#1202 - Fred Morin & David McMillan

The Joe Rogan Experience #1202 - Fred Morin & David McMillan

November 14, 2018

Fred Morin & David McMillan are James Beard Award–nominated culinary adventurists and proprietors of the beloved restaurant, Joe Beef in Montreal. Their new cookbook/survival guide called "Joe Beef: Surviving the Apocalypse" is available on November 27.

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ladies and gentlemen my guests today are two gentlemen who don't just run my favorite restaurant of all time Joe beef in Montreal their authors they have a new book out called Joe Beef surviving the apocalypse and life Enthusiast and brilliant people to talk to I appreciate them very much and I really enjoy talking to them and I think you will as well so please welcome Fred Morin and David McMillan

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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boom Blox gentleman Fred son little bit barbecued over the last week and a half I've been hiding in a hotel for 6 days he'll proper they were here to talk about the surviving the apocalypse a cookbook for surviving the apocalypse what is it what's the purpose of the of the title just a goof we haven't written a book in years I don't think we really wanted to write a second book when we started getting a bit of pressure to write a second one we kind of you know laid down the gauntlet to the editors and said we're going to write what we want are you in or are you out and show us a little bit of the framework of that this is going to be I said I want to talk I mean I'm cooking doesn't Define me or Fred to stop all that we do like it's you know if you see some people they seem to like eat live and breathe cookie

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I said no I meant to the outdoors I meant the mushroom picking I meant the fermentation of berries I'm Into You Know canoeing I know I love swimming in Lakes I want to talk about multiple subject I want to talk about the native Mohawks of Quebec I want to see it I was told I should let us write a book about the multiple subjects of which were into me know if we're not cooking we're building first aid kits in like survival kits for real Bishop there and have an off-grid cabin up north like north of Montreal about an hour and a half you can only get there by by boat shed kilometers from The Landing you know 2000 watts of solar power completely off you can barely walk in cuz of jagged Cliffs all around it behind me is an old growth forest that's protected federally then I have a suture kit and the same

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my car start a propane tanks on the roof and drove to Alaska 20,000 miles I grew up in Boston and I did stand up in Montreal for the first time I think in like 1991 or something like that and I'm really think of Boston was cold until I went to Montreal and I want oh this is a different thing. All we had we had a polar vortex last year come roaring through all the pipes blue and all the restaurants I'm sure January 2nd living in extreme environments beautiful city harsh environment do you think that makes you more more cognizant it's about the need for survival it's always in the back of my head I have three daughters like in the back of my head

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cold if the power goes out for 48 hours I have to start a plan B where am I bringing my babies and what are we going to eat where we going over the years have been talking about a complete bad of fireplaces and wood burning stoves inside of homes condominiums and townhouses the laws governing wood burning in the city of Montreal or stricter than in California have to do this I said okay make sure we don't use them but that's all I have them just in case same goes for yeah that's right man but it smells good like a nice wood burning stove smells amazing

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do this Effexor if you know traditional bagel stores traditional bagel stores it's impossible to understand the food wise the province of Quebec the city of Quebec City and Montreal she's a first-place is populated in North America this is you know that Europeans to get to anywhere in North America came through Quebec first New York afterwards the food culture in Quebec is over 400 years old you can't say that about your ears old you know what is detrimental to that if it wasn't for burning wood and I'm not saying we should do it for historical purposes but like man like they're still wouldn't say they're going to give you a ticket because you're having a fire

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you know the perfect storm of rain and then cold and then rain then cold all the power lines went out at pylons boom right after that cuz people stayed home no television and no heat and then that every procreated there was a true baby 9 months later those kids born that's hilarious at the Deep Freeze. Also like cleans the city in the winter so from your perspective that shit hits the fan and come and see us because it's a pretty good City to survive anything you know it's pretty neat place because the winter just like sanitize is everything you start again every year right yeah as opposed to La where you never really get that you never lost my call like a horse bath room somewhere with paper towels that you went down and sort of get your underarms

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whatever that's what La is the wet towel it's that kind of covers all of your interest not just with food but what are things that I really enjoyed about there was an episode of you guys did Anthony Bourdain show where you are ice fishing and you had a splendid ice fishing huts and you guys cooked you Tony told you it's notorious and they show that they never caught fish and whenever he had a gun he never hit anything so we knew that then we knew that there was not a pike and there is not a walleye there was going to buy it so like okay option A we sit there and we like take some fake fish and we prayed up and corn flakes and shortening and the Hollow cabin or we just went like Joe be crazy and we brought all the old cookbooks we had all the spirits are Cuban cigars all the Copper Wear

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all the stuff that we made the menu from an old Leon a restaurant called The Cuckoo's that he did a show at after ending in you nothing about that day and we just went from fishing at 3 ask us about like strippers and could be just a few funny banter and then as we just went in I was like magical it said it was seriously a tenth of the size of this room here tapped out that day yeah yeah he was having a good time and we hit the way we run some Fine Wines & fine Spirits I'm some really rare Oddities some old church Rose and stuff

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and and Tony was on the screen right there just keep calm down and enjoy those in the wine drinking days to write look at that hair LOL where you you cook the hair for a long time and hair and you serve it with Truffles and and you keep the blood this hair is snared so it's still full of blood and you keep the blood and at the end you thicken the sauce with the blood that's very good and I bet you you know it's funny I bet you if it's all the principles of nutrition now you know all the organ meats and I'll buy probiotics

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just thought of it as cheese and now people think of it as there's live cultures on it and organ meat is much healthier for you and the people are so much more aware of that

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a lot of that probiotic makers are doing like lipo deliveries they coated in fat so it was this the stomach acid right but that's fat probiotic from cheese is covered in fat you did after your dinner at lives through you and in a perfect world that comes from right around your house right so you eat a cheese and the probiotics are the same one that you're going to encounter later so you can kind of get immunized in a way that's the benefit that's what true local is is it there's a benefit to eating cheese after meal alive rocci's it'll be seen ultimately as a non-alcoholic DJ Steve what is a DJ Steve to to help stimulate digestion enzyme I got like a probiotic if they're figuring this out that

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the problem of the low fat diet than that you know like brown rice and chicken breast you know the bodybuilder diet nothing triggers your fullness because they realize that's fat actually makes you full quite fast right so she ate a bit of cheese you're done you tap out after you don't even like a plate of cheese or layered on the hamburger but just a little bit of cheese after just cut you off and then you have spirits and cigars are not that healthy but yeah I've been talking about that with a lot of nutrition experts are they say that your body when it needs a lot of carbohydrates you can consume carbohydrates 5 pass what you actually need where is if you just eating a lot of fat and protein your body tends to regulate itself much better if I had to say my all-time favorite restaurant I think Joe B's my all-time favorite restaurant I don't like to say my all-time number cuz there's a lot of great restaurants in this world but damn if I had to choose one

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I choose you guys know you're very kind but we have to take you out to other places to change your mind if your horse lover turn your head plug your ears ever serve me horse and I was like what when you brought over a horse horse tenderloin and I was like what the fuck you guys are eating horse up here and horse tartare but it's a cow an elk a deer a horse and a cow tenderloin and at deer tenderloins at the end of the day it's very subjective nutritional choices on the couch pretty you are how cute than animal is you know it doesn't make sense you know we're able to choose where we eat

► 00:18:33

the food guide until like 40 years ago was to make sure you got enough calories now we're in an age of restriction so we say like I don't want horse I'd prefer deer or I'd prefer veal or I'd chicken yesterday can't have twice in a row like all this is a bit of fluff what we do in the way because we're so fortunate to have enough food to decide my friend Remi Warren was on a backpacking horseback elk hunt and one of the horses fell down and broke its leg and they had to make a decision they were deep in the backcountry they had to shoot it and it wasn't just was going to get out of there and after they shot it he decided that really this is it sounds can you go to waste so they took the back straps off and they they cooked and ate it and it anybody said it was a really weird moment or like this is the animal that was like everybody's petting it and it was you were you know you're riding it and it just it was a working animal but it was an animal that you loved and then all sudden it's down and you have to kill any like

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going to go to waste so just felt wrong to let it go to waste so they they cut the back straps off of it another reason I think we don't need Horace call Charlie is really based ultimately on the Battle of wolf between Mount Column on the plains of Quebec City you know there that was a decisive battle in North American history whereas if the French had won that battle everybody North America ultimately will be speaking French they didn't win that battle so British rule in poso in England you didn't eat horse by Royal Decree but it's the French aid horse the belgians eat horse the Germans eat horse

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you say such as history and I know it was mining mining countries have traditional there because they bring the horse in the mine the horse saddle for a horse to live in the mine in the dark but they wouldn't bring it out when he was old and it would just eat the horse most cultures eat Turkish eat horse let you know back when all this was instituted Quebec life so you don't go back as a very open-minded dining public very Advanced dining public very old dining public and of course Latin French dining public the amount of proteins that are served in Montreal restaurant

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the numerous compared to its even when I go to Manhattan if me and you and Fred are in Manhattan tomorrow night so let's go have rabbit with mustard sauce it's going to be a tough sell really struggle to find rabbit mustard sauce at leave Manhattan or America eats a limited scope of proteins beef chicken so far as well as you know French culture quillback

► 00:21:39

you know we have all the proteins I have young dining clientele that have no problem meeting kidneys medium rare liver lamb liver deer neck Dear Heart tartare it's not a thing like it's not what other restaurant people are eating his part of the little girl is like your daughters were eating the food that their dad hunts in the food that their parents buy some people of lesser means eat pork liver the raised on it so when they see liver on the rest right cute little ghetto 19 year old girls that are about to go out to the club later but how does the liver you want to see that New York City are you allowed to sell venison hear that you hunt no not that you hunt you you have to buy farm raised stuff and oddly enough most of its from New Zealand most of stuff that we're getting here in the United States from New Zealand it's most likely some sort of stag or me know in the elk that we get if we buy elk at a restaurant it's it's all from New Zealand

► 00:22:39

when you do a kill you can put in your freezer I'm all of that I get I get for myself that I hunt and I give it to a lot of my friends and I make sausages for my friends in a sentence you know but that's the only way they're going to get it unless they go out and get it themselves not a place in Los Angeles where I can go buy elk meat in Newfoundland that they're there live two Hunters are allowed to sell moose back to the restaurant real introduced into the island of Newfoundland from Maine and there was no natural Predators on Newfoundland so the perfect environment for them so they just propagated so that's why I drove 4 hours full days to go like 300 miles because you can't drive fast because of the moose's so you can have a restaurant like in the hotel we stayed the restaurant had a permit to buy Moose so they would

► 00:23:39

moose Korean moose attention to that that is cool but if they did that everywhere else then we just Reinventing the wheel you know we're going back to Market hunting which is what almost wiped out almost all of the animals in this country back by 7. So we can barely manage our roads are our infrastructure we can barely manage like her and that's the risk of foraging do they like eventually you know like people go for mushrooms it's like you heard about the fights between the mushroom Pickers in Oregon and stuff like that we're now like that the people who harvest clams do it at night and then 500 pounds of geoduck going to the Victoria Airport to send

► 00:24:39

did you get hijacked on the highway at night and they steal the clams cuz they're worth a fortune in Japan shroom shroom it in Japan the matsutake mushroom the closer the shape of the mushroom to a penis the more expensive it is you know I'm dressed him and make him turn around so they can never find a place again wow it's competitive morel mushroom kilo and when I talk to online they're very expensive I buy them dried and put so delicious you people who don't like mushrooms like one of my daughters does not like mushrooms but she loves morels my favorites and number one mushroom with salt with garlic salt and Friends sauteed in butter

