#1240 - Forrest Galante

The Joe Rogan Experience #1240 - Forrest Galante

February 6, 2019

Forrest Galante is an international wildlife adventurer and conservationist. He's also the host of "Extinct of Alive" on The Animal Planet. https://www.instagram.com/forrest.galante

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my guest today is a wildlife biologist a scientist a world traveler and adventure and a really interesting guy I had a great time talking to him today his name is Forrest galante

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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yes what's going on I'm stuck man I'm really good really glad to be here I'm still too nice to meet you make it in afraid surely it's so ridiculous like to say ridiculous in such an understatement an actual survival expert or Wildlife expert or someone who knows how to live in the woods and is that was the idea with you get a wildlife expert I'm kind of a combo like I practice primitive survival for many years in a means to get closer to Wildlife like I just got back from the Amazon and where the feed ourselves everyday way to build shelter bahwa and I don't do it like for fun I do it as a means to be out further and stay longer kind of thing but it's got to be a little bit of a conscious effort to have fun like the fishing for your food card in Uno putting up shelter in some he's got to be like kind of cool to live like that for a little bit

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Sunfish things and build a shelter and survive and so it's totally fine I think it's like to your core it's fine you know I mean you just feel it like you know that you're doing something that's like Primal human nature the Amazon fishing clips that you have on your Instagram page so crazy like you just throw a cast out there and you're catching a big fish like instantly Bonkers so I got a lot of place I'm really into phishing and spear fishing and every every single class was a fish a peacock bass are piranhas every fast and where we were in the Amazon Subaru remote like not a lot of people go there I'm sure those fish have never ever seen a luer never seen a hook before and. It wasn't like Sportfishing it was like okay let's go catch 10 fish in other words take 10, so we have enough food and now is that and it was a does it make you think of what the ocean must have been like four people fucked it up of course I mean of course there's a biologist that's like all I can think about cuz I was in Hawaii recently and we did some snorkeling and when you're swimming around with the goggles on looking down at the ocean

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this kind of shocking is help you fish there are like you think this is should be like teeming with life hear you over these reefs and you see like three or four fish or fried fish or something like that it's so weird I mean there's there are these Pockets left in the world that are completely untouched and it's like as soon as you get into one you can see it. This is what it used to be like everywhere and it's like humans haven't had an impact I don't get no I don't want to disparage a 1in wide I don't think there's anywhere in Hawaii like that cuz it's also accessible and it's just I've been fortunate to see a couple of these pockets and they're just like this is what it could be yeah means I guess that's like what it must be just be in the Amazon itself as well right for sure the jungle not just the rivers and the lakes or whatever's out there but the actual jungle itself it's it was incredible the jungle there so we were in Colombian Amazon and like talk about on touch by people there's been this kind of ongoing going conflict in Columbia for many many

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so where we were the first westerners to go there and over 60 years so the Village People into that literally never seen white people before and then we went to hundred kilometers from that so like Midland know where they want to touch you cuz their hair was very dark and very different and like I'm not particularly there but just to touch like the hair and see the blue eyes and stuff they were just love friendly super friendly like the culture was very stoic like there wasn't a lot of smiling or cry. You know it wasn't like a lot of emotional exchanged but straight away they came and greeted us like toucans you know said hello it was really cool know how do you set something like that up to you have like a liaison but they're like acts as a go-between between you and the tribes one guy who communicated I speak Spanish Spanglish I guess and they don't speak Spanish from back in the day so we set it all up it's part of the wildlife stuff that I do we literally flew a DC-3 a World War II cargo plane into this cocaine dealers

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airstrip that's how we got there I mean like mind-blowing stuff current cocaine dealer of former former former I was that one was really cool really remote how crazy is that they learn Spanish from people who came over on boats from Spain and it just stuck a whole world and end server Drive in the middle of the Amazon that has this language from another continent is Brazil right from Portugal right it's really incredible when you stop and think about it mean it's it's incredible when it's also part of it's a little sad like a wouldn't you have loved to have heard what their original language was what it what it sounded like understand what they were talking about they would switch to their native Indian language so they still had they were bilingual a community of 25 people that have never left and they're bilingual amazing

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their native language is what what is it it's an Amazonian Indian dialect I honestly don't even they might have said the name but I don't recall what is the name of their tribe also not even sure if they're they're so isolated they're unaware of what country they live in they don't even know that they're in Columbia really they're just like to them they're Amazonian they're not Colombian Ecuadorian Brazilian their Amazonian flow just stay where they are they stay and the village we were in is literally I think it's all over two hundred kilometers from the next next Village of 15 or so people and they don't have fuel they don't have Motors you know they trust in this pocket and they just substance lip and they're all Barefoot right do they have those crazy splayed out feat big feet you know that they're they're not very big people they're like small Indian people but really big kind of useful feet and the way that you know they could run up and down trees and climb stuff I mean it was unbelievable like so much

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athletic than you could imagine imagine right there they've been doing that their whole life their whole lives like when I say splayed out feet when I'm talking about is a people that walk Barefoot in the jungle for long. Of time with their whole life their toes spread out and their feet almost look like a hand no way I do not like pay enough attention that might have been the case but I didn't know there was a good friend of mine told me about that he was in Guyana and is the same thing and they actually got some pictures and videos these people's feet but look at these guys up there this is the how do you say that

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horror horror horror horror Indian splayed feet so it's very strange like it's the kind of the opposite of what happens to women when they Jam their feet into those little pointy shoes right where they get the the the toes kind of switch on to each other that life is horrible instead of that they're all like crazy Sprat what in the fuck is going on there because his hands I think the top or the bottom was like wood feet supposed to be those that actually a muscles in them that move but you can use like a tool like you're so when these guys just can climb up trees with them so they grip the the side of the tree with their feet like a hand I mean I didn't notice Legacy defeat just like that specifically but the way they could like everything's covered in mud down there right it's all wet it rains every day and they could run up and down these tree trunks like to get up and down the village and here's me and my crew with our own

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free cameras and stuff and we're slipping and sliding and falling over and like they're they're literally like what's wrong with these people why can't they walk we must look like infants to the right and you guys probably have like boots on and fucked up and and they're just like running around in shorts Barefoot it is so fascinating when you see people that don't have contact with the outside world like I'm sure you're aware of that recent story of the missionary was killed by the people in North Sentinel Island absolutely. Which is one of the weirdest places to David Bradshaw from Africa with 60,000 years ago or something like that right when when you're around these people like what would they do if they get injured

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so funny you ask that because we we kind of had that same question right and they don't leave they stay in the village they have a shaman at the Village who blessed us with a crazy green powder and that's a whole nother story but they have a shaman and he is their doctor however he has no access to any Western medicine so it's only his learning knowledge handed down through generations plus jungle powders and whatnot and and that's it so we actually we spent add eggs benedict with us doing like kind of Village help if you want everybody had ringworm everybody had respiratory infections there a lot of Lady problems in the village that our medic had to deal with I mean there was a lot of health issues and you don't even realize it is totally unrelated but good there's a doctor named Peter hotez that's coming on the podcast NAFTA

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follow up on me when you start talking about the people in the jungle he was he's an actual Doctor Who Is He specializes in infectious diseases in Jungle and tropical climates and he's like everyone's infected with everyone down there but so when these people have ringworm and all these different infections do they treat it do they have like some naturopathic cure or some shit I think it's kind of a 50/50 like a lot of it they don't treat because it's just part of everyday life like when I say everybody had ringworm I meant everybody had it so I don't think there was any kind of treatment or cure it was just kind of part of it part of them but other things you know that the witch doctor or the shaman was trying to treat and then we kind of went in and we had like medication for ringworm so we dewormed everybody and with the shamans blessing and he was like super excited at Western medicine in the village and was using Lamisil or something like that I couldn't tell you

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it was not it wasn't topical I think was like a vermox like a pill that you take that kills the kills the worms the weird thing about that is like

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don't you you leave and then they're going to get it again right I mean is only so much you can do it right yeah totally that we were having the same dilemma because we're from the outside world do we help and that we talked to the shaman through our translator and he said please help please help so we gave including him everybody just dewormer but you know I'll come back and also they probably don't understand the consequences of taking some antibiotic that's going to do some weird shit to your whole biome right right stuff by is it helpful is it hindering our medic was like it's undeniably going to help you know the day they need this until we got we went for it and it was it seemed to help everybody felt fine but we were only there a couple more days before we left so who knows

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wow do you know when you talk about ringworm like a big patches of it like what's it like feet and legs had big patches of it yeah yeah and if you don't know that's the same shit that's athlete's foot how I didn't know that ringworm and athlete's foot of the same kind of funk yeah that's why I tell you to pee on your feet but I think that's the idea behind it is that you're somehow or another you're killing the bad bacteria when you piss on your feet and you have athlete's foot that might be horseshit with me you always have to check definitely give it a little look-see but it's a real common thing what you did to got yet so guys all the math yeah it's real, and so just be guys get it and there's people really fuck up where they like put bleach on it and a bunch of different things to try to kill it and wants of getting worse and also the fox up all the natural

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skin Flora jock itch athlete's foot ringworm of all types of fungal skin infections known collectively as team tinea tinea they're caused by fungi called dermatrophin lights that live on the skin hair and nails and thriving warm moist areas the jungle they do for it I didn't see them treating that at all and when we pointed it out there like yeah we know about it you know they were more concerned with things that were like Dyer like there was an infant at midnight and maybe 3 years old and he was hacking up a lot and he was asthmatic according to our medic so my our medic gave them like an ass my medication and he just said you know if he has an attack where you can't breathe give him this and like you got to be real with you when we walked away our medic was like I doubt he'll live to see adulthood and we've given him inhalers you give him I'm not sure to be honest what it was that he left with him

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if they break a leg or something like that what are they do I don't think anything

► 00:18:54

yeah it was anybody out there it's wet it's muddy it's slippery they're building stuff out of very rudimentary tools I mean it's it's not they have to get injured it's so interesting that we have this understanding of medicine and doctors and hospitals but that's probably pretty fucking recent of course yeah I'll tell you a story Joe I was in my ann-mar late last year and we're down there filming this thing in this kid like 20 year old crab fisherman gets bitten by crocodile Croc grab him by the arm grab him by the side death rolls so it breaks the arm in like 15 places compound fracture the real deal I can show you pictures I will blow your mind and we hear about this and we're minutes away we just it's kind of wanted to similar situations were the first Western to be there in a long time we go bombing over at high speed

► 00:19:52

can we get there and the mom is like off mourning the death of her child but her child is sitting there still alive like they have written him off and it's Mom is mom is literally mourning the death of her child and he be lying there conscious but like in total shock fortunately just because the situation we had a speedboat everything else we bandage him up you tried to keep his arm stay on his leg stable put them in our speed boat in 6 hours by speedboat to a village that had a to a hospital really and so we got there in his life was saved but I asked we asked the people in the village what were you going to do and they're like there's nothing we can do so he was just going to bleed out or go septic and that was the end of it with a fucking rough way to go get away from the crocodile I don't think it was just hitting it or hammering on Hughes crab fishing in the water and it came up and grabbed him rolled a few times and at some point he escaped how even got back in the boat and made it back to the Village I've no idea cuz his leg was

