#1244 - Colin O'Brady

The Joe Rogan Experience #1244 - Colin O'Brady

February 11, 2019

Colin O'Brady is a professional endurance athlete, motivational speaker and adventurer. He is a three-time world record holder, and just became the first person in the world to travel across Antarctica unassisted. In 2016 he set the Explorers Grand Slam and Seven Summits speed records.

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my guess today

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what a what a human being ready for this guy his name is Colin O'Brady Colin O'Brady just became the first human being in history to cross Antarctica solo unsupported and unaided a 932 mile expedition in 54 days Holy Ship he walked across Antarctica pulling at 375 lb sled of food

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fuck I mean this incredible human being a bunch of other stuff too he's a fascinating guy and a really really nice guys welding you never you never guess that this man is such a beast I really enjoy talking to him friendly intelligent articulate why am I still talking please welcome Colin O'Brady

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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what's up man what's up dude I see what's hilarious about to have to tell you that I did a podcast earlier today and he said as your second for the day he was impressive endurance do you know how fucking ridiculous that is for you to say this is a guy who walked across Antarctica how many days until you 54 days check with you that was an endurance feat of its own yeah just backed up already for 2 hours how do you do it two more hours here we go yeah to what the fuck were you doing just just getting back actually still still practically have a snow on my shoes I got back about a month ago 54 day Journey first person in history to Across the entire continent solo unsupported so no resupply throughout the thing across Antarctica I can't believe it

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it's so big on a map how long do you think it would take you to walk across America but usually people sit on a shelf so basically kind of a diagonal across to the center and then back to the other ice shelf what do the flat earthers think about your you're traversing this this area like this is exactly what to the center of the fucking Earth basically there it is the top of the pole at the South Pole and then go over to the to the ice shelf it's funny you say about the flat-earthers though because all jokes aside ever getting a lot of trolling on my Instagram page

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Beach the other day for super nice come up in the Q&A afterwards want to shake my hand take a picture whatever in this guy walks up in this real Earnest look on his face is like so I really wanted to ask you how is the whole house excuse me you know the hole at the center and I was like he was like you know like when you got to the edge

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and I was like like you're really asking is such a strange thing to believe but people do it's well I'm sure there's probably somebody believed it before that but it started off people trolling on 4chan that eventually people just started actually going hoodie that it is flat and videos YouTube videos pop. YouTube video Someone linked to me that I had a Game of Thrones at the edge of the world to call never actually know he's a new world order shill

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the other buddy what was that we got a bunch of the Instagram pays I'm out there alone completely by myself but I want to share the whole story let me he's not out there alone he's taking pictures was the film crew as I guys have you never heard of tripod Survivorman exactly so so so funny comments along those lines and how many pounds was the main the main ways people call my project The Impossible first that's what I named the project because several people interested and heavy sled people some people try this Ernest Shackleton saying if it was possible and then

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actually died less than a hundred miles from the Finish Line because of lack of nutrition and in some challenges with the weather and things like that but people called it in the reason people thought it was impossible because you can't get resupplies meaning if you feel your sled with food in a certain amount you actually can't drag the slide anymore so the whole math equation really was figuring out just how much food and fuel like to put in a slide the fuel melts the water to melt the ice into water essentially and that equal to 375 lb and 2 truth I could pick on the first day like I won our into getting dropped off I'm dropped off completely alone out there in Antarctica plan this project for a year you know and get dropped off and after about one hour pulling through 275 lb slide through the snow to -25 degrees out crying I'm literally crying and the tears in my goggles are starting to freeze and I'm like oh my God so I pick up my satellite phone I call home to my wife Jenna who also creates and plans all these projects with me and I'm

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I think we name the project the right thing at the impossible verse yet looks like it might be that I'm already having those doubts pull out but you unfortunately I was able to get a little bit further that day in 55 Days Later made it to the end on ice shelf which is basically the Frozen sea ice and there's an edge of that that's thick with a continent starts inside of a waypoint on my GPS that marks that so the plane that drops me off actually drop me off on the ice shelf before the continent started my first Waypoint was kind of like the actual start until 1 hour and I haven't even hit the real start so much when I call her on the phone she's like cuz she knows the rap she's like well how far are you from the first which is starting its .63 March 1st

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I myself got to the first Waypoint and I finally got in my tent that night and just got took a deep breath I think I was just overwhelmed by the magnitude of it I mean imagine being a spec the middle of Antarctica alone you crazy temperature is all the excitement but fears of the journey ahead and 375 lb of my back when the sleds you know when the snow is deep to even even heavier than if it's like light I see are Consolidated so yeah it was it was a rough start to say the least did you do any sort of test run pulling the sled anywhere else yeah so that it was pretty cool so I actually said a few other world records previous two days in the mountains and things we could talk what if you want but the the last year's I really committed to this project I decided to start training specifically for this I need to put on about 20 pounds of muscle I'm usually 6ft 165 pretty Leonid racetrack lawn professionally for number years and realize I needed to be a bit bigger cuz I was going to lose so much weight

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found an amazing coach in Portland Oregon where I live this guy named Mike mccastle I don't know if you've ever heard of him but I know you're fat. David Goggins on your show that take it so Mike actually surpassed David pull up record Mike did 5804 pull ups in 20 hours wasn't gossiped about 4,000 what you're both insane to me cuz I can do like another 30 pound weight vest to a jury Mike mccastle absolute absolute Legend

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5000 fucking chin ups with a weight vest on to that Billy should do 10 not not my strong suit this cuz I got a I got a big F-250 truck 20 miles across Death Valley in a harness so I'm trying to look for the best guy to teach me how to pull heavy show my God you got the guy the guy was like this is the guy got out there that's make you feel like such a pussy super soft spoken to the school so anyways I would disagree with that record so hard he could die and the like come back to life and live a whole nother life no one's ever going to do

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so he was the guy in Portland crazy stuff on this a physical challenge but it's more of a mental challenge than anything so he had me you know my hands in ice buckets doing planks to get my heart rate jacked up and get out of the water that I put my hands out of the ice buckets do not be a seated squat against the wall then he would hand me Legos and so my hands are froze and my feet are in ice buckets down app like my heart rate to text area my fingers the mental acuity to pull a really important missions behind all this project because I'm twelve labors and over his life he's trying to set 12 route world records and various things different

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he's the man but like this crazy training he came up with for me that was like the water the mental acuity all of this was like he was like yeah you're going to be going up your debt like the stakes are that high 50 60 mile-per-hour way inside absolutely crazy so if you have is a clip on my Instagram I posted a few days ago of me of meat setting up the tent in a -80 degrees out 60 mile-per-hour winds it's pretty gnarly but yeah I mean there was one time when the 10th almost dead blow away from you yet there's this one there's one other one this is me getting into town looking like an absolute disaster what I get out for free audio but that's me that's me

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well you pull a nice out of your eyelashes

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I just

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so hardly the Tenth Avenue North I was going to go to get it up or I was going to have to just keep walking

► 00:18:20

open these tent poles hold

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that's really intense

► 00:18:28

how do you say warm in that tent

► 00:18:30

so it's average temperature is about -25 - 30 in and out a couple like I said when the wind jacks up if there's other company setting up the tab but if you get a chance to see that it's you know it's about tell me about - 80 outside which is hard to wrap your mind around that but I try to put it in perspective by saying I can take a cup of boiling water in throat and are in a medium sized like that's that's that's the temperature would dealing with this is me trying to keep the tent poles together usually have someone else to hold on to it but I am completely alone out there so this is me struggling with my tent just trying to keep it up I've got it you know tie down to my sled there I'm just battling battling the Wyndham estate like I said the stakes are high fat but I don't have a spare time I've got no extra weight in my my sled to hold spare stuff so it's it's it's do-or-die quite literally like that have a patch kit for the temples you know what the fart pretty much

► 00:19:30

so you have to set up your tripod film this and then press stop and go back inside and how you keeping these batteries Juiced up there near the ice wall that had to keep the batteries on by Kingdom right against my skin so I keep the batteries right against my skin my body weight we keep it warm in a second I want to take it out I pulled out real quick hit play and then it would usually last using solar panels to charge it crazy cool thing about that time of year is it's 24 hours of daylight and saw the Sun never sets in the middle the night eye mask earplugs to kind of pretend like it's nighttime bus 24 hours of daylight so solar panels keeping everything Char's cameras phone battery is all that you traveling with are you using GPS

► 00:20:29

add Subway points GPS waypoints that kind of LED my path to the factor is actually just easier to excel hide actually had like a harness on front of me that would have my GPS or my my compass kind of off my chest more or less because some of Cook's we saw the sun's out but actually more than half of the time the cloud to come in so we just complete and utter white out I couldn't even see one step in front of me and so I actually have to just stare down at my compass keep it on this bearing it so imagine you can't see anything you can't see one step in front of you I'm pulling up now 300-pound sled 12 13 hours per day not listening to anything really commit dead silence and just staring at this Compass bearing all day long so you going crazy at all I mean the mental side of it was by far the most interesting side of it for me you know I have a lifelong endurance athlete but really kind of

► 00:21:29

aspiration into the mine is what it was for me and why was curious about it so spending all this time and silence are you familiar with the pasta meditation Retreats before this which is 10 days no reading no writing I contact kind of delve into that piece of it but 54 days in Artica and complete silence was was next level of that for sure God damn dude that is so fucking impressive

► 00:22:00

it's carefully that you did that now when you're looking down and it's an utter white out and you're looking at your compass and Your Dragon the ship behind you like the are you doing anything in your mind are you saying songs are you what are you doing there's a couple different things but life on professional athlete through different capacities in my life you know I've tapped into that and I was a swimmer when I was a little kid to swim in laps in a pool sometimes I would like 30 minutes ago by an in 2 minutes or something like that but I never really knew how I got there sometimes tap into it sometimes not you know the Zone flow say whatever you want to call that intention of exploring that space in my mind and so as I got more and more into these white out interviews compass in staring at this Compass staring at this expansive landscape I started to find ways to actually trigger that floats

