#1166 - Diamond Dallas Page

The Joe Rogan Experience #1166 - Diamond Dallas Page

September 4, 2018

Diamond Dallas Page is a semi-retired professional wrestler, fitness instructor, motivational speaker and actor. Check out https://ddpyoga.com/ for link to his app DDPYoga.

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ladies and gentlemen I hate to have to do this again but I got to repeat myself September 29th Toronto was supposed to be at the Ricoh Coliseum but there is a strike a union strike when I cross it in the union picket line so we moved the venue to the Scotiabank Arena formerly the Air Canada Centre it's also a union venue I believe it's the same Union but they have a valid contract there they're not under negotiations, not on strike so that's where we going to be there moving all the tickets everybody that owned it that how to take it from the Ricoh Coliseum is going to get moved over to the Scotiabank Arena once that's done and fuck hopefully it's done soon right September 4th so I 25 days away from the show Once that's done I'll start selling tickets but they will be another 1200 tickets for sale cuz the Ricoh Coliseum sold out

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Mike yesterday and gentleman this this this podcast been a long time coming he and I have been exchanging text messages and emails and direct messages and such for quite a while and he is an all-time great pro wrestler and on top of that what he's done since retiring from pro wrestling he had a series of like pretty significant back injuries and got really heavily into yoga and then put together his own yoga system that he doesn't call yoga anymore correct me after a while so I used to call Diamond Dallas Page yoga but now it's just ddpy

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so you know I'm talking about ladies and gentlemen the Great and Powerful Diamond Dallas Page

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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all day

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mr. page how are you I never had a bad day in my life ever had plenty of bad moments it's all state of mind. And I don't stay there if I go down I get back up if you're going to chew that people going to go fucking crazy hundred 50 comments cuz I have a sore throat I got a stick and I'm a big fan of yoga and what you've done for not just what you've done is made yoga available to people that thought that yoga was for chicks funny you say that because it was yoga for regular

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you have to be in the you know you got to be all Namaste expecting to hear what the fuck you're going to yoga and you're really really into it I mean you've got your own system of yoga I mean this is for something that I think is like very important for body maintenance and for keeping your your spine healthy and Mobility which is one of the things that a lot of us ignore especially big guys who like to lift weights and do a lot of Crazy Mocha first 42 years of my life really really 62 dude if you if you folks are when he just did with no warm-up no warm-up bend over grab your ankles fully fully flatten your body out press your body up against your thighs

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with no warm up then he picks his his ankle up and fully extend his leg over his head mean that it that is incredibly impressive for a 20 year old person it's all about staying at it and I was owning it going back to 96 which was I was 40 years old 97 and 98 On Top of the World Wrestling 270 days a year every year and then I did The Tonight Show Hollywood Squares a movie called the first order was my first movie I did so I mean I'm probably working 300 Powerball legit 610 long way down all of it and being almost 43 years old and when

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ruptured L4 and L5 vertebrae allows that we do but really arouses is so shock absorber discs in between vertebrae

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slap that Joey Dawn and now there's nothing there no discs in between my L4 L5 I was told by 3 different spine specialist in ever going to wrestle again so the guy wouldn't be caught dead doing yoga and once I start doing Joe just like you know

► 00:13:55

I start feel different and I thought of thinking wow now did you talk to any doctors at wanted to replace your disks or fuse your disks to one of the few someone getting and history in 1999 so there wasn't any of those spacers that they have now on anything like Santiam discs and have any of that and this whole thing when you go back you will be because you won't recover from that so again going to do yoga and I start doing Bryan kest he's amazing what kind of yoga is at Power Yoga on the map and he made me feel like I'm cool like today is a buddy of mine VHS tapes but for what I want it wasn't giving me everything so what I did

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and I'm like God given gift of figuring out how to heal myself on the first Confessor wrestling Dever Isis Body by almost a decade year before they would start doing that I mean like ice baths or like I should I just kill myself and what I found a lot of people don't want to put the extra work in the hardest workers they won't go that extra mile just to go get a bag of ice for Christ go get a beer and have some food you know right this is Austin is a little bit of that right there's something about the same type of guy that's so tough they could work 300 days a year is also the same time

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if a guy is going to go out fucking just deal with it and Steve Austin in Austin was always way ahead of the curve but he wouldn't ice ice bags in between my case managers get beers Cole station techniques with the yoga positions then I threw an old school calisthenics like push-ups squats crunches and I did it with a slow burn movement cuz I had to eat so when I say Slow Burn movement is what you were just showing me that before we start the podcast I'm going to do a lot of dynamic tension exercises

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until all that stuff did you ever

► 00:17:01

I would lower for 3 whole freeze up the ground for 3, and then Facebook you'll see a video up there of me doing on my 62nd birthday why choose after

► 00:17:43

10-second push-ups at 62 from my core strength is at a different level I don't anymore I haven't really I don't need to sign I like being like 230 the bottom line is what today is called I'm bringing it cuz it's so different that you been I just took you to think that I add another element to it I got your car

► 00:18:30

like a lunch or fully four-door to explode into touchdown I say throw a little Ric Flair on the end of that he exposed you're just having people having fun at school and it's just wrote son he's been independent wrestling WWE Western in 29 minutes and 36 seconds be counted the count the seconds because it's a really big deal when you forget sell that when you're independent group

► 00:19:30

insane it's insane how many different groups are there now there's NWA is WWE w ways with Billy, Billy Corgan start studying business and did a hell of a match and Billy owns that title now think about this Vince McMahon just

► 00:20:08

just because I want to say he was paid 1.2 billion by Fox for the programming for a wife showing Friday night I'm not sure what the deal is it 6 years or 8 years but 1.2 billion and then I heard there's another multi billion dollar contract out there Comcast or something so that's like NFL stuff so when that kind of attention, wrestling more people are going to be like who I want to get involved in that and plus Vince really has taken it mainstream a different level we were killing it in the 90s had the highest rated show on cable television what was WCW or WWF every week but that was nothing like forgetting today cuz they made it kids-friendly they changed today it's about

► 00:21:08

go to another boom in this whole independent thing that Cody Young Bucks who are great kids I did it really lit up that world it's a really big and so is our show is on Mexico just got signed to the WWE he was in his story is kind of its kind of fucked-up he got fired from the UFC for failing a pot test and the crazy thing that it's so crazy let the guy smile Jesus Christ it's even more crazy that you know now it's legal right now pots legal and now the number to level that you can get tested for is so much lower than anything that he got but I think he enjoys it I don't think he's missing fighting you no fighting is a yeah I know that pro wrestling is probably harder on your body doing those 300 days a year I mean I don't think there's anything like it in all

► 00:22:08

entertainment I really don't I mean it's it's crazy to think that you are getting body-slammed and thrown out of the ropes and forearm slammed and all that shit's going on 300 days a year it's really really it's not fair just really should be AB way will you can take some time off it doesn't make any sense when I was when I said hilarious when I'm hurt don't compete with you know you can perform hurt on a regular basis I mean you know it doesn't have to cut me wait anymore and now he's gigantic and he's a fun guy I think WWE is perfect for someone like him

► 00:23:08

these kids are unbelievable are so talented program 24 trying to 28 you know so they can reply to me so it's much easier for you for me to get them to pay attention ride in the world and he is not what your ass looks like he's 28 you can do in my program since he did the same thing doctor said he was not going to wrestle anymore 5 Weeks Later months later he talks about it. How is your back today those the same discs if I don't do it

► 00:24:08

you don't like you got to brush your teeth I don't have to do it every single day but he was pretty much in man and woman in the real proof of this for me cuz I'm the First Transformation

► 00:24:28

the bottom line is they said my career was over when I was 42 I started doing what now is called bdp why

► 00:24:36

three months Less Than 3 months later I was back in the rain at 42 / 43 on the World Champ and that's like getting our Oscar you know what I mean when I say I wish I was there instead I workout that will Champion Ric Flair Took The Diamond Cutter in the middle it was Hogan took Hogan gave me such a hug afterwards like this is what this business supposed to be that someone like you who no one would believe would ever be anyone to work so hard that they would be comfortable champ when I got my hall of fame ring 2017 inside ahead and I can hear work ethic equals dreams! Dee Dee Pig and that's what it is you know I don't tell you anything you understand everything now you're back

► 00:25:36

today did you ever get an MRI on it oh yeah I did all that but now I don't really but I know what to do like I cheated on my wife and I swear to God cuz every morning I do what we roll out of bed some nights you feel like you to hit by truck you know what I mean sleeping and I wake up my dear you're not lit up as soon as I do within 8 minutes I feel like a completely different person who was completely gone now they're going on it is it still like that yeah but he's a very Namaste ddpy way more because it's