► 00:20:51

got hurt his arm was shattered but brutal a wheel to drive canoed back one of the most disturbing stories I ever read was these guys were kayaking in an African river and the guy in front of them got grabbed by a crocodile and that it went under the like plums like a bobber as the crocodile pulled him out of the bottom of the kayak yeah Mike fuck tropical mehjabeen the guy behind him and that you're pretty much helpless did you see any Jaguars I'm from Africa I don't know if you knew that but so I've seen a lot of lions growing up my family did safaris and then I've seen you a mountain lions here in California leopard stuff like that I've never seen a wild jaguar in the Amazon I think there really a lucid I know there's areas that are are hotspots all of the locals were very nervous and kind of knew about them like you know I went out for Bush walks at night and stuff and I just go

► 00:21:51

in one guy with a camera and they were like we'll be careful like peligroso in a very dangerous don't do it but Progresso means very dangerous negro so loud and so we just go and you know I'm not trying to act like we were tougher than them or anything we would love to have seen one but they were very aware of them so they were there we just didn't happen to run into one sort of like mountain lions exactly what they say that mountain lions are like if you live in a place that has them in Wyoming or Colorado or something like that they know where you are right they might be around you all the time and you might rarely see them exactly be driving home to see one skittering into the into the bush there was a nuts video I think was from the LA area did you ever see it where the security cams picked up this mountain lion that was walking through this like very residential neighborhood people would walk by and then 30 seconds later he'd like dip out of the shadows and add it back in and then the next set of people would walk by and nobody had any clue he was there

► 00:22:51

yeah so when you're there at like but what would you have done if someone got bit by a venomous snake or a spider or something. Did you guys have any anti-venom will you prepare for something like that I mean that's my department right like as a wildlife guy that's that's kind of my my department is make sure nobody gets bitten make sure nothing like that happens and we handled very very many venomous snakes and caught anacondas and all kinds of great stuff we did have like my main camera guy's name is Mitch he got absolutely let up buddies wasps one night and we all were we got like 12 14 sings each but I look back in the canoe at one point and his eyes are just super swollen he's bright ready sweating and like Michio case like his throat started to close up he was having an allergic reaction so we had to hit him with antihistamines and I'm not exert the medic administered the EpiPen or not but he was like we're in the middle of jungle or 6 hours from a village that's been a full day's travel by a charter plane from a hospital I mean middle of nowhere and

► 00:23:51

closing up and think that's why we take a medic with us thankfully we had this emergency medical administered the antihistamines much was okay but these things do happen to you while you're on these crazy adventure is out there going this is the last one I love it I look for it wow how long you been doing this

► 00:24:12

I mean like for TV for the Animal Planet 3 years I guess but to go next to the reason I got into that and doing it for TV is because I've been doing it like my whole life I grew up in Zimbabwe my mom was at Bush pilot so when we weren't on Safari she was like flying assis remote place in the middle of bush and we are going out on Safari and like as long as I can remember this has been what I do know when you go on Safari you in those open Jeeps walking safaris what are you doing walking Safari God damn man only during the day and what do you do when you're confronted I mean I've had some pretty close calls from a hippo please had some pretty close calls scariest pictures ever saw this guy in the African guy running down the street and a hippo is chasing them and you look at the size of the

► 00:25:12

good Christ that thing is huge though they are the scariest animals on Earth like interacting with a hippopotamus they're so erratic they're so unpredictable if they're feel threatened at all I got there this video is fucking bananas this guy's on a wrote a motorboat and the hippo is swimming after him like a torpedo common that they swim that fast so when you have these Close Encounters what are you do you shoot at the air at you with the ground scare him away but I know people that have what in the fuck how fast is that big bastard run to look up the exact speed but definitely at top speed definitely fashion

► 00:26:12

Dodge behind trees are just don't run a straight line

► 00:26:20

Arena 131 Jesus Christ to 75 miles an hour the fucking hell yeah they're not they're going 80 miles an hour for a Crock-Pot that's also a sprinter Jesus Christ

► 00:26:53

so you just if you're chased by a hippo is there a move that you do. You just have to go left and right zig zag we got behind a termite Mound and then it kept going straight hiding behind termites pocket safety like termites

► 00:27:13

fuck Matt is that this that's what that's the scariest thing in Africa in terms of like interacting with human beings mosquitoes. You can see all the big Wildlife you can kind of feel it out and you put yourself in the bad situations mosquitoes just letting you know I mean you just do about it yeah my buddy Justin Wren he runs fight for the Forgotten charity they build Wells for the pygmies and he's been bitten he's got malaria three times at one time he got it like he didn't even get fit again the malaria just returned so in it must be in some way systemic never had it knock on wood my grandfather had it but I know that it's it it wrecks you for life like I can come back you can get it again it stays with you I think that's his situation in he's a professional athlete he's actually a fighter for Bellator he's one of the heavyweight contenders

► 00:28:12

affected his performance I don't think it has I think I think he's been okay with it you know I received treatment but it's definitely rectum on three separate occasions where he was right and one of them wasn't he's flying back damn now and he's just sweating and it just rotting out in the insides awful snake a crock of leopard anything over that has killed more people than anything ever malaria has killed half the people that have ever died oh my God that's insane just make sure that's right literally killed 50% of all the people that have ever. That's insane that's not too many people are worried about so many different things you should be worried about mosquitoes actly well they're trying to genetically engineered mosquitoes to

► 00:29:12

void of yet avoid of malaria and they hybridize right so my understanding is that it's done is a genetically engineer the males to reproduce with the females with your that malaria carriers and then The Offspring of that generation can no longer carry malaria malaria killed half the people who've ever lived that is Bonkers it's a minute what if I don't kill it says like five and a half million people on average per year every year for all of human history and that's not a half a million a year so it's just one of those things that people say shut the fuck up so how many people have they killed so other other doesn't mean he's out like typhoid and shit is there like a fucking case of typhoid in California now

► 00:30:09

yeah yeah yeah yeah what we got some weird situations in this country with the measles returning and Polly overturning what the hell out brakes expands in LA and Long Beach. Typhoid is typhus born

► 00:30:37

disease that can be treated with antibiotics if I'm terrified of Lyme disease to have had it in them will you spend a ton of time hiking around the well California does not much lime around but east coast it's horrific it's like everybody that spend time outdoors in the Northeast seems to get it yeah I don't know what you can do about that there was a vaccine that they were doing for a while but one of my friends her dad actually got Lyme disease from the vaccine like you didn't have it got vaccinated and catching it from the vaccine I think they were like okay talk this Maxi sorry I think they had it for a while and she is so when you were a kid you were you were doing this like you've been involved like the family business sort of my family business is my mom's business actually it was Safaree businesses so like like you say sit in the Land Rover see the animals kind of thing and they did a little bit of terrorist

► 00:31:37

safaris but then I grew up on a farm in the outskirts of Harare Zimbabwe and then whenever I wasn't in school I was on the farm run around Barefoot catching snakes fishing yada yada and then when my mom wasn't booked up she had this little Bush playing the cheese for safaris and we just Adventure all over Africa sounds great. Sounds amazing but I mean it's like one of those things where it's what you're used to write iPad moving to the states at age 14 and like trying to find my bike place in the world being this weird little private school kid from Africa way more terrifying than going to meet a tribe in the middle of the Bush for sure like I'll give you examples like I always carry a pocket knife on me write my first day here in the states I go to school for my part of sitting in my uniform someone to a very proper English boarding school start cutting my Apple 15 minutes later I'm in handcuffs and like what did I do what did I do I literally had no idea what I've done wrong because I had a knife at school

► 00:32:37

everybody I'd ever been to school with had a knife to cut their apple like it was the standard thing so here I am with like police and guns and badges and they're throwing me in handcuffs and taking me out of the school on day one in America and I'm like this is the scariest thing I've ever seen and I didn't even learn until later that day that it was cuz out of pocket knife at no point do I think having a pocket knife is a bad thing so they didn't tell you they just grab me a thing like the knife went flying I was chained up and other what's going on what's going on in there like you're in big trouble in little culture shock things like that that to me were like something I've done every day my whole life and now I'm like getting thrown in juvie for it kind of thing when you think back about that do you think that's just the consequences of being in a large population for sure like I said I would school everyday with a knife there was no violence issues there was nothing like that but then you come here where you know the stabbings and stuff like that and it's because you know we had I lived in a tiny country

► 00:33:37

do you think that it's possible that I mean stupid but there's no way you could live like that over here and there's no way you can have kids with a bunch of knives at all I think that would be terrible and I get it now and don't nobody talk to you about it before you left the house sharpen it before you go to school so you were doing he's always doing is walking so far as you start out doing the driving ones and then eventually you start doing the walking ones walking safaris they didn't do hunting results photographic and we were in the Zambezi Valley so Zambezi River 20 thanks rivers in the world so we do these walking safaris and we did canoe safaris as well which is why I have so many Hippo & Croc stores cuz we'd be canoeing down the Zambezi River and then taking photographs and seen wild like that way what a crazy way to grow up and it was just your relationship to wild life is so different than the app

► 00:34:37

rich person in this country very intimate like I feel like I have like regardless of being a scientist by trade I feel like I have a very intimate understanding of animals cuz I grew up completely surrounded by don't know what other countries have you explored I'm over sixty countries now whether it's for the show that I do or for biology contracts before I did the show or just because like for instance when I got done with college I was like I had a little tiny little business during college sold it was I going to travel the world and try and photograph these animals and I went to 20 countries looking for wildlife did you have something to do with looking for the Tasmanian Tiger what do you think

► 00:35:21

I think of all the extinct animals that have gone extinct at the hand of man given the the range on if you know this but the Tasmanian Tiger one point range from Papua New Guinea all the way down to Tasmania so not just the island of Tasmania but thousands tens of thousands of miles I think given the range the frequency of sidings the amount of untouched habitat in Australia and Tasmania and Papua New Guinea where they just found a new dog species by the way who did the Highland dog and maybe a year ago now and credible looking animal like absolutely could there be a very small Remnant population of thylacine Tasmanian tiger hiding out in isolated pocket of habitat I totally think it's possible and these sightings are they coming from credible sources

