#1205 - Jake "The Snake" Roberts & Tony Hinchclifee

The Joe Rogan Experience #1205 - Jake "The Snake" Roberts & Tony Hinchclifee

November 20, 2018

Jake "The Snake" Roberts is an actor and semi-retired professional wrestler. Check out the documentary "The Resurrection of Jake The Snake" streaming now. Tony Hinchcliffe is a stand-up comedian, writer, and actor. He hosts his own podcast called “Kill Tony” with Redban, and it’s available on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwzCMiicL-hBUzyjWiJaseg

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that's it no more ads ladies and gentlemen I have it to guess today one of them is one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time his name is Jake the Snake Roberts you probably already hurt you must have if you haven't heard of them stop it together my other guess is Tony Hinchcliffe probably the greatest pro wrestling fan definitely that I know one of the biggest pro wrestling fans on the planet and I had to have Tony into this cuz I saw Jake has a documentary that's out now that Diamond Dallas Page put together it is called the resurrection of Jake The Snake and it is fucking fantastic it's really good it's it'll make you cry it's powerful it's about addiction and recovery and it's just it's an amazing human story and he's an amazing guy and I really enjoy talking to him so please welcome Jake the Snake Roberts and Tony Hinchcliffe

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The Joe Rogan Experience

► 00:08:19

alive Tony Hinchcliffe hello Jake the fucking snake can't believe I've heard Hey Joe I heard you shot your lady down to you as well I got to tell you that I watch a documentary last night and it's fantastic it is if you need to go to a doctor you're not human man no doubt that is Dallas is a fucking st. he really is hard headed and alcoholics do too but it was a tough tough road bad and he guided me through it he never gave a reason I can never thank you enough for what he's done for me and not giving me my life back and don't leave my life for my family I got my kids back to her they're all digging me now or great-grandfather probably the best grandfather ever

► 00:09:19

thankless true and I'll pick anybody up man I mean that the detailing of your recovery though and hit him taking you into what is it called house that has a bility house accountability

► 00:09:39

understand I mean it no man in his right mind would bring

► 00:09:44

one match list two drunks into their home now you got to expect tragedy and there's going to be something come bad out of this and he was able to Hold Us Together Matt me a brief moment should do that kind of escalated got kind of stupid but

► 00:10:02

you wouldn't give up man I got to know Dallas when he came on the podcast and wasn't one thing you get about him is this guy he he's not just about himself like he is really about helping people out he gets bars yeah yeah which is to me is you're so amazing and I picked it up off of him I search people out now too crowded if her having a hard time walking or you see something going on or they're overweight gets me in yeah I can talk to him if you never done it without a doubt the number one thing out there for getting out there

► 00:10:46

makes your body out that makes your mind healthy you know then for him to be out there and you just a soldier yeah he really has to push it all day long man here's a guy that did it could be handling it a totally different way but he still pick up a phone and call somebody and thanks for buying a program to know in the next thing you know you been on a 25 minute phone call and they're sending them photos of the before picture and then he wants to look at an after picture in 6 months from now the stories you got a million we played a story play the video when he was in of a gentleman who was a paratrooper a bunch of paratroop missions you know parachuting a plane's landing on his knees knees are destroyed destroyed destroyed everything fucked-up starts out barely can stand barely can walk to games

► 00:11:46

by the end of the video this guy is running he's what he's doing. And it's better kept getting better and that is it's so symbolic of like your journey in life if you just decide to give up and decide to just fuck the world I'm just going to just eat and drink myself into Oblivion you have been that you can talk about this a long time ago did you turn it around but that's that's a fucking love that unless you have a Diamond Dallas Page in your corner right because you wasn't only about Dallas up it was the who you is a business manager whatever end

► 00:12:38

they should look it over and I'll bring you back through this going to film the whole thing and like I don't know about that cuz I got burned bad I just cut me a new one man I was lied to me and it happens on this whole thing is the end of it if I would do it again and you don't like it'll never go out

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► 00:12:59

you going to give me that right you're going to miss this money and this time because we should I stay there for three and a half years cuz it took me that long to get clean that's amazing you know I couldn't go in for 6 months I've done that I can being in rehab for 4 months I go out the other side pick up a pay phone and call my dealer you meet me outside the damn door man thank you and the same to you and not touch you come knock on your door cuz it knows right now you're locked in here going to do this

► 00:13:47

Soldier doing push ups make cornerman waiting on your ass soon as you get away from these idiots over here they're teaching you bad habits Jake I'm going to get you where you need to be and that was the thing of being there for that long. Of time what was the feeling like when you did slip up cuz you should be scared just a couple of times I could not only did I feel like

► 00:14:14

let myself down probably him down

► 00:14:18

and that really sucked cuz there's a guy is opened up his wallet and see you come live with me don't worry about your damn bills I'll take care of skews me old I'm damn sure in that you want to talk to I should be moving in with you but if you don't pay all my bills fan when I get healthy but I never can tell you a joke on or go do some music now to go to a movie or something he had people that work for DDP Yoga specifically Garrett like I really got the kid messed up you know I'm going to see how to share a room with me wrestler that I idolize for years and I'm seeing his junk and everything on his childish and the bag

► 00:15:18

had no idea my ass whatever you had to do the first thing you do take care of Jake and put me first

► 00:15:35

can expect the solidarity in the camaraderie that you guys all have and Razor Ramon as well when you guys are on a house together like the experiences that you guys shared working together and then still in life you know you guys have a bond that's very very it's it's very hard for most people yeah either going in service together with others or something becomes I become brothers in one

► 00:16:11

I used to run nightclub but he never came in alcoholic he's a freak my cards now are awesome my life is so good to go from hell that's where I was at man you have no idea what it's like to wake up and be angry that you woke up freaking want you want you want to be over

► 00:16:39

and there's been so many years were like that for me that I wouldn't go out shopping in this passage 3 a.m. so I didn't want anybody to see me

► 00:16:48

cuz I got to the point. Myself so much cuz I'm begging God to die when I would hear another wrestler died I get angry God and curse him for not taking me and step when Piper and I were just talking about Rodney McQueen show start

► 00:17:04

man I was so pissed off and he got to go before I did and that's just wrong man I mean even when I tried to OD a couple times I tried I took a Valium 10 milligram Valium woke up the torture that people put themselves through an addict people get to be at the wrong idea about the shit yeah they're out there getting fucked up and they're happy

► 00:17:41

no we're not happy we're not enjoying getting high I quit enjoying getting high 30 years ago but the problem was live with that

► 00:17:53

I mean I would feel like my heart is going to burst I can breathe I was scared to go anywhere should I went or was it was it everything or anything like what what what was drawn what was pulling you what drug was out yeah was it for me everything but yeah I would be doing right now but two to go through 30 years doing okay it's amazing I think this week man for forwarding me

► 00:18:35

my addiction

► 00:18:37

because without it I'd be in prison somewhere cuz I would kill somebody for my drug test

► 00:18:51

need you still point where

► 00:18:54

he's you put yourself in such a dark hole

► 00:18:58

there is no light not at all it takes somebody especially to me send me to rehab right then

► 00:19:05

the work even when the whole trip and tell your system I'm like yeah yeah yeah I'm just about a week I knew me and I'm like

► 00:19:30

wow if you wanted me to get up out of bed bring me some coke a wow that's where I was at because life was too ugly

► 00:19:41

to want to go out there when did it start did it start when your pro wrestling Chris start are we going on before then started drinking when I was 11 or 12 low grandfather was an alcoholic drug addict in his legs crushed he refused I would like to cut off so I stayed in the hospital for 18 months will back in the 1920s the way that they fixed you would let it heal then we break it that's what they did bars and metal in there to straighten it out they let us break in a different way

► 00:20:28

can they kill people on morphine

► 00:20:36

do you have a little it's going out there today but it took you all day to get on any corner right he went out though they not trust in him to

► 00:20:58

come to the doctor's office to take the pill the pill the pill being now I want to come keep you from drinking

► 00:21:10


► 00:21:12

Billy Beane if you taking antabuse pill you're not going to drink

► 00:21:17

competed I mean I drink on antabuse when it's been like 2 days since I've had the bill and I have a drink you have no idea how scary that shit is good immediately starts throwing up and you start pissing your pants and then you have the sweats and all this and you'll wind up on the floor doing the heebie-jeebies That's How Strong and abuse him to take the pill and will give you a shot cuz we know you're so you do that every morning I need to go outside and get in the same Taxi

