JRE MMA Show #32 with Firas Zahabi

The Joe Rogan Experience JRE MMA Show #32 with Firas Zahabi

June 19, 2018

Joe sits down with the head coach of Tristar Gym, Firas Zahabi.

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okay alright folks my guess today is the Great and Powerful Faraz zahabi Peraza hobby is one of the very best mixed martial arts trainers in the world he trains Rory MacDonald who is the Bellator welterweight champion of course he's the longtime trainer of George St-Pierre when the greatest mixed martial arts Kansas a mixed martial arts one of the greatest mixed martial arts fighters of all time if not the greatest and ferras is in my opinion one of the true masters of mixed martial arts training but he's a brilliant guy on top of that is a good percentage of the podcast we spent talking about things and have nothing to do with martial arts some of it we spent talking about physical training but then we got deep in the weeds with philosophy cuz he is he was a philosophy major and he's a very very well Redman and just just brilliant I love this guy so please give it up for the Raza Hobby

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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I don't want to start off like this is a commercial dude but this fucking thing you have this Tim Tam thing this is incredible Tikka I've never I've seen some of these different ones online people using therapy things and I know what they call him there were gone I think but this fucking thing is amazing this is the most powerful when it has the highest travel and it's the the best price so I mean it's out of all the different ones of these things online yeah this is the best one so what this is folks we took the battery out and put the battery back in

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that's how impressed I am by this thing so I've had this nagging muscle in my hip and then like instantaneously just hold it folks you get it like red hot spot for me it's like right here I go

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edge solutions that mother fucker up like this is so much more powerful than any of those massages that you get like from a store exactly know what movies will massage them apart from this one on the market like this is not for Mom and Dad you know this for the guy doing anal playing soccer football MMA CrossFit like that's for the hardcore athletes who invented this guy started the company I started the company I bought one of those DMs I don't know if you ever heard of those it's called deep muscle stimulator it's kind of thinking about that before that you have to plug it cost me three grand I bought it it had a really bad sciatica for 2 years I got almost stopped raining I almost had to take a look at it right now I'm going to help you out I mean I was I was so bad I couldn't sleep

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like I could not sleep cuz I was yours babe in my calf sometime really and I'm like you to all the way down to the calf for nothing weird reason to the hamstring and it's not there like I was able to stop the problem there but they say you can go all the way down to the cat that's that's getting bad yeah

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Tabata DMS there it is you know it overheats it cost three grand and what is that that piston dude is it Hammer you or just like this yeah but it has a lesser travel this one has a greater travel so that when the DMS in a little bit to vibration it's not as much your travels not as much percussion procussions what you're looking for and so when I got together with the company from the US disrupt we put together the the two times. Tech company we went to China we check out a hundred different type of guns we got this one going this was the best one and this fucking things in Christ incredible and I hate to sound like this but you paid me to do an endorsement he didn't folks this is this fucking thing you should sell these should be flying off the charts I should even need drones they should just be flying themselves so there's no you know what the thing was a muscle stimulator to share it in the gym this is you buy your own

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personal gun you know and is a deep muscle stimulators 3000 bucks and I'll to lend it out or how much is one of these hundred bucks of your warranty that's a fucking bargain it's a bar anybody who trains really hard at the bar it's a massage for life it's your help you know that's nice man it's like a Sawzall exactly type of machines were there all over heat week they're not efficient the most efficient is already been created so we just retooled it we just we change it we made it so that you can use it on the human body to some other applications maybe that's it I mean it's pretty simple. It's the most efficient type of design they have yeah it's kind of it's really hard to find someone who can massage you correctly it's very hard to find someone that's good it's like someone to really break up the tissue but even if you do like what this thing can do this thing is like vibrating you and shaking everything loose and I have a I have a cone tip I got to send you see if it goes even deeper

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if you can handle deep tissue I'm going to send you a bunch of them okay yeah you're going to love it we have also cold hip hop tip it's so cute injury like after like a week or two when you want to start working on it the the cold of the tip helps numb the pain helps manage pain a little more and the hot tip helps loosen up the muscle little further I am mostly use the content the contest for those who have it you know the experience of massage you you you able to go deep tissue and that for some people that hurts for me it's it's it's perfect so you find like where the scar tissue is acting break it up exactly the surface area is obviously smaller so goes even deeper and and unlocks. Muscle real quick I wanted a product like this cuz foam rolling takes forever to break to really loosen up the muscle and I'm in the gym all day do I want to stay or you know in the gym another hour rolling up and down on a foam roller I think you got to do something though right yeah exactly I have to do something for training hard and you want to train for life

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do you use those what we don't have one in the room but the results of what are they calling Supernova cyclocross but I love that thing it's really makes it that fucker gets in there but this is even better than that I like the balls for my back so I can lie down on it I can get the pressure I want to do my legs I use it sometime yeah when I go on the road I'll bring that ball with me and I'll put it on the ground in a hotel room in a bridge on it just like hit like certain spots and to mazing pop everything loose you need a lot of body weight soon as I put a kettlebell on my chest and you get even deeper and you could really unlock a muscle like this I mean I could really get in there and really looking for people trending now in Orange when you get a nagging tight muscle in your neck and your shoulder your shoulder blades yeah then you're on the map to do a quick movement you know it's scary in the shower I had something going on

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can a car gas and I didn't realize how bad it was and I turn the shower to get something that is actually exactly it's all about keeping the muscles loose good posture you know Kelly started with a book you had them on on the show is really amazing guy is great he really changed my life honestly I'm done reading his book Supple Leopard I know all my all about everybody who knows me follows me than always talk about this book you know he said something so important he said look it comes down to two things good alignment and loose muscles you got to keep your body aligned and loose muscles and I just called those two principal in his book is really really ask and when I saw his when I read his book that's when I reach out to him to work with George because he was George does a backflip and he lines his knees always kind of come in together that's the valgus faulty calls at the focus fault when you're when you do a squat on your knees come close to one another and he's like that can cause ACL tears and I'm like I know a guy with toys

► 00:15:41

shelters and he does that all the time I see him do that all the time it's something I've always noticed about Georgie sneezing his bow and when we do lifts when we do jumps when we do hurdles I mean I'm watching Georgia jump up and down a little leaf thousands of times and I stopped his knees blowing all the time he's like well then I reach out to him I said hey could you help me correct George's there it is that's of all his fault and he's like Sharon and ever since then George's needs have been a lot better we still do you do to fix it it's a technical skill it's a skilled so he does he has a few different exercises help you correctly so you put a banner on your knees and you kind of push out on the band but really what we do is make George do a list or a job film it send it to Kelly and he'll tell us how a lion we are and what directions to go so he kind of coaches us on how to avoid the fault however really today it's about keeping your knees turn to the outside I used to walk up the stairs and have news in my pain in my knee

► 00:16:36

yeah that would you walk up stairs now I have pain in my knee walking up the stairs and I was downstairs just walking up stairs and I didn't know why and then I read his book and he's like look when you walk up a step you got to keep your toes straight and turn your knee out cuz I really and I started doing that my pain was gone immediately keep your toes straight right like toast or out and turning me out outside so I said look this is your ACL

► 00:17:01

see this year is your ACL cross yourself when you turn your knee to the outside of the Titans it up the when you going up the stairs you're you're you're you're a sales jiggling around and getting sheared when you tighten it up you go out with your secured so you caught the consecrating torque is it really booked my husband guy so even when you run Hills you should do that absolutely should always be aligned whenever your body is under pressure or stress weather your wrestling or what not you should always have to work so they can grab your shirt like this cake Barbie shirt is an example in the book excellent example so now grab that the shirt at Twisted here now look you have a much more stable grip you know what is always going to grab some Twista so when you got the bar let's you're going to do a bench press maybe you know it's not the best exercise or not but the principles start work when you got the bar you should be

► 00:17:58

torching the Bahamas when you doing push-ups your hands are on the mat in your torquing even though your house or not turning literally just working when you do that you feel it all the slack is eating up there's no more it's like there's no more trampoline effect you lose more jiggly everything's tight the system is tight and it's very very important of the system be tight end of the week be on the muscles so if you're properly aligned when you're doing a maneuver

► 00:18:22

the weight is on the bone

► 00:18:25

not on the pendants so she put your Witcher wait like this on your fingers you'll see that the bone is carrying the word if you been if you bend your bones here look like if you're on the light and you start putting pressure nice your muscles of overtime so when I'm carrying weight I need to NE to have it on my bones and or my muscles never on the tendons and ligaments they keep their legs as stiff as possible and they take short like sort of short Stepside guys are Mountaineer guys they don't take like big high steps they kind of keep their legs stiff and they walk with their skeleton right it's not to let their scale see me I'm sitting on this chair this chair has no muscles but it's holding me up because of the structure is a type of of strength of an Aggie try to squeeze in as soon as we can break it you know you ever seen at the experiment why because you're actually trying to crush a cylinder to crush a similar to fix a tremendous amount of force however to break a stick in half it's very little amount of course why not a lot to do with the structure future

► 00:19:25

how to compress matter on itself it won't it won't take a tremendous amount of force to do that tremendous tremendous amount of power however if you want to separate the the material by bending it at the middle so it's very easy to compress it to compress material on a selfie sticks will take a tremendous amount energy time you were going outside of your alignment you were liking things to compress yeah that's why it makes so much sense to keep your legs straight when you're hiking the singer horse that sleeps right he sleeping if your lines is Lex perfectly straight he's using structure to hold him up instead of muscular strength so I mean any I get you had him on the show you guys had a very interesting conversation and he was talking about front squatting will make you have a great card but I think he has missed misunderstood each other actually cuz you like my friends have a great night and I agree with both of you but I think you guys were not talking about the exact same thing he's talking about having them ability

► 00:20:20

to squat down really low in the front squat will help you regard not necessarily having a big lift of an honest that you was talking about having listing 300 pounds in the front squats can make you a great guard player that that's irrelevant to what I think what he was talking about having credible mobility in your hips you ever see a child pick up something off the floor like a newborn baby and he's going to get into this perfect perfect squat will if you if you could guard players the best guard there's always have incredible flexibility in their hips Bryant because I always tell me what the higher you can bring your hips to your chest the harder it is for me to pass regarding sure one of those guys were we are nice like this you need to try to regarding you need to this fights did the space for me to pass your guard is huge giant yeah but if you can bring this foot behind your head and your hips it's the window the space that I need to cross to get to second release so small he has to give me one of the students name Sean Bollinger it is cracked

► 00:21:20

I mean he just pulled his legs back how many how many Greg are players have you seen you can do that's why I like you like Ryan Hall for instance I got keyed in I mean that they have this flexibility in them passing the guards because it's like they just spent a little bit in your back in something again and you're tied up and then you had and leg locks and your kind of fucked anxiety is there is there spinning to your leg while you're trying to pass regarding the hip flexibility is so Paramount in Jiu-Jitsu for bottom game especially and so devastated when you have a hip injury hip injuries and you know I know guys who have had hip replacements and it's like boy now then you're you're so severely limited in what you can do afterwards you got to never let it get there in my opinion according to Kelly says your joints can last you a hundred twenty years like if you take care of them he said there's 2% catastrophe meaning you you got hit by a bus okay that's something we can't we can't do anything about 90% of the time is because you didn't take care of your joints you haven't you haven't properly use them and you let muscles

► 00:22:20

type for too long for a long period of time so for me personally I feel like when I was 20 I feel better now than when I was 25 is that $25 really beat up 2627 I was really like hey my knees my back my neck and training everyday twice a day it was grueling but after I went to that system I came back out fresh and now whenever have a little tweak or anything like that I take care of it immediately I kill it I don't let any tweak creep up go go ahead and I feel much more energy like when it when I keep the body healthy and lose I feel a lot more energy I feel better but my mood is better that's it it's a balance between being tough and and you know being mentally strong enough to like push through training when you're you know you're not feeling your best and knowing that you're fucking up your vehicle no not knowing that you're fucking up your body very true very true this about it's hard for fighters in particular because they want to be tough you know so you got some weird little thing in the lilacs whatever it's going to work through it and just wear any say I'm just going to go light there which is hilarious people say

► 00:23:20

going to go like you go light and then you get tags and then you want to get some of that in the next thing you know you're not going light and then that thing in your leg is all fucked up and then next thing you know you go to a doctor to know you have an MCL tear you suck

► 00:23:34

yep and then what was that type this that's it gets worse after after 48 Hours of the OMS delayed onset muscle soreness and then you're in the shower you turn your neck bone something pops yeah yeah I know what do you do in terms of do you take circumin in or cocoon curcumin and turmeric anti-inflammatory herbs things along those lines so that I know that it was Rhonda Patrick just put something up about I think you see I sent you called curcumin in circumin or curcumin

► 00:24:06

anyway it's tumeric is the active ingredient in turmeric and she just put something up on her Twitter page a couple of days ago about how important this stuff is in to make sure that you have bioavailable improve memory and mood as well we'll have to try to haven't tried it yeah it's just too Merrick it's and yeah and that stuff is fantastic for inflammation people that have soreness and you know I like nagging injuries nagging inflammation having that as a part of your daily diet fantastic along with fish oil fish oil really good for that you know course and then watching your diet making sure you're low and inflammatory foods like sugar and alcohol in the NL C's on really it's amazing how much of a difference it makes you if you have any sort of back injury and inflammation I talk to this lady was a therapist in a few years back and she was saying you know you should really try going gluten-free if you have issues with your with your back was like listen to this wacky bitch

► 00:25:06

those things like oh she's talking woohoo with crystals nonsense and I was like wait a minute really gluten she's like you'd be amazed at how many people went in now that I've thought about it more it was all I know talking to various nutritionist and an actual clinical researches I think it's as much gluten is it is just just sugar refined carbohydrates hydrate refined carbohydrates and sugars and all these different things just create information is just no way around it especially the the levels that normal Americans eat them in a boy yeah it's it's tremendous amount of sugar you don't know it till you get off sugar and then you go see everybody who's eating the standard amount of sugar and you like it blows your mind you don't need that much sugar still way it's just way too much and you feel sick eating too much sugar again like you just it's mind-boggling like a jug of Gatorade to drink after practice I didn't get that though

► 00:26:06

they have those things they show you in online to have like this is the amount of sugar is in a can of Coke does the amount of sugar that's in a 24 ounce bottle of Gatorade incredible amount of sugar it's unbelievable It's Like A Fistful of sugar but it's addictive dose of sugar nana I think adding a sugar should get from Whole Foods mostly annoyed gets released in your system naturally slowly yeah there it is right there look at that way it's like a kilo wow like you bringing Coke across the border that's just poisonous doing that's so much sugar oh that's impressive

► 00:26:54

what does it say 17 G what does it say Jamie 3017 tbsp sugar it's so much sugar yeah George is up but I'll tell you something Georgia freak of nature when it comes to diet yeah he's very blessed yeah I think this is just my observations I think some people want to eat carbs despite their insolent okay and they can they can get fat off if they eat too much carbs and some people eat a tremendous amount of carbs and then never get fat and we've all had we all have a friend who eats a lot of junk food and it's ripped they're not they're not many in the in the world okay but they exist but we've all met a person like that you're just one of those guys like if we eat McDonald's for a week or he eats vegetables for a week it doesn't matter he's going to be lean either way and I'll be leaving around

► 00:27:54

but even on McDonald's he's going to be lean he's never been fat in his entire career center life for tonight so I need a little heavier when it stopped raining it look cuz he took some photos for you looked a little heavier bulky out there would you say that he's chubby you notes if I hate the way he eats I would be fat that way how many people told me have been hanging out with your throat we got fat again to the house if you want it won't work and he has his hole theories and philosophies about why he's leave like that. You're just you're just born this way you he doesn't get it actually I've seen thousands of people like he's treating himself like he thinks I owe you what he did but he did is going to work for everyone and I love your just super intelligent. But I found the weight like he's very gifted it comes to food and he does a lot of things like now he's doing a lot of fasting and he's getting even leaner

► 00:28:54

but it'll be a long time for George's fat you see that there's there's various body type you know you do you have ectomorph mesomorph endomorph and we're we're we're on the Continuum of these three George's on the actor more side and Anna strong side of ectomorph is a small waist and George George was very skinny and scrawny when he was young so you went crazy on the weights he turned his weakness into a strength. So much weight weight training and then an exercise because he wanted to bulk up so he's a bulk ectomorph nice not a perfect. Can we set up 100% of the more I would say between ectomorph and mesomorph endomorph there the other end of the spectrum you eat a little bit of carbohydrates to get fat you looked a little bit of muscles your muscles explode in Men in size of George wasn't like that George is a bit on the other side of the spectrum so a real mesomorph would be like Melvin manhoef

► 00:29:51

yeah I like that you don't like Jack I think I'm kind of done and that's more endomorph fat yeah but you could also be very muscular Muscular in the morph is like it like people that have a really hard time not being overweight you can gain fat and gain muscle really quickly as an endomorph ectomorph whatever I might be wrong one of us biologist for someone who's like really like a Francis ngannou not Super Mario Brock Lesnar at Super muscular thick like just look like they like naturally would pack a lot of my shit I'm sure you can pull up a chart if you if you can whatever it said mesomorph is kind of in the middle ectomorph is lean and hard pack on muscle ectomorphic so you're skinny dork and mesomorph looks like a super jacked and endomorphs looks like

► 00:30:51

what does not look fat in that picture doesn't have to be fat that's now he hears it let me tell you something lady you look at those three pictures I go with endomorph all day exactly those three pictures we left Earth is there always tired and choke you the mess marks always want to fucking strangle you but endomorphs that's a woman God damn have a ripped endomorph anybody that's got any more pics like that short stocky Hulk to be packed with muscle Kelvin Gastelum really totally ripped well Dolce when he had him and he was getting him down to a real 170 he he really had a pretty ripped at one point I'm just really low body fat and get ripped

► 00:31:51

easy to get there anybody can get ripped but an ectomorph so think about a basketball player okay what are the signs they say is small waist the waist and shoulders are quite similar know George has a v going in his very broad shoulders which is great he's perfectly Built For Fighting that allows him for reach and his double eggs he's got incredible acts like he's wearing shoulder pads almost and you know he's blessed with many many genetic gifts for fighting no doubt about it and endomorphs are naturally pretty shoes me actor Morris are naturally predisposed to Endurance Sports so you'll see a lot of the marathon runners or what not there tall and lanky there a short bulky you know Mike Tyson look at least you're real messy more than stocking bulky he can put on a lot of muscle a lot of fat now ask you is he a little bit I don't want to I don't want to see spot but he's put on some fat since he's retired or what not right I don't know how much it works out anymore you know exactly been in