► 00:26:36

it works like that but it's right before you own it. I want to show you something I brought with me cuz I've been waiting for your show to release this I got a new book coming out Premiere I don't think anybody ever positively Unstoppable the art of owning it I like it what is it it's whatever the fuck you want to check that out

► 00:27:24

Diamond Dallas Page pictures of Mick Foley the funniest most entertaining for what I want to get that guy on my friend Tony Hinchcliffe who's there a giant pro wrestling fan and it's a given me so much grief is Tony such a fan of made fun of wrestling fan then you this podcast of the comedy store called the Ford know what is it that's a 4 horse but no no no

► 00:28:00

they have a wrestling podcast that I was just on two weeks ago

► 00:28:05

store Horsemen the store Horsemen does so these, The Comedy Store like simulcast like so wild like it's wrestlemanias going on Dell do like they'll do if you'd like we do think your drink beers Crab Shack wrestlemanias going on and yes and they're talking about giving her room and she will be contacting me about him as well so I'm from his organization contact me and you helped him yes and I I saw some sort of a program on television who is detailing you helping him get clean and you getting him involved in yoga what you're doing is really fun

► 00:29:05

awesome because you're you're exposing something that I think should be it just has to be something that everybody does I just really think that at all athletes all people I think yoga is a life staple I really did stepped into that yoga Community but that's not who I am right I know that the yoga people like they get it they don't need me at literally that have nobody I don't have any direction disabled veteran that I help no I did not what you do with no disks to understand that because everybody likes serious muscle atrophy and

► 00:30:05

what what did you do differently I love that shirt by the way I'll be okay once you get that kills that's a great sure that's such a good such a good point cuz it really like now because I knew you would love it and I love the couple of them pills. Com DDP why is there a Jesus is there a link for this word where Jamie can get a hold of it he can put it on the YouTube at the bottom of duty.com is the video of Arthur let me show you this now to show Jay me the image of him so he can look for it on your website

► 00:31:05

what was wrong with Arthur my first one was called 50 plus it's kind of like what I'm doing today with I'm or I'm helping people who are really disabled and sore from playlist awesome doctor told me never walk unassisted again it says

► 00:31:37

what are you doing

► 00:31:40

so the people just listening it says for 15 years doctors told me I would never walk unassisted again and we're seeing this gentleman with those crutches cane things on this forearms I accepted this is fact I was 47 year old disabled veteran and I had basically given up

► 00:32:06

I was injured as a paratrooper in the Gulf War too many jumps

► 00:32:12

took its toll on my on his back man when should I use land and in my knees it says you gained weight will just watch an image of it all this stuff is available online at DDP Yoga, right yes that's a good number says he couldn't walk or run

► 00:32:36

exercise seemed possible

► 00:32:39

most yoga instructors turn me away

► 00:32:43

music skill me all but one motherfucker 297 pounds in a year

► 00:32:56

I don't think I would help that guy says he didn't know me but he believed in me when no one else did how long is this video I feel like we might have been it's what the payoff is worth every dollar here

► 00:33:16

for balance for the get up get down

► 00:33:20

I think since I fell many times yeah

► 00:33:25

but I got back up about getting back up right yeah this is very impressive just watch him do what he's doing here guys got heart

► 00:33:37

you know it's the attitude to do something even though it's difficult and in pain is so damn important it is so important people have to force themselves to do something this guy is one of the best examples of that you're ever going to say I mean who had a better excuse to give up then this guy wow look at all this weight is lost this is crazy

► 00:34:01

he's a teacher in Baltimore

► 00:34:06

he's lost a shitload of weight looks like he's lost like 8 in off of his ballot

► 00:34:12

at least since I started believe that it could happen

► 00:34:17

so in this this progress thing you seen him trying to walk without his canes and and falling down by Donuts face yeah starting to feel old is core strength

► 00:34:32

this is crazy he's getting ready to handstands now oh my God is going to kill the cat I just just cuz I can't do it today doesn't mean I won't be able to do it Sunday that look at I'm here man.

► 00:34:53

That's incredible what a difference in his posture and everything look how much weight is lost and how long it was he doing it everyday everyday sometimes twice a day to remember the pictures I showed you that check this I couldn't stand on two legs now he said another one and holding his foot up in the air that is insane look out slimmy got holy shit he lost a hundred pounds in 6 months and he's holding that cat that cat is going to die told that guy get out of there

► 00:35:23

I want more holy shit he's running that is insane he's not just walking he's running sprinted holyshit that is he credible

► 00:35:38

that really is incredible

► 00:35:43


► 00:35:45

how fucking slimmy is

► 00:35:48

that is really amazing that what is the name of the said never give up what is his name in this video so people can find it, it's right at the bottom

► 00:36:00

look at the difference in a new looks like he's 10 years younger lost 140 pounds in 10 months

► 00:36:09

what does cray standing on his head that is crazy so that is crazy that is so amazing man show you picture that base surrounding choke you up right I told you it was a payoff I mean like strong and mighty my business partner Steve you put that together and I literally did it with his son originally it was pretty good but Steve just took it like he's the same guy who directed the resurrection of Jake The Snake so let me finish with him and he lost 140 lb but think about that with my shit you can lose weight but you know you can talk

► 00:37:09

so you got to do everything you got to change your mind about owning that invoice the store you tell yourself so I lost 40 pounds more important than me braces back braces braces knee braces and Kane's not just a walk but run but this is what the program is really about at 1 year he's 562 golf Ridge of a 6ft Tucson

► 00:37:44

that's insane standing on his back was doing a push-up in one year and that's really it was crazy because again anybody got my program in trying to sell you anything I want to say thank you and I got a couple questions if you would answer might appreciate it his answers were so good that I've never written anybody like this time it sounds like you need some help bro I said what's your story Cliff Notes disabled veteran morbidly obese relegated to Signum self as a piece of furniture so I say send me some pictures so I can see what I was working with and those are the pictures those first two with the canes

► 00:38:45

fuck man I don't know how I can help you because it's not so much a knee braces I didn't realize it was strapped to a back brace and his wife 20 minutes of sleep enough to do it together 20 minutes later he's going to the bathroom with his pants so I send this food plan which is like my face free eating plans for help but I got it from a guy named dr. Fred Bitchie and the time Fred was 78 could still run 20 miles on the beach in the in the deeps and when my brother gets his mental help people with cancer and also did you guys like he's just a different level of walking the talk so you have a food plan and I well as an exercise plan and what kind of food you got a meeting this is what I like to do let's go back to what God created it's not genetically modified all right shift is not sprayed with

► 00:39:45

chemicals so much Clomid organic or like your great-grandparents used to call it fucking food like is everything go to handle it go to France can I buy organic vegetables that go like everything's supposed to be just the Obesity heart disease cancer diabetes autism-like is it through the roof how are there 400 lb guys everywhere happen and then they change some fucking wrestler but I know when I get people to eat what God created us not genetically modified I found that they get out of pain and that's what it would take and Scott

► 00:40:45

Stickman death and watch Resurrection Jake The Snake so I can set you up with that too but Jake I got them eating real food and Scott Hall AKA Razor Ramon eating real food within 2 weeks they're already going to start getting out of paint that's why I'm I eat the way I eat because I don't want to feel like I'm in D2 I want to feel like I'm 42 x 62 when you talk about your food plan like the are you giving them specific portions and what to eat like how do you set it up on the app which right now I'll give a nap. I think I have the most expensive on the planet that you can use your iPad to computer and I didn't realize it.