► 00:23:00

in my mind so I got to the point where I could for several days at a time be in this deep Flow State so you know my day was about 17 hours every day between getting up in my water getting out of my tent in this crazy conditions packing my sled Dragon for 13 hours setting my tent back up in these storms but I got in a sort of sequence of being so present with each step each next sequence that ended up being in this really Timeless spaceless place my mind of true high performance that was almost like the most deepest peaceful meditative state that I can possibly imagine it was it was very profound and beautiful not to get there in my mind

► 00:23:36

no you are you boiling this water in your tent like a different white gas stove with fuel basically the way my tent was you saw the outer layer of the tent there there's actually an inner part that's a tent so that there's a vestibule we're faced with there's snow inside the doorway but not outside outside so I shovel that snow from inside of the tent vestibule into my pot and build a melt the water that way I drink about 6 liters of water every single day when I was out there know it's a lot of snow in the largest desert in the world was it 9300 feet so not only am I this desert but I'm at altitude doing this

► 00:24:34

did you train it altitude of Jews like one of those tents to sleep in or so they said it's not even a tenth of a full a full room where you can I mean I've been in some of those tents before when I was three years ago I started to sleep in those tents but I have a hard time and Fighters use them as well but you can actually know it would take you hours every day to make sure water yeah I would say I was blowing water for about 3-4 hours per day so an hour or two in the morning hour or two in the evening

► 00:25:34

try to carry a lot of fuel that was hundreds of hours of fuel 17 how to know if that was going to be enough I did some practicing beforehand I in 2016 did another world record project tallest mountain on each of the seven continents the Seven Summits as well as when's the North and South Pole but much smaller polar Expeditions a weak base way across in the last degree of latitude and so in those Expeditions office on Everest during that time to no excetera all that in 139 days but I did that and that kind of help me get a sense of it but honestly is also best guess based on talking to people different experts in the field you know dive into that but you never know is it going to be enough or too little I hope we are on the side of too much when you finally got to the end how much you have left so I actually I woke up on the morning Christmas

► 00:26:34

24th of December this past year and it look I was 77 miles from the finish and I've been going at that point the beginning. 910 miles per day towards the end I started going about 20-25 like I'm about 3 days out and I thought to myself if I could push really hard these next two days I could do it in two days like 2:15 plus our day is like really get into it and start looking at my fuel and Food Supplies like they were pretty low had enough fuel Feud liters of fuel but I actually had about a day or two of food like a real substantial food left until I woke up and I was like all right let's go for this and in the actually deepest talk about flow states that was the deepest posted in my life I woke up in 1 hour and it's Christmas morning I wake up and I'm just locked in and I just didn't tell anyone back home didn't tell my wife who's tracking me that this GPS track where they could follow me but I was just in my mind I was like you know what is not two days I'm going straight for it and so I did a final

► 00:27:34

2 hour continuous push on day 5477 mile Straight Ahead all the way to get to the Finish Line in one continuous push no music no nothing just like in my head in this in this crazy Flow State of that are not high performance that it was it was a it was a crazy final push to get there but I made it right before the food and fuel ran out there's no one there of course and so what do you do when you get to the end you said hey I'm done come get me yeah yeah how long does it take for them to come get you it took me a week to get out of Antarctica totally took actually me 4 days to get out of there but there's a crazy other component to this which is no one in the world had ever done this before and like I said a few really talented people some of the best Explorer in the world had tried recently one guy died and it just so happened there's a really specific season when you can attempt it's

► 00:28:34

another guy was attempting at the exact same time as me a British up British guy who's the equivalent of a Navy Seal in a British Special Forces the living most experienced guy in Antarctica is actually hold 3000 plus miles in Antarctica now on various Expeditions and so we got dropped off one mile away from each other to begin this thing and obviously I was the first I did win this race a dad and at the Finish Line at waited for him for a few days cuz I want to congratulate him cuz he did altimate Lee finish but you can only imagine I would feel better back that first hour I was like it's a possible is also like it's impossible and blow the by the way the Navy SEAL dude who knows more about an art academy he's off and it stinks just like leaving me in the dust before you know I waved to him in this weird like passing of the torch moment like I was passing him and then I never saw him again till I finished and I finished about 70 miles ahead of him about two and a half days out of my wits go to suck for him

► 00:29:34

I got this motherfucker appreciate that we all appreciate that but still it's going to suck for him even though I finished in the first thing I could have what kind of wanted to do I have a headache I've had a shower when I have it I actually to save weight so I can get as much food and fuel my sled I brought no extra clothes no extra pair of underwear you shiting out there basically I describe that best of your situation so once I die cooking if it's Windows, get out of my tent dig a hole and you know shit in the whole stadium so in the vestibule of my tent not beside I'm cooking on but the other side where I'm still inside cover I dig a hole in there that was my morning routine get up at 6 a.m. start one side of my chest

► 00:30:34

it's not Glamorous by the pretty thing to me this is very cool but also not glamorous in one degree of latitude of the South Pole to the last degree of latitude 89° to stop at 90° spacely 69-60 nautical miles circumference around the South gray Steward of the land they actually said you can't even leave your human waste in holes here there's nobody out there like we want this to be completely protected area and so yes usually my sled was getting lighter most the time cuz I was eating food every day and burning fuel but in that last degree of latitude of the South Pole and the crossing at I was sitting in a bag wrapping it up and put it with me wow discipline

► 00:31:27

show me something people didn't like you

► 00:31:33

crazy assholes who wants up there who cares if I take a shit up their things about Antarctica it's one of those places where imagine you traveled far and wide in your life and there's a few places at least in my mind where you just can't put it into words until you stepped off if there and for me this is my second time in an article about x 8 cargo ship basically lands on the continent did he get in a smaller plane to get dropped off to where I needed to start the edge of the continent but both times stepping off the plane I have just shit eating grin ear-to-ear on my face because I just like what is this place even the second time seeing it I felt when I bite my cheeks were sore because I was just smiling so big. Christine Beauty the blank can you look out of Atlanta human Footprints haven't touched 98% of the continent something like that I mean it's untouched and so it in a bag of I had to do that to do my part to that way

► 00:32:33

I believe. But I shitted you drag it was about the bags that section is 120% of cover that distance self added weight to my sled ride that subtracting doing that with the middle part of the journey red around the 30th and 40th day now how did you calculate your nutrition so the nutrition Journey was actually fascinating and to be honest I was looking at this The Impossible first like how am I going to make the impossible possible and I thought that the nutrition piece of it was going to be huge I actually my dad's an organic farmer in Hawaii like Whole Food health and nutrition is been a big part of my personal journey and so I found a whole food supplement Chiropractic

► 00:33:33

may I present them with this message hey what are you guys think I get there a way to like figure this out and they're like well we have 20 of the Top Doctors nutrition is food scientist you know on our staff and this Innovation Center Round nutrition like come in the lab with us and so they never done this with an athlete before but they were intrigued and so I actually went and did a years-long worth of 100 + blood test VO2 max test all this Fitness testing all around my physiology and they created ultimately a custom food solution is I've a bar form essentially called the Collin bar that was all Whole Food ingredient seeds nuts you always different pieces of macronutrients as well as micronutrients blinds that I need it but custom tailored to my physiology and that's what I came in that with the bulk of what I ate I ate 7000 calories per day I was burning 10000 so even at 7,000 I was losing about a pound of day of a way of wait almost to my body's that's why I needed to get bigger but these call and bars just burned super efficiently

► 00:34:32

like it was just the perfect blend of everything so eating the same thing every single day 54 days may have gotten a little bit boring but my body was just it was actually pretty dialed-in they did this and they made these custom bars for you did they know how many hydrogen know how many calories are going to be burning while you're pulling his 300-pound sled was it depended upon the conditions like if the the snow was more packed or I see more difficult if it was soft right like I said a bunch of people smarter than me where in this room all these doctors use phds around this and we had to make some assumptions and ultimately they are trying to wait on the lights

► 00:35:32

can your stomach absorb you're hungry the whole time more or less yes I was I was ready for a big fucking meal at 8 when I got back was a big burger but you might call me lame for saying this but I'm just going to say cuz it's the truth what I craved was salad man what I craved was just something cuz I didn't didn't is freeze dried field is like chunk of Colin bar which got me through but it was like something green and of course I eat my stomach has shrunk right I hate this big meal, call my stomach kind of hurts but mostly I was like I'm back in the real world baby so it was like it was. And I just started like whatever croissants

► 00:36:32

Life by Clive things green the exact vegetables and it's just that the food component but there's nothing alive out that there's no animals as humans were kind of wire to see things living I mean you even here in a bit of a concrete 450-x smell trees fresh air in a tree back to reality and that way when they're constructing these bars for you and this is all based on your body and like what burns well with you how did they like in terms of like how many cat what's the best

► 00:37:32

food in terms of weight versus calories and is there some foods that are heavier but don't have as many calories so I think is pretty close to right here by per hour fat of course of the macronutrients we got protein fat and carbs right fat is the most calorie-dense of them all have to make sure these things don't freeze solid right that was one of the egg is -25 in my side every single day so I had to actually be edible while Frozen essentially cuz it be too hard to re-warm them cuz it was a food I was eating outside of my foot into but actually where we where the work around half and where they kind of their Mastermind was there like you actually need this macronutrient plan to be about 40 or 45% fat to stay alive out there and so they basically Pump It full of coconut oil which altimate Lee

► 00:38:32

but got that done and it actually held up so that it was enough fat in there that I could actually bite off chunks of this rather than the others plenty of stories a guy's knees cold places breaking teeth on Clif bars little things like that the column bars where we're at Goodwill Frozen seeds and nuts in my company so but it's all Whole Foods organic farm basically a vitamins and so they actually intermix like probiotics and magnesium in like a beet extract and all these sort of plant derivatives as well to give me the phytonutrients I need that's not give me the calories but that's right