► 00:32:51

tomorrow if you want to stop working out there still stare less likely to put back on Friday I have a little belly and all but it's not as as pronounced it's not as pronounced as an endomorph anamorphot pack on fat and muscle real quickly

► 00:33:04

and they're there more then more the gravitate Motorsports Power Sports so they can explode but you have to have less cardio where's the ectomorph is like you see a lot of running backs they're short stocky endomorph man they have to explode for 3/4 second is there a Best Body for fighting or is there a you just adapt your style to what everybody you know exactly I think there's the best body from basketball at best body for football while depends what position you're playing but fighting everybody hasn't fight in their DNA so all styles of shoes me all body types can fight and it's amazing you got to get up all heart Caesar endomorph man but he found a way to fight to make sense for him that's how I always tell people you got to fight according to your your body type of everything that's crazy no Muhammad Ali fought a certain way because that certain attributes

► 00:33:56

he had certain he had certain a certain personality even your personality is very important if you try to fight like Tyson it would backfire is ricin tried to fight like Muhammad Ali it would backfire I think everybody has to start with the basics and then after three four years of training even maybe up to five years now you got a specialized for what your temperament is what's your body type is what's your personality is because not everybody wants to get it done and run one and not everybody is the type of person can take it to the cars and not everybody has a reach-in speed to Jap in and out running think I'm just going to drive in and out like I'll eat dude you have the attributes that all he has he was born with certain attributes and everybody's born with an attribute for fighting in my opinion everybody got this far because they can fight nobody got here this far without having some innate ability to fight enough to defend themselves so all

► 00:34:47

our body types can defend themselves but you have to discover help out what works best for the body type Bryant Tyson's appropriate sample exactly they thought you couldn't make it in the short guy when I leave was dancing around people like no that's not going to work he's going to get tired when he goes to the heavy weights or heavy weights should have bounced around and I lease to spiral out with light weights he's part 6 rounds of lightweight than 6 miles of the heavyweight why because he was play tied with a lightweight just about speed and movement you move twice as much with a lightweight what is your thoughts on on Hart's Barn because when you see the ties in the way they Spar there's some there's a great benefit in that man is a great benefit in that barely hitting each other shit I do that I do tremendous amount of that

► 00:35:30

it only thing when people spy with me they like my new look so like you know people like it so seamless the way you move and I I do thousands of hours of light rolling in sparring but a lot of those hours I would say 80% of them is very light because I know the terrain I just want to go through the sequences as many times as I can and when I'm really really warmed up then I'll go hard and I'll start talking smack a bit in the gym and all I got home let's see what you got and I'll tell the guy when it's time to go really hard having fun with it you know from you having fun it is really really important now that's training for longevity but if you have a fight I think you need to do 6 weeks apart sparring why because of the speed of the fight is very particular we need to get to fight speed the actual speed of the fight cuz you might get caught sleeping if you if you haven't done that now if you have a tremendous amount of fight experience you don't need the last of that so friends know that I was been fighting since he's 8 years old he can tune up just on the pads and go fight why he's been doing it since the day he can he can walk you in almost like you look at them

► 00:36:30

I can get me with a ready with just a little bit work put them in there is going to be the world champion why it's it's hardwired you got a baby's brain is a baby's brain is not wrinkled like a heat like an adult brain it's wrinkled to us of small degree as he goes to his experiences especially in the first three years of his life his brain literally gets hard wired and wrinkled and it gets less and less wrinkled over time and when your hard wire to do something

► 00:36:56

the likelihood of you needing to tune up is very very minimal like friends as I remember looking at the biography of Mayweather and he was saying when you go to picnic to this family is father would bring boxing gloves and who's boxing this cousins did little you'll be touching each other's for him you know he's he's been doing it so long the more experienced you are the less heart sparring you need

► 00:37:18

the more seasoned you are the less heartspring in it you know it's fighting is you just need a little tune up at the end so if you look at Georgia Georgia great example

► 00:37:26

he's super skilled and super healthy some guys get to the high school level but they're broken up their bodies broken their knees broke into can bare their belly have 3 4 Feist left in them do you want to get really really good and then be broken what you when you got there you finally let you know you've been cultivating the skills for 15 years you get there you get those skills that you wanted I can't use them while I'm at the machine is broken

► 00:37:49

you know I'm I'm 38 I feel like it when I was 20 I personally cuz I Spar 80% of my spine is very flow and relax like I use a lot of I train a lot with purple belts blue doesn't prove that's why it was that kind of hurt me of the tried I just toy with them till I'm warmed up I'm flowing I'm not really working I'm slow I'm just in my combinations and then when I really want to have a good challenge I'll take one of them at least guys one of my prose and I'll do one or two rounds with them and I won't burn my machine out you know they imagine driving your car in the red line all the time now that's a great way of looking at it and get ready for a fight like say if you could George ready for fight how much time do you spend on working on his recovery from the workouts like like how do you bust out the Tim Tam machine and Ice things down like we're of you are we are you guys have like to have a regimented program of how to recover from exercise yet recovery is everything so it's it's stress plus recovery

► 00:38:49

it was at that patient stress balls stress equals D training an injury a good trainer a good trainer he understands supercompensation radio stress your recovery and then you have a new level of skill or ability if you don't go through the recovery phase you will not reap the rewards of your training but has to be recovery face not every athlete has a level of recovery did they can they can shoot so as you get as you get more experience as an athlete your body as you become as your as you're more and more fit I should say your body can recover from more stress so I have to gauge how good my student is it has to be challenging but manageable if I make it to challenging I'm red lining him he's going to break his knees going to pop he's going to be unmotivated if it's too easy going to be bored I have to find the right amount of stimulus so when I'm in the practice room if I see Georgia just mulling guys in destroying them I have to make it I have to scale the workout so that it's harder

► 00:39:48

but I don't want to steal it so high is that I injure him and break him or that he made out of practice by a hair and now he's not motivated to do another Camp you know we reach those high intensity level periodically throughout the year and they have to be done in a certain way that it's fun like you you know George was like you know he was on your show you sing I try to kill him in the practice room but I do it so rarely I do it so periodically and I make it a joke that's why I like it was trying to say is that I brought in the guys in the room and I was watching him spar with George and they don't want to touch his face when he was like a Megastar like he was the champ and nobody wants to try to double leg and nobody wants to try to hurt him because they're like I'm not going to come here and his house and try to show him it doesn't respect thing there's a there's a there's Starstruck know these young kids so I will bring them in my back listen guys I'll give a speech the first got a double like I'm the first guy to put them out I would like a $5,000 reward

► 00:40:48

a thousand bucks on his back if you take him then put them on his back I'll stop the whole practice and praise you for 20 minutes in front of everybody in the gym and in student get Praise by me very often so Georgia be like get riled up and I'll do this. If they rarely write actually show me where George is missing something cuz when you have this perfect practice and you win all the time what do you work on well nothing went wrong trying to fix so I mean there are times where we really red line have you ever had anybody knock him out and take that money and practice pretty badly and it's a funny story but the the money wasn't on the line that time

► 00:41:38

what time you got dropped in practice and I want to stop. I want to pull the plug it was for will. If I use fighting that Hardy two weeks before his fight IO I was true was concussed message Jordan pulling the little round who's one more round 6 to meet coach let me finish the round I'm okay let me finish the next round

► 00:41:58

and I felt that if I pulled him I would have killed his confidence I will kill this conference totally so I said okay you could do next round and I told her that he was fine with doing on a single glove like I was pretty to not a single just take a Molly and George one in the next one not knowing that the other guy's not allowed to hit him at all

► 00:42:18

I need this Crush to the guy right he's inside Mall of him and gets it and I was really really grateful for that guy was a pro and I was very grateful that you took the beating that we ask them to write and I know I know it went bad and run for but don't fight was amazing I was on fire know if I see you where you are at your front door was not it was just a fluke you know like this this is this is what I'm going to look like around 5 and I'm like yeah it's good thing it's Friday you know because I have the day off tomorrow night or Saturday Saturday Saturday again and you'll see what they're filming

► 00:42:58

so I have to like look guys that put his can never are you know that's what is got to disappear you know they can't don't worry no will send the fights on the line he was fighting on Hardy two weeks later he was doing a lot of wrestling because we didn't want to even chance I wish I had a concussion when you win in a fight without pulling the plug on that fight I know you're right but it's so much pressure for small George the UFC we kept me up see like we told him like we told the camera guys bury this like don't report it and they George would never want to back out of that fight was two weeks from now everybody's coming to watch this fight like this this fight you know it's been on the what do you call the prime time it's been like 3 weeks they're filming in all this is happening this fight is happening no matter what you know that George is in that mindset and but he wasn't there honestly like in ICU got dropped pretty badly wow that's you know Forrest Griffin got knocked out twice before his fight with Anderson Silva twice

► 00:43:55

and apparently one of them was real bad really yeah yeah and apparently you don't Sparwood vandelay LOL it's just fights yeah I mean he's old school shoot the Box especially back then. My God he just won't really talk about it too much cuz he doesn't want to be perceived as an excuse but I mean how many times of Fighters done that many many Charters to the point where I like I just let the fighter decide know unless I really feel like it's it's urgent which is rare that I've actually have to intervene because I did have the date when are you a hundred percent it's really really happens there's always something Brian but the thing about getting knocked out is it if you get knocked out 2 weeks ago your odds of getting knocked out or significantly higher I know I know man it's it's it's it's crazy and Dan Hardy's a really good Striker oh my God that left hook if you would have been out like a light

► 00:44:55

two weeks before they got it worked out well yeah it worked out great

► 00:45:02

yeah it's a The Balancing Act of being a trainer is not something that I am being let stuff like I could not care less but I know that that guy he's on a one-way track so if I'm telling him nope hit the brakes and he saying we're going that that break and harmony

► 00:45:23

is there a crate of friction and printed out in the fighter where I know you are you all in are you all in you know because if you're not all in your going to scare your fighter does there's that to consider as well yeah

► 00:45:34

when you look at the crop of up-and-coming talent that this is such a crazy time for MMA I think when you look at these new guys like Gods I beat is one of my favorite guys to watch cuz he's these new crop of guys that can do everything and they're there so high level by the time you see them like that the first fight I saw of the beat in inside the Octagon you know I've seen him on video before but seeing them live your own leash it is amazing but he's not just amazing it's like this is this is this next level but there's another level if we seen this out these Elite Fighters and everyone's greater Jiu-Jitsu ever has got great takedown defense everyone knows how to strike but then you're seeing this new flavor that's like this OK the frequencies now higher and it just seems to me that every year so there's these new guys that jump through and you're going okay well now the frequencies quite a bit higher than it was before it's seamless

► 00:46:34

yeah transitions are more and more seamless which is amazing you're saying they're processing it faster to take down like Demetrius flowing into an armbar takedown you like the next generation is watching that and they've adopted that now so they're going to flow into a transition into it on their computers are Computing faster and faster information yeah they're thinking what they're going to do on the ground before it hits the ground it's it's assumed it was incredible and they know what can be done now they've seen it all sibility answer they have this database in their mind of accomplishments of the Verde been achieved and other Fighters yeah I've been awakened yeah it's fucking crazy man when you stop think about when you first got involved in the sport and then look at the level two fighters right now there's not really a commensurate sport in terms of like modern mainstream Sports where you people have achieved is such an incredibly high level of proficiency that's so far exceeds where it was a decade ago or

► 00:47:34

decades ago is really no no no Harrison the growth rate is ridiculous is amazing and I don't think it's a coincidence that the growth rate in this sport is incredible and this is the sport that has the most amount of variables in terms of Combat Sports the most amount of variables in terms of what what fighter can do to you there are more ways to win than any other comebacks for obviously yam and that's why I find it to see the more you limit of an athlete the more it's about torque so Francis if you look at sprinting

► 00:48:07

if I were to race Hussain bolt and I had all the best trainers the best Sprint coaches and who sang both had the most mediocre mediocre spend coaches and we race when we're both 20 years old in our Prime who's going to win you

► 00:48:22

I appreciate the coaches has the worst coaches who's going to win because coaching now is has a greater influence you don't Sprinter say spring coaches say we can make you faster we cannot make you fast you have to be born fast so we can shave off a few milliseconds in MMA we can make you I can take a regular Joe and get them all the way up to UFC I can make him UFC champion I won't say I can make them your seat rabbit to be UFC champion you need a talent okay there's a there's a talent there to be in the 1%

► 00:49:05

what to get you to UFC because there are so many possibilities are so many ways to trick your opponent are so many ways to turn the tables on him the torque no longer matters or Torque is as less significant so we're talking about football where I'm only allowed to do the certain Maneuvers trickeries put to the side you're not allowed to trick me

► 00:49:23

but an MMA your love to trick me any which way you want they're very few little rules okay but outside of these these Bard rules is Bard maneuvers you can trick me any which way you want so what happens if you take your appointment for me is you take your phone into a world where torque doesn't matter so much and that's why the more restrictive of the sport is Leslie Fritz his boxing boxing is more restrictive than white I so the guys with torque or go to bed or in boxing then they will necessarily in my taxes and what I can use more trickery I could be a little dweeb and just beat you with clenching or I could beat you with a trick or I could meet you in the back of a cake in the freezer back kick anybody can generate knockout power with a backache however with a Red Cross or left hook not everybody's going to have that bone crushing power however you teach somebody how to throw a proper back what you know cuz he got the best back in the game

► 00:50:11

you could teach a regular Joe in a few years how to generate knockout power so now he's hot he has that element on the table so because MMA so you know this so few rules

► 00:50:25

we have a great environment for the intellect to to to shine you said something wants to one of your fighters in between rounds and they really stood out you said I want you to overwhelm his mind with possibilities your overwhelming him you're making him think about all the potential variables that are coming his way right my dad is a great way to put it we talked about variety so everybody's looking for a pattern if I do jab jab cross and I do it three four times before time you had you going to see it it's going to be slower to you why because your body is going to eat your brain is is it again this is all hypothetical is just my personal experience I'm basing this on my own personal experience when somebody does something to me a second or third time if I see it personally I feel like I'm perceiving it slower

► 00:51:12

and I have a window to counter you however when I spoke with George Georges at Ricky's I'll tell you why because he has so many tricks yes so many attacks that he barely rarely ever shows you the same trick twice and he's the master at adapting so if you do a trick on him once

► 00:51:30

and you tried again he's going to shut you down look at all these rematches when you rematch BJ Penn win if you match Matt Hughes every time they read my child's progressively worse the third time you fought my Hughes is even easier don't try the same trick on George twice to get crushed and I think that's why Mia as a martial arts I developed like a lot of variety of skills because every week I'd have to come up with a new trick where is Georgia going to shut that down it's after 10 years I've started becoming like a trickster you know what other magic trick can I get away with one time next week I need a new trick is it won't work on him again he's used to it he's a master at at it in my work once on him the second time you going to get shut down while I feel like that was a factor in Dominick Cruz losing to Cody garbrandt alpha male guys had seen that attract so many times they like apparently Justin Buchholz skin imitate Diamond rides in training like that weird herky-jerky movement with hands down exactly he's a weird one I've ever watched by Dominic might be the weirdest

► 00:52:30

cuz you you look at him and he's the first of all he's such a he's a great guy you're very smart guy but he's crazy and doing the weird ways like one things he says like I just not very flexible what do you say why you even saying that like that didn't make any sense to me like why not get more flexible that's like it's not like saying like I'm too short will you try to throw so you let you know you never going to play basketball saying I'm not flexible enough easy fix that's the dumbest thing to ever say I mean it's so much so much more dumb than I'm not strong enough we will if you gain weight from muscle you might not be in that weight class anymore do you have a real problem there but I'm not flexible enough you got zero problem you just have to stretch but he doesn't stretch we were talking about Jujitsu techniques is like I I can't play that hard drive guard the high guard shit I don't have any flexibility my own car what are you saying like that doesn't make any sense and like head kicks and things

► 00:53:30

how much is a very stiff in his legs with throwing kicks like that's that easy fix that's an easy fix why wouldn't you fix that that's good question but but also the mindset of a champion in the same guy who just just a fucking to come out flexible I don't even understand how those things live together in the same mind if I was tripping about making pancakes I guess what I was insistent that takes how I'll be there cuz he doesn't like guys out with his hand so he has to always be a possibility always and then you will knock out guys with your hands because they will have their High guard up cuz they don't want that kick and then uppercut will come The Body Shop will come to back you cook I'll make it back ache for sure if you don't have power in your hands you need to buy kick you need to head kick those are two weapons you can always knock a guy out so you don't back if you don't have never scored Knockouts yeah that's a good point man it sucks when did you see the Stephen Thompson thing with Darren till where he wants them to Outlaw that side take to the knee know I did see that well

► 00:54:30

apparently his knee got really fucked up in the Darren till fight you know what do you what do you think about that side leak to the knee that everyone's do not even the oblique kick just a front like sidekick to the knee the same way you love Romero used it but you're fucked up his knee in the first fight right and then Whitaker use it on Romero like right away in the second fight beautiful fuck up his name

► 00:54:49

I think it's a legitimate kick Ya Ass and kick it it allows the smaller weaker guy to hurt the bigger stronger died while in the case of Darren till it allows the bigger stronger guy the other day that she wanted somebody standing sideways they're harder to punch the easier to kick so you're saying look I want to stand this way when I'm hard at the punch but I don't want you to kick me so if I stand Square I more susceptible to back kick or some of the punches but less susceptible to like cakes or the oblique kick or the psychic to the new year was not now I'm not saying to you don't punch me cuz I'm more vulnerable this way so whatever your vulnerability is you chose that vulnerability by standing sideways why don't I stand sideways because they know they're going to get chop to the leg right there always fighting good kickers they're always fighting amazing kickers when you go to Tyler

► 00:55:49

the guy may be a good picture but he's for sure agree kicker that you're not going to run into a guy who doesn't know how to kick they all know how to kick knee and elbow and some of them know how to punch really really well also so they stand in the way multi has developed in a way that's her auntie kick Antony and the elbow and it's not as defensive to the punches so if I want to stand if I want to avoid punches I'll Stand War bladed let them I'm fighting it like a BJ Penn was very heavy-handed and more of a puncher doesn't kick much well I'm going to stand bleed it like you see what you're doing and drop one hand why so he can use his job from from down to up right cuz it's faster has agreed to reach and it's hard at the counter where is if you understood more square and wait I would have been useless does BJ doesn't kick but then you'd be more open to punches so the way you're standing the way of the boys standing that the antagonist to that the dad to go to that is that kick so how could you stand that way just switch the way you're standing and now it's okay now you're more open to punches but that's not that patient that's what fighting is about to rock