► 00:25:39

Sensational Great Mushroom you strain the broth you add cream and saute morel mushrooms in there and a little bit of sherry wine any of oxidized wine and you just add the legs in there and you let you let that simmer man that's good we have a picture in the book of some morel mushrooms of the size of these water bottles while I have morel mushrooms that are about the size of my hand you can stuff like half a chicken leg inside of the Moon serve one stuffed morel mushroom and bra for One customer is brilliant aren't they there a strange mushroom right where they they pop up after Burns yeah and they also a spring mushroom which is weird because most of the other mushrooms or later on that ball dance right and Morrell is like literally quite quick after the snow that's the first mushroom that appears in the forest so it's a very different than all the others are they commercially cultivated

► 00:26:39

it could be but not I've never seen it like a red mushrooms in like you get everything but the mushroom you inoculate do you know it's very difficult to keep the proper conditions and stuff that's why I'm not against the fact that they're expensive you know what's a good way to regulate a market price you know it's like yeah you know bluefin tuna is going extinct but just make it three times the price it's going to regulate the market do you know I wish there was a way to reintroduce Bluefin to the wild it's just seems like the appetite that people have those things that just untenable give you look at any given night in a city like Manhattan how much red tuna is sold on the island of Manhattan it's scary I almost feel like it's like killing the last I heard you know like the fishing a giant tuna like that it's it's

► 00:27:35

and again you know that they're big their feisty their Majestic so that's my choice my decision to protect them but the problem is as complete lack of regulation of the open Waters when these guys have these in normal ships fill with huge gnats and it is drag them across the ocean floor and capture everything I guess that's the biggest joke it's like they call it by catch so you didn't set off the fish for tuna but that's kind of bit like that you know you go fishing for what to catch a bluefin tuna in the first place you know place I found a way to work around it in the way the works out just fine and has been

► 00:28:35

hover over them take photographs of it and report them and now it's ugly business I got to be more Seafood sustainable Seafood focused in all the oysters a great thing to eat we should eat more oysters or clams Florida oddly is an amazing sustainable Seafood see the work that they do with the other for the Florida stone crab right you know that every year they just Harvest like the left arm and if it look at what the crap back and the next year it's the right arm and then put the crack my back really I got to brilliant fishing industry and I was telling me something good about Florida

► 00:29:35

stay with you that that's a smart thing for fishing down there is a giant giant part of the road there is a good book that was published a few years ago the big oyster I think Mark kurlansky you wrote a book about the history of the oyster thing was like glorious and we heard it by since before for protein and that's how we started the modern farming but in fact we probably farmed oysters and snails and clams cuz they don't move and they're the most prolific in the most abundant source of protein interpreting it now because I read this book a few years ago but

► 00:30:22

think of this for a second write the island of Manhattan is a perfect all the rivers around it all the Water Systems around it is actually one of the greater oyster situations on the Atlantic East Coast right

► 00:30:38

the reason of the population exploded in Manhattan that the penny early days was that any person could literally get off a boat walk onto the island of M of Manhattan homeless broke

► 00:30:52

add sleep in an alley and walk down to the river and Pick 5 oysters a small oyster is 5 grams of protein in a medium oysters got 10 grams of protein so completely destitute person could just eat six oysters a day 3 wasters and live again another day to find a job so the population of ultimately you know New York City and its population was based on this riddle Lisa huge supply of oysters available source of protein that will make you live another 24 hours so if it takes you three days to find a job for days to find a job in 20 days to find a job you're not going to die because there's oysters look at this is it from Harlem River oysters crap that they thought that are made of oysters

► 00:31:52

this song is from thrillist to pull up to the top so important to the history of New York City and it just showing all these ancient photos of Bones of oyster shells and is an amazing one oyster if I'm correct one oyster filters for metric tons of water per day from what I understand about the wrong with my math so take this for instance age a cage box of thousands of oysters there it is there in about 30 to 50 gallons of water everyday and show me pictures of New York's waterways I buy recycling shells from the park Portland restaurants and getting them back in

► 00:32:52

water to build oyster reefs the gold is to add a billion oyster to the Water by 2035 so far they restored 1.01 acre 1.5 acres are in 1.05 bitch you got an acre that's just adding those extra two numbers 1.05 Acres of reefs and count 11.5 million newly grown up oysters but clarify the water it'll make up murky River clear again why is interesting it doesn't move right showing how they do it this is incredible change gender according to the density of the population so it'll go from male to female in order to balance the function of water recovery

► 00:33:52

time lapse it says the time lapse but it said what what does it say it was from Easter on the video there in the corner it was showing oyster recovery Partners so the watermark is this what they do they have this horrible green water they Chucky's oysters and it turns completely clear that's amazing I did not know that I didn't know that they used to eat lobsters in the thought of lobsters is poor people food for sure and keep the shells as fertilizer so when he start doing that doesn't he realize it was so delicious that's like a lot

► 00:34:52

the child labor laws where

► 00:34:54

in stored primarily because of the kids that used to work in Oyster shucking plants are best friend passed away like 6 months ago John built the Great trucker you helped us at the bar but he's like deep into sustainability in history of oysters and everything and he was like the source for oysters for everything beautiful book send you a copy it's an Incredible Book good food for vegans to consider too because they're more primitive the most plants near the most mollusks cupcakes well they're delicious it's a great source of protein but it's also they don't have any nerve endings to know that I feeling any thought to see vegetable yeah it basically is like we have an issue or some people not myself but some people have an issue with things that are capable of moving for whatever reason we just decide that don't eat that but if you want I want something sustainable mollusks and seafood mean they can be commercially farmed they they actually

► 00:35:54

do you have a positive impact as you're describing on the environment and credible source of protein is protein not available Source unlike a lot of vegetable proteins so maybe we should do a protein powder out of dried oysters just a lot of people reading Cricket protein if you guys ever serve any insect dishes

► 00:36:28

a bug in their salad and you know sometimes the people are bits they want the cake and they want to eat it too because they people want organic can we support that we love that but usually get in there yeah it was organic is no pesticides so that's okay yeah I don't think quite yet I would for sure they were serving a hundred people a day and maybe not that arguably being 40 salads you know it's some kind of crazy work to really look at both sides of each Leaf we fly our best but you know one that want to get past this every year were off the people that that they're freaking out about bugs you don't want them coming in there just let him just give their money back and get the fuck out of here yeah I agree with Galaxy when I was in Mexico. We checked into this Resort and they had a bowl of fried crickets in the hotel like they like their they had some sort of

► 00:37:28

the flavor to them they added some flavor to my Rite Aid in Noma arguably one of the world's best restaurants is obsessed with serving ads really loves them too many fresh crunchy they're delicious you know he thinks they're you know of course and he's doing this wonderful Nordic Cuisine and there's ants and homework and it's the rest of us are to go eat there but you know he's doing some good leg work and how to prepare them out to raise them how to let you know I'm not saying it's food is based on that but I'm happy that somebody did that part of the research bring the point off in the Lionel ultimately by osmosis the other younger shafts

► 00:38:21

will try to do that I know it's a little normal eyes of a little bit more so we going to expect at at Nordic restaurants interesting so this is the new trend get a headache folks Los Angeles I know you trying to Fox or out there thinking about what's coming

► 00:38:38

crickets are a weird one like crickets seem to be like universally accepted like Cricket protein and she'll have a great protein bars you don't see too many other insects being like commercially harvested in New York for Anthony's a memory thing memorial thing in we walked in the Bowery and you know middle of the afternoon Hudson of this is a good enough and there's like a little store no refrigeration and there's buckets of Clans and you know like mesh bags like you put onions in this big mesh bag in a bin and it's full of giant bullfrogs hundred little bullfrogs in the Box in a box like 1 2 3 4 but that was so hang on Fred and I've been cooking for years let you know 25 years are you bleeding. If not more I processed

► 00:39:33

repair shops the volume to look at the frogs we don't say anything to each other we keep on walking and I go hang on a sec Fred walk me through this goes out exactly where I know how to do a rabbit I know how to do a hair I know how to do a doc I know how to do any fish any Seafood Lobby or no problem so frog in the kitchen what's your first move how do I put it on a cutting board do I hack its legs off and what do I do with the 60% remaining of the Frog this is a ground does it end up and dumplings where is that other part of the Frog why is it soup is it broth

► 00:40:16

Alexa and phibian

► 00:40:19

does fascinating did you experiment a Chinese restaurant I was just like I couldn't by default everything had like frog in it in my head so you were freaking out just because they were alive staring up at you know because I know that the legs are delicious I know that you know if I can chop the legs off and I peel the skin and I dress them in flour and I fry them and I serve them with garlic cream that they're delicious as delicious as chicken wings the frog is so big and

► 00:40:54

you know the the discarded part of the Frog the size of a softball so that's like eating the stem of the apple and leaving the Apple in cooking we don't throw stuff out right right out I want to know what happens to that part in Chinese cookery or French cookery well did the place that you guys were at was a Chinese market supplier and it was I just I've never processed in my career really you know what I've gotten fresh frogs I was working in France and it was just the frogs legs and a button in a box in France where does that I know this is a very disturbing but seems like just got to be an answer to this maybe I don't know that I would call

► 00:41:54

traffic let it go let it roll it up for us so we can we can see it here we go okay all know they don't even bother them first they just do it on the Fly that's exactly what he's okay so they squeezed it out once they cut the head off the they squeeze it out like us would you describe at like right so then they squeezed me because it's headless it's like a headless man

► 00:42:47

Atascadero used to draw bodies there for the batteries to the hind legs batteries in Lake High School alright will you put the battery in the back light cigarettes he's chopping them up it seems like he's leaving the bones on

► 00:43:07

is that what he's doing okay so you know what it's really great that were watching this cuz I'm a lot less horrified by the whole Prospect out so you just hacking It Up Bones intact and then end in checking it into a basket so it doesn't look like they're missing much other than the guts so it seems like the interns and then they seem to be boiling all that stuff and okay so they put in a soup with the bones and tact and you just sort of think it's funny if I had to make a dish with that and make the soup with daylilies inside water lilies I mean Sierra Chevrolet abs look like lily pads those are hot right now and cooking some of the ingredients of the Native environments of the trick to cooking when you have told me this a long time ago in France he goes about Jeff what should I cook the Lamb with

► 00:44:02

I can see see what would it be if you had a lamb what would be growing around it and it automatically just scroll down if I had a lab and a p on an acre of land what would be around it it would be turned up so would be character of the onions ever be able to repair is there be time they will be basil there would be garlic there be so there you go buy more environmentally the problem is it's what you have lobster mango is right where Lobster is we're allowed to go or comes from there's no mangoes so the recipe doesn't make sense might be delicious but it's dumb but butter Lobster in butter that go together butter potatoes what else grows their onions cut ribs Prince Edward Island an island in the Gulf

► 00:44:45

one of the provinces of Canada we have cows and lobster in your backyard are you you know in the line of sight can you see their habitat for other people to do we have our principal talking about

► 00:45:20

pineapple and enjoy God damn Delicious I fucking love it I don't care what you say that's good cuz I want to try I want to try frog suit with Lily and pineapple and anchovy pizza with anchovies book 3 with us know I'm good at elk steaks and I know how to order pineapple anchovy pizza not bad it's always on point thank you very much because there's a lot of hunters that post up pictures of their dinner and it's not because I like you can take pictures and they look beautiful with like of anything it's not the quality of the picture but the food is a little bit yeah some Hunters don't know how to cook we have a lot of hunters and Quebec and sometimes you know the hunter will bring by the

► 00:46:20

I shot this beautiful moose David it was 2000 pounds are 1500 pounds and he shows me a picture on his phone and then he brings me a jar of spaghetti sauce he made out of the Moose really that's what you like you shot a majestic moose in the forest and you made spaghetti sauce with it and I put kiwi in it because the rise of the meat will listen spaghetti sauce with ground moose is delicious. I'll give you a tip to have the whole thing right I mean I know how to make the roasts and I use the ground for a bunch of different things and I just think that if you if you do it properly or if you if you want to handle it properly you really got to read up on how to cook wild game as opposed to how to cook anything else is a very low fat content it's a tricky kind of meat to cook there's a tool

