:33

is monsters is he selling it as a spice or is it say garlic salt on says it's a regular it's a big company to green caps is garlic salt his stuff is just garlic and salt and real spices and whatever this flavor guy she's just pointing out like look man you're getting fucked over and I didn't know I had no idea I was pouring the stuff I put the stuff on my eggs sugar in it that's ridiculous why would you put sugar and garlic salt. They don't call garlic salt then call it Tony spices this is Tony spices I bought a little bit this I put a little of that you know what I like my grandmother always put sugar in everything fuck it sugar it seems like I should be illegal should be illegal fucking asshole have sugar it's never think someone's not sneaking some sugar it on you

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creepy Fox

► 00:19:27

speaking of creepy foxy to hear about that nurse who is going to jail because she was infecting patients with h with hepatitis C she was infecting her hepatitis C blood into their medication why she's crazy she's crazy she was giving them hep C on purpose is what their Legend at least here it is Nurse allegedly use her own drug needles on patients leading to hepatitis C infections

► 00:19:58

okay so I read it differently I'd rather she injected the medication with would there with her blood she put her blood in the medication

► 00:20:08

be there in just a shity article I read

► 00:20:11

but either way okay so what they're saying is

► 00:20:16

she's suspicious of two counts of second-degree assault

► 00:20:21

she's not been formally charged and her mother Eunice told the media at the news conference pray that our daughter wouldn't hurt a bug so sad to watch the emergency room nurse is accused of stealing narcotics and injecting to hospital patients with hep C using the same needles that she used to inject herself okay so they're not saying she infected with her blood out there blood on purpose she's did something super irresponsible and used her needles on these patients so what she did was so what their religion is that she's using narcotics and she would get too much for the patients and give some to herself and use that same needle to give it to the patient's probably because needles are tightly controlled cuz they don't you know they probably have to account for every needle missing so they don't give him the junkies and they probably have to account for all the narcotics so she would probably give them some of hers she says she intentionally contaminated medicine or other substance with her own blood see that's what I read a different thing as a different website

► 00:21:22

intentionally contaminated medicine or another substance with their own blood then should Minister the medicine medicine or other substance intravenously so the way she did it was by putting her blood into the medication on purpose which did it was by taking some of their medication allegedly

► 00:21:41

says I haven't seen any evidence that she would have that would prove that she intentionally infected anyone

► 00:21:49

yeah that's her attorney yeah I'm so go to the top because there was something about narcotics right I read this there's a book called Dead Doctors Don't Lie About dog to Scott dr. Joel Wallach and it was all about mineral deficiency diets and then how many people have mineral deficiency diets because u.s. farm lands or just total overrun with you use the same land over and over and over again they're over run from the crops look just drain the dirt to add minerals to the soil have to ask it to it and this guy dr. Joel Wallach was talking about how you have to realize like there's a lot of people out there that overtime mineral deficient diets will show you poor health results right so he was going on about how little doctors know about health in general the other fix things but how little mini doctors know about like good diet and what support what kind of nutrients really need cuz you don't spend that much time in school

► 00:22:51

the average person is obsessed with it but then he started going on about how many doctors they find dead from overdoses and stories about doctors that just shot themselves up in the break room and tight shop lock themselves up in the bathroom and shot Coke like if they're that tired and that worn down and they have access to Coke

► 00:23:12

I've got a lot of them did it especially when you could get if you get away with it if they have that liquid coconut in the hospitals are probably just huffing that stuff do they still have that liquid lidocaine liquid what do they use the liquid Coke for

► 00:23:27

numbing agent right that's what gets you high

► 00:23:34

I know this girl that used to it I don't know if she made it but I always thought it was from a doctor it was like an inhaler type thing and she would just do that some or no no it was a nose thing nose thing I can Flonase Flonase for Coke yeah and she just do that shoot liquid Coke

► 00:23:54

let's have it sounds better for you than snorting I don't know it's like moisturizer that's apparently the best way but you never get that that super rush it's like the difference between the sugar that you would get from Apple and the sugar you would get from some Kool-Aid I give Jack a gallon of Kool-Aid homemade Kool-Aid we dumped extra sugar in there and stare that bitch off to remember that how great was that Kool-Aid is the liver's your color what was your good I've never met a cool later than like a fucking great I love when the big guy with the picture burst through the wall to cool a cool just smash your house to give you he was so excited to see you and give you your sugary drink break your fucking house

► 00:24:54

I did still around the Kool-Aid guy on the package is still promote like no sugar or something like that change of diet pills pills shot glass now let's find out how many people die every year from adderal let's guess I'm going to guess I'm going to guess less than a hundred hundred in this country every year that's what I say or all year I'll say 21000 people

► 00:25:34

Stitches the chance you take it to I don't have to go that high so I'm going to go a little higher than me and you got it right when we got Jamie the first thing I found that said that there were 12 deaths Associated to 7 to 16 year old boys in the Year 2005 and there's like articles about sudden death Lesson 12 kids on adderal so they know where you live to come down to Nuke your house they kill all the witness yeah the money and adderal must be through the roof to happen to see me about this but I bet they have the medicine companies have something to do with that they just missed me to schedule one for CBD did they really do that if I abandon on that I just read it the other day

► 00:26:36

cannabitol sales only wear pot legal well that's stupid it's got the most minor levels of THC and it has a definite benefits especially when you put on as a lotion that stuff feels like a court appeals court upholds CBD status as controlled substance well fuck you appeals court that's against the Hampton distri also right that's a huge hit to the him across the board it's a huge hit that Humanity it's just dumb that's that's great for old ladies with arthritis it's so much better than a lot of medications you can take it so many different forms you can take it as drops you could take it as a spray I take it as a pointment that I put on I got a sore shoulder or some shit you put that stuff on it's fucking great I just got got some recently and my anytime my neck is sore from like laying weird of being in a hotel with a shity pillow I put it on like 2 minutes

► 00:27:41

what is better would be great for like a massage maybe get fucked up maybe you too high so I'll give you a massage and CBD lotion I did it was going to be bad like I was like home I should have done that they gave me all these like they face lotion to have the stuff you put underneath your eyes like they have so much different kind of CBD stuff yeah Gino gave me some blue stuff is like a roll about you the fact these assholes decided it would be a good idea to make that illegal so dumb but it does nothing wrong with it it's healthy that's it. So now you can't buy it anymore and I only buy in places where pot legal to buy it cuz we don't live in the Dark Ages is a lot of Dark Ages

► 00:28:40

live PD I think it's called it's one of my favorite shows but it's so weird watching people get busted for like weed and right way how old is the show it's live right now this is happening in Missouri and there's a bunch of spots we could still get like fully arrested go to jail your criminal Texas for pot yeah they pulled Willie Nelson tour bus

► 00:29:07

yeah that's like shooting a bass in a toilet bowl that's so dumb it's so dumb how could you do that channel treasure man cancels course he smoke pot he's a hundred fifty thousand years old he's been playing music all across this land forever

► 00:29:26

leave the guy alone let him do whatever he wants he's Willie Nelson I mean if you don't love Willie Nelson fuck you right you don't want to listen to the music like not right now man I'm in this man Eminem right now okay I get it but if you like me to fuck Willie Nelson

► 00:29:45

fuck you what you think of the Kanye should I go in on every morning Jamie's got many many theories he's got one of those mind boards has house index cards leading to the center and flip flops slides and he's got a bunch of theories along the way I've never heard your theory but doesn't involve the car accident that he had right before he became popular that the guy that he has brain damage from this car accident people that honestly think that he is still on he's sorry he said he was on opioids from getting lipo actually because a lot of the media scrutiny on being fat he said let him to go getting lipo just let him to having a painkiller addiction

► 00:30:41

and he was on Oprah good thing and he was very afraid when he went to the psycho hospital that he was going to get killed before going to take him away from the city was saying so he did have some issues and I think he's probably said he's been on some other medication so he might be on or off of it right now it's it's an artist that I would take Kanye over Trump any data as well Sam Kinison was up when he was a boy she was like super normal kid and then I got hit by a car really bad and from that point on he became a different person can be wild and Reckless and crazy it's that it said What football players get their head head

► 00:31:37

his doctor said that they would use that as a defense it would consider using that as a defense if that was to happen today percent on the football player Marketplace his name he went to jail he hung himself Martinez Adrian Hernandez Aaron Hernandez percent it's not a matter of whether or not you have brain damage it's a matter of how much how much do you have and can you work with it you know that's what's it mean if you get hit in the head a lot you you have brain damage your brain does not want to get hit it's not normal Aaron Hernandez suffered from most severe CTE ever found in a person his age

► 00:32:36

looks like it at Brenda's way more keto right now for someone younger than someone for 10:46 telling you there is a fucking epidemic in this shit it includes all sorts of people that get their head hit whether it's BMX guys that are constant crashing when you think about how many times BMX guy will crash in his career how many head-to-head bumps it takes skateboarders notorious for doing crazy shit wiping you know I mean don't worry you get that kind of like a pitbull does it swell and it gets worse. It's a cumulative over I think a period of like 10 years from the initial incident so I can save you have a really bad car accident your brain will continue to deteriorate for 10 years from the effects of that accident

► 00:33:35

I went when I told me that I was like how do you know and I don't know how they know I don't remember he kind of explained it but I was like a guy gets knocked out we were knocked out today it's going to feel the real repercussions of that knock out in 10 years like yes it's very possible that's the case it's going to take 10 years or so it's full of facts so if you see someone is fucked up now like if they've got brain damage now as time goes on it's going to be like like Muhammad Ali was one of the weird ones because he had developed a neurological disease develop Parkinson's but there's there's trauma-induced Parkinson's did lot of people try to sign or nah we got Parkinson's disease yeah maybe but you know what else has Parkinson's Freddie Roach the boxing coach and he openly discuss is the fact that's trauma-induced he got it from his long boxing career

► 00:34:30

just because it's a brain disease doesn't mean the brain disease didn't come from getting the fuck out of your brain I mean if you had a game that you played or people like to kick you in the liver this is the game you know you kick me in the liver I kick you in the liver and then later or non you develop liver cancer if he's like yeah but he's like to drink a lot okay nothing to do I'm sure he has a super healthy brain have to getting pounded on for decades that's ridiculous that doesn't make any sense

► 00:35:04

Jesus you're probably the most minor of brain damages for the most minor cuz I stopped when I was 21 and what's your number, can you have any time so you think like you like all that did damage never sent a bunch of them there's a bunch of them. I could think back about getting rocked and fill in my knees go like getting punched in and then keeps pouring keeps pouring Sparta more rounds. Guys for 3 Rounds with another guy he's hit you in the face to like you didn't stop it was really dumb you get hit you get rocked and you didn't nobody likes at you down to go okay let's take the day off right back in there man would go be throwing bombs on you and your next day spa on again is there a way to detect it like it at your brain scan so you said

► 00:36:01

real getting rapped in the head for me came when I try to transition from Taekwondo to kickboxing are doing Taekwondo for sure but didn't get hit in the head as much cuz it's hard to kick people in the head you definitely get hit I mean I don't know how many times I definitely got hit but I never got knocked out from head to toe I got knocked out from punch it before at least keep TKO TKO but when when a punch hits your face it's like your your legs go everything like shots off like if you get rocked and you you seem like a person go down it's not that they go down like I was so much pain I have to go down know you get hit and everything shuts off it just goes well and then you feel your legs like rubbery try to stand back up just watch the last UFC where Edson Barboza head to Kevin Lee cic Spinning Wheel kick them and you see Kevin leaves legs just go blank they just gave out for a second and then he came back and

► 00:37:02

those those ones I got way more when I was boxing play more of those I was not good at boxing when I first got in the box and I was I was good at taekwondo but then I get in the boxing I was not good at it I didn't know what I was doing I didn't understand the distance Taekwondo you didn't punch in the face you would punch the body see a real distorted perception of how good you were with your hands and then once I start boxing this is terrible

► 00:37:30

that's what I was taking like probably the most damage of my life of a period of like 2 years would like a lot of sparring did a lot of sparring everybody sparred every spot over there buddy people knock people out all the time

► 00:37:47

this so stupid so stupid I see guys get knocked out I mean how cold right hand to the chin boom eyes rolled behind their head legs give out they bounce off the canvas they put a cold towel on them to put some ice on his head he gets out he's like I'm good I'm good I'm good you want to keep going keep going let's keep going now you would just unconscious you just unconscious 5 minutes ago and you want to keep Spar and this is crazy and then let him I'd let him keep spawn karate classes when I was 14 but when I get super serious I was 15 I was like right at my before my sophomore year of high school so I got into it from the time I was in the 9th grade as I was 14 like that summer like right after my birthday around is when I started getting taxed I was probably either 14 or just turning 15 was there a point you could tell if people actually