► 00:56:49

scissors if I use Rock I I don't I don't Outlaw paper I don't say everybody ain't nobody allowed to use PayPal but that's the antidote to what you're doing and when they fight they have that very light front leg which one prevent that from like side kick to the name exactly cuz they're always like very light so if you kick their need there it's just going to go backwards in the way to stand that way there's nothing that we had to cost us and also the cost if they don't have the ability to use that movement that flattering front leg movement the way that Wonder Boy does to Wonder Boy is the master of the front leg like he's he's the best of standing completely sidekick Johny Hendricks good example he threw a sidekick to the body Hendrix stood there and then he went to roundhouse kick my ass face with the same last apiece and Hendricks could see was like fuck is like fun okay back shit like you thought like yeah you got me with that but that's not a big deal and then pop he gets roundhouse kicked in the face that was masterful performance yeah yeah it was one of his best for sure

► 00:57:49

what shows you the difference between a guy who is you know just trying to like kind of plot in with the limited movement and a guy like Wonder Boy Who is just one of the most difficult guys too sore pinned down incredible yeah his style is very unique and I'm fasting with him and I'm really fascinated right now with Michael Venom page been watching it juicy is pro boxing fight no I didn't see right now he's okay he's fighting these guys then they're setting him up for these spectacular Knockouts right but it's still that Blitz Point karate style that Raymond Daniels has that allow these guys having Raymond's obviously adapted very well for kickboxing I've seen him in quite a bit he's a beast you got to do is amazing yeah we talked a little bit in the past about perhaps doing something on Twitter he knocks guys out in about 90 seconds on a regular basis and how does he do it he does it with the back

► 00:58:49

he's a master at finding a place for the back you don't want to get hit with his back ache like I know is you got incredible backing I bet you is more powerful than his okay but I think he will fit that back ache everywhere everywhere and he'll do it in a way you won't see it coming this going to hurt so much more I want to be there with his hands yes yes plans are improving but he drinks a lot a lot like I'm sure he's easily still at it and he's what 35 36 now and say around there that one was it what's his name is that the guy he knocked out with that touch front leg sidekick and then oh my God that's been back here to the face as a believable he has Melissa TT standard kick it is the best I've ever seen

► 00:59:49

thought that it did that really classic fight where he fought that TIE fighter and he got his leg chopped down and everybody's like oh shit that people really got to understand that but he probably started kicking and spot in the air and it was a turning psychic in the face yeah yeah I'm Bandits I love watching that point karate saw that blit style I love it I love watching that enter into MMA because I used to spar with a lot of those guys and it's fucking hard to deal with those guys that are really good at that that that fast Sprint at you Blitz and when you do that and then you also have takedown defense and Muay Thai skills and Jiu-Jitsu was like fuck man that's a that's a lethal skill to have I love I love doing boxing Muay Thai karate Taekwondo I love I love blending at all I believe all of yours is right here

► 01:00:39

play that back again come on man this is fucking crazy shit the way does it to be just hops up touches you with the front leg and the second one said he looks down like he's in a fucking video game I mean that is crazy that this guy is pulling that off that was what he was in glory tap come on man what the fuck does that all the time he can have that skill said they they they can do it like you know those breaking demonstration to the holdup pads into 360 wheel cakes and brake pads and there's there's some legitimate karate and traditional martial art techniques for finding the way in MMA absolutely just have to know how to use it you know and that just because I cried I got beat up by a crap it doesn't mean all the karate he's trained is not good exactly exactly

► 01:01:39

tennis feeding Nissan how to Grapple he needs to learn to set up kick up in a way because I think is if you're always fighting another karate guy and then you fight a boxer that box of behavior is just different you have to have to get used to it and then all of a sudden you saw the same movie a hundred times you know how to deal with it you know so I can watch the same movie over and over again you start you start predicting with that the scene is going to be so you're not caught by surprise when you're caught by surprise you're done never done Jiu-Jitsu before and I'm doing an armbar basic on for getting caught with it you know that's why I believe you got to know everything out there but you got to specialize don't don't try to master everything know everything like I like to know DARS triangle he look even though I'm not in this early a dark sky but I want to know everything about doors I don't want to drill it all day long I just want to know about it because when you're trying to put your daughter song I know what you're trying to do I'm familiar with what you're going for I can break out of it you don't go for Darcy's I do I do I do but I am I mean I'm not I would it take to my best submission I do darcis know that about the longest arms in the world exactly

► 01:02:39

do you ever tried Japanese necktie yes I don't use them that much but I am unfamiliar with this solution for guys who don't have long arms. I have short arms too but the Japanese necktie became a specialist it that when you grill it yeah you get that clamp over the Titanic and then you drop down with the left shoulder and you tuck the head into the forehead and you hook one of the legs with your life I am pushing it with your chest and they crack in that is it I love it it's just so good and it's also a lot it's one of those people I did not aware of the danger that that one position you know this a few guys that are really good at it and you know whenever you feel that arm going underneath your neck you like fuck I got to get out of here cuz it's such an easy one to send chop it's hard to see the way up like I got to trade Marcelo Garcia

► 01:03:37

and a weird looking at some one-on-one the training session and he was told me he doesn't like ours but I was like he doesn't teach Stars doesn't believe in darts and I'm like but your arms so short you know if you want to see lawn guy you won't tell him to do there's no no no don't do that cuz your arms in the way I'm like dude there's some guys with the most devastating Darcy like you you don't want to be in there there's a person exactly he doesn't like Lego blocks in a little extra no good but it's so crazy to your gym and you're like no don't look like that's his gay but he Tapped Out Rico Rodriguez with a heel hooker at in Abu Dhabi would tell you was there not a good submission it shouldn't have work all that's hilarious he was telling me he doesn't like his guys to wrestle on my why I'm like when you find Jake Shields you get a single leg they took him down he's like you shouldn't have fell today she'll shoot in the family said but I'm like you're resting is good

► 01:04:28

they're not an option to wrestle wrestler at all what I was trying to say but there's a place called wrestle wrestler when I see a good vulnerability yeah and he's very I think he's changed over the years but when I was when I rolled him he was like at the top you know you I wouldn't question him I wouldn't let you know who am I who am I to tell him I don't agree don't like it was like him or he would have too much muscle right yeah but when you look at all the things he doesn't like that's what he's been call it like all your cartoon with a DARS what's carbon the doors once or twice once I think I have the attributes the Greyhound why would he say he doesn't deserve. That's so crazy I think he's got short arms and yeah it doesn't work he doesn't like I'm triangle triangle

► 01:05:28

triangle like triangles in this destructive such a Crusher sale on arms and he's heavy puts that wait on you know how to control and stylish never let my arm across my bike so there's two things you never want to give George Kimora cuz I'll rip your arm off and to Ruffin Lovato he's he's got a nasty fucking arm triangle you know he's competing in Bellator now I'm always fascinated when I see like super super high level of Jiu-Jitsu guys that enter into MMA cuz I will for sure these guys who are used to just training MMA and Trent they are not going to know what the fuck is them when a guy like hide your grades he grabs them more like a guy like Damien Maya and we seen it time and time again there's a difference in the level and so the argument is always should you be just what the best way to be is the best way to be in a liter

► 01:06:28

specialist at one particular thing like a Raymond Daniels or Wonderboy or is it to be a guy who can kind of do everything really well like George so here is my stupid perspective on that that's such a great question I mean that's the heart of training

► 01:06:43

you could flush your system so that what does that mean when you flood your system you're giving your student too many things to master he's just really not good at anything right or you can bottleneck him you're giving him too few skills that people know what he does like for this is a classic example of Chuck Liddell you want on a tire for a while but he still the same guy and after all the Next Generation the understood what he does the understood the pockets or you're safe where you're in danger like mushy does a good example early on he was such a mystery now we're like okay we get what he does we understood his patterns patterns are huge and fighting and in life. Human beings or pattern detecting machines whether they know it or not whether they can verbalize it or not we are pattern detecting machines that's why I like sparring a lot because sparring I've had a thousand people throw rice at me when you throw your right hand my mind the subconscious is going to compare that red Hunter throwing to a thousand different right hands I saw

► 01:07:36

I was going to see it looks much as this one the most I got this is my narrative and this is what I see and that this is personally been my experience right when I train somebody who's new and you throw a punch at them beef Lynch why you were overwhelmed with information but after a while they see a punch in there relax and they see it and it seems slow motion is at first I was too fast for them too much to compute so my students what I do is I give them a small amount of technique and when they get better I give him a new technique so I want them to get a certain level of confidence with that technique and my standard is it has to be instinctual is the technique is instinctual I thought so too well meaning if you've done it live on the mat

► 01:08:16

on a regular basis you execute on a regular basis it's time for me not to give you another gym because if I don't give you another gym I'm going to bottleneck your art you had become too predictable but if I give you a gem too early if I give you another technique too early I'm flooding your system on flooding the your game it says your game is just as diluted it's just two weeks old would George were always Reinventing George for the next fight we're always adding One U2 new gems depending how much time we have but there's always an X Factor when you fight him he's not going to do the same patterns we did the last fight you could watch his tape that's why I told George why is it harder to be champion in to become champion because when your Champion everybody's watching you and studying your patterns it's a matter of time before you're old news

► 01:08:59

so you got to reinvent yourself before the next fight that's why I didn't want him fighting 3 times a year it's only a fight twice a year and they were making comparative woodchuck I got a lot of heat for that that I check my sweet times of your George Fight 2 times you when I go see what have how hard careers go be I want to watch the fight twice a year because to reinvent him take 6 months we're going to do that twice a year that way he'll be checking longer I told me I start my week and I said I want you to check in for 10 years it happens in boxing is going to happen to an MMA for the first time does give me a champion for 10 years I just found that one when he first won the belt and he was like really how we can do that you're going to read it we're going to we're going to do only training camps that last 6 months you can only really do a training camp every 6 months if you want to hit a new level it takes 6 months every fight you going to be a new level and you're going to do something nobody knows did they haven't seen it before. How did you come up with these numbers what what made you decide I read one very influential book called the new Power program by Michael Cogan I don't know if you ever heard of it I have heard of the book I have not booked

► 01:09:59

says look there's two programs there's either he says it look if you can do up a training program shorter than 6 months you're either Superman

► 01:10:09

or you're that lady I never met Superman a real training program a 6 months long

► 01:10:16

so that just always really influence me I think his book was really really basic and one of the first books I read a nun training and it really influence me taught he taught the teachers in the book. Ization but you've done it down really really well so if you're free to the Pampas book on your decision is just too much at intellectual jargon it's hard for a regular job especially the stage I was then to read that book and understand what he's trying to say that it's like today I can understand it but Michael Cogan made it really simple for me and he's like look if you want to train and it reach a new level it takes 6 months this is the body's natural process so it would be like trying to you know plan to see it and then having an apple tree in 3 months and he says not the apple tree grows at a certain rate

► 01:10:57

so the human body does things at a certain rate there's no way around it you need stress need recovery then yell at that patient hears this the Cycles you have to go through to reach a new level and it ends with a plyometric cycle not today I don't really use that system in words that sound better ways over the years that ends with the Plyometrics are yes you have to hit the speed of your sport so for instance let's see you do a lot of back squatting

► 01:11:22

go see the box for any numbers on the back squat to go up do you think that's going to make you a better fighter no know why so why do The Squatty cuz it'll make you stronger okay but doesn't make you stronger on the field on an octagon it can make you stronger in certain positions in certain positions yes now I think Mike will say it can make you stronger in certain positions if you can apply that force over certain time so power and strength are two different things pop strength is can you live that bar that weighs 500 pounds you can lift it okay good can you get that by off the ground and locked out in 1.5 seconds that's the question we want to ask for sports how fast can you apply the 4th that's power force overtime spell strength over time

► 01:12:06

so when you want to shoot a double like you have to do it in the window

► 01:12:10

so that's why the plan which phase of the last face very important you need to take all that strength of cultivated and translate it to a level of speed so I need yours to change level and explode in a in a fraction of a second so that's why I like things like sprinting track and field excetera these are things done in a short. Of time the ground contact the ground force reaction that the time you spent on the ground applying Force into the ground so when you want to apply for Sonic on a person first have to apply the force in the ground and then I ground the net reaction is applied it to the to your opponent right to it every action has an equal reaction how fast can you apply apply that forced into the ground no squatters if I take you and I make you squat a slow squat down and up that I'm treating you like a tow truck right then I measure your vertical jump your vertical jumps going to have gone down after you've done 6 months of squatting going to have gone up why because you're training like a tow truck you're telling your body look I need to lift a lots of lots of heavy weights in a slow and a slow fashion however if I make you do Plyometrics or make you do it

► 01:13:10

McClintock fast 1.5 seconds contraction on the hamstring 1.5 second and there's a certain point where is 0.5 seconds then I make you test your vertical now your vertical gone up so there's an element of speed so Mike Hogan at the end of the program he does a 4 week or 3 weeks phase of the cause of the links cycle are you doing Plyometrics is very important that's fascinating I've never heard it put that way and I like that thought I like the thought process behind it I I think there's a there's a lot of people that are using a lot of plan my trip drills now and it's way more common when you see like training montages of guys hopping over hurdles but I really have to think that George is one of the first guys ever saw do that stuff I still do you want to train like a tow truck or do you want to see which one you want to be

► 01:14:00

do you want to lose you look at Demian Maia he's like a tow truck you know he still feeling when he throws a punch the first if you know why because years of ghee training is like yeah I train my body to make an isometric old and now your bill up your body behaves isometrically why you asking you to do anything different I never ask my buddy to do something at practice that I don't want it to do in fight night so I do believe squatting is important squatting is important to develop a general strength so let's say you're always been time I checked what you might have an overuse injury certain muscles not being activated you going to squat rack you do squats and I said I believe you got to do squats not too happy about 70% of your Max and do it fast you still get all the benefits what about lowering it Loring how do you lower it fast or do you lower it lower it fastened up fast yes a princess at Fred Hatfield he's probably said it best that he said he's the first man to officially Squad a thousand pounds

► 01:14:55

he said look throw a baseball throw throw a paper you take a paper you couple it up and you throw it it's too light for it to go anywhere you throw out really hard babe because it's so light it doesn't go anywhere take a bowling ball or volleyball so heavy you throw it doesn't go anywhere

► 01:15:11

you think a baseball that's the right amount of resistance so right amount of weight now you're going to apply more force on my baseball you ain't got more Force out of it why it said it's in the Goldilocks range so for instance let's see let's make a really simple okay let's see you a 0 pounds I put you on a scale you a 0 pounds you have a bar in your back the bar weighs 100 lb I guess we're looking at the scale now the scale says 100 ounce the bars on your back the stick away you're awake just to make a really simple you go down and up the skills going to read 101

► 01:15:45

what's the minimum amount of power you have to put into that. That scale for it to come up so when you go down skills going to say 100 100 as you come up going to say 1014 to have a positive trajectory you have to apply 101 lb upwards or downwards and then we'll be up

► 01:16:03

if I put that weight on my back as I put 70 lb if I take 70% of the weight

► 01:16:09

and I go up and down really fast on the skill the skills going to read 101 minimum for me to if I explode up really fast it's going to be a hundred 100 200 300 I got the benefits of a maximum contraction let's a 100 puzzles at maximum you can lift but I don't have the weight

► 01:16:30

of a hundred pounds on me you know somebody who who who who really made this popular is a loose Simmons he learned it from the Russians give me to be too he's out of his mind we we interviewed her to Mezza in his gym really Columbus was great and super training is about lowering the rates to the right amount and doing a planimetric with it you get the same benefits as using maximum weight but you don't get the side effects the soreness the injury the red lining you don't get any of that so the Russians found a great way to apply maximum force on a bar but they also get speed then I will training like tow trucks to train like Ferraris that's actually where I got the term for loose him and he really like clarified it for me made a really simple so like what kind of like say if you could bench press 315 pounds what would you use between 65 to 80% of that weight and digital quick

► 01:17:28

you'll get the same amount of resistance to do quickly as if you had the maximum weight on it so he doesn't use maximum weight except for once a week in the reason why he explains it is he says look at proprioceptors in your system produce scepters like it's what tells you if your arms up or down if your arm is bent your chest if you are if you if I close your eyes and I lift your arm you like you lifted my arm oh how do you know that proprioceptors he says if you if you put on a map to see you let's see you're working with 75 lb in your maximum is a hundred when you go to lift at Dan and the competition date when you get a hundred on your bones your buddies be like hey I've never felt that amount of weight does arthrokinetic reflex shut the muscles. We've never felt that weight does the narrative that he gives us he says because you've never felt that way to your body's going to is not going to allow you to safety mechanism in your body says that this is the one I used to this let's not take a chance

► 01:18:19

Eddie says if you get your buddy used to that the arthrokinetic respectful will quiet down and allow you to lift this is an inner mechanisms the safety mechanism in the human body says to bypass that we do heavyweights once a week to to to none of that reflects so but the majority of the work is done with light and sorry lighter and fast 75%. So what do you think of like Pavel tsatsouline he's principles by the strong first principles of like say if you could do 10 reps or something you don't do tiny do 5 it's exactly right hundred percent I read all of that to Lindsay works almost all of them and he is breathing trainer that I agree with that hundred percent outside of competition let's explain it to people yeah you should train the next day should wake up feeling good okay know why is that possible well because look if it's okay that's great let's example let's say let's your energy levels

► 01:19:19

did people by the way right never worked out before it possible to work out and not be sore no problem

► 01:19:31

there's something called rate of perceived exertion okay so let's say I make you do pull-ups and let's see the max amount of pull-ups you can do the maximum on Apple is 10 keeping my phone number at 11 you can do 11 if I put a pointed a gun at you you couldn't do 11

► 01:19:50

should I make you do 10 pull-ups on our workout now I mean we could do 5 while I'm setting up to work the next day the next day we're going to do 5 and the next day we're going to do another 5 and then we're going to 616 is really easy way to 7y if you count if it if you did 10 pull-ups on Monday you're going to be sore throat Thursday but it's really your max

► 01:20:10

so Thursday I've only been 10 pull-ups from Monday to Thursday of only been 10 pull-ups me everything five pull-ups everyday so I'm not 20 pull-ups already 25 pull-ups I have more volume than you now if you add up at the end of the year who trained more I've trained you way more than you so it's a go to Jiu-Jitsu practice I'm doing Jiu-Jitsu every single day 3 Rounds 5 days a week that's 15 rounds you go in twice a week but you kill yourself you the V round each that you kill you push yourself those last two rounds you burn yourself out I still did 15 year at 10 at the end of the year I've done countless rounds I may have had so much more training than you so how much training can we pack in the week

