#1228 - Bari Weiss

The Joe Rogan Experience #1228 - Bari Weiss

January 21, 2019

Bari Weiss is an American opinion writer and editor. In 2017, Weiss joined The New York Times as a staff editor in the opinion section.

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you know I mean it adjusting my vernacular to include it organically I had a great time with Barry she's very very very smart and she had some great points about all sorts of things and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy talking to her please welcome Barry Weiss

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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all day

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hello Barry and I would appreciate it very fortuitous your timing comes right in the middle of this big hubbub about this Native American Elder and this young boy with one of those stupid fucking Red Hats on imagined that a slogan like make America great again would be so divisive and somehow I never like that that would be like make America great again with sounds like they just want to make things great like now positive we're at an object like a red hat with white letters was so repulsive to half the country I mean some people see it as the equivalent of a white Hood

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wow I don't know about that but a 16 year old wearing that hat sort of carries intense more weight that surely we know that if 16 year old is not aware of all the implications of wearing a hat that is Kanye wears it I'm just saying there are people who really makes that I get it I know they just paid for their opinion well yeah well there's also people that are calling for this child's name and address or calling to Doc's him and publicly expose him this is a child is 16 is that what he is 16 years old and one of the things that was just so amazing about the whole brouhaha around anybody away like this perfect encapsulation of our outrage culture right because people saw tiny clip of this video and it was like a Rorschach test you saw in it this morality play

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what would it look to be was a group of mostly white kids from Coventry Catholic school I think it's in Kentucky and it look like at first glance that they were smirking and smug to have you sort of shit eating grin on their faces and that they were surrounding this older Native American man and I have to tell you I had a visceral reaction to it the second I saw it like so many other people I was like this is where we are in our broken culture and they're bullying this guy and here's the rise of the right had all of those reactions the challenge of what it means to be a journalist is to not see people as signifiers or is stand-ins just based on their identity and that's what like 94 95% of the press Corps did they left to delete to assume that are visceral reaction was accurate when in fact when you actually looked at like the 2-hour video of the whole interaction which also included this

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group of black Israelites are Hebrew Israelites they called themselves it was not that at all the Native American man had walked up to this group the four other guys have been heckling the group beforehand calling them crackers calling them Satan calling the one black in the group things that can't even be said so was just far more complicated and what what was really really disheartening is that the out the initial outrage was enough for the mainstream press to report on it like Twitter is kind of become almost an assigning editor for places like

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finger times in the Washington Post in the Wall Street Journal and then when the actual truth of the thing comes out when we move past the outrage cycle they have to sort of write the follow-up story to the fake outrage to be defending the fake outrage instead of backing up and say we made a mistake this kid was so horrifying was that people that are supposed to be adults you know people with blue check marks on Twitter were saying things like this is the face of white patriarchy the sixteen-year-old kid Joslin set names shame him how did these people not understand the implications of that so what happened over the weekend was that the eunos Lucy detectives on Twitter found a kid who they thought was the kid in the video wasn't actually the kid

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so there's the actual kid who was Doc's the family was harassed everything that we now know happens and you. Reach Cycles but then there was another kid who looks suspiciously like him who is not him at all who is family there's an amazing and heartbreaking Twitter Thread about whose family was in the middle of a family wedding and they do spend their whole weekend fighting off these mobs who were trying to destroy them

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it wasn't even the kid in the video

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I mean that is really horrifying to me. That's where we are and the fact that adults who should know better or fomenting this and don't see how thin like the sounds heavy but the veneer of civilization is like they're taking a pickaxe to it it's just I just found the whole thing to be terrifying I don't know how you felt the same way I think it's a very unique moment because it's so public and it's so it's so prevalent in whether it's Twitter or Facebook is everywhere and it sort of embodies everything that's wrong with a lack of nuance and with people taking one side versus the other and sticking with it with not confronting their own personal biases with looking at these things through the eyes of this is the enemy I'm on the good side they're on the bad side let's get them and also this

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this distorted idea of what it takes to

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what it takes to be violent like this idea of this is a punchable person like calling for violence you you're hearing a lot of this like this is one thing that troubles me so much about the left my phone at my parents were hippies you know I grew up when I was a little kid we live from the age of seven to eleven in San Francisco during the Vietnam war while the Viet Nam war was ending was living in the middle of the hippie world I always felt the people on the left will like these well-read kind compassionate people but somewhere along the line within the last few years people on the left are calling for violence this is very very confusing to me and it's it's this frivolous social media call for violence is not an in-person be there boots-on-the-ground call from it's a very strange call for violence punch Nazis I'm hearing this all the time

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what is a Nazi because if you mean punch actual Nazis that are putting Jews in the concentration camps I'm with you but when you call a guy with a Maga hat on he wears one of those red hats and he's just an asshole he's a Nazi now some guy who maybe is not that educated want to be a contrarian sees all these liberals that are complaining all the time so it puts this red hat on and now he's a white supremacist and a Nazi and you want to punch him like okay of people in very high positions of power in this country at least in the culture actually believe and you don't understand the implications of hollowing out words like that I know this personally right cuz I'm called all right I'm called an apologist for rape culture I've been called everything I'm a Centrist okay I'm I'm a Jewish Center left on most things person who lives on the upper west side of Manhattan and nose super socially liberal

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liberal on pretty much any issue you want to choose if I'm alt-right what what words do we have left for people that actually are that we have left for people who actually are part of a sort of racist blood and soil nativism is rising in this country and around the world that should terrify people that are using that language in the sloppiest of ways in the implications of it I also think that when when you're just you know your keyboard Warrior and you're just tossing the stuff out so much of it is about signaling to your tribe but you know that this thing is that and I really don't think people are understanding the implications of this and I don't think it's a stretch to imagine something like this happening a week 2 weeks a month 2 months from now and someone actually getting killed in Charlottesville this this this kind of guy drove over

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protesters the wrapping off of the dialogue on both side of the rhetoric the violent talk it's so disturbing and so unnecessary especially when it's disingenuous like calling someone like you all right for me cry, I get called all right adjacent that's when I got here that we're all the time I go left on everything basically except guns the few things I have

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yeah I mean I like you but I do think that there should be some restrictions for gun use just like I think they should be restrictions for car used I actually think there should be testing for guns and you should have to go through a fucking you have to take drivers ed to get a car licensed how come you don't have to do any you know you don't do anything to get a gun like you once if you're not a criminal you just get it done like you don't have to know how to take care of it and clean it and sit safely handle it you don't have to know the effects of use you don't do anything basically one major Massacre 20 years ago and then I forget who it was because look it up but prime minister conservative got rid of. So we live for definitely weird

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jumped out to me about the the Catholic School incident which is the Erasure of the individual which is just I think a horrifying problem in our culture like what actually happened was a one-hour incident on a random afternoon in January for tween a group of individuals right but instead and I don't know why the Hebrew Israelites were there but it's DC like there are crazy protesters all the time in Lincoln Memorial and outside in the white boys were there for a school is there school and act like conversion of the Lincoln Memorial have a shop around there's no teachers there was a teacher there and they did ask the teacher at one point in order to drown out the heckling of the Hebrew

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Israelites I hope I'm getting name of that group right could we do a school cheer too kind of ignore them and they did not and I think they did that with permission from the teachers at one point early on it was rumored that they were chanting build the wall but no one has surfaced any evidence of that whatsoever well that's what I heard from the Native American Elder when he was talking about it in a field in the video he said they were chanting out Build That Wall and if I got to watch every video they're also 16 right and they're also trying to make their friends laugh and they're assholes and they're just being silly and stupid a total nerd in high school I saw the face of the main kid in that still photograph and that video and I like the 14 and 15 year old girl in me was like really like I was like I see the face of so many kids who said the nastiest things to me and who threw friends of mine into garbage cans

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was it because he's got to get to the next step if you're just standing there

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maybe even still if it's a group but my thing is like your initial reaction to something is not the truth it's your emotional reaction and call themselves a journalist like your job is to figure out the facts of a case not to make this into a kind of identitarian morality play and the fact that so many people in so many publication did just that and in fact when the real facts surfaced just kind of sort of dug their heels in and we're basically like well he's a stand-in for the white patriarchy that said it's the look of white patriarchy his face you're really going to put that on your own like it's just that's nuts to me it's cruel it's a denial the individual it's very cruel when you're 16 years old you're basically a baby you don't know what the fuck

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doing you're incredibly susceptible to the influence of your peers around a bunch of other boys you not around girls cuz you don't go to school with girls cuz you go somewhere a key religious school right that this is me know you want to really be a social justice Warrior you really want to save the world how about you do something about the Catholic Church everybody wants to go after R.Kelly which is great but how about the Catholic Church how about the number one kid fucking organization of all time that's what it is and I I was raised Catholic I know what it is but I know people I know a bunch of people in a bunch of people stories and this is all over the world is kids come from that cult imagine that was not the Catholic Church it wasn't said Scientology we would be getting all these kids are part of a cult they went their there part of this weird called that suppresses sexuality amongst its priests and encourages their with the placement of these pedophile priests in new places in or

► 00:22:01

where to get away from whatever crime that committed in the area where they were initially established this is what the Catholic church is right but then they travel all over but it also is good people this is this is where it comes into play good people there's a bunch of people that are Catholics because they want a better relationship with with god of the universe or love or whatever they feel like it's a good moral framework for their children they take them there they believe in the Ten Commandments they believe in this moral structure for society as laid down by what they believe is got this great people that are involved in the Catholic church but it's also the number one kid fucking organization the world it's those two things right so these kids are a part of something that's way worse than smirking at a Native American with a drum and in my opinion being a Bible when I was 16 I was a fool I was a dumb person

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is a dick to some people just cuz I get away with I don't really remember but I was just learning words and this kid with his guy beating the drum inches from his face he handled it I believe way better than I would I don't think I would have I don't think so no I don't think so no one else 1616 also I was competing I was doing a lot of Martial Arts events so maybe I would have kept it together better than I am thinking I would have but I definitely was a fucking idiot and I was 16 you know you just don't go in and who knows what's going on that day who knows like if you have anxiety about the future your girlfriend broke up with you you failed the test or what else that is like bouncing around inside your head overwhelming your ability to form reasonable thoughts

► 00:24:01

by the way that everyone's initial not everyone's every liberal I know okay everyone on the center and Centre Latin even the center rights reaction to it was accurate that he was a little asshole he's a racist homophobic transphobic every single thing

► 00:24:20

does that deserve to be news but a sixteen-year-old kid with those fuse smirked at a Native American Elder especially considering I don't think it strange that we're covering it like it is because of the internet the fact that we are my timeline on Twitter and on Facebook on everything this was way bigger news than day whatever it is 3031 but the government shutdown people are having to get on bread lines to feed their families people want to talk about I think there's this idea that there's things are happening right now like the government shutdown and then there's things that are happening right now in terms of our culture shifting and when these things that come up in opposition to what many people believe is a beneficial shift to a more Progressive more responsible culture when these little hiccups

► 00:25:20

they get addressed niggad address rapidly and I think it's because people are aware but things are changing and is almost like unprecedented way if you look back on with you like nothing we've ever exposed there's nothing you could find the historical record for human beings ever been what we've experienced over just a past 10 plus years of social social networks and social media and the ability to spread information very quickly with a YouTube video or a tweet or whatever in these these were exchanging information is very different and because of that culture is Shifting at a hyperspace speed it's just a turbocharged for sure so I think when something comes up that we think is like there's one get it but it's not logical it's like it's like road rage you know why you get road rage one of the reasons coz you're going fast because you're in a car and you're nervous

► 00:26:20

your heightened senses so anything that happens and gets magnified like someone already jacked up to 8 because you're in a car going 60 miles an hour Twitter does that emotion is a social media life is doing that this was so when something like this comes up this rapid pace of change which is almost impossible to keep up with right with the new cycle and this constant wave of change and information so when something comes up people Road raging on this kid but one thing is just continue to insist on

► 00:26:59

truth and facts and not allowing people to be standings for a group you're not a standing for anyone or self you answer for yourself I just I find that trend on both sides really really scary it's because people are insecure and you know I think for someone like Kathy who's experienced Kathy Griffin who's experienced that public shaming

► 00:27:24

shamed herself in the most horrific way has a base of a the live underground and now she's saying shame him name him and docks it is people's idea that they should be more more committed to their side more committed to their team the only way you're going to get any support if you have been attacked and isolate not alone is to get back deep deep into the team again like how do you get back deep as a team again you got to be rabid you know and that's part of it it's it's a natural reaction that people have to sort of signal to everyone else on the team they're all in their fully committed care about their fucking career test like that kind of shit happens and it's it's people that want love that's what a lot of it is it's they do recognize there's something wrong did they are reacting to real thing but I am saying that the reason the overwhelming reason the motivation for this kind of overzealous reaction is