► 00:36:04

so I did I did one Expedition I've done two Expeditions looking for thylacine and one of them I was literally talking to the man who is the head park ranger for like the entire North Queensland so he's a scientist by trade a biologist by degree and he says I saw four of them spent his life in the but she knows every animal in that area and goes I saw four of them so like how do you not like I have Goosebumps talking about it cuz how do you not like take that as credible now that's about as credible to guess what was that cool looking. There it is what a freaky looking to the world's rarest and most ancient dogs been rediscovered in the wild so this New Guinea Highland dog was thought to be extinct is that the end of the right area is where where they are has there been a concerted effort to find these things sort of I mean it's it's one of those things were like I would say the thylacine is like the icon of animals coming back from Extinction

► 00:37:04

Australia right it's kind of like everybody knows about in Australia are all care about it but where these efforts are is like outside of Sydney or you know what I mean it's close to home so there hasn't been a lot of expeditions really deep and look for him and that's what I did so there's so much belief that the animal is still out there that the shoot the university in Canada blank on the name of the right now the university itself put money towards funding just find it so when you have a credible institution like at University going here's money going fine this thing you've got to think and I'm not a conspiracy theorist but you got to think they have some Intel that says what we're not wasting our money to look for something that's not there we've heard something we seen something we caught sight on a trail camera let's prove it until actually teamed up with take on something on a trail camera hard to say but what they did do is fun this Expedition so myself and the university who's still ongoing with the research when it looked in this area North Queensland where I went and how far deep do you go in

► 00:38:04

1200 miles 1200 Mi to 14 hours driving and then hiking from there the most numerous this is where that siding that I was talking about came from from the Bell just as well as I think for other sightings the the community up there is a place called Portland roads you could look it up I think it's 12 people and wow look totally not like the Amazon Off the Grid but Off the Grid you know it's all like solar energy and build it yourself is no power lines by why so it's just this small group of kind of like people in the middle of nowhere and almost everybody in that Community has seen them so that's that's where we based it out and it went deep from almost everyone in the community and no one's took a photograph they have cameras everybody's got a cell phone kind of thing but it's like it's all it's always the same story where it's like yeah it was there it was late at night by the time I reach my pocketed it had gone off except for the biologists tell me about who said it ran around with his dogs

► 00:39:04

he's out camping he's like all these is red eyeshadow my dog goes nuts and runs over there and then there's four thylacine jumping around with my dog like for like 15 minutes and he's like I'm trying to get a picture and you know that's like three hundred yards away it's in the dark and without the flashlight in the phone and liked it so it's basically a hundred percent of this thing's alive I mean as a scientist you can never put that number but that's why I've done two Expeditions and I plan on doing more I feel it's out there while he's a gut feeling that it's there did you ever see that movie the last one. It was a weird strange from was paying him wasn't it would someone hire him to do it but wasn't there a bounty hunter for the animal because it had some weird Gino Mariah I don't remember it was

► 00:40:04

fright people hunting them put a bounty on them when settlers came to get rid of immuno put a bounty on him what year was this it's been awhile since I've read read up on that but last ones died off in like the early nineteen-hundreds right that's the one that's so freaky looking animal there is one set of footage from it ever from the one in the Hobart zoo and if you look at it insane looking creature s yeah yeah it's a freaking animal is it doesn't even look real looks like I like a cross between a tiger and a dog or something and its stripes and that's a strange thing about Australia and that whole area is like how did what's this marsupial thing and why did not catch on anywhere else

► 00:41:04

I turned his face and it does like a yawn and you'll see he can open his job the way like a snake does till almost a hundred eighty degrees I mean it's it's bizzarre to swallow a bullet coyotes are kind of like that to not quite so extreme but right when you see a coyote yawning you like what the fuck, man I'm obsessed with him I'm totally fascinated by him yeah I hope you get a photo of those fuckers me to set up trail cams and we did 200 trail cameras I think they have 10,000 10,000 crazy but maybe it's a thousand it's a huge number so what do you do with those how's that work so you do like a a grid pattern right so you know how trail camera work yet activated

► 00:42:04

forever and they set out all these like undergrads and they're like Place one every 300M pointing in this direction blah blah blah and they just do a grid and they do that for a month-to-month whatever just collect them all and then move to the next grid and then move to the next grade and just blanket the area and I think I could be wrong on this but I think the search that they're doing that University is going to be the most comprehensive trail cameras are they ever conducted and so as far as you know they don't have a photo of one yet as far as we know but figured this way again I'm not a big conspiracy guy but if you're if you're is generous and a surprise closest they have me there's a lot of these could be there

► 00:42:48

see to me that's a mangy Fox that's not at that elicits no look at a base the Tails very thin it's carrying in an upward curve instead of straight like if you look a kangaroo's tail it's very flat there's a lot of fox problems in Australia where they're introduced could be wrong you know I try not to get too excited when I see something that I'm like this is at but because of the way the grass is greener has got stripes on his back of the tiger wow a trail cam has captured an image that is excited Tasmanian tiger Hunters to the possibility the animal May Roam freely across Australia how big is that thing

► 00:43:25

they're like coyote size very similar to a coyote in size

► 00:43:30

so don't you think though that they had definitive footage that they would release it to try to get more funding and the problem is I got a photo of a leopard in Zanzibar the first time in twenty-five years the animals declared extinct and we caught up a video not even a photo a video of a Zanzibar leopard and took it up the chain and they're like into unless we have genetic proof that animal remains extinct so I think you know you know if the university had something they're trying to get enough data to really present a case as opposed to like you know throwing up a flag over something into one individual a bunch of wildlife Hunters would go there what is this German Shepherd wow

► 00:44:25

did you ever seen that photo or the footage rather of the Jaguar that they found in Arizona because yours is huge Sonoran Desert that you think none of these tropical animals can make it across and for whatever reason Southern Arizona gets Jaguars and coatimundi and peccary and all these like tropical animals what the hell what the hell is going on that all these rainforest creatures are making it through the Thousand Mile Stretch of desert in Southern Arizona Board cool places to visit natural instinct to Roman expand your territory there is so beautiful too big fucking aggressive cat what's bigger a jaguar or a leopard leopard leopard but they were all over

► 00:45:25

Comerica Jaguar Point time Arizona you were pushed out of us a feeling that might not reach her though I feel like they were they were more numerous in like Arizona and like the Southwest make sense I mean we had so much megaphonic here back in the day they would have been a lot of pray for them now because the fact you spend so much time in the wild and you know and that you have this interest in these would you call cryptozoology animals from it clear and nothing but I don't do lock Nassar Bigfoot or anyting I'm a true wildlife biologist so I only focus on Wildlife so not to interrupt you but I'm just very structured in the sense that I really only look for animals that we we have an understanding of the Bigfoot one is the most compelling

► 00:46:25

but also probably the most bulshit I think there's a mix there I think people believe that they've seen certain things you know it's it's do I think that there could have been large primates that we attribute to Bigfoot sure whether they total here or not whether people never seen him I'm so like not well right on that isn't it interesting know that if there was one it would probably be the most spectacular find ever we have chimps and bonobos and we have all these things that are real paintings of big hairy creatures and like everything I mean it would be like this mind-blowing discovery have you ever went and looked for the Bondo ape they've got skulls and hair samples and voted graphs and video and four people don't know we're talking about two gigantic chimpanzee right like a six-foot-tall chimpanzee and itches

► 00:47:25

and it does walk erect sometimes yeah there's a camera trap photo there's a guy named dr. Carl orff notes on a doctor things in scroll harm on hormones that I'm on call, and he's a photographer camera traps and he got one it's freaking is some photos of the gentleman that shot one near an airstrip and it's fucking huge don't know how big the men are they might be small and it's in front of them but it is without a doubt like one of the biggest chimpanzees you've ever seen it lying and they have a Crest on their had their skull has a Crest like a gorilla the bone of the skull a picture of that I'd love to see it I'm not not familiar with the anatomy of them yeah it's it's really interesting because I think for the longest time they didn't think they're real is a part of that Michael Crichton book Congo

► 00:48:25

remember that was a really terrible movie that's insane that's one of them doesn't look like forced perspective in front of them and that's one from the early nineteen-hundreds I believe where these guys shot one and there were like what is this this is just giant chimp go didn't see if you can find one right above is the one that worth walking right there yeah wow direct you know these people that are the sidings they saw one walk by a truck like walk across a row they said it was the same height as a truck that's insane so they have like a Toyota Hilux or something like that and it's literally the site the height like a 6ft tall man but a giant chimp to go back to the Bigfoot thing you can totally see where we get that from right Shores and look at this huge primate that's the side

► 00:49:25

human being in your brain instantly goes Its mythological I'm pretty sure that they didn't have photos of this thing until the 20th century like the late 20th century that's a trip man this dig nest on the ground like like gorilla gorilla and the locals have two different name for two different names for chimps they, tree beaters and lion killers and the tree beaters are the ones that are up in the trees or smaller Champs the lion killers are these big ones that live on the ground and apparently there's some either of a video footage or there was some eyewitness account of one of them eating a leopard no way it was a dead leopard that they were eat whether or not they killed it or they found it but they were eating this fucking thing regardless like to be a primate at the top of the food chain eating a big cat I mean that's not it snow did you ever think of going there and trying to find those things

► 00:50:25

the deep in their great things are in a place called Billy Billy in the Congo that's where they think they are the isolated population of them they're just got back from the Congo and she still does like her own adventure stop and she was saying it's just like pooping all over his while she's like it's mind-blowing like there's so much remoteness and unstudied area that there could be all kinds of things God damn man what kind of medication do you have to take for going to go there because you have to take some antimalarial stuff right and I'm a pincushion like I've had so many shots and pills and you know like preventive obviously I actually don't do malaria medication I just cover up because it messes with your brain I don't know if you know that like I'd they say that in the modern ones aren't bad but the mail around like you have hallucinations at night you have crazy sweats like best if you're in hot sun so I would rather be more focused special from working with reptiles or stuff like that that can envenomate me so I try to stay away from it just cover up

► 00:51:25

wow is there a specific type of clothing that's like anti mosquito repellent clothing or anytime really look silly because looks like that's a bad for you to the headphones it's so strong it's probably worse in the mouth have you ever use a thermostat what do they call the fucking is it called thermacell is called its it's a device that heats up Scott like an element inside of it and like a little bit little canister of gasoline and you put the sheets and it releases this very fine Mist kind of smell and mosquitoes fucking hate it yeah we use it in Alberta Alberta has very aggressive mosquitoes when they're out when they're out there out

► 00:52:25

got to go pick you up a pigeon's and they're fucking everywhere fishing with my friend Ari and we pulled up to the car and we got out of the car and we open the car door and within seconds a swarm of mosquitoes inside the car since and he was screaming like what the fuck is like something out of a Stephen King movie like there's clouds and that's why we don't have malaria here in the United States if it made its way over here somehow I wear this fabric thermacell cold hacks for a lot of reasons cuz I definitely feel help me get closer to wild life but I've noticed mosquitoes do not like it so that's what the heck suit is