► 00:39:32

I said help you the whole time and I got super worn down I got super skinny and all that kind of stuff but I actually stay denied ever got sick you know what was the plan if you did get sick was just wait it out in the tent wait out in the town you know they're there is there is in contact with anything though right so I had a couple things I had my GPS satellite every 10 minutes life-forms bugs, I know there's nothing out there lyrics idea was more like to get out there healthy rather than you can stay pretty healthy in terms of bacteria and stuff of course you can get pretty worn down and say I can the cold or flu-like symptoms or something you had when you land exactly cuz there's there's nothing out there. Are you concerned about that because like I would imagine liked the anticipation leading up to it as a little stressful and sometimes your immune system can get run

► 00:40:32

down 100% you know of course it's it's fun to recount the Epic parts of these Journeys are my other in a world record this long-duration this was 54 days the world record in 2639 days like the boring answers like I wash my hands when I went to the airport and I didn't meet disliked food for a healthy it doesn't matter how bad of imagine you're on the flight headed out there and some dude next to sneeze in a motherfuker the times when I reach draw for many years ago are they racing something like 25 countries out of world different places in there three or four times I can remember I remember one time I flew to the Philippines place called Subic Bay De Grace and sure enough the Night Before the Race just like diarrhea like crazy puking my brains out so I jump into the swim swim in the ocean until tomorrow so I'm feeling like shit but I'm like, to try food

► 00:41:32

Philippines I got to do this race sure enough on the bike I get on my bike and my bike the bike course I'm right next to my hotel and I just had no power and I'm going to my hotel room to get some more oh my God pretty was was super key to all of this but me on all things considered me my body of course got banged up sound but like I came out in a relatively healthy and I think the food nutrition was a key part of that I would have to be what would sounds like you really did it wisely like them that's so cool that you had that company behind you that organized the preparation nutrition good Lord man

► 00:42:32

was to put in about 10 to 15 pounds of muscle another 5 lb of fat on top of that just knowing that I'm the last the last few weeks I was in a basic haven't lifted I know I got strong almost at 1 to wear myself out too much do you know stressing my muscles cuz I'm about to go to undergo this and it was where I was just putting calories inside eat dinner and then but Jenna my wife will be like what do you like a pint of Coconut Bliss ice cream whatever it was burned off me immediately it mean it was gone so yeah so you must have been shredded by the time I was over that there's actually I would have got pulled up but there's a photo on Instagram at Sky shows a little bit of the before and after body shot but yeah I was I was very lean but it was honestly is also scary like in the end I think I held up pretty well but you're out there by yourself you got no contact so I started looking down at my legs halfway through this journey

► 00:43:32

ethereum cell before and after that much of a difference. It's about 20 pounds different but my mind's playing tricks on me more than anything I look down at my waist about halfway through and I was like holy shit like I'm I'm falling apart here and actually started getting in my own head about am I losing too much weight am I not but when I actually weighed myself afterwards like 20 as much as 40 pounds so dire that I grew so you are ready to get gaunt yeah I mean a week we have planned for that we have planned for that like I said I started out I start out about 165 I put myself up the 185 to leave and I finish at 1652 actually finished way more near my sort of natural fairly lean weight for my height perfect plan but there's play things are wrong but

► 00:44:32

the things going wrong I'm proud of this this is a one-way is a solo after I mean I was out there by myself walking across this but this was a massive team effort from these guys get behind me all these doctors you know all the different people have supported me my tell my wife and then what she does with all the media and the are nonprofit news of Benny things a lot of pieces go into making the thing happened says the team effort for sure big time that is so amazing now at the end you get there you're done but there's no one there so what are you do you make a phone call I'm done come get me do they know where you are cuz they're tracking your right yeah so what was kind of crazy was that crazy last push right at this 32 hour and on Dawn stop push till the end to my whole family I'm actually I have five older sisters big family it on the palm the baby of the bunch and they're all together in Hood River Oregon at my sister's house and they're thinking cool Collins like getting clothes in it

► 00:45:32

project will track him and everyday to check me on my GPS it ping the satellites every 10 minutes of people all my Instagram followers anyone could actually follow the progress in real time and they're used to seeing me stop at about 12 12 hours into the Daiso 12 hours in the day happens and they're like okay maybe he's going over our 13 hours 14 hours 15 hours they're like what's going on 16 hours my whole family's not normally together but they're all together cuz it's Christmas Day finally 18 hours into this push I finally stopped and put up a waypoint because what happened was I ran out of water even though I said I'm not stopping us like water after 18 hours I need more water at least have to put my tent up to boil water inside midnight is 7 p.m. on the west coast dinner I finally calling my sister if I was on the phone

► 00:46:32

I think I'm actually just boiling water for an hour to continue back out for another like 14 hours to finish this because this talking such a deep Flow State in my mind that even setting my tent up in this crazy storm even getting inside 18 hour push I was just like I've got this and it felt like for me when I reflect says that she knew she talked to me every night in there there's cups me crying there's cups of me having doubts ignores ups and downs this whole thing that she was like you sounded the most Lucid I've ever heard you and she's watching a high-performing I think she was like you were locked in so instead of her going like maybe you should sleep in like get some rest she was like I trust you like I believe you like go for it she could just hear it in my voice and it was a crazy

► 00:47:32

I'm 33 years old now it really felt like a combination of my entire life in a lot of ways from the swim practices as a little kid to I got this crazy far they overcame time I die if you want I ate your race track one professionally all these moments Life's a meditation practice the the family the support culminating moment I had to pawn lessons from each phase of my life to be that locked in but I found myself just being able to actually I'm going back out in this crazy ground blizzard I got another 14 hours to go to finish this thing and sell that was no 32 hours and 77 miles later the final push to the end in terms of like a base layer in your concern but you sweating while you're pulling all that way especially initially when is 375 lb

► 00:48:32

if you sweat a little bit of your clothes are literally freezing to your body so it was this crazy kind of balance of being able to pull the sled for your heart rate elevated enough to keep your body warm but not too warm that you were sweating so any second I would start sweating I would strip layers off so There Was X specially when there's no wind it still be ambient temperature I mean we were in Moreno has my skin from being a little bit allergic to synthetic fabric it when it's moist you still stay warm summer was amazing fabric for that reason, fortunate for me like I said it just irritates my skin that you could suffer through all that but you can't have it

► 00:49:32

what company does Norwegian company called bergan's of Norway they don't sponsor me but they actually believe or not the Norwegians know a thing or two about being in the polar environment and sew a fur rough on to the edge so I will a wolf a wolf for a rough on the outer side of the hood but I was like it sounds like wolf you know more about this than me out I'm not the idiot I am not a big hunter myself I've never never had done that a lot of that but I gotta survive Nicola exactly sell the base layer is a synthetic what is the material that it's made out of

► 00:50:32

when it's wet to dry as quickly as quickly as possible and then of course whatever 30 minutes or whatever actually more like every hour or so I'd stopped so I'd stop in the front of my sled I had a huge puffy down jacket like a massive like Michelin Man huge puffy down jacket so even if you're stopping for a minute to drink water before even trying to do that boom put the big jacket on your how cold you can get immediately from stopping and it's just so much colder than one pulling the sled your heart rate stays up and keeps you pretty or imagined you like your hands and your feet to be a real issue write a small digits for sure get my hands with a dexterity and I have to tile these knots with big gloves mittens on you can't take your gloves off for any size Wheel. Of Time if you look back a lot of my photos I've actually got tape on my face over across my nose my cheeks

► 00:51:32

that's because I started getting tiny little bits of frostbite on the bottoms of my nose and on on my cheeks because I wear a full-face mask buff everything but even know tiny little no needle prick of wind on your face throughout the day in that cold is going to turn into a cold injury until I started getting a few cold injuries on my face nothing you know too bad you'll to grease your face up and then said I had a little bit of like Vaseline or chapstick type of stuff on some of the battery is the one thing that I did that I never done before we actually works I was a tip that I got which is my finger started cracking really bad from the cold it's really painful from Super Glue into all of those basically little micro cuts on my fingers and which ones aren't actually a really good trick so it's going to super glue these cuts on my fingers back together that actually worked reasonably well all things go all things considered

► 00:52:32

so you're wearing the what about your eyes so I had a couple of ski goggles with me but I tell you there's a tape on my face right there but just like the normal KT Tape like a physio tape that wasn't meant for this purpose but I was like what do I have that I could put on my face to block it a little bit better but I had those that were the most that you might use for Motocross because it has like a plastic face mask over the front of it because the wind was blowing it would just kind of face mask gas so that that's the that's when you can see look how Frozen is frozen it is on the inside that it's so crazy oh my God man

► 00:53:32

play Smash TT play anything to the snow keep me suspected it was so high above sea level 300 feet at the South Pole so it's basically just like elevated but it seems flat 40 some days I pulled that sled uphill completely it was a freaking out an hour in and you hadn't even actually hit land yet what it would thoughts were going through your head like were you thinking man I need to get some of the fucking rescue me I mean that was supposed to die out this is on Everest

► 00:54:32

these projects that I've created I love I love pushing my limits I love I love find edges of my own potential all that kind of stuff but I also now really enjoyed building is project so I can share with other people I just I just nonprofit work where there's no 30,000 school kids turning into this project and using this as curriculum in their classrooms to learn about climate change to learn about whether atmospheric pressure that's a really cool project like that with the World At Large people going like this is impossible me how many guys do you know there's like one day I'm going to this cool thing to actually have some hope for some tree or something that you want to accomplish in your life like I can go and do it like this really is just Endurance Sports but creating art projects in the world that I can create and share with people through storytelling