► 00:28:24

open the signaling thing it said they want to let everybody know totally on the fucking teen man I'm all in a Mike's man you can't punch anybody shouldn't punch anybody to go to punch you back we don't punch in Poland or in Hungary right now you know not a sixteen-year-old kid who maybe have no idea what that had signifies I mean I mean there's a broader point which is like the very same people like one of those sort of

► 00:29:06

wisdom's of of Criminal Justice Reform right is which I believe in is that we shouldn't try kids as adults and we should forgive we should have greater generosity and mercy and forgiveness for the crimes of a child even if they have committed them those same people are the one saying Dachshund and shame have generally politically now and this is again there's never been a dachshund before there's no doxxing right how long is doxy been around a decade was 20 years ago that's a blip right that's so recent so this is not a thing that people have really had to balance out in their mind when to do it when not to do it do it do people have no idea of what that looks like and unless you've experienced it or watch someone you no experience it it's it's it's like an abstraction

► 00:30:06

puppets that's exactly what it is that's exactly what it is and this extreme lack of empathy the lack of empathy towards anyone who doesn't share your position is very strange it's some it's very it's piss poor thinking and it's everywhere and not being a part of one of the tribes is it extremely lonely position and you get cold all the bad names of people want you to be a part of their tribe and people don't want to be called bad names and they want to feel like they're going to name group like emotionally I totally got that kind of sucks being homeless well it's just politically how much yes it's just

► 00:30:48

when you got a president that's so polarizing and you have an opposition to him that's so there's so much momentum in opposing him I think this is a giant wedge in between these two sides and then you have that hat and that hat that kid wasn't wearing that had a guaranteed like 20% less hate it would be people who still get mad at him because he was like I've seen people say when a native Elder walks up to you and he's banging his drums get the fuck out of the way I saw that like come on you can expect that you can just beat your drum first of all you got right in the kids face like inches from the kids face pretty amazing the restraint this kid had to just smile and the idea that you're going to judge this kid wins millions and millions of people going over this right now that kid woke up that morning he had no fucking idea he was a kid in a cult okay is a Catholic cult school and he's going to some

► 00:31:48

weird things March for Life for people trying to kill babies going to stop him from killing babies ride to go there and is this black Israelites calling him the faggots and there's there's all these people calling him names and and then all the sudden guys beat the drum in front of his face and we're supposed to or supposed to dock this kid now cuz he smirked that's that's a crazy impossible lack of empathy it's impossible to defend unless you hate boys less you hate all boys boys are dumb like 16 year old boys are almost universally dumb they all they all grow up to be men some of those men will be your best friend some of those men will be amazing some of those men would you be so happy to see you see me to give him a big hug okay that's me that's me I was a stupid fucking 16 year old and I'm a man now I try to be as nice as I can to everybody I go way out of my way to be a kind person that could be that kid to like what you're doing is not good for anybody it's not it's not good for

► 00:32:48

Society to take this trend and run with it and in this what is is that what people do now you know you block 16 year olds turbo charges the right like that people are not quite understanding if you are someone who you know is frustrated with Trump and his maybe moving to the middle and you know imagine that person it's easy to imagine then you see this and you're like I don't want those people being in charge of me I don't those people running for government visceral reaction I just I don't think they're understanding but like implications of what they're doing I don't think you understand there's no understanding when you have a spectrum write the far right in the far left they have a very similar reactions they drive a person to the other side the person that sees the far-right and sees repulsive racism and and bigotry

► 00:33:48

Build That Wall fuck these Mexicans fuck those little kids that you should have known better they were all illegals that kind of person that pushes people towards progressivism pushes people towards much more liberal socialist ideology like to fuck that gross nest in the same thing could be said for some I'm going to send you something Jamie this is a real poster that antifa is sending that they were putting on a wall on walls and and fence posts and shit in the Pacific Northwest and it's actually kind of hilarious cuz it's so stupid I want to see it on the screen here but it says oops sorry Jamie kilstein anybody I just sent it it says when you date a white it's not alright and it's like it's telling people to not date white people propagation of Lights

► 00:34:48

propagation of hatred of Russian homophobia sexism transphobia racism in ableism are we supposed to sterilize white people put seats this is the thing racism is racism is terrible right so how do you stop racism racism is can only be perpetrated by white people. White people racist like you're literally being racist to stop it's really understand every other people are posting it online and someone sent it to me everywhere it's probably just one asshole right but the but the but the person exists but that person exists and they think they're Progressive do you see the cold Civil War that were in this country becoming a hot one that's why I worry about you punched out where does this go no one knows if we did we make a lot of money in the stock market this is why I'm concerned especially because I understand violence

► 00:35:48

a lot better than most people do you can't just say go punch people when raised as one says have you seen a more punchable face that is so fucking dangerous because you're almost said go punch this kid I saw someone else I accidentally favored something I didn't mean to favorite I did someone I'm just lucky that I looked at it because I normally don't even read comments but somebody pointed out that I favored a really Preposterous tweet that said honest it said the reply from school was pathetic and impotent name these kids so that's Kathy Griffin here's the one that said

► 00:36:27

this guy said

► 00:36:30

God damn it I can't find it it was basically saying no need to hear it is a face like that never changes this image will Define his life no one need no one need ever forgive him as a person with a blue check mark by their name no one need ever forgive him a face like that defines his life that is virtual signaling in the most toxic form so so dangerous to think like the idea that

► 00:36:56

just I'm tired I was trying to know it's okay

► 00:37:00

the idea that people cannot change to Critter irredeemable right he's crazy cancel culture I was talking about this with Kanye honestly to talk about in person or on the phone he's got to be on the show I like to see him with a samurai sword it was first posted over two years ago and it's supposedly is like a troll that makes sense it's hard to find what's at Rome was not what I was going to say that if I was cynical I would say that if I was a person who's like far-right I would put that out just to fuck with these people and it's basically like some CIA psyops type shyt and I mean this is this Wooper worth show through the Looking Glass here they like that post that I just read you that's a real post about this guy is unredeemable

► 00:38:00

I will never forget that's just as bad in my opinion is that supposed to say don't date white people it's all crazy we'd just feeling of Despair you have to like I find myself fighting it because the basic like some basic virtues right that used to be normal right leg stability stability has now become for some people a code word for like complicity with Nazism like if your if your sibling you believe in Civility and you believe in you know treating people decently and with the given them the benefit of the doubt like that that word itself has become a code or a signal in a negative way Embassy like human doubt even saying it I don't know you know I I just these basic virtues seem to have been like swept away and I don't know when they when they got lost

► 00:39:00

ingredients for sure the thing that hard in the epoxy was Trump I think these these Trends these Trends are going in that direction anyway but he capitalized on that you know he's a very smart manipulator knew how to capitalize on that when this chant of Build That Wall it's not an accident that's something they concentrate on and it's not just that it's there in a political battle right now because if they get him to back down off the wall then you know he looks like a loser when 2020 comes around he looks less powerful those people there's that for sure but there's also this the he's so egregious like everything he's so he saw that guy like thinking about how we're going to get Beyond this is how do we build it back because he's broken something or he's signifying the fact that was broken one or the other I think that he was both a symptom of something that was broken and we didn't recognize and now he's further catalyze that Brokenness

► 00:40:00

I think both sides have to recognize that the other side has some points that's one thing and then I think we also have to treat ourselves like we're all a family and we're on a big team cuz that's what we really are if we really are the United States of American Bully what what is a what is a country in its if anything we're supposed to be a team the idea that we're separated and we're two teams in this one team the real differences in terms of like who gets elected like how it's going to affect your life involved business involves some social policies involve some things but the way we interact with each other on a day-to-day does involved at all has to be fixed first the way we think about each other on a day-to-day basis that used to be a time where you could have a conservative friend and you can be a liberal and you could be a fucking long-haired hippie guy and eat in slums you are good hardworking person who didn't let their long-ago crazy your next-door neighbor who is like a Goldwater Republican would talk to you tell her I knew would go how's it going bike what's going on

► 00:41:00

together this case and this and that and you know a professor could live right next to a cop and they would be friends and one would be conservative in one would be liberal and they would make fun of each other a little bit and read each other a little bit and that would be the end of that would be it wouldn't be this this Civil War that we're experiencing right now right now just verbal and hopefully it stays that way but it's it's it's confusing is confusing cuz there's a lack of frustrating lack of empathy that when I look at human beings and when I look at people that aren't seeing what everyone else is saying or they're not seeing things objectively and there are rational an overly-emotional I always assume there's something else to running from I always assumed when I see someone lashing out and insulting everyone around them I always assume it's not the people around them something internal there's something something maybe some existential angst they're fighting against some realization of the futility of Life whatever the fuck it is

► 00:42:00

yes playing this game as if it lasts forever and accumulating stuff is if it's going somewhere with you like it's going to get in that wooden canoe and the god Ra's going to take it with you in the afterlife it's nonsense and somehow or another we noticed and we as especially as people get older they seem to push it further and further in the back of their mind and they getting more and more ideologically based less open-minded A Little Less open to new one very rarely see a 65 year old guy switch parties and a fucking asshole uncle that has a couple of drinks in him and starts talking about the gays you know and this and that and all of the things that are wrong with our culture the sodomites and I'll people start talking crazy for her that a Thanksgiving dinner

► 00:42:53

but I think there's a few things I could help us one I think is just I'm realizing that these stupid fucking blow-ups over this kid in the discussion that comes afterwards hopefully some of this will settle down we're allowed to have disagreements were allowed to have opinions about how these kids should have behaved were allowed to have ideas in there in our minds about how how you would behave if you were that kid but I don't think you're allowed to dock some don't think you're allowed to even say that I don't think you're allowed to say that you want to punch him I think that's about it needs to become socially unacceptable to do that you need you need to be checked for that cuz that's you you know when when someone says things like razor I want him I don't know who's who punched him a punch buggy no punch to punch

► 00:43:53

I cannot I have to say I cannot imagine ever sing with him and I will punch you I don't know the feeling of I'm going to punch you but I can never mentioned unless you're protecting someone you care about your own self I thought I did see this amazing video of Buzz Aldrin to do see this I'll punch in the groceries and go to I know that guy that punched

► 00:44:27

the 1990s Fox had a show called conspiracy theory did we go to the moon and they are turn on Television primetime they got me Hook Line & Sinker and for years I believe that we didn't go to the mom mostly talked to Neil deGrasse Tyson but also critical thinking also realizing that I was fully committed to that idea Without Really exploring the possibility weather that idea was incorrect and then I would taken everything that I saw that documentary which is incredibly convincing and with 100% confirmation bias I only looked at that and I didn't look at all the contrary evidence there's some fucked-up stuff about the moon landing unfortunately in the fuk up stuff is mostly people that were involved in publicity that were doing stupid things with photographs like they taking a pic a picture of Moon landing nihilism

► 00:45:27

was Buzz Aldrin

► 00:45:32

who is the guy that was Michael Collins Michael Collins in Gemini fifteen years that they they put out as an official photograph of Michael Collins doing a spacewalk what would it actually is is a photo of them testing equipment and they blacked out the background so he's in the suit that they were doing with testing and it's that because I really couldn't get good photos in space cuz no one's out there with him taking his pictures right so they lied they faked it this is it so the see the one on the left you see the real photograph in this is him in his Studio where they're working on him try to Warehouse rather or some sort of a testing environment working on how to control these harnesses that you would use when you're on a spacewalk cuz that propels him forward and back to use it what they did was they just blacked out the background and reversed it and then they sold that as him actually being in space

► 00:46:32

this is probably an overzealous publicist and there's a bunch of these is a bunch of these when it comes to different backgrounds and in areas of the Moon that are many many miles apart from each other shouldn't be the same background more likely than not what you're doing with his overzealous publicist because photographs were incredibly difficult to get I'm sure thank God for longer than landing and I are but also the power of the media and the press and like you so 1 documentary down this Rabbit Hole. I've been thinking about did you see the Roku is I think teapot formed Infowars feel I think I support that because

► 00:47:26

I don't want like in an age in which people don't know okay like a fifteen-year-old clicking through their Roku doesn't necessarily know the difference between CNN and Infowars MSNBC whatever and of course some of those other ones have bias he's obviously but Infowars promotes conspiracy theories and do I want a 15 year old kid stumbling into that and thinking that that information is on par on a level with actual facts the problem with conspiracy theory that some of them are real real problem the problem is you don't know which ones are real but some of them are real the Gulf of Tonkin that got us into Vietnam War are you aware that

► 00:48:10

okay but Sandy Hook Sandy Hook for sure happened bunch of kids died in these are horrible he's a horrible evil conspiracies the problem is it's horrible without a doubt and I saw the Media Matters clip that I never seen before I saw it recently the one that shows every time he brought it up just one not many many many times it was saying it was an absolutely fakes I apologize for the position now but I think it's at the lawsuit or shorts a lot of thing has to be a real snotty nose it really did happen but there's a giant group of people out there that still believe it didn't happen and they still confront these parents even in court and they call them crisis at the time it's done amazing reporting on this Elizabeth Williamson mild it's sick it's sick it's twisted we probably shouldn't