► 00:38:48

be able to knock people out and give that damage cuz it maybe before teen girls come knock you out the amount of power that you have to have like in your legs I save you decide to put a heavy backpack on with my little Outdoorsman's Atlas trainers and put 90 lbs on you can walk up flights of stairs dude just think how much power that is in your legs you could throw your body up flights of stairs for exercise just to push push push your body is whatever you want 150-200 of you with your body's just launching that through the air over and over and over chat even if you're a girl that weighs 135 lb you're still launching 135 lb through the air and if that girl fucking Shinju right on your temple Temple area

► 00:39:46

I give out your brains going to shut off if somebody hits you perfect there's a video of us I think the guy was I think it was I think it was Mighty Mo Mighty Mo who's is huge kickboxer I believe he was Samoan and I mean just like typical Samoan Powerhouse of a Dude any father's Little Thai Guy this tie guy was 175 lb so much smaller than a man was crazy to watch a movie and then that I got roundhouse kick him in the head this guy I'd look at a difference in size

► 00:40:27

yeah and watch this this dude just comes over the top and the difference between the two of them

► 00:40:35

Mighty Mo is a piece to seriously dangerous knockout punch her he put a lot of guys to sleep so not as this guy in there with someone way bigger than him but he's in there with a killer but who won head kick in my email was down and out a crazy thing to watch you talking about a guy who might have been a hundred pounds lighter than him and my team I was just stop vicious puncher payment you just playing the right ahead that's what I'm talking about girl does that to you night night son more like to 10 year olds like the thought process is that if you teach kids technique don't teach him to just go in his wild fucking Haymaker exchanges but teach them how to do it correctly it's good to do when they're young they don't hurt each other cuz they will tiny arms they just kind of touch each other and they can't really generate knockout power

► 00:41:29

then you develop much more technically proficient Fighters rather than Brawlers the problem of fighting is like the most people don't fight to the physical ability of their body like they they just they decide like you're going to knock this guy out of my try to hit with this and they thinking this real limited sort of live here too aggressive like almost obvious Manner and then you got guys who see past that who take things to a new place you got guys who who figure out that you can be like really Elusive and confusing and then you see those guys fight like limited blocky like obvious Fighters and like Anderson Silva in his prime is a perfect example that Anderson was an artist and he would just see what you didn't know what he was doing dude study you keep moving around and we stand in front of you could be dancing he just be following you around and then all sudden he just say I got this motherfucker figured out you just move in on you

► 00:42:36

you know what was coming flying knee you didn't know it was coming roundhouse kick front kick to the face you should know what the fuck was coming man is a totally different kind of fighter so the difference between that and a guy was just a Powerhouse of a person and cannot guys out but never never achieves this sort of Mastery of space and distance they win fights through brawling and power and just kinetic brute-force rather than Artistry and avoidance encountering like the Conor McGregor knocks out Jose Aldo perfect example all those like fuck you charge Anaconda slides back app drops a fucking left hand on the button and he's the champ champ I mean come on or champ then came the champ champ champ

► 00:43:22

got that you know that saying is it's hard to figure out sometimes guys just decide to write their brother by down their mouth piece let the fucking chips fly

► 00:43:33

it's not a fight just like the last 30 seconds because they know there's no more time left in stop it yeah some of those fights are awesome look as a person watching those things are awesome this two different parts the way I look at fights like I love a good Diego Sanchez Gilbert Melendez fight with a just fucking go crazy for three rounds I love that knows my favorite fight ever but I also love real technical fights or I see I see like two artists trying to solve each other's riddle trying to figure each other out you know

► 00:44:11

like Luke rockhold vs yoel Romero was that like you're well just trying to figure him out trying to figure him out and maybe I was like this and then drops that left hand on them same thing with him vs Chris Weidman he just moving around it's hard to figure out what he's going to do hard to figure out what's coming and then flying to the chin but to the Head he's he's a great example of a guy just figured out how to break your Rhythm and figure through rather than just running I am

► 00:44:41

yo Frank Mir was just talking about that fate or fight and he was saying that his ego got the best of them did you see the fight it's really good fight really crazy and sulfate RK totem Cafe dark Autumn of the left hand and dropped it and put them away but before fade or care about him Frank Mir it hits a door and it got interest in the very beginning seconds of the fight but then fade or hit him with a perfectly-timed hips just fucking boom I mean send him flying through the air and slammed into the ground and apparently Frank said from that moment on his ego got the best of me trying to get him back and he wanted up just getting in this crazy bra and getting knocked out fighting to me so it's so interesting you know it's just so interesting you see all the different things that people can do and how they're going to match up together and have what one person's going to be able to figure out how to get their their ideas through my ideas I want to kick this motherfucker in the head how can I do this I got to figure out how to get to and his ideas I want to take this guy down and punches fucking face and how do I

► 00:45:44

how to do this and then the two of them are just like trying each other and you don't really know you don't fucking know you don't know until they get in there for the most part

► 00:45:51

screenshot ever with the judging have they ever tried like sharing in between rounds what the scores are so you don't have gas and some rocks those people if they don't say who they weren't there but does it have to be in in person judging they're actually elevated there a little higher than everybody else to know they looking at it like above me the Octagon you can't see anything so I know they're going to monitor feel like if we had to make sure they got monitors didn't get the beginning the old monitors and I I was going crazy I was like how is it that I a person who has no effect whatsoever in the score this fight I have a monitor I can ask for a replay I have all the shit at my disposal I have a I have earphones on with a microphone I can press the truck

► 00:46:52

can I see that again and I'll show it to me on the Bee screen my dad is his ankle broke and so the production like sometimes during a fight will tell him Hey Joe we got the head but I was ahead by the cause that cut and then I'll say okay I'm just going from the truck now that it was a head but we're going to show you that as soon as we can but I'm watching it on that screen right there why can't the judges get that I want to go to that change it seems like they have access to replays though they can't call aburi play like I can not we should be able to kick in the balls watch after the after the sacrifice if you don't want their attention taken from what's going to action depends depends yeah I mean I think it should just be an option for some things up like what happened there did he get rocked or did he fall on his ankle you know I'm saying what happened there and there's only one way to tell sometimes you got to see it again cuz he that again please they should be able say can I see that again

► 00:47:52

they have instant replays now which is interesting to say if a guy pokes guy in the eye in the judge wants to call for playing some State the fight is over that's so crazy that doesn't make any sense so if that's what I got by compared to the NBA which I watch a lot that go to the replay a lot which is a little annoying as a viewer but they're they're trying to get it right which they have a team of people without the New York where they're watching all the all the angles a couple of anything they want they can see anything that they take as much time as you need to sometimes it takes 5 minutes but no common sense why doesn't mean we talked about it with Michael Chandler yesterday this should be more judges definitely shouldn't be only three judges that's it's ridiculous it doesn't make any sense there's no reason to limited to three judges I bet you would get far more comp

► 00:48:52

far more knowledgeable judges for free then you would even if you paid them just pull up their fucking Twitter account blow the Twitter account up the judge you for free to swing MMA fans out there that would love to judge fights and they actually understand fighting they really get it and they love it they not to do it because it's a job and needs to do boxing and you know it's a good way to make 1500 bucks on Saturday night or whatever they're meant that's not what that do you know they're doing it because they actually love it so many people to do it will be way better you could definitely judge from home to date we could definitely should have me why not have like an online scorecard as well like why not have that as an option so the UFC could let everybody know how bad the judges are it mean I'm not saying that everybody online is going to know what the fuck they're talking about but enough people I'm not going to know what to talk about where it'll balance out so if you had just like

► 00:49:47

10 judges and then the online judges have an online scorecard paper fight pass your what you probably are willing to have some knowledge on the sports bar fight unknown Bob you know they're all the kind of things are going to vote for him anyway and then people be a bunch of haters to hoping the Conor failed because he's got a limousine and bypass you got paid for your vote in that case you want to pay 10 bucks every time exactly will you if you had an app you have a UFC app in the app all it has to do they just make it so it's interactive so with each fight after the fights over you click winner or loser you know that's all you have to do just quick winter in you if you optional you can put in your own score but the fuck out of here the scoring sucks anyway that 10-point month must system is stupid it's it's a borrowed system it's not a good system for all those weapons to consistent 422 Evans punches

► 00:50:47

you got kicks and knees and elbows chokes takedown defense slams and throws and come on Wheel kicks and spinning back kick what's better a spinning back kick her jab boxing is a bunch of punch like that punches harder than that punch but unless I was kicking you in the leg even know what that feels like you have no idea. Just walking around like nothing happened you can score that nobody's ever kicked in the legs they should have a full body suit that detects punches and act like how strong it is everything takes away from the the the the rawness of a tall can of people fighting in bodysuits in the future it will look like you don't have anything on sports bra strap down sort of Jami and they wear something to cover their midsection to it's interesting adapt have their stomach covered but they're allowed to have her stomach Howard

► 00:51:46

just to keep their boobs and check everybody going to stay in the party and fuck up those titties cats and gone will be on soon she'll explain to us cuz she had a wardrobe malfunction one of her fights Rick Jackson little sleep every do the fights shows nipple girl goes out Children nipple everybody goes crazy which people always ask why don't you broadcast on Twitch because if I can get banned for just showing a nipple without I mean anything like Bert Kreischer if you try to do the bird cast on Twitch immediately be bad he could maybe talk to them and they might be able to the most people yet since the guidelines to let you show skin like a lot of those things

► 00:52:43

that's the only problem at wits if you forget it's May for babies so silly

► 00:52:48

you can't show man boobs are super flat-chested women take your shirt off and just smooth people taking their shirts off there.

► 00:53:02

So there is a little bit of a painted over your body that's okay we just can't be no paint strip clubs in Columbus Ohio the ones that serve alcohol they can't even show their tits they have to wear paste pastis pastis that look like better areolas do you know that I'm going to mow wow that's sick

► 00:53:36

play Pink's pretty cool when it's done that is incredible that's really good go back to that again

► 00:53:42

that's neat there's a couple of that missing this she's doing this character on the side here but that's all her some kind of a boob pad going on wow that's amazing your eyes like up here and it have like a fake nose and a fake mouth and it looks like a completely different face and then she opens her realizing that tonight yeah this is basically you're looking at naked boobs they just got paint on them so we let it slide so this is girls thing she just gets her boobs painted and goes on oh my God she does that's the thing that is hilarious it's great it's a way that you could see the whole thing girls trying to figure out this dress and just not tight enough it's not revealing enough for some girls that were playing games onto it just in like a bikini or what not

► 00:54:43

I got in trouble for that so they had to take their scheme over to YouTube or some other sites how long before someone comes up with a non-toxic paint the girls can paint all over the body and it's like a thin nylon and the go out you'll see everything so you know just give me a few girls to just go for it like this Deadpool make a Deadpool girl that just go for it

► 00:55:08

my favorite is if you Google twitch girl doesn't realize camera still on after show and masturbates that's it is a fake busted sidecar for that come on a dream

► 00:55:28

you wanted to switch your freak out that's ridiculous you call bullshit on everything why did you like what's your name Mary 9045 did you say hello dear I mean look there was no reason why it was like a bag like she was half off a camera like it look like if I was going to fake something I wouldn't you say how dare you

► 00:56:01

just sad sad that you got roped into that I feel less of you now. First time it's happened Joe I do so many scams too easy to get the new one I almost got scan the other day the new one I don't know what's going on lately with robocalls but I'm I'm getting a call almost every day like this is the R Us we are you need to contact us now and this is AT&T you need to we need to talk to you about your billing please enter your credit card info right now you like to call you when you're high does your phone come up now it just says scam likely like like like T-Mobile's now filtering out these calls and it's telling me if it's a scam artist has the rest of the world gets online like friends inside parts of Africa that are online now will be online eventually that the scams will switch back like the Nigerian prince scam

► 00:57:01

will be American scamming people Africa to get my oh my God those people are really good at scam and lonely people there was such a sad show I was watching Once about this old guy and I think the guy's daughter was like trying to only tell him that this girl wasn't real and he kept going to England for went to Europe twice to meter and both times something came up she couldn't meet him and then he went back again and it keeps sending her money has been sent her money sent her a quarter million dollars

► 00:57:39

and his daughter was like not ready to see the guy I like like they're filming them and talk to them they had this like look in his eye like he's hoping the wrong but thinking they might be right like he was going insane he's going insane from loneliness sadness it everyday on the webcam sites every single day I go there the same guys there he's spending money non-stop all day long and he's just on there all day you must spend thousands of dollars a day how billion-dollar internet scam is breaking hearts and bank accounts criminal networks defraud lonely people around the world with false promises of love and romance

► 00:58:16

you know you can analyze this from a lot of ways like it's predatory behavior I caught a coyote in my yard last but it's predatory behavior right human coyotes your was going to catch up catch up catch on my chase them at my yard trying to get my chickens but this is a private or behavior on a weak person you know