► 00:55:32

my face more so there was this was bigger than myself and that's really what kept me going forward it's like I can't let these kids and people that are at their driving inspiration from this hopefully like I want to do this for this larger purpose and honestly that's what that's what really kept me going forward through the really hard times was that that that connection to a larger purpose of what I want to put out in the world that ripple effect positivity that's awesome and then of course you have a drink team that prepared and also it's a human I did it you know these people died trying those are the facts of the situation but the truth is man like I'm human but I have the wave of human emotions I figured out how to tap into my mind in a way to do these things but like

► 00:56:32

I still experience fear I steered still experience doubt I still experience the ups and downs but I have a way of actually being able to repost purpose of refocus that energy into positive forward momentum I think that's what the difference but I believe all of us have the capacity to do this like you look at me I'm pretty like regular like size regular looking guy but I think we know the muscle between my ears is what separates a difference in a allow me to do this more than anything you don't seem to have the darkness that I usually see in people that do things like this do you know I'm saying this item at a bunch of people have done some fucked-up things and they all have some weird Darkness yeah you know I hear what you say I think for me there's a lot of the strain come from the dark moment in my life you know right after college I was traveling around the world and I know money as a kid growing up you know at work working class background painted houses every summer but always dreamed of traveling the world so I was like one day I'm going to travel the world so I can finish college buddies of mine are getting like real job

► 00:57:32

whatever Wall Street and things like that and I was like you know of $10,000 over the past 6 years I want to take a backpack in like go see the world of my life savings and sell your soul. Go to Fiji i surf the rest really hitchhiker New Zealand I end up in Thailand and crazy debaucherous things that happened over there so I'm going to Beach and Rural Thailand and I decide to jump his flaming jump rope and unfortunately it goes terribly wrong for me the Rope wraps around my legs and ignites my entire body on body on fire to my neck in you know in an instant my life changing a fortunately for me the water's edge the ocean was ten steps away so kind of instinct takes over and I dive into the ocean which extinguish the Flames my body is on fire my neck but not before about 25% of my body is severely severely burned so my clothes were on fire but most of it got severely burned was my legs

► 00:58:32

feet and so I'm in a place I want a peach there's there's no hospital on the Saint Simon Island there's no hospital instead of an ambulance ride on the back of a moped driving down a dirt path you know I'm in the room were sitting in there like this is our sort of hospitals like one bed and I'm just completely devastated answer that they put me under eight surgeries over the next week in the middle of surgeries in a tiny little Shack and the basically there's a cat running around my bed every time I come out of their Cano quote on quote I see you there's a cat running around my bed and across my chest and the doctors are literally saying to me again in the broken you know English either saying hey you'll probably never walk again normally you probably never going to walk again normally yeah there there's a photo that I think if you click over on that to the second one actually show up there there's with the legs look like so I was actually eight weeks after I was burned so that believe it or not that's like

► 00:59:32

a little bit better all things considered their self as you can probably imagine I mean just the darkest time of my life I've been neon app and I swam through college and I thought of myself as a physically active person and here I am like doctor saying hey I'm 22 years old kid like you'll never walk again normally and which is maybe why you don't see the darkness in my eyes and my mother is really that the heroine of his tail which is she she arrived to my bedside around a v in the Flies all the way over tile and finds me you are you a parent I don't know if you have kids yet I don't have kids yet but I can only imagine as a parent what it's like to walk into a hospital room and see your kid Halfway Around the World Miss State nothing you can do and she admits that she was crying in the hallway with the doctors for is like he's going to be all right right he's going to walk she's crying but every time she walked into my hospital room she walked with a smile on her face in this is seropositive being like this is bad like what do you want to do

► 01:00:32

get out of here like let's set a goal like let's get out of here and do something positive and I'm like Mom are you crazy like the doctor said I'm never going to walk again normally like my life as I know it is over you know just in this really dark place in my mind she just kept at me day after day with this positivity crossing a triathlon Finish Line which is not something I ever done before I got swam in college but never by to run competitively nothing but I was like you know what the able-bodied me sometime in the future is going to be not only walking again but doing a triathlon race until we start treating me like Triathlon races are this they're this far distances

► 01:01:32

I have this photo of me with the tie doctor I'm on my legs are bandage to my waist nitai doctors like look at my crazy but I'm lifting these like 10 the guys like you're in Thailand in the hospital and I'm telling you you're never going to walk again normally been so you'll flash-forward you know two or three months I finally get released from this Thai Hospital float after 3 months when I got released I still hadn't walked you know I'm in I'm in a wheelchair I got carried on and off the flight back to Portland Oregon land back home and you know still is still bandaged up and my mom in a Cessna wake up the first morning back to my parents house my mother's kitchen the house I grew up in and she looks at me and she goes all right, now I know you've got this big Triathlon goal but today your goal is to take your very first step and so she actually grabbed a chair from our kitchen table and place it one step in front of my wheelchair and she says today is somehow figure out how to get out of that wheelchair take one step and step into the chair in front of you and I'm looking at it like

► 01:02:32

I don't know if this is possible but three hours later for us that I'm still staring at this is the problem because of the burnt skin it's not flexible you can't move it and bend it. It's a good question so basically what happened with the burn is it burned me so deep that two things happen if there is ligament damage so ligament damage to my ankle and knee joints and then the way that this tequila scarring in the skin is healing essentially over these mobile joint they don't think I'm going to regain full flexibility at full range of motion essentially in my legs so they're not saying you'll never walk as and you won't be able to stand up at all although that was like extremely painful but they just didn't think you know if your bags and walking around. Be able to bend your knees or ankles that like full Mobility so just was like you're not going to be able to have that back basically so sure enough I take that first step foot in that chair the next day my mom doesn't take it easy

► 01:03:32

more steps not to go on the face of a 18 months after getting released from the hospital I find myself in Chicago I finally took a job in finance I got to get like a real job. My parents basement move to Chicago take a job in finance and try to get my shit together basically and I honored that goes if you know what I'm going to sign up for the Chicago Triathlon I live here now join a local gym knew nothing about the sport still asking random guys at the gym like anybody here race a triathlon like I'm in a spin class like how do you like take your shoes off and run afterwards how do you know exactly how does even work I got these questions and sure enough through that process I like training this to sign up for the Chicago Triathlon ended up erasing the Race Across The Finish Line into my complete another surprise I didn't just finish the race but I actually won the entire Chicago Triathlon feeding 4000 of people coming first place

► 01:04:32

stop whatever wow what kind of training did you do to prepare yourself for that but the biking running was completely new to me show you how to do it or you just start a bike like that it's been wheels and Aero helmet in all these things about it and literally for a summer just asked people some questions with the sport in a thousand participants and so unlike a marathon where everyone just starts at the same time I have to start in waves like a hundred people every five

► 01:05:32

I was the 39th wave of 53 and so I dive into Lake Michigan and there's people that already started like 2 hours before a swim 25 mile bike 6.2 miles across the Finish Line Automotive time at the end it's why I like my grandma's there cuz she lives in Chicago like gives me a big hug and I'm so proud of you you were able to walk again and here you are finished my bike my grandma and I sit down to have lunch and I were walking back to the car she's like you want to see like what place you came in your age group and I was like sure like that would be cool like let's go see how I did and the guys like oh my God I'm trying to figure out a place I what's your name is like I'm calling to say that we've been calling your name over the loudspeaker for the last 20 minutes Michael why did I like do something wrong

► 01:06:32

so you want like the whole race is surreal surreal Moment Like This cool to Pat myself on the back like holy shit like I just did this crazy thing but it was more so going back to your initial question about the darkness for us at the light at least in my journey was I was like wow like this is a sliding doors moment like what had happened at my mom not in common with this era positivity and force me to set this tangible go like I'm certain my life would be nowhere where it was today but then it's not I wasn't like I'm some superhuman free that can do things I was like Wow humans all of us we all have these reservoirs of untapped potential inside of us and can achieve extraordinary things we set our minds to it and see what it did for me what else can I do if I set my mind to it so sure enough it was a Sunday when I raise the Chicago Triathlon coincidentally met who it became a huge Mentor an influence my life that afternoon

► 01:07:32

Brian gelber who ended up being my first sponsor and he said to me you won the Chicago Triathlon today to make you should maybe do something if it's something you want to take seriously and so literally that was on a Sunday Monday morning I walk in

► 01:07:52

oh my God the two weeks later I'm living in Australia national team in all over the world for the next six years so it was pretty stories what happened ultimately with the injuries you sustained from the fire so now and I know I ultimately have been pretty all right I mean I've got some scars but it's pretty faint was able to gain back most of the full flexibility in my legs be look at my left foot is where the worst worst burns are really just like sat on my foot for a long time must of that's still pretty thick with scar tissue you know when I'm in the mountains when I'm in places you know like climbing Mount Everest like I did like pouring across an article the things I've be really aware cuz my skin regulates heat not in the best way he and cold is still just like no not like normal skin tissue just is it

► 01:08:52

carries the heat a little bit different for some reason I guess I don't know exactly why not as porous because that's 5 years of this if I bumped my legs until I get a table or someone just be a bumpy chair and then I would usually get a low-cut there so just super fragile is almost like in a glass skin kind of the same sort of flexibility. You know I'm a ten eleven years on now I would say it's pretty much a hundred percent I mean the things I've done with my legs and Body in the last 10 years I think proof at least that the my body is doing all right so I feel extremely extremely fortunate to have recovered is as well as I did you know more than anything I I test that too of course that the physical ability for my body to recover in the way it did but I think that they at least for me started with the mind with that positivity of my mother and and the duration of the many different things I've done done since then and you said you sustained ligament damage to your joints in your knees

► 01:09:52

Maya Maya mad at me I have other skills for my full Anatomy is not up there but that was really jammed up with with the scar tissue so I wasn't able for a long time to fully bend my knees in the flex them in the full way in the same thing in the ankles whatever that ligament is that goes through the basically not not your achilles with the other side of fear of foot basically that part was just so much Scar Tissue had formed where the skin was peeling around that in from the damage to ligaments it wasn't for a female to fluidly flex in the way that you normally would see if lights off. I'm heading your foot basically if you're going to put in your leg forward out yeah yeah for a long time it was kind of like dragging my feet around that first year and so did you have to just push through the scar tissue and break it up like yeah I mean there's a lot of a lot of obviously PT a lot of songs