► 00:49:10

I think you go into cuz it's a thing but it's it's brown what do you think of taking it for we have to decide what what is Twitter what is Facebook what is YouTube the position of most people have is these are private companies they can make their own rules this is just like CVS deciding review use you know if you drunkenly yell the n-word out at a black police officer that they don't want you as a newscaster anymore what you know this a public or private company that can make these distinctions if you take a position an anti-semitic position publicly they can they can decide what we don't want you on the air anymore and then there's other people that think freedom speech in this form is is so important and that the answer to bad ideas is not stopping those ideas it's good ideas it's good ideas confronting those ideas

► 00:50:10

you see it all work itself out that's that's the does the other side of the coin that the other side of the argument the argument that we should treat whether it's Twitter or YouTube or any of these social media platforms as a public utility that you should be able to distribute information the real problem is with all this is that it's very messy there's this is a Nuance tissue there's a lot going on because when you do decide to D platform someone for having an awful position and spreading a false conspiracy about that most people going to agree with you but the question is does it stop there and doesn't move on to you or a person who believes in white nationalism what does that mean while I believe that black pride is fine but I live also believe white pride is my what about those people where do we go with them then I get slippery and then

► 00:51:10

pronounce weedy platform them I mean this is one of the things that there was a paper that someone had put together an article was like everyone has this very bizarre Connection in terms of like basically say of you or of something someone like you talkin about exactly pretty left but just ask me questions like if you want to know I'm not going to hide my positions on things from you I am very open obviously I told people I used to believe the moon landings faked I'll tell you all stupid should I believe

► 00:52:00

but the question with this is it is why do people want that because it's simple and easy just get them to get rid of them punch him punch the Nazis it's lazy stupid people thinking and the thinking publicly and they they represent a progressive Viewpoint with their lazy stupid thinking it's not that progressivism in the Progressive viewpoints are bad is that lazy stupid thinking and applying a progressive Viewpoint is bad it's not even that socialism is that I've been thinking a lot about socialism lately in terms of like what is the point if we get to a certain point and then are hot or heart stops beating and we we die and you you left behind 18 billion dollars to your kids because you were the ultimate capitalist and you went hog-wild

► 00:52:53

that's that's a Fool's path that is a nonsense packed like why did you do that why didn't you try to use that money this insane amount of wealth and have this massive impact on on the populist why why didn't you try to figure out some way through engineering right when do your choice too but what if Bill Gates right now but what if the Bill Gates is doing that with some of them but the point is it

► 00:53:31

things like the fire department we agree this is a socialist thing like that we were all chip in Parks and Recreation people that are Department of Fish and Wildlife and the sheriff's Patrol our national forest we all chip in to pay for these things we all agree these are important things it was so interesting about Australia is that in certain ways it some more thought of as sort of a macho culture may be more masculine a little bit more conservative than here generally and the left has one there so many of the major issues that were fighting we're killing each other over now Healthcare mandatory 401K $18 minimum wage pensions 4 weeks of vacation a year like

► 00:54:31

I think we have to take two things into consideration one that they have a small population United States of America but there's only 20 million people because we never seen a crowd of people with real crowd is and also I think their culture is less constrained by history because they came they were essentially prisoners I mean that it's like several Generations removed but it's not not away. They not indigenous indigenous population

► 00:55:15

yeah well they came from they were sent there because England and want and that's literally have the country I found it for like stealing a watch oh yeah way better it's amazing what what just happened this is hilarious if you fish out here it's fucking beautiful they're nice people and I I wonder if they're so nut I feel like they are we less nice than Canadians who are way more nicer than us they have it so good that they're a little complacent and that makes me concerned because China that's like a big story there

► 00:56:15

United States first of all we have this momentum of innovation and of ass-kicking and an end so different than any other part of the world if we took that shit down a notch I think we be okay you know I mean I think we definitely do have to worry about China and you know I've been really trying to closely follow all this all way stop what is executive keep getting arrested and you know it did the close relationship between some tech companies and the government is very confusing but some people look it over it so if you talk to people that are Chinese natives or if you have been to China they almost like it has a positive that is less resistance it's more even though that censorship is open it's at least you know what you're dealing with over there as opposed to know the NSA is spying on us pretending to not at all but it's

► 00:57:15

argument it's horrifying it's horrifying so you agree with you except like their situation is that they're enormously economic they're enormously dependent on China economically and they love having that money but they seem to be a little bit like sleepwalking through history and not is at least some people that I was supposed to but that's that's the real story in Australia is China you're not a military might you know you're not like one of the big players you kind of like sitting back watching cuz we're going to do like what if Australia decides a ramp up its defense budget by you know five thousand percent over the next 10 years and develop the crazy arsenal of weapons and super soldiers and shoot them all up with steroids given exoskeletons and get ready to go to war start building bunkers

► 00:58:15

in freak the rest of the world out I mean let's take this like North Korea with money approach the world and if they even though we know that there's a military dictatorship there they have their weapons weapons they have a Madman who's in control there people that escaped with horrific stories sort of a normal country the weird thing is like you might be able to sit down with them and actually talk them as His unconventional approach might actually did some sort of communication at least which is better than nothing I guess but you did but if I don't mean like in North Korea like they take over the country inn in prison its people I mean like they're they become kind of dangerous and sketchy and small but North Korea is not a military power like in terms of like the way the Soviet Union is where they could take over the world but they're scared

► 00:59:15

Australia's just laid back and they like that Americans a day care of it and then we're over your building fucking walls and shoot missiles to watch us from afar you know if you were paying attention to World politics

► 00:59:41

they have to pay attention to what's going on here in a way that I found some amazing like genuinely actually a lot in a lot of comedians

► 01:00:02

shout out to my friend Eric Barker he's out there it's huge gigantic over there like a lot of people don't know I'm here and Australia he's like a Jerry Seinfeld huge normal but that's because when a giant American celebrity comes over there just going to sell out everything cuz I don't sign feld's all the world I don't know what to talk to Australians but Falling the women's March stuff at all or no yes yes I have ya the anti-semitic stuff you know when you have a

► 01:01:02

you have a group of people and then you have a little bit to me related to them what happened at the Lincoln Memorial right where you had these

► 01:01:13

yeah the leadership of the women's March which look like a Shepard Fairey poster come to life like they were just perfect you at the Linda sarsour and her hijab

► 01:01:25

back in August 2017 I wrote a column called when progressives Embrace hate and it was saying

► 01:01:33

I was super move by the women's March it's so many other women I know where but let's look at some of the very troubling ideas and associations that the people who are in charge of the leadership of the women's March have namely the worst of the worst was Tamika Mallory who'd been a gun rights activist beforehand she called Louis Farrakhan the goat the greatest of all time she took lots of Instagram pictures when you should check this but she praised him it wasn't like a casual acquaintance you praise him is the greatest of all time and yet she was treated to glowing profiles and every woman's magazine her and and the rest of the leadership and I basically said like let's look past you know the Benetton ad of these leaders and actually look at what they believe and what they believe some of them is extremely disturbing especially when it comes to Jews so I write this column and I'm like Hillary for it

► 01:02:33

the last one of the leaders of the women's March this woman Bob Bland wrote this letter to the New York Times where she calls me it was amazing I want find what it was she calls me an apologist for the status quo of racist ideology and the white nationalist patriarchy Jews termites to close Judaism a got a religion who says that we should burn in oven by the way is a misogynist homophobe so the leaders of the women's March or associated with the Nation of Islam security protecting them I mean this is like the most sort of retrograde hate group and yet for calling them out I was called all of these things

► 01:03:21

how to deep question I think that part of it is the fact that in intersectional left-wing politics Jews have been whitewashed Jews are viewed as the white privileged power and part of the white patriarchy and leste genuflecting say actually know we you know we abhor our privilege and all of the other things that you're supposed to say and there's a little differentiation to the fact that first of all half of the Jews in the state of Israel for example are Arab and from Arab countries that they were kicked out of a 1948 I mean the idea that Jews are white is this Canard although I'm an Ashkenazi Jew on my family's from Eastern Europe I have white skin but I don't think of my I have white privilege but I don't think of myself as white person I think of myself as a Jew first and foremost so it's a complicated identity but I think that it's sort of its whitewash by these people and I

► 01:04:21

anti-Semitism just isn't taken seriously and doesn't read because people perceived use as having privilege and Power in this country which largely they do but the fact is that the actual statistics show that more hate crimes were committed against Jews in the past year than any other minority group the FBI is like sounding the alarm every other day in Crown Heights and in other parts of Brooklyn random Jews who look Jewish right to where Hasidic Jews or just beaten up for being Jewish and get everyone's ignoring that because they're the imperfect victim

► 01:04:56

well they're also very isolated they're very they dared they have their own tribe they stick with them they look different they dress different we're outraged when we see at least I am you are when we see a police officer assaulting someone you know what I'm saying so young black person to go into the public about it they keep it almost insulated inside their environment they're their Community there's also what I was going to say is they do these people that are that you do you do here saying anti-semitic things they're quitting American Jews Living in America with the policies of Israel and what is real doing the Palestine and it somehow or if you're an American Jew even if you're not even political you're some kind of the complicit with atrocities are going on between the Jewish people in the Palestinians conflict any kind of conflict and this makes it

► 01:05:57

it reinforces their idea about you being a part of this age group of Israel's anti-semitic I criticize Israel the time but there's an obsession on the state of Israel like if you were an alien that landed from outer space you would think that the greatest oppressor in the world is this tiny State that's the size of New Jersey these people say nothing about the Genesis generally about the genocide of weaker Muslims in China they say nothing about any number oh there's a genocide going on carried out by the government of China against weaker Muslims they're literally being put into concentration camps

► 01:06:40

this is literally the first I've heard of this is spelled u i g h u r what is a good thing to read about the New York Times reported on it it it in enormous story and it's like the fact that that's getting know it that you don't know about it and that people obsessively talk about the state of Israel is if it's too and by the way state of Israel does lots of things wrong with the idea that it's among the worst human-rights tragedies of our time are you kidding me it's Insanity I don't know the reality of what is going on in Gaza I don't know what is happening with Israel and Palestine I don't know so I'm not going to be the person that talks about this but what I do know some stuff to rain but I do know from people that have gone there like a b Martin who came back with some pretty horrific stories I think there's a lot of terrible shit going on has a lot of awful violence and Isla

► 01:07:40

despair on the side of the Palestinians and I don't I don't know who's to blame for that but many people blame the Israelis they blame the Israelis for treating the Palestinians as if they're in this one area of the world is essentially a large present lots to say about this but I think one of the main problems that we have in the way that Israel is covered is that if you have a camera lens and you're only looking at a tiny piece of land right you're only looking at Israel proper the West Bank and Gaza Israel to some extent is the Goliath in that situation but if you zoom out your camera just a little you see that Israel is literally surrounded on all sides by genocide or regimes like in The Forum, San Casa who is Charter

► 01:08:31

blame the Jews for fermenting the French revolutions the Russian revolutions both world wars and says that it wants to kill all the Jews that's what that's the government of Bowser right now I spoke to a mother who fled guys are recently okay and her family's house was just destroyed who was it destroyed by hummus Israel so I'm just saying it is a very complicated

► 01:08:58

politics but when you see people obsessively focusing on this one state and the crimes of this one state to the exclusion of actual dictatorships in the world who are killing their own people you have to be suspicious of that you do have to be aware of their position the world surrounded by Arab states do have to realize that they are now there up there alone out there you also I do wonder what is the motivation for so many people focusing on juice what is it what do you think it is as a Jewish person what do you think the motivation for this kind of racism and discrimination against Jews and wise tolerated why why can someone like Louis Farrakhan tweet that Jews are termites in his Twitter account stays up what's the oldest hatred in the world right a lot of is that what it is

► 01:09:58

mystery of History like that is that is deep I mean that is something that goes back to the New Testament pay the Jews were blamed in the Book of John and Mark I mean we could go to Matthew for the death of Jesus their role in that story at least According to some of the books is that they convinced the most powerful Empire at the time the Roman Empire in the form of the governor of Judea Pontius Pilate to kill the Son of God that becomes sort of a template for the anti-semitic conspiracy theory there's there's a confusion about what anti-Semitism it's right it's not just a hate not just like this hate of a racist perceive themselves as punching down against a group with lesser anti-semites perceive themselves is punching up the secret cabal of Wylie operators who secretly control the levers of power that is the Cunard of anti-Semitism and that begins with this group that's a table saw