► 00:47:20

it's called a lock dog in French it's like a big needle with the swivel tip and what you do is you cut long strips of fat and you poking through the meat in Jack you put like I love reading your piece of meat like the Des Moines or the fact that the back straps it's it tends to be leaner so you put long strips of pork fat inside you cook it slowly enough that the pork fat will melt inside so it in every bite you'll have a little bit of fat to need saying it's an old French cooking to be like for the wild rabbit which is extremely dry will put

► 00:48:01

a veal foot with the skin so that'll give up the collagen and we'll put the slice of pork belly with it. I'll give up the fat when are you guys going back to Montreal tomorrow tomorrow I can give you meet right it wouldn't know it can get through the Border wouldn't work. This way the other way works I brought me back but damn I'd like to give you guys something see what you do with it

► 00:48:29

it's a lot of things is our favorite meat but you know it would be sooner be caught with breaks of hashish than venison as restaurant owners you know like like you've never been his job. You could not have any wild game in your restaurant personal consumption is a problem and have breakfast caviar you know we have a lot of storage in the Gulf of st. Lawrence the laws are red like lights out ridiculous if you get caught with like a gram of caviar in your boat you don't have a license or freezer bank account since he's your house kind of thing and we go it would go south quick what is the concern is such a commercial market for sturgeon caviar as I would have did that far either way to get caviar that they had to just make these attack a face right now is worthless if you can't use a caviar right we are allowed that there's a fishery for them they fish the kids at Sturgeon

► 00:49:29

in the Gulf of st. Lawrence when they catch them they have to cut them they have to remove every egg and dump the eggs into the water. They're allowed to bring the meat back to smoke it and salt it and to sell it there's a commercial commercial wild fishery for a sturgeon meat but the South what you just put a price tag on the fish let's say it's worth 200 bucks but all of a sudden if you're allowed to harvest the eggs in the fish that is a very small though let's say if you had a sturgeon license I imagine you're allowed 5 or 6 or something like that landed the First Nations like Mohawks have the right to fish in the we've been on boats where a guy was fishing you know he showed us the traditional technique and it's not sports fishing like the two-day Disney like love it that's great

► 00:50:29

idx make soup to put the eggs in it they like they catch sturgeon 20 minutes from Joe Beef it's a crazy animal that has scales on them so bizarre. What a hundred million years ago Square the characters in interesting guy he's up he's a mohawk and he told us that was just put underwater cameras there to look keep track of the fish and they said they see like 16 layers of sturgeon swimming one at the top of the other he said I could walk on the fish you know you even struggle with it at the restaurant there for me to sell a plate of smoked sturgeon

► 00:51:23

Tufts out you know I'll sooner sell other things than that you know I think it's a tough sell as a bad thing that is so crazy is that the same river that's right Columbia River sturgeon that looks like Frasier ever look at the size of it looking it looks like it shouldn't be here it's a fish that's a bit muddy sometimes depending on where it's called and everything so how do you how do you handle it like if you were going to cook one of those Jamaican patties one of the ways to cook sturgeon is ultimately you apply cooking a piece of sturgeon loin as you would a piece of veal loin or pork loin meat juice even is acceptable you know roasted carrots roasted onions roasted celery roast the sturgeon and Beethoven

► 00:52:23

red wine bacon mushroom red wine like Fred said so you treat the sturgeon as you would meet is possibly the best way to treat it as you would fish is not the best people got to expect we were we were overly fortunate to have you know 300 grams in a pound of fish seared in a pan and served with a little sauce was commenting right but it's not the right thing to do if we want to keep things in the water you know for a kids or whatever so people got used to this like a piece of fish that they suck nothing that you can eat for like an hour and a half because you have so much of it then that's the standard but a face like sturgeon is great if you have a little bit in a sauce like David made it talks about over like a buttery mashed potatoes or like with like a egg noodles or something like that it's a great way to do it and it's a great way to look at fishweir like you need actually 75 grams of protein that's like

► 00:53:23

500 you know what is the is there a comparison that you can make in terms of what it taste like

► 00:53:31

veal loin in a little bit I guess somewhat braised braised veal collar what he said blanquette a larger piece of Stew like not a small the out to in block of stupid let's have bigger piece of stew with a chunk of seaweed in it Fred Fred got that made the god the McNuggets molds in McNuggets have this like there's like four or five different sizes Fred made the mold in the first book that they precisely exactly like the McDonald's McNuggets how we used to do sturgeon McNuggets at the restaurant it would literally be a Joe Beef and you get on your plate what looked to be like 6 McNuggets with the sauce and the little paper cup on the side people who the hell is this

► 00:54:30

I said he is sturgeon nuggets to go fishing a lot of people catch eels they'd be upset like and then I would go to buy sushi later on in life and there be eel Sushi I'll be like what the fuck is going on different I'm I can eat bits of it but if we were to like taking meal at 11 and dislike first you have to put a nail in its head in the nail and its tail in like skin it and then and peel it and put it in a cast iron pan with butter and it's still moving snake and the Smiths trout pond at joby's that I built so you know

► 00:55:24

we had a refrigerator thing that make the water cold in a cooler and we had a pump but every time it rained it would turn the breaker off and now the fish like drown drown no oxygen Martin Picard gave us some meals and we found him the next day in the parking lot like the other side of the parking lot in the baseball field swimming at a grill what does it say shocking clip of cooking an eel alive in Seoul beheaded still nervous system is still very attacked one of those things in the bottle those is legs man that's like that's real stir-frying I caught one wants to Nova Scotia on a hook and line

► 00:56:18

and when I caught it the fisherman next to me said I don't real it in

► 00:56:23

as I just held my fishing rod I wasn't reeling in in the eel reeled itself up my line to the tip of my fishing rod and started reeling down my fishing rod towards me I was a kid I was horrified ever since then I've had an issue it's like he is in a restaurant in France

► 00:56:43

and Diesel

► 00:56:45

and in the fridge right here like the cook of the hotline the cooking line there was a wooden box with a cinder block on it the first day I work there I was helping out in the fish station

► 00:56:56

and I hear in French your name game come on the one that what what do you load it up and then that look at the fish chef says go in the fridge there's a wooden box take the cinder block off it you just lift the lid a little bit plungerhead in there grabbing you and bring it back to me I'm so you kidding right so I literally do a cinder block off the top I lifted it was just literally 50 year olds riding together in a box like the water Dave they live without it I would have water no problem in his restaurant right now is there last week

► 00:57:40

he has a lobster tank right in the doorway I think they hang their coats right above it and in it there's like eight massive heels then I'll check in the morning they reopen the restaurant they'll find them like in the cash register it and it's go check if they got a plexiglass Vision AIDS and they're like literally pin down in that tank but even as you're eating and you just see those giant eels in a tank of size of your flag here and it's just a riffic you know what's the best thing about talking about it to cover it it's like we did but the fresh piece of you and put it in a cast iron pan to smoke it does it's like

► 00:58:40

oh yeah yeah yeah yeah it's like it's super I'm a little bit allergic but some fish and I threw his head and into the cutting board and then another knife through its tail so it would be straight on the on the cutting boards with pain down the left side of the right side of the year then we lift the fillets skin score them and then pan sear them with artichoke and Country Ham

► 00:59:10

add as I was pan searing them I was breathing in the vapors of searing the eel in my my lungs would cease

► 00:59:18

you know I have like kind of like it would give me an asthma attack someone wild now it's just a popular dish in France because of necessity because of the lack of fluorite a lot of a lot of old French cooking would be based on what you had in your neighborhood you know French cooking was very different pre Federal Express pre roads you know so heels in French cooking wood come from the Bordeaux region ultimately and then I would be like that maculate donkey so is being ill stew in red wine for carrot onion celery exactly like a beef stew and I think also the the thing about it is it it's a dish that you wouldn't make it home you know so people would go a layover let's go and eat here because that's what they're what you don't want to have the cinder block plexiglass case in your house and then they imagine your house with your your kids are my kids hurt

► 01:00:18

some of the famous iconic dishes of Bordeaux is lampreys it's like an animal from Dune you know it's like a big hole to the bottom of sharks ok Lamprey is a problem actually now even in America if they're coming up in some rivers and attach themselves to fish with their suction cup head there just horrific animals suction cup hey dude what do they taste like Tony when he did his second book I think at Liverpool house and I was I we were much younger in I was like ah let's buy some like daring food you know the Stoney board and let's buy something like fucked up so I ordered like two of those heels and I try to make soup with it a try to make everything and again you know the code my classic Joe the best thing to do it is to put it in the garbage

► 01:01:18

you are you make stock you reduce said then you throw it away and I'm sure there's a recipe that's good and I'm sure and in case of Apocalypse after the winter subseed will fish for that and we'll eat it but until then I'm I'm I'm okay with like cutting my Big Macs in half so they last for two days I've been following a company online and I think on Twitter Instagram it's going to call the American who Nagi they're up in the Atlantic Northeast are thinking Maine or Massachusetts somewhere I have they have some really they're raising heels I think releasing them into the nature and that they're selling used commercially they looks like I like her riffic work raising them and put it away in a freshwater river

► 01:02:18

cool because they all the eels

► 01:02:23

every year go back to the sargasso Sea

► 01:02:29

is it true that that's what I remember I was at folklore you think is that also because there's nothing about the oyster filtration volume they all go back to the one area that I supposedly

► 01:02:50

and where's the sargasso sea kind of a Southern Middle Atlantic from what I recall that's pretty that's pretty safe plastic patches all the plastic that's a Pacific you think that's mythical I don't know I've never seen really a giant a real true picture of creepy lady that fucker making his way beautiful video to a pretty cool

► 01:03:22

wow this guy named boy Onslaught is his name who is a young fellow that figured out a way to filter out the garbage patch and yeah so I've been he developed this device and they recently started implementing it but he's been he's been on the podcast for foreign when it's a great detail about it the garbage patches real sexy American and well those fuckers is flopping around there remain amazing what about a have you guys ever cooked or eating blueberry bear

► 01:04:06

no you don't Mark Martin Montreal my tires you can bear hunting very goes and Bates every weekend and then he goes in Jackson what's a blueberry bear that my friend Steve rinella it's is a describe this to me apparently when bears eat blueberries when they find like it's towards the fall in particular when they're trying to fatten up before they go into the den they'll find his massive field blueberries he he shot one in Alaska and this bear had eaten so many blueberries it when they open it up it smelled like blueberries the thus the actual fat had a purple Hue to it and it's supposed to be a spectacularly delicious meat I don't make sense it's funny you say that because I was thinking about that with venison before we have some friends who had a venison firm and what day is it right here this is Steve cooking it on the show shows called mediator Seahawks beat the guest on the show here Friday imma see how the fat it has like a shoe to it

► 01:05:06

was like blueberry so he rendered down the the bear fat and then cuz this is all in the field and then cook the bear meat is blueberry bear meat chunks of it in the fact the pigment is liposoluble then it would make sense that you find it in the fat but they made they made experiments are friends with the deer farm and what day did they wanted to know if the taste of venison was owed to the fact that the diet of the animal or the way that Hunters traditionally break down to meet in the field the field dressing of the me you know so what they did is they put a beef like a steer and they shot him and they they prepare them they dressed in the way you would a deer or moose and then they at the same time did the same thing with the deer and then they did the slaughterhouse treatment like a commercial treatment for both animal and they realize it wants you to wait a little bit even on the beach

► 01:06:06

before you got it before you skin it and everything that funky or that's like gamey taste will come even to beef you know yeast in nature it's probably also they think that you might like the skills to properly extract the guts you might perforate the gut something you might perforate the pouch there parts of the innards might come in contact this skin will be on too long as well you know it's not chilled super rapidly you kill in the morning thus the Hole Sun is out you know you don't have a fridge with you you have no water and but on the other hand when we have the wild rabbits they taste like Juniper like very very very strongly like Juniper and that's that's in fact the challenge is to get rid of some of that Juniper days.