► 01:10:52

I thought you for a long time of around the world but actually met up with my childhood best friend nicknames David Boyer who actually married my sister and I have two kids to my childhood best friend turned into my brother-in-law which is pretty fun 70 it actually been with me when I got burned so those first five days in the hospital before my mom got there he was with me it was it was a saint you know we're both he's scared little 22 year old kids and he's like trying to do his best to look after me he's freaked out when I get back to Portland his mother who was kind of a second mother for me growing up having escaped where she obviously was like wow this could have been my son just as he should have been like protective of me so she comes over to my house one day and she goes you know I've been doing some untraditional healing work would you be open to that and at this point was like

► 01:11:52

working with this up pranic healing Shaman do you want to want to check that out and I literally was like I was like saying yes to everything looking for any way to recover until I go to this basement in Portland and I meet this this guy and he's sitting there with a bucket of salt in front of him and he starts he doesn't touch me at all he's just like waving his hands in front of like my body and my heart and he's like looking really intensely at my foot and I sat there for like an hour and never touches me nothing just like looking at me waving his hand in this and he's like okay I'm done now and I'm like okay what did you do when he was the Uptown opened up this shocker I opened up that I did this but what I mostly did was I put this force field of white light or pretty up down with some untraditional stop but I was kind of cool like thanks this is the salt bucket that takes the negative energy away

► 01:12:52

your foot in your legs and put your Left Foot Right shower and for the next couple of days that you might wash up the forcefield what jails are done in now

► 01:13:10

tell the story with the toll smile cheeky smile on my face because that's funny but I will say this

► 01:13:18

the next day I walked further than I had the rest of the times you want to call that Placebo you want to call whatever I emotionally wasn't fully bought in on the pranic healing I like I said I am into very lot of alternative modalities I wish it was true I wish I was sure I met a lady to call me still wants told me she does Reiki healing hands together and and wave them in front of me just like you do feel that if I don't feel shitt I don't know what you're talkin about that part I don't I don't know if it worked or did it work but the the combination of the amount of people with no in the hospital with a physical therapist with my mother at home with Kate bowler take me to pranic Healing a combination of all in some how to unlock the the scar tissue and it was a lot of hard work for your place to get back on my feet but I got there well I'm sure there's something to be said for believing or at least having positive thoughts about your healing

► 01:14:18

making sure that you look at it in terms of like this can be done but necessary but I will say there is something about that there's something about being rapped in the positive that I was with my mother in that moment of his being work focus our mind on something in a lot of even as I go through Antarctica how did you do that like people asking this question like are you super capacity to unlock all sorts of things I don't care if you want to paint pictures compose music start a business in a warehouse into a podcast whatever it is you want to do amazing things like having that belief does does that mean that step one in my opinion is visualizing on the flip side having a negative self-worth or an egg

► 01:15:18

opinion of what you're about to do or negative thought about the future can also manifest also it's terrible results so that we actually got to think if you really do believe that you're going to get better because of some sugar pill they give you yeah there's a tangible results hundred percent if you really believe so that's salt guy if the thing about all that stupid shit is if you believe it actually has an effect there's there's a lot of healers out there that at least on paper or totally full of shit but if you believe in these assholes how to say it's very slippery that is such a slippery thing I'll go back to my own experience and I don't know how ephemeral 54 days alone like I'm telling a bigger purpose I feel like I'm tapped into that legitimately at least for me what are manifesting that in my mind

► 01:16:18

ever you want to call it that I am actually feeling energetic be uplifted by the people pushing me out like there were days that were incredibly hard where I would sit there and I'll be like oh my God I don't know if I can do this and I'm done like like I would get over with the Stars larger purpose its are trout coming again like the super religious person or if that's just the belief in something you know the power of that like I felt the strength from those Mama through his mom with my body switch from being negative on my God another hard day out here on my God it's -25 to tap into those flows date so I don't have perfect words for that there's a larger purpose in this are blue force fields, there is something that you can originate that positivity in your mind that I think can give us an incredible amount of strength and then we can tap into something greater

► 01:17:18

why I think there's definitely something to what you were saying about the untapped limits of the human potential and if there's most people barely scratched the surface of that and if you really firmly get into that zone and believe you can do things that people just they really don't have any idea what they can do if they have to because people are rarely pushed to their actual limits it's been said many times before I say it better that that idea that growth happens outside the comfort zone and wanted things that I've personally thought about a lot in this space is I got severely burned in this fire I didn't I chose to jump the Rope so I was chosen be a knucklehead 22 year old kid on a beach in Thailand but like I was severely burned today like that happened to me which forced me through this intense tragedy I was able to learn of the sort of untapped potential inside of me because of the outcome because of winning this traffic on what I realize is that it's hard to choose that path off it's hard to push

► 01:18:18

yourself outside of those boundaries but things that are in a half of this population essentially does give birth like childbirth natural childbirth and that's an incredibly intense physical manifestation of the power of the human body I mean I can't even imagine what that would look like Norway ever be able to experience that people are forced to go through a cancer diagnosis have to go through radiation and chemo and you know facing the mortality and all the stuff for us to do them and so my exploration now with my with Aetna creative artwork I caught with these Expeditions he's world record projects that push my body mind it's me choosing to step into those moments it's me choosing to put my body and mind and he's intense moments because of a deep curiosity of like what are the limits of human potential you know what are my limits what are our limits collectively and can my physical expression

► 01:19:18

best Inspire other people to innovate create and do amazing things in the world and in another modalities and canvases that's one of the weird things about people doing extraordinary things like what you did is that you absolutely will give other people fuel to accomplish things in their life inspiration is so critical for human being so mean I draw upon it from so many different sources from David Goggins and a bunch of my other friends that my friend Cameron Hanes and a lot of other people that are endurance athletes and different people that have been interviewed on this podcast but there's something that happens when you realize that people can do extraordinary things that makes you believe in the potential not just in that person but also in yourself Absalom and you know dog is great example from black I mean gets out there I'll show you what he's pushing his by to extreme ways that you know I love what he says about the 40% and I think about a little bit different

► 01:20:18

what's 40% of 40% voice comes up and you get stronger and from me in my own story of my own journey I think that final day that proves it three days before that people of this crazy weird place that's an article by yourself in like they 49-day 4050 like I'm literally crying into my GoPro being like running out of food I'm exhausted I don't know if I can keep doing this I'm just like wow but sure enough 40% what's the strongest most amazing moment of my entire athletic Reed it's been decades happens three days later because I kept pushing it I never took a rest in 54 days I pulled every single day

► 01:21:18

and on the last day it was the strongest as possible so I think it proves if we can push through that I can't moment no it's not going to work that you can get there and unfortunately we talked about a lot of people quit at 1% they're sitting behind their office to like you know one day I want to travel overseas or you know I hate this job you know what I've got this great business idea but I got no that's like when I first set off my first world record in 2016 2014 I sat with Jenna in my house one bedroom apartment with a white I'm going to see if I can set the lamp to 50 people in the world have ever done and I want to be the fastest climb Everest climb Denali climb Kilimanjaro North Pole South Pole back-to-back a bunch of mountain be pretty easy to say I can't we have no money to do this we have no platform I like 200 Instagram followers like what's the first step to that we literally get out our laptops

► 01:22:18

people follow and get press like we don't nothing but with no back on this week Google what's the difference between marketing and PR but you know we continue to say like let's get coffee with our one friend who knows something about this but we should probably get a website how does one build a website and it goes on and on like this how long ago did you start this journey so that that was 24 week 2014 weeks ago to the 7 continents 7 Summits in before that had you done anything like that or is it just been Athletics so I grew up in Portland so I grew up like in the outdoors but like I like the short answer is I'm at, come out and see how I talk that never been in the snow before I board crampons I just like I did not see or experience to like not even close to the experience that you would think one would need to do that and to just break World Records

► 01:23:18

just do it's like be the fastest person to ever complete it, but yeah it mean to do to do all of that it started from this place of not of of a believing I can know its flag and it's fun to talk about the epic adventure baby it's me it's actually fun to talk about what happened behind the scenes of that because what actually happened like people applaud our success now this is me this is you and Everest walking across a ladder that's in about 300 football a crevasse on the other side of it that you have to go through to on your way up to the Mount Everest climbing route until your crampons are clicking on the on the vineyard hooking them on the ladder as you walk across and if you fall you die yes. Watch this again this is so awful

► 01:24:13

it's so awful look at cuz you're you're basically just walking this Tightrope on let me hear it

► 01:24:21

listen that click folks I employ you to go to the Instagram page so you get the full freak out they're tied together to those ladders Tavern over there oh fuck all this

► 01:24:36

Jesus and you're looking down because you have a GoPro on a couple of times it's a very dangerous section of the mountain but yeah about 50 those latter so when you went through avarice did you see the bodies so I fortunately didn't see anybody's up there I personally or unfortunately turn on the timer on the Northside the day that I did some it three people died on the day that I saw it was the eighth of nine Expeditions in this sequence so I done a hundred days of other Expeditions leading up to Everest to do this explorers Grand Slam world record I'm trying to climb Everest I'm exhausted from a hundred days I just come from the North Pole before that kill him

► 01:25:36

before they know Albert's always other mountains I make my Summit push on Everest I'm not come with a guide or anything it's just myself and one Sherpa who I met coming in a pot of your previous when I was training for this and so it's just the two of us we climb up an account for Cyrus has Unifour cancer face camping in those camps progressively higher in the mountains so you can get your body acclimatized and get up an account for the book Into Thin Air by Jon krakauer I think there's a famous book that's written about people dying right In This Moment's called the Desa on where you enter above 26000 ft the human body has basely can't survive for long even with supplemental oxygen and this massive snowstorm wind storm blows in my kind of atom is trying to push the summit it takes us 2 and 1/2 hours to set up our tent and get inside and we know like it's over like we're not we're not going to Summit Everest like in this storm there's no way to survive the night wake up the next morning still getting pounded by this weather next epic climb back down the mountain to climb back down the mountain all the way to Camp to and they're like well that's probably it like you don't usually like to spend the night out in the death zone