► 01:10:58

how to get the Roman Empire to kill Jesus now the Catholic church disavows this in 1965 which was you know an enormous historical event but that template is still there and you see it play out writing to let us into the war in Iraq it was but use of the Bush Administration you can see it play itself out all over the place and right now in the demonology of current temperature anti-Semitism Israel is sort of been made into the Jew among the Nations you're not allowed to say anymore if it like the old school anti-Semitism right like I grew up in a place where there was some country clubs were Jews couldn't go frankly that's not dangerous Woods dangerous is the kind of anti-Semitism that says you know this one state in the world of all of the almost 200 States that's the one that doesn't have the right to exist that's the one that should be dismantled that's actually dangerous to Jewish lights right now it's an unusual group in that it is both a religion and a tribe

► 01:11:58

she's very hard to understand in the Contemporary landscape cuz we're not just a religion that I no do not practice Judaism because we were people Hood before we were a religion religion is a very contemporary modern thing the Jews are sort of slotted into and it makes us easier to understand but then our sort of national identity or people who are tribalism is left out and that's an essential part of who the Jews are my friend Ari shaffir is a fantastic stand up comedian he's a rabbit atheist but he's also very Jewish and he has a new hour that he's working on right now that's going to film called Juju and he's a he's a perfect example it is a tribe it's not just a religion

► 01:12:52

the Jewish religion itself the emphasis is the emphasis is not on what you believe the emphasis is on deeds and almost doesn't matter what you believe it matters that you follow haha which is Jewish law and in matters yordy that matters all these things so it's possible to be a good Jew and not really think about God that much which is very strange I understand the christianaires a full bench Pirro where is both a good Jew and very much like follows the whole deal worth it, got the whole deal why do you say I think I just find it like kind of astonishing the blindness to this because imagine a leader of the women's March said something like

► 01:13:40

you know I think Louis CK is the greatest comedian of all time even though I disavow X Y and Z thing that he did how fast to let person was kicked out of the leadership of the women's March would be like I think there's certain things that get people outraged and other much worse things that do not and I'm fascinated by why that is pink that if it was a white person that had this opinion about the Jews that it would be more scrutinized and when it comes in the form of Richard Spencer yes because then there's liberal consensus about a green light to criticize. It's much harder when someone like ilhan Omar the new freshman Senator sorry not senate or the new freshman congresswoman from Minnesota who is like this incredible American Dream story comes here at 12 years old refugee

► 01:14:40

Somalia wears a hijab is a mother is the first woman of color representing Minnesota like obviously want to cheer her that's my reaction to her and yet she has discrete that you refused to apologize for where she says Israel has hypnotized the world may Allah awake in the world to the evil doings of Israel I'm sorry that the classically anti-semetic trail even if she said it unwittingly and by this point you should have known she should educate yourself so it's very it's much harder to crash like that but it's an untenable position to say that you can criticize someone for their ideas because of their identity it also seems like you should be incredibly specific if you want to say it's evil you should say what's evil and then open that up to some sort of a discussion or debate what is he a general

► 01:15:40

very much for calling classic anti-semitic canards trying to explain that to people Americans could be offended by this which I think is incredible what do you think if I mean if you want to be objective as a step outside of your Jewish identity what do you think is wrong with how Israel is dealing with the Palestinian situation

► 01:16:10

because this is the big criticism of Israel the only criticism really that's the big one the big one is God's in Palestine so what do you think they're doing wrong the untenable position that they're in is that they are occupying another people that is what is going on in the West Bank and I've been there many times and that would many Palestinians I really educated myself on this the problem is is that and by the way it's not all of Palestine there's all the Westbank there's areas a b and c it's a really quick we have to pull up a map it's pretty complicated thing there places where it's much more autonomous and the PA is in charge and it really varies depending on the area so the big criticism right is that they're occupying and other people and that is corrosive to the state of Israel sort of morally like to to occupy other people on the other hand what happens if they pull out of the West Bank tomorrow right I'm for a two states

► 01:17:10

Shin ultimately ending the occupation but if I'm real I have to be honest about what that would look like what would it look like in Gaza is that now you have a terrorist state lit right at the border which is ruled by, it is quite likely but that very same thing could happen in the Westbank no let's say actually actually should pull up a map of Israel does that then like the whole of Israel proper is something like three if it looks to miles wide is the distance between like tool car I more like the end of the West Bank in Netanya or Tel Aviv you see how small that is I mean it's hard to even conceive of it if you were in charge of protecting the security of the people who live in places which by the way 10 years ago when the year after high school when I was living there there was a suicide bomb exploding up in cafes around the corner from where I lived

► 01:18:08

are you going to subject those people to that risk we that's the that's the actual question facing the government of Israel which by the way I'm extremely critical of and if I lived in Israel I'd be voted no centre-left in Israel for sure but that is what they're facing and then if you zoom out and you pull up a map of all of the countries around it

► 01:18:29

I just want like look

► 01:18:33

it's okay actually the one you were on was good because it showed if he zoomed out it had everything

► 01:18:40

Susie Gypsy Jordan which is teetering venues Siri venue of Lebanon and his fellows on the the southern border of Lebanon which is constantly which that's the real thing so when people talk about this fantasy of why can't I just look like America why can't there just be a democratic one state solution first of all no one ever wants it they pull people constantly the second thing is like really what that's going to look like if we dismantle the state of Israel or is it going to look like in Norma's Bloodshed the likes of which we see in a lot of these countries surrounding it like someone once said to me that if you want to know the word for you know a Jew without a military it's because he's been absolutely

► 01:19:31

destroyed and overrun and this is like it's I don't think when Americans talk about this part of the world they fully appreciate the sort of absolutely painful and hard decisions and the grappling with violence really happened to Jamal khashoggi in that Saudi Embassy that's like normative for this part of the world so the fact that Israel has somehow with all of its flaws managed to eke out a western-style liberal democracy frankly the only place where you and I would feel happy and comfortable living like why we never talking about well I think it's very difficult for people to find the Forum to discuss it the way you just did and did it to really lay it out in cold Stark reality what is the solution

► 01:20:22

what is the solution I mean is the solution right now is to do everything possible to build up the Palestinian economy to for Israel to build relationships like right now it has a very very positive relationships with Egypt which gave back the Six-Day War I believe gave it back to Egypt for a cold piece which it's had it has a good relationship of all things who would have thought was Saudi Arabia because of their common enemy you're on I mean things shift their rapidly but as for the Palestinians the solution is to build up the economy make life better and support people and movements inside the Westbank that are genuinely nonviolent and those people exist it's just clean often times they're murdered by groups like Hamas and their bodies are dragged through the streets if you're accused of being an Israeli collaborator in the Westbank you know what happens to you your lynched

► 01:21:22

no one talks about that talk about that would you be open to discussing this in this sort of form with that woman from the women's March

► 01:21:33

sure do you think she would do something like that I don't know I feel that to it do you think that people like her I've ever had a conversation with someone like you could lay it out that way because he thinks that first of all many people who talk about this issue have sort of exported American domestic politics to a foreign region of the world like in a way that this is talked about a lot it's like the oppressor the oppressed the white the black no that's not what's going on I don't think people understand when they talk about Israeli Jews that half of them are Middle Eastern like House of Israeli Jews are Arab you know there's no appreciation of that reality they think that Israel was just founded you know to save the remnant of the Jews who weren't destroyed in the Holocaust and yeah it helped for those who survived but then once the state of Israel was established there was a mass Exodus of the Jews from all of the Arab countries where they had been

► 01:22:33

sing a second-class Citizens either self-supported because they were living it as I can class citizens were they were expelled again. Exodus that deportation never talked about

► 01:22:45

I'd be happy to talk about this with someone from the women's March what is the what is the response currently like what would it what is the the current position that most people are taking about that woman in about the woman's March in general because of these things because of these and its anti-semitic statements I think a lot of people in the past few weeks thanks in part to Meghan McCain have 5 minutes on The View with Tamika Mallory and Bobby Bland and she did an amazing job selling them on The View the view is what state

► 01:23:20

frankly because their image was so powerful in the same way that the image of the Lincoln Memorial so powerful journalist just sort of accepted it and didn't read that one is a port that would be skeptical in and criticize so I think finally a lot of people woke up to it but again I wrote that column in August 2017 and it took until now everything in that Colin is the thing people are talking about there was also an amazing 10,000 word Expose and tablet magazine in Georgia online magazine that did a lot of that work so I think it did reach a Tipping Point the thing that I see a lot of my friends on the left or Jewish grappling with is that they so desperately want to be a part of these movements that they're willing to sort of check their identity at the door in order to gain entry

► 01:24:13

micing is any Progressive Movement that's asking you to check your Jewish identity of the door your full Jewish identity which is acknowledging that we're not just a face but we're at people or not just people that like have matzo ball soup or something bigger than that that's not a space I want to be a part of they would never ask that of any other group

► 01:24:35

why why do they ask that.. That's what the real question I suppose I can sense if you see the world away okay not is intersectionality was originally meant to be but not functions in the world if functions as a caste system and the higher you are on the victim scale at least on the left and it's reverse on the right right on the right it's like white cisgendered men are at the top on the left there at the bottom and the Jews are somewhere close down to there at least in the way that the left the left I mean after talking about friends at least for now perceive the Jews to be the Jews don't have a place in that victim scale because she's so much success because they can pass as white because of Any number of things and so I think that's a huge reason for it which is a huge reason why I think intersectionality

► 01:25:35

and why we need to be talking about ideas and not identity right like that that is the thing about America that is so amazing and like I know it sounds cheesy but I really feel that makes us so special we are not a country based on blood and soil we were a country whose National common identity is based on ascribing to a common set of ideas that is what we're about and so any politics it's insisting from the left or the right then no actually what we are is this Waring set of groups competing for scarce resource absolutely not to me that was kind of politics or an American

► 01:26:16

I couldn't agree more in terms of identity I think identity politics in the idea that you belong to a group is so intoxicating but so dangerous it said so important to treat people as individuals it's so important to think of yourself as an individual and this this need to become a part of this group in a signal to that group is a big part of the problem that we're having right now in Des Pride most in being a Jew like Jonathan haidt talk so brilliantly about good identity politics and bad identity Politics the good identity politics says walk with me in my shoes it's like a big ten come along with me while I explain to you my experience in the world that identity politics says you can never escape the gender the racial the economic Lane you were born into and don't even try and understand me because you couldn't possibly that's bad identity politics and I think that that's

► 01:27:16

sun rising right now in the country and I think that's dangerous and I've been thinking about it a lot cuz it's Martin Luther King day and he said this like unbelievable thing about I think it's actually in the I had a dream speech for we talks about the the promissory note of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence right that these people who wrote it who were slave owners didn't even know that in writing it that every American was going to fall heir to this promissory note it's like he saw himself even in documents that were written by people who would not have seen him it's built fully cumin as a way of sort of using that common set of values with common documents to like write himself into the story like that is an example of a of of exclusive identity politics and my calling on the thing that we have in common to widen the 10th and I just don't see a lot of that happening these days I'd really butchered that but

► 01:28:16

I did if you look up Jonathan haidt gave a speech I think you can find the whole text of it at City Journal but if you just look up Jonathan haidt good identity politics Martin Luther King he does an amazing job it's it's it's really moving his book The Happiness hypothesis him I'm in the middle of right now it's so good it's so fantastic it's so crucial for people that want understand their own personal biases and what's causing at these amazing and something is is interesting right you know there's a lot of people that have pride for their ethnicity although they had nothing to do with with choosing it it's just something that they're born with I think people get nervous about that kind of Pride but I think there should be a set like it would be wonderful if we could keep all of these cultures and yet all appreciate each other as equals it would be wonderful if you could go and eat if you're

► 01:29:16

in food one day or Cuban food the next day and they have these people exist in the small right right right now you can't right now you can but as we get more more homogenize I wonder if you will be able to make more homogenized armoire insisted on you have to stay in your lane there's both both I think we're definitely cooking off the bacteria as well you know what is homogeneous a shin is where you where we're making things safer and easier for everybody and I see you know there's some messiness is this messiness to two cultures exchanging with each other but it is also I love Australia playing and I land at like like I walk everyday from I live I live in Manhattan and I walk to work like that there and back every day it just helps me decompress and the kind of the diversity of people on the sidewalk of Midtown

► 01:30:16

Manhattan is amazing to be the most exciting thing in the world and the fact that were able to live among such a difference and not kill each other which one of the problems with Los Angeles it's what I don't have that don't have that in their car they stay in the neighborhood and they drive out to go somewhere else and they don't interact with each other on the street one things about the subway and one things about walking on the street is everybody's together everyone is together and there's this this interesting Melting Pot of human beings that exist in New York does exist anywhere else in that form I Boston is so much more white it's so much more meat is a lot of ethnicities and if it's not the same New York is fucking flavor is it wash it going on a lot of great parts to it it's also what concerns me is that people New Yorker uniquely hostile and then I was feeling like yeah for sure I was getting at you