► 01:07:06

departure don't shoot at the lake and inside it seems like Spruce Spruce tips and instead of at home I'll have the Partridge or a wild rabbit just as seasoning to the rest of the pot you know if you look at all that traditional French Canadian dishes of hunters they're all like all the games are mixed up you know so do you never have this is a modern Cuisine the a like culinary fancy thing to have a breast of Partridge seared on the back of cabbage you know those things are always treated with like I said earlier with fat with like all the spices with wine with cognac with layers of like you know even like organ Meats in there and you put the crust over it and cabbage you know it's like it's like we said needs a lot of skills to eat the good games I've never had gamey venison I've been very very fortunate that I've

► 01:08:06

first Vive learn to hunt from people that really know what they're doing so we didn't let anything sit out in the Heat and make sure we open it up and cooled it out quickly but one of the things that they do do when guys are deep into the backcountry and they have an animal and they they kill it and it's even in the summer when it's warm out what they do is they hang it and give it a lot of air circulation it develops a crust on the outside and then they cut that cross back and then the meat underneath it is sort of tenderize in a lot of ways in a lot of Hunter say that it's even more delicious that way that's protected by that by the crap but across the Air Force it probably starts the bacteriological work starts to work inside of that Christ there's a process right by which the meat gets tender the first one is

► 01:08:53

the rigor mortis Ride Like the meat rest and the rigor mortis I called I guess all the cortisol and everything that like stiffens the meat a death or the meat boy dressed and then it's an enzymatic reaction where the enzymes work break down some of the meat fiber is in the tougher muscles and stuff in French the word for arresting me to scold Fez on D then pheasant is a pheasant you know because they used to hang the Pheasant side of the neck seen that before that is so strange since I can taste like death warmed over

► 01:09:32

what is wrong with these people are they eating it like if you just eat it fresh it's chicken of the woods really so a little bit later she's very intense flavors though I may be 2 or talk about probiotics you know you don't need those traditional ways you don't always know why you do that but maybe initially there like incubate you know you immunize yourself a little bit you know the taste is you got to love it after you're used to it but the initial might be a way to have some of the bacteria's I think you talked about soil based probiotics before I read about that like we're realizing that's like

► 01:10:32

the whole thing and also maybe they're spoiled as probiotic make sense I guess there would be some strategies for taking that stuff in but I would think flavor-wise it would be because pheasant if you just eat it fresh it's delicious it's light it's very nice I would think that unless there was no other way to store it and they didn't have refrigeration which of course they didn't when they first started to interation is a super modern invention if you look back like I work for shafts in my apprenticeship that told me stories about their apprenticeship and it's like night and day they said we woke up in the morning

► 01:11:20

you know and go down to the ice locker and dragon ice block into through that what's that stuff called that would sawdust what wow you know is that a lot of these old French restaurants that are famous had coal-fired ovens and ice block fridges in the apprentices would live above and they take shift you know one night that be you that would make sure it doesn't die because otherwise it'd be hard to start again you know it's real cold outside the restaurant stove is ultimately was also heating the whole building as well

► 01:12:07

what makes sense I mean really does but there's not a lot of animals that they would let get that funky other than the shark Iceland or a shark does it Korean dish that I am actually curious to try Escape Wing that is fermented but until it gets that ammonia flavor you know like a bear and a price and you smell it smells good funky cheese menu Oriental bigger with and then he would like Windex you know you got like the ammonia in some people look for that different cultures the different flavors a friend of mine and he went to Calcutta 3 weeks ago and came back with a number one candy in Calcutta India we had one right now all three of us it's a repulsive candy that tastes incredibly of sulfur and fecal rot butt in India that's the candy

► 01:13:07

like people love it you know there's about an American wine making in French wine-making there's things in winemaking called flaws you know you were the flaws of wine in France and natural wine making organic wine making will always be volatile acidity and bretano Macy's volatile acidity smells in the Wind vastly of vinegar and brittana mice feces smells vastly of fecal matter Barnyard fecal matter you know these in in in North American wine and even in French wine or considered as flaws in Japan they love

► 01:13:47

natural wines from friends that have high volatility and bretano my sees smells what would be ultimately considered a flood wine in France and natural wine world is considered a delicacy in Japan in World and ship them off to Japan the Line agent will come and visit the the seller and usually the winemaker will Point him in the direction take maybe you this might be for another yes yes yes this is what we like I figure like a nobody right now will come up and say it outright but I believe so they don't sneeze can approve are you funky way and more lies you know pushing those wise into the Japanese market so tell me what the name of the candy is again pulse

► 01:14:47

spell that p u l well I see it's a Green Mango candy originally it's a classic they had to use the salt for salt it's called black salt and they put a bit of chili and sulfur salt a mango and I have to admit that when I had that the real Green Mango with the softener salt is not that bad that candy was like pushed it's like the mega Warheads in other we had as kids

► 01:15:11

I wonder do sometimes at like the gamey flavor of the Pheasant the cheese that is the yield of that is I see it sometimes as a bit of a like you know the ghost peppers a bit of a pissing contest yeah you know like Ryan it's like no one could possibly enjoy the taste of ghost peppers responding to that taste how do you know if Olivia is a fighter in the UFC and dress up as superheroes play some online poker and then more ghost pepper salsa UFC fighter being trained killer

► 01:16:11

if you talk to him just seems like a jump in the book where we talked Lucy about those guys in that relationship where you guys sponsored him or something like that because I remember one one of the fights that we did in Montreal we went to your restaurant afterwards and Livia showed up after his fight and you guys are congratulating him and his fiance is one. You know we met because these guys it's it's interesting and they're super into food and they're open to a lot of things and they're curious and

► 01:17:00

a lot of them get aimed in the wrong direction you know like the brown rice and chicken Direction and and you're responsible for big part for the Awakening the nutritional Awakening of these guys you know a lot of them go for their gun license now just to be able to hunt they go fishing on the weekend they go for like 2 hours hike in the wood and the little fishing rod they come back with Travis and we get a phone call he's like a fat I go fish for the tryouts you know what do I do with that you know it's it's a great thing and yeah we did we did sponsor them after but then what we do now is we we cook for them to post way in Marco did the last fight at Madison Square Gardens they were the boys were there for a week we've done Tim Kennedy of the kids Marco and Fred goes with a goat they rent a suite and they prepare

► 01:18:00

all of the meals up to a cut and afterwards and do they have nutritional requirements for the week hunt and like to do it like to the weekday do they have it at church and with them

► 01:18:15

but might I think I'm that is if the nutritionist writes a plan in the foods not good and you don't need it then it doesn't doesn't work right right I can be the right on paper but if you don't take the pill then you don't like a professional cook

► 01:18:34

will make the kale delicious or brussel sprout and coconut chicken recipe for leeks the kale could be bad and the chicken and the dry run the thing that works the best in that case is that all of a sudden you have in the room we set up a little table which is so it's not like PlayStation dirty underwears like pre-fight Vibe it's dining within dining with friends and that's Marco gave me we know we don't talk if you don't want to talk for you want to talk or hear you know and we'll hang out but then you feel like your eggs in that tortilla you feel like your eggs with potatoes or is like it's it's mellow and it helps a lot with just the context of not being like ordering pizza from room service United stories we know before some of his biggest wins years ago George say eating like room service rigatoni and pizza before like a major fight you know

► 01:19:34

so now it's different when it's fun because like David said earlier we have many interests and it's great to be able to explore them like that you know because we couldn't we couldn't do this job if it was for like 12 stoves in the kitchen a bunch of pans cooking pieces of meat writing books about the seasons and tomatoes and starting again like I couldn't do it like we love that being a chef is like one that mentioned all really you know and that whether it's like only do it it's like going to visit the Neil for him and you know that gets its makes it worthwhile up to this point will you guys have a great philosophy about that and that's one of things are really came through with the Bourdain show when you guys were in the ice shack is it you you enjoy living well

► 01:20:26

yeah everybody has to live better take care of yourself mad get out turn your phone off sit with your kids listen same things are really good friends I have all my children now I I love to sit at the table and I'm quiet I just let them talk and ask me questions and watch them and it's just the best it's better than my relationship bike is better than a relationship I had with any of my best friends my kids more interesting my family is more interesting this work this day and you no contact with your family

► 01:21:03

even the staff you know

► 01:21:06

I enjoyed very much working in the restaurants that we've built Summit I work 5 days a week with people that I've been working with for 15 years is important relationships it's not employee-employer it's if you quit and you to tell me you're leaving I'm going to be so I'm going to go my car and cry I've been working with you for 15 years my relationship that I have with many people that work with is intimate I've seen their children born I've seen them go through breakups I've seen them their parents died I've seen it all

► 01:21:43

we go to war every night at 650 people are coming to eat in the next 3 hours in for restaurants you know it's a job that's so afraid a high-stress environment for five minutes of her for 2 hours it's week we got to walk properly we got two more knowledgeable of each other space and there's a ballet you know when you're washing the glasses and the food's coming up behind you you know we have a sixth sense to know to move not to get the plate to burn your elbow and you know this is ballet weed every night with these people and for us to think that they can most people still still think that we're behind the stove cooking

► 01:22:24

I've got more phone calls to get help finding a doctor therapist whatever you know nutrition is for the staff then I got calls about recipes or food and you know our job is I'm an expert in drain pipes Refrigeration I know about boring no you're not because you're a restaurants with employees and constant burden of payroll that we can't just call everybody all the time so good cooking school today but Fred is saying Fred is the example of what a great chef should be be very good cook a very good person with people skills but should also have a minor in electricity plumbing and refrig

► 01:23:24

creation Technologies we both we both want to say health cake but just like their you know my mind and body going to be like present and that's that's about something cool I want appreciate it not be clouded that that's that people don't think about that when they get into this job you know they they think that's this Warrior think this is where Savage were going to drink we're going to party we're going to do this know if you want to do that till you're 60 and then get a little cottage right paint watercolor by a sailboat you have to think about it you know it's like I can't believe that life of drinking and you know why do you think that life is synonymous with chefs we've been promoted into ultimately that you will get paid you will make money you will persevere if you understand how to promote excessive eating and excessive drinking you will be recompensed if you

► 01:24:24

build a place where people comment eat too much and drink too much then you will be able to have a life for car or house and raise children okay so it's all good for us to have to learn how to cook you have to learn how to run a restaurant then you have to learn how to write a restaurant looks like and how to run and do you know how to host and how to host wet the playlist should be like how to fix a plumbing disaster how to fix electricity disaster how to fix a city stop situation disaster how to run a clean house or people are working together with all their different idiosyncrasies but for my whole apprenticeship alcohol was a reward you know you did a good job tonight drink you know

► 01:25:10

and it went from oshit there was like a bloodbath in the restaurant do you know we have to pick up this guy at the hospital okay it's not every word let's forget about it let's drink enough and it was it was always there you know it's great service let's have a drink people in the other 50% of what you're doing selling alcohol to people so by default to your part of the people that sell

► 01:25:41

a liquid drug dealer in the world every day to go to wine tasting to talk with people that sell alcohol at bartenders you talk to people that sell wine your partake and eating and other for your colleagues restaurants and drinking wine next thing you know you have a little bit of celebrity have been open for 15 years and you look back and you go to seven days in a week 7 Days in a weekend

► 01:26:07

I drank six of them

► 01:26:09

I don't feel good Sunday is kind of recovering and then but what happens is when we turns into two to four and then you kind of look back and realize in 2017 that you may have drank

► 01:26:24

48 weeks out of 52

► 01:26:28

piano and then it goes quick then it's 10 years your pain your restaurant and you've been drinking