► 01:26:36

Mike make a second attempt you've already tried all these other mountains are a hundred plus days in this journey and I was like and I want to see if I can get back up there like and this other guy who I met on another team had some supplemental oxygen so I had to use some of my supplement auction some I put supply stores are limited now as well and so he he says to me hey I'm not going to go up I'm sick but if you get back up to Camp four there's a couple bottles of oxygen that you could use of mine if you need if you somehow get back up there so sure enough the same boat as same as sure if I was kind with amazing climber and self we get back up to Camp four in the deaths of them and we decide we're going to go for the summer we call back down to Basecamp what's the weather forecast in there like well it's the exact same forecast we told you before it might hold in which case we'll be fine or it might turn into what you guys just survive and if you're not near your tent and you're up on the summit of Everest like it's going to get like pretty bad and so we can I go back and forth should we go for it shouldn't we go for at least decide to go for it but this crazy thing happens which is you may have read about this or heard of this if you know much about Everest but

► 01:27:36

basically no one claimed ever since 2014 or 15 cuz I shoot Avalanche killed 16 short version 2014. The mount was closed in 2015 was a huge earthquake in Nepal that shut the climbing season down so no one's even climb them out and all the sudden because he's weather delays I end up there and it's a hundred people going for the summit on the exact same day so basically traffic jam on the first Super Saiyan Bodie and I would go okay let's figure out how to climb this thing we leave camp at you know the photo that took for leaving camp there's all these lights going up the side of the mountain and it's because there's one that everyone works to put in someone's using the same rope and all the sudden we're behind a hundred people and if you stand there wind chill -40° like we're going to get frostbite like working at not be able to make it and so precise voting I look at it trying to go let's on clip from the route and so we actually decide to actually decide to unclip from the Rope climb up all the way to the balcony from the the South call the deathstone Terry was mentioned it before

► 01:28:36

about 28,000 feet on Route because we actually think it's more dangerous to climb rope next to all the behind all the people than it is to risk of Foster the People on Everest at 20,000 feet if people are walking a Mean One Step per minute sometimes mean it's it is brutal it's on me I'm walking maybe two steps every 30 seconds but I'm like Usain Bolt like for example of the world that day but anyways I get up to this Edge and it finally gets to see if it's too dangerous for us to be on clip from the railpenny longer we're like we're just going to have to clip in and settle in behind you know we pass like 50 or 60 people so we're much better place than ever I still have this one big puffy coat as actually same puffy could I use in Antarctica the big like Michelin Man KO and I'm like we're going to slow down I better put this big jacket on and so I take my jacket off I undo my gloves real quick to put the

► 01:29:36

a jacket on over me to warm myself up and I looked down and my right hand is Black by just Black is Black can be like holy shit like Telltale sign of frostbite like oh my God like the same thing we got school kids falling along at Family Fun the whole thing and I'm like oh my God like I'm going to lose my right hand is Jenna still going to love me you know what's my family going to think and then I don't say nothing of the same boat my hand back in this big gloves and I go okay and I don't recommend this thought process when I go if I'm going to lose my hand any ways to lose my hand but also have summited Everest

► 01:30:14

so how black was it I mean it was just still the sun was just below the Horizon songs like dusk and I looked down at this point on the sun comes up sights on him like let's keep pushing for the summit so we go for the next 3 hours in the whole time on my God I'm such an idiot like I'm going to lose my hand my hands frostbitten this and that so we get up in about 30 minutes from my car and I'm thinking like this dark place but I haven't taken a single photo basically I'm like why I got to get like a photo or a video of the famous Mount Everest summit so I put my GoPro to shoot a video I should be a short little video which kind of shows has crazy exposure that I'm on one side five thousand feet down into China on one side 5052 Palma style of knife-edge Ridge and of course I have to adjust my gloves

► 01:31:14

how does from the summit and have to mess with my gloves put it back in and I look at my hands percent body my handbag what are you doing it just so happened that that the glove warmers in gloves can open and the charcoal and the copper filings us to chemical hand warmers yeah this could pair of you play from the top it's me reaching the summit that's Passaic body right there but

► 01:32:06

wow so did you experience any discomfort in your hands Ford so much is one of my favorite topics in like just like we said you can convince yourself at the salt man is fixing your foot like I'm on Everest I meant 20,000 ft my brains not working very well I know that the weather is coming in bad that people are going to get maybe frostbite based on the forecast and I looked down into my hands black where's my mind goes like let me think about this works out like I didn't feel my hand getting cold but I have frostbite where you can take your mind like there's a lot of us at the positivity is frozen off like the end so happened to the people that died but they're on the Rope

► 01:33:05

so unfortunately that day the weather actually did get pretty bad later in the day so fortunate I was able to get down before the weather got too bad but the people that died that day one slipped and fell down these ropes over on lhotse which is the adjacent Mountain but someone sharing some of the same ropes on the same route and then two people die from altitude sickness so basically either running out of oxygen up there and not be able to get back down there tent I think those people actually carry back down there tents that night and then died in the tent that night so I'm called cerebral edema which is basically your brain fills with fluid from being at the High Altitude and not getting enough oxygen and it's a it's a killer up there and the crazy things about being up there as you know you read about it but you really can't rescue somebody very easily up there I mean take to carry a human body down to the rescue them is is nearly impossible and I kind of always thought in my mind you know if I saw somebody lying on the ground like I would be no summon the energy to pick them up and I was actually coming back from the Summit House on the South Summit so just below the effort seminar at 28008

► 01:34:05

your feet or something like that and this Brazilian woman who I met in Basecamp entice who I've become friends with your in the pool for a couple months you start talking to people get friends by the climbers whatever and I see her lying on the ground with her head like lean back an oxygen mask off to the side and I'm like oh my God like this is the moment that I'm most feared like somebody who I know is lying here on the side of the mountain I think to myself I've got to pick her up I've got to pick her up and somehow that carry her down this mountain and I leaned over to grab her and I try with all my might to do anything and I realized I can't move her 6in like I'm completely exhausted not working brains not working the only thing I can think to do is I just wrap her in my arms my safe house like you can hear me it's calling you need to get up you need to get your oxygen mask on you need to start moving like please get up please get up no response she was time with a sherpa another guide right next to her and they were like look like we're having trouble with rocks to math but we're going to fix it like it's going all right and I was like just kind of going through this intense mall Nike what do I

► 01:35:05

how can I help it says weirdest I'm not proud of it was nothing I could do like I adjust the most help with feeling in the world stop your friend but if any human being is lying on the ground in the snow you're like I want to help this person get down this mountain and I was just I'm so close to on my limit up there the summit there's nothing I could do fortunately she was not one of the people that passed away that they hurt her team did get her oxygen mask on her and she actually made it to the summit and back down safely an interesting lesson for me in like you know you hear these stories you can't move bodies up there there's nothing you could do the rescuing people have been criticized for not doing these crazy rescues when things have gone wrong up there but it really hit home for me like how hard it would be to move somebody down that mountain from that altitude and so when you're up there and have her just like I said was pretty crowded day like

► 01:36:05

phone up there like if you can't keep putting one foot in front of the other up in the death sound there's not a not a whole lot that you can do so the three people that died up there they leave their I'm not sure with those specific people cuz sometimes they what you can get like a large team of people to slowly lower people down and you know in a weird way it's actually easier to lower a dead body and it is to lower a live person cuz a dead body don't have to worry about breaking bones and someone over rocks and things like that so I actually believed those bodies are no longer there but there are quite a few bodies to know still on the mountain in particular the north side the Chinese so you can climb from two sides Nepal side is more commonly climber I climb by the Tibet side the Tibet side is known for having a lot more the body's still actually on the climbing route for sure so for me on that mean that in a crazy way continue zombie cuz I got back down to camp for and I'm thinking I'm going to sleep for the night rest and come back down the mountain usually takes a few days to get back down the mountain at this point you have only got one more mountain

► 01:37:05

climate can finish my world record explorers Grand Slam and I was about two months ahead of schedule so if I climb Denali in the next 2 months North America's tallest mountain up in Alaska I was going to set this world this world record that I was and so I called back home to Jenna and I was like I made it like I made it and earlier in the day when my hands are cotton Frozen I had actually had a heated boot warmer since I turned the heat as possible if my hand is prospecting what do my feet look like as possible so Jenna's like like how you doing, right like no frostbite no injuries like I'm good and I was like well actually I burned my feet of frostbite like how bad is it actually burn to like silver dollar circles in the bottom of my feet from starting my boot warmers up too much is like wait let me get this straight

► 01:38:05

IQ your feet fire Lexus but that she goes on and she was like your in your tent right you took your boots off and everything and curled up and I'm like yeah and she's like well I actually need you to put your boots back on, excuse me some calculating back home and it just so happens if you can get to The Summit in the next week you can set not one but two world records and I was like that sounds nice but like I'm on the summit of summit of Everest how the hell is that going to work she's like okay put your boots back on down now come all the way back to base camp helicopter going to take you to Kathmandu time for a hotel no time for a shower but an evening flight to take you to Dubai to Seattle to Anchorage and instead of having three weeks

► 01:39:05

so I was in disbelief but I know better than to disobey my amazing wife yes I sure enough put my boots back on wipe the Slate clean and found myself a hundred hours after I found myself over in Alaska trying to push up to the summit to 2 * 1