► 00:53:25

this entry woven carbon grid that actually hold the body's electrical energy and capacity like the door microwave oven like a faraday cage right and so you naturally admit electrical energy and then when you wear the clothing it's got this conductive carbon grid and when you touch the ground or something and crowns and releases all the energy so birds migrate using that this stuff actually where I meet is at has been proved that it has an effect on the electrical energy that you released but has it been proven that the animals can actually recognize that electrical energy is certainly the birds use it to migrate sea turtles use magnetic poles to migrate they just discovered I believe 2014 that lobsters antenna have electrical detective sensory perception is the word so it's proven on some things not everything you know our understanding of animal behavior an animal adaptability is constantly growing so it's passive

► 00:54:25

I wear it because the path of Technology it's like I'm going to wear a shirt anyway why not wear one that might or might not help so I feel it helps my friend John Dudley is a bow hunter pretty famous bow hunting makes a big difference but I feel it makes a difference to notice a difference personally especially with birds I've noticed a huge difference I've noticed a huge difference in the water some mammals I've noticed a difference but yeah I like John I feel like it's it helps me get closer and you know keeps getting energy down you know what I mean like you're admitting all this energy you see this bear or whatever it is your hearts by to Adrenaline goes and it keeps on capacity so I think we sense that I think certain creatures sense that and I I like to keep that out of the equation right I guess it would be that there is something coming off of your body and it probably would be an advantage for a

► 00:55:24

must be able to recognize that just because we can't quantify it right and put it on a scale or weigh out of seems like that's probably something going on predator-prey it right like you know if you're lying and I'm a I'm an antelope and my adrenaline spikes my heart's going and you know you're going to come for me but if that's out of the equation the energy stays reduce some of the weirder videos that I've seen I should say people that are interacting with Predators like people that have like coyotes come right up to them while they're wearing those things as well that in their brain they have I'm going to quote it wrong but they have something that they can detect electrical signals of what helps them migrate around the world so for sure I think it makes a difference so what else do you use use the HEC suit ton of different tools man I mean I customize stuff you know like in the Amazon we were looking for cayman and type of crocodile so I built like a beefed-up dog catcher that I used to try last sue them I have a snake hook

► 00:56:24

call me at all times of cook what's a snake hook golf club with a hook on the end so I can work with venomous snakes without it reaching back and grab them it did actually like their body sits in it I do a lot of reptile stuff so I always have a snake hook on me I mean the list goes on Tunnel trail cameras I use a lot of thermal imaging stuff like like looking for walls or something like that we get our walls are active at night it's really hard to get a shot of them put a thermal burn in the air and you can see these these animals running through valleys you love it I'm fascinated by Wolves I think other wolves to me are probably the most interesting animal in the wild can't can it's man wild dogs of all kind are unbelievable there so at the top of their respective food chain yeah we have a lot of coyotes around here and then basically they're Little Wolves a little sneaky wolves but real wolves

► 00:57:24

Yellowstone is Elena wolves in the Northwest area of the United States they have got to be some of the most majestic animals together yet always these packs can also there's some sort of weird kind of communication and social Dynamic like within the pack you know the hierarchy and then on a hunt like you go left I go right but without any verbal communication and then coming together and making a kill I mean it's mind-blowing stop Wildlife we don't understand how they do that we don't understand what kind of communications going on to think there's some sort of like telepathic or is it just a facial and recognition recognizing choose and patterns that they established before of the sea animal Dino to flanket I definitely believe there is an intrinsic understanding of you go left I go right you know facial recognition you know your your expression tells

► 00:58:24

to do something your dominant I'm I'm passive you know learning that way but I also think there's something more than that whether it's telepathic whether it's a low frequency sound at where is not audible to us I have no idea but I do think it's more than just visual cues that's where the apparently the myth of the werewolf come from that wolves are so smart they think that wolf and a person will I combined together I don't believe that per se but I can see how that came up you know what I mean it's totally there's so smart African wild dog do the same like they they hunt needs huge packs they go over these massive areas in the mail push a single animal into one area to make the kill and they're not big animals there again like a coyote size and they'll take down you know a kudu or something huge Antelope I mean it's it's incredible African wild dogs are so cool look into those black spots in the yellow and all the stuff they just said they look angry

► 00:59:24

can't like you love wolves I let African wild dogs I just think they're so beautiful and Majestic and unusual and they're just such a cool animal correct me if I'm wrong but I think all of them come from the United States I think all of them originally came from North America like I think alt coyote America that has been on the podcast for for what is his name is escaping me right now

► 00:59:50

but he he wrote about it about you know all the the various and with a jackals and Flores and Flores it said he's that is a fascinating book great and I did a podcast with him years ago that's excellent to and he has all sorts of crazy inside is to Native American North American animals that went somewhere else like a horse's like horses were native to North America but they weren't here when the European settlers came they had they went extinct they have been taken that they were other places I'd apparently wild horses from Europe all originated from North America and we're taking over and then another one else from whatever and then went extinct here and then we're reintroduce with the European settlers what's interesting with what I do looking for extinct animals are proof that they're still out there is like there are so many stories like that I didn't know that one in specific

► 01:00:49

America's very well covered with Bible but what's to say there isn't some remnants ball population somewhere in the middle of nowhere that nobody has found these horses that have been Untouched by human beings for Millennia and that's that's what I that's what I do that's what drives me right fine this pocket find this animal that's been hiding out undetected for thousands of years so what other animals are you looking for a lot like what time at primates I'm going to Borneo to look for an animal called The Millers grizzled angular to type of monkey I just got back I was looking for an extinct Caiman in the Amazon extinct what's the difference in the Caymans that you see different types of crocodile snout crocodile same thing with Cayman and I was looking for one with a very weird morphological variant it looks very very different to any other what's what's different about it it's got a very elongated

► 01:01:49

if you ever seen a Gario if you know what that is type of crocodile with this long crazy knows it's like the alligator family to Canaan family version of that this really long skinny face superlite super yellow coloration just very different last time when we seen was 52 years ago and then they had one in a zoo that died in the 80s and nobody's found one since so just really cool and so did leopards and I did wolves in Newfoundland and a bunch of really interesting stuff so it's fun that you love you should come with such a pussy what about giant sloths what are your feelings on those I've had price three years of research into this in the Giants lost because Nana poo agree I believe is how it said if the South American name for giant sloths I don't wanna get away too much info before I get to do a chance a chance of looking for it but after all the research I've compiled there is in my opinion one location on Earth it's

► 01:02:49

hi Peru where nobody goes it's a bowl of mountains impenetrable the only way in is a helicopter in the center to me that that ball is going to be like a primordial Eden all of the culture surrounding it have old stories of giant slots they all have different names for it but they all have these stories of these Giants lot right there all hunted to Extinction however they two handed down the tradition but nobody except for you know tiny handful of like far out tribal people I've ever really got into this impenetrable ball and I think they're anywhere they're in there I saw a documentary once about the scientist that was essentially risking his reputation trying to find a giant sloth somewhere at that maybe in the Amazon some somewhere where I'm thinking too. He kept talking to people that had seen it and he never could get ahold of it but he's been there for years is that crazy that I was like why if you're a little Amazonian villager you don't read

► 01:03:49

FTV there's no reason to make up scientific science fiction why say you've seen it cuz you like to fuck with white people could be a dinosaur way for you to fucking ride out

► 01:04:15

love you meme man that's a mean guy needs a patch on the back this is the last spot for you and I'll be taking this I'll take your binoculars and I mean yeah there's no reason for them to lie but it doesn't that's like the thing that people say about everything why was Herman Li won't true yeah yeah I mean to me it's like you have to take an eyewitness report of an extinct creature or crypto creature with a grain of salt but you still have to take it you still have to be inconsiderate and so that's that's kind of the way I go I I I always talk to people but then I come up with I do the biology right I track I put the cameras out I bait ice and I do all of that stuff to try and get evidence of my own because just going with eyewitness reports has like say it's nothing is there ever been any eyewitness reports that just two

► 01:05:15

Phyllis wheeler out for sure what I mean like talk about the thylacine friend there was a guy that we met there who's like everywhere they run around with the black cat or like what is it gathers black panthers to they like hanging out together in Australia exactly the same face you did so I'm like okay tell me more like to hang out over there behind the trash Heap the jump around with black panthers and I'm like well that's the thing I'm like you're just you're either crazy or you completely fucking with me and I'm not sure which one it is because your eyes are telling me crazy yeah well I mean how many different pockets in the world are there like that Basin that you said you got to get helicopter into you star modern conveniences but there are totally untouched pieces of the world still

► 01:06:08

well do you know David choe the artist I don't he he went to the Congo I think was a Congo to look for a dinosaur that was early Vice piece Vice was first starting out and David is one of the more eccentric people that I know he's a multi-millionaire me to shitload of money gambling and also he made a shitload of money because he was a Facebook painted painted Facebook what does that mean like do these murals and they gave him stock and that stock want to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars and so now he's just as freaky super talented artist yeah it's just been one of the things they did like you want to look for a dinosaurs like absolutely this is video of him was pretty young

► 01:07:08

because it was one of those things where the locals were saying haters are there's a dinosaur in the Congo which only makes sense but but but who knows why not investigated kind of thing I mean how big of an area would there have to be for there to be a species that we are not aware of like how big of an area I mean you know that's it's a generic question cuz we discover you have to look at the numbers but it's like 2,000 new species a year little stuff but mostly little stuff there's an animal discovered the most recently there's an animal called Masala it's an animal that I'm actually working on later this year and it is a an antelope like they called the Asian unicorn cuz for Generations people have been talking about the Asian unicorn and Western World to get whatever whatever whatever and then finally somebody went down there into the Laotian mountains and and was like yours is going here's a skin new like holy shit this is a real thing and this is like in a pot

► 01:08:08

ovulated but there's plenty of people living there you know I mean this isn't like this isn't like the middle of nowhere this is where there's Villages and tribes and people and they're like yours this animal here's a skin here's a skull and since then I think one trail camera has the photo has ever surfaced like nobody's ever successfully documented it because it's just this incredibly elusive animal like whether it has super sensory organs during sight smell whatever it is or it's just super low density in population nobody really knows but this animal that's this huge like antelope has been around forever people little tribal people have been talking about it in like a mythological way the same way they would talk about dinosaurs in the Congo and the Western world's going sure buddy whatever you say and then somebody finally goes down there doesn't Expedition just like David dead and goes out turns out of here

► 01:08:59

wow what is it about animals where were so fascinated by the ones that might not be real or that might be hidden like what what is it about them when we women people love study giraffes are things that are absolutely real but they also have them even more compelling need to search for things that are not quite that are not quite sure if they exist or not I don't know man I think it's like it's human nature to want to know more like we of course like not everybody you see a draft feel like it's real I know it dang it right some people go to the extreme a study every aspect of it but as a general populace I feel like once we know something's there we want to know what the next thing is what do you think like what why why is it that were so fast with I don't know the answer I think it's probably a side effect of our compulsion for Innovation like human beings are constantly trying to find out new Secrets or find me like find out nude