► 01:20:50

that's the real question how much volume can you expose your athlete to so I always tell people look energy exercise can produce energy so let's say I'm feeling like a 7 out of 10 10 being I'm really like energize one as I can really lethargic feeling like I need to lay down and 7 I'm feeling good okay if I get up and I do a right amount of exercise the right amount I can feel like an 8.5 exercising give me a Hanukkah fact like drinking this coffee so let's I just do some jumping jacks I had the back for a couple rounds I'm feeling good once you get that high shut it down don't go into the phase where your body is beat up tight broken up no Redline the body that's only for training camps for for small. Of time why did you get a little bit more from the system but in the long run you get less in the long run you fax the system so if you do that regularly by the time you actually get good you'll be broken up that's why I do a lot of Floetry have you ever heard of me high chick sent me high as

► 01:21:50

flow now okay so you can you pick me up a full try to be so much simpler like just put in flow flow in the workplace a flowchart this is such as pure genius this guy is pure genius basically he went and he he coined the term flow so like when you're in the State of Florida vote in the State of Florida number one way to know that you in the state of first time flies by I'm sure some ways you've done Park asking like what was it 3 hours already it was it was a great podcast you know the one where you have the worst gas or you having the worst workout it feels like every minute is an hour that's it that's a bad you're not in the State of Florida State of you having the right amount of difficulty but it's not so difficult that you going to stress and it's not so easy that you're bored it's the right amount of challenge so I see it as simple as playing at like Tetris if I put you on if I put you on a level is too high you give me that you can play for 5 minutes. I got him done

► 01:22:43

temperature in a little too easy going to be like this is boring if I put you at the right amount of Level C that's a full channel so if the challenges to hire meet anxiety

► 01:22:54

if it's too loud you're bored and when I go in the practice room I'm trying to create flow I'm having fun that training should be addictive imagine training was addictive everybody what you're never going to be fit but people always go into anxiety they go they kill their slam their body then I have to convince you to do it again 3 Days Later 2 days later anyway dude the mental energy is going to take me to get there like it shouldn't be it should be trained should be a pulling Force should be pulling you you want to go training if you don't want to go training it's not fun if it's not funny I can do a lot of it and if you're going to do a lot of it you're never going to reach Mastery so how do I make it pleasurable how to make it fun I have to be in a floor state that you can get into a flow State and almost anything but when you're out of that. Cut it

► 01:23:38

we're going to get further we're going to do more training if we cut it today and come back in tomorrow cuz I'm a big believer and consistency over intensity intensity should be done one in once in awhile because by Nature intensity can only be done once in awhile if you're going hard everyday you're not really going hard everyday you can't go your max everyday there's a there's a there's a cost to go to your max can you sprint every single day you can not spend every single day it's ludicrous you can spread once or twice a week the best friend in the world to spend once or twice a week nobody Sprint's everyday because intensity by nature and tails that you need to take a break cuz if you don't need to take a break you didn't really go to your maximum intensity if you lift your maximum lift the maximum amount of reps the maximum weight you can lift if you do to wrap that wasn't your max

► 01:24:26

cuz if it was you wouldn't have to have a second wrapping you in a sense but I would have to give you a break for you have a second so we didn't find your true max right intensity maximum effort in Tales you have to stop because it's the maximum there was no more reserves to our numbers are so what do you think about people that that say there's no such thing as overtraining

► 01:24:46

here's that the John danaher narrative and I don't want a dad and he said he really really well he says look it's under arrest

► 01:24:55

success look you can over train if you can give your body the rest later yeah but he says look no matter how hard I push him practice fighting kill myself I can rest from it then recover and have super comp compensation I agree with that some guys have made great strides with just mental fortitude mental strength overtraining the shit out of themselves okay but can I ask you this yes they were successful yeah break down but they have there been better if used to flow exactly what Dan Gable essentially was done in his 20s right in terms of like his body break down exactly knee Replacements hip replacements that that kind of deal let me ask you this who wins more often Russians are American wrestlers Russians every time in American wrestler wins he's like some Prodigy he's where is read this happened but it's really is a technical Master however you have these Russian doesn't win gold medals you've never heard of them in there like Michael Jordan's of the sport

► 01:25:54

they train long consistent practice is where is America we do monday-wednesday-friday hard we kill it and then you rest you say Thursday the Eastern Bloc out of totally different understanding they're like it's volume volume volume near the fight short and intense only near the competition face but before that it's a max amount of volume you can imagine mean you are weird to athletes A&B your AMD your training is just a three times a week really really hard you're going all out I'm training Jiu-Jitsu every single day my average practice is 2 hours your average practices 2 hours but when you go when you kill it like you go you go with all the black belts and you kill it

► 01:26:34

identify the year I'm averaging 3 practices are two practices more than you should practice is more than you by the end of the year hundred for practice for vacation Country Practice is more than $200 more than you have been training when we roll your intensity that you put on the mat is going to be irrelevant why cuz I've also tasted that intensity periodically it's not that much of a factor know when you go super aggressive on me when you to talk to me personally I have felt that I know how to deal with it plus I have an extra hundred hours on you $200 so I'm going to mangle you you know I'm saying the volume is far more important than the intensity intensity by Nature's needs his need to be done periodically

► 01:27:16

if you do everyday sound intensity so how the Russians is how do they structure the training there more playful you know they were kind of like the kind of warm up the kind of Florida kind of like these are a lot of take me to high emphasis on texting a lot of people here in this area where the Russians also are funded by the government know that their government supports them a lot more than maybe an American wrestler factors however we cannot deny that they're technically I hate City word superior but they're technically more advanced technically and when it comes to wrestling they have more of a flow and they're saying they play around and it ended and the practice gets more and more intense more more until you see them going really really hard to going to live if you don't they went really really rough but they were playing have a more playful attitude look at the Cubans the receipt Cubans aspiring do like 50 guys in the room they're just touch find is no headgear there's no man on the Florida Lily Spa concrete you think they're really trying to drop each other on concrete I mean the Cubans are the top boxers that consistently win gold medals but it practice from there playful nobody gets hurt like you're seeing the ties

► 01:28:16

if you go in there and you and you kick it I really hard he won't start with you anymore you like us to Stew amateur

► 01:28:23

there's a time and place for intensity I'm not Auntie intensity I think there's a time and place like Angelo Dundee was probably I'll give you the greatest boxing trainer in history he said look fighting is for Fight Night in practice it's only practice your shipper has that attitude I think that's why he's so good and so healthy today you know because he never hurt to sparring partners people line up to want to spar with him to Joy to start with him

► 01:28:46

yeah I love this idea and I love this approach I think that we we have this attitude that you have to be tough we have this attitude that you have to work hard and I mean I've fallen prey to that many many times in my life or you just got to be tough for you got to work out hard are you going to push harder but when I read Pavel stuff one of the first things that struck me is like well yeah of course if you just do 5 reps every day and then you won't be sore you could do it more often and then your body like you get farmer strength is that worth Farmers drink come from farmers are there not going to exhaustion you know they're not like throwing hail bigger Bales hay bales to the point where you know they literally their heaving they put their hands and knees like a mod five more than you should never be sore if you're sore you overdid it cuz I can't rain the next day if I'm sore by open the wound every time I work out then with that said I've overdone it everything that they have

► 01:29:46

how the fuck make it work out to 7 out of 10 and do them every day you're going to get far more training hours you can have spike him if you're going to spike a metabolism far more often your energy levels your mood is going to be far more up and training is a be more addictive know what kind of training do you do at this stage like you're not competing but you're constantly in their sparring with guys are professionals and Conrad training them like what kind of stuff do you do I do Jiu Jitsu wrestling Muay Thai and a small amount of conditioning after practice I'll do I'm too bored jumping hurdles and then throwing it away to stuff me personally I don't find that is enjoyed I don't have to take that much enjoyment of it I can do 5 to 20 minutes in a practice does not because boring just so far so much fun I'm in. We're having fun you know where wrestling with I think of this thing you can get away with it you need it you need to go there

► 01:30:46

at what we got to talk about that because I'm done tremendous amounts of strength and conditioning enjoyed lectra minute like barrels full and that but he has a different definition he doesn't misunderstanding okay so we'll go I really want to clarify that but me personally if we roll for an hour for me passing like this cuz it's so fun it's so fun we have a good time I'm fascinated I would like to swing a kettlebell to do push-ups pull-ups I can only do that for final amount of time so I'll put a timer three rounds 2 minutes and I'm doing it and I bite the bullet and I do it that keeps me healthy but I don't go and practice to just do that that I never do

► 01:31:23

it's always after my workout after I do just so I can never have a day where you say today I'm going to do Olympic lifting so I don't think Muhammad Ali ever did that Muhammad Ali never hehe box and then it is conditioning Mayweather that's his conditioning many boxes did it always came together why when I go to the gym I'm going to go have fun I'm going to wrestle I might go box I'm have a blast that might grab the Kettlebell, do a few presses I'm going to do a few Turkish get up because I need to have some general fitness you have general fitness then you have specific Fitness specific Fitness is to get better at my sport general fitness to keep me healthy strong and allow me to reach new levels of athleticism that later in long-term can translate to my sport later

► 01:32:05

but if you just do your sport in my opinion your system is going to break down your back's going to break down your knees going to break down your shoulders going to break down you need to stimulate certain muscles that are not getting stimulation in your specific sport you create a trophy in certain muscles cuz you're not using them really burnt I need to work my stabilizers I need to swing the Kettlebell I need to squat I need to do certain exercises that would have hit one of their standard chords kettlebell is that like champagne and bending so I can squat your knee hip and I like to jump I like to throw the med ball lot against the wall I like to do her toes eyes do box jumps I like to very low impact parametrix Alex printing sprinting is huge favor do the Beep Test what's that oh you got the got the space for the fetus hear you got a little bit more this is the best way to do cardio to beat Brady run you be back

► 01:33:02

and if I should at least go too fast we have to run that's really amazing is what I do is I set a timer for 5 minutes I put it on a high Pace I got put a 10 or 11 and I'll just shuttle back and forth and it keeps the tells you how fast to run the test and some days I feel really good I'll do 11 cuz I know how fast I have to run to keep up with the beats and that just it's amazing for cardio it short sweet painless

► 01:33:25

and it's very translate very well to sports do you do Tabata still do to bottom out as a good increase when it says about a kettlebell swing that that'll cook my my hamstrings I'll probably do like hurdle jump like you take a small hurdle and just hurt all over it for 20 seconds then what you saying though like there's got to be a bunch of CrossFit people out there right now that is screaming into their phones all the respect they were happy to do it okay process problem is it's fatigue seeking

► 01:34:05

yes it is like water and burn yourself out that's totally wrong they're not building any skill Trident show me a guy who's a champion at CrossFit Champion Energy to the guy with the two lifetimes to retrieve my screen both of those why because my crossfit workout as going to text me so much I cannot learn armbar sweep triangle choke double Leg Takedown underhook system my system is in recovery when your sisters in recovery what can you do but rest in the Sun have a Mendez you think Eva Mendes when there are give you the greatest pound-for-pound one of the greatest pound-for-pound Jiu-Jitsu guys in the world you think he's got a great the crossfit workout these really mastered is really good at thing as a great back squat you think the great deadlifter doesn't look like it now he doesn't believe me you didn't we think Gordon Ryan he's a great Olympic lifter know that they're always going to be at an amateur level in that in the Fitness World why because if they were experts they would have taken so much from their Jutsu like look at Georgia Gymnastics

► 01:35:05

gymnastics why because I thought it would it would give him tremendous benefit because of the amount of fish about these a lot of body weight so it doesn't cost us anything neurologically bodyweight exercises are very easy to recover from

► 01:35:20

bodyweight exercises are very easy on the nervous system

► 01:35:24

they use leverage instead of Weights + the stabilizer strength is unbelievable so and of course I want a coordination I felt George was a little bit stiff mechanical in the tumbling makes you more fluid I want to see if I don't create more efficiency this way

► 01:35:41

so we get him there and there's there's difficulties again from 8 to f

► 01:35:45

we're still at A&B he'll always be at A&B maybe he'll touch see in this career but he'll never get to F you have to start really young and you have to do it full time you know I imagine somebody trying to get good I just used to doing it part-time you'll never get good he'll be so so he'll reaches a certain level CrossFit is 250 seeking for MMA fighter now it's crossfitters followed if they just found that 70% Rule and periodically went to their Max periodically as opposed to every single workout go totally out I bet you they're top top guys don't go all out everyday

► 01:36:20

I bet you if you if you watch weathertop guys do they take her off the work of the make it work out between 70 and 85% of the true max and they work volume and then closer to competition they go higher and intensity I guarantee that's the best crossfitters do there's no way that the guy who goes balls-out every day is going to add up as much work out as much training time is the guy was going 70 to 85% of his max there's just no way but when they do those classes so excited to do a CrossFit class tonight speaking out of ignorance honestly because I only watch them on video I've never done at CrossFit class but it seems to be there competing against each other all out trying to set up p r e class Cummins does make any sense but why is it so popular because people think that's right because why because when you watch a prime time or a fight with the guys at the P he's he's going and that he's at a point in his in his foot in his training camp where he's at the high end of intensity so people are always watching the last part of your Camp the part where you're peeking and then you going to go take her off at 10:15 days

► 01:37:18

didn't see that part and I don't see the month before you wrapped up to that level they just see the last 2-3 weeks where it's the last few Spartans and were mimicking fight speak to the maximum as we can we're flirting with danger here we're only doing it a little bit but that's the part of your buddies watching so they can call if you want to become really good you have to flirt with danger everyday if that's what the workouts are if you see George trains about the year but hey that wasn't so intense that was so intense there's another really mellow practice remember when I was younger I was training at the Grand Brothers Jim and I would see old is Grant you know he's world champion boxer is everybody know how many kind of like she's the man and he was really relaxed I was like dude I'm trying harder than him but he's that that's his millions work out it was my tent you know he's doing in the long run he's out of the way more years of training so that's when I start to understand that the champion the best guy he's training for the long run it's far more intelligence getting far more workouts in than me that's burned out in the next day I need to rest so it's consistency over intensity

► 01:38:17

intensity and Tails you need to take a break cuz there's no way around it so if you're young person listening to this in your got a coach that's trying to bring you out everyday the fuck do you do I don't know what you did you going are you going to the gym to go you know what I was listen to frost a hobby the other day and frost saying you're a retard

► 01:38:39

here's my here's my you know what I roll with guys I think it feel when I grab them I'm grabbing them gently and they realize it and I'll let them like I like I spy my car go ahead start second row

► 01:38:50

and I'll just get the get the message so we're just going to play around and then later when we're going more intense I'm bleeding out with you feel it still feel the intensity but I don't always Roll Heart like if you see me rollin like I usually will roll with blue dots and robots why cuz I need to warm up I need three four rounds of warm-up Bryant I don't want to even have a shoulder or tight hamstring. Or else I don't want anything type of course so I warm up with a really good whenever they want then I go and wrestle like to go rest high school cuz I'm really warm now I can rest so I can hit the ground or in a position where you can determine and dictate yet what kind of exercises you do right but if you were the question was like if you were a young person in your energy into an MMA gym and the instructor goes to be kind is a meathead right which there's a lot of them out there is yeah what do you do what do you do how you might have to take a few meetings as white belt

► 01:39:47

you might like I mean I grinding my gears when I was younger but as you get older and more skilled now you can take the VIP Lane you know now the time you got the skill and you've got the knowledge you are solely on you have less miles on you so it's you survive more more beating your see those there's a lot of jiu-jitsu classes where they go through it extremely rigorous conditioning routine before they ever do any training and I've always disagreed with that I agree totally right yeah I feel like show me when will Champion maybe it's possible they did who I don't know I don't know who did what I should do a lot of the greatest it's just two guys in the world

► 01:40:25

and they're all warm up a technique all of them gets up and does the burpees before practice you think you going to run 5 miles a day does weights wine know that like a lot of the old school guys they were they were into that like isn't health Gracie famous for his those conditioning drills they do I don't know but he never wanted to let you know what I mean he was in a time and place where are very few people know Jujitsu right now we're in where the the Secret's out who are the top guys what are they doing now I feel like there's also a thing where people want to be really tired from work on that then feel like they're getting a great workout in him beat them down yeah I agree with that this there's there's a fact I want to feel paid punish me you're retarded growth so yeah you know what people don't like that word retard anymore but because you know they think you're talking about someone that disease but they're the real term of being of retarding mean you're you're slowing

► 01:41:25

down growth and that's really what retarded action is like your you you have an issue in that the way your protein things is uniquely damaging to your ultimate goal of progress and I agree so common someone the right now is listening to that are going to class they know that they're going to have to do all these crazy burpees and all this crazy shit before class it's so fucking common it Chris you fly too close to the Sun what happens to you when you get burned by Joe this is Steve the middle in the middle of you going to do those conditioning exercise can I half-ass I'm half-assing a bit yeah that's right after cuz my body is warm and I don't need visiting is look when you do conditioning before you weaken your stabilizers the prime mover the muscles in your body that are prime movers have more interest in your stabilizers so if you

► 01:42:25

can the stabilizers your joint is less stable while you're rolling down with the fatigue and put your joints in danger that's why I only do because when you're on your way when you doing exercises you're in control you're not in the Life roll with somebody trying to talk on your arm Bryant's I need maximum strength when somebody's trying to take out my arm in case I'm in a bad position I need to make sure that I have my shrink levels are there to protect my joints joint joint protection is huge you need to make sure your joints are healthy it's huge what would it what kind of exercises do you do to make sure your joints are protected well I do the Supple Leopard I do a lot of Mobility work and I do low-impact Plyometrics low-impact so Prince and that's why I like the med ball throwing the ball against the wall I like to do steps you know like you have a block on your mother's block I like to jump like you stepped over back and forth so you can jump up in the air but you never leave the ground because the block is also high so that you never get the negative contraction every to the impact of hitting the ground I like sprinting I like so explain that how do you not getting the negative impact so let's be friends

► 01:43:25

there's this a block this is my feet right here right I'm like this I'll jump I guess I'll jump

► 01:43:33

OKC touch the block I'm touching the Box on never it when it when they jump off the ground I'm landing on the Block I'm stepping down jumping up stepping down jumping up so I'm always exploding up but landing on the Block softly because it's when you jump up at the Landing the kills your joints if I put up a 50 inch box that make you jump up The Landings in your soft