► 00:21:59

and because we live in a dry county he would take that same taxi over to the next County and get a fifth of whiskey

► 00:22:08

trinket before you got home

► 00:22:11

tell the rest of this day spent and puking

► 00:22:16

but yet tomorrow you going to do the same thing oh my God that's the hell I was doing it anymore and I can't put it down I can't turn away from it cuz there's hoping that

► 00:22:36

what's up for no more pain

► 00:22:39

so just didn't know I'm no more

► 00:22:45

you know shame something you put on yourself

► 00:22:49

you know you can shame me have to do it myself

► 00:22:55

the man who was there man and because I went through some other shit is a kid being sexually molested my sister being molested too and then my sister kidnapped and murdered and we got all these things thrown in there and I was dating myself so I can protect my sister better

► 00:23:12

you know just how you get life happens what do you do with it that's one of the things that Dallas preachers you know who is about

► 00:23:21

you got all this stuff out there man is going to come at you it's what you do with it accounts you know you don't deflected know you bring it to you if you chew it up you spit it out except for the bullshit and you go on is something I couldn't do

► 00:23:38

single person with me and I would like that I'm shut up cuz that's how I handle things

► 00:23:46

I just didn't talk about it when you've been sexually molested

► 00:23:51

there is no good moment and that screwed my head up and it's still messed up from my head I desperately desperately want to have a relationship

► 00:24:03

true relationship finally in 63

► 00:24:09

because I do have relationship before but I was constantly sabotaging them because my dad killed me because my dad was 7 Foot

► 00:24:29

I just want my dad be proud of me so all these things are factor and the wife beats me and made me do her and that shit screwed your head up for life now what do you do with well as a kid I hit that shit man

► 00:24:51

stuff for the way I didn't talk about that are you kidding me when I start our stop talkin about two high school buddy of mine you're so fucking lucky man you're 22 years old is my father's child molester for chrissake course she was hot but it wouldn't have to meet

► 00:25:14

no it didn't the Bee Gees afterwards that's my grandfather would get drunk and forget where you there's liquor cuz you had to hide from a grandmother he was yours so every time she found them breaking that's it so you can hide it well me and my buddy

► 00:25:51

Julius marks

► 00:25:57

it was my beginning with me

► 00:26:00

you know it's time goes on man you start smoking weed

► 00:26:06

in the pills

► 00:26:08

what else is new but I'm still not forgetting I'm still remembering this shit

► 00:26:14

have you do I need to try to have a good time with people

► 00:26:18

then you realize something different than you those drugs that put you to sleep wake me up

► 00:26:25

doubters wake me up the console

► 00:26:30


► 00:26:33

you give me five Percocet brother I'll make a case of beer and dance all night for you really go out and have three or four wrestling matches pick up 89

► 00:26:50

when I want to go to the gym my regiment wake up go downstairs starts coffee maker to mention the Grand Prix it warm in my mouth chewing

► 00:27:03

and watching that was copied into the gym I love it cuz I was on fire man maybe want to punch from percocets that is so you don't do any drugs and sleep wake me up things that wake you up but me to sleep so did the pain of pro wrestling which is probably one of the most brutal professions in a person can and barking and think about all the days that you were on the road all the many many matches all that physical pain probably Justified the drugs even more

► 00:27:48

you didn't care about that

► 00:27:56

afterwards I was wrestling in Guyana Louisiana Ernie the cat Ladd played for the NFL San Diego Chargers in the Hall of Fame football and wrestling 69350 badass on them back in the box and he had like 15 knee surgery but he we were wrestling came out of my arm I'm trying to get to him and he starts puking on Me Your Glory

► 00:28:48

we can pick up a bunch of shit my ass six-foot-two it was fine I so you didn't even feel it

► 00:29:09

it feels cold my born at Bi-Lo you put in the ring and the drill is going. That hurts it feels good in fact that I would have thought they would look at the barn I got to handle this did you wrestle wrestle straight

► 00:29:46

I didn't like it but I did it that way because this my

► 00:29:52


► 00:29:54

my thing is another wrestler to take care of my opponent

► 00:29:59

I noticed that after if I have like a fun set or something like that doing stand-up comedy that I like to have like if it went and if I tried something new and it won't and went extra good I like to have an extra drink or two that night would it be like that for you and wrestling would you get more messed up that was like Madison Square Garden or such a premium back then now I'm back in 7 days a week except LA Coliseum to

► 00:30:38

Emerald Gardens San Diego

► 00:30:41

wow next day you might be at home or two and you'll be in the morning at 7 and you're driving all this with me and made it even worse than the brown box of shit right to carry this around with a bad back over there out there is making fun of young Jamie I'm Jamie is a minor infraction it's very difficult to talk about injuries when you're on chicken snake berries like I pulled my back the other day but I don't want to mention it in front of Jake The Snake if it's in there should be a very horrible Shame Shame he's a good man I will not stand here way to spare him so

► 00:31:38

tell the snake that was a snake a problem when you get on planes and check

► 00:31:45

could you keep it secret or would they let you on the plane with it I've never said anything to anybody I just brought it no I just put it in the bag you carry it on her what you check out check whether it's like wait a minute I got to trade the snake out after 10 days the other can take it I'm not really

► 00:32:19

so fucking snake can't live for the fucking scheduling but yet I'm asked to do 90 fucking days straight so you have different snakes yeah yeah you bring Damian like if you notice

► 00:32:40

yeah so you are 7 days a week would go on for the whole year

► 00:32:44

God damn they just worked you I wrestle Steamboat 93 days straight

► 00:32:51

send about 9360 Days Inn

► 00:32:55

I had to call my wife come take me around because I getting dumb down to the point that I couldn't think so I get to the airport know that they want tickets but I have no idea where they're at and I can't read anymore. Looking stuff to read but it just wouldn't wouldn't work so I just kind of big for them from exhaustion wow it's so beat up man your body is hurting so bad people say steroids man we were taking steroids just to try to get coffee in a recovery yeah that they invented the war to believe it for the prisoners of war the American soldiers to come home

► 00:33:43

looking like they did slip put them on slow fucking boats and fed them 3 months and guys put on 3045 they say they would have been another War if they have brought those troops home coming from concentration camps for the Germans or the Japanese can we have seen the way they were of course now that you can see some of those old films

► 00:34:07

of the way the Jews look for it and they are being slaughtered and everything in the bag of bones that they didn't want to bring those troops they invented steroids and bring them back but we get it really just try to talk to you was it hard to get them did they help you get them got to get them on your own ride help me but I will tell you this

► 00:34:42

we would get booked in Hershey Pennsylvania

► 00:34:48

now when somebody told me the story version like this is an old wives tale shit like that again

► 00:34:55

guitar guitar downtown Hershey you go the locker room send somebody to the other need to see you in locker room three the fuck did I do

► 00:35:07

can I go in there and they're just doctor there he's got suitcases over here boxes here suitcases your boxes there what do you need

► 00:35:16

what you need

► 00:35:20

WowWee asleep oh how she on those are good I'll take semi going to get as many as I want

► 00:35:26

300 got it right here wow steroid absolutely what are you because the guys at all for me to be going on in Canada

► 00:35:48

give me 10% of what you got I'll carry the cross the border Force so I'm getting all their shit where my snake bag for crying out loud of course you put that in the bottom of the show with that bag what you mean by 4 cuz that motherfucker pissed he hasn't eaten in 3 weeks and he's a little early if you judge bite you bite you deal steal your flesh why does chewing on my asshole please kindly remove him know you jerking you fight to get away

► 00:36:43

did use that you use different kinds of snakes to the right when use a cobra did you they defend them they had my teeth so they bite you no matter what fishing for catfish their bike felt like it doesn't matter what it feel in the viewers don't know that at all specially when you're a little boy watching it I'm in the Saturday morning that you sit on Macho Man Randy Savage every kid an entire generation Chestnut I've ever got I oh there's no doubt I mean it affected me so deeply as I can

► 00:37:43

what happens if you put that on I put the video on holy shit snake what's the best part of the finger up his ass or since this conversation with one of my good friends Pete you know Pete when he saw this when kids when I say when he saw this as a kid all on the same day that I saw it he ran away from home it freaked him out so badly when you put the snake on that remains arm he packed it he didn't even know

► 00:38:43

where to go hit is coming home later that night after I got Colt Ford Fusion she packed a bag and just left how old was he have a guest and then 11:12 something like that. I really went down I've been waiting 30% done with the python bite me in about 30 40 stitches that was 37 stitches are on a o my God look at that shit it's cool I mean this was just handle

► 00:39:43

look at that thing sink it's fucking teeth into him oh my gosh struggle to get him up finally I had to pry his mouth open to get him off and by the way this is sunny Saturday morning so it's this you flip the channel it's a little old school cartoons that weren't even like entertaining you know what I mean and then there's this chaos on another channel it's so obviously real oh yeah it's so obviously

► 00:40:19

wasn't really heard me fucking pissed One Polarized Gray Brothers

► 00:41:05

yeah dude sounds great but a little business.