► 00:41:45

Detroit the tablet and the computer by going back in time I guess we're done the phone because and in the computer because you can have your phone go right to the TV but I spit cost me a lot more money to do it I called ddpy rebuilt you can't get out of bed you can't do the workout will ship I got three workouts in bed that have nothing to do with fuck it it's just freaking working out for 10 minutes 12 minutes will get you up and I called those beds flexed then I put you in chair Force where you're sitting in a chair at 8 workout and I fucking chair which get you strong enough to hold the chair so I called those stand strong like Arthur was doing help you get hope you can count help you balance help it keep you from falling then you're ready for beginner and once you get to all the modifications I teach you would stand strong

► 00:42:43

I got a guy was 84 years old his name is Ted Evans every fucking workout I do if it goes all the way to extreme psycho shit and held it for 30 seconds then pulled it out held it for 30 seconds. It's got to be to stuff the fighter UFC fighter yes I mean nobody can ever take him down your leg hook his leg and foot

► 00:43:24

you're not taking him down he's going to be doing some of this type of stuff I should be there different levels at a level that you can start in bed so there's no more excuses for themselves they don't have the energy there to beat up that's bullshit is always something you can do as always have any of you but if you give yourself that fucking excuse that's the problem with what I love about that video is anybody having excuses. I mean to Canes giant belly blown out knees blown out back veteran paratrooper got got me jumping out of fucking hair

► 00:44:24

play it over and over again blows his body apart and you fixed it and he fixed it. I just literally like you're so smart so would I send him the food plant right from the food plan because I'm eating chicken stay over and over and over and over and over again make the GDP why your own Mike and Ikes play North Rye called him where's what happened so text me back I think I can do it I'll give it a try you go crazy now I go hey awesome keep me posted but he said four words or he wrote for words I can do this I should give me your number right now if you say you can you say you can't you're right you know that they say you can or you can't you're right right can I said that original

► 00:45:24

he was right and I was sleep but he said I can do it I said give her number so I called them and I said yeah we talked for about an hour two weeks later he calls me back as importance of workout is as important as the eating plan is 10% of the equation the 90% is right between your ears right here that 6 inch piece of real estate the store you tell yourself and I said if you can really just get past that Story start

► 00:46:06

telling yourself a different story example would be when I had my whole Fame induction speech in front of 20,000 people and millions of people on USA and on the WWE Network bottom line is is that I wasn't in the back going oh God I hope I don't fuck this up oh God what if I forget was going to say oh God this sucks when your voice I want there to the best thing I've ever done like it's the best thing I've ever done but it's about that story that you tell yourself when you get all the shit and that's why people listen to you because they want they need to be over and over and over again the way you think about things is so important it's so important it's almost more important in the fax it right the way and the way this guy decide

► 00:47:06

but he was going to change his life. That video is so important to people mean if there is ever that's the best testimonial video you ever going to say I mean that guy is as broken as they get me he's basically it make it easily could have been in a wheelchair easily back to eating so back to the grind you say if you're early on in your young calorie count calories in calories out but a lot of people that doesn't work for anymore so what I get him to do is go gluten and dairy free and really starting a gluten-free if you can go on people that are gluten free ice all I know is the people I work with get out of one of them

► 00:48:06

fuck if you eat gluten gluten but this is what I do and look at them and it just helps drop weight it's it's about inflammation in your body go back to icing your body

► 00:48:27

sugar we're all at it so I try to get him a cut down as much as they can some people quit completely which blows my mind which tells me they really have that substance by my friend Stacey Morse who was 280 lb of 18 months she's actually on the cover of Wednesday right now she wrote a book on it like something comforter comforter family comforting catching up on my site is up there but she wrote this book about eating without sugar and that's like I told me but I do that cuz I can't do that you're right because I don't want to I want us to leave the sugar I just don't you just not being a glutton about this is organic honey so the

► 00:49:20

leave the food part for the information would be the sugar dairy and wheat and gluten get those out of your body I challenge rarely eat bread and I rarely eat any pasta or anything with wheat let me give you this

► 00:49:51

two and a half weeks let me give you an alternate I love pasta I mean in Irish German Dutch kid but all my best friends were Genta Rossi IBO my buddies will go by as you know until I love Italian food I fucking love it so there's a there's a company called tinkyada that's the best I've ever had and brown rice pasta so there's always a substitute when you get that out of your body in two and a half 3 weeks it's a different level feel like you've already feel better you feel better but you just got to get out of your body that you put it back in no here in there you're going to run but it's going to go away quick cuz it doesn't have all that shit store in your body and it also reminds me how shity I feel after I eat it when I do eat a pizza on the couch look up like a spaghetti squash that is awesome spaghetti

► 00:50:51

squash with some garlic and marinara sauce it's fantastic in the free that's one of a recipe for 7 days you like it like it. Did I have it I'm getting fucked how much do I have to do it I said you don't fucking do it I don't want I want you to own it and really do it or not and I'll try to inspire you cuz every every Monday I got motivation on Mondays on the app every Monday I'm doing another story about something I saw and I'm bringing it to you could be free minutes you could be 8 minutes but it's going to give up there for two and a half years and then there's every week we have a new recipe come out and I'm not just going to tell you what's in it how to make it I'm going to fucking show you how to make it

► 00:51:51

DDP Yoga performance center which is in Smyrna Georgia which by the way every first time you come in there it's free maybe another fucking gym or something like that it does that how far is it from Dallas to Atlanta Atlanta weather and it's from the heart Escape I have I just bought a crib that literally one of my buddies Titus shoes from the WWE is coming in on Tuesday the train with me I got a hyperbaric chamber now yes 12 PSI I got a cryo system in my house right here buddy I'm scared

► 00:52:51

no I do but I'm being honest bro when I first got in the championship can I get you one today you know what is an hour most relaxing thing ever and I can easily get out of this is so crazy. Mitchell appreciate that you don't and I just got his bed was so bad he could barely get out of bed and you have a titanium articulating disc put in his back he feels way better now which which is pretty sweet because of all the technology that they are all smashed from Jujitsu specialist

► 00:53:51

he did what like I don't want to be in your girl I want to be where the fuck over there I want to be a different guy then pretty talk about what we're doing and you can talk about the cool stuff on YouTube it was a job together like a bunch of your clips from the show and I'm listen to them like me and this motherfucker just like me I mean I got to get on the show and I don't lie when I finish watching it I literally looked up I want. I want to get on Rogan show within the next year two days later you DM me

► 00:54:51

two days later unfortunately or fortunately there's just so many different request for people to come on the podcast I can't keep up it's just I can't is impossible but it in the back of my head for a long time and I think that you'll get it like I said it is so accessible to people that wouldn't have considered it before I do because it's different in the box right now my partner and I loved it he loves his his take was he's like he's got he's doing yoga he goes but he's got a whole nother Edge to it

► 00:55:51

making it my own and I got some more like two people or four people behind me and there's always someone modifying like when I first start doing yoga No One modified shit but I never told you so I'd like to figure this shit out so anything I did I gave you my how do you make this easier neat don't blow yourself out now the thing that you don't know I gave you one of Mark DDP Yoga inside it is a Bluetooth heart monitor and what that's going to do is connect right to the app so you and I told you I'm an addict.

► 00:56:51

stop it in your Zone I will be but in your Zone and over yourself and think about this for you myself because they were all went to the all went to Georgia Tech and it's way cheaper but it's still it's been a long way to come up on $300 Jesus Christ it's extensive the actual video game at the end so when it gets to be putting all the stuff together like this is going to be a long process of refining and are they just right and this is must have taken over your life

► 00:57:51

no no I've never done I want to do you have to you will fucking have a wine forever I used to be a comic book Dork man I had to sell them all when I was poor I said I had all these comic books that I collected from the time I was a little kid and then when I became a stand-up comedian and I was starving in the early days I sold all my comic books and just just a bummer man I'm scared to go look at comic books again I don't know don't do that cuz I'll just piss you off did you see there was a Power Ranger bootleg video that came out like maybe 4 years ago 5 years ago was 5 years ago on YouTube. Like 5 million views back then that was fucking you just because so I'm the guy who owns the lawsuit and they had to pull it off make sure you know I use on she get in and

► 00:58:51

okay I'm trying to make money but they kept changing shit like wouldn't let him do what she wants to do and like fresh when was Judge Dredd in 5 years ago or what the fuck you mean Urdu put like shorts on YouTube only did that once got 22 million views right now this underground you know go to type person of the internet. He sent me a script about 3 years ago when we started it and it's called gods

► 00:59:36

and it's kind of like you're ever all superheroes as you know they're all slightly different but the same and it's a very dark dark superhero series that's when you get to the fighting part of meats a really dark story that it's going to be a Netflix original so that's something something like that but not on this site I don't know if you know but we're going to be like I say words in the process right now pretty dinner ideas of brains behind it but it's something else

► 01:00:44


► 01:00:46

alright well I'm down for that I'll check it out Beach BL mandated Netflix fuck it Ozarks back baby will not show up very good that's just get so hot

► 01:01:21

I'm going to change them you tell me what your opinions are I'll take those she she look she comes off as really like Girl Next Door E Yeah but that's that bad freaking show right there my wife and Brenda and my my daughter Lexie she was there we watched all 8 episodes like one another and said that afternoon we were like pulled in sheet my wife had seen on the plane and she when she came back she's like we have I couldn't finish watching it you've got to get this I watch from the beginning Again by absolutely man yeah I'm a big on the Netflix and I Sneaky Pete give her the supposed to be fantastic on Amazon to this that Billy Bob Thornton tour of the first season it's a crazy time have you thought about doing something like that