► 01:43:57

I tell you jump over a hurdle now you're in midair and you're crushing on towards the ground and you learned that absorb that shock but that's why I like like Hill Sprints Hill Sprints are great because your footing never leaves the ground you know your exploding up words that the ground is is coming up with you so it's a very soft Landing the soft lining is key yeah that makes a lot of sense that makes a lot of sense but what about hitting back then it's the best cardio the best I do a lot of that show for cardio. Joe's with a left hook right kick right hand left kick 3 minutes just before the kick or double kick and I just speak my heart rate that way I'm developing my skill developed in my car do I get very lean when I do that and feel great I feel my energy levels are up but it's better than doing bike or running late cuz I'm developing my skill and I'm also speaking my heart rate a Dutch drill can be very intense on the heart rate is low impact in the supply of metrics everything I need

► 01:44:54

yeah do you what what weight heavy bag to use I use the fair text to Giant pool bag they call it

► 01:45:01

like a big big giant bag of touch the ground when I kick it it doesn't move all that's heavy as fuck yeah it's like a 300-pound back right yeah why do you like that one because when I kick it in the back doesn't swing so I don't have to reset keep that pace really high so I'm going to pop pop pop pop pop pop

► 01:45:16

I know you hitting it full blast or you just so long as I get warmed up I hit harder and harder to on full blast so I might start really relaxed kicking low to the leg then as the workout gets warmer and warmer and harder and harder I'm sweating my second to the Head everything is gradual warm up in only one I've had enough I stop think I'm going to make myself sick cuz I'm working out tomorrow again right now what about stretching stretching I like but I prefer Mobility some abilities the element of stretching a muscle but also creating motion The Joint has to be in the type of rotation in or out why because you're creating so synovial fluid to the Joint the joint is really more important to me than the muscle does a muscle rejuvenate itself The Joint doesn't but it does let his lesser degree so I got to always be oiling up the joints is very important to me

► 01:46:03

Bayport now when you say like Mobility like what do you do like for your hamstrings and things like that if you're trying to stretch them out and also do Mobility so that they stretch out my leg I'll be just kind of funny when I get in and out I will just leave it out there static has to be a type of motion is very important because when I'm wrestling or did you just my legs out there and I'm creative motion I have to move I'm not just putting it out there there's always a type of movement because when I stretch my leg out to stop you from passing the guard I'm going to be moving my body at the same time as this Mobility systems for stretching Mobility there is a stretch element Mobility but it's trash can go snowmobiling helmet and what about yoga

► 01:46:41

I think you look as good for relaxation and the range of motion I think it's very good I just don't have the time and energy for it cuz I'm always in the gym so for me to find time for you guys this little bit difficult but I think it does allow for great range of motion and relaxation it's entering if you have the time of your schedule it's good I just personally with 3 kids and then my everything that I do I just I'm in the gym already too much Bryant right right yeah I just wonder like for Fighters I mean if I'm hearing more and more Fighters incorporate yoga into the training sessions try to create more balanced and and also stability joint stability in particular because you're holding the static conditions for long periods of time valence and core as well. If you can have the time and energy to do it it's it's great and what about nutrition nutrition is huge what would how do you eat right now I just finished Ramadan so I've been eating a lot of processed foods I've had like rubbing eyes like the with the time of the year where I gained a lot of weight

► 01:47:41

cuz normally throughout the year I eat very little processed foods I eat natural foods but during Ramadan because I was such a small window to eat to fit my calories in and I'm very busy all year round I'm always I'm always have a project we're not fight traveling I eat processed foods when a process for my wife has more calories in them you know if I got it if I got to get my family to go to the whole day after no water no food I need to have eaten a certain amount of of of of calories in the night if I eat a salad and then some fruits I'm going to I'm going to be at zero by the afternoon in a hot gym with a bunch of guys we need to drill and work and I'm sweating in the gym just standing there haven't even started yet I'm sweating I got a whole pot I got to wrestle this guy this guy needs these positions like I'm working and I deserve so I need that that the density of foods that I get from processed foods black tie dye take a serious loss and energy and and and and I can't I got gain weight for sure no doubt about it

► 01:48:41

wow so sweet is the worst for Ramadan for the month in the moment you wake up until the sun goes down you can't have any food in any water from the sunrise sunrise so you wake up Before Sunrise right you eat it by the middle of that cuz I just can't get up anymore and she can't wake up my body is a bit of a wreck so but it's from sunrise

► 01:49:07

to sunset you're not consuming anything

► 01:49:11

no no water or hot water will be by this is quite easy you have the energy but when you cut the water it's it's it becomes a problem especially for no hot gym in and you just sweating standing there yeah I know it's in the summer Ramadan in the summer is very humid in Canada and it's hot very hot so I have to be very careful and that's why at night even just to resist eating processed food is too difficult you got late so do you have a specific calorie number that you try to hit no not really honestly no I just kind of food do you eat when you say process but whatever my mom or wife is going to make it I'm in need like a pastor I'm going to eat like I'm going to eat some bread I'm going to eat you know whatever would have dominated dessert after him have a cheesecake I got my teeth all the stuff I don't eat and I'll need all the stuff I never eat while myself an omelette you know I'll just I'll just what we just crush it at night I crush it at night I crashed at night but I pay the price that's why you don't have to rub it in I got to lose the weight I got to get back in shape I got to know

► 01:50:11

eating all day that you would lose weight yeah most people do right after they lose weight I guess what I'm doing the next day it's going to be rough you know I'm not just working in the office and I got to I got to move I got to move my body yeah so I packed the part of the calories in the night before I hydrate and then I go in the gym and I try to make it like no I'm like I try to do my routine as usual the hydrating Parts got to be the most difficult to be exhausting that stuff I've actually gone to training camps while there no yeah yeah yeah very dangerous in my opinion and the risky volume one he want God bless him he's crazy he was doing one of them that I was telling him off I'll listen you can't book a flight to do wrong then it's one of the other the other day you're wrong with on after the fight but not doing the camp this is too risky is too dangerous right and there's literally sparring it was literally spark why you look so fly

► 01:51:11

Ramadan I said dude yeah they do Ramadan and cancel your fight or you book your flight is Ramadan after the two is dangerous did this not the Ramadan is not about putting yourself in danger can you do Ramadan anytime you want if it if it interferes with your work you can do it after when it's convenient okay so you don't have to do it uniformly do it when everyone else is doing though because it's a he has a Facebook it's his career that I put food on the table so you have an exception here okay do your Ramadan after your fight like friends bektic news I bet that he's doing is Ramadan after he just bought he's doing it afterwards why because they're doing Ramadan and we're canceling the fight or you going to take your do your job and you do wrong then after he was like oh can I understand that's the way it's done you know he looked fantastic did against doesn't mean it's just my mom is rather this is a very tough veteran mean it's been around yes he's fought the best of the best he's a spot for the title and that was a

► 01:52:10

really really professional performance by Ricardo came to win also experimenting with the creep creepy mustache super impressed with the way he handled llamas because Lamas is he promises as well-rounded as you're going to get wrestlers that great striking great submission skills a pretty much does any seen so much that for him to win and win down the stretch like he was overwhelming deep into the second and third I was like well this is a guy that's clearly hitting his stride and hitting the next level

► 01:52:55

yeah you did a good job now when a guy like that is coming off of a fight like to Darren Elkins fight how do you how do you build them back up after that fight

► 01:53:04

well you know what I feel like he was trying to do too much and you wear himself out in Elkins is one of those guys were if you give him a window on the fight over you know he's he's one of those those guys who is dangerous he knows what to do in the right in the particular situation is I got panic and you found the right woman to be by your side I think just move over work himself and he didn't find Pockets to the things you cannot exert yourself at a maximum Pace Forever Recovery and get back to it yeah I felt like he just over extended himself in the fight I feel like that was the case too but it's how do you know when to extend mean how do you know when to push the ideas are you want to break your opponent right so how do you know when you're breaking yourself how do you know when your opponent has too much gas your not going to be like a garlic Elkins is famous for his durability in his heart so he's he's an interesting case yeah I think I think of the master of that is George George recovers in the round we always talk about recovering in the round and never showing the guy at your maximum Point like they were fighting mean you and I see you back off cuz you're tired you're having about a noose

► 01:54:04

breaking point now I know that if I push this pace a little bit more you're going to break there's no more reserves however if you get to about 70% of your fatigue and then you start circling and I I see you shortly but I don't see your fatigue you just doing that as a as a as a decoy your mind games with me but really recovery you're playing mind games with me or circling your tying me up and ways are you know that I'm never going to go over 70% I'm never going to Red Lion in the fight only at the last bit of the fight of my going to redline because I have a reserve in case things go wrong I have a reserve to explode out of a position that I might need so the only times I would red line is if I'm having trouble in the fight and I have to go all in because if I can be over or it's the end of the fight guys go all-in around one for me eventually they will lose because some guys going to whether that storm side step is going to put the kill on you when you're when you're in recovery mode warlock Francis ngannou and Steve Bay miocic write Francis came out guns blazing and blues Wad and then in the second and the third

► 01:55:04

eBay took over when you go for the kill you risking losing the decision or least afterwards if you don't get the kill if you overextend if you go all-in yeah there's no Reserve

► 01:55:15

you better get that killed cuz you don't what's amazing is that when guys go all-in in the first round even if they're in great shape sometimes they don't recover enough to complete the fight right if the guy they're fighting is skilled enough to not allow them. Yeah

► 01:55:28

you know if you roll with a blue belt will never get tired he doesn't have the skill to make me work right however if I'm with a black belt and I got exhausted and now he's making me work right I may never recover all right right yeah that's it it's Sports not just it's also

► 01:55:45

the way you go out if you go out full clip in that first round you you have essentially sprinted yourself into a position where you're just so diminished the so many fighters are like that right Connors kind of a good example that Connor is fantastic in the beginning of a fight right but man he gets them third fourth and fifth rounds and he takes it like the Nate Diaz fight II by eating human and turned and walked away from him honey comes very human needed that break so badly when you see that do you think that that is a case of you and I don't want you to give way too much cuz you know George potentially wants to fight at the right right do you think that that's a case of poor conditioning do you think that is a lack of experience in handling those moments cuz he's so used to overwhelming people and taking them out early what do you think that is I think that it's partly genetic real yes because you see I called the touch of death United

► 01:56:45

last time the supposed death comes at a cost how do you have the touch of death where does power come from okay well if you look at Michael Colgan or were talking about earlier he has he has a criteria for power but to the best of his knowledge is the way you please power comes from okay so I can teach Usain Bolt to be powerful I can only make him faster but where that the initial power come from number one on the list number one is where your muscles attachable genetic so Tyson hits. Because it's coach. I'm out of here. Hook he could have hit a left hook like that if you had a mediocre trainer it has to do with the average of his boats a friend since you know if I'm going to imagine how to look like a I really have you pulled that weighs 100 lb and I want to extend it up well depending on where I grab it I'm going to have more resistance or less resistance if I grab it near the end I have more leverage so where your muscles attach to your bone

► 01:57:40

is going to is going to dictate how much leverage you get out of it second most important element is the type of muscle fiber you have that type so if you have a fast twitch muscle fiber

► 01:57:50

you can hold less oxygen but I can switch faster Prince the name so if you're slow twitch muscle fiber guy you can metabolize more oxygen but you can't switches fast so there's a given take Nick Diaz exactly so you have a guy that needs to knock out with volume with one shot they could look at BJ Penn it's Ron when he doesn't knock you out likelihood of knock you out around with less bright Diaz is the opposite of him knocking out around 3 is higher than one yeah because of the cumulative at the attack yeah McGregor look at his stats till around 1 knockout run one knockout round round round to knock out he's fast which high leverage that time yeah if you take him into deep Waters his fast twitch muscle fibers cannot metabolize isn't with Mayweather me over there so smart he let him work

► 01:58:35

she look McGregor work for 3 Rounds yeah I knew you getting excited keep working keep working and we have nothing left I'm going to put you out you know what you there was such a brilliant strategy it was it was so obvious how much more efficient he was exactly know and more relaxed Connor had his moments early in the fight where he had him with some unorthodox punches and some some weird movement but after a while I was just my phone both have had a brilliant performance cuz when McGregor date to go in his world it was just crazy crazy that that it even happened to really stop and think about it was almost like the world got a magic trick it was unbelievable I want George fight Mayweather I can bother you fight Mayweather you fight like it's crazy I know it's crazy but I bet Mayweather would do it but that's what I'm saying wait the find a catch-weight do you think Mayweather is worth is going to get concussions but all the top countries in the world right he's just got to worry about Georges volume and reach but he can handle himself and George can handle himself for the whole world

► 01:59:35

into that one you don't I'm saying you're selling it doesn't want to fight a smaller guy just want to call out of some other guy so I have to come for me whether there's another big money fight yep but is it a bit as big money fight that's the thing the real big-money fight is in somehow or another McGregor convincing the world that he could beat him in a second fight like I know that yes I thought it's a heart sounds are it's out we bought that one already yeah and doing it with small gloves and no kicks never there was there was some talk of that and people like Wars is talk coming from I don't know if it was legit or not I called Dana Dana said it's a hundred percent bullshit yeah but so if McGregor wants to throw a kick you throw a kick right it has to be gentleman's rule to remember when that happened with Tim Sylvia and Ray Mercer

► 02:00:31

no Tim Sylvia for a mercer and they had originally been scheduled for the boxing match gentleman's rule split the commission said they wouldn't sanction the fights not because Tim Sylvia doesn't have any pro boxing Spears Ray Mercer Olympic gold medalist former world champion and they decided to have an MMA fight but they had a gentleman's agreement to not throw kicks Tim opens up with inside leg kick you see the fight that I didn't. I just forgot it starts off and Tim Sylvia immediately all this is go before this go before this is that's the KO if you go before this they open up and Tim kick some right away and let me put this ass. You motherfucker I can't believe this shit that's why he ain't even look and then he had some ways. You say that one more time

► 02:01:23

I mean come on son and that's like a 50 year old Ray Mercer the tile wow that's why he couldn't believe it it's like I thought we were a man so they made a gentleman's agreement and Tim Sylvia's like yeah whatever dude but he paid for that I mean he got starched that was that's it's also the difference in skill level you see a guy like Ray Mercer who's seen all these patterns and a guy like Tim Sylvia is just so used to MMA fighter striking it's a different different speed also it is how much does it help fighters to cross-train in these different disciplines and how difficult is it to take those skills and then to put them into their overall anime I think it's beneficial if you do to a certain degree because if you go to my sassy always part of the pro boxers there's a distance it's not realistic KissAnime you're further away from each other so when I get to the distance

► 02:02:23

grab me however it because there's more punches per second

► 02:02:27

it's more of an intensive training so if you can deal with that speed of training then later when I put you in an amazing when it's slower a little bit so there's that element there's a balancing actress there was a boxing with pro boxer than theirs doing it too much then when your spine with MMA fighter it's harder to hit the MMA fighter than it is for me to hit the boxer Bryant because we're in a different pattern of a different world I want to do so bitter that not too much is there are there any patterns that people pick up in boxing the become a real problem when you add in elbows and when you duck down some Head Start located in a duck down dude you do that once with me I'm throwing a left kick right after my Ram 3 of shallow right hand middle Essex coming upstairs and when you slip your sleeping right into the cake Jon Jones Daniel Cormier exactly mean that was a pattern that John Cena and Dave and talked about it beforehand with Janet said don't think you going to hit me with that left high kick we just kind of crazy and see how it went down yeah that's a weird thing when people just develop a sort of pattern that they just keep repeating over and over again.

► 02:03:27

sexual you want to take it out though good luck good luck taking it out and it's not that's one of the things that when you see people learning technique one of the more difficult things to relearn something once you learn it one way when with the chicken in particular when they get tired or when they get nervous they revert back to their old way of kicking and you see it especially learn that young hardwired how do you get a guy out of that I haven't been very successful expensive if I think I was been kicking Taekwondo his entire life and then I try to teach him but I kick it's not that easy. That's why I believe when you're young you have to have a diversity have to learn how to kick like that I like at that condo guy like a karate guy like a kickboxer never right and then you can go out there and you can morph your style

► 02:04:17

you can exchange from one stop speaking to another however if she done 10 years of one way and you were hard wire that way it's very difficult almost not worth it to redo it just let him keep the way he kicks yeah it's not worth it not worth it no because you're going to treat me for so many hours then he's going to go in there he's going to revert back like you said when he's under the pressure and the stress is going to revert back to what he normally does when he's a little bit tired cuz it's more efficient for him so you're asking him not to do something new is there any way to rewire a person's brain not that I know of not nothing that not of course you can you can change someone's Behavior absolutely but if it's hardwired from a young age I were talking about it's a long-term project do you have the amount of time you could do it but it's a lot of time and energy and it's painful it's painful to undo an old weigh

► 02:05:05

damn it's a lot of energy the guy was feel tired of the Galaxy Lil Sluggers to go feel uncomfortable because he's doing something inefficient you see those patterns though where will you watch a guy fighting you go man why does he always do that he's always throwing these wide looping punches like why can't he throw efficient smooth technical punches he might have learned I've had that problem they learned it wrong early on in the car and then when they get to you they're good enough to get to you they're good enough to come here to go see another they want that next to the devil and you're working with us too I think Wes so many in efficiencies

► 02:05:40

you got to remove them one by one Jet Li if you try to recall him you just confused but he just doesn't know what to do anymore what would you want me to do coach like I'm totally lost its it's like I was like a scientific experiment one variable if you change too many things we don't know what caused with anyone you're in that you're in a chaotic now you're not going to world of chaos he doesn't know what works anymore you don't know what's wrong and I know one thing at a time we don't want to flood you I wouldn't want to bottleneck you what we're taking you from one place to another one step at a time gently and you have to ask yourself what's the one thing I can help this guy with the one thing that will change the rest of the system does the most poor thing I'm going to do that one thing at a time

► 02:06:19

so when you see a guy and say like he's got a kilkishen background or something like that and you see he throws kicks but he keeps Landing with the InStep you just let him keep doing it like that yeah how many years he has and how much time we have for the next fight cuz I believe they can work it works still try to get some boxing and then his karate shine even more cuz you can Brides yeah that does seem to be the problem is when I mean Taekwondo guys in particular they don't punch to the face so when they get in the sparring situations in the first thing I do it and we saw it was Raymond Daniels early in his career as well just have the hardest time with the hands so you can take a guy like that and just have them only box or I would make him box a lot and that'll open up his kicks even more definitely no doubt about it specially with his reach and his his his distances for work that he has you could look up he could do a lot more