► 01:26:37

5 days out of the week for 10 years and then all of a sudden you kind of have a problem you realize that like

► 01:26:43

my day today is based on food and wine right now I don't want my it's not making me happy I've had all the wines of had all the foods

► 01:26:53

am I better for it not really what am I better for restriction eating less eating clean drinking on that's better very special occasions do you still drink on special sober now did you make that decision based on the idea that you weren't able to control it orbit just that you I'm one of its decision would be to just completely eliminated textbook case of a person who couldn't I tried several times to stop I Googled it I read about it it didn't work and I was intervention by Fred and my managers of the restaurants in January 12th around their 16th I think we figured end of this year I'm 8 months sober something congratulation thank you really good thank you that is like the skin everything it's like amazing when that happens conversation like alcoholism

► 01:27:53

are co-dependent somewhat you know like it's just hit a big part of my whole apprenticeship not being sober for so many years it's all under control and funny for a very very long time it was always a big part of my life drinking wine eating food until it wasn't you know then one day there was no 45 my relationship with alcohol changed I became dark Pokemon happy had success a beautiful children I was not happy I tried many different things nothing worked I was intervention by people that I that I that I work with that are dear to me that I love very much I guess you don't love me either tired of watching me you know make bad decisions and I just went to a great rehab call Chatsworth at

► 01:28:42

I just hated me and I was sitting in a classroom with a pad and paper for a 6 hours a day learning about the disease called alcoholism learning about a disease that 30% of the population has you know and how and why I was an addict you know I first I was inadequate food then I got a young age after traumatic event beer than I was an addict with marijuana and I quit all drugs and then I was an addict with why I follow up a couple more traumatic events and you might get a horrendous apprenticeship and the stress of leadership in these restaurants at one thing led to another my relationship of alcohol became not positive but with help I understood through education I understood and now

► 01:29:32

I saw that is as an example and you know I don't like to tell him that maybe it's a little bit of mentoring you know I was going to let you know I was I remember I was working in the menu project doing tilings and it's like I heard the news in the morning I went that went to tile all day and then I couldn't wait to get home and have like two bottles of wine and I was like why and it we wear the same about that it didn't matter like what we love that appoint look for example we loved MMA red we love going to the fights we were at like so fortunate to go and see if we met the Fertitta Brothers day we discuss like we we sat with them at dinner table we met you we met all those guys David loves wine making meth all the winemakers we met the best people in the field that we loved Charmed Life not happy not happy like ungrateful fucking little Fricks alcohol

► 01:30:32

present correct user you get down it just brings you down it brings you down it brings your energy level down it brings out your bike Allentown is your soft brain tissue and I was taught that in rehab is when you drink acetone I don't know what was lovely French Vineyard but you do miss anything about the flavor of wine with a meal or anything have you ever tried not at other night didn't even know I find lice in Los Angeles I want to taste all the natural wines beautiful natural wine festival culture reading and all that stuff it's got to be so weird to have a mouth full of delicious one to spit into a bucket

► 01:31:32

wine I'll Factory the nose the flavor understanding the winemaker his philosophy that the geography of where the wind comes from his work with you know with using organic and biodynamic viticulture not using sulfur just making this amazing organic beverage with very little intervention natural way without side effects I don't have to swallow it because my drug is the same drug that it's in that sang all the other ones that they can't change the story the guy the vineyard the varietals that you know what you eat at a fine restaurant have a delicious steak and wine accompaniment and then just spit into a bucket. It goes to the bathroom I had to do it really works I was worried about a mouth full of wine

► 01:32:31

Ryan goes to a restaurant ask for a bucket

► 01:32:36

they have said with other people people in the wine business and they all drink wine and he taste the wine and he has discussions about wine and he tastes it and spits it and you know he's a wine buyer and he's very much about he was my mentor when I got out of rehab cuz they were telling me

► 01:32:55

you may never be able to go back to the restaurant of reoffending act like I don't know anything else but I got no education I've been in the kitchen since I'm 17 way too late for med school and we are we don't do well in that also don't want to clean iceberg lettuce of the fruits and vegetables store and try to make a go of that and you know it's funny the alkalize beer non-alcoholic beer it's better than alcoholic beer pouch that it's really good I just fine I've only had like O'Doul's not correctly and my head is 0-0 Carlsberg 0

► 01:33:48

grolsch 0-0 everything else is not good after the let me out to death because I'm also Celiac right and there's a gluten Berg they make in Montreal that's no gluten and no alcohol and now you can insert any joke you want to talk about heroin getting fucked up and eating meat so evening yes I'm sure I'm sure that's that's fascinating that you actually still taste it and still it's almost like if your hair in a heroin addict sister was scratching the skin with the needle they don't taste wine and spit it out shortly I don't have friends again I I know a lot of sommeliers and even I know why makers some of the most famous wine makers in the world I've met and burgundy

► 01:34:48

baby day that are completely sober alcoholic abusive person and I didn't want to take over this thousand-year-old Winery one Legacy of my family I didn't want to work here and I'm sure like you know what the other epigenetics stuff if you don't drink when your kids like they might be a thing where you can stop the passing of the gene you know but you did silver October how to do crazy soberoctobert to be out of this insane fitness challenge so I was literally working out between three and a half to 5 and 1/2 1 day 6 and 1/2 hours in a day that was insane one day I did five and a half hours and then another hour at night six and a half hours in the day it was supposed to try to kill each other to see who could get the most points with a fitness tracker we were

► 01:35:48

heart rate monitor application with score of your max heart rate to get three points per minute this is how crazy got 70% your max heart rate three points for me to 80% and above your max heart rate is 4.4 minute one day I got a thousand points so just think about that thing about how many minutes you have to exercise at 80% of your max heart rate to get a thousand fucking points so you think silver help you with performance or recuperation think I was on drugs the entire time that's what I think I think I was on. Endorphins that come from long-range cardio there's there's there's a what I was called the don't I don't give a fuck drug there's you get this this feeling when you do call your buddy we talked about runner's high and I never really experienced it even though I worked out really hard my whole life I've never been into like long-range cardio I've never done hours and hours of the same Act

► 01:36:48

ebony just droning on you know either on a bike or running I've never really done that I've run Hills for the most part and I'm sure of benefited me and make me made me relaxed but is it a totally different level when you doing it for three and a half hours for hours a day it's true survival mechanism the kicks ass. But it's also you feel wonderful you do you have zero anxiety and you're still benefiting from that that's what's interesting like I've been out of the house for a week now because of the fires so we've been running around and the kids are in school so they're here hanging out with me and date did you know we we haven't had a chance to get our stuff together it's like it's been very stressful so I've really been working out much when we worked out like once or twice this week so I have more stress I feel a little bit more tense little bit more take a deep breath calm down during October I had none of that none of that I felt great I felt like I was like if you could take how I feel

► 01:37:48

I put in a pill form and give it to people everyone will be hooked on it cuz you feel fantastic and I never understood that I would see these people running everyday and I thought they were just exercise Fanatics like they just want to be leaner or they want to just maybe there a body of a goddess endorphin junkies that's what they are and it makes sense

► 01:38:17

you would every cycle in nature it's like feast and famine it's like running and resting you know if you follow through a hunter-gatherer you don't hunt everyday you know you follow a cycle is the fee for a month you'll hun you'll drive back to meet the meat home you'll eat a lot and then after the next month you'll be quiet and then the next month so there is very little exercise program out there that look at it like that but if you were to look at it over a year maybe you see it like I I seen the October is more quiet I'll do my will be quiet busy with other things after that I'll go back to it in December it's better for the soul to you don't have this Obsession looming over you that you have to do it tomorrow morning and the night and let you know my chicken is that everyone's anxiety levels and all the different stress and all the things we deal with a lot of it is because your body has capabilities and you're you're not using even a small percentage

► 01:39:17

capability so it's always like what are we doing we going to go in traffic you're moving quickly so you're constantly aware of all these cars around you and it's all the stress and there's very little physical release that the body takes part in and for most people I mean that you're the great percentage of our population lives is sedentary lifestyle they sit in their cars until they get to the office they said their office till they get home they sent from the TV to the go to sleep this is a giant percentage of our population whatever whatever the number is it's very normal and occasionally they work out and when they do it's a struggle Force the body into rigorous exercise on a constant basis your body's all the needs and all of this capacity the capabilities it has all those needs are satisfied so what I found is incredibly low anxiety levels and I didn't think I had anxiety I'm not an anxious person to the point where I thought about taking medication for anxiety like I'm nervous her but I didn't I didn't know how

► 01:40:17

anxiety free I could be until I did this exercise program for a month so I found that in sobriety the anxiety I was I suffered and Fred suffered from anxiety our whole careers everyday 200 300 people coming for dinner is there a hundred people every night but you know what I was drinking that would just keep the stress going now I'm fine gone from Texas magic number I kept on hearing and rehab and kept on hearing through therapy needs 16 weeks Madden 16 weeks

► 01:41:06

the morning 16 weeks that morning I woke up that morning I have my phone set up 16 weeks

► 01:41:16

and I had this

► 01:41:18

peace and this joy and this childhood

► 01:41:24

innocence that I hadn't had in years on the day 16 weeks not because I've been premeditating in my head and I was looking forward to the 16 weeks I don't believe in it but it was literally 16 weeks of sobriety that brought this I was clear that the drains clogged. No problem I'll be there in half an hour so work the lights are out in the restaurant and five tables are unhappy and I'm coming down do you think this some of the anxiety was just your body responding to the fact you're poisoning at all the time and I also creating reasons for you to drink your mind is telling you you're stressed I have a quick remedy for it why don't you try drinking is where you like to go to I be like I could taste sometimes when I fall into stressful situations at the restaurant three tables I don't like couple of criminal elements Behaving Badly at one table

► 01:42:24

you know maybe on the border of lacking respect of their waitress I might have to get involved and I could almost taste Chardonnay my selivery glad you got your brain still plays the trick my brain was making me high before the high I was like why do I taste Chablis in my mouth I think it's the same with sugar addiction do you know where people eat sugar lots of carbs mostly carbs then you're like oh man I can't I have to go for 3 hours without eating I have to bring something sweet with me because I'm going to get shaky and then it's like you're feeding basically you I don't know if it's your gut biome that's like changes but you're like feeding a monster inside of your not feeding Fred or David you're like feeding something else you know like you're planning a weekend at the cottage you like the kids are going to be loud I'm going to have to bring like two more bottles of wine you know I have to make sure that the wind is cold and have to make sure we have that or like you have to have friends like that

► 01:43:24

eat all the time and you know that if you don't have breakfast like a quick coffee you can go to like 4 or 5 in the afternoon and not shaking and getting cold and sweaty you know what is it specially if you have a good healthy diet if your body is not like sugar sugar dependent I think it's funny every time you know sometimes we fall off the wagon for a few years

► 01:43:50

I think the two weeks of drinking more water having walks and not eating ice cream and fries and two weeks of home cooked meals and water cutting down a coffee cuz that do a fuck with you anxiety you know sure we noticed you love both of us. Alcohol over consumption of sugar over consumption of meat carbs like restriction brings Clarity for people with autoimmune diseases are really really cut down almost everything out of your people doing today that's very popular but keep talk about this unfortunately is the carnivore diet cuz Jordan Peterson made it very popular when he was on the podcast it's really fascinating there's a spike if you look at the Google search results at carnivore dies July of 2018 it goes like this. Jordan was on the podcast

► 01:44:50

podcasting a fucking whatever amount of millions of people listening to last in water and because of his ranting and raving about the positive benefits of these experience so I got on the carnivore diet people really got into it so I got into it as well it what is it about this so I started Consulting a lot of actual nutrition experts and scientist and what they believe is what's going on as calorie restriction that because the fact you're only Jordan is only eating steak with salt and drinking water that is all he's consuming and he feels fantastic because his calories in steak so then you can you so much because he's having receding gums that went away he was having severe depression and anxiety and always definition of that went away lost a tremendous amount of weight as body lean.