► 01:31:16

but a lot of people that I'm even friends with from New York I'm like you mother fuckers are stacked on top of each other too much you like you you don't people aren't unique like that like Pittsburgh little more relaxed and fucking snow gets you you know it's gets rough out there you know it's not like you're not in the same way it's not dry places you know that is very Pittsburgh but New York always makes me feel like when you have that many people slammed on top of each other you're in this completely unnatural environment that literally is never existed in human nature up until a few hundred years ago never happened like that and now it's unprecedented does is more and more people there they just buzzing and they're putting these buildings are Peugeot 204 is my friend Jim Norton talks about her all the time cuz he

► 01:32:15

I don't know if I can personalize a small walk yeah that's a good move that's a good move to to experience this there's an exchange of of cultures and a thot thot in New York that they just don't get you don't get on the west coast it's also not entertainment-based is a frivolousness to the the thought process out here that's flavored by the desire for fame it's unavoidable reasons you said but I also have to force myself to get out of the bubble like

► 01:33:11

I go home to Pittsburgh and I care a lot more often times political and intellectual diversity than I hear some times in a week in New York Post people in New York City people believe a lot of things in my mom was the one who told me that Trump was going to win because sheet for her business we live in like Squirrel Hill my family was what I was by Misfit in the synagogue was shut up that's a real live in Squirrel Hill in the Jewish neighborhood but my mom for her work has to drive like two or three hours out of the city and during the campaign she would everyone I knew it was going to win including me and she called me and said that you would not believe like the homemade science like they're giant how many sides on the side of people's like houses and bars

► 01:34:11

enormous that took some many hours to make there's a passion for him that I don't think people are fully appreciate it like I didn't see that everyone I knew was voting for Hillary Clinton

► 01:34:23

yeah I don't know what it's like for you out here so same it's incredibly left-leaning but is also the entertainment aspect of it where people have to have signal the fact that they're laughed so they go out of their way to project this image of being Progressive on top of being Progressive it's it's almost at critical to your job and you have to you have to show everybody you can out Progressive the people around it in secret that they tell you what they really think cuz you're like a safe person no no no not those people to people that I like man I don't like her but he's such a piece of shit I'm going to vote for any way that was more common the thing was we like socially people appreciate the the Democrats in the left cuz they feel like socially interred like his perfect sample when Barack Obama was President you know people can criticize his policies and The Whistleblower of the fact

► 01:35:23

tracktown whistleblowers and the fact that there was more Innocents killed by drone strikes and all that stuff is there's certainly some no one's pretty it's impossible job no one's perfect as president but what he did do was he represented first of all he represents the fact that I'm a minority an African American was born from a single mother can somehow or another rise to be the president of the United States and be incredibly well spoken and measured and calm and just seems to know how to carry himself and makes us feel like someone better than us is in a position of power and also I feel like there was a lot of racism from horrible white people that looked at him in a terrible way and saw this black person trying to destroy America but way more people that aren't racist go look at that you can't have an African-American president look at this like we're getting better like that's how I felt I felt like we're getting better but culturally the way the way we communicate

► 01:36:23

we don't have that right now and we didn't have that with her what she didn't would she represented was same old thing the thing that's been fucking you and the reason why your family lost the farm and the reason why in this is Donald Trump's going to come in here and he's going to clean up the swamp and when he came out with that drain the swamp and you know lock her up Build That Wall he boiled it down so that the people that don't have the time or the inclination to really deep dive into their own personal biases to their own subjective reasoning and find out what is it why do I think the way I think the people that don't have that thoughts all that Build That Wall shit was perfect light it up and that's most folks most folks don't have the time I'm supposed to work all day they're tired they have a family that probably have a hobby they don't have the fucking time you are a person who thinks for living you think and write for a living you're constantly involved

► 01:37:23

thought crimez I am noticing I'm in a weird way this gives me kind of a hope there is a big gap between people's public personas of the politics that they preach and then what they really think and what they'll say around the kitchen table and a lot of them are experiencing what I call what I think about is like second woke like they're seeing the poverty or the flaws in the woke worldview and that there are holes with it but they're kind of too scared to say that out loud because they know it'll be a loss of friends and social capital and everything else but I don't people talk to me a lot those people send me e-mails a lot and often times their people with platform don't want to lose their audience

► 01:38:10

Tramadol phone by finding someone hopeful too but I also yes. Up what's a good wet but you're right that's the thought process behind nodding off is exactly what they need to do if more people did it I think you'd realize like while we're kind of surrounded it's almost like

► 01:38:33

what I think about might like I am never the smartest person in any room I'm not brilliant I promise you makes me the only reason I'm sitting here is that I have like slightly more courage than most people and then I'm willing to say what I think to hell with pissing some people off losing some friends that weren't really my friends most people aren't willing to do that actually well what I like about you riding and what I like about talking to you today is that you represent reason and well-thought-out opinions and those two things are very rare well-thought-out opinions are way more rare in my opinion than what you usually get what you usually get is a conglomeration of opinion that seemed to make sense peripherally or casually the veneer of logic to them like I'll go with that cuz I don't

► 01:39:33

does most people don't have the time to Israel I know we're probably every wrapping up it's become like a pillar okay if you're on the left I believe in you note

► 01:39:48

criminal justice report like any number of things oh and by the way Israel's bad like it became one of those things that most people don't really think about and like I think it's a really important to think about things issue-by-issue and not just be like yep signing up for this whole slew of policies and views on things when actually some of those things don't go together at all you're not allowed to do is criticize the more repressive aspects of Islam you're not allowed to you don't do it if you bring up anything becomes islamophobic and even if it's homophobic saw if it is the ideas are homophobic or if women have to wear restrictive clothing all any any of the things that are incredibly Common Place

► 01:40:36

you are not allowed to criticize those because those fall into a protected category I remember when I first ran into this in college when we were talking I was in a conversation with other feminist and I definitely consider myself a feminist about female genital mutilation and I encountered for the first time a species that I've come to know well which is feminist who sort of Defense female genital mutilation on the grounds of cultural relativism a judge and I remember just like I did not get over the shock of that you shouldn't I mean that is look I'm outspoken rabid critic of circumcision I think it's disgusting think it's ridiculous doesn't make any sense but at least your dick still works

► 01:41:25

the idea that someone tried to take weight circumcision and female genital mutilation of a person on the left it when I talked about it recently hear some fucking asshole online I don't remember who it was but you know what I didn't even I didn't even in exchange I just I just I read it and I went there their vagina doesn't work the same way anymore do you understand that you can't have an orgasm anymore to not because of cleanliness already fucking weird logic that they're using today to try to justify circumcision way worse or you're doing it to try to eliminate pleasure because you don't want to want me to leave it the same reason why you want to cover up with some crazy Garb doesn't show her skin female genital mutilation marriage for curls children children

► 01:42:26

I'd love to ask him what about that also have you been to Israel. I want to take you I got to bring re though he'll translate he loves to travel to so he'd be down RV why is it that

► 01:42:54

do you think that there's a better way Farm do you think there's too many things to pay attention to an end in these positions like I often talk to people about gun control and end when people find out that I own guns and they're not that I'm not entirely in favor of second amendment being repealed

► 01:43:22

one thing that drives me crazy is they want to always bring up school shootings mass shootings all these different things which I agree or terrible occurrence in our culture and is happening in this insanely frequent way and it doesn't make sense what people want to talk about is that almost all those people on psych medication almost all of them no correlation does not equal causation them being on the site medicine might be the same reason while shooting up schools in the first place that they're incredibly agree 100%. I think that you should then here's the question who are who is the person to decide and this is the what the inner I would say this is what I pro-second Amendment people to say who are you to decide whether or not someone is healthy enough or well enough to own a gun and does a person who is on antidepressants or person who has psychological problems

► 01:44:22

have the ability defend themselves if they have never exhibited violent so here's the problem a lot of these motherfuckers they don't exhibit violence until they break until they pop and then they go shoot up a school sometimes there's threats like Adam Lanza or a couple other ones with the FBI comes and visits them and they talked to them where the guy in Colorado where they knew he was like hanging on by a string but it didn't do anything job which I think is like a far-right or two for use by the far right it's used by the far right of the problem is when you have no restrictions whatsoever and you have restriction all these other ones right if you see you say something anti-semitic are racist on Twitter they will ban you if you do it on Facebook they will ban you and gab is committed 100% of free speech I've read things the owners of Gab have said about this and that they're they're very steadfast in their support for freedom of speech because they think what I said earlier that the best way to ensure

► 01:45:19

the good ideas get through it should not suppress bad ideas but to combat them with better ideas to say is that the guy who shot up was horrific things about the kikes infestation that's that's where the question is well should someone like Roku pull out Joan should they take off a real question you know the Free Speech Free Speech argument a lot I think it's something that we really really have to Grapple with really it's almost like we're dealing with crude tools like we're trying to perform surgery with hatchets fuck man like how do you get to those people and have that discussion with all those people out of there being too much too much to talk about and cover that's where I do think that seems like the New York Times can make a real contribution because we

► 01:46:17

there are adults in the room deciding what the important news is that you should pay attention to you and Siri at least you're going to learn about the genocide of the weaker Muslims in the New York Times Like if you really read the New York Times every day you're going to know a lot about the world and you're going to understand that the government shutdown is a bigger deal than what happened in the steps of the Lincoln Memorial if you're just trolling through Twitter which is hell like every person I know Twitter Snapchat or whatever I feel like my youngest sister how she gets her news you're not going to necessarily know that's a real problem

► 01:46:56

I don't know how to even tell people to subscribe to newspapers would still have some standards and would still let me make a mistake correct the mistake how many of those are loved by few you definitely do I mean I said something to someone from The New York Times online after an article that they wrote about a fight there was a boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather or Conor McGregor fight Floyd Mayweather School them but the end it's sad that Conor McGregor's face was swollen bleeding and was knocked through the ropes and I said you can't say that cuz everybody saw the fight that didn't happen in this crazy time where everybody is crying out for fake news you can't say his face was covered in blood when there's no blood you can't say that but don't do that it was corrected

► 01:47:56

all the time how do you stop it from happening in the first place how do you stop that first one journalist just shouldn't make mistakes like that we do the difference with the New York Times and any number of these other places is that we say we made a mistake and we correct a typo right it's just it's like someone having getting ahead of himself having too much fun I don't remember that article sport event which I thought was bizarre but what here's what's important what's important is you can at least get a better version of The Facts there then you can anywhere else and I I guess there's some people in the New Media landscape that I see and I don't know if it's because they want to sort of Jen up their own audiences or what

► 01:48:53

like nihilistically getting looks like using Trump as language to describe the Press would they don't see what they don't I think what they don't understand is that the loss of trust in the Press is a symptom of the loss of trust in lots of public institutions the who you know the World Health Organization just came out with this terrifying report for like one of the top 10 threats to Health in I think the country you should we should look this up is people who aren't getting vaccines people who think sex scenes cause autism in the stakes of Lake loss of trust in public institutions doesn't just mean like you're going to like Krypton York Times bottom line it's like a threat to all of our health quite literally you know I see these things as being very very connected so when I see people gleefully celebrating like the fake news of the New York Times I'm like a better alternative

► 01:49:55

that's what I'm thinking. You but I don't understand why anyone would celebrate that easily digestible ideology that you just subscribe to the conglomeration of preformed opinions and you lock in you start saying fake news then this is and it's also it's exacerbated by the situation that we find ourselves in what people are really buying newspapers anymore you have to get people to subscribe you know I subscribe to several on my phone and on my computer and that's how I digest things now or an iPad when you you think about what they have to do to get those clicks you know and you see these weird like there's not a knock on Forbes I think Forbes is an excellent periodical they're great the right some really important stuff but almost every month they will write this super clickbaity thing about cell phones

► 01:50:54

like it comes with a nasty surprise the new Galaxy S10 has a nasty surprise and it's so unimaginative surprise articles about iPhones and iPads used to have that to fucking stuff is so dangerous because as soon as people lose their trust that you are unbiased you giving them an objective perspective on exactly what's going on as soon as I might be nothing becomes a Galaxy S tens or what they're talking about this has a surprise but but it's it flavors your perspective on news course it does and these people are fighting for their life journalist and people and contributors to these websites and news and newspapers are fighting for their life because everything is dropping off the revenues are down the Revan

► 01:51:54

and then like what's what takes their place what their supplies bloggers who's who's looking at them you sure that they have journalistic ethics and standards that are like what we would expect from they don't they don't they don't have to in this brings you to the Infowars Infowars thing right but this is what people are fighting about this is this is the whole shebang like if if some of that news that you're getting any traditional venues is fake it is dangerous if any of it is clickbaity of any of it as deceptive guess you know via Trump calling up the enemy of the people like the lack of understanding of how important for sure