► 01:02:21

having like sort of like inspirational Clips mixed in with your workouts with these people showing Transformations a good friend of mine a great idea I know the name yeah it was Howard Stern's nearest Jude Twitches the future you we've got to do something with this and I don't I've heard it too much but it was like video game and then go people watch a video game stop he said yeah but it's going to go to a whole new level and sabian's original he's smart guy and I'm actually helping him get back on track with his help so easier to come to Atlanta to see me he's going to talk to me and Steven figure out what we do at this company would never be successful without the internet without people throwing that video you know when there's so many other video that we tied one of my favorites

► 01:03:21

I'll get this to you my buddy anymore tomorrow he's a former wrestler marvelous Marc Mero back when we was Johnny be bad and change his name from John in the mark Titanic Jack's New York Empire State Games boxing yeah from back in the day when I was a kid but he is becoming such brakes on speaker two kids I've never seen anybody move kids the way he does so he was in the studio like everything I sent my crew down there to just go down and fill them and Steve took this one part where he talks about his mom now no bulshit yo I can show you how this one for me clip HD produced has over a half a billion views on Facebook like half a billion

► 01:04:21

and now it will Mark went from having trouble getting booked at high schools to being in such demand 8,000 request the month of that video when you can mix with kids it starts out with I want to be rich I want to be famous and then he showed you as you know what can come with that if you're not freaking mentally prepared to handle that and I don't know how any fucking kid can be 18 19 20 years old is why a guy like him and succeeded because his success comes along with athletic performance like it's not just like being Justin Bieber for you know being some sort of a musical I think the struggle of the athletic Pursuit is one of the things that keeps you humble because there's no way to get around the work now and the work keeps you humble there's nothing mean to kind of work that you have to put in to be a

► 01:05:21

Ron James clearly he's a fucking freak athlete that guy talk around table thing he was doing I hope you saw this with Jon Stewart and a few other people okay there's a fucking nuclear furnace burn inside that guy that's why he's so successful it's not just him being a freak athlete it's the mind his mind but that hard work and that dedication in his mind is the reason why he's still so good and keeps it together at you know what is you 35 now fucking successful for a long time ago and never fucked up never drove his car into a tree never punch the cop never got crazy me and he's he's kept it together in a rare way that very few Superstars do

► 01:06:21

you know it means I'm sure you went from when you first started in pro wrestling to becoming Super Famous it's an intoxicating truck absolutely and it's so confusing drug is the shit out of a lot of people fortunately for you you were already a man right and that was the big difference accident tournament Lee for discipline more mature king size beds cuz again I'm getting ready to work with top athletes you look at LeBron you look at Brady

► 01:07:17

how do they perform a satchel expecially being 40 years old crazy which is pretty much the way I eat I eat I still want the beef I still want I don't even all the time now are you stayed that shit old jokes and eating for health let's just call it that he's not beating up his body outside of what she's doing when he gets hit didn't I didn't play tonight preseason stuff this year don't need that he's going to be out there he's going to be

► 01:08:17

everything that you do would you just do MMA UFC and I fell getting to the show is the thing and when you get through the show you have two jobs one the best player you can be the best performer to don't get hurt you know what's crazy about Tom Brady he looks like someone's dad like you see him on the bridge he don't look good but you know her she walk without a shirt off to go Jesus fucking Christ what lab was that guy created in

► 01:08:53

show me normally I mean he looks like he's in good shape there is that quarterback of all time that's Mike's Dad I'm not sucking in his back he left that they hang out I mean it's it's it's a gorgeous wife when I meet 7 explosion too hot but healing your body and specially when you're in that spot and that's what I can do for these guys and you'll see as we wish we work out you'll get it and it was everything I want to go back to your back

► 01:09:53

when did the conventional wisdom is when it's bone on bone like your fuck this too much information there is too much grinding and you're just it's just going to be too painful to do anything you're going to have to do some sort of a surgery how it how does the yoga says it because I was what is the strengthening all the core muscles around your spine stabilizes everything in the only thing I've been working the bar business my whole life that's what I did before this but for some reason I'm just gifted with figuring shit out like on my app there's a guy named Jerry can a disabled vet in wheelchair for 2 and 1/2 years there's no weight to lose in 665 to 40 looks great but he's got the Walker that got there for two and a half years

► 01:10:53

can we build your own little shout we can rebuild you I'd trademark that name that's from That's So we have him. Now he's the one with the ghost you be so amazed every show that comes up how he gains just a little bit more to incremental steps in the confidence to our community in Smyrna Georgia and we said we're looking for people that want our help cost of nothing if you'll be part of our group and we can track you you can come go do our stuff you know and we can't we gave them the app we set them up and out of the 12 or 13 and started we still have like 7 this is like 8 weeks later in the see their stories

► 01:11:53

follow them every couple weeks will pop up and show where they're at what they're doing but Jerry I got special spot in my just like you do for military guys you know I have been Iraq from Afghanistan once you've done those towards the 13 days he would love you I'll be getting shot down the bottom line is I got those guys again I have something is something I'm about to do my app that's going to be life-changing for a while I'm still have it all put together yet but it says it's one of the things that I'm working on right now cuz I want to be able to give to help them I do stuff with her organization stereolithic people start them

► 01:12:53

Ma deuce deuce in New Jersey where I'm from like 5 live in Point Pleasant Borough Council next town over and I went over there and I did one for the guys they are and it would be like 75 guys they are geyser families and

► 01:13:09

every one of those disabled outside kidnap you know because I just want you to do it cuz if you do it you're going to feel better I don't know how much better how much work do you want to put in and you know it all comes down to the work ethic of where you are how much work you put in where can you get my program meet you where you are and that's the whole thing with Jerry to watch for he is the last episode I want to because I know eventually around to it you're going to be like wow this fucking shit is crazy and constantly lengthening and strengthening like I stretched my whole wrestling my whole athletic career and 3/4 when I stretch stretching is great but it's not the end-all-be-all I'm stretching and strengthening the muscles ligaments and tendons

► 01:14:09

attention when you do that it elevate your heart rate think about this job Sprint boom boom boom boom boom that's what I'm doing my squats for glutes grabbable open it went to 100 500 1520 I can take my heart rate from 90 to 100 4535 like that I mean 2 minutes and that's not yoga that's ddpy and I've been wearing a heart monitor doing this for over 18 years so intensive moisture sensor

► 01:15:09

feels great to see what it is because I know that there it is possible to gain some space compression garment Westside you know various exercises and things that people do with that do lengthen the spine stretch you out I have a bunch of things out back I'll show you some of the things that they the people of created to decompress the spine you do you ever use one of those Teeter things where you hang in your ankles and I still have a lot of amazing things from UFC guys that have the thought had pretty significant injuries handbrakes muscle damage and got in there and had some pretty pretty rapid recovery because of it might my doctor who she's Mike endocrinologist when I told her I was doing it she goes well. Looks like I can tell you that I know it can only help you if she goes the only story I have about it cuz I don't know

► 01:16:09

Shuffle. She said I had a woman who had radiation therapy so she had an open wound from her breast cancer and it wouldn't close for over 2 years and we finally put her nightmare chamber 3 months later hundred percent yield same things happen to people with diabetes so I had heard like LeBron had it young people talking about it no different I don't know if I just heard it so it got me thinking and I just left it's called accountability trip I'm about to put this out there everywhere it's when I move Jake into my home in Atlanta I just bought it and it was all about being countability one of my friends just sent me a list of names I want to call this something I put it up on the internet she said to make 22 names and one of them's the accountability crib so that's what I call

► 01:17:09

for everything I love that home but it was 22 steps now don't forget to my bedroom and my knees are bone on bone so going down by new home Master on Main and I'm going to build this going this place that I can bring in an athlete want to be healed and I was so going back to the crib I'm making that like an Airbnb now and I'll have like the chixtape Robert sweet the next week for this is Oak Island hyperbaric chamber in Pacific a lot but my night I would venture to say that he is not at 12 PSI on that thing what that means is pounds per square inch

► 01:18:08

if you're like to say 10 feet below sea level that's about 4 pounds per square inch pounds per square inch pressure is there a takes like 10 minutes to get up there like you're blowing your nose like you know like just getting it fix your ears and all that shit happens when you get to 12 PSI now it breaks the brain barrier in the oxygen will go to your brain so this is I didn't know any of this ship I sit next to me Brad Campbell was like an angel this cat and we just start talking and it's some point I said man how old are you anyway sounds like you do a lot of shit he says it's 45 maybe 47