► 01:45:50

and site that scientists that have talked about you know this is a very new thing for people to embark on this and do it on mass scales quite a few people doing it with their attributing it to is the calorie restriction is that because the fact that you really can't eat that much steak vs steak you know it might be a thousand calories whereas if you need a full big thick steak a lot of calories of steaks a lot of steak but I mean he might be eating two of those in a day whereas if you're eating french fries and soda at the gallery way more than that what do you think an 18 ounce Ribeye as if you had a guest calorically 1118 the end of The Rock in okay so it's crazy and it's called 700 calories a day

► 01:46:50

water mistake when I started eating diagnosed what does that mean everybody gets crazy about the gluten though he is so I can hear it. I want to hear it does it matter you don't know drive-thru no slip right there's no options out there in the fast-food world there's no so I have to plan my day like a piece of meat for breakfast with four eggs or whatever and then I won't eat until I show up at work or at home later and eat so it's what you've excluded that counts that the steak is so good for you is that you're not eating all this process food anymore because you can't eat it anymore that's what the scientists are saying but the people that are pro meet its really fast today because they're

► 01:47:50

call T is the vegans are the people that are the real Pro carnivore diet they want you to think that it's the meat that's healing in the meat is helping the meat that's making them lean to me what's not hurting you mean it's it's a nutritious mean there's a lot of real nutrients in red meat and this is also a problem with a lot of studies at people have a lot of vegans love to cite about heart attacks Strokes cancer in relationship to meet these epidemiology studies that would essentially is the saying look at you looking people that eat meat 5 days a week these are the people that have higher instances of cancer higher incidence of diabetes all these different things what they're not taking into consideration is there not just eating meat they're usually eating a cheeseburger with fries and a soda and there's all this sugar tits before dinner and stuff bullshit that's it that's involved with the meat there's not any studies that show the people who eat a whole grain and water

► 01:48:50

sauteed spinach and olive oil and garlic these people getting cancer not have people you cannot say like this is Coco fat and beef tenderloin I'm going to give you a weak person you go home then you come to report we do blood test from people who talk about their own personal died but yeah it's it's it's very difficult and it's also very ideologically based I mean whether it's on one side with the vegans of the other side with the carnivore diet people I find the same psychological characteristics in both groups they want to convert people they want to proselytize they want people to think that their ways the right way and they they are not honest about health issues that they're having to make like a a conference on a deserted island you know and I rich man's Castle liquor Bruce Lee movie and you you invite the vegans on one side and you don't tell them you're also inviting the other you know

► 01:49:50

you just have like a Kumite not that so it works any further well who knows how long they're going to last a grass-fed beef or do you like a corn-fed cuz I had this discussion with Tony and he was telling me that he actually like corn fed beef he's like it's a fattier than this this two schools of thought and then there's two schools of what is quality beef so

► 01:50:35

when school is a quality beef is organic animal pasture-raised eating grass flavors different it's not as tender but it is high quality beef okay then the other of Crisis you know a cow USDA prime corn-fed incredible marbling ridiculous fat content restricted mode shed

► 01:51:05

I'd say lesser quality beef okay then than the other but they all start eating wise Pastor the first eating wise

► 01:51:17

diagram for by the pound for pound

► 01:51:20

the corn-fed steak will be more delicious okay for some people and then for some people the other one will be in my my mind the grass-fed organic pasture beef with it different flavor from me as a high-quality animal I prefer that taste correct I feel it's a richer taste it's a dancer darker me more than iron taste like it better and I do like a corn-fed steak I do like the restaurants in counter more corn fed beef

► 01:52:02

that and they differ first judge of character to the quality of that meat is marbling and it's a reoccurring thing that we fight with everyday Joe Beef to see the teeth work but we going to take sent back it'll be because

► 01:52:31

it's too tough yeah bro. Be exactly it's not usually go to this Steakhouse and it's two more tender because you're bringing your serving grass-fed starry-eyed grass-fed grass-fed steak that's not as marbled as it's not organic it's important that healthy but you can also have your we're calling it binary now it's like it's only corn or it's only grass no I think the solution is maybe a little bit of corn in a little bit of barley but mostly grass-fed you know a brief finish in my quality greens why not in my restaurant that comes from very close to my restaurant

► 01:53:19

you know when we open Joe Beef at the beginning when I first book of the first book was written

► 01:53:26

before the problem back that need a local beef was kind of difficult and you know we were buying be from larger wholesalers and we if we didn't know how to read the barcodes on the boxes they would say was Canadian beef but it might not really Canadian beef it might be north of Northern English Canadian but one day I had a professional come into the restaurant and he said no actually this beef is you have from a company with

► 01:53:58

investiture is in Canada but this is from Western Australia and my restaurant from Western Australia that's super far but yeah you know this like some remove be from the menu or seek Alternatives but it's a business that's complex because there's

► 01:54:20

Pastors in feedlots slaughterhouse and Packers right from the parents lab and then they Farm they raise the lamb and they bring it to the slaughterhouse themselves and then we get a lamp beef is like it's like tracing Bourbons you know it's like trading and brokerage and stuff and we're not it's the most sketchy item on a restaurant menu like I know that I bought land from you and I know I bought rabbit from Alice in my restaurant I know exactly the farm as a farmer

► 01:55:02

beef is always die Secrets beef always goes to the Packer beef always goes to the distributor V fault you know to the general public only really eats two cuts of beef in restaurants you know three cuts the tenderloin the best what do you call an English to Alto code to Big humps hat is too big shoulders and there's a lot of braised so you know it's it's difficult if you were in it right what did you think of that their conclusions and what was the conclusion that was USDA prime corn-fed

► 01:56:02

yeah but but again it it's the subjective thing right there a flavor in terms of like what you actually look for it they as they were talking about like your customer saying they're accustomed to a certain type of meat I they were saying that their customers are accustomed to this they're not interested in grass-fed anything they've been doing that for a long time and I did not be that way and I don't think they should change her not based on anything right it's a great place we get consistency many go there yet this fantastic steak it's I mean it's so old worldly to when you get in there that mean how long is Peter Lewis been around for forever forever it's under 20 years of something something and saying like that is a famous restaurant in Montreal and they should not change because there's new conversations happening he knows what he's doing lady lighter and he should do you know keep on doing that in a small restaurant let's say that Fred marginal characters

► 01:57:02

I own I always see it like

► 01:57:06

it's not a those restaurants make their public places

► 01:57:12

my restaurants my restaurant which I want to do what I want in right it's not that's not at the I don't we don't listen so much to the public you know I serve at my pleasure not another Cassatt the customer is always right it's a customer's off and wrong and I'm always right here too and if you don't like it you don't have to come it's our bed but I learned from watching Bourdain's original show the reservation show that I changed my opinion on things cuz I didn't have a strong opinion on food before that other than that I really liked it I didn't think of it as an art form and watching his show and seen the passion of his his appreciation for food and for the way it's it's grown and brought to table in the production of it in and then ultimately the flavor of in The Taste and and his ad

► 01:58:12

duration for chefs in and you guys as well his his advert his admiration for it and is it as appreciation for the way everything is put together made me realize it for this is an art form it's a craft and you know Tony did something Tony was the most faithful most like we were so lucky to be in that chip with him you know that he took us a board

► 01:58:36

and you could see it he had the same apprenticeship we did you know like suffering in like Jade Bistro kitchens and stuff and you think about it the guy didn't make the promise to himself is when he get rich and famous he was going to buy a big house and not talk to people he help every cook walk out of the kitchen and get famous but get a voice you know how does it show the work you did in private is not look like a dirty guy that makes the pasta in the back for everybody and he had a real passion for the process lots of commercial restaurants in the city of Montreal in any given city of that he went to he's able to isolate let's say the marginal characters in every city that

► 01:59:30

do you know where

► 01:59:32

nowhere historically bound kind of Fred and I practice so weird faction of French cooking called Cuisine bourgeoise and only kind of Tony and a handful of other guys could look at what we do and go hunt speakers there they're up to that we can't stop we got to keep on would like what a great guy to get it to ya cuz nobody does nobody understand the rabbit hole Tony did you the cognoscenti yeah he mean he really did deeply influenced my appreciation for food the way I think about it and again treating it is an art form I just thought it was just delicious I didn't think of it as I go these guys are making temporary art to make sure that you're going to you going to enjoy now you know you can't put

► 02:00:32

Don film mean you can but you and you're not going to get it all you just going to want to go out and experience it you can we go and do like we were asked to do like demonstrations you know you can go to stages 5,000 people to talk about food or make like little crackers with smoked salmon on stage food is not fit for the stage something that's that's what food is phosphorus food shows all the time and it doesn't work and it's like what's a concept pickup truck and I was like dude like we worked hard not to

► 02:01:13

copy or like fellow you know culinarian that you look at it again you know us well that's one of things right after Anthony died there was some talk about Gordon Ramsay doing some very similar showing the outcry a guess it was enormous I mean he was just getting assaulted online and it was crazy that everybody that I was talking to our agent to represent us for a buck and she was saying like that was the same all the big guy production companies like

► 02:01:57

are being operated by people pitching who's going to be the next Tony right one of the character in and you guys and you could take over

► 02:02:09

yeah you could do it you guys Trent you know the way went in West Virginia and it wasn't the republican-democrat like you know and I always said that that like other countries are divided on issues but there's nobody that overlaps them with a coherent Vision everybody loves each other when there's delicious food on the table and guys with clear view of an irrational and science-based and evidence-based view on things and like Tony just have such as it's not in our countries that it's I could see you doing a food show

► 02:02:51

I love food I don't I'll never do a food show and I just can't imagine that food but it takes a special type of person to be to want to travel 300 days a year you know and that's essentially what Tony was doing and I think that has a massive toll it takes a massive toll on your body it takes a massive toll in your psyche I don't family ever yes it's not healthy I know it's not enough melatonin or like CBD or / 0 I travel more than enough already and I've cut my traveling way back I'm down to only 10 UFC is a year now and I do you know comedy around bad and stand up, but I I I consciously make the effort to travel much less because I just don't think it's good just don't think it's good for you and and also that

► 02:03:51

good life you know they're the drinking and all that other stuff that comes with it that accentuates all the problems that you have with the with travel and I think that's also one of the things that was was dragging Tony down when he would talk about the sadness in the loneliness of being on the road I can't help with from knowing him and partying with him I can't help it if thought that a lot of that was probably accentuated by the alcohol consumption and you known you guys could speaker that now that you're you're you're cleaning your you're not experiencing that those rugged hangovers every morning and I was always worried for Tony that way just let you know that hotel living Planes Trains and Automobiles constantly and it wasn't like for a year it was like 12 years at 7 in the morning burping Jameson and I'm referring too many occasions and their life where is like you're traveling in a hotel room and

► 02:04:48

you are in a beautiful place but like you just feel weird yeah yeah I've taken steps to mitigate some of that one of the big ones as I travel with friends. I bring really good Comics to work with me on the road so that when I'm in the cities I'm in the cities with friends and we just go it's like their family so we go we'll go eat together we'll go work out together you know I try to keep the unhealthy shit to a minimum plus I'm more of a marijuana enthusiasts I am a drinker anyway that the special treatment so in French on top of it yet you can't grow you call it and you have to only consume the government's Spanish grow anyway I'm all right about that governments tell you know it

► 02:05:48

so we have like stores or commission commission midnight the stores are opening October 17th at 10 in the morning the cops were giving tickets to people smoking weed during that little layover time because they knew that there's it it was impossible they bought it legally so some people get ticketed for smoking illegal weed you know that but I think it will ultimately lead to a relaxing of people's opinions and ideas about marijuana and what it is but I also think that marijuana just like alcohol can be used as a crutch and it could eventually overcome your life I like it but I like it I like it every now and again you know and I want to think that came out of last October was taking a whole month off of it realizing that