► 00:41:12

Who built the snake

► 00:41:16

has she been fixed or not

► 00:41:19

you mean in the WWE

► 00:41:35

somebody wants too much steaks the champ are you fucking cheek I'm just telling you this

► 00:41:55

just break you down

► 00:42:09

cooking games so I got any special place to buy me like my dick wants to break up a little bit and stop a leg up there

► 00:42:37

4 seconds let's go

► 00:42:45

in farming after about jimin and she's like I make you happy

► 00:43:11

when you feed

► 00:43:13

which sea snake let's go with me

► 00:43:17

bringing back they want you to open back up again cuz I want to say beautiful to make this book Super Why the fuck are you awake

► 00:43:35

get bit In the Heat of the Moment right but just sit there and fucking cold have to hike your fucking pant legs up with a bunch of snakes you on you to make motherfuker have to come on give me a break we're asking a lot for those people there public you when we do the magic moment time in Rhode Island fucking snake sound of that motherfucker second time and took in the Macho Man and bumi last dog and its true instrument

► 00:44:35

what did they do to the snake remove those poison glands at All Star Baseball game plans manual

► 00:44:51

will you say oh wow wow creepy fucking animal ho frightening especially as a kid and you guys up here is this what we talked about how I didn't get laid for months man really deaf

► 00:45:35

and you really did have the snake in your bathtub usually in the bathtub playing in the water in the morning for a junkie to walk in the bathroom now I'm paranoid ass mother fucker anyway cuz I'm fucking all the shit and now I got to look down a 15-foot snake that's fucking his mouth open looking at my fucking little dick

► 00:45:59

are you serious I'm not pissing take a shit anymore so I don't walk in my room barefooted I really really the action in The Flying and everything they'd only live for 10 days will be in their body they're very tiny should we get pneumonia really easy being -40 doesn't help either like responsibility Stamford Connecticut

► 00:46:51

he was Charles Manson Revisited this guy was a freak

► 00:46:57

Stamford Connecticut to weird place he had a farm in Town Connecticut and they did not know he had over a thousand snakes in that far and then building in about a hundred fifty of collecting them for different for different pharmaceutical companies

► 00:47:20

Omaha and you been working with me for a couple years so now I'm hurt man will take care of you tonight brother use what is a j unnecessary Mike snows not necessary man but let me take you out so we get there man I just kind of like sitting here and his head down towards the table looking at his beard and I hate this motherfucker going you know so they did take her out if you'll take a price I'll pay for it

► 00:47:55

project discount snakes bear

► 00:48:07

I'm going to change rooms for snakes is he still alive at her to get down there any gator farm and poisonous snake venom collection point and they had like a huge snakes down there right so fucking levels of place while I'm calling for days trying to get ahold of him see if he's alright finally get ahold of me to use especially for me and my what are you talking about I get to find all those snakes you get to find them you're going to dig through all that shit

► 00:48:54

all that shit and lift up stuff in stick your hand down and rolls and shit to find these poisonous snakes what is it with Florida and snakes

► 00:49:09

hi Connecticut man whatever I know they want the floor that's like you draw a magnet he was in Connecticut and they asked him to go do anything to push but you know where do some snakes in bubble ball and be great 8 to 12 year olds so he can talk to him about this

► 00:49:30

Mexican Rattler first thing you know about snakes and wasting my God okay look he's accidentally bit me then didn't now so we're going to I'm just going to explain to you what I'm feeling right now so if you ever get bitten you'll know what you're going to expect to feel after you've been bitten by TMC because here's the thing about Mexican rattlesnakes

► 00:50:15

not many of those in Connecticut

► 00:50:18

so you don't have any anti-venom do you know Jesus know they got a flight in from Atlanta or whatever so by the time they get that shit up there to drop me off one of his bones on fingers necropsy his kid and then had to go somewhere to safety but it took hours that Med back I'm going to helicopter his whole arm right of the way down to the bone they had to take me from his legs and they had to do skin grafts all over you like 16 operations she was awful Mall together like pull the meat of his arm together and Stitch it all together because a giant 10 to 12 inch patch of his arm was gone

► 00:51:18

so your eyes are like blood red accept their bumpy and that's weird how long it take for him to recover hospital for a couple weeks Manning's to put him in a coma for like 6 days Jesus Christ he have a tolerance to regular Venom to know a lot of guys they make themselves get bit he could be making that swear to God he is Charles Manson he looks like Charles Manson you look weird letting me Smiles like dude that is not healthy for smog man wow he's a true that's what this guy would be like without snakes thank God snakes exist

► 00:52:18

the day off so course I chew Albert Albert was the guy with the Komodo dragons so he was growing up in the mountains and he took one of the dragons with him

► 00:52:32

figure it out in the sun like so they put it in this fucking station wagon they go up in the mountains and they have to walk to their place where they get the stuff growing close at the car door up play the window down about that much come back windows busted out Jesus or Jesus horrible teeth marks on all of which is in a wooden case chewed his way out of wooden case but you got out man took off I guess it's about 2 months later man I was like in Indianapolis and waking up and listen to the news and ESPN Zone right now

► 00:53:17

KCI Airport in the pool when you get back CR monster wow they come back and I gotta see this shit in the fucking thing comes back up thing man it's the thing that it's Cape too much later cash and labor law for kids to do that is such a ruthless animal you know those things are so ruthless that the little baby Komodo dragons smear shit on themselves so that the grown-ups don't eat them so their parents don't eat them they roll around in shit so that their parents don't eat them because when Komodo dragons are eating intestines they shake the shit out of intestine they don't like to eat shit is weird is that is

► 00:54:17

they eat their fucking kids so the kids know this leads they somehow or another like no to Samir themselves and shit you're pretty quick to avoid shit but eat your sister like that shit is salvation wow so good she say it again that's crazy yeah but it lives in Florida they won't even notice everything else Florida Everglades is so crazy any raccoons they couldn't find any swamp rabbits or March hares I guess they call them they couldn't yeah everything that killed by alligators I've got a picture of an anaconda swallowing an 800-pound horse is got the head in the front legs already chewed

► 00:55:17

where's this picture I need it I need to see if you can find that Jamie's come out your heart and all your years you never thought Jake The Snake and be roasting you live on the internet believe and receive back injury and nailing of pull it up reference yeah I got you bro I'm not just a short faced a pretty dick pretty face that you did you ever load the day that you came up with a gimmick of having snake God yeah I come up with this idea like in 1975 wow that's listen to Monday night football play for the Raiders

► 00:56:17

Sling Blade sling it man and he also like a party man so I dug him a note saying even with him out to the bars they didn't show up for 4:30 in the morning

► 00:56:34

here's the thing did the coach keep them from playing I don't think so no but he did tell him you better fucking win that's all you better fucking win is if you don't tomorrow

► 00:56:48

oh yeah she took them out there and they won the game come but yeah I don't know what my snake thing that's a fucking hippo hippo Jesus Christ. Me the tickets to fucking small finger tape that's insane but I was riding down the road? Night Football