► 01:19:00

I know you're 57 I have a fuck you look like that he said I've been living in a hyperbaric chamber for the last 14 years. How did that happen you said I was diagnosed with Ms 22 years ago

► 01:19:17

oh wow and I'm like so he told me that when he gets a 12 PSI and it goes to your brain and this should be layman's term like when you get Ms kind of like crystallize going to Bright alright and when the crystal still up where do they go next

► 01:19:39

counterspy hats became the Walker the chair

► 01:19:45

so what somebody I don't know who the person was who figured out 20 days in a chamber and soul. Consistency do once you twice you're going to feel better

► 01:19:58

no bad but you do it like consistent like 20 days like they do there take all 5 days you got four times

► 01:20:07

who's the hottest guy on the planet at the time he wasn't a big guy but he was the number one guy in the business and he had to retire because concussions well he's back I haven't talked to him directly about this but I did hear that he was using actor chamber help Shield his brain out again while he's telling me this story I'm not thinking about that but I'm thinking what I've been knocked out a shitload of times I knocked out of shitload of guys accident but you know they weren't trying to knock me out here but it's not Checkers out there all that shit how do you guys do that how do you hit some of these supposed to go with it if I walk up to you and we're about to go out there and I'm going to slap the shit

► 01:21:07

the old days you got to say I'm sorry right now and you would say back to be weak I mean that's what you would say but I'm pretty sure Nana want it let's go with it but don't you think that when you were 35 they didn't understand traumatic brain injury that's why you don't see that anymore but you do it when Dennis Rodman wrestled yes that was and it was me and Karl Malone against Robin and it was fucking huge money to a different level but Robin was supposed to be a practice that day in Detroit we were in Detroit that night would work without Nitro Hogan I'm about to do this announcement and him and Hogan come from the back and walk me with chairs

► 01:22:07

she doesn't know you've got to lay it flat track big like fun you'll from a wrestling ring with rubber with Sarah and I said I know you've never swim the chair before so let me show you something and I pick my hands up it was a chair and then I can just pick him up and I took it and then I just charged with my left hand I should have to hit me like that you break my ribs

► 01:22:54

I said so please let me see you do it if Friday was great now and then it came out it was on ESPN that night that he was supposed to be a practice and you're fucking around with us all. Shoot the angle off Metro so it was pretty cool but it's all about laying flat and Brock Lesnar doing that flip off the top rope Atlantic just from that and how the fuck did he not have permanent spinal injury from that and he is 300 lb of the time I tell everybody I don't think what you want about freshman wrestling you can't fake gravity flying through the air Landing

► 01:23:54

on the top of his neck I mean watched it

► 01:24:03

that is so fucked up look at him grabbing his head I mean he landed on his fucking head how is he alive I don't know he's not I miss that so bad is cyborg I mean he's on his head and this was before and look at this

► 01:24:23

and the other baddest motherfukers right there next week and spinal injuries his neck is completely fused up an Olympic gold medalist legit Olympic gold medalists in wrestling and still one of the best ones again this this job which is you know I mean it's obviously it's a work everyone's it's work it's entertainment but physically demanding in terms of physically demanding crazy kid might be more physically demanding than a sport you don't you write up there draw a sport that's just crazy people he had something

► 01:25:23

you're nine shoulder surgeries his shoulder was just shredded it was just her we just all these cut marks all over his shoulders it just blown apart and Stitch it back together and blew it apart and stitched back together again it's like about stop riding fucking 2000 Crown animals bro I don't want to fuck one of those six be there just so crazy cuz you can't control it all pretty backed up and just started and we can talk in about doing something for the guys and again when I do should I just keep it to them just to help them and I talked in a few good players I got two guys going to love it and so it just again helping them with cuz there's those guys are weightlifting running now cuz you're so beat up so it like how was funny

► 01:26:23

and all the MVPs it came out there in just a week it was super athlete and somehow I don't know what all of crazy shots he's been hit with that he is survived but there's certain people that we see they can eat plastic like they can do it you should Herschel Walker before he wants to fight me 48 years old year old freak of nature fully shredded and then you know I mean you really have to stop and think if that guy did fight when he was in his twenties instead of in his 40s late forties been world champion and I'm not bullshiting you what am I clean the things with him that was his last big run for Dallas and call Iqbal are in 67 yards into the endzone this is like 1997

► 01:27:23

put the ball between his hands after the diverter side and did the bag but no because he put the ball in there if it was battery was doing something else and one of my friends Radio Show with Craig he told me you would you want to sit in the wings are asking if the if you did to diamond cut or not that's cool dude I definitely want to hear that so you put me on the phone in the wings I'm waiting there and you should so what happened that day the big WCW fan and I really like Diamond Dallas Page and I felt and I just get it into the bag and everything was really fun day at right quick I got some serious I think you're doing and what I think one of the best benefits of yoga and I'm sure the same with DDP why I said you're connecting everything together where is

► 01:28:23

yoga and sprinting all these explosive exercises building up the muscles but what you're doing is your tightening up all the joints in the people missing that are really into fitness and exercise they're doing all this explosive stuff but what's connecting everything together is what blows out my knees the ankles the shoulders the back and this this is something that's missing from a lot of people's work it's cuz it's not as glamorous right it's not like you do biceps your body get all pumped up you do chest you get all pumped up you look great it's a different thing you're doing is for overall body maintenance and health and just connecting all these parts together in a way that makes the whole unit stronger and healthier strengthening just think about going over your head and reaching up with no but I started class like I just had a hundred and seventy-five people pay to be a part of a workshop that I do

► 01:29:23

operation Beach perspiration and I'm glad so jacked up I'm so inspired didn't feel like I could run to the brick wall and where they are on whatever level so the person who might be 400 pounds and the person who shredded over there can get a good workout at the same time cuz I'm showing you how to do that modification of a chair and this guy I'm go go deep no no go deep before I start with those things there's people there who come back cuz they hurt yoga and I walked in and got my mic on I got I'm walking I go if you came here for the yoga when you reach your arms to the Heavens to the universe smiles back at you and I dropped my arms I go we won't be doing any of that shit tonight

► 01:30:18

what kind did you start with all of them at least once just to try. I respect yoga a movie called why yoga and in it he gives me a camera and was a second time I went to Iraq and I filmed all this shit and me with the guys and then interview I was right stuff but in the beginning wrote the book yoga for regular guys and it was smoking hot chicks and regular guy at the back then if you want to set it and I never thought we would love to work out the way

► 01:31:18

we'll just hear that you put this together 2005 so I was interviewed by this guy from The Wall Street Journal and literally he quoted me saying when Kimberly and asked me if I would do the yoga I was like fuck that I wouldn't be caught dead doing yoga and they put in their movie right where they see like I'm just putting a different spin on it and I'm not trying to do what you're doing but similar more benefits does that mean when you say Power Yoga versus like something like Bikram Yoga

► 01:32:09

to me for so I don't want to be that hot I don't want to be in a hot bro I want to heat my body up in the Colts so I don't want to put myself in a position where it's so hot that I can go farther than I've ever come before cuz I'm going to walk out into the real world and then I'm not going to get that I want to be able to get when I get in the real world and there's like I want to say I don't know how many positions are I want Sears 46 river is in Pegram 28th so that on top of that I don't think it was his to begin with I think somebody else said they had put all those patterns together before him what I do like that one time Chris Jericho

► 01:33:09

so what are you doing did you stand up one day I'm making up as I go along at times I'm probably cuz I'm seeing what you can do and then I'm going to take it if you can really go or I'm going to push you to a different level that I go to if you can't then I'm going to back way the fuck off cuz I don't want to burn you I want you to know what to know when time eating something in Sports Illustrated interview. The strip joint in Vegas and he was the man in UFC it time and he wanted to make sure she wanted to go to where we were and I was like here's what I really feel this shit you're doing is building

► 01:34:09

crazy momentum I go for at the top of where we're going to go right now and so cyclical at some point going to fall out I think it's a whole different thing than what you do and I appreciate it I'm super excited about but bottom line is man stay where you are in the SI interview right so I still have his number I called them up and answer the phone like I do know I saw what you said in that you told the story exact I talked about it like trying to go I told no stay where you are and he put that oversee certain I said man you remember exactly where I worked out with him after his back surgery is that a foul the first one the first one I've worked with him and I'm figuring this is when I'm going to freaking

► 01:35:09

Kim to show him how to strengthen them then after that he wouldn't do it but I finally think about I go to know why didn't you do it again because it was too fucking hard bro I'm like dude 21st of July and I can make it super easy and that's why I learned the fuck off and let me show you how can I like Cain Velasquez he was just down in and doing in the pro wrestling after his career is over I'll tell you what man back surgeries shoulder surgeries knee surgeries and he really could use your natural as you can imagine is a giant Mexican