► 01:09:59

strawberries and invent new things and fire Explorer new world I mean this is just something that's been a part of human nature Forever This desire to improve writing to go for the find the next best spot for a new thing you know and then I think that also works with animals I think we have this desire to find animals that we didn't know a real or weren't sure real real knowledge is the foundation of that right to go to a new planet we have to have the knowledge of how to get their ride to go to a new habitat we have to know what's there and I think maybe that's that's kind of that deep-rooted desire is like we need to know about this thing in order to do understand if we can innovate off of it maybe yeah I'm what did you think when they found that Flores man on in Indonesia to mazing so yeah that's not quite 100% that is that a hundred percent agreed upon a time

► 01:10:59

they were talking about a three-foot-tall hobbit like man kind of cable that existed alongside what I think is completely believable I mean there is an people in the Sahara Desert are tiny you know there are there in like four feet and until the until the 70s people used to go on hunt the baby was earlier but sixties or 50s but you could go and hunt this primitive sized human being as like a pet you know it's like a hunts like an Old English man with a big mustache in is Muscat would go hunt these people and now we have an understanding that but what's to say there weren't tried like that all over the world that other people used to hunt the drove to Extinction

► 01:11:51

Jesus Christ write what I say the name of it again so you got it there very small there desert while you know there's not a lot of resource in the desert so you don't get huge so they're perfectly adapted to the desert life and really used to hunt them and they look just like people I mean you'll have

► 01:12:18

but they're still around like these aren't extend extinct race they're still there must be crazy yes yeah it's like those people. Those were kind of taller koi-san but those are Bushman

► 01:12:30

so who are these people used to hunt these like I said I kid you not it was like the old English Explorer would go and Conquer Africa and and Hunt these people like they were an animal you know crazy right and this is until the 1970s that might not be right that sounds too recent doesn't it was like very recently they were still under under hunting the new people yeah Jesus Christ yeah so that's probably what happened to a lot of the non Homosapien human type people for competition or resources or any reason and Conquer Channel fuck man that is so dark they would go and hunt small people the rifle

► 01:13:30

again I'm not answer pologist I'm not sure yeah yeah so what are the pockets of the world are like mostly unexplored or we could perhaps contain some of these animals South America for sure central Africa for sure there's some very remote parts of like Russian Arctic Norwegian Arctic there's areas in Asia that are still unexplored believe it or not regardless of their populace there really are deep deep China there's some very unexplored are Northern my Anmar ecological hotspot nobody goes there very impenetrable I read something about some part of the world were they thought pterodactyls might still exist there's so many of those things I I don't know that one specifically there's especially doing what I do all the time right now you got to go look for a big foots are pterodactyls or whatever man that sits

► 01:14:24

could there be a large reptile that perhaps flies sure it's possible is there a pterodactyl as we know it I highly highly doubt it but a large reptile I can fly would be a fucking trip around right now so do you think it would be something that we don't know about like yeah basically I think there's enough pieces of this world that are unexplored that there are still megafauna to be discovered not a lot not a lot by any means and I might get ridiculed as I go back to my scientific Community for saying this but my belief is there are these isolated pockets were small populations of megafauna still exists that we don't know about South America is I mean how much of South America is actually populated I mean you look at the size of the Amazon jungle or something and it's it's the sure there's their communities and stuff but not that much I mean it's there it's Australia you know that if you're not on the coast there's nothing I mean

► 01:15:24

crazy stuff now what do you think about these guys that are talking about bringing animals back as a scientist shark is the weird word it is it is a 3 introduction is out of it is to me it's fascinating especially if it's something like said the passenger pigeon right we used to have billions of them in the United States wipe them out and now they're saying we can take the closest living relative isolate some jeans and make a new passenger pigeon is that worth it cuz it's something we wiped out in the last hundred years yes I feel like that's we should heal the ecosystem by putting that back right that being said we still need to learn from our mistakes like we need to take into account what we did and why we did it and like do I think there should be a Jurassic Park in a bunch of mammoths and T-rexes absolutely not that's a waste whether we can or cannot do it to me.

► 01:16:24

play some scientific resources that could go towards conserving things that are on the brink now when you say like he'll or men the environment or the ecosystem when you would bring back some play Pastor pigeon isn't like 90% of everything that ever existed extinct absolutely what does the ecosystem adjusting evolve and would reintroducing something like a passenger pigeon what it kind of fuck things up that exist now we're new animals have taken a different position in the hierarchy it's too short and evolutionary time so we are in what's gold the sixth mass extinction event right there's been five others before us the one we're in now it's happening at 80% greater rate than it's ever happened before so we are wiping out things more quickly than the world can adapt so you know you go into an environment and you take out all the apex predators

► 01:17:13

despres explodes the products blowed the grass gets beaten down everything collapses now if you left that environment over time a revolutionary time it would adapt right maybe you say say all of the Predators got a disease and they died died out over three hundred Generations during that time something would have all within the environment to adapt the pray so that it didn't wipe out the environment that's just kind of the Nature's Balance but when you go in there and do it in 10 years or 5 years it throws off the equilibrium so when you in Siri when you reintroduce something that's been at and it's not. It's science I've shown this even right here in California Channel Islands when you put something back that's missing from the ecosystem it's like you're putting a piece of the puzzle back right and then you can allow it to do its thing over evolutionary time what are they doing to Channel Islands a big part of that and I love love the projects are the California Channel Islands were settled by agriculture they were sheets goats pigs bottle by there's everything brought over there right and it's so not Catalina but

► 01:18:13

about the northern Channel Islands what happened was when all these animals were brought in all the farmers were there then Golden Eagle started coming over golden eagles came over to eat the pigs and everything else across the channel start playing on pigs everything else there was an animal on the Channel Islands called the channel Fox very gorgeous cute cuddly little fox you can see him if you go to Santa Cruz Island there's loads of them now thanks for the work that scientists have done anyway they were like okay the foxes being there is Angela could have been brought in so scientists got together and said the Keystone there were several species that were on the decline the cows are going to the livestock is wiping out the habitat the foxes are declining what do we do well obvious answer let's remove all the lights.

► 01:19:13

I removed all the livestock right through helicopters is a lot of pigs that were causing damage all that kind of stuff we removed it all then the golden eagle started praying on the foxes because their main habitat was gone so now the foxes are under even more pressure so that we can move the golden eagles this is a very Abridged version of what happened but now we've got the golden eagles are pushed out the bald eagle with your Fish Eaters which lives on the out so now after loads of yours of removing golden eagles like relocating them removing all of the livestock now you have a healthy population Channel Island foxes the bald eagles are back they're eating fish the whole ecosystem is Back in Balance had it been left the way it was what you would have found at the California Islands over play 20 or 30 more years for your 15 more years no foxes no no bald eagles a ton of golden eagles in a ton of pigs and likely overtime pigs would have exploded to the point they Easter Island in Celsius right to eat up all the resources destroyed all the habitat population collapsed golden eagles claps nothing left on the shelves so I know what those statues are in.

► 01:20:13

stop but I am not familiar with what happened to Shannon Ireland is was an ancient civilization that was the mecca had everything off Lana had Big Trees tons of food blah blah blah people settled there and they said this place is incredible it safe paradisiacal and then they started cutting down the trees to fish they started eating all the mammals and what actually happened is because they were so remote the middle of the ocean nowhere near South America no where near anywhere else they cut down the last tree there were no more canoes there's no more food on the island and the population collapse the island was Baron it was void of trees Boyd of Life void of anything and they didn't have the canoes or anything to leave anymore cuz they cut down the last tree to build build a boat or make firewood and everybody there. So that's that's what happens when you use up every last resource

► 01:21:04

wow when did this happen I couldn't couldn't tell you you thought it was like a mystery what happened to the population of Easter Island so they're pretty sure that's the accepted scientific they get this from fossils they get this from Bones and is that with this sort of pieced it together pretty big mystery why I think certain people believe that the heads were like a nail you don't calling to the gods to help save things cuz they were going so badly out of yadah but I believe the heads are still a pretty big mystery but the actual Anthropologie the population of collapse is is known to be due to running out of resources how long did it go for do they have an idea of how long the population lasted I think it's all I think it's all published yeah I don't know off the top of my head but it was it was a thriving population that you know flew too close to the Sun as they say

► 01:22:01

because if he's around small size when 63 square miles it quickly became overpopulated its resources were rapidly depleted when Europeans arrived in Easter Island between the late 1700s and early 1800s it was reported that the more I were knocked down in the islands seem to do that right you don't know knock down and the island seemed to have been a recent War site

► 01:22:26

last one to the next one there constant Warfare between the tribes lack of surprise Plasma Resources disease invasive species and the opening of The Island to foreign slave trade eventually led to Easter Island Collapse by the 1860s and 1870s that was a rap wow it was annexed by chili and so they've never tried to repopulate the island with trees or anything else I'm just going to leave it alone I believe so I know you can go there and visit and see the heads and I think there are some things there now but it's it's Barren there no trees there's no you know it's all been depleted it's so crazy when it introduced animals to an island and he wants a fucking everything up like Galapagos Island sure you're familiar with the Judas Judas goats Judas go to little ones in the Galapagos do you know how they do that a Raticate goats it's really interesting night to hang out together

► 01:23:26

a radio collar on one go they castrate it and then they let it loose and they gunned down all the goats around it and let that go go find the rest of goats no and goes and finds a recipe goes in the gun down the radio collar yeah so these what is this Jamie goats life was like what the fuc helicopter took the bottom of shoes I have to stop eating seeds quarantine for 48 hours when we arrive I'm eating it out exactly why there's so much concerned about this one area I mean it's the dawn of evolution you know that's where Darwin came up with the theory of evolution do the finches it's it has been destroyed in some aspects and

► 01:24:26

then the habitat has been fixed in a lot of places there's been great conservation efforts and personally I love what they're doing because they're trying to keep it pristine but I think it's fantastic that there's a quarantine I think it's great that I'm not supposed to eat seeds for 2 weeks before going there and it's it's to keep it as perfect as it is now the island that I'm going to with with my small team has like nobody ever step foot on its active volcano to erupt every year it's it's crazy harsh environment with have a new pair of boots every day cuz it melts melt and shred your boots just walking on it has been described as hell on Earth so I'm stoked what kind of protective gear do you have to wear Uggs in your boots just long sleeve clothing I don't have it yet it's so the guy was telling me it's like 45° Celsius so that's well over a hundred and yeah and that's you know we got to be careful that water and hiking and there's just there's a lot of elements but that's the thing is I'm looking for an animal Nobody seen in a very long amount of time so you got to go to these places nobody's going wow