► 01:39:30

wow now what kind of recovery does your body need when you exert yourself like that like climbing Everest I would think that your body's must had to be in some kind of State of Shock or there's there's some clips of Mount Denali in those next few days where I'm just absolutely trashed like I'm like very eyes open. I'm going to try to push the one benefit most of it's not benefit me to breathe oxygen better at the higher altitudes a mountain like Denali normally takes 3 weeks to climb because you're coming from sea level and to get up to 20,000 feet you can't just get dropped off there if you were right now got dropped off in the summer just passed out in a matter of minutes right but because I'm coming from Everest at 29058 puts Denali into perspective not from a technical mountaineering stamp books is still very dangerous and very challenging mountain in a lot of ways a hard-on

► 01:40:30

the climb Everest technically but 20,000 ft my body can handle the rapid Ascent a little bit better if I can muster the energy to do it the physiology of my body is actually in a better place to climb higher faster if that makes sense now it does make sense but so when you're done with this what the hell I did it take you to just feel like a normal person again in 3 days in settings so the Explorer's Grand Slam with the Seven Summits Plus in North and South Pole that the second world record was just the Seven Summits by themselves or even though I went to the polls I still set the speed record for the Seven Summits as well so Seven Summits 131 days and the Explorers Grand Slam 139 and then I returned to Alaska and then home to Portland and honestly was a good six months until I felt normal again at least I'm definitely I guess that I'm only about 5 weeks out from Antarctica right now and I I haven't really taken a lot of rest and Recovery I've been on the road still doing various things and you know I'm nowhere near recovered

► 01:41:30

take a long time to get back to these these exertions I love them I love pushing my body but you know that the cycle of high-performance is also knowing how to recover recover well good nutrition all that and it takes a long time that one took six months and I would imagine this Antarctica recovery is going to take a long time as well when you said it took six months or are you monitoring your physiological levels what are you monitoring and how do you find out like where you're at so I started to do a lot of blood work actually early on in my trough one career you know actually early on in my professional trap Minecraft mention I move to Australia and not long after he not turning pro and coming out of the gate with this and I had the opportunity to go train with some of the best triathletes in the world is actually know couple world champion is a group of fifteen of us a couple of world champion female IRONMAN World Champion up and coming professional triathlete and I think it's so cool that I'm like training with the best guys I mean

► 01:42:30

top contenders the title guys like and want to rolly rolly with them is I was training super hard to try to keep up with the guys the best guys and I had an amazing month and then I completely fell apart because their level of training or true world-class level when I'm starting out was just too much for me until I crashed my entire system my testosterone drops to that level of a 90 year old man I mean I was like heading no testosterone of my body and you know went through some serious overtraining which as you know it gets interesting a joke that lesson the hard way and that was open in that benefit for me as I've gone now that was back in 2011 or whatever these properties world record projects have been in the last couple of years and so I learned from that you know taking it way too much and not learning how to recover to implementing things am I so your question about what I'm monitoring a resting heart rate is one that I monitored a lot heart rate variability as well as well as a certain blood levels of course around being a whole endocrine system

► 01:43:30

testosterone levels different hormone levels and things like that so coming back I do blood work ahead of time then come back just it was standard process with the nutrition company that all his blood work on me so when I left a Nautica before flying home between objects by Zydeco actually was to New York to do the Today Show which was a weird thing after being alone in Artica to have this dude that I flew to Charlotte weather nutrition Innovation Center is it all my blood work and so we can have basically this longitudinal study of my blood work to understand it and so I monitor all that and figure out what I'm deficient in what I need wear my heart rate sat and basically a lot of inflammation in my body needing to kind of rid my body of that and fully recover so when you coming back from all these Summits and all these this time at altitude what is actually happened to your body that causes you to be really depleted for 6 months like what what's what's happening the other than the fact that you were at high-altitude low-oxygen like what's taking

► 01:44:30

so why are things that happened to high altitude that you don't really think about too much which is your body is not getting so they are actually has just as much oxygen in it as it says at sea level but the air is less dense so that means as you breathe in the air literally getting less oxygen into your blood has dents less oxygen but in a less dense form so in the same volume of breath you're getting less actual O2 into your blood what are you at higher altitude I guess carbon dioxide oxygen to perform so high resting heart rate during a professional traveling career like 35 to 38

► 01:45:30

microfin elite health forms you know that of course but what happens is your body can't probably by asking so little auction even if your blood is acclimatizing you're sleeping with a resting heart rate at altitude on Everest like 90 100 beats per minute so you know if that's pretty elevated heart rate 24 hours a day in front of my case for a hundred and thirty nine days straight so essentially yours should I cook a turkey at rest and so what that does to your body in terms of the North Rose your hormones around it obviously you lose body weight body fat body composition changes all of those things really shifting happen in a pretty intense way so coming back like actually just getting your heart rate back down getting your you know of parasympathetic nervous system to just relax and in and stress-free and and all that kind of stuff it takes a while for sure so what do you do to help yourself recover when you come back as a specific kinds of food that you eat or supplements you take you know I'll start the few different things that I find to be to work by 1

► 01:46:30

sleep I mean I think that sleep in our culture in general is really underrated I think you know if you go in the corporate world never once I got this all night or I work in a hundred twenty hours a week I've ever sat out of whatever you know I'm telling you a story about pushing through the night and going 32 hours straight there's a time and a place for big bushes without sleep feel like we are not built to do that sustainably in any way shape or form so in my training when I'm training for these things I prioritize sleep I prioritize taking a nap the same thing when I'm recovering so really making sure I get that sleep is most for me the most natural way to recover and top of that soft tissue work I'm a huge believer in massage chiropractor been going to a chiropractor since I was a little kid and to me that makes a big difference just to have everything in alignment everything kind of going to working well efficiently in my body and then yes supplements you know definitely reducing inflammation so for me got health is huge so getting those probiotics getting the right stuff in you know it's easy to have you know that leaky God or things we are not getting nutrition observe absorb properly and I think we all

► 01:47:30

Sunbury Estates you know you deal with that you don't the standard American diet for sure leads to that for a lot of people so getting that nutrition clean and right recovery nutrition I've definitely been taking a lot of supplements to my life I are more towards the whole food supplements these days but I find know things like tumeric that really reduce inflammation and your magnesium definitely helps a lot so few things that I take daily but I really think sleeping in a Clean Diet will goes a long way I do not mess with some cryo before I find that to be pretty good I didn't do that a lot but I've done the last couple years of bad self various things but yeah for me sleep diet nutritionist is the key to recovery what kind of foods do you eat and clean eating I'm recently doing more of a pescatarian diet so I've mostly cut out meat although that's very I was raised that way my parents have been vegetarians forever

► 01:48:30

what's a pescatarian eat some fish but no no no chicken no beef none of that for me I've actually even in Antarctica there was some in my freeze-dried meals there was no beef and chicken and stuff like that so it's not something I feel so much are freeze-dried meals as well as bring an old car buyers of the main thing but every dinner I had one freeze-dried meal at the end of the day that was an extra house Alpine are the same thing as Mountain House basically sells rice noodles mixed with no chicken or beef but I mostly mean just like eating whole food stuff like not even eating processed crap refined sugars that going to stop by me not normal human being so I'm guilty is of that has anyone from time to time just grabbing the easiest closest thing but like I said my dad my dad's an organic farmer or my mom my stepdad start a chain of Natural Foods grocery stores when I was a kid so I was raised around you know you know of any sort of hippie Co-op days of of the Natural Foods movement which of course now with no Amazon only Whole Foods is to

► 01:49:30

but that was what I was raised around and you know if eating quinoa rice kale you know that those kinds of things help with beans and I'll pull food nutritionist is gone a long life for me protect me when I need to recover now do you mess with CBD at all it's not something I've I've done a lot of amazing things that I've definitely not opposed to it at all but I haven't haven't tried what's your experience been with that I've been experimenting with it for the last couple years it has a pretty profound effect on alleviating soreness especially joint soreness and it also makes you feel good it looks still do the word is that it it alleviates anxiety which I don't suffer a lot of but it just makes me feel relaxed did you do take a dropper dropper I take like whatever they say to take a ticket five times more than them

► 01:50:30

I'm running my body at Red Lion and running my brain at Red Lion so much so whatever they say you need I just double it for almost everything is so high it doesn't really right but some forms of it have a small amount of Tracy and I think there may be some sort of synergistic effect that that happens with the THC combine the CBD that helps people even more because a lot of people that have pain is particularly chronic pain experienced a lot of relief from THC from just smoking after vaporizing using Edibles so I think that the the CBD with a little bit of THC might have a better fact about a fighter say that I'm interested in trying to see you for sure something I should definitely try to find that it gives you like a sister

► 01:51:30

during the root cause of that information or anxiety I think it's masking at all I think it's alleviating the inflammation it's just it's a very healthy thing for your body to eat it's you know obviously there's a bunch of different oils that will alleviate inflammation are different essential fatty acids and fish oils are very good friend information I think anything that you can take that helps your body Medicaid inflammation inflammation seems to be a gigantic problem when I was just now with pain just with me but I think also with anxiety I think it's it's entirely possible that feelings of discomfort you know I like when you when you see people that are anxious to the off and look bloated to me I think it's just an overall sense of unwellness you know and I think that poor diet exacerbates that and a good diet can leave you ate some of those symptoms and I think that CBD is a big part of that hundred percent I mean yeah I'm interested to try that for sure I've definitely that information even for me coming back to me now

► 01:52:30

China Square recovery phase what's really like you saw how lean I got then but my body because it was so depleted of food source of fat back on my cycling my body composition feels weird to me right now cuz I'm trying to figure out where the hell I think a lot of that comes from that chronic inflammation and certain he said just like so wired some finding ways to mitigate that I think this is just as crucial As Nice gel Tabs are fine but I think it's unnecessary about is absorbing that the color the cover of just go right to the oil and I just think it's the best way to do it but I'm a big fan of curcumin and turmeric I think those are really good for ashwagandha or any of the mushroom

