#606 - Randall Carlson

The Joe Rogan Experience #606 - Randall Carlson

February 2, 2015

Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar.

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get it together pictures go to onnit.com that is Onnit use the code word broken and save 10% off any and all supplements this episode of the podcast is brought to you by why are you so it was brought to you by the man who I'm interviewing talking to having a conversation with Randall Carlson and Randall Carlson is a fascinating fascinating guy who has just an amazing wealth of information when it comes to cataclysmic events the things that shaped our world and I mean I don't even want to talk about it any more than just saying that his website is sacred geometry international.com and yet he is just an incredibly unique and knowledge field in interview I wanted to see keeps calling interview I just calling conversations but he's an amazing individual so without any further Ado please welcome mr. Randall Carlson

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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yes it's ladies gentlemen welcome back Randall cross and how are you sir are doing well Joe you freaked out the entire podcast population the last time you were here with your stories of cataclysmic disasters and and the ramifications of asteroidal impacts and just the just ate the evidence he presented was a real as it were

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well what can I say I apologize to all the way out there that might have had nightmares no worries I knew that was going to be after the first time I met you we had that long conversation in Atlanta I knew once you sat down for three hours on a podcast and open up about that stuff it was really going to uncork a lot of people's don't well you know ironically there's an upside to the whole thing maybe we'll have time to get into that little bit today yeah definitely so tell me you just returned from a long Excursion with Graham Hancock you want to send that thing like that towards your face if I work a little yeah they are you just returned from a long Excursion with Graham Hancock you guys are on the road and what was the nature of your trip

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well we were I was taking Graham on a tour showing them some Landscapes. You could call him the Landscapes of catastrophe because he's doing his sequel to Fingerprints of the Gods and you know when he came out with that book in 1995 you was theorizing that there had been this Lost Civilization in prehistoric times and the critics the gist of most of what the critics were attacking him on and then there were considerable attacks on him as a result of some of the things he put forward in that well if there was this great civilization that it existed in somewhere back in prehistory where's the evidence of it where is the where is the pottery you know where are they at the carvings where where is the the infrastructure that would have existed and you know I don't know if he really had an answer for that other than the fact that you know there had been cataclysmic events that

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intervened between then and now but he wasn't really specific about what the nature of those catastrophes actually were in a lot of additional research is come out since 1995 that basically opens the window onto those events that basically separates our modern history which year the recorded history goes back five or six thousand years you know when we look at at the emergence of modern civilization we would basically trace it back to nine or ten thousand years ago with the emergence of Agriculture the dispersion of language is the first cities and so forth when we go beyond that if you Thousand Years we're in a completely different world and I mean so completely different that it's almost unrecognizable from our modern world

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if we started recreating Maps going backwards like taking snapshots of the planet every Millennium going back what we would see you going back to seven or eight thousand years ago the basic configuration of our planet would not change much once we get 11 12 13 thousand years ago the change has become profoundly dramatic we start seeing sea level is going down hundreds of mass of ice sheets covering North America and Europe in and lots of other enormous changes Beyond is what I consider to be deep history because as we may have talked about in our last interview you know we modern humans have been on this planet for a hundred fifty to two hundred thousand years at least

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you know if we go back say I think the oldest modern human skeleton ever found was named homo adult to and he dates to about a hundred and eighty thousand years roughly if we think of a generation of humans is 25 years that 7000 generations of humans right now so the question is what are we doing for all those thousands of generations until somebody finally realized you know what we can plant crops we can you know we can build cities we can form communities you know we can invent language etc etc well

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my contention is and I think the evidence that accumulating supports this interpretation that what we're really seeing seven eight nine thousand years ago is not the origins of civilization but the rebooting of civilization you see what I'm saying and when we go back and we realize that modern history is separated from Deep history by this extraordinary series of events that transpired between about 11 and 13 or 14 thousand years ago once we begin to recognize how extreme these these events were in remodeling our planet totally remodeling our planet it then becomes obvious to us why there is not a lot of hard evidence for whatever went on

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prior to these two these events has been some things that they found since then that have really sort of made Graham Hancock theories become more more palatable to even mainstream scientists go back Lee topics actually exactly Gobekli Tepe dang these are apparently structures that were built at least eleven or twelve thousand years ago I'm waiting to find out the the most recent ideas out of my think that probably they go back much older than that because from what gram told me they're just only in the preliminary stages of being excavated so he's less than 10% and after that appears to be you know late pleistocene Ice Age in India in age that apparently was deliberately buried which is interesting brings up that very interesting issue why would they

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deliberately buried Domino's delivery deliberately buried because of the uniformity of the age of the other is at work because I wanted to know if it was because the first thing I thought to myself was it could be natural because I have seen so many sedimentary deposits caused by great flood Ram assured me that that the it was that it was human that did was delivered it was not because if it had been buried by floods your water there should be internal stratification that would be very obvious I've been giving it some thought and you know what occurred to me was this and grandmas by Graham but I haven't gotten a response from them on this but if it was what we talked about last time when we're talking about the tunguska event in Siberia. Ariel detonation you know that was about a 15 Megaton explosion okay now that's equivalent to our

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hydrogen bomb so used to be in the American Arsenal and it's just because of an asteroid that blew up in our atmosphere the point that was it was moving really really fast moving you know if a rifle bullet let's say an average is about 1000 feet per second to write an asteroid coming into the atmosphere it's going to be 20 or 30 times that velocity when it explodes because of the fact that the Earth is not actually absorbing a lot of that energy it's dispersed widely through the atmosphere now think about this big lie during the height of the Cold War in order to protect our missile silos are super hard and command-and-control centers what did we do with them

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put them on the ground exactly and that begin I begin to think perhaps could could explain why it was buried in order to preserve it against the possibility of of some kind of an aerial burst or or you know some kind of a highly energetic that seems weird thing for 12,000 years ago we went really no evidence whatsoever than anybody's capable of doing anything like that that long ago I think it's an obsession with the sky you know that's one of the points of our ancestors of of 10-12 13,000 even feel much sooner had had just an obsessive concerned with events in the sky and you know all of these ancient structures whether we're talking about Stonehenge and I'm sure it's going to be the same case with Gobekli Tepe

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when we look at these these this infrastructure from you know like the Mesolithic. To the Neolithic. From 80654 thousand years ago three thousand years ago what we see is that there's this concern with astronomy you know you astronomical alignments they're built into these structures actually allow some pretty sophisticated observation of events happening in the sky and and we can maybe pull up some stuff here that I brought today to look for it but yeah I think that it's highly plausible that people back then think about this again to try to put this in context how many generations ago with the primary mode of human Transportation horseback

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not that many for five generations ago pretty crazy pretty crazy now thank 7000 Generations are you going to tell me that all of that transfer all of that time all those generations of humans that have the same presumably intelligence is our own because they've got the same brain sized that they're not going to be able to come up with some kind of transmitted tradition some type of love the idea of somehow Love Culture of civilization of language of you know that's my point is that there was so much that has been lost and once we understand how Dynamic this plan it really is it'll become clear to us why we don't have the hard physical record of of things going on 20 or 30 thousand years ago to put it in perspective for people who have never studied ancient Egypt Cleopatra the pyramids of you if you look at the date of the pyramids the Cleopatra

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is closer to us than the pyramids were to clear a path which is nuts Dave found these little tiny airplanes inside the pyramids these little little miniature you know carved airplanes that look like airplanes try did say well know they represent birds that doesn't look like a bird at all I mean they have a Rudder can you look like planes descriptions of flying out of Seattle unequivocally airplanes but at the same time we got to keep an open mind about in the point I'm trying to make all kinds of things could have happened raced and hopefully by the end of today's

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interview you'll have a better clear idea of specifically what some of those things really were so we're talking about a potential civilization of maybe tens of thousands of years of growth and if we're looking at what we have from the beginning of the dawn of civilization and we believe Mesopotamia somewhere around 7,000 years ago from that till today we're talking about maybe double or triple that was lost and he's gigantic cataclysmic events maybe 15 20000 30000 years of human beings inventing things people building upon the inventions of others yet to expand and then all of that wiped out the rubbing sticks together again to start fires and then whatever memories are left people have to rebuild a generation or two ago it was easy to dismiss ideas like that is free in Cheyenne today

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and that we have an effect been sort of blast the last six to ten thousand years with a relatively stable climate and I'm going to show you some graphs here really will blow your mind really will will will underscore how significant some of these changes have been helping found some of them abandon once we once we know that begin to incorporate that into our thinking we realize we're going to re-evaluate our our models of of prehistory okay will you we have a new set up now so with the tricaster we're going to allow Randall to take control of the situation here if you're just listening to this this might be one of those podcast wear if you're one of those people that listens to on a commute you might want to go back and check out the Vault dim yellow or YouTube or those are the ones that you stream HD now to write we would do it even that we do a HD video of this podcast as well so what is this oxygen Isotopes in Greenland

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looking at here this goes back to the early nineties near glaciologists and paleoclimatologists guys who study ancient climate extracted these ice cores from the summit of green and the reason I went to the summit was because they were looking for the most undistorted ice core records if they could find previous the ice floe is is much more Dynamic so there was more Distortion in the record so what they did was I went to the very center of European team in an American team and without getting into the into the background basically I Street there was almost to my stick it took five years to drill through it was a miles thick yes just think about how far like looking how far to miles away is like what is a playing a plane's a mile near a mile

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am I right about the tallest building in Downtown LA is probably not the tallest building in Atlanta 2016 ft and you know it was stacked on top of each other that's that's amazing we've huge mass of ice and that's pretty much what we're looking at on this on this graph here if you go down the left side of the graph

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this is the surface and then down here this 1500 you see right at the bottom that's 1500 M Wright 1500 metres you figure there's about 3.28 ft per meter so that's going to be 45 close to 5,000 so this is this is 1500 m is the time in thousands of years before the present since you go down right there there's a thousand years you go down there's two thousand down at the bottom you see 10 so that's 10,000 years ago now basically what the oxygen isotope is there a proxy for temperature change adjacent to the ice math right and if you look at these These are snapshots basically taken like every 10 years right and what you see here is that the is the temperature is oscillating back and forth back and forth its 224 degrees centigrade to put this into context the concern your week we got into this

► 00:24:32

somewhat last time the whole issue of global warming and and I know that ended in some of the the feedback we got some of them the most critical comments came from people who didn't like me undermining this whole concept of global warming induced catastrophe right here though is clearly that the that the climate this is the 10,000 years that we're talking about here is called the Holocene by geologists it's oscillating back and forth to to 4 degrees Centigrade every every 10 20 30 years right so we're we're talking about a degree that has changed basically in the last century to a century-and-a-half right which which really almost wouldn't even show up here you see but we're going down if we go down we'll see if you go to the right that means temperature is warming you go to the left that means it's cool right and so is we go back down this is through the Holocene we're going through here in a few look there's some interesting stuff going on right here at about eight thousand two hundred years ago if there's a

► 00:25:32

there's a spike of cooling right there and that was very very significant cool I mean that was probably caused the glaciers worldwide to start growing again for short for a couple of centuries after they basically disappeared at the end of the Ice Age so that this was a very significant event right here as we get down right here at ten thousand you see it starts a deviated to the last it starts deviating to the cooler to go to the next slide where we take this graph and we turn it on its side

► 00:26:04

what are done here is this is this is the president right here and this is basically 10,000 years ago over here on under right side and in a drawing to level there's a level green line you're too kind of give you a a cat comparison and you'll notice something here's this 8200 year ago cold Spike right and it is we're going wrong here you'll notice something that that did General amplitude of the oscillation starts increasing as we get closer to the present can you see that that that it's dropping its dropping below that green line and that means it's cooling down the last 10000 years we went from a. Of considerable warmth in the in the immediate post-glacial here and then you begin to cool off around six thousand years ago 5000 years ago and it should be good to cool off the temperature oscillations begin to increase in magnitude okay which actually contradicts the computer models that are saying the

► 00:27:04

amplitude of the oscillation is going to increase as the climate gets warmer what we actually see from the Greenland ice cores is the opposite of that and it's right here in this graph

► 00:27:13

but what's really significant about this is when we go back Beyond 10,000 years ago and we see this Jesus Christ yeah for folks who was listening there's a giant change I mean we're looking a little tiny you know maybe millimeter left right left right A fry up until this point now we're looking at a huge change huge changes catastrophic changes of temperature here we're going back this notice this is between 11 right here roughly eleven thousand six hundred years ago in about fourteen thousand years ago look at what happened right here you can see around 15,000 years ago the climate is is actually if we took this thing out of here you can see there's almost a trend up words that gets interrupted right here instantly overnight overnight

► 00:28:13

is if you go back through the literature of of climate change and you read the estimates of how long it took for the planet to shift modes from Full glacial to the interglacial like we're now

► 00:28:26

50 seventy-five years ago it was a thousand or more years thousands of years when radiocarbon dating came along in the 50s it begin to compress and what happened is that if you look in the 80s they're talking about perhaps the same tree several centuries now comes the green on Ice cores and other ice cores another proxies deep sea of Coors and so forth in the end the correlation of all of this evidence and it goes from centuries two decades well as the ability to perceive these changes through with ever greater Precision in ever greater resolution has a vault it's gotten the now where the change the climate change that took his from glacial to interglacial happened in less than 5 years that I'm soaked 2010 Glacier 2015 done over