► 01:52:54

let's be honest there's a lot of dummies out there that's part of the problem it's just it's so easy to prod a certain group and all I got to do something about this this is this is the danger is which have to worry about the people that they can again they're signaling to they're signaling to the far-right they're signaling to those people I know a lot of people like that not that would you know shoot people but I know a lot of people that are signalers there the far-right signalers like they'll see things and I've talked to people that I hope Trump wins as we got to put a stop to all this nonsense Progressive nonsense the idea socialist Like Bernie Sanders going to come along and take all your money we're struggling hard working Americans we got to put America First put America first it's just lack of understanding about the complexity of the entire landscape entire landscape in terms of economics entire landscape in terms of international politics all of it all the above. The war machine in time. Did the lack of understanding about the military industrial complex

► 01:53:54

the lack of understanding about the bankers about how few people went to jail after the fucking crazy economic collapse that we just recovered from what when it mean to be viewed you seen inside job is not documentary amazing but it's all about the financial collapse I watched it it's from 2001 say 10:11 but it's so it's so boring when you have this guy was in economics real true economics expert questioning these people who make their economics professors at major universities who give advice of a 2010 olds right Charles Ferguson that was a gentleman you did a good job he's a good guy but he's forever of all time

► 01:54:54

many thanks. The whole idea that actors have to save the world

► 01:54:59

I am just so brilliant that movie with

► 01:55:06

my grandfather and I will never forget the puppet sexy and watching that you know what I made a mistake of doing yesterday I watch Ace Ventura Pet Detective with my eight year old and my ten-year-old Juvia's premise is that it wasn't myself cuz I forgot the whole premise was wet this guy steals a dolphin and we steals a dolphin Ace Ventura finds cuz he's a pet detective finds a tiny Ruby that's at the bottom of his dolphin tank that is missing from a Miami Dolphins ring and he finds out through this exhaustive search that the one guy who he couldn't account for his ring

► 01:56:06

is a kicker who fucked up the World Series are those the Super Bowl rather they found out in the movie who's gorgeous and then in the movie take that down please so in the movie

► 01:56:24

at the end of it the reveal is that Sean Young is really this football player who wants to get back a Dan Marino because Danbury he's a psycho because the world hates him so he's a guy pretending to be a woman in Ace Ventura made out with him and just like everyone. The cops are throwing up everyone's throwing up it's off the charts at the end he pulls her top off and shows and she has breast who is like trying to show that she didn't really have breast and she did anybody can get those pants down and then he goes and then everybody sees her and she's got her legs together so you can't see your penis and then from behind you see her junk is pressed up against her butt cheeks cuz she's tucked her penis and a vagina so the cops all start throwing up and then cop start cleaning the cops that made out with her start cleaning their mouth off they start chewing giant while there that's her at the end

► 01:57:24

Dan Marino's yep it is so insanely transphobic the reason anymore it is not a good thing shouldn't be illegal to have them on our lines

► 01:57:53

of course not maybe some other work left might disagree with you right now call you transphobic for defending the cisgendered heteronormative and what's crazy and I guess this is a great thing I mean the Rheem oralisation project is working because when I saw that I'm sure is I don't know what year did that come out for when I saw that is a Cobia was not a thing. What is the thing that's good that's good news on and is the Overton window be shrunk to small how do you feel about them pulling the Dukes of Hazzard off the air for the flag

► 01:58:53

show me yes or no I don't know that one what's that one because the Confederate flag is on the roof of the generally did not follow this can I watch The Dukes of Hazzard anymore you cannot watch it it's not on television anymore I used to be on TV Land all the time I got them off of flag we have a poster in the bathroom over there of Skynyrd other bathroom but the the Confederate flag on stage huge enormous in the background that was there like Southern Pride this idea of Southern Pride it was okay to have that flag

► 01:59:53

I'm basically for trying to get when it comes to the realm of Art and movies and books try to leave it alone as much as possible I don't want to be in the book Banning movie Banning TV or try to because the N word was used prolifically you know I mean the guy's name was Niger Jim that was the name in in the book cuz that's how people talk back then and

► 02:00:28

I think we need to keep that stuff as a time capsule to show how racism was so yes yes it's important to 2 to show the progress like Ace Ventura like you like for Trans people for Trans people in this amazing if no one's ever brought this up I mean I feel like this is something that's never been discussed from you Joe Rogan about the term what are you doing to me bury your dragon are you

► 02:01:06

are you the trip and I'm going to go to the West Bank and you're going to see all this stuff with loving certain parts of it and not liking certain parts of it and you're going to realize it's a country just like any other country but it is a democracy and its trying to do its best in a really rough neighborhood like I want you to see what the occupation looks like to see to get a full picture of it I think you're probably right I think it is important thing for people to say I think there's a lot of parts of the world that I need to see to really get a grasp

► 02:01:44

I mean my family. We do a European Vacation trip that doesn't really count we just landed just fine yeah what's Thailand last year that was fast knew that was kind of a vacation trip to but that's such a unique culture cuz Thailand is run by the king orc if you can criticize the king you're you're fucked like you're in real trouble and his pictures everywhere everywhere these pictures of ham in the throne like wearing like super nice clothes and looking good but the people are so kind they're so friendly and they're always smiling and they have you know there's a lot of people that you'll run into that have very little yet they don't seem to be having a problem with that they wear flip-flops you're on the highway there's three people on a motorcycle is a baby in a basket and I'm not bullshiting

► 02:02:39

but the people are so nice there so nice there so kind it's so on you and you know me and my family we had we always win or we go somewhere we always have lasers real long conversations about like what was interesting about for you like what would you think like wood but the the what's fascinating to me about it is first of all I love exposing these little people to different parts of the world so they get to see like what this is like you know like we we are like a show me the map this is America we're over here 15 hours to get here and just to realize human beings are the same but different or the same everywhere but there's a different way we choose to interact with each other and one of the things that have is as we fall into their way

► 02:03:39

when we go there like we go to Italy we say gratzi you know we start the I try to do if you try to start learning how to start trying to learn some of the words and then I forget how you say it cup some crab I think that's why I said it's like that like hello okay good morning yeah and what they all say that and everyone makes a lotus flower with a it's so common everywhere you go people greet you and they do this and it's such a warm friendly peaceful way of greeting each other and so one of these we talked about it was like you know everybody's like way more friendly like greeting in this thing about clasping her hands together and they all agree to do it and everyone sort of it's like this unique pattern that people can fall into in people fall into all sorts of pattern they fall into like really aggressive patterns of the honking at people on the road driving real fast and then they fall into these peaceful patterns and some of its dictated by culture

► 02:04:39

some of its dictated by climate some of his dictated by the economic situation in the world are in but it's it's such a weird trip to go to different places and see like okay if I lived over here this is how a rocket in flip-flops and shorts and get around this way and this is the kind of food that I would eat real spicy because you know you kind of have to have those spices actually protect against bacteria because their there they're actually antibacterial was amazing we took two classes we learn how to cook over there yeah it was amazing was amazing but my dogs think they're called CT flies. So they're called I forgot to the call button what my youngest had a horrible allergic reaction to some of the bugs over there and you get on you think or don't like what about a universal there's a fucking diseases that kill people killed malaria has killed more people

► 02:05:39

then anything ever like more people have died from malaria than anything I think so we're going to go to but I'm not giving my fucking eight-year-old malaria shots just know just like it's the planet Earth Hughes from Kids in the Hall news radio with me Dave Foley was on malaria medication because he was going to visit his kids in Egypt we had to take the stuff he was drinking you not supposed to drink on it and she was taken reporter's microphone or a tape recorder away and put it in a drink with crown Be Wild the sweetest kindest nicest guy you would ever meet at me while he was like like super aggro is crazy didn't make any sense and it's the the medication

► 02:06:38

Freddy just had a horrible reaction have other friends that it just like riffic waking up soaked in sweat evil nightmares demons chasing them like fuck this medication this is too much man but but my point is yeah I'd be down to go to you Israel I think I need to go to the to the to the place I really need to go to I've been obsessed with the pyramid since I was a little kid. I have to pee I don't know

► 02:07:19

Under Armour authorized I'm setting up a few debates I never said that one out there on suits problematic

► 02:07:27

she's hilarious should have dragged me to Israel

► 02:07:32

she's the one of the powerful lady that right Scott she's got some some horsepower behind our opinions

► 02:07:40

you going to come with us your professional photographer where would you feel more nervous going to Giza are going to Gaza

► 02:07:56

Gaza right it to pop off at any minute you just don't want to be there when it all goes sour ya friend of my dad in the 80s he was on his way I believe to Beirut and he was being tracked you found out once he got back he met Ronald Reagan and when he met President Reagan you said it's nice to meet you we've been following you and he's like an excuse me been following me but yeah they found out there was like a thread out like after you think I think you fainted on the spot or something like it was a threat what was the threat they were trying to kill Jesus delivered hot guy with a gun to his head and I know what's happening I took off and he didn't die but why would you going to kill him just for delivering I don't remember the exact situation he was over there trying to help

► 02:08:56

I believe that's how it went down yet

► 02:09:00

gather spots in the world or just so fucked up like you don't want to go cuz you here and you want I want to get caught up in that I don't want you caught up in that way I can just stay in Burbank why would I go and get caught up in that but then there's other parts you goes man for your own edification you should probably go just to understand what it's like do you hear about those ladies that were killed Morocco pay you back, shut that door

► 02:09:29

we just talked about going to dangerous places in probably a good idea but you get scared and you know but for the most part you probably shouldn't be scared but sometimes you shouldn't we were just talking about those women that were killed in Morocco those Norwegian hikers there from weather from Norway or Denmark I forget they were there hiking Morocco's to women they were killed by these when was just kidding Australia 20 year old Israeli Goodwin kill doing it because of the United States involvement in Syria and they cut their heads off and turn on the internet and I watched it watched you know what cuz I was reading the story and the video was there and I just clicked it and I shouldn't have and just to see it it's just part of me wants to know that people like that exist party wants to know I know they exist but I don't want it to be an abstract

► 02:10:29

I never watch another video like that Akash I don't want to but she quite a few of them now you need to know I don't want to go there you know I mean it's not worth it to go to a place where that's happened but you need to know that that's happening right in order to have a realistic perspective I'm world events you need to know what it is after the war and the Spectrum like what it What is the what are the consequences for rabbit ideologies what we decide to show and not show after mass shootings here

► 02:11:04

I was in Pittsburgh like right after and I was because I knew the rabbi who was doing some of the cleanup and because of religious reasons I was there that is so crazy and yeah my dad News 6 of the people who were murdered and but like it was really

► 02:11:28

crazy to me a lockdown it wasn't like you couldn't take it I was there with a photographer and you couldn't take any pictures at all of anything and there's a real lockdown on showing people cuz you don't want to terrify people but I've wondered what it'd print people's Consciousness about the reality of what gun violence looks like you know like the car like the people that I know that saw it said it looked like a war zone and would that change public policy and would that be a positive thing or would we just become numb to it like we become numb to everything else I don't know it's a very good question I'd never in favor of suppressing information even horrific information I was a big critic of that during the Bush Administration when they passed

► 02:12:18

laws on whether or not you're allowed to show actual coffins just coffins you weren't allowed to show coffins being phone back I felt like that was that's a disgrace that's it I mean you should if you if we're going to consider whether or not we want we should be able to understand the real consequences and one of the best ways is the not just get information terms of text text is very difficult for you conceptualize when you would seeing American flags covering coffins and you seen hundreds of them and you realize these are your neighbors these are your neighbors children this is this is people that you you know and they're dying over there and you can't really you can't wrap your head around why they're doing it and it whether or not it's right that we should have been there and then whether or not they're actually work weapons of mass destruction Iraq whether or not we're in the business of nation-building where they're not Ron Paul is right whether or not other people right with who's right

► 02:13:18

we're really going to get a clear picture is to see a picture to have an actual picture that's why I thought about this a lot because right now I think most Americans and it's like the shooting happens then it becomes a hashtag then it becomes a t-shirt but it becomes of Memorial think I Memorial concert I mean it's like actually sickening like the the choreography of it and I think what's lost is what it looks like in Pittsburgh who is really amazing describe to me what he saw and I'll never forget just a description of what he told me and I wondered I wondered a lot in the wake of that and I'll think about it with the next shooting happens without a made a difference at all and waking people up cuz you said when the next shooting happened

► 02:14:11

yeah why

► 02:14:14

why because because there are a lot of guns in this country and people have access to those guns who are not only mentally unwell sometimes are just evil they want to kill people and they want to be same but the fact that we are living in a culture that seems to worship people's freedom to own those weapons more than human life seems crazy to me really does