► 00:57:33

okay I'd be too much man if I fucking wrestler and I'm smoking some weed

► 00:57:38

sneaker at foot with the other wrestlers drinking more and more and more and

► 00:57:48

thanks Dad will come like a fucking idea in last night. Last night what the fuck was I think I'm terrified of snakes cuz I'm terrified how do you connect it to the football player because he was he was just bad ass man I want to be the snake to self you are already Jake Roberts and I wasn't Jake Robertson I look for a name with snake Blake Blake videos of golf sure shaky shaky snake snake

► 00:58:37

you got a bigger man than that oh no my name is the bad guy Jake The Snake

► 00:59:05


► 00:59:08

can I come over Robertson age can a snake well after years of trying it out there occasionally and getting are you fucking serious wrestling is not a fucking circus stuff fuck it ain't my excuse me Bill watch fat fuck thieving bastard but this is before Vince yeah so this was Mid-South hockey mask on and every night he fucking headbutts me with it and you have me car my fucking for head open so we can believe it or wear it but it's not a circus I get that totally blow out the window then I went to fucking New York and

► 01:00:01

that's convincing me with the you're going to be wearing a purple or lime green spandex which I said I don't know fucking faggot I don't know where this year's is 6 / forget how long Vince has been hell yeah he bought that guy out the guy went to every territory and just said I'll give you this amount of money I'm just taking a rabbit all the people that was all split up into territory so everybody had their own business and fourth stage might be another one territory what's really crazy is on the cover of a men's fitness with a chains around his neck

► 01:01:01

just growth hormone that Mexican troops to billionaire Tunk

► 01:01:20

a Jack is back is 73 years

► 01:01:23

that is insane he's the man imagine like seeing this when you were a kid like this is what Grandpa looks like you like what the fuck is going on with Grandpa that is insane 73 years old there is nobody on this planet I mean the guy is on video where he runs to the ring and is on his way and dives into it and slams his thigh into the silent blows his fucking quad and then still plays it out and does it sitting down unbelievable a guy sitting on his ass cuz I did the same thing

► 01:02:27

at that point you're drilling o your thing and it's get the fuck up that's all you're thinking but it's crazy that is just sitting there the funniest part of this is this is the final moment of the Royal Rumble this is a huge long build-up and it's controversial cuz they both went over the top and land it so there's this Thai so all the reps are trying to figure out what's going on so it makes it even funnier that Vince is just sitting there the other night stripped out Jesus Christ he's so much bigger than he is now in Guardians of the Galaxy and forget about the protein diet beans and stuff

► 01:03:10

it's incredible I mean this just a fact that that guy was able to do that I got to bring this up because we're watching this in the Green Room repo going to David Arquette is wrestling blood got a light bulb smash to his head Cuts all over his face guitar all that's Pontotoc right I was a real guitar it's really surprised me because it always appeared like the honky-tonks guitar was just an exploding they all were after that what does WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette we wait a minute anyway chevin how much does he weigh this was he is definitely built

► 01:04:10

TMZ he was running around he look jacket now it is really and just goes to show you what happens oh man you know cuz your dad did that to my dad didn't he was never home so I blame the wrestling for him to being home

► 01:04:45

look at that you got hit in the head with Jesus Christ think I stabbed him in the head

► 01:04:51

with with a fluorescent light bulb that he just shattered by the way you can get that dust in your eyes or the class doesn't she look up biggie is Eddie Guerrero right hilarious about David like he just got sober a few years ago and he's the one that's that keep life exciting for him you know what I mean and I just doesn't have any movie roles coming in but he's going to shut down

► 01:05:39

hit him with a chair that is broken glass on it this is some high-level production for 50 people in the Room Greensboro yeah that is crazy

► 01:06:14

you think he's pissed in the store didn't get back on him he wasn't expecting that he was a thought he was going up on you shame on you shame just fucking get up your fucking storm out if I can ring you just fucking ass. Usually you can't she's trying to get to him the guy will fucking let him now watch guy takes him over and he's on top of me looking for the 1-2-3 he got the 1-2-3 see he did not want that fucking have to watch this

► 01:06:52

to get your fucking I'm going home that's interesting because you see this from the eyes of professional wrestling I see this from the eyes of a lame and in the crowd and I don't see that that's fascinating you see a double cross David Arquette sitting back down the Jake The Snake's doing commentary on his match I love it outrageous listen he just needs to practice Young Buck made in Dallas did Dow started when he was 36 36 original mentors and the guy that shit I'll fucking teach you because everybody else if you're too fucking cold

► 01:07:46

specifically required required told him Dallas you been a manager you do this while you do that well but you're 36 and when Dallas told me that on my fucking manufactured is it really a dream me since my fucking dream and I want it I'll teach you moved in with him and then we had to implement snake accident in his house what was the infamous snakes in Sandusky

► 01:08:17

I got busy with a girlfriend and forgot what I was doing upstairs I was watching the snake off and make downstairs to check on her and she caught me by surprise and raped me

► 01:08:28

stayed in there with all my God I forgot the sink upstairs so I ran back upstairs realize you've been two and a half hours

► 01:08:37

that was just going over his bedroom is like what the fuck you been the shower the whole time

► 01:08:57

I can't find the fucking snake

► 01:09:02

oh my God which kind of snake is a cobra had 3 cats oh no no looking for it

► 01:09:17

then I had to fess up to Dallas what was going like they will fuck you up I run from women they fuck you up then they were to your sleeping and cuz they're going to be so much then you fall asleep actuator I swear here you go your experience is very different than mine

► 01:09:54

I did 13 years my first wife 13 years my second wife

► 01:09:59

for my flat tire so I'm getting better but it sounds like you're talking about prison I did 13 years back to my spirit right you know my furniture is unfortunately what I've been through I let a woman get this close to me were about to get starting to getting real what would you what I really want but then I got to push you back if Brian can't handle it I want to get back to the cats

► 01:10:38

as long as I was there how much well right before she got home I thought I would do the Man-Thing and get my car and run

► 01:10:49

that's what I did that is what I had a 84 Corvette that I write the wonderful lady she was a woman that's true but I believe I came back 2 days later in my defense 2 Days Later Workman carrying

► 01:11:28

sheets of sheetrock sheetrock

► 01:11:34

the doctor told me they were produced some remodeling downstairs right 15 minutes

► 01:11:45

what got to get out

► 01:11:50

little snake and I've got to go that's really bullshit Dallas and yeah they couldn't find the snake either so they will end up calling some people professional and the only way they found it was my cherry out several walls and they finally come wherever I don't know and got to find it

► 01:12:16

buy running out of walls she's quite upset after they sealed the drywall in the back I heard they can since I had to go get a hammer I had a cloth in the wall and then pull her out covered in fucking that's where they get the music let me see what I have here I am in Australia 1993 or 4 and the Japanese Superstar table top brother so leave

► 01:13:08

but first night he's in we already been there two nights and people in these jobs come in in English transferred in boom boom bottom line is he will not stay in the same tank heaters name that you should be here because of Jake

► 01:13:36

fuck you letting go wherever you want some gives you I told you I wouldn't get it on you if my words not good enough fuck off

► 01:13:45

so he goes and gets another dresser

► 01:13:48

other side of this Coliseum

► 01:13:52

would you cross there

► 01:13:56

he wrestles

► 01:13:58

goes in the shower comes out from the shower is drying off he looks up in the mirror in the mirror he can see a pipe out of Cobra he's come up out of the toilet and was looking around the room and the rest of them still on the toilet and then it goes back down

► 01:14:16

East Ramsey runs across the fucking building nude

► 01:14:23

Can the police get involved he comes down to Jake where's your fucking snake and I'm like I really can't find it so he'd gotten out of my locker room and went into the toilet and took off and come up in that toilet over there she was that's why I don't want to fucking airplane that night and went to the snakes sensed that he was scared and then went and found the place where there was the most of your animals are terrified of them they probably have a sense of fear she's a fucking toilet imagine that goes to the toilet I mean I still have bad memories snake bite me in the balls in the ass because I had

► 01:15:23

how to get the snake back I didn't let him out there if I can Will Ferrell you sorry now you say Jesus Christ where's that fucking snitch Melbourne live in the toilet man wow wow little snake up the ass trick climbed in the fucking toilet and went to the one guy that was terrified of them

► 01:16:09


► 01:16:20

poor Bobby heenan's somebody dying if you had man from drinking

► 01:16:37

five little of the giant together when I first got into wrestling referee in like in 1974 so and they came to me this look in my refereeing tomorrow night but we want you to drive Andre around