► 00:29:26

actual did the manifestation of the glaciers because the glaciers didn't melt that quick cuz they're so huge right and if the temperature is you know 31° it's not going to melt if you turn the temperature up to 70 degrees right we can turn the temperature up in the matter and it could warm up the room in a matter of hours or minutes but it's going to take awhile for that ice sculpture to melt there's going to be a lacks right but in that in that. In this a neural what we're seeing right here there was an extraordinary right here I think if I go to the next slide I think

► 00:30:14

let's go to the next one in here so you can see this there were two massive warming spikes one right here you can see that we're down here in full glacial bow right there right there that's huge Spike of of warming temperatures could be on the order of about 10 to 12 degrees Centigrade which should be about 18 degrees Fahrenheit average temperature which is a crazy crazy crazy looking we're scared to 2 degrees Centigrade here we're looking at 5 6 times that much in a matter of a couple of years you say no

► 00:30:59

at this point we don't really have an explanation for this that's why I get really frustrated when somebody says to me is over standing the climate of this planet and when we look at stuff like this you see it it really drives home that point and you can see here are saying when they're saying that the debate on climate change is over though is whether or not human beings have had an impact on it in current times no crack we have had an impact if you say that the debate is about to have humans had an impact or not I think that there's no debate are looking at though and your mind is one aspect of a very multi-dimensional issue yes yes exactly exactly and it might my concern is that we're going to get so focused on carbon chain on carbon chains that we're not looking at any of these other factors

► 00:31:59

it's not what people do though we we concentrate on one aspect of things and it becomes like almost like a cultural Meme and then it spreads and this is all people talk about so many people I guarantee you that we were upset at what you said have not research climate change at all they just have parotid the words of people that they've heard on television that are experts agree we can look into the origin of that it's pretty contrived it really is I mean how you come up with that and then we could do an hour-long discussion on that and I don't really think we want to get into that today but I really feel like I should write an analysis of that the source of that 97% so-called consensus so that people can really see where it came from Michelle basically it goes to three or four pieces of research some surveys that went out there were slanted right from the beginning such as do you feel that humans have an impact on

► 00:32:59

yes nobody disagrees with that so you can go through all the whoever these so-called deniers are I have looked and look who's who's denying is there any climate scientists on any anywhere on the spectrum that denies that the climate changes or the denies that humans have had an influence on the climate and I haven't found a single one so another words these deniers that you hear about you know the climate change deniers they don't really exist there are those who criticize the consensus view right that the dominant mode of climate change is being induced by humans

► 00:33:34

and they are being shoved into this Camp of climate change deniers but they're not they're absolutely not climate change deniers him when you look at it stuff like this you know a lot of these guys who would question the so-called anthropogenic climate change consensus are guys have done this work now this work is how old was published in 93 the Greenland ice sheet project and the Greenland ice sheet project in the Greenland it was grip and the tube was European in an American team they spent five years drilling so these are the most accurate proxies we have it in hand and they're pulling tubes of Isis out of a cylinder picture maybe 6 in diameter they have like a circular cutting thing and have a circular cutting drill that extracts these ice cores and for the last 20 years

► 00:34:34

I've been analyzing the ice climate change took thousands of years was that just guessing pretty much based that was based upon actual empirical observations of ice glaciers receding as a result of the modern warming because you have to understand up until about the middle of the 19th century we were in the middle of what was his commonly been referred to as the little ice age and in this is another thing that's important to put into context the ice the little ice age was in two phases the earliest phase came on in about the mid-1300s been a warm for about a century in the 15-16 hundreds and then the second phase came on during that time the glaciers worldwide begin to grow and most of the evidence today suggests that

► 00:35:34

little Ice Age glaciers were bigger than they had been in 10,000 years so around the middle of the 19th century round 1850 give or take a decade or to the climate begin to warm out of the little Ice Age glaciers begin to receipt right now if we look at Glacier recession that's going on right now and it's been going on for the last 10 or 20 years what we see if it's basically a continuation of the recession it's been going on for a hundred and sixty or a hundred and seventy years right so it's important to establish what's our Baseline when were comparing modern recession of glaciers Baron minded are base line is we're starting from the glaciers being bigger than they had been in 10,000 years right so

► 00:36:23

the pie think then we have to understand that that that little ice agent in fact had some pretty serious consequences for civilization we can see that there were two. In the last two thousand years there were two periods of global cooling one of them occurred in the sixth Century it actually now can be accurately dated to rain between 5:36 and 5:44 AD which is a very interesting time this was basically the time that historians have him for four decades said this was the onset of the Dark Ages it's also the time during which all of the are Syrian bits in The Grail Quest stories are placed in Arthur Arthur's desk death is is traditionally placed at the Battle of camlann or Chemlawn which is usually dated about 5:40 ad which which basically culminated this quest for the Grail right what was the name of the Grail stories themselves

► 00:37:22

shut down in writing between about 11:18 and 12:30 ad and it's really interesting time during the Middle Ages at the same time that the great Cathedrals were being built when the cathar movement was at its strongest when the night Knights of the temple where at their strongest when kabbalism schools were flourishing in Spain when the Troubadours were making their circuits around Europe spreading news and entertainment but really probably carrying esoteric information to the initiate's that had the key to the secret language that they used it was very interesting time but it was in that 1282 1182 12:30 that the real stories actually refer back to this. Of the Arthurian days and the Quest for the Grail if you recalled was that the that the slanted succumb to tube light

► 00:38:22

did it become a wasteland England had become a wasteland and the idea of the Grail was it was the Grail not only restored the Wasteland it was restored to King because remember the king weather was King Arthur or Braun or on for toss or the fisher king there were different names in different stories it was the same deal he was sick he was in Decline he was wounded the wound wouldn't heal he was debilitated and the only way to restore him with to find the Grail bring the Grail back allowed to drink from the Grail but the Grail was also the means of restoring the Wasteland 2 fertility in in in Wauconda teeth now here's where it gets interesting is that the dendrochronologist who who study trees have been looking at that. Exactly in that. That the that the tradition places that they discovered that for about eight or ten years for us

► 00:39:22

the Northern Hemisphere almost came to a screeching halt this is now been well-documented Mike Bailey has done most of this work basically showing that there was a serious global cooling that took place during those years and the historical record of multiple descriptions Irish monks and so on describing house for weeks at a time the sun is not visible on that you know that it's dark in this is come over the land that there were reports of these mysterious fogs and dinner multiple does a Viber culture okay so as a result of these multi-year collapses of Agriculture because of the cold in the dark and The Damp people got malnourished and then you and famine is results of famine people because they're their immune systems became weak and an n and 54028 you had the onset of the Justinian plague

► 00:40:22

maybe a third of the population of Europe whole whole village has disappeared as a consequence now these events pretty much followed in sequence you see the cold brought about the collapse of Agriculture the collapse of Agriculture and as a result boom you have plague now it took European civilization nearly three centuries to recover from that now what brought about the recovery was the return of warm to the world what is called the medieval warm. And between us this begin really to occur in about 900 Pee Dee this to see ice begin to retract back well inside the Arctic Circle which opened up the sea Lanes between northern Europe Iceland and Greenland it's always this. Of time that the that the that the Vikings were able to sail to Iceland and then sail to Greenland and actually establish colonies on the West Coast

► 00:41:22

now the ground is perennially Frozen Frozen right so it was clearly a warm. And what happened was if you look back at the studies from medieval warm. You see that agriculture rebounded some people have lots of food to eat actually studies of skeleton show that that the statue of humans during this period of time increase by four five in from one has it been during the Dark Ages and now you're up started becoming wealthy can because that the basis of all well basically was agriculture was food right without that nothing you don't have anything else population begin to expand enormously you see other things going on life spans increase infant mortality decreases all of this stuff has been well documented in a whole variety of studies well after about a century-and-a-half of this warmth with the with the concomitant wealth that came along

► 00:42:23

European Society was wealthy enough to undertake this extraordinary cathedral building phase you see where you had literally hundreds of thousands of highly-trained Highly skilled craftspeople working on these things you had century when you begin to look at the cathedral building phenomena it required the basically the mobilization of of the whole of European Society behind this Enterprise. Because you had to Corey huge amounts of stone exceptional and energy in its refractive properties that really have still not been mimicked to this day the way the stained-glass was able to refract light so that it gives the appearance of not the light coming shine through the glass but emanating from within the glass and in carpentry scaled engineering skill the astronomy

► 00:43:23

all of this combined basically shows up basically in historically instant and in what's interesting is the the scarcity of of evidence showing what preceded this how did these who organized this raise the money who trained the Craftsman you know this is to this in history but really you know there's no explicit detailed discussion or we can go and Trace and say okay this is this is how it happened you know but it's important to realize that this was a consequence of the of the expansion of of of wealth in European society that was able to allow this to happen and that's as a consequence of the war on the border of the earth comes to a sudden termination in your early 30s

► 00:44:23

and if you go when you travel around the cathedral's you'll find it there any cases you know that the record suggests it's almost as if

► 00:44:30

in the middle of the work that work when laid down their tools and left in some cases this is why they were so many cathedrals of that did the great ones that weren't finished okay but what you see is exactly concurring with the cessation of cathedral building within a within a few decades anyway was the answer to the little ice age and the return of the cold in his first phase of the little Ice Age Again brought about agricultural collapses it brought about famine and then you had the Black Flag that showed up I think I didn't dare I can't decimated the the civilization of your so you can see I mean

► 00:45:13

if we look at the historical record what we see is the times of of global warming have actually been times of advancement in Civilization not have its limit that mean we could get to you know it's important we get to warm but never brought up by anybody but you I've never heard anybody else discuss this this very controversial subject controversial because everyone so fixated on global warming it's there it's there for anybody who was willing to do their homework you know what if somebody goes on my website or whatever and it says what are your sources than glad to provide multiple multiple sources I've been I've been collecting this data for decades and I have to ask the same question why are we ignoring this evidence

► 00:46:13

climate change has become a political agenda rather than a scientific question and so because there are political factions that are lined up behind it intergovernmental panel on climate change is now looked at us as being the the ultimate source for data on the on the climate Baron might they were created by the United Nations framework convention on climate change and given the Mandate of go out there and they were not told go and look for natural causes natural climate variability study the human study effects on climate but it's going to be dangerous I think if if we neglect what we're seeing right here on these graphs at this graph that I'm showing you because that's clearly not carbon dioxide see if we're told and we've been repeatedly told the carbon

► 00:47:13

high concentrations in the atmosphere held relatively steady at about 280 parts per million right prior to the Industrial Revolution and only did carbon dioxide start going up if we assume just for the sake of argument that that's correct we'll look at this graph what we're saying is that if carbon dioxide held steady at 280 parts per million going back hundreds of thousands of years is Al Gore's actually stayed in in as many others have stated

► 00:47:44

it's not carbon dioxide driving those climate changes is it really crazy some of that yeah that's my point now the alternative is okay are we saying if if if carbon dioxide is the dominant driver climate change and that's what we're seeing here then what that basically says that there's some gigantic unknown reservoirs of CO2 that have out gas into the atmosphere which again undermines the so-called consensus view because so far the consensus view consensus view states that that CO2 was only increased because of burning fossil fuel so this graph is the real Inconvenient Truth this graph that's well put yes this graph is the real Inconvenient Truth and when we look at some of this I mean right there that is a major global warming

► 00:48:44

because this dash line represents the modern temperature like the average is this dash line year we looking at right there right here this is between 100 and 150000 years ago and that's a giant jump that's a giant jump mean so what what does that represent as far as degrees in temperature 18 degrees Fahrenheit so that's 15 to 18 times greater than the presumed temperature increase of the last century is there any mainstream Russian to mainstream scientific explanation for wood that is

► 00:49:26

call Demian of oscillations massive Cooling and then nice and warm and so there's a variability if you're saying the warming is between 18 degrees is that what you said to up to that so the cooling you're talkin about almost that much the other direction Direction interview talking about this over a. Of just a few decades well as we get back this far we don't have the same degree perhaps yes but we were not sure but we do know that these changes that we're looking at here that terminated the last ice age we're just in a matter of a few years yeah for sure and the instantaneous nature of those is what you focus on when you start talking about asteroid impacts and things along those lines of that is something that we can explain that

► 00:50:26

when you can point to buy default there doesn't seem to be a lot of other things that we can invoke to explain what we're seeing right here and there's absolute evidence that we have been hit multiple times we're going to get into that yes yes and that's a big part of what what Graham's book has been so amazing when you look at the ancient history I mean inside of an ancient as far as me and they were human beings living sort of like us but how much different the climate was like it was so fucked up well I'm not sure about the West Coast but I know on the East Coast there were swarms of icebergs stranding like off the coast of South Carolina for example you know there was no Great Lakes because the Great Lakes were under a thousand feet of ice you know New York Boston Detroit Seattle Portland Seattle Twin Cities Chicago all of these areas were thousands of feet of ice

► 00:51:26

thousands of begin we're not talking millions of years ago we're talkin 12 13002 to 25 to 30,000 years ago. Incredible basically in round numbers 446 poses the entire most of the continental shelf interesting Graphics here to show you what what Continental coastlines would have looked like it was an article that I was reading Riesling about Aborigines in Aboriginal tales of the Lord like Lord sea levels respond now with actual climate data and understanding of what the sea levels actually worth at time is it a story that are supposedly 10,000 years old passed through oral Traditions Traditions to me are just beyond valuable up until very recently they have been considered basically just you know interesting in the