► 00:58:41

so I can see it's one hand I feel upset that they would go after these people these lonely people but the other hand it's fascinating to me because like what a drug people love is a drug that is like how important it is that people like fine people that care about them that like them and care about them so important when you don't have that your life you just feel so empty and it's one of those probably the most major sources of like bad feelings and people so they just don't have any way that loves them they don't have good friends you don't have to don't have good people around them and they just sad just sad the point with someone comes along

► 00:59:29

we can help you come on come over here we got girls girls want to meet you girls and your town sign up you can meet girls like room

► 00:59:46

what kind of girls in l67 someone offering you food Facebook's new online dating service won't have ads I thought that said won't have AIDS I was like what the fuck are they saying all Russians all the time

► 01:00:11

well mean be nice if we just meet people in the real world this meeting people online stuff

► 01:00:21

it's so weird how like I talk to people that use Tinder date hookup on Tinder like weekly and there's a lot of these people that that's all they do they'll just fuck people on Tinder all day and I just makes you wonder how many people just do that like a yo-yo date a woman and she's already been fucked like seven times from the same app you know like all these people just like they're just like you're taking extreme risks with your BD online dating apps like someone was saying should online dating apps be responsible for the increase in sexually transmitted diseases should they be responsible like as if they have some obligation to tell you to wear rubber

► 01:01:06

so fucking stupid that is like some they have some obligation there like you know like look you you know these poor little children and I'll fucking you need to tell them they need to protect themselves for adults

► 01:01:21

brutal choosing an app Tinder and grinder don't want to talk about their role in Rising STDs think Jeanette people together people make their own decisions got to be responsible for your own actions especially when it comes to something like that that's crazy and you know the other part is like the demonization of sex is a big part of this or what about Tinder and drive what are you doing how was people just having sex and getting STDs are responsible get out of here that's ridiculous that's ridiculous do bars have a role in liver sclerosis should they pay people out should they be financially responsible dude literally selling you the shit that kills you and they have zero responsibility as long as they don't serve you while you're drunk and driving is it cut you off in time to say hi

► 01:02:20

alright sounds good they literally sell you the stuff that does it to you and no one cares as they should know what should kill your fucking grow to dump this grinder those are dudes banging each other all day do you think that anyone's going to stop that I shouldn't connect these people you should make money connecting them you shouldn't give them the opportunity to do exactly what they want as grown adults with a limited amount of time on Earth get 90 years if you're lucky if you want to spend 45 of them raw dog and dudes

► 01:02:53

you go you go boy he is a shit

► 01:02:58

are they responding to talk about the responsibilities shut the fuck up babies

► 01:03:05

not a bad very upset about something especially now that Backpage is closed like all these websites are closing it's very interesting to see what happens next where are people going to find their hookups and stuff but I was reading this thing where sex workers are in danger because of this because before that used to be able to vet customers and then customers would have like a record of using other sex workers and they could know who the psychos were and we will avoid you know I mean and they could also

► 01:03:40

screen people like actively screen they could do they could do all this they were saying I was I was reading an article about it with this girl who my birthday give her name out or not but she was she worth in a brothel into talking about it

► 01:03:54

and it's like what why they doing this like is there is it because of a crime like what's the crime so if they get together like through Tinder or Grindr that's fine cuz that's two people that decide to have sex but as long as they're grown adults and one person just wants to get paid and the other person's like while pay you and they go take a fine why is that illegal talk about sex trafficking for children not talking about slavery was talking about just let's just look at it from the cleanest perspective possible grown adult would like sex decides she wants to work in a brothel is that possible is it possible for you to do that liked it for it to be a grown adult who actually enjoys it does have any problem with it decides that it's better than working at Wendy's

► 01:04:42

it's not part is that possible I mean that people don't want to say it nobody wants to say this possible nobody want to ever look at it that way the war on sex workers needs to stop now rolling stone

► 01:04:53

you know

► 01:04:57


► 01:04:59

it's just seems like a dumb thing to chase down

► 01:05:03

I mean I think if people want to have sex with each other nobody has a problem with it but if people want to pay people to have sex then it's a problem that seems so crazy

► 01:05:14

again we're not talking about child slavery we're not talking about sex slaves and I'll talk about anything against anybody's will just talk about people who would choose to do that why not never was use this example but it's a good example why why is it okay for me to get a massage it's okay for me to pay someone to give me pleasure all over my body except my genitals if they could rub my neck and my feet than getting all up in my feet man to get those thumb to start working your fingers to crack your toes pop pop feels great that's fine but they can't track you off they took you off there be a terrible sin against God and man if they touch your penis which feels really good when you touch it can't do that I know a dude who said he gets asshole massages happens all the time of interior of your asshole then massage the interior of your asshole that's okay because it's just a massage prostate massage it was weird is when they do it and they don't

► 01:06:15

ask you cuz I'd lot of massage people just do it that's a part of the massage and they just started yet but no no I don't want that apparently some people get it where they use a tool and they actually go in side your asshole and rub down no no no that's a to the other one you're pissed they use some sort of thing the fucking check but that's okay that's fine that's fine just don't touch the deck if you touch a dick it's God damn crime there waiting outside the door with a pistol you just let me know when he touches the dick honey just rubbing his asshole check the books so right. Even hard okay okay we're ready find out that he touched you can get someone to just massage your asshole just get in there with squeeze your butt cheeks and get two thumbs in your asshole

► 01:07:12

very important to release some of the chakras and negative energy and and and some of the toxins that are stored in your body from processed foods and modern lifestyle so we're just going in your ass hole with some Guru talk to Belinda, them in the ass so weird that I've never liked I just recently found out all that shit that's happening in massage parlors but like you know 10 years ago I had no clue I'll go buy a massage massages there's nothing bad going on here I would have how many places like that are like like psychics what happens at psychics at 4 in the morning why are they open at 4 in the morning is that where you get your ass eaten out tonight you don't learn about them till you're 70 or something I don't think so they psychics are open late at night because it's a scam and when people are it's late at night they're drunk and like maybe she grows driving home got texted her and she does know so I texted back why you text me so late that's kind of disrespectful I don't know if he's the one that's supposed to that psychics off

► 01:08:16

and she's like I just need you to tell me about my future and the psychic is like I sense there's a problem and romantic interest my boyfriend yes yes it's just rest is something deeply troubling you your you're confused I am confused yes you're confused you're trying to the decisions hard to something coming up some things happened can I take him over to the house and fuck him and I like it yes that's it there's a thing that he's wanting you to do the you're not so sure if he's the one is that a yes

► 01:08:52

oh my God that's what I said when I was on the way over here and then when he said you're not sure if he's the one that was he fucking knew about Mark he knew about our relationship problems and he knew that I was on my way over there wondering whether or not he's a y

► 01:09:15

Vicky's the Y I think you're my favorite girl voice guy you know like

► 01:09:24

what I'm trying to figure out how this fucking psychic knows you're not the one for me how does it how does she know

► 01:09:44

turn my whentomanage like to do my grandmother's everything about my relationship my grandmother I go don't you know don't you know everything about your relationship with your grandmother what the fuck you want to pay people to tell you shit your new it's for your fucking

► 01:10:01

watch all the shit I already knew it's crazy it's because of technology and like they probably have earpieces and guy in the back so I can look at their license plate number online of finding out where they live in you know like the it just feeding the person information about psychics are killer now I bet there's some probably they're like super high scammy level

► 01:10:30

I just want to repeat customer so if your dad accurate I bet there's a huge scam that is a crazy thing if you're driving like you driving to Burbank or some shit every couple miles to see one of those psychic reader places 5 in the morning open big hill hand on the front like a handjob place but it's a psychic in New York fucking stupid auditions I got I did not want to act and I was going I was just wasn't what I was interested in doing but like your agency would tell you why don't you know you really should look into this and you did see what it was like some role to eat I didn't Not only was I not going to get it but I'd want it like this is like super commercials that going to read for commercials and be like what the fuck am I doing so I left one of them and I was terrible at it too I was terrible auditioning and then I went to this

► 01:11:29

I went to the psychic and I'm like my fuck it would say it's like five bucks 10 bucks just like you don't get along with your brothers have any brothers

► 01:11:41

did she know that I knew she was full of shit

► 01:11:53

I knew she was full of should I look there are many brothers do you like I got crazy she got gangster she took a swing still come to senses brothers from this asshole to the chip in the show other shoulder Brothers Park beat him up. You missed it lady we all know it's bullshit for the most by there maybe or something weirdo that actually do some shit like but we still accept it people still go to it even though they know deep it down like hey we have a gun to your head right now is this real if you do the wrong answer then I'm going to blow your head off even the people that believe psychics the most are going to say no it's not real what do you say excuses or kill me because rock is healing you well

► 01:12:51

here's the thing about those crystals those magnet things and all that shit that one weird thing is the placebo effect Placebo practice real it's very real do you remember those hologram two people are wearing for a while on those rubber bracelets UFC fighters that were wearing those stupid fucking things like top of the food chain assassins and they were like dude I'm telling it's been helping my elbow what the fuck are you talking about and I talked to one of the guys Goldberg was wearing one for a while my body my Goldbergs wearing one sounds like you don't think that's really sad you don't think I don't think so he's like you want to meet with the guys okay I met with the guys are make it and they try to do one of those strength test things on you like here's what I want you to do I'm going to I'm going to put this rubberband on you I want you to put your arms straight out and I'm going to push down on it and they're like halfway pushed

► 01:13:49

try to lift your arm up and then I push down on your hand then okay I'll put the rubber bracelet you got a machine but you can regulate how much force you put in that you know what you're doing I got this a God damn Carnival trick so I said to the guy go there's a God damn Carnival trick and go Burgers look like to know what is this I know you tell me how this works give a piece of plastic so you're telling me what to put on a rubber band it's going to make me stronger dude okay I didn't spend a lot of time it's cool enough fuck you you can't do a whole gram inside a hologram anyway life is a hologram you can't it's all true

► 01:14:37

there's certain things that make you think it might be a hologram power scam that's it power bounce admits the wristbands are scam if there's no credible scientific evidence to support our claims and therefore we engage in misleading conduct yeah I called that shit out in like 2001 I was like what are you guys doing like what is this who's wearing that why you why would you think that would work they had to published that in Australian media yeah because Australia is fucking smarter than us

► 01:15:14

because of their bogus claims and pseudo scientific mumbo-jumbo with a seems to be the first time in which a regulatory Authority has made them admit their claims are simply a fraud derp there's some shit that makes you strong but it's not a rubber band with a piece of plastic attached to it CBD oil and I mean want something to make you feel better CBD oils real there is some people that say that there's no scientific proof that works at that it's always it's always the other ingredients that are mixed with the CBD you know I act like I don't take like the same ingredients in Bengay and then put CD in it also and exciting doesn't it feel now like there's a lot of it there's no real heard that there's no real concrete evidence that CBD cuz there's no test that instead of decrease inflammation

► 01:16:09

is there an Evidence of the decrease inflammation the promise scientific studies all these things I might be I might be mine fucking myself when I put that stuff on and it seems to work though my elbow tendonitis I feel it like at work finally getting over Dude I finally could do chin-ups I could do chance for months months try years just

► 01:16:31

want some of this will help in it I really I was I was not doing any chin-ups or anything heavy I was doing mostly running and yoga for months because of this fucking album. I've never had tendonitis before I've had muscle pulls and stuff and injuries I never had tendonitis this in this was a dumb one because I meet headed my way through it I meet headed it into a bad place I go is like don't be a pussy just keep working out and then it got real bad and then it until I I did a bunch of different stuff to it added stem cells in Regina King but the thing that helped the most of the this rubber thing that roller no it's not a Therma band I talked about this so many times that I can't Thera-Band rather I can't buy on Amazon me more people bought them out but I'm glad because they work if you have a it's cheap too it's just it's just a piece of rubber and if you don't have this and you have something that could do a similar exercise it'll probably help to the way you do it

► 01:17:33

twist it and then in the release and twist it with your hand like this and then the release with the right hand the right right elbow was one that was injured and just slowly letting it down it works this part of your arm even though it's injured it doesn't hurt it but it strengthens it up and do it 10 times 12 times 15 times in do it several times a day and made a big difference man like right away I can feel it just feels like everything around it's like strengthened and stabilized and it just start feeling better because you're you put in a load on it and then you making it release the load instead of like pulling in the direction that you enjoyed it your your strength thing in it in the I guess would be the eccentric way eccentric eccentric

► 01:18:21

Sega don't get tendonitis kids I had recently from I think using cell phones too much and computer small yeah right