► 02:06:48

don't need it I can I can function fine without it but it made me more apprehensive about regular use like instead of using it everyday I'll use it a day or week or 2 days a week or something like that and I appreciate it more when it does happen when I do when I do get high with my friends you know on Friday night or something like that it's like it mean something I feel like we're weird it's almost like a Sacrament like we're experiencing a little moment together and you just having fun that's the proof that what you just said it like the proof that you don't have addiction issues you see I couldn't be able to prove

► 02:07:22

that I smoked marijuana responsibly once in my life that I drank alcohol once in my life that I you know that I did drugs responsibly so I'm fascinated by brought some some of our cooks that were here to lay with us to a restaurant

► 02:07:38

and we had a beautiful dinner and I ordered them a bottle of wine and they barely finished it and I didn't understand the first thing I want more out of paper 9 but I was just sitting there I don't really what is it like to be in that environment watching people glass over like see don't get drunk we say that all the time we used to think that's like everybody was Charlie was smashed beer goggles right right right yes. We were in it with everybody else

► 02:08:38

take me to try to open the bottle of wine at lunch we go till 10:30 so we could it anymore and then that was it me know because we we did last time we came to LA with did the Hell's Kitchen gay where judge for a showing ostriches it was disgusting ostriches and there are regulated by the gaming commission so they have to keep the camera rolling and they're not allowed to touch the dishes because they're the object of the competition to go to The Green Room cleaning up the kitchen now the food sits on the past there like for 2 hours and you come back you sit at a table and there's like rare ostrich tenderloins that's been sitting for 2 hours

► 02:09:38

food that was cooked two hours ago TV that's so fucking Amendment like a job on hold they left their kids at home they made it I'm in the casting I was selected you know to be part of Hell Kitchen and then we say something and then I hate us right now right now that shows great I felt like I didn't get out of there quick airport. Hotel live to be fucking sad man I know I got it it's like an hour like completely not drinking they got us a room at worst thing in the shut down and never did I never got it stay there

► 02:10:38

really love to get drunk at the Chateau Marmont though once but not this time I've been here forever I've never even gone in that building it's beautiful I might have once for the TV thing that I had to do like a one of those party things in like the 90s I think I went once but it's funny cuz there's like really like get out like b-list Hollywood stars like hanging out at the pool trying to be cool and Cocktails cool smoking Blunts and try to pick up girls he said he's loved everything about the feel of it the whole that the dirtiness at least at the Raleigh Hotel with her in Miami he love that place two guys I like old food like you do if we do a dinner based on like old Trans-Atlantic ship like boats like dining room

► 02:11:38

Chanel Bleu bunch of guys he's like God put you up at the rally we're just going to do that one dinner but we're just going to hang out for a week after you know when we're in the pool in the pool everyday I was a kid in a rash guard all the time we went to cyborg Roberto approve we went to school there and I was just like starting how long have you been doing Jiu-Jitsu no I did it for a year solid and I stopped because the back surgery discs yeah what's going on it's totally fixed but Mikey style so surgery did you have wrong shortening of the disk in and chips and parts out

► 02:12:29

in retrospect I spoke to some rheumatologist it's interesting you're talking about like Jordan Peterson because the older women think and be everywhere my doctor says like maybe Celiac cause inflammation in so many places that's what I would say and all that like maybe the drinking to like this inclination towards abuse you know this inclination towards depression this you know back problem this is it's all related to that then again the proof is in the pudding I don't eat bread I don't eat sweets very little I ate mostly meat and I feel a hundred times better I don't give a fuck if it's in my head. 4 months 5 months ahead but it's definitely been proven that all those foods cause inflammation but I do think that Jiu-Jitsu in particular is Ruth on your back IMAX of the torsion

► 02:13:29

big people on top of you yanking him around your moving it back is very and very few people strengthen their back that's it that's a big issue in the after we're done here I'm going to take you into my gym in I'm going to show you some machines that I bought specifically strengthen my back I've had some disc issues too and the the doctors are pretty adamant about putting me under the knife and I I just didn't like the idea of it I've had many surgeries I've had both my knees reconstructed I know when you need surgery when you don't and the more I looked into it the more I realize that there's doctors that they they have a hammer so everything is a nail that's a nay let me see if I can work that think they're not like oh you're going to have to change your diet you're going to have to lose some weight you can have to strengthen those muscles around your back and if if you do do that I find that the results are superior in many cases in some fantastic because you're always compressing

► 02:14:29

chairs were sitting in these are chairs from a company called fully and they're called capisco sand these are ergonomic chairs you knows we've been sitting in this it's two and a half hours in the podcast now we don't my back start hurting after they feel good to their comfortable as well so I knew there was a solution how to find the solution luckily just dis company contacted me and sent us he shares this is what we needed I try to fuck shit load of chairs before that it was the same thing with the exercises I knew there was a solution I had to figure out what it was I tried decompression I tried a bunch of different forms of decompression I figured out the best ones you know I have those those things that hang by your ankle what the fuck is the name of that company hooks God damn it there a sponsor the podcast sex swings Teeter Teeter Teeter makes those like just relaxing in those hang out we have them back their clamp your ankles in just

► 02:15:29

bunch of different exercise that I do with yoga that stretch your back out as well we're in a constant state of compression right constant gravity constant pushing you down and of a guy like me I'm always lifting weights to some pushing up and spend as much time as you do pushing down and you also have to stretch everything out because the more your hamstrings are so tight it's going to pull down your back a lot of people that have back pains it's connected feed Ida having tight hamstrings yeah

► 02:16:03

ask Siri to that like a lot of things starts in school you know because you look at kids have two boys and one daughter you know Henry Ivan and Eleanor and date 579 they can do monkey bars pull-ups muscle ups in the way that physically is classroom is designed is wrong if I putting them in a cast for the next 15 years and then they're going to come out of high school like I was unable to climb a rope on able to do monkey bars unable to do anything right and then sit down for more times so it don't get enough physical activity and how well do you listen in gym class which is completely insane yeah it really is I mean it down for all that time during the day we're just preparing them for some job that's going to be

► 02:17:03

natural in the first place making good little taxpayers look at it you know and I'd like old Catholic schools in Quebec how did you keep them from like being distracted you know the ruler in the fingers you go to the corner of the leather strap now we haven't changed the classroom the schedule and the curriculum barely but there's no more straps or like okay we haven't changed anything like it's normal that it particularly little boys don't listen in school that well we have to find a way with we have to redesign school from like the schedule the design of the classroom the hallways the introduction you know like the back to bring restaurants back into school but I don't know if it's you to talk with Jeff Bridges about that cuz he's in the like school lunches thing and a problem with school lunches is that if you subsidize half the kids

► 02:18:03

they have a kid with like a bad year that says like for you know so the only way to do that then I know some people are a bit antisocial but you have to feed all the kids it's like crucial I mean the idea that that's a problem when Jesus Christ was talking about food and then also the sense of community that's establish when everybody eats together you're going to create a rift between students where you establish that one student is poor than the other ones is going to fuck them up already you know it's going to already make them insecure like not to say that were made in his work but it should be a learning experience and people can take their turns preparing family meals inside of the school system is a valuable tool and if it was done in Hanover with respect and appreciation if they have classes perhaps that showed how important food is I mean maybe even show an episode of No Reservations or you know Parts Unknown and Dino show how people can

► 02:19:03

appreciate food and what food really is and then how great it would be I mean in also would open their eyes to the possibility of food is a career of you know of getting into the same position that you guys this is something that's never discussed mean when was the last time it was encouraged to become a chef and you know so I can put a stand-up comedian the fuck up and try to put you on drugs and never comes out when they do is you could anybody who cooks inside the restaurants

► 02:19:39

is someone who didn't work inside the Traditional School dropouts but brilliant brilliant people on the team they just the school system did not work for them that's the same thing with both of my jobs whether it's the UFC or what are stand-up comedy everyone that I'm close with is the fuk up in the traditional sense like we didn't none of us fit in this very few people to get into stand-up comedy that were thriving and some other career it would most of us were extremely frustrated with traditional environments and most of us didn't do well in school because we felt confined and just won't couldn't wait to get my nightmares about going back to school everyday isn't gives you energy that makes you better at stuff and I got that you know you think they'll call it a bad thing and say like you can't concentrate

► 02:20:39

that I can concentrate on give me something that I actually enjoy I got a lot of energy it's not that there's something wrong with me that I have no interest and what they're selling and it's being sold by some underpaid under motivated person who really is just following some sort of a curriculum and they have to do that because they want to keep their job this is what kids are being subjected to all across the world in the most fertile time of their life in terms of their imagination their creativity and their free time they don't have to take everything and then no one would ever say to some kid who's cracking jokes in class and running around being a fool no one that would ever say Hey you ever thought about being a comedian but no one says that never comes up the meanwhile everybody loves comedians people love to go see comedy but nobody ever says to sum fuk up kid hey man you might be a comic

► 02:21:36

you know it just doesn't doesn't come up it'll do the test in like David was supposed to be a travel agent I was supposed to be a golf pro golfer and then according to the questionnaire in one of my friend was supposed to be a little bit I told him after the questionnaire? Academic process I have a disproportionate amount of lawyers at Professionals in people who wear suits

► 02:22:23

that love to come to the restaurant and drink wine and let the dog stop barking inside their heads because they're really fucking miserable you know when you spend your whole day 72nd floor of the IBM Tower downtown in your cubicle punching data taking a licking from your boss was also a suit

► 02:22:47

just a constant you can't wait to get to Joe Beef and relax or play the Michael Douglas movie there enough falling down and that's what it is with Jello

► 02:23:02

what is enough what is she do jiggly me know where she she avenges some ex-boyfriend that dramatizes her into it it's great I love those movies quite okay there's something about the airplanes I don't know nothing nothing is covered oh Christ I wouldn't I can't remember what it's about you know what I love that I love the Night at the Roxbury start drinking again

► 02:23:47

Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant it's just you know the Chateau is right by the Roxbury try to show up like I sent a picture to everyone nobody reacted dude it's the Roxbury that's what movie that for me to travel there is like do you like that what is your favorite movie alone in the wilderness what should you watch alone in the wilderness. Can you bring that up on the thing

► 02:24:47

moves and they said it was for the best of Jerry Lewis cars everything you need hunts everything okay okay okay I have I did not know this guy's name so I thought you were talking about a move this like a documentary almost dropped off with an axe and yeah I do remember this guy in interviews that I think I probably saw on YouTube but yeah he builds his own house in log cabins and shit yeah yeah yeah such a beautiful piece about the guy who lives in the Artic hind Momo's Artic Adventure fucking amazing man it's a vice guide to travel piece where this guy got a very small cabin in the Arctic

► 02:25:47

invite the 1970s and he's been there since the only thing he's ever seen from 911 and some photographs he had no idea when it happened he is Michael Jackson I don't know but this is it this this guy lives alone in Alaska with his wife in the Arctic National refuge and you have to get in with a float plane and he just hunt caribou and lives with his family his wife is Inuit and they have children together children leaving eventually went on a college I mean fucking crazy one of their kids was 2 years old died in a canoe accident the canoe fell over and lay it down to the river and they revisit the spot at the the time of her birthday and it's really intense but this guy really believes that people are there they're happier and healthier when they live a hunter-gatherer life

► 02:26:46

and calorie restriction is out there eating caribou and during the time were they filming his cabin and is Caribou stash gets attacked by grizzly bear and he shoots the grizzly bear on film they eat chases down of the night and blast it was a grizzly bears eating one of his dogs me this motherfukers how they're living but he like he's a very smart guy he's not what you would think when you think of someone like this you think of someone who is some weird kind of inbred half-wit was living up there now he's very intelligent very introverted for introverted but I mean he's definitely restricted his access to dialogue mean he's out there alone in the forest by himself but he makes a very compelling point that there's a natural feeling that he gets from doing this where everything