► 02:07:19

do you write all this stuff down like your thoughts on these things I know you do you YouTube series and you have but if you ever considered putting on a book on your ideas about I'm a man I'm reading a book by it's more of us it was more of a philosophy book then I have a background Philosophy degree in philosophy so I spent a lot of time just contemplating things so I do a lot of fight philosophy stuff I write it down publish a book not really interested in that to be honest with you I'm more interested in going in Flushing right about philosophy not so much MMA leg philosophy about you with reality of paradigms you know how how we see the world and I will what what is truth what is reality this kind of thing I know it sounds weird that coming from the MMA close but I do a lot of philosophy on my own personal personal life I don't think it's weird at all I'm going to think that what you do is essentially you're taking Fighters and preparing them for one of the most difficult challenges in all professional sports and I don't think there's I'll do this more difficult challenge outside of War yeah you know or being a firefighter or Police Officer William

► 02:08:19

putting your life in danger but I think yet Combat Sports or just it's extremely difficult to do and to be able to do like what you've done with George and what George is done as well mean when you guys are done together it's just incredible accomplishment and especially him coming back after 4 years off and looking better than he ever look in the past that was what was crazy when he came back and the fluidity of his combinations the way you looked in the way you suck that rear naked choke that was a rare rear naked choke in MMA where the blade of the hand was on the back of the neck and it was just fully sunken you know that that you know how we see guys get the choke but you seen that can Shamrock style back up north after this I'll never talk to this you put me on if it has not behind because you'd rather get put put out when I was really one of my students yesterday

► 02:09:16

and I let him take my other guy was kind of toying with him and let him take my back and he was stronger than I thought he was like I haven't wrote wrestle with him in 10 years I just brought a YouTube video of meet him if you guys want to put it up over be funny but at this is we're rolling off camera and I kind of let him take my back and I'll never give up my bike but some of these purple belts I'll just kind of toying with him a little and he put a choke in and I was like okay let's see if you can finish finish it then I will send you gotten deeper and he didn't have the hand behind my head so like I'm going to stop the way I talk to this impossible feels like you should know better okay if I wanted to be that stupid I just took his hand out that I can reach your hand right it's not actually behind and I got out I'm never talk to this man ever so he's doing this is like here MMA gloves or not really I mean

► 02:10:16

would never talk to this like even practice cuz it's not on the truck is not on right right right yeah there's definitely a difference but some guys have gotten it even in the UFC with just a gave the guy the guy who's being choked works why would I why would I type I can hold your hand I can grab onto it right right right yeah it's funny that in the early days that it was how everyone didn't ruin it really is panic oxygen is lower

► 02:10:54

and you're topping but you're not going to go out to people just didn't know any better they thought that that was okay to do right. That Palm in the back of the head was okay to do I don't know who figured out how to do this is okay I'm going to guess that it has to be unreachable if I can reach it I'm not typing right now I'm not that kind of commitment what's your feeling now on topping because here's the thing about tapping like this I've had some injuries where I fuck I should just tap and I got out of it and I kept rolling and then my elbows fucked I can't do chin-ups for a couple months quick

► 02:11:35

I don't have to strangle holds easily except for Gill things I feel like at work my neck but if you're naked there's no joint issue so I won't tap I'm as stubborn as the next guy my joints I talk by the way I don't I don't put any miles on my joints but I want to be as good as I can be as healthy as I can because I want to roll to let you know that the week before I die I want to be rolling the week before well that's still the ultimate goal that very few people ever achieved most everybody knows so many Jiu-Jitsu guys there so busted up Eddie Bravo has an artificial disc in his lower back both of his shoulders are completely fucked and he's trying to avoid surgery on his shoulders and he's need to write it down put it on he had a bucket handle tear so we got his meniscus repaired but his his ACL was at least partially torn and he is letting it heal but I'm very skeptical about

► 02:12:35

able to just let partial detail tears and easy else here cuz I feel like yeah you let it heal but and healed with like 60% of its original strength like you might have let it heal but yeah you know what they're doing that was really fast any dr. Roddy McGee out of Las Vegas who does a lot of work with UFC fighters he's showing me that they're taking torn ACL is completely torn and it said of replacing it now with a cadaver graft or patella tendon graft they actually take that ligament and can reattach it and in 3 months they had someone competing in the Olympics really yes really dr. Roddy McGee wow yeah Cutting Edge in America operation they're taking this broken leg and they obviously have to do it quick before pulls back and then into Centigrades but when it gets too late they get the torrent the tearing it they reattach it and they'd be so the shit out of this thing they've got like stitches in

► 02:13:35

it's all weirdly bound up and then it reattaches every attaches and actually grows prices your original ligament as well as not you know what's the way better that your body can reject or something that you're in no you don't have to compromise your patella tendon you know I don't know how George had his done did he do the patella tendon graft I feel like you did with the only time she could ever took his own both ways but both times the same way I think so yeah I think so you know if I remember correct Matt Matt Brown just did a hamstring he just had his done and they did a hamstring and he said it's he feels pretty good already he said yeah

► 02:14:17

the scary injury both done one with the patella tendon graft and one with a cadaver the cadaver was much easier for me really yeah it took yeah I don't see the thing about it take you're not taking the idea what happens with a cadaver as people think that your your body takes it like an artificial heart know or like a you know the transplanted heart it actually uses it as a scaffolding to Reaper liberate with your own cells and I think part of the problem is it gives you the feeling that it stronger than it is early on you like a bump ready to go I'm ready to go and start you mean everybody wants to start rolling again everybody wants to start training again and so I think some guys just get in there a little bit too early and they do something and it pops and they go oh it didn't take well is that really the case or did you just put too much stress on it too early on I thought the fear was it can reject your body can reject it I've heard of that but I think that's extremely rare

► 02:15:17

what what's more common is that if they say it doesn't take like that it didn't but I think what I hear from MMA guys it's like I know you are a meathead I know you guys are savages you get in there and you training hard way earlier than you should be and then it fucks up again I mean there's a bunch of guys I've got an ACL surgery and then in the recovery process blew it out again it happens really, and then they're back to square one again it's all there it is I mean even the even though I mean it to to explain something and it's it's really just it's narratives that's why we are explanations or 99% of the time just narratives and then to weed out there it is and not use them is very difficult and also it when you mean by that logical arguments empirical observations and then there are narratives we tell ourselves why things are happening around this all the time and it's 99% of the time it's wrong but we believe it we tell ourselves out there to try to work around that is actually quite difficult

► 02:16:17

my friend since I was in the field of philosophy in a few give an argument she give a deductive argument the argument has to conclude the conclusion I have no other possibility you can be Northern possibly all your promises have to be valid and sound and there can be no other possibility when I say hey my ligament didn't take there's a foul that's an explanation it's one of many possible narratives

► 02:16:43

it's one of them this is one of many many possible explanations I can give why my why my in these injured now including that you didn't do it let it rest enough my shoelaces I may be like I tripped over my shoe laces that's why I felt well you could have made if your shoelaces were tight maybe your trip anyway maybe it was something else right you haven't you haven't eliminated every other possibility if you haven't paid every other possibility it's just a narrative it's not actual fact the Tony Ferguson injury was the most fucked-up on If Ever I ever writes the week of the fight right press on some cables and rips his knee apart for sure he had an injury before he's not aware of you think so it have to be

► 02:17:28

a small rip small town small weakness somewhere I know he can with you can withstand tripping on what on a cable but I mean but it was hanging by a thread is that the case or did he did he just followed a really fucked-up man I didn't see the phone yeah but I assume he's such an athletic guy falling falling in a way that you know is is an athletic maybe had you know when you were sparring you hurt yourself you don't feel it so much is going on maybe he hurt himself when he cool down he didn't feel it's not there's not many pain sensors there or what not I got this is just a narrative and it goes in there it's hanging by a thread thugs bone the whole thing breaks apart United it's what it says it's such a violent injury if you see how bad it was did you see the surgery photos that I saw so I should a little bit the craziest photos of ever seen him in his it's a fucking enormous car to have that kind of a scar in 2018 while surgery techniques they have today it's very rare that you see someone

► 02:18:28

who's just I mean it's you're looking at like a 12-inch car really that I decide to sign because my god wow that's huge giants car goes well below is need to above the knee and they opened him up and what is this this pre-surgery what does that sell dated this is a different MCL PCL which one is it on the outside outside his MCL so is MC I was ripped completely really bone yeah man would go to his Twitter his Instagram page now does he have any updates

► 02:19:12

cuz a guy like that you got to wonder like when is he going to do I saw the section code of stopping is that okay let me ask you this cuz I was just having a conversation with someone who was it that just a couple of bullshit was that wasn't. I was having a conversation with someone they're saying copying is it essentially almost total nonsense but so many people do it and it just hit me what your mind that you're doing something and healing and doing something you know what dition in addition to standard procedure is to that's helping you out but really ain't doing shit so you're probably more psychological

► 02:19:50

but everybody does it yeah it's fine it's like a logical you feel like you're taking care of yourself and it makes you feel good it's psychosomatic it's about that is fucking crazy looking yeah it is yeah but you don't psychosomatic medicine can help you but you're saying insurance covers acupuncture treatment cuz it's effective I was skeptical first time I tried it but see I don't know you are a complete moron then even insurance covers acupuncture

► 02:20:24

well does acupuncture work have no idea they're interested never fucked with it I've had it done to me I didn't particularly enjoyed it I only had it done once and the guy was kind of a quack yeah and I was like alright but he didn't once they start talking about toxins you know where cleansing you and Todd said oh I told yourself yeah but that term toxins rent is so that that is like there's certain things that people say where you know you're dealing with a woo this is some bullshit here and toxins is one of them cleansing and toxins I'm going out of class and I'm getting the toxins out of my system scientists are just as guilty as of Wu is every other guy you think so huh oh yeah oh my God man like there's there's scientist then there's philosophers of science there's so much woohoo in science even the most popular guys have

► 02:21:24

never study the philosophy of science so they don't really understand what you're saying or say give me an example of Isaac Newton and you're asking him hey Isaac why don't I fall off the face of the Earth and you can be like well Joe there's is gravity this is force of gravity pulling down to the earth the earth has a greater mass than you therefore there's a force pulling you down with colored gravity

► 02:21:51

and then some guy comes around his name is a hobby because you know Joe don't listen to that guy

► 02:21:56

I have another Siri way more mature than his I believe they are gremlins pull you down to the Earth they have lasso season finale long last was it every time you're falling out there if they pull you every time you jump up and down on the earth they pull you back down to the Earth you don't see these grandma's or invisible but that's what's pulling onto the Earth

► 02:22:14

now how do you know who's right and who's wrong who's telling you the truth me or Isaac Isaac lived a long time ago before they actually had provable studies that could show you why gravity Works maybe one of those studies well I'm not a scientist well let me break it to you this way no scientist has a study to prove us a gravity works. That's the whole thing that's that's what's scary about but then you talk about the you understand that gravity is in relation to the size and mass of objects so the Moon is smaller there for does 1/6 Earth gravity cuz it's one quart of the size of the Earth is a correlation my theory of Gremlins which obviously I don't believe in right I'm using my

► 02:23:02

blue moon gravity gravity denier exactly I have less Mass up there's less items the moon has less items there for Less Gremlins less than pulling you might might Gremlin Theory correlates with the gravity Theory exactly but I'm using a myth mythical language just to point out that every type of force were talking about is an inference it's something we project out there we don't actually see gravity and you know later on Einstein debunked gravity right when it well what do you mean by he did the background as it was totally wrong but what did Einstein do to debunk have a new Theory and hypothesis that gravity is a pushing force not a pulling Force seat

► 02:23:50

Isaac Newton he did Aristotle

► 02:23:55

Christmas to believe it but I was told you to say I was sorry say look this thing has a natural place it has to be stuck to the Earth at its natural place it the forces within that one thing that's why it doesn't fall off your so when I was taught us all birds fly he said it look at a celebrity its natural state is to be in the air at the force that carries it up in the air is within it within the bird itself Isaac using camera outside no that's totally wrong nobody no no entity can move it self

► 02:24:26

it's only a force that Supply so let's say you're walking Isaac you don't tell you're not pushing yourself Ford you're pushing the ground Beneath You backwards

► 02:24:36

and that the ground is pushing you for words

► 02:24:40

so that every action is opposite equal reaction so when I run I'm really pushing the ground behind me it sounds like like he's splitting hairs we sing something I should very profound he's saying you're pushing the Earth behind you and the Earth is pushing you for this reaction there so what they do to to illustrate that the kids is it take like a train track the elevated and then turn on the train and then you see the train tracks turn to spin underneath the train and it's showing you look the train is pushing the train tracks back and the train tracks are pushing the train forward when they're when they're connected to the ground so when I put you on a treadmill

► 02:25:12

yet you're pushing the treadmill behind you the train was not pushing you forward because it's it's spinning along with you but if I put you on the ground the ground is pushing you forward now so fried reactions of ZzzQuil reaction I'm sure you hear this then ice like I'm the one that says no that's totally wrong when it comes to gravity subjective Robbie says because Isaac Newton says this looks as if the force of gravity is in the earth the earth has this invisible force is magical woo thinking that's what that's what is contemporary said about him that's what is percitus I thought you you're appealing to Magic what is gravity thing where it's not it's not comporium it's not Material so I made of a substance is this magic and he's like yeah it's the sports you can feel it you can't detect it it's just observable in the nature and for 300 years everybody believe that and then I think I'm song says no you guys are totally wrong there is no mythical force called gravity it's a pushing force oh really what he says is sorry for me let me get a sheet of paper make a really really simple and I'm going to put in a nutshell you okay but this

► 02:26:13

he says look Einstein says look space and time or one space is actually a thing out there

► 02:26:19

it's actually visit the space between me and you is actual physical thing he says the sun is so heavy that it didn't sit me to make a toilet bowl and the Earth is bumping around in that toilet bowl because space is actually curved

► 02:26:32

it's curved like this space trip because the sun imagine I put a bowling ball in your bed your bed going to indent Bryant that bolt that toilet bowl shape the Earth is floating around that toilet bowl shapes of the pushing force no longer a pulling Force

► 02:26:47

so the weight of the Earth is pushing down on Space exactly is bending space literally its mass is bending space now Isaac Newton thought lights travels in a straight line only and to prove this I said look like will bend if I'm right light will bend so they observe the Sun during an eclipse and they stopped at the light bends light does not travel in a straight line this is another belief that was debug I mean how many scientific beliefs are debunked are overturned because a scientific fact is not a mathematical Factor two different things a scientific fact can never go higher than hypothesis if somebody understands the philosophy of science he understands it every single scientific fact is that equivalent to a mathematical fact one plus one equals to a scientific fact is always subject to cross examination and you evidence of paradigm

► 02:27:44

so during Aristotle's time yet a paradigm you saw the sun goes around the earth it was an observational scientific fact every day he saw the sun go around the earth literally so the guys I'm using my senses to observe the sun go around the earth and then one day we find out now that's an optical illusion it's not true that the Sun goes around the earth is the earth goes around the Sun side the Scientific Revolution every scientific fact we have our Theory including gravity gravity became the law of gravity was no longer the theory of gravity it was so accepted became the law of gravity today we don't we don't understand gravity as Einstein understood it excuse me I was Isaac Newton understood we understand completely backwards literally backwards now and that's true with every scientific theory because signs is always subject to New Evidence coming to life the difference between Isaac Newton living like when whenever the fuck you lived versus the signs that would do it today since today but what we will do you see in the science of today

► 02:28:44

she's funny cuz I heard your conversation with the Sam Harris on Randomness which I love by the way you did a great job I thought was a great conversation however he was giving you an iPad into contradictory ideas with tell you what the World Tournament but also to be random events and he was actually talking about determinism versus free will write so will the idea being that you don't necessarily have free will that everything about your decisions and what you're going to do is based on your life experiences turned your genetics all these variables that are essentially out of your control so this idea of Free Will is an illusion which is a really complex conversation and is it. Think you could see it in both ways I think you do have a certain amount of the control of your decisions and I think you are also shaped very much so by your past in your genetics and your interpretations of those events what are those interpretations those events though and why do you make those determinations who who's who's in your hair

► 02:29:44

upon the gears like what question what are you I'm a hard to terminus like I'm a very hard to terminus like I do every time like to terminus extremist so would you believe in Free Will I also believe in free well yeah which is 2 which is tricky but I think that's what was true of examination I think that's there's there is something that allows people to me what what takes a guy has 500 pounds and also he goes in a keto diet and starts running and what will starts walking and then he send you a picture on Twitter I lost $179 pounds and 6 months like holy shit the fuck did you do that like that guy has some fucking well man to say that that's his whole life and is his life experiences and it's genetics it's like yes I could see what you're saying I could see that he he had enough because of his life experiences and that led to him making this change this is a tremendous amount of will involved in that and to deny that seems like you're denying the spirit of human beings

► 02:30:44

but look at it this way okay real quick

► 02:30:50

and I'm going to catapulted okay and it landed there and I'm going to reset the entire universe I'm going to reset every molecule there every fiber in this paper you're going to be in the sexy spot in the whole universe has been reset and I fired again is it going to land exactly where I landed the first time or is it going to lunch somewhere else I've reset the universe the Earth was the Earth every molecule of matter in every every every particle of matter in the universe has been reset with the same amount of force everything is identical I would assume if the same amount of space in the same amount of air you would lay in the same spot infinitely precisely

► 02:31:32

I don't know what I've reset everything perfectly if infinitely precisely throw it exact exact same way and it lands the exact same dirt with the exact same resistant Tsum infinitely precisely going to lay in the same spot if random this is a force at work in nature Why didn't it

► 02:31:53

Factory itself into a little experiment here cuz you little experiment impossible but that's irrelevant it's not experiment but it's not a case that would the variables that you presented yes OK Google where is Randomness where's this for his no Randomness if your recreating the entire Earth in it in a very duplicatable way that's not random that's it what is random random this is when a human being can no longer compute all the factors and he will use an expression called random this meeting okay I'll roll the dice that landed on on 7 randomly why because I couldn't compute all the variables in this is kind of a it's a it's an illusion that we project onto the world so LaPlace one of the greatest physicist in history I can't see what the plans he says look look at a billiard ball table if you tell me which way you're going to break the billiard balls if you tell me what's velocity and what angle you can hit that that that you all I can tell you where every single

► 02:32:53

who's going to be on the pool table that's what LaPlace says phenomenal thinker and he says why because I'm going to take that table I'm going to turn into a math and I think the weight of the ball the friction of the table the density of the bands of the the gravity of the earth I'm going to put them up on this board here all I need to know is how hard you can hit the ball and I'll tell you precisely what everyone's going to know somebody who doesn't know mathematics order on the trees and look at that table when he sees the break to have it's going to seem random but random this is really a reflection of his ignorance he's not able to compute all this information