► 01:18:36

secretary get that right from a lot of typing and stuff hairstylist also get a tattoo artist has it and it right now just me even saying I'm like it's still actually really sore my hands in the wrist 2 and you know for a lot of those guys are getting addicted to anti-inflammatories and no different things to try to imagine how to do something with your hands like that for work you start feeling that pain like this is just my elbow you know I mean I can do pretty much everything but your hands like if it's in your aunt fuck that's a bitch

► 01:19:14

I was reading this article about replacing body parts never talking about all the different body parts they're on the verge of being able to replace instead of face transplant a few of those. They did a few dick transplants. Boss they can't do the balls who wants the balls you don't need for 100 reasons because the dead person's sperm will always be in those balls but here's the thing say if you if you took my balls if I died and you took my balls and put them in your body and I started having kids will be my kids they would have my jeans not yours I need donated his cock and balls and you took his boys put it in your body you would he would grow your come I come you do that it's his your balls so it's your sperm in your car

► 01:20:16

you brought your jizz let's just called you is good for scientific purposes what happens if I have one of your balls and one of Jamie's balls though what happened so I have I have gay friends that took they had a kid threw a surrogate and they took their, just mixed it up by the swirly I like let's see let's see who wins the race they don't really know who won the race but they don't know when that Rice situation going on potentially with one of their bodyguards our son to the mom of the most recent kid is the mom of the baby daddy is and you need to get a check is a famous rapper shit I bet those bodyguards get in their course they do the probably ripped bodyguard

► 01:21:16

that's the one still looks like I said goddamn Bruce Lee movie right they all have to sleep in the body Kylie Jenner's bodyguard cryptically responds to baby daddy rumors okay I'm out I can't do this anymore I can't do it anymore

► 01:21:35

schedule anywhere that handsome fella that bodyguard I wouldn't blame the Gal Gadot currently what are you going to do what you going to do in space and Hawaii is exploding okay if you really do if you like give a fuck which bodyguard is getting a dick into which poor confused young lady

► 01:21:56

things going to happen that way man things going to happen to talk about the body parts in this ask if you heard about what happened to Huey Lewis recently mustard like very recently he was on tour I saw people that were like I've been to his concerts but he said he can hear people talking like he was doing an interview with the woman you so I can hear your voice but I can't hear music and like that's what he does performance pretty fucked up man like your shit is really scary my friend is an editor and one day you just woke up and he can't hear out of his left ear and its he still to this day 10 years later still can't hear out of his left ear happen to me pretty sure I think I was pretty bad you what's tinnitus ringing that happens I'm a heavy metal band so like I never wear earplugs and tons of concerts for like 5 plus years to every other night that the camera sounded like he just go real high and I can't hear anything out of that here and it's sort of like plug it up or do something

► 01:22:56

can I go away eventually but some more recently it's it's taking a little longer to go away I have that sometimes it's usually when it's really quiet and we'll just come out of nowhere I hear this like ringing but it's not like everyday how do you get it just been working around you've heard loud things you been the concert's over the years that damage but the real thing I think people around guns lot I know a lot of people who around guns a lot as a kid like they shot those Clay's you know what shotgun to shoot those John Dudley has a real bad hearing loss nobody ever told kids back then that they need to wear earmuffs like nobody want your protection they would go to the range which is no ear muffs on I don't think I'm growing up I never even thought of that like I would sit right next to the speaker on purpose I got a Nine Inch Nails concert

► 01:23:52

wow that's crazy see if you can find video of them in a gun range with no ear protection cuz I don't think I'm making that up I think I'm watching people on a range to shooting guns with no ear plugs at school. Will they have those things called game ears you can put them in your hearing in your ear canal rather like a hearing aid and the amplify sounds extraordinaire Lee and Hunters use them in the woods they put them in and you can hear the card game here total Walker's Game Ear I put it freaked me out take it right off of crazy I don't even want to hear this way looking for exactly but this guy is trying to tell people how to do it that's not what I'm looking for I'm looking for like old school

► 01:24:56

so you said if it don't ever imagined it seem like an old-school range some due to the pistol looks like a thick belt like those hippies used to wear in a belt buckle he's firing off that gun

► 01:25:19

play first time I shot a good idea headphones or ear thing that all lot of people catch his breath that's so dumb do you know how powerful these things are just how powerful of 50 caliber is somebody decided that's a 30 caliber somebody decided to try to hunt deer with this so there's a video you can find it online guy misses deer and the deer's head exploded as it missed the eyes popped out of his head he thought it was a perfect headshot cuz a deer just went down but what it actually was was that the bullet passing by had so much force it instantaneously killed the deer that crazy insane

► 01:26:13


► 01:26:15

haircuts of the so he does this and he's got this up big ass fucking gun it says a 50 BMG I don't know what that means is that 50 caliber so that means he goes over to the to the deer and there's no Bullet Hole it just Isaac blown out of his fucking head

► 01:26:36

just from the sheer force of that thing passing by it you could see it like there's a slow motion of it

► 01:26:46

she passes by doesn't even hit it and the deer just disappears into the night that's nuts like imagine it has so much force it can miss a deer and kill it

► 01:27:02

that is so unnecessary that is such a War weapon

► 01:27:12

fucking a man

► 01:27:14

what's a crazy thing to go hunting with

► 01:27:17

did Jews who were a lot like I don't

► 01:27:26

too risky to not trust I use it all the time I use you no delivery serve food delivery services all the time and I'm having second thoughts on the whole thing I think it's great I think it was great I'm just fucking around with the idea that you just call a cab like okay how come I can't just call an Uber the only argument would be that they don't scream the people as well as cab companies do exactly that's regulated like you know you don't seem like it was like 17 like I had no way this is my dryer and I felt like he was drunk how do I get out of here, pull over on the side of highway but I feel like he's going to kill me

► 01:28:18

well there was a lady recently that went on this whole tweet thread sheets she tweeted a bunch of different things to Uber about a guy was it over it was a lift one of those where a guy had taken her under a bridge and wouldn't wouldn't give her her stuff back wouldn't let her out of the car and some passerby stopped and helped her and she was screaming at the guy and the guy took off but it was to a point where she was like is this guy going to rape me I just trying to kill me like is this how I'm going to end like I just jumped in the car with stranger and now he's decided to stop somewhere and it's went through or not that's not where we're supposed to go he's not tell me why is that kind of shit like I guess that could theoretically happen with any Rideshare company but with Uber so weird just a person just cut get some person to come get you and you don't have to be hired by a company you never thought that

► 01:29:18

you know you know he's kind of like taxis were Transportation never thought of this taxi drivers going to rape me or something will specially the only time I usually take taxis in New York New York taxis right because it's everywhere that's how people get around it's like it's an easy way to get around but you never know if it's like a ride sometimes those people you would get in the car like if you like this guy is just random people's asses and cutting people off at slam on the brakes and honking the horn I was like in this dude is tuned and he's doing his all days probably in this fucking car 10-12 hours a day and so you don't expect that cuz you come from Columbus Ohio I'm an Amish and the Amish every time I go to New York

► 01:30:17

in The Matrix like they did just drive so much more aggressively like you know if you hire a car to drive you around in New York City and they drive so much more aggressively this so used to it I just remember as a kid going to at Wyandot Lake and look at the amusement parks they always went as a group to amusement park so there's like 200 Amish people mixed in with us and would be like 1413 like those guys than the Amish people always acted like so much like alien-like like they're from the country and they talk weird and I don't really talk like us like what they did to themselves right and I thought the whole idea was that they can't use Electronics different kinds of once we were in Massachusetts Western Massachusetts weed we stopped into this fucking truck stop get gas and grab something to eat and there's

► 01:31:20

a group of Mennonites in this one girl that's wearing this Mennonite outfit and I forget how Ari Aster I really wish but it was hilarious it was something something along the lines of what culture you in something along those lines have been more tactful than that maybe it was something like what's this all about why you dress like that I think you were too it was something along the lines of what group you're with like it was it was something of course made out of our minds we're traveling will just try to be silly we just try to have a good time you know I think Diaz is a list it wasn't me but this poor lady was in this weird cult where in this weird outfit answer like politely and I was like I'm in if you know what I thought she was pull up yet

► 01:32:12

Ari's such a neat guy because he was as a child he was raised to be a very very strict Orthodox Jew you know I mean he spent time I forget what it's called when you go over to Israel and you just read the Torah like fucking 10 12 hours a day he did that all that stuff he grew the curls you have the little strings that hang from his belt he did all that it's awesome

► 01:32:43

what is it's called it's called Orthodox right that's Orthodox Judaism so when anybody tries to run any bullshit by ariane's like this I know this he said the weird curls too and all that stuff and then he just realized as he got older and wiser is like oh my God this is all bullshit not that it is sorry don't take your word for it

► 01:33:10

but he's he's a funny guy with that stuff cuz like I think only someone is truly seen it from the eyes of an absolute believer is Riley really like why do so many weird looks when I went Arie just had like like he would always wear the small hats or something like that I think I'm like his head shaped like a bald definitely shaved his head like a ball person for a while the girl mohawk like the Mohawk yeah

► 01:33:48

the new things that no glasses look you got the Lasix done oh that's right, full vision now he could see

► 01:33:56

you got an infected Tony had to get chopped off what he lies he felt like he got infection on his big toe that is a Kurt Metzger is Kurt Metzger was in was he in the Moonies or Christian Jehovah's Witness Jehovah's Witness I think you're right he grew up in the Jehovah's Witness so like he's like I'm not buying any of this like I know where this is the same thing as psychics right like why do people have this need to hold on to irrational beliefs like there's some questions you don't have answers to you know you don't have answers to so why do you pretend that this one this is answers going to take its place and I'm not immune to it we're all we all need that feeling you know the 10th hole to still it's going to be okay Brian everything's going to be okay makes you wonder if you did if this is real or not to

► 01:34:57

agent how many people would say yes it's all for you in the most religious person would like no of course I like it helps me out I think a bunch of people take a bow yeah if you want to punish me for my Lord you go have chases Highway thing and Evan Walmart people just blow them brains out for their heavenly father does command you to come see him in heaven boom yeah lot of people do it guarantee

► 01:35:34

but you know man it's like even what's going on with the Pope just recently said there's no hell everybody went crazy.

► 01:35:42

The pope said there's no how he's he's slowly bracing you for the fact that all this is nonsense but right now going to get rid of hell like this is like one of the one of the purest examples of like to change people's attitude towards religious real 50% shit go back in time and find her article where he did say it say it let's just assume that one day that makes a little bit and then they take it back so they get used to the idea they're saying it that's what it is Eddie Bravo right now I'm full conspiracy dude this is how they set it up

► 01:36:32

they start out with the they tell you how is not real and they said we never said that and then a year from now they said look we're pretty sure house. Real place for tonight and shit he's like he doesn't have the popemobile he's a cool Pope

► 01:36:52

he is a cool pop he got rid of the throne

► 01:36:55

yeah I got a big giant crazy ass thrown for the last guy the creeper in the fucking house

► 01:37:09

Pope Francis has no problem with gay people either Pope Francis fighting with your litter kid yes he look how he look at the two side to side the guy that left the guy they just kicked out for crimes against humanity and the guy on the right is the new guys just got a sensible chair much better than the throne is creepy man that is crazy and he dresses so much more conservatively to he's not wearing crazy wizard robes is wearing like a one-color wizard robe on a Sunday

► 01:37:45

how to dress crazy I can he came out in like a polo shirt pair of jeans

► 01:37:50

no right no everybody like yeah you can't

► 01:37:55

where's your fish head hat come on bro he's got a hat on like a golden salmon is coming out of the top of his head like show me that hat

► 01:38:08

is fucking hat size Preposterous that's like a monster it's a mouth of a monster. It's sitting about it's nicely Donald Trump sucks you're making fun of our Holy Father he's right there with a smoke

► 01:38:39

oh my God how is it still legal look at these kids dressed up like there in Harry Potter's Seminary this is fucking ridiculous Universal dude who's holding up a golden version of where the Savior was murdered by his got to Golden Cross is crosses all over the place I don't forget about the cross and he stand there just like a wizard this is craziness and it was this is our religion is our culture this is weird this is weird and I'm not saying so beautiful it's absolutely beautiful I'm not saying it's any weirder than going to the Opera cuz I didn't that's weird too but this shit is weird this is some really old form of Education slash entertainment the people used to do before they had plays they get together and some room

► 01:39:34

what's fucking crazy different colored glass windows in it wasn't because Jesus doesn't want him to be magnified it's a dick Mike though yeah spank spank Mike what to do what to buy that have to be silver I like pink pink pink Mike