► 01:53:30

yeah yeah I take this all the time I make it to you out of this hormone imbalance this type of stuff cordyceps is fantastic to for endurance product called True Tech sport that has cordyceps B vitamins in a bunch of adaptogens it really really has a big impact on me in terms of like how hard I can push in the gym I take about an hour or so before I get out ya let your body absorb it just it just really has a real effect until you give me a jittery thing I just gives me more energy for that but I've been told him yeah they came out of high altitude herders they noticed that one of them when they're the cattle were eating certain mushrooms they had more energy and so then they that's the tub

► 01:54:30

start experimenting with the stuff they actually grow it on caterpillars cordyceps mushrooms grown on caterpillar caterpillar is with mushrooms on their back it's real freaky but apparently the way they Farm it that's the way they Farm it they actually grow it on caterpillars that's fascinating yeah where it's expensive shit but like there it is at the bottom of their head snap that shit off the caterpillars weird man yeah it on the podcast before and I can't wait to get them back on again but he's a Mycologist and it was one of the best podcast ever done in terms of like really explaining the benefits of different fungi and different mush

► 01:55:30

Crimson how many different nutritional benefits you can derive from them I mean I I can't agree more just the whole food nutrition from for sure what do you drink to drink a lot of water do you drink fruit juices vegetable juices mostly water to be perfectly honest my tattoos usually start the day with a smoothie of some kind so usually Scott's got fruit in it when you send me stuff that's standard process is just coming out with it but they let me try to head of time is Services slow-release glucose so it's a protein powder but instead of giving you that glucose Spike like you would from refined sugar or something like that it's kind of a long burn long-chain glucose I don't know the full chemistry of that but I find it makes a big difference rather than kind of just getting that Sugar Spike early in the day and actually kind of gives

► 01:56:30

full release of energy and I was using that was actually in the car and bars as well and I really like that particular for endurance because you know if you start like taking the packets or something like that burst of energy replies were planning to do glucose tourists but this I feel like this is a much slower cleaner burn in a lasso longer protect let you know for for anaerobic stuff at me maybe you need, that more explosive power whenever you know different things for that but for some of the like a low heart rate zone 1 Zone 2 like long grinding type of stuff that I do in the mountains are pulling this letter whatever I find it's really good for stuff like that people like you is how old are you now 33 okay you're very young this is this is what I'm worried I'm worried that you've already done so much crazy shit that you have to push past the crazy shit you've already done and you've already been an Everest it sounds like you were kind of like you weren't on death's door but you up

► 01:57:30

Frontgate on the lawn lawn you know what to do next this is this is the question like at do you have some crazy shit in your head right now you like okay now I'm going to the Moon with a fucking balloon

► 01:57:49

it's two-fold intersection I appreciate that you called me, I'll take that all day long but if you want to marry me you're in the urine those the PCAT a p furtherance athletes and it's fun to be here but I also think it's a little bit of a little bit I'll say I won't give myself too much credit for a little bit of wisdom also athletic performance a moment in time when I've had enough experience enough setbacks ups and downs and success of course with the world records I'm super curious about pushing the limits of my own potential 100% we talked about that I love that but I actually don't think of myself so much as a risk-taker or an adrenaline junkie when I really what I think about these things are really methodicalness on out there practice there there

► 01:58:49

would you do would you run after a storm like that on my kids are going to get there but for me when I'm honestly most excited about next yes I have some other projects I marinate in my mind to have other Expedition sure I haven't I haven't but not fully crystallized enough to announce right hero for silly but you know my friends following me on Instagram and I'm starting have ability to share the story people are asking for me to take any reason I'm writing a book right now lots of my learnings going into that kind of stuff of this for me as fun as it is for me to push my own limits like I would really inspired me really fires me up is when when I get emails from people like hey man I watch you cross Antarctica I haven't been to the gym in 5 years

► 01:59:49

like on every single day since that are on trail running now or like I started that business I never said I was going to start or whatever and self to have different contents that's that really excites me you know I love the opportunity to do that but like for sure there's some other there's some other events on the horizon as well but but yeah it's not just about being the next thing I think that's a losing proposition in the long run of always trying to do the bigger badder crazy thing cuz when the stakes are like you said the razors line between life and death to keep one up in yourself enough you know you don't he don't make it to the end of a long life unfortunately and I'm not trying to have that baby and it sounds like a broken World Records you're in this weird place where you've accomplished so much that in order to accomplish other things if you're going to take it to the next level it really has to be truly life-threatening

► 02:00:49

when does the next stage of life that doesn't involve risking your life I don't know about this. You've had an interesting path you're whispering and we ever 33 South what would be some advice that you would give yourself to be happy that you lived out over the next 20 years when you have life experience learn those lessons become a better person be better at communicating be better at everything you do but the problem with what you're doing it's not a problem but we in in this context is that you're pushing these incredible endurance records in nature and particularly in cold weather and this is what stunning about these things that you risking your life it's not that it's just difficult like running an ultra marathon it's incredibly difficult but what you're doing is not just incredibly difficult

► 02:01:49

doing it in these incredibly harsh environments in particular in Antarctica you don't have any relief there's nothing no one's going to help you like you said you tent blows away like you might very well be fucked yes right I don't know I don't know I don't know what you could do that would one up that this is the problem is like you're with your 1up margin of error is your in this very strange sort of Stratosphere of one up itude maybe maybe it's time we take a page out of the Bruce Springsteen Glory Days song and just you know kick might kick my feet up and talk about the Glory Days for the rest of the time I mean don't listen to me whatever you want to do obviously you're going to you're not going to listen to me but you could do you apply this sort of mental fortitude that you've demonstrated in this ability to push it thinks you could apply it to anything it doesn't have to be this physical feet

► 02:02:49

risking death in in frigid cold temperatures in the middle of the fucking know where are literally at the bottom of the planet Earth that's why it's exciting cuz for me yes are there some other physical Expressions that I want to have in the world for sure and I have some ideas like I said but and it's not necessarily trying to one-up the next thing but it's also why it's exciting to me the lessons that I try to learn that I try to share with other people like you said are Universal lessons but they also if I prefer it then back to my own self are also Universal lessons in my own life so what's the confidence to sit with a whiteboard with no money no resources no background and Incredibly supportive fiance at the time with me and go into this with me we did we did something that people literally wrote about and said this impossible people have died trying that you can't do as we've achieved it

► 02:03:49

that makes millions of dollars like cool like let's figure out how to do that lets that's the equivalent of a Google what's the difference between PR and marketing book the things are things I'm doing. Super fun to share those with the world's I'm having a lot of fun in the universal truth in the wisdom that I apply nose in all of those other different ways of my life and so you know for me I think that the the the future is bright particular traffic is very easy to put me in that box is very easy to say like cool so you climb mountains your Mountain climbs like the four years ago I'd never really climb mountains but I happen to do something about it's me like oh hahaha youngboy I spent all the time in Antarctica you'll never survive this in my survive it but like I finished first like I beat him

► 02:04:49

I'm not sitting here going like non-fasting about Antarctica what I like to go back someday absolutely but I'm not like Colin O'Brady the polar Explorer only I love to learn I love to learn about the Mind explorer that out there so many different ways to express that that I'm just excited about the future in holes in lots of different verticals very clear what you've already accomplished you could literally do anything you want but I want to I want to see live me to wait to how about this how about you break some crazy endurance running Feats how about that bring some ultra marathon see if you can communicate

► 02:05:49

figuring it out and writing stuff out and I mean you've got a lot of fucking stories for sure just how about getting on stage in front of the first person to cross Antarctica on foot 52 days like what in the fuck I do a lot of that I did enjoy that I like public speaking I do a lot of that corporations kids everything that's fun to say I got to give a shot at you definitely don't remember this by actually have met you once before about 7 years ago in a tiny little Comedy Club you did a bit out in Portland is small little Bingham Street away bigger, at the time I was thinking about was about time ago when I first started professional I started training with this guy named Phil caught who is training a couple

► 02:06:49

yes she is going to start training with his MMA guy smells like these guys tell you this obviously but I was blown away by how strong are became a fact that I'm so mad respect in a little bit that's just my request made it back here safe I mean I think that's what is that part of the danger of this kind of endeavor because

► 02:07:49

do you really have one-upped me you've done some crazy one up in man for sure like I said I think that if if I only thought of myself as a professional athlete and we see that across the spectrum of professional athletes in general of people just go on hey I'm a pro athlete in the second I'm not even if a bank to millions of dollars as an NBA player or something like that disappears with the beat of athleticism I read a really interesting article today that I was truly compel by actually which is a story about Kevin Durant that was on espn.com this morning and it's about him and it's business manager and a couple other guys as you like one the best basketball player in the world MVP but he's already thinking about all the various things that he's doing this to be guys hitting home runs. Which of course is still is that but don't interspersed that with like Kevin Durant just made you know Venture investment in this company or like they're going this watermelon

► 02:08:49

I said that and so I think Sports particular with the growth of social media was storytime with media with content with all the other ways we can share the insights which isn't just the game actually way to connect with people that's in the scent of Kevin Durant making incredible Venture Investments and companies with storytelling reaching out to me and saying like I don't care about mountains or the outdoors but like I'm going through some hard stuff like in the middle of the country being a single mother and your story connected me thank you for giving me the inspiration to keep pushing for it so for me it extends Beyond just this athlete in this Arena cuz we have always other ways to story-tell to create content to be involved in businesses and things like that so that's where my mind's eye center the most concrete of plans but the ability to explore all these different mediums and just having sort of this is what I'm really passionate about that's awesome man in that whatever your plans are

► 02:09:49

confidence in you you're an inspiration man thank you very much I appreciate it thanks brother and tell everybody your Instagram how to get a hold of you on social media I'm also my website is my name calling already. Com got a list on there like I said I'm working on a book there's lots of juicy details I haven't shared yet so if you're interested in that in a pop your email address and I will keep you posted when I comes out next year but at Colin O'Brady or call nobody. Com, come say hi beautiful thank you

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