► 01:25:26

that's incredible. It's it's interesting the idea of invasive species to write because like a wise a good example of getting rid of pigs and a lot of the natives are like will slow down because if they're what we hunt them we eat them and if they're invasive then what are we what is the pigs were here right around the same time that people were there and they existed together there they need each other and its culture you know at that point it's it's Polynesian culture to eat a fire roasted pig and hunt your pig and so it's a delicate balance like Hawaii is a perfect Zapdos mongeese or introduced that destroyed the birds and turtles are frogs all kinds of things that have been brought in there but none of those are culturally significant we're not pig as you're saying is a huge cultural significance so where is the balance one of the best examples of that would be like Lanai cuz Lanai has it's insane population of axis deer and we can we go and bow hunting there every year

► 01:26:26

delicious and Yep they're plentiful and it's one of the most really ethical Hans cuz you have to hunt them there or so overpopulated is twenty thousand of them on an island with 3,000 people and have you ever been to Illinois hunting is a tool for conservation absolutely but it's just bizarre that they did that got to decide to let deer lose on an island with nothing to eat the deer but people write Kamehameha which is what year was that I couldn't say a long time ago yeah long time ago so back down there and how are they hunting these things back then and they brought him over from Asia right up there for major same thing in New Zealand right there's all kinds of kinds of things

► 01:27:26

and same think they're all brought in for sport New Zealand Australia they brought a lot of stuff over there from from Europe to New Zealand specifically they were trying to make it like a hunter's Paradise by j-wright tell me how I know it is but it's weird because it's mostly high-fence a lot worse in the New Zealand they took like 10 of them small population believe that they've been hunted out and got a shot the last one bottle. There's one guy crazy looking dude long hair long beard like nuts looking guy and he's been on the hunt not hunt hunt but like trying to prove that the New Zealand Moussa still there he's found antler sheds he's not betting sites some guy even got a picture of one standing on a rock and you know mousse to me it's 100% of Moose Run so they're in theory somewhere down to South Island there's one or two or three of these super elusive moose that have been in New Zealand for like fifty years wow will New Zealand is so fucking rugged

► 01:28:26

A friend of mine has been there all my friend Adam Greentree he's been there he lives in Australia and he goes there to hunt tar and you know they live on the steep steep escribe for The Rock's real slippery and it's just like cold as shit and get really high altitude and you've seen them before I would like to say Stranger Than Fiction you look at in your like that's not a real creature like some kid drew that yeah like a big old Shaggy weird looking thing to see a picture of the one on the Rock light sticking out from like 2 or 3 years ago and I looked and I'm like that's almost like I don't know who sang It's not but it's a medicine

► 01:29:21

yeah from 1952 yeah that's a hundred percent of moose again how weird is it that there's animals that you know are there and then there's a nose like we must find that so used beats pain incredible amounts of time and all his resources is that it that's what I that's a hundred percent of mass that's no doubt about it and I know it doesn't even make sense if anybody would argue that it's a pretty clear picture to goof on people are they like arguing that somebody could a computer-generated yaffle people in all those you know and I appreciate appreciate the fact that you have to have proof right but it does get to the point of ridiculousness both certainly possible certainly possible that they've been especially looking at that insanely dense to rain right you know right but so there are some

► 01:30:21

it's right now to try to the extinct some animals and what like what it what is currently going on right now they're calling it The Dawn of the extinction and it's a it's a lot of

► 01:30:37

very very intelligent genetic scientists that are trying to isolate specific genes that are specific to the animals that have been extinct and putting them into extant animals animals that are still here to basically make this Frankenstein animal cuz it'll never be the animal that's gone right it will look like it'll behave like it'll think like it excetera but it will never actually be the animal that we've lost at least not yet we haven't we don't have that technology right now all we can do is isolate a genome put it into an existing animal that gives birth to an animal that looks and acts very much like the extinct and it's some degree different because it's like part of a mammoth friends would have to take some DNA from a mammoth right that they would somehow or another get and introduce it to an embryo of a elephant elephant would give birth to a very hairy very large tusks like these isolated genetic codes elephant and it would look like a mammoth it would act like a man

► 01:31:37

but the reality is it's a Shaggy elephant with big tusks right so if you did like 23andMe on it it would show all it's mostly elephant I like a little bit of a mammoth you think of a double helix DNA strand you have these little bars in the middle of it so what they do this is a very crude way to explain it but they pull out a bar from an elephant and they put in a bar from America's and then eventually you get this Mammoth and so this would be looks like Gene editing tools like Chris burrous a killing those lines exactly wow and so how far away are they from doing this but it's I mean it's been successfully down a couple of times they've really yep they've given birth to a couple animals that are very very close to the extinct animal most of the time there's problems right there's it's infertile it says it has lung issues whatever it is there's a couple different cases I'm not a geneticist I'm a wildlife biologist so I don't really understand it but it's they've done it they have successfully reproduced things that are

► 01:32:37

gone basically clone things and then the animal hasn't made it to adulthood and that seems really really like playing God does that is absolutely like playing God I mean it is our people doing it just cuz they can is it one of those things or is there a like a real valid scientific reason for trying to reintroduce these animals are extinct them the valid reason is to conserve ecosystem right like we talked about but I think it goes back to what we were saying half an hour ago which is it's just that that quest for knowledge the can we do it the Innovation right can we play God can we fix it can we take this thing that's gone and say no it's not like we have the tools to make it not gone yeah there was some article that I read where they were talking about reintroducing the mammoth to Siberia and that there would be some ecological benefit to reintroduce in the mammoth because of the way they forage for food they would have some sort of an effect on global

► 01:33:37

I mean to know about that I don't know about that specific seat of reintroducing the mammoth to Siberia to benefit the environment until you put mammoths on the ground but how do we actually know it's a great Theory and that's what science is right it's coming up with a hypothesis and then trying to prove them and it sounds cool like do I want to see a mammoth walking around Siberia fuc yeah but does that mean it's actually good for the world hard to say could bringing back Mammoth help stop climate change scientists say creating hybrids of extinct bees can fix the Arctic tundra and stop greenhouse gas emissions I don't understand that I find it hard to believe to be honest it's just some scientists clever way of sneaking it in because he wants to play God everything fucking use coal who is a shit

► 01:34:37

if your scientists write you Joe Rogan is a scientist how are you going to make your career are you going to make your career by raising money through being like yeah sure like I'll study Cricket legs or you going to be like look give me the money does stop global warming by bringing back fucking mammoths like Rhino like wife you can make the outrageous claim if you think it's going to find your research but that's how you make your bones and that's that's one of the sad realities of some certainly not all science mammoths to are so iconic it's such a freaky animal to study how long ago was that not actually sure but there's a pygmy Mammoth on the cliff there's a there's so many Mammoth tusks in Alaska and particular there's a there's a an Instagram page we can send it to you Jamie

► 01:35:37

page where they go and look for them and they they they basically use like a high pressure hose and blow them out of the side of a hill is it be nice or is it in like Earth Earth OK the Boneyard Alaska is the Instagram page if you go to the Boneyard Alaska you'll see what I'm talking about it's fucking incredible mean they keep pulling these they using these hoses and cleaning off his dirt and they're pulling these intact us cut insane but it must have been so many of them that died and their brother is mudslides or whatever and then get preserved under these things there's this one pocket where they're all concentrated in quite a bit of them yeah I guess but it seems she shouldn't have it rich assholes house. What is that

► 01:36:35

ascaris call short faced bear skull holyfuck that's a cool animal that's a cool animal are you see those tasks yeah bottom that right there those are some tough but they pulled out that's not a ton of things out so let me ask you your hiking through there right you're out of your on a hike or a hunt or whatever you stub your toe on one what are you do you take down and put on your back to leave it take a picture what you do I don't know what the rules are like if you're in certain places in you find an arrowhead you're supposed to leave it the rules aside like ethically what do you do

► 01:37:18

what's benzo how far away you are right cuz they're that's a lot of weight. That's that's fair that's fair I would say you Market a pin on a GPS and come back cuz it's like it's something you want right as a human being it's a treasure like you found this incredible thing but he magically you should probably shouldn't touch it you know what do you do with these guys obviously know what they're doing right for me I would I mean oh my God

► 01:37:44

that's crazy it is it up with tape is that what they did that looks like all the water or the other if I was thinking of my best me the best meat would markup in and then alerts and tell them where it isn't the fuck alone don't be greedy dick happens if I put it on my pack right not tell anybody and bring it back home I just don't know what the law is even beyond the law like yours is no doubt even if you don't know what the law is what's what's right that's the question what's right what's the right thing to do. Be a good law yet right but there might be a I mean clearly is a finite number of these things of course there has to be and their prehistoric let me pose this to you so I know a guy's treasure hunter by tread very cool old guy Australian guy lived in Perth and for yours

► 01:38:44

like I know where this certain Spanish ship went down long story short he finds it right digs up one single gold coin is like it's here I know it's here big spear fisherman Adventure guy goes spend $10,000 not a rich man spend $10,000 gets all this excavator equipment goes to this very remote area of North Western Australia pulls up something like 10 million dollars worth of treasure takes it home legally declares it all tells tells the government gets all confiscated they give him three or four pieces you can see his treasure in the museum in Perth

► 01:39:17

there's this guy who would have retired been a wealthy man you know how does Whole Life taken care of because of this thing he was obsessed with and then found and then got the tools on his own dime to go and get it declares it has accomplished dude that's weird because you find stuff in the ocean and they take it and people become billionaires right they find Russian or Roman chart ships filled with gold coins but for whatever reason like this was considered like history starkly valuable so it was taken for the museum right and he got ya a few coins and no money I got to look up the guys name I know a similar story of Captain America okay the guy that went to hunt it got investors right and when he got the gold he just kept it when investors ask for the money he's your dad I don't like talking about I lost it or I don't know where I put it I don't know where it is I think he's currently in jail under contempt of court. She is being asked where is it

► 01:40:17

then you said I don't know take a lie detector test if people think his kids have it or something like that but if no idea where it is it's a crazy story that's a weird because like what you going to do with it right I give people are staring at you there they're like constantly look where is it where is it and how much is it worth Millions May 30th of them yet it's like a lot of money and saying but you got to bring it to someone who's going to give you a piece you know you got to bring it to someone but then then you're going to get caught ya what do you do when you don't know who does it belong to the museum doesn't belong to the person who finds it making these rules up as we go along it's 420 million years I found a story is still in jail right now wow veiled treasure hunter ordered to pay nearly 20 million

► 01:41:17

Thompson Tommy Thompson soccer that sounds like a guy like this crazy hole in the ground that was made by Pirates like Captain Cook or someone like there's a television show about it you know they have some crazy hole in the ground right there trying to figure out how to get into but there's all these weird little traps and yep that's exactly right in there at some astronomically valuable treasure right and I believe the islands changed hands like seven or eight times because people trying to find it have gone broke digging it up Excavating and exploring it and booby traps and like someone's crazy stuff yeah there's some sort of a method that they've devised where if you go deep enough it just fills up with water so you can never get to the actual treasure itself right so the people made who put the treasure there might have fuck them