► 02:14:42

I get what you're saying the argument against that would be this look like the real crazies believe that these things are happening and they're happening because of the fact the government wants to take away our guns this is the real crazy making these people do these things the worst worst aspects of our society whatever you know fill in the blank with whatever left-wing conspiracy that you know whatever person whatever Boogeyman George Soros would do whatever Boogeyman or book or cabal of Boogie people that they are somehow or another either using but like Manchurian Candidate type influence what are the factor doing they're getting people to do this and then even creating false flag with a snake didn't happen so they can take

► 02:15:42

it is it is it is dumb but it's real it's real in terms of the influence that it has that people actually do believe that there are these false flag events at designing to get your guns that people are training people to go out and kill a bunch of people so they could take away your guns so it makes them more rabid about their support of the Second Amendment and they they they feel like they're being attacked on all sides fascinating to me a Midwest is actually just as good or even better he runs metabunk sci-fi called Joe Rogan questions everything and wants things that we went into was why people believe in Chemtrails why people believe that the heat of jet engines which causes he's artificial clouds when it interacts with condensation the atmosphere in crates

► 02:16:42

you know who creates artificial Cloud to see contrails some people believe that these are that someone spraying something and that this weather control from these commercial jets that you know somehow that is his gigantic conspiracy of all these people involved and that this is in some way there either doing weather control or the control your mind control depends on who you ask and I were discussing it cuz you see it in the sky looked I remember that you know this photograph from World War II where you can see from the 1940s you could see contrails in the sky that look just like the ones up here but people say I don't remember those we were kids then yeah yeah I don't intend it starts fueling this paranoid idea that there's his program going on and then there are real programs at the government is considering to combat global warming where they talk about this

► 02:17:42

the seventies in the eighties they talked about reflected particles in the atmosphere I think they were when they were concerned that the ozone layer was beating that man was even more reason we talked about suspending reflected particles in the atmosphere to protect it but it'd be very different why do people believe conspiracy theories so fascinated by it that's a good question that's what I was going to ask you when you see it from the outside when you see something like like the most horrific wants Sandy Hook Sandy Hook being false flag what would be the motivation for someone saying that what would be the motivation

► 02:18:27

the only thing I can I mean the most plausible I guess would be

► 02:18:34

capturing an audience of getting people to believe in you as some sear behind the veil people that are projecting this in terms of it in the media why does he say that my question is why do other people think it why do they look for it not not a person who is

► 02:19:03

deeply chaotic and seems to lack a logic and people are desperate for a system of understanding the world and conspiracy theories often seem to like offer a very very actually like an incredibly simplistic explanation which is there's this Secrets it like it is always a secret thing but is a plan that the public doesn't know about real things that no one really that the wheel

► 02:19:31

yeah the real thing is that I mean haven't we learned that's when the Trump presidency right like institutions are just made up of people

► 02:19:41

like they can fall apart if the people that take them over are irresponsible crazy venal narcissistic everything that were saying in the Trump Administration also that people isn't that kind of weirdly I mean it supposed terrifying but also comforting

► 02:20:00

I think

► 02:20:02

like even if it's just people people can also change it and that we need to get to just okay

► 02:20:15

do you think that this touches it it this constant conflict over this is a social conflict that were involved in right now the woke left in the alt-right and all this Jazz that this the the boiling of it right now will eventually boil down to something more rational cuz if it seems like if you if you read Steven pinker's work and people that study violence and endanger and Society over the course of history that we certainly on an upward Trend even though no one's denying yes all the dishes at no one's denying that there's some awful aspects or culture today in society in crime and violence in in fill in the blank, but there's more understanding that is more awareness of that and it certainly is safer safer world today then was in a hundred two hundred years ago in terms of like your own existence who can walk down the street of almost any Americans

► 02:21:15

but you know all the Privileges that I had granted but unharmed that's a miracle in human history was coming up to me asking me how many parts of the world could I do that in mind when I'm falling into despair about where we are as a country where I'm like oh actually in a lot of ways it's still like the best thing of the worst things it's the best thing in history so far it's certainly for Winton so I try and kind of keep that in mind when I'm losing myself to her feelings to fears that things are going to get worse before they get better which is what I think

► 02:21:58

I I have

► 02:22:01

all daughters and I have friends that are women and I have a lot of friends or women in the world stand-up comedy and

► 02:22:10

I often times see misogynist shit online that shocks me and one of them's it shocked me was there's a guy that I follow and you talk about how his wife it was a hit like a thread on Twitter well-thought-out very smart guy as a lawyer and I was talking about how his wife's gas tank so he's empty so every time he gets his wife car she's always out of gas is like what the fuc and then she explained she doesn't invite to the park to get gas because she gets harassed and it keeps her out and men never think about that the messages he was getting from men calling him a cock and making skip I'm an idiot that I didn't think Darkly enough of course it was saying all kinds of crazy shit to him because they not only are they in

► 02:23:10

denial that this could be a situation where their mother was in or their wife or their daughter maybe they don't have a daughter maybe they have a bad relationship with her mother maybe they just say that so you know if a guy is had so many bad interactions with women and he's not very smart you just decide that women are evil and you see anything that's like saying hey guys maybe we should look at it in terms of like how the woman looks at you like that's real those guys are real and they're out there I was at a gas station the other night at 2 in the morning I was coming home from the comic store and pulled into this gas station and there is he's got that bulletproof things with his thick glass the guys talking to I'm using my credit card in this guy is trying to use his debit card and I pull in I get out of my car and I hear yelling and I hear him going 8 bro relax you're not a fucking bank teller a right because you're taking his job so seriously you make $10 an hour and the guy says something is no money in the cars like fuck you there's a

► 02:24:10

$100 on his car and his friend from the car saying something and I am nervous okay I'm married to in the morning I'm nervous and I'm like fuck and I'm like what if this guy turns Eddie this aggression on me what if he decided he's a fucking asshole and he's probably drunk or high or something and it's 2 in the morning and it's him and there's another guy in the car and I'm so nervous humiliating and I'm so nervous that I'm thinking of cutting my pump short I'm thinking of just don't get a full tank just get V bucks and get the fuck out of here you know don't run out of gas but let's just get the fuck out and get gas tomorrow during the daylight and I'm a man and I'm looking at these two guys and I'm saying okay if some shit goes down if these guys don't have a weapon or some shit goes down I'm going to beat the fuck are these two guys did they look skinny they look like they don't exercise but they're aggressive they're angry too stupid my God damn it all my Spidey senses are going to get out of here go get out

► 02:25:10

here in like an asshole I decide to stay and pump my gas but when these guys are yelling each other I literally went around the front of the car instead of the this back way because there's a short for me being exposed their view some hiding behind my truck while filling my tank and I'm a man who can kill these two guys right now is that you were going to go over and tell them that I was thinking going over there but I didn't want to get shot I'm thinking what if people died in the same thing that you're going to get shot at a gas station violence in general and I'm and I'm a martial arts expert so I'm less worried than most men and certainly way less worried than a woman if I was a woman

► 02:26:10

the fuck out here I was on fumes though raising two daughters made you so much more aware of this stuff and also just raising babies or baby's now I used to think of people as being a static state if I told you I meet you I go out 34 year old person is a 34 year old person I didn't meet you and thank you in the past I would have met you and only thought of you as a 34 year old person now I look at everyone as a baby that's how I process things and it made me way more compassionate way more understanding and way more patient with people because I now I say okay when I meet this asshole at the gas station to clock in the morning does berating that guy why is he will because probably his dad's a fucking piece of shit his life probably sucks he probably dumb he's probably been on drugs into his young he doesn't have any smart friends they don't have any money to get gas to the morning make a poor Life Choices there's a lot wrong here he doesn't have any

► 02:27:10

his life he's never gone through any sort of trials and tribulations that taught him about things isn't didn't receive life lessons probably didn't get a good education here we are and I might have to kick this guy's ass cuz it's 2 in the morning and he's threatening he's loud and he's probably going to be allowed to other people look at him the wrong way he's just fucking toxically stupid but he was a baby he was a baby on point time so I don't want to go over there I don't I don't I don't want to create violence I'm thinking is just going to driveway and eventually he did and that poor guy who probably is probably making just a little bit more than $10 an hour is stuck in this fucking cubicle is little glass box with his asshole berating him at 2 in the morning that's a baby that I was a baby my my my

► 02:27:55

except not accept its but my curiosity would socialism my real curiosity with any socialist ideas is how do we recognize the fact that some people are dealt the shittiest of shity hand of cards and that there's entire sections of cities where everyone has a shit hand of cards and some some make it out through basketball and football and sports and rap music and whatever but that whole spot sucks that this is a good place and these people just need to pull themselves up by the bootstraps is it some salmon make it up this crazy waterfall and the grizzly bears don't eat them it doesn't mean that the waterfalls safe for salmon in a salmon to get bid or bunch of pussies it's it's this this is chaos this the fact that we don't address that and that our civilization just plows on with the same stupid path that we've had for deck

► 02:28:55

regardless of the fact we have an absolute understanding of the complete in a quality of the real ghettos of our country where the southside of Chicago over the Ritz Baltimore wherever it is we have a real understanding of this isn't this isn't guesswork we really know if we don't do a goddamn thing about it that's what makes me want to embrace some aspects of socialism the fact that I know it's not fair it's not fair I didn't have a great childhood but it wasn't bad I got through them finally shot me nobody pray for me I got through like it could have been way worse and it is way worth for many many people so all these pull yourself up by your bootstraps assholes the other thing I notice about them is they're rarely really successful people people live accomplish anything extraordinary it's the second idea it's like that it's it's it's it's a simplistic

► 02:29:52

ideology that they sort of subscribe to she's 28 years old man that's amazing the whole thing's the middle Dancing Yeah but you know what everyone loved that video like the whole narrative that like some random person on Twitter put that video out right cuz they thought they were going to shame her idiots for how funny is that thing in the entire world anyone who did not love her already fell in love with her that was her doing a little dance

► 02:30:52

she's real and she seems to be a really good person she seems to be a good person now whether or not agree with our tax false, Economist I'm a fucking moron okay I don't know anything about it I really don't I mean you should have her as a person first thoughts on politicians as you can hire Economist you can listen to them you can talk to them what we really need is people that have the right idea as far as we're human should go the way we should behave the way we should treat each other this this overwhelming need for community that we all share we have to we have to pull this thing together and we have to be we have to look at each other as a community and that's lacking and the people that are polarizing both on the left and the right want they don't want to look at it that way they don't they want to look at people and say Hey you will never get better like that 16 year old kid no need to ever forgive him this kind of car

► 02:31:52

crazy talk whether it's from the right or from the left is what we really need to stomp out we need to stop may be nicer to each other we need we don't have time we're not going to live long if you're 50 years old in this is your idea of the world like fuck man you're halfway down here and you're an idiot you're looking at shit completely wrong and you're halfway done with this trip if everything goes perfect just. Of the world's history but like ideas like grace and mercy a long way in the culture right now even if it's just fart but even if it's really wacky you know mindfulness and yoga even if it's like comes from a sort of fake gooey plays in the beginning which a lot of times it does people have people have deeply religious impulses and I need to go somewhere and so it's going to politics and.