► 01:36:09

he's one of the greatest of all time it's not the greatest he just his body couldn't keep up with his mind my mind was so physically tough I mean is my man so he was so mentally tough it is is physical body would start falling apart his knees back shoulders it's just when you watch that guy train he trains like nobody him and Daniel Cormier would just go to the fucking more and I'm so happy for dcma he's awesome Sana Thursday there's a UFC welterweight championships in Dallas this weekend awesome awesome and that Cain Velasquez

► 01:37:09

did six workouts in 6 workout to double sessions and however a single session every day before and then you always change numbers I should have my program is something that's hard I don't know if he's doing I've been checked that would help him tremendously you know because this whole issue is has been really his back his other injuries the shoulders in the knees and stuff like that but they can fix those better than they can fix your back the back is I know if you want to lose those discs I told him you can get out to the account person work with you it cost you this I just want you to have the results because like Arthur the results will speak for themselves, I'm a Believer a hundred percent and I just I just can't say enough how impressed I am that video with Arthur and that is one of the most impressive transformation videos I think I've ever seen online

► 01:38:09

that's saying a lot found it on the internet there's a few things that they really share like when Steve first did that video I looked at it one man you don't have got back. We're still we're just bringing DDP Yoga you don't have to keep you up. I read a book and in the book notices 2011 and he said read a book that talked about if you want something go viral it can't be an advertising at it has to be much a super funny then that's different you said but if you want him to be used to things we can do it we can make it in that we can inspire people to guess what do you want to do I thought some fire people so then I watched it again right and then watching it like a fuck you put Yogi in there so I called them up I go bro

► 01:39:02

I want to be I love yoga but I don't want to go for the peeling your own thing right and he was just want you to think about this graduate Cornell like super smart was literally on his way to being a top guy spier people so he's the only guy that I know is self-taught 100% how to produce how to do everything and Resurrection. You baby that video is his baby so he said just imagine that's alright yoga is going to want to take credit for all of this even though it's our shit it's different it's still no a version of he said that'll end up on every yoga studio wall ever

► 01:39:59

and that's what help it go viral so into their Flo Rida I do see you just you figured out the chair as a balancing tool we have when we have some more people just sitting down and we like what I'll do I'll go do a class and I'll be back and let everybody know Tuesday of next week I will be doing a class at DDP Yoga before it's Saturday it'll be it'll be people without them and no energy will be insane cuz I got you counting and you'll see like grab the ball. Grab a hold and work your back and buys here and pull one I mean everything out negative so you're engaged and keep it there what did you do before you were pro wrestling when you were 35

► 01:40:59

I was running nightclub I was running like it was a nightclub business if I was 17 they aren't you have you bounce baby nor will they know it wasn't for my daughter I was tall and they had when I was 18 in a small rock and roll joint at 22 and a half years old and then I went to Houston I live down there for a while and he talks he was insane then I came back for my wedding and I think there's a place in Asbury Park New Jersey which is where I'm from Jersey Shore it's really from the same control family she wants me she already be in

► 01:41:59

I came back for a wedding and there was this club opening up and so I went in there I talked to the guy and you as well I need a headboard to her I said I'm going to be a bartender but I'll be a gentleman but this place was huge like get Ohio stick Mahar guitar acoustic rock and roll Bruce Springsteen Dancing in the Dark by standard and sign without one block away was The Stone Pony I watched him probably 18 Sundays in a row play with a band called cats on a smooth surface you just jump up and start playing here and now had to go to pro wrestling so like I was running and I tried it when I was 22 that was right before I started to actually get a chance

► 01:42:59

I 3 matches I sucked I tore my torch my knee and when I was 12 years old I mean I was like I love football and hockey like in my mind I'm going to play defensive end that's my mind at the time so they wouldn't let me play football so give me two choices baseball and basketball I suck at both and baseball you're going to have somebody basketball you don't really like it when you say go to have somebody when you mean back and forth

► 01:43:59

that's it and I sat on the bench on the bench ever so I bought that's never happened to me again if you want me to greatest lesson it taught me that summer I played every day all day long 5 hours a day minimum Health could you bring it by yourself feel by UPS hooks foul shots whatever you know and then games pick up in the beginning yeah I didn't get picked up now until the end and then as time went on over that summer keep getting better and better and better and better my freshman year I started and we went undefeated my sophomore year was playing varsity so I realize that equals results of that was the huge lesson I learned from that so now I'm 23 years old and I

► 01:44:59

and I get caught in the booze broads in the party because it's on my card and I was lucky to myself like getting into that whole party scene which I did but slowly kind of back myself out a little bit each year for this one I actually own a little piece of a couple of the guys and

► 01:45:31

when item in an office we had a camera in the back door and come in the front or rear suspension hold legally probably about six other people we got a thousand in there I'm looking cameras a person walks in looks just like Jake the Snake Roberts I'm a huge fan of Jake Roberts so I'm freaking out outside the building I just walk in your looks like Jake Roberts / fanboy

► 01:46:20

should the guy runs this place he goes yeah what are we drinking and that's how we started so it's really crazy that in Resurrection I help them not drink is amazing and Bushwackers Miami well Fort Myers was the perfect location so they'd seen all these different Pete these boys coming through that right so I did all my own radio commercials back then so back then I'mma go through reindeer Hulk or Jesse or whoever and I never told anybody so they do this interview on The Voice this is Fort Myers

► 01:47:20

call the party News Network the first of all I just don't fall asleep reading I wore I drove it all the time I loved that's one you supposed to keep the fucking great song that was a man the best we actually at that club gave away it was like a 68 Cadillac convertible pink Cadillac convertible a picture of his picture of me with three hot smoking hot Diamond Dolls in my Harley open Subway

► 01:48:20

Shrek is a fucking car there any other pictures we shot that's an older model convertible production 59 that's why it's so funny cuz like then there is a guy that is if you guys want to read a really great like super detailed like insanely long it's called a letter to my younger self the players Tribune and so we're writing

► 01:49:20

it's so fucking long am I cut back on some of Drake No No we need more detail than 9,000 words and then they want more detail that goes I'm a manager that don't let me give you the backstory a minute so I do and when they're doing it but radio decide TV off when I do the radio spot for filming me in my car and I'm wearing a WrestleMania

► 01:50:20

don't think I put it up on my motivation Mondays were very first one hour of power of what's possible and then they filming it my office right now let me just I grab the week before I'm going around at night and grabbing the drawer she all the money drawers and I'm watching video that's up on Girls Just Want to Have Fun remember that when should you watch Captain Lou Albano he's in that video and I'm picking up the drawers I'm not talking to anybody but myself and I say I don't know if I go rock and wrestling

► 01:51:10

I should have been a part of that and I walk into my office now other bartenders going to come in and smoke he comes in my head bartender he comes first name is Paige Joseph Falkenburg and my dad about the Dallas Page that make sense he said I'm freaking know your page to know that's a little Katie said I didn't like that so Dallas Cowboys where's my team that I love the most when I was little kid on them for the stars and whatever and Landry and all that shit and he ends up together so I tried that is handsome so so bottom line is Smokey comes in the back and goes

► 01:52:10

what do you mean Rock and wrestling you should have been a part of that I said well you know I try to when I was a kid you did what was your name I said handsome Dallas Page about using not giving any more everybody laughed about it so I can get it out of my head and Diamond Dallas Page I said you know where you get the diamond I just took my birthday April and it just kind of float month I look classy Freddie blassie and I love the way that name float classy Freddie blassie Diamond Dallas Page what about it by name was too old to be a wrestler and now I'm 31 I could be Diamond Dallas Page Jimmy Hart you always got the Hart Foundation

► 01:53:10

have the Diamond Exchange walled but there's not a lot of really good looking women in wrestling today I go Miss Elizabeth beautiful witches Girl Next Door beautiful but if I had a whole stable ladies and I called them and they were stripper hot it was like all that'll be a stretch wild shot shot drink drinking so the end of the night comes around and I'm like this page the Diamond Exchange the Diamond Dolls Largo man that's fucking be a double D bad for somebody and I just wrote it down

► 01:53:59

a week later here I am with the party News Network and they're interviewing me and it's some point they say so where does The Voice come from White sunglasses there to time I don't know if I do it but they're sitting right there next to that shit so I grab them when I put them on and I said they weren't there I don't know if I say that if I go into character because I can put a mask on volume volume of this

► 01:54:37

put you in a deep freeze its lights out I wasn't talking to you I was talking to the ladies on TV. Oh my God this is fucking class I can get a Motley Crue t-shirt on with no neck guy