► 01:42:17

are so smart that they bury the treasure in a way that nobody ever get it out but they might have just buried it in the way that they couldn't even get it I think it's one of those like we're going to keep it here and then they couldn't get it I mean who knows but yeah why crazy story yeah so do they know who did it I'm not sure that television shows it's just like they're just like going well now what right I think they're just digging in trying so you can't suck all the water out right cuz it's getting water from the ocean what's 70 level so yeah once you go down there with the submarine I think they put divers in it they've had metal detectors that I don't really know why I'm not super familiar with the show I just know someone that was there and yeah I think it's this pretty serious ongoing thing to bury treasure right there when you were a kid that is x marks the spot to me was really

► 01:43:17

they found his so-called this is upon first glance that resembles a Knights Templar cross to have a picture here so when they find these if they in the open ocean when they find these things it's whoever finds it gets to keep it right button in ancient Roman ships but you still have to bring it back to clear it what makes it a starkly valuable like I think there's it's a lie I feel like there's a lot of loopholes where you can get screwed out of your fine

► 01:43:50

man yeah that's that's a weird one who owns that right I don't know it's interesting to me that there were so many ships that went down so you can find these things in the ocean still yet then they're filled with gold is Roman ships off of it and spend their whole career and lose every time they have trying to find one I need coordinate do they breed like old logs or something like that try to figure out which way the people went went no idea man what other like crazy trips do you want to do that you haven't done yet is a lot man I mean the one that I've had on my bucket list since I was so there's a couple one is theirs wasn't really one place on Earth left where there's true cannibals in Papua New Guinea and unlike the missionary that went in you know with an agenda I would just love to actually see these these cannibalistic tribe so I'd love to do that nobody has successfully and Lestat

► 01:44:50

and I recently and I'm not aware of successfully done source to see if the Congo River from guerrilla warfare from crazy waterfalls disease that's an expedition I'd like to try and then when it comes to Wildlife I mean the list is infinite there's so many of these animals that I'm desperate to try and find those sound like very dangerous trips like visiting cannibals

► 01:45:11

yeah I mean like I don't know how to say this without sounding arrogant but that's what sounds exciting to me you know is giving that shot that other taking that shot that other people aren't taking so have people visited these cannibals and come out of there there was there's a Nat Geo photographer who got some incredible photos are called the car away tribe and he went in there took him a while for them to kind of assimilate and get comfortable and then you got these photos that are just mind-blowing now how often do they practice cannibalism it is a it's not a daily thing it is a spiritual thing where they actually eat the eat the other tribes deceased after a war or an intertribal conflict as a way to like ward off bad spirits so it's not like a daily thing it's not like they're going out hunting each other it's more like when these things occurred that they have to eat

► 01:46:03

a certain killer a certain body to keep evil spirits at Bay do they get that version of mad cow's disease at animal scat was it Jakob creutzfeldt I know what you're talking about I'm not sure I think it's probably infrequent enough that they're not getting it in the in the South Pacific they got that all the time but they were eating each other like all the time that's where they're getting in from it's essentially mad cow disease exactly is this guy hanging out with them there or something but yeah I mean they're just look amazing but it is just so incredible that they're still people that live the way they lived many many many thousands of years ago and they sensually just get the resources from the land from the area they live

► 01:46:57

and then they just rocking it old-school and it for me it like the cultural significance is huge but what's the biological area like right nobody's going in there how much biological studies been done the answer is none

► 01:47:12

and these people have large Papa looks like that lady oh my God

► 01:47:20

yeah give you all read sapiens sapiens now I'm not evolutionary go ahead about karate I think that's the name of his he's amazing write down it's a it's a great book but one of the things that they talk about in the book was these nomadic tribes that would yeah that's it Yuval Noah Harari the fuck up his name talk about these nomadic tribes that would kill the old ladies like kill the people that were burdens and like to just shows like them now just kill him just talked about like when people became problem we just kill him in this was normal but they got along together great them from behind it it's like this is going to sound just awful but doesn't that make sense kind of does it sucks but it kind of does like a burden on the community or Society

► 01:48:20

an old folks home out there yeah like that's it's crazy like to us in our culture that's absurd but as a culture removed from the rest of the world makes sense like a burden you know you had a good life time to move on and their nomadic that's the other things like they have to keep moving so if someone stops and it like this one guy he was sick and so they left him on a tree and he became covered with Buzzard shit cuz the vultures would just sit over him and wait for him to die but he eventually recovered and he caught up with the rest of tribe and for the rest of they did call them something like Buzzard shit like that that was their nickname for him looking up at Vultures being like its moments till I die and then drop down and meet me at least polite enough. I don't just hit the guy probably couldn't afford them off that wasn't there the trippiest of all of the animals at the matriarchal society of them with

► 01:49:20

females have the fake dick star amazing how bizarre so weird crazy faces crazy biology and Anatomy telephone the cat like but doesn't belong to any family like super weird and bottom of a giant fake dick the females have a giant give birth to pressure on Earth what a weird looking animal to don't like look even with the way a lot older and you know like a higher than its lower bottom strange Perry what is it like when you encounter those in a while they sketchy at all times like

► 01:50:05

I've encountered him a lot and as as it when you're in Africa if they're taller if you're taller than it it generally want to attack you so people get like super scared of hyenas when I was a little boy I learned if you're running in the bush and you see a hyena stand up and put your arms up like that this isn't about cats to write like black mountain lions be that motherfucker Jesus look at that thing so cool

► 01:50:27

it doesn't even like it is very cool but it's so creepy looking yeah I love when they Circle Lions do it like they do when they get enough of them together and start circling snapping at the Lions legs and strength in numbers is a documentary on this one male lion who would kill all these hyenas and he was like the enforcer for the tribe no way of the hyenas come in and fuck with a female lions and then may I would come out of nowhere in this video of it video of him smashing these heinous is grabbing it with his giant head shaking and snapping them a toss them in the air and then chasing after another one in hand and killing them to Unreal no no no it's a mica Netflix dude I got so much homework is a documentary about a very rare pack of lions

► 01:51:27

branched the the river changed its course and left them stranded on an island with a water buffalo okay so they they develop like a much larger frame and they're like far larger than regular lines like the female lions in this pack are as big as male lions anywhere else how real is this real from 2006 but what's really cool is that they've evolved to take down these enormous Buffalo sure so that the cats when you look at them did look like a lot about that looks normal there but it's all right I was a normal one but some of them look so muscular they almost look fake always getting his wow she's hot she's getting the calf are terrifying too by the way yeah she's like

► 01:52:27

you know very few things that they can eat on this one Island so they're developed this ability to just have larger frames and they're much more muscular and apparently there's what's really interesting is there is this pack that's really big but then there's another pack that lives in the ground as normal sized yeah so they must be eating the smaller prey species I don't know man I'm too stupid but it's same thing same thing that happened in Newfoundland Canada with the waltz you love world so there was this island Newfoundland and there's wolves grey walls for isolated there for a long long time and they all they were eating where moose and caribou play just got huge and they're bright white because it was a snow-covered Island like 80% of the year and they were just these massive white walls all jacked all shredded chasing around moose and caribou

► 01:53:27

it just the way nature allows animals to adapt to their environment is just unbelievably interesting that's it's what I live for honestly it's so fascinating the the Eco the ecological niches that each animal like fulfills and the role that they play with in each other it's all perfectly balanced and 2 to see and understand it like fantastic to see the individual but I understand the big picture of the environment and the roles that are filled as you say it's like it's mind-blowing yeah there's a documentary on the Congo from the BBC from I want to say like the early 2000s maybe even late 90s and goes into that into detail about all these animals have adapted in like tigers of the Packers in the condo that swim underwater for as much as a hundred yards some of them eat fish ate a fish eating antelope antelope that swims and then all these animals that got trapped as the the this are these grasslands turn into rainforest

► 01:54:27

these animals that were essentially like grasslands animals like antelopes and stuff are stuck trying to fucking jungle the swampy jungle and see like these these big packs of like antelope running through the swampy jungle area where they just don't look like they belong didn't look like face and webbed who's Ariana I don't know making sure. But the point is that's how you get the crazy new species and here in the middle of Congo in this tiny little pocket is this animal that nobody's ever seen before kind of thing and not like to me that's what it's all about go to the Congo find that thing you know is it there what is it that's why someone like me so incredibly thankful to have someone like you out there I don't want to go there but I want to look at your Instagram page I guarantee you love it I'm sure I would love to but I'm happy that you go I mean it's

► 01:55:27

I'm so fascinated by animals and just animal life and adaptation I think it's one of the more interesting things about this planet definitely is these weird organisms that are trying to figure out their way to to survival you know and then where is one of them moving and changing and we're always finding new ones like I found a fucking snake I posted it up on Twitter like a week or so ago a snake that has a tail that looks like a fake spider have you seen that fucking thing I'm not sure what do you know the species of it I noticed I think it's from

► 01:56:01

I think it's from Aaron and it's a rattlesnake bite looks like a spider and it tricks birds in the coming down try to snatch the spider here we go the Iranian spider-tailed Viper spider tailed Viper like crazy I mean I'm looking at that in a video and it looks like a bug right and so this thing moves its tail and it perfectly Blends into the rock around it like look at that that amount of camouflage in adaptation like how does that happen it's incredible kiss it's

► 01:56:48

yeah what an adaptation I mean like you see the angler fish that's a very bizarre adaptation to get all the creatures can create that without you know it's all good doing it knowingly some some handful of snakes at one time start wagging their tail and realizing the birds came in and then over generational time does Taillow evolve little spikes in little things and all the sudden you have this whole population of animals that look like that how the fuck does that happen I mean how does something grow something like that or right off of his head and like he look at something for you a fishing worm like a bass worm

► 01:57:39

I mean it's it's so amazing all this adaptation and all these look at that fucking monster with a light grow and it's got a flashlight so amazing how much adaptation there is and how all these things sort of work together right like there's the bacteria and the fungi and the plant life and the animal life and the predators and prey and it all started works together and when something doesn't work as exert drops off and then the system to resets itself exactly New Order I mean to me you say it's one of the most fascinating things to me there is nothing more fascinating like I'm you know I'm obsessed with it I live for it because I find it so interesting

► 01:58:24

now when you study these things and you did you ever try to think like how the fuck that happened like if you see that that spider tailed snake is there anyone that has like an idea this was you know this was just a lucky break that this one snake had a freaky tale and then he got the fuck a lot 98 a lot of birds that is the idea of one or two or three snakes kind of got this adaptation just a random random genetic sequencing that led to maybe a white blotch on the tail something unique not seem like that though it seems like they fashioned it but over time overnight they did but over Millennia right over thousands or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of yours the one what happened with say there's two snakes with white spots on their tail then they have a baby and it has a little bit of deformation write a little thing sticking out then that snake all of a sudden catch more birds in the rest of the snakes that snake now tree produces offspring and it's