► 02:33:29

that's why the place says to God the world is not random to somebody who has information the world is not random that's why he says it's very important that's why that's why we're still deterministic cuz we believe that what's happening right now is a byproduct of the past

► 02:33:44

the past cause this happening right now the past was out of your control if I reset the universe and let it play all over again identical circumstance you would drink that exact same amount of coffee you have to do you have me the same you just married the same woman you would have the same kids would have the same t-shirt on right now you would have thus the mic at the same distance everything would be reset so when we look at the World Through The Eyes of physics

► 02:34:08

BC the cause of Linus completes the cause of line is complete meaning where is this space for Randomness or free will it we we don't Factor it in the only time we do Factor it in is when we look at ourselves inwardly but when you look at it objectively as a third person

► 02:34:26

so did this to views there's an internal view first person experience we don't believe rather we don't believe in determinism we will we have free will that's first person experience third person experience I'm studying Joe all I see in Joe is billiard balls so we have a thought that's all billiard balls hitting one another and if I had it an infinitely precise calculator according to LaPlace I could tell you where you're going to be five years from now what you going to be doing why because I'm seeing one billiard ball hit another and it just take that pool table experiment and make it the greatest pool game in history there are countless atoms are countless billiard ball striking twin another somebody can calculate the world of physics and tell you where your hands going to be left by says I'm going to tell you where your hands going to be in 5 years from now but you don't know my personal choices I'm going to make it that's irrelevant

► 02:35:15

that's a real toy that's irrelevant why cuz he sees the billiard balls moving inside your mind so to speak now lightness reconcile the to see friends and when I when I living in the first person is my intuition I'm okay I grab that coffee cup of coffee I had this internal experiences outside of physics

► 02:35:34

so let us give the great example he says look

► 02:35:38

if I was really really tiny and I'd walk around your mind

► 02:35:41

I would see blood flow I would see neurons firing I would see all sorts of biological interactions

► 02:35:49

but I wouldn't see anything of Consciousness I wouldn't see your thoughts I wouldn't see you thinking about your wife hearing your child's voice thinking about what you want to have for dinner I wouldn't see any of that I would just see billiard balls hitting one another however

► 02:36:04

now that I'm having this first person experience is something we call it intuition this first person experience itself you having the spiritual type of transcendent experience what it's like to have a thought what it's like to be me so friends and I see the cup of coffee

► 02:36:20

I desire the cup of coffee and I drink it sign says nothing has no information about my conscious experience my intuitive experience it did in science is not absolutely cannot tell me everything about the universe it can only tell me about the billiard balls I can only go so far at that point it has to stop because it doesn't have we don't get our senses cannot sense the conscious experience that were having the conscious experience is only know one intuitively so first person experience select that says this is it look you look at the world when you study the world well seeing billiard balls hitting one another nobody argues about that however intuition is telling us that's all untrue we have the chat we have the ability to move our own hand desire something grab something eat something consume something make a choice and he says how are the two how could they co-exist

► 02:37:08

customer in reason for me to accept something is logically true I have to eliminate every other possibility so he found the one possibility one possibility that till today is is never been refuted he says he calls it the other twin trains so picture two trains okay

► 02:37:25

they're going up and down side by side traveling at the same speed

► 02:37:30

they look like they're connected to one another but they're not they just synchronized

► 02:37:35

every time one goes left the other one was left when was up one goes down

► 02:37:39

so when I go let us use his look when you reach for that cup of coffee the universe had already decided millions and billions of years ago that that was going to happen your intuitive sensors coincides with it perfectly

► 02:37:53

and he said that's what he calls a twin trains through either the correlation theory that your desire to grab that cup of coffee doesn't affect your hand does not move your hand that would be possible that would be something non-physical moving something physical

► 02:38:07

so he says that they're just correlated perfectly when you ask them how do they correlate so perfectly says well. Just got to the girls the greatest pool shot in history

► 02:38:17

this is like that since he's a he's the guy who invented the calculator is the binary code you like all our computers today work cuz cuz 11s

► 02:38:28

that to me is a hard sell yeah it's a hard sell the first of all he can a woman created the first computer code he invented the binary code binary binary code on a computer called The Basin binary now when he saying he saying this that your desire coincides with the universe having this that seems like a lot of Wu that seems like to tell me why why would the universe have a plan for you and your money sit got decent well prove that that's a great suggestion why don't you say that it would be God's argument wasn't approved this argument was to tell you

► 02:39:15

that this is a possibility why you have free will is true and so is determinism because can you deny Freewill aren't you having a direct experience of Free Will with the only denial of Free Will would be determinism the only denial would be that your idea of Free Will is an illusion it's your really shaped by the momentum of your past your genetics life experiences all the variables in the way you've absorbed emotions and interactions with people in the Peace of flavored you're very being to the point when when presented with an obstacle or an opportunity or think there is a predetermined solution in your mind for whatever the situation is that is determinism okay so let's let's let's just say look there's three ways of knowing something human being and then there's not many many many men have have said the same thing throughout history

► 02:40:15

something empirically to your senses you touch fire it's hot that you can know something deductively one plus one equals two via logic then you can know something intuitively meaning direct first experience Okay so

► 02:40:35

let's say you tell me I don't know why I'm

► 02:40:38

I've had the coffee taste great you don't know that deductively or empirically the sensation of coffee tasting great is no intuitively direct meaning there is no there is no interpreter and plus we have something called the ego Centric predicament so right now you're experiencing this entire room within your Consciousness right

► 02:41:04

I might be outside of your Eagle but I'm I'm a current right now in your consciousness

► 02:41:09

you see the difference perceiving you suck on my Consciousness yes or with my Consciousness which is connected to my senses is there anything you can perceive outside of your consciousness

► 02:41:24

that's a weird say way of saying something it's impossible perceiving outside of my Consciousness meaning not being not conscious but yet still perceiving know when you purchase something and has to be within your Consciousness right or with your Consciousness right it cannot be outside of the garage so even if something touches your skin your consciously recognizing that it touches your skin

► 02:41:50

legal such a predicament is more about your whole universe is made up of your Consciousness you cannot send anything or experienced anything or get any information I'll try to be conscious that Kathy was very big on this is like is this called idealism the whole world is happening on inside your head right supposedly likes Princess you see this cup of coffee they're going to say like clusters hit the the cup of coffee it goes in your eye dry gives your brain to Signal your sick your brain interprets the signal increases Universe around you Chris image the theater of your mind ya can you experience anything outside the theater of your mind

► 02:42:28

very difficult to argue that you could it's impossible according to it all the philosophers in history we can we cannot this is call The Eagle Century predict what about subconscious that would be still happening inside your if your conscious mind so subconscious is still somewhat conscious in some way yes it was whatever whatever you would perceive would be happening in your conscience would just be outside or standard awareness now the scary thing is is that we have we make a lot of inferences and that's where the woo comes in everything is well will you think just you think just everything outside of sizes size is just as who is everyone else's you keep saying that but I don't understand why you're saying that because you haven't made a good example of a change the way they look at gravity when new information was presented Google Gravity was Google

► 02:43:19

it was a magical course my grandma my grandma said make gravity in terms of people that didn't he didn't have phones they didn't have as they didn't have paved roads I mean you're dealing with a very primitive notion of what gravity was it was a very interesting idea that has since been proven to be true false gravity Newtonian gravity gravity is still real right not it were using the same word for completely different idea okay so Newton's gravity was magical was an appeal to Magic get here that seriously is different than Einstein's gravity that Einstein's gravity is what's been proven right we know now that light does bend around the mass of the sun which is one of the reasons why we have a hard time seeing asteroids are coming from behind the sun because the mass of the Sun actually been space-time around it to the point where it distorts arvue it's our new narrative it's not proving you can never prove it

► 02:44:19

the exact past the level of hypothesis

► 02:44:23

it's where I know it sounds strange but what you mean pass the level hypothesis if you can prove it in studies and tests and show you still don't buy it you haven't got eliminated every other possibility in class so it's not the same as a logical fat how is that woo visit this is understood and in the end like in the philosophy of science quiz quickwits comfortably accept it it's not at the science I'm not trying to say anything I know I know you're not but saying that science has so much Wu and I'm not seeing the woo part that's what I'm seeing is the necessary testing and the idea of incorporating new data what are they changing beliefs and ideas quite a bit of a difficult thing to wrap your mind off in one day but you have to think about it and it's about time you use becomes clearer and clearer when we observe the universe always sees pattern and regulares found in nature that's it we don't see actual physical laws the physical laws are bookmarks inside our mind we see the same pattern over and over again and then we attribute

► 02:45:25

well that physical doesn't exist out there

► 02:45:28

so here's a great example okay let me get ready sample

► 02:45:32

okay let's I'm about to flip a coin okay now you're going to tell me it's probably on a land on heads or tails yeah do you know that logically or is it based on your history with coins

► 02:45:45

I know it logically and based on my history of corn perfect I'm arguing you don't know it logically you only know it on your past history okay so play attention this is it was a little bit weird very weird okay it's very goes against your instincts okay erase all your history with coins you've never seen a coin before okay and I flip it and now it turns into a butterfly before it doesn't surprise you like Well turns on but if I flip a coin 100 times in front of you a hundred times it turns into a butterfly now I'm going to flip the coin 100 200 one time you can like I bet you turn stuff

► 02:46:22

that's how we express science we see the patterns of regularities then we are we predict them science a little bit science is the faith faith that the future will behave like a past

► 02:46:41

science is faith that the future will behave like the past so now you've developed the faith that this point will flip into a butterfly

► 02:46:51

and now you can protect it

► 02:46:53

wouldn't you say that science is the use of measurement to understand matter and things around us I wouldn't say that it's

► 02:47:05

using the past to predict the future I would say that if you know that fire melt sled at a certain temperature in this is provable and then you can show this over and over again here's what we know about fire and reaches a certain temperature when LED reaches a certain temperature it melts it changes its formed whereas if you want to do that same test to carbon base steal it requires far greater temperatures and then we know that there's variables in matter but this is this is not this is something that you can prove and show there's no woo to that okay water boils at how many degrees I think it's 2:50 and something morning in Celsius is 200° Celsius I don't know what Fahrenheit Canadiens your wacky metric system is that a side effect is it a scientific fact that water boils at a certain temperature Yes actually no it's not they can boil water now

► 02:48:05

water can resist boiling up to 200 degrees celsius if you put in a certain that at atmospheric pressure and suspended in a certain liquid if you change the circumstance suspend water and Lucas this is that's not the heated or cooled all right side it's not supposed to it doesn't affect the temperature of the water itself and now water can bowl at 200° okay so you doing something different to water I think you're taking it outside of the normal Earth environment so the variables also include Earth's environment agreed but the water doesn't inherently boil at a hundred degrees

► 02:48:42

it's not a fact but we believe that to be assigned if I we believe that the water if it gets onto degrees is boiling is going to behave this way as a matter fact no there are many other things that that that truck has been in this countless amount of fact I would wait a minute is that the fax been debunked or is that when you add insufficient external variable then water takes longer to boil because of these variables playing into the properties that we already observed with water that's why whenever we have a scientific fact there might be new information coming to Brian to change your view change your view of this fat brother this is not necessarily new information with this is his new edition precise precise information for what you're talking about with water you're talking about additional variables like that's just more science that's not woohoo okay but here's some more OK Google what was we talk about gravity was like a ride in this was woo okay this week we cannot find one instance of actual ravenous

► 02:49:36

the cause of line is complete us LaPlace would say there's no random this in the world so the randomness ideas just our inability to calculate exactly believably difficult variable exactly but it's it's a projection of your ignorance I knew you wouldn't be brand of Zofran since I can remember who coined the term but they say the man who says the tallest mountain I've ever seen is the tallest mountain

► 02:49:59

he's making himself the measure of truth I measure truth if you take that perspective you're the center of truth I'm truth there's nothing outside of me that's true then you see random this everywhere however if you believe in correspondence theory that truth is independent of me and you which I think most of us will agree then random is doesn't exist in that context because random is only depends on you I would things are true outside of your beliefs Brian let's take another classic woo woo term

► 02:50:25

I got this is very Advanced floss you I know it sounds crazy okay but this is this is this is what the greatest thinkers in history I don't report it with what they've written down okay okay see this see a knife can I please look at Aristotle's theory of knives cases look at look at this time I show you a plastic knife I show you a wood knife I show you a metal knife I show you five different knives and you're like they're all nice all of them are knives you pointed them say their knives

► 02:50:50

Aristotle says look the all Sharon one something that's called The Essence that makes them all knives

► 02:50:57

would you agree the form they all share if I draw knife out of paper like you just you and I okay that knife on the paper share something with the knife made of steel knife made of plastic around the knife made of wood the form there's something about it we call the essence and flossing okay the four might be confused with Play-Doh sets Play-Doh had a whole thing about forms but let's call it for now Essence okay if you change the essence you change the thing so if I take that piece of that I think that plastic knife and I melt it through life I don't like anymore why what did I do you change that thing about it

► 02:51:32

that Essence right now that Essence does it exist out there in the world or is it only in your head you made it up

► 02:51:40

well by calling it a since you're confusing me so I would call it the form look at the form of culture that exist in our understanding of these objects in your idea of knife conforms to that knife out there that's it that's a knife yeah I totally agree car model is nice that's fits my model you have beautiful that's not you think it's a knife I don't agree that's I think that's a sword at the reaper level of sort of like we might have a different that that's that's great I said something in our minds actually objective right right right they get to the certainly subject subject okay let's look at matter no matter what is an inference of the mind just like the the knife is an inference of the Mind

► 02:52:39

in terms of subatomic particles and atoms and wishes you see this cup you see this bottle yes you see this clock yes you made an inference they all share one thing what do they share with all them sure one thing what is that thing they share they share this thing called matter

► 02:52:55

because that's what that was an inference just like Winford the essence of a knife matter has never been observed in nature matter is a byproduct of remind

► 02:53:06

so when you see a tree you're not seeing matter there's no matter is only not that I'm inferring matter I'm observing an image but I'm insuring the matter the matter is is a mental construct is it a mental concert or is it

► 02:53:22

our inability to see things smaller than what is necessary for our survival like we can't see atoms we can't see subatomic particles we can't see them with the naked eye we understand through science that they exist how do you understand that they exist I using the matter exist out there independently of your mind

► 02:53:43

is matter objective or is it dependent on your mind to exist it's not dependent on your mind to exist it's a dependent upon your mind to observe your you need your mind to be able to observe matter okay so matter if you didn't exist do you think this table would exist that I don't know right but what would you guess I would guess that all I know if I'm going to use Occam's razor and if you heard about that I'm going to go to the extreme with Occam's razor

► 02:54:10

I'm just going to believe what I observe okay kill all the way to kill it all you've had loved one died right yeah everyone else right do you assume that when they die the universe is still the universe what do you mean still the universe like the world is the way they are the mean that with the way it is there's trees and grass and dirt and this person dies the trees and grass. They don't change their still the same thing

► 02:54:37

what do you mean did the nature of the tree with changed it no I'm saying if you love someone and you know this person and they are no longer with us all the things around you like this coughing up and his knife they remain the same they don't change no they don't think so why would you assume that it would be any different for yourself if you weren't here why would you think that this table would not exist for the microphone will not so that's a great thing that would have this disorder called hard objectivity something that's hard objectivity exist without any human mind is all human Minds were dead what ever exist still is what we will call Foster's called hard objectivity objectivity let's look at these examples that's a great question look at a triangle picture of a blue triangle okay picture a green one picture of black one picture of white one can you picture one with no subject development meeting cuz color is subjected right

► 02:55:34

color is a construct of the mind if I was colorblind this shirt would be a different color to me than it is to you however they would still be one shirt it would be objective to a certain degree okay so what triangle has three three sites three corners adds up to a hundred eighty degrees we all agree it was your color blind it doesn't matter there's no subject of element to how many points does it have nobody's going to come in and say hi to me triangles have three foresight Sprint do you like that's not a triangle is not three angles that you've gone past a little clue understanding okay so can you play George Berkeley says can you picture a triangle without any subject development without any color was called color to make a really simple really really obvious can you picture a triangle without any color you would have to have it in contrast to something so you could see it like if you had say if you had a purple curtain like what we have behind us and out of that purple curtain

► 02:56:34

cut a triangle even if there was no color if it was just clear you would be able to see you be able to differentiate between that shape but you needed that purple to differentiate so we are not have it without subjective element this was work this point exactly what you said utiful every objective thing we've observed in the universe has is made up of subjective elements even when you draw the number one on the backboard and has to be a color has to be something that's got contrast like you said that beautiful beautiful

► 02:57:08

or objective elements or mental constructs

► 02:57:12

three sides idea of side is a mental construct that idea of a point is a mental construct I give a hundred eighty degrees is a mathematical it's happening in your mind somewhere you can draw and I can see it and I can repeat it and you can teach it to me and I can teach someone else like these are they maybe mental constructs get their provable mental constructs that are repeatable so there are we wearing a green is a real thing we're in agreement that mathematic is a mental construct and it's true it's definite by definition true so don't blow off a mental construct and yes but it's not outside out there in the world it's within

► 02:57:51

but if you make a triangle on the ground it's in the world

► 02:57:57

the numbers are in your head and the subjective element is in the world there's a two-way street the subjective element is in the world but it's a triangle suck so how's it in your head because you when you look at a triangle

► 02:58:14

the subjective elements

► 02:58:16

When You observe them in your mind your mind points out different objective elements of that triangle but it's depending on your mind by that argument the entire universe is dependent on your mind absolutely no doubt about it they were going to use Occam's razor but not everyday language everything we're not sure of everything that has adults get rid of it get rid of everything with a sliver of a sliver of Doubt absolutely well when you have subatomic particles that you know they exist in two different states simultaneously they're both spinning and still there in Super States Berkeley would tell you those are images of subatomic particles do not Mom some of subatomic particles independent of your mind well I had a conversation with Sean Carroll about is a physicist and he made it even more money to me I thought I thought it was crazy before I talk to him and then I talked to him he's really he's essentially saying that

► 02:59:16

subatomic particles don't blink in and out of existence it's just weed it's the way we're looking at them and that they're at they exist in this just bizarre state but they exist in this state in a way that it's very difficult for us to use normal language to sort of explain exactly that's that's the truth issue with you know what the fuck the fucking dumb you know what I said again you know what is what a great one great conversation I heard a conversation between Jordan Peterson Sam Harris All That the conversation about truth I loved it it drove me crazy I think we can do better though yes I think they could have done better today than the moderator fireworks