► 01:55:12

I bet Jack Bernstein has his own show in Jersey on iPod cancer country music please a big was a big job for a long time great pipes

► 01:55:35

we were afraid at the bottom of that mods leave this big big man classic what year is old is having trouble starting

► 01:56:05

Diamond Dallas Sutton exchange oh my goodness they love to cuddle him he is the teddy bear if you wouldn't mind that Teddy Bear show the fans what you got show me what you got king of the world you know what I'm talking about. Oh my God, Dallas and those ladies unbelievable

► 01:56:51

oh my God so oh my God that's 2 years of high school for me so what happened was I do this promo networking where does The Voice come from I look down and I always say just don't think it ink it like write it down it's right in front of me this is your spot I grab the sunglasses I put them on and I go to boys comes from Diamond Dallas Page I was born to be a radio jock who is it sees this so it's like a week later right I get a phone call from the girl the front desk

► 01:57:51

someone called for Diamond Dallas Page I pick up the phone I go fuck you Smokey and I had the fuk right side of it smoking ribs comes back she goes it's not Smokies name Smitty's got a radio show you want to talk to you

► 01:58:10

hello hello he's like yeah I don't want to be on the show we goes on the boxer who has his own show about boxing but don't start doing wrestling I go because I want to have you on the show idle problem I don't really do it I was just making that shit up you know what he's like who cares it's radio and I'm like what's the odds of that I'm going to have Captain Lou Albano on the show I want you to be my clothes I go do I get to talk to Katherine Lu

► 01:58:46

so I do not show when I do another one with Sergeant Slaughter and he says to me says you know

► 01:58:52

you going to do something with this Diamond Dallas Page that you were natural like ass many do what I don't know what the fuck to do I mean something in my head and he says I got this friend of mine named Rob russin who is a boxing promoter soda I'll give you the address or something so I think about it and I write those storylines for those guys and then I make that tape and I send it to the AWA no bulshit you two weeks later I get a phone call

► 01:59:25

hey are you stopping down this page and I'm like this is why I brought some from the we've seen your tape we want to bring you and your boys for a tryout

► 01:59:39

we got one question are we showing them tape around and I kind of like your stick and it's fresh. Energy said but are you guys working

► 01:59:51

well well we got one problem, those guys can wrestle

► 01:59:57

like what is why would you send it to tape I go it's like a secret society and two weeks later God just a line this for me at some for some reason just to be where I am today but Paul Heyman is one of the biggest stars is Noah character on WWE television that was called Paul E dangerously of time she left ba wa wa

► 02:00:33

what do you spot open for a young guy that could talk they brought me in all those clothes you saw me in I was wearing that shit in Fort Myers Florida and I said to my buddy Kurt Church who was playing about the time I hit the floor and I am when this is starting to happen like you do can you imagine if I ever have a reason to dress like this down you know I wasn't living the gimmick but it was beginning everything and then Dusty Rhodes and Trim in Florida for Florida championship wrestling Dusty took me under his wing man and he gave me every break that ever meant anything to my career early on that's why it was so important for me to be there for Cody because I get choked up just thinking about it he gave me every break I ever had and for me to watch his son do what they did last weekend

► 02:01:31

do you remember your first match my first got my first match was a tag match and then just you went to WWE ever in our business

► 02:01:58

I developed a relationship that was super tight with him when we were in Florida but it was his wife Michelle who really kept it going when he wasn't because when I call UPS to check in with Dusty once in awhile she said don't worry Dallas Dusty will call you back and knowing how bad he is a calling someone I know that that's why I think Michelle on my whole face because I know without her I don't know if it never would have kept going the way it's dusty know he brought me in and I managed the Freebirds Michael PS Hayes and Jimmy Jam Garvin which was such a good time Michael still one of my best friends today and I hope Scott whole who was big Scott Hall come in changes and tire look from blond hair and a big one with mustache dye his hair jet black and give them this brush cut beard that like nobody had the five Shadow and no one knew who the fuck you was and I brought him in and what is he

► 02:02:58

can a chinchilla crazy clothes I wore while 5 months he's right here comes up to me and he's like listen. We're going to keep you at the color commentators Fox am also doing color commentary with Eric Bischoff with later on the company and he said

► 02:03:17

so can't let you manage anymore

► 02:03:20

watch what I do wrong because it's not it's not anything you're doing wrong but we go with the hair and the rap in the dolls in those crazy clothes because you're taking too much attention away from the boys and they're the ones you draw the money and I was like so fuck are you telling me Magnum that I'm too over the fucking top for wrestling and goes as a manager kinda I said but you know what we should have done is put you in a pair of tights and boots and see if you could do this shit at 7 months left on my contract bro I said fuck this I never got in this business to be a manager I want to live the train I'm going to do it and I went down there and they beat the fuck out of me now did they teach you how to do it first know that what they do is they blow you up cuz that was not the sixties is is different like down there performance center but the original Power Plant one of my

► 02:04:20

another mentors a guy named Jody Hamilton who was the Assassin and he really taught me a lot so this guy Sarge but in the beginning they want to run you off so they want to see if you quit option which I try some different level I seal training 50 Hindu squats where your ass to getting up again and then you do pushups do 50 and then 10 + 50 + 10 what time you get to the third fifty your legs you're not in shape you're screwed cuz we're going to 500 Hindu squats or a big thing a month wrestlers right it's a great way to get in shape. You got bad you're wondering if your dad needs Fear Factor back of the day and I was out to this day

► 02:05:20

I said he's the fittest guy that was ever on the show that fucking kid is a stud is a study did the stunts in Coldwater where you had to dive into this cold water hold your breath in and complete this stunt and he was in it for more than 2 minutes holding his breath in cold water and if you know anything about cold water that is unbelievably impressive + very grueling physical activities not that he was just cold water holding his breath which is impressive enough as it is but I was swimming around deck superstar superstar

► 02:06:20

what's a 2004 cuz I'm going to wrestle until I was 46 that I took off two and a half years came here did the whole acting thing and put my dues and put the work in

► 02:06:32

now I want to go back and I want to show people what I can do with my d d p y program at 49 so I called my buddy my name Rick Bassman and he's got the upw at the time he's got the Auburn area kind of like power plant was the kids are training there whenever your boys and let him come by and get me and you know I'll do what I want to do and then I'll help work with him a little bit and so he sends me Mike The Miz just the sweetest kid we have a great talk on the way over there and you know I get to get done doing all my shit you know and then I said okay what do you want to learn he's like you don't work with me I'm like hell yeah I want to work and you got a great attitude of course when I work with you and we were taking me home and he tells me about how he was a real world original real world

► 02:07:32

you're going through this so we can all way back to my place and what you want to come in for a beer so I can watch solutely so he comes in who's on the porch but Stone Cold Steve Austin who I live with it at I have an answer there so he's like whoa what the fuck and I was just a WrestleMania 2 years ago I was back to do when one of his things always got that reality show with his wife which is super funny and I'm like this is really real because reality show reality show shit but there's a lot of their stuff you could tell but they're like shooting on cuz they want like the real the real deal but he told that story IQs backstage but it's like I'm here but let's talk about the story when we first met and I just knew that that kid like he's hit a couple of roadblocks along the way that

► 02:08:32

you could have quit you could have walked away from you could have not but she had such a booty for them self I always tell people never underestimate the power you give yourself by believing in you and to the Missus and I think it's going to be a huge I love the fact we we get a whole different now because of the man the rock the biggest star in the world is one of us and did you see blockers with Cena no dude watch it it's one of the funniest movies I've ever seen and I was flying home I'm telling my wife you got to watch this movie it's hysterical you sitting next to me and I'm not even what I can't hear it cuz I've already seen she's laughing so hard but I'm laughing cuz I'm watching it and I know what they're saying or an idea but when you got visual comedy which you know when you don't hear the words and you're watching my Buster Keaton and you're laughing that's really good shit and it's super funny and seen it

► 02:09:32

so you know it's super last time I saw him at the show I don't really know him that well but I wanted to know I want him to know that I was so proud of him not for what he's done as an actor even though I'm super proud of them on that level but how he carried us back for over a decade and still did so much work for charity it was mine but no one is done more along that hold my voice thing then Cena has but when I saw did you see where I was at the ESPYs no dude you know how hard that shit is she is not extend up comedian but she was freaking amazing race been acting for so long now he's so lose any notice the thing about being behind the mic on the WWE is well just being able to do that in front of all those people just more like that