► 01:16:53

do you a referee before you were pro wrestling which is actually the best way to store could you get a feel event to get a feel of it you learn how to feel people and you are not judge people in crowd you can read them but I got the check your laundry thing they give me a van scenario sit in the back kind of a bean bag chair

► 01:17:16

take me to the building he'll do this thing give me a ride back to the hotel cool 70 miles no problem whatever

► 01:17:23

so we get through the show and he's like

► 01:17:37

is Lady 5-mile trip

► 01:17:40

okay so somebody to case I guess you want some proof room right so we get back

► 01:17:53

until I get into that first 3rd 4th hour I got to piss every time I have a beer. To piss I don't really buy beer on just rent it or rent it then I go get rid of it cuz I told Sean I got pissed

► 01:18:17

Leupold clothes I got piss again finally get their gets out of this I'll get your beer you finished

► 01:18:27

what 3:40 beers

► 01:18:32

yeah right now love you big goof you know he leaves I didn't get in there first thing I've done checking with my hand make sure I put my end of pissed cuz I figured this motherfucker string two cases of beer and do not have to piss I don't care if you got dreamy but damn it

► 01:18:51

how can you do that I feel so inadequate I just came with coming up here up so big and we're just an amazing athlete an amazing man

► 01:19:11

and to be in the ring with you

► 01:19:15

you don't bleed when Hulk Hogan hoisted him up in the air what the fuck do that photo of him with a regular size can of beer that is insane. They look real that doesn't look real at the 12 oz yeah yeah that's a 12 ounce beer and it just vanishes inside his head see if you can find a video of when Hulk Hogan picks him up over his head how much did he weigh 5558 with a man thing about it is

► 01:19:53

it wouldn't happen was Andre one ranked course he's going to boost himself course I mean if you look around Ray-Bans are yes I went under in a sudden he's here, I've got him he would use that athletic energy for that there is but I've met him earlier too I ran into him on the street once and I couldn't believe how fucking biggie was the second time I saw him he was shorter cuz he had so many back surgeries that has discs have been fuse and I'm still at giant human being

► 01:20:53

but he wasn't as big enough 6/8 no more yeah all the way up is that true or what's that you're trying to kill a motherfucker and you don't even know it yeah

► 01:21:26

so when you reach out to eat and I'll be falling right just rip the fucking feel dear I hear you two are look at that why it's so crazy that's you so crazy about fucking big he was he was so big it reached out and grabbed my arms and pulled

► 01:22:09

did you guys plan shit out like that or did he just improvised that in the moment we went out there and played

► 01:22:15

he likes me and I like children under your chest you see if you don't man up to it you get to see the documentary that they made on him on HBO The Andre it's really great that you really love it yeah yeah yeah

► 01:22:36

it made me it made me cry so I know what that man went through what you go through pointing and laughing and pain Camp coniston unbelievable because of wrestling because of the growth girl girl let's talk about hotels and bathrooms where does he get in the bathtub know which one to go take his ass to get a squishy in there just got to do hot yoga in that bathroom with that shower

► 01:23:25

God damn it I got it in a bathtub Plains car that paper told me a great story about you know how everybody would always he would just get so harassed out in public and they were out drinking one night after shows and they were in on in some college town Michael say Madison Wisconsin or something like that and they're having some drinks at a bar and Piper was like these kids these Frat Boys you know that they noticed that a few tables away and someone there an empty beer can hits Andre in the back of the head it hits the ground you know Andre looks around there hanging out a couple minutes later Another Empty beer can hits Andre growls a little bit harder and then a third beer can comes and and Andre stanza it hits him in his head Andre stands up you know it takes him awhile to get out of the booth or whatever wherever they're at any nice guys get

► 01:24:25

up and they start running in a Chase Andre chases them but when he gets out of the bar they are in their car about to pull away and Andre literally goes under the car that's up front of the bar and flips it over there's a cop a half a block away who pulls up and arrest them for fucking with Andre the Giant with their car with them in those guys mess with me I remember when you first start

► 01:25:05

but I am wrestling in a minute we had this little thing we do where you get me in the corner and he just still at waiting to me you know what you're pretty easy to do to register and then I would slide down and then he grabbed each side of the road do that drop course she's got these ropes that night he wanted to do it and then hand slipped his ass plans right here and just fucking bird racist can I breathe I just want to know if I can breathe cuz I could have the moment so I think I forgot how bad is it in the lights, the first off we go pass out and then I hear under left

► 01:25:58


► 01:26:21

but it was a steady flow it wouldn't 48 years where the fart head like a wine stain on my shoulder

► 01:26:32

sure that I'm amazing the amazing guy man but I suspect myself and really don't like me cuz they're putting me out there in the fans you cheer me on the charger to that fucking big giant you want me to get kill don't you why you doing this to me that's no fun in that was that hard to always be a great bad guy or did you sort of relish in that yeah yeah

► 01:27:05

guy is so boring right Ryan picture with the baby but is a bad guy you can do anything and it's okay and didn't get to see how far you can take people you know some people freak it's kind of bug people freaking out a little bit of thinking about starting a riot but that's when you know you done your job right when you can get people to step out of their comfort zone and come into the ring after you

► 01:27:40

how you done the job did you have that happen oh yeah how many times

► 01:27:45

3040 * 35 * people charge the ring trying to get you one time with the work from being in Dallas Texas which is what started it was wrestling sting

► 01:28:00

the guy stood up. 9 rows back reach inside of his jacket on a 9 mm got three shots off before they got him in the base station stupid fuck you staying I'm not coming back bitch this guy got three shells off at me I remember going to the back

► 01:28:23

got my dear

► 01:28:26

you taking that for you making people do shit they would not normally do because you're going to get sick

► 01:28:34

how to press charges press charges. Just reload the mother fucker put it back out there what the fuck you think? Course I would press charges man sportatorium there. Was he shooting actual was it a shooting at the ceiling at me I had a woman years old

► 01:28:56

help me with a box cutter first time she's ever been to watch wrestling

► 01:29:03

what did you do to start that

► 01:29:05

she been home with your grandkids and they are watch me wrestle

► 01:29:10

and they were like oh granny looking so nice of Jake Roberts you so bad right now you're somebody needs to watch his damn mouth out with soap and spank his ass about that man needs you know somebody should straighten him out earlier in his life and shut up you would have done anything and run from him to I would not run from that man and they basically challenge the grandmother not knowing it she's a little off next time I come to town she gets fucking ticket

► 01:29:38

she's going to show those grandkids he's not afraid of me Jesus Christ came down the aisle I got security around me

► 01:29:47

and all the sudden my Securities, this is playing right now. Trying to see what they're doing there's a woman that's down and they're all over everything what she had a fucking heart attack man what's going on Jake's you fucking cunt you man I like how you're full of shit holy shit spacer how bad that you got you got 30 stitches

► 01:30:23

so I get to the back with her should I hear the story

► 01:30:27

you know what hat what is actually happen

► 01:30:34

she want to love me like you do I started crying she started crying and low only lasted for months now that you're better man than me what you did kick her though that's how many root canals one really not that long

► 01:31:20

definition of the punishment that you would take pro wrestling Jesus Christ as you get older to take the chair of urate breaking off in pieces and stuff and then it probably didn't help in my spiral down and remanded I couldn't go eat you know I had to check to see when I read it make sure I just put new poligrip in and you start eating a steak with poligrip and it breaks loose and next thing you know your fucking mouth bleeding for the broke loose and Ryan having to go to the bathroom you mix a date so nice you know there's nothing that says Love by chewing on your girlfriend's box in your teeth fall out on her belly button you know it just turns them away

► 01:32:20

2B hair shocks man you know and Pam did you ever warm out I know you can't do the difference but you know some people Dallas G4

► 01:32:39

they are you look dude

► 01:32:42

we see you're having problem we see you doing you're talking and I talk like this cuz I didn't want her constantly coming loose and it didn't matter how many times I got new ones but they still suck. So these people g-form and they finally came through it really affects you alright

► 01:33:03

Rich Homie implants why didn't know a lot about that shit.