► 00:52:26

anthropological or psychological sense but had no real hard scientific credibility to now I think we're beginning to re-evaluate an archaeologist archaeologist by the name of Bruce Massey who's been doing some very interesting work for the last 20 years analyzing many of these ancient myths and realizing an infant putting how they're the argument that fifties that these myths in these Legends in these epic tales in code really hard scientific information that we can extract from them, Global changes in astronomical events and so forth and in one of the premises if Graham's work is that that the myths in the Legends actually have a great deal to teach us Beyond just the psychological orientation of our Pigman pre-scientific

► 00:53:26

ancestors you know when we look at this graph basically what we're seeing here is to coming out of the Ice Age you can kind of see that we're coming up here and then we had this first massive Spike of warming and then a t sauce back down into this full glacial cold this is called this. Between these two green arrows is called the younger dryas which is named after a polar wildflowers that have disappeared in northern Europe and then suddenly came back again it only grows in polar environments dry socket Potala so there was an older dry ice to but it lasted roughly twelve thousand nine hundred years ago give or take a few decades to 11600 years ago so this Spike of warming right here is 11600 years now if we look at the next one here this graph basically goes

► 00:54:26

different realm of evidence and what this shows is the average the rate of sea-level Rise is he now have been studying there's there's a number of different ways they can correlate this information they can look at actual evidence of submerged shorelines right they can look at it changes in the in the Flora and the fauna that lived in the oceans they can look at coral reefs there's a lot of different things that they can pull together to see how rapidly sea levels Rose at the end of the last ice age and it did generation or two ago the Assumption was as if there was a smooth Continuum of Rise that took tens of thousands of years right to get us from -400. To what we are now to present level what this graph shows is that there were two massive spikes of meltwater introduced into the oceans into the global oceans at the end of the last ice age

► 00:55:26

the first Spike called meltwater pulse 1A is the biggest followed by another one meltwater pulse 1B if we go back to this graph right here those two spikes of glacial melt water and sea level rise coincide with this warming spike in that warming Spike and you can see how this warming Spike seems to be the most intense followed by this one and we see the meltwater pulse 1A is the biggest so what this is showing is that the that the rise in sea level was not a smooth it was like so there was something that caused all those glaciers to melt within just a very short amount of time a job as we speak this graph this is the late pleistocene mortality graph in each Square represents a fossil specimen of an extinct mammal

► 00:56:25

could be a woolly mammoth could be a giant ground sloth could be a saber-toothed cat could be the giant Cave Bear

► 00:56:32

roughly 120 species of Mega mammals that lived during the Ice Age went extinct right at the end of the Ice Age and basically what this graph is showing us is that you probably can't read this here so I interpreted for you if you go back to hear the left side represents 50,000 years ago and here where were the cursor is as 40,000 years 30,000 20,000 you see that as we're going along here ASL of an extinct mammal in the in the fossil record what we see from this graph is it when we get to between 11 and 13000 years ago there's a massive Spike before tell the roof

► 00:57:21

this demise of these animals directly coincide directly coincides with this right here directly

► 00:57:29

now what we what we're dealing with is it for 50 years the dominance theory has been just called overkill for Blitzkrieg and this Theory basically states that bans of paleo Indian hunters came across the Bering land bridge slaughtering every animal that they encountered along the way and somehow within less than a thousand years swept from Siberia down to Tierra del Fuego and killed off every Willy every mammoth in the world

► 00:58:00

and presumably every other of the extinct mammals and that has been the dominant theory that that humans caused this mass extinction

► 00:58:08

and personally I think that's just sir no cause for one thing based upon anthropological studies there were possibly more woolly mammoths in the world in or people for a while you know you have to assume that the Blitzkrieg was so instantaneous and so all-encompassing that there was no time even for the mammoth's to to reproduce course the overkill hypothesis basically addresses itself only to Willie Mayo only to Mammoth wooly mammoths were one species of a four different species of Mammoth but what about the other species what about armadillos in the giant beavers in the American place to see lion it was as big as big as a horse the list goes on and on and on and on in these animals all basically disappeared during this Spike that you see right here and that's Spike Falls exactly between these two warming spikes and between the two sea level rises so all the data All Points the same time. Yes

► 00:59:08

and so what I'm saying and this is this is basically consistent with with with with graham saying in his book is this what we're seeing here this episode basically represents a curtain to just come down and it's secured 150000 or more years of deep human history and basically has lost that history to Modern perception but now once we understand the uniform at Aryans were wrong to reject all ideas of catastrophism the founding fathers of geology were catastrophists they went out in the field uncover unencumbered unencumbered by dogmas and doctrines and so forth they looked at the evidence in the field and concluded that there had been catastrophic episodes in this is you know Baron Vaughn

► 01:00:08

basically you're considered the Godfathers of modern geology they were to a man catastrophist

► 01:00:15

James Hutton and Lyell and play fair came along and basically proposed the idea of uniformitarianism the present is the key to the Past very powerful working idea is that we can look at stuff that's going on today extrapolate backwards and try to figure out things that happened in the past when we don't have an eyewitness account right very powerful but what happened was anybody who invoked catastrophes was considered basically friends because in your early days some of these guys like Sedgwick for example he was he was a traveling Minister who went around and in in his travels to the people to Christianity he would see the stuff and he would you know

► 01:01:09

play sit within the context perhaps of being Noah's flood right and they would place it in a sum of not all of them some of them would place it in a in a Biblical context right so when they were attacked basically the the substance of the attack was what you guys are trying to bring us back to the days of biblical literalism in science has moved beyond that we're not here we don't want to talk about catastrophe that that's all been discredited and what you see is between the early 1800s the beginning of geology earth science about the 19th century what you see is a steady decline you know some of the older guys die off and replaced by the new guys have now basically taken control of the university curriculums and they've been indoctrinated into this idea of a strict gradualism and that any deviation from that strict gradualism is is heresy basically so by the time we get to the 20th century

► 01:02:09

you had this raining uniformity raining gradualist Dogma that have been imposed upon all her science and anybody who deviated from that was immediately kicked out of the club and this is why when J Harlen Bretz came along in the 1920s and proposal turn Benny's gigantic floods in the Pacific Northwest the geological Community basically get out of here we don't want to hear about it we know that that couldn't have been just because we know J Harlen Bretz continue to to document exhaustively document from the field that these floods were very real his critics said well you don't hit you can't provide a source for these floods therefore they didn't happen the Bear in mind it all of its critics isn't his most vocal critics have never even gone out to actually look right and Graham is going to ask a great section in his new upcoming book describing the TRD

► 01:03:09

what Bratz was put through but he finally prevailed ultimately most of his critics died off you know he outlived the other to be I think night so I think when he was 96 he was given the Penrose metal which is the highest honor geology and the only said he was very grateful that the only thing he was unhappy about was the fact that all of his critics have died off so you didn't get to gloat over on bottom but so what happened with you had the younger geologist come in or more open today in 1960s you have a transition going on work work where the beginning to accept that these great floods that happened but what they did was they took a modern example which is glacial Outburst floods which we witness dozens and dozens probably hundreds of such cases in Iceland particularly Alaska British Columbia of the Himalayas where you have

► 01:04:09

Bratayley going back to the little ice age when the glaciers begin to receive in the mid-nineteenth century you had a lot of water called Pro glacial lakes form or lakes bodies of water held in by the melting ice and then eventually the ice gate and the water rushed out in the form of a flood that icelanders call it a Yokel out okay so we have a modern example so what they did was in the 60s and 70s was a huge Montana it was held in by an ice dam that ice dam gave way all of this water gushed out over idahoan in Southeastern Washington down the Columbia Gorge to the Pacific Ocean and caused all of these this amazing a rosian and sedimentation Harlen Bretz was documenting nevermind we have to extrapolate up three orders of magnitude from modern examples right never mind that the

► 01:05:09

modern examples are utterly minuscule compared to what was looking at that has become the Dogma to explain these floods and it's still as we speak now I am trying to demolish that dog I want to show that these floods were something much grander than they have even imagined and that the source of them was not actually a big glacial Lake but was was what Brett's originally originally theorized was it there was something that caused a rapid melting of the ice but then his critics said well there's nothing that could melt the ice as fast as you're requiring for your flight so again your floods didn't happen but his floods did happen and they were on an enormous inconceivably fast scale and this is what I was taking gram out to see firsthand because I felt like for him to to really have a handle on this this information in this this insight

► 01:06:09

into the catastrophes that basically would have terminated his mother civilization is he called it that he should see this stuff in the field for himself because he is a picture is worth a thousand words we're going out in the field and experiencing is directly is worth a thousand pictures and and so he's going to incorporate that into and I would like to say about that book based upon what I know when and what you've shown me a bit of what's going into the book without any equivocation that I think it's probably going to be the most important book this come out in the twenty-first century because it's it's opening a window onto this story like no other single source of information credible information wow so mind-blowing and Asthma and goings are first appearances this chart especially is really freaking me out like looking at the mortality all the animals a mass extinction event that must have taken place one of the things that I

► 01:07:09

bother me about that idea that human beings kill off the wooly mammoth says that they found these vast fields of uneaten mammoths were there was thousands of them that it died almost instantaneously yeah which is just that doesn't make any sense like what do they do they go in on a mass killing orgy of Slaughter and then just decided not to eat any of them well you know the field itself is inconsistent with that idea right here this is an example this is one of the many mammoths cemeteries and in what happens is that you can see here that you can see from the shoreline and see that there was a flood the River Rose up to this level and then when it rolls down at left this and it's wake and what you see here like this is bone counting at the barrel like mammoths Cemetery Northern yakutia Siberia identical deposits are found throughout the Tamer Peninsula and what we see here is these massive bone deposits that have been showing up for the last couple hundred years

► 01:08:09

every time that there's you know a song or a flood or these things are washed up on the shore of the Arctic Ocean you know what we see is that there were huge huge grazing we're now the plant material is only 2 inches high so clearly it was a completely different climate you had in Siberia able to support herds of woolly mammoth at the same time that half of North America's buried under 2 miles or more of ice how is that possible just a totally different atmosphere puzzling over there until I can test these ideas a little further on the ice core samples is it impossible to figure out what the temperature was in Siberia at the time don't know they can figure out basically based upon fossil plant remains and you can see that in some cases the tree line with hundreds of miles further north

► 01:09:09

now next lyrics if you got trees Forest growing now we're in a 13 or 14 or 15 thousand years ago with permafrost you know it was warmer clearly

► 01:09:23

so there's still blow what is that nineteenth-century seen showing Ivory floor of the London docks covered by thousands of Mammoth tusks from Siberia this is a a drawing obviously predates photographs for hundreds of years thousands of Mammoth entombed Mammoth Mammoth tusks were being exhumed from the Siberian permafrost thousands and thousands and thousands of these and basically to me you look at this this is just in your face evidence that this was not humans doing this it was not humans that were slaughtering these mammoths in burying their Remains the instantaneous nature would almost almost be like people have figured out some new thing I did figure out some some like a doom gun you know they look at look at the near Extinction of Amer

► 01:10:23

what brought that about trains and high-powered rifles it was a technological major technological advancement near extermination of the American search the guy that I'm going to bring on the podcast soon to discuss. His name is Dan Flores he spent it is in a big chunk of his intellectual career studying this and what he believes is that the Bison had a massive population jump that was directly correlating to smallpox epidemic the Native American people and that when the United States we work of the United States history in the big stacks of woolly mammoth skull excuse me the big stacks of Bison skulls we always looked like that was a very unusual population of Bison that existed because the Plains Indians had experienced this massive Extinction event and then when they add Incorporated the horse

► 01:11:23

like the horse in the the apparently the American Indians and Native Americans rather wear on their way the extra padding the Bison even before we came along but then they died off in this massive death scenario with the smallpox and all the different diseases that the Europeans have brought over here and then the mammoth population are seizing the Bison population had grown like almost unnaturally it didn't much larger than it ever been in the past and that's when the United States was established and that's when all the Western European immigrants have come along and started killing off all these Bisons it's really a very interesting subject and it's an interesting idea maybe I am not convinced though that that

► 01:12:23

was this massive die-off of the Native American population yet I'm not convinced may be a while because I haven't looked into it but you know one of the things I've seen the Assumption near is predicated upon the Europeans arrived and brought the disease is that the Native Americans had no defenses for but the thing is is that you know there's so much are explorers and immigrants to the new world prior to the arrival of the Europeans get with the Chinese the Phoenicians and I'm not so Surly saying that's credible that none of it's been proven but there's some interesting data out there that suggests in their number of books written again I haven't accessed it so I'm not going to pretend that I'm going to forward you because I'm not but what if some of that turns out to be credible it would suggest that there was a lot more interaction between the Native American population in other groups around the world which if true

► 01:13:23

to me kind of someone undermines this idea that they were you know completely susceptible to the introduction of these you know that these foreign diseases but again I will I got an open mind I'll wait and see I'd like to see what his what what he says I'd like to hear his his he has a paper in the Journal of American History it's called Bison ecology and bison diplomacy the Southern Plains from 1800 to 1850 I just look for it online you can there's a preview this available but to download the entire paper or Bookout I'm not sure which one it is it's $19 and what's what Journal is it in the Journal of American history from September of 91 and like I said he's working on a new book right now and I'm trying to get him to come in but it's just it was very difficult while he's in the middle of September