► 02:27:46

falls into place is constantly getting exercise cuz he's hiking and chasing after these Caribou but that is natural human reward systems that are in place in his DNA for hunting and Gathering and cooking this food over an open fire and the way he lives he just he just thinks it's the way people really are designed to live where absolutely not meant to live piled on top of each other within you know 10 million of us in a square mile in the oven Manhattan you know absolutely

► 02:28:18

you're my brother was the flies in Manhattan all the money in the world couldn't get you out at the walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to leave Manhattan and everybody else yeah you know

► 02:28:32

yeah it was a weird real worried because of climate change I was going to be happening every year now people like is this the new normal I'm over Shane Smith at some P something at the walkout piece of advice for the detailing the inside of his apartment building like a fucking thing was completely flooded like 6 feet high and water you know and people are weren't worried like this is going to be what's happening on a regular basis now at this climate change thing has changed I bite inside so you know since I have 3 kids I it's something that I think about it something that I have ready you know I bought a generator I have yeah I checked the batteries or rechargeable batteries for all of the equipment that I have I own solar panels I own a duffel bag full of everything that I need to throw in the back of my pickup truck grab my kids and I know which way to drive away from the city to go to the cabin it's something I plan on the ward of the small humans who my love

► 02:29:32

you know it's funny you

► 02:29:35

will you talked about like restriction again in and then and the thing it's just I'm thinking of preparing you knowing the most common thing that people prepare is food in on them prepare cans and cans and cans of food but still need so much of that food that the best way to prepare the best way to prepare would be to start to eat less and learn how to live at 1700 calories do you know and learn how to live with the people around you cuz if you're going to spend like 2 months in the bunker or in a Bug out location or whatever you're not some like assholes to your kids and their friends in the family over with you one of these it happens if people this is really fascinating when when disasters do strike is everyone gets a lot friendlier you know and this is one thing that I have experience myself this week because when we got evacuated it was 2:30 in the morning on Thursday and there is fire a Rock throw for my house and I'm not talking

► 02:30:35

little bit of fire I'm talking to some hundreds of Acres of fire how many was just roaring over we started see houses in to see the gas lines explode houses burst into flames and is right down the street so we're seeing this and you know where we're weird we got outside we're in the driveway The Neighbors come over I want to talk and we going to do I go we're getting the fuck out of here and he's like if they given the evacuation orders I said no we haven't but I go it's right there man I go we got to go I go if it is we're wrong we come back in the house is still here that's okay but you want to get out of these things quickly because they can turn South quickly but there's a sense of camaraderie and community that that happens and then quite a few of us all went to the same Hotel including on my friend Tom Segura and his wife and his family went to this hotel to with some of my friends from the neighborhood we were all there cuddling together and but there was it wasn't people were a little extra friendly it was in this is like there was the same kind of feeling after 9:11 when I was in New York

► 02:31:35

there was people are little bit more friendly we thought that during the ice storm back in the day people were like

► 02:31:42

assassinating the street that we live on and then they go well who's got a wood-burning stove Rodger does come up and then people we go to Roger's house and all of a sudden all these neighbors that just wave at each other for all at Roger's house by the wood burning stove

► 02:31:59

going back to the houses to get blankets planning sleeping Arrangements planning Food Arrangements and assessing each other giving each other their personal space and learning to how to speak to each other and respected matter that can we might have to do this

► 02:32:15

for several days do the best through tragedy of the sense of community was built somewhat or reinforced for a brief moment in time back to our regular lives on that street better Sebastian Junger tribe talks about that about how Park situations of extreme stress and when people are really pushed those people bond together and they find that these are the happiest times that people that even go to war they find it they miss the camaraderie of the bunker they meant to miss the commentary being in the trenches they miss the camaraderie of being together huddled up not knowing what's going to happen in the future but counting and depending upon each other for the very lives that's the thing that happens and very very very busy kitchens yeah you know a bunch of no education guys out

► 02:33:15

cooking school working

► 02:33:19

a difficult restaurant line you know for work at 6 guys on 6 4 burner struggle with a difficult in a very busy restaurant those those those hours you know from 6 p.m. till 10 p.m. at night intimate intimate in over to get into the stove to get a check it out I'm grabbing something out of the fridge my nose is in your butt your nose is in my butt and I need your knife you need my knife it's very very very close quarter is often liked some of my strongest relationships I'm at his strongest relationships are you know the bond that I've built with guys that I've cooked online weather in Europe were here are unbreakable made all these guys got your back Tony talked a lot about that you know I think people are better off when they're struggling I really do

► 02:34:19

they're better off when there are there are there you know when life creates challenges and there's there's things to overcome and there's difficulties to get through and there's real pressure involvement in this physical activity involved these pressures as a business now what do you look forward to now like what what keeps you going now you have this established restaurant that's amazing menu and you know you have fans of your restaurant like myself what what keeps you going to restaurant where they cook you know you saw the movie The French Connection yes would a piece of pizza on a shity coffee is little leather shoes on the icy pavement and then the French gangsters are in The Bistro in the eating like snails and eclairs and like all the food that comes in the little crock pot

► 02:35:19

it's on the card that the table we could open a place like that for like 16 customers that we have the key only we decide to open whenever we want and we don't lose money but that's all I want to build with Fred a tiny little French restaurant that we do what we want at our 8 or close it just a toy that just practice the skill that we've learned all of these years to do this very very weird old forgotten food that's not cool

► 02:35:58

but that I adore made of what is in the back your head that you don't bring to Joe Beef Wellington served for two people at a little trolley to still bring out the 12 Cheese's on the little trolley to have a trolley just of digestivo after dinner. Call to do Crepes tableside to do a duck flambe to with orange sauce tableside for two he said with Tony we went to the flow of a place in Quebec City in the first show in the first part and it was wonderful like little goose flambeed and like they were skills like we want to be able to like

► 02:36:42

this this morning will do Darth Arnold remix tableside and that's it or dover sole really practice Hospitality at the level that it used to be

► 02:36:52

back in the day to bring out the very old porcelain very beautiful silver nut ostentatious way just almost in like a catchy romance romantic kind of nostalgic nostalgic science what how to build a restaurant from the 20s you know that food

► 02:37:13

had written menu flowers on it

► 02:37:18

did the appreciation that you guys have for it is very contagious but really is dying is great Woodward silver trays copper

► 02:37:35

does a Hemingway ask how who's the other big guy was Orson Welles ever see those Morrison Well interviews at the hotel Pierre in Paris those are just brilliant like you want to just eat yourself to death at hotel Pierre and how it's the only way we could travel machine right like you go to museum when they see that you see like silverware from sunken ship that's nice but you'll never travel back in time nor do I want to get polio you know there's a great great benefits to living now and then now and hear the art of it huge fans and the beauty of this is we can bill the restaurants like that put her hands so we it's just a matter of faith is it this year is it next year you know

► 02:38:35

by the way yeah I bought a fireman but he's going to read I bought a farm farm for me I think Donna same time all that I bought a little farm right on the Vermont border but there's at Summer Kitchen part this cuz beautiful brick wood-burning oven situation and

► 02:39:03

big Window Factory wrought-iron window at the room is just begging to have like three tables of four or three tables of four and a little stove and a zinc bar and I don't know he's been cracking out he's talking about going down there in January starting to build it this is the polar opposite of the theme restaurant in Vegas TGIF as you're going down the escalator at the airport is a giant billboard of this latest Peter brothers would know so they can they called Fred one day and they said that we're coming to Montreal we'd love to meet you guys what's going on last year

► 02:40:03

privately to the to the airport Montreal three Escalades roll into Joe Beef at noon on a Tuesday all the boys get out plus help and you know that the crew over that surrounds them extensions yeah we make a table at 10 we all sit down Lorenzo starts off first I'd like to let you guys know that Joe Beef

► 02:40:24

is my favorite restaurant I like what you done this dump your Lorenzo Fertitta all over the world you live in Las Vegas everything is at your beckon call like you let you know

► 02:40:38

so that was flattering you know and we prepared a little dinner for them a little lunch and do we talk then they they pitched us to take over one of the rooms in the Palms I'm sorry

► 02:40:50

and of course I was flattering we had a wonderful meeting but we knew right away as we were having the meeting with that was not for us and it was ever going to happen we have young children in a bad place to be tough in our life still drinking's to Marc vetri who eventually did the project from Philadelphia and in retrospect

► 02:41:20

yeah I was not as flattering but we wouldn't do that. Just no way we can do Joe Beef anywhere else you know people don't eat the dining public doesn't exist unless unless it's on my street so such a different play the ideas I went to before they offered any room there so this there like a decommission laundromat in the back that's where employees only that reset all the wrong things by 800 square feet that we can make A5 Fable French restaurant windows that are looking at us like we were insane five table French restaurant

► 02:42:08

we sent them some books not happy

► 02:42:15

funny way of responding to that we want to give you the top for the Palms in Vegas to fucking 800 800 square foot room in the back alley that nobody can access basketball players think it's too much money yeah well that would be a very interesting spot and I'm sure it would've if you did create something like that or someone did an unbelievably exclusive spot that literally has 20 seats available in a night and they only open for one sitting right we want to build the movie The Rock's French Connection restaurant I mean I guarantee if someone did do something like that particular because of Vegas it's all about who you know and who you got me if you can get in you know you can get into Joe lamb so it's Joe lamb is in vain

► 02:43:15

what it would ironically enough it would be probably the hot spot in Vegas I know Joe was Lorenzo didn't get it well when they took over the Palms I was excited I'd I know that nine Steakhouse there was excellent I have been there in years but I used to be a great place but Mark was there Marc vetri is an excellent cook it's really involved in like solid charity things I think he's also brown or black belt in Jiu-Jitsu really yeah yeah yeah yeah is the restaurant open this week it was opening or yeah that's awesome

► 02:44:15

Sofia is an institution we opened like it was one thing when

► 02:44:20

when we go up what was it what was the story of the lobster spaghetti Appetit magazine about love at my Marc vetri doing Lobster spaghetti and fighting with his dad about removing a table to put a meat slicer at four seats and now we're down to 20 seats insisted that you know that 26 instead of 24 that story was endearing to Fred and I was doing a lobster spaghetti is Philadelphia restaurant version of the lobster spaghetti that Marc vetri was doing and just a simple offense to that story that's great and we told him the story and became friends that's amazing so why did it take for seats would it would have this thing look like those big Italian red Berkel meat slicers

► 02:45:20

did he do it just because it would add to the ambience to have this cool thing I did lie this is as pretty standard piece of equipment that you have on the bar is his head very very very sharp so it doesn't pinwheel yeah it doesn't melt the fat of the ham right so you don't get this white film so makes like perfectly thin cool slices of perfect ham hi there gorgeous objects like we have a couple now we have a blue one that we have a red one gorgeous wow wow

► 02:45:58

oh I know I saw one of these in Italy over the place yeah when I was in Italy I saw one of these they were they were making sandwiches with it yeah but that thousand $15,000 machine on the right side of business you guys have something going on tonight right and if they were we were friends back then how to count the Montreal a bunch of times I brought them. Like the weird weirdo kindred spirits and it's like the same

► 02:46:58

anyways and their relationship Jon and Vinny is like very Dave and Fred it's strange like lhl be like minded chefs all the Pirates on Tony's Captain Tony's pirate ship bad guys surviving the apocalypse is it out now to set up under sorry but you can have to wait but please go visit my best restaurant Joe Beef

► 02:47:43

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► 02:50:16

there are cleaning up their diet no more booze and I just appreciate them very much beautiful guys so thank you for tuning in thank you thank you for everything much love to you all Buy