► 02:32:52

are politics or is it going to feel nicer it's going to self care and wellness I mean all these things are astrology it's like making a comeback yes no yes it's like religious go somewhere I talked to the guys are really smart guy have told me doesn't do anything until he contacts his astrologer I have one now Jamie consults the weed leaves

► 02:33:32

yeah I don't know what that's about but I do think that people do have this desire for a space daddy a higher power of someone that knows something that knows more than you some Grand pattern to follow that leads to Harmony I mean I think everybody sort of has that thing because again what we talked about before we we do realize if we are being honest that no one's at the wheel that we wake up we're almost like we're in a spaceship and we wake up when we were in hypersleep and this thing's been flying for millions of years who the fuck is flying us do we know it was fine this or unifying and I'm not flying in a group the Flies it like it's still moving more trying to figure out who flies it and there's no way to slow it down it's no brakes on this thing maybe we are in an organic spaceship we are we are and we're flying through Infinity we're spending a thousand miles an hour

► 02:34:32

we're going through space that's real and you're going to die that's all those things are real all those things sort of make everything else sort of pale in comparison the reality of that is so bizarre and why what were avoiding those thoughts were concentrating on these very minor differences that we really have that are really framed by our team's you know the team this team so does this team says you're going to do that I can tell almost to a preview tell me you're pro-life you vote Republican you know that you're going to die and yet there are people who are spending their lives for only pixels at other people at Axel's like on Twitter and that's crazy

► 02:35:32

but it's so intoxicating and it's so new that's also the problem with social media and phone screen and worship it like this these networks gives you give you a sense of belonging and community and also gives you something to think about if you you know I was talking about Jamie kilstein earlier over accident almost weed or I texted Jamie used to be a heavy duty social justice Warrior he was describing how he would go after people and then he would be locked onto his phone all day long look at the responses and completely addicted to it no matter what he did throughout his dad he was checking his phone every couple minutes and couldn't help that compulsion that's a lot of people out there that are locked into this connection yes it is an addiction I've had to get oh I mean like if I had a small. Of a few months right and not really been on Twitter I join the times

► 02:36:29

that sort of thing happened to me letters like this is horrible but I hate the way this is physically making me feel like I'm nauseous and sweating like I can't do it Spanish songs Mortal Kombat here mortal online and I'm not going to allow myself to be that person you know like it feels like something you have to pay attention to it right but the beauty is that I get to write for the New York Times to put my energy into that when you do get criticism from your articles

► 02:37:29

do you get it in the form of like what is really scary email today I get emails I get tweets everything everything about it but no I mean it's no I can but I don't think it's so unusual like that's part of you know I write things that people Find provocative I expect to provoke a reaction

► 02:37:55

I'm okay with that and it when there are things that are scary you know the New York Times is really good about monitoring that

► 02:38:04

there's no one like to be in a field that's got it getting attacked as an enemy of the People by the president of the United States 83 calls it like the failing New York Times irresponsible like they're shocked that there has not been more violence perpetrated on members of the press I really I really am

► 02:38:29

wheezing happens with him

► 02:38:32

I don't know who can do. I don't know what can be done

► 02:38:37

I don't know Hillary can't so worried but I'm still worried she's going to run again she's going to muscle our way to the top and I'm scared I don't know why do you think that means keep going further and further south what about someone who is a Centrist Democrat does not make more sense as someone who's going to who's a rational person who's on the right is going to look at this person whose may be economically conservative but socially liberal and say this is really where I'm leaning towards yeah that's not going to work I don't think so I don't know because Trump's whole thing was

► 02:39:21

screw the center I just need to make my bass go ape shitt crazy for me but they're still age crazy and no matter what are bees going crazy rather than running someone that can win the center where you going but I think that this is maybe my liberal bias but I think the people on the left would fall for that the same way people on the right would I don't think people on the left who saw someone who went ape shitt. Far left I think there's a lot of people to Centerview like what I'm going to just go to vote libertarian vote for Gary Johnson or some shit Kirsten gillibrand me to she had todie what does it mean she is a toady

► 02:40:22

t o a d i e

► 02:40:29

I think it means I think it needs

► 02:40:35

Tony definition of Toadies a person who flatters or defers to others for self-serving reasons

► 02:40:49

known about her like what did she say that qualifies her I don't remember the details are you should write down what you said but I really enjoy talking to her I like her a lot about ideas well I'm pretty positive about that especially on a side but maybe I'm wrong

► 02:41:20

I don't think I'm wrong

► 02:41:23

well my take on her was that I think as a person who's coming from the left is also a veteran and is very articulate and sensible in a woman and in talking to her we didn't get into soldering those things but talking to her about what she feels is wrong with the current Administration and the way things are running in a direction she thinks things could go in as a very promising ideas I don't I didn't know about the Doubletree also did she ever apologize for believing in conversion therapy for think her father ran like I didn't know that I never heard that I did hear something about when she was very young she was like 22 she said something about gay marriage and civil union said she apologized for and said that she evolved she reveal she met Assad in Syria without informing top Democrats

► 02:42:23

went on a fact-finding mission in support of Peace for Syrian people but characterized us back Rebels as terrorists

► 02:42:33

yeah she's

► 02:42:35

I mean I can keep looking but I just I'm telling you

► 02:42:42

I can come back on when I do bards what's we can do this another time who do you think stands out for you as someone that would make a good president she wants touted working for an anti-itch work for them what should a job there

► 02:43:01

you know I'm worried as a person's been called alt-right a Jason and just looking worried about labels but you know how did working for her father's anti-gay organization which mobilized to pass a measure against same-sex marriage in Hawaii and perverted and promoted controversial conversion therapy

► 02:43:25

convergent therapies the weirdest shut of all time there was a an article that I read about they were they were manipulating pleasure is it turned out its I said I started reading it from a study on rats this do this thing with rats where they provided they figured out a way to give rat orgasms to figure out a way to Jazz up the Dodge Center of the brainstem and they were shocked they would run up a pass an area that shock them like they they did do do do anything to get this area where they have these organisms would have them up to two thousand times a day they would just not just all day long and in Reading male and female they're just just rats trying to come and so when I was

► 02:44:25

mr. mrs. wise time turn away they did it with a gay man while they were doing this this is in the 1970s there's a couple different studies at a table one of them they did with this gay guy where they try to stimulate certain parts of his brain while they were showing him heterosexual porn and they were trying to convert him into being heterosexual and apparently they had some meager amount of success with this where he engaged in sexual relationships with women and an apparently even enjoyed it and they did something to deliver stimulate a part of his brain that would excite arousal and tried to connect that with with heterosexual porn and made him orgasm made him masturbate to orgasm while they're doing this and showing him straight porn the idea that they were going to reprogram as mine it didn't

► 02:45:25

did it did in terms of short-term but it didn't mean it must been just massively computer wax and one of the things that happens is you get you can have gay experiences when you're young if someone does something to you in imprint upon you arousal at a young age with with gay experiences sometimes even heterosexual men will get aroused by certain gay images and gay things because of their past because of that like Chris Chris wines talked about that before on a spectrum sure how much of that spectrum is influenced by your environment sources your jeans and you know this is very taboo for some people to discuss even though it's really fast at least human sexuality

► 02:46:25

fascinating and there's there's some major taboo areas of exploration and when you start looking at like what makes a person gay or straight whether it's nature or nurture whether it's a combination of those things with it so much as radically gay from the room or whether someone's radically straight from the womb these these studies where they were trying to they were trying to turn someone with science and they were trying to turn someone straight it's crazy it's very you couldn't do it today that you never be able to do it today in America I'll send it to you it's crazy it's crazy why they criticize but heavily studied and now the woman they did it to a woman to be stuck these this woman had a problem with painkillers and so they figured out a way to wire her brain is this like electric shocks in body

► 02:47:24

something to do whatever they wanted to seven days a week at the time we break out the Elon Musk weed oh my God that was crazy I watch every minute it was hours for when I say crazy I mean like an amazing get journalistically I don't know it was really cool and I have to think of some of his friends and I'm friends with that convinced him to do that yeah that was a fascinating conversation I thought it was nothing so we smoked a little pot literally didn't think of it. That's what I really wanted to talk to him about was his thought process like what what's going on I know that something different is going on in his head where you know because I have children and I do like to think of people as babies that become you know what they are see them in front of me right now and then just constant state of evolution

► 02:48:23

sometimes I run into someone that's depressingly stupid why I realize I goddamn is God's got a 9 volt brain they just do some people just do it no one wants to admit that and we're not talking about mental retardation or any sort of a disease Down syndrome or something like that we talked about people that are just toxically stupid and they do exist just like some people have big noses some people have little noses so when you're like a g what did it feel like a chimp little person talking to this guy really wants to create gigantic power stations in Australia to fix their grid and wants to shoot fucking Rockets into space and they literally let him drill under la like what you going to do completely fast and they would have watched you they would have watched like a silent movie with you

► 02:49:23

I'm saying like anything he does is completely fascinated people he's a legitimate super-genius legitimate like he's not full of shit that that is his install process is extraordinary but one of the things that was really clear from talking to him was that it's uncomfortable that his whole life it's been this tornado of ideas it's beating against his head and he is like you would want to be me but he wasn't you know he wasn't well with me he was being factual news probably he's probably let you know some people have a ringing in their ears have tinnitus rock concerts too many I think he's got a ring of ID so while you and I are having this conversation I don't have a fucking thing else going out of my head

► 02:50:19

there's nothing else back there it's just you and I talking there's no fucking Grand plans I think he's like remapping Civilization and trying to make a better yacht you know it sounds like he's he's just you know just like Shaquille O'Neal is 8 ft tall and some people are 4 ft tall you know some people just have a brain is there is no there's no Level Playing Field when it comes to anything if they're expired let it before Mansoor or mental performance I won the lottery when it comes to that everything in my life everything possible the only saving grace of the concept of white privilege is that we do have to recognize that some people got a really good deal and some people got a really terrible deal but the only reason why white privilege even something to consider is that racism is

► 02:51:19

real the white white privilege is not if the world is Barry Weiss or or right but what I was going to say is if people like you are people like Jamie we would never have to worry about racism cuz it wouldn't even be a consideration Jimmy's on black Twitter everyday loves life would be totally irrelevant and what would be concentrating on is you know who's making the best buildings who's making the best music what what what were the contributions to culture we wouldn't care about if they were coming from Asian people or West Indian people we wouldn't care to make people recognize

► 02:52:03

I don't know but privilege of all kinds that's useful it's actually useful to think about that what is not useful is to say because you were XYZ thing therefore you're out there for you have no stake and therefore in fact you have sort of less of a claim on truth and morality on Patriot Radio in African-American do research instead of arguing the idea or discussing his ideas and she said because of your white privilege it's blinding you and he was like explain it to me like as a person does he like it gave her room he gave her room and she went right into the choke she is sank the choking herself she explained it even further he said I hate to break it to you but I'm black and you

► 02:53:03

she must have just felt her whole life all of her intellectual credibility just go fucking blush flushed down the toilet like oh my God you just got exposed and this is what people love about Preposterous thinking Preposterous thinking if it's given enough time it's eventually going to slam into a wall and that's what we saw we saw a truck with a fucking brick on the accelerator just slam right into the wall because she thought she had a path that you couldn't stop and this is the path it's like if you're playing chess but you have won super powerful moved that it works it's not like a rug or a queen king I just said that's what she did a super powerful thing and it didn't work and it didn't work because this guy was a part of the very protected class that she was part of her and she tried her woke logic just like shortcut student missing people or black woman

► 02:54:03

of who he is he had the check mate and it the whole world because we've all seen that but you can't say anything if I was having a discussion with her and she said because of your white privilege I got to say okay let's unpack that I fucking hate that word unpack I hate it cuz it's always brought it's always people really are unpacking shit that is explained to you how their ideology Trump's your ideology and it's almost always like this Preposterous way of describing things let me unpack that for you so fuck you but he didn't have to say it's like that those words White Privilege law that's so that it creates so many fucking headaches

► 02:55:03

don't Target me the way they would Target a black person that's a hundred percent real it is White Privilege real problems racist actual racists that's the real problem and if there was no racist that white privilege wouldn't be a thing it's only a thing because of racists and it's only a thing with racists without racist doesn't exist the problem with African Americans are or Asian Asians are denied entry into Harvard with the same standards that white people like it because of racism because they study so hard and they do this but if you look at that lawsuit in the language that the school used to sort of describe them in like a social and robotic and all of these stereotypes

► 02:56:03

Ashley Yang on this he's a really interesting writer about this I think it's actually well connected and are you suggesting on this I used to teach Taekwondo for a living I was around a lot of Korean people and one when when I learned in I was around someone who I was stunned by the the work ethic that exists in these these families and the humbleness and the inspector the way it was

► 02:56:43

almost expected that you never brag and that you work harder than anybody and I had a friend who was he was on the u.s. Taekwondo team to compete in the Olympic Games he was working on school work 12 hours a day in between classes he would put his book bag on Goodfellas book bag up with with books and run the stairs at the University up and down and then he would come to the gym at night and train and then he would travel to compete with the world team and all the football to me while he was in college he was he was going to school I mean I know he had bags under his eyes you could stuff Christmas trees in whose fucking and saying this guy was always tired but the work at think that he had was just I didn't have one tenth of that works at work ethic it was it was impossible to 2 North and he was so spread then and so tired all the time but

► 02:57:43

kept working and he would talk about his culture and it would talk about his family and what is it was that expected of him like he's a man of my house like that you just fucking did it but you don't you just not there's not like all I feel tired today fuck you get up go to work but that attitude as allowed so many Asian people that discipline and and and just this this culture of performance and of achievement it's so it's so cherished that is allowed so many Asian people to excel in in Academia and the fact that Harvard somehow or another steps in and says we're going to get more difficult for you because you work so hard that is so crazy and so weird it's so weird that they as this I mean if you think about

► 02:58:30

if you think about institutions of Higher Learning Harvard is the first one you think about the number one summer what I call you graduate from Harvard right Harvard and to have them so blinded will be racist against the best performance because they're performing to Wellness a disproportionate number of them in the University going to raise your standards the actual like the stereotypes in like the way that they fucking crazy crazy crazy you know Montreal Montreal

► 02:59:09

okay actually never think I've ever met him I've ever met him but he's he's interesting writer in a really really good on this better than me cuz I'm fading 3 hours and 20 minutes are you serious this time more light in here and talked it was wonderful to have this conversation with you I really appreciate it I was very impressed by you and thank you very much

► 02:59:47

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