► 03:00:05

that was such a great conversation but here's my question what's the difference between knowledge and belief there's a lot of what we said it's kind of Muddy okay let's make it soup let's make let's make the water is crystal clear as much as possible what is the difference between knowledge and belief the belief that the Gremlins are pulling down on people which is why we have gravity that would be a belief know they're both really well. He's not knowledge its belief okay we're talking about grandma wants where I was going to say that's knowledge or that's that's a belief belief knowledge is if I throw water on your you get wet how to get a belief to believe this so maybe one day after watering you and you to show me that you have all this water just goes right through you and there's a reason why you believe what is because it happened in the past and you think of the future is going to behave like the past just like Aristotle saw the sun go around the earth and he thought that this can happen everyday stand optical illusion

► 03:01:05

H2O I throw it out you get wet all flamingos are pink they're not they're not we didn't know that all the time then we went to Australia I didn't have the same food source for the food store in Hartley pink

► 03:01:20

scientific fact can always be over the transgender on my God I never went I got you but I please got that over his body is not going to be able to breathe okay how about this you've never seen fire before you've never seen 5K movement being Avenue being warmed by electric blanket entire life then you see a flame and you don't know can you know that Ashley was going to burn you if you touch it logically or is it only V experience through history developing a history of relationship of fire a bird you once it burns you twice you're like I think the future is going to be like the past summer special area know that fire burns you and they've never been burned by fire because they went to school and they learn from people who explained the priorities of fire what it is how it works what temperature it operates on how it's different depending upon the color of it or what's borrowed history borrowed history still history

► 03:02:17

borrowed history House of learned from my mistakes of Catching Fire okay but it still known V experience for your history

► 03:02:25

well it's known via science if you explain exactly what the elements of the fire are and how it works and what it burns at what temperature specific things need to burn a you don't have to get burned to know that it will burn you know that's how we discovered Firebird by testing it might not be a logical deduction okay I see it's only history science is patterns and regularities found in nature we observe nature we see these patterns and regularities right we have no idea what's causing them cards original idea about science in the first place was using measurement did sort of understand nature well cuz I'm one of his original concepts of establishing science in the first place

► 03:03:14

he said that sign says. Obama. It's called Cartesian doubt extreme level of doubt he says those are all beliefs I don't have any knowledge what do what do I know cuz knowledge mean zero chance of being wrong okay is there a chance of being wrong give me one scientific fact you truly trust 100% okay if I take a match and I take a yellow piece of paper from this particular notebook I would like that mother fucker outside with that match that's a fact Jack it that site of a fact is it enough but it's not higher than hypothesis hypothesis why because every time you seen a fire Touch of piece of paper it burned it so you're relying on your historical experiences only to the level of hypothesis we can eat this not me fucking at this is he single

► 03:04:09

we have two phases in science standards science and then Scientific Revolution what standard science well whatever the flavor of the day is let's it today it's let's Evolution and then he said every every piece of information we receive we interpret it through that lens called it a paradigm we look at the information to the lens of evolution so it makes sense that fits right here in our story of evolution Bryant and then he says look a small amount of contradictory information is going to pool slowly

► 03:04:42

it's inevitable he says

► 03:04:45

and then we're going to ignore it will sweep it under everything doesn't make sense we can sweep it under the rug

► 03:04:50

and then one day that level of information that that that amount of information that doesn't fit in any way with our Theory our current theory is going to pool and pool and pool and pull to one guy comes around says no we had it back was all we had to do it's this know all this new information fits in the new Theory all the old stuff it and all the new stuff it's and that's how the Scientific Revolution and he said signs is always going through a normal face and then a revolution face and man is becoming more and more precise but will never reach the level of past hypothesis why because Science is based on our faith that the past is history the future will be like the past we only know things V experience VR history so when I flip that coin you have no idea what's going to happen until I flip many coins in front of you or I give you Mike's if you trust me and I tell you what listen I did this experiment hear my results and you trust me you just take it for granted you you take it and we have authority I agree with everything you said I still don't see where you're saying science has so much

► 03:05:50

locate my science have so much woo as healers or Crystal suckers or distilled in anyone in the world who is when we project physical laws

► 03:06:08

combustion electricity gravity these are all the people to Magic can you demonstrate these these physical laws or are they buy products

► 03:06:18

are they are the inferences you made in your mind because you seen a certain pattern over and over again that law doesn't exist out there in the universe it's only a bookmark it's only a name we have for Pat and we've observed in nature

► 03:06:33

pretty heavy stuff I know it's only a name for a pattern exactly what we've observed that exist in nature as I could so that means you can't label anything ever because the everything is just a pattern that we've of Zordon a driver and everything is about it there's no there's nothing we give an explanation we give a narrative to it okay but that narrative is just our Paradigm, school would say that's the shades you worry okay that's what you had said it beautifully said look pink tinted glasses you can have Bluetooth the glasses but whatever glasses you're wearing that's the song and dance that's the that's the that's the story you tell yourself of why those things are happening the way they're happening in time

► 03:07:14

the truth of the matter is all we're seeing is one pattern happening over and over again so what this is essentially is an intellectual exercise but the reality of our ability to come up when I hours I've obviously super smart people come up with a very technology that were using right now to broadcast this podcast means that they have figured things out that they're provable and that you can use science to determine what frequency things need to be how much electricity you need what kind of components can do you know take the image projected through the power lines and through the internet quote cables and all the different things that we need to be in place to provide electricity to provide the internet connection that's all science so this is all predictive science is predicted right but this is all of these are all things that are not just observable but they're repeatable write the pattern where's the woo

► 03:08:13

explanation for why it happens the laws of nature are rule it's not woo are words that we use to describe repeatable things

► 03:08:25

okay which which which law of which force of nature are you referring to let's pick one random this can you show I don't think that is a force of nature okay so the idea of Randomness okay pick one cuz they use it they say it's it's Evolution and natural selection via random selection temperature temperature causes to observe temperature like you I believe temperature exist what causes temperature we don't know

► 03:08:56

that's true and we don't know we you and I don't know maybe there's anything so they don't have any idea what causes kids only tell me about the patterns irregularities that's it that friction causes certain things that the magnetic pull of the Sun and the Earth cause a certain temperature shifts and these are recognizable unrepeatable and they understand how to measure them these are all just passed in the regular be found in nature and they're giving them names and explanation I see what you're saying there's an explanation can be debunked later on I put them in the maybe pile plausible pile but this is this is this and I don't specially the philosophy of science this is it cause and effect we do not observe cause and effect we do not answer one thing causing another we just see a and then we see be it's really it's really difficult imagine this we see and we CB we don't we don't see the Closet Connection cuz if we did see the causal connection you would know what happens when I flip that coin you could have predicted it you will predict what can happen

► 03:09:56

exactly how much force you're exerting on your thumb to flip that coin I would have to know what altitude we're at understand what the atmosphere this point is going through I would have to know the weight of the Corn I would have to know the position of your thumb on the think it's like what you said about the billiard balls that it is true that if you could calculate the exact amount of friction on the cloth into table the amount of polish that are on the balls on a 4S you have to have all the balls in exactly the same spot but this is this is not possible today today if you set up a table and you set up with suggested 9 balls and you told me you were going to know where every ball was to the millimeter I would say I will bet you a million dollars you're wrong and I would be right every time you're never going to get it why because you don't have the ability to calculate all those very but it's theoretically possible it's also the physical the physical change of the amount of force that you drive when you

► 03:10:56

break those balls varies in different berries even slightly it's going to change the way so a person just doing it with their body is not capable of that kind of decision if we got a robot to break even if you got a robot to break you would have to have those balls in exactly the same spot and they don't usually sit that way because the cloth is fiber in it and its wool it's a worsted wool and that worsted wool moves and shifts and Ben's and it flattens out in some spaces and other spaces it gets dirt and debris in Charleston to me very upset because we cannot compute all the variables I'm with you we can maybe right we can create it with a slight margin of error right margin of error that's why I look like I said I needed the vine calculator what document is at if we had all the variables and that's a big if it's logically possible it's logically a coherent with the reality that we see it yes

► 03:11:55

Randomness is by the wayside it's a figment of our imagination we projected when we cannot compute but if we could this objective outside of us right the truth is outside but it's not dependent on me and you how we see the world so Random this is based essentially on our inability to calculate variables it's not on the on an actual lot so yes yeah that's right it's in the strictest way of the other word now every logical I know this this this what hurts people that love signs of an addict all the books Let's attic objects and I throw it out of that I throw it out the window what's going to happen

► 03:12:38

you don't know I haven't experienced without you I don't know what I've looked at so I can't you why can't you do sit like at you Goose what's going to happen if I had more information do you need experience you need a history with object X you need to get to know objects interact you cannot to do sit while you would write down all these different variables you would find out what people learn from the past about variables and that would be science exactly Sciences the history

► 03:13:07

apparently regularities deduction is not logic it's Peppa Lottery call inductive logic this logic is the faith that the past that the future to the future will be here for the past so the patterns and irregularities we see in nature we say look at this happen often enough we can recreate the circumstances off in enough we predict it will happen in the future Ferrari have a faith it'll happen again the future there is no logical reason why does there is not one single logical reason why we don't fall off the fall off fall off the face of the Earth every explanation we give ourselves is just a narrative it is always subject to interpretation however with the change in variables by shifting of the Earth's magnetic poles or I gave you a ridiculous narrative the gremlin one just to show you look I know you don't believe in mind I don't believe in mine either right I'm doing the same thing Isaac did

► 03:14:02

and I'm going to correlate my Gremlins 3 as far as he can call his gravity Theory use the word gravity he made it he made it sound better he made it sound less ridiculous but the truth of matter is he's throwing his hands up in the air so I don't know that's just called gravity let's this is the way to think about it now his contemporaries laughed at him they said it's an appeal to Magic and then when people started wearing those Shades those paradigms are like a it makes sense if you if you believe if you if you just believe in gravity for a second it explains all this ballet of of celestial bodies and how they move but really what he discovered was a pattern and he gave that pattern and name but does that Force exist out there well not according to Einstein he came up with a different narrative that fits the that if it is even better than and Isaac but it's still in there if it hasn't removed all the other possibilities for something to be true without a doubt swear to be knowledge not belief that has to be zeroed out the meaning no other possibility whatsoever that's knowledge so so can you know something that's untrue you cannot know

► 03:15:02

something since you can't believe something that's untrue knowledge means did this is known there is no possibility of doubt that's why they call it was such an important philosopher cuz he gave us one thing that we know the cogito you heard of the Cognito I don't remember what it is I think therefore I am so what is it that we know for sure cuz you know what's funny this to Great philosophers that I've read that they went through a crisis in their life one of them was a member has l e a great Arabic Foster and one of them was Ernie the cat and bought the writings are very alike though it's amazing wife is it go through this crisis they go through what do I actually know what it's not cuz if they came to this exact same conclusion that hey it's all song it's all this explanation it's not proof

► 03:15:46

it's all in there it's all the point of view science keeps getting refined and change what more information on what we believe yesterday gets taken out from underneath us today's paradigms going to be shifted again a hundred years from 2000 you know what can I grab and be like this is true nobody can ever take this for me that's going to be called knowledge so it all comes down like I did at the end of a long journey of Cartesian doubt it it was it was so extreme did the philosophers give it a new name they call the cortesian. They called modern philosophy

► 03:16:15

2 + 3000 years old daycare comes writes a book you wrote six chapters in 6 days

► 03:16:21

he's like what do I actually know 100% without a doubt nobody could ever question me and he said that I believe in the cogito what's it called you too I think therefore I am so he goes through a long process you know if you have the time we will go through about a little natural of it says it look like when I when I put a straw in a glass of water my eyes tell me the destroys bent

► 03:16:42

right cuz the reflection of the waters is is bent the light the reflection of the light off of water is bent down to look my eyes like to me Aristotle thought the Sun goes around the earth that his eyes like to him our senses and he talks about if I put my hand in cold water then I put it in tepid water will seem warm to me that's just my bias my inability to tell you what my my my instruments are not accurate enough

► 03:17:10

she said okay let's let's put the empiricism or senses by the wayside cannot give us truth

► 03:17:18

can I give us truth this is what about the duction what about math on the little knowledge one plus one equals to believe it or not flossers also disagree with a lot of mathematical beliefs so for instance here's the here's a big critique of mathaka

► 03:17:34

one plus one equals two we all believe it

► 03:17:37

but the critique is that one plus one is another way of saying to there's no actual information you ever gave me

► 03:17:45

mathematics is just one way to sum up a lot of information that helps me give you an epiphany makes it makes me how to make you understand what's happening on the billiard ball table right so far you calling OnePlus One to you're not changing the objects themselves always explaining to me something that out there already existing so if I tell you a triangle has three points why when I said the word triangle I already told you I see your point but maybe you didn't pick that up maybe have to point it out to you so rich Russell said it beautifully said look for CS career Bertrand Russell is a very very mathematics is a picture of by the end of his career he was like I'm not even sure about math anymore why is like I think math is just another way of saying a four-legged animal has is an animal but you said that when you said it's four-legged animal and you just repeated Yourself by saying it's an animal if I say there's my wife I married her

► 03:18:45

when I said my wife I told you I married her that's what life is doing life is giving you the information again in a simpler form that you can understand and you think I'll have to do some from an auction information was there in the question

► 03:18:56

Brian some philosophers disagree with this I said no I'm not the things you like can't can't have no math tells you something okay let's put that in the Wayside here's another critique one I personally could never get around

► 03:19:09

it's a look he says look all the greatest thinkers in history in the section even to me a critique of of logic is all the greatest thinkers in history all disagreed like Plato and Aristotle you know Play-Doh tutored Aristotle

► 03:19:22

to the greatest thinkers in ancient history they don't agree with one another they don't they will think they both say you're wrong and I said okay fast forward every generation their greatest thinkers disagree lightness didn't agree was Voltaire today Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson to the top top his lectures on what is true when you ask them what's truth you guys talk about you with all day long can you define it for us we don't agree so if logic is something that tells us about the world if it is what's the regret that big heart sing look we can't use it we don't want nobody is good enough to use it and get to a conclusion that everybody agrees upon

► 03:20:08

3 single. Even that doesn't help me

► 03:20:11

so he came up to the cogito he says look

► 03:20:15

he doubted everything I even went to the point where he said what if I'm dreaming

► 03:20:21

what if there's a evil demon out there always treat him like he was really out there like a dance one of the reasons why simulation theory is to be a really do serious people consider the potential that not only is it possible that we are in a simulation but that there are many many simulations inside of simulations because we couldn't that's the the Eagles such a predicament were talking about earlier is you cannot experience anything outside of your Consciousness front so you could be plugged into a machine right now and this is just a big old dream could be and that's why they wanted to know what would be true even if I was in a simulator and that's I think therefore I am who I am because for me to have thoughts I'd have to exist if you doubt the cogito you prove the cogito guess what Jack 21st at of existence Bryant right here if I find it I think I think thinkers were find it later on and before him all so many things came to this conclusion he just did it really famously is it in and one sentence to he didn't want sent it to send it up

► 03:21:21

this way if you are not heard of Occam's razor if you use Occam's razor to an extra if you go crazy if you go to it and an extreme degree

► 03:21:30

if you everything was about to chop it everything that might be imaginary inferred logical empirical you chop it what happens you have a Transcendent experience you become if you take off all your paradigms it is takes a very brief human being to do to remove everything that anybody's ever told you and have the experience of the one thing what you would know what you come to what do Mystics that's why I believe that there's there's a place where you can get where religion is true and Sciences faith and I know it sounds crazy but there is a point that I believe in science going wrong I'm of I can prescience enough but there is a Transcendent experience a human has in that transcend experience is

► 03:22:13

Consciousness itself not the content of Consciousness this where people make a mistake

► 03:22:18

Consciousness itself reality your world is nested in Consciousness people think conscience is within my brain it's the opposite your brain your body your your yourself isn't Consciousness and when we when we get to this point then all are paradoxes disappear there's no more Paradox a logical paradoxes maybe if I have time to type of logical paradoxes they never end but when we we understand it or world is nested in Consciousness there's nothing happening in the world around you that's outside of your Consciousness it's only outside of your ego the things you associate with Joe Rogan

► 03:22:53

is also happening inside your conscious your brain is within Consciousness no brain has ever been observed outside of Consciousness seeing materialism we have to have this philosophy called epiphenomenalism the Consciousness is a byproduct of this physical brain

► 03:23:11

we have this physical brain and your conscience is like a by products like a smoke

► 03:23:18

no we awesome how do you know about the physical brain all we know is because of our consciousness

► 03:23:25

so if your Consciousness is fake unreal then so is your brain your brains is the reason why we all know about brains because of conscience conscience tells us about brains so brains are dependent on Consciousness not Consciousness dependent on the brain so I know this is a bit of a tricky thing but this is what I deal is it was all about there is no physical object outside of Consciousness it's all mental construct this is this is how we started this podcast talking about then I met and we ended on my mind fuck yeah seriously this is a serious it's it's it's a fascinating get in Practical exercise cuz you will you will do it to the end of time I can be sitting here debating and he's cussing and dissecting the very but you know that's also how you gain a greater and deeper understanding of all the things you have no idea what the fuck they are exactly

► 03:24:21

but it's still it's so amazing to me like

► 03:24:27

how much

► 03:24:29

is to explore about what is real around those are the world the reality of the world around us is it's it's it's greater than any mystery in existence that's right for me I can't read fiction only studies Science History faucets only thing Science History false religion cuz it's weird enough no because they're all trying to tell me they're all trying to explain the world around us and it's such a hard thing to do to Summit what's what's reality with all these philosophies and theories are trying to sum it up this reality and to cross-examine them for me is far more entertaining than watching a movie or hearing a fictional story yeah I know I get it I mean it's definitely fascinating and entertaining and I like fictional stories too though I like I like observing creativity because I'm fascinated by The Human Experience and I'm fascinated by what people are able to

► 03:25:22

create out of their own mind something like we were talking yesterday about Stephen King about how amazing it is that this guy just keeps continuing to create these bizarre stories and that someone can do that to your Consciousness and by putting so much emphasis on creativity and your ability to just write down things that never really happened and paint a picture inside someone's mind young ask you this if if he is if determinism is true who wrote the stories like when you're ready as past when you write a when you write a story on the computer to the computer write the story

► 03:26:00

no you wrote the story but if the term is a message to Stephen is just a computer when is buttons are being pushed by it past events yeah so that's why I like one student asked me how you should read a book by Sam Harris on determinism like well can you ask Sam who wrote the book you know who wrote the book on that there was amazing to see what he did now he can write anything you need to be there like you say mind-bending you know very mind-bending Ross I'm glad we finally get this man it seems like we could do this for UFC or something I might take a trip over here to it yeah I appreciate it was great

► 03:26:45

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