► 01:14:23

1991 yeah yeah I can probably ask Dan Flores is his name and just the information that I got about it's pretty mind-blowing but I want to know no more thank you for that yeah please let's let's go back to that photo that you have on your desktop that you were going to explain to me but we decided not to talk about it before the podcast because it's so incredible that you said this all this incredible change that we're looking at these did the geological structure

► 01:14:59

all that took place within just a week yeah let's go to this will come I've got that will come to that

► 01:15:09

this is

► 01:15:11

this is a satellite photograph taken from about 500 miles up and what you see here this is Southeastern Washington and what you're looking at here cuz part of What's called the Columbia Basalt Plateau this is part of the the train at that we crossed when I was with graham what you see here is that you have an area of if you look here you can see the differentiate between the pixels in the actual squares that but you see this red are you down here is area that's actually being farmed and it's an it because this is an infrared photographing so what happens is is that the areas that are being cultivated will show up warmer than the surrounding areas this is this whole Plateau is covered in this stuff called loss l o e s n s a type of very fertile soil that has a mysterious and controversial origin we will get into that right now but in some places this last layer is a hundred

► 01:16:11

a dark Basalt Bedrock is the result of of these massive outflows of basaltic lava came out that extruded between about 6 million and 16 million years ago right the hot spot that was the ultimate origin of this Basalt is now where Yellowstone is which so you can rob connection near the Yellowstone supervolcano supervolcano yeah yeah what you have here is that you have the lighter areas where this lost topsoil still exist in the darker area this is where the underlying dark Basalt has been is showing through because the loss was washed away so what this is is is your typical the geological term is anastomosis and basically that means a branching

► 01:17:04

flow pattern of the water and you can see that very clearly hear that the water came off of this river which is the Columbia River up here in float over the landscape and wash away the basalt and left these gigantic channels in its wake and there's more over here today to the east there's more over here to the West

► 01:17:26

and if we look at actually this let me go to a different program here I think it'll actually have some that actually think the picture in it that you

► 01:17:41

we're seeing that what we're looking at here is what's been called the Missoula flood right named after the town of Missoula Montana Missoula is in a base that was part of this hypothesize giant Lake and again there was an ice dam ice dam that ice dam broke and as soon as this thing comes up I will be able to show you some slight here we go at sea

► 01:18:09

Here We Go Again should be coming up right here while that's coming up we'll look at this slide right here because this will kind of give you a picture of the Earth as it was

► 01:18:24

during the height of the Ice Age

► 01:18:28

so wow that's pretty deep the sheets of ice go pretty far down that's amazing Canada didn't exist yeah and you know and you know the ice part of it is you know a lot of it in the midwest now a lot of the farming belt of America is basically you know growing out of the soil that the ice spray paint off of Canada dumped you know down in Minnesota and Iowa and Wisconsin and so on so someday they may want that back but we're not going to have it did to it's fascinating when you look at that that there was as big ice cap but then the areas around it no ice and why why was that

► 01:19:16

well that's one of the Mysteries again like over here in Siberia can see over here this is where all the way and it may have been warmer than now which is very odd there's some ice up there is that what we're saying yeah there's some ice up there sporadic glaciers but nothing like what we see in Northwestern Europe over here this was called the fennoscandian ice sheet and the ice sheet over North America actually consists of two ice sheets the laurentide which was centered over Hudson Bay and Decor de'aaron which was centered over the Canadian Rockies and in this particular slide you can see

► 01:19:59

you can see here this was the Cordillera and over here over the Canadian Rockies and this was the laurentide was much bigger safe and and then there was a area between the two right here which has been theorized is at one point having been a corridor call the ice record or and migrants from paleo Indian migrants from Siberia would have come across Alaska and down through this Corridor here to the lower United States and I ultimately down here to South America and it was that group these groups of bands of paleo Indian Hunters that according to the the overkill or Blitzkrieg hypothesis by

► 01:20:50

that's just

► 01:20:53

it's either okay there we go okay so here this kind of old show the coastlines of the of the world during the during the Ice Age and let me just

► 01:21:11

Escape out of this

► 01:21:14

so that we can zoom in a little bit and it look at it closer

► 01:21:19

okay so here would be

► 01:21:25

as we see now

► 01:21:28

and this is modern coastline is modern coastlines and now I'm going to I'm going to jump this is actually only three

► 01:21:40

quite a bit different

► 01:21:42

let's let's just look at the United States North America that's amazing is a lot more United States. Check this out okay now here here's North American city is now and you see up here this is what's called This is the Bering Strait right here between Alaska and Siberia right during the Ice Age this whole area was exposed to predict because of the Lord sea level will go one slide further and you will see take a look at watch what happens if they're in the rain gear

► 01:22:15

boom wow so it's all land it's all land and its connecting North America to Siberia and that's all drowned Latin understand that's why I always thought the Bering Strait was a nice Mass that's how it was during the Ice Age that there was some sort of virus that it was ice but it's not a plan if land and it's not glaciated and it was home to these extraordinary of Mega mammals

► 01:22:41

deranged over these thousands and thousands of square miles it mean to drown Darius bigger than modern Alaska so how how long ago was this age between like working fifteen thousand years ago what team 50,000 years ago no glaciers in this area this is all just land and his animals living in it and people are walking back and forth is it mean essentially it was a continent I mean it was he did was all one continent was all one it was all one continent wow that's amazing and not the coastlines of the world record Florida down here was just say it's double the width of the modern Peninsula yeah it's enormous and it's so close to Mexico to it's almost like a little boat ride and you know where it where stories which I don't know how credible are but you know there are stories like the Maria and the Pacific and all of that again I don't know how credible those are I think the Atlantis story actually has a little more credibility we talked

► 01:23:41

last time someone hears the modern and you can see the light blue is the is the coastal shelf area right now let's go back dropping into drop C Level 350 and then you'll see here the enormous change areas of land or ground by the rising sea levels remember this know when we look at the rise of modern cities and modern civilizations where did they first show up we're going to Coast signed to Coast right at the mouths of rivers on the coastline and in during the Ice Age where would have been the most obvious Prime habitable real estate you know down close to sea level right so if there were cities built you know if they were thriving communities during the Ice Age it's so amazing that all of these stories of floods the Epic of Gilgamesh Noah's Ark all of these stories seem to really correlate with

► 01:24:41

with all this data I mean they all seem to coincide that's exactly the point it's so weird I get me the most people would think about the story of Noah's Ark crazy horse shit but it's most likely this is they're basing it on something that happened very rapidly in their area most familiar with the story of Noah because of the judeo-christian tradition but there are literally hundreds of stories from all over the world that parallels the story of Noah Nordic alien exist at the pistol Manu the list goes on and on of these culture Heroes that somehow had foreknowledge of this impending disaster and we're able to take steps to preserve themselves their family some diverse cross-section of of species

► 01:25:41

we now know from the hard geological record that massive floods have taken place on the surface of the Earth right beyond anything that we have even imagined right up until a decade or few decades ago they're real okay on the other hand we have stories and myths and legends repeatedly is probably the most ubiquitous of all the stories that we've inherited from the past is a story of this gigantic world-destroying flood that occurred right now and we have the geological Park geological record which shows they were giants Lodge then we have these epic tales and myths about those those stories out of hand and say that's just superstitious preliterate scientific nonsense

► 01:26:37

I think we'd be making a big mistake to do that now if we accept that those flood stories and maybe they have been altered through the time and through the telling represent something real what about the other elements of the story The fact there was somebody that have foreknowledge do we dismiss that out of hand as well you know or where does that come from and prepared for it and others who basically paid no attention maybe they were just Preppers maybe this is the preference of 10,000 years ago rappers of 10,000 that explains

► 01:27:23

one last Light quick here's here's here's your up and look at the British Isles right now will drop sea level no British Isles that's incredible movie star talk to World of 15,000 years ago which so dramatically different than our modern world that you know it's it's difficult to conceive until you start looking at things like this and this is all during the Ice Age yes and so the melting of the glaciers just changed everything every thought and losses while human beings were absolutely alive absolutely absolutely no question human human beings were alive yes okay so what's up looking at some of these pictures here this is from Western Montana 719 the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the Earth and all the high heels were covered I want you to take a look as you can see many mountains in in western United States if you know what you're looking at

► 01:28:23

but have this on them you know what those are those horizontal lines they look like where the shore there Sherlock is reaching right up to the very tops of the hills you so you can basically what you had was you had this enormous gush of water filling these mountain valleys almost to the mountain peaks and then draining away and is it drained away is left the succession of shorelines etched into the hillside

► 01:28:58

and all along the pathway of the floods we're going to see stuff like this this this is latourell Falls this is that Basalt I was talking about look at this stuff there's layers of this Basalt Co that's you guys underneath it I don't think I'm just being I think I took this picture about 10 years ago me and bring them under their you're so tiny that's so crazy that so big right now here's what you've got a picture Joe

► 01:29:31

picture you've got this nice gentle Valley with a nice River very pastoral senior oak trees and stuff probably herds of these animals grazing along the side of this peaceful River with gentle Valley slopes

► 01:29:48

Here Comes this massive flood and we're talkin about perhaps a flood wave 800000 feet high coming through as it comes through with ripping up everything in his path and it what it does change the profile of this Valley from this gentle profile to downcutting 800,000 1200 feet or more into the Bedrock right so now prior to the passage of this giant flood you had streams and nice little Rivers flowing into the main river which in this case was the Columbia what happens after the passage of this wave is sheared off the sides of the channel for the mouth rather than 4 5 6 pre-flood streams and rivers come up there now waterfalls and that's what we're looking at right here in this picture if that makes sense to you and you notice how you got this undercutting here

► 01:30:45

that undercutting only occurs when you have enormous intense turbulence in the water doing this is the water doing this undercut This Modern waterfall he had nothing to do with the creation of this Cliff this Cliff was cut again probably in a matter of days to weeks by the passage of these giant floods and there's dozens of these waterfalls that are left there called in these are called hanging valleys they can be produced by glaciers but they can also be produced by enormous intense flood waves this is your typical this is called this is a a bar a gravel bar but in this case it's a boulder Barn if you've ever done any walking along a river or a creek

► 01:31:40

Furlong to Beach and you've seen ripples in the sand and they're typically you know if you got water that's a foot or two feet deep you don't have ripples that are maybe an inch or two high what we're looking at here is a flood bar that's three miles long it's up to 250 ft above the modern River and the ripples that you can see here

► 01:32:05


► 01:32:07

up to

► 01:32:09

50 ft and height and 350 feet and wavelength this was produced Again by gigantic flood flows and if we look right over here that's a three-story building you see right there for scale so this just gives you an idea it's it's features like this that are just unequivocal in terms of realizing that this is this is not pseudoscience this really happened and this is there's a date back to verse Pacific Time us everywhere you're seeing this you seen a geological you seen in ice cores are seen in fossils and she acts evidence of the big meltdown

► 01:32:57

I would certainly welcome debate I don't claim to have the final final word on this but you know here's the thing I've interacted with a lot of geologist that are studying this professional geologist they're starting it's what I can tell you is it in most cases the geologist that are studying it's it's it's not something it's basically something you're doing in your spare time most of them are engaged you know either you know when the energy industry or working for government for other purposes what you actually will see here that when you begin to look at the the trend in the evidence is that I think that the geological Community is moving much closer to a scenario like I'm describing and right now there's actually controversy because you know some of the the overguard is wanting to defend this idea of the yolk allows this

► 01:33:45

giant Lake draining out a group of Canadian geologists know who are who are challenging that under the leadership of a man who may now be retired named John Shaw who goes back to the 1980s and begin reinterpretation of a of a ver ubiquitous glacial feature called drumlins and end it works

► 01:34:09

I can show you some pictures of him here after bit they're they're very interesting they look like inverted both Holtz and it was assumed and always associated with the locations of the glaciers in the ice sheet so it was therefore assumed that they were somehow created by the glaciers glaciers tend to grind things that they're moving over in level things off and scratch him and leave Street stations in all of this abrasion these drumlins are smooth streamlined features what what shot first proposed back in the late eighties what's the ticket actually been produced by water flowing under the glaciers

► 01:34:53

I know where did this water come from and he said well I don't know how many Norma subglacial Lake subglacial reservoirs the critic said well there's no way that a reservoir is huge is your floods would require could have existed under the ice there for your subglacial floods didn't exist and that was to me the Fatal weakness in his theory was to explain where the water came from but I think now we can explain why you believe it's possible to cross section of possible explanations within the realm of nature we can go through and we can eliminate this one this one this one this one this one and what we're left with is one of itself would be fully capable of doing it fully capable and make sensitive it happened instantaneous it would make sense it would happen in sin to any other sort of thing so is there an impact crater timeline

► 01:35:53

try to find it I think I've got a pretty good idea but it's going to take some field research and next summer I'm planning to do some some more field is there an idea where it hit its mom when it's when it's time to reveal it let's do it here I would love that you've shown several impact craters you showed a bunch last time you were here the one in Australia that was I believe you said five thousand years ago yeah yeah and of course everybody is aware some of these more recent Craters of the last 10000 years in the bottom of the Berkeley talked about in the bottom of the Indian Ocean and Thunder 2 miles of seawater so until we can actually get back there and do more in-depth sampling and examination