► 01:33:08

Baby come back to me and they should I needed Alice and

► 01:33:15

dr. Goldberg was saying his name and put 11 implants in

► 01:33:21

pretty bad man I had a bad day it's hard to medicate me and put me out because I raised those levels too high so Jared while I was out and they were pulling teeth getting ready to put some things into screw into immediately during all that process I just stood up and started pissing on the doctor and kissing everybody in the room and chasing them and the boys sucking idiot was this why you were so be it but this is I'm saying this is like jr. sobriety. So this is recently being locked in a small room

► 01:34:10

Richard the snake you posed to take outside pictures of medicated

► 01:34:19

what was even nicer was the next day didn't even hold it against me that's how I woke up the next morning and put me in bed or any of that and I didn't know what to say but I woke up the next morning

► 01:34:37

cuz I basically undressed me there and get the piss all off of me and put new clothes on me

► 01:34:43

how much do they have to buy clothes for you or the wizard of address me and I came back the next morning I haven't been there for 5 hours a day before and they sent me down so this won't take me about 15 minutes when I get out right and they come in the here's your new teeth threw up and screw them in man I can buy the bumper on a car no she don't fuck around with getting partial plates all that bullshit go ahead and buy them it's expensive and no doubt it's expensive but it changed my whole life that is in the guy that did my hair show me by the bank I wanted their hair

► 01:35:39

well Jake the snake at the end of the line some people in Atlanta where I was living Paramount plastic surgery and stuff that she look who will give you a hair man you know why we are Jake The Snake Man we love you and

► 01:36:00

it's like 30 40 krag I know you love me but you're going to do that really that's one of the things in the movie you know you let people come up with money for my shoulder oh my God I cry so hard if that's part of that movie when they when you guys are expecting like how I'm hoping that we arrange a little something and I never wish more than pay for my phone almost had enough to get a job which I was going to put on my back that way you have something to play with you on your shoulder bone spurs bone spurs won the Spurs win over 2 inches long can feel that fucking thing in there go across the muscle you sure not yet but I felt it before

► 01:37:00

but what I'm getting out of here and it's like the number of people that reached out to me

► 01:37:08

this ship

► 01:37:11

people didn't even know just blows me away but just think about how many people you touched over your entire career and how many people ran away from home yeah and it's crazy because back then everybody's like this is the scariest guy we hate this guy Boo this guy and then it's like years later they realize wow that guy moved me like it's like originally everybody was afraid of you or hated you but it's like in it's all in retrospect when they realize holy shit this guy I can help this guy he learned it from me he deserves a task I change my wife of a scene in the movie when it's unexpected in the guys are in the ring and they play the music and you start walking out the bag and snake in it that's pretty incredible horror it was after all the shit that you would been through but you should brining all the shit that I'd stirred up when I was a drunk you know because

► 01:38:11

give me how many people have forgiven me for the things that I said or did when I was under the invoice pandas let me tell you something there is nothing more vile than a drunk eating mother fucker chill like I was and I won't have to have did not mind going after Vince or anybody else

► 01:38:32

you know I'd life so I want to hate you too cuz I don't give a fuck if you hate me I guess what I hate me more than you gave me that's what made me view people helping me is like

► 01:38:49

all those years that I used to cringe when somebody say hey would you oh my baby

► 01:38:55

hold your baby you don't know what the fuck I am

► 01:39:04

because it would hurt me inside

► 01:39:08

to pull a cheating and smile and why I'm ugly Lottery

► 01:39:17

nights like this one of me to do a commercial one time I just say no campaign that's hilarious what is the funny man right not to be able to say no

► 01:39:36

the worst feeling in the world man here you got something on his hand is going to kill you

► 01:39:43

are you got life over here and it's Green Pastures and all this happy happy happy and you can have a good relationship with a woman if you just take the boys in the street is that you or movie your film your story and who you are right now is one of the best just say no commercials I could ever do that baby for real well you don't you can't just say no you show me the bullshit ever sent you show that in the film that you want to say no I mean this is what one of the more powerful things about that film is not just that you succeeded but that you tried and failed several times until you succeeded and you detailed all of it all the warts and all every single step of the way so very brave movie man really is no no you didn't it was tough but

► 01:40:35

now I'm getting to do the right thing for me I'm doing this comedy thing that's not really, but I just thought I'd tell Road stories and shift you like all the stories I took but I'm still on the first one, two and a half years now but now I'm enjoying it so much

► 01:41:09

that because I'm making people laugh

► 01:41:12

cuz I'm getting connect I'm getting to connect with people that are needing help

► 01:41:16

come to the show. I don't take give me the icky man afterwards we'll go find a place and talk and some of the stories I have man make my story

► 01:41:27

sound like a fucking walk in the park man I mean some of the horror stories I've heard what people are going through and suffering and their story there pain and their anger I should look weak compared to help them find a way and then I get to hear the stories of the success stories hey man I start getting cleaned out her by you shoving to get clean master to try and he got guess what Jake I got 2 years ago I got four years in that those are great but the best is the letter from the 6 year old says you help my daddy my Daddy loves you and I love you too cuz my daddy lives with me now wow fuck me man wow gym by that shit I can't find that so I get what Dallas does you know when he helps people he getting high off of God bless him he should get high off of it

► 01:42:25

cuz he spends a lot of time doing it brought a lot of time

► 01:42:29

that's what they always thought about down he may not be the smartest guy in the room but he's smart enough to know that and he'll go find out right answer you know whatever he was dealing with me and Scott you know how to be that each what that was about so what you do he contact you all this buddy buddy self-talk man can you tell problem we've got done now

► 01:42:57

so here's a guy that over prepared for everything as far as I'm concerned but that's also why you started DDP Yoga yeah not just sharing it but promoting it worldwide have you ever done it I haven't I mean I did do a little bit of it years ago I looked up the hill I found a little bit of it on YouTube I never got the actual program but who's the program you can make it as easy as you want her to making this difficult as you want and that's that's the beauty of it because you can get somebody like nimble that's over here with a sprain sprain mangina leave you alone I understand he can't help me so it's like this like playing with round things over there that's me the knob do you say stroke in the knobs unbelievable day of the cool things about DDP Yoga before and after of the physical transitions of P

► 01:43:57

but what those pictures don't show is the mental presents that you get I mean I was I was in Chicago doing gigs a few years ago and this was after I got to see your movie when it first premiered I actually think it was David Arquette that got me and Maya cuz we made friends at The Comedy Store years ago you got me and my buddies in on you guys had your premiere on Sunset Boulevard at that I'll take your word for it anyway and so I had already seen the movie but Scott wasn't at that and I don't believe you were there either and the big one yeah and so I was in Chicago doing a gig and it's one of those morning radio shows that I didn't want to have to do that Friday morning 6 a.m. pick up whatever I just flown in and I almost I remember I almost called in sick to that radio show cuz I'm like I'm doing and I want to I'm just tired and I want to do it

► 01:44:57

flight but I end up not calling in sick I'm going to just do it make coffee in the hotel and get to the fucking car right exactly and as soon as I get there till like Mancow in the morning right there like you'll never believe who else is in studio with a year wrestling fan right I'm like yeah they're like Scott Hall is also going to be here with you I'm like you got to be fucking kidding me and I remember how you brush your teeth with Tina I remember hoping cuz I just seen that movie I'm like oh man I hope that and I hope he's still in good shape and everything I hope everything's cool cuz I know how hard it is to stay clean as an addict and and my God if he wasn't just and you and you know you was well here today it's like it just completely present not you can't even tell you probably had 20,000 concussions in your life you know I mean just there looking around laughing smiling my mind was blown

► 01:45:57

but he was as present if not more than a lot of the other and available older most let Morino pro wrestlers that I had met you know what I mean and people that I had met him he was being charged it was real compared to the guy that gets scooted in on that wheelchair that can't walk and when he's first starting with the chairs you can hear bones cracking when you hurt his hip the second one man they went to the front that's the way to go I went in at 7 a.m. it noon

► 01:46:42

I jerked covers back till my daughter had me my pants are I'm walking out naked my fucking pants on put my feet down and walk straight out you can do that. Supposed to the doctor was yelling at me as we were leaving the building was he saying