► 01:39:58

it sucks it's crazy you know and it's a billion of us and I was raised there when I was from when I was really little kid I did at least one year and Catholic School boys around a lot of Catholics in right I'm not claiming to be an expert in it but I don't have to be that shit's bananas berries to hold that Mike would you ever in the middle of doing that going what in the fuck am I doing the most the times we did it when my friends talk about what we would get the class so we would because I went to Catholic school there be Services during the day and funerals even soon as we get paid to be out of class and then we would like to 3 hours School wow that was really all we were doing just have to light the candles like I'm being this other kid would come out in light all these candles and I always want to be the guy that put some out that Bell the little bell in the hookshot bananas when you're in that room is all laid out

► 01:40:59

up the pulpit like this is so crazy this is it's it's like people figured out some way to make the bridge between physical Evolution and mental Evolution like this is bridge between us not being monkeys anymore but still we just want to get out of the Barbary Behavior we got to figure out a way to get people to like

► 01:41:29

have reverence for something is all-powerful and just control their behavior we got to slow down the chip in a monkey monkey statue of the chair of st. Peter and the dressed what is the the statue it's just a bronze statue of st. Peter this is dark statue trying to tell you say

► 01:41:54

there's a when we were in Charlottesville they had the black Israelites there they were right out in front of the building to set up shop all the time New York to just wander down the street

► 01:42:11

I was told that because I'm tired I'm not white oh yeah you told me that but yet I'm certainly not black so keep telling me I am not white so I'm okay

► 01:42:31

the true Nations at them so they dress I mean they take it to the next level is crazy look at how their dressing they have Shields and shit Bro go to that make that picture pic please have a sword Cuts guy's got an Axe and gold this is one of the craziest pictures of this is real go back to her place per second what it what did it say

► 01:43:12

there's something in the the text that went with it what does it say Wikipedia also that's looks like a mixtape what is that high holy day Passover in Harlem New York 2012 the high holy day Passover black Israelites you think they're a different kind of Jew. These so-called Jews that looks like fine I'll do that

► 01:43:46

what are they got there the teacher white people stuff I got these posters 666 preach on brother

► 01:43:59

okay the dress cool though look at that outfit all leather Giant star David who has a sword no big deal just to do is walk around the store

► 01:44:09

there's like a fucking like a it looks like a Holiday Inn or something right as I would like some sort of Banquet Center when they have the sword

► 01:44:20

show the picture of the sword where are they where the fuck is that going on this is little evil times medieval manor was a few of those all over the I never went to one of those things

► 01:44:45

oh yeah there is still want to go to it right now that's right copper soldiers it's something fun it was funny because one lady broke character and she was complaining about her husband's medication and the other lady said I do not understand this medication that you speak of she stayed in her but she's like bitch were here making believe I don't want to hear about your husband complain about it felt well they've got him on this one thing and I don't know what that's for but then his other things moved to counteract this medication so them I do not understand of this medication to speak up

► 01:45:33

Prime just a winch and I wait the prince

► 01:45:37

bizarre but you're not supposed to break character

► 01:45:41

and these people like really get into it and then I bet they get drunk and fuck each other don't you think this must be a God damn crazy person's orgy they all get together with her wacky outfits on phone each other and fake accents for kids damn pretty people

► 01:46:08

why not right

► 01:46:13

why not why not why don't you put on a fucking

► 01:46:17

like a pirate outfit why not

► 01:46:22

have you ever seen his pirate themed bars where they all have to dress up as pirates right and they get off work they still think they're Pirates like there's a whole show about Africa with the show is called selected get locked into that they stay they stay in character oh Jesus Christ when I get home home thing I like Hey Google let me know where the hell is cold in the women are hot

► 01:46:54

give a lot of home like Siri and Alexis at your house I don't trust like that that ass whole thing or is that asshole that you can make Siri say mother fucker fucker yeah people think I was joking about that let me show you how to do that here we go

► 01:47:12

what is the definition

► 01:47:16

what's the definition of mother

► 01:47:31

how many piece of shit

► 01:47:33

Lake changed I'm sorry about that

► 01:47:38

what's the definition of mother

► 01:47:41


► 01:47:50

bring up a child with Kara and affection do you want to hear the last one yes

► 01:47:57

what's a verb that means give birth to

► 01:48:01

oh my God Siri bitch you took it from me they removed it and then take it out do they take out the dead body one remember the first one that's a crazy one short for motherfucker it would say as a

► 01:48:21

they got tweeted what it said what exactly it said

► 01:48:30

yeah I did it I did it today you did and it took me a couple tries cuz I didn't say it right but it ended up doing it

► 01:48:37

did it says as a noun short for motherfucker but it could be a verb as well

► 01:48:44

Brent if you're actually a mother fucker ass here with mother means that gives you the correct definition then ask you do you want to the next one you say yes it says as a noun it means short for motherfuker yeah I got it right but it was weird to hear like I heard it I was like what that's real I can match if that's like your mom and she's like teaching a little kid how to use Siri like Mommy how do I know where mommy is so we can ask Siri sweetie we can ask Siri what mother mean

► 01:49:16

do you want to hear the next one okay as a noun short from motherfucker a little kids like me Santa's real or some shit like that is Santa real

► 01:49:38

Alexa tells you and uses the shares a needle

► 01:49:50

Siri are you allowed to swear

► 01:49:54

I just want to know if you stopped using curse words recently

► 01:50:04

I'm not sure I understand

► 01:50:06

well earlier in this week I had asked you what mother means and you gave me one definition then you had you said you want to the next one and you said as of now and it made short for motherfucker I just thought that was weird

► 01:50:22

nice Siri you sound like a crazy person I don't try to talk to you about this issue that you and I are having about communication and what do you say to me you say that's not nice that's not nice for you to say mother fucker in front of that little three-year-old just learn how to talk

► 01:50:44

wow this is the future this is the future we're going to be having arguments with RR digital devices like that that's a crude like helper I get Super Crew to help her right leg what Siri can do and not do very crude but this is just like the iPhone one right there absolutely going to have some sort of AI that can keep up the conversation for sure that's going to be crazy how much ahead I think Alexa I had a Siri-like Parable having both of the homepod on the Syrian the Alexa echo or whatever it's night and day difference what's better Siri or Bixby Bixby the Samsung one I think well bixby's very new I think Siri's better than that but like Alexa they even improve Alexis so much where you sing like hey Alexa sing me a love song

► 01:51:49

there's a whole song that Alexa sings dear there's like 10 of these songs has it down the best with that Google pixel 2 phone they squeeze the sides and the Google Assistant comes on and when the Google Assistant cuz I use ask it anything is Google Assistant it's just better he looks good it just it just works better just it's better if it finds you results better it sounds clunky it doesn't seem as weird you know I think we're in this weird place right now with phones you know that's like we're expecting things of phones that we don't even want or need and I never asked for before we're looking for the augmented reality phones and now it's it's very interesting I love playing with my phone that's my new Squad Apple pay your face use your face

► 01:52:42

pay for shit or Apple watch you like to Dish it what did you think I didn't talk to you about this what did you think about the US government telling us not to use Huawei phones Huawei phones are made by the Chinese and then like don't trust the Huawei phones yeah well I mean there might be something to it like it good luck if it say something that's say you know like at night phone it sends messages to Apple all the time at location and and all that crap like that so it looks like a foreign country that has the ability to track its people you know it's a little weird I I see why they did but it's a shame phone anyway who cares well apparently they're in some sort of a dispute with Huawei about Iran see if I can find that like something Huawei to be punished something I ran something about servers that they sold I ran the not supposed to sell

► 01:53:40

I don't know Jamie I found the article but then they were saying we recommend you not using that consumers not use their phones and a bunch of tap guys that I was reading does a ring a bunch of articles that Tech guys were super skeptical because one thing they were sayings like anything is in there will find it like you you can't just say like they might be using these things as spy devices without an e

► 01:54:07

without any evidence says Huawei is under us criminal investigation for illegal Iran sales heels. What's next so the other Theory by the super conspiracy theorist is the trying to keep out the number 3 cell phone maker in the world from establishing a foothold in the US market in economically strengthening the communist government over there or pseudo communist government but that you can make money but I literally saw something I stumbled across something I think on Instagram post about Huawei and them being linked to the CCP which is the Communist Party in China people are like don't do it it's too bad dude cuz they got this fucking phone bitch don't shoot down my dreams I don't piss on your Yeezys

► 01:55:01

where am I now Huawei is took a day off of the easiest Huawei has this something made pro Porsche Design RS something RS it's a crazy phone it's got 500 gigabytes of storage 500

► 01:55:25

500 GB storage is crazy I think maybe even more than 500 it's got a 40 megapixel camera it turns literally turns night into day when you take photos like when they have at least I got for second a pitcher will stay open and you see the pictures you like holy shit you see regular camera photos and then to see the photos of this camera like hands down this is the best camera in cell phones today it would be to take that picture though and still for 4 seconds or you could be all blurry and fucked up I don't know how that works you do more than I do you would have to really Hold Steady really really likes it it on something ready go try to give you a slight pause when I start typically do that she didn't go to the Ritz Camera go to the Huawei what does it take to make 10

► 01:56:21

I'm disgusted that it's a spy device cuz I want one so bad

► 01:56:28

so I think isn't that good I mean have you looked at the reviews like the fact that there's competition it makes me excited Wizards you know that they know how to design shit they really spectacular way they make cool stuff and make cool watches and shit but I think they would what's really found out there's a bunch of things interesting to me about it but what's interesting to me is when these cameras in these phones from these Android manufacturers are so good it forces Apple to come with some nextlevelshit to his a technology race unlike any other race like computers if you've installed out right like you get a new Macbook you even pay attention to what the fucking gigabytes are now now

► 01:57:27

gigahertz we like the thing like you want it all got 2.7 should I pay more for the three-point to remember that $300 you know I mean people do anything to get to one you know one 100 megahertz or what what's like 3 gigahertz is like a good laptop right it's all about quad processors now in the old days like you get like a seller on 400 right yeah like when they hit one gigahertz people shiting their pants like I can't believe we got a one gigahertz computer this is madness about 5 maybe never overclocking do to go into the the little spacers where those things called again jumper jumpers move them around and change things the BIOS

► 01:58:28

going to be catching on fire and be running so hot it's real work at Gateway that was always so funny cuz we always had to take the brand new computers like the day it came out like it was fun playing with computers that fast celoron's cards in the Chicagoland. To storage with super fast from PC to put together the parts that gave me a pretty cool glass with my logo on and off the lights in it someone's looking away sometime Razer laptop is like one of the closest things so I can like build quality the way a Macbook Fields with the metal frame and sealed tight tolerances include keyboard

► 01:59:29

it's a great computer its power for me not to use it for virtual reality and it's Scott one of the best graphics cards you can buy and it's pretty sweet I used to buy everything apple pie Apple laptops Apple phones but I like it. It's a question now you know like I told you I start using that ThinkPad I thought like that thing way better than a Macbook the keyboard it's way more responsive is what is travel to the Keys like it's easier to type like there's something about those little Clickety click teas that the new MacBooks have where you you make more mistakes they don't they don't you know how I feel to them cuz you're not you know like a clumsy type or like me I type way better on a keyboard that has some travel to it like you get some feel you get a feel of what you're doing and where the letters are the new Macbook Pro is probably one of the worst versions of any MacBook Pro since you know they started making I hate the new Mac

► 02:00:29

Pro with a passion in the death of the dongle shit needs to stop at the other day I needed a USB port I didn't I forgot my dongle there was no way for me to do it anything I needed to do it's the worst it's the worst not everywhere yet you know me it's a lot of things you can charge your phone with USB C what are some things that you would have their old USB and if you have me like oh well this is useless I wish Apple would have an exchange program where you could go in and they'll take out your touch bar and that keyboard and just put in like any keyboard you want like I just want a regular MacBook Pro keyboard on my laptop even the MacBook for the thing about this the way the keys work like when you type in on it there's all this travel they feel good like I can I put my finger on J & F what I'm typing I can leave feel like they're pressing the press press press press press no travel

► 02:01:29

doesn't give you like the same amount of feedback and got ports yeah that's the crazy thing nice great battery life to what you know what this processor is do you know what

► 02:01:45

it's a seller on 400 so we're going to try to figure out the right way to do it but we're going to setup a LAN party here in fortnite to all you guys are done more than anyone you know about time we go right back quick if you like look so crazy good and the fact it's all web-based now come on son sometime come on over man

► 02:02:30

Fox people that bring some people into a room would be a championship game or not wouldn't for you if you would be one of the top game ninja no no not quite artistic enough to get the top of the food chain I don't know who he is I think honestly that video games are product at high-level special earthquake it's deceptively intellectually challenging like when they have these do we do a lot of these one-on-one deathmatches and they would be in a room and they're both spawn at the same time then you have to run you have to have knowledge of the map and you also have to have knowledge of when certain items going to respond I can steal the rocket launcher another rocket launcher will respond in like I forget how many seconds like 30 seconds so they would run the map shoot the