► 01:36:53

will be impossible to prove it but I think that the evidence is strongly supportive of that possibility that maybe five thousand years ago there was a significant impact into the Indian Ocean caused enormous tsunami I actually posted one of the somebody you know some of the interview about tsunamis and that dumb the things I was saying so I actually wrote an elaborate response to that which is posted on the sacred geometry website going into great detail showing it the evidence really in the end I think does support the idea that there had been an enormous tsunamis possibly hundreds of feet high sweeping over the coastlines of the Indian Ocean probably around five thousand years ago that could have been the origin of some of the flood myths and your timeline where this

► 01:37:53

Extinction event occurred where they're massive warming occurred all that also coincides with the discovery of this new clear glass all over Asia and Europe which is somewhere in the when they do the core samples of around the same area right round 12000 + years ago yes we can see here

► 01:38:16

go through a second this is some of the research you can see this is this is very typical

► 01:38:23

the mysterious onset of the younger dryas now this is this has been the kind of the consensus view is it okay we don't have an explanation the younger dryas remembers that that interval between those two spikes rights we had the warming then the snap back to glacial cold and then the warming again so that interval in between is the younger dryas so here they're saying the mysterious onset of the younger dryas the 1300 year-long younger dryas cold reversal and you notice the date 12911 thousand 600 that means calendar years before present so what they've done is they've calibrated this from radiocarbon dating which is not necessarily going to be the same as the actual calendar years so those dates are very interesting

► 01:39:09

let me talk to six hundred years ago you may recall from our last interview is the date given by Plato for the subsiding some Atlantis 11th anybody can read this if they want to pick up tomatoes and courteous the two dialogs that he describes Atlanta scene he gives that date 9000 years before this Exile of solar in Egypt which took place in 600 BC roughly so 600 bce-600 what has happened is 2500 years ago perhaps from Rapid City level right now 2500 years later here's modern science coming up with the exact date showing into the ocean

► 01:40:10

not at this point nobody within mainstream science is going well it's a he doesn't mention here at all that's the date given by Plato they don't say that but it's it is the case oh yeah that's so amazing of Play-Doh that he was told that right it was all through stories he could use the Elder to critics the younger than courteous the younger I guess to Socrates actually at the Forum we're Plato would have heard it would have been the socratic form where it was three generations between Salon in Plato wise men of the time or the people that were in charge of disseminating knowledge back then it was such a critical job no internet notebooks and in in in the whole thing was on transmit transmission had to take place without

► 01:41:10

when I order change it had to be transmitted from mouth to ear unbroken without change without alteration which is always been the issue with human beings and hence that telephone game yeah I know you tell someone something they tell you something and it's but if you start out with Native Americans

► 01:41:35

term of initiation to show that when they tell the story it's going to be exactly like they heard it that's what one of the basis of modern Freemasonry to we need to get that with today's modern gossip yapta need to nail that but let's just run through a quick succession hear some of the most recent research shock synthesized hexagonal diamonds in younger dryas boundary sediment slow now these shock synthesize hexagonal diamonds only occur there's no natural known natural process that will produce them except for the intense heat and pressures of a cosmic impact wow okay what what year was the study or this is been very recent this is probably within the last 10 years it was something to do something that was released very recently about micro diamonds and micro Diamond corresponding number the same timeline so it's just like the evidence keeps accumulating

► 01:42:35

. that something hit us the micro diamonds nuclear class spikes in warming that's observable on the ice core mass extinction events of all these animals this is an event this is nuts everything taken away from you but there's so few people beating his drum that there's so much information we're talkin about hard data OU showing on this show but three four different examples of hard data that points to this event well see here's the thing modern science does tend to get over specialized and so what happens is the guy looking at extinctions might not be looking at a glacial melting the guy was looking at glacial melting is Intrepid geologist is not looking at what's going on in the sky they're not looking at

► 01:43:31

York Traditions from thousands of years ago see what it does is because of the power of the specialization of specialization is extremely powerful but it's short, it's easy to miss the big picture what that does is opens the door for generalists guys who are just know people who are just anybody who's curious about this stuff to look into it and then try to see the big picture why am I bringing this while it's just because for 40 years I've been obsessed with this stuff and you know I read two or three scientific articles every single day and have done so for 40 years plus so that adds up after a while and I don't just read my studying I take notes what is a thousand a year 3000 scientific articles from Anthropologie geology

► 01:44:31

you know I have some academic background in that but but you know basically what I have done is try to piece together the big picture because early on I saw nobody doing that don't know what he's doing it really and some of the guys that are out there doing it or not doing it with academic rigor you know they're bringing in all kinds of weird stuff which makes it easy for the critics to attack them and dismiss them is brewing science the rational Wiki entry on me says something about Randall Carlson and his woo love to be able to dismiss anything that's not mainstream right because that's what is a real scientist

► 01:45:31

this flood into my favorite which real scientist you know Vic Baker Richard way it's done work on the Missoula flood I know what they're saying and what they're thinking you know what they say who are you talking about because they are different points of view in are you talkin about John Shaw's Heidi are you talking about you know Victor Bakers or or any of the others well and that's the thing they say that because they don't really know they've got this idea in your mind that there's this Authority it's got it all explained which makes it easy right because if somebody's got to explain then we don't need to concern ourselves with it or think about it right so what I say is okay forget about who says what let's just look at the facts but the facts dictate

► 01:46:31

what the meaning of all of this is you know of you cuz that's what I try to do you know I've got in my in my archives here I've got the research that supports the idea of a cosmic impact but the criticisms of it is well you know and I know how can we explain science def part of the process you know that's how it evolves because somebody puts out a new idea you're supposed to attack you know and then if it withstand the assault the onslaught that shows that it's a credible idea it seems like there's so much evidence that you're you're you're bringing up that so hard you know that this the how do you say that word

► 01:47:31

Lake mineral from black matte I mean all did the did the various things the micro Diamonds the new clear glass the mass extinction events the evidence of the body warming the flooding Des Moines area so this is like material in other words material that would have had its origin in space from the black man that is black man is really interesting I'm going to show you a couple of slides of it because this black matte layer it's black the reason is because it's so loaded with such what is the result of fire right so let's let's go through here this discovery of a nano Diamond Rich layer in the Greenland ice sheet but when these guys Richard Firestone in James last and James Kennedy's other scientists that are working on this younger dryas impact hypothesis

► 01:48:31

the younger dryas boundary layer 12900 years ago and see if there's anything that shows up there they didn't know Diamond Rich layer so there it is showing up in the ice sheets hear new evidence from a black mat site in the Northern and he's supporting a cosmic impact 12800 years ago

► 01:48:54

very high temperature impact milk products as evidence for Cosmic air burst impact 12900 so that you know that it's coming in 12800 to 12900 years ago Wildlife wildfire and abrupt ecosystem disruption on California's Northern Channel Islands at the Ala Rod younger dryas boundary basically 12912.9 Ka means 12900 years ago Universal means a thousand it's crazy it's all the same everything keeps coming back the same date across three continents consistent with major Cosmic impact of 12800 calendar years before present

► 01:49:46

evidence from Central Mexico supporting the younger dryas extraterrestrial impact hypothesis

► 01:49:53

evidence from Northwestern Venezuela and Andy's for extraterrestrial impact the black matte Enigma evidence for deposition of 10 million tons of impact steroids across four continents 12800 years ago man is coming in abundance and what's gratifying to me

► 01:50:12

is I theorize this 25 years ago and it is now the hard evidence coming in supporting a scenario I had pieced together from all of these different forms of knowledge is very gratifying what was the seed in your mind that led you to be at the obsessed for a lack of a better word with this so now I think lack of a better word I think it's pretty accurate right with this subject okay I guess it's time to come clean mushrooms I was on top of mountain

► 01:50:49

okay 1969 that's a good year for mushrooms yeah okay okay I'm going to a rock concert in a beautiful summer day early summer 12th on a field next to a little airport in just out Southwest of mini the Twin Cities Minnesota which is near where I grew up the Minnesota River flows through there right Minnesota River flows into the Mississippi

► 01:51:29

I think I'll have some slides coming up here I can maybe you would show you okay so what we have here is that

► 01:51:37

in the middle of this thing between bands or whatever I wandered off from the main area where the where is everybody crowd was gathered to listen to the music and I walked over to these two hundred foot high Bluffs overlooking the valley of The Mists of the Minnesota River the Minnesota River currently flows in a little Channel at the bottom of this Valley and I'm standing up on this hill and I'm looking down at this Minnesota River you know hundreds of feet below me in this Channel and three miles for miles across I see another set of blocks matching the ones that I'm standing on

► 01:52:17

and I had this all I can say is it was kind of a revelation that I'm looking down here at this little river flowing in a channel and then I'm seeing just a gigantic version of that same channel but it's 3 and 4 miles wide and I just looked at that and it was almost as if for a short. Of time I got transplanted out of time or something I don't know how to explain it I can see this raging river that causes this whole thing was a joke I came away from that with this idea planted in the back of my brain and it bugged me for years after that right and it was maybe five six years this is not the end of the seventies there was not a whole lot of catastrophism available in the 70s one of the forerunners but you know he he came up with some really wild

► 01:53:17

is it made it very easy for mainstream science to dismiss him some really solid ideas to his book Earth in upheaval basically was just a documentation of all of this geological evidence for great catastrophes in history of the earth I think he misinterpreted the cause of those catastrophes but none the last when you look at the criticism you've heard of mania velikovsky right velikovsky in front of him you okay well he was famous best-selling author one of the big best selling authors of the 1950s you know maybe in a sense of Forerunner of infect Graham Hancock has been compared to velikovsky now and then I've actually seen some of some of that I don't think we was anywhere near as credible as grams is very his referencing in his detailing way off into this really weird after physics to explain his his theories of geological

► 01:54:17

allowed the critics to basically dismiss everything he had done so his but his book Earth in upheaval I think is upheld the test of time we're basically in the 1950s he was accumulating all of this evidence suggesting that dumb there have been catastrophes in history but the mainstream scientific Community was very dismissive of it and then after that you had dumb book called up by Charles hapgood call the path of the pole and then came out in 76 and he has it brought about you know the quick freezing of the mammoths in the end of the Ice Age and so forth so I knew I was familiar with that stuff just out of curiosity because that was some of the stuff that was out there and in the Holocaust

► 01:55:17

and then in the early eighties I was talking to somebody actually one of my very early lectures on this stuff and there was a somebody had a degree in geology who stood up and said Valley that you're talking about was created over millions of years I said I don't think so and we kind of got into it a little bit but what I did was it kind of pissed me off and I said okay I'm going to research this and I did I thoroughly research and I went and I found every single thing that have been written on it and discovered that there's actually mainstream geologist that have said yeah that River channel the giant River channel was actually created by a huge meltwater flood and they estimated that it's volume they called the river Warren nasty made it as volume might have been four thousand times greater than the modern Minnesota River this flowing in there so I felt very Vindicated from that misses by the early 80s, so that was like one of the key things there was other things you know I am I spent the summer of 19

► 01:56:17

mostly sitting on a Mountaintop in Colorado in a in a hot that I had built studying reading stuff in in in traveling I've known this was back in the days when you could hitchhike can travel all over and I think at one point I was with a buddy and we were in his old camper van and other times I was teaching but I spent the whole summer traveling around the western states

► 01:56:41

and the thing I came away from that summer with you and I traveled the first time I traveled on the Columbia Gorge and as I did I had this overwhelming sense that there was something in the landscape that I wish that was

► 01:56:56

that was waiting to be revealed and I would look at these features in the Columbia Gorge when I showed you that huge that that waterfall with the basalt over 70 and I came away with that with this sense that something that that landscape is trying to tell me and so I'm cuz I'm interested a in science and I love the outdoors so you know of a good mystery you know and I love ancient Traditions were together over. Of in a couple of decades so I begin really I would say obsessively really going into this in the early 80s you know where it went from just morally casual reading into you know spending hours in University libraries fight digging up these things going back to the 9th going back

► 01:57:56

to see what were they say why did they believe that the history of yours have been catastrophic you know and and it just accelerated a ridiculous idea when you consider what we see on the moon and the Moon is so fascinating because we can look right at it there's no oceans there's no Forest we can see the evidence of impact all over it just completely covered completely covered with our minds living in this very small window of life if we're lucky we get a hundred years and then of course you know we have the history which goes back about 7 plus thousand years there's not enough to really represent what we're looking at we look at the moon will look at the Moon is covered with craters we're looking at potentially billions of live in packs yes in in the assumption that those impacts ceased hundreds of millions or billions of years ago is clearly not correct what is no evidence that

► 01:58:56

look at how many weeks known near-earth objects are floating around in the last few years there's been dozens of Moon yes yes something that flew by that have its own Moon yet we got geologist who are looking at the crust of the Earth in discovering the yeah if we strip away the biosphere in the oceans and an account for plate tectonics the Earth is going to look like the Moon

► 01:59:33

right now hundreds of identified craters ranked at the same time astronomers are looking out into the near space the near-earth neighborhood of space in discovering wait a second we are pretty much isolated there was nothing else going on we're not realizing near-earth space is densely populated the inner solar system is densely populated with Cosmic debris and this stuff is wisdom by ass all the time and it's in now at the same time you've got paleontologist who are looking at the record of life and realizing that the record if it's not a smooth curve it's Seaside you know life proliferates and then suddenly damn it's like the hammer comes down and you have these mass extinction events so this is our time right now but it could have very easily and there could be some new bug like creature that takes over and becomes super smart a billion years from now