► 01:47:03

shrimp and blow the whole thing out across the top of the femur and they put a new joint they screwing you ever seen how they do it Center of your bone it goes right through the bone and screws in place and then you have his new joint the first one I ever brutal the whole jointed calcified took him three and a half hours to get it out they finally went to like bring in the big hammer he went from The Shining Silver Hammer to get Clause functions Sledge out to the truck and bring it on in you know how cauliflower ear with ear starts right now I know what it is yeah yeah yeah

► 01:48:03

block its blood blood calcifies so blood becomes a rock really turns into a rock you get that in your nose and he's getting he have it in his joint so we basically had rocks in his join completely calcified that's fucking for 3 or 4 years like that I'll show you guys when you come back

► 01:48:27

no one can hear you unfortunately to do this

► 01:48:34

yeah yeah

► 01:48:39

so you were you putting so much torque in that you were blowing your hip out of socket so your left hip took the grand but it would be in the paper for the doctor he's like oh my God cuz when I first went to see the dogs like the show me oh my God I hope you like your tolerance for pain probably through the fucking roof probably just so accustomed to it recognize your arm broken when you want to keep wrestling

► 01:49:29

are you okay I'm alright well it's a lie because you weren't all right it's just the dream was flowing so much and so jacked on that shit you know that's the real truck driver that Jamie I'll show you how to do it put your back in this I think the tension from this spring-trap you will save your life man now when you do any traveling shows and doing them in comedy clubs what are you doing

► 01:50:03

Hotel convention rooms whatever has got to be great for you to because of the beginning of the film one of the things that was having it was that you missed you missed the whole excitement of performing it was it was missing from your life so now you've got that back but also healthy healthy absolutely it's your wipers went back man because I abused myself so much my memory was shot and then is I tell one story glimmer will happen over here and then then I'll talk to somebody in the crowd and they all mentioned in Russell that got the hell you did and they make me remember stuff like I said now I got like 10 shows way first I had to really struggle to get one showed again did you write them all out I didn't get him

► 01:51:03

I just write in a bullet points and I can pull it back up but you're so nice to do you know because I was with my speech

► 01:51:13

wooden Venetian in Foley are you doing them with Nick on the road now I'm doing good ones now you don't see my car blows warm air you

► 01:51:41

are you think about maybe I can get you on the TV squash match kid or doesn't get to breathe you know so that was like you telling on the wrestler hey I'll see if I can get you in a squash match at least like saying you know you're a piece of shit I'm just going to use you and talk to you over the corner when it's done do you have to do squats Magic Stick To Know

► 01:52:10

we did back in my day I started at the bottom and work your way up now you guys are going to school for 3 months and I never knew existed it didn't exist is it kind of like school for stand up exactly I think it's exactly like that classes that teaches stand-up and the good thing about it is you get at least you can you start doing it like whether or not they're actually teach me anything is very debatable and the things that they are teaching is all in ring technique and and Tasha's in Georgia right and the thing that you know us Die Hard wrestling fans now mess with the product is exactly what you specialized in which is psychology cutting promos I mean he wants to cut off promo I remember against Hulk Hogan where you said something like if you plant grass grass will grow if you plant rice

► 01:53:10

rice will grow and if you plant fear in your opponent's head

► 01:53:22

back in the day we got to do 70 or 80 interviews

► 01:53:29

and the TV guys TV Guide used to fight or getting me cuz I know it's going to be funny some guys you know I can always move Warriors from those guys take 26 like pulling teeth but for me so I'm there one day I might just so and

► 01:54:05

enter like a jackass. We're not getting any sound motherfucker do I tell you just to roll it

► 01:54:12

so I do it again make it to sound for like 30 seconds then I would cut little boys next to you that you're not scared to Jake why don't you just made you get up and fix your television you wasn't broke can you come to the TV like I said to you did you couldn't fix it tell your wife I said hello. Chills chills from head to toe from

► 01:54:43

awesome that the life that you were living you could probably pull those dark thoughts out like other people

► 01:54:56

right stuff.

► 01:54:58

And sex day after getting fuck was I thinking you know I just horrify me but yeah sometimes you can be

► 01:55:12

will you had experiences I mean that means just trying to kill yourself with pills or whatever the fuck you were doing me the darkness that you had in your life like my sister being murdered should my mother mother was a 12 year old girl

► 01:55:28

and her mother was dating my father her mother was

► 01:55:34

mother passed out and my father

► 01:55:39

WebEx and went into a twelve-year-old cool girls room

► 01:55:46

that's me

► 01:55:49

that's how I got started

► 01:55:51

and then later in life sister did not know it

► 01:55:56

Johnny Wright another daughter and I know it

► 01:56:01

Richard whispering

► 01:56:03

tell people with bringing even in the evil animal with a bunch of problem

► 01:56:09

can I get in the ring with somebody that I didn't do my dad and they beat the fucking shit out of me

► 01:56:15

they hated him cuz I seen some shit that he did

► 01:56:21

do you want to believe that I'm your own father

► 01:56:24

cuz you don't want to believe that do you

► 01:56:30

I remember the girl Schmidt earlier Kodi

► 01:56:34

she's the first daughter of mine that I held in my lap

► 01:56:41

she was 22

► 01:56:44

22 before I would ever pick up one of my daughters and send them in my lap

► 01:56:51

because I was afraid I turn into my father

► 01:56:55

I never wanted that

► 01:56:58

be someone that abuses a child cuz I did not know what that ship was like I knew what I did to my fucking head

► 01:57:09

getting ride and getting sober

► 01:57:13

morning to talk about it

► 01:57:16

helps a lot

► 01:57:18

makes better it don't share it you know you never get over it

► 01:57:24

but I can deal with it now I don't have to go medicate at work now when you talk to these people that you're also helping and you meeting him that also have these problems how many of them have also been abused a lot a lot man you know what it's like to be sitting in a Comic Con and look out there and there's people in your line and

► 01:57:47

try contact contact your kid you look at the kid and they look at you and you're like

► 01:57:53

for mother fucker going through a two aren't you and I can tell it I know that fucking kids being sexually abused I can see it and I hate that for you cuz then they trying to talk to Mike shut down completely

► 01:58:10

and in the fucking asshole is next to is probably doing the bullshit

► 01:58:14

he want my attention man what chance do I have you been getting any good attention and smelly take if you see the fear you know can you see the way that the dad communicates with her then you see their reaction they won't look at you with her eyes

► 01:58:38

really hard to get them looking

► 01:58:43

remember I told somebody one time then probably the one thing that helped me in my early life. Going through all that sexual abuse and bullshit was

► 01:58:56

reason I learned a lot of things could you help me get me to a safe place to know I learned to judge people and their attitudes you know I knew what buttons to push and what buttons not to push with my stepmother and I knew what was a safe place and it through key words that come out from her I knew the fucking go hi I had to start reading this shit then I had to start coming up with storylines you stuff to get me out of here so I wouldn't be put in the position to get gotten again

► 01:59:25

you're running that should have 12 and 13 while you're getting some fucking knowledge

► 01:59:31

just have to go through it

► 01:59:38

I don't know brother if there was ever a reason to bring back the big one for gas or bullets or whatever hang I think perfect for anybody to make a public fucking a fuck five years in jail fuck you mother fucker put your dancing on the end of the Rope

► 01:59:59

that get people's attention

► 02:00:03

yeah I don't know how to steal but what would they do that would stop it completely but it's it's one of the the most disturbing characteristics of people that they did that's even possible. He wants to talk nobody wants to talk about you damn sure don't because you know what happened to the Kid 9 times out of 10 they raised her hand and they say something then this group comes in this group comes in cops come in they say they're stashes that way probably just exaggerating

► 02:00:41

or you end up in an orphanage where does the at once at an orphanage more than a predator a lot of kids that get abused like that one of abusing other kid absolutely amazing what you're taught

► 02:00:57

Sandusky weather whole charity for kids of his whole like that which is not messed up that the kids were damaged and they would be used to it

► 02:01:12

you know what we what we call love it can be an ugly thing you know sometimes a kid looks to get his ass kicked because that's the only type of Levi knows it's true

► 02:01:26

you're a powerful man to have gone through all this and to be able to express it so honestly to to everybody I mean that that that is an amazing thing because the pain of your experiences has not stopped you from expressing all of the all of the the downsides of it but also that you've come out of it on the other end in a very positive way me and you're a great guy to be around you funny as shit you have amazing Stories and you're clean now you couldn't help him study lab dogs 27