► 02:03:31

I collect the extra rocket launch before he can keep him on armed and keep telling him over and over again after you kill a certain amount of time the game's over and the guys were really good at that we're just there just really smart really smart really fast which Super tune into the game just like locked in and then they study of maps and they also study like movement they could be crazy shit like rocket jump on the people and do things like that. Like get two areas of the map just because they understood had a hop they could do it the way that other people don't know how to do that the guy ninja he's talking about is what you're describing so then again you have to build these crazy so I want on one matches if you're playing solo where you have to like literally build Advantage have to gain Advantage why is it why do bricks are flying in the air

► 02:04:23

how did they build this bridge hear he's doing it that fast he knows there's a guy over there he's going to attack right now and it's his decision on how it does it though and that this map never changes really they just would have changed break through the building to get in there which is like crack for your brain yeah this is amazing and it's weird cuz grown adults just fall in love with this overnight that's what I'm saying about video games that are not interesting enough I think the best guys are going to be considered like chess players I think it's like kind of same things just chat is traditionally worshipped as its intellectual game right eye but I think that is a lot of video games like Starcraft for sure is like this really high level strategy game York you doing things and you think

► 02:05:31

on multiple levels about different parts of the board and different things that you're moving around it seems to me to be like the physically Dynamic took his things are moving quick like you and you're not you're not in control of what your opponent is doing well he's doing it's all happening in one time you trying to think your way through things and put stuff here move stuff there to this we under preciate them because when they first started out they were frivolous like pain and stuff like that too too too too too too so we think of it as being dumb but they're so sophisticated now and kids are making fucking shitloads of money there who is who is saying that he was saying that your kid like you should parents would probably encourage their kids to play any games because there's fucking money in it now you know who Jay Leno wants to do it's now a blizzard Arena right down the street from his peers everyday they have to go there I would love to go right down the street from me that's crazy

► 02:06:29

buy it just crowds of people like a sports game okay now I want you to put on Quake champions

► 02:06:37

what is the arena things you can see what it looks like I want to see anymore this shit Quake Arena Quake championships whatever the watch this

► 02:07:07

here we go son what is this an ad first hello

► 02:07:13

so the gameplay dude come on to this is way better this this is old school

► 02:07:21

God damn Graphics are good now I mean it's just as bad for your eyes or good for your eyes out that video games actually improve eyesight remember when we grew up they were told us not to sit next close to the TV but now that we are sold VR units where the closest to a TV possibly made what happened to that like Wonder

► 02:07:50

dude this game looks perfect Relentless one that they had the space when were you just like like trampoline Dover bouncy little things everywhere I came along a quick to I didn't play a whole lot of quick one but quick one was really fun I played a little bit of it was really fun quick one was these like kind of Blocky looking dudes with my helmets on the run around shooting each other

► 02:08:32

but it's like real fast paced unrealistically fast-paced like it wasn't like this when I think that some people like about

► 02:08:42

what was that Half Life game people play with based off of half life and it was like an army game Counter-Strike want to think they loved about it was that it had more realistic physics your photos are screenshots unnecessary screenshots over amount a lot of them were saying so if you go to one what is this game you want to see which is better this looks incredible

► 02:09:33

okay go to Quake 1

► 02:09:46

what time I'm just playing on one game live now right now all that's crazy looking like there's people out there that still into this

► 02:10:15

this is how crazy Quake one was the graphics didn't even matter because the game is all dark and Moody and the gameplay was so fun but a lot of people even stayed with it after quick to run in quick 3 became like sort of fast-paced like that so you can find a video people playing it I think comparison of the old one updated graphics

► 02:10:38

yeah it was super blocky what was the game that that there was a mod it was a mod but you're in the bathroom again you're hiding in toilet sitting on toilet paper rolls I feel like I've already asked if it was I think it was a rocket Arena Arena map where you can play quake in the bathroom was my favorite I spent days on that there was a bunch of maps of people would create all right you know and there was even map making software and you could you could make a bath and guys were always doing it was was a really common thing was a Joe Rogan level with the JRE I think so I think someone to do something like that but it's I remember they would do all these new maps would come out and we would play matches on these new maps you kick my ass till 5 in the morning you like now don't get off yet I had a river I was doing my best

► 02:11:37

little bit here are true reality man that's my that's my favorite man I can't get an I love it and now you could play like that was a doom for your first person shooter forget which one it is doing is on there Fallout 4 is on you play doom doom Envy are you showing that show me jumen VR the CPU power probably isn't able to keep up this looks like the newer ones at the original doom and remade it remastered if you was was called that's crazy I don't know if it's the actual full game from start to finish on my god dude it but when you said it's the original game I thought you meant like what the original Graphics Graphics are really good

► 02:12:39

this is this will fuck your life up I said I could have brought it this right here to fuck your life up this looks way too fun at your house

► 02:12:50

Packer running at work out do so now we don't have any more of that scared the shit out of me that legitimately scared the shit out of me watching that video to do them cuz I was like that could ruin my life if you just liposuction that's kind of liposuction opioids and playing virtual reality tomb shrivel up I'm trying to make 130

► 02:13:14

that's how you do it just just play videogames all day and you never eat steak edo-ya what games you playing I just got God of War God of War which. Looks on you want to see Graphics that's amazing Graphics LLC may I saw only in the commercial but looks incredibly the I like the call aspect like at first sight I told Duncan Trussell you have to buy this immediately this is a real walkthrough gameplay first look at the steam coming out of his mouth this is incredible

► 02:13:56

yeah I know like you said no loads screens it goes in like that's just the game to this is nuts yeah

► 02:14:04

call third person first person keep this going Jamie

► 02:14:10

James real quickie today knows the Adderall dude don't crazy don't do that again

► 02:14:24

but not all the way all the way to beginning I want to see like how do you set it up

► 02:14:29

do this shooting it the shooting in the head he's trying to

► 02:14:42

good thanks T Fletcher this is real this is real clunky looking like it doesn't look real but it looks way realer than anything I've ever seen before so this is at check this out this is actually like this is you battling somebody that's trying to kill you with that big rock yeah

► 02:15:07

it's a gander mazing out it a shadows and everything it's incredible what I'm saying is this obviously looks amazing but in how many years do you going to be indistinguishable from real life 10:20 in 20 years and years every couple years skeptic over here but it's still like I've always had it and I just had a big vrla thing this weekend and I didn't hear anyone sharing anything that was like mind-blowing experiences that are making everyone gone spend $2,000 on a on a CRV right now what's happening is the infancy of VR in a commercial level that's what we're saying I mean it's like if you go back to the early day Atari boxes and then compare them to a new Xbox I mean I think that's worth

► 02:16:09

you're just saying it's not happening quick those are computer power behind it and those are virtual stuff is also sometimes connected to those three dimensional how do they call them they don't call the treadmill what do they call Nate track on this for 20 years ago what kind of bullshit ass Graphics will be looking at and then I'll look at what we're looking at now at least 20 years from now they'll probably have it like at the very least we'll be like watching Moana or something I tried to still feel like I still feel super fake will still know that is still saying world and it's not going to ever feel like they lost pretty I think it's easy to get lost in it and now it is they have big rooms almost like

► 02:17:09

size of Chuck-E-Cheese where you rented out in so you don't need a treadmill cuz you're actually going through obstacles that are fuel real I don't know what if they did it in a way where it's like it's it's it's not realistic but it's really good like like what if they did Despicable Me like you were in Despicable Me you know the animated movie with the what's the dude's name the fucking bad guy the bad guy in the character's name that was a group of kids but the graphics are incredible it's beautiful made stunning look at it like an amazing job with this but it's obviously not real

► 02:17:55

you never say I want to be like like that or like extra not just a simulation of real life you'd want to be able to fly early no jump over fucking buildings on The Simpsons game right in Universal fucking incredible right so good right there that right where it's this huge via screen and your your car moves up and down and they're just taking you through this crazy thing you sing in front of you and it's probably as thrilling as any actual ride really moving right Back to the Future ride though before that I didn't see that one because 10:40 yet but 40 theaters out here that's what you strive and that's the whole thing moves with the movie there's also smell Mist water broke it look like is it like that Star Wars ride Star Tours at Disneyland ever done that yeah it's kind of like that

► 02:18:53

like I don't want water I don't want fart

► 02:18:58

should be there will be something like that I feel like I was trying to look it up right now but I remember Steven Spielberg talking about developing a room type theater process process we not maybe you're not wearing anything but things are being projected into the room you're in and you're experiencing the movie like that like maybe like Avatar in the future would be like 25 people jump into the room it starts playing you're experiencing a happen around you versus wearing a headset and watching something happen I don't think they developed it yet but I have seen some ham. Holograms in the Holograms Manson Globe Theater is happening in like Vegas think I just told you yeah yeah I think group things are going to be really interesting in that to like everybody experiencing that in a group the same way you experience like a movie in a group develop something like that right where they have warehouses were people meet up and everybody goes into these Virtual Worlds together

► 02:19:54

are you go on missions and shit just wear something that's it's tuned into the the Wi-Fi signal of the building and you wearing like a lightweight helmet like a bicycle helmet with no straps on so it's not something it's really cumbersome but you know it has enough battery life enough juice to get you through a one-hour game or three-hour game openers experiences where you can go to your whole family in your all in the game wearing these things I need your in the game together damn yeah she running from zombies and Warehouse link from good mythical morning he was talking about how he bought the family and if you're used to getting chased by zombies and and heard that they were thinking about doing something like that now that you think of me but I didn't I didn't know there was actually a place now and roller coasters

► 02:20:50

I feel like we talked about right right yeah I think that's the future I think the future this is like to go to a football field and it's like a virtual game is being played you know but then you got to stop people from like physically assaulting each other in the virtual world the future of virtual reality Time magazine's Ghostbusters experience and I could be your friend but you can see your friends you're in a room with them essentially a so now you're wandering around wonder what they're saying all the city to see what they're saying this is going to blow their minds as the verge

► 02:21:38

fuck yeah

► 02:21:41

sorry to hear then so this is one place that has is there's a place right across the street from the Grove that's like the IMAX VR thing but I don't think it's definitely not this but they might have some similar we have way too many of these stories in my head I don't know how many of them Maria or how many of them did the House of Comedy in the Mall of America across from its great great big huge but they have like they're like across from it they have a virtual reality arcade where it's one is skydiving we are hanging out at you know what it was that was the whole thing I can you tell that's going to become more popular kind of like a whatever those arcades are everywhere in Anaheim Star Wars how I did soaring over the world ever do that

► 02:22:38

does a Disneyland It's a giant screen is bad yes sit down in your chair you get lifted up and it takes you towards this giant screen and on his giant screen you you sore all over the different parts of the world how cool dude it's fucking crazy that the ride is amazing you fly over all these different spots and experience all this like as if your soaring and you feel like a light Breeze and there's different smells that they send you where the other one was Soaring Over California you would look at it bears like you would soar over these orange trees that bear looks so fake by the way right now for Nia which is pretty amazing too and you you'd sort of the oranges it smell it smell the water from the beach

► 02:23:32

and you are things like that'll happen like the water will Splash your funny face then you also you'll be in Paris or you'll be somewhere else fuckingawesome walk the plank I can remember I said on Joe Rogan on your podcast it's a real piece of wood and I have like it unbalanced would wear had something underneath it still kind of rocks landing on it I see you go up in the elevator in virtual reality Road and I have a fan that I turn on right when the elevator door opens and you feel like you're walking on the side of a building like on this Clank and it might have my have my board kind of Rocky so I can't do it I get halfway through it I like shit myself and was funny I push my girlfriend off the board and she was like freaking out and I just like give her a little nudge and she goes in the game if you fall off and you fall

► 02:24:33

oh my God is that a girlfriend this is crazy is this a new thing I think it's 595 yeah I still have a new Vibe out I need to get it which better resolution and stuff in supposedly they have a wireless adapter so you don't have all the cables any more coming soon I think the wire is the most addictive archery game ever and have a little monsters attack the castle who plays shape for no controllers and you can make it it's it's pretty realistic for you can play pool yeah but would you could only play Virtual pool regular pool be so fucking amazing. He's like oh my God. It's a real table look at the clock I can feel it I can watch the balls click together the real the real in front of me

► 02:25:29

I pretended to stick on the moon 6 video games you can play on your phone but I've never even thought about it oh boy she's not naked and she said no but she's getting molested by a naked girl and it's weird cuz when you're in the virtual world your cake you are her it's so weird is that a side gig

► 02:26:12

good for her that's a virtual porn that's got to be a big Market know I was weird about it I just like in your head you think it's going to be like this realistic it's going to make masturbating all the companies that are under nights making like perfect Masterpiece is there still filming it's sloppy and edited sloppy I've been seeing all of it but this is just a setup for Brian's new career as a director virtual reality these people at the fuck they're doing let me show you how it's done