► 01:59:24

spring that has a little bit bigger of a spike catches more birds and so those become the the prized animals to reproduce with to continue the gene pool and so that's what happened it keeps evolving like a peacock right has crazy big tail but it's attracting mates with it's not useful to the bird you know that's entirely made for Showmanship for peacocking if you will and it over generational time it gets bigger and crazier and more elaborate more colorful than the females literally flock to him and that's the animal that continues on what I really wish there was a way and maybe there will be some time in the future where they're going to be able to show you would like some sort of a supercomputer sequencing will there be able to look at the DNA of the things they owe this is the exact progression right and this is what it became right this is about some sketchy looking for has chicken became a peacock. You know this is how some freaky snake became perfectly adapted to its environment I mean that thing looks exactly like a rock that it sits on

► 02:00:24

perfect since it is incredible like I was I'm like you I'd love to know who patient zero is you know who's the who's the first one because stupid people like me look at that and then go out to that's got to be a plan if something is a higher power this is something like is looking after that I mean it's like cephalopods like octopus and cuttlefish in the way they adapt their environment that's even freakier Cox the other day yeah I'm not I'm not super well read on it but it's like it looks like a damn alien yeah he was very credulous but he know he's honestly it's more than both of us if I get to be yeah it's like I mean looking at that gun that doesn't make sense

► 02:01:24

possibility of octopus being reintroduced and I think it has something to do with the RNA and DNA is she came from outer space because the DNA sequencing suggest something that makes it extra terrestrial adaptability he was super skeptical because he was saying that they're essentially so close to everything else here right it doesn't make sense but the other theory was it might be just this is the path of life and the reason why it's so close to us is that this is the way all life even if it's extraterrestrial sure gets established I don't believe Octopus from outer space but I love the theory I love the idea that it looks like it's from outer space you know it's just wacky such a cool thought thought about psilocybin mushrooms from the asteroids are spores

► 02:02:24

are impenetrable to vacuum of space yeah they can survive yeah that's that's bananas I take a lot of mushrooms not suicidal but a lot of porcini a lot of chanterelles like I do a lot of fire drinking really fun are you aware of Paul stamets one of my favorite podcast ever he's a Mycologist and a fucking trip in every sense of the word a Super Genius Mycologist who have the craziest story about being in high school and what do you say took 20 grams of mushrooms not climbed a tree on a lightning storm or something fucking and something where you hear him tell the story in your hand start sweating away like something fucking bananas and it is essentially change his life stop him from stuttering he used to stutter and he did this nice tops. I know where I've heard about us with mushrooms with psilocybin

► 02:03:24

it heightens our focus and yours are autism and you know there's I'm not very well right on that but there's a whole idea that microdosing with these chemicals that are naturally produced can actually have very positive facts quite a few people do that a lot of people are microdosing with Ellen States funny cuz the one person that I know that's done to microdose mushrooms from Silicon Valley in the pill form and in fact a lot of Fighters are doing that now what would that why would that help you like as a fighter is it is not a mental focus thing it's a it's a physical thing at that point right now it's gets you into the Flow State interests and so like with Fighters the real thing is it's not just your skill but it's your ability to execute that skill Under Pressure right so is it overwhelming amount of anxiety there's extreme consequences to getting hit or

► 02:04:24

I'm wrong getting knocked out the losing a fight is absolutely devastating it's devastating emotionally it's devastating physical world and that sometimes and not I should they sometimes often times impedes performance possibly go wrong make you hesitate and it just it's it's the stress of it all is very constricting through difficult to operate on that stressed sure the mushrooms for some people alleviate that stress and put you in this elevated state where they say and I haven't I've never fought on mushrooms but they say that when you're on mushrooms you actually can see what a guy's going to do before it does it interest you have a sense of what they're going to do the too much more heightened sense then you would if you were just in a normal silver states are you picking do you think you're picking it up through like biological Q's like you could see the muscles twitching and

► 02:05:24

arm before the punch comes or like what how do you think that's a good question I haven't done it I don't know you know I've never sparred on mushrooms or if I don't do it love it if you guys have like you know had some real extreme positive results. I never thought as an athletic performer that would be a thank ya it's it's not just the amount I don't think it makes you move faster hit stronger hit harder but I think what it does is it puts you in the zone interdite like there's there states that you get into where are you just you can't do no wrong and neither usually very elusive they come and they go you know you get them like you to play pool little bit I mean but you know how sometimes you play pool for a few hours and then you just also feel you can't miss things going to go that's even if you're not very good sometimes those those will come pick two three shots and it has only you know and

► 02:06:24

elusive state of Lycra and then sometimes you like wow I can't believe I'm in the zone then it goes away right maintaining that flow State emotions out of it like is that is that why you're in that state like if you're not emotionally attached to that shot her that punch maybe you can execute it better possible means a lot of speculation of what's going on and what's causing his elevated State of Consciousness into a saint yeah I don't know I don't want to start microdosing on mushrooms and going out Chase snakes around me like maybe you would be like more into the environment or maybe I can load it a snake I'm your friend fuck you you are but I think you'll love the story on this Amazon trip I told you about we land in this airstrip when is plan we meet we get into this Village and all my cool boats made it here took the bus 5 days were going to head upriver right and are like translators like you can't do that yet what do you mean like we spent months planning this he's like you have to

► 02:07:24

have the shamans blessing to go upriver and I'm like okay what does that mean he's like come to the Moloko which is there like spiritual house to go to the spiritual house sit around we talked and we talked and we talked and it's like hours of not like I asked him to go but just like almost like idle conversation where he's almost like interviewing us it will what are you doing where are you going where you from any other really understand any of this right he's like living this community long story short he goes okay you can go but you have to take this blessing and we're like sure will do whatever you need for us to go so he pulls out the snail shell I can show you a picture of it to snail shell with a monkey bone in the top and a tube worm to close it and in the snail shells of green powder and he's like this is what you need for the blessing so he goes around the circle and threw a monkey bone pipe he blows this green stuff in your nose is it called a coup hey not know that word that we heard I I couldn't tell the name of the pipe don't know the stuff they blow up your nose is a DMT

► 02:08:24

a route and tobacco at least like all together and he goes there's five of us in my crew goes around the circle and he hits 3 Guys and they will go all my brain feels like about chlorine on the head you know whatever and your nose gets really close got this long tubular Monkeybone piping and it just blows it up and your nose and hits three of my guys and I'm watching a little bit nervous cuz like I'm very like standoffish on drugs I got I know things affect me very strangely anyway history of my guys they go wolf you know eyes watering and they're like wow it's a great feeling gets to my turn

► 02:08:58

in the nuts all the sudden I feel like I've got acid on my brain like chlorine in my head I break into the sweat my eyes explode and I'm like wobbling like this and it's 30 seconds later I'm just crawled over in the fetal position just projectile vomiting cannot hold it together and Lorenzo this the tribal Shaman goes good good and we're like why is this good and he's like he had a bad spirit in him if he had gone up the river he would have been killed he's just got the bad Spirit out this is why I had to bless you now you can go and I was the only one that Hitler got a lot of fiber secure everybody else was like losing my brains or whatever I was literally fetal position feverish puking crate and I've never done any drugs like hard drugs like it's just not my my thing and this thing just hit me like a ton of bricks after he said that did you think it was there a senior scientist you're very smart guy but was there a part of you that was like mad it's just got right

► 02:09:58

that's what's so crazy, fucking scientist I don't want to believe that I don't believe fucking jungle medicine made me not. But this guy here I have nobody else fucking affected I'm sitting in the fetal position puking my brains out in the guys going good now you'll be safe in the back of my mind going and I nothing is ever affected me like that I mean curled up puking shivering while you trying to make logical sense out of this we try it with me like was it was there ever a thought we like maybe in this extreme environment that's so utterly different than any other place in the world that these rules are different absolutely going into it I'm like cool yeah I'll do the stupid powder if it means I can go on my Expedition you know what I mean like I'm not like embracing it I'm just like going through the motion to get my job done as a scientist and then I had this

► 02:10:58

variance and I'm not saying I was enlightened or awoken or anything like that but all of a sudden I attributed my success and my safety in small part to this green fucking powder blown up my nose by a shaman through a monkey bump in the thing about it is even if that's not true if you think it's true and then you wind up being okay and you have confidence that you're going to be okay and maybe you have less anxiety and make better critical decisions because you think that everything's going to work out actually we were very successful in what we set out to do and I I feel like because I had that crazy experience and cures this old little jungle Indian going now you're now you're going to be okay I didn't have any eggs iety going into the situation and before that I had no thought of it ever playing a part of the placebo effect right and we know that that's real

► 02:11:58

sort of a physical effect by believing that something works right but is there a fee for a change in the way you interface with reality if you believe that you've experienced some sort of spiritual enriching and then some sort of the some bad spirit is been released from your body is that possible I think so I think it changes your own reality because of your perception of the outside world that is a freaky thing for a scientist to say right right and end this is like I am a hard core academic I've never considered spirituality religion anything and I had this just fucking 10 days ago this crazy experience that is like Change My Mind Set On on crazy jungle medicine and drugs and catching animals at everything because this one got blue crab up my nose and I puked everywhere this made you one experiment with other plant medicines the only reason is because it was a necessity to do what I was doing

► 02:12:58

is coming from an expert if you will but a person who saw it as a necessity to do what I was doing and I was under his guidance to go out and you know pick a mushroom and try it and having experience is I don't I don't see the benefit in that but when someone who lives in that community and braces that wild jungle says this is my home and this is how you do it I will absolutely do it so you do it like I do respect absolutely no I'm what if they wanted you out of respect us a bunch of those different snuff that they pump up their nose and one of them is I think it's it it's some form of 5 methoxy dimethyltryptamine which is that stuff that comes off the Toads there's there's a it has a bunch of other stuff in it too and they do the same thing that's why I think that one's called a coup hey I've read it so I don't know if I'm saying that right cousin UEC Jesus I mean look if it was the same situation where he's telling me you got to do this to go to work do your job whatever absolutely I do not respect when you yes

► 02:13:58

I think you kind of have to be an asshole I mean I think you know when you're in the world of these people know they've survived in this world for eons and this is their environment Katakana have to let go and give in to this absolutely have to embrace it man alive it's weird is really pretty cool cool thank you for coming here man and sharing the stuff with us and and and thanks for doing what you do it's fucking awesome I love it it's been an absolute pleasure I really enjoy that you tell people how to get a hold of you on Instagram Twitter and all that jazz my name Forrest galante Forrest galante I'm on all the social media platforms is it Forest. Galante Instagram there's no. Look me up love China people and thank you thank you thank you thank you

► 02:14:56

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