► 02:00:33

is like okay human species on planet Earth it's time for you to grow up and start paying attention to the bigger picture because whether you like it or not you're a part of the bigger picture and if we if we finally accept the fact that maybe our predecessors have undergone innocence cultural mass extinctions you know it it send me implies that we can't take our own unending future for granted that we have to we have to incorporate this bigger picture into our thinking and you know that the evidence is continues to

► 02:01:09

yes like here this was just from 2011 multiple lines of evidence for possible human population decline settlement reorganization during the early younger dryer in the three years for years since this was published more evidence has emerged yes the events that caused the mass extinction of half the great Mega mammals on Earth did not leave the rest of the mammals the rest of the animals unscaved including humans and there's now emerging evidence hard scientific evidence that the human population crashed during the younger dryas

► 02:01:47

so this would completely coincide with Graham Hancock ideas about the Sphinx Sphinx absolutely not showing very clear according to Robert schoch Boston University geologist John Anthony John Anthony West that there is clear evidence of water erosion is Fang which would indicate thousands of years of rainfall where there hasn't been rainfall in the Nile Valley since like I believe it was 9000 BC so that's 11,000 years ago we're on the verge of a major paradigm shift and in where it's going to go remains to be seen we live in a shooting gallery we live we listen it's not an exaggeration to say that we are sitting ducks in a cosmic Shooting Gallery exactly

► 02:02:47

was it in May in the Book of Matthew there's an interesting quote and I'm not not something to Bible here but the Bible is full of just like all the traditions of pages are gone the Bible is full of some very powerful interesting stuff there's a party near one of the disciples asked Jesus about when are we going to do about the end of days and he says when the people were eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage so will it be again in the days the end of days when the flood comes in the people eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage until the flood came and swept them away so will it be again at the end of days so what that seems we just get comfortable and relax and do well and when we do well that's when you get a bit of stuff this the stuff of everyday life

► 02:03:47

so preoccupied with the trivia of everyday life to the exclusion of the bigger picture that's when we open ourselves up what is asteroid impacts over the years because I've been before I even met you I've been obsessed with the stuff not nearly as much as When I Met You in Atlanta and we started talking then I got really into it but will they would talk about at this is the asteroid that killed dinosaurs real today we'd be able to stop that and I'm like okay really is that true and then I started looking into it will what it what has been done is nothing secret here's the thing potentially yes we could someday we could do it in really here within within a decade or two we could do that I know what happened on February 15th of 2014 when they came in and exploded over Chelyabinsk Siberia

► 02:04:43

injured 1500 beep no damage styles of buildings that was a wake-up call to write in a little bit a little dancer if it's an angle of approach has been a little steeper if it's velocity been a little bit of Britain just injuries and tunguska as you said only 150 ft wide 150 so that's very very small in the cosmic

► 02:05:19

yeah well it's the building to the front door that's not that big that's not that it's not big if I was to throw it at you even as hard as I could Might Sting a little bit but it wouldn't do any damage but if it came out with a muzzle velocity of 1000 feet per second think about that little thing and what the damage would do to you see that's the thing about an asteroid or meteor either a comet coming in it's moving really fast you know so that's why such a powerful kinetic punch Brian and some of them are even made of iron some of them are made of iron in

► 02:06:03

if there's if there's a moral we are the one species that could prevent the type of mass extinctions that have dominated the biosphere of this planet for a couple of hundred million years or we could keep putting a resources to fracking yeah well I still haven't made up my mind about fracking yet but you know I do believe that what we need to do is be thinking of if we can extract resources of this planet let's do so in such a way that what we're doing is implementing the Transcendence of human culture into the cosmos itself cuz I automatically believe that is the destiny of terrestrial terrestrial wife wants to become Cosmic it knows on some level that as long as life was confined to the surface of a planet is vulnerable but in any notes without getting into all of this there's there's growing evidence you know that life rich

► 02:07:03

we came to this planet from space right with seeded here probably through comments that carry organic material used to think you know if you're an environmentalist and rightfully critical of some of the things that humans are doing to to to disrupt the environment you got to go place in context the fact that nature itself has done things to the environment so that so far exceed anything we have done yet what I showed you what that's like showing suppose some lodging company got a contract from the government u.s. and Canadian governments to clear-cut every forest from like the 47th parallel up to the Arctic Circle from the Atlantic to the Pacific every single tree from the northern United States up to the tree line in in Northern Canada we're going to cut billions of trees

► 02:08:03

names of board feet we're going to clear-cut every single tree we would rightfully be up in arms if you're not going to do that do you think that I did it wiped out of 35 and 40 thousand years ago there were Forest growing up there right 2000 years later the ice is bulldozed everything there's no Forest growing under 2 miles of ice right imagine if we said we're going to just decimate the shallow Marine ecology so we're going to go in there going to just wipe out the coral reefs we're going to order fish until there's no nothing nothing left of the shower Marine ecology ecology less than 400 ft in you know below sea level. What do you think a drop in 400 ft of 400 feet in the sea level did to the shallow Marine ecology

► 02:08:52

to the coral reefs that we're growing there you see that's what I'm just saying it's not to justify that we can ransack nature willy-nilly but it's just say we have to have a realistic contacts were thinking about this and bear in mind the environmental movement was born during an era of total gradualistic dominance in the fifties and sixties if you go back then only The Fringe do you know this the fringe science people like velikovsky and others were talking about catastrophes the Assumption was that all Global change occurred one grain of sand or one drop of water to time right well we've come a hundred eighty degrees from that model of Earth history but our thinking is not really evolved to to to incorporate such a dynamic Planet you know at this point so when the environmental movement was born it was easy to think that if

► 02:09:52

oil change it happened at this imperceptibly slow rate they obviously didn't humans have accelerated that pace of change in humans are now contributing to your more Global change than than we've seen in millions of years that uniformitarian or gradualistic model was correct but it's not and I'm afraid that there's a large fraction of the environmental movement it's still locked into that thinking of a gradual evolution of the planet one grain of water one drop of water one grain of sand at a time and it it has not suffered any kind of disruption until we bad humans came along and started you know with our factories in are oil wells and SUVs and everything else

► 02:10:39

but you know clearly we have to come to terms with the fact that we live on one hell of a dynamic planet in one hell of a dynamic solar system one hell of a day without you we would be somebody said they wanted to hear me say the word fuck at least once Jupiter is the big kind of like the the bouncer for all the bigger asteroids to get sucked in and we can play a dual role Jupiter can act as a bouncer that kicks a lot of those guys backed out your back out into the Kuiper disc or wherever they came from her from but it can also hurdle stuff in it can do either one

► 02:11:25

sacred geometry is a subject that I wanted to talk to you about because we knew we could go on about cataclysmic impacts forever but it's one of things that you mentioned at the end of our last podcast that you want to talk about on this one yeah and it's the name of your organization sacred geometry what's the name of the website I could find some stuff here to show you about geology geometry out of the study of the earth and you know one of the things that I've done is is in geology we have this thing called scale invariance which is it if you're looking at geological picture you're always going to see somebody you're going to like a rock pick set in the picture you're going to see a person standing there because often times you don't have a sense of the scale of what you're looking at right if

► 02:12:23

and in Geometry we have the same phenomena it's also kind of the modern term for his fractalization where the part looks that the smaller part looks like the bigger hole and that's one of the basic working ideas of sacred geometry and it's the same idea of what I was describing standing there looking into the Minnesota River Valley this was an example of scale invariance that you had the same that the big channel was just a much much larger version of this small Channel and if you didn't have a scale of reference you couldn't tell really what you're looking at how big or how small it is the study of sacred geometry one of the fundamental ideas is this idea of scale invariance so when I first was interested in Geometry because geometry is one of the keys to deciphering many of the ancient Traditions like you know I became out of somebody wanted me to talk about Freemasonry and I can talk about that up to a certain extent

► 02:13:22

it's one of the things that that I learned as soon as I exit I think I learned it before I was actually initiated into the Masonic Fraternity in 1978 was that at the core of all the Masonic symbolism was geometry if you wanted to understand the message of the great Cathedrals if you wanted to understand that this amazing plethora of symbolism that is of which Masons are the custodians you had to study geometry and secondarily you had to study astronomy so that sort of confirmed some of the ideas I could already been thinking at the time that I went in in the in the late 70s

► 02:14:03

Freemasonry is full of symbolism why did you join the Freemasons I've always loved from a family of Builders I build things for a living that's what I do I design things I built things for a living that's what I how I make my money so I was always interested in the built environment and somewhere along the line I just begin to realize that there was a whole lot more to the built environment of ancient times that in modern times you look at architecture in that architecture is not necessarily symbolical except on a very abstract since I became aware of the fact that the ancient architecture dance instructions whether it's the Pyramids of Giza are Stonehenge or Angkor Wat are the Mayan temples they're all profoundly symbolic they're not just built it looks good no it's they convey information no Cathedrals it was Victor Hugo who referred to some of the Great

► 02:15:03

what is being literal textbooks in stone and that's what they are shark Cathedral beautiful example of a textbook in stone and in I have you ever been to the any of the cathedral that's something you need to put in your bucket list Joe the summer so when I do on a vacation instead of working yeah make a research vacation I make a lot more interesting and have kids stuff to do a lot of research get little kids to get bored really easy but I'm going to check some shit out I can send you some places that I don't know about your kids but I could easily have been 8 years old and been totally Blown Away by okay you know things about the Freemasons the idea of the Freemasons is that it's a secret society in this is a secret known people associated with the Illuminati and the people that control the world and don't I

► 02:16:03

but I think I would love to be the dik-dik Supreme dictator of the world differently 5 Hour podcast the difference when you say like I'm amazing people would automatically you know especially ignorant people would automatically assume that you are part of some sort of society that's victimizing the general population and you're involved with the people that put the eyeball on top of the pyramid that's on the dollar bill

► 02:16:41

you know I don't even know where to start with some of that knowledge secrets in the Freemasons are not allowed to talk about Secrets Trade Secrets and it'll pop building see clearly you know and when you went through the process of initiation you learned about these secrets right but it's it's not that different the idea of NC modern commercial or industrial Secrets Coke the thing was kind of realize the Freemasonry became an outlawed organization right during the Middle Ages when the church was persecuting anybody who was branded a heretic which could have been anything but they wanted to be Freemasonry had to go underground and that's the primary reason for the secrecy is because it was a survival

► 02:17:41

strategy and it only re-emerged nearly 1,700 with the consolidation of 4 lodges in Britain to become the modern institution Freemason and I would just challenged him show me the hard evidence show me that you know I like to say that we admit you're 14 of the American presidents have been Freemasons but 22 of them are episcopalians so clearly dead to me that it's the episcopalians who are the Puppet Masters ruling the world you want to make that argument what's the benefits of being a Freemason one thing what you're doing is you're aligning yourself with probably the oldest institution that still exist on the planet that goes back now we can historically trace it back to the Middle Ages but if you go back further than that while the historical continuity breaks down we can go back and we can talk about the cone machines and Italy we can talk about the martinus we can talk about the

► 02:18:41

the myth Reyes tradition we can talk about the mysteries of Egypt we can talk about the Bizarro Astron tradition the list goes on the loc knee and Mysteries in what we see is a structure of initiation it's virtually identical in all these cases to add modern Freemasonry is and with modern Freemasonry basically you know you have a cross-section of individuals to join a lot of Joy simply because hate my dad was a Freemason is a family tradition so that's why I joined others joined because Freemasons raise every year raise millions of dollars for charity mostly

► 02:19:21

for children's. Charitable causes you know they run the Scottish Rite Hospital for crippled and burned children a run I hospitals and you know children that need medical care they can go to these hospitals and not have to pay anything so they're fraternal organization or one of the largest charitable organizations by their works you shall know them you know you can twist at around perversely twist at around and see that some kind of Nefarious strategy to you know whatever GIF control the other side of the equation is that they're also custodians of this body of ancient symbolism were all of these things that we've been talkin about basically are encoded and in and I could pull up some interesting stuff here that you you know that you could could look at to see

► 02:20:16

what were actually talking about their butt but yeah they have this amazing body of symbolism let me let me pull out here's a big an example of a masonic apron okay let's take a look at this zoom in here

► 02:20:30

and what do you see right at the very center of this symbol symbolical array what is that

► 02:20:38

I think it's a barn without a bar chart so that's the that's supposed to be the ocean around it and I have to hang in and if you look closely I know it's hard to tell the growing out of here it's chicken what's an acacia regeneration Rejuvenation so the idea is preserved all of the seeds the biological diversity of the world it is now being erased from the planet By the Waters of the flood The Acacia is it related to the acacia tree or The Acacia bushes at the same sort of thing that you know that's the same of God so what are they using him the Ten Commandments because the acacia Bush is rich and dimethyltryptamine the Flaming Bush the sabeing symbolic of somehow or another extract

► 02:21:38

DMT from that smoking it or lighting it on fire and that being the transmission method for the dimethyltryptamine which of course is one of the most profound psychedelic experiences and gives people this feeling of being in contact with the Divine now do you think it's any coincidence that the Freemasons have been rated The Acacia for hundreds of years makes a loud sound makes a lot of sense. Yeah well there's modern-day Scholars who are looking at the sticker the story of Moses in connecting it to some sort of a psychedelic trip goes another thing as store is slowly being exonerated today those ideas are being Vindicated today before I would say just a few decades ago that somehow or another Moses was on drugs get the fuck out of here if people would just add in any real legitimate sort of Stories being connected to psychedelic drugs people would think of his being Preposterous and now and now