► 02:26:56

no I did not is that a recent one adult some crazy giant Star Wars thing out here right that's going to be awesome

► 02:27:17

yeah man it's just

► 02:27:19

where is matter of time till there's going to be something like that a consumer level like like the avatar game that seems like pretty doable maybe snuggle supercycle Jamie I don't know what would it be message boards first came out or something it's just like a white like the Wild Wild West right now this is crazy and you could be anyone like I'm windy and you can go to a Wendy's in there in all the Wendy's characters together cement Pikachu so people just get together in these rooms to hang out together talk just put the musicians that would just sit there and play songs for you dressed up as are you talking in your voice yeah it's you but some people use voice changers and stuff like that

► 02:28:17

and it's me see a lot of racist people and put them inside of a video game with no repercussions for her actions that's the internet special you be like a little girl that's a terrible and words you know a little blonde girl on the screen for me while you're a 40 year old man from the Bronx probably didn't check it but the words I wonder what you are fucking assholes with that man

► 02:29:01

again assholes with the being mean to people online it's a new toy yet reviewing a lot of people that you didn't know a lot of people that you never got in contact with it just really shity people mean I mean to companies like I switch to my online bullying to only talking about bad services at the service at like restaurants delivery service

► 02:29:26

well if it's warranted yeah that's what I say but people get mad at me for like when I post those things I can put some the other day at this chicken place everything but the corn on the cob was black the chicken was black I had to throw it away and I was late to think maybe the Chef & The Lady working on the counter

► 02:29:49

they won't pay attention checking pricing 14 year old kid

► 02:29:54

what was really happening it was fun in a frigerator easy fella a girl works at a Newport Creamery with me

► 02:30:16

who's that you were maybe if it's me this fucking phone I've got a phone that for whatever reason turns itself on the ring all the time like even when I don't it turns itself on the ring don't like twice you know what I think it's this case this leather Apple case piece of shit like

► 02:30:42

look at your volume buttons look at mine sucked in the middle like this son had this like for a week and it's already falling apart and not join overheats your phone I think Isabella leather there's no way for the air to get absolute my shifts running slower than it should you know to do the other day I put a battery pack on this like a madman yeah pulling them sick-ass battery packs on it I felt like a superhero I can go all day cuz I took it off cuz I feel like I was relying on a too much that's just charge it at night

► 02:31:16

I'm using my phone less and less after my trip to Hawaii because my phone broke I dropped it the first day there and I had to order a new one

► 02:31:24

remind me to stop working out of the whole thing I would hold up like my contacts and it would just start calling people and then I would hang up and start calling other person that I hang up to start so I don't show me people's like my friend John. I was doing and then hang up and do that again was like what the fuck I just dropped it and just went haywire and so when I got a new one for 3 days I wasn't doing anything so for 3 Days waiting for my phone to come I didn't use any apps any nothing and I felt better

► 02:31:59

I feel better but you're in Hawaii technology so frazzled like that then why are we still so scared of like a i if you could just find smack it in the bread so silly way to look at it started off I think someone smoke too much weed or not enough

► 02:32:32

we should be worried don't you think if you are must think we should be worried I do like that's his business 35% future of all technology he's the one figuring out the problems he's the one here to save us from all the shit that's his business that he created

► 02:33:01

all the stencils got recalled I mean did you sell that right I got in 30000 model asses got recalled cuz it steering columns fucked up or something remember seeing something for cancel. Loves his he fucking loves it awesome they make that Lincoln town what does it not it's a fucking incredible car it's incredible it's like they they saw all these other cars like that luxury SUV family Wagon Market is a weird market like there's Range Rovers and is a bunch of Mercedes SUVs and BMW SUV's but this is like the first other than the Cadillac Escalade kind of but this is like another level like super high-tech family luxury sled that hauls ass it's pretty dope

► 02:34:03

did I watch some of the videos on it and how they make these things and like all the different features that they have in them huge screens now everything is giant screens like a lot of these cars now they don't have a dashboard they just have a screen and you know that you could you can customize it in different way. My mind is a fake

► 02:34:20

virtual screen gauges right yeah it's weird to see my counters contradict what words it says no joke Google Assistant will start making phone calls to small businesses to make appointments on your behalf it's called Google duplex the AI call or even add zums and a Jesus

► 02:34:48

so how can I help you hi I'm looking for something on May 3rd

► 02:34:56

what time are you off

► 02:35:05

at 12 p.m. we do not have a 1:15

► 02:35:14

do you have anything a.m. and the 12 p.m.

► 02:35:18

if someone is haircut for now

► 02:35:25

heading on this time okay what's your first name the first thing is Lisa okay perfect so I will see Lisa at 10 on May 3rd that's awesome I love that freaking me out okay so now I think we just learned something I think we're going to be having conversations with those things it's going to be like that movie with Joaquin Joaquin Phoenix that's her that is her

► 02:36:02

look man it's just a matter of time I don't know how much time but it's definitely 20 years and 20 years you're going to have people calling you you have me calling you I'm going to call you and say some cool fish it it's only going to be me I'm going to call you up and go dude what are you doing right now

► 02:36:19

fox sleep let's go do something let's just go drive to Joshua Tree right now and do mushrooms fuck it you don't have any kids and be like okay I'll be by your house in 20 minutes will you be out there waiting you are home sleeping typewriter sounds like

► 02:36:46

makes me mad it makes me mad that they all my God that's so crazy just take that out and just be faster let me hear some of that fake typewriter

► 02:37:04

Apple does that is so clunky to sound shitty I just wish I had more options you know like I get the only want to have one phone and a few different versions of it rather you don't have a small one is a big one the middle-sized one

► 02:37:27

the reason why we are trying to get in touch with you it's up to notify you that says call me a scammer attack scammer but what Brian said was that when you call Apple they would have a fake typewriter sound in the background

► 02:37:50

but I did get scared by text

► 02:37:53

you need to contact me with your whereabouts right now

► 02:38:09

who is hearing that going to contact you I'm in Walmart right now let me get to my car hello I'm calling you back we are so lucky that you have contacted me at this moment for dangers in the air sir

► 02:38:29

did you fake typewriter secrets to Logan guys might have been one of the most epic trouble battles for so funny man who owned them so hard it to the point where I would have the guy's name is is like a young kid or something I feel like he calls himself up like an old man old man making fun of a young whippersnappers you're older. I think it's hilarious because they're so terrified of getting old like everybody is so look there's this thing so it'll make fun of you you bro you bro you're fucking 36 years old but yeah was it mean Soul Surfer bro 659000 likes he said at least when my career dies you can film it

► 02:39:29

put it on YouTube in the suicide forest Logan Paul I'm laughing cuz now I know why your comedy career took a dive OG Jesus did he get owned and so then Chris has to him that at least of my crew dies we could film it put on YouTube 658000 likes more than Trump and any sweet jumps ever had no responses that's like the strongest response I've ever seen in your entire Netflix special thanks how's it feel to have your name finally attached to something funny oh my God oh my God I don't know

► 02:40:29

what's worse being the Sean vlogger or being the 38 year old comedian arguing with the Sean vlogger on Twitter to have them out loud to death see what they got my God oh my God oh my God

► 02:40:50

old people roasting me greatest thing on planet Earth

► 02:40:56

how about this you're my son tag your fucking Daddy I'm a fucking daddy

► 02:41:02

what's the damn powerful crystalia hard in the paint Chris a funny dude man his Instagram stories are some of my favorites anything curse does is pretty fucking funny

► 02:41:22

so far you called me Daddy and admitted to watching my entire comedy special are you trying to burn me or fuck me

► 02:41:31

okay that's enough

► 02:41:35

I get it he's hilarious I don't know why you would try to fight a professional comedian on Twitter yeah he's like an artist but that kind of stuff like perfectly like not aggressive you know it's like the everything about it's like it's very smooth very good has like the old days that was a very good one you know

► 02:42:07

they really are

► 02:42:10

I'm just wondering what's going to be the next thing to people you know like

► 02:42:14

Instagram seems to be like a that's a platform people like they like pictures and texts behind the pictures but like what is going to be the next thing is it going to be some sort of augmented thing some virtual thing or some goggles Stanger got to be something to get me something in another space other than just your phone

► 02:42:34

I really think that there's going to come a time where the same amount of time that people spend on social media they're going to spend some sort of an augmented State I give you the where these things for work cuz they help you pull things up so people just accept I have to have my goggles like everybody wears dog was at a certain point I was just so much cooler it just for vision give you perfect vision that Black Mirror episode about the human of the DVR where everyone can record yes that's been coming true that seems like the most realistic one that might happen I think I think they're closed I saw an article recently there close to being able to either record your dreams and play them back for you or reinterpret them after you're awake I think it's record them as you're sleeping I'm trying to find out what you were maybe we watch it or something I hope not was the shits and high-def what if you like falling off buildings in high-def

► 02:43:32

hi-def I got it do you ever add nowhere just have a dream you're like embarrassed that you even thought that didn't even know you had no control of it a lot of them theoretical recording dreams as possible scientists are trying

► 02:43:51

of course it is they just got to figure out how to get into the door eventually if people survive they're going to have with every generation a greater greater understanding of how to manipulate things around just this what people strive for strive for manipulating the environment manipulating electrical currents manipulating is concrete moving things around shaping things they just keep getting better and better and better out of course getting better and better at it technologically

► 02:44:28

can I have some crazy shit man

► 02:44:31

and we're going to wonder why we did it

► 02:44:34

we can all be stuck in some strange weird matrix-like environment already are on the way to that like what's the logical conclusion mean to say does anybody believe the people at this point are going to back up there going to go ahead you know what this technology is just getting too much and where we went to a restaurant last night dad was on his phone this kid's got a 12-in iPad propped up in front of them the other kid on the other side of table has a 12-in iPad propped up in front of him and they're just watching three different things and no one's talking to each other and they're they're at a sushi joint wow wow this is what people do they get together they they put a show on in front of the kid here you go and they just the entire time not even like the parents are done they want to talk and can I use your phone your hair go ahead use my phone play a game kids playing the game somebody's talking to somebody

► 02:45:35

nobody's talking to anybody everybody's looking at an electronic device you go to a public place they sit down and then not interacting with each other it is super normal man you look around at Super Norm super normal weird we got to wonder about that a few years we're going to wonder like how did they let that in how did they let this like I was watching these little kids I was like okay I don't want to be a judge apparently because I'm just looking at it like a human how much less time are they spending talking to people now how many less awkward moments at the dinner table you had the workouts controlling your temper or controlling your emotions are controlling the way you interact with you or try to be nicer with about some of the ways you say things and learning to get that the only way you can learn about that stuff is a dinner table right talk to each other as part of like how people learn to communicate with each other sitting down to dinner right I'll just send Everyone likes watching a screen

► 02:46:34

how much less time we spending talking

► 02:46:37

like how much shittier are people going to be if they continue doing that at talking to real people and is that an issue

► 02:46:47

I think it is I think people don't have to act as strong as compassion with each other like it looks much like that as much compassion in Mike value human life that's why there's more School shooters and then you know Dad the realness of it it's kind of Getting Faded you know death is way more in your eyes nowadays as a kid then it was when we were young we were just you know kind of frogs and playing cops and robbers we don't have Internet to see death we didn't have TV wasn't about death of the time you know video games is all death I mean you have lives and video games went when you have lives when your kid cat's head that that's a good point man I mean especially how much you can see on the internet they need the amount of horrible shit that people see on a daily basis on the internet like people tell me how you want to see this video Mike know I've seen enough I know what people are capable of I'm good

► 02:47:48

some people not don't some people all day watching fucked up shit don't don't don't don't don't let me start with videotape like Faces of Death and shit like that you start seeing a friend of mine sent me was a girl walking towards the train she's not paying attention she gets nail by the train and it's fucking her riffic man she just gets torn apart you watching like oh my God oh my God it's hard to watch SOA talk about this but what was it was definitely faces of death and I was definitely UFC 1 2 & 3 you know it like the early days of UFC sing mixed matched like people go at it and just the brutal KO was back then it was just like death either wasn't very many rules like you could knock out but you can punch in the nuts right you never saw that before that it was a boxing on TV it was never like oh my God

► 02:48:48

fighting like dirty fighting and pulling hair and not punching chest yeah yeah I think our appetite for stimulation is increasing that's what I think for real I think that's why people's like so many thrilling things I think we're developing a stronger and stronger appetite for stimulation that's what I think it is dude I think the internet and you know just so many different things you can see like how hot was it that weekend like instantaneously pull up video of a volcano eating a car I mean what how many people are supposed to see that you're not supposed to see that shit all day from all over the world and it's supposed to say all these different volcano eruptions and different shootings and cars running over people in Times Square and all that crazy shit at Hilton Kansas a lava shouldn't really be in front of you