► 02:02:13

should have to do the things that I did to quit feeling

► 02:02:17

I'll tell you if it's a whole lot easier to pick up cocaine and forget about it then it is to go to counseling go through this go through reliving that 25 fucking times

► 02:02:31

you going to counseling and they say okay tell us exactly how it happened what do you want me to do that so you can jack off what what's your not on this that's what we're thinking right you want me to remember it forget it tell me how to forget it tell me how to remember it I got it down what was ultimately what was ultimately the thing that allowed you to stay clean when you would faltered five or six times whatever it was what was ultimately the thing that allows you to get past all this and just embraced sobriety and being healthy I think it was just

► 02:03:15

realize that I wasn't going to fail this time

► 02:03:20

and that came from Dallas not giving up on me see I was scared that he was going to give up on me so it's almost like you were failing so that he would give up on you get that over with I know it's going to hurt but God damn it I can't deal with this thought of how much is going to hurt I rather it hurt right now and you kick me out and then I go over here and get something to make me forget about that bullshit so it's always hanging over your head that you're going to fuck up and finally when I realized no matter how many times you going to be there

► 02:03:55


► 02:03:58

again Man 3 years I don't want to live with me for 3 years much I miss you dude just awesome but I texted him and he's the same after I watch that attitude your ass ain't he just wants to help people man in and you know I'm not going to sit here and hard shell this product man but DDP Yoga they see me the best body in your mind go ahead and cook food diet diet he has to do is not eat certain shit by the way shit you just asking you step off of gluten in Step Up There

► 02:04:40

okay what's the problem with that cheese okay you want cheese you can have cheese you have sheep cheese and goat cheese cuz it don't fuck you up like how she's doing or if you look at how healthy the guy is in his sixties and how flexible is and how how mobile he is and with a little chunk just like you his back is fucked up but he could do everything and it's just because his muscles are so strong all around his back it's completely supported story of you even if you don't use it you lose it from listening from listening to him on your podcast he talked about how he doesn't extreme 10 minutes stretching to start his day and I've really really put that in action stuck with my animals

► 02:05:23

if I don't watch this dog in the morning and gets up what is a dog do stretch in the back like a fucking cat he's a smart man he's a powerful man to I mean it just what what he has in his head in terms of his vision for helping people and how he's able to see that through not having that accountability crib and and and putting everybody through these workouts on a daily basis me the amount of time invested and helping you guys since fucking amazing and not just you guys but many many many many people

► 02:06:11

enough. He's getting out there is it lucky we're helping out about him more and more speeding that buzz I mean it's feeding is it really is true doing something nice makes you feel good it doesn't really get talked about and not just send me Brian right now you're right my brother what is a lot of people are scared they like watching fear base things because it you know if it bleeds it leads but just wanted to hurt even calling it news you know it's it's events you know but news is almost always negative and it's not even calling it the news like what does that mean news what's news this should happen hours or it's not news this is just events it's like the show is events what Dallas

► 02:07:11

doing is showing people that there's another path and in his his yoga program and just how positive an energetic the guy is it's contagious you know what happening on the podcast man the number of talking messages that I got afterwards of how many people that have benefited and how many people start taking its programming Fair start taking his yoke or any yoga and cleaning up their life and just inspired by it's amazing you know that makes me very happy when I can help a guy fucking white bread. Kind of worried that that makes me very happy I just want to get out there a form of doing the shows in building so you know cuz you wouldn't do me any good to be in a building with her 5,000 people cuz I can spend time with each one of you right but if it's a comedy club

► 02:08:08

because that becomes the show controls easy was just fucking memories I had some jingle doing for it around your house a couple cute things I'm done yeah that's where I want

► 02:08:23


► 02:08:25

you know what it's been a good show with me when I go and talk to a couple people and then go back to hotel no I just like

► 02:08:32

which is basically the opposite of how you would go back to hotel room when you were wrestling forget now and then go back and chill

► 02:08:47

thanks beautiful open it

► 02:08:52

hand of miracles happen to me in the past 4 years to believe that there's until one more Miracle left for me and I hope the hell I mean I don't want to I don't want to be alone anymore man I do something stupid how much are you guys know you a lot of you guys listening to come on Juju chilling but maybe I am

► 02:09:18

a woman is a great thing to have

► 02:09:21

but you can't have too much

► 02:09:24

can I have too many

► 02:09:26

I know

► 02:09:28

experience that

► 02:09:30

I went from a small town kid Gainesville taxes where if you got laid twice a month by two different girls you're a stud you're the man

► 02:09:44

and the double standards that we have for women that have a woman goes out and gets away she's not a stud she's a whore

► 02:09:51

what the fuck my weather from small-town to

► 02:09:58

bigger City Star oh my God you name the price you make it nice hey girl what are you and your girlfriend comes a little show for me use this toy that toy this toy bringing the donkey comes the clown because that's what it got it was never enough

► 02:10:17

it had to be one more idea one more goofy thing to do with a girl one more sexual position how many can you do in one night would you do with the donkey it's a joke bro we're friends we have dicks in her butt

► 02:10:35

other words I thought so I couldn't talk no more

► 02:10:39

because now I'm going to take some pretty weird shit to get my fucking brain busy

► 02:10:47

I went from having a diva at home that Foxy hot most I could ever want

► 02:10:57

having to get my shots

► 02:10:59

just shut your fucking testosterone so I can pray to get a hard-on for

► 02:11:05

because there's not all this outside stuff into the the night

► 02:11:11

fucking kidding me to change his hot mother fucker probably have to do with all the years of doing steroids will your body doesn't produce testosterone the same anymore if you don't have steroids extreme excitement but that might be part of the issue excitement was

► 02:11:40

how many toys to make a right that's the right your stuff wasn't stimulating. Get me happy I mean yeah Geo joke about the couple are in bed going what's wrong honey we can't you can't fuck anybody else either try to think of somebody that you should go and she's trying to think of somebody get her shit going live in a fucking life but I had to abstain from sex

► 02:12:13


► 02:12:15

to get the fire back

► 02:12:18

far is back

► 02:12:20

nobody was put it up so you can find a woman or women I'm going to experience on a date with my mom if I can get Jacob snakes to be right if I can get Jake The Snake to be my step dad my life complete take her probably is and she has a pet donkey so if you want any dating apps or anything right well you don't want an old fashioned girl isn't that I should put it out there now to millions of people so what's going to happen is that your shows from will get a lot of bullshit that I don't want right now

► 02:13:20

right now with a blow dryer and a brush and they get ready for Jake The Snake you on Instagram he got on his knees and Nashville check check your inbox check your inbox I don't check in inbox now go to be careful with the ones of the numbers after their names most those pictures are fake and is only two photos and none of them have any text in them don't get suckered don't get finished giving fished you know the catfish you from Nigeria will help you bro where you next week and we're going to send this out there to all the all the women to women on Instagram and website

► 02:14:20

just know that my daughter will read them first okay settle down lady says pictures all right brother listen this is an awesome podcast I really appreciate you coming in here and your film is fucking fantastic it's the resurrection of Jake The Snake it's fucking excellent Diamond Dallas Page for showers up so we just did 2 hours and 20 minutes shout out to Dallas he's a fucking amazing human being young Tony Hinchcliffe tell people we going to be next Dallas New Year's Eve I'm going to be in Baltimore and so again just did a bunch of just did 11 pack shows in Texas for kill Tony's and five stand-up shows and this week and we're doing Dallas New Year's Eve me and Jeremiah Watkins

► 02:15:20

beautiful for me two shows in one night Baltimore at Magooby's at the end of November and those dates for England are coming up on my website probably at the end of this week maybe someday you and I you got to do to be in the same town and me doing a good showing you somewhere else he's got a self go

► 02:15:54

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► 02:19:00

thank you to whisper listening fuck is wrong with me I can't get the show over in a smooth and and then efficient and professional way

► 02:19:08

that's part of my seat for the number but I love you guys and girls and non-binary folks and everyone in between and and dogs and cats for listening to I don't give a fuck about turtles up you got Charlie Good Luck yourself that's it bye love to all