► 02:22:38

one more accepted every day simply because the evidence is overwhelming take that there's no question during the mithraic Mysteries also they were they don't know what that was the right now exactly unless you you know I think maybe Albert Hoffman and a couple others that wrote a book in the 70s on the LST and Mysteries where they were talking about that and I read it so long ago I've kind of Forgotten what they're what their final conclusion was but it was definitely if they were doing some type of a psychedelic potion believe in Soma when you go back to the ancient Hindus the Soma being some sort of a mystery concoction they don't know what it was but I most likely had some sort of psychedelic properties to exact don't know what it was I don't know exactly what it was was so profound so important to them

► 02:23:38

cuz we don't even know what was in it more likely some concoction notes probably included psychedelic mushrooms yeah well I'm convinced that you know one of the one of the great Boon to humankind is psychedelics and it was a profound mistake to criminalize it when we should have been rated as ancient cultures didn't provide context in which people could do it with wisdom you know impropriety rather than driving it underground you know I'm turning it into a criminal Enterprise said it's been I think I normally had an enormous destructive consequences for our society criminalizing is for the last half-century yeah I'm almost certainly and you can see the difference in the art of the 1960s especially when it comes to music the difference in the sixties in the seventies the shallow nature of a lot of the music that came out of the seven rights in the Disco and all that stuff and then make it was going on the sixties with Hendrix and Jim Morrison most likely psychedelic related course it was

► 02:24:38

Zeppelin The Beatles the profound change in the music of The Beatles when they discovered that is huge benefits in psychedelic therapy for people with post-traumatic stress disorder and it's out of war that we're finding these therapies for people that went to war and these therapies the best ones are psychedelics the Quest for God in one weekend after my first

► 02:25:18

wow is that a lot of people about the same story I mean to Terence McKenna spoke of his one of his trips to the Jungle being that he was this sort of Nair do well just couldn't get it together and then he came out of it the Psychedelic Shaman I had this intense desire to spread the word yeah we up so yeah and I think it's definitely moving in the right direction I just its course you know for me I'm impatient I want to see you move a lot faster I want to see it's just end this ridiculous drug war side of it is minuscule compared to the downside of the drug war itself into the worst ones

► 02:26:18

we're not going to have a drug-free Society I've had dr. Carl Hart on the podcast who's in an expert in this is some pretty amazing stuff on it and one of the things he says not only do we not want a drug-free culture we've never had one no one is Ever Had lyrics idea of a drug-free culture they've never existed once people figured out a way to preserve their normal states of Consciousness benefits of that whether it's alcohol are psychedelics or whatever it's been even yoga and meditation you're essentially your stimulating endogenous drugs in NC here's the thing that somebody brought this up I don't remember who it might have been somebody like Richard Alpert or something back in the day that you know you can go you can embark on a quest for Spiritual Enlightenment in mystical at onement right through through this arduous program of of yoga and meditation and in in all of that and it'll take you years but who is going to embark

► 02:27:18

on such a program not really knowing the end of it is this ecstatic mystical Union with the godhead right well they said it basically Nature has provided shortcuts so that you know we could actually see you what the goal of it was and know that at the end of this process that might take you 10 years or 5 years or whatever depending on your dedication there is this all this experience of your Consciousness expanding into the estate's Agents of evolution as it were and that's the thing that people I think universally feel from psychedelic experiences that it allows you to get over a lot of these sort of built-in instincts that we have from our thousands of years of evolution and the time that we were essentially living like wild animals are still in our system and we have all these

► 02:28:17

ideas of paranoia and fear in ego and the you know jealousy and all these different things to be ultra-competitive which allowed us to innovate at a faster rate which allowed us to get to where we are in 2015 but those things are kind of hampering us because we were outgrowing the monkey body travel to Europe ranked you can't drive their car you can go drive from here to the east coast but once you get to the coastline you have to get out of the car and get into a difference because if you keep going to the ocean and you're going to drown right in the sense that you know I think that war was perhaps I just showed you hear evidence that the human population crashed coming out of the Younger dryas what's ironic is that after the after the Ice Age was over for about three or four thousand

► 02:29:17

from 6002 bout 9000 9500 years ago what we had was a. Known as the climatic Optimum by the scientist have looked at it in which some of the estimates are that global average climate might have been 2 to 4 degrees warmer than now what that meant was that you had a much longer growing post all kinds of stuff online anybody who's not immediately you know I don't do their homework and see that the climate climatic Optimum is well-documented and for about three to four thousand years basically we were living in an almost quasi Paradisio State almost a Garden of Eden like was almost like after the traumatic birth of this Modern Age the Holocene that were in it's like nature just sort of what's this

► 02:30:17

nurturing environment it was during this period that humans were worshipping the Earth in the form of this corpulent pregnant goddess right out of Civilization by marija gimbutas who was the archaeologist who did all of this work and what was interesting if you look into her work is that during this period of of the early Neolithic in the archaeological terminology there's no evidence of any Warfare there's no evidence that people looking at if they are looking at the communities they were not stockades like there were later there was no evidence Indie in the archaeological record of weaponization and it makes sense because in the aftermath of this extreme event that ended the Ice Age what you had was huge areas of the planet that were depopulated nature quickly begins to Rico

► 02:31:17

and what you now have is you have this sort of this benign warrant we're growing seasons are months longer than now you know Farm in 14 15 ft higher in the mountains and is now possible you know rapid expansion of population is dussehra this would have been the era think think about what was the biblical injunction it that you always gave to Adam and Eve be fruitful and multiply replenish the Earth and subdue it be fruitful and multiply will if you got a species hovering on the brink of Extinction what's the most important thing to that species can do lots of sex lots of reproduction right

► 02:32:07

in the context of those times it would have been very important for people to have lots of sex too quickly re-establish the viability of the human species cuz we were literally now appears hovering on the brink of Extinction as were so many of the other large mammals of the planet right and nature gave us this interval this window three or four thousand years of extremely mild climate right during this time or rapidly expanded in the climate shifted what started was has been called by the paleoclimatologists the Neo glaciation because the planet cooled a couple of degrees what happened

► 02:32:56

agricultural habitats contracted the growing the elevation of viable agriculture change human communities that have established and living in the context of that environment and now somebody that environment changes right exactly coincident with those environmental changes around 6,000 years ago is when we see the first appearance of human conflict because now with this change in climate you've got this disruption this major disruption in human communities that have been just waiting for three or four thousand years

► 02:33:36

think about you know if you're living in a in a community in your farming at 10000 feet above sea level a smaller example of micro example would be the freezing out of the of the Greenland colonists with the onset of the little ice age right for 500 years they were able to farm on the west coast of Greenland and then the little Ice Age came on and they were frozen out and they hang on as long as I could but it's harder and harder to grow crops and then the climate decline further and the sea ice begin to move South and the one who waited too long Schlosser opportunity because wants to see I said move South to cut off the ceilings so that they could actually evacuate depopulated during this if we take that scenario expand it and go back 6,000 years ago we simply see a very similar parallels phenomena going on and so when you figure

► 02:34:36

Ford Ringgit 8 civilization age of the Goddess this this time that people were worshipping the Earth in the form of this corpulent pregnant goddess this benign motherly nurturing goddess there's no reason for conflict because human populations were small door isolated resource base was enormous and then with the climate change what happened suddenly now human communities and populations are disrupted migrations begin happening one group conflict with another group and now we see the implements in the evidence of warfare if we go back to ten thousand twelve thousand years ago clearly whatever happened then must have been profoundly chromatic to the survivors think about this if you are the Survivor of an event the basically erased modern civilization and you were living in a small isolated band of survivors with no way to communicate with the rest of the world and no knowledge of whether there was even a

► 02:35:35

they're survivors anywhere on the Earth

► 02:35:38

it could profoundly affect you your your Consciousness and Annette could be so profound that it's the imprint of those events could be so profound it could be passed on

► 02:35:50

for generations and in be lodged in our subconscious this idea of human conflict necessary for human survival in the traumas that have been visited upon our species by Nature itself so I think that once we come to terms with the possibly origins of only until we come to terms with the origin of human conflict are we going to be able to purge it once and for all and in realize that that the modern analog for that scenario was that coming out of that catastrophe abundant resources abundance habitat in space no conflict for Territory Resources because the human population was limited what I suggest is that people won't understand the viable future of the human species go out on a crystal clear night

► 02:36:44

and look at the sky there is no future there's our potential future because the scenarios that have been around since the 1970s show that everything that we're extracting now from the earth the minerals the precious metals the hydrocarbons it's all out there in infinite abundance and it's basically just outside of our doorstep and we are as close now to being able to harvest the resources of the cosmic environment as we were from setting foot on the moon in 1960 visited before buying something from other planets I think perhaps long long ago maybe but there's another scenario there that has been overlooked in all of the discussions about UFOs and aliens and at some point we'll talk about that some point yeah Cuties are you

► 02:37:41

you know it's the kind of thing where you kind of need to lay out the basic motions from that evidence said I have so let me put it to you this way you know what we were talking about the fact that in in for five generations we went from horseback to rocket ships

► 02:38:12

how many times in the last seven thousand years do you suppose that we could have done that

► 02:38:18

to me it's not implausible that we could have achieved flight even get your interplanetary flight more than once we have achieved interplanetary flight even though only man to Expeditions to to near space but we're sending our satellites out beyond the solar system all of this has come about in my lifetime My Life Doll 1950s it was horses and a big point is that if we died off now for some sort of mass extinction event there be very little evidence of this space travel thousands of go to be no evidence of all the aluminum although the stuff of the Rock of Gibraltar Road all be gone the Earth could absorb it now let's just consider offices

► 02:39:07

the humans have been able to offload from the planet prior to that prior to the modern space-age so one point time we went to Mars there's probably somewhere a little closer than that it would have made sense like the moon like the moon been able to establish a base on the moon now a heretic what else you've done drugs mistress man this is over it's time to get me Muslim in life we consider the fact that our civilization in laf all your theories are true if they most certainly appear to be our civilization has been rebooted as of 12,000 years ago modern civilization emerges somewhere around 7,000 years ago in 4.6 billion years of life on Earth or excuse me of the life of the earth existing and then life on

► 02:40:07

Earth being you know in our form what few hundred thousand years right and a hundred thousand years old that's 10 10 of them since the big impact end times but remember the Greenland ice core craft in the time probably did he get the oldest human skeleton modern modern human skeleton is nowadays it's about a hundred eighty thousand years how much you're earlier than that where we I don't know but conservative we we can say 180000 years has in the flying crafts and all that could actually have been based on real live objects real life spaceships that someone Sumerian stories what do they say in the wake of the flood it was so disasters that what did the gods do

► 02:41:07

they fled the Earth and went to space itself says they left and went to the heavens because what was going on on the Earth was so traumatic could even freak them out read the story The Gods the gods Yankee and he on in nenana the Norton and the rest of them translations of the Sumerian texts most people who are experts in the Sumerian light stays in cuneiform was kind of kind of cuckoo was passing is there so much that they absolutely understood that's really confusing likely understood they had it at an accurate depiction of our solar system which included Pluto which included the all the planets in all the orbit Inn in the correct you know it relatively correct sizes

► 02:42:07

play tablets that they made 9000 7000 puno's how many thousand years ago and no and stuff years and years ago and put the time took it with a grain of salt and subsequent to that you know after I've seen some of these that critiques of him you know I'm kind of in that category myself thinking his see is you know he's some of his translations are her dubious made some leaps yeah sure but what they did discover what they have this kid just it's so fascinating to me when you look at like the caduceus very clearly resembles a double helix of DNA and how it's closely associated with some images of a larger beings holding little smaller people with tails is that like this idea of genetic engineering of taking lower primates and introducing human or alien DNA into these lower primates to create modern humans

► 02:43:07

I don't know what to think about that it sounds ridiculous but if we found a planet like let's say we exist in this state right now and we we evolve without getting hit in the head by a big rock from space for another thousand years or another ten thousand years let's get really fucking crazy just imagine how far we can come if we don't blow ourselves up Yellowstone doesn't explode we live another ten thousand years and we get off into the cosmos and find some plan with a bunch of dumb monkeys on it you don't think we would splice our DNA into those dumb monkeys just to say listen I think you guys could do better you could be like us we're going to give you a little bump we know what's coming if you guys keep going along this way you could get to where we are in the million plus years we are superior perspective we know that you guys down there a living on a vulnerable Planet that's going to be have its ass kicked

► 02:44:07

you're so often so we're going to do something accelerator Evolution a bit so that perhaps you can become a little bit more intelligent and figure this out we're going to leave some Clues behind for you and then we're going to leave it in your hands to basically redeem redeem the plan but yet we clearly are were very Advanced and compared to life on Earth but clearly we're advancing into the solar system at the very least with robots and I haven't really been doing man space trips anymore but we're sending a lot of fucking robots we're sending satellites were sending all these things to go around other planets and take images with sending robots that land on Mars Rover around and take photos and soil samples and send information back to the sky