► 02:49:45

everything's flat you shouldn't be worried about lava it's me we wish you should have some fucking lava to mix things up

► 02:49:55

that's got to be a weird place to be mad when you watching that earth crack open and you realize how thin the crust is between you and the most insane shit ever rivers of hot molten rock right under the surface of the ground you're walking on like what how much is down there why did we camp out here

► 02:50:19

I get paranoid at still at earthquakes I was in the store the other day packed right and if it was just like the big earthquake then it was too many people there would be no Escape but I got out of my hair done like I got to get out of here so terrible thing to think of this is kind of building and starts collapsing or any parking garage and living here in LA to go to the old parking garages downtown sandwich something yeah man I I came to LA right after the first earthquake not our first one the big one the last big one and then there was some small ones after that there was a I think the one of the biggest ones

► 02:51:02

was San Francisco I think San Francisco is during the World Series was a really big one right how big was that one

► 02:51:10

is it going on during a game in the middle of the end

► 02:51:17

what's the quinncidence of that wow that's some powerful shit done

► 02:51:30

just did that to me the

► 02:51:34

it's something that we all know to be true but you don't think about it until it happens we all know that the Earth's mantle shifts and moves we know that it happens we know that earthquake happen when all the volcanoes happen but even so it's still

► 02:51:54

so when is the earthquake hit

► 02:52:06

it's like a scene in a movie what the fuck

► 02:52:18

holy shit

► 02:52:20


► 02:52:23

it's just one of those things you know

► 02:52:27

we think of it like yeah yeah they are earthquakes real but it till it actually happens at scariest going to scare you felt it a good one right you felt a little bit of a Tremor weigh more when I first moved here like I've used almost feel one like once a month it for a while I haven't felt one in a long time. Oh yeah this is how I felt and this is probably the biggest when I remember here

► 02:52:57

really death squad Studio

► 02:53:00

this happen to me before recently to there goes

► 02:53:10

start thinking about

► 02:53:14

surprising because of the city at the ice house and I kept on thinking about the ceiling just cave in am because that's how I got all the building yeah and I create the fuck out that was scary did something to make it earthquake compliant though do you know if the bolts they put all that stuff apparently to reinforce it from earthquakes yeah I mean that the walls or something it might fix but not that I feel like it's already have that buildings from 1950 something earlier than that I think it started out as an

► 02:54:18

actual Icehouse like way earlier than that open the 1960-1968 building I'm pretty sure in that building and it was an actual ice house which is why they decided to call the Ice House. Sean doesn't work there anymore yeah I know it sucks I'm not sure I'm talking about on their size therapist in the air oh I don't think that's not FDA-approved

► 02:54:59

could you imagine if this was rubmaps still a thing when Backpage from Backpage rubmaps kind of freaked out for like a week and said we're not open right now you won't be charged this month but then like it was always working to it just had this weird notice before it I wonder how people feel you know that are in that business

► 02:55:34

are those Backpage companies and all those those companies that are you know those those something that's like classifieds I lose all that business all of it just like a non viable business anymore because it was like Yelp you know for massage parlors and and so you if you wanted to go for the opposite reason I will wear like a check to make sure that that wasn't a rub and tub Place sometimes you just don't want that you want a real massage I guess what I said doesn't make sense though because it's illegal activity so as long as it's illegal activity of course they have to take it down don't they not really Willy Street

► 02:56:24

looks like you're allowed to talk about cocaine and I'm going to get like your website taken down and that's crazy like that's not even what I mean I mean I don't think that

► 02:56:35

I feel like if you were a person who is making this decision and I 2018 you saying you know what we got to Crackdown on prostitution we got to figure out a way to figure out a way to put a stop to this

► 02:56:48

what are you wasting your time doing that for don't have other really big issues that we have a hard time finding enough people to tackle the biggest problem is sex trafficking that's the exact reason there's too much traffic. That's a big one

► 02:57:04

just when everything is unregulated write anything is unregulated you're always going to find someone who feels that Gap was a criminal anything that's illegal that people want you know whether it's drugs anything it's really hard to tell people what they can and can't do it's really hard it doesn't seem to make any sense you shouldn't be able to as long as I was getting hurt you know like what if someone decides hey man we looked at this very thing and you guys are just too weird can't do this anymore you can't just dress up like mascots and have sex with each other and eat a dog food bowls can't do that anymore that sleeps you these people ever they're having a party as furries what if someone comes what comes on and says you can't do that anymore it's too weird

► 02:57:51

I just think it's weird when people just can decide what other people can and can't do

► 02:58:00

Tristan to come see something as ridiculous as sex

► 02:58:08

touching is that thing that makes no sense like handjob should not be a legal no not allowed to touch my arm but you can't touch my dick it's going to be real weird when robots are fuckable like really weird when they're really phuckable like they're hot

► 02:58:26

you know that hot it feels good what if someone raped at robots is it going to have rice with Jesus Christ going to kill you bro you don't need to sleep there's going to wait till you're sleeping and she's going to fucking Elmo your eye sockets right through I got arrested by fucking a car recently or something I didn't hear about that

► 02:58:45

I think it's a matter of time before they develop an AI in a physical body that's so closely resembles a human body that you can turn the lights down light a candle does new body like the hottest girl in the world you seen the new ones right and then you can order it now I think of you pre-order now it's they had a video of it and they eyes pretty legit and it's not bad it talks to it remembers you pick the face you can design what you wanted to look like dude it's a matter of time I know it's a matter of time the comedian you know flashlight flashlight flashlight slow now like they like kind of The Strokes you why your fucking ass to my friend he is but if he injured his dick hole from it

► 02:59:46

went to Harding Connecticut

► 02:59:48

that's terrible story I got a flashlight the other day I haven't used one in a while do you still use it

► 03:00:02

so happy this podcast is basically over Brian just hit the wall it's so much more shame using it that I did use my hand but just feel better way better it does that's legit just shoot through it so you don't even have to like clean it up and threw it didn't make this whole what is this Jesus Christ looks terrible 5° flashlight PVC pipe the fuck out of here he's got Scott like a little kids toy train going to shoot you right onto his dick look at it why would a 12 volt power supply all my God

► 03:00:57

that is hilarious so it's going to slowly but she'll he can control the pace that it blows them proof-of-concept whatever bro

► 03:01:14

how can I flash my motorized flashlight. I think I think we could wrap this up and safely I miss list these are strange.

► 03:01:27

I think we learned a lot today I did not know that you could make a fucking phone call with an artificial intelligence thing that could say oh and would make appointments for you and shit that's good shit out of me I didn't know about these choo choo train

► 03:01:46

fake vagina attractions these kids are hacking is wacky Kidz I learn that I am very confused but comes to the Future there is this stuff is I think this is all happening in front of us I think it's insanely crazy insanely transformative and it's happening but we don't have a fucking clue as to where it's going and it's nothing we can do about it so we're all is well it is what it is

► 03:02:14

I think it's nuts I think we are we're 20 years from the fucking Matrix and we're seeing it happen we're seeing it happen right now in front of us receiving a little baby steps like we're so far off yeah I went to that whole thing the other day it was nothing went to the conference nothing impressed me find out that we're about to be in it or that we've been in it the whole time which would make you more comfortable that's a very good question

► 03:02:40

damn that's a good question what do you think I think we're already in it soft is Ivan

► 03:02:47

well under the head I think the reality itself is obviously some sort of weird thing because you're looking at it you looking at it through your eyes your eyes are determining the positions that things are in and what they look like and where things are and there's always things are going on around you all the time do you have no control over there everywhere all over the planet people living lives new interface with those lives occasionally you just accustomed to the manner in which you do it so it seems normal but every night you close your eyes and you go unconscious and who knows what the fuck happens to your brain and then you wake up in the morning you have to pee and you're struggling to try to figure out what happened yesterday and then why this is happening your ex-girlfriends fucking your best friend from high school and they got together and you know so I can't believe you left me he said if you can stay forever and then next thing you know like this is because all these lives intersect with each other all over the world it is kind of a hologram it's kind of a crazy

► 03:03:48

real life wasn't real it would be super interesting you be like luck at the way life Works look at the way they breathe in air and breathe out carbon dioxide and the trees breathe into carbon dioxide and breathe out air but they keep chopping down the trees they keep chopping down the tree they don't care what do I buy a sweet tree it's wipe their ass with trees literally they grind millions of trees down every year turn into pulp so they can make paper to wipe their ass they literally wipe their ass with nature what month did just use soap and water no no I want a tree

► 03:04:29

I want some pulverized tree to wipe my ass with tissue paper tissue paper fucking trees

► 03:04:37

this issue paper really made out of trees I mean look they have tofu chicken right you don't think they have like some sort of an organic toilet paper and would it be too rough

► 03:05:05

maybe the best thing ever you free back until she got so I'm putting it together start up eating all the people that invested hundreds of millions of dollars into that scam a blood test company that blood test company story is crazy theranos there was this woman and they were calling her like the next Steve Jobs the Steelers the with a female Steve Jobs you can dress like a chore black turtlenecks become this self-made person I think from college started this company and then by the time she was like 40 whenever she was when they they busted her she was worth 34 billion dollars because this blood testing thing that she developed and then as time went on they realize that it didn't really work and then all these people invested like Betsy DeVos

► 03:06:06

I think it was and Warren Buffett had to Warren Buffett invested over a hundred million dollars in this company that was bullshit so they put these People's Health at risk cuz they gave him these test in the testing work and they're showing that they kind of knew the test didn't work but this how this woman dress all the time

► 03:06:27

it's some it's really interesting man to really interesting story because when you see the amount of money that people invested into it then their dish it out of luck she went from being worth I think she was worth something crazy like the richest woman ever are the richest self-made woman ever supplements while she was worth like 34 billion dollars at one point

► 03:06:49

I see the Twitter

► 03:06:51

yeah and then she's grease live in charge of the mass of fraud I don't know I mean I don't know shit about that business so I don't know if the blood test did or didn't work or if she's got a store that needs to be told and I don't know we just you just read what you read and what you read is that they they fibbed about results and they said they did some shit they shouldn't have done and all these people got tasks and they thought they were you know if you get a blood test you think you're getting the accurate results from a reputable company and it wasn't it was a micro click like they would take like a micro prick of blood and it would take that blood and it would measure it and that's how they would fine with you had diseases are not that one is self-made woman worth four and a half billion so she's worth 4 billion that's what this still nothing to sneeze at two bedroom apartment number for ICF or is it your father who is it who is it in the past that

► 03:07:52

so this this this thing the store when it came out that all these people that invested hundreds of millions of dollars into it made me think like imagine how long it takes to make a hundred million dollars have a hundred million dollars to invest in something that's bullshit

► 03:08:10

imagine what it must feel to find out that she didn't work like what oh yeah you invested in a scam it's all bullshit what they're being charged with massive know your hundred million dollars is gone million dollars is gone

► 03:08:34

they just got arrested or charged with massive Frost what

► 03:08:39

I said she's in prison is happening on the in the crypto market with the ico's initial coin offerings what's called people will make some sort of pitch and Pitch people that their new startup is worth it and said of taking the best of money they take cryptocurrency if you will and then after they gained a bunch they just disappear happens almost every week now exit scammers run off with 660 million in Ico earnings see this is like what you were saying about the Nigerian people getting online and them not knowing certain scams and then gets like scammers find a way and every system does not tons of scams out there they're just getting repurposed you know that just another trick they just put an old Twist on a chain has a name and it's a new scam that's all the same scams actually might you want but you want to know my pistol scam postal I've actually never done this but just like where you live

► 03:09:34

trunks those motherfuckers come down on you I've never done it but this is something that I think somebody told me they used to do in college I don't know I don't even know if it really works but I wanted to send you a letter you as the return address that letter

► 03:10:05

they probably know that one already yeah yeah yeah they're probably want how to get all the way over here to drop it off in California to speak in Ohio if they know better they know better

► 03:10:27

so let's be scared together let's wrap this up we should be scared of Technology greed greed this is getting out of hand agreed it sounds way too much marijuana but I'm also very fun technology very fun very father to the show I'm just like oh my God there's a waterfall coming up guys wear on a raft there's a waterfall coming up how you tell me it's okay you can go over the waterfall okay okay I don't know if we can I don't know if we're going to do this waterfall for going to make it

► 03:11:10

will be fine robot factors to come in and take over your life don't alright Brian we got coming up shows Francisco this weekend with me and Tony were taking kill Tony to Vegas will be in Vegas and then the following were playing this place called The Dive Bar which is I guess it's like 200 people like an old bar that's been there forever but there still tickets to that San Francisco's sold out in Detroit with Danny Brown's going to be a citizen Rob the place just bought that TV click on tour dates and if you looking for a Apollo you don't have your powerful shirt on, you left that's it fuckers fully back tomorrow thank you bye

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