► 02:10:32

that's its own level on bike sometime 20-minute problems are doing The Rock confuses me in like how much energy as I go to his Instagram page all the time just like a lazy truck maybe should I plant that's open to everything together I don't know how the fuck he does it the most insane workouts like right now rock is way past everybody this past anyone I've ever seen and and I'll just how long did human how long can the human body keep going like this cuz you know he's only sleeping 4 hours a night

► 02:11:32

Jericho when he's not wrestling he's singing when he's not doing that and like he flew in they freaking private jet him into the all-in deal and I didn't even know I don't like to know I wouldn't be surprised and they shot this I would Kenny Omega who's one of them like Premier Superstars are business right now and they did him and Jericho at 47 sold out the Tokyo Dome 47000 people in January his match everything or 48 minutes they wrestled for 37 minutes he's 47 monkey jump on a plane while they flew him and he put a mask on you thought it was one guy who's the mascot Factory drops on Mega boom it's Jericho the place goes batshit crazy he gets out I'll just deal on a plane flight

► 02:12:32

just to play at 12 at night that's Jericho and the other guys Batista so Batista Bureau between Galaxy now I mean the ears for guys that are like red hot as actors in their all the boys a goof so well what's what's interesting is that this group I mean Hulk Hogan was probably one of the first big guys to transcend in the movie at right now but he got turned off by Hollywood Grabbers

► 02:13:21

the real story of how to reset super supportive home cuz he was super supportive of me right now I know he's got back in WWE pull up the video of Mimi interview with Hulk Hogan for Spike TV and I hope that I hope them do that for me as a kid again so for me to get a chance to interview Hulk Hogan it was

► 02:14:15

we share a birthday to get any better than this brother these guys are going to war out here it's unbelievable

► 02:14:36

I want a huge fan my brother I sure am tonight I got a ton of energy and I'll partners with spiked I'm partners with Dixie Carter I'm partners with TNA and we just got the green light brother on January 4th we're going wide open January 4th Hulk Hogan TNA Wrestling TNA oh brother I'm going January 4th like I said Monday night we're going to war TNA Impact but you never know I'm going over there to take over the Maniacs or come

► 02:15:36

all the teenage stars going to be there and you never know when the Old Man with the Yellow boots might just brother

► 02:15:48

Nidoking would spot brother that I was so happy because we not only did that Malone stuff you would mean brought me in the next month they come in and cuz we shot that angle on The Tonight Show and the next month they go in Hogan and Bischoff and they run J off the side

► 02:16:40

all that is so funny Jay Leno was Jesus Christ this is so ridiculous so I got it was but it was so much fun you know what I want and you didn't spend as much time and we just weren't driving and hope was never that guy to weigh stuff out like today a lot of ass up this late but I like to know where we're going I'm so going to talk to you the whole time

► 02:17:40

I mean that was you and then you also got to see how God damn holy shit and then you know when they go through the whole thing and after it you know how it goes like smiling and laughing with him and his brother is fake right there ain't nothing fake about that it's entertainment but if you don't think that's fucking difficult to do like look at the size difference but Jesus William box there did he look fantastic

► 02:18:41

because when Pauly going crazy and he's having a heart attack that my God that was a great fucking seen you know what I love about slide being that he's a prick example everybody count them out and he's fucking stronger never again no is a go go to move around a little bit come on I'll hit you a little bit little bit

► 02:19:02

little hope uncle Mania music there was so slim and trim back then it's kind of a heavyweight champion cuz he's not a big guy you really is more like a middleweight but Hogan was I mean he wouldn't even be able to in back in these days wouldn't be able to make the UFC's weight limit UFC as a 265-pound cut off for whatever reason but yeah there's there's no super heavyweight division in MMA super heavyweight division it's possible but the UFC's never implemented it so it's been sanctioned there's a 65 and above but UFC's Heavyweight division has a cut off and a bunch of guys better cut weight Brock's a big example how to cut weight to make 265 Francis ngannou Tim Sylvia if you guys have had actually cut weight Mark hunt. Way to make 265

► 02:20:02

stripper rocking Rocky and he held out he's like no I fucking wrote this is me your vehicle and it happened. That's the greatest example of being alone I'm going to written this book or has a hundred thousand times and when you do not like he's one of my mentors without me knowing him you know because I just watch How He Slipped his life and your recreated themselves so many times and that's what I'm constantly trying to do crazies of the guys doing The Expendables as a fucking action star he's in his seventies

► 02:21:02

is believable in an actual people at the movies like a suspension of disbelief I'll let it slide right when you see him doing it you like I kind of believe it believe it still jacked it 1772 I think 73 years old what the fuck is Steve Austin win his fight with his brother to me like a real one like where we live together we grow together as one of my best friends and he's doing the first Expendables and he's doing now he's we talk about I guess is on the set for a couple weeks by this time he says I'll tell you what day

► 02:21:46

remember every top alpha dog is in that first movie cuz he grabbed the mail. That have use of the heavy the guys with the biggest names and Austin said in a world of alpha dogs there is one number one guy and his name is Sylvester Stallone and he said when you were doing the Hollywood fight in the back it's the bomb was like come on bring It Like meant it he broke his fucking run his neck like they did an X-ray of his neck he's keeping his spine together and he showed it on time it was needed or Letterman but he was on and they showed an X-ray of his neck he broke his fucking neck doing that movie cuz he is 68 at the time 69 and he's getting thrown into a wall in Austin

► 02:22:46

it mean he got knocked out by Antonio Carver Antonio Tarver in one of those Rocky movies I mean I think he was deep into his 60s and he got fucking knocked out there doing the boxing scene to the gym to do a workout with him and show him cuz he don't know when works out hard plates the bionic man that's fucking crazy he might be 4 months ago this is him for months ago by God

► 02:23:31

72 like self-deprecating loose laugh does it take until seriously at all no ego just joking around easy to like somebody hacked this is really funny real real nice guy to listen man I don't know what else we can talk about but I think what you're doing is fucking awesome I'm super pumped that we finally got together I would love to do work out with you for sure absolutely it. What about tomorrow what time tomorrow afternoon so let's figure this out after the show is over

► 02:24:31

2 books before this I didn't push them to be best I was cuz they weren't really worthy this is cuz I know it's going to really help people and here's the hook that I want to do reason I want people to get preorder it now and this is what I'm going to give with this anyone it's up on my site if you go to DP yoga.com positively Unstoppable and you order the book there are the DDP Yoga performance center in Concord Road Smyrna Georgia 30080 if you send me a self-addressed stamped envelope and they send me these bookplates and I'm going to sign if you send me that address stamp envelope with a proof that you purchase the book that you pre-ordered the book I'm going to send you my autograph autograph in the book

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dollars for picture $40 for an autograph $60 combo the book cost 2499 so if you're looking to get a signature Diamond Dallas Page signature you got it for the book I will send it to you goal is to make punch of the Unstoppable best-selling book and I think about easiest easiest the only way I'm really going to do is buy pre-order but I don't have any machine behind me except for my own shit you know doing this the way I just want to check one thing and where's the what's the app how can people find the app is that DDP Yoga, iTunes Android droid how it's going to cost more cuz you know they charge more they check on 30% app from your website

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page.com you will be able to get the app right there and right now I'm doing 20% off the apps on your phone not really actually sure exactly sure how that works but I just know if you go to dip your car.com it's going to be cheaper you got to get you in 5 months 3 months is a new documentary coming out I know you don't love the resurrection Jake The Snake if you want to see that we just took it off of Netflix on iTunes it's like $0.99 you would prefer to inspire everyone has a diction Uncle the father sister brother there's somewhere around it I've had so

► 02:27:31

people come up to so many people come out for Jake and say that movie change my life people come and see him 3 months sober I am 2 years sober like that movie change my life and Jake doing the program it gave them away to get wins MTG like going from 307 lb under 300 and a 270 but being able to move more bring the feel better so Resurrection gives you that inspiration you just watched Arthur's video Jakes movie The Resurrection big snake you're going to laugh you're going to cry most of all you're going to be inspired so the new documentary we are coming out will be out sometime in 2019 while talk to you it's called Relentless goes from the day that Kevin Nash blows my back out

► 02:28:31

he's always trying to protect me and vice versa but when I blew my back out to where we are today we have actually take out the wrestling should we have 16 years of footage of this entire Journey up and down and up and down and how we became with the program at eight year overnight success and this is one of the most inspiring movies I know anybody ever seen I'll be out this year and that's really it if you want to get the book if you want to pre-sell go to DDP Yoga. Com positively Unstoppable and like I said I would love to send you a thank you so much thank you very much

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alright thank you very much I hope you enjoy the show and will see you soon bye bye