► 02:45:07

the Earth meets that's pretty fantastic stuff well imagine if you tried to describe this to somebody a hundred years ago I want to hear such a ridiculous like you just said considering the pace of change over the last century house if you know if you had the government bureaucracies like you like you have now back to Orville and Wilbur would have never been able to test air flights because we've been out there saying you don't have the proper permits to do this right and right now that's one of the big obstacles is that we've gotten any political system said I really I think really encumbering the creative process The evolutionary process that's why I'm such a big supporter of basically freedom in getting back to the idea of individual

► 02:46:07

yeah course there's a cost of freedom and it's going to be a downside to it but the upside I think so much greater than the represents freedom the free the ability to freely distribute information this show itself would have never existed this podcast could not have existed without something like the internet don't ever give me a show know whatever like said yeah go talk to this guy from Georgia for 3 hours about asteroid impacts people will like it well I mean you live there you know but it's just the whole idea is that freedom allows people to innovated a much quicker Pace guess it allows negative things to but so does life itself there's there's more of a chance of negative things if things are controlled the things are lockdown and Innovation goes

► 02:47:07

my own personal speaker like 20 years like I'm building a project right now and Atlanta took me six months and nine trips down to City Hall to get permission from the bureaucrats to do a small project which 20 years ago I could have gotten that permission in an hour to 20 years before that I didn't even know where they would not have even need information from anybody else you want to do this your neighbors don't care we'll do it you know it's going to get to the point where you know can we do we dare breathe out without a permit because we're exhaling carbon dioxide

► 02:47:51

you know right so yeah I just I think the couple of things need to happen one we need to really get back to the idea and America that's the great dream and vision of America was that this was supposed to be the home of freedom on planet Earth the bureaucracy is pretty disgusting but it's also I feel like sometimes we need some resistance in order to facilitate action some resistance in some resistance sometimes it gives us this real desire to overcome that resistance which makes Innovation might be one of the things that were experiencing with this new culture that's emerging from the Internet it's kind of emerging in response to the resistance that we received from going back to psychedelics from the 60s to the 70s seventies into the 80s in the 90s the internet emerges and the internet is causing this big push back on all the archaic ideas of being promoted

► 02:48:51

during those dark decades yeah couch potatoes by default are ambitious it's like in response to something like one of the worst things you can do to a kid is give the kid everything they want and not have them work right that they never developed any instincts to work towards things they never develop any any instincts to do recognize that there's a benefit to struggling and being uncomfortable in that the rewards when you when you have a hard day's work and a job completed that you feel satisfied by then the beer taste so much better so much better term for that which I can't remember but it translates as the bread of Shame and it's like the bread of shame to work for you

► 02:49:51

you have to struggle you didn't have to put forward any effort it's just given to you you know and you know it's like one of the stories that kind of goes along with presenting that is you know that that that the man whose business Empire you know and then you know he's getting ready to retire and he wants to pass it on to his son and he says you know come in I'm going to make you CEO of the of my business Empire in the whole thing going to be able to run the whole thing in the sun says no thanks I don't want any good for what do you mean says well let me start at the bottom and work my way up in that position and it's going to mean a whole lot more to me and I'm going to be a hell of a lot more effective in that position if it's just dumped in my lap it's just so rare that anybody has that mentality though most people would take the easy road every single time well and that is to the consternation I think of our ancestors who didn't look at it that way you know the people that came across the ocean you know a great hardship didn't look at it that way and I think

► 02:50:51

they would be pretty much rolling in their graves if they could see you know what's basically let you will just let the government take care of us I don't have to get a job because the government going to take care of a look at our computers and go holy shit you guys are figure some things out and see what that does is the show servers are these parallel trance they are that are happening you know so yeah that's why I have great hopes for our future I do too and people give me a hard time for it sometime so you know think I'm unrealistic or did that that's that the hippie side of me haha have a hippie ideology as well this sacred geometry GPU sacred geometry name like why did you choose that as the name for your website because at the time I was looking there was so much interest and because I saw it as a venue

► 02:51:51

putting information out there about that amazing correlations and linkages between the subject of geometry and so many of these other things like I said your temples Egyptian in helping using that as a key to decipher or decode these messages that have been hit have been embodied in architecture it's the key it's too it's a mass which one of the master keys to decoding the archaic wisdom tradition there's no question and geometry pervades everything I mean geometry pervades you know we can actually I can show you now studies that have shown that the exact architecture of the solar system if you change it even a little bit

► 02:52:35

none of this could happen because as it is now you have the reservoir, it's outside the orbit of Neptune called the right

► 02:52:44

at the inside of that I'm near Perimeter of that disc of comets, turn a quasi stable condition in other words it doesn't take much to preserve them from that position but at the same time there isn't much of their competitor of them so they generally are just slowly orbiting the Sun by what happens is conjunctions of the great outer planets Uranus and Neptune primarily the combined gravitational force is exerted on the inner part of the Kuiper discard enough to dislodge comets and send them either either did the gravity affect think of this if you got a gravity affect pulling on something from behind and it's moving this way it's going to act as a braking mechanism if it's a hand and drawing on it it's going to act as an accelerating mechanism so if one of these objects it moves out further from the Sun if you decelerate it it moves in closer to the Sun what happens is is that the conjunctions of the outer planets can move these

► 02:53:44

inside the the come within the sphere of influence of the plants and it just so happens in in in astrophysicists have worked out the mathematics of it that the masses and the spacing of the four Great outer planets Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune are exactly what they need to transport, it's from the Kuiper disc to the inner solar system and if you change that even a little bit you would lose this they prefer to Disturbed at the the bucket mechanism or the bucket hand off each planet will hand off the comet to the next one and then when it gets to Jupiter the big one like you said earlier Jupiter is either going to accelerate it and throw it back or it's going to decelerate it and send it in towards the sun work becomes an earth Crosser work against it disaggregate and in the process as the Earth with its constituents which we now know all kinds of interesting and exotic

► 02:54:44

materials so if it turns out and it almost certainly will end in terms of the the panspermia idea that life was originated on Earth by, that you had to have an environment that was conducive this Matrix of environmental conditions that it for altered slightly would not allow the proliferation of higher life you now have the introduction of cometary material into that well as the architecture of the outer solar system was not exactly lined up into geometry it is then you would never have that delivery of the Organics in the bottles from the comet it's back it's likely that the oceans that the hydrosphere originated from space without the oceans where would life on Earth be you see now here's where it gets interesting the architecture of the solar system is what's condensed and embodied within the sacred architecture of old

► 02:55:38

so they've taken that don't proportion however that got there how it was whether they knew it directly or on some subconscious level and Incorporated that into the designs and the proportions of the ancient sacred structures it's they're basically the model of the holy city the New Jerusalem is described in the Book of Revelations is basically a model of the solar system architecture so bad by bode's law is that what it is yes I think it's birthday I think that's how you say it and I've only seen it written and it did that that lobbying that the de size and mass of a planet allows you to extract and find out how big and far away the next planet would be

► 02:56:29

I'm so yeah it shows up that wanted the intervals within that sequences for example where the asteroid belt is there's there's no Planet there's a but there's an asteroid insides with the ancient Sumerian myths of the creation of Earth being an impact that there was an also Earth 1 and Earth to know the Earth we was at one point time at different and it was impacted and that's also what created the moon right yes well that's that's the theory about the Moon the Moon is really something we could talk about for the next hour and you know if we can save that for future broadcast but the Moon is really one of the grand symbols of the great Mysteries with a capital I have no question and it's right there away from the full moon right now is we're sitting here and I would highly recommend that anybody listening to this go out and begin contemplating the moon Les you're afraid of werewolves unless you're afraid of

► 02:57:29

look up rate of becoming transformed into a werewolf so the the how is Jerusalem designed representation as a representation of the solar system did the hypothetical Jerusalem the New Jerusalem

► 02:57:53

it's complex and Jen when I show this to people I usually rely on a lot of graphs and images and in reproductions. Geometric diagrams and so on but basically describing the city life Foursquare length to height in the breath of it are equal twelve thousand furlongs and there's a wall great and high a hundred and forty four cubits according to the measure of a man that is of the Angel when you begin to begin to do the analysis of these numbers you discover it it opens up this whole world of numerical symbolism the twelve thousand furlongs you know how how much a furlong is 1/8 of a mile it still exists it's in very ancient unit of measurement still exist in horse racing that's the one place that I know of it still exists 1/8 of a mile at 660 ft right now if you were to take the Earth right the Earth you know what's an oblate spheroid it spins on its axis so it will just towards the equator

► 02:58:53

ring stores the polar axis so the difference is about 7900 miles at the polar axis about 7926 miles at the equatorial axis but if you were to take a perfect sphere with the same area surface area is the earth actually has that sphere would be 7920 miles in diameter now that number 709-7920 is a very interesting number because for one thing if we look at a furlong a furlong is 660 ft so I'm putting 660 won't you take that calculate okay okay now that's a furlong 660 ft * 12 * 12 * 129 equals equals 7920 diameter of the Earth in miles that I just said right write the perfect sphere

► 02:59:52

that would have the same surface area and the same volume is the Earth is 7920 miles and that's actually the diameter of the earth if you took a line from the Tropic of Cancer 23 1/2 degrees north through the Earth to the Tropic of Capricorn you would discover that that diameter is about 7920 miles that's the number which I'm theorizing and I'm thinking with a lot of evidence to back up did ancient peoples used to symbolize the Earth 7920 but what you've just seen here is that this ancient unit of measurement called a furlong which is 660 feet is 2 inch exactly as the Earth is to the mile

► 03:00:34

now what was the origin of the mile where did the smile we brought it up earlier length of the mile 5280 ft Wright what's the word Mill what does that mean a thousand right like a million is a thousand thousands A millimeter is one thousandth of a meter right because they're prefixing m i l Ville the Latin prefix that means a thousand right so a so a mile is 1000 what

► 03:01:11

2000 Paces human Paces so if you want to go out and walk off a thousand pieces say counting every time your right foot hits the ground

► 03:01:22

you did at a thousand times you're going to have a mild more or less depending on your size you know I'm six foot one so I'm going to have a slightly longer Pace than somebody who's 5 foot 5 right

► 03:01:34

but that's where the origin of the mail comes from from 5000 from a thousand paces and given that standardized but it's very ancient Outer Circle of Stonehenge the sarsen Stone Circle if you could Encompass it in a circle that just can't get to the outer faces of the stone the radius of that circle is 50 is Ben has been measured and it's almost exactly 52.8 ft Wright 100th of a mile

► 03:02:07

now if you take the diameter of Stonehenge it's a double it which is 105.6 Ft 50 * 100 Point hundred five point six there's your it suggests that the mile was being used by those who built Stonehenge 5000 years ago you see this number 5.28 is a universal relationship it it for one thing it says the average human Pace related to the foot which again remember protagoras said man is the measure of all things right here comes the inch it's this distance between your thumb you can measure here and that's going to be an inch or you can take this and that's an issue as well so okay so it's the tip of your thumb to the the first joint yes

► 03:03:07

something notarized in Hammond Drive from one of two sources from the human yardstick or the Earth itself okay so now if you take the average human Pace / is 5.28 * 1000 and you have the mile is 5,280 ft unit of measurement incorporated into the design of Stonehenge right now what we have just seen is that the description of the New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelations describes it as being twelve thousand furlongs which again is an ancient British unit of measurement but probably use Way Beyond Britain and when we look at the ratio of the Furlong if we took out in the parking lot here and laid out a furlong 660 feet

► 03:04:07

and then marked off 1 inch on it that Furlong to that inch would be exactly the same as the diameter of the earth to the mile now in the Book of Revelation what it says is that the New Jerusalem is twelve thousand of these furlongs so if you take 660 which I put in their * 12000 look at the number that comes up again

► 03:04:35

does that number again 7920000 divided by the number of feet in a mile divided / 5280 / 5280 is what they're describing

► 03:04:56

a body that's 1,500 miles in diameter right so what is that what is 1500 miles in diameter that's the mystery now if you take that number

► 03:05:09

and I'm going to go to the Earth itself 7920 and divided by the New Jerusalem divided by 1500

► 03:05:19

there's the ratio we get

► 03:05:22

the human Pace to the human foot well

► 03:05:26

coincidence or are we beginning to see that there's an underlying pattern now 5 to 8 to 8 so the ratio is there right I'm not making any of this up so you either dismiss it as coincidence or Hugo okay there's an underlying pattern here and it's got some meaning to it now I think it's going to be beyond our ability today to really get into that but this is the kind of thing where you get to peel back these layers you begin to discover that there are these ratios built into this fractal it's Frac in the idea here just like protagoras said that that we humans where the measure of all things and in all of these Cosmic dimensions are miniaturized and encoded in our very Anatomy Randall Carlson we have run out of time but you're blowing Minds on multiple fronts once again man we got to do another one

► 03:06:24

when's the next time you tell me give me a few months to recover from this one OK you tell me yeah I'm sure it's quite a burst of information thank you sir really really appreciate it's always a pleasure having you here what you want my favorite podcast gas without a doubt if I don't eat so much and I'm going to go over this podcast with fine-tooth comb and try to figure it out on our DVD that you can get online thought, Cosmic patterns and cycles of catastrophe where you get all of the images and a lot of the background in the stuff that we went into so if you go to the sacred geometry International website you'll be able to find a link and find out all about it is Jack website sacred geometry